him shrewdly from behind the plastic models in Playroom. Perhaps Abel's mother had told him about the nightmare, when he wouldp 321 13C 1962
drills, duty rosters and commissary menus, was the responsibility of Abel's father, Matthias, and without his firm but flexible hand thep 323 13C 1962
cabin, throwing a brilliant phosphorescent glitter across the walls, dappling Abel's hands and suit. He gaped at the huge balls ofp 325 13C 1962
tighten up the programmes. I've made a start by pushing Abel's graduation forward.‘ ‘Yes, I watched you on the screen herep 328 13C 1962
to his cabin, suspecting that the sudden change had been Abel's revenge on him for discontinuing the test. He would havep 337 13C 1962
Amoco desalination plant. Childhood in the Gulf area, Alaska and Aberdeen. Educational misfit, with suspected petit mal epilepsy, but attended Strathclydep 1093 OOA 1984
her from my car as Vaughan kept her within his aberrant gaze, I felt my loins surging, my penis pressing againstp 118 C 1973
easily have knocked in someone's windscreen. Laughing aloud at this aberrant gesture, he looked up at the 31st floor. What werep 12 HR 1975
as if dismissing them as another minor detail of this aberrant day, he said, ‘He brought the result to Mrs Forresterp 836 LFA 1975
floral tracts planted here in the broken asphalt by some aberrant gardener. Soon millions of leaves were drifting through the colouredp 894 UC 1976
cracked cement. The blood-milk flowers, like the blossom of ah aberrant gladiolus, effloresced between my legs, as if in response top 98 UDC 1979
These responses confirmed all my suspicions of everything that an aberrant technology was threading through our lives. Further testing the audiencep 227 KW 1991
paranoids. His own problem was much more superficial, a momentary aberration due to overloading. Why wouldn't Bayliss see this? For somep 141 ZT 1960
until the next morning to see if it was some aberration of light and pigment. But the figure was there evenp 728 CHC 1967
tried to laugh off these absurd games as another mental aberration of this convicted murderer, but Stillrnan's men had begun top 918 UC 1976
and family. But this, I was told, was a selfish aberration. I was found guilty of the romantic fallacy and convictedp 1129 LCC 1989
still approached the murders as if they were a momentary aberration, a paroxysm of anger in the executive washroom. To understandp 126 SC 2000
the office of the Presidency was declared to be in abeyance, Congress dissolved itself and all future elections to federal officep 48 HA 1981
considered the interruption. ‘A tragic misunderstanding. Believe me, Doctor, I abhor violence as much as you. My traffic police assumed thatp 162 WFN 1961
his Cookham childhood, with its Bible-reading, love of Ruskin and abhorrence of idleness, its fierce discussions of politics, poetry and philosophyp 101 UGM 1991
of twentieth-century marriage. Have we come too far? September 8. Abilene, Kansas. Interstate 70 Letting myself get overtired. We're camping inp 96 HA 1981
stayed so close -- in this way they pooled their abilities. The girl was the brightest of the trio, with anp 29 UDC 1979
still felt the need to prove myself, to explore my abilities to the fullest, even to provoke myself. Was I herep 136 UDC 1979
except in its most primitive forms, still lies beyond the abilities of these people, but they have harnessed the energy ofp 1185 ROP 1992
on a highly acute sensory apparatus, combined with a varying ability to store and classify information. Plunge them into darkness, cutp 55 M69 1957
a long period of conditioning and it temporarily loses the ability to feed itself. The hiatus barely harms a dog, butp 57 M69 1957
or two were more intelligent, others more conscientious, but Conrad's ability to organize his leisure and homework periods allowed him top 153 CH 1960
with his auditory super-sensitivity, was greatly in demand for his ability to sweep selectively, draining from the walls of the Oratoryp 113 SS 1960
During the following weeks Faulkner had experimented carefully, training his ability to operate the cutout switches. The process was slow, butp 247 OM 1961
difficult to maintain his patience. Initially Abel had tested his ability to follow a prescribed set of instructions, producing an endlessp 335 13C 1962
great value of fantasy as a literary form is its ability to bring together apparently unconnected and dissimilar ideas. To ap 200 UGM 1963
symbol, he realized that Malek's proficiency at chess, and his ability to produce powerful combinations out of pedestrian openings, was symptomaticp 511 EG 1963
to invest in the satellite would seem confirmed by his ability to control the time and place of its arrival. Connollyp 455 QR 1963
fantasies such as his latest one about subliminal advertising. The ability to react to stimuli, even irrationally, was a valid criterionp 414 SM 1963
afterwards his sister returned to her own home, acknowledging his ability to look after himself, and her place was taken byp 562 TP 1964
achieve a state of grace. Nathan would call it the ability to accept the phenomenology of the universe, or the factp 36 AW 1966
having returned to you something that is your right: the ability to walk and run and dance. Your life isn't beingp 692 TIM 1966
material have shown marked improvements in overall health, self-maintenance and ability to cope with tasks. Similar advances have been shown byp 95 LNE 1968
someone wiped the letters away? Uncertain of himself and his ability to reason clearly, Maitland leaned unsteadily against the metal crutchp 49 CI 1974
hunger or assault. He was satisfied by his self-reliance, his ability to cope with the tasks of survival -- foraging, keepingp 154 HR 1975
breathing. Once again Pangborn was amazed by his nimbleness, his ability to move from one end of the solarium to thep 996 MA 1978
talent in the eyes of the NASA engineers was their ability to do nothing under stress. But the Kennedy presidency providedp 274 UGM 1979
high Richter values, but extremely short durations, and an uncanny ability to destroy the reactor core of a nearby nuclear plantp 108 HA 1981
as an attempt to escape from time? The shaman's supposed ability to leave his physical form and fly with his spiritualp 1055 MSA 1982
become a communist as well. The communists had an intriguing ability to unsettle everyone, a talent Jim greatly respected. However, hep 27 ES 1984
were at work among the derelict planes. With the tireless ability of the Chinese to transform one set of refuse intop 187 ES 1984
I was there. Once again I was aware of his ability to isolate himself from the surrounding world, a talent Ip 1111 MWM 1985
the old boy's scored full marks on emotional resonance and ability to relate. Results corrected for age, whatever that means.‘ ‘Itp 1118 WW3 1988
cosmetic surgeon is that he only has the technical skill, ability and understanding to correct this situation by surgical means. Howeverp 111 PMF 1990
past grievance, time has stopped and they have lost the ability to learn from future experience. To its credit, the anthologyp 238 UGM 1991
occurred after a freezing night at the launch pad. This ability to tackle any problem in the most direct and simplep 160 UGM 1993
