all day.‘ A morose frown twisted his long face. ‘The Army's a long way off. The forest's changing all the timep 619 IM 1964
get her story, we'll have to do it on the army's terms.‘ They coasted in toward the wharf between the twop 61 CW 1966
Bourbon Hotel?‘ A morose frown twisted Thorensen's long face. ‘The army's a long way off. The freeze is spreading all throughp 104 CW 1966
in Lincolnshire. I enjoyed my time there, a mix of army-style drill and square-bashing, basic navigation and meteorology, weapons training withp 162 ML 2008
have a car?‘ ‘I came by bus,‘ Neil lied. The army-surplus jeep he had bought to please his step-father was parkedp 30 RP 1994
Asian knives, holding the line as their grandfathers did at Arnhem and Alamein. Fine men, careful to protect me, though Ip 194 KC 2006
Taylor, James Poole, chauffeurs. Krystal Werther, Olga Norden, au pairs. Arnold Wentworth, David Lodge, tutors. George Burnett, David Turner, security guardsp 16 RW 1988
the Venice lagoon, a gloomy and threatening place that inspired Arnold Bocklin's "Island of the Dead," one comes across an extraordinaryp 41 YCMa 1990
fantasies and paranoid view of the world. The success of Arnold Schwarzenegger makes sense if one accepts that his grotesque physiquep 78 UGM 1991
with one hand, she waved me towards the car. Nurse Arnold had always been easy-going and friendly, so much more pleasantp 23 KW 1991
me again. I looked through the broken windows at Nurse Arnold, who was lying across the front seat. Her hair fellp 25 KW 1991
plays by Orton and Coward, all to be directed by Arnold Wynegarde, a Shaftesbury Avenue veteran, their amateur casts stiffened byp 252 CN 1996
We wait and hope.‘ ‘Sally? Who was that? Not Professor Arnold, please ...‘ Gripping a walking stick in each hand, Sally swayedp 14 MP 2003
of succession at the Adler, the struggle to replace Professor Arnold, had left me tired and scratchy, and she was keenp 15 MP 2003
appointment and meet her at the airport. ‘The Publications Committee ... Arnold asked me to chair it. For God's sake, he wasp 20 MP 2003
had first brought to the Adler. I nodded to Professor Arnold, the Institute's director, an affable but shrewd man with thep 29 MP 2003
to their cars, ready for the consoling Montrachet that Professor Arnold would offer in lieu of a wake. Henry Kendall stoodp 30 MP 2003
the Institute, but Henry Kendall rang to confide that Professor Arnold was unhappy with my conviction. Corporate clients might prefer notp 70 MP 2003
when I arrived at the Institute on Monday morning Professor Arnold would be waiting for me, Superintendent Michaels at his shoulderp 142 MP 2003
foster home. I had taken three weeks‘ leave, assuring Professor Arnold that my dying mother needed me with her. He hadp 150 MP 2003
Adler Institute. When the receptionist replied I asked for Professor Arnold. The Last Stranger ‘Henry is coming over,‘ Sally told mep 189 MP 2003
from the Institute.‘ ‘I need to take six months‘ leave. Arnold is unhappy with that -- I'd have to give upp 191 MP 2003
neighbourhood, where different social rules applied. After speaking to Professor Arnold I had called Henry from outside the Tate, and askedp 192 MP 2003
spending any time there. It didn't seem fair to Professor Arnold.‘ ‘Daddy says he'll increase your retainer, give you a chancep 219 MP 2003
its endless needs, to my father-in-law, the Institute and Professor Arnold. I strolled down Nelson Lane towards the marina and thep 235 MP 2003
the Chinese characters of their Hong Kong distributor, were three Arnold Schwarzenegger videos. Homeward Bound 2007 In June 2006, after ap 276 ML 2008
analyst and corporate thruster with both eyes fixed on Professor Arnold's chair. He had become more patronizing towards me, and atp 111 MP 2003
calf was as thin as my forearm, and gave me arolling, seadog gait. But exercise would strengthen the muscles. One dayp 37 SC 2000
But Captain Pereira was not interested. Calmly inhaling the scented aroma of his cheroot, he sat imperturbably at the rail, surveyingp 437 QR 1963
into the kitchen and savoured the residue of the curry aroma. Again a spasm of indigestion gripped his stomach, and hep 533 SA 1963
bottles. The scents of expensive after-shave lotions mingled with the aroma of kitchen wastes. These bizarre contrasts pleased Royal, marking thep 92 HR 1975
the relaxing weed. A pleasant scent bathed the beach, the aroma of the rosemary-flavoured tobacco leaf which the economists at thep 12 DC 1987
her head, as if catching a whiff of this noxious aroma. ‘The whole place was purpose-built for the responsible middle classp 51 MP 2003
undisturbed air carried no trace of her morning shower, the aroma of towels and fresh coffee, and the soft, wifely realmp 142 MP 2003
the political world, were still leaving after their lunches, an aroma of boozy fame dispersing through the stolid streets of westp 204 MP 2003
harem's wealth of goose-down pillows, fluffy quilts and duvets. The aroma of a hundred filling stations, threatening but somehow enticing, driftedp 269 KC 2006
with a banner. Free tennis lessons, aerobics classes, massage and aromatherapy, that sort of thing ...?‘ Elizabeth Shand smiled at Hennessy, whop 232 CN 1996
mouth. Immediately I thought of my Jensen, and the familiar aromatic reek of filling stations. Petrol? Ten feet away, outside ap 268 KC 2006
the Malayans and Chinese working on the rubber estates, driving around with his wife and child, and the natives in returnp 9 VN 1951
and she's as steady as a rock, and I'm jumping around all over the place as if I'd spent the nightp 9 VN 1951
the low seventies, no tics or clammy traumatic sweat. Everything around me seemed much too solid and authentic for a dreamp 16 E 1956
Olden Times. The newspaper was back on my lap, folded around the crossword. I looked through the clues. 17 down: Toldp 17 E 1956
sooner than I expected. At least two minutes earlier, somewhere around 9.13. And not only was the repetition interval gettingp 19 E 1956
The three professors and the chorus girl were still playing around with their pot. On Channel 1 the pundit was sittingp 19 E 1956
at the time. 9.45. I could hear Helen moving around in the dining room. I lay there, steadying the roomp 21 E 1956
the act and went into a more involved routine, throwing around a girl in leopard skin panties. The applause was deafeningp 21 E 1956
primal apocalyptic sea. She's probably divine.‘ The woman was strolling around the lounge, rearranging the furniture, wearing almost nothing except ap 2 PB 1956
over her face. She saw us staring at her, looked around for a moment and lowered the blinds. We sat backp 2 PB 1956
rhythmic fusion of melody had been coming from the plants around the shop, and mounting above them I heard a singlep 4 PB 1956
the argon feed. The Arachnid sank to a whimper, and around us there was a nightmarish babel of broken notes andp 5 PB 1956
see what she'd say, but Harry and Tony were all around her, and soon got her up to my apartment, wherep 6 PB 1956
me even after she'd gone, hanging faintly in the darkness around her chair. I felt curiously sleepy, almost sick on thep 10 PB 1956
this side out of Pernambuco. So if any of you around here keep a choro-florist's, and have a Khan-Arachnid orchid, lookp 11 PB 1956
weren't swimming?‘ ‘No,‘ M. said. ‘I'm certain I wasn't. All around me there was free space. That was the most importantp 24 CC 1957
the model lifted gracefully into the air and followed them around the stadium, ten feet off the floor. ‘Let's try thep 26 CC 1957
the enormous gulf of emptiness still stunned his imagination. All around him, standing and sitting on the jutting terraces of girdersp 28 CC 1957
Franz said. ‘Minute fragments of bone embedded in the tissues around their rib cages.‘ ‘Wings?‘ ‘Dr McGhee thinks so.‘ They walkedp 30 CC 1957
only four people in it. There's no need to move around. People are staying where they are. In a few yearsp 34 CC 1957
washroom, watched the indicator panel and listened to the talk around him. ‘Believe me, a time will come when each unionp 35 CC 1957
analogy doesn't hold,‘ M. said. He gestured at the walls around them and the lights in the street outside. ‘All thisp 36 CC 1957
to himself. ‘Some advanced opinion maintains that there's a wall around the City, through which it's impossible to penetrate. I don'tp 37 CC 1957
twelve go down to the gym and throw a ball around, play some table-tennis. At two they're running a ifim forp 50 M69 1957
yourself. Remember, you and I aren't always going to be around, feeding them with tests and films. What will happen ifp 52 M69 1957
at constant alert, a group of orderlies and interns sat around waiting by their emergency trollies. (The end door, into ap 53 M69 1957
kept them hard at it, steering swerving blips of light around a cathode screen, juggling with intricate numerical and geometric sequencesp 56 M69 1957
sea behind. You're still carrying a private replica of it around as your bloodstream. All you did was encapsulate a necessaryp 58 M69 1957
inspiration, while his eyes roved up and down the walls around him. Somewhere, he knew, Neill was watching him. He movedp 60 M69 1957
from their final focus ... Avery noticed Gorrell and Lang pacing around his chair. ‘Either of you want to sit down yetp 62 M69 1957
My guess is that at this moment they're either striding around in there the size of hundred-foot giants, or else they'vep 66 M69 1957
been cleared away and already a small crowd had gathered around the statue, staring up at it curiously. A couple ofp 39 VS 1957
feet away. The radiator grille at the top had canted around slightly but the three stems still seemed more or lessp 42 VS 1957
stay in bed. Then I telephoned Raymond Mayo. He came around within an hour, an oxyacetylene torch and cylinders he hadp 46 VS 1957
as possible.‘ When they had gone Blackett and I walked around the garden together. It looked as if a shrapnel shellp 47 VS 1957
mill and get back into circulation?‘ ‘Years, if it lay around in the wrong junkyards.‘ ‘But if it had actually arrivedp 48 VS 1957
for the first time had been slung among the trellis-work around the patio. Shaking his head sadly at Sheringham's antics, hep 70 T12 1958
Disconcerting, perhaps, but it will soon pass.‘ He strolled leisurely around the patio, scrutinizing Maxted from several angles. Evidently satisfied, hep 70 T12 1958
form. The face was concealed, and I gathered from conversation around me that someone had died. Two of the directors appearedp 98 NZ 1959
I asked one of the office boys who were hanging around breathlessly. ‘Mr Rankin,‘ he whispered. He pointed up the stairwellp 98 NZ 1959
front of Rankin's empty office, watching the typists hover helplessly around his desk, apparently unconvinced that their master would never returnp 98 NZ 1959
of account on to some victim within the tangible world around me. The diaries I kept securely sealed within a largep 103 NZ 1959
observatory and I assumed he was referring to the desolation around us which he, after fifteen years, was leaving thanklessly top 72 WG 1959
work out in the volcanoes. There's an entire camp lying around in these sheds, in case you ever feel like ap 75 WG 1959
more closely, waiting for another clue to the enigma growing around him. I did learn one thing that astonished me. Ip 77 WG 1959
1300, the sky a roaring shield, reflected in the slopes around me so that they seemed to stream with molten waxp 80 WG 1959
drifts of fine white sand that rose in soft clouds around the half-track like the dust of powdered silk. I foundp 82 WG 1959
Murak's beginning, while the soft ashy cones and grey hillocks around it had known only the planet's end. It was nop 83 WG 1959
up the side, tracks skating and racing, swinging the half-track around like a frantic pendulum. Scaling the crest, I levelled offp 83 WG 1959
heaved myself up and approached the nearest megalith. The shadows around me were enormous parallelograms, their angles shrinking as the sunp 84 WG 1959
other for a moment, the walls of the basin diving around us like a switchback, and then he knocked my handsp 89 WG 1959
pistol and turned round. It was five minutes to noon. Around me, on all sides, enormous sheets of fire were cascadingp 90 WG 1959
dream, shuffling slowly, eyes closed to shut out the furnace around me. Then I discovered that I was sitting on thep 90 WG 1959
upward to the stars. Aisles of light broke and splintered around me, I passed Aldebaran, soared over Betelgeuse and Vega, zoomedp 91 WG 1959
is born, a score of planetary life-systems evolve and vanish. Around them the universe sparkles and flickers with myriad points ofp 91 WG 1959
I saw the five megaliths. I was back on Murak. Around me the basin was filled with a great concourse ofp 92 WG 1959
and the door to which hung somewhere in the air around me. Had I dreamed everything, assembling the entire fantasy inp 93 WG 1959
on the door and bonnet was unmarked, the metal trim around the windows unscratched. I dropped to my knees, vainly searchedp 93 WG 1959
that street again. Time Police were still supposed to be around, watching for any outbreak. ‘Nothing,‘ she told him sharply. ‘It'sp 151 CH 1960
In the evenings he would play with the neighbourhood gang around the abandoned railway station, punting a home-made flat car alongp 151 CH 1960
describing an imaginary society completely preoccupied with elaborate rituals revolving around a minute by minute observance of the passage of timep 153 CH 1960
the most of his talents. When the others were lounging around the railway yard on their way home Conrad had alreadyp 153 CH 1960
seemed as loud as a death-knell. He clamped his hand around it, expecting everyone in the street to point accusingly atp 154 CH 1960
events. His father began to seem idle and stupid, sitting around vacantly with no idea when anything was going to happenp 155 CH 1960
from the dais, waiting patiently. One or two boys turned around and frowned at Conrad, who was counting away the closingp 155 CH 1960
look at those yet?‘ Conrad nodded. As they moved off around the deserted square he opened the briefcase and pulled outp 156 CH 1960
sky a succession of narrow vertical intervals opening and closing around them. Down on the canyon floor it was dismal andp 158 CH 1960
buildings. Stacey put one foot up on the balustrade running around the lawn bed, pointed to the far end of thep 158 CH 1960
course, by all the thousands of clocks you can see around you here. The subsidiary hands marked out the number ofp 160 CH 1960
12.01. Somehow time itself seemed to have been suspended, around him the great office buildings hung in a neutral intervalp 161 CH 1960
we lead,‘ he replied finally, more interested in the sights around him. ‘I'd rather have the telephone for one hour ap 161 CH 1960
back and waited for whoever had wound it to appear. Around him the thirty or forty other clocks he could seep 164 CH 1960
into the office. Standing up, he dusted his clothes, turned around to find a small grey-haired man in a patched tweedp 164 CH 1960
at one time a bank. The old man looked carefully around him, eyeing the high cliff walls on all sides, thenp 165 CH 1960
among the desks, gingerly feeling the dismembered timepieces that lay around like the nerve cells of some vast unimaginable robot. Hep 165 CH 1960
far from the plaza. Presumably Marshall had discovered him prowling around and dealt with him single-handed. Newman recalled that one dayp 167 CH 1960
-- the drapers, a public house, shoeshops and tobacconists. Looking around, the entire town seemed to stretch away into the distancep 199 LW 1960
down the street past the main entrance. Durrant stopped, glanced around indecisively, then began to wander through the showcases as hep 201 LW 1960
harder voice rapped out: ‘You must have been following me around for days. You know just about everything about everybody, don'tp 202 LW 1960
at the showcases. The groups of people who usually milled around the windows were pressing into the alleyway beside the storep 202 LW 1960
each other; some had left the counters and were gathering around the service doors at the rear. Mr Goddard pushed hisp 202 LW 1960
A small figure stepped tentatively out of the shadow, peered around itself in the full glare of the light, and disappearedp 206 LW 1960
lid and peered inside. Abruptly he dropped the lid, glanced around the floor, swinging the light so that it swept thep 207 LW 1960
his watch. It was 2.45, early afternoon. The houses around him were silent, the sky a distant, pacific blue. Herep 207 LW 1960
that rustled down on to the stage from the darkness around her. At first a few scattered ripples from the frontp 106 SS 1960
Large and watchful, slashed with mascara, they regarded the world around her balefully, narrowing even as Mangon approached. Her teeth toop 108 SS 1960
providing her with a complete series of television spectaculars. Built around Madame Gioconda and lavishly dressed and orchestrated, they would spearheadp 110 SS 1960
and LeGrande had been intimate friends -- the cuttings scattered around the stage testified frankly to this. In fact, were itp 111 SS 1960
atmosphere of rhythm and melody seemed to generate itself spontaneously around them. When an announcer suddenly stated that an ultrasonic versionp 112 SS 1960
flickering patterns. The whole thing was inaudible, but the air around Mangon felt vibrant and accelerated, charged with gaiety and sparklep 114 SS 1960
they can afford is a few people like Mangon fooling around with sonovacs. It's hard to believe that only a fewp 115 SS 1960
him. ‘That's all right, dear. I thought not.‘ She looked around the stage for a moment, listening carefully. ‘Mangon, when youp 120 SS 1960
and his attempt to humiliate Madame Gioconda. Madame Gioconda pointed around them. ‘And you can actually hear what he said evenp 120 SS 1960
now.‘ As she stroked Mangon's hair her eyes roved questingly around the walls. The miracle happened shortly before eleven o'clock thep 121 SS 1960
at the orphanage dissolving into the magical kaleidoscope that revolved around him. As she talked and murmured affectionately to him, thep 121 SS 1960
hangs like a vast umbrella over any metropolitan complex. All around, odd sounds shaken loose from the stockades were beginning top 122 SS 1960
baffles he picked their way carefully through the quieter aisles. Around them voices chattered and whined fretfully, fragments of conversation driftedp 124 SS 1960
For half an hour after she had gone he wandered around the deserted sound stage, going through his memories. Then hep 131 SS 1960
lay on its side with two or three old pans around it, underfoot there was a miscellaneous litter of paper, ashp 133 SS 1960
miscellaneous litter of paper, ash and empty vials. Mangon searched around for the message, probably pinned to one of the partitionsp 133 SS 1960
cue-box began to sweeten, a cool motionless breeze eddied vertically around him as a rhythmic ultrasonic pressure wave pulsed past. Itp 134 SS 1960
watched her sadly, then slipped away through the stage-hands pressing around him. As he left the theatre by the stage doorp 135 SS 1960
top, his eyes glancing at the spinal level charts hung around the office. Despite his unkempt appearance -- he had beenp 170 VT 1960
wheel was a raven-haired girl whom he had often seen around the psychology department. She had intelligent but somehow rather obliquep 171 VT 1960
Kaldren,‘ Powers said to the young man. ‘Still following me around?‘ Kaidren nodded. ‘Most of the time, doctor.‘ He sized Powersp 171 VT 1960
unwilling or unable to cross the narrow groove. Powers looked around, then stepped into one of the changing stalls and pulledp 172 VT 1960
really hot weather?‘ he murmured. ‘That lead umbrella you're carrying around should keep you cool.‘ He closed the lid, climbed outp 172 VT 1960
angled on to a revolving table, concrete shielding blocks lying around ready for use like huge building bricks. The fourth chamberp 175 VT 1960
cavity.‘ He pointed down to a thickened ridge of tissue around the base. ‘It's sealed up the cavity, converted the channelp 176 VT 1960
would resonate critically only at other specific frequencies.‘ Powers gestured around the laboratory with his cigarette. ‘You see some of thep 178 VT 1960
see some of the fruits of this "resonance transfer" technique around you.‘ Coma nodded. ‘They've had their silent genes activated?‘ ‘Yesp 178 VT 1960
sunflower with a thickened stem and greatly enlarged receptacle. Packed around the flower, so that only its head protruded, was ap 178 VT 1960
think he sleeps anywhere near enough. I hear him pacing around all night.‘ She added: ‘Still, I suppose it's better thanp 179 VT 1960
continually. That's why we spend all our time following you around.‘ She eyed Powers shrewdly. ‘I think he feels guilty aboutp 182 VT 1960
be necessary for you to know. You said Kaldren paced around all night and didn't get enough sleep. Actually he doesn'tp 182 VT 1960
across to it, stepped into the cool shadows and peered around the rusting electric trolleys and empty flare drums. At thep 184 VT 1960
with sand, cement and water scavenged from the drums lying around outside, on to the rear bumper, then loaded a dozenp 184 VT 1960
it down so that it formed a six-inch high wall around the perimeter of the bull. He worked without pause, stirringp 184 VT 1960
awake for over twelve hours I still orientated my time around the meridian, morning and afternoon set their old rhythms. Nowp 184 VT 1960
June 25: Seven and a half hours. Kaidren was snooping around the lab again today. Phoned me there when I answeredp 185 VT 1960
a moment his brain blurred, and he swung his legs around and sat on the edge of the bed, elbows onp 186 VT 1960
in the form of a spiralling concrete ribbon that wound around itself like an insane serpent, serving wails, floors and ceilingp 186 VT 1960
wide glass-roofed studio, the huge white ribbon of concrete uncoiling around them like toothpaste squeezed from an enormous tube. On thep 187 VT 1960
was labelled: ‘Einstein, A.; Alpha Waves, 1922.‘ He followed Kaidren around, sipping slowly at his drink, enjoying the brief feeling ofp 187 VT 1960
in the driving mirror waving slowly until the car disappeared around a bend. The outer circle was now almost complete. Ap 190 VT 1960
perimeter wall ran continuously six inches off the concrete floor around the outer lane of the target bull, enclosing the hugep 190 VT 1960
stirred. Basking in the warm subliminal sea of radiation rising around it, prompted by countless pelagic memories, it reached tentatively acrossp 191 VT 1960
vivid spectral outlines of the sounds dancing like phosphorescent waves around the darkened chamber of the dome. Gradually an image formedp 191 VT 1960
murmured. Steadily, as it watched the glimmering screen of sounds around it, the anemone continued to expand. Its ganglia linked, heedingp 191 VT 1960
strange images moving across his brain. The road swung up around a group of chalets built on to the lake shorep 192 VT 1960
and he rotated slowly, facing the direction of the tide. Around him the outlines of the hills and the lake hadp 193 VT 1960
the stereogram? Meanwhile Larsen had nothing to do but roam around the chalet, slamming impatiently from one room to the nextp 137 ZT 1960
very nearly gone mad. It was lucky Bayliss had been around with his hypodermic. Though the man was certainly casual whenp 137 ZT 1960
suddenly stand on my head. He let Bayliss in, fidgeting around him as they went into the lounge. ‘Where the hellp 138 ZT 1960
gestured irritably. ‘How can I relax while I'm just hanging around here, waiting for the next bomb to go off?‘ Hep 138 ZT 1960
to the plant. After all, there's no point in sitting around here indefinitely. I feel more or less completely okay.‘ Baylissp 138 ZT 1960
away. For the first two days he had lounged aimlessly around the deserted chalets, pleasantly fuddled by the barbiturates Bayliss prescribedp 140 ZT 1960
childhood scene, the image of our neighbourhood streets we carry around with us all day near the surface of consciousness. Butp 143 ZT 1960
glad of something to do. He was tired of hanging around the chalets while Bayliss watched him as if he werep 145 ZT 1960
his chalet. His pulse had quickened. He found himself prowling around nervously; his brain felt overactive and accelerated. The martinis hadp 146 ZT 1960
to relax, went into the bedroom and kicked his suitcase around, lit two cigarettes without realizing it. Finally, unable to containp 146 ZT 1960
his annoyance that Bayliss was having a shower. He hung around in the lounge for a few moments, then decided top 146 ZT 1960
the man's state of shock, the nervous lips, the tension around the neck and facial muscles, the utter exhaustion just belowp 147 ZT 1960
at the chalets. The second double was making his way around the garage, climbing through the tangle of old wire. Thep 147 ZT 1960
Are you having an attack?‘ Larsen gestured at the figures around him. ‘Stop them, Bayliss, for God's sake,‘ he gasped. ‘Ip 148 ZT 1960
between the chalets, the revolver in his hand. He looked around for Larsen, who cleared his throat to call him. Beforep 149 ZT 1960
the buildings put up since the last revaluation are designed around a four-metre modulus -- you can't simply take half ap 269 B 1961
and packing cases so that only a narrow interval remained around the banister. On the floors below the congestion was worsep 269 B 1961
men queueing in their shirtsleeves outside the washroom, children diving around them. By the time they reached the entrance Ward andp 270 B 1961
way through the tenants packed together on every landing, loitering around the notice boards or pushing in from the street belowp 270 B 1961
square metres.‘ Directly in front of them, two girls turned around and smiled. ‘Six square metres,‘ one of them, a dark-hairedp 271 B 1961
leaned against the flimsy door, a damp cigar butt revolving around his mouth, an expression of morose boredom on his unshavenp 272 B 1961
next year.‘ ‘Three square metres!‘ Ward sat up and looked around him. ‘It's unbelievable! The world's going insane, Rossiter. For God'sp 274 B 1961
the cubicle. For an hour they exchanged places, wandering silently around the dusty room, stretching their arms out to feel itsp 274 B 1961
It's damned difficult to find anywhere.‘ Ward nodded, relaxing back around the circular red-wood table. He played with the tassel ofp 275 B 1961
soft upholstery. ‘Not a bad idea. What about some shelving around the wall? I've got nowhere to put anything.‘ The shelvingp 277 B 1961
Ward nodded to him and stepped over the luggage piled around the floor at the foot of the beds. Helen wasp 277 B 1961
wasn't arguing with Granger at the Neptune, he would drive around the ocean floor, climbing over the crashed launching platforms, orp 237 DE 1961
of a ripple in the pool behind him. He turned around to see Granger, ten feet below him, up to hisp 240 DE 1961
Granger. ‘That's the Merryweathers‘ car,‘ Holiday said as they walked around the big stripped-down Buick, slashed with yellow paint and fittedp 242 DE 1961
Holliday reached towards the fish, lying still now, the mud around it slick with blood. His hands hesitated, then retreated. ‘Nothingp 243 DE 1961
exit on the north side of Piccadilly, Dr Jamieson looked around carefully at the tall office blocks and hotels, here andp 279 GA 1961
match the modulations of his voice to the driver's. Everyone around him seemed to speak in the same guttural tones. ‘It'sp 280 GA 1961
the lid held securely. He peered up at the buildings around him, trying not to let his heart become excited asp 280 GA 1961
away. When he rose he moved stiffly and looked uncertainly around the room, as if wondering why he was there. Thenp 282 GA 1961
found everyone wearing in London, an old tie casually hand-knotted around a soft collar. Two fountain pens protruded from his breastp 283 GA 1961
deserted street. ‘People will think I'm insane if you go around saying that.‘ The girl screwed up her pert nose. ‘Youp 284 GA 1961
dress tip-toeing at the back. She smiled at the people around her and wormed her way towards the front, pulling thep 286 GA 1961
was due to pass the hotel in only seven minutes. Around him a tumult of noise made it difficult to concentratep 286 GA 1961
of household cavalry. He tried to see if Remmers looked around at an accomplice, but the man was motionless, hands deepp 286 GA 1961
that Remmers had moved. The man was now stepping swiftly around the edge of the crowd, darting about on his leanp 287 GA 1961
blankets over his knees. As his wife poked her head around the door he smiled up at her guilelessly, pretending top 255 MF 1961
were smooth and unlined. When they reached home he wandered around the lounge and dining room, realized that the furniture andp 258 MF 1961
to the office, conscious of the stares of his colleagues around him. The day after he found he could no longerp 258 MF 1961
truth. Swathed in his old dressing gown, a woollen scarf around his neck and chest to make his slim figure appearp 258 MF 1961
already three sizes too large, the trousers supporting themselves precariously around his slender waist. In the bathroom mirror Freeman stared atp 260 MF 1961
disarranging the sheets. As Elizabeth opened the door he ran around to the far side of the bed and hid hisp 261 MF 1961
a line of giant animal figures danced and gambolled. Looking around, he realized that he was still in the nursery. Hep 261 MF 1961
his efforts. Elizabeth stepped out of the gate, an apron around her waist, and hurried towards them. Freeman tried to hidep 262 MF 1961
more than two or three letters Elizabeth put her arms around his waist and lifted him out. A single place hadp 263 MF 1961
felt himself rammed into the seat, a large bib tied around his neck. During the meal he watched Elizabeth carefully, hopingp 263 MF 1961
played with his food, smearing crude messages on the tray around his dish, but when he pointed at them Elizabeth clappedp 263 MF 1961
are you?‘ ‘Very well, Mr Hanson.‘ She jerked the pram around, trying to keep it between herself and Hanson. Freeman couldp 264 MF 1961
I'm afraid our telephone is out of order.‘ Hanson side-stepped around the pram, watching Elizabeth with interest. ‘What happened to Charlesp 264 MF 1961
him doubtfully. For three weeks now he had been lying around at home, dozing on the veranda, and she was beginningp 244 OM 1961
her: Get out! his mind screamed, but she still hovered around him indecisively. ‘What about your lunch? There's no --‘ ‘Don'tp 244 OM 1961
suggest that she use hers, although he did leave messages around for her, on the pretext that his mind was sop 245 OM 1961
arms and legs. For a few minutes he wandered blankly around the empty house, then made his way into the loungep 245 OM 1961
been distinct. However, there were so many servos and robots around the house that it could have been anything. A darkp 247 OM 1961
before going out onto the roof to sunbathe. Faulkner hung around the bottom of the garden, flipping stones into the pondp 248 OM 1961
object by object, he began to switch off the world around him. The houses opposite went first. The white masses ofp 248 OM 1961
Faulkner then began to demolish the house. Here the objects around him were more familiar, highly personalized extensions of himself Hep 249 OM 1961
right, systematically obliterating all traces of meaning from the world around him, reducing everything to its formal visual values. Gradually thesep 249 OM 1961
minutes he sat kneading his wrist, re-identifying all the objects around him, the houses opposite, the gardens, his home, aware thatp 249 OM 1961
of her head as she ate, let his eyes wander around the room when she looked up. After supper, thankfully, therep 250 OM 1961
houses in the Village, and they sat in the darkness around the set, Julia grumbling at the programmes. ‘Why do wep 250 OM 1961
next hour he lay back enjoying the disembodied forms suspended around him, his mind free of its anxieties. When the alarmp 250 OM 1961
of the surrounding houses as possible. As he was idling around the pergola, replacing the slats torn loose by the rosesp 251 OM 1961
popped his head over the fence. ‘Harvey, are you still around? Don't you ever go to school?‘ ‘Well, I'm on thisp 251 OM 1961
the demolished world of form and colour which hung motionlessly around him. The houses opposite had vanished, their places taken byp 252 OM 1961
sea of ideation. He had obliterated not only the world around him, but his own body, and his limbs and trunkp 252 OM 1961
of the pond, then stepped into the water. Trousers billowing around his knees, he waded out slowly. When he reached thep 253 OM 1961
threads of a dismembered web. All night they would flutter around the buttresses below the terrace, entwining themselves through the balconyp 208 S5 1961
I moved away towards the drive, the long streamers whipping around me. As suddenly as it had started, the squall vanishedp 210 S5 1961
planes of sound shifting about me in the air. Looking around for its source, I noticed the dust flicking across thep 210 S5 1961
and resolved to press some formal complaint, I first went around the terrace, picking up all the strands of tissue andp 210 S5 1961
fact be sleepwalking. I hesitated briefly, watching the rays circling around her head, then jumped over the rail and ran acrossp 211 S5 1961
neighbour reclining on a chaise longue, her white gown spread around her like a fan, the jewels embroidered into it glitteringp 213 S5 1961
streamers trailing through the curtains by the window, and glanced around to see where she kept her VT set, helping myselfp 213 S5 1961
read a lot of poetry?‘ I asked, indicating the volumes around her. She nodded. ‘As much as I can bear top 213 S5 1961
darkness by Aurora's villa. ‘What are all these streamers lying around under here?‘ Tony asked. He pulled one towards him, caughtp 215 S5 1961
the terrace. Standing on the roof, her white gown billowing around her like an enormous silver fleece, Aurora Day looked downp 219 S5 1961
the lines crossing each other at random, like filigree decoration around a baroque salver. Closing the door behind me, I walkedp 219 S5 1961
the fountain pool, feeding the ancient white fish that clustered around her. As I stepped across to her she smiled quietlyp 220 S5 1961
Then I saw that a long series of friezes ran around the lounge depicting the very legend Aurora had been describingp 222 S5 1961
on my extreme left, showed the poets and troubadours gathered around the goddess, a tall white-gowned figure whose face bore ap 222 S5 1961
had stepped, was completely compounded of illusion. She was asleep. Around her the room was almost in darkness. The pool lightsp 222 S5 1961
pool lights had faded, the crystal columns that had shone around us were dull and extinguished, like trunks of opaque glassp 222 S5 1961
cerise Cadillac had disappeared somewhere, so presumably Aurora was driving around Vermilion Sands, astounding the cafe crowds. I picked up thep 224 S5 1961
yes, I think he's here.‘ There were sounds of wrestling around on a bed, during which the telephone bounced on thep 225 S5 1961
past Aurora, though. Have you got any old copy lying around?‘ Tristram chuckled again. ‘You know, Paul, old boy, I believep 225 S5 1961
number I felt a sudden pang of envy and disappointment. Around me the friezes told the story of Melander and Corydonp 227 S5 1961
surface like the arms of a galaxy. In the darkness around us the thousands of rays hung motionlessly, their phosphorescing stingsp 229 S5 1961
the chamber. I found them in the narrow corridor, peering around in the darkness. ‘I tell you,‘ Tony was insisting. ‘Ip 229 S5 1961
reached Notting Hill, where the traffic stream slowed to move around a gang of workmen dismembering a large elm that hadp 9 WFN 1961
stepped out, and carried his suitcases along the narrow corridor around the elevator shaft to a small service unit by thep 10 WFN 1961
decanter on the bar, half a dozen dirty glasses distributed around the room. It looked as if Susan had been herep 12 WFN 1961
bore listening to that din all the time.‘ She wandered around the lounge, looking at the bookshelves. Uneasily, Maitland realized thatp 13 WFN 1961
was wondering how to make his exit when Susan turned around, a sheet of typewritten paper in her hand. He hadp 14 WFN 1961
solid air, with its axis at the poles, were revolving around the globe. There may be one or two minor variationsp 20 WFN 1961
entire surface.‘ Symington paced over to the window, then swung around on Maitland, his face tired and drawn. ‘Donald, I havep 22 WFN 1961
he climbed down the companionway into the control room, swung around the periscope well and made his way to his cabinp 26 WFN 1961
military here would have their pants on, instead of running around like a lot of startled baboons, frightening themselves with theirp 27 WFN 1961
from the sick bay here.‘ He stood up and moved around his desk. ‘The coast road is still open, apparently, butp 30 WFN 1961
of the door. The men on the winch cranked it around and Lanyon stepped out into sharp daylight and a viciousp 31 WFN 1961
were wearing one-piece plastic suits fitted with hoods roped tightly around their faces, so that only their eyes and mouths showedp 31 WFN 1961
out through the grille. A small group of people clustered around the porch of a grey-walled church on the north sidep 34 WFN 1961
their feet and clouds of dust and mortar were failing around them. The church tower was missing. A single spur ofp 35 WFN 1961
weekenders on the Paris mill.‘ Just then a figure appeared around the end of the carrier and pressed his face top 35 WFN 1961
the church, brickwork and plaster shattered down onto the pavement around them. The Italian shouldered his way through the people inp 36 WFN 1961
A group of women and older men and children crouched around the altar while the priest and five or six youngerp 36 WFN 1961
the roof was stripping away the ragged edge of tiles around the ten-foot-wide hole, hampering the men tearing away the rubblep 36 WFN 1961
grateful to your men.‘ He shook his head sadly, glancing around at the church. ‘The people were praying for the stopp 37 WFN 1961
for a few moments, watching the cigarette butt rotate nastily around his mouth. ‘Don't worry, sailor,‘ he said, ‘I'll concentrate onp 37 WFN 1961
woman, wearing a tightly-belted blue coat, her blonde hair swirling around her head, ran out of the house and stepped nimblyp 41 WFN 1961
but Lanyon pulled it from her hands, put his arm around her shoulders and steered her over to the open doorsp 41 WFN 1961
from the pack Lanyon offered her. As the carrier swung around a corner she rolled slightly against him, and Lanyon feltp 42 WFN 1961
due east, straight into the wind face, and the turbulence around the rear doors exploded periodically with sharp pressure booms. Thep 43 WFN 1961
off-side rear wheels left the road, and the vehicle swung around sharply and rolled over onto its side. With a savagep 44 WFN 1961
on its side, wheels spinning in the wind. Lanyon looked around for Goldman, trying to decide whether to clap the manp 45 WFN 1961
head in the skirt of the oilskin, and lashed it around his neck with his trouser belt. Soon the wind wouldp 47 WFN 1961
blue coat, scratched and muddied, and her blonde hair trailed around her head in a tangled mat. He hurried along top 47 WFN 1961
to the far end of the barracks and pulled themselves around the corner into the doorway. At the rear of thep 47 WFN 1961
held, though enough light filtered through for him to see around the room. There were a couple of bunks, two emptyp 48 WFN 1961
revolving round the earth's axis at this moment.‘ Dickinson looked around the table and smiled sombrely. ‘Or again, maybe it's thep 55 WFN 1961
capital city is holding together with remarkable tenacity.‘ Marshall glanced around the table, letting the impact of this homily sink inp 56 WFN 1961
as high as it could be. Too much negative talk around.‘ Vice-Admiral Saunders, sitting next to him, nodded agreement. ‘I hopep 57 WFN 1961
a moment and leaned against Marshall. He put an arm around her shoulders, smiled reassuringly. ‘All right, Deborah?‘ His hand cuppedp 60 WFN 1961
Five or six exhausted men in dirty khaki uniforms sat around a table drinking tea. Their faces looked pinched and sallowp 60 WFN 1961
their searchlights onto the jumble of telescoped floors. They moved around the block to the windward side. Here a line ofp 63 WFN 1961
digging their way into the basement sufficient protection to move around. Their success was hard to assess, but Marshall realized thatp 63 WFN 1961
caught one of the two conveyors, swung the 30-foot-high escalator around like a balsawood dummy. The huge vehicle swivelled helplessly. Itsp 64 WFN 1961
off the pavement. Arms shielding his head, Marshall was hurled around the cabin. Deborah knocked off her feet. When the carp 65 WFN 1961
Centurions approached the Bethlehem, their steel shutters extended. They swung around the car, locked shields and drove in together, immediately liftingp 66 WFN 1961
them as Deborah crouched down beside Marshall, putting her arm around his shoulders, and smoothed his hair back with her smallp 67 WFN 1961
of his shoes flapping, holding the remnants of his suit around him, his hand taking Deborah's arm. As they waited forp 67 WFN 1961
Park base.‘ Maitland nodded. He felt suddenly tired and looked around for somewhere to sit. The one bench was occupied byp 70 WFN 1961
Powerful gusts of wind drove at the car, kicking it around. He gripped the traverse, swaying from side to side asp 71 WFN 1961
side to side as the cabin plunged and bucked. All around him, in the streets outside, he could hear the soundsp 72 WFN 1961
of central London and setting up ten major command posts around the outer circular road. Ours is the U.S. Airp 77 WFN 1961
