meetings with Gorbachev were scheduled by Nancy and her $3,000-a-month astrologer. Since then the grey men have moved in againp 35 UGM 1991
from it all the Dream of Osiris, an astral-rigged, 1,000-foot leisure-liner is now fitting out for the Grand Tour. Round-cosmosp 348 PE 1962
back, memories he had hoped to repress on his 10,000-mile drive ... three years at the prison farm near Marseilles, treatingp 291 IO 1962
a dry mile-wide ribbon of sand, the Mississippi a 2,000-mile-long inland beach? Three miles away the coastline and the seap 92 WFN 1961
that Mailer criticizes. Mailer never met Gilmore, and the 1,000-page text is based on a mass of extended interviews byp 41 UGM 1979
In anything from a small commando squad to a 3,000-ship armada. ARCO provide publicity, mock War Crimes Tribunal, etc. Samplesp 347 PE 1962
has yet been received of any survivors of the 65,000-ton tanker Onassis Flyer, which capsized in heavy seas in thep 21 WFN 1961
voice rose to a controlled scream. ‘Those cables were 40,000-volt lines, Doctor, with terrific switch-gear. The trucks were loaded withp 413 SM 1963
has reduced its time period to an almost infinitesimal 0.00000000 ... n of its previous interval. Time has virtually ceased top 92 WG 1959
the cosmos they have reduced their time period to 0.00000001 of its previous phase. The great galaxies and spiral nebulaep 92 WG 1959
the Protists of Lambda Scorpio. The course measures only 0.00015 mm, but that's a long way to urge an Aldebaranp 349 PE 1962
pressure indicator was flickering slightly. The needle wavered between 0.001 and 0.0015 psi. The pressure inside the dome wasp 337 13C 1962
visionary realm, a multilingual Scheherazade who swiftly spun her 1,001 tales of the world in waiting. Here, at the newlyp 65 UGM 1989
Signal received by Jodrell Bank Radio-Observatory, University of Manchester, England, 0012-59 hours, 21-5-72. Source: NGC 9743, Canes Venatici.‘ He thumbed thep 189 VT 1960
flickering slightly. The needle wavered between 0.001 and 0.0015 psi. The pressure inside the dome was fractionally above atmosphericp 337 13C 1962
CORDON BAY COUNTY!"‘ ‘It's a beautiful counter. Detects up to .005 per cent monoxide. Cost me three hundred dollars.‘ ‘Have youp 23 CC 1957
still retained their hands. All registered the same time: 12.01. Conrad looked at his wristwatch, noted that it was justp 158 CH 1960
up at the battery of timepieces, poised helplessly at 12.01. Somehow time itself seemed to have been suspended, around himp 161 CH 1960
forty other clocks he could see remained stationary at 12.01. For five minutes he left his vigil, scooped some waterp 164 CH 1960
on his fist. ‘Relax, you'll hear nothing.‘ Promptly at 9.01 the next morning the telephone rang. As I drove thep 399 TSS 1962
the task of cutting the telephone and TV cables. 6:02 a.m. Mark Sanger also has a full two hoursp 66 RW 1988
and switched on the give-away programme, noting the time, 9.03, so that I could get back to Channel 2 atp 14 E 1956
the studio and playing tricks with other people's time. 9.03. The merry-go-round was closing in. I thought the jump-back hadp 19 E 1956
to the sofa and lit a cigarette. It was 9.04. Helen had opened the verandah windows and was looking outp 19 E 1956
NOW AVAILABLE. WILL YOU TRY IT? REPLY=NO -LOGOUT 150T 12/04/68 12:37:24IN 12:44:430T 00.12 HRSp 49 LOM 1969
on July 25 were listed: 2.34 p.m., 3.04, 3.34, presumably following the half-hour news breaks. The abruptp 131 SC 2000