genuinely believed that every one of his pupils had the ability to become an Olympic champion. ‘That sounds like Bobby Crawfordp 116 CN 1996
what we ate, no power over how we lived or ability to shape events. Like all the adults, they were nervousp 82 ML 2008
highly intelligent, thoughtful and always gentle, and has that rare ability to see the ongoing course of medical treatment from thep 278 ML 2008
which to assess himself, a state of gracelessness far more abject than that of the vulgar, stupid herd on the beachp 431 RE 1963
long imaginary conversations with Serena in which I was both abject and aggressive. At home I began to play the dictatorialp 870 S 1976
the size of New York, tens of thousands of portholes ablaze with light, was soaring majestically across a brilliant backdrop ofp 485 VH 1963
the river like a burning sirocco. The entire horizon was ablaze, enormous fires raging on the outskirts of the city. Hamiltonp 83 D 1965
he lights. Each small town we pass through he sets ablaze, in seconds the tinder-dry wooden buildings send up huge flamesp 96 HA 1981
the sweeping shadows of the great gantries, the forest seemed ablaze with light, a submarine world in which each leaf andp 1079 MNF 1982
cinema, drifting across the benches as if the screen were ablaze. Glad to be rid of Jim, Sergeant Uchida seized himp 125 ES 1984
the earth and metal debris. Below me, the Diana was ablaze. Hidden by the clouds of black smoke that shrouded thep 255 DC 1987
can hear this -- you actually set the Hollinger house ablaze?‘ ‘Yes ... in effect.‘ He took a cigarette from the packetp 24 CN 1996
the car. Within seconds the Polo was overturned and set ablaze, the elderly solicitor igniting his regimental ties with a Garrickp 228 MP 2003
of the evening to ignite and set the motorway towns ablaze. Already I guessed that the bomb placed in my Jensenp 127 KC 2006
A large hopper filled with cardboard cartons had been set ablaze, but this was under control. David Cruise, however, was closerp 203 KC 2006
They drove on in silence. "Do you think you'll be able to find them?" Hargreaves asked a little later. "I thinkp 9 VN 1951
clocks and watches?‘ The pundit smiled. ‘I think we'll be able to get along without that. Time is extremely complicated, butp 17 E 1956
If I could get Tom over I might just be able to convince him. I picked up the phone and glancedp 17 E 1956
or whatever they were had burnt themselves out we'd be able to get off the round-about. Until then I had anp 18 E 1956
though of course there was one snag: I'd never be able to get drunk. I was musing round some of thep 18 E 1956
maximum of twenty-four octaves. Not that he had ever been able to hear them. At the climax of his life's workp 3 PB 1956
me steadily. ‘I can't,‘ I told her. ‘I'd never be able to tune the others without it. Anyway,‘ I added, tryingp 5 PB 1956
you on last night. How does it feel to be able to name your fiftieth city?‘ She smiled shyly and saunteredp 6 PB 1956
I'm sorry,‘ Jane said, when she heard I wouldn't be able to fill the order. ‘You must wish that I'd neverp 7 PB 1956
in a patient voice. ‘I even heard they might be able to get a tree. It'll be the only tree inp 28 CC 1957
hand you over to one of our psychiatrists. He'll be able to help you with your dreams!‘ The surgeon hesitated beforep 36 CC 1957
dimension, but whatever you do to yourself you'll never be able to stop that clock‘ -- he pointed to the onep 36 CC 1957
are now stuck with themselves. They're never going to be able to get away, not even for a couple of minutesp 52 M69 1957
on the twentieth move. ‘Good,‘ he said encouragingly. ‘You'll be able to take on Neill soon. Like another?‘ ‘No. Actually thep 54 M69 1957
After a point the brain's self-awareness dulls. It's no longer able to grasp who or why it is, and it ridesp 65 M69 1957
him. Of course, this catharsis is familiar to those regularly able to recount unpleasant experiences to priest, friend or wife, butp 97 NZ 1959
of the staff who remained with the firm I was able to turn to good account in consolidating my position. Atp 101 NZ 1959
brought general consternation upon the office, of which I was able to take advantage by retaining the only cool head. Top 102 NZ 1959
done was deeply appreciated, the firm was nonetheless no longer able to support itself as a viable unit and was goingp 102 NZ 1959
period of utility was ending. No longer would I be able to exercise it without fear of detection. I should havep 104 NZ 1959
of ensuring that both I and the Institute would be able to contact him. ‘Don't worry,‘ I said. ‘I'll let youp 78 WG 1959
Unlikely. Why leave a tablet for Earth? If they've been able to learn our language they'd know the gesture was pointlessp 88 WG 1959
zero. Then with a cataclysmic eruption it disintegrates, no longer able to contain itself. Its vast energy patterns begin to collapsep 92 WG 1959
that evening.‘ ‘What if he did phone?‘ ‘He wouldn't be able to get his money in the coin box, and evenp 160 CH 1960
of killing Stacey, partly to shield Marshall, who would be able to continue their work unmolested, and partly because he feltp 167 CH 1960
had been intimately involved. Apart from the pleasure of being able to help her, a considerable factor in Mangon's devotion wasp 109 SS 1960
explain the absence of any programme announcement and we'll be able to keep her in an isolated studio. Stress the importancep 118 SS 1960
crosses to bear. I have a feeling you may be able to lighten mine considerably.‘ She patted the bed beside herp 120 SS 1960
left for the city at nine and they would be able to examine the sonic dumps unmolested. Having spent so muchp 121 SS 1960
confident and invigorated, all the more proud that he was able to help her back to fame. He tapped on thep 122 SS 1960
Gioconda to wait for fifteen minutes, when he would be able to repeat a few carefully edited fragments from Alto's promisep 125 SS 1960
the ancients, from Plato to Shakespeare, Aristotle to Aquinas, were able to cram so much work into their lives? Simply becausep 181 VT 1960
model of square root -1, and consequently he had been able to take it off the agents‘ hands at a comparativelyp 186 VT 1960
it seemed his only hope. With it he would be able to test the ultimate validity of the doubles. The outcroppingp 148 ZT 1960
recess beside a nearby chimney breast. Consequently Ward had been able to fit a small straight-backed chair into the interval betweenp 267 B 1961
Rossiter explained, ‘then take it down each morning. You'll be able to move in within a couple of days. How dop 275 B 1961
get in touch with your aunt. She may not be able to make it tonight.‘ Judith buttoned her coat. ‘Oh shep 276 B 1961
the right-hand spire of the wardrobe, all he had been able to see of it for the past two months, wasp 278 B 1961
of his journey. For twelve hours Holliday was free, still able to make absolute decisions (or, more accurately, not to makep 236 DE 1961
but scientists always think that. It's really fantastic, to be able to go backward in time. I mean --‘ ‘Why? We'rep 284 GA 1961
to go backward in time. I mean --‘ ‘Why? We're able to go forward in time now, and no one's throwingp 285 GA 1961
started. That doesn't mean that next week we'll all be able to go back and murder our own grandfathers.‘ ‘What wouldp 285 GA 1961