bunkers, communicating by radio with the ring of command stations around London and with similar posts in the provinces. An estimatedp 78 WFN 1961
lifted the carrier out like an enormous hand, slewing it around under a hail of fist-sized stones. The driver gunned thep 78 WFN 1961
the stationary escalators, huddled against each other's knees, blankets wrapped around them, plastic bags at their feet containing gnawed loaves ofp 82 WFN 1961
someone ahead sat up and waved to Maitland. He turned around, recognized the hall porter from the apartment block. ‘Dr. Maitlandp 82 WFN 1961
looking over his shoulder. His two companions were just disappearing around the first bend in the tunnel. They would reach Hammersmithp 83 WFN 1961
more than an hour to wait before Brandon Hall got around to picking them up. ‘Can I still get to Lowndesp 83 WFN 1961
house. All the apartments had been abandoned, and air whirled around the stairway, changing its direction every few seconds, driving cloudsp 84 WFN 1961
end of the building, an enormous turbulent vortex bursting explosively around the ragged stonework. The outside balcony had been ripped offp 85 WFN 1961
wind caught her. Her hair clung in a matted net around her face, grey with dust and dirt. She still worep 85 WFN 1961
whiskey, tried to keep her going. Maitland put his arm around her shoulders, began to draw her into the corridor. ‘Comep 86 WFN 1961
the far wall. Picking up his torch, he shone it around the floor, feeling for the steps with his hands. Halfwayp 87 WFN 1961
collapsed in a vast avalanche of debris that poured in around him, shutting out the light that had burst through thep 88 WFN 1961
to retreat back into the entranceway, watching the dust swirl around him in the thin beam of the torch. After ap 88 WFN 1961
yards behind him. Maitland started to kick away the debris around the slab, then gave up and backed away from thep 88 WFN 1961
fall, plunging through the surface of a deep inky well. Around him, the rubble began to shift again. By now thep 89 WFN 1961
him, she felt warm and comfortable, wearing his leather jacket around her shoulders while her own coat covered their legs, buttonedp 91 WFN 1961
shoulders while her own coat covered their legs, buttoned up around them. Lanyon looked down and watched her face, her eyelidsp 91 WFN 1961
the roof. Outside, the air whistled past interminably, the turbulence around the hill face making it difficult to assess its velocityp 91 WFN 1961
stepped out of the mouth at the bottom and looked around him. The cliffs on either side went up 300 feetp 94 WFN 1961
and rocks fell from their tops, spitting at the ground around Lanyon's feet. Bracing himself against the wall of the ravinep 94 WFN 1961
she said. She pulled Lanyon down to her. ‘Anyone else around?‘ she asked. Lanyon shook his head, grinned affectionately at herp 94 WFN 1961
the roof, darting forward during the clear periods. Air swirled around them, exploding with vicious snaps as vortices span off thep 96 WFN 1961
Patricia. ‘Let's see if we can get inside.‘ They moved around the yard, trying the windows and shutters. All the entrancesp 97 WFN 1961
on in the storeroom behind him, a string of bulbs around the walls filling the chamber with hard white light. Voicesp 100 WFN 1961
shouted out again, feet hammered across the stone floor. Spinning around, he ran back to the storeroom, reached the door justp 100 WFN 1961
Dazzled for a moment by the light, Lanyon's eyes raced around the room. He caught a fleeting glimpse of two swarthy-facedp 100 WFN 1961
Patricia stumbled across to him and he put his arm around her, pressed her head into his shoulder. ‘Steve, are youp 102 WFN 1961
his shoulder. ‘They must be looting the warehouses and stores around here. Presumably looting is now punishable by death. I supposep 103 WFN 1961
other. ‘But, er, you know -- ‘ he made a gesture around the eyes, placing the tips of his fingers together overp 104 WFN 1961
and the interpreter began to confer, pointing in various directions around them. Lanyon went over to them. He indicated the vaultedp 106 WFN 1961
pens. It was plain that no surface transport was moving around, and the tunnels would never extend as far as thep 107 WFN 1961
across it. They reached the first pen and pulled themselves around the lip into the gateway, their feet gripping the concretep 110 WFN 1961
jacket, switched it on. ‘Doesn't look as if there's anyone around, Steve. Do you think the Terrapin will still be herep 111 WFN 1961
set to move off, Steve. We've had a last check around the base; there's no one here.‘ Lanyon nodded. ‘Fine, Paulp 112 WFN 1961
hundred feet above, his body swaying in the air exploding around him. Then he too turned and stepped through the trapp 116 WFN 1961
in Hitler's fuhrer bunker. Discarded bulletins and typed memos lay around everywhere, a clutter of unwashed teacups stood on the lidp 117 WFN 1961
estimated 300,000 people are sheltering in the coal mines around the city. Ninety-nine per cent of the city is downp 119 WFN 1961
complete the picture. ‘A few navy units are operating bases around the Portsmouth and Plymouth areas -- the defences and arsenalsp 121 WFN 1961
picture. ‘Sir! Quickly! They're trying to come out!‘ They crowded around the set, watching the screen. The camera was mounted overp 123 WFN 1961
death.‘ Marshall nodded, then glanced at his watch. He looked around the room for a moment, taking in each of hisp 124 WFN 1961
let himself in. Deborah Mason, a heavy trench coat belted around her trim waist, was sitting on the sofa next top 125 WFN 1961
stood at his shoulder, and he put his free arm around her. As the answering call came through, the narrow doorp 127 WFN 1961
U.S. Navy insignia -- it's too dangerous to move around now without any markings and the only other big tractorsp 127 WFN 1961
backed away from him slightly. Kroll broke off and glanced around the office. ‘Let's get a move on, eh?‘ he addedp 128 WFN 1961
down there. Don't want to leave a lot of mess around your office. Somebody might stumble in and find them.‘ Marshallp 129 WFN 1961
to lean his shoulder against Kroll's, but Kroll suddenly swung around with his back to the door and slammed it shutp 129 WFN 1961
from the Tower two minutes ago. R.H. isn't fooling around.‘ Marshall shook his head. ‘Listen, Kroll, just shut up andp 129 WFN 1961
sofa. Behind him the emergency door opened and Deborah peered around, her eyes wide with alarm. ‘Simon, what's happening?‘ She gapedp 131 WFN 1961
led off immediately at his left, turning at right angles around the offices. Marshall edged the revolver forward, barrel pointed atp 132 WFN 1961
the communications room at the far end. He edged carefully around the blind corners of the shaft. Fortunately the emergency doorwayp 132 WFN 1961
guns through the thin plywood. Marshall turned the final angle around the shaft and to his surprise found it empty. Thep 132 WFN 1961
untidily behind him, unkempt hair over her face, her skirt around her waist. Beyond them, waiting for Marshall by the staircasep 133 WFN 1961
make a dash for it when they heard you go around the side.‘ The drab air of the bunker was stainedp 133 WFN 1961
feet, the second shot into his stomach as he toppled around, his great body uncontrollable, his arms swinging like windmills. Hep 134 WFN 1961
snarled. ‘Crazy yapping!‘ He listened carefully to the sounds shifting around the bunker, kicking the girl sharply with his boot whenp 134 WFN 1961
right hand edged back toward the .45. His fingers flexed around the heavy butt, drawing it out. He searched for thep 134 WFN 1961
on his elbows and began to switch on the set. Around him the bunker was silent. The ventilator system had beenp 135 WFN 1961
grey handsome face was almost in repose, the skin hollowing around his eyes and temples, draining his lips. Unaware of hisp 136 WFN 1961
himself sink down toward the bottom of the ice lake. Around him the stale air grew steadily colder. A few soundsp 136 WFN 1961
was blind! He sat up and groped at the bed around him, half expecting them to come back, to feel restrainingp 138 WFN 1961
rough surface, pulling away pieces of fine mortar. He looked around, hoping to attract their attention, but their voices had vanishedp 138 WFN 1961
Then, abruptly assembling his mind again, he shone the torch around himself. So he was not in a hospital as hep 139 WFN 1961
a case history of one of his former patients. Looking around him, he searched for some possible exit, but the narrowp 139 WFN 1961
an inch thick, but there was nothing in the rubble around him which he could use to cut it. He poundedp 140 WFN 1961
of the overcrowding of most major cities and metropolitan complexes around the world was that expansion had forced construction to takep 142 WFN 1961
How far is there any effective contact between the bases around London?‘ Maitland asked as the meeting broke up. ‘I feelp 144 WFN 1961
their bodies, hung about between the half-dozen Titan super-tractors grouped around the service station. His own Titan was the fifth inp 146 WFN 1961
canvas grip out of his hand, to his surprise walked around to the front of the tractor and slung it upp 146 WFN 1961
thousands of flying missiles rattled across the sides and roof around them like endless salvos of machine-gun fire. The noise wasp 149 WFN 1961
pressed his eyes to the binocular viewpiece. Sweeping the periscope around, he saw that they were moving along the remains ofp 150 WFN 1961
be alive. Hardoon's men wouldn't waste time carrying a corpse around.‘ He paused, listening to the hail drive across the roofp 151 WFN 1961
rotated steadily, from 145 to 150 degrees, and then on around to 160 degrees. Unoccupied for the moment, the operator wasp 153 WFN 1961
Halliday swung back from the periscope and flung his arms around Maitland's shoulders. The three men wrestled together, their blows muffledp 153 WFN 1961
wreck! God knows what our bearing was! We were moving around that bend. I wasn't watching it.‘ Halliday wrenched at Maitland'sp 154 WFN 1961
narrow ramp that led below an overhanging shoulder and then around a right-angle corner into what appeared to be a deadp 157 WFN 1961
for the periscope, just in time to see the walls around them soar upward into the air, the apex of thep 157 WFN 1961
transport bays. Men in black plastic suits and helmets stood around the tractor, most of them with holsters on their beltsp 158 WFN 1961
What's all this?‘ the big man snapped. He wrenched Maitland around roughly, fingering his navy weather jacket. ‘Where's Kroll? He wasp 158 WFN 1961
on the ground. The squad of black-suited guards closed in around the Titan, two or three of them swarming up itsp 158 WFN 1961
punched him hard in the face, the other grabbed him around the waist and pulled him downward onto the ground againp 159 WFN 1961
long had elapsed since their arrival, Maitland began to glance around the room. He was aware of Hardoon sitting forward andp 160 WFN 1961
was bothering to interrogate him, Maitland massaged his face, peering around the room. He was in a large oak-panelled office, thep 161 WFN 1961
you think you can?‘ ‘Possibly.‘ Maitland pointed to the walls around them. ‘Are you sure this pyramid can stand up top 166 WFN 1961
and asked: ‘Why's the tunnel leaking? The walls are shifting around. They must be cracked somewhere.‘ The guard shrugged. ‘Wait tillp 169 WFN 1961
him. Maitland found the others inside, sitting on the beds around the wall, in the dull red gloom of a singlep 170 WFN 1961
her. ‘Relax. As long as Hardoon wants an attractive newswriter around you'll be safe.‘ He turned to Maitland, lowering his voicep 171 WFN 1961
could easily do it. If he's got a cine camera around here we could even take some shots of him atp 171 WFN 1961
later he woke again and found himself sweating uneasily. Everything around him was strangely quiet, the breathing of his companions obviouslyp 173 WFN 1961
the beds, and two of the mattresses were sailing slowly around. Quickly they waded down the corridor to the stairway, Lanyonp 174 WFN 1961
down the corridor to the stairway, Lanyon leading. Water cascaded around their waists, and as they reached the first turning Maitlandp 174 WFN 1961
two men, and they stood uncertainly on the threshold, peering around for its source. The room was in darkness, the solep 177 WFN 1961
and Lanyon began to move forward, but Kroll leaped quickly around the desk, the large automatic holding them off. ‘Turn aroundp 177 WFN 1961
around the desk, the large automatic holding them off. ‘Turn around, both of you!‘ he snapped, pushing Maitland back with ap 177 WFN 1961
and pulled himself back. Maitland crossed to the desk, stepped around it and touched Hardoon on the shoulder. The millionaire lookedp 180 WFN 1961
cataclysmic convulsion. At his shoulder he found Lanyon, his arm around Patricia Olsen, with Waring behind them. Together they stared downp 183 WFN 1961
girl. She nodded, pulling the hood of her jacket closer around her cold face. ‘Yes, and maybe I can even believep 183 WFN 1961
Stepping past Pat Olsen, he began to make his way around, peering through the thin light. He had almost completed onep 184 WFN 1961
but Lanyon managed to steady her for a moment, looking around desperately for some way of escape. Their only chance seemedp 184 WFN 1961
the face of the wind. Maitland pointed at the sky around them. ‘The air's lighter already! The wind's dying down, youp 185 WFN 1961
In his pocket he felt the small plumbline he carried around. ‘Dr Francis, perhaps you can explain something to me. Whyp 322 13C 1962
else. Much as he sometimes disliked Dr Francis for snooping around and being a know-all, Abel realized how dreary life inp 323 13C 1962
ad absurdum. ‘I don't know, they must have been floating around in mid-air!‘ Dr Francis joined in the laughter. ‘Wonderful thoughtp 324 13C 1962
big for that. Try to imagine a planetary system orbiting around a central body of absolutely enormous size, each of thep 324 13C 1962
the lower half of the screen. ‘Alpha Centauri, the star around which revolves the planet the Station will one day landp 325 13C 1962
observation. ‘I wish you could go in there and move around them, Paul,‘ he concluded. ‘It's not the same spying throughp 327 13C 1962
happen, Roger. It's damn cold for the control crew working around the dome. Try to remember that the people outside arep 328 13C 1962
the sudden absence of movement. All morning, as he walked around the ship -- he no longer used the term Stationp 330 13C 1962
In the previous two months his mind had attacked everything around him voraciously, probing and analysing, examining every facet of lifep 330 13C 1962
enthusiasm, would have made of the circle of defeated faces around the table. ‘ ... regret as much as you do, gentlemen, thep 331 13C 1962
is a phased withdrawal, a gradual readjustment of the world around the crew that will bring them down to Earth asp 332 13C 1962
be necessary. At least.‘ There was a quickening of interest around the table. Francis watched Short with surprise. In fifteen yearsp 333 13C 1962
treated as heroes and accept the strangeness of the world around them.‘ Short looked across the table, waiting for someone top 333 13C 1962
yard intervals along the perimeter corridor, a narrow circular passageway around the main corridor. Alone there, the servos clicking and snappingp 337 13C 1962
peace within the space vehicle. ‘Earth itself is in orbit around the Sun,‘ he mused as he checked the seals, ‘andp 337 13C 1962
old Peters had spent a lot of time mysteriously pottering around the corridor, probably secreting a private food cache behind onep 337 13C 1962
the seven converging stars as they pursued their endless courses around the globe. Both would be oblivious of everything else, whichp 356 CS 1962
to spend on his private reveries. Pinned to the walls around him were a series of huge white-prints and architectural drawingsp 358 CS 1962
sand her husband had given his life to reach sifted around her in the dark wind, stroking her faded hair likep 358 CS 1962
house, the frosted letters of the hotel's neon sign strewn around their feet like the fragments of a dismembered zodiac, thenp 359 CS 1962
expose other people's motives and strip away the insulating sheaths around their naked nerve strings, particularly as his own motives forp 360 CS 1962
from the hatchways, their long-handled nets and lassos pinioning them around the necks and ankles. Bridgman remembered one beachcomber he hadp 361 CS 1962
the door creaking she turned and began to walk listlessly around the roof, her pale face floating like a nimbus. Shep 362 CS 1962
off her shoulders and entraining it horizontally behind her head. Around her feet the red Martian dust swirled and rustled, siltingp 362 CS 1962
through the lifting dust that whirled between the buildings. Suddenly, around a corner, they saw the line of wardens moving downp 363 CS 1962
forward like an attendant straight-arming a patient. The dust swirling around them, they disappeared through the fading streets and out intop 364 CS 1962
lost in the roar and clamour of the baying engine. Around them, like the strange metallic flora of some extraterrestrial gardenp 364 CS 1962
won't be the same with a fence all the way around it.‘ ‘A corner of Earth that is forever Mars.‘ Underp 365 CS 1962
UN General Assembly we are now building a continuous fence around the beach area. On completion no further egress will bep 365 CS 1962
mass of the Earth and bring it into tighter orbit around the Sun. Although the distance involved would be little morep 365 CS 1962
the perimeter were carried across to him by the wind. Around him, in the great dust basins, the grains of redp 367 CS 1962
of the capsules diminished they sank into a closer orbit around the earth, would soon touch the denser layers of thep 369 CS 1962
brief rendezvous and then setting off upon their lonely flight-paths around the perimeter of the ionosphere, the tidal edge of thep 369 CS 1962
among the dunes, an engine moaned. Before Bridgman could turn around, a brilliant blade of light cleft the sky in thep 370 CS 1962
at them. Holding tight to their masks, the wardens manoeuvred around him, their nets and lassos at the ready. Another groupp 372 CS 1962
He watched the pall disappear over the sea, then looked around at the other remnants of Merril's capsule scattered over thep 372 CS 1962
sand, cooling this replica of the planet which lay passively around him, and at last he understood why he had comep 372 CS 1962
bonding him to the spirit of the dead astronaut. Scattered around him on the Martian sand, in a sense Merril hadp 372 CS 1962
stage by the fading sun. As the Mozart chimed delicately around him, flowing from his wife's graceful hands, he saw thatp 298 GT 1962
tide. Some laboured under heavy loads suspended from crude yokes around their necks, others struggled with cumbersome wooden carts, their handsp 298 GT 1962
dissolved, only the outer petals remaining intact, and the air around Axel became bright and vivid, charged with slanting rays thatp 299 GT 1962
to the size of a glass thimble, the petals contracting around the vanishing core. A faint sparkle flickered from the centrep 299 GT 1962
from which he had safely awakened. He put one arm around his wife's smooth waist and pressed her affectionately to hisp 301 GT 1962
gather again. Shutting his ears to the clamour, Axel looked around at the villa, counting the six columns in the porticop 302 GT 1962
one of the conservatory windows. ‘Axel!‘ He put his arms around her, straightening his silk cravat when her shoulder brushed itp 302 GT 1962
foliage formed an impenetrable mass, and the people passing stepped around it carefully, noticing the belladonna entwined among the branches. Mostp 303 GT 1962
sign. ‘Tunis?‘ the girl called out, belting the man's raincoat around her trim waist, long black hair in a Left Bankp 289 IO 1962
magazines into the dashboard locker he saw the home-made bandage around the left wrist. She noticed him watching her and flashedp 289 IO 1962
Thanks for the lift.‘ Gregory nodded, watching the bandage slide around her slim wrist. He wondered which hospital she had sneakedp 289 IO 1962
their table. His eyes were sunk deep below his forehead, around his lips the brown staining of narcotic poisoning. ‘Christian!‘ Kalundborgp 294 IO 1962
irritably onto the floor. He edged restlessly away from Gregory around the bed, his eyes hungrily searching the wardrobe top andp 294 IO 1962
a Master's degree in law at Heidelberg.‘ He wandered off around the room, then stopped to survey Gregory closely. Gregory beganp 294 IO 1962
him there -- already there were half a dozen buildings around the city where he was persona non grata, elevator boysp 405 M99 1962
no doubt about it.‘ He sat forward, swinging the lamp around for emphasis. ‘Listen, Forbis, some time ago, I can't bep 407 M99 1962
exhilarated, his mind clear and unburdened at last. He gazed around the small flat roof, a thousand ideas tumbling past eachp 409 M99 1962
tugged at him. Go up to the 100th floor and ... Around him lay the roof-tops of the city, and half ap 409 M99 1962
the sweat from his face. There were no suicide grilles around the balcony, but their absence caused him no anxiety. Vansittartp 409 M99 1962
off as footsteps creaked on the stairway below. He swung around and watched the doorway, gesturing to Forbis to keep quietp 409 M99 1962
horns sounded up dimly from the street below, he turned around. ‘Good boy, Forbis.‘ The big man's voice was flat butp 410 M99 1962
stood on the terrace, the lapels growing tighter and tighter around his neck, the sleeves pinning his arms to his sidesp 341 PE 1962
her hat, waited for the sun-suit to clasp itself discreetly around her, then pushed Trantino aside and stalked off the terracep 342 PE 1962
of her hair. Like a soft sinuous snake, it circled around his arm, sleek with blue oil. He drained the flaskp 346 PE 1962
more confused by the fact that you may be moving around in someone else's extrapolation. In the tourist translation manual 185p 349 PE 1962
a hypodermic on me. There's even an Anti-Cartel agent sleuthing around, wants to see you about block bookings. Thinks you're ap 350 PE 1962
floor began to slide and weave. He stopped and looked around unsteadily. Tony was down on his knees, Margot flopped outp 352 PE 1962
and held out a tray. On it were three tickets. Around him the walls whirled. He woke in his bedroom, lyingp 352 PE 1962
spiralled away, vanished, and he moved his head and looked around. Margot was lying asleep beside him, and for a momentp 352 PE 1962
have you aboard, sir.‘ ‘Aboard?‘ Clifford repeated weakly. He looked around at the familiar furniture in the room, the curtains drawnp 353 PE 1962
let yourself feel at home here.‘ The seat cushioned up around me like an enormous white hand, and immediately the wallsp 307 TDS 1962
hand-crafted literally molecule by molecule.‘ I felt the room shift around me. The ceiling was dilating and contracting in steady pulsesp 307 TDS 1962
had been staged here when he sat up and looked around fretfully. At the same time my ears started to singp 307 TDS 1962
telescoping back into the wall. ‘Er, Mr Talbot, let's stroll around the garden, give you the feel of --‘ He brokep 307 TDS 1962
two wings, on the first floor, was an open terrace around a heart-shaped swimming pool. The terrace ran back to thep 309 TDS 1962
all right. But what about switching it on?‘ Stamers stepped around me and headed after Fay. ‘You'll want to see thep 309 TDS 1962
couple of days. ‘Quite a plant,‘ I commented. Fay wandered around in a daze of delight, automatically fingering the chrome. ‘Looksp 309 TDS 1962
with a powerful and oblique personality. As I walked slowly around the empty lounge, feeling the walls angle and edge awayp 310 TDS 1962
pert nose, seemed lost and anxious. I put my arm around her shoulder. ‘Okay, sweetie, you're quite right. Let's find somewherep 310 TDS 1962
real name. Don't say I told you, though everybody living around here knows it. We keep it quiet as long asp 310 TDS 1962
In the evenings I sat in the library, feeling her around me in the stirring walls, hovering nearby as I emptiedp 312 TDS 1962
it might be in there somewhere.‘ I put my arm around her and steered her back towards the kitchen. ‘Darling, you'rep 313 TDS 1962
day. ‘Fay, you know your talent for exaggeration ...‘ I searched around for the kitchen, momentarily disoriented as the corridor walls shiftedp 313 TDS 1962
I think you've really messed the place up.‘ I glanced around the dining room for any echo of Gloria Tremayne, butp 315 TDS 1962
her feet protruding. She wriggled out and flung her arms around me, sobbing noiselessly. ‘Howard, this house is insane, I thinkp 315 TDS 1962
This isn't a beach, Fay. You know it annoys me.‘ Around us the walls began to mottle and cloud again. Whyp 316 TDS 1962
unceremoniously -- apparently he hardly recognized me; I was striding around the dark quaking house like a madman in an Elizabethanp 317 TDS 1962
Shortly after three o'clock I fell asleep, the house revolving around me like an enormous turntable. It must have been onlyp 317 TDS 1962
darkened room. I was stretched across the bed, one hand around the neck of the decanter, the other holding a deadp 317 TDS 1962
tumbled over to the vents, reached them as they clamped around my fists, air whistling through my fingers. Face against thep 318 TDS 1962
the spray pour across my face from the sprinkler jets. Around me, its wings torn and disarrayed, the house reared upp 319 TDS 1962
now virtually vanished forever. Too many of the other buildings around the lagoon had long since slipped and slid away belowp 9 DW 1962
staircase, Riggs slapping with his baton at the vines entwined around the rail. ‘Haven't you got the elevator working yet? Ip 13 DW 1962
up and leaving for good.‘ He nodded when Kerans looked around in surprise. ‘Came through last night from Byrd. Apparently thep 13 DW 1962
I have enjoyed being here.‘ He gestured at the suite around them. ‘Perhaps it appeals to my fin de siecle temperamentp 15 DW 1962
up into the boiling air, the ring of massive plants around them seeming to dance in the heat gradients like ap 16 DW 1962
and America, and spent most of his spare time punting around the remoter water-ways, searching out former libraries and museums. Notp 20 DW 1962
Antarctic plateau broke and dissolved, tens of thousands of glaciers around the Arctic Circle, from Greenland and Northern Europe, Russia andp 22 DW 1962
the rising water-levels and the encroaching jungles, building elaborate sea-walls around their perimeters, but one by one these were breached. Onlyp 23 DW 1962
the starboard bridge of the testing station, the Paisley cummerbund around his waist and the green celluloid shade shielding his eyesp 23 DW 1962
by the diving board. Yellow venetian blinds masked the windows around three sides of the pool, but through the vanes theyp 24 DW 1962
Swatting at the mosquitoes with his forage cap, Macready looked around uncertainly. A secondary layer of screening around the wire meshp 31 DW 1962
cap, Macready looked around uncertainly. A secondary layer of screening around the wire mesh enclosing the base had long been onep 31 DW 1962
of a cloud of mosquitoes only a few token sections around Riggs‘ cabin had been completed. Now that they were movingp 31 DW 1962
light burning in the tech, corporal's glass-walled booth. Kerans gazed around the heavy wooden benches and cabinets lined with carbines andp 32 DW 1962
way out he scanned the dark green ammunition boxes stacked around the wall below the cabinets, all of them double-padlocked. Hep 32 DW 1962
laboratory at the testing station, fitting a dented paraboloid mirror around the single filament. Little more than a couple of wattsp 35 DW 1962
and within a few seconds Kerans felt the sweat gathering around his neck. Bodkin, sitting on the metal bedside chair withp 35 DW 1962
put the record player on his chair, wrapping the headphones around the case. ‘Perhaps that's the point, Lieutenant -- a sortp 36 DW 1962
and unhurried, despite the fatigue which had drained the skin around his eyes and mouth, making his long jaw seem evenp 37 DW 1962
of half-submerged buildings like a weary ship's chandler being rowed around a harbour for the-very first time. As they neared thep 39 DW 1962
burnt by the sun before they could reach the railing around the laboratory, while a dense refuse-filled mass of sargassum andp 39 DW 1962
and watched the landing craft swing in a diminishing arc around the base. While it berthed by the jetty Riggs heldp 44 DW 1962
it in front of him, cradling it between his hands. Around him the muted sounds of the laboratory formed a lowp 45 DW 1962
of admitting its theft. Caging the compass, he swung it around towards himself, without realising it sank into a momentary reveriep 45 DW 1962
negligible. Every reserve tank and cache in the gutted buildings around the lagoons had long since been siphoned dry by thep 47 DW 1962
in the green jelly of the water, and paddled slowly around the perimeter of the lagoon to Beatrice's apartment block. Intermittentlyp 48 DW 1962
drove on through the open windows on his right, slapping around the internal walls. Beatrice's power cruiser creaked painfully at itsp 48 DW 1962
streets. When he stepped out of the elevator the patio around the swimming pool was deserted, the previous evening's glasses stillp 48 DW 1962
into the lounge, a black towel in a single twist around her midriff. She was partly hidden in the dim lightp 49 DW 1962
shouting and feet racing down gangways. Kerans rose and hurried around the pool to the rail. ‘Don't tell me they're leavingp 50 DW 1962
and the cutter and the two launches surged and jockeyed around the landing jetty. The drooping rotors of the helicopter werep 50 DW 1962
not excited, just worried stiff. Everything is beginning to collapse around him. Lieutenant Hardman has disappeared!‘ Like an immense putrescent sorep 51 DW 1962
Clamped securely to the cabin handrail by the nylon harness around his waist and shoulders, Kerans gazed down at the unfoldingp 52 DW 1962
water, and he focused his attention on the area immediately around it. An immense profusion of animal life filled the creeksp 52 DW 1962
jungle again, the tall towers of the central lagoon pivoting around the hatchway. Hardman's disappearance had been discovered by a sick-bayp 53 DW 1962
as if Hardman were navigating a pocket battleship. Kerans looked around at the water eddying slowly past the cinema. A fewp 55 DW 1962
swamps and creeks, booming distantly over the great empty mudflats. Around them everything glistened in the immense heat, and the menp 59 DW 1962
leaned back against a pillar, listening to the echoes reverberate around him. Four hundred yards away two white-faced clock towers protrudedp 59 DW 1962
scuttered and darted through the floor cracks, or skated desperately around the dry baths in the bathrooms. Exacerbated by the heatp 60 DW 1962
five minutes, Sergeant. Now's the time for caution. He's somewhere around here.‘ Macready slung his Thompson over his shoulder and climbedp 60 DW 1962
the corridor and raced down the stairway, saw Hardman swinging around the banisters four floors below, hurling himself from one landingp 63 DW 1962
Roused from his attempt to reach the water, Hardman looked around at the group encircling him, released the catamaran and crouchedp 64 DW 1962
on an ornate fountain. Wild orchids and magnolia entwined themselves around the grey ionic columns of the old courthouse, a miniaturep 65 DW 1962
bludgeoning him like a thousand clubs, clouds of dust billowing around him. Abruptly the helicopter began to lose lift, with anp 66 DW 1962
vast white glare lit the grey stone of the buildings around the square, like an over-exposed photograph, reminding Kerans of thep 66 DW 1962
of iguana had approached, and the reptiles were now sidling around the edges of the square, braying at the men onp 68 DW 1962
thing holding up the dam.‘ He buttoned his cotton jacket around his shirtless chest. ‘That wasn't a true dream, Robert, butp 72 DW 1962
hallucinatory power. He was still obeying reason and logic, buzzing around his diminished, unimportant world with his little parcels of instructionsp 73 DW 1962
could hear Bodkin whispering impatiently -- they had swung right around into the narrow interval of water behind them and werep 75 DW 1962
soon covered two hundred yards, slowing as the current diminished around the curve, and finally lodged in a narrow inlet aboutp 76 DW 1962
handwheel a powerful jet of cold foaming water gushed up around his legs. By the time he returned to the lowerp 76 DW 1962
slowly, hovering steadily. The pilot, Sergeant Daley, swung the fuselage around so that the hatch door faced the lounge windows, andp 77 DW 1962
the noise and vibration with it. Kerans put his arm around Beatrice's shoulders, the bare oiled skin smooth under his fingersp 77 DW 1962
holding out at the Ritz. Anything else?‘ Beatrice wandered away around the sofa towards the bar. ‘Yes, darling. Shut up. You'rep 79 DW 1962
of no return. Although they might see one another occasionally, around the lagoons or at the testing station, their only truep 80 DW 1962
in time to see a huge white-hulled hydroplane speed by around the lagoon, its two long stepped planes cleaving perfect slicesp 81 DW 1962
exhilarated conquest. The silver studs of a cartridge belt flashed around his waist, and when he reached the far side ofp 81 DW 1962
and contracted in the heat. Already many of the buildings around the lagoon had disappeared beneath the proliferating vegetation; huge clubp 82 DW 1962
repressing the knowledge that when it did the external world around him would have become alien and unbearable. Sometimes he restlesslyp 83 DW 1962
Bodkin had become lost in his private reverie, punting aimlessly around the narrow creeks in search for the submerged world ofp 83 DW 1962
small metal scow and gazing vacantly at the unyielding buildings around him. He had stared straight through Kerans, failing to acknowledgep 83 DW 1962
stirred below the craft, and stick-beetle and water spider raced around its prows. It was a few minutes after seven o'clockp 84 DW 1962
their way into the clear water, churning in a pack around the now stationary hydroplane. The white-suited man was standing inp 85 DW 1962
almost jauntily to one side. The alligators congregated like hounds around their master, the wheeling cries of the dense cloud ofp 85 DW 1962
it. A few detached themselves and cruised off in pairs around the lagoon, ferreting among the submerged windows and driving offp 86 DW 1962
at the tail breaking off to station themselves at points around the shore. At least thirty or forty had remained inp 87 DW 1962
of the closing years of the Second Millennium.‘ He leaned around on one elbow and smiled at Beatrice, who sat withp 91 DW 1962
This is the Admiral, my chief whip. If I'm not around when you want me, deal with him.‘ He stood upp 91 DW 1962
silver, and a large tiered marble fountain. The metal shelves around the side of the hold were loaded with smaller bric-a-bracp 93 DW 1962
frequently. Usually he would be driving his hydroplane at speed around the lagoons, his white lounge suit exchanged for overalls andp 95 DW 1962
more practical. For some time he had noticed Bodkin punting around the creeks of the former university quarter -- often thep 96 DW 1962
the old man, much to his amusement, would be trailed around the narrow canals by one of the dragon-eyed scows, mannedp 96 DW 1962
completely opaque. A litter of leaves and weed floated slowly around it, occasionally disrupted by bubbles of trapped air erupting fromp 102 DW 1962
the air pressure was raised. The sounds seemed to boom around him in the dark olive-green water, thudding like the immensep 104 DW 1962
him, illuminated by the vivid surface water. The steel barricades around the entrance had been dismantled by the previous divers, andp 104 DW 1962
their luminous letters reflecting the light. A circular corridor led around the auditorium, the lamp throwing a pale cone of lightp 105 DW 1962
the planetarium had sealed a second inner ring of barricades around the auditorium, locked into place by padlocked cross-bars which hadp 105 DW 1962
of the open sky. Standing on the dais, he looked around at the blank rows of seats facing him, wondering whatp 107 DW 1962
an impulse of anger seized a loop and anchored it around the handle of the door. He waited until the linep 107 DW 1962
waited until the line tautened, then wound a second loop around the handle, providing himself with a radius of a dozenp 107 DW 1962
steps, his hand pressed numbly against the loop of line around the door handle, the soothing pressure of the water penetratingp 108 DW 1962
relax, don't think about it now.‘ She put her arm around his shoulders, glancing up watchfully at Strangman. He stood behindp 109 DW 1962
the dreams stretched away below the surface of the reality around him. ‘What brings you here?‘ he asked flatly. Strangman putp 113 DW 1962
I'm damned if I know you at all, Strangman. Racing around the lagoons like the delinquent spirit of the drowned cityp 114 DW 1962
wore a full-length blue brocade ball dress, the turquoise mascara around her eyes making her look like some exotic bird ofp 115 DW 1962
salvage a respectable linen jacket, an old piece of crepe around his neck a ragged concession to a black tie. Likep 115 DW 1962
the Egyptian style, with spiral gilt and ivory bolsters, disposed around it. A clutter of unmatched but nonetheless brilliant pieces ofp 116 DW 1962
but Strangman anticipated him. ‘Well, haven't you noticed?‘ He glanced around the table. ‘Beatrice? Dr. Bodkin? You three are slow. Comep 117 DW 1962
and whose noise had been masked by the pyrotechnic display. Around the ship the water had become strangely slack and lifelessp 118 DW 1962
a few desperate fish. Immediately half a dozen others appeared around it, already roughly delineating a narrow street. The upper linep 118 DW 1962
had formed into distinct channels, dark and sombre, eddying away around corners and into narrow alleyways. ‘Robert! Stop it! It's horriblep 119 DW 1962
did you seal off the perimeter? There's no Continuous wall around the lagoon.‘ ‘There is now, Doctor. I thought you werep 120 DW 1962
out brightly at the emerging streets in the dim light around them, the humped backs of cars and buses appearing throughp 120 DW 1962
former cinemas and theatres. ‘So you do know your way around here, Doctor! A pity you couldn't have helped us beforep 120 DW 1962
cliff. Apparently eighty to ninety feet higher, the tall buildings around the lagoon perimeter now cut off half the sky, enclosingp 121 DW 1962
head slowly, still staring out blankly at the darkened buildings around the square. ‘You two go, I must stay here.‘ Keransp 122 DW 1962
and guitars. A few derisive shouts of ‘Mistah Bones!‘ faded around Kerans as he helped Beatrice down off the gangway, andp 123 DW 1962
or government office -- and diverged from its circular path around the lagoon. One of these evaginations followed the route theyp 124 DW 1962
Flares held above their heads, a group of men appeared around a corner. In front of them was the white-faced figurep 126 DW 1962
Beatrice. ‘For you, my dear.‘ Deftly, he strung the strands around her neck, regarding the effect with pleasure. The entwined weedsp 126 DW 1962
other means. This blunting lethargy deepened, unbroken by the violence around him, and more and more he felt like a manp 127 DW 1962
a dozen of the sailors dressed themselves up, bow ties around their bare necks, and pranced through the streets in tremendousp 128 DW 1962
menacingly, a strange silence fall over the pack. He swung around to see Strangman saunter forward, a smirk twisting his lipsp 131 DW 1962
at the same time administer a salutary reproof. He skipped around Strangman's divan as the pack closed in, found his escapep 133 DW 1962
the divan, and a dozen, oily brown-skinned arms seized him around the neck and shoulders and somersaulted him backwards onto thep 133 DW 1962
the boards at Kerans‘ feet. Immediately a chanting circle formed around him, hands beat out an excited rantando, white teeth flashedp 134 DW 1962
Kerans swayed forward helplessly as the sweet, acrid weeds cascaded around his head and shoulders, the lights of the dancing flaresp 134 DW 1962
of the throne. As the rhythm of the drums beat around him, almost exorcising the deeper pulse booming faintly in thep 134 DW 1962
mind, he let his weight hang against the bloodied thongs around his wrists, indifferent to the pain as he sank inp 134 DW 1962
weave in and out of the marble nymphs, the drummers around the fires pivoting in their seats to follow their progressp 135 DW 1962
back-rest, pulling automatically at his clamped wrists. The kelp trailed around his neck and shoulders, falling over his eyes from thep 135 DW 1962
of dancers reappeared and formed itself into a chanting circle around him. Strangman detached himself from its centre -- he wasp 135 DW 1962
selected a skull and femur from the pile of bones around the throne, began to beat out a tattoo for Keransp 136 DW 1962
sun. Within an hour the square and the drained streets around it were silent, only & distant whir of an air-conditionerp 136 DW 1962
he glanced irritably at Big Caesar and the crew waiting around the dais in the torchlight, apparently as surprised as himselfp 137 DW 1962
the buildings as Big Caesar heaped the bones and sea-weed around his feet. With a shout from Strangman the drunken processionp 138 DW 1962
a rusty lamp-standard. Bludgeoning the curly pates of the men around him with his massive fists, Big Caesar fought his wayp 138 DW 1962
his seat. Two or three of the crew were spreadeagled around him and picked themselves up, and an upended wheel ofp 139 DW 1962
of the crew jabbering excitedly to each other. They gathered around the wrecked cart, then went over to look at thep 139 DW 1962