at the Tower --‘ he glanced at his watch ‘ -- 0400 hours. Everything here is closing down, all government agencies pulledp 127 WFN 1961
that I thought about it. But my wristwatch said 9.05, and always ran perfectly. And the clock on the mantelpiecep 15 E 1956
clock on the mantelpiece in the lounge also said 9.05. Before I really started worrying I had to make surep 15 E 1956
argue. I sat up and looked at the clock. 10.05. ‘Darling,‘ I said, putting my arm round her. ‘Hold tightp 22 E 1956
chimneypots there.‘ Lanyon glanced at his watch. It was 4:05. They had crossed the border and with luck would makep 43 WFN 1961
themselves, areas of undifferentiated light that assuage all anger. 3.05 P.M. Within a few seconds the camera will reachp 862 60Z 1976
he dropped his alarm clock, and he wakes at 6:05 to see the paging signal pulsing fiercely on his computerp 68 RW 1988
glowing and blank, ready for the action to come. 7:05 a.m. The first parents begin to wake. Mrs. Sangerp 71 RW 1988
others don tracksuits and jog around their swimming pools. 8:05 a.m. Mrs. West, the first of the domestic staffp 72 RW 1988
audience, his glamorous copresenter smiling in anticipation. ‘ ... as of 5:05 Eastern Standard Time we can report that Mr Reagan's inter-cranialp 1120 WW3 1988
on his aviator's watch and started the tape-recorder. ‘It's 15:05 on June 17, 1967 ...‘ Meeting Cleo's warning eyes, I placedp 198 KW 1991
him for prostate problems. Bear in mind it's only 9.05. Captain Kellerman was still trying to contact Bachelet.‘ ‘So Greenwoodp 193 SC 2000
her coat. The jump-back came almost immediately. It was 9.06. I was still on the sofa and Helen was bendingp 20 E 1956
tumbler I noticed the clock over the kitchen sink. 9.07. An hour slow, now that I thought about it. Butp 15 E 1956
it back against the wall. We jumped back to 9.07. Helen was in the bedroom. I had exactly a minutep 20 E 1956
and everybody else, who was riding the merry-go-round. Jump. 9.07-15. Helen was standing in the doorway. ‘ ... down to the ... thep 20 E 1956
was much too fine for a dream. It was 9.08. Normally Helen would take ten minutes to put on herp 20 E 1956
linen sheets (Exhibit 75). Where are the security men? 6:09 a.m. Annabel Reade listens to the alarm under herp 67 RW 1988
won her sports car, the old farmer ranted. On Channel 1, the old BBC service which put out a couple ofp 17 E 1956
girl were still playing around with their pot. On Channel 1 the pundit was sitting at the table with his modelsp 19 E 1956
A big scotch.‘ I looked at the set. On Channel 1 there was a breakdown sign, a cabaret on 2, ap 21 E 1956
KNI, together form the 493rd Sector, and an association of 1,500 adjacent sectors comprise the 298th Local Union.‘ He brokep 29 CC 1957
to power of 28. 4th Day: West 270 degrees. Federation 1,225. ‘Dollar a cubic foot. You in the estate businessp 34 CC 1957
Nothing. Short of re-scoring all the way down to Lumbar 1. The central nervous system can't stand narcotomy.‘ Neill shook hisp 65 M69 1957
unfamiliar planetary environment -- notably a denser atmosphere, slightly higher (1.2 E) gravity, vicious temperature swings from-30 degrees to +160p 73 WG 1959
of flight and exploration. I entered deep time. Deep Time: 1,000,000 mega-years. I saw the Milky Way, a wheelingp 91 WG 1959
out towards the terminal helixes of the universe. Deep Time: 1,000,000,000 mega-years. They are beginning to dictate thep 92 WG 1959
of Rheims Cathedral, rose window intact, purchased for a record 1,000,000 dollars and re-erected in the new. Cathedral ofp 113 SS 1960