Pick one that's strong and heavy, something he won't be able to climb out of too easily.‘ His wife nodded, watchingp 259 MF 1961
had lost over one stone six pounds, had barely been able to reach up to the handle of the cupboard andp 259 MF 1961
already seemed less burdensome, and three days later she was able to leave her bed completely, a loose smock hiding whatp 266 MF 1961
pads for this purpose. However, he had never quite been able to suggest that she use hers, although he did leavep 245 OM 1961
switches. The process was slow, but gradually he found himself able to eliminate larger and larger groups of objects, the mass-producedp 247 OM 1961
felt refreshed and relaxed. For a few moments he was able to survey the nearby houses with the visual curiosity theirp 250 OM 1961
seriously indeed. I decided that she was a wealthy neurotic able to over-indulge her private fantasies. I flipped through the sheetsp 214 S5 1961
houses they saw, despite their superficially decrepit appearance, were well able to withstand the hurricane-force winds. They were probably stronger thanp 33 WFN 1961
the wind dies down a little tomorrow I may be able to salvage something that'll get us to Genoa.‘ ‘Do youp 48 WFN 1961
the few employees not resident at the Admiralty he was able to verify personally the reports he spent all day preparingp 52 WFN 1961
up to five-hundred-mile-an-hour gales, but even so we'll only be able to move a small proportion of the people we findp 77 WFN 1961
clung to rocky ledges. He and Patricia would probably be able to use the route if it led in the rightp 94 WFN 1961
leads off toward the city. With luck we may be able to reach the outskirts, then pick up some military transportp 95 WFN 1961
recessed into the cobbles. ‘There's a good chance we'll be able to get in through here.‘ He pulled out his jackp 97 WFN 1961
of the city. We'll just have to pray we'll be able to pick up transport somewhere. There isn't a hope ofp 104 WFN 1961
sewers joined it, but most of the way they were able to stay on the ledge, only twice having to getp 108 WFN 1961
Avery nodded. ‘Frankly, I wouldn't bother. There's little you'll be able to do to help. The Americans are still sending outp 141 WFN 1961
of takeover when the wind blows out, we may be able to anticipate him.‘ Halliday clenched his fists, scowling angrily, thenp 154 WFN 1961
somewhat delayed on his return, or you would have been able to continue your journey to Portsmouth unmolested.‘ He examined Maitlandp 161 WFN 1961
After he trapped her in the store-room Zenna had been able to read a few of the notices, but Dr Francisp 321 13C 1962
sleeping tank jutted from the wall, its massive metal body able to withstand any accident the Station might suffer. Abel hatedp 323 13C 1962
guarantees have been broken in the past. Here I'll be able to keep an eye on things.‘ He tried to soundp 335 13C 1962
form the solid backbone of present s-f readership, won't be able to keep the medium alive on their own. Like mostp 196 UGM 1962
squat sand-cars would be free of the mesh roadways and able to rove at will through the dunes and sand-hills. Bridgmanp 361 CS 1962
should leave now. In a month's time you won't be able to.‘ Bridgman ignored this, and searched the cleft of darkp 364 CS 1962
If you do want to get out, you'll always be able to tunnel underneath it.‘ ‘I don't want to get outp 365 CS 1962
to look up at her husband he had never been able to understand. After her arrival he once invited her top 369 CS 1962
in an attack on Bortman. ‘With luck, you should be able to live with yourself now. Try to remember that whateverp 296 IO 1962
now, though, he retires. Next time I may not be able to bluff my way through. I think we'll have top 406 M99 1962
-- "Go up to the 100th floor" -- I've been able to uncover, but the rest is still buried. It's thatp 407 M99 1962
Clifford wished he hadn't. He and Margot had never been able to agree about their vacations. Clifford's associates and superiors atp 340 PE 1962
his drink abruptly. ‘Look, Colonel, I don't think I'll be able to help you this morning after all. Something rather urgentp 15 DW 1962
that there'll be no more holding units. She may be able to hang on for another six months, but next Marchp 15 DW 1962
when the rain belts reach here, we won't even be able to get a helicopter in. Anyway, by then no-one willp 15 DW 1962
a zone of commitment from which he would not be able to withdraw. ‘You realise that if we let Riggs gop 29 DW 1962
looks all in. Doctor, you stay close, you may be able to pacify him.‘ Carefully they dosed in on Hardman. Thep 64 DW 1962
to talk to Hardman, there's a chance I may be able to hold him.‘ From the alley-way they emerged into ap 65 DW 1962
but a preliminary reconnaissance had revealed that they would be able to enter without difficulty. As the sunlight rose across thep 97 DW 1962
Half an hour later Beatrice, Kerans and Dr. Bodkin were able to walk out into the streets. Huge pools of waterp 123 DW 1962
the next morning Riggs had stabilised the situation and was able to see Kerans informally. His headquarters were in the testingp 153 DW 1962
you were an accomplice of Bodkin's and I'd have been able to do nothing. He's a clever fellow.‘ Tired out afterp 154 DW 1962
a few of these big buildings refrigerated he may be able to. In time, if he reclaims enough of the cityp 156 DW 1962
bar of chocolate, the first of ten he had been able to collect. Luckily the petty officer in charge of storesp 163 DW 1962
by corneal cancers, and Kerans guessed that they would be able to see little more than the dying sun. As thep 168 DW 1962
it the beach crowds beginning to gather outside the gallery. Able now to see Lunora clearly against the hard white wallsp 396 TSS 1962
building was almost empty and the only official they were able to find was unhelpful. ‘We have no instructions at presentp 375 WT 1962
else visited the cafe, and he was glad to be able to pursue his thoughts alone, in this miniature urban vacuump 377 WT 1962
rent one of the houses in this road? I'd be able to look after you then.‘ Renthall glanced up at herp 379 WT 1962
for once having flaunted the Council's authority he would be able to resume all his other, more profitable activities. Of coursep 382 WT 1962
luminous intensity that only the windows of the watch-towers seemed able to reflect, aimed unerringly at his head. He broke offp 386 WT 1962
away for a moment, then rejoined him. ‘Yes, you'll be able to watch everything going on from up here, Mr Renthallp 388 WT 1962
-- and in addition not even the Police-President would be able to vary the execution date now that it had beenp 511 EG 1963
and by concentrating his whole attention on the game was able to extract what appeared to be a drawn position. Althoughp 512 EG 1963
he calculated the various ways in which Malek would be able to assist him. There was no doubt in his mindp 515 EG 1963
aircraft and the like. There's a chance you may be able to help him.‘ Pereira winked at Connolly and steered himp 443 QR 1963
two bottles of whisky and a soda syphon, and was able to keep Ryker distracted while Connolly roved about the campongp 448 QR 1963
