the clock in the portico. It had moved on to 6.45, almost exactly the time given by his own watchp 164 CH 1960
Devonian Sandstone: 290,000,000 years‘, ‘Asphalt: 20 years‘, ‘Polyvinylchloride: 6 months‘. ‘Can you see those moist white discs on thep 178 VT 1960
listen to them now.‘ Powers turned to the last tape. 6,554 6,553 6,552 6,551 ‘Nearing the endp 189 VT 1960
them now.‘ Powers turned to the last tape. 6,554 6,553 6,552 6,551 ‘Nearing the end of itsp 189 VT 1960
Powers turned to the last tape. 6,554 6,553 6,552 6,551 ‘Nearing the end of its run,‘ hep 189 VT 1960
to the last tape. 6,554 6,553 6,552 6,551 ‘Nearing the end of its run,‘ he commented. Hep 189 VT 1960
full, an endless clamour of voices and shuffling feet. By 6.30, when he woke, hurrying to take his place inp 267 B 1961
bulkheads were shifting into place. His wife reached home at 6.00, tired out after a busy intake day, annoyed top 249 OM 1961
with his tractor.‘ Maitland looked at his watch. It was 6 o'clock, time for him to be on his way ifp 16 WFN 1961
had exhausted itself, he heard an answering shout below. After 6 o'clock the lounge would begin to fill. One of thep 140 WFN 1961
were comparatively minor, and half an hour from now, at 6:30 P.M., he would officially report for duty againp 141 WFN 1961
the weight of the ship would have to be about 6 x 10 to the power 20 tons.‘ Dr Francis watchedp 331 13C 1962
That would have been a joke for General Short! At 6.30 when he went to the commissary for his eveningp 336 13C 1962
centres. Whatever they're selling I wouldn't advise anybody to buy. (6) THE AGENCY. Registered. M33 in Andromeda. The executive authority ofp 348 PE 1962
down the corridor to the galley. It was shortly after 6 a.m. and the testing station stirred with a faintp 70 DW 1962
architecture, as the past has shown, need no stressing ... August 6. He has the eyes of the possessed. I would guessp 597 TB 1964
the prototypal PreThird Man -- dating the Pre-Third from August 6, 1945 -- carrying a full load of cosmic guilt. Shortlyp 599 TB 1964
detail. Wilson recorded everything: the best binoculars for observing birds (6 X Goerz rather than 6 X Zeiss, apparently), the precisep 253 UGM 1966
best binoculars for observing birds (6 X Goerz rather than 6 X Zeiss, apparently), the precise process of fermentation by whichp 253 UGM 1966
noon, August 7th, 1945, of the sand-sea, Qattara Depression, Egypt; (6) Reproduction of Max Ernst's ‘Garden Airplane Traps‘; (7) Fusing sequencesp 9 AE 1966
at noon, August 7th, 1945, of the sand-sea Qattara Depression; (6) Max Ernst's ‘Garden Airplane Traps‘. He turned to Dr Nathanp 34 AW 1966
of the miniature palm beside the bedroom door. Wave Speed 6,000 metres per second, enough to blow Stat straight throughp 668 BM 1966
names of all cities and towns -- there were London 6 p.m. and Saigon Midnight -- indicated their positions onp 669 DF 1966
an antero-posterior radiograph of a skull, estimated capacity 1500 cc; (6) spectro-heliogram of the sun taken with the K line ofp 83 YMC 1966
pair of breasts, left nipple marked by a small ulcer, (6) a set of non-chafe orifices, (7) photo cut-outs of ap 54 GAN 1967
In the inner capital the curfew bell is midnight to 6 a.m. for Kensington, Knightsbridge and Battersea and from 10p 957 TW 1967
PROBE Commentator A Pacification Probe prepares to set off. It's 6.35 a.m., and the thirty British soldiers who willp 961 TW 1967
5) The time, 11:47 a.m., June 23rd, 1975. (6) A gesture -- a supine forearm extended across a candlewickp 46 DM 1967
young woman's breast. Given this situation, they become fully interchangeable. 6 p.m. (starting point). Settling in. Half an hour ofp BAT 1968
Their bodies are no longer ghettos of flesh and bone. 6 p.m. Departure. THE DYING FALL Three years have passedp BAT 1968
to the mysterious geometry of our own morphology and musculature. 6 Nuclear phase. Dali's marriage with the age of physics. Manyp 96 UGM 1969