the fronds of the fern trees dipping into the water around the lagoon, the blood and copper bronzes of the afternoonp 142 DW 1962
group of hump-backed alligators. Luckily the alligators Strangman had posted around the lagoon were still in their nests among the buildingsp 143 DW 1962
to either move forward or withdraw, Kerans searched the darkness around the glow, then picked out the white brim of thep 146 DW 1962
at seeing Kerans gave way to alarm. She glanced anxiously around the room. ‘Darling, leave me here and get away. Ip 148 DW 1962
of her own small gold clasps in a contoured twist around her neck. ‘But Robert, even if we get out --p 148 DW 1962
limbs like a bloated giant's, the thousands of beads spilling around him. ‘Beatrice! Come on!‘ Kerans seized her arm, steered herp 149 DW 1962
old alligator you wore.‘ Phlegm choking his throat, Kerans swung around and handed the revolver to Beatrice, pressing her small handsp 151 DW 1962
and handed the revolver to Beatrice, pressing her small hands around the butt. Before their eyes could meet he looked awayp 151 DW 1962
lanced through the air after him Kerans turned and raced around the paddle, trying to reach the area behind the shipp 151 DW 1962
the square. Kerans felt someone take his elbow. He looked around at the solicitous beak-like face of Sergeant Macready, a submachine-gunp 152 DW 1962
square. Stripped of their weapons, Strangman and his crew sat around in the shade under the hull, supervised by the lightp 153 DW 1962
Colonel.‘ ‘You're probably right. I just thought he might be around.‘ He flashed Kerans a sympathetic smile, evidently having forgiven himp 153 DW 1962
the office at the machete scars sliced into the woodwork around the door, part of the damage gratuitously inflicted on thep 154 DW 1962
Clods of silt and torn vegetation spattered on the tiles around Kerans, and he stumbled to his feet and reached thep 160 DW 1962
Colt, held the butt in both hands and fired twice around the corner at the approaching hatless figure of Riggs. Bothp 161 DW 1962
a balustrade. Feet moved quickly towards him and he looked around as Beatrice raced along the terrace. Reaching the corner asp 161 DW 1962
down onto the silt bank Riggs and Sergeant Daley appeared around the corner and fired into the foliage, but Kerans duckedp 161 DW 1962
sludge-covered slopes, hoping for a southward extension of the water-way. Around him the great banks undulated for miles, the curving dunesp 164 DW 1962
valley between wooded slopes. Crowded with vegetation, the hills rolled around the valley like the dunes he had crossed earlier, enclosingp 166 DW 1962
air, like the groan of a stricken animal. Kerans looked around him quickly, wondering if an iguana had followed him intop 166 DW 1962
gratitude. Wiping the moisture from his face, Kerans stepped cautiously around the altar, drew back with a start when he almostp 167 DW 1962
again the face showed some slight reaction. The deep recesses around the mouth and nose, the hollowed cheeks that encroached sop 167 DW 1962
failed to notice him. The dirt and raw sun-blistered skin around the deep eye sockets turned them into blackened funnels, atp 167 DW 1962
here! Where have you come from?‘ His left hand scuttled around the wet stony clay like a crab, as if lookingp 168 DW 1962
back through the rain and built a crude stone shelter around the supine figure, covering the cracks with creeper torn fromp 168 DW 1962
palazzo, and the million dollars‘ worth of generous purchases spread around her apartments in Paris, London and New York, represented freedomp 396 TSS 1962
strange flawed beauty, her fits of melancholy and compulsive roving around the world's capitals. Her brief career as a film actressp 396 TSS 1962
a dead glaze in her slate-blue eyes, an uneasy tension around the mouth. Altogether I had a vague impression of somethingp 397 TSS 1962
and personal.‘ ‘Of course, Miss Goalen,‘ Nevers agreed hurriedly, looking around desperately. As he knew only too well, sonic sculpture wasp 397 TSS 1962
please!‘ Lunora cried as the sounds fell away. She looked around uncertainly. Mme Charcot was stepping nearer with a curiously watchfulp 398 TSS 1962
great success. Ten thousand dollars!‘ I did a quick jig around the statue. ‘That's the sort of redistribution of wealth Ip 399 TSS 1962
was driving out to correct it. Taking the beach road around the lagoon, I looked across at the Goalen mansion, anp 399 TSS 1962
with interest. In her black slacks and shirt, blonde hair around her shoulders, she looked more relaxed, but sunglasses still maskedp 400 TSS 1962
I saw her at the rail, the white ermine wrap around her shoulders stirring in the wind as she stared atp 401 TSS 1962
broke away and ran through the darkness. ‘Lunora!‘ She looked around, the hair over her face matted with tears. She leanedp 403 TSS 1962
Renthall assumed were huge pieces of optical equipment. He looked around at the further towers, suspended from the sky at threep 373 WT 1962
Osmond asked when he had disposed his long, thin legs around the table. ‘It should do,‘ Renthall said. ‘Hanson went downp 374 WT 1962
at least it's something to do.‘ He put an arm around Mrs Osmond's shoulders and began to play with the darkerp 375 WT 1962
to her knee Mrs Osmond stood up and prowled aimlessly around the room, straightening her skirt. ‘Julia, what is the matterp 375 WT 1962
not open the next day. When they tired of hanging around the hotel after breakfast he and Hanson went down top 375 WT 1962
awning, staring vacantly at the watch-towers hanging over the roof-tops around them. Their activity had lessened considerably since the previous dayp 376 WT 1962
mean.‘ She gave a slight shiver, and pulled her cardigan around her shoulders. ‘You know, on the days when they're busyp 379 WT 1962
when they're busy behind their windows I can hardly move around, it's terrible. I feel so listless, all I want top 380 WT 1962
soon noticed a subtle but nonetheless distinct quickening of interest around him. The usual fragmentary murmur of conversation would fade awayp 381 WT 1962
the cafe terrace, the silent watch-towers suspended from the air around him, when he saw Hanson hurrying along the street. ‘Dop 383 WT 1962
We're about to issue invitations.‘ Barnes hesitated, casting his eye around Renthall's faded room and few shabby books as if hopingp 384 WT 1962
the hotel, conscious of the guests watching from the tables around him. Many had brought visitors with them, and he guessedp 385 WT 1962
pique, exasperated by the spectacle of the boredom and lethargy around him and the sullen fear with which everyone viewed thep 387 WT 1962
exposed to the score of watch-towers hanging in the air around them, and he wondered whether Mulvaney was out of hisp 388 WT 1962
least perturbed by the tower. At two or three points around the crescent sun-bathers had emerged, as if answering some deepp 389 WT 1962
tougher proposition than some of the people they've been pushing around. Forget the whole thing.‘ ‘But I don't want to forgetp 389 WT 1962
small community -- such as the residents of the hotels around this crescent -- could be induced to accept a givenp 391 WT 1962
into the emerging past. They realize that the uterine sea around them, the dark womb of the ocean mother, is asp 199 UGM 1963
dealing with more subtle sets of responses. Malek followed him around the villa, never interfering -- unless Constantin tried to bribep 504 EG 1963
once Malek smiled, a thin sneer of amusement hung fleetingly around his mouth. ‘Have you ever killed anything, Mr Constantin?‘ hep 510 EG 1963
Constantin. With a glance at the sealed windows, he moved around the chess table towards the lounge. ‘We will postpone thep 510 EG 1963
for Malek -- it would be easy to pursue him around the villa, arguing hysterically and badgering him with neurotic questionsp 510 EG 1963
was elsewhere, upon the enigma cloaked by Malek's expressionless face. Around him a thousand invisible clocks raced onwards towards their beckoningp 512 EG 1963
Latterly he had noticed that Malek's movements and general activity around the villa seemed to have quickened. He still sat forp 513 EG 1963
confirmed Constantin's reappraisal of the situation. He still followed Constantin around the villa, but his attentions were noticeably more perfunctory, asp 516 EG 1963
wind. The casements were slightly loose, and the air lanced around them. The villa was poorly heated, only the single radiatorp 517 EG 1963
suggest that you --‘ ‘Malek!‘ Constantin stood up and paced around the lounge. ‘Don't you realize that you must? You're literallyp 518 EG 1963
of the room. Drawing the lapels of the dressing gown around his chest, Constantin studied the board with a desultory eyep 519 EG 1963
windows. Outside the cold morning air whirled in frantic circles around the small stone yard, the leaves spiralling upwards into thep 520 EG 1963
few flames entwined in the chimney like the ideas playing around the periphery of his mind. At last, he felt, ap 524 MO 1963
doorway of Normand's office, Dr Mellinger ran his eye cursorily around the room. On the desk, hastily opened, was a slimp 525 MO 1963
relaxed gathering; his subordinates lay back in the leather armchairs around the fire, while Dr Mellinger leaned against the desk, supervisingp 528 MO 1963
illusions buttressing illusions, a vast edifice of fantasy was erected around the wholly mythical identity of one patient. This imaginary figurep 528 MO 1963
as Normand, Redpath and Booth nodded their agreement. He walked around his desk and took his seat. ‘Perhaps, gentlemen, it isp 529 MO 1963
husband.‘ For a moment there was consternation. The three men around the fire sat upright, their drinks forgotten, while Dr Mellingerp 529 MO 1963
expiring bubbles, but the sea shrank away from him, disappearing around the corners of the houses, sliding below the garage doorsp 472 NWS 1963
felt the spray on my hands. The waves were breaking around my feet. I wasn't dreaming.‘ ‘You must have been.‘ Miriamp 472 NWS 1963
salinity is well above normal --‘ ‘But Richard ...‘ Miriam looked around helplessly, her husband's calmness exhausting her. ‘The sea isn't therep 473 NWS 1963
on the pale turf, illuminating the mouth of the mine-shaft, around which the same desultory activity was taking place. For thep 477 NWS 1963
exhausted on the wet pavements as the drowned streets rose around him. Once a police patrol car found him in itsp 477 NWS 1963
his shoulders, shoals of luminous algae swarmed in the water around him. His eyes smarted in the saline air. He reachedp 478 NWS 1963
turned and stared back at him. Her white hair swirled around her face like a spume of silver steam and thenp 478 NWS 1963
must build a heavier railing, if this fellow is wandering around in his sleep.‘ ‘I don't think he'll bother to comep 479 NWS 1963
suggestion that Connolly and the hundreds of other investigators deployed around the continent were being too persistent. When all was saidp 436 QR 1963
looked back at the derelict landing stage as it disappeared around a bend, barely distinguishable from the jungle, which was asp 438 QR 1963
Trinidad, but the last radio contact before the ionization layers around the capsule severed transmission indicated that he had under-shot hisp 439 QR 1963
want to do a few patrols. I can't just sit around for three days.‘ ‘Naturally. Don't worry, Lieutenant. If your astronautp 440 QR 1963
shadows. With a snap of irritation, Ryker cupped his hand around the youth's pate and propelled him with a backward swingp 443 QR 1963
room was dingy and cheerless. Crude bamboo shelves were strung around the walls, ornamented with a few primitive carvings of ivoryp 443 QR 1963
rear window. Outside was the compound, the circle of huts around its perimeter. A few Indians squatted in the shadows, spearsp 444 QR 1963
take it from me there's no trace of an aircraft around here. Any rescue mission would be wasting their time.‘ Pereirap 444 QR 1963
what next! The Moon pilot. Do they really think he's around here? But what a place to roost.‘ He leaned outp 445 QR 1963
the parcel, watching the Indians. There were more than fifty around the compound now, squatting in their doorways, a few ofp 445 QR 1963
buzz sounded from the direction of his hut. He looked around sharply, waiting for it to end, and for a momentp 446 QR 1963
irrespective of those already established. This maze extended for miles around them. ‘If you get lost, don't panic but stay wherep 448 QR 1963
his panic, he began to shout over the bobbing heads around him, to his surprise heard one of the Indians besidep 451 QR 1963
was taken up, the crowd stopped and re-formed its cordon around him. Gasping, Connolly steadied himself, and started to search thep 451 QR 1963
the tribes with cargo cults have degenerated completely. They lie around all day on the beaches, waiting for the WHO flyingp 453 QR 1963
A few empty tobacco tins lay about on the shelves around the room, and a stack of empty bottles cluttered onep 454 QR 1963
him to inspect. The youth watched the second hand sweep around the dial, an expression of rapt and ecstatic concentration onp 455 QR 1963
with his hands, Connolly examined the dial. The metal housing around it was badly torn and scratched, as if the instrumentp 456 QR 1963
community of superstitious and materialistic sightseers, their whole culture oriented around the mythical god of the puppet star. It was Connollyp 458 QR 1963
He dropped his voice when he noticed the people sitting around him glancing over their shoulders, ears drawn to his highp 430 RE 1963
and speed of the successfully launched satellite, and its pathway around the globe. Idly, Pelham calculated that it would take somep 430 RE 1963
than that of the vulgar, stupid herd on the beach around him. ‘Something's in the water.‘ Mildred pointed along the shorep 431 RE 1963
edge of his field of vision, boring dimly towards him. Around them, people began to stand up, and chairs scraped andp 433 RE 1963
work their way back to the promenade. As they stepped around the corner, however, the crowd advancing down the beach carriedp 433 RE 1963
Then he sat up abruptly, staring sharply at the room around him. ‘Calcutta? What the hell --?‘ The memory had beenp 531 SA 1963
oaks still sat on the bench, jacket collar turned up around his neck. Delighted by the simmering brew, Elliott relaxed onp 531 SA 1963
Harley Street!‘ Elliott snapped. As he sat up and looked around at the familiar furniture in the lounge and the drenchedp 533 SA 1963
been part of the system of fantasy. Elliott wandered ruminatively around the lounge, listening to the rain sweep like hail acrossp 534 SA 1963
memories lay below the surface of his mind, all revolving around the identity of the missing Indian doctor. Unable to dispelp 534 SA 1963
fireplace tiles. Elliott stared at the fragments of wet glass around his feet, then sat down in the centre of thep 535 SA 1963
forehead burned with heat, his mind inventing strings of fantasies around the Dr Singh wanted by the police. He felt hisp 536 SA 1963
table in the dining room. He had forgotten his way around the house, and the topography of another home, apparently ap 537 SA 1963
at the bed in the darkness, the wardrobes and mirrors around him like the furniture of a dream. ‘Ramadya, Ramadya,‘ hep 537 SA 1963
the way? No one we know, I hope?‘ Judith glanced around the hall, and noticed the telephone receiver on the floorp 539 SA 1963
very sweet and pretty.‘ ‘Like you.‘ Elliott put his hands around her waist, but Judith pointed to the broken glass inp 540 SA 1963
warning vibratos, but now the Lincoln passed them unrecognized. Abruptly, around a steep bend, the reefs and peaks vanished, and thep 542 SG 1963
aristocratic face, its strong jaw belied by an indefinable weakness around the mouth, seemed somehow daunted and indecisive, as if hep 544 SG 1963
then the uniform of avant-garde film men -- were gathered around a heavily jowled man like a perspiring bear who wasp 545 SG 1963
were now sitting half asleep under the coloured umbrellas erected around the mobile cocktail bar. The only sign of movement camep 548 SG 1963
internal landscape of the psyche projected upon the sun-filled terraces around me. But before I could call to her, footsteps gratedp 549 SG 1963
at me in surprise, drawing the hood of her gown around her face like an exotic flower withdrawing into its foliagep 550 SG 1963
can, just like these. Don't change the designs.‘ She gazed around at the zodiacal symbols looming from the shadows like thep 550 SG 1963
who was staring at him fixedly. She drew her robe around her and stepped quickly through the screens. Charles moved forwardsp 551 SG 1963
this synthetic landscape. After all, if she knows that everything around her is unreal she'll cease to fear it.‘ ‘But can'tp 552 SG 1963
and ran away down a corridor, her gown falling loosely around her bare shoulders. As the screens once more reached thep 553 SG 1963
in the dark centre with the screens jostling and tilting around her, the sculpture on the roof hooting in the narrowp 553 SG 1963
the psyche with the confidence of a sleepwalker. My arm around her waist, I guided her up the steps to herp 554 SG 1963
retreating from the inrush of sunlight, her white gown flared around her like the broken wings of some enormous bird. Thenp 557 SG 1963
fabric of his white suit lacerated by a hundred punctures. Around him were scattered the jewels and crushed bodies of thep 557 SG 1963
the drive. ‘Dr Franklin! The signs!‘ Head down, Franklin swerved around an elderly couple approaching the out-patients department. His car wasp 412 SM 1963
it this time?‘ he snapped. ‘I'm sick of you hanging around here all day.‘ Hathaway lurched to a halt in frontp 412 SM 1963
tag: ‘NYN 299-566-367-21 -- can you see it?‘ Hathaway leaned around lazily, one sandal up on the bonnet, surveying the squarep 413 SM 1963
into the great suburban arteries with their multi-acre parking aprons around the marketing centres. Together the roadways and car parks coveredp 414 SM 1963
cities were springing from the motels, cafes and car marts around the highways. At the slightest hint of an intersection ap 415 SM 1963
among the forest of electric signs and route indicators. All around him cars bulleted along, streaming towards the suburbs. Relaxed byp 415 SM 1963
of the gimcrack buildings in the settlement that straggled away around a near-by flyover, a low-rent area inhabited by service-station personnelp 415 SM 1963
appliances against substantial overall price cuts, and forced to drive around all day from supermarket to supermarket, frantically trying to keepp 417 SM 1963
the enclosure, the cars describing a loose semi-circle fifty feet around it. He turned to the janitor sweeping out the foyerp 418 SM 1963
Franklin began to take a closer interest in the landscape around him. Usually he was either too tired or too preoccupiedp 419 SM 1963
giant housewives with electric eyes and teeth jerked and postured around their ideal kitchens, neon flashes exploding from their smiles. Thep 419 SM 1963
Hathaway asked as Franklin wound up the windows and glanced around the lines of parked cars. ‘Is someone after you?‘ Franklinp 419 SM 1963
twelve hours to fourteen. In some of the appliance plants around the city Sunday working is being introduced as a normp 420 SM 1963
was absent. When the first of the explosions sounded dimly around the city and he read of the attempts to sabotagep 422 SM 1963
to a store and bought it! He carried the inventory around with him, adding to it as necessary, quietly and withoutp 423 SM 1963
on to the grass verge, and a crowd was gathering around one of the signs. Two small black figures were climbingp 423 SM 1963
lights stuttered in their faces. Below, behind the steel palisades around the island, was a large group of police and engineersp 424 SM 1963
his dreams. Bridges kicked back his chair and lurched away around the table, pounding Shepley across the shoulders. ‘You come withp 460 TT 1963
submerged to his waist as the fine crystals poured away around him, feeling for spurs of firmer rock. The cupola ofp 462 TT 1963
he nodded. They began to cleave away the sand piled around the door, Shepley driving it down the slope where itp 463 TT 1963
in a firmer voice ‘And stop moving all that sand around! These tombs have been hidden for ten thousand years. Don'tp 464 TT 1963
go past.‘ ‘Or Traxel,‘ Shepley said, sobering quickly. He glanced around the lake below, searching the shadows among the tombs inp 464 TT 1963
of the catafalque and the long sheath-like gown that swept around her hips to the floor. Her face, like an exquisitep 465 TT 1963
black-walled chancel to greet him, the great reptilian wings unfurling around her, he stood behind one of the columns in thep 466 TT 1963
thought of trying to reinsert into the projector, now fluttered around him in the sand. Below, he could hear the soundsp 470 TT 1963
be a new recruit.‘ He glanced dourly at the blood around Shepley's mouth. ‘Looks as if they've been fighting over thep 471 TT 1963
times a week about the landings to the women's societies around here and put himself completely at our disposal. I'm afraidp 481 VH 1963
Ylla's, the Dome -- which stretched down to the sidewalk. Around the square were a dozen gift-shops filled with cheap souvenirsp 481 VH 1963
girl sauntering past. Left alone for the moment, Ward looked around him and picked at a cellophane transfer of a ringedp 482 VH 1963
Radar Command chain and even had the National Guard driving around town ringing a bell. Sure enough, there were two whitep 484 VH 1963
to a visitor from Venus I think I'd be running around in a flat spin, notifying every government and observatory inp 488 VH 1963
circles in the sand, one for each of the planets. Around Uranus he drew five lesser orbits and marked one ofp 492 VH 1963
Mr Kandinski,‘ Ward interrupted. ‘You say he drew five orbits around Uranus? One for each of the moons?‘ Kandinski nodded. ‘Yesp 492 VH 1963
Brussels discovered a sixth moon of Uranus.‘ The audience looked around at Ward and began to murmur. ‘Why should this Venusianp 492 VH 1963
on foot across the remaining three hundred yards. The contours around him were marked on the map, but the hills hadp 493 VH 1963
There was a clutter of tiny objects on the sand around him, and at first Ward thought he was at prayerp 493 VH 1963
away the book and walked down the slope. Kandinski looked around and then climbed to his feet. The coating of redp 493 VH 1963
the sky like gigantic fragments of an apocalyptic message. Looking around, he realized that Kandinski must have walked from the bus-stopp 495 VH 1963
analysis?‘ Ward made no reply to the invitation. He drove around the square and parked under the trees, then looked upp 495 VH 1963
a broad roll-top desk in the room above the Tycho. Around the wall hung white cardboard screens packed with lines ofp 495 VH 1963
a third Uranus and possibly a fourth is in orbit around Neptune. This solves the difficulty that puzzled you and antagonizesp 495 VH 1963
had already sunk into the sand. A fluted rim ran around the edge of the disc and separated the upper andp 499 VH 1963
from him nervously. Kandinski lurched past her and staggered blindly around the darkened hall. ‘Where is it?‘ he roared. The girlp 500 VH 1963
in the hollow the upper and lower rotor sections swung around more slowly, at about one revolution per second. The space-shipp 501 VH 1963
the exurban man-made wilderness: swamps and garbage heaps, alligators crawling around in broken bottles and tin cans, neon arabesques of motelsp 126 UGM 1964
their offices and shops as accounts of the giant circulated around the city. By the time we reached the dunes abovep 641 DG 1964
waited on the shingle slopes, eager for a closer view. Around the margins of the figure the sand had been washedp 641 DG 1964
towards the hands and feet. My companions and I walked around the seaward side of the giant, whose hips and thoraxp 642 DG 1964
of the toes and on the forehead. The experts strode around the giant, heads nodding in vigorous consultation, preceded by thep 644 DG 1964
the like, also appeared on the scene, and strolled slowly around the giant, hands in the pockets of their long overcoatsp 645 DG 1964
the contractor's hut. A loose wooden scaffolding had been erected around the carcass, from which a dozen ladders swung in thep 647 DG 1964
materialized from his dreams. Involuntarily he would search the sand around the tent for any signs of their damp skins. ‘Thep 628 DS 1964
through the sand. The muted sounds of the camp stirred around him -- the cooling plash of water in the showerp 629 DS 1964
kind, however childish, alone sustained Gifford's interest in the people around him), and carefully averted his face as he asked: ‘Butp 630 DS 1964
reptiles were the dominant species. These snakes are probably carrying around what is virtually a coded internal landscape, a picture ofp 630 DS 1964
ankle. Anyway, that boy Mechippe sent is probably still hanging around here somewhere.‘ ‘But Mechippe insisted he was reliable.‘ Louise lookedp 632 DS 1964
across the mud-flats, almost unaware of the movement and arguments around him. His wife and Mechippe formed a tenuous bridge withp 634 DS 1964
Panting slightly after the exertion of sitting up, Gifford looked around restlessly at the clutter of tents. Diagonally behind him, emergingp 636 DS 1964
and your snakes. Charles, you are a scream.‘ Louise paced around the stretcher-chair, downwind of the cradle, then withdrew to thep 636 DS 1964
the revolver, struggling with the crutches. But the darkness condensed around him, and the sand came upwards to strike his facep 638 DS 1964
supervising the stowage of the stores, the Indian boys moving around him like willing children. ‘Why all the hurry? Can't youp 639 DS 1964
them away?‘ Judith hovered behind the wheelchair, her hands glancing around his bandaged eyes like nervous doves. She peered across thep 650 GTN 1964
with the house saved her from having to guide him around it. A few rope hand-rails and one or two buffersp 651 GTN 1964
of the willows or the sounds of a bee bumping around the glass water jug on the table beside him wouldp 652 GTN 1964
the thin torch beam and the few needles of light around the curtains had filled his brain like arc lights. Hep 655 GTN 1964
his bag. ‘You've been living in an unusual zone, sitting around doing nothing but with your optic nerves alert, a no-man'sp 655 GTN 1964
stood on the terrace, and watched him make his way around the wheelchair. When he reached the willows she called: ‘Allp 656 GTN 1964
had clamped a security cordon as tight as Los Alamos's around their own affected area in the Pripet Marshes of Byelorussiap 606 IM 1964
shake of his head he peered out at the activity around us. ‘But I admit I can't see why they havep 608 IM 1964
river widened in its approach towards Maynard, and the water around the two landing craft ahead was touched by a curiousp 609 IM 1964
cascades of rippling colour that lanced away into the air around us. Then, slowly, the coruscation subsided and the images ofp 609 IM 1964
despite the shadows of the people getting to their feet around us, as if the light from the forest had contaminatedp 611 IM 1964
to go, and waited as the police captain strode briskly around the car. ‘You'll need your embarkation card, Dr Thomas.‘ Thep 611 IM 1964
of trestle tables. The main body of the forest curved around us, circling the northern perimeter of the town, and wep 612 IM 1964
as the perimeter fence, running like a serrated white bandage around the prismatic wound of the forest, people turned to watchp 613 IM 1964
at their controls. Sirens sounded from the staff cars parked around the inspection area, and there was a concerted rush towardsp 613 IM 1964
Mathieu and a soldier, hands shielding their faces, were disappearing around a bend -- but the icy air blocked my pathp 614 IM 1964
blossoming into a thousand fleur-de-lis crystals. Quickly making my way around the house as the zone of safety moved off throughp 615 IM 1964
was always icy, the dark shadows perpetually closing and unfolding around us -- he would wait impatiently, watching me with ruminativep 618 IM 1964
reinforcing this impression, the windows on to the veranda running around the house were now encrusted with elaborate scroll-like designs, likep 618 IM 1964
Marquand!‘ A shot roared into the clearing, its report echoing around the glass trees, and the blond-haired police captain raced towardsp 619 IM 1964
crystal trellises of the spanish moss shattered and frosted, collapsing around me like a house of mirrors. Leaping down from thep 619 IM 1964
down the steps, scrutinizing me suspiciously. ‘What are you doing around here? Aren't you one of the visiting party?‘ I explainedp 619 IM 1964
take me back to the army post? I've been wandering around the forest all day.‘ A morose frown twisted his longp 619 IM 1964
the forest is going to do. Keep moving but circle around on yourself, or you'll get lost.‘ ‘Wait a minute!‘ Ip 619 IM 1964
headache.‘ ‘Just an alligator, Emerelda. There are some smart alligators around here, I have to watch them. You get some restp 620 IM 1964
I could see the great fractured bowl of the moon. Around me, in the vitreous walls, the reflected stars glittered likep 621 IM 1964
Agriculture. The trailer, and the tables and the equipment scattered around it had been enveloped by the intense frost, and thep 622 IM 1964
organ with my arm as the Pelestrina and Bach echoed around us. At dusk, when the sun sank in a thousandp 624 IM 1964
like the votive windows of a city of cathedrals. Everywhere around us I could see countless smaller birds, butterflies and insectsp 625 IM 1964
obviously animated Georg as he moved with dapper, light-footed ease around his desk to greet me. His blue silk summer suitp 576 LL 1964
was not stolen from the gallery at all.‘ The hubbub around us had re-started. Two hundred noses once again were liftedp 577 LL 1964
informally incorporated into their paintings -- perhaps Ahasuerus would move around, posing as himself, driven by a sort of guilt compulsionp 581 LL 1964
fitting prelude to the final chapter. The air bled diamonds around us, sparkling off the immense spires of rock, the hugep 586 LL 1964
waves writhing at our feet, like reptiles in a pit. Around us the great cliffs seemed to sink downward into thep 571 PCD 1964
that they echoed with the darker murmur of deep water. Around me the breakers fell among the rocks with a rhythmicp 571 PCD 1964
her robe, and I saw her bare feet, seaweed wreathed around her toes. ‘Now listen to the shell. The sea isp 572 PCD 1964
outstretched hands seemed almost to touch mine. The water raced around her robe, swirling it into strange liquid patterns. Her facep 573 PCD 1964
island with images of burning bombers falling through the air around him. Later, with the attacks of beri-beri, the nightmare passedp 589 TB 1964
a light shining through the palms far into the distance around the atoll. Confusing this with the image of his wifep 594 TB 1964
out left or right at an oblique course, oriented himself around the sun and pressed on resolutely north or south, hep 595 TB 1964
for that matter, of any other events in the world around him ... He maintains that he came to the island top 597 TB 1964
Surprised, but taking the reply at face value, she looked around her. ‘Here?‘ ‘In a manner of speaking.‘ After inspecting thep 598 TB 1964
of the concrete flanks, his eyes raised to the sun. Around him the lines of cubes formed the horizon of hisp 600 TB 1964
Los Alamos. Again, a block seemed to vanish. The corridors around him remained intact, but somewhere in his mind had appearedp 601 TB 1964
reluctant to leave this anonymous swell of sand. He shuffled around its edges, and sat down in the mouth of ap 602 TB 1964
and seized the canteen. A cupful of flat water swilled around the rusting bottom. Traven gulped down the water, the dissolvedp 602 TB 1964
of rusty wire. After unwinding it, he secured a harness around the corpse's chest and dragged it from the crevice. Thep 604 TB 1964
position, and set off along the perimeter of the blocks. Around him the island remained silent. The lines of palms hungp 604 TB 1964
his bunker, he untied the wire cord he had fastened around his waist. He took the chair left for him byp 604 TB 1964
He began to take a fuller interest in the world around him, watching the people in the avenue through the frenchp 561 TP 1964
flushing his face. Outside, in the grounds, he examined everything around him, as if comparing it with some Elysian paradise inp 562 TP 1964
pink glow filling out his cheeks, and he moved busily around the house. A month afterwards his sister returned to herp 562 TP 1964
go on indefinite leave. For a week Falkman listlessly paced around the huge empty house. Sam Banbury frequently called to seep 563 TP 1964
He traced with his eyes the exquisite dips and hollows around his wife's neck and chin, the white skin sweeping smoothlyp 564 TP 1964
woman asked. She walked into the lounge, folding her robe around her waist. ‘What's he supposed to be doing?‘ ‘He's fightingp 658 VD 1964
the volcano.‘ ‘There's nothing there, senor.‘ ‘I want to look around the crater. I need someone who knows the pathways.‘ ‘It'sp 660 VD 1964
the crater. A pall of ash hung in the air around him. ‘What's he waiting for?‘ the woman asked. ‘Another dollarp 662 VD 1964
all day on the hatchway, her faded red hair blown around her black shawl, muttering at the people going down top 9 D 1965
own case. For some time now Quilter had followed him around, no doubt assuming that Ransom's solitary weekends among the marshesp 11 D 1965
and watch the glowing parabolas extinguish themselves in the water around him. Looking at the contents of the cabin as hep 13 D 1965
the stern of the boat, where three more men sat around the tiller, their pinched faces looking across the water atp 16 D 1965
in the shadow of the pylons, the trailer families sat around a huge garbage fire, their faces blazing like voodoo cultistsp 18 D 1965
five or six men, members of Johnstone's parish militia, stood around a dusty green saloon car, shouting at the driver. Tempersp 25 D 1965
pad in his pocket and pointed to the address. ‘Drive around the block and park by the river, then walk downp 26 D 1965
procedure for reaching the coast. He stood up and wandered around the house, uncertain how to begin the task of mobilizingp 28 D 1965
it; for a day I've been carrying the Atlantic Ocean around in my head. I feel as if I'm turning intop 40 D 1965
a bit tiresome at times. You'll be able to moon around, come to terms with Judith --‘ Ransom walked to thep 43 D 1965
Charles ...‘ A smile crossed Lomax's face like a slow crack around a vase. ‘That's a suggestion worth bearing in mind. Whatp 43 D 1965
walked on towards the door. ‘Quilty! What are you creeping around for -- oh! Who the hell are you?‘ Miranda Lomaxp 44 D 1965
the architect's sister, her white hair falling like a shawl around her robe, stood barefoot in the entrance to the hallp 44 D 1965
at the soiled top of the slip she wore loosely around her breasts. Already she was beginning to look as derelictp 45 D 1965
instructed me to take part.‘ ‘Doctor, you should.‘ Miranda looked around with a flourish, the white hair veiling her face likep 46 D 1965
to last for ever.‘ He gestured at the dusty landscape around them. ‘This is what they like. A few weeks fromp 46 D 1965
the main avenue was blocked by a dozen cars jammed around a large articulated truck that had tried to reverse intop 47 D 1965
at Ransom. A monotonous chorus of bellows and grunts sounded around the zoo, the visceral cries reflected off the concrete pensp 50 D 1965
prowled up and down its cage, arms and head rolling around the bars. A hyena stared at Ransom like a blindp 50 D 1965
high-pitched whine. Next to it a pair of cheetahs flicked around their cages, their small, killing heads swivelling as Ransom passedp 50 D 1965
the devil is he up to? Has he been hanging around before?‘ ‘Who was that? I didn't see him.‘ ‘Lomax's familiarp 52 D 1965
across the central promenade. He stopped behind the flamingo pool. Around him the animals patrolled their cages in the bright sunp 50 D 1965
eyes cleared in the darkness. Suspended in the dim air around him, their pearly bodies rotating like the vanes of elaboratep 50 D 1965
Suspended from his belt by a piece of string fastened around its severed neck, was a dead peacock, its jewelled tailp 50 D 1965
he held Quilter's arm above the elbow. Startled, Quilter looked around, his liquid eyes rolling beneath his dented brows. ‘Doctor --p 50 D 1965
enjoyed zoos.‘ ‘Doctor ...‘ Quilter gazed down at the fingers clenched around his arm, a puzzled frown on his face. ‘Doctor, Ip 50 D 1965
lying on the path near by. Ransom watched the houses around him. The sign had been made within the last minutesp 56 D 1965
covering the footprints. Five minutes later he could hear all around him the running steps of the men following his pathp 57 D 1965
the centre of the road half a dozen men appeared around him, arms outstretched as they feinted with their nets, watchingp 57 D 1965
lassos from all directions. As he fell the fishermen closed around him, and the nets caught him before he could touchp 57 D 1965
the pad to his temple. He remembered the nets closing around him in the hot airless road, like the capes ofp 58 D 1965
had seeped through the keel plates. The dark cakes lay around him like lumps of damp lava. He stood up, hisp 59 D 1965
dark wasted face stepped out on to the deck, looking around him with a strong gaze. His black suit was buttonedp 59 D 1965
would persuade Catherine Austen to join him -- the landscape around them was no longer a place for the sane. Soothedp 64 D 1965
into cascades of sparks. Roman candles tied to the trees around the garden poured a pink mushy light into the darknessp 64 D 1965
covered the lectern and altar, and flared from a pool around the base of the pulpit. Slumped inside the pulpit wasp 67 D 1965
Sybil, time to go!‘ Standing in the hall, he gazed around the house, at the shrouded furniture and the books stackedp 69 D 1965
their own sense of time out of the landscape emerging around them. Ransom helped her over the tailboard of the truckp 70 D 1965
Behind him, he heard a thin spitting noise. Ransom looked around. Involuntarily he stepped back across the road. Ten feet awayp 72 D 1965
She hovered beside the pathway, her white hair falling uncombed around her grimy robe. She was streaked with ash and dustp 73 D 1965
the houseboat along the river to the sea, and then around the coast to an isolated bay or island. By thisp 74 D 1965
down the embankment to the landing-stage. The fine dust rose around him in clouds, and after a dozen steps, sinking top 74 D 1965
on a few steps, huge pieces of the crust sliding around him in the dust-falls. Then he saw the houseboat morep 75 D 1965
still there. By now Quilter and Whitman are probably running around with the entire menagerie. Catherine, it's time to leave.‘ ‘Ip 76 D 1965
her forehead. A swarm of dark-suited men filled the street around them. Ransom picked up the revolver, and then saw thep 77 D 1965
the drained lake. The men on the bank surged forwards around the bo'sun, shouting for the rifle, but the skiff dartedp 79 D 1965
hand. He watched the youth as he manoeuvred them swiftly around the bend towards the lake, seeing in his face thep 79 D 1965
black-garbed man standing on the shore while his men fought around him in the dust. Mr. Jordan For an hour theyp 79 D 1965
negro's claw-like hand. ‘It's a pleasure, Mr. Jordan.‘ Ransom glanced around the cabin. Obviously there was no blood-link between Philip andp 81 D 1965
previous days, he already felt that in the new landscape around them humanitarian considerations were becoming irrelevant. ‘Doctor?‘ ‘Mr. Jordan, Ip 82 D 1965
and the old man sat amidships under a makeshift awning. Around them the baked white surface of the lake stretched fromp 82 D 1965
wall in one of the gardens. The falling cinders flickered around them. As if set off by some prearranged signal, thep 84 D 1965
crossed the river, wings working powerfully, the burning cinders falling around it. As it flew over, disappearing in a wide arcp 85 D 1965
might suddenly spring to life again, then gathered her silks around her and shuffled off on Catherine Austen's arm. They reachedp 87 D 1965
of faded cotton, almost the colour of the bleached deck around him, but carried no equipment, apparently unaware of the sunlightp 88 D 1965
waited, almost expecting to see a dog appear and run around the man's heels. The absolute isolation of the chalk-white promenadep 88 D 1965
of brittle trees like the remnants of a petrified forest. Around them in the hills drifted the smoke of small firesp 89 D 1965
thin and drawn in the sunlight, more cars were parked around the bend, and along the road as it wound downwardsp 89 D 1965
of large metal huts, almost the size of aircraft hangars. Around them tall distillation columns streamed into the air, their vapourp 89 D 1965
neat patterns. Lines of tents shone in the sunlight, grouped around communal kitchens and service units. ‘Wait here.‘ Ransom stepped fromp 90 D 1965
on any farther. I'll get out and have another look around.‘ Leaving Philip Jordan to guard the car, Ransom walked downp 92 D 1965
going to need some water soon. Aren't there any police around?‘ The man finished sipping his tea. ‘Let me explain. Perhapsp 93 D 1965
with his calm eyes. ‘Sit here and wait.‘ He gestured around at the camp. ‘This won't last for ever. Already mostp 93 D 1965
for Philip Jordan to appear. The flies and mosquitoes buzzed around them, the stench from the once marshy ground thickening thep 96 D 1965
womenfolk and their daughters sat like a coven of witches around the ornamental traction engine in the centre, watching the distantp 96 D 1965
