on Earth were forced to retreat into the ocean beds, abandoning the poisoned continental tables. At the hotel at Idle Endp 239 DE 1961
have been above ground, strengthening their own homes, not just abandoning them and cowering away like a lot of sheep.‘ Symingtonp 58 WFN 1961
the symbolic language of Bodkin's schema, he would then be abandoning the conventional estimates of time in relation to his ownp 47 DW 1962
Kerans leaned against the hatchway and watched the glistening display, abandoning his search of the jungle below. The chances of seeingp 52 DW 1962
when darkness came did he manage to make his escape. Abandoning his former home near the aircraft dump, Traven collected togetherp 596 TB 1964
simple choice between helping him on the one hand and abandoning him on the other. After the events of the previousp 82 D 1965
solitary figure who walked slowly up and down the terrace. Abandoning any pretence at sleep, Halliday climbed to the roof ofp 675 DF 1966
to seed beside a ruined studio. The owner had gone, abandoning the hangar-like building to the sand-rays and the desert, andp 744 CSC 1967
verge and splashing the changing stalls. The attendant had gone, abandoning his booth, and already the pool was beginning to lookp 55 HR 1975
intending to collect the last of her food reserves before abandoning the apartment for good. Swiftly composing herself, she looked downp 129 HR 1975
decades. Halloway's parents had been among the last to leave, abandoning their apartment -- the only one still occupied -- inp 877 UC 1976
least one member of the party would have been killed. Abandoning their equipment and sharing the remaining bicycles, it took themp 910 UC 1976
flying-helmet: I can --! Fulmar, albatross, flamingo, frigate-bird, condor ... IGNITION! Abandoning his car, Halloway walked through the empty streets, littered withp 922 UC 1976
of our planet may well have moved outwards into space, abandoning its former home for ever. We can visualize the vastp 228 UGM 1979
a motor-launch to the site of the sunken Petrel. Before abandoning ship the captain had been able to destroy his codesp 51 ES 1984
withdrew to the guardhouse and no longer patrolled the fence, abandoningthe camp to its inmates. Parties of British prisoners steppedp 234 ES 1984
steered the Salammbo into the centre of the lagoon before abandoning her. I walked through the sliding tables, pushing them outp 212 DC 1987
the bridge would collapse into a pit of burning charcoal. Abandoning my attempts to move the hatch, I drove the riflep 254 DC 1987
cheap rum and diesel oil. He had thought seriously of abandoning Galloway's cabin and returning to his hammock in the forecastlep 1162 DCG 1990
changing shape as the snow retreated to the original shorelines. Abandoning my navigation exercise, I flew back and forth across thep 118 KW 1991
for social and cultural freedom, will doubt the wisdom of abandoning one-party rule. This combination, it seems to me, of ap 55 UGM 1993
of everyday reality. The furthest future is colonized, with mankind abandoning its biological past and assuming the form, first, of hyper-intelligentp 193 UGM 1993
they had flown in from Tokyo the previous day after abandoning their careers at the University of Kyoto and placing themselvesp 49 RP 1994
it onto the shore through the last of the waves. Abandoning the parachute when it ballooned over the side, Inger andp 184 RP 1994
command of the sanctuary, the two German hippies had vanished, abandoning their women to Neil and taking passage to Papeete onp 192 RP 1994
next banquet. ‘Barbara!‘ Mrs Saito shouted. ‘They're coming, they're coming!‘ Abandoning her visitors, Mrs Saito ran along the pier, knees strikingp 207 RP 1994
migrant Moroccan workers who had taken the ferry from Tangier. Abandoning his search of the van and its cargo of dollsp 13 CN 1996
envelope of photographs, waiting for me to calm myself. By abandoning the conspiracy theory I had returned to earth, a hardp 184 SC 2000
