pretence to Christian imagery and produced squatting idols with pendulous abdomens and grimacing faces. Still keeping Father Balthus under scrutiny, Drp 33 CW 1966
wound areas marked in coloured panels on their skulls and abdomens. Helen stared at them through the empty windshields, almost asp 121 C 1973
and cheekbones shaded in, section lines across their mouths and abdomens. Jayne Mansfield stepped from her car in a studio publicityp 135 C 1973
sheet across the women, trying not to look at their abdomens, where his daughters lay in their flooded wombs. But hisp 232 RP 1994
tour with Red Cross demonstration teams. Massive cerebral damage and abdominal bleeding in automobile accidents could be imitated within half anp 11 AE 1966
reminding him of the eyes of the bomber pilot, the abdominal scars like the radiation burns of the young woman. Afterp 13 AE 1966
we have a wholly uncharacteristic emphasis on palm, ankle, and abdominal injuries. Even allowing for the excessive crushing movements in ap 26 UD 1968
and neck wounds. Students and filling station personnel overwhelmingly selected abdominal injuries. By contrast suburban housewives expressed a marked preoccupation withp 98 CRA 1969
may also be necessary. With one assistant working from the abdominal cavity and the other from the rectum, each can assistp 17 C80 1970
of fuel tanks, chest injuries caused by steering column impalements, abdominal injuries caused by faulty seat-belt adjustment, second-order collisions between front-seatp 133 C 1973
seat of the Mercedes, where the blood from the woman's abdominal wounds had flowed between her legs. Mesmerized, Vaughan stared atp 187 C 1973
stage set, a boudoir framed by the curtains of the abdominal muscles. The unneeded blood-vessels and nervous tissue were discarded intop 98 KW 1991
that Einstein had died of syphilis, and claimed that the abdominal aneurysm which killed him was always associated with the tertiaryp 151 UGM 1993
his hands and mind off her. Was she planning to abduct her father from the clinic? She lived in the smallp 1011 NFS 1981
grimace. ‘ ... a highwayman approaches, sir, an evil dacoit who will abduct your ...‘ ‘Quiet, Mr Pal.‘ Sanger restrained him, holding his handsp 173 DC 1987
confrontation with Crawford, probably fearing that he would try to abduct Laurie Fox when he set off for Calahonda. With ap 306 CN 1996
in the drained lagoon, almost as if he were an abducted Neptune forced against his will to sanctify those sections ofp 138 DW 1962
drop the gun. Then walk forward. My men think you abducted Miss Dahl, they won't touch her.‘ He added, with ap 151 DW 1962
architect would try to reach Sanders for news of his abducted wife. When, for the second time, they entered a smallp 114 CW 1966
unexpected contingency -- his recovery of his sanity, a treasure abducted from the twelve mansions. Now he would leave them, andp 988 Z2 1978
they were senior military personnel, then realized their error and abducted the children. (b) An experimental nerve-gas projectile fell from anp 22 RW 1988
that the girl was Marion Miller, one of the thirteen abducted children. During the next few days the discovery of thisp 37 RW 1988
this day the Home Office believes that the children were abducted by their parents‘ murderers. Postscript, December 8, 1993 Five yearsp 78 RW 1988
ambiguous nature of my role, and the questionable morality of abducting a beautiful but insane woman, made me hesitate. We hadp 554 SG 1963
asylum. Now he had returned with the single-minded ambition of abducting Serena and taking her off once more to his ruinedp 110 CW 1966
in a misguided attempt to save her. He imagined Martinsen abducting Elaine, lifting the drowsy but still beautiful woman from herp 1067 MNF 1982
June morning, killing the owners, their chauffeurs and servants, before abducting the thirteen children. Husbands and wives were shot down acrossp 11 RW 1988
that they were the victims of a less than gentle abduction. As he prepared a meal from the last of thep 117 HR 1975
the west of London, and so much speculation about the abduction of their thirteen children, that there scarcely seems room forp 5 RW 1988