looking out at the stranded objects on the dry bed around him. Here, where the estuary widened, the distances separating himp 96 D 1965
after midnight Ransom lay on the crest of the dune. Around him echoed the night-sounds of the camps, and the embersp 98 D 1965
eyes closed, but no one else was asleep. The dunes around him were covered with hundreds of watching figures. Listening top 98 D 1965
its path, it swerved to the north-east, the foam boiling around the bend, then entered a narrow channel cut between twop 106 D 1965
it with their blades, the men took up their positions around the bows of the lake. At their prow, only ap 106 D 1965
and were driving the water outwards across the dunes. Converging around both banks, the trappers raced towards them, their paddles flashingp 107 D 1965
jutted from the dunes ahead. Small pools of water gathered around the rusting legs, and Ransom began to run faster, paddlep 109 D 1965
down from the shore. Each day he beat the salt around them to a firm crust. The water was barely threep 110 D 1965
one hand resting limply on her thin thighs, Ransom gazed around the drab interior of the shack. The decline in hisp 112 D 1965
everything they owned carried away. As the luminous water swilled around the wrecked ships, the exhausted beach-dwellers had climbed up onp 114 D 1965
shrimps. The ensuing blood-feast, as the gulls dived and screamed around the flashing spears, had rekindled the remaining survivors. For threep 114 D 1965
of everyone else.‘ He picked at the shreds of meat around the fish's skull. ‘I have a feeling Grady was warningp 116 D 1965
a semi-circle of derelict freighters rose from the salt flats. Around them, like the hovels erected against the protective walls ofp 117 D 1965
hundred people lived together in the settlement, no one moved around the central compound. As Ransom knew from his previous visitsp 117 D 1965
over to the gateway, where a group of huts gathered around the watch-tower. Two women sat in a doorway, rocking anp 118 D 1965
her recent take, dried in the sun. On the slopes around her, lines of shells and conches had been laid outp 127 D 1965
them. Perhaps they prefer your brand of reassurance.‘ He looked around at the hills above. ‘For a doctor there's no greaterp 129 D 1965
a large villa, crossing the edge of partly excavated road around the valley. As Ransom made his way down from thep 129 D 1965
Philip,‘ he said. ‘It's magnificent, of course ...‘ Cautiously he walked around the huge black vehicle. Three of the tyres were intactp 132 D 1965
grotesque image of the ornate hearses he had seen rolling around Mount Royal on their way to the cemeteries. He peeredp 132 D 1965
keys were in the dashboard. Ransom switched on. He looked around to see Philip watching Kim in the half-light, his darkp 132 D 1965
The car sagged downwards, its body panels groaning. Philip raced around it, pulling at axe doors and fenders with his strongp 133 D 1965
spoors of the creature, but each morning their own footprints around he camp were soon smoothed over by the wind. Nonep 136 D 1965
at the handle, her leather jacket fastened by its sleeves around her strong shoulders. When the wheel on Ransom's side lodgedp 137 D 1965
others move on ahead. He looked at the craft beached around him. Shadowless in the vertical sunlight, their rounded forms seemedp 138 D 1965
an inner landscape where the elements of the future stood around him like the objects in a still life, formless andp 138 D 1965
from the frame. Catherine and Ransom dug a deep trench around the tent, piling the warm sand into a windbreak. Philipp 140 D 1965
dusk they had built a semicircular embankment three feet high around the tent and cart, held together by the pieces ofp 140 D 1965
he sun each morning, delayed their departure. Philip Jordan paced around the cart as he waited for Mrs. Quilter, tapping hisp 141 D 1965
the past. By contrast, the half-covered cars in the street around him were idealized images of themselves, the essences of theirp 143 D 1965
placid postures, the glace smiles as drained as the world around them. Abruptly, Ransom caught his breath. Among the blank facesp 144 D 1965
the breaker's yard. The Mirage The sand shifted, pouring away around their knees. Ransom began to climb the slope to thep 150 D 1965
hoisted her on to his back, her small hands clasped around his neck. Surprisingly, she was as light as a childp 152 D 1965
a lean-to of burnt timber, the embers of a fire around her, she watched Ransom like an amiable crone. As theyp 152 D 1965
in the centre, watching him circumspectly. As the water leapt around his feet the foam was as brilliant as its plumagep 152 D 1965
cry, the bird flew off across the surface. Ransom gazed around the bank. Then, over his shoulder, he became aware ofp 153 D 1965
were covered by a loose cloak of cheetah skins. Girdled around its waist by a gold cord was a flowing caftanp 153 D 1965
line of screens made of tanned hide had been erected around the pool, and the eaves of a large tent rosep 155 D 1965
of the pond. ‘You seem to have the stuff lying around all over the place.‘ Miranda shook her head. Her rapidp 157 D 1965
were full of dreams. Quilter ignored them as they scrambled around his feet for a better view of the fire. Ap 159 D 1965
drained images of the vanished people of the city. Everything around Ransom now seemed as isolated, the idealized residue of ap 160 D 1965
the dunes out on the lake. Jonas stopped and looked around, searching for the caller. Then he saw the grotesque cappedp 161 D 1965
his heels, and he pulled an old fishing net from around his waist and whipped it across their faces. Ten yardsp 161 D 1965
across their faces. Ten yards ahead the dogs entangled themselves around the stump of a telegraph pole and came to ap 161 D 1965
For a moment Ransom stared at Lomax. The latter circled around him, goggling over Ransom's ragged clothes with the eyes ofp 163 D 1965
decorated with glass and chromium blooms had been laid out around the remains of a fountain. ‘Well, Charles, what's going onp 163 D 1965
all obsessed by the subject of water. There seems plenty around. As soon as I arrived I walked straight into ap 164 D 1965
your own too much. There are a couple of lions around somewhere.‘ Ransom stood up. ‘What shall I tell Quilter?‘ Lomaxp 165 D 1965
Ransom approached. Quilter, however, spent much of his time wandering around the edges of the pool, almost as if he werep 167 D 1965
Prospero examining the offspring of his violated daughter. He looked around at the dusty garbage-strewn oasis, stunned by the horror ofp 170 D 1965
bland eyes. She seemed unaware of the dunes and dust around her. Ransom went over to her. Taking her hands, hep 171 D 1965
water with his net, took off like a startled hare around the verges of the reservoir. The dogs bounded after himp 172 D 1965
in a last quiet wave. At four or five points around the reservoir large breaches had been cut in the bankp 172 D 1965
fall on to the wet sand. Ransom watched the chase around the opposite bank. Jonas was halfway around the reservoir, armsp 173 D 1965
watched the chase around the opposite bank. Jonas was halfway around the reservoir, arms held out at his sides like wingsp 173 D 1965
slowly. No longer cooled by the evaporating water, the dunes around the oasis reflected the heat like banks of ash. Ransomp 175 D 1965
reality -- for example, the rooms we occupy, the landscapes around us, the musculatures of our own bodies, the postures wep 88 UGM 1966
at this moment, when the fictional elements in the world around us are multiplying to the point where it is almostp 88 UGM 1966
river, is heaven or hell. Rival sects have formed themselves around the leaders of different philosophic schools, and spend their timep 143 UGM 1966
on weight). He has a sharp eye for the scene around him: the seas filled with lilac ice, the harsh jeeringp 253 UGM 1966
minds of their doctors and nurses. As Catherine Austin walked around the converted gymnasium these bizarre images, with their fusion ofp 9 AE 1966
from the pages of Newsweek and Paris-Match, had been strewn around the bedroom of the shabby hotel in Earls Court. Hisp 9 AE 1966
Travis ran forward the shadows of the diving machine flickered around him like cryptic ideograms. Then the craft pulled away andp 10 AE 1966
through the endless suburbs of the city. The billboards multiplied around them, walling the streets with giant replicas of napalm bombingsp 11 AE 1966
radiation burns. Searching for her, he and Catherine Austin drove around the darkening countryside, lost among the labyrinth of billboards. Thep 13 AE 1966
resembled that of a skull. All day she would pace around the small bedroom. At the end of the second monthp 13 AE 1966
extreme sensitivity to the volumes and geometry of the world around him, and their immediate translation into psychological terms, may reflectp 14 AE 1966
psychic totem. Questions, always questions. Karen Novotny watched him move around the apartment, dismantling the mirrors in the hall and bathroomp 32 AW 1966
he never moved his feet. By contrast Raissa was pacing around the bedroom like a tigress in rut. Quimby could hearp 663 BM 1966
photo of Quimby before the House Committee. The dancers moved around the tea-terrace to the soft rhythm of the fox-trot. Therep 664 BM 1966
He put his finger in her mouth and ran it around her gums, searching for the capsule. A cherry popped intop 665 BM 1966
whose arbours, fed by the unsetting sun, rose even higher around the fringes of the towns, shutting them into their ownp 669 DF 1966
Arts School the chalets of the students‘ quarter were grouped around two drained swimming pools. Reaching the auditorium, he peered throughp 671 DF 1966
many spaces as you want, Halliday. Not all of them around you. Why have you come here?‘ ‘I don't know yetp 672 DF 1966
the imperceptible progress of the terminator, while the antique clocks around him ticked mechanically through the minutes and hours of theirp 675 DF 1966
to sleep Halliday saw the headlamps of a car moving around the house. Its beams revealed a solitary figure who walkedp 675 DF 1966
She leaned forward, and the white car accelerated and swerved around him, the cerise dust cutting his eyes as he watchedp 678 DF 1966
the dusk. He went down to his suite and paced around the paintings. The last of the clocks had almost runp 678 DF 1966
Columbine the sounds of the exhaust reverberated off the walls around him, but a mile from the town, when he stoppedp 678 DF 1966
him without his sunglasses. ‘Halliday ... my dear chap.‘ Mallory stepped around the drained pool to greet him, adjusting the silk scarfp 679 DF 1966
and the car set off toward the north-east. Halliday walked around the paintings in the suite, gazing at their landscapes inp 680 DF 1966
footsteps of the chauffeur following them down the stairway. Looking around, and for one moment distracted from Gabrielle's swaying body againstp 681 DF 1966
along the margins of the river and in the marshes around the inlet where the picket ship was moored, Crispin stillp 697 SBD 1966
their corpses crashing through the rigging on to the decks around him as he swung the heavy guns, firing from railp 698 SBD 1966
into the water with his two-pronged fork as they thudded around him. Then Crispin knew that he had won. When thep 698 SBD 1966
among the swollen corpses. Then, crossed bandoliers of machine-gun cartridges around his chest, Crispin took command of his bridge. The woman'sp 698 SBD 1966
his conquest of the birds had also tamed the landscape around the picket ship and everything in it. Shortly afterwards, whenp 699 SBD 1966
hunt for revenge. However, when they counted the dead birds around the brick kiln where Crispin had made his stand, armedp 701 SBD 1966
the bottom. The dead bodies of the birds were massed around the picket ship in a soggy raft. After trying top 702 SBD 1966
as the plumage of the dead birds in the fields around them. The rest of her, however, despite the strong figurep 703 SBD 1966
to adjust the feathers mechanically. Crispin gestured at the fields around them, feeling his pulse beat again at the prospect andp 704 SBD 1966
What? I'm sorry, what did you say?‘ The woman looked around. She appeared to have lost interest in Crispin and wasp 704 SBD 1966
across the lawn and through the meadow. The birds lay around him as before, but the memory, however fleeting, of thep 704 SBD 1966
sat at its moorings, the soggy raft of grey corpses around it. For once the rusting hulk depressed Crispin. As hep 704 SBD 1966
York chopping more kindling. Crispin walked through the shallow water around the boat, selecting the choicest of the plumes and arrangingp 705 SBD 1966
boat, selecting the choicest of the plumes and arranging them around the basket -- a falcon's brilliant tail feathers, the mother-of-pearlp 705 SBD 1966
the metal stanchion, listening to the faint whoop and swerve around the mast. Crispin leaped from the bunk. He seized hisp 706 SBD 1966
hour, as the dawn lifted over the cliff Crispin prowled around the house. There were no signs of the bird, butp 707 SBD 1966
in a flicker of lightning, rose into the gusting wind around the mast, its wings weaving themselves among the steel cablesp 707 SBD 1966
and with a hacksaw cut away the steel cables tangled around the dove's body. In the gathering wind the great whitep 709 SBD 1966
own ambiguous motives for coming to Port Matarre to those around him. Even so, at first Dr. Sanders had suspected thatp 13 CW 1966
was well inured by now to being avoided by those around him. Shortly before they embarked, a slight contretemps, more embarrassingp 15 CW 1966
garb had reflected the darker tones. The steerage passengers milled around the speedboat, but Ventress appeared to be uninterested in themp 16 CW 1966
down the gangway. On the jetty the native soldiers lounged around the staff car. The rear seat remained vacant, presumably forp 21 CW 1966
again, the skirt of his black robe whipping the dust around his heels. His high face passed Sanders without turning, likep 22 CW 1966
studied the man's thin, olive-skinned face. His liquid eyes roved around the doctor's suitcases and then out through the arcade top 23 CW 1966
into the room. ‘Thank you, I didn't realize ...‘ Ventress glanced around the room. Since disembarking from the steamer he had changedp 24 CW 1966
pondered this. These divisions into dark and light seemed everywhere around them in Port Matarre, in the contrasts between Ventress's whitep 37 CW 1966
his shoulder. ‘Louise ...?‘ He reached up and put his arm around her waist, but she disengaged his hand. ‘What is itp 38 CW 1966
the entrance two African youths in blue denims were lounging around an abandoned motorcar, one of them sitting on the hoodp 41 CW 1966
his narrow chest. ‘That's good, Sanders, very good.‘ Ventress glanced around the deserted booths. ‘Can I join you for a momentp 42 CW 1966
more interesting than the days. Don't you agree?‘ Sanders looked around at this, uncertain of Ventress's point. The man watching fromp 42 CW 1966
trying to gather together the harvest of jewelled leaves scattered around him in the well of the boat, Ventress upended thep 44 CW 1966
of half-drowned lizards, one or two of the fishermen poking around among them. The market was quiet, either as a resultp 48 CW 1966
harbour, the fishermen stepping out of his path. Sanders gazed around, trying to take his bearings. ‘It's rime to find outp 51 CW 1966
Once the police find that body they'll put a cordon around the whole of Mont Royal, if not Port Matarre asp 52 CW 1966
planks of the porch. Avoiding this mournful wreck, Sanders strolled around the perimeter of the garden, following the faded stones ofp 56 CW 1966
head and shoulders, the dark creepers clustering at the window around her. Sanders threw away his cigarette and ran forward throughp 56 CW 1966
How the devil did you get up here?‘ Louise sauntered around the room, looking at the patches left behind the picturesp 56 CW 1966
view, its noise reverberating off the foliage. The few birds around them flickered away into the darkness of the forest, andp 60 CW 1966
into cascades of colour that rippled away into the air around them. Then the coruscation subsided, and the images of thep 68 CW 1966
gone but Thorensen still has his big boat.‘ Sanders looked around, remembering the attack on Ventress in the harbour at Portp 73 CW 1966
at their controls. Sirens sounded from the staff cars parked around the inspection area, and there was a concerted rush towardp 75 CW 1966
forest, and had entered an enchanted world. The crystal trees around them were hung with glass-like trellises of moss. The airp 75 CW 1966
forest canopies overhead. ‘Get back! There's another wave coming!‘ Glancing around wildly, as if searching for someone, he set off atp 76 CW 1966
the eyeballs. As his sight cleared he saw that everywhere around him a heavy frost was forming, accelerating the process ofp 77 CW 1966
way!‘ The voice echoed down a drive behind him. Looking around as the darkness deepened, Dr. Sanders saw the burly figurep 77 CW 1966
blossoming into a thousand fleur-de-lis crystals. Quickly making his way around the house, as the zone of safety moved off throughp 77 CW 1966
old vegetable garden, where waist-high plants of green glass rose around him like exquisite sculptures. Waiting as the zone hesitated andp 77 CW 1966
was a place of rainbows, a deep iridescent light glowing around him. He walked down a narrow roadway which wound towardp 78 CW 1966
spurs of frost that covered the material. ‘He was running around in circles like the rest of us, completely lost.‘ ‘Lostp 87 CW 1966
own ... "specialty," the dark side of the sun we see around us here, provide a clue? Surely leprosy, like cancer, isp 89 CW 1966
their heads, bringing down a huge lattice-like section that splintered around their feet into a mass of flattened needles. Ventress flinchedp 90 CW 1966
fired off a shot at the shrubbery. The report echoed around the petrified trees, shaking loose their vivid colours. ‘Keep downp 90 CW 1966
All right. He's gone.‘ Sanders hesitated before moving. He glanced around the trees at the edges of the lawn, trying notp 91 CW 1966
Ventress. The shotgun cradled loosely in his elbow, he strolled around the room, now and then pausing to examine the puncturep 91 CW 1966
his hands to catch the rainbows of light that ran around the edges of his suit and face. A legion ofp 93 CW 1966
light diving among the reflections that swerved like drunken suns around the two men, the colours bleeding off their arms andp 93 CW 1966
air was always icy, the dark shadows closing and unfolding around them. Then, as they pressed on into the forest, leavingp 97 CW 1966
kicking away pieces of the glass-like foliage. He pulled himself around the dome of the cockpit canopy. ‘Ventress! There's a manp 97 CW 1966
He shook his head, his eyes roving between the trees around them. ‘Leave him there, he's made his own peace.‘ Pushingp 98 CW 1966
if reinforcing this impression, the windows on to the veranda around the house were encrusted with elaborate scroll-like patterns, like thep 100 CW 1966
him!‘ A shot roared into the clearing, its report echoing around the brittle foliage. Startled, Ventress crouched down on the stepsp 101 CW 1966
fired again at Ventress, the roar of the explosion reverberating around the clearing. Behind Dr. Sanders the crystal trellises of thep 101 CW 1966
net. Letting go of the shotgun, he pulled the net around his waist. The mulatto towered over him, the panga raisedp 102 CW 1966
the forest is going to do. Keep moving, but circle around on yourself.‘ ‘Wait a minute!‘ Sanders called after him. ‘Ip 105 CW 1966
and the only light entered through the door. Thorensen glanced around at the forest and then holstered his pistol. As thep 105 CW 1966
headache.‘ ‘Just a crocodile, Serena. There are some smart crocodiles around here. I have to watch them.‘ The young woman noddedp 108 CW 1966
catechism Thorensen kneaded the lapels of his jacket, looking everywhere around the room but at Serena. Sanders moved closer to thep 108 CW 1966
of the river, its echoes reflected off the brittle foliage around the summer house. Thorensen spoke to the mulatto and camep 111 CW 1966
undergrowth. Sanders glanced over his shoulder at the dark grottoes around the glade, listening for any footsteps, but the sheaths ofp 114 CW 1966
glade, he could see the fractured bowl of the moon. Around him, in the vitreous walls, the reflected stars glittered likep 114 CW 1966
Abruptly everything fell quiet again. Sanders waited, searching the darkness around him. A few fragmentary, half-formed noises came down the pathwayp 114 CW 1966
of the affected zone, and to Dr. Sanders the darkness around him seemed absolute, the black air inert and empty. Afterp 119 CW 1966
and patted each of them on the shoulder. He looked around at the other natives in the compound, waving to themp 121 CW 1966
night, poor dear -- a lot of natives are hanging around in the bush, hoping to reap themselves a harvest ofp 128 CW 1966
her he sidestepped deftly. With some pride he showed Sanders around the hospital, pointing out the additional wards and X-ray facilitiesp 130 CW 1966
strength, the porters blew their whistles and beat the ground around the natives‘ feet. Looking beneath the trees, Sanders realized thatp 130 CW 1966
two hundred of the natives, hunched together in small groups around their bundles and sticks, gazing out at the distant forestp 130 CW 1966
one of the porters. ‘Don't worry about them, they move around here all the time. Believe me, they don't really wantp 131 CW 1966
between this barely recognizable residue of humanity and the world around it. ‘Doctor! Dr. Sanders!‘ Sanders turned to see Louise Peretp 132 CW 1966
that strange light in the arcades and in the jungle around the town, and even in the people there, dark andp 135 CW 1966
during the night,‘ Max explained. ‘During the daytime they're hanging around near the forest. One of the drivers told me thatp 138 CW 1966
it sound like the new Jerusalem. Before you could turn around I'm afraid you'd find yourself an angel in a rosep 138 CW 1966
possibilities of the end game. Unable to sleep, Sanders wandered around his chalet, drinking what was left of the whisky inp 139 CW 1966
or is it nearer the clouds than that?‘ Sanders glanced around the dusty room, looking for some personal trace of Suzannep 141 CW 1966
compound. As it coughed and sneezed and the voices chattered around it, he heard more footsteps running in and out ofp 144 CW 1966
Clair say you sleep, sir.‘ ‘Where's Mrs. Clair? Is she around?‘ ‘No, sir. Mrs. Clair busy now.‘ ‘What do you meanp 144 CW 1966
that she had entered it. However, from the confused melee around the vehicle it was equally plain that they had nop 146 CW 1966
among the glass spurs that rose more and more thickly around him. In fifteen minutes he reached the river, and crossedp 147 CW 1966
with silver. The white surface of the river wound away around the frosted trees. The few craft along the banks werep 147 CW 1966
and out of the deserted streets, the white buildings looming around him like sepulchres, he reached the harbour. Standing on thep 147 CW 1966
off the hard surface of the river, the echoes rolled around the walls of the forest, drumming at Sanders's head. Uncertainp 151 CW 1966
came from a few yards on Sanders's left. He looked around, peering up at the sealed door of the summer housep 151 CW 1966
movement as the light outside varied its patterns. Sanders gazed around the hollow, wondering if Thorensen had taken Serena with himp 152 CW 1966
the summer house. As the boom of the explosion drummed around the river, shaking the rails of the balcony, Sanders noticedp 153 CW 1966
Sanders's jewelled arm and Ventress's suit shed rainbows of light around them. ‘What are you doing here, Sanders?‘ Ventress asked duringp 154 CW 1966
his arm. No longer having to carry its great weight around he found that he was less frightened of its monstrousp 154 CW 1966
hundred feet away, the cruiser was well out of range. Around it immense faults had appeared in the surface of thep 155 CW 1966
into the crystal pack. The smoke of its exhaust hung around them, fouling the crisp air. Each time it came ap 156 CW 1966
silent, the frost thickening on its decks. Spiral crests formed around the windows of the cabin and ornamented the deck railsp 157 CW 1966
and picked up the snake, then entwined its long body around his arms. He carried it down the aisle to thep 161 CW 1966
like the votive windows of a city of cathedrals. Everywhere around them Sanders could see countless smaller birds, butterflies and insectsp 162 CW 1966
a slow liquid way, as if the men, roped together around their waists, were forever marching through this glacier of crystalsp 164 CW 1966
of crystals, their faces lost in the blur of light around them. There was a distant movement through the forest, andp 164 CW 1966
in a loose procession, small groups breaking away to dance around single trees or bushes. There were well over a hundredp 165 CW 1966
him in a series of leaps and jumps, then gambolled around him like newly admitted entrants to paradise serenading an attendantp 165 CW 1966
own over-abundant economy. However, now and then, during his walks around Port Matarre, Sanders would see some solitary mendicant hanging aroundp 170 CW 1966
around Port Matarre, Sanders would see some solitary mendicant hanging around near the barracks or police prefecture, an old blanket inp 170 CW 1966
today?‘ ‘No idea -- I haven't got time to hang around the police station. We're much too busy at the clinicp 172 CW 1966
Dr Nathan approached the bed again. The smile that hovered around his lips seemed to belong to another face. ‘Yeesss ...‘ Drp 686 TIM 1966
studied ambiguities. Already he sensed that people were taking sides around him. ‘This hand?‘ His uncle shrugged. ‘It's done me forp 687 TIM 1966
As Dr Knight sat back Conrad pointed at the ward around him. ‘This hospital ... this is where it happens?‘ ‘Exactly, Conradp 689 TIM 1966
have always been so many elderly people in the world around you. The reason is simple -- by means of restorativep 689 TIM 1966
was deliberately showing him a faint hairline scar that ran around the base of his thumb and then disappeared inside thep 690 TIM 1966
its mood. Instead of having a majority of younger people around them they see only the aged like themselves. The onep 691 TIM 1966
and so on, even life itself. The hard lines drawn around things give them their identity. Nothing is brighter than thep 694 TIM 1966
wreck of the excursion module. Glanville strolled to and fro around him. Thornwald's cautious manner, the hand near the weapon inp 714 TMY 1966
Thornwald nodded, watching Glanville as the latter drew the chair around the table. He pointed to the wreck of the excursionp 715 TMY 1966
your sprays the whole thing could go up.‘ Glanville looked around impatiently. ‘Where are those drinks? Judith is ...‘ He started top 715 TMY 1966
stepped out from his vantage point behind the excursion module. Around him rode the spectral hulks of two square-sailed ships, theirp 717 TMY 1966
edge of the lake. Thirty yards away, the silver paint around the pavilion speckled the sand with a sheen of falsep 717 TMY 1966
the first place, then? Where's Judith, by the way? She's around here somewhere.‘ Thornwald paused, steeling himself against the name andp 718 TMY 1966
name and the memory of the previous night. ‘Yes, she's around here, all right.‘ As if testing some unconscious element ofp 718 TMY 1966
Of whom, for heaven's sake?‘ Thornwald patted the raw skin around his chin. The pale image of his hands still clungp 719 TMY 1966
the table. ‘You should be able to get a hand around that if you stand up. Goodbye, Glanville, I'll leave youp 719 TMY 1966
was silent, the white volumes of the rooms extending themselves around him. Above all, the whiteness of the walls obsessed himp 39 YCM 1966
planes of her face, intersecting each other like the dunes around her. When she offered him a cigarette he involuntarily heldp 40 YCM 1966
no one may come here for a year.‘ Coma paced around the lounge. ‘I saw the helicopter this morning -- itp 42 YCM 1966
redemption, ciphers in some futuristic myth?‘ As the applause echoed around the half-empty amphitheatre Karen Novotny saw his hands stiffen againstp 82 YMC 1966
in its starboard tyre. The air seemed to gild itself around me as I lowered the sail. Kicking the flaccid tyrep 723 CHC 1967
a body as large as a man's, it flew monotonously around me as I sipped at the last of the lukewarmp 723 CHC 1967
to the villa like cypresses, pieces of wild sculpture growing around them. ‘When my father first found the island it wasp 724 CHC 1967
see you as the Ancient Mariner, with a white ray around your neck.‘ I covered the plaster on my feet withp 725 CHC 1967
did it without thinking.‘ ‘So did the Mariner.‘ She moved around me, one hand on hip, the other touching my lipsp 725 CHC 1967
against appeared as the plumage of an enormous sea-bird, hung around my shoulders like the anchor fallen from the sky. Myp 727 CHC 1967
my copy of Maldoror in her hand as she sauntered around the canvas. ‘Fate seems to have type-cast you, Robert. Stillp 727 CHC 1967
Cunard stepped through the open window, her white gown shivering around her naked body like a tremulous wraith. She stood besidep 729 CHC 1967
to switch on the rigging lights and the decorated bulbs around the deck awning. Driving this ship of light across thep 730 CHC 1967
I stood with Hope by the stern rail, my arm around her waist. Asleep as she stood there, her head layp 730 CHC 1967
sketched in obscene outlines. Barbara Quimby began to laugh. Arms around each other's waists, they left together. Their tittering voices mergedp 730 CHC 1967
begun to develop a snout-like nose. The heavy flesh massed around the lips and nostrils, and the eyes were becoming smallerp 731 CHC 1967
him, this last attempt to break through the illusions multiplying around her and reach some kind of reality. ‘Rademaeker -- Ip 733 CHC 1967
sand-rays into soot-like clouds. Petit Manuel was jubilant. He strutted around me like a pocket Napoleon, contemptuous of my broken legp 746 CSC 1967
Van Eyck moved away to take a cloud. He sailed around its white pillow, spraying the sides with iodide crystals andp 746 CSC 1967
from Coral D. Van Eyck followed it down, wings lazing around the equine head. Meanwhile Petit Manuel worked away at thep 746 CSC 1967
Nolan's black-winged glider plunged out of the sun. He soared around the cloud, cutting away its tissues. The soft fleece fellp 747 CSC 1967
helmet off the back seat and began to carry it around the cars. Two of the spectators drove off before Ip 747 CSC 1967
gazing over the cars as the shreds of fabric fell around him. I walked back to my car, deciding that thep 748 CSC 1967
Beatrice Lafferty. Miss Chanel will provide the clouds.‘ I walked around the cars with the helmet, then divided the money betweenp 748 CSC 1967
in its cobra-skin coat wandered among the dunes. Sand-rays lifted around her, disturbed by the random movements of this sauntering phantasmp 749 CSC 1967
sauntering phantasm of the burnt afternoon. Ignoring their open stings around her legs, she was gazing up at the aerial bestiaryp 749 CSC 1967
and the letters ‘L.C.‘ As they dived and plunged around her, their wings sometimes touching the lake, Leonora stood onp 751 CSC 1967
her gaze fixed on Nolan and oblivious of the people around her. Memories, caravels without sails, crossed the shadowy deserts ofp 751 CSC 1967
humour. Leonora clutched at his elbow. With the diamonds fixed around her eyes she reminded me of some archaic priestess. Beneathp 751 CSC 1967
as they had been in his painting in the studio. Around Leonora the guests were congratulating her on the performance. Shep 753 CSC 1967
he brushed past. Leonora clung to his arm, the day-jewels around her eyes scattering their hard light across the terrace. Byp 753 CSC 1967
was wearing an evening dress of peacock feathers that lay around her legs in an immense train. The hundreds of eyesp 754 CSC 1967
the whirlwind. His wings held steady in the revolving air around the funnel. Like a pilot fish he soared in, asp 755 CSC 1967
into the air. Shreds of canvas and peacock feathers fell around us. We waited half an hour before approaching the housep 756 CSC 1967
floated towards me from the disturbed air, and wrapped itself around my leg. Leonora's body lay among the broken tables nearp 756 CSC 1967
Austin was conscious of the increasing dissociation of the events around her. As she entered the projection theatre the noise ofp 51 GAN 1967
the car park. The white American car had followed her around the perimeter of the sculpture garden, always fifty yards behindp 52 GAN 1967
Karen -- this conception will be immaculate.‘ Later they raced around the city, examining a dozen architectures. Talbert pushed her againstp 52 GAN 1967
the huge trucks swaying beside them. Talbert put his arm around her, pulling her on to his shoulder. He steered thep 54 GAN 1967
pulled her from the car, then buttoned his flying jacket around her shoulders. The Primary Act. As they entered the cinemap 56 GAN 1967
was squatting on the nylon blanket, steering her body stocking around her waist. Two hundred yards beyond the pines was thep 56 GAN 1967
heads of the retreating technicians, boiling on the hot concrete around the helicopter. The body of the young woman lay besidep 57 GAN 1967
in a tableau sculpture, the foam forming a white fleece around her naked shoulders. Geometry of Guilt. Later, when the studiop 57 GAN 1967
had released a strong and obscurely familiar smell. It hung around me as I came down the ladder, muffled but vaguelyp 738 R 1967
the two couples and a third man who were wandering around the cages and trying to identify the animals. Now andp 740 R 1967
A moment later a dozen coins showered through the air around the dwarf's head. He scuttled about, warding them off withp 741 R 1967
was on the inside -- the sailor began to prance around the cage, gibbering like a baboon through the bars. Atp 741 R 1967
moving along the river and the distant splash of water around the bridge. I sat up and brushed away the dewp 742 R 1967
as I could. Nursing my head and shoulders, I looked around for any sign of the party, but the bank wasp 742 R 1967
managed to clear my head, then began a careful walk around the cages, satisfying myself for the last time as top 743 R 1967
I think we're just, as I see it, we're fooling around. That's about all. I do think we should be herep 954 TW 1967
we should be here. Commentator What's the alternative to fooling around? 3rd US soldier Well, they call it a civil warp 954 TW 1967
happening is that a -- CROWD FORMING A ROUGH CIRCLE AROUND A JEEP GIs push people back, and look down atp 957 TW 1967
of the American troops will create problems? If one travels around London one sees that a large part of the localp 99 TW 1967
wouldn't be a war now. GENERAL VIEWS OF PEOPLE HANGING AROUND ENTRANCES TO AMERICAN BASES Commentator Can the British people findp 960 TW 1967
and rifles. Slit trenches, men with rifles move through fields around burnt-out American tank. Callisthenics in drill-hall, communal singing around flagp 961 TW 1967
fields around burnt-out American tank. Callisthenics in drill-hall, communal singing around flag. Indoctrination sessions, 18-year-old political commissar addressing doctors and nursingp 961 TW 1967
Action commentator puts on US combat clothing, strapping a gun around his waist, trying out heavy boots. A helicopter clatters overheadp 962 TW 1967
tactical side too much. Commentator You mean the actual fighting around the village? Captain Robinson That's correct. RADIO OPERATOR PASSES MESSAGEp 964 TW 1967
down. In the village now everything is burning. Bodies lie around, there are burning motorcycles and food scattered everywhere. EVERYTHING ISp 96 TW 1967
deserted stand, Trabert watched the young man pace at random around the pitch, replicating some meaningless labyrinth as if trying top 45 DM 1967
series of paintings of imaginary sexual organs. As he walked around the exhibition, conscious of Karen's hand gripping his wrist, Trabertp 45 DM 1967
shiny suit, and the boy's schoolmaster, a lantern-jawed man hunched around his pipe. Needless to say, when Georges Duval arrived, hep 770 CA 1968
scout for ...‘ Charles had stood up, and was slowly walking around his desk. ‘Such as the CIA -- you think hep 774 CA 1968
the BBC and Reuters correspondents in Moscow. They've seen him around quite a bit. He never says anything in public, butp 777 CA 1968
working for the US Government.‘ ‘More surprises.‘ Charles guided me around the rest of the photographs. ‘You might be interested inp 777 CA 1968
the dunes and the grass. An Army webbing belt hung around his patched black denims. He moved his hands restlessly inp 763 DA 1968
of a beach-house. Quinton lit a paraffin lamp. He pointed around the dingy interior. ‘You'll be ... comfortable,‘ he said without convictionp 763 DA 1968
thousand images of the capsule flared in the saw grass around us. Behind the satellite, a wide fan of silver sprayp 765 DA 1968
of Robert Hamilton's capsule. A dozen half-tracks had been churning around the dunes, setting fire to the abandoned cabins and crushingp 765 DA 1968
an hour.‘ He shook his head. ‘Not now. They're all around. If you move, they'll find us.‘ He waited for mep 766 DA 1968
Novotny was conscious of the continuing dissociation of the events around her. Talbot followed her about the apartment, drawing chalk outlinesp 25 UD 1968
her about the apartment, drawing chalk outlines on the floor around her chair, around the cups and utensils on the breakfastp 25 UD 1968
apartment, drawing chalk outlines on the floor around her chair, around the cups and utensils on the breakfast table as shep 25 UD 1968
the breakfast table as she drank her coffee, and lastly around herself: (1) sitting, in the posture of Rodin's ‘Thinker‘, onp 25 UD 1968
the black tiles of the shower stall, Talbot's hands traced around them. Hands multiplied around the rooms, soundlessly clapping, a welcomingp 25 UD 1968
the shower stall, Talbot's hands traced around them. Hands multiplied around the rooms, soundlessly clapping, a welcoming host. The Unidentified Femalep 25 UD 1968
his own mother.‘ The Impact Zone. At dusk Talbot drove around the deserted circuit of the research laboratory test track. Grassp 26 UD 1968
the camera tower, Catherine Austin could feel Koester's hands moving around her shoulder straps. His rigid face was held six inchesp 27 UD 1968
a closed character. A strong-shouldered and laconic paraplegic, he moves around London in a chrome wheelchair. His pursuit, across a cityp BAT 1968
Ernst and Burroughs, whose reclusive personalities merge into the penumbra around them, Dali's identity remains entirely his own. Don Quixote inp 91 UGM 1969
bothered now, with the fiction waiting to be manipulated all around them. Hitler's ‘novel‘, Mein Kampf was written in 1924, nearlyp 221 UGM 1969
its expansionist foreign policy and general attitude to the world around it. The overall tone of Mein Kampf can be seenp 222 UGM 1969
closely resemble? Above all, Leopold Bloom, his ostensible arch-enemy, wandering around Joyce's Dublin at about the same time, his head filledp 223 UGM 1969
tables. Already the American helicopters had climbed from their bases around the city, clattering in packs over the valley like mindlessp 781 KG 1969
working on the field radio, rewiring the headphones and battery. Around the emplacement Pearson's thirty men sat over their weapons, ammunitionp 781 KG 1969
sat over their weapons, ammunition boxes and telephone wire piled around their feet. Exhausted by the ambush, they would have littlep 781 KG 1969
of rounds a day from their seventy guns. The meadows around the enclave formed the landscape of a drowned moon. Thep 782 KG 1969
had lost heart. Of course Tulloch was right. Pearson looked around the fortified position shielded from the air by the raggedp 782 KG 1969
below with its leaking river seemed quiet. The water ebbed around the personnel carrier, stirring the legs of the corpses. Withoutp 783 KG 1969
We'll have another go at them.‘ Pearson followed the boy around the memorial. The presence of this young man -- barelyp 783 KG 1969
than a war correspondent or observer. Telephone wire was lashed around his wrists, forcing him to hold his elbows together. Neverthelessp 783 KG 1969
advantage of him. Mortar shells fell in the damp grass around him. Pearson stood up, beckoning to the young lieutenant top 787 KG 1969
his prejudices. The previous afternoon, after an hour spent driving around the town and shooting at the stray dogs, Forbis hadp 789 PTD 1969
cars filled the side-streets. Broken store windows formed jagged frames around piles of detergent packs and soup cans. In the fillingp 791 PTD 1969
drums lying in the ditch and began to roll them around into a crude emplacement. Mannock watched him working away, asp 793 PTD 1969
at the motorcycle, but with a roar the machine swerved around Mannock and accelerated towards the town. Mannock turned to watchp 793 PTD 1969
flex of a power cable as it angled its way around the bedroom door. A manoeuvre of remarkable chasteness. He listenedp 59 SCN 1969
Handing her the camera, he began to explore the hollows around them. Images of Bardot's body seemed to lie in thesep 60 SCN 1969
to curl again in the heat like a Japanese flower. Around them lay portions of the drained river, hollows filled withp 63 SCN 1969
dust on its trunk and door panels. He followed Vaughan around the shore of an enclosed lake. Over the densely packedp 72 THF 1969
their films above the heads of the audience. Travers walked around the rear gangway, now and then joining in the applausep 72 THF 1969