time waiting for the satellite's arrival; he would now be able to set off for the tumulus only a few minutesp 455 QR 1963
scruffy students and meaningless laboratory equipment. Pelham had never been able to discover exactly what calling she would have respected. Beforep 428 RE 1963
psychiatrist, Dr Krishnamurti Singh. Scotland Yard believes he may be able to assist them in their inquiries into the death ofp 534 SA 1963
floor. ... Dr Krishnamurti Singh. Scotland Yard believes he may be able to assist them in their inquiries ... ‘Assist them in theirp 535 SA 1963
Charles said. ‘Already she's accepted the screens, soon she'll be able to leave them.‘ He frowned at the jewelled mantis onp 553 SG 1963
We'll go to Vermilion Sands or Red Beach, you'll be able to forget Dr Gruber for ever.‘ We hurried towards thep 555 SG 1963
-- not because the Professional men and their wives were able to exercise more discretion, but because their higher incomes allowedp 418 SM 1963
rather Quixotic,‘ Franklin commented. ‘Tilting at windmills. You won't be able to chop those things down with an axe.‘ ‘I won'tp 420 SM 1963
their colleagues retailed by Cameron and Renthall, and Ward was able to mention his conversation with Kandinski. ‘At first I thoughtp 488 VH 1963
when I prove those are fakes I think I'll be able to get under his guard.‘ ‘Poor Charles,‘ Edna Cameron saidp 489 VH 1963
wife were less frequent. As his condition deteriorated, Gifford felt able to do little more than stare out across the mud-flatsp 634 DS 1964
in the town?‘ ‘Dr Phillips. He said you should be able to take off the bandages in about ten days.‘ ‘Goodp 653 GTN 1964
scientific attaches in Washington. The only facts I was not able to verify are the details of Charles Foster Marquand's lifep 605 IM 1964
overtopped the forest. From the upper floors I would be able to see the distant water towers at Maynard, or atp 615 IM 1964
margins of the affected zone, and the soldiers would be able to retrace my steps and rescue the police captain andp 621 IM 1964
the list of lost masterpieces. Only Georg de Stael seemed able to maintain his interest in the search. Now and thenp 578 LL 1964
by their parents and which they themselves were no longer able to grasp. By now he was beginning to experience thep 567 TP 1964
river, the moisture beading on their wet slopes. ‘You'll be able to walk across it soon. Are you going to stayp 16 D 1965
the previous months had forged powerful reflexes. Glad to be able to rely on them for once, he shook his headp 17 D 1965
water of the lake. Friend of the water-birds, he was able to tame swans and wild geese. He still referred top 20 D 1965
day. Perhaps this was because he knew he would be able to stay on in Hamilton for a further two orp 36 D 1965
strange notions, though a bit tiresome at times. You'll be able to moon around, come to terms with Judith --‘ Ransomp 43 D 1965
despise, utterly unmalleable, fit only for fountains. Also, you'll be able to help me with a little project of mine.‘ ‘What'sp 43 D 1965
like. A few weeks from now and maybe we'll be able to let them out!‘ He smiled at Ransom; his onep 47 D 1965
to the zoo on the pretext that he would be able to add an anti-rabies vaccine to the water. After hisp 48 D 1965
Three years earlier Ransom and the young Grady had been able to cut permanent channels through the salt, and at highp 109 D 1965
light as a child. Across the sloping dunes he was able to run for a few paces. Every fifty yards hep 152 D 1965
surprised to see Ransom but delighted that he had been able to join them. ‘I was just telling him about youp 154 D 1965
on the page his annealed prose and painter's eye are able to save this vision of the judgement and resurrection ofp 140 UGM 1966
gained their purchase on the updraught, and he found himself able to glide, the air rushing past his face. He wasp 710 SBD 1966
near the clinic. Their exact whereabouts no one had been able to tell him, or for that matter why a suddenp 19 CW 1966
come back in another day. All right?‘ ‘Will I be able to go to Mont Royal?‘ Sanders asked. ‘The army hasn'tp 28 CW 1966
a physicist on the way. If so, he should be able to prevent any more tragic accidents.‘ Just before they startedp 58 CW 1966
of the mine-owners. It looks as if he hasn't been able to contact your friends. However, he may have news.‘ Thep 72 CW 1966
see her again, in the hope that he would be able to persuade Thorensen to remove her from the frozen forestp 110 CW 1966
margins of the affected zone, and the soldiers would be able to retrace his steps and rescue the mine-owner and Serenap 113 CW 1966
to face her husband. ‘Delighted that you've come, you'll be able to share the forest with us now.‘ ‘My dear, Ip 123 CW 1966
to change course. ‘To be honest, Conrad, you won't be able to see him. I know the accident was almost certainlyp 686 TIM 1966
is simple -- by means of restorative surgery we've been able to give people who would normally die in their sixtiesp 689 TIM 1966
thigh seemed raw again. He wondered if they would be able to call for a taxi from the house. Dr Matthewsp 694 TIM 1966
house. Dr Matthews turned his head. He seemed to be able to look at Conrad and his uncle with a bluep 694 TIM 1966
figure, his little indecisions and fantasies. He would have been able to sit back in front of the long sunsets andp 712 TMY 1966
her to say whether she really believed he would be able to outwit the police captain. By a curious irony, hep 714 TMY 1966
pocket and laid it on the table. ‘You should be able to get a hand around that if you stand upp 719 TMY 1966
bridge. Although the gradient was slight, the horses seemed barely able to reach the crest, tottering on their weak legs, andp 735 R 1967
off to the Germans and Japanese, will ordinary people be able to make the adjustments necessary to living with the otherp 960 TW 1967
said. ‘One or two of the others we haven't been able to trace as yet, though we hear Herter is withp 778 CA 1968
a child, the son she and I had never been able to conceive since her miscarriage. These different roles followed onep 764 DA 1968
-- I'm losing all my hair!‘ Neither of us was able to eat. After forcing myself through a few slices ofp 767 DA 1968
Mussolini had written novels, in the days before they were able to get to grips with their real subject matter --p 221 UGM 1969
dispensing with any need to rationalize his prejudices, he was able to tap an area of far deeper unease and uncertaintyp 223 UGM 1969
had deliberately spoken a meaningless jargon, but the man seemed able to make sense of his nonsense. Everything around him formedp 42 JAC 1970
proved Paolozzi's judgement correct. Fortunately, his own imagination has been able to work primarily within the visual arts, where the mainp 206 UGM 1971
Stuttgart proved this for me. Our grandchildren may not be able to drive a 1904 Renault Park Phaeton, to give thatp 266 UGM 1971
that bone-bruising monster its full name, but they will be able to drive a 1971 Ford Capri or Rolls-Royce. At variousp 266 UGM 1971
will be so-called Motoring Parks, in which people will be able to drive the old cars in the old way. Baffledp 266 UGM 1971
pedals and switches sprouting from the floor and instrument panel, able to vary the speed of the engine and the directionp 267 UGM 1971