like an urban nature reserve. Eight hundred families had fled, abandoning their comfortable kitchens, herb gardens and book-lined living rooms. Withoutp 5 MP 2003
Curiously, he felt no resentment, almost as if Steiner's callous abandonment of the expedition had been justified by profound inner needsp 111 HA 1981
was the same reluctance to go out of doors, the abandonment of job, family and friends, a dislike of daylight, ap 1064 MNF 1982
the imminent arrival of the Sahara had led to the abandonment of Lake Kotto by the government forces. Most of thep 16 DC 1987
and his uncertainty about his own parentage. The theme of abandonment that runs through so many Disney films may have beenp 216 UGM 1994
plane. The French government had given no reason for their abandonment of Saint-Esprit, but even if they returned in force thep 82 RP 1994
expedition, 299; divorces HRH, 301 Hamilton, Marcelline (formerly Marcelline Renault), abandons industrialist husband, 177; accompanies HRH to Ankor, 189; marries HRHp 942 I 1977
course he did.‘ She checked herself and bit her lip, abashed by her sharp tongue. ‘He loved the Club Nautico, andp 90 CN 1996
else was indoors, refusing to venture out until the wind abated. The new office blocks along the Strand and the clubsp 62 WFN 1961
an entire world of silent canals. Fortunately, Price's anger soon abated. After returning to the Shanghai road the lieutenant steered thep 312 ES 1984
pressure of water. Within a few weeks, unless the river abated, it would be swept away, and already Nora Warrender hadp 79 DC 1987
I unpicked his fingers from my hand. His fever had abated, but I felt unable to do anything for him, becausep 199 DC 1987
momentum, and the inertial forces alone will prevent a sudden abatement. ‘Theoretically there are no reasons why it should not continuep 55 WFN 1961
the news that there was no sign of the wind's abatement -- in fact, the speed had risen steeply now top 172 WFN 1961
Lanyon gathered that the wind showed no signs yet of abating; its rate of increase was still a steady five mphp 40 WFN 1961
were simply delivering a group of aged creatures to an abattoir specialising in circus animals, and pausing here for the nightp 737 R 1967
Taylor, Bardot and Raquel Welch -- Seagrave had built an abattoir of sexual mutilation. Horns sounded ahead of us. We hadp 135 C 1973
his waist and neck. Trussed like a carcass in an abattoir, he hung above the cradle. Legs kicking as he grappledp 123 CI 1974
gleaming in the afternoon sunlight like the entrance to an abattoir. Wilder climbed to the 37th floor, smelling the icy airp 161 HR 1975
that these quiet gardens were the pens of a huge abattoir where in due course I would cut their throats. Ip 115 UDC 1979
to be flowing along the gutter of a vast natural abattoir. The damp air was without taste or texture, no longerp 269 DC 1987
as we entered the dissecting room, part nightclub and part abattoir, with an illuminated ceiling of frosted glass. Waiting for usp 78 KW 1991
with a strange throaty cry, like a mad-woman in an abattoir. Embarrassed by herself, she fell quiet when a handsome torrerap 152 KW 1991
warfare the body as sewer, the gutter of its own abattoir, flushing away its fears and aggressions. The pill -- Nature'sp 277 UGM 1992
his car and was coldly surveying the scene, like an abattoir director at a foot-and-mouth cull. ‘This isn't my thing ...‘ ‘Toop 76 MP 2003
a new one. Something about a man laughing in an abattoir.‘ ‘What did she think of it?‘ ‘She said you're beyondp 162 KC 2006
Mr Cruise. Everybody really loves the latest cable ad.‘ ‘The abattoir? Not too gloomy?‘ ‘Never. Existential choice. Isn't that what thep 173 KC 2006
that strange, low-ceilinged chamber, halfway between a nightclub and an abattoir, was an unnerving experience. The cadavers, greenish-yellow with formaldehyde, layp 141 ML 2008
price of lapis lazuli. Bacon's paintings were screams from the abattoir, cries from the execution pits of World War II. Hisp 157 ML 2008