trace left by such a group, as well as the abduction of the children, rules out this option. However, the examplep 20 RW 1988
mounting the large-scale operation involved in the Pangbourne Massacre. The abduction of the children may be part of a mass kidnappingp 21 RW 1988
the complicity, deliberate or otherwise, of Jeremy Maxted in the abduction of the children and even, perhaps, in the murders themselvesp 38 RW 1988
splashes of an arduous obstacle race. Apart from the armed abduction of Marion Miller from the Great Ormond Street Hospital, therep 78 RW 1988
taken a perverted revenge for what they saw as the abduction of their womenfolk. A last punitive expedition was set forp 154 RP 1994
place in the Metro-Centre. In the three days since the abduction of David Cruise's body, and his failure to rouse himselfp 266 KC 2006
behind as he was seized and swept away by his abductors. The police video continues on its grim and matter-of-fact wayp 10 RW 1988
THIRTEEN TO CENTAURUS Abel knew. Three months earlier, just after his sixteenth birthday, hep 321 13C 1962
in Playroom, or chewing pencils over their tests and homework. ‘Abel, what's the matter?‘ Zenna Peters called after him as hep 321 13C 1962
to the empty store-room on D-Deck. ‘You're looking sad again.‘ Abel hesitated, watching Zenna's warm, puzzled smile, then slipped his handsp 321 13C 1962
the doctor, who had recently been keeping an eye on Abel, watching him shrewdly from behind the plastic models in Playroomp 321 13C 1962
on either side of the doorway. Deliberately unfocusing his mind, Abel identified some of the letters above the switches M-T---R SC--Np 321 13C 1962
involuntarily through his lips. Abruptly, the light went on. ‘Hello, Abel,‘ Dr Francis said easily, right hand pressing the bulb intop 322 13C 1962
an exercise book out of his white plastic suit as Abel sat down stiffly. Despite his dry smile and warm eyesp 322 13C 1962
eyes there was something about Dr Francis that always put Abel on his guard. Perhaps Dr Francis knew too? ‘The Closedp 322 13C 1962
Dr Francis read out. ‘A strange subject for an essay, Abel.‘ Abel shrugged. ‘It was a free choice. Aren't we reallyp 322 13C 1962
Francis read out. ‘A strange subject for an essay, Abel.‘ Abel shrugged. ‘It was a free choice. Aren't we really expectedp 322 13C 1962
something unusual?‘ Dr Francis grinned. ‘A good answer. But seriously, Abel, why pick a subject like that?‘ Abel fingered the sealsp 322 13C 1962
answer. But seriously, Abel, why pick a subject like that?‘ Abel fingered the seals on his suit. These served no usefulp 322 13C 1962
you called yours "The Closed Community". The Station isn't closed, Abel, is it?‘ ‘It's closed in the sense that we can'tp 322 13C 1962
It's closed in the sense that we can't go outside,‘ Abel explained slowly. ‘That's all I meant.‘ ‘Outside,‘ Dr Francis repeatedp 322 13C 1962
you first start thinking along these lines?‘ ‘After the dream,‘ Abel said. Dr Francis had deliberately sidestepped his use of thep 322 13C 1962
Dr Francis looked up with interest. ‘How do you know?‘ Abel reached up and fastened the plumbline to the ceiling stanchionp 322 13C 1962
stern man of taciturn disposition who rarely strayed from Control. Abel had never been allowed there, but the Captain's son, Matthewp 323 13C 1962
white-haired old man with humorous eyes, had been Captain before Abel was born -- and with the Captain's wife and Zennap 323 13C 1962
of the Station. However, the Grangers, the clan to which Abel belonged, was in many respects more important, as he hadp 323 13C 1962
He didn't belong to any of the three clans. Sometimes Abel asked himself where Dr Francis had come from, but hisp 323 13C 1962
disliked Dr Francis for snooping around and being a know-all, Abel realized how dreary life in the Station would seem withoutp 323 13C 1962
Dr Francis closed the door of his cabin and gestured Abel into a seat. All the furniture in the Station wasp 323 13C 1962
furniture in the Station was bolted to the floor, but Abel noticed that Dr Francis had unscrewed his chair so thatp 323 13C 1962