the last week or so -- the final, 3, 2, 1, out- -- would be like, had a sudden chilling attackp 184 VT 1960
The circular target table was revolving slowly, its setting at 1 r.p.m., a steel restraining chair shackled to itp 194 VT 1960
the loose lids. Packed into the crates were six 3 1/2 inch trench mortars, their wide green barrels thick withp 70 WFN 1961
London and with similar posts in the provinces. An estimated 1,000,000 men -- the three armed services, national guardp 78 WFN 1961
for any supplies after planet-fall. There should be at least 1,500 tons aboard. Quite a weight.‘ ‘Not in absolute termsp 331 13C 1962
Clifford unclipped the synopsis and started to read through it. (1) ARCO PRODUCTIONS INC. Unregistered. Private subsidiary of Sagittarius Security Policep 347 PE 1962
non-denominational bath at the Gomorrah-Plaza on Mount Venus comes to 1,000 credits a day, but remember to keep out ofp 347 PE 1962
away from it all the Dream of Osiris, an astral-rigged, 1,000-foot leisure-liner is now fitting out for the Grand Tourp 348 PE 1962
that would make even a Colonus Rex look sad). Cost: 1 credit -- but with an evaluation in the billions ifp 348 PE 1962
Ryker's cleverness, Connolly looked at his watch. It was about 1.20, two minutes until the next traverse. He glanced atp 455 QR 1963
ratio of commercial to conversation was as high as 10:1, the participants desperately trying to get a word in edgewaysp 422 SM 1963
of Vergil had served as a burial ground, and the 1,500 square miles of restless sand were estimated to containp 462 TT 1963
calculated that it would pay for the printing of some 1,000 billion leaflets) seemed to double each year, but sop 498 VH 1963
worlds away. Yet in fact I am no more than 1,000 miles from Florida as the crow (or should Ip 626 IM 1964
had collected with so much effort during the previous months: (1) Spectro-heliogram of the sun; (2) Front elevation of balcony unitsp 9 AE 1966
were a number of secret transmissions to which Travis listened: (1) medullary: images of dunes and craters, pools of ash thatp 11 AE 1966
documents laid out on Dr Nathan's demonstration table. These were: (1) a spectroheliogram of the sun; (2) tarmac and take-off checksp 34 AW 1966
green light.‘ Kodachrome. Captain Webster studied the prints. They showed: (1) a thick-set man in an Air Force jacket, unshaven facep 83 YMC 1966
make a sex fantasy out of this botched second coming: 1 1/2. Narcissistic. Many things preoccupied him during this timep 84 YMC 1966
a sex fantasy out of this botched second coming: 1 1/2. Narcissistic. Many things preoccupied him during this time inp 84 YMC 1966
of the Dream. Various landscapes preoccupied Talbert during this period: (1) The melancholy back of the Yangtse, a boom of sunkenp 52 GAN 1967
feasible to market it commercially. It contains the following items: (1) Pad of pubic hair, (2) a latex face mask, (3p 54 GAN 1967
their automobiles, the car of preference was found to be (1) Buick Riviera, (2) Chrysler Imperial, (3) Chevrolet Impala. However, ap 90 PAJ 1967
pornographic films were made. Two films in particular were examined: (1) A montage sequence using portions of the faces of (ap 90 PAJ 1967
and the Mekong Delta. The first of a series advertising (1) Claire Churchill; (2) The angle between two walls; (3) Ap AA1 1967
the lost geometry and volumetric time of the dead astronauts. (1) Lateral section through the left axillary fossa of Karen Novotnyp 45 DM 1967