now grist to television's mill, like the razor-toothed rollers in abattoirs that stripped the last shreds of gristle from the bonesp 307 KW 1991
Underground station. The Coronation procession was expected to leave Westminster Abbey at three o'clock, and the streets through which the cortegep 279 GA 1961
excitedly on their way to the TV lounge, where the Abbey ceremony would be on at two o'clock. Dr Jamieson ignoredp 281 GA 1961
would have left Buckingham Palace on his way to the Abbey. Many members of the crowd were carrying portable radios, andp 282 GA 1961
the din outside slackened off as the commentary from the Abbey began. Dr Jamieson went over to the bed and pulledp 282 GA 1961
the roof-tops from Oxford Street, marking the progress of the Abbey ceremony, but otherwise the street was quiet. Shortly after threep 283 GA 1961
lid of the vault. In the grey darkness of the Abbey the chips of cement seemed to draw light from hisp 86 YMC 1966
did his real remains lie in the tomb at the Abbey? He had come bearing the gifts of the sun andp 87 YMC 1966
Movement attempts to purchase, 621 Vogue (magazine), 356 W Westminster Abbey, arrest of HRH by Special Branch, 704 Wight, Isle ofp 945 I 1977
Archbishop of Canterbury. Three days ago the vergers at Westminster Abbey briefly apprehended a youth praying before a bizarre tableau consistingp 1097 OOA 1984
of the former astronaut, and the darkened nave of the Abbey where an escaped mental patient prayed over a stolen space-suitp 1097 OOA 1984
A few taxis penetrated into this quiet turning off the Abbey Road, but were soon commandeered by Beatles fans making theirp 14 MP 2003
in calmer times. The tourists and Beatles fans haunted the Abbey Road, and drivers hunted for parking spaces. Unable to findp 268 MP 2003
California in the 1920s of dismantled Spanish monasteries and Sardinian abbeys. The Estepona road skirted a private airstrip beside an imposingp 16 CN 1996
their own nest, their sprawling angular bodies, in their damp abbreviated swimming suits, entwined in and out of each other likep 428 RE 1963
in front of us, savouring the perfect proportions of an abbreviated rear deck assembly. The equations between the styling of ap 170 C 1973
resembling the demonstration models of an interplanetary nightclub. In their abbreviated foil space-suits, the crews of hip-rolling young women flashed cocktail-waitressp 236 KW 1991
even though I have played video-recordings to her of the ABC, NBC and CNN newscasts on 27 January which actually announcep 1116 WW3 1988
shrugged. ‘Jungle dreams, Robert,‘ she murmured ambiguously. ‘I'm learning my ABC's again. Last night was the delta jungles.‘ She gave himp 49 DW 1962
lectured Mrs Turner on the perils of the middle class abdicating their responsibilities, and fined her £50. I paid this, andp 198 MP 2003
happening now is the beginning of the endgame -- the abdication of civic responsibility. But you know that -- it's whyp 105 MP 2003
Too tired by the water pressing on his chest and abdomen to lift the heavy suit, Kerans contented himself with ap 105 DW 1962
his true length. Despite the two fishermen standing on his abdomen, the crowd formed itself into a wide circle, groups ofp 642 DG 1964
hand along the lips and nose, or forayed down the abdomen to meet others who had straddled the ankles and werep 643 DG 1964
had vanished again. On close inspection the recumbent thorax and abdomen were unmistakably manlike, but as each of the limbs wasp 647 DG 1964
dispatched. What remained of the skin over the thorax and abdomen had been marked out in parallel strips with a tarp 647 DG 1964
on the ground. Sanders fired again at the thorax and abdomen of the carapace. With a galvanic heave the huge beastp 158 CW 1966
exposing the open slit from the lower jaw to the abdomen. Strapped inside, the body of the mulatto lay face upp 158 CW 1966
organs that were banked were those of the thorax and abdomen, but today we have reserves of literally every tissue inp 689 TIM 1966