friendship with their driver, Corporal Tulloch, who often took me around with him. In October the two colonels flew to Chungkingp 72 THF 1969
board game; (7) a child's paper-doll books, cut-out tabs mounted around the wound areas; (8) the notional ‘pudenda‘ of Ralph Naderp 77 THF 1969
The black bilateral parking lines formed a complex diagonal structure around her. Holding his throat with one hand, Dr Nathan staredp 79 THF 1969
and consoled by Georges as he patted it into place around its owner's body, his gentle hands caressing the nervous tissuesp 797 SGW 1970
its owner's body, his gentle hands caressing the nervous tissues around the unfamiliar contours of hip and bust. Today, however, hisp 797 SGW 1970
and eliminating the need for washing. However, as I walked around the shop that morning I reflected that these immense advantagesp 797 SGW 1970
a shudder the bikini of nervous weave that shed itself around its owner's ankles as she stood on the high divingp 798 SGW 1970
Raine with her wounded eyes, looking out above the bandages around her remade cheeks, or wearing the latest bio-fabric creation atp 798 SGW 1970
They must like you.‘ She drew her white fox collar around herself, rubbing her cheek against it. The fur slid aroundp 799 SGW 1970
around herself, rubbing her cheek against it. The fur slid around her neck and shoulders, nestling her in its caress. ‘Ip 799 SGW 1970
miniature music between her breasts. Velvet playtoys nestled like voles around her wrists. Altogether she seemed to be concealed in thisp 799 SGW 1970
brilliant pastel gown, the other dresses murmuring on the chairs around her, it occurred to me that Raine Channing resembled ap 799 SGW 1970
the darkness, the thermal surf breaking the dust into ripples around his feet. With his broad face and smashed Michelangelesque nosep 800 SGW 1970
about forty, she wore a witchlike black dress that seethed around her angular shoulders with the movements of a shrike. ‘Anp 801 SGW 1970
rhododendron-filled drive and walked towards the nightclub. The music whined around me over the dead sand. The nightclub was empty, thep 803 SGW 1970
do, and confused by his off-hand manner as he moved around Raine, I stood among the dunes at the top ofp 804 SGW 1970
the white moonlight like a waiting shroud across the terrace. Around me the shadows of demented shapes seethed along the wallsp 804 SGW 1970
The fabric glowed with a fierce luminescence as it contracted around me, its fibres knotting themselves like a thousand zips. Alreadyp 804 SGW 1970
surgical shock. Their acts of intercourse were marked The sutures around the nipple are removed in 7 days. The breast mustp 16 C80 1970
thin graft is cut from one thigh, sufficient to wrap around the mould. A transverse incision is then made in thep 17 C80 1970
With a good ‘take‘ the graft contracture is even all around the mould and there is less tendency to extrusion. Evenp 17 C80 1970
impatiently behind him. He stood up and began to move around the empty arena, wiping his damp palms on the suedep 40 JAC 1970
man seemed able to make sense of his nonsense. Everything around him formed an element in a conundrum. On the centrep 42 JAC 1970
new advertising series on the billboards along the highway. Foramenifera Around them the light flared through the walls of the emptyp 42 JAC 1970
many ways. Incidentally, who is this fellow you've been following around?" Particle Physics Vorster watched the paraplegics racing their wheelchairs aroundp 43 JAC 1970
around?" Particle Physics Vorster watched the paraplegics racing their wheelchairs around the basketball field. Two years earlier, while driving home onep 43 JAC 1970
Vorster had described lay across a glass table, display screens around it. Dr Manston stared down at the collection of itemsp 44 JAC 1970
on to the chassis of the wheelchair the sunlight flashed around her deformed legs. Her knowing eyes, set in a hardp 45 JAC 1970
like excrement. Road Runner All day he had been driving around the city, following the white car and its crippled driverp 46 JAC 1970
hands moved expertly through the gear changes. He followed her around the streets, from clinic to art gallery, watching the slightestp 46 JAC 1970
help Gabrielle Saltzman from the car. The bright chromium flashed around his fingers as they touched her wrists. As he pushedp 49 JAC 1970
the only fiction which has any influence on the world around it. The social novel is reaching fewer and fewer readersp 205 UGM 1971
activities. Sooner or later, I would guess, these will crystallize around one major subject, a simple formula of antagonism, unease andp 260 UGM 1971
grace and beauty, but they totally overpower the urban areas around and -- all too often -- below them. It mayp 263 UGM 1971
drive a 1971 Ford Capri or Rolls-Royce. At various points around the British Isles there will be so-called Motoring Parks, inp 266 UGM 1971
all transmitted as they actually occurred. Night after night, somewhere around the world, John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dealeyp 807 GTS 1972
professional life, a good part of my research interests centre around sex roles, the socialisation of men and women, and culturep 26 SEO 1972
on their bodies, by the image of windshield glass frosting around her face as she broke its tinted surface like ap 8 C 1973
the deaths of the famous, inventing imaginary crashes for them. Around the deaths of James Dean and Albert Camus, Jayne Mansfieldp 15 C 1973
has died, we will leave with the others who gathered around him, like a crowd drawn to an injured cripple whosep 17 C 1973
seemed to my exhausted mind to be repeated in everything around me -- the expressions and postures of the spectators, thep 22 C 1973
blood while the urine of his young widow formed rainbows around my rescuers‘ feet. By this same nightmare logic the firemenp 23 C 1973
disordered way about the wounds and pains he would feel. Around me, the empty beds contained a hundred histories of collisionp 26 C 1973
terrifying facial and genital injuries. As they adjusted the harness around my legs, I listened to the aircraft rising from Londonp 27 C 1973
the scars on my legs and chest. The nurses hovered around me, carrying out their painful chores. When they replaced thep 27 C 1973
examined the wounds on my chest. The skin was broken around the lower edge of the sternum, where the horn bossp 28 C 1973
and legs. This obsession with the sexual possibilities of everything around me had been jerked loose from my mind by thep 29 C 1973
opponent killed in a pointless duel -- all these women around me seemed to attend only to my most infantile zonesp 33 C 1973
my childhood, commissionaires guarding my orifices. A student nurse moved around my bed, sly thighs under her gingham, eyes fixed onp 33 C 1973
character from myself. This marked tilt was evident in everything around me. I stared at my pale, mannequin-like face, trying top 36 C 1973
into song, tap her forehead, touch every second temperature chart around the ward, switch on every fourth set of radio headphonesp 37 C 1973
evenly, and went on with her work, steering her sponge around the central bandage that ran from the waistband between myp 38 C 1973
the physiotherapy department, ran errands for the nurses and hung around the staff room, trying to talk shop to the boredp 39 C 1973
body in its white coat. Her strong arms steered me around, arranging my legs as if I were some huge jointedp 40 C 1973
she now spent all her time folding a silk scarf around the small stump, tying and retying the ends as ifp 42 C 1973
had the sudden feeling that he was hawking obscene pictures around the wards, pornographic X-ray plates and blacklisted urinalyses. A brassp 43 C 1973
chord, but what marked him out was the scar tissue around his forehead and mouth, residues of some terrifying act ofp 43 C 1973
the dead so quickly -- they should leave them lying around for months. I wasn't ready.‘ ‘Remington was ready.‘ ‘I supposep 45 C 1973
in the crotch of her tights, then slipped my forefinger around the coif of blonde pubic hair that curled like ap 46 C 1973
her small foot on to the brake pedal, pulling us around the truck into the slow lane. I put away thep 47 C 1973
American avant-garde films and German sex-instruction movies, together realigned themselves around the palisades of the motorway. I realized that the humanp 48 C 1973
elevator entrance. He sat on his metal desk, an arm around his child-like girlfriend. Ignoring their respectful stares, I walked backp 52 C 1973
became aware that an immense silence hung over the landscape around me. By a rare freak of flight control no aircraftp 53 C 1973
car. When we reached the television-commercial studios Catherine drove aimlessly around the car-park, reluctant to let me out. Waiting by hisp 54 C 1973
among the water reservoirs of Stanwell. From here I moved around the eastern flank of the airport to the motorway interchangesp 59 C 1973
reached the multi-storey car-park behind the airfreight building. I drove around the canted concrete floors of this oblique and ambiguous buildingp 61 C 1973
the startled face of this tired prostitute with her mouth around my penis, faded hair spilling through the chromium spokes ofp 62 C 1973
you planning to have another crash for him?‘ Catherine sauntered around the car. She settled herself in the front passenger seatp 66 C 1973
crushed, as if the dimensions of space had abruptly contracted around the body of the driver. Unnerved by these deformations, Ip 67 C 1973
yard with a black Alsatian dog. They watched me hovering around my car as if they vaguely resented my touching itp 68 C 1973
pay a small fee to have it scrapped.‘ She hung around the car, watching me with a mixture of hostility andp 71 C 1973
on the overheated cellulose. Tired drivers leaned through open windows around us, listening to the endless newscasts on their radios. Sealedp 72 C 1973
during sexual intercourse. I tried to visualize her broad mouth around her husband's penis, sharp fingers between his buttocks searching outp 73 C 1973
contrived animation. ‘Yesterday I hired a taxi-driver to drive me around for an hour. "Anywhere," I said. We sat in ap 78 C 1973
the west of the airport. When I put my arm around her shoulders she smiled briefly to herself, a nervous rictusp 79 C 1973
windows of the airline buses and cars. My hand moved around the outer curvature of Helen's thighs, feeling the open zipp 79 C 1973
as if trying to devour itself, I moved her hand around her breasts. She was now talking to herself, rambling awayp 79 C 1973
for my nipples. I took her fingers and placed them around my penis. Through the rear-view mirror I saw a water-boardp 80 C 1973
feeling the hot, scented vinyl. My hands pushed her skirt around her waist so that I could see the curve ofp 80 C 1973
a dead machine, her cap, I looked at the cabin around me. This small space was crowded with angular control surfacesp 80 C 1973
Her hand pressed against my right testicle. The plastic laminates around me, the colour of washed anthracite, were the same tonesp 81 C 1973
resuscitating a patient. The sheen of moisture on the skin around her mouth was like the bloom on a morning windshieldp 81 C 1973
wheel, holding the wet glans in her hand. She looked around the compartment of the car, as if speculating on anyp 81 C 1973
Shepperton Studios put on displays of ‘hell-driving‘. Unwanted tickets circulated around the studios and our own offices. Disapproving of my affairp 84 C 1973
drivers‘ wives cheered half-heartedly. Helen sat close to me, arm around my waist, face touching my shoulder. Her face was deadenedp 84 C 1973
the audience's interest. The amplified fragments of his commentary reverberated around the empty stands as if trying to escape. I pointedp 85 C 1973
a tall cameraman in a combat jacket who was hovering around Seagrave's car, shouting instructions to him over the engine roarp 85 C 1973
of his nearside headlamp. He stood up restlessly and prowled around the car, head raised above the stares of the eveningp 88 C 1973
door. ‘This is the new project, Ballard.‘ He waved confidently around the room. ‘I'm doing a special television series as partp 96 C 1973
among the enamel pails were hundreds of photographs. The floor around the enlarger was littered with half-plate prints, developed and castp 96 C 1973
aside once they had yielded their images. As Vaughan hunted around the central table, turning the pages of a leatherbound albump 96 C 1973
was the well-preserved wife of a successful businessman, fox fur around her shoulders, to a menopausal supermarket cashier and an overweightp 97 C 1973
slide of an avalanche, lay back against the oil-smeared seat. Around the crushed car was a group of police, ambulance attendantsp 97 C 1973
I was struck by the prim lines these bruises formed around her broad mouth. These morbid depressions were like those ofp 97 C 1973
was the same -- the automobile, moving along the highways around the airport, in the traffic jams on the flyover, parkedp 101 C 1973
in the passenger seat of her black saloon, skirt hitched around her waist, scarred knees pressing against the vinyl seat asp 101 C 1973
doubt if she'll be able to help you.‘ Vaughan sauntered around the room on his uneven legs. ‘She's working at Sheppertonp 103 C 1973
centrepiece -- pleasant images of young couples in group intercourse around an American convertible parked in a placid meadow; a middle-agedp 104 C 1973
glass curtain-walling of the high-rise apartment blocks moved between us. Around me the morning traffic lay in the fly-infested sunlight. Strangelyp 106 C 1973
excursions along the motorways, had now faded. Vaughan's presence, somewhere around me on these crowded causeways, convinced me that some kindp 106 C 1973
to any lengths to take advantage of the immediate situation around him. I accelerated as the traffic reached the Western Avenuep 106 C 1973
knee, almost as if the entire car had deformed itself around her figure in a gesture of homage. The sound engineerp 109 C 1973
deliberately inspect every orifice I could find, running my fingers around her gums in the hope of seeing even one smallp 112 C 1973
forcing Vaughan into a heavy U-turn. Tyres screaming, he swung around the ornamental flower-bed with its glazed pottery plants, but Ip 113 C 1973
ready for this, she took my hand and placed it around her breast. ‘Vaughan annexes people to him. There's still ap 116 C 1973
car she dressed herself with abrupt movements, straightening her skirt around her hips like a department-store window-dresser jerking a garment onp 119 C 1973
trap of glass and metal knives. The deserted reservoirs lay around us in the sunlight, an invisible marine world. Helen woundp 120 C 1973
safety engineers, traffic specialists and their wives -- had gathered around the point of impact, like a crowd at a racep 123 C 1973
of fibreglass from its face and shoulders speckled the glass around the test car like silver snow, a death confetti. Thep 125 C 1973
profile struck the glass. A fountain of spraying crystal erupted around them, through which, as if in celebration, their figures werep 127 C 1973
buckling it at the central welding point. His legs rotated around the car, shin-bones striking the central door pillar. Above himp 127 C 1973
as her mother's head struck the rear window and cannonaded around the car before exiting through the left-hand door. The carp 128 C 1973
of unheeded semaphores, settled again into a crudely human posture. Around them, the fountain of frosted glass moved away for thep 128 C 1973
The case could be made.‘ ‘But why Elizabeth Taylor? Driving around in this car, aren't you putting her in some dangerp 130 C 1973
across the path of a taxi already making its way around the island. Flooring the accelerator, Vaughan swerved in front ofp 130 C 1973
Dean had been marked in coloured crayons, pencil lines circled around their necks and pubic areas, breasts and cheekbones shaded inp 135 C 1973
car which would marry with her body. The free areas around these photographs were covered with annotations in Vaughan's scrawled handwritingp 136 C 1973
rehearsal of its own death. Red tail-lights flared like fireflies around us. Vaughan was holding passively to the rim of hisp 137 C 1973
by the headlamps and tail-lights in the crowded traffic lanes around us. Vaughan had freed both the girl's breasts, nursing themp 100 C 1973
playful touch to the steering wheel. I put my arm around her shoulder, aware of her hand on my thigh. Ip 142 C 1973
securely in her body. He straightened his legs, rotating himself around the passenger compartment so that his hips rested on thep 142 C 1973
home, taking their cars one by one from the files around Vaughan's dusty limousine. He had driven into the studios anp 146 C 1973
He was wearing the same stale jeans he had unrolled around his hard buttocks during his sex-act as I drove thep 147 C 1973
in a car-crash is remote. You'll have to follow her around until doomsday.‘ Standing behind Vaughan, I stared down at thep 148 C 1973
visualized these sections of radiator grilles and instrument panels coalescing around Vaughan and myself, embracing us as I pulled the beltp 148 C 1973
steering assembly and instrument panel. ‘Vaughan!‘ I put my arm around his shoulder. His body was shaking towards an orgasm, thep 149 C 1973
century, enough to drive the planet into a new orbit around a happier star, was being expended to maintain this immensep 151 C 1973
the eastern descent ramp of the flyover and Western Avenue. Around them a police car, two ambulances and a breakdown truckp 152 C 1973
his own musculature, in the white retinas of the scars around his mouth, memorializing every bent fender and broken bone inp 153 C 1973
policeman stared at the blood netting like a widow's veil around his face and hair. Three engineers worked with crowbars andp 153 C 1973
transformed the entire scene. The woman's skirt had ridden up around her waist, and her thighs lay apart as if shep 154 C 1973
that would flower from the marriage of violence and desire. Around me, down the entire length of Western Avenue, along bothp 156 C 1973
suit walked past us, her young man with an arm around her waist. He held her right breast with the backp 157 C 1973
I sat behind the wheel, waiting for him to walk around the car and sit beside me, but he pulled openp 158 C 1973
Her eyes were fixed on Vaughan's chest, at the scars around his injured nipples shining like points of light. I edgedp 159 C 1973
and a steward in its liquid glaze. When I turned around I saw that Vaughan was holding in his cupped handp 160 C 1973
unique geometry. Our car was alone in the washing bay. Around us the forecourt was deserted. Catherine lay back with herp 161 C 1973
across the rear seat. Catherine knelt across him, skirt rolled around her waist, holding his penis in both hands, her mouthp 161 C 1973
over his penis. In the mounting roar of the rollers around us she and Vaughan rocked together, Vaughan holding her breastsp 162 C 1973
from the car-wash, the rollers dripped silently in the darkness. Around the car an immense pool of white bubbles subsided intop 164 C 1973
studios at Shepperton, revelling in the movement of the traffic around me, free at last to enjoy the lanes of speedingp 166 C 1973
finished the crash sequence here.‘ ‘God only knows. He's driving around in a wig and leopard-skin coat. He may start followingp 167 C 1973
period whose urgencies went beyond vanity. Yet, as he moved around the apartment, taking a shower and changing his clothes, Vaughanp 168 C 1973
the now upended car. Vaughan walked through the knee-deep grass around the car, and picked up a piece of white chalkp 169 C 1973
the black cellulose. He inspected this thoughtfully and, satisfied, moved around the car, marking the profile of his penis on thep 169 C 1973
parking lots of the Western Avenue supermarkets as if strolling around a beach colony, fascinated by the high-rise fenders of ap 170 C 1973
small contortions as he waited for her to appear, fretting around the rear seat, almost as if his body was unconsciouslyp 172 C 1973
the rictus of his mouth as he framed his lips around a nipple, seemed to be private rehearsals for a terrifyingp 172 C 1973
I could see the contoured seat which had been moulded around her body, hemispheres of padded leather that matched the depressionsp 176 C 1973
depressions of her brace and backstraps. I slipped my hand around her right breast, already colliding with the strange geometry ofp 176 C 1973
her pubis, feeling for the inert nub of her clitoris. Around us the silver controls of the car seemed a tourp 178 C 1973
sickle-shaped trough. Gabrielle turned in her seat, revolving her body around me, so that I could explore the wounds of herp 179 C 1973
end of the sports car. Sections of tattered fibreglass lay around the crushed fuselage, like discarded styling exercises in a designer'sp 185 C 1973
seat below the broken windshield. The crowd of spectators pressed around and over the two cars, almost toppling the ambulance menp 185 C 1973
hand and shouted to him to move along. Vaughan hovered around the closing doors, ignoring the constable, then made off throughp 186 C 1973
themselves the props of a calculated collision -- still lying around the car, I followed Vaughan through the spectators. He wanderedp 186 C 1973
car, I followed Vaughan through the spectators. He wandered blankly around the silver Mercedes, eyes fixed on the bloodstains smeared acrossp 186 C 1973
spit dribbled from her mouth like a tap. Driving slowly around the darkening streets of the housing estates to the southp 191 C 1973
I watched over my shoulder as Vaughan moved this woman around the rear seat, steering her with his strong thighs. Allp 191 C 1973
seen it, and he moved in bursts of exhausted nervousness around the cabin of the car, like an uncomfortable animal. Thisp 192 C 1973
his buttocks and thighs in his worn trousers, the scars around his mouth and below his jaw angle, filled me withp 194 C 1973
climbed these first gradients of excitation and alarm, eyes roving around the glass-enclosed mezzanine as he picked from the air thep 194 C 1973
me into the speeding air. An icy nimbus was gathering around the roof of my skull, like the clouds that formp 195 C 1973
part. At the same time, I was sure that everything around me, the growing extension of the LSD through my bodyp 196 C 1973
moved the car into the slow lane as we turned around the central drum of the interchange, accelerating when we gainedp 196 C 1973
were pieces of stage scenery suspended from the sky. Looking around, I had the impression that all the cars on thep 196 C 1973
effort of concentrating on the traffic and holding the cars around us in their lanes, I took my hands off thep 197 C 1973
flight paths. As we changed direction, horns and tyres screamed around us. Vaughan controlled the wheel, like a parent guiding anp 199 C 1973
ascending from the traffic jams that had locked them together. Around me the interior of the car glowed like a magician'sp 199 C 1973
panel, the metal sills of the radio and ashtrays gleamed around me like altarpieces, their geometries reaching towards my body likep 200 C 1973
by Vaughan and myself as we sat with our arms around each other in the centre of the electric storm movingp 200 C 1973
benevolent partner, the eye of this illumination of the landscape around us. Taking his hand, I pressed his palm against thep 200 C 1973
penis at the mouth of his rectum. His anus opened around the head of my penis, settling itself around the shaftp 202 C 1973
anus opened around the head of my penis, settling itself around the shaft, his hard detrusor muscles gripping my glans. Asp 202 C 1973
in every direction across the landscape. I held my arm around Vaughan as he slept, watching as the fountain pouring fromp 202 C 1973
Vaughan lay back on the seat beside me, trousers open around his knees. The flies crawled in thick clumps across hisp 204 C 1973
scars along his diaphragm. The flies covered Vaughan's face, hovering around his mouth and nostrils as if waiting for the rancidp 204 C 1973
at me. Shreds of torn paper eddied through the air around me, pasting themselves at various points against the crushed doorp 207 C 1973
buttocks as he lay back watching me with his trousers around his knees. Terrified by these brief re-enactments, I held Catherine'sp 209 C 1973
courtyard. As I accelerated, the perspectives of the street swerved around me, leaning away from me as if streamlining themselves. Nearp 211 C 1973
fixed in a rigid mask, his scarred cheeks clamped rigidly around his mouth. He cut in and out of the trafficp 215 C 1973
far more important death. Day by day Vaughan followed Catherine around the expressways and airport perimeter roads, sometimes waiting for herp 217 C 1973
Vaughan were waiting behind one of the trees. I walked around the car, and pushed the broken body panels into placep 219 C 1973
before I could take her arm the car had swerved around us and plunged through the sliding gravel into the streetp 219 C 1973
apartment house I saw Catherine pacing in a light-headed way around the rusting hulk of Vaughan's Lincoln. As I took herp 220 C 1973
cars and ambulances, were careful to leave a clear space around her. On the roofs of the police cars the warningp 222 C 1973
my hand. Reaching through the fractured windshields and passenger windows around me, I marked my semen on the oily instrument panelsp 224 C 1973
the new zodiac of our minds. I held Catherine's arm around my waist as we wandered among the derelict cars, pressingp 224 C 1973
planet Jupiter and reassembling the pieces in a huge sphere around the Sun, in order to exploit its entire radiation. Whatp 164 UGM 1974
redesigning the Solar System and, ultimately, the whole Milky Way, around its own needs. The Moon, seen primarily as a paradisep 165 UGM 1974
was the odd feeling I had of the Academy closing around me, of the plywood partitions of the Modern Literature departmentp 202 UGM 1974
the plywood partitions of the Modern Literature department being erected around my mind, and around those of all the other writersp 203 UGM 1974
the Modern Literature department being erected around my mind, and around those of all the other writers exercising their talents forp 203 UGM 1974
of the New Wavers I know spend their time lying around and romancing over a bottle. Perhaps, however, the tightening embracep 203 UGM 1974
novel, to place some kind of metaphysical and philosophical framework around man's place in the universe. However crudely (and most ofp 204 UGM 1974
slight -- the island was sealed off from the world around it by the high embankments on two sides and thep 11 CI 1974
marked by the winding corridors that recorded his uncertain movements around the car, was settling itself again, almost hiding the silverp 12 CI 1974
and be on his way. The embankment The earth flowed around him like a warm, alluvial river. Halfway up the embankmentp 13 CI 1974
of the overpass, the noise reverberated off the concrete roadway around Maitland, drowning his first shouts. Now and then an intervalp 14 CI 1974
lances. A horn blared warningly behind Maitland as he climbed around the trestles. A car plunged within inches of his rightp 15 CI 1974
sharp windshield or wing-mirror trim. He wrapped the blood-stained handkerchief around it. Three hundred yards away, beyond the eastern entrance ofp 15 CI 1974
almost filling the tunnel below the overpass. As it laboured around the bend the driver saw Maitland staggering between his headlampsp 16 CI 1974
briefcase. ‘My hat -- you've got my hat ...!‘ Horns blared around him. A taxi pulled almost to a halt, the fenderp 16 CI 1974
struck the neck from the bottle. The clear liquid splashed around his feet in the cold air. Sitting unsteadily in thep 21 CI 1974
-- student vacations touring Italy and Greece, a three-month drive around the United States after he qualified. For years now hep 22 CI 1974
die. Swinging his arms out, he managed to jump forward around the injured leg. He grasped at the long grass top 24 CI 1974
exciting his nerves and arteries like an electric stimulant. Hobbling around the car, he tapped the roof with almost child-like humourp 26 CI 1974
As he emerged into the sunlight, the deep grass waved around his thighs, as if trying to transfer some of itsp 30 CI 1974
gully, washed clear of all refuse by the rain, led around the concrete wall to the mouth of a drainage culvertp 31 CI 1974
on his way. The light air swirled the candy wrappers around his injured leg. As he crossed the island the grassp 31 CI 1974
towelling strips, locked the trunk and hobbled through the grass around the abandoned cars. Five vehicles, wrecks left behind in thep 33 CI 1974
left behind in the breaker's yard, lay in a semi-circle around the Jaguar. The grass grew through the gaps in thep 33 CI 1974
all the tyres and fenders he could find. The area around the cars soon became a quagmire in which he slidp 35 CI 1974
he slid about like a scarecrow in his mud-spattered dinner-jacket. Around him the last of the day's sunlight fell on thep 35 CI 1974
the earth away with the crutch. The rain-washed soil liquefied around him in a soft avalanche. The fenders sank through thep 35 CI 1974
filled with the fumes. ‘Careful now ... a lot of electrics around ... roast to a crisp inside here ...‘ He turned on thep 39 CI 1974
its glowing sides. Pools of scattered fuel burned themselves out around the car. In the flame-light he could see the highp 40 CI 1974
the flame-light he could see the high wall of grass around the yard, the blades inclined forwards like the members ofp 40 CI 1974
eager audience. The dark, heavy smoke of burning gasolene lifted around the Jaguar's engine through the open bonnet. Already the firstp 40 CI 1974
looked down at the two slices of bread, held together around their filling of chicken and salad cream by the semi-circularp 41 CI 1974
of the car, creeping through the coils of blackened wiring. Around the smoke-streaked windows the tall grass swayed in the warmp 42 CI 1974
be able to stand for long. The mud-smeared dinner-jacket flapped around him in the light wind, several sizes too large forp 43 CI 1974
inspecting the damage to the Jaguar. Patches of the grass around the car had been burned away, exposing circles of charredp 43 CI 1974
the old man brought with him on his endless journey around the world, and against whose chain-driven wheels Maitland's already brokenp 44 CI 1974
by ordeal. Galvanizing himself, Maitland began to hobble at random around the breaker's yard, swaying and tottering in this circle ofp 44 CI 1974
conjuring up the spectre of some infantile guilt? He looked around the perimeter of the island, carefully scanning the embankments inp 44 CI 1974
be legible to drivers on the motorway. Maitland swung himself around the car. He needed writing materials of some kind, orp 45 CI 1974
in a rich man's cast-off, he pulled the damp dinner-jacket around his thin shoulders. But his hungry eyes soon turned theirp 46 CI 1974
interest to the cigarette packs, tattered newspapers and refuse lying around him at the foot of the embankment. Ten feet awayp 46 CI 1974
hands, the first rain of the day struck the dust around his legs. Chuckling to himself, Maitland stuffed the paper intop 46 CI 1974
feet and moved away through the deep grass. The roads around the island were deserted again. Carried by a brisk north-eastp 46 CI 1974
stopped to search for shelter. The grass seethed and whirled around him, as if sections of this wilderness were speaking top 46 CI 1974
once been here, and a few copper-backed letterpress blocks lay around his feet. Maitland picked one up and examined the cloudyp 48 CI 1974
back to the car, he told himself. The grass seethed around him in the light wind, speaking its agreement. ‘Explore thep 50 CI 1974
down from the shelter. Supported by the grass blades swirling around him like a flock of eager attendants, he hobbled westwardsp 50 CI 1974
buried under piles of discarded tyres and worn steel cable. Around the ruin of a former pay-box, Maitland identified the ground-planp 50 CI 1974
exhausted to press on, Maitland sat on a stone wall. Around him the high nettles rose into the sunlight, their tieredp 51 CI 1974
beckoning this fever-racked scarecrow into its interior. The blades swirled around him, opening a dozen pathways, each of which would carryp 53 CI 1974
followed the grass passively as it wove its spiral patterns around him. To his surprise, it carried him up a slopep 54 CI 1974
air-raid shelters. Maitland laboured along, listening to the grass seethe around him. A stony ridge marked the west wall of thep 54 CI 1974
effort to pass it to Maitland. Her firm hands moved around his neck and down to his chest. Maitland was nop 57 CI 1974
the pain in his leg, she drew the red blanket around his shoulders. ‘Relax, Mr Maitland. We've called for help Catherinep 57 CI 1974
I'll try to clean it for you.‘ Her hands moved around his hips and groin as she tried to loosen hisp 0059 CI 1974
relief and exhilaration had begun to fade, and he looked around the room, establishing its reality in his mind. Part ofp 60 CI 1974
of the cadaver. Unsettled by her calm gaze, Maitland glanced around the room. In one corner, supporting a metal basin filledp 61 CI 1974
can. If it hadn't been for me you wouldn't be around any more to complain!‘ Maitland brought a hand to hisp 61 CI 1974
tax this intelligent but devious woman. Clearly she suspected everything around her. ‘Yes -- I'm well off ... a senior partner inp 62 CI 1974
eye on him. Just leave him alone. Don't start fiddling around with him, or hitting him again. And I don't wantp 0063 CI 1974
sweet, euphoric smoke filled the room, hanging in long decks around her face. She cradled Maitland's head with unexpected gentleness. Forp 64 CI 1974
All night Proctor hovered over him, his heavy fingers roving around Maitland's body, as if searching for some talisman that eludedp 64 CI 1974
of the young woman's body. Still lying there, he looked around the room, taking in the open suitcase, the gaudy dressesp 66 CI 1974
all, the need to dominate the patch of ground immediately around him. His effective horizon had shrunk to little more thanp 67 CI 1974
an eccentric costume. Leaning against the wall, Maitland swung himself around the room. The Guevara poster tore in his hands andp 67 CI 1974
too much for him. Within seconds the rope was tangled around his neck. Nevertheless, as Maitland realized, the tramp was notp 68 CI 1974
grass. He stepped back into the room and swung himself around the walls. As his eyes cleared in the dim lightp 69 CI 1974
I feel a little better.‘ ‘I see you've been wandering around in here,‘ she remarked without any criticism. She straightened thep 69 CI 1974
up. ‘What day is it?‘ ‘Sunday -- the Indian places around here are open every day. They exploit themselves and theirp 70 CI 1974
rather unhappy memories of the police. They've always kicked him around. Do you know that a sergeant from Notting Hill Stationp 71 CI 1974
study as a child, I don't like too many people around me you probably understand.‘ ‘Jane --‘ Maitland cleared his throatp 71 CI 1974
she stepped forward and took his arm. She slipped it around her small shoulders. Like a dance-hall instructress leading a helplessp 74 CI 1974
Maitland stepped into the bright sunlight. The long grass seethed around his legs, greeting him like an affectionate dog. Fed byp 74 CI 1974
weighed the matchbox in his hand. His eyes moved swiftly around the room. From the packing case he pulled out thep 76 CI 1974
exhilarated him. His left foot slipped on the broken flagstones around the outhouse. He caught his balance and whirled the crutchp 78 CI 1974
lay back against the damp pillow. The young woman moved around the dimly lit room. She straightened her suitcase, and re-hungp 81 CI 1974
away sharply, jarring Maitland's head. She began to prowl irritably around the room, and turned up the paraffin lamp in ap 81 CI 1974
to get away from all these moral attitudes.‘ She blundered around the room, as if searching for an exit from Maitland'sp 81 CI 1974
asked. ‘Perhaps you did.‘ Maitland tried to put his arm around her waist, but his fever was rolling in waves acrossp 83 CI 1974
and glared down drunkenly at Maitland. Her wild hair flamed around her in the vivid light like a demented sun. Shep 84 CI 1974
card-table. A poster ripped in her hands as she swayed around the room, tearing Manson's face. When she brought a cupp 84 CI 1974
inhaled the fresh scents of the grass forest that grew around his legs. He watched Proctor cleaning out the shelter. Thisp 85 CI 1974
Maitland like an anxious beast's. All night he moved restlessly around his burrow, keeping up a continuous pointless activity. The quiltedp 85 CI 1974
with an old woollen shawl. Maitland draped the yellowing garment around his heavy shoulders, ignoring the sweet, musty smell. Proctor hoveredp 86 CI 1974
in prison?‘ ‘No!‘ Proctor shouted the word vehemently. He looked around carefully, as if nervous that a passing driver might havep 87 CI 1974
himself on the cold air, Maitland wrapped the shawl tightly around his chest and set off alone towards the embankment. Proctor'sp 87 CI 1974
had fractionally cut away his strength. The deep grass jostled around him on all sides like a hostile crowd. Swaying unsteadilyp 88 CI 1974
invisible corridors that he had tunnelled in his endless passages around the island. They approached the wire-mesh fence below the over-passp 90 CI 1974
swimmers coming ashore, Proctor gazed uncertainly at the concrete parapets around them. The magnified roar of the traffic unsettled him, andp 90 CI 1974
felt the flexing stems, reading their currents as they seethed around him. He thought of Proctor emerging from his den inp 90 CI 1974
furrows of his cheeks and chin. He put an arm around Maitland's shoulders, testing this new friend. ‘When are you goingp 92 CI 1974
line inside his head. The grass was quiet, barely moving around him. Standing there, like a shepherd with a silent flockp 93 CI 1974
trousers. Proctor pushed back the sleeves of the dinner-jacket, fastening around his wrists the pair of cuffs which Jane had tornp 94 CI 1974
collar and a ragged bib of flowered shirt were already around his neck. Maitland's black tie jutted at a rakish anglep 94 CI 1974
the trousers. As he clutched at them delightedly, Jane danced around him, snapping her fingers. She was still wearing the tart'sp 95 CI 1974
Maitland, eyes no longer synchronized. Jane bent down and rooted around in the overnight case. ‘There's a letter here -- fromp 95 CI 1974
shoulders. The hot drops bubbled and seethed in the dust around him. Maitland waited until he had finished. Proctor lay strandedp 96 CI 1974
to be,‘ Maitland said. ‘I've no intention of being played around with by a senile tramp and a neurotic runaway.‘ ‘Itp 97 CI 1974
As she prepared a small meal he watched her moving around the room, happy in this domestic retreat. She took outp 99 CI 1974
leaned patiently against a tilting gravestone. One arm was clasped around Maitland's uninjured leg, holding the crippled man on his broadp 102 CI 1974
with the straight end he was able to steer him around the island. After glancing briefly at, the afternoon traffic --p 102 CI 1974
this beast of burden Maitland found it difficult to move around the island at all. The grass and nettles, the eldersp 103 CI 1974
Jaguar was now hidden by the grass that had grown around it, covering all traces of the blackened ground. Maitland avoidedp 104 CI 1974
the wall of the air-raid shelter, the yellow shawl wrapped around him. Proctor squatted on the ground a few feet awayp 106 CI 1974
hesitation. The tramp laboured on, as if this pointless travel around the island was all that he could think of inp 111 CI 1974
noise of the tyres and engines. He watched Proctor wandering around the breaker's yard, taking the rat-traps from his belt andp 111 CI 1974
note, but it whirled away on the air. He clambered around Maitland like a nervous dog, trying to see what wasp 113 CI 1974
would one day repose the bones of a revered saint. Around them were the cuff-links and overshoes that he had givenp 115 CI 1974
doors ‘Wake up! Are you all right?‘ The grass seethed around him, the harsh stems whipping at his face. Maitland layp 116 CI 1974
small shack, a pavilion of rust, which Proctor had built around him out of the discarded sections of car bodies. Ap 117 CI 1974
lifted Maitland on to the bed and arranged the quilts around him. Fragments of the tramp's finger-writing covered several of thep 117 CI 1974
these stay. ‘He's done a good job.‘ Jane had sauntered around the pavilion as Proctor laboured back and forth. Smoking thep 117 CI 1974
that she was talking to someone else. ‘I'm not dancing around this flat, I'm shuffling. It doesn't matter, it's so goodp 119 CI 1974
hospital.‘ ‘Fine, Jane. We'll stay together.‘ Maitland put his arm around her shoulders. ‘I don't want anyone to know I'm onp 120 CI 1974
hand. His powerful arms moved like pistons, his feet twisted around the loose end of the rope in a running holdp 122 CI 1974
rope attached to the winch were tightening, the loops racing around his shoulders. Maitland waved the crutch at the tramp, signallingp 123 CI 1974
he was jerked backwards off the cradle. The guy-ropes ran around him, tightening across his waist and neck. Trussed like ap 123 CI 1974
massive column. Unconscious now, he hung limply from the rope around his neck. He was carried through the air below thep 123 CI 1974
beside Proctor's body. The roofs of the air-raid shelters rose around them like the backs of ancient animals buried asleep inp 124 CI 1974
impulsively in his expensive car and was now prowling restlessly around the solarium as if hunting for a chromium rat. Laingp 812 DFW 1974