the copies of Vogue and Paris-Match. In sequence they advertised: (1) The left orbit and zygomatic arch of Marina Oswald. (2p 46 DM 1967
Interior. Waiting in Karen Novotny's apartment, Talbot made certain transits: (1) Spinal: ‘The Eye of Silence‘ -- these porous rock towersp 24 UD 1968
table as she drank her coffee, and lastly around herself: (1) sitting, in the posture of Rodin's ‘Thinker‘, on the edgep 25 UD 1968
Female Orifice. These leg stances preoccupied Talbot -- Karen Novotny (1) stepping from the driving seat of the Pontiac, median surfacep 26 UD 1968
wrecks into the semblance of a motorcade. Talbot: False Deaths. (1) The flesh impact: Karen Novotny's beckoning figure in the showerp 26 UD 1968
can regard them in all cases as "poses". They show (1) the left orbit and zygomatic arch of President Kennedy magnifiedp 27 UD 1968
dealing with the subject matter of the century. The Paintings 1 The classic Freudian phase. The trauma of birth, as inp 95 UGM 1969
to Babel. Nevertheless, they raise a number of interesting questions. 1 To take a literary example, why do so many ofp 161 UGM 1969
F. Kennedy, 15 percent James Dean, 9 percent Jayne Mansfield, 1 percent Albert Camus. In an open category test, volunteers werep 98 CRA 1969
multiple pile-ups and motorcade attacks. The choice of death-postures included (1) normal driving position, (2) sleep, rear seat, (3) acts ofp 98 CRA 1969
compact as he spoke. ‘You drive.‘ Elements of an Orgasm. (1) Her ungainly transit across the passenger seat through the nearsidep 63 SCN 1969
the photostats which Catherine Austin had placed on his desk: (1) Front elevation of multi-storey car park; (2) mean intra-patellar distancesp 71 THF 1969
Conceptual Games. Dr Nathan pondered the list on his desk-pad. (1) The catalogue of an exhibition of tropical diseases at thep 75 THF 1969
Travers now reconceived it as a series of conceptual games: (1) a stage show, entitled ‘Crash‘; (2) a volume curve inp 77 THF 1969
593 2300 K=70 160 2 3242 383 1600 K=60 170 1 4233 201 1000 K=10 180 1 1298 199 900 K=10p 49 LOM 1969
383 1600 K=60 170 1 4233 201 1000 K=10 180 1 1298 199 900 K=10 190 0 3662 199 800 K=50p 49 LOM 1969
itself. The new nipple should fall on this line 7 1/2 inches from the suprasternal notch. The nipples should bep 16 C80 1970
hollow mould of perspex or vulcanite measuring 5 by 2 1/2 inches, approximate in shape to that of an erectp 17 C80 1970
of misplaced affections. Junction Makers Dr Manston indicated the items: (1) Photograph of partly constructed motorway cloverleaf, concrete embankments exposed inp 44 JAC 1970
examined the controls of her motor car. Vectors of eroticism: (1) the chromium clutch treadle on the right hand quadrant ofp 47 JAC 1970
ORTHONOVIN G Department of Sociology, Yale University. New Haven, Connecticut. 1. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and lived there untilp 26 SEO 1972
news from the sun. NOTES TOWARDS A MENTAL BREAKDOWN A(1) discharged(2) Broadmoor(3) patient(4) compiles(5) ‘Notes(6p 849 NTM 1976
murder(14), his(15) trial(16) and(17) exoneration(18). 1 The use of the indefinite article encapsulates all the ambiguitiesp 849 NTM 1976
writing Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown. 8 Again (cf. footnote 1) the use of the indefinite article underlines Loughlin's distance fromp 851 NTM 1976
but not yet been laid to rest. THE INVISIBLE YEARS 1 Driving down the dead coast in search of this paranoidp 6 IY1 1976