the broad avenues of the thighs, piazzas of pelvis and abdomen, the closed arcades of the womb. This terracing of Karen'sp 41 YCM 1966
and feeling, clung like a wraith to his thighs and abdomen. Fractured Smile. The hot sunlight lay across the suburban streetp 29 UD 1968
Foreplay. Above the pay kiosk the sections of shoulder and abdomen shifted across the screen, illuminating the late afternoon sky. Hep 64 SCN 1969
as his hands explored the musculature of her pelvis and abdomen. From the TV set came a newsreel of a tankp 71 THF 1969
body with an almost clinical detachment, as if measuring her abdomen and buttocks for yet another new perversion. All week, asp 42 JAC 1970
would be marked for years by the bruising of her abdomen against the seat belt stanchion. Each time she slipped awayp 27 C 1973
hip to leave the car; the sallow skin of his abdomen, almost exposing the triangle of his pubis as he loungedp 117 C 1973
gutter I saw deformed sections of Vaughan's thighs and her abdomen forming a bizarre anatomical junction. Vaughan lifted the young womanp 143 C 1973
his skin. A gallery of scars marked his thorax and abdomen. His right nipple had been severed and re-sectioned incorrectly, andp 149 C 1973
jacket the falling light picked out the scars on his abdomen and chest, a constellation of white chips that circled hisp 150 C 1973
Behind me, Vaughan's semen glistened on my wife's breasts and abdomen. The rollers drummed and battered at the car; the streamsp 163 C 1973
cheeks, seeing in the rash of raw skin across her abdomen the forcing geometry of Vaughan's powerful physique. My penis tracedp 166 C 1973
Lincoln parked in my own space. The scars on his abdomen shone in the morning sunlight, a few inches from myp 166 C 1973
began to explore the other wound-scars on my chest and abdomen, running the tip of her tongue into each one. Inp 178 C 1973
for him, I wanted to stroke his scarred thighs and abdomen, offering him the automobile injuries carried by my own bodyp 184 C 1973
stared respectfully at the injuries to her thighs and lower abdomen, making way for her when she was carried to thep 185 C 1973
jacket, exposing the re-opened wounds that marked his chest and abdomen, a deranged drag queen revealing the leaking scars of anp 201 C 1973
areola between my lips. I moved my mouth down his abdomen to his damp groin, marked with blood and semen, ap 201 C 1973
glass. I thought of the scarred white skin over his abdomen, the heavy pubic hair that started on the upper slopesp 210 C 1973
sodomized Vaughan. I looked down at my own thighs and abdomen, visualizing Vaughan's buttocks lifted high against my hips, remembering thep 212 C 1973
careful inventory of his body. He tested his thighs and abdomen, brushed the fragments of the windshield glass from his jacketp 8 CI 1974
and upper jaw, like the injuries to his legs and abdomen, were defined and localized, leaving his mind free. Already hep 19 CI 1974
dragged at his shoulders, bumping against the bruised chest and abdomen. No grass grew under the overpass. The damp earth wasp 29 CI 1974
felt clear. The sharp hunger pangs reached up from his abdomen into his throat like a steel hand, but he satp 32 CI 1974
stair well as Jane worked away at his legs and abdomen with her strong hands, rubbing at the bruises and oil-stainsp 99 CI 1974
cadavers. The steady amputation of limbs and thorax, head and abdomen by teams of students, which would reduce each cadaver byp 35 HR 1975
in front of me and felt my bruised ribs and abdomen, like a teacher inspecting a child injured in a playgroundp 23 UDC 1979
lips. I held her tightly, squeezing her hips against my abdomen. The mongol was tugging at my wrists, alarmed eyes underp 30 UDC 1979
own, her arms merged with my arms, her legs and abdomen disappeared into mine. Her vagina clasped my penis. I feltp 152 UDC 1979