wheel they will sense the exhilaration and freedom of being able to wind up these ancient engines and exceed the speedp 267 UGM 1971
I derived a good deal of ego satisfaction by being able to channel energy. I am involved in women's groups, counselllngp 26 SEO 1972
We looked at each other through the fractured windshields, neither able to move. Her husband's hand, no more than a fewp 20 C 1973
was more like a weapon. For years I had been able to spot Catherine's affairs within almost a few hours ofp 31 C 1973
for?‘ ‘A week. I'll be near the airport. You'll be able to keep an eye on me from your office.‘ ‘Ip 48 C 1973
nose to tail under the plane trees. Glad to be able to walk without being knocked off my feet by somep 52 C 1973
Avenue garage -- seemed to form a basic sexual unit, able in one way or another to satisfy all comers. Ip 61 C 1973
had moved forming an unseen and unseeing audience, we were able to arouse each other. Each time she revealed a growingp 82 C 1973
through the crowd of mechanics and hangers-on. Although Seagrave was able to walk, wiping his greasy hands on his silver overallp 87 C 1973
As part of your project? I doubt if she'll be able to help you.‘ Vaughan sauntered around the room on hisp 103 C 1973
the illuminated plateau of the airport, but I felt barely able to do more than point the large car along thep 142 C 1973
to help him, well aware that I was no longer able to throw Vaughan off. Without any effort now, he wasp 146 C 1973
to throw Vaughan off. Without any effort now, he was able to follow me all day, for ever waiting for mep 146 C 1973
the possibilities of unimagined technologies. In these fantasies I was able at last to visualize those deaths and injuries I hadp 179 C 1973
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Asimov and Tolkien, and will now be able to breathe an enormous sigh of relief as they scanp 202 UGM 1974
diplomacy -- a sociable man, Brian clearly wants to be able to go on attending science fiction conventions here and inp 202 UGM 1974
this particular science fiction is that its writers have been able to define it so exactly. Unfortunately, here, unlike the westernp 203 UGM 1974
over at eight o'clock. Then, with luck, he might be able to attract the attention of a solitary driver. Maitland liftedp 16 CI 1974
If he could, cross the road, he would then be able to walk back to the Westway interchange and find anp 17 CI 1974
his cheek. Already he knew that he would never be able to climb the embankment, but he tried to drag himselfp 20 CI 1974
begin to recede. He was soon too drunk to be able to focus on his wrist-watch and gave up all sensep 21 CI 1974
if he were to reach it he would never be able to climb the steep and unpacked slope. He sat upp 25 CI 1974
heaped so high that Maitland doubted whether he would be able to penetrate this jungle of refuse even if he couldp 29 CI 1974
crutch. He accepted without comment that he would not be able to unbolt the heavy metal structure. He stared down atp 31 CI 1974
and some kind of signalling device. He would never be able to escape from the island unaided -- the embankments werep 43 CI 1974
and leaned against the car, doubting whether he would be able to stand for long. The mud-smeared dinner-jacket flapped around himp 43 CI 1974
While the warm chocolate dissolved in his mouth, Maitland was able to see the young woman's face for the first timep 58 CI 1974
and pain had eased. For the first time he was able to touch the bruised flesh. Maitland sat quietly on thep 66 CI 1974
me up the embankment and leave me there. I'll be able to stop a driver.‘ ‘Of course.‘ She looked frankly intop 72 CI 1974
demented sun. She clattered among the cans and saucepans, barely able to focus her eyes. Maitland watched her uneasily. Her behaviourp 84 CI 1974
any distant object and, like a bird, relied on being able to react to brief sharp movements against the background ofp 90 CI 1974
the half-blind acrobat, irises occluded by gathering cataracts, no longer able to see the surrounding traffic streams and living alone inp 90 CI 1974
his childhood, would have been tolerable if he had been able to pay for them in some neutral currency, hard cashp 100 CI 1974
attention. By tapping Proctor with the straight end he was able to steer him around the island. After glancing briefly atp 102 CI 1974
his weight by more than twenty pounds, and Proctor was able to carry his once large body without difficulty. Maitland couldp 103 CI 1974
Proctor -- like "fuck" and "shit". You'd like to be able to write those. Wouldn't you?‘ As Proctor tittered nervously Maitlandp 109 CI 1974
Proctor, you can have half. Ten thousand pounds. You'll be able to buy this island ...‘ He sat back, exhausted, as thep 113 CI 1974
island!‘ To himself, he prayed aloud, ‘Run him over ...‘ Barely able to control himself, he watched Proctor climb the embankment. Thep 114 CI 1974
movement in the hip joint, and he would soon be able to walk without the crutch. He was glad that bothp 126 CI 1974
been shocked by this. Vaguely prudish, he had never been able to question the continuity girl. When they made love inp 46 HR 1975
had enjoyed with his mother. But Helen had not been able to bring herself to treat Wilder like her son. Forp 48 HR 1975
salon continued as before. In some way the high-rise was able to accommodate this double logic. Even the tone of voicep 60 HR 1975
building ...‘ In retrospect, it surprised Royal how easily they were able to implement these elementary schemes. At nine o'clock, before thep 91 HR 1975
along the corridor. When they had gone he would be able to look for Alice. Behind him the electric lights camep 110 HR 1975
for his ascent of the building he relied on being able to offer himself as an aggressive street-fighter to one orp 126 HR 1975
of the residents were Out of the way he felt able to relax, more in charge of himself and ready top 147 HR 1975
no attempt to change. For weeks all he had been able to think about were the next raid, the next apartmentp 150 HR 1975
You're lost, aren't you, beauty? Come on, up here ...‘ Barely able to contain his glee at the spectacle of this bald-headedp 157 HR 1975
fabric was grey by comparison with Royal's chalk-like skin. Barely able to control himself, and uncertain whether the scars of hisp 163 HR 1975
her full waist. For weeks now he had barely been able to take his hands off her. Once Gould had gonep 830 LFA 1975
in fact, they're extremely hardy. By next winter they'll be able to out-run and out-think everything else around here. Like Carmenp 839 LFA 1975
managed to keep herself going here for years, without being able to see a thing. When I started getting all thisp 839 LFA 1975
returned who considered their work morally gainful. Manufacturing industry was able to keep going, but the agencies responsible for selling itsp 844 LDG 1976
Long before he became a skilled pilot, Halloway had been able to outfly his rivals, as much by pure aggression asp 875 UC 1976
this elaborate craft -- not that he would have been able to answer them -- but Halloway's blond hair and guilelessp 875 UC 1976
his knees, proud of his skill and glad to be able to show off to himself. He rose above the buildingp 880 UC 1976