erasure of dust as her hip brushed the nearside fender; (6) the hard transept of the door mechanism within the absolutep 63 SCN 1969
cancers; (5) six advertisements placed in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar; (6) a board game; (7) a child's paper-doll books, cut-out tabsp 77 THF 1969
a wing on either side of the shaft. At least 6 months should be allowed for the patient to get overp 17 C80 1970
5) Facial grimaces, during press conference, of Armstrong and Aldrin; (6) List of pH levels of settling beds, Metropolitan Water Boardp 44 JAC 1970
surface; (5) the felted surface of the foam-plastic back support; (6) the unworn cleats of the floor-mounted clutch pedal; (7) thep 47 JAC 1970
the trajectories of her body. Venus smiles Claire: Zephyr V.6. He worked endlessly at the photographs: left breasts, the grimacesp AA5 1971
1) discharged(2) Broadmoor(3) patient(4) compiles(5) ‘Notes(6) Towards(7) a(8) Mental(9) Breakdown(10)‘, recalling(11p 849 NTM 1976
that every word has been footnoted with imaginary aviation references. 6 Why Loughlin chose this term, with its suggestion of ap 851 NTM 1976
topiary, 2; unexpected marriage, 3; depression after birth of HRH, 6; surprise recall to London, 12; first nervous breakdown, 16; transferp 942 I 1977
an ex-ICI statistician, is being awfully sweet about it. Diana. 6 October. Hotel Imperial Just a brief card. There was ap 970 HWT 1978
the older model O'Neill space colonies, is a semitransparent cylinder 6.2 miles long and 1.25 miles in diameter, itsp 230 UGM 1979
dreams and empires, astronomies and great men." THE INVISIBLE YEARS 6 Organisms with radial tyres, emotions operated by remote control, andp 57 IY6 1979
One June 5. Manassas Battlefield Park We left Washington at 6 o'clock this morning, and are resting here for the nightp 88 HA 1981
and I were transferring his gear Ricci secretly raided the 6 jerricans I'd painfully collected. I caught him literally red-handed, chinp 95 HA 1981
ready to gun him down there and then, in Cabin 6 of the Skyline Park Motel, but I let him gop 95 HA 1981
ladder into a new kind of time? Lost time total: 6 hours 50 min. July 11 A dangerous fugue today, andp 1024 NFS 1981
Hinton ...‘ It's taken her twenty years to learn. TAPE 29: 6 September. There can't be more than a few days leftp 1056 MSA 1982
infinitely vast space terminal? Estimated diameter: 5000 miles. Survey Report 6 We have just made a remarkable discovery! Our instruments havep 1087 RUS 1982
rehearsing their next concert party on the steps of Hut 6. The leader of the troupe was Mr Wentworth, the managerp 213 ES 1984
Dr Ransome would be there. By the entrance to Hut 6 a rain-soaked pierrot costume of the Lunghua Sophomores lay inp 302 ES 1984
o Terminal 3, London Airport, Heathrow. 4) Twenty-seven. 5) Unknown. 6) Dr Barnardo's Primary, Kingston-upon-Thames; HM Borstal, Send, Surrey; Brunel Universityp 1101 ATQ 1985
The Chief Rabbi, (5) The Chairman of the Diners Club, (6) The Chairman of the Bank of England, (7) The Generalp 1103 ATQ 1985
High Street, Kensington. Crushed by car. 1 son: Jeremy, 17. 6. The Avenue. Margot Winterton, 48, concert pianist. Richard Winterton, 57p 15 RW 1988
Italian Red Brigades. This remains an outside but remote possibility. (6) Organized Crime. At least two criminal gangs in the Eastp 21 RW 1988
He has made his final circuit of the estate. At 6:00 he and Officer Baines will hand over to theirp 66 RW 1988
is composed, but he has a lot to do. At 6:00 Mark Sanger, who can see the gatehouse from thep 66 RW 1988
in the task of cutting the telephone and TV cables. 6:02 a.m. Mark Sanger also has a full twop 66 RW 1988
the linen sheets (Exhibit 75). Where are the security men? 6:09 a.m. Annabel Reade listens to the alarm underp 67 RW 1988
which she and Gail will use to kill their parents. 6:15 a.m. By now all the children have risenp 67 RW 1988
day he dropped his alarm clock, and he wakes at 6:05 to see the paging signal pulsing fiercely on hisp 68 RW 1988