body able to withstand any accident the Station might suffer. Abel hated the thought of sleeping in the cylinder -- luckilyp 323 13C 1962
Francis chose to live alone up on A-Deck. ‘Tell me, Abel,‘ Dr Francis began, ‘has it ever occurred to you top 324 13C 1962
occurred to you to ask why the Station is here?‘ Abel shrugged. ‘Well, it's designed to keep us alive, it's ourp 324 13C 1962
Fair enough. And where were they before they built it?‘ Abel struggled with the reductio ad absurdum. ‘I don't know, theyp 324 13C 1962
accept that as it stands.‘ The doctor's self-contained office gave Abel an idea. ‘Perhaps they came from another Station? An evenp 324 13C 1962
Station? An even bigger one?‘ Dr Francis nodded encouragingly. ‘Brilliant, Abel. A first-class piece of deduction. All right, then, let's assumep 324 13C 1962
this one, maybe even a thousand. Why not?‘ ‘It's possible,‘ Abel admitted, accepting the idea with surprising ease. ‘Right. Now youp 324 13C 1962
assume further that such a system actually exists. Okay?‘ ‘Here?‘ Abel said quickly. ‘In your cabin?‘ Then he added ‘In yourp 324 13C 1962
he added ‘In your sleeping cylinder?‘ Dr Francis sat back. ‘Abel, you do come up with some amazing things. An interestingp 324 13C 1962
the planets a million times larger than the Station.‘ When Abel nodded, he went on. ‘And suppose that the big Stationp 324 13C 1962
do everything to make sure that the Station keeps running.‘ Abel nodded quickly. ‘When do we get there -- the planetp 325 13C 1962
his hands, his face growing sombre. ‘We'll never get there, Abel. The journey takes too long. This is a multi-generation spacep 325 13C 1962
the Station will one day land upon.‘ He turned to Abel. ‘You remember all these terms I'm using, don't you, Abelp 325 13C 1962
Abel. ‘You remember all these terms I'm using, don't you, Abel? None of them seems strange.‘ Abel nodded, the wells ofp 325 13C 1962
I'm using, don't you, Abel? None of them seems strange.‘ Abel nodded, the wells of his unconscious memory flooding into hisp 325 13C 1962
into the ship is far more intricate than the mechanical, Abel. It's three generations since the Station set off, and birthp 325 13C 1962
Will you always be here?‘ Dr Francis stood up. ‘No, Abel, I won't. No one here lives forever. Your father willp 325 13C 1962
and gazed absently at the last scene he had shown Abel, the boom camera's view of the ship. He was justp 326 13C 1962
Chalmers‘ muttered ‘If they do‘ and went on: ‘Zenna and Abel worry me a little. It may be necessary to bringp 327 13C 1962
years from now, and she'll be a settling influence on Abel, stop him from thinking too much.‘ Chalmers shook his headp 327 13C 1962
irritably. ‘Need they know? We've really got a problem with Abel, the boy's too clever. He'd more or less worked outp 328 13C 1962
his desk in Command, planning the next day's fire drill, Abel noticed the sudden absence of movement. All morning, as hep 330 13C 1962
is concerned.‘ This sort of advice now meant nothing to Abel. In the previous two months his mind had attacked everythingp 330 13C 1962
not sure, exactly. Probably the instruments are automatically compensated.‘ When Abel smiled sceptically he shrugged. ‘Anyway, Father knows all about itp 330 13C 1962
it. There's no doubt we're right on course.‘ ‘We hope,‘ Abel murmured sotto voce. The more Abel asked Matthew about thep 330 13C 1962
on course.‘ ‘We hope,‘ Abel murmured sotto voce. The more Abel asked Matthew about the navigational devices he and his fatherp 330 13C 1962
flock. What a joke if they were! Smiling to himself, Abel realized that he had probably stated no more than thep 330 13C 1962
supplied, were here in case of illness, not to give Abel any true freedom of choice. One day, Abel promised himselfp 331 13C 1962
to give Abel any true freedom of choice. One day, Abel promised himself, he would programme himself out of the conditioningp 331 13C 1962
that there might be more to it than -- ‘Hello, Abel, you look far away.‘ Dr Francis sat down next top 331 13C 1962
to him. ‘What's worrying you?‘ ‘I was just calculating something,‘ Abel explained quickly. ‘Tell me, assuming that each member of thep 331 13C 1962