a fashionable shopping centre. Halloway was shaking with excitement, barely able to keep his seat on the engine cowling. For allp 900 UC 1976
around the square, sir,‘ Halloway explained. ‘At night you'll be able to see the whole monument floodlit.‘ Buckmaster strolled across thep 904 UC 1976
heyday. Even now, a hundred people like himself would be able to get most of its activities going again. Through thep 905 UC 1976
clocks, we would have a powerful economic regulator, we'd be able to cut back or encourage inflation, vary pay-rates and productivityp 917 UC 1976
pioneers who created the Twentieth Century, and might well be able to charge everyone with enthusiasm again. Outside Buckmaster's hotel Hallowayp 918 UC 1976
Mr St John's sanity and good humour that he was able to survive six months of this regime with both hisp 268 UGM 1977
control the truck, and within half an hour I was able to keep a steady fifty yards behind Hodson. Both vehiclesp 930 DT 1977
hour later, that I came across Hodson's truck, and was able to make up the full complement of my passengers. Wherep 935 DT 1977
the elements of a past world that would never be able to reconstitute itself now that I and my companions, thisp 938 DT 1977
food was no longer necessary to us. Fortunately I was able to distract her by pointing out the different marks ofp 938 DT 1977
of this unique event. As I lie here -- barely able to breathe, my mouth filled with blood and every tremorp 946 ICU 1977
with an intermittent interference pattern, but for once Pangborn was able to ignore this. He turned off the sound and watchedp 991 MA 1978
of all music, and within a few minutes he was able to lower the back of the chair, Vera Tilley andp 992 MA 1978
Ogden massaged his bruised hands. By luck he had been able to protect his head, but he could feel the rawp 975 OAU 1978
the prison cannery. As a TV commentator bawled: ‘You'll be able to hear the shots, I promise!‘ Gilmore was tied top 43 UGM 1979
outside the planes of everyday time and space and were able to catch a glimpse of all events that had everp 32 UDC 1979
Let's put our backs into it.‘ I lifted the pew, able to see little more than the priest's floral shirt inp 75 UDC 1979
I was not merely alive. I was twice alive! Barely able to restrain myself, I caught Miriam's arm, eager to tellp 97 UDC 1979
I feared them. I feared that I might not be able to cure them. I feared the grave they were buildingp 103 UDC 1979
a crazed lantern. He had come ashore to find me, able to walk no further than these skeletal trees. He blunderedp 116 UDC 1979
the bank-notes, swaying on his feet like a mesmerized lover. Able neither to touch the money nor to take his eyesp 141 UDC 1979
felt transformed, my confidence restored. Not only had I been able to fly again, but I had taken Miriam's body intop 154 UDC 1979
through my frozen capillaries. For the first time I was able to lift my right arm. As I reached out top 198 UDC 1979
me by the birds and plants I would never be able to flee from Shepperton. Again I was about to bep 203 UDC 1979
in a state of utter mental degeneration. That I was able to cure her after so many others had failed Ip 1000 HFF 1980
still loaded with the canned goods no one had been able to cook. They climbed to the top floors of lavishlyp 42 HA 1981
socialist regimes with long experience of strong centralised government were able to maintain a low-level industrial life. The light bulbs mightp 48 HA 1981
would have approved of, Wayne. Perhaps one day they'll be able to help us.‘ ‘I doubt it.‘ Wayne gestured at thep 69 HA 1981
with a wave. ‘But it's a tape-recording, we won't be able to talk to him. God only knows where he isp 84 HA 1981
had based itself on the proposition that everyone should be able to live out his furthest fantasies, wherever they might leadp 111 HA 1981
any closer to those gunships or even I won't be able to put you together again.‘ When he saw Wayne havingp 169 HA 1981
alert for only a few minutes each day, no longer able to feed or care for themselves, and soon after wouldp 1019 NFS 1981
to exist. Now, however, he was awake during the fugues, able to explore this empty suburb of the radiant city. Hep 1033 NFS 1981
the confusions of the flight, at least he had been able to go outside. Three months earlier, when Sheppard arrived atp 1064 MNF 1982
formed a glass parasol. Only the cheetah was moving, still able to outrun time. It was now ten feet from himp 1045 MSA 1982
brief flurry, Mallory felt his eyes clear. He had been able to shake off the attack, but it would come againp 1052 MSA 1982
body, the psychopomp guiding the souls of the deceased and able to achieve a mastery of fire, together seem to bep 1055 MSA 1982
STATION Survey Report 1 By good luck we have been able to make an emergency landing on this uninhabited space stationp 1085 RUS 1982
lounges and waiting rooms. As yet we have not been able to locate the bridge or control centre. We assume thatp 1085 RUS 1982
the sunken Petrel. Before abandoning ship the captain had been able to destroy his codes, and for days afterwards the Japanesep 51 ES 1984
men on stretchers lay under the legs of others barely able to sit. Jim did not see his father, but thep 55 ES 1984
silver coin, gleaming like an oyster, but had never been able to reach it. Jim pocketed the coin and peered upp 66 ES 1984
before the war. For a few days he had been able to cope with the sinking of the Petrel and thep 76 ES 1984
Lunghua. In the store-room he and the old men still able to stand waited by their mats, mess-tins in hand. Hep 112 ES 1984
news about the brother-in-law in Nanking, and soon after was able to sell the old woman's hair-brushes to Mrs Blackburn. Wheneverp 119 ES 1984
dislocations appealed to Jim. For the first time he felt able to enjoy the war. He gazed happily at the burnt-outp 127 ES 1984
to the ground. Dr Ransome knelt by the seats, barely able to control his clumsy body. ‘Right, Jim -- let's getp 158 ES 1984
in China began to fall back to the coast, barely able to feed themselves. The prospect of their defeat, and thep 181 ES 1984
every illicit activity in the camp, but had never been able to catch him. He waved away the dust, and withp 200 ES 1984
the next air raid, dreaming of the violent light, barely able to breathe for the hunger that Dr Ransome had recognizedp 202 ES 1984
obvious truth about the war, that people were only too able to adapt to it. At times he even suspected thatp 208 ES 1984
empty? None of the prisoners, not even Dr Ransome, seemed able to rally themselves for the last stages of the warp 222 ES 1984
found it difficult to accept that he would soon be able to walk through the gates to freedom. The soldier inp 231 ES 1984
obliged him, and Jim felt angry at those prisoners still able to walk who were now forming a second march partyp 266 ES 1984
impatient. Eager to be rid of the last prisoners still able to walk, the soldiers moved across the football field. Theyp 268 ES 1984
would stop. Now that his strength had returned, Jim was able to scavenge busily around the camp and was never morep 308 ES 1984
the young kamikaze pilot, sorry that he had never been able to repay him for the mango. A mile to thep 312 ES 1984
never allowed himself to dream, because he had never been able to take anything for granted, whereas Dr Ransome had takenp 322 ES 1984