as if the furniture of his brain was being shifted around behind some dark curtain. The Cessna circled above him likep 814 DFW 1974
unforgotten nightmare had been cued in by the aircraft emerging around him on all sides -- Helen Winthrop's Cessna, the Fortressp 817 DFW 1974
of carburettor and exhaust manifold, trim-tab and tailwheel that lay around him as if left here by the receding tide ofp 817 DFW 1974
receding tide of his dreams. Already other memories were massing around him, fragments that he was certain belonged to another man'sp 817 DFW 1974
rusting aircraft parts. Inside the fuselage they searched their way around the barbette of the roof-turret, stepping through the debris ofp 817 DFW 1974
space. His nightmare ramblings had disturbed millions of television viewers around the world, as if the terrifying image of a manp 818 DFW 1974
of true grief. He drove to the airfield and wandered around the empty hangar. Traces of her over-hurried departure, a suitcasep 819 DFW 1974
was a small village, a run-down collection of houses grouped around two sides of a sloping square. Half a dozen farmersp 822 AD 1975
in setting out on this private expedition. The mountains rose around me on all sides, the valleys dividing like the entrancesp 822 AD 1975
this narrow road it was impossible to turn the vehicle around. Forced to go on, I approached a second village, ap 823 AD 1975
second village, a clutch of hovels built a century earlier around a now deconsecrated chapel. The only level place in whichp 823 AD 1975
wide enough to hold the car's wheels as I steered around the endless hairpin bends. Twice more I stopped to questionp 824 AD 1975
my car and lit a cigarette, waiting as they gathered around me at a respectful distance, it struck me as cruellyp 824 AD 1975
out. Some ten of the men and women were standing around me, mesmerised by the car, by my cigarette lighter andp 824 AD 1975
airliner. Tearing it off the bag, I showed the picture around the group. Immediately they were nodding away. They muttered top 825 AD 1975
airliner, of any debris or the hundreds of bodies. Looking around me, I expected the mountain to be drenched in corpsesp 825 AD 1975
river, sharply separated the development project from the rundown areas around it, decaying nineteenth-century terraced houses and empty factories already zonedp 8 HR 1975
head, magnified by the currents of air that surged erratically around the building. The last of the wine tilled along thep 11 HR 1975
he soon recognized the extraordinary number of thinly veiled antagonisms around him. The high-rise had a second life of its ownp 12 HR 1975
for a lavish midnight gala on the observation roof, hung around the swimming-pools and restaurant in the slack hours of thep 13 HR 1975
on. Perhaps even a sense of guilt -- he hangs around up there as if he's waiting to be found outp 15 HR 1975
liquor store. Laing pushed back the swing doors and strolled around the pool. The changing cubicles were closed, the curtains drawnp 22 HR 1975
for their fellow tenants‘ comfort and privacy. The dogs barked around the car-parks when they were walked in the evening, foulingp 23 HR 1975
his way to the staircase was blocked by the people around him. The entire cocktail party had moved along the roofp 26 HR 1975
come up.‘ What? Puzzled by his own behaviour, Laing wandered around the small apartment. Charlotte Melville was also at home. Shep 28 HR 1975
an hour to reach the 10th floor. Seizing Charlotte good-humouredly around the waist, one of the pilots almost dragged her offp 31 HR 1975
agreeably expressed remarks cautioned Laing. Listening to the animated conversations around him, he was struck by the full extent of thep 32 HR 1975
of middle-aged women beating up the young masseuse anchored everything around him to a different plane of reality. His own reactionp 35 HR 1975
a burial tag, exactly matched the erosion of the world around the high-rise. During the day, as Laing took his supervisionp 35 HR 1975
was failing to get the point. He placed an arm around her, unsurprised by the fierce way in which she embracedp 38 HR 1975
these emotions were unconnected with the realities of the world around them. The tokens that they should exchange, which would markp 38 HR 1975
in a greasy avalanche. He held Laing's arm, steering him around a beer can lying on the corridor floor. ‘Still, nop 39 HR 1975
guests who had arrived and were sitting in the chairs around him -- the television newsreader Paul Crosland, and a filmp 40 HR 1975
panic he wondered if he himself was the victim. All around, people were leaning on their railings, glasses in hand, staringp 41 HR 1975
with debris, their once-bright bodywork streaked and stained. The pathways around the building were littered with bottles, cans, and broken glassp 43 HR 1975
into his dormant family by drawing blinds and moving noisily around the rooms. Wilder found it difficult to revive them. Atp 50 HR 1975
the air-conditioning flues by the upper-level tenants. Strong winds circulated around the open plazas of the development project, buffeting the lowerp 50 HR 1975
impulse Wilder decided to test his rights of free passage around the building, and his access to all its services, particularlyp 50 HR 1975
confrontation, however minor, had unsettled Wilder. Ignoring Helen, he prowled around the apartment, swinging the camera to and fro. He feltp 51 HR 1975
the pool accepted the wine bottles and beer cans rolling around the tiled floor under their feet. During the evening, Wilder'sp 56 HR 1975
felt herself to be part of the events taking place around her. Restraining his temper, Wilder hunched heavily in the darknessp 57 HR 1975
of those responsible. Leaving his wife, who was wandering light-heartedly around the apartment and smiling at the spurting dust, Wilder wentp 57 HR 1975
catch their attention, until he realized from the excited talk around him that their mission consisted solely of going up top 58 HR 1975
three sleepers after an immense period of time had condensed around them like a stone frost. Wilder had blocked the air-conditioningp 59 HR 1975
and waited for the evening to come. Helen moved silently around the apartment, barely aware of her husband. After the fitp 60 HR 1975
boys to bed. She had moved the wardrobe and dressing-table around their beds, in an attempt to shield them from thep 61 HR 1975
broken desks lying on the steps, pencils and crayons scattered around them. Wishing that he had brought his camera with himp 62 HR 1975
if someone had been stealing the yellowing fluid. Wilder walked around the pool. An empty wine bottle floated in the centrep 62 HR 1975
floor, one of the vagrants who spent their time wandering around the high-rise, the denizens of an interior world who formedp 64 HR 1975
catch the light, looking forward with pleasure to wrapping it around Royal's neck. Although well aware that he had been trappedp 66 HR 1975
to allow the group to pass. The wooden clubs clicked around him in the darkness, beating out a well-rehearsed tattoo. Fromp 67 HR 1975
door of Jane Sheridan's apartment a torch flared at him. Around Wilder the dumb-bell troupe was beginning its act. The firstp 67 HR 1975
a sofa in the ground-floor entrance lobby. Fluorescent lights shone around him, reflected in the glass ceiling-panels. With their toneless glowp 67 HR 1975
aware that a new social order was beginning to emerge around him. Royal was certain that a rigid hierarchy of somep 70 HR 1975
began to fail, and it became dangerous to move unaccompanied around the building, she told Royal that they were leaving. Playingp 70 HR 1975
top rung of the ladder. By comparison, the professional people around her, who had achieved everything as a result of theirp 72 HR 1975
part of the day it was possible to move freely around the building, but as the afternoon proceeded this became increasinglyp 75 HR 1975
tyres, surrounded by a sea of rubbish that spread outwards around the building like an enlarging stain. This visible index ofp 76 HR 1975
glad to be flung half-conscious into an elevator. Royal strolled around the shrouded furniture. He raised his stick and slashed atp 76 HR 1975
number of the chutes were blocked. Despite the growing chaos around them, the residents showed less interest in the external worldp 77 HR 1975
about in the ground-floor lobbies. As for the debris scattered around the high-rise, the broken bottles and cans, these were barelyp 77 HR 1975
been pulled from its socket, and the cable neatly wrapped around the receiver. As he walked around the apartment before goingp 78 HR 1975
the cable neatly wrapped around the receiver. As he walked around the apartment before going to search for the dog, hep 78 HR 1975
the callisthenics machine had been installed, the birds would hobble around the terrace while he exercised. In some way they werep 79 HR 1975
gulls, heavy wings folded, strutted among the cheese sticks scattered around a cardboard carton. The potted palms had been untended forp 79 HR 1975
from his hands. Leaning on his stick, Royal swung himself around the pools of water on the concrete floor. He hadp 80 HR 1975
found himself wanting to touch her, to put his arm around her shoulders. Some kind of wayward sexuality was at workp 82 HR 1975
the doors opened on the barely conscious dog dragging itself around the bloodied floor. The animal's head and shoulders were heavyp 82 HR 1975
hand, frightened of the stick. Several of his neighbours gathered around, carrying an assortment of weapons -- tennis rackets, dumb-bells andp 82 HR 1975
the apartment had begun to fade, the shrouded furniture suspended around him like under-inflated clouds. The afternoon had passed, and soonp 84 HR 1975
element of danger, the chance of confrontation. He walked calmly around the apartment, noting the telephones on the floor and thep 85 HR 1975
had left for good. Chairs and tables had been stacked around the kitchen in a barricade, and the revolving door wasp 86 HR 1975
apartment building was now in full swing. Garbage lay heaped around the jammed disposal chutes. The stairways were littered with brokenp 87 HR 1975
lettered slogans, aerosolled in luminous paint across the walls, unravelled around him like the decor of a nightmare. Rival groups ofp 87 HR 1975
the decor of a nightmare. Rival groups of residents stood around in the lobbies, guarding their elevators and watching each otherp 87 HR 1975
floor the concourse was almost deserted. A few residents wandered around the shopping mall, staring at the empty chromium counters. Thep 88 HR 1975
coffee-percolator as it began to warm. Royal put his arms around Jane and embraced her with deliberate slowness, as if repeatingp 93 HR 1975
listening to the first sounds of activity in the apartments around him. Already a few residents were leaving the building onp 95 HR 1975
in which six people had died. As his neighbours stood around the television set, Laing waited for Crosland to refer top 96 HR 1975
brother. ‘Come whenever you want to.‘ Laing put his arm around her shoulders, steadying her in case she lost her balancep 98 HR 1975
to work. Spurring himself on with Alice's criticisms, Laing wandered around the apartment, doing what he could to straighten the furniturep 100 HR 1975
planks into the hall, and for the next hour moved around the apartment, transforming its open interior into a home-made blockhousep 101 HR 1975
the apartment. Fortunately, leaving the high-rise was easier than moving around within it. Like an unofficial subway service, one elevator stillp 101 HR 1975
building, but this period was becoming progressively shorter. Residents moved around the building in small groups, sharply on the look-out forp 102 HR 1975
strangeness, far more palpable than anything within the building, extended around the apartment block on all sides, reaching across the concretep 102 HR 1975
bolting the door, he climbed over his barricade and wandered around the half-empty rooms. As he inhaled the stale air hep 104 HR 1975
he would be unlikely to see her again. Laing paced around the apartment, testing the primitive defensive preparations. Those residents likep 105 HR 1975
fragments of amplified music boomed into the night. Laing climbed around his barricade and unlocked the door of his apartment. Inp 107 HR 1975
they shared together. Arm in a sling, the psychiatrist moved around his vandalized apartment, trying to hang the shattered picture-frames overp 108 HR 1975
to become perverse ...‘ As they nursed their bruises and passed around the bottles, drinking steadily to build up their courage, Laingp 109 HR 1975
building. He felt proud of having learned how to move around the pitch-black corridors, never more than three steps at ap 109 HR 1975
enclave of abandoned apartments on the 22nd floor. They wandered around the deserted rooms, kicking in the faces of the televisionp 110 HR 1975
his grimy clothes and vomit-stained hands. The vandalized living-room glimmered around him, the floor strewn with debris as if he hadp 110 HR 1975
to a last intermittent life. A faint music played somewhere around him. An abandoned record turntable was spinning again. In anp 111 HR 1975
a confident eye at the face of the apartment building. Around him the long ranks of parked cars were covered withp 113 HR 1975
on the 17th floor. Thirty feet away, as Wilder drove around the parking-lot, determined to find a rank in keeping withp 115 HR 1975
elevators to the stairway. They were suspicious of his movements around the building, his changing allegiances. During the day Wilder spentp 116 HR 1975
in a state of high excitement. He made his way around the garbage-sacks and barricades of broken furniture that blocked thep 116 HR 1975
her in an invalid chair, legs broken and trepan bandage around her shaven head, about to take the last desperate stepp 117 HR 1975
gardens, cooking in their kitchens as the walls were pulverized around them. Twenty of the floors in the high-rise were nowp 120 HR 1975
floor landing Wilder paused, surprised that there was no one around. He waited by the lobby doors, listening for any suspiciousp 120 HR 1975
and his family. The previous night he had enjoyed pushing around a terrified woman who remonstrated with him for relieving himselfp 120 HR 1975
a doomed Britannia over a sea of debris. Wilder strolled around the empty shelves. Rotting packs floated in the greasy waterp 121 HR 1975
embedded in the barricade. He would hear her moving tirelessly around him, adding a small piece of furniture she had foundp 124 HR 1975
You wanted me to, didn't you?‘ ‘Of course ...‘ Wilder gazed around the apartment in a lordly way. In fact, he barelyp 124 HR 1975
a hidden strain in his character. Hillman, the dress shirt around his head like a bloody turban, was looking up passivelyp 125 HR 1975
why you came to rescue me ...‘ Mrs Hillman followed him around the barricade, still holding Wilder's arm. ‘Will you punish themp 125 HR 1975
earnest, he began to throw dog-biscuits at her, scattering them around the bare floor. Wilder enjoyed abusing her. Deriding her inp 126 HR 1975
backs to opposite walls, they listened to the muted noises around them. The residents of the high-rise were like creatures inp 127 HR 1975
roused them briefly from their state of torpor. This regrouping around more radical and aggressive leaders was taking place all overp 127 HR 1975
at their feet. The torch-beams illuminated the garbage-sacks piled high around them, a visible museum of their leavings. Wilder sat inp 127 HR 1975
resume his ascent of the high-rise at dusk. Wilder moved around the three rooms, satisfying himself that no one was hidingp 128 HR 1975
back against the cooker, the remains of a meal scattered around him. He had found the few cans of food, alongp 128 HR 1975
up at her blearily. Climbing to his feet, he circled around her, the tape-recorder raised in one hand as if aboutp 129 HR 1975
this demonstration of his unexpected expertise. He steered her slowly around the apartment as she backed from one room to thep 129 HR 1975
failed to get the point. She fastened her torn clothes around her strong body. Although her mouth and throat were bruisedp 130 HR 1975
to an outsider, but now they gathered in a group around the two policemen. Wilder wondered if they were going top 131 HR 1975
was in order, despite the garbage and broken bottles scattered around the building. Deciding to test the defences of the apartmentp 131 HR 1975
leave again. The separation of the high-rise from the world around it was now almost complete, and would probably coincide withp 131 HR 1975
shadows swayed across the ceiling as if they were moving around the dining chamber of a feudal chief. Sitting in hisp 132 HR 1975
had emerged, in which all life within the high-rise revolved around three obsessions -- security, food and sex. Leaving the tablep 136 HR 1975
of totally abstracted emotions, detached from the context of events around them. Royal waited, expecting one of his retinue to enterp 137 HR 1975
Royal stood in the doorway, a medley of scents crowding around him in the darkness, brilliant wakes left behind them byp 137 HR 1975
birds. The dogs pulled at his legs, their leads entangled around the play-sculptures. Even Royal's favourite, the white Alsatian, was restlessp 140 HR 1975
the women crouching in a hushed circle on the floor around him. Together they mimicked these weird noises, an oral emblemp 140 HR 1975
seats. The cost-accountant was trying to straighten the unravelling bandage around his head, as if frightened that he might be calledp 141 HR 1975
towards the balustrade, everyone tripping over the bloodstained bandage unwrapping around his head. A pair of tattered papier-mache wings, part ofp 142 HR 1975
at the darkness with the chromium cane. The torch-beams swerved around him, the shadows of the overturned chairs swinging across thep 143 HR 1975
a wounded tenant crawled up a stairway, a trap closed around a wild dog, an unwary prey went down before ap 146 HR 1975
more ambiguous smell, putrid and sweet, that tended to hover around empty apartments, and which Laing chose not to investigate toop 147 HR 1975
lying on the mattress in Laing's bedroom or wandering half-naked around the apartment, her body shuddering like an over-sensitive seismograph atp 147 HR 1975
tiled floor. Without thinking, Laing stepped over him. He wandered around the apartment, picking up an empty whisky decanter on thep 151 HR 1975
mouth. The creature was ravenous, tearing excitedly at the flesh around the knuckle. Laing tried to pull the cat away, butp 152 HR 1975
peering disjointedly at the television set. Her left hand scrabbled around for the dictation pad and pencil. ‘What's he saying?‘ Laingp 153 HR 1975
down to take the lead. As her strong fingers closed around the cord Wilder leapt forward. The dog sprang to lifep 158 HR 1975
of foetid water, filled with debris, reflected the garbage-sacks heaped around the tiled verge. A small den had been built insidep 158 HR 1975
and the smell of animal fat hung in the air around the fire by the entrance to the den. Wilder beckonedp 159 HR 1975
the floor. Holding the young woman to him, an arm around her shoulders, Wilder sat down against the rear wall ofp 159 HR 1975
leaned affably against him, content to have Wilder's strong arm around her shoulders. The fresh smell of her body surprised himp 159 HR 1975
the apartment building upwards to the roof. Through the windows around the swimming-pool he could see the towers of the fourp 160 HR 1975
sounds of his own breathing to notice that the walls around him had been freshly painted, their white surfaces gleaming inp 160 HR 1975
the terrace and walked across the roof. The gulls sidled around him, rolling their heads and wiping their beaks against thep 163 HR 1975
behind the rear wall of the sculpture-garden. The voices moved around him, talking away informally as if this were the latestp 163 HR 1975
had been carefully cleaned, the carpets re-laid, the curtains hung around the high windows. On the polished dining-room table stood twop 165 HR 1975
stood two silver candlesticks. Impressed by this sight, Wilder wandered around the gleaming table. In some confused way he felt thatp 165 HR 1975
house he had visited as a small child. He wandered around the refurnished rooms, almost expecting to find his childhood toysp 165 HR 1975
now he was aware that he knew all the women around him. Dimly he recognized Charlotte Melville, a scarf around herp 168 HR 1975
women around him. Dimly he recognized Charlotte Melville, a scarf around her bruised throat, watching him without hostility. Standing next top 168 HR 1975
and gazing at the silent bay, Forrester held his wife around her full waist. For weeks now he had barely beenp 830 LFA 1975
had gone it would be pleasant here. They would lie around for the rest of the summer, making love all thep 830 LFA 1975
had come across traces of the paint at various points around the town -- on the footbridge over the canal dividingp 830 LFA 1975
the doorway of Gould's hangar. He had seen her mooning around there several times before, and openly admitted to himself thatp 831 LFA 1975
surge through him, Forrester swayed through the hot sunlight. Somewhere around the hangar beside the airstrip the young woman was waitingp 834 LFA 1975
to fly further inland now. She's nervous when I'm not around.‘ ‘I hadn't realized that she was ... blind,‘ Forrester said asp 837 LFA 1975
winter they'll be able to out-run and out-think everything else around here. Like Carmen -- she's a very bright girl. She'sp 839 LFA 1975
is preparing her for, but I suppose we won't be around to see it.‘ Forrester gazed disagreeably into his glass ofp 839 LFA 1975
be on the bed where I left her, a towel around her head, reading her shower-damp copy of American Vogue asp 857 60Z 1976
my neighbours. She cannot grasp that this aimless minor traffic around their bodies, the applications of sun-oil, the dabbing of scentp 858 60Z 1976
some provincial Mono-Prix. Oblivious of this plethora of detail swarming around her, Helen is brushing her hair with a reflex handp 858 60Z 1976
steps into the corridor. Thirty seconds later, as Lawrence wanders around the sitting room patting his groin, Helen re-enters our suitep 860 60Z 1976
me in their dialogue. Still wearing my beach-robe, Helen strolls around the sitting room, talking away matter-of-factly as if demonstrating ap 860 60Z 1976
the still Hasselblad as she and the young waiter flirted around the Pontresina ski-lift, later following the Bayreuth Kappellmeister with ap 862 60Z 1976
reaching the front pages of at least a dozen newspapers around the world. In a few countries, notably Canada and Brazilp 841 LDG 1976
barely noticed in the general euphoria. Thousands of spectators sat around the great telescopes at Jodrell Bank and Arecibo, not top 844 LDG 1976
by the archbishop, a series of spectacular crimes took place around the world. In the Middle West of the United Statesp 846 LDG 1976
followed Loughlin and Leonora Carrington as they drove at random around eastern Suffolk, visiting one abandoned airfield after another. In hisp 851 NTM 1976
lover -- Loughlin embarked on a series of extended excursions around London and the Home Counties. Usually accompanied by Leonora Carringtonp 852 NTM 1976
known that he spent much of his spare time stumbling around the airport ice rink. 10 A vital role seems top 852 NTM 1976
its ivory a century earlier. I visualized them displayed secretly around my sitting room, filling the air with their invisible butp 865 S 1976
enriched by Serena's presence. Decorous and unobtrusive, she touched everything around me with the most delicious ironies. Sitting quietly by thep 866 S 1976
I had never before felt for any human being, coiled around my heart. The young man who arrived, bringing with himp 869 S 1976
anger all the greater. Unable to speak, I would pace around her like a doomed husband, aware of the subtle changesp 870 S 1976
I began to drink, and in the afternoons would sit around drunkenly in my friends‘ empty apartments, holding long imaginary conversationsp 870 S 1976
faster than I am. Helplessly watching her smile, my overcoat around my shoulders, I wait for her to die and setp 872 S 1976
spiral to a height of a thousand feet. Abruptly everything around him had become quiet. Little more than a whisper, thep 874 UC 1976
embedded in lucite, the fuel pumps and speedometers that lay around the studio like the ornaments of a shrine dedicated top 875 UC 1976
the dreamer, Halloway had a natural talent for rallying people around him. At the same time, he liked to provoke thep 875 UC 1976
a former naval station, a collection of rusting metal buildings around a lighthouse. Although little more than swimming distance away, Hallowayp 876 UC 1976
inhabitants of Garden City, immense congregations of water birds thrived around the uninhabited shores of the Sound, in the mud-fiats, lagoonsp 877 UC 1976
these reminiscences) of how the city, like a thousand others around the globe, had gradually come to a halt and shutp 877 UC 1976
agrarian society. Within a generation they, like countless similar communities around other major cities, had successfully built their pastoral paradise, inp 877 UC 1976
as he had appeared. Turning back, Halloway circled the streets around the office block, searching for any sign of the rivalp 880 UC 1976
was in no hurry, far more interested in the sights around him. His first feelings of nervousness had gone. Curiosity devouringp 881 UC 1976
simple hand-woven worsteds and woollens of Garden City. Halloway wandered around these darkened tableaux, these ghosts of bedroom suites and dining-roomsp 882 UC 1976
and changed course in a series of giant loops. Plodding around this curving viaduct, a cambered deck eight lanes wide, Hallowayp 883 UC 1976
of typewriters, telex machines and duplicators taken from the offices around the plaza, a monument to the generations of clerks andp 884 UC 1976
clematis and honeysuckle with pink and yellow flowers, entwined themselves around the metal colonnades, the vivid blooms illuminating this memorial ofp 884 UC 1976
creature was venting its anger at random on the buildings around it. ‘Halloway, time to go ...‘ Already he had decided top 885 UC 1976
poppies, as the last petals fell through the unsettled air around him. When he reached the side-street he found the roadwayp 885 UC 1976
factories and cheap housing, chemical tank-farms and electrical sub-stations. All around him, as well, were the monuments. He was crossing ap 885 UC 1976
brilliant lacework. Impressed by the structure, Halloway made his way around it into the airport. Service roads led in all directionsp 886 UC 1976
two miles an hour. Within thirty minutes he was driving around the airport at speed, roaring along the perimeter roads andp 887 UC 1976
message, his mind drifting away. An expression of regret hovered around his faint smile. ‘Why not?‘ Halloway said encouragingly. ‘I likep 890 UC 1976
sank into unconsciousness, the engines of a hundred cars throbbing around him in the exhaust-filled air. Teach me to fly! Withinp 891 UC 1976
street and leap out with a siphon hose. He moved around, shaking the parked cars and listening to the swish ofp 893 UC 1976
broken wings stirring in the light air. As Olds moved around it, inspecting the inverted cockpit with his gentle but shrewdp 894 UC 1976
As they approached the centre of the city Halloway drove around the side-streets, hunting out any other of these floral tractsp 894 UC 1976
nation-state. I designed the first collapsible city, interchangeable parts moving around on gigantic rails. Makes sense -- if a theatre isn'tp 897 UC 1976
turned away from the rail, and put a hard arm around Halloway's shoulder. ‘Now, you've come to work for me? It'sp 897 UC 1976
about opening my design office.‘ As the old man wandered around, nodding at the profusion of flowers, Halloway searched for somethingp 898 UC 1976
with him on her own terms. ‘We watched you driving around,‘ she told him matter-of-factly and without any rancour. ‘Killing allp 898 UC 1976
them again -- they'll soon grow.‘ ‘I know.‘ She strolled around him, picking the petals from his shirt, as if removingp 898 UC 1976
watched Miranda admiring his coloured sneakers, swirling her embroidered dress around him, he was certain that he was right. That ambiguityp 899 UC 1976
and spent the night in one of the small hotels around the square. Riding on the cowling of the tractor's enginep 899 UC 1976
time. A group of mannequins sat in the store window around a table, part of a mock dinner-party that had startedp 900 UC 1976
fire with pieces of furniture taken from the other apartments. Around them the walls of the city rose into the nightp 901 UC 1976
walked to the balustrade and looked at the dark buildings around them. ‘Stillman -- it isn't too late. It's all waitingp 901 UC 1976
elevator and air-conditioning units. With almost magical ease he moved around the building, opening fuse-boxes, trailing cable from a second generatorp 903 UC 1976
facade of the airport terminal building. ‘We'll set them up around the square, sir,‘ Halloway explained. ‘At night you'll be ablep 904 UC 1976
eyes following Halloway with some curiosity as he darted enthusiastically around the cathedral of cars, setting the arc-lights in position. Deepp 904 UC 1976
in blue jeans and a hippy jacket, a child's beads around her wrists, she was placing petunias and nasturtiums among thep 904 UC 1976
of the car park. Halloway pointed at the deserted streets around the square. ‘There's so much that should have happened herep 905 UC 1976
restaurants, even a police station and one television studio. Wandering around these narrow streets in the afternoons, Halloway noticed that thep 905 UC 1976
decided he could renovate. Supervising all this activity, Halloway drove around in a black-and-white police car whose engine the young Negrop 905 UC 1976
recruit this deviant figure. Every day Halloway heard him moving around the city, the violent explosions of breaking steel and glassp 906 UC 1976
the powerful glare. A dozen reflections in the dark buildings around the square transformed it into a mortuary plain of illuminatedp 908 UC 1976
the last of the poppies and forget-me-nots from the avenues around the reclamation zone. As he crossed the square at thep 908 UC 1976
forward tentatively, gripping their bicycle handlebars for moral support. All around them the streets were dark and silent. Then, as theyp 909 UC 1976
into life, pouring electric current into the grid, arc-lights blazed around the square, freezing his would-be rescuers in their tracks. Thep 909 UC 1976
would-be rescuers in their tracks. The facades of the buildings around the square erupted into a cataract of neon. Traffic lightsp 909 UC 1976
record shop. As this visual and acoustic nightmare broke loose around the members of the rescue party, Halloway left the communicationsp 910 UC 1976
switched on his siren. He reached the square and hurtled around it, cornering on two wheels in the way approved byp 910 UC 1976
Stillman put on their mock car chase, pursuing each other around the square, plunging out of narrow alleys and swerving acrossp 910 UC 1976
sounds and dimmed the neon lights, Stillman continued to drive around the square in his white limousine, jumping the lights atp 910 UC 1976
room at the police station Halloway watched Stillman's car swerving around the square. Somehow he would have to find a meansp 910 UC 1976
at the flights of birds taking off from the reservoirs around the airport, thousands of wild geese moving westwards across thep 912 UC 1976
three or four cars, and their chief recreation was driving around the streets of the reclamation area dressed in the latestp 912 UC 1976
Halloway had given two assistants the task of following her around the city and destroying whatever new plants they could findp 914 UC 1976
these terminal moraines, Halloway had been exhilarated by the scenes around him. Far from disfiguring the landscape, these discarded products ofp 915 UC 1976
chorus of obscenities from a nearby amusement arcade. They clustered around a large motorcycle with extended forks and a lavishly chromedp 916 UC 1976
understand?‘ With an effort, Halloway controlled his exasperation. He paced around the office, deciding on a new tack. ‘Listen, Olds, there'sp 916 UC 1976
they reached the street a crowd had already gathered, standing around a white limousine that had swerved across the sidewalk andp 917 UC 1976
disrupt the life of the zone. They strolled in gangs around the supermarkets, helping themselves to whatever they wanted and brushingp 918 UC 1976
them did no more in their leisure time than hang around the bars and amusement arcades, driving aimlessly around the streetsp 918 UC 1976
than hang around the bars and amusement arcades, driving aimlessly around the streets in their various cars. The influx of newp 918 UC 1976
revolving door the purple flowers and dark berries clustered thickly around him. He was about to push past them when hep 919 UC 1976
off the lights and going to work, people were hanging around the doorways of the bars, watching Halloway across the pintablesp 920 UC 1976
Stillman's audience chamber. Armed guards lounged in their black uniforms around the line of armoured limousines parked outside. They signalled Hallowayp 920 UC 1976
who had been responsible. Dozens of the pocket calculators lay around the generators in the alleyways and basements, display panels glowingp 921 UC 1976
in his antique flying-suit, leather jacket and gaiters. He moved around the aircraft, making some last adjustments to the engine, obliviousp 922 UC 1976
roof. Seeing the smoke, Olds stopped and watched it swirl around him. Then, above the sound of gunshots and exploding fuelp 922 UC 1976
balustrade, came a thin stream of fluid, working its way around the old tyres and the piles of leaves and birdsp 923 UC 1976
like a tidal race. It swilled below the land-cruisers and around the wheels of the burning cars, touched here and therep 923 UC 1976
sharp chrome flicked through the air, landing on the sidewalk around him as he crouched behind an airline van. Fifty feetp 923 UC 1976
Queen's trachea being incubated and the pharynx carefully packed off around the tube. The incisions. Bilateral vestibular incisions were made throughp 18 QER 1976
deep subcutaneous plane right up to the glabella and well around to the sides. This was done with a pair ofp 19 QER 1976
forgettable, and an acoustic nightmare -- the electronic sound-wall wrapped around the audience is so over-amplified that every footfall sounds likep 14 UGM 1977
in decline. I liked the super-technologies already beginning to rust around the edges, the pirate starship like an old tramp steamerp 15 UGM 1977
formal structure of time and space which the universe wraps around us at the moment we first achieve consciousness. It isp 209 UGM 1977
television. After a casual glance at the sky, people turned around and went indoors. Even the test flights taking place atp 225 UGM 1977
furnished with folk-weave curtains and a circle of cushions arranged around a chamber-pot. Here he spent the next forty-eight hours withp 268 UGM 1977
course for Shanghai. Their confidence restored, the others were suddenly around me, laughing and shouting as they set off down thep 925 DT 1977
of death, not of my own but of everyone else around me. For the next three days we were held inp 928 DT 1977
To my relief, we were not mistreated. The Japanese sat around listlessly, no longer interested in us and gazing up inp 928 DT 1977
The first to jump down from the truck, I looked around at the ruined station buildings, well aware that the lastp 928 DT 1977
had only just begun to take on its death grimace. Around her, like the members of her flock, were three childrenp 929 DT 1977
the bodies. Too many people had already died in and around our camp. The business of loading the corpses into thep 931 DT 1977
an enclosing wall that enveloped us like the wire fence around our camp. I watched the flies swarm across my handsp 935 DT 1977
the tank ditch dug across the road. Unable to drive around this obstacle, Hodson had presumably set off on foot. Ip 935 DT 1977
them down on to the road. Clouds of flies festered around me, as if trying to warn me of the insanityp 936 DT 1977
down from the cabin and walked over to them, looking around to see if their coolie was present. As I approachedp 938 DT 1977
were waiting for my arrival. They lay in the fields around their houses, legs stirring in the water that seeped acrossp 938 DT 1977
vehicle, raising my arms to my congregation in the fields around me, like a king assuming his crown at his coronationp 939 DT 1977
that families should bathe together, move naked but without embarrassment around their respective bedrooms, and even that fathers should attend (thoughp 950 ICU 1977
gone I carefully checked the locks on the front door. Around the entrance hung a faint and not altogether pleasant odourp 951 ICU 1977
Birmingham, within half an hour they're swimming and water-skiing, lounging around the hundreds of pools with their duty-free Camparis. Seeing themp 969 HWT 1978
Germans. And the Canaries are only one of many sites around the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Once there, the holiday-makers will neverp 971 HWT 1978
him two months ago, but I gather he'd been moving around the island, living in the half-constructed hotels and trying unsuccessfullyp 971 HWT 1978
this smartly uniformed but bored girl rattling her metal valise around his wheelchair so frayed his nerves that at first hep 989 MA 1978
the action and displayed them on the dozen smaller screens around the master display. The extraordinary relationship between the geometry ofp 989 MA 1978
new kind of urban terrorist. He listened to her moving around the kitchen, servicing the equipment and replacing the supplies inp 990 MA 1978
the solarium. Pangborn left the screens and drove the wheelchair around the chamber, inspecting the kitchen, hall and bathroom. He couldp 991 MA 1978
the company that he felt no embarrassment as they moved around him. However, Vera Tilley had made him aware of himselfp 992 MA 1978
she worked away at the sets. Afterwards he followed her around the solarium in his wheelchair, watching as she cleaned thep 994 MA 1978
she told him cheerfully. She nodded at the books scattered around the place. ‘I can see you've been reading again.‘ ‘I'mp 996 MA 1978
Pangborn reversed his chair away from her as she ambled around the chamber with her valise. Under the seat of hisp 996 MA 1978
route. I can say your aerials need tuning.‘ Pangborn reversed around her, keeping an eye on the bathroom and kitchen. Verap 997 MA 1978
his leg, and aware once again of the deep breathing around him. Everything now, in this final phase, was in close-upp 998 MA 1978
Ogden doubted this. For her own security Angela needed someone around her who had achieved a modest degree of failure. Hisp 973 OAU 1978
earning like wet anthracite as if generating its own weather around itself. An hour after his wife and Foster had gonep 974 OAU 1978
below, the villa bidden behind its high privet hedges. Looking around, though, he immediately noticed the white Pallas parked behind thep 974 OAU 1978
across the bony points of his face like wet parchment around a skull. His thin legs, encased in a pair ofp 975 OAU 1978
light machine-gun, stock pressed against the young man's right shoulder. Around him, arranged like the decor of a shabby military displayp 975 OAU 1978
on the roof among the wheeling gulls, a pink blanket around his shoulders. At lunch he had changed his place, sittingp 977 OAU 1978
warning. Although still staring at the tide-line, right hand clasped around the trigger butt of the machine-gun, his face was sop 978 OAU 1978
tin, sat up and allowed Ogden to drape the blankets around his shoulders. Unable to stay more than an hour forp 978 OAU 1978
stairway to the barbette the German was sitting up, blankets around his shoulders, quietly cleaning the machine-gun. He nodded to Ogdenp 978 OAU 1978
up and down the sitting room as suitcases were dragged around upstairs. He tried to shut the two women's voices outp 979 OAU 1978
seemed almost to have put on weight. He moved easily around the fire-sill, in complete control of his heavy weapon. Thep 980 OAU 1978
dunes. The shotgun rested on his shoulder, trigger guard clasped around two fingers. Unnerved for a moment by this aggressive stancep 980 OAU 1978
attention, the sense of a world both narrowing and expanding around him. He waited as Dr Vanessa adjusted the lens ofp 982 Z2 1978
Dr Vanessa? Already he missed her reassuring hands, her scent around the projection theatre. He looked up from the vomit onp 983 Z2 1978
the radio, unable to penetrate the static from the cars around them. Smiling at her, he turned off the sound andp 984 Z2 1978
calculus. Later, in their apartments, these aggressive women would sidle around him like caricatures from an erotic dream. Already he knewp 985 Z2 1978
face had closed in on itself, exposing the loosening sutures around his temples. During the hours of violence in the apartmentp 986 Z2 1978
down at the young woman. As he placed his hands around her neck, ready to satisfy the faultless logic of thep 987 Z2 1978
born into my womb from the pregnant and fretful universe around me. Infant prodigy, a second Newton, fifth Freud, he layp 87 IY5 1978
execution, a virtuoso description of the deranged prison party held around the drugged Gilmore, wearing a comical Robin Hood hat andp 43 UGM 1979
banned by the US State Department because of anti-colonial feelings around the world, something that might give the rest of usp 228 UGM 1979
be like in a space colony can already be seen around us -- in run-down motorway cafes, in vandalized municipal high-risesp 229 UGM 1979