84, 119, 345-76, 411, 598 Hamilton, Alexander, British Consul, Marseilles, 1, 3, 7; interest in topiary, 2; unexpected marriage, 3; depressionp 942 I 1977
themselves as mirrors, in the melancholy of eternal car parks. (1) Sears. Among others, the two-inch cleft at his right jawp 78 IY2 1977
exploitation that Mailer criticizes. Mailer never met Gilmore, and the 1,000-page text is based on a mass of extended interviewsp 41 UGM 1979
colonies, is a semitransparent cylinder 6.2 miles long and 1.25 miles in diameter, its inner surface landscaped to resemblep 230 UGM 1979
By the time they reached Washington, and rode down Route 1 towards Constitution Avenue, Wayne had reflected more than once thatp 71 HA 1981
winches and pull her off the silt bank. Just after 1.30 I was on the roof of the Pan Amp 84 HA 1981
all the time. July 10. Mount Vernon, Illinois. Interstate 64 1.30 P.M. Too hot to travel in the middlep 91 HA 1981
loved them. REPORT ON AN UNIDENTIFIED SPACE STATION Survey Report 1 By good luck we have been able to make anp 1085 RUS 1982
have been remarkably self-disciplined or under powerful restraint. Estimated diameter 1 mile. Survey Report 3 A period of growing confusion. Twop 1086 RUS 1982
of the will and ambition of its passengers. Estimated diameter 1 million miles. Survey Report 8 Just when our spirits werep 1088 RUS 1982
unanswered: who loaded the starting gun? ANSWERS TO A QUESTIONNAIRE 1) Yes. 2) Male (?) 3) c/o Terminal 3, London Airportp 1101 ATQ 1985
TV reception all over London and the South-East. 51) No. 1 in the BARB Ratings, exceeding the combined audiences for Coronationp 1102 ATQ 1985
bond. 60) Sitting beside him at the top table were: (1) The Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, (2) The President ofp 1103 ATQ 1985
of ageing and extend human life almost indefinitely. 62) Perhaps 1 million years. 63) He announced that Princess Diana was immortalp 1103 ATQ 1985
tableau. As the two constables outside the Reade house (No. 1, The Avenue) step back from the colonnaded porch, the camerap 11 RW 1988
my hands, the records of gifted lives so brutally ended. 1. The Avenue. Julian Reade, 43, chairman, Reade Investments. Dr. Miriamp 14 RW 1988
underwriter; hon. secretary, Pangbourne Polo Club. Margaret Ogilvy, 42. Shot. 1 son: Jasper, 17. 3. The Avenue. Roger Garfield, 52, merchantp 14 RW 1988
merchant banker. Helen Garfield, 47, proprietor, Pedigree Kennels, Windsor. Shot. 1 son: Alexander, 16. 4. The Avenue. David Miller, 49, stockbrokerp 14 RW 1988
The Avenue. David Miller, 49, stockbroker. Elizabeth Miller, 46. Electrocuted. 1 son: Robin, 13. 1 daughter: Marion, 8. 5. The Avenuep 14 RW 1988
49, stockbroker. Elizabeth Miller, 46. Electrocuted. 1 son: Robin, 13. 1 daughter: Marion, 8. 5. The Avenue. Dr. Harold Maxted, 54p 14 RW 1988
Edwina Maxted, 48, psychiatrist, High Street, Kensington. Crushed by car. 1 son: Jeremy, 17. 6. The Avenue. Margot Winterton, 48, concertp 15 RW 1988
Richard Winterton, 57, director, Winterton Arrangements Ltd. Shot. No children. 1. The Hill. Richard Sterling, 49, chief executive, EduCable, Oxford-area TVp 15 RW 1988
Oxford-area TV franchise. Carole Sterling, 42, former ITN newsreader. Suffocated. 1 son: Roger, 15. 2. The Hill. Andrew Lymington, 38, chairmanp 15 RW 1988
powerboat champion. Sheila Lymington, 37, former professional ice-dance skater. Shot. 1 son: Graham, 15. 1 daughter: Amanda, 14. 3. The Hillp 15 RW 1988
37, former professional ice-dance skater. Shot. 1 son: Graham, 15. 1 daughter: Amanda, 14. 3. The Hill. Ernest Sanger, 57, chairmanp 15 RW 1988