pack. ‘We might be looking for gold.‘ ‘Good, you'll be able to pay the journalists to come back to Port-la-Nouvelle. Andp 56 DC 1987
had ceased. Like an immense arterial system, the Mallory was able to seal any wounds in its own walls, and thisp 146 DC 1987
of reassuring cliches ... I only hoped that I would be able to help him. Noon, to my annoyance, the former child-guerillap 159 DC 1987
miles safely upstream of Kagwa's bivouac, I was at last able to relax and again become the captain of the Salammbop 161 DC 1987
a leaking ventilator at the humid air. Far from being able to commandeer their vessel, I was at these women's mercyp 198 DC 1987
men from which she had at last woken and was able to remember only by an effort of will. I knewp 202 DC 1987
of power and fame, and hoping that I might be able to offer him some comparable facility. ‘General, he'll be backp 227 DC 1987
driving them ashore. I tried to raise the hatch, scarcely able to move the heavy cage that lay across it. Throughp 254 DC 1987
light in the cabin of the Diana. I had been able to embrace Noon only through the flickering image of anp 276 DC 1987
wide valley. Here we rested, and I was at last able to start the engine. On all sides there were tracesp 278 DC 1987
the comfortable rapport with his audience that Hockney has been able to take for granted since the 1960s. Together, Hockney's lifep 62 UGM 1988
forensic people must have some idea." "Well ... they haven't been able to agree." We had entered Dr. Edwina's bedroom. Payne pointedp 32 RW 1988
and hold myself indefinitely in reserve. Left alone, I was able to think again about my visit to Pangbourne Village andp 38 RW 1988
But when we reached the bathroom I was at last able to surprise him. "Let me set the stage, Sergeant." Ip 41 RW 1988
a former amateur boxer. The boy would never have been able to stab him fatally." "And if he'd only wounded Millerp 44 RW 1988
fatally." "And if he'd only wounded Miller he'd have been able to warn the other parents?" "Very likely -- the parentsp 44 RW 1988
the chest. Mr. Garfield sits down on the bed, barely able to breathe, and presses his hand against the blood leakingp 76 RW 1988
for the health of their political leadership, they were miraculously able to ignore a far greater threat to their own well-beingp 1116 WW3 1988
worn to insert a small speaker, so that he was able to recite his speeches by repeating like a child whateverp 1117 WW3 1988
a memorable lift, interest rates fell and Mr Gorbachev was able to announce that the Ukrainian separatists had moderated their demandsp 1118 WW3 1988
greatest possible stirring of the gene pool. Nonetheless, I was able to spend almost all my spare time with Lucille, actingp 1129 LCC 1989
sanction. Aware that by choosing the latter I would be able to see Lucille, I made my decision. The tribunal despairedp 1129 LCC 1989
and slept on the beach. The lawyers and accountants were able to borrow from their banks when their own resources ranp 1140 LTP 1989
dogs and cats, and the few birds I have been able to trap, soon formed my sole fare. However, it becamep 1136 TES 1989
easily lose my way crossing the kitchen and never be able to return to the only security and companionship that Ip 1138 TES 1989
decided to film this script, but that he had been able to form any idea of the finished movie from thesep 4 UGM 1990
the New Yorker he widened his subject matter and was able to show his mastery of colour, creating some of thep 106 UGM 1990
The inrush of water smothered the cargo in the hold. Able to breathe again, Johnson rolled into Captain Galloway's bunk, madep 1164 DCG 1990
containers are leaking and roughly how much. We might be able to work out the exact chemical reactions -- you mayp 1167 DCG 1990
to be justified ...‘ ‘I'm very strong now -- I'll be able to look after you and the boy.‘ ‘It might bep 1169 DCG 1990
a coolness between Bill and myself, which I was not able to repair before his death from a drug overdose somep 105 WIWa 1990
the human spirit have Sir John and fellow grandees been able to fill so deftly as the impresarios of the Britishp 81 UGM 1991
not to make good but to make bad. He was able to move outside his own class and explore the vastp 132 UGM 1991
but what they were selling my mother had never been able to say -- they were giving French and Russian lessonsp 12 KW 1991
took place around the International Settlement before the Japanese were able to drive the Chinese from Shanghai, during which tens ofp 26 KW 1991
as a substitute mortar. With any luck I would be able to revisit the food store without arousing the suspicions ofp 43 KW 1991
over. The Chinese prisoner on the platform was now scarcely able to breathe, his ribs crushed by the coils of telephonep 59 KW 1991
So much had happened that I had not yet been able to remember or forget. There were too many memories ofp 65 KW 1991
closer to some warped truth which I had never been able to discuss with anyone since sailing from Shanghai on thep 94 KW 1991
I was glad that David had calmed himself and was able to embrace Yvette without needing some elaborate ruse. Flying, andp 117 KW 1991
at the mess before her, pleased that she had been able to resolve these irreconcilable natures. Her moment of insight hadp 276 KW 1991
cheerful, untidy room. In her middle thirties she had been able to rendezvous with the 18-year-old self she had last seenp 286 KW 1991
to hide the news from themselves, just when I've been able to face it. Now I feel almost guilty. A brainp 302 KW 1991
the caravans in the centre of the park, not quite able to make out his expression, though he seemed to recognisep 315 KW 1991
Ionesco-like picture of an oddly empty middle-class England. Without being able to identify exactly what, I knew that something was missingp 180 UGM 1992
on trial, accused of various anti-communist misdeeds. Fortunately he was able to quote enough Marx and Engels to convince the magistratesp 54 UGM 1993
spoke publicly of the day when Chinese women would be able to afford lipstick and high-heeled shoes, a more revolutionary notionp 55 UGM 1993
to cure his addiction. From this desperate world he was able to distil his masterpiece, Naked Lunch, one of the mostp 134 UGM 1993
even that endlessly falling lift. At last I will be able to travel at the speed of light and stare thep 151 UGM 1993
and when we are likely to die. We will be able to select the sex of our children, a time-bomb packedp 155 UGM 1993
by the orthodox medicine of his day, but he was able to pass on his torch to the most remarkable ofp 152 UGM 1994
Dempsey.‘ Neil allowed her to cuff him. Dr Barbara was able to switch from peremptory schoolmistress to doting mother in ap 14 RP 1994
she transcended the question of her own authenticity, and was able to believe sincerely in the threatened bird while manipulating thep 38 RP 1994
Think of them -- exhausted, incontinent, riddled with cancers, only able to breathe sitting up, crying out with pain if youp 43 RP 1994
you do, Dr Barbara?‘ ‘I don't know, I haven't been able to think ...‘ Neil could feel the air sighing from herp 73 RP 1994
no time to collect them, and he would never be able to explain to Dr Barbara, Monique or Professor Saito whyp 88 RP 1994