nakedness. Dreamily, he watched the cities crossing his thighs and abdomen, smiling as they disappeared briefly into his pallid navel. Waynep 206 HA 1981
wounds in his back had penetrated the front of his abdomen, and fresh blood leaked from the crutch of his overallp 339 ES 1984
Pal lay slumped in his chair. He had bruised his abdomen while wrestling with the fuel drum, and an ascending liverp 173 DC 1987
stripping him to the waist and then rubbing his swollen abdomen with the wash-leather from the chauffeur's glove compartment of thep 176 DC 1987
helped her from the craft, his eyes avoiding her curving abdomen under the smock. ‘Go on, you can stare ...‘ Christine pressedp 1168 DCG 1990
had slipped under my jacket and was pressed against my abdomen. She was hesitating, as if aware that she might findp 70 KW 1991
the human body was divided into four sections: thorax and abdomen; head and neck; arm; and leg. Each would occupy ap 79 KW 1991
woman, opening flaps of skin in her limbs, neck and abdomen, she seemed to undress in a last act of self-revelationp 83 KW 1991
hard pippin of her nipple. I moved down to her abdomen. ‘Your navel smells of oysters ...‘ ‘Wait a minute. You haven'tp 92 KW 1991
smells of oysters ...‘ ‘Wait a minute. You haven't dissected the abdomen yet.‘ ‘The only tool I need here is a slicep 92 KW 1991
remaining arm and legs, and soon only the thorax and abdomen remained. The womb, fallopian tubes and pelvic basin were displayedp 98 KW 1991
pillow. His hands thoughtfully massaged the stretchmarks of her heavy abdomen. One evening he had taken photographs which no-one in Moosep 114 KW 1991
petticoat and stared down at the plump curve of her abdomen. I held her breast, almost expecting to feel the milkp 115 KW 1991
I lay beside her, gazing at the curve of her abdomen. One day soon, a midwife would be using similar wordsp 116 KW 1991
lay on her side and pressed my hand to her abdomen. ‘It doesn't bother you?‘ ‘I used to be a medicalp 117 KW 1991
and lay on her back, moving my hand from her abdomen. She pulled down the black slip. ‘Why not?‘ I waitedp 117 KW 1991
Gardner!‘ Miriam sat up, smothering her laughter in her pillow, abdomen heaving, the baby riding a roller-coaster of snorts and guffawsp 132 KW 1991
open-mouthed, even more intrigued by the star-shaped scars across his abdomen and thigh than they were by his penis and scrotump 148 KW 1991
of her facial musculature, the flushing of her breasts and abdomen, the skin tremors on the backs of her thighs. Seeingp 266 KW 1991
her breasts. She held in her stomach, hiding her plump abdomen and teasing me with the reminder of a very differentp 272 KW 1991
hips and began to kiss the small freckles on her abdomen, and the spiral scar whose pearly silver curved around thep 272 KW 1991
pulled away with strong arms, knees spread beneath her swelling abdomen. Her smock rose in the shifts of air to revealp 289 KW 1991
of silver stretch-marks, like seeds of time spilled across her abdomen by Ceres herself as she sowed her fields. She heldp 321 KW 1991
net and sat beside him, a hand pressed to his abdomen. ‘Neil -- time to wake up.‘ ‘Dr Barbara?‘ ‘Not sop 111 RP 1994
under the open-air shower behind the clinic. Despite her heavy abdomen, Monique was climbing the ladder with a canvas water bucketp 201 RP 1994
Mrs Saito scolded them, Monique strolled past, guiding her large abdomen towards the chairs outside the mess-tent. She leaned against thep 210 RP 1994
as Neil. Inger moved cumbersomely around the kitchen, hefting her abdomen as if already pushing a pram, and washed her armsp 221 RP 1994
demanded, across her breasts. Sweat bathed the bride's shoulder and abdomen. She pulled back the veil and used a tissue top 126 CN 1996
dying of inoperable ovarian cancer. Her huge and still swelling abdomen made her look pregnant, a seventy-year-old woman still unaware thatp 72 MP 2003
It was a close thing‘ Carradine pointed to the rounded abdomen of the mother bear, and to the left ear ofp 43 KC 2006