500 tons aboard. Quite a weight.‘ ‘Not in absolute terms, Abel. The Station is only a small fraction of the shipp 331 13C 1962
provide the gravitational pull that holds you to the floor.‘ Abel shook his head slowly. ‘Hardly, Doctor. The attraction must comep 331 13C 1962
x 10 to the power 20 tons.‘ Dr Francis watched Abel reflectively, aware that the young man had led him intop 331 13C 1962
was near enough the Earth's mass. ‘These are complex problems, Abel. I wouldn't worry too much about stellar mechanics. Captain Petersp 331 13C 1962
Peters has that responsibility.‘ ‘I'm not trying to usurp it,‘ Abel assured him. ‘Merely to extend my own knowledge. Don't youp 331 13C 1962
Francis repeated the last sentence to himself, wondering idly what Abel, with his limitless enthusiasm, would have made of the circlep 331 13C 1962
not have as much time as we'd like. This boy Abel sounds something of a problem.‘ Kersh smiled. ‘I was lookingp 332 13C 1962
on we'll be relying on the programming.‘ Flatly, Francis said: ‘Abel will resume the conditioning. There's no need to do anythingp 332 13C 1962
little more than 45 years. At the age of 30 Abel will probably be an old man. When they start top 334 13C 1962
he had been busy coding the computer punch tapes for Abel, and his eyes ached with the strain of manually stampingp 335 13C 1962
cell, electrodes clamped to his chest, knees and elbows while Abel measured his cardiac and respiratory rhythms. The tests bore nop 335 13C 1962
rhythms. The tests bore no relation to the daily programmes Abel now worked out for his father, and Francis was findingp 335 13C 1962
Francis was finding it difficult to maintain his patience. Initially Abel had tested his ability to follow a prescribed set ofp 335 13C 1962
a digital representation of pi to a thousand places. Finally Abel had persuaded Francis to cooperate in a more difficult testp 335 13C 1962
cubicle outside was running unattended. But when Francis‘ pounding roused Abel from the far end of the next laboratory he hadp 336 13C 1962
the doctor for wanting to discontinue the experiment. ‘Damn it, Abel, I've been punching away at these things for three weeksp 336 13C 1962
at these things for three weeks now.‘ He winced as Abel disconnected him, brusquely tearing off the adhesive tape. ‘Trying top 336 13C 1962
of reality is beginning to fog.‘ (Sometimes he wondered if Abel was secretly waiting for this.) ‘I think I'm entitled top 336 13C 1962
we arranged for the trial to last three days, Doctor,‘ Abel pointed out. ‘It's only later that the valuable results beginp 336 13C 1962
to define.‘ ‘But we can assume that it is possible,‘ Abel insisted. ‘I was just giving you some practice before wep 336 13C 1962
started on the trans-finite numbers.‘ Francis baulked here. ‘I'm sorry, Abel. Maybe I'm not so fit as I used to bep 336 13C 1962
admit. In the year he had spent in the dome Abel had remarkably streamlined the daily routines, provided himself and Francisp 336 13C 1962
retreated to his cabin, content to leave the programming to Abel, spent his time playing with a damaged clock, while thep 336 13C 1962
Orders can I, Doctor?‘ On the way out Francis met Abel, tried to persuade him to countermand the order. ‘You couldp 337 13C 1962
him to countermand the order. ‘You could have warned me, Abel. Damnation, I've been sitting inside your test rig all afternoonp 337 13C 1962
all afternoon.‘ ‘But you went back to your cabin, Doctor,‘ Abel pointed out smoothly. ‘You pass three SRO bulletins on yourp 337 13C 1962
the test. He would have to be more conciliatory with Abel, or the young man could make his life a hellp 337 13C 1962
panels. He leaned forward as the footsteps crossed the corridor. Abel? He watched the young man disappear down a stairway, thenp 337 13C 1962
casualness over the safety devices, all meant one thing -- Abel knew! THE 60 MINUTE ZOOM 2.15 P.M. Lloretp 338 13C 1962
of the square, where the four-hour Biblical epic Cain and Abel was showing. Above the trees an elaborate technicolored hoarding showedp 486 VH 1963