the bright sunlight, the women were wan and dejected, barely able to brush away the flies that pestered their faces. Thep 133 RP 1994
air-freight a ton of powdered milk into Saint-Esprit. You'll be able to bathe in the stuff.‘ ‘Neil's our best spear-fisher,‘ Kimop 143 RP 1994
and Carline. He lay there shivering for three days, barely able to hold Dr Barbara's thermometer between his teeth. Professor Saitop 153 RP 1994
crushing sunlight outside the door of Dr Barbara's office. Scarcely able to breathe, he held his rib-cage between his hands, tryingp 218 RP 1994
at Neil, as if regretting that she had not been able to welcome him to her realm. Then she ran towardsp 238 RP 1994
former diplomat who was the camp commandant, was no longer able to control the soldiers. But he was a decent manp 292 UGM 1995
high school. The children were on holiday, and I was able to visit my old room. Standing between the bunks, Ip 294 UGM 1995
off a reflex of unease that I have never been able to repress. As the customs officials rummage through my suitcasesp 9 CN 1996
thing. Once we get you back to England you'll be able to clear yourself.‘ ‘Charles ... I can only clear myself herep 27 CN 1996
however preposterous, had stopped the clock, and no one seemed able to think beyond his guilty plea to the far largerp 55 CN 1996
autopsy pathologists. Afterwards, Senor Danvila told me, I would be able to speak to Frank. As I parked in a narrowp 76 CN 1996
the bed. ‘Switch on a light, old chap. We'll be able to see ourselves playing the fool.‘ The intruder collided withp 82 CN 1996
throat. Powerful but sensitive, they controlled the air I was able to gasp during the brief moments when the fingers easedp 92 CN 1996
the table frame by the belt of my slacks. Barely able to breathe, I lay on the cold tiles as thep 96 CN 1996
too immersed in his grudge against the world, to be able to act decisively. By nine-thirty Paula had not arrived, andp 142 CN 1996
coast. There's something I want you to see. You'll be able to write about it.‘ ‘Crawford, I have to --‘ ‘Comep 205 CN 1996
be ready when the flood comes. Besides, you won't be able to cheat me, or not quite so easily.‘ ‘I'll happilyp 231 CN 1996
be so many new attractions that no one will be able to resist. Don't you agree, David?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Hennessy stood byp 231 CN 1996
she, Charles? Beautiful, in a damaged way. You should be able to do a lot with her.‘ ‘Well ...‘ I watched thep 267 CN 1996
the 1960s. When I move into the house I'll be able to keep an eye on him.‘ ‘Really? You're completely underp 279 CN 1996
was the derelict and exhausted figure of Laurie Fox, barely able to lift her feet to the music. Several beats behindp 294 CN 1996
I refused to follow her around the narrow gallery. Scarcely able to breathe, I waited as she proudly circled the domep 8 DYF 1996
learned to admire this flawed and dangerous man was I able to think of killing him. Rather than fly from Londonp 3 SC 2000
rest from the heavy steering wheel. Above all, I was able to walk, and keep up with her as we strolledp 37 SC 2000
exercise would strengthen the muscles. One day I would be able to work the heavy brake pedals of the Harvard andp 37 SC 2000
You're right. But the basic idea is sound. We'll be able to see anything suspicious well in advance.‘ ‘So no onep 68 SC 2000
phone book.‘ I paused by the stairs. ‘Have you been able to find out why they were seeing David? Was therep 81 SC 2000
law or police.‘ ‘What happened to Greenwood? No one seems able to say.‘ ‘Speak to Wilder Penrose. A bolt of lightningp 84 SC 2000
more leisure. That's true for the less skilled and less able, those who aren't net contributors to society.‘ ‘Such as?‘ ‘Poetsp 94 SC 2000
class. There's no doubt about it.‘ ‘Even so, you were able to get within a few feet of me. Suppose youp 104 SC 2000
with him during the last days. I might have been able to help him.‘ ‘You were away?‘ ‘He asked me top 135 SC 2000
his official duties. Whatever the task, he had not been able to see it through. His head and shoulders rested againstp 186 SC 2000
Greenwood. Even the guards don't trust each other.‘ ‘You'll be able to take over. I imagine Captain Kellerman is no longerp 190 SC 2000
I want you to understand Eden-Olympia. Then you might be able to help me.‘ ‘But first I have to change?‘ ‘Ap 215 SC 2000
watching me from the back of my mind, and barely able to maintain the erection that had sprung to life sop 225 SC 2000
I was too easy a target, a crippled ex-pilot barely able to pump the clutch pedal of his rebored Jaguar, withp 284 SC 2000
the aircraft echoing through the valleys towards the coast. Barely able to control his irritation, he sucked the meat from ap 359 SC 2000
my bruised ribs had been opened to the air. Barely able to breathe, I stepped into the daylight of Hammersmith Grovep 45 MP 2003
streets. If he became a glider pilot he would be able to fly over its car parks and souvenir shops, satisfyingp 178 MP 2003
my legs, I pressed the brake and clutch pedals, barely able to reach them. The seat had been racked back, givingp 183 MP 2003
the location shooting of her programmes. That the killer was able to arrive just as she returned from the King Streetp 210 MP 2003
honeycomb, human voids that his own son had never been able to fill when he abandoned his family for a universep 5 KC 2006
a level way at me, unsure whether I would be able to cope with his news. For the first time hep 47 KC 2006
decided not to tell him that I would never be able to afford another pair. He sipped noisily at the whiskyp 98 KC 2006
a.m. I gave up any hope of sleep. Barely able to breathe, I sat behind the balcony curtains, thinking throughp 266 KC 2006
committed against them. By contrast, I was still exhausted, barely able to keep awake, watching the TV news, hobbling around thep 277 KC 2006
became something of a ladies‘ man, as if at last able to throw off the disguise imposed on him by ap 18 ML 2008
was put on trial. He told me that he was able to quote numerous passages from Marx and Engels in hisp 48 ML 2008
return the shoes to my father, and G Block was able to relax. Thoughts of food filled every hour, as theyp 83 ML 2008
Ten minutes later, the Chinese was silent and I was able to walk away. The Japanese soldier never told me top 107 ML 2008
This was important to me, and meant that I was able to visit friends from the classes above mine who hadp 128 ML 2008
from National Service, and as an officer I would be able to leave the service if I was reassigned to groundp 162 ML 2008
aircraft) before her husband. To her annoyance, he was never able to pay the rent, and I think she knew thatp 177 ML 2008
evening of the party John was deeply drunk, and barely able to stand upright. I tried to support him, but hep 222 ML 2008
gestured helplessly at her friends. She was clearly distraught, barely able to walk or speak, and tottered down the garden pathp 229 ML 2008
1960s. The children were away on holiday, and we were able to enter G Block. The Shanghai High School is solelyp 273 ML 2008
two minor relapses, I have felt remarkably well, have been able to work and enjoyed my restaurant visits and the companyp 278 ML 2008