a deep, drugged sleep from which they will never wake. 6:21 a.m. The security day shift has arrived! Fortunatelyp 69 RW 1988
the children barely forty minutes to move around the estate. 6:23 a.m. Jasper leaves his bedroom, closing the doorp 69 RW 1988
Mark Sanger, the bamboo man-trap on the ground beside him. 6:35 a.m. Andrew Zest is moving through the treesp 70 RW 1988
that he is only six feet from the telephone box. 6:48 a.m. Mark and Jasper expose the telephone andp 70 RW 1988
World War 3 took place on 27 January 1995, between 6:47 and 6:51 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Thep 1116 WW3 1988
took place on 27 January 1995, between 6:47 and 6:51 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The entire duration ofp 1116 WW3 1988
broth and rely on the charity of the wind. At 6.15 the car's engine falters and stops. In every wayp 1132 TES 1989
its own intriguing insight into the origins of the disaster. 6.00 am Porno-Disco. Wake yourself up with his-and-her hardcore sexp 1173 GVD 1992
an airliner crash or a bank collapse. Viewers express preference. 6.00 Today's Special. Virtual Reality TV presents ‘The Kennedy Assassinationp 1174 GVD 1992
A camera in the car park picked him up at 6.58 a.m. The film is lost, but the securityp 177 SC 2000
could have flown Frances Baring towards the sun ... It was 6.45. Even the most sympathetic British Consul would take hisp 390 SC 2000
shop and office. As a small boy aged 5 or 6 I must have accepted all this without a thought, alongp 15 ML 2008
them ironically by Europeans who didn't care? When I was 6, before the Japanese invasion in 1937, an old beggar satp 15 ML 2008
I remember very little before the age of 5 or 6, when I joined the junior form of the Cathedral Schoolp 17 ML 2008
of a large wholesaler. We started early, at something like 6 o'clock, and were through by noon. When too many sleep-starvedp 159 ML 2008
seemed a fortune. I celebrated by moving from the 3/6 (three shillings and sixpence) lunch menu at the Swan pubp 191 ML 2008
menu at the Swan pub in Knightsbridge to the 4/6 menu, an extravagance that alarmed the waitresses, to whom Ip 191 ML 2008
8-30 to 9-11 am; 11-45 to 12-27 am; 5-15 to 6-08 pm; 11-30 to 12-14 pm. Total: 3 hours. The totalsp 1018 NFS 1981
the heartening smile she had given him, he wrote: Woke 6-33 am. Last session with Anderson. He made it plain he'sp 173 VT 1960
702‘. Should confuse the mail man. Woke 9-05. To sleep 6-36. June 19: Eight and three-quarter hours. Anderson rang up thisp 184 VT 1960
at last paying a dividend!! Waking that morning just after 6-45 -- ten minutes later than the previous day (he hadp 174 VT 1960
of grey-white stones, neatly cemented together and labelled: Cretaceous Chalk: 60,000,000 years Beside it on the bench were threep 178 VT 1960
through the ventilator shaft that reached up to the Mall 60 feet above. Almost everyone had gone now. The last Warp 117 WFN 1961
detach themselves and fall onto the floor of the ravine 60 feet below. ‘I'll try the stairway,‘ Lanyon told the othersp 184 WFN 1961
smiled at Margot benignly. ‘But there must be 50 or 60 agencies organizing vacations,‘ Tony protested. ‘Only about a dozen ofp 343 PE 1962
fell open at the section headed: Lat. 5 South, Long, 60 West. He remembered that this was the approximate position ofp 454 QR 1963
so that the tyre hum resonated exactly on 40, 50, 60 and 70 m.p.h. Driving at an intermediate speedp 415 SM 1963
1056 3744 16000 K=0 50 68 3960 3780 16000 K=0 60 58 1056 3816 16000 K=100 70 47 4381 3649 15000p 49 LOM 1969
safety devices, all meant one thing -- Abel knew! THE 60 MINUTE ZOOM 2.15 P.M. Lloret de Mar, Apartamentosp 856 60Z 1976
He was obsessed by the nature of the chemical bond. 60) Sitting beside him at the top table were: (1) Thep 1103 ATQ 1985
the Bering Strait. The President's blood pressure is 100 over 60. The ECG records a slight left-hand tremor ...‘ ‘A tremor ofp 1121 WW3 1988