mall, a living train that I would like to fasten around my waist. During the past few minutes, as I madep 8 UDC 1979
this small town fifteen miles to the west of London. Around me the streets are silent in the afternoon light. Toysp 8 UDC 1979
with the earth. Powerfully moved by this image, I wandered around in a daze, and one midnight tried to have anp 12 UDC 1979
bed, choking her against my chest. Only when she collapsed around my knees did I realize that I had been aboutp 14 UDC 1979
them to let me sit beside them as they taxied around the hangars. Several of them were qualified pilots and toldp 14 UDC 1979
water filled the cabin and swirled in a greedy way around my waist. I knew that within a few seconds Ip 16 UDC 1979
muscular physique of a film company athlete. The water rose around my chest, surging through the submerged dials of the instrumentp 18 UDC 1979
lying on the wet grass below the mansion. People jostled around me in what seemed to be a drunken brawl, orderedp 20 UDC 1979
as well! Bring my case from the house!‘ The people around me stepped back reluctantly, revealing a placid sky. The intensep 20 UDC 1979
had been burned. From the respectful faces of the people around me -- a gardener, the chauffeur, and an elderly couplep 21 UDC 1979
shoes from my feet. The flying suit hung in rags around my waist. The right shoulder and leg were missing, tornp 23 UDC 1979
from me and silenced the three children, who were running around the swing. The boy with leg-irons was uttering a seriesp 24 UDC 1979
the mansion, the oil-stained pearls hanging in a greasy chain around her neck. She still hesitated to approach me, as ifp 25 UDC 1979
each second the sheer joy of all that went on around him. As he gazed at the sun-filled park every leafp 30 UDC 1979
leg-iron shackled to his right foot as a pivot, swinging around on it with some style. I watched them scuttle aroundp 30 UDC 1979
around on it with some style. I watched them scuttle around me, in and out of the cars. I liked thisp 30 UDC 1979
of her armpits, save for ever in a phial hung around my neck the tag of loose skin on her lipp 31 UDC 1979
by this extravaganza, I ran along, shouting numbers at everything around me, at the drivers on the motorway, the modest cloudsp 37 UDC 1979
witch's repertory? I carefully tested myself against the silent ground. Around me the waste land remained as I had found itp 38 UDC 1979
exotic marine creatures with the dream-filled minds of aquatic mammals. Around these placid housewives with their tamed appliances everything was suspendedp 41 UDC 1979
restive vultures in their cage. The huge birds were clambering around the bars, trying to seize a piece of the skyp 44 UDC 1979
Stark's unsettled eyes, the fine hairs that stood like needles around his lips. Had he revived me? I visualized his handsomep 44 UDC 1979
I was looking at the dead elms above the park. Around the bend of the river the Cessna's tailplane flicked itsp 46 UDC 1979
school, possibly as a tie-in with the studios. Besides, people around here are obsessed with anything like that -- safari parksp 47 UDC 1979
of my head I was trapped in this riverside town, around which my mind had drawn a strict perimeter, bounded onp 48 UDC 1979
cheerfully on the lapels of my suit, flashed and tripped around my white shoes. I was certain that I had notp 51 UDC 1979
and remembered standing between the wings as the water swirled around my legs. I strode towards the river, waving my armsp 51 UDC 1979
waving my arms to ward off the light that crowded around me, an over-enthusiastic claque. My premonition of disaster reflected ap 51 UDC 1979
of disaster reflected a fear that I had invented everything around me -- this town, these trees and houses, even thep 51 UDC 1979
of a huge ray. A shoal of silver fish swarmed around the Cessna, swerving along the wings and fuselage. The reflectedp 52 UDC 1979
water, I paddled towards the bank. The river busied itself around the dinghy, swarming with thousands of particles, hydra and amoeboidp 53 UDC 1979
oars and began to pull away strongly. The water surged around the dinghy, and I felt the craft move forwards. Overp 53 UDC 1979
I would break through the perimeter my mind had built around itself. I rallied my spirits, a Columbus urging on hisp 54 UDC 1979
wanted us all to mate with her on the wind. Around me the night air was filled with buffeting and screamingp 58 UDC 1979
were about to share. I watched Mrs St Cloud move around the bed, take my suit from the wardrobe and brushp 61 UDC 1979
lawn with Dr Miriam. As the three handicapped children played around the sergeant, he pointed to the cattle feeding in thep 62 UDC 1979
squealing with forced excitement at the water, these threatening waves around their feet. They ran with outstretched arms, Rachel a smallp 62 UDC 1979
its tight bun, and this captive fleece now played freely around her shoulders, testing the river air like the eager birdsp 63 UDC 1979
her eyes to the floor as I placed my arms around her waist. I steered her from the window, like ap 64 UDC 1979
my bruised skin. Kneeling across her, and placing her legs around my waist, I remembered the huge wings that had carriedp 64 UDC 1979
pressing her broad shoulders into the pillow, my bloody mouth around her lips and nostrils, and sucked the air from herp 64 UDC 1979
Cloud struggled, knees kicking at my thighs. With my arms around her chest I crushed her lungs. Unable to breathe, shep 64 UDC 1979
As I ran down the staircase, buttoning the priest's jacket around my chest, I guessed that the carrion birds had escapedp 66 UDC 1979
the frantic birds colliding above the fairground as they scrambled around me in the whirling air. Soon after dawn the riverp 67 UDC 1979
the shallow pools. As I approached them, the air swayed around me. Ignoring this, I pressed on. Suddenly the perspectives ofp 68 UDC 1979
of lakes and causeways inverted warningly. The muddy ground swerved around me, and then fled away on all sides, while ap 68 UDC 1979
of nettles on a concrete outcrop rushed towards me, gathering around my legs as if to embrace me. Without a secondp 68 UDC 1979
seen them on the night grass during my dream. Looking around me, I realized that I had also seen these housesp 69 UDC 1979
stopped at a few minutes past two o'clock. The flagstones around the church were covered with feathers, as if some hugep 71 UDC 1979
river yesterday. What are you doing here?‘ The parishioners gathered around me, a frustrated congregation. My presence on the ground unsettledp 71 UDC 1979
noticed that an unusual vegetation was springing through the cobbles around the porch, as if from my heels. I was surroundedp 72 UDC 1979
received a severe blow to his confidence in the world around him -- the news of a close friend's inoperable cancerp 72 UDC 1979
about your birds. Roll back the carpets.‘ As we moved around the murky nave, dismantling the interior of his church, Ip 75 UDC 1979
the straw hat on his head. He slipped an arm around my shoulders to support himself, and let me lead thep 77 UDC 1979
my father, another member of the family I had constituted around myself from the witnesses of my crash. I had seenp 79 UDC 1979
Recognizing me, they let out hoots of delight. They swerved around me, squealing as I blundered after them with my armsp 82 UDC 1979
body, broadcast from my pores and from the hand-shaped bruises around my ribs. Two fallow deer had entered the meadow andp 83 UDC 1979
were players in a discarded fantasy I had left lying around untidily. A flock of petrels and cormorants had joined thep 90 UDC 1979
me across the hall to the staircase, her arms closely around me. As I stripped in the bedroom she folded myp 91 UDC 1979
I watched a shoal of animalcula swarming in a halo around the Cessna, marine creatures from some warm pelagic deep whichp 94 UDC 1979
explore Shepperton, but Mrs St Cloud's devoted presence, hovering protectively around the untouched breakfast tray, soon unsettled me. She gazed atp 95 UDC 1979
I discovered the real meaning of the events taking place around me. I suspected that a blood-clot deep in my brainp 95 UDC 1979
kind filled the water, schools of roach and pike surged around the drowned Cessna as if glutted on the residue ofp 96 UDC 1979
the dead elms. The woody tendrils of liana vines twisted around the sedate chestnut and plane trees. Lilies grew from thep 96 UDC 1979
find itself in this elegant park. Miriam waved a hand around her head, trying to restrain the overlit air. ‘Macaws, parakeetsp 97 UDC 1979
I was still making love to her mother? She strolled around the grassy verge of the carpark, glancing at her reflectionp 97 UDC 1979
had seen the same flowers outside Father Wingate's church. All around me the bright flutes poked their blood-tipped spears among thep 98 UDC 1979
and wisdom of all cetaceans. That morning I moved grandly around the clinic with my mop and pail, wheeled the soiledp 99 UDC 1979
the receptionists. I watched contentedly as Miriam carried my blossoms around the surgeries and offices, filling the vases which I collectedp 99 UDC 1979
varicose veins and menopausal flushes. As I polished the floor around their feet neither of them took her eyes off mep 99 UDC 1979
courage to face me and our coming future. I hovered around her with my refuse pail. The sights and scents ofp 99 UDC 1979
patients on Dr Miriam's house-list. As I waxed the floor around the telephone switchboard I heard her calling in repeatedly top 102 UDC 1979
these women in their bright summer dresses strolling and talking around me. I sensed the same impulse, perversely, towards the youngp 105 UDC 1979
in the sidewalks. A huge throng of people had gathered around the tree, mothers waving to the high branches, where somep 106 UDC 1979
they surveyed the town from the proscenium of the filling-station. Around a swimming-pool strutted three emperor penguins, chased by a squealingp 108 UDC 1979
racks and held them up to each other. They buffeted around me, pressing the gowns to their shoulders and shouting cheerfullyp 110 UDC 1979
girl, I remembered the white plumage of the birds clamouring around me, driven mad by lust. The women swayed against mep 110 UDC 1979
the intoxication of some strange hunger. The wedding dresses swayed around me in the heat, swinging together from the hangers thep 110 UDC 1979
take your world,‘ he whispered harshly. ‘Look at it, it's around you here.‘ He placed his hands on my bruised ribsp 111 UDC 1979
fountain of the banyan tree, alone retaining its clear outlines. Around it the whole of Shepperton began to fade. The treesp 113 UDC 1979
of the grass, watching the young females. My herd gathered around me, quietly feeding together. But for the first time ap 114 UDC 1979
to command the trees and the wind. The vivid foliage around me, the tropical flowers and their benign fruits, all flowedp 115 UDC 1979
Incarnated again as myself, I sat in the twilit grave. Around me the secret arbour of the crippled children glowed likep 117 UDC 1979
closely, the structure already resembled the original aircraft, reconstituting itself around me. Through the deep grass the faces of the threep 117 UDC 1979
vivid petals of the tropical flowers that had wreathed themselves around the dead elms, together forming an immense corona like thep 118 UDC 1979
the tuna and small sharks that leapt from the water around his ankles, Stark inspected the metal jib and rusty hawsersp 118 UDC 1979
smile. She seemed calm but deliberately detaching herself from everything around her, preparing herself for whatever violent promise I held outp 120 UDC 1979
undisturbed rest, almost surprised to find the quiet bedroom still around me. The high-backed chair by the window, Mrs St Cloud'sp 124 UDC 1979
shallows and admired the hundreds of golden carp that swarmed around my feet. Followed by the sun, I left the groundsp 125 UDC 1979
that hung in the air. I could smell Miriam's body around me, her lips and breasts, her nervous hands ready top 125 UDC 1979
gutters. Lilies flowered beside the fuel pumps, succulent plants trailed around the hoses, decorating themselves for the first customers. Already Sheppertonp 127 UDC 1979
looked hungry and uncared-for, intimidated by the tropical vegetation erupting around them. I knew they were no part of my renascentp 138 UDC 1979
jubilee. A huge crowd dressed in its summer finery moved around the centre of the town, turning the modest high streetp 140 UDC 1979
from the jungle decks of the multi-storey car-park, screamers trumpeted around the fuel pumps in the filling-station. Looking at them allp 140 UDC 1979
strolled off casually through the crowd. Still undecided, people pressed around the trestle-table. The owner of the television rental bureau pickedp 141 UDC 1979
his wallet and emptied the contents across the table. All around me people were suddenly giving each other money, tossing coinsp 142 UDC 1979
by the mangoes and breadfruit hanging from the jungle foliage around them. Somehow I was sure that when the time camep 144 UDC 1979
I had already defied. ‘Blake, fly ...!‘ I slipped my hand around her waist, and stepped forward with her into the openp 149 UDC 1979
my chest a corona of light shivered in the air around us. I pressed her against me and felt her tremblingp 152 UDC 1979
faceted eyes of this chimerized being. Then I saw everything around me with twice my sight, through Miriam's eyes as wellp 152 UDC 1979
television sets and bedroom suites. A flock of sparrows fluttered around my feet, chasing a scrap of breadfruit. Everywhere the birdsp 154 UDC 1979
this might lead. But for the next hour I strolled around the precinct like a conjuror, applauded by the watching crowdp 155 UDC 1979
of the air. Flying fever swept through Shepperton. Children raced around the shopping mall with model aircraft and badgered their parentsp 155 UDC 1979
watched me with serious eyes. A dozen of them clustered around me, trying to touch my feet. ‘Blake, please ...‘ A ten-year-oldp 156 UDC 1979
that had taken up residence within his mouth. They hung around me in the air, waving and smiling when I drewp 160 UDC 1979
affection. A thousand needs and loyalties formed an immense embankment around which we sped in an invisible circle. Swept back towardsp 161 UDC 1979
friendly child. The entire breathless population of Shepperton was landing around me, led by the shrieking children. The old soldier totteredp 162 UDC 1979
on undiscovered talents that would set me free. I strolled around the roof of the car-park in the dusk, this concretep 165 UDC 1979
dragonflies and huge butterflies with wings like clapping hands swerved around me. Every leaf and flower, every feather in the plumagep 167 UDC 1979
with a fierce light. Shepperton had become a life engine. Around the outskirts of the town dense groves of bamboo andp 167 UDC 1979
As the dusk deepened I watched these handsome women move around the centre of Shepperton, building little temples of oil cansp 169 UDC 1979
with a charming salute, hung a lei of myrtle flowers around her neck. When they saw me they waved together top 170 UDC 1979
could see my reflection in the windows of the cars around me, the ragged pelt of the flying suit, the semenp 172 UDC 1979
legs within mine, the shafts of his bones forming splints around my femurs, his buttocks merging into my hands. His sexp 173 UDC 1979
the heart of the multi-storey car-park. In the dusky streets around me ruled an innocent and open copulation. The entire townp 174 UDC 1979
mimosa and honeysuckle stirred the rags of my flying suit. Around me everything was still. The thousands of birds sat onp 176 UDC 1979
hurled a concrete chip into the flock of flamingos standing around the fountain in the shopping mall. They staggered into eachp 176 UDC 1979
the wicker wings, thousands of petals formed a boiling cloud around our heads. ‘Dr Miriam -- get back, doctor!‘ The oldp 181 UDC 1979
derelict church. Trapped by the head-dress of flowers and feathers around my shoulders, I was unable to move, my legs proppedp 184 UDC 1979
her blood faded into the staleness of common death. All around us were fragments of stained glass, pieces of apostles, saintsp 184 UDC 1979
branches of the banyan tree as the townspeople piled kindling around the roots and set fire to them. All over Sheppertonp 184 UDC 1979
arrived and pushed his way through them. Blond hair loose around his shoulders, he wore the sleek, form-fitting gear of ap 186 UDC 1979
blood still hung a few inches from the floor, undulating around Stark's feet, kept aloft by the spirits of the childrenp 186 UDC 1979
motley of garments salvaged from dustbins and bonfires. They pressed around me, these executives and shop assistants, who only a fewp 187 UDC 1979
only a few hours before had happily sailed with me around the nave of the church. A dishevelled young woman inp 187 UDC 1979
Where's Bobby? You took my son away!‘ The others clamoured around me, shouting out the names of their lost children. ‘He'sp 188 UDC 1979
spit, I sat helplessly in the trolley, the tattered head-dress around my shoulders. Stark was peering up at the car-park. Ip 188 UDC 1979
breach in the palisade. But as the excited shouts subsided around me I felt once again that sensation I had knownp 189 UDC 1979
for the television companies ...‘ For the next hour we roamed around Shepperton through the sombre jungle streets. Barely conscious, I satp 189 UDC 1979
this exhausted troupe of suburbanites in their aviators‘ costumes swerved around the half-empty town. Led by Stark, they charged across thep 189 UDC 1979
break through the wall of the world I had placed around Shepperton. But within seconds they found themselves plodding wearily acrossp 190 UDC 1979
to the town. The post office and supermarket reassembled themselves around us. Determined to prove that his authority over this newp 190 UDC 1979
shoot at random into the branches. Exhausted, the townspeople squatted around me in their aviators‘ gear, picking at the plumage ofp 190 UDC 1979
stone steps, and the pennants of my blood entwined themselves around the obelisk, caressing the names of the men and womenp 191 UDC 1979
in Shepperton, as if an invisible screen had been placed around this small town. The last of the police cars hadp 194 UDC 1979
the branches above my head, other animals began to gather around me, the last survivors of the little paradise I hadp 196 UDC 1979
Ferris wheel. A brace of macaws in a gaudy garland around his neck, he gazed at the rusty pontoon moored abovep 197 UDC 1979
felt a surge of strength. A hand had clasped itself around my heart. Gently it squeezed the ruptured chambers, easing ap 198 UDC 1979
One by one the animals were dying in the grass around the tomb. Each was giving something of itself to mep 198 UDC 1979
own, faithful beast carrying her wounded master. Together they died around me in the grass, surrendering their own lives for mep 198 UDC 1979
darted between us, swerving among the cars, and then danced around David, who stoically stood his ground, pleased for his friendsp 202 UDC 1979
she had given me after my arrival. In the dust around the door were the marks of her fingers, a lastp 202 UDC 1979
as they clambered from their chairs and sick-beds, and clustered around me in their dressing-gowns. A demented old man pummelled myp 204 UDC 1979
had cured. I was aware of the people of Shepperton around me, and I knew that they were happy at lastp 205 UDC 1979
was standing near the supermarket. But none of the people around me were strangers. I knew them all, their weaknesses andp 205 UDC 1979
the motorway. I stopped and listened to the steady breathing around me. Was a party of assassins following me, about top 205 UDC 1979
caressed my bruised chest, stroked my blind eyes. People crowded around me, their hands on my body, on my legs, massagingp 206 UDC 1979
St Cloud were smiling into my face. Like everyone else around me, they were dressed in aviator's costume, members of ap 206 UDC 1979
of her chin and temples. Her blond hair hung loosely around her shoulders. ‘Blake, it's time to fly. We're all readyp 206 UDC 1979
half-opaque eyes I saw that hundreds of people had gathered around me. They were all there, figures in a white dreamp 206 UDC 1979
take mine. Soon everyone had left the ground. They circled around me in the warm sunlight, their feet kicking the dustp 207 UDC 1979
their affection and concern for me. Father Wingate, his arm around Mrs St Cloud's waist, floated past me, his knees brushingp 207 UDC 1979
It's time, Blake!‘ Ten feet from the ground, they flew around me hand in hand, willing me into the air. Atp 207 UDC 1979
perfumed cloud. Happy to be together, we formed a circle around Shepperton, our faces lit by the welcoming sun. Before leavingp 208 UDC 1979
skipped towards me, crowding excitement into every second. Jamie whirled around my legs, escaping from Rachel's quick hands. He squealed asp 211 UDC 1979
My skin glowed, so brightly now that the deep grass around me and the dark leaves of the rhododendrons were almostp 212 UDC 1979
of the Walton shore. He knew that Shepperton was closing around us, and that he was sustained here only by myp 213 UDC 1979
into me, my shins and arms, my ribs and skull. Around me were thousands of fish, jewelling the sun-filled water, thep 215 UDC 1979
on the beach beside the Cessna. The rising tide swilled around the aircraft, submerging its wings. Although I was now alonep 215 UDC 1979
The bright flowers that had sprung from my sex rose around me, their red spears as high as my shoulders, runningp 215 UDC 1979
life run from me. My skin faded, its light dimmed. Around me the vestry grew dark again. For the last timep 216 UDC 1979
She looked up at the sky, smiling at the rainbow around the sun. ‘Blake, I can see them -- they're allp 217 UDC 1979
garlands sprung from my own sex. But the birds pressed around us. They stood on every window-ledge, and crowded the roofsp 217 UDC 1979
its wings on my hands I felt the gathering vortex around us. A miniature tornado was sweeping the churchyard. The red-tippedp 218 UDC 1979
of petals. A whirlwind of feathers circled the churchyard, driven around the headstones by thousands of wings. Everywhere the birds werep 218 UDC 1979
with the random access eyes. These were the franchises hawked around the drained swimming-pools of the invisible years. The video dreamsp 57 IY6 1979
at the Clinic.‘ ‘Not exactly ...‘ The Mother Superior walked pensively around her desk, as if already reconsidering the usefulness of myp 1002 HFF 1980
Billion Names of God‘, and H. Beam Piper's ‘He Walked Around the Horses‘, a brilliant tale of a Napoleonic disappearance, toldp 191 UGM 1981
him away over the topsails. Ricci had placed his arm around Professor Summers's waist, his ludicrous commentary ended, protecting himself behindp 15 HA 1981
harbour. Dozens of the rusty hulks sat in the bay around the lower tip of Manhattan, masts and superstructures above thep 17 HA 1981
them by then from the Middle West and the states around the Great Lakes, had arrived in New York. They movedp 17 HA 1981
wind as the propeller screwed a torrent of boiling foam around the stern. Everyone rushed back to the rail. The horsesp 19 HA 1981
the Old World had vanished, but the crown still remained around the figure's head. One of its radiating spikes had leftp 21 HA 1981
finger raised accusingly. But Steiner strolled in a leisurely way around the helm, a satisfied light in his eyes. He ignoredp 21 HA 1981
cold pump-water raced across the deck to the scuppers, sluicing around Wayne's ankles. Ricci and Anne Summers backed off, but Waynep 21 HA 1981
afternoon. A desert sea had flowed through Manhattan and congealed around these huge towers. The ravages of a century's hostile climatep 24 HA 1981
but a fool would want to spend six months wandering around the barren north American continent, a forgotten wilderness as distantp 26 HA 1981
a hurry to get out they didn't pack enough concrete around them), she'll behave a little differently ... But it's hot herep 30 HA 1981
sighting of America. At the same time, the golden glare around him was a sharp reminder of all his own misapprehensionsp 35 HA 1981
and barbecue equipment. A tableau family of well-dressed mannequins sat around a dining-room table, gazing politely at the waxwork meal laidp 37 HA 1981
But for all its rusting neon signs, the New York around him seemed preserved in limbo, its vast buildings abandoned onlyp 37 HA 1981
a creature with gilded arms and blazing beard. It gazed around like a deranged animal, kicking at the dust. ‘McNair!‘ Waynep 38 HA 1981
by vandals. After tethering their horses, they climbed the stairway around the elevator shaft to the roof. Together they looked outp 40 HA 1981
joined the party of armed sailors who explored the area around New York. Led by Steiner, they rode ten miles outp 41 HA 1981
grew through the wings of parked Concordes and 747s. All around them, as well, was ample evidence of the desperate attemptsp 42 HA 1981
plants, and above all in the vast bureaucracies that stretched around half the globe from Portugal to Korea. The pace ofp 48 HA 1981
self-indulgence was over. Deliberately, Wayne immersed himself in the landscape around him, the endless dusty towns separated by salt pans, thep 57 HA 1981
had forced a window into the hotel and was moving around the upstairs floors, searching the bedrooms. As Wayne climbed intop 59 HA 1981
Wayne set off along the shore of the drained lake. Around him the elegantly contoured desert stretched through the sunset, thep 61 HA 1981
older man shook his head, glancing uneagerly at the ground around them, as if the mere mention of the disaster mightp 64 HA 1981
were New Jersey, Long Island, and the one-time commuter areas around New York City. Heinz, his son GM, and their youngp 66 HA 1981
of them, Heinz explained, could be trusted. ‘There's the Bureaucrats around Washington -- had big ideas once for pulling all thep 67 HA 1981
there's the Gangsters,‘ Heinz was explaining. ‘They used to be around Chicago and Detroit. There's the Gays from San Francisco. Theyp 67 HA 1981
Pepsodent rejoined. ‘That's an all-woman tribe from Reno. They move around everywhere. Watch out for them, Captain, they'll promise to wedp 68 HA 1981
belly. ‘That sounds like the Gamblers. They used to hunt around Vegas, they had a white-haired man who came from thep 68 HA 1981
Orlowski and Ricci arguing with each other as they blundered around in the dark. ‘It's all right -- we know themp 68 HA 1981
help us.‘ ‘I doubt it.‘ Wayne gestured at the desert around them, at the distant spires of the empty cities. ‘Captainp 69 HA 1981
of empty motels and country clubs along the route, resting around the drained swimming-pools that seemed to cover the entire continentp 70 HA 1981
Imperial Presidency,‘ Orlowski commented sagely, gesturing at the massive buildings around the Mall. ‘Just like the old Kremlin.‘ ‘And the Jerryp 74 HA 1981
benefit of the next expedition. But they remained silent, sitting around the mess table under the canvas awning with curiously settledp 75 HA 1981
Bureaucrats, he guessed, from the dark ties they still wore around their shirtless necks -- had pitched camp at the footp 78 HA 1981
ground by a fire of dried cactus, the men gathered around Steiner's black mare, inspecting its flanks and hindquarters with eagerp 78 HA 1981
rider on to his face. As Steiner exercised the camels around the Ellipse, two other parties of nomads entered the Mallp 79 HA 1981
been detonated over Boston!‘ West They waited in the dusk around the radio tent. At last, as the aerial's shadow stretchedp 84 HA 1981
hundred-year downpour, say. Surprisingly, there's a fair amount of water around in rusty cisterns and roof tanks, brackish but almost drinkablep 89 HA 1981
came back with his hunting trophies, three dead rattlesnakes hung around his neck. The Captain would clearly like to rid himselfp 90 HA 1981
cent residue of water. Takes hours to cool, we sit around sipping non-alcoholic hot toddies. Being in charge of the waterp 91 HA 1981
to go out and explore the city. Orlowski is wandering around the car park, like a man in a movie lookingp 91 HA 1981
on the dry sand, hundreds of cars and shacks abandoned around them. It must have taken a long time to drainp 93 HA 1981
of rusty water. Is he aware of the urban landscape around him, the sun-filled museum of the USA? An hour agop 95 HA 1981
stands he saw Steiner watching him. The Captain pursued Wayne around the town, staring from the window of the sheriff's officep 100 HA 1981
see only the dust and sand of the white dunes around Boot Hill. Steiner had gone, following the great gods inp 103 HA 1981
linked the derelict farms and grain-elevators, ramshackle towns each clustered around its fortified filling station. There were few abandoned vehicles onp 105 HA 1981
her delighted baby down the nursery slopes. Snowball fights rampaged around the cars, Anne Summers's excited face was bright with explodingp 115 HA 1981
white bells from the roadside branches, sinewy lianas vined themselves around the birch trees. The first well-nourished palms appeared, sharp-bladed parasolsp 116 HA 1981
and together they began the last chorus. Holding Anne tightly around the shoulders, Wayne gazed down at the spangled stage. Hep 125 HA 1981
Kansas, though a very different one. Releasing Anne, he looked around, suddenly sensing that the whole thing might be a sinisterp 126 HA 1981
handsome seventeen-year-old girl with a motor-biker's goggles in a bandeau around her thick black hair. She gestured warningly with a silverp 129 HA 1981
Countless neon signs glowed through the jungle foliage that clustered around the great casinos of the Strip, lighting up the undersidesp 131 HA 1981
protected his wife and baby from the wailing siren, arms around them as they crouched over the fading warmth of thep 131 HA 1981
of television screens. He was naked except for the towel around his waist, and held an aerosol inhaler in one handp 134 HA 1981
share the penthouse and have the job of chauffeuring me around in a brand-new 1956 Cadillac (tail fins, wraparound windshield, pastelp 140 HA 1981
dedicated, all right. As Enrico showed the three of us around they were none too keen to waste time answering questionsp 141 HA 1981
-- quails‘ eggs, truffles, rashers of wild pig (the forests around Vegas teem with game, everything from marmosets and mandrills top 145 HA 1981
of garrulous baboons was sitting in the old beach furniture around the stagnant pool, gibbering and quarrelling with each other likep 148 HA 1981
trumpeting in the boiling red water as the gunships circled around him like crazed sharks. Paco and I were both sickenedp 151 HA 1981
Antwerp and Liverpool -- he must have spent months hanging around harbours and quays, waiting to jump ship. He talked aboutp 153 HA 1981
waved when I approached, obviously expecting me to chauffeur them around Los Angeles, then took off in blue clouds as Ip 156 HA 1981
fast-food outlets that he hoped to see spring up all around the town. They would be needed when the flood ofp 159 HA 1981
all else. At present they spent their spare time lying around in their suites in the big hotels, dozing, watching oldp 160 HA 1981
see that they were all there, the forty-four Presidents, grouped around his cot in this huge room. There were Jefferson andp 167 HA 1981
thing to do ...‘ Now they were all shouting together, jostling around Wayne as if trying to win his vote, a babelp 168 HA 1981
remonstrating voices that echoed off the thousands of empty seats around the arena. ‘ ... tanks, guns, planes ...‘ ‘ ... hyphenated Americans ...‘ ‘ ... safe for democracyp 168 HA 1981
and torn thigh muscles. He looked at the frozen robots around him, trying to avoid FDR's pointing linger. ‘Are you allp 169 HA 1981
of the arms and heads. Dozens of familiar figures stood around, a pantheon of popular Americana gathered dust. Huckleberry Finn andp 175 HA 1981
I have you to thank for it, watching you fly around these past few weeks inspired me to start thinking aboutp 176 HA 1981
under the calm gaze of the forty-four Presidents. They stood around him when he climbed back into his hospital bed, watchingp 178 HA 1981
Each morning he woke to find the dignified figures standing around his cot, their grave faces without expression. Dr Fleming wouldp 179 HA 1981
shaped the panels of solar glass, then wired them together around the slender fuselage frames, fitted the control lines and mooringp 181 HA 1981
these strange creatures tethered like glass dragonflies to the floor around him. There were single-seater monoplanes, two-and three-seater biplanes, triplanes withp 181 HA 1981
the pale dawn this ghostly fleet of glass aeroplanes shimmered around him, eager to fly the day. At night, even thep 181 HA 1981
putter. He tried to clear his head. The glass aeroplanes around him were shaking with fear, as they picked up ap 184 HA 1981
in hand, his beard and eyebrows filmed with brittle dust. Around him the Presidents were going down like skittles, the compressionp 185 HA 1981
across Las Vegas. As fragments of the bright air fell around him, Wayne took shelter under the portico of a fillingp 187 HA 1981
Wayne was about to climb through the barbed wire wrapped around the steaming Cadillac. But the two girls had retreated intop 189 HA 1981
air that hung over the city. Huge fires were burning around the Vegas perimeter, and the exploding gasoline dump at thep 200 HA 1981
the expedition forces camped for the night in the hills around the city. As Wayne set off for the Strip thep 200 HA 1981
The eyes glowered at the expeditions bivouacked in the jungle around Las Vegas, warning them away from a terrible retribution. Walkingp 200 HA 1981
Desert Inn he stepped through the coil of barbed wire around the strongpoint from which Ursula had ordered him away. Ap 202 HA 1981
the two robot gunships, these blank angels which Manson moved around the sky. They came down from the night and hungp 202 HA 1981
tossed the ivory ball into the roulette wheel. It raced around the rotating bowl, shadow soaring across the ceiling of thep 208 HA 1981
command keys, fingers hunting the soft depressions. The ball rippled around the bowl, bounced and flicked, then stopped abruptly, snuggling inp 208 HA 1981
eastern sky. The fusing arms clamped to the launch rockets around the missile's tail retracted, there was a momentary flare ofp 208 HA 1981
machine-gun ammunition across the hoods of their jeeps. They strolled around the sidewalks, kicking away the shattered glass and avoiding thep 212 HA 1981
wearing red head-scarves and white Palm Beach suits, silver-handled pistols around their trim waists, jumped up on to the tanks andp 213 HA 1981
force. As his bearded officers and the white-suited Divorcees milled around him he looked up at the shattered facades of thep 214 HA 1981
So the captain of the Apollo had survived the desert around Dodge City. Wayne remembered him walking away from Boot Hillp 214 HA 1981
on its death round, casting its net of firefly cities around the walls of the War Room. With luck he couldp 215 HA 1981
another's cameras outside the Golden Nugget, the young militia scampering around the tanks and jeeps, Steiner surrounded by the white-suited Divorceesp 216 HA 1981
juggling silver dollars in their hands, then let them fall around their feet and stared open-mouthed at the sky. Steiner ranp 221 HA 1981
jeep, firing their rockets at the tanks that trundled blindly around the downtown streets. Manson sat at his control consoles, watchingp 222 HA 1981
still kicking gamely. A riddled Gerry Ford tottered in circles around the drive, his gyros jammed, and knocked down Jackson andp 225 HA 1981
unfeigned horror at the semi-circle of Presidents shuffling into position around him, a reproving board of elders. There was an aloofp 226 HA 1981
than anything of his own. Steiner placed an encouraging arm around Ann Summers as she waited nervously beside the tank. ‘Thirtyp 230 HA 1981
out. Scanning lines shimmered below the jaw, a noose tightening around the neck. A narrow interference band crossed the eyes, andp 231 HA 1981
stack. Steiner jumped into the road and put an arm around Wayne's shoulder. ‘Wayne, come on -- you'll find other dreamsp 232 HA 1981
like excited semaphores. He seemed even younger than the children around him, a wizened robin released from his cage to thep 233 HA 1981
to the kindly air. Anne climbed behind Dr Fleming, hands around the old scientist's waist, and gave a cry of alarmp 233 HA 1981
man to walk on the moon, and the untended landscape around the clinic more and more resembled the lunar terrain. Underp 1010 NFS 1981
minute engine buzzing up a storm, its wired wings strung around an open fuselage. A white-haired man sat astride the miniaturep 1013 NFS 1981
the miniature controls, naked except for the aviator's goggles tied around his head. He handled the plane in an erratic butp 1013 NFS 1981
fists pummelling the air. Seeing him, the pilot banked steeply around the sun-tower, then dived straight towards him, pulling up atp 1013 NFS 1981
found a way of ... dealing with them.‘ ‘All this flying around? You frightened the old boy.‘ ‘I doubt it.‘ He watchedp 1014 NFS 1981
Marion knows exactly what I need. And Slade will be around to help her.‘ ‘Slade? How on earth ...?‘ Franklin eased thep 1018 NFS 1981
This nervous tic, a time-twitch, had long been a joke around the clinic. But after the onset of a fugue thep 1018 NFS 1981
the expeditions. Each flight to the moon and each journey around the sun was a trauma that warped their perception ofp 1020 NFS 1981
from the control tower, a young woman with an apron around her waist stood on the concrete runway, lost in herp 1020 NFS 1981
into the sky. Hunting for Slade, the excited air surged around Franklin. He stood up, hands raised to shield his facep 1021 NFS 1981
in one hand, fingers retracting her upper and lower eyelids around the trapped lens. Fused with her own reflection in thep 1023 NFS 1981
face, counting the small scars and blemishes that had appeared around her mouth. Like all women, Marion never really feared thep 1023 NFS 1981
The first started at 9 am as I was walking around the pool towards the car. Suddenly I found myself standingp 1024 NFS 1981
must have seen me stranded there and placed the mannequins around me. The timeless people, the only mementoes of homo sapiensp 1024 NFS 1981
morning I forced myself into the sunlight. I drove slowly around Las Vegas, looking out for Marion and thinking about thep 1025 NFS 1981
slumped across his diary. Torn pages lay on the carpet around his feet. During the two-hour fugue a violent struggle hadp 1027 NFS 1981
a violent struggle had taken place, his books were scattered around an overturned lamp, there were heel marks in the cigarettep 1027 NFS 1981
a ragged fur sat behind the naked pilot, hands clasped around his waist. Like a startled dreamer, she stared down atp 1027 NFS 1981
naked man sat behind the desk in Franklin's office, goggles around his forehead. Looking at him, Franklin realized why Slade hadp 1028 NFS 1981
of the next fugue. The air seemed to warp itself around him. Holding the door-frame, he restrained himself from rushing top 1028 NFS 1981
the fugues. In fact, I'm relying on it.‘ He stepped around the desk and picked the pistol from the floor. Asp 1029 NFS 1981
car among the maze of diagonal lines, the desert landscape around the air base resembled the perimeter photographs of Marion andp 1029 NFS 1981
up and steadied himself against the air. The hills undulated around him, the copulating bodies of all the women he hadp 1030 NFS 1981
air was engorged with light, a flood of photons crowded around him. A third kite appeared, joined almost at once byp 1031 NFS 1981
a child's to catch the brilliant air. Smiling at everything around her, she tried to talk to Franklin, but the soundsp 1032 NFS 1981
days, when he left his bed and began to move around the apartment, Franklin happily embraced the fugues. Each day hep 1033 NFS 1981
bathe in the piazza below his verandah. As she strolled around the fountain, drying herself under a dozen suns, Soleri IIp 1033 NFS 1981
But the fugue was already beginning, the light glazed everything around him. Slade was a naked angel pinioned against the stainedp 1036 NFS 1981
silver pistols multiplied. Like dragonflies, they hovered in the air around Franklin long after the aircraft had taken off into thep 1036 NFS 1981
the open air. For weeks now he had been hanging around the deserted motels in Cocoa Beach, flying his kites andp 1061 MNF 1982
ramshackle stores and houses vibrated in the same overlit way. Around him the bright winds were like the open jaws ofp 1062 MNF 1982
bedrooms as the forest climbed the Florida peninsula and closed around them. Then, almost in the shadow of the Apollo 12p 1062 MNF 1982
the profiles of a new realm waiting to reconstitute itself around him. Thinking of the nightclub, Sheppard stared into the fireflyp 1063 MNF 1982
city, a suburb of the world beyond time that lay around and within him. Holding its image to his mind, hep 1063 MNF 1982
his shoulders, and fell headlong into the water. Skirt floating around her hips, she pulled him like a drowned pilot onp 1063 MNF 1982
he felt that he himself had invented the dying world around him. It was now twenty years since the earliest symptomsp 1064 MNF 1982
the seedy bedrooms of back-street hotels, unaware of the world around them but certain that they had once travelled through spacep 1065 MNF 1982
play with his own obsessions. On impulse he would run around the apartment and release the blinds, turning the rooms intop 1068 MNF 1982
in his dusty office below a sign advertising pleasure trips around the Cape. After a brief haggle, Sheppard rented a single-enginedp 1071 MNF 1982
heaviest sunglasses, Sheppard left the cabin and made his way around the drained pool. It was time now to make ap 1072 MNF 1982