Deirdre Sanger, 54, managing director, She-She Fashions, Brent Cross. Shot. 1 son: Mark, 16. 4. The Hill. Graham Zest, 46, chairmanp 15 RW 1988
Zest, 42, company secretary, Zest Health Foods. Shot with crossbow. 1 son: Andrew, 16. 1 daughter: Emma, 15. The most carefulp 15 RW 1988
Zest Health Foods. Shot with crossbow. 1 son: Andrew, 16. 1 daughter: Emma, 15. The most careful research into the backgroundsp 15 RW 1988
Home Office committee charged with the investigation of the killings. (1) The Lone Assassin. Michael Ryan and the Hungerford tragedy comep 18 RW 1988
sign of danger. (2) Thrill Killers. An extension of theory 1, which answers some of the objections to the single-killer hypothesisp 18 RW 1988
this visionary realm, a multilingual Scheherazade who swiftly spun her 1,001 tales of the world in waiting. Here, at thep 65 UGM 1989
itself. The new nipple should fall on this line 7 1/2 inches from the suprasternal notch. This corresponded to ap 114 MWR 1990
how they anticipate the future themes of my fiction. Item 1 shows my wartime experiences in Shanghai surfacing briefly, before disappearingp 53 GANa 1990
surprisingly classy beginnings. The Comic Magazine, first published, appropriately, on 1 April 1796, contained a Hogarth print in every monthly issuep 76 UGM 1991
-- Sociopath as saint. Transistor -- If the wheel is 1 on the binary scale, the transistor is 0 -- butp 278 UGM 1992
either a new serial killer or a deadly food toxin. 1.00 pm Live from Parliament No.12 -- The Alcoholicp 1173 GVD 1992
pm Live from Parliament No.12 -- The Alcoholic MP. 1.30 The Nose-Pickers. Hygiene programme for the kiddies. 2.00p 1173 GVD 1992
syphilis, gang-rape, and bestiality (choice: German Shepherd or Golden Retriever). 1.00 am Newsflash. Tonight's surprise air-crash. 2.00 The Religiousp 1174 GVD 1992
on its greatest mission. The announcement in Peking on January 1, 2001, that a Chinese spacecraft had landed on the moonp 1175 MFM 1992
rarely seen in other professions. In his introduction to Projections 1, John Boorman wrote wittily and ruefully of the difficulties hep 23 UGM 1993
a London that consisted entirely of Knightsbridge and Kensington, where 1 per cent of the population was working-class and everyone elsep 185 UGM 1993
a large art book, had detonated near the bookshop at 1.45 pm, killing the visitor who carried it, and blowingp 162 MP 2003
grass at the bomb damage. The device had detonated at 1.45 pm, as I was being led from Broadcasting Housep 181 MP 2003
as a boy. There were ten Chinese servants -- No. 1 Boy (in his thirties and the only fluent English speakerp 12 ML 2008
only fluent English speaker), his assistant No. 2 Boy, No. 1 Coolie, for the heavy housework, his assistant No. 2 Cooliep 12 ML 2008
was made possible by the extremely low wages paid. No. 1 Boy received about £30 a year (perhaps £1000 at today'sp 13 ML 2008
buy their own food. Periodically a delegation led by No. 1 Boy would approach my mother and father as they sippedp 13 ML 2008
that seem unthinkable today. We addressed the servants as ‘No. 1 Boy‘ or ‘No. 2 Coolie‘ and never by their realp 14 ML 2008
I did the same from a very early age. No. 1 Boy, answering my father, would say ‘Master, I tell Nop 14 ML 2008
listened in 1957 to the radio call sign of Sputnik 1, an urgent wake-up call from the next world and thep 181 ML 2008
dawn of the Space Age. For the s-f traditionalists, Sputnik 1 confirmed all their most precious dreams, but I was scepticalp 181 ML 2008