Almost tripping over the woman's shadow, Sheppard paused to gaze around him. After so many weeks and months of avoiding thep 1072 MNF 1982
the space engineers‘ overalls and denims. A ruby light glimmered around Sheppard, as if the pavilion were vibrating above a mildp 1074 MNF 1982
arms and shoulders in a coronation armour. Time was condensing around him, a thousand replicas of himself from the past andp 1074 MNF 1982
wall beside his bed, arms held tight like crippled wings around his knees. Near by in the darkened bedroom were thep 1075 MNF 1982
on his shoulder. He had clenched his fingers so tightly around the paperweight that his fist was white. He relaxed hisp 1076 MNF 1982
his wife, to find a key to everything going on around them. ‘Anne, throw away your watch. Fling back the blindsp 1078 MNF 1982
of our own identity, the stream of things going on around us, are a kind of optical illusion. Our eyes arep 1078 MNF 1982
her back to life ...‘ He gestured modestly to the photographs around the bedroom. ‘It may not look much, but this isp 1078 MNF 1982
men into a frenzy of activity. The bird motifs multiplied around the streets of Cocoa Beach, aerosolled on to the flakingp 1079 MNF 1982
submarine world in which each leaf and branch hung weightlessly around him. Relics of the first Space Age emerged from thep 1079 MNF 1982
into the airless interior. A musty and unpleasant odour hung around him, not the spoor of birds but of some unclaimedp 1082 MNF 1982
her face, hair hidden inside a white towel wrapped securely around her forehead. One arthritic hand had seized the pillow, sop 1082 MNF 1982
and future. She sat up, strong fingers releasing the death-cap around her head, and shook loose the damp tresses of silverp 1083 MNF 1982
the sunlight. Could all this have been waiting for them, around the unseen corners of their past lives? Sheppard stood byp 1083 MNF 1982
fluttering aviary in his hands, a feathered universe that trembled around a single heart. The bird shuddered and came to lifep 1084 MNF 1982
calm as glaciers, now broken by this eccentric aircraft veering around like the fragment of a disturbed mind. From his balconyp 1037 MSA 1982
into the empty sky, a beacon visible for ten miles around the Cape. The flocks of gulls had vanished. The poweredp 1043 MSA 1982
and the remains of camping equipment, moss-covered chairs and tables around old barbecue spits left here twenty years earlier when thep 1044 MSA 1982
mounted vertically on its launching platform. Its rusting tracks lay around it, the chains of an unshackled colossus. Here at Capep 1051 MSA 1982
martins swept across the assembly deck, swirled like exploding soot around the Shuttle. Were they trying to warn him? Roused byp 1052 MSA 1982
air struck his face. Fracture lines appeared in the wind around him. The transparent wings of a powered glider soared pastp 1053 MSA 1982
that I had to close my eyes, hand-holding my way around the streets like a blind beggar. I seemed to bep 1056 MSA 1982
for this lost woman would be a flight of steps around an empty elevator shaft. Kill Hinton ... he had no ideap 1056 MSA 1982
fire to myself.‘ Mallory climbed to his feet, an arm around the girl's shoulder. He was still trying to clear hisp 1057 MSA 1982
Standing on the roof of the hotel, a dressing gown around her shoulders, was Anne Mallory. At last she had managedp 1058 MSA 1982
already moving through the air together. Although Hinton's hand was around Anne's waist, they seemed unaware of each other when theyp 1059 MSA 1982
that we had mastered the station, and cast a net around its invisible bulk, we were pressing on with renewed confidencep 1087 RUS 1982
was showing war films. Fragments of his dreams followed Jim around the city; in the foyers of department stores and hotelsp 11 ES 1984
noticed them that afternoon. Refugees from the towns and villages around Shanghai were pouring into the city. Wooden carts and rickshawsp 21 ES 1984
were careful with their ammunition. Two soldiers cleared a space around a peasant woman whose cart they had overturned. Bayonet inp 23 ES 1984
sergeant slashed open a sack of rice which he scattered around the woman's feet. She stood shaking and crying in ap 23 ES 1984
from the patrons of arcade photographers. On his cycle journeys around Shanghai -- trips of which his parents were unaware --p 23 ES 1984
Tommies lay in their hammocks, oblivious of the waterfront life around them, they would let Jim work the bolts of theirp 24 ES 1984
airfield at Hungjao. Although the Japanese controlled the open countryside around the city, their forces were kept busy patrolling the perimeterp 25 ES 1984
Mr Maxted sat in the office with the owner, moving around other piles of banknotes. Perhaps, in return, he should takep 27 ES 1984
currents. The bright December wind buffeted the grass, patterns swirled around him like the slipstreams of invisible aircraft. Listening carefully, Jimp 30 ES 1984
that rose to his shoulders. The thousands of blades seethed around his velvet trousers and silk shirt, as if trying top 30 ES 1984
in the grass resembled the skins of venomous snakes. All around them were the bodies of dead Chinese soldiers. They linedp 32 ES 1984
of the roads and floated in the canals, jammed together around the pillars of the bridges. In the trenches between thep 32 ES 1984
field of paper flowers floated on the morning tide, clustered around the oil-stained piers of the jetty and dressed them inp 39 ES 1984
on the running tide, and clumped in miniature floating gardens around the old men and women, the young mothers and smallp 41 ES 1984
sunlight the paper petals resembled the coils of viscera strewn around the terrorist bomb victims in the Nanking Road. He turnedp 41 ES 1984
its tracks striking sparks from the tramlines. It swivelled jerkily around an abandoned tram, and crushed a rickshaw against a telegraphp 44 ES 1984
traffic, Jim watched a Japanese NCO screaming at the Chinese around him. A dead coolie lay at his feet, blood pouringp 46 ES 1984
lay helplessly in the mud, as the quickening tide rippled around them. Already the first funeral flowers had found them andp 46 ES 1984
first funeral flowers had found them and begun to gather around their shoulders. Jim watched his father push through the sampanp 46 ES 1984
the Chinese dancers. The metal tread crushed the rear fender around its wheel and then rammed the heavy car into thep 47 ES 1984
tar. Watched by the wide-eyed orphans, he followed the gangway around the wing. The rear door into the ward was boltedp 54 ES 1984
with a scrubbed wooden floor and rows of circular benches around the teak execution posts, and always attracted a thoughtful audiencep 57 ES 1984
of Shanghai, and knew nothing of his long cycle rides around the city. Amherst Avenue was deserted. The throngs of beggarsp 60 ES 1984
quarters, or the clip-clip of the gardener trimming the lawn around the flower-beds. Someone had switched off the swimming-pool motor, thoughp 60 ES 1984
a pillar. A high wall faced with terracotta tiles ran around the house, topped with broken glass. Gripping the tiles withp 61 ES 1984
so dark before. He stepped through the pool of water around the refrigerator and entered the deserted hall. As he climbedp 62 ES 1984
of dust that hung across the rooms, briefly folding itself around Jim when he walked through the deserted house. Almost forgottenp 64 ES 1984
the war was over. In the talcum on the floor around him he could see the imprints of his mother's feetp 64 ES 1984
instantly. Watching his feet, Jim walked down the sloping floor. Around the brass vent at the deep end lay a smallp 66 ES 1984
bamboo yoke laden with bales of firewood. The crowd pressed around him, in a sweat of stench and fatigue, cheap fatp 69 ES 1984
world is at war and you're still riding your bicycle around ...‘ As the Japanese NCO began to abuse one of thep 71 ES 1984
repairing his bicycle. He needed the machine to get himself around Shanghai, to find his parents and surrender to the Japanesep 75 ES 1984
badly frightened the previous day. A peculiar space was opening around him, which separated him from the secure world he hadp 76 ES 1984
felt harder than he remembered them from his previous jaunts around the city, and already he was tired. His hands feltp 77 ES 1984
Jim was tired most of the time, as he cycled around the uncertain streets of Shanghai. The Japanese soldiers guarding thep 78 ES 1984
dining-room to the kitchen. He side-stepped the pool of water around the refrigerator, and expertly ran his eye over the pantryp 81 ES 1984
Road, a party of Japanese civilians spent an hour walking around the downstairs rooms, but Jim had been too feverish top 83 ES 1984
a new patrol. The corporal cuffed him and pushed him around the flower-beds, then made him clear away the sticks besidep 85 ES 1984
slammed the wrought-iron gate on his heels. The houses stood around him in the sun, sealed worlds where he had brieflyp 86 ES 1984
studied the white-suited sailors, as busy as lice, who moved around the decks and bridge. The cruiser's gun turrets reminded himp 87 ES 1984
on the dark sweet chocolate. The brown water swelled glassily around the pier, and he remembered that his father had toldp 90 ES 1984
a young Chinese woman floated among the sampans, heels rotating around her head as if unsure in what direction to pointp 90 ES 1984
a wide berth to the currents that formed huge whirlpools around the boom of freighters. Jim returned to the cooking potp 96 ES 1984
two merchant seamen, who had somehow escaped the Japanese net around Shanghai, and realized that he might have as much top 100 ES 1984
As they sat in the truck Basie put an arm around Jim's shoulders. ‘You've been thinking too much, all those newp 102 ES 1984
word in the grey air. He gazed at the houses around them, at the Tudor gables and white modern facades, atp 106 ES 1984
recognize his wife. Jim helped him to erect a screen around Mrs Partridge, who never spoke and had an unpleasant smellp 109 ES 1984
So Jim spent his time in the open-air cinema, roving around the wooden seats. Despite his headaches, he tried unsuccessfully top 110 ES 1984
only he could discover to which of the dozen camps around Shanghai his mother and father had been sent. He leftp 110 ES 1984
drifting across the empty screen. Holding the mess-tins, Jim hovered around Mrs Blackburn and treated her to his keenest smile. Shep 116 ES 1984
ready to assemble a small part of a ramshackle world around himself. He surveyed Jim again, taking in his ragged clothesp 117 ES 1984
lay back as Jim fanned him. ‘Whatever happens, keep moving around the court. Your dad would agree with me.‘ ‘Actually, hep 118 ES 1984
bow to Sergeant Uchida.‘ ‘I always bow, Basie.‘ Jim hovered around the conversation, hoping to catch the latest news, but thep 118 ES 1984
store-room floor, the skin stretched across his ribs like rice-paper around a lantern. He knew that the private had died ofp 119 ES 1984
he would be leaving for the camps in the countryside around Shanghai. Pushing past the two boys, Jim dived between thep 121 ES 1984
Jim, the cabin steward stepped between the guards, his arms around the shoulders of the two boys. Sergeant Uchida pressed hisp 122 ES 1984
at the cold stove, at the scum of boiled rice around the rim of the cong. The sergeant cupped his handp 122 ES 1984
the rim of the cong. The sergeant cupped his hand around Jim's neck. With a shout muffled by his cotton maskp 122 ES 1984
the bloodstained collar of his coat. Thousands of flies gathered around the truck, attracted by the sweat and the urine runningp 132 ES 1984
his skin. He could see the smallest detail of everything around him, the flakes of rust on the railway lines, thep 132 ES 1984
imprint of its worn tyres. Jim counted the blue bristles around the lips of the Japanese soldier guarding them, and thep 132 ES 1984
out of his nostrils. He watched the damp stain spreading around the buttocks of one of the missionary women on thep 133 ES 1984
The Japanese corporal was unimpressed, but after a leisurely stroll around the truck he allowed the prisoners to dismount. Helped byp 134 ES 1984
the concrete platform. Still savouring their meal, the Japanese sat around the cinders of their fire. They watched Jim as hep 134 ES 1984
inflamed bruise on his face, and the first pus gathered around his eye. He bowed and made way for the Japanesep 137 ES 1984
job.‘ Dr Ransome patted Jim's shoulder. He slipped a hand around Jim's waist and felt his swollen liver, then raised hisp 139 ES 1984
nine sweet potatoes. For the next hour Jim moved busily around the yard. While the prisoners rested in the timber storep 145 ES 1984
the guard ordered Jim to pass an earthenware water jar around the prisoners. For the rest of the time he wasp 149 ES 1984
flies festered on Dr Ransome's face, feeding on the wound around his eye. Beside him Basie lay with Paul and Davidp 151 ES 1984
on the damp pools that covered the floor. They hovered around Jim's mouth, feeding at the sores on his gums. Forp 154 ES 1984
and their children. All his hopes rested in the landscape around him, in its past and future wars. He felt ap 155 ES 1984
runway their chalky figures seemed to illuminate the evening air. Around them the Japanese sentries watched without moving. Fifty feet awayp 159 ES 1984
coolant. Already he had begun to shut out the voices around him, the white bodies of the Chinese soldiers and thep 160 ES 1984
college that had been bombed and overrun during the fighting around Lunghua Aerodrome in 1937. The damaged buildings nearest to thep 164 ES 1984
hope that the hundreds of hours he had spent hanging around the guardhouse -- albeit at Basie's instigation -- would countp 166 ES 1984
stepped through the wire fence Jim felt the air steady around him. He ran along the cinder path, his tattered shirtp 167 ES 1984
tags of washing between the huts. In his ceaseless journeys around the camp Jim had learned to recognize every stone andp 167 ES 1984
of Jim's arrival Mrs Vincent had hung an old bedspread around his nominal quarter of the room. She and her husbandp 172 ES 1984
of the miniature shanties that seemed to erect themselves spontaneously around the beggars of Shanghai. Not content with walling Jim intop 172 ES 1984
to crawl across his straw mat. If he carried it around with him Private Kimura or one of the guards mightp 175 ES 1984
on escape attempts ceased altogether. By June 1945, the landscape around Lunghua was so hostile, roamed by bandits, starving villagers andp 175 ES 1984
there was more than a hundred insects in three rows around the rim of Jim's plate, though recently even their numberp 183 ES 1984
the once invincible air wing that had flown from Lunghua. Around the edges of the field, in the deep grass byp 187 ES 1984
from Lunghua to hurl themselves at the American picket ships around Iwo Jima and Okinawa. If the Japanese triumphed, that smallp 188 ES 1984
from the work gang. Whenever he watched the Japanese moving around their aircraft he thought of the three young pilots withp 188 ES 1984
a whirlwind of leaves and dust boiled from the ground. Around the airfield the anti-aircraft guns turned towards the camp. Thep 191 ES 1984
dockyards and the Nantao seaplane base. But the anti-aircraft batteries around the runway were still firing into the air. Cat's cradlesp 192 ES 1984
anopheles mosquitoes rose at feeding time from the stagnant ponds around the camp. On the steps of E Block, one ofp 196 ES 1984
few drops of spittle on to his lips. The bristles around his mouth trembled like miniature antennae picking up an advancep 200 ES 1984
the commandant's office, perhaps to be interrogated. The guards moved around the silent camp with their roster boards, carrying out repeatedp 201 ES 1984
The dead were buried above ground, the loose soil heaped around them. The heavy rains of the monsoon months softened thep 205 ES 1984
always disliked Jim digging the graves. Hundreds of flies buzzed around the cart and settled on Mr Radik's face. With thep 206 ES 1984
of starving prisoners (husbands of the Lunghua Sophomores) had tottered around the parade ground in a grotesque parody of a rugbyp 214 ES 1984
with a pallor like that of an unhealthy woman. Moving around his cubicle, as if in his pantry on the SSp 216 ES 1984
to fill only the most modest possibilities of petty thievery around him. Jim worried about what would happen to Basie whenp 219 ES 1984
Lie down, Jim. You're getting tired.‘ Basie put an arm around Jim's shoulders. Together they gazed through the window at thep 221 ES 1984
they were useless, was reassuring, like the abundance of words around Dr Ransome. The Latin vocabulary and the algebraic terms werep 221 ES 1984
again the curious light the Mustangs had brought with them. Around him the Americans were leaving their cubicles and pressing againstp 222 ES 1984
of beauty ... ‘Take it easy, kid ...‘ Basie put an arm around his shaking chest. ‘They're a long way from Lunghua. You'rep 223 ES 1984
sticks and shreds of straw mats, Jim searched the pathways around E Block, hunting for fragments of coke embedded in thep 224 ES 1984
coolie on to the ground. The soldiers began to saunter around the upended rickshaw. Private Kimura kicked its wheels, shattering thep 227 ES 1984
made when they knew they were about to be killed. Around the parade ground the hundreds of prisoners watched without movingp 227 ES 1984
rehearsal. None of them spoke as the Japanese soldiers strolled around the rickshaw, kicking its seats and framework into matchwood. Fromp 227 ES 1984
Winston Churchill. He would have liked to leave, but all around him the prisoners were motionless as they watched the paradep 228 ES 1984
the blood ran from his back and formed a pool around his knees. The Japanese soldiers, Jim knew, would take tenp 228 ES 1984
An Escape ‘Is the war over again, Mr Maxted?‘ All around Jim, as he waited by the kitchen doors, the prisonersp 230 ES 1984
as if concerned that he was mislaying pieces of himself around the camp. ‘I'll keep your place for you, if youp 230 ES 1984
in from the air bases on Okinawa, strafing the airfields around Shanghai, attacking the Japanese forces concentrated at the mouth ofp 232 ES 1984
continued to fire at the incoming aircraft, but the batteries around the runway had been withdrawn to defend the Shanghai dock-yardsp 233 ES 1984
Parties of British prisoners stepped through the wire and wandered around the nearby paddy fields. Parents stood with their children onp 235 ES 1984
the fields, intending to walk to the city. Others gathered around the guardhouse, jeering at the Japanese soldiers who watched fromp 235 ES 1984
world of the camp. Flecks of spittle brightened the dust around the soldiers‘ ragged boots. Venting the anger of years onp 236 ES 1984
the ground before his bare feet, Jim put an arm around his bony hips. He felt sorry for the former architectp 239 ES 1984
felt sorry for the former architect, remembering their Studebaker jaunts around the Shanghai nightclubs, and sad that he should have beenp 239 ES 1984
back at Lunghua. The terrain of paddy fields and canals around the camp, and the road of return to Shanghai, whichp 242 ES 1984
occupying the deep grass for a quarter of a mile. Around them they settled their baggage of suitcases, tennis racquets andp 245 ES 1984
the slope and formed a procession behind the staff car. Around Jim a few people lay quietly. Mrs Philips clasped herp 250 ES 1984
to her shoulders. Grains of rice clung to the stubble around the Japanese soldier's lips. They moved like lice as hep 250 ES 1984
in an outdoor workshop. Wheels, doors and axles were scattered around the vehicles, whose fenders and body panels had been tornp 252 ES 1984
like a party of film extras under the studio spotlights. Around them the creeks and lagoons were filled with saffron waterp 254 ES 1984
the river. He drank carefully, then watched the water lap around his case. He had carried the wooden box all thep 255 ES 1984
hundredfold by the war. The Japanese soldiers formed a cordon around the running track. The rain dripped from their capes, andp 258 ES 1984
eyes. The architect lay without moving, his white ribs unclasped around his heart, but Jim could hear his faint breath. ‘You'rep 261 ES 1984
lips and hooking out the flies trapped in his mouth. Around them the inmates of Lunghua Camp lay on the dampp 263 ES 1984
the grass, as if trying to fold the soft earth around themselves. Jim squatted beside Mr Maxted, working his diaphragm likep 263 ES 1984
Mr Maxted to be well enough to join the march. Around them the prisoners were sitting upright, and a few menp 263 ES 1984
his lingers into Mr Maxted's mouth. The architect's lips trembled around his knuckles. But already the August sun was driving thep 265 ES 1984
party. He guessed that they were being walked to death around the countryside, but he wanted them to stay in thep 266 ES 1984
you could use a couple of bags of rice. Ask around, kid, if they have any bracelets, wedding rings, charms. Wep 274 ES 1984
rubbish bin by the entrance tunnel and began to root around inside it. ‘Is the war really over?‘ ‘Yeah, it's overp 275 ES 1984
wrenched from the perimeter fence. He thrashed at the nettles around him and gazed irritably at the rusting aircraft, sucking inp 279 ES 1984
in the pilot's footsteps. For the next hour they moved around the southern edge of the airfield, the young pilot withp 280 ES 1984
among the fuel tanks and engine blocks. The flies hovered around the pilot's mouth, tapping his lips like impatient guests atp 280 ES 1984
ground. The Refrigerator in the Sky The sweet mango slithered around Jim's mouth, like Mrs Vincent's tongue in his hands. Tenp 282 ES 1984
weak to move, Jim waited for the bombs to explode around him, but the sky was filled with coloured parachutes. Dozensp 283 ES 1984
earth, and squatted by the open mouth of the cylinder. Around him, on the floor of the culvert, was a ransomp 284 ES 1984
a rifle, but Kimura ignored him and straightened his webbing around his tattered uniform. He kicked one of his rotting bootsp 285 ES 1984
woman. The small, starving women in their black trousers sat around him, each holding a magazine as if about to takep 293 ES 1984
European war. Price slammed the gates in their faces. Everything around him, the camp, the empty paddy fields, even the sunp 293 ES 1984
Lieutenant. He skivvied for one of the doctors.‘ ‘He's roaming around everywhere! Lock him up in one of the cells!‘ ‘Hep 297 ES 1984
look, Lieutenant.‘ ‘I bet he had a good look. Roaming around all the time. Boy, what did you see in thep 298 ES 1984
you must have seen it.‘ Lieutenant Price fastened the bandages around his bleeding fists. He sucked fiercely on his cigarette. Gazingp 299 ES 1984
small stone into the hopscotch court and deftly flicked it around the squares, then set out on a circuit of thep 302 ES 1984
the deserted camp. Already he could feel Lunghua gathering itself around him again. As he approached the hospital he began top 302 ES 1984
Lieutenant Price, they dropped their cargoes into the open fields around the camp, rolled their wings and set off in ap 305 ES 1984
his strength had returned, Jim was able to scavenge busily around the camp and was never more pleased than when, underp 308 ES 1984
parachute silk. He clung to the cartons of K-rations stacked around him, and listened to Tulloch and Lieutenant Price shouting top 311 ES 1984
the treasure before them. For half an hour they trundled around the deserted paddy fields, unable to find a single parachutep 311 ES 1984
men carrying shotguns. A bare-chested Chinese with a pistol belt around his black trousers scuttled along at a crouch, leading ap 314 ES 1984
smoked their cigarettes. The European in the flying jacket paced around the truck. A coolie picked up Tulloch's cigarette butt andp 316 ES 1984
sit quiet and learn our words.‘ Basie put an arm around him. ‘Keep an eye on that Digest so you stayp 318 ES 1984
a halt, and the oily water of the lagoon swilled around the Buick's wheels. Ahead of them was the Japanese truckp 319 ES 1984
sustained Basie's interest in him. A tornado of dust seethed around the three vehicles as they reversed and set off alongp 320 ES 1984
mediaeval dwellings Jim had seen in his childhood encyclopaedias, clustering around a gothic cathedral. The domed kilns and brick chimneys drewp 325 ES 1984
west of Shanghai. At least three Nationalist armies were closing around the city, jockeying among themselves for control of the airfieldsp 331 ES 1984
adolescence in a provincial Japanese village. His lips were parted around his uneven teeth, as if expecting a morsel of fishp 337 ES 1984
morsel of ham into its mouth. The chipped teeth closed around his finger, cutting the cuticle. Jim dropped the can ofp 339 ES 1984
wiped his hands on his ragged trousers. The flies swarmed around him, stinging his lips, but Jim ignored them. He rememberedp 339 ES 1984
He would raise the Japanese aircrew lying in the ditches around the airfield, and enough ground staff to rebuild a squadronp 340 ES 1984
were swept away in a convoy of pedicabs, their arms around the bar-girls screaming obscenities at the sleek Chinese pimps inp 345 ES 1984
World War III, and realized that it was taking place around him. The crowds watching the newsreels on the Bund hadp 349 ES 1984
the garden. Beside the drained swimming-pool the untended grass grew around their shoulders, and reminded him of the bowers of nettlesp 350 ES 1984
stepped back, their faces expressionless. Jim glanced at the people around him, the clerks and coolies and peasant women, well awarep 351 ES 1984
from the American cruiser. The flowers formed a wavering garland around the coffin as it began its long journey to thep 351 ES 1984
the gaze of his eyes was far beyond the cell around us, and I suspected that he was experiencing a warningp 1093 OOA 1984
were in a disoriented state when I arrived. Henson paced around his office, pressing his hands against the bookshelves and re-arrangingp 1094 OOA 1984
on the topmost pew in the ramp, loosening the bolts around the metal grille. Henson was appalled by Young's escape, butp 1095 OOA 1984
at me accusingly, almost barring me from my own home. Around me were the million faces of the city. People strodep 1106 MWM 1985
a single customer. Then the waiter would scrape the chairs around Scranton's table, trying to distract him from his reveries ofp 1109 MWM 1985
the wall by its waste-pipe. Sheets of newspaper were wrapped around a pillow, stained with sweat and some unsavoury mucus, perhapsp 1111 MWM 1985
crowds and traffic, which had begun once again to close around me, halted their clamour and withdrew. On the noisy streetp 1113 MWM 1985
we moved through the afternoon crowds, which seemed to part around us. Our fellow-pedestrians had become remote and fleeting figures, littlep 1114 MWM 1985
to the props of bourgeois life like seasick passengers looking around for the furniture during a rough channel crossing. ‘Comrade Leninp 235 UGM 1986
attempts, however naively, to place some sort of philosophical frame around man's place in the universe. Forbidden Planet (1956) This remarkablyp 18 UGM 1987
right heels and narrow thumb-like toes, and her absentminded housework around the trailer. For some time now I have suspected thatp 8 DC 1987
that pumped from the looted radios and cassette players strung around the gunmen's necks among their grenades and ammunition pouches. Therep 10 DC 1987
not even to look at the bandage I had wrapped around her foot. I remembered Harare's pained expression when he gazedp 13 DC 1987
find entire families camped on the lower drilling platforms, squatting around the bore-holes like disheartened water-diviners. Yet even then the failurep 17 DC 1987
minute tent under the wing of her parked aircraft, strode around Port-la-Nouvelle in her flying suit, photographing every sign of povertyp 18 DC 1987
their way back to the sun. Tentatively they wreathed themselves around the cluster of steel pipes slung inside the gantry. Thep 20 DC 1987
remain alert. She ignored the music, her small hands clasped around the breech and trigger guard of the antique rifle betweenp 21 DC 1987
giving him a good beating. A bloody scarf was wrapped around his face and jaw, through which I could see thep 21 DC 1987
pushed her away, but a third soldier put his arm around her waist and briefly fondled her buttocks. ‘Mrs Warrender ...!‘ Ip 23 DC 1987
soldiers were pushing us towards the tobacco wharf. They jostled around us, cocking their rifles and hiding their eyes below thep 24 DC 1987
the Indian adviser, pushed me aside and placed an arm around Sanger's head, as if to shield his eyes from anp 35 DC 1987
blood from her nose, she tied and untied the bandage around her infected foot. When she saw me approach she lookedp 36 DC 1987
him to ignore this obstacle and make a sensible detour around it. But I waved him forward, curious to see howp 39 DC 1987
to notch up a series of coded messages, computerizing itself around my feet. An hour later, as I stood on thep 40 DC 1987
my two suitcases, and then beamed serenely at the forest around the airstrip, as if expecting to see his magnified imagep 50 DC 1987
through the trees, and a whirlwind of dusty air seethed around the basin. Behind me, the sunlight briefly touched a metalp 52 DC 1987
tried to defend the wells by building an earth rampart around them, a wall of dust which the advancing lake hadp 57 DC 1987
devise some means of building an effective dam, I sensed around me the atmosphere of a new world. I breathed thep 59 DC 1987
could still sense the lost jungle of the rubbish tip around me. I waded in the silvery water, washing the dustp 60 DC 1987
of her servant-women stood knee-deep in the water, skirts fastened around their bare thighs. They had brought with them a woodenp 64 DC 1987
a fool. You don't own this river ...‘ We struggled together around the cart, bumping into the African women, who turned andp 66 DC 1987
You want to buy the river, doctor?‘ Captain Kagwa walked around his desk and gazed through the broken windows at thep 67 DC 1987
flow from the river, its currents drifting in clockwise eddies around the lake, giving off the stench of the broken landp 69 DC 1987
and Sanger waited behind their cine-camera, while Miss Matsuoka darted around the tractor, tape recorder slung over the shoulder of herp 72 DC 1987
to the foot of the earth wall. Small fists clenched around her paddle, she looked up at me, willing me top 74 DC 1987
soft earth, sending a shower of pebbles into the water around the girl. She winced and pinched herself, then paddled morep 74 DC 1987
the shifting slope, as the soil and beer cans spilled around my waist, shouting to the girl in the coracle andp 74 DC 1987
rampart, as a cascade of earth, gravel and garbage poured around me. Huge logs were tumbling into the current only ap 75 DC 1987
at last to run its course. The House of Women Around me I could hear the voices of women, muffled asp 76 DC 1987
aftershave bottles and drenched copies of Paris-Match. The tide swirled around the house and in twenty-four hours swept away the brickp 78 DC 1987
me, she stepped on to the terrace, the water streaming around her bare feet. She picked up a willow branch washedp 80 DC 1987
some interest in recruiting me into whatever half-formed scheme circled around her mind. Often in the early evening she would comep 82 DC 1987
it, but she's your little messenger. You have her flitting around everywhere. She keeps you informed.‘ ‘About what, for God's sakep 83 DC 1987
own it.‘ She stepped back and fastened the dressing-gown tightly around her waist, regarding me with a sympathetic but distant eyep 84 DC 1987
the abandoned kitchen garden, fastening Alan Warrender's faded silk bath-robe around my waist. Did his widow imagine that I had conjuredp 87 DC 1987
Her solemn and elegant features were marked with old scars around her brows and lips, and I guessed that she hadp 89 DC 1987
Why, Captain? There's no point in trying to build dykes around the tobacco fields -- I'm afraid they're lost.‘ ‘Tobacco fieldsp 92 DC 1987
World Bank advance men whom I expected to see swarming around this vast new waterway. ‘A grand vision, Captain -- isp 93 DC 1987
store. My trailer sat outside the clinic, oily water swilling around its hub caps. We tied up at the police wharfp 95 DC 1987
that rolled across its surface were about to inundate everything around me, immersing my mind within its amniotic dream. I staredp 99 DC 1987
the waterline from the metal deck. The dark lake-water flowed around my waist as I loosened the starboard mooring lines andp 102 DC 1987
fell away into the water one of the fishermen looked around, but the young soldier on sentry duty was demonstrating hisp 102 DC 1987
steps and waded into the shallow water. The surface broke around his thighs. Within an arm's length of the propeller, hep 103 DC 1987
of the current against the hull soon freed the keel. Around us raced the silver back of the river, lit fromp 107 DC 1987
River, but he knew my motives too well. Floodlights blazed around the airstrip command post and the soldiers were setting flaresp 108 DC 1987
headed into the open channel, where the forest walls closed around the river, a private highway which shut out even thep 108 DC 1987
last drained. The scar, like a small red snake, curled around her heel, emerging from its lair within her instep. ‘Comfortablep 113 DC 1987
But he and his fierce machine, a metal fist clenched around its own anger, belonged to another sky. We had enteredp 115 DC 1987
racist stereotypes ...‘ Embarassed at being unable to get her tongue around these polysyllables, Noon turned up the speaker. Sounds of jargonizedp 118 DC 1987
steel hawser that trailed from the gantry had wrapped itself around the shaft. As Noon watched, intrigued by the Mercedes‘ resourcesp 119 DC 1987
narrow beach on which she had laid out her clothes. Around my thighs the current was softer, and the pale greenp 120 DC 1987
of the desert into the Edenic paradise that I saw around me in these green glades and sensed in its sweetp 122 DC 1987
rotor blades before coming down to land. ‘Noon ...!‘ I ran around the Mercedes and opened the passenger door. ‘Stay there. I'llp 125 DC 1987
of the ferry, and examined the coils of cable looped around the propeller shaft. I had cut away almost all thep 125 DC 1987
when the propeller chopped through the last threads of cable around the shaft. In a roar of foam and rusty waterp 128 DC 1987
workshops stood in the channel like a family of elephants around their bull, asleep with their heads in the water. Thep 131 DC 1987
aerial attack and by Kagwa's presence, and the scar tissue around her mouth and eyebrows was flushed with blood. The harshp 134 DC 1987
and the water smoothed out any memory of our passage. Around us the river flowed between its ever wider banks, thep 137 DC 1987
water, the ferry stopped fifty feet short of the sand-bank, around which a school of excited fish darted to and frop 138 DC 1987
little or no idea of the larger dream that lay around her. I needed to destroy the Mallory, but at thep 146 DC 1987
I had no need to hide from Noon, I stepped around the car and walked between the oil drums. ‘Doc Malp 147 DC 1987
the bows of a motor launch, a gleam of brass around its anchor. An engine was beating slowly, a tired rhythmp 148 DC 1987
Professor Sanger gestured reassuringly from the rubbish on the deck around him. ‘Mr Pal tells me that we have saved youp 149 DC 1987
expeditionary force preparing to make camp. As the river moved around a sand-bar that lay on its inner curve, a streamp 150 DC 1987
in the sunlight, as they cut down the bamboo saplings around their camp, gathering firewood for the galley stoves on boardp 154 DC 1987
time and space like any child in a western suburb. Around her the river preserved a more real world. The Skirmishp 160 DC 1987
would order his men to leave the river and drive around it. In some way this broke the rules of thep 163 DC 1987
direction, and seemed to emanate from a glowing haze all around us. The Salammbo's crew comprised an oracular child and threep 170 DC 1987
tall reeds that grew from the submerged banks, the air around them festering with flies and mosquitos. A host of smallp 170 DC 1987
into the water and waded ashore through the scorched grass. Around me were the remains of the soldiers‘ camp -- thep 171 DC 1987
inflamed by a sun-induced viral response. He placed an arm around Mr Pal's shoulder, and listened impatiently to his heart. ‘Thep 173 DC 1987
favours. She would bathe them, carry water, clean the deck around their feet, wash their clothes, and then retreat to herp 175 DC 1987
markers of some erotic encounter to come. I followed her around the deck as she gathered the kindling. Her eyes neverp 178 DC 1987
if trying to knot my arms together. ‘Turn the ship around! It's a bad dream, Mallory. There is no film nowp 179 DC 1987
a blind man and his shadow. Should we turn back? Around the ferry the mist cleared. The harsh, insect-filled light layp 180 DC 1987
me. ‘Put Mr Pal in the wheelhouse. Then we'll turn around and go back to Port-la-Nouvelle.‘ Journey Towards the Rain Planetp 180 DC 1987
the bows, hands raised to catch the confused air streaming around the vessel. For a few seconds he disappeared in ap 182 DC 1987
way past the Mercedes, and then climbed hand over hand around his film equipment. His face masked by the sunglasses, hep 184 DC 1987
My hand lay against her cheek. I placed my arm around her shoulders, holding the wheel with one hand as Ip 185 DC 1987
Mr Pal! Take the helm!‘ He stood up and swayed around the limousine with outstretched hands, ready to wrest the wheelp 186 DC 1987
The deck tipped slightly under out feet, shifting the cargo around us. I steadied myself as the metal cabinets scraped againstp 190 DC 1987
a sky of electric blue a group of nymphs swam around the fountain of a celestial swimming-pool. Their breasts played likep 194 DC 1987
She had leaned into the Mercedes and put her arms around Noon's feverish shoulders, taking the cassette from her like ap 196 DC 1987
enough to raise the heavy stock, and unwrapped the rags around its breech. I guessed that the women had strayed intop 201 DC 1987
there stepped out on to the roof of the restaurant. Around me the endless steaming creeks of this riverine world layp 208 DC 1987
their oars as the tall reeds opened and fell back around their shoulders. With Louise and the younger woman, I watchedp 209 DC 1987
hunting, Nora?‘ ‘Not too good, doctor.‘ She drew the dressing-gown around her shoulders in a brusque and rigid movement, reminding mep 210 DC 1987
today.‘ ‘I didn't know there was anything to shoot at around here.‘ ‘There isn't very much. But if you wait somethingp 210 DC 1987
dance floor, aware that the women had formed a circle around me. Fanny had left the galley and leaned forward withp 211 DC 1987
the window grille of his cabin. I placed my hands around Noon's waist, smelling the strong odour of her adolescent bodyp 213 DC 1987
the back seat, and watched the guerilla patrol-craft push tentatively around the river bend. Two canoes lashed side by side top 218 DC 1987
driving cabin, the chalky dust of the broken road swirling around their shoulders. As we struck the ridges of an abandonedp 222 DC 1987
their curved, pockmarked roofs like the hulls of collapsed Zeppelins. Around us lay the silent streets of the garrison town. Therep 224 DC 1987
then helped me to step into the trousers, fastening them around my waist with a length of cord. I leaned myp 225 DC 1987
Noon stood beside me, and began to undo the bonds around my wrists. She seemed business-like and confident, already refreshed afterp 229 DC 1987
wheelhouse like flickers of lightning deep in the forest valleys. Around me, as I lay on the sweat-soaked mattress, I couldp 230 DC 1987
than the lock-jawed child who had paddled in her coracle around the waters of Lake Kotto. ‘Noon ... come with me!‘ Therep 231 DC 1987
the water-wheels with which they topped up their precious reservoirs. Around them their crops grew strongly, a blaze of green foliagep 238 DC 1987
observer's seat beside the French pilot, a heavy flak jacket around his thick neck. Both he and the pilot watched Noonp 240 DC 1987
on the defensive perimeter which the guerilla leader had drawn around both banks of the river. As the sound faded intop 242 DC 1987
and, above all, by the primitive closed-circuit television system. Lounging around the dance floor, their rifles leaning against the restaurant tablesp 243 DC 1987
stumbled from the gangplank, and his sore-covered hands moved protectively around his camera. For a few seconds his face emerged fromp 246 DC 1987
had the style of a seasoned beer-hall trouper. She sidled around me in a haze of perfume and cheap spirit, searchingp 247 DC 1987
ramp. Captain Kagwa sat in the observer's seat, battle-jacket open around his bare chest, urging the French pilot to drive thep 252 DC 1987
to withdraw into their illusory world, and the mist trembled around me in the gunfire. I sat on the bed inp 252 DC 1987
of dust. The white mist of the disintegrating murals seethed around me, the ghosts of these tempera nymphs lost in thep 254 DC 1987
Diana, only its ribs and engine showing through the mud. Around it lay the rafts and pontoons, sections of landing-stage carriedp 257 DC 1987
water, pulling with it a knot of blackened ropes wrapped around the trunk of a small palm. Already the water flowedp 260 DC 1987
For all his exhaustion, he listened keenly to the sounds around him, the faint gurgle of the Mallory through the gapp 261 DC 1987
sling against the empty magazine. ‘Mallory? Dr Mallory? You're crawling around me. Like a disease ...‘ ‘Sanger -- how did you getp 261 DC 1987
the river. But I was too exhausted even to walk around the car. Kagwa had left the beach and was stridingp 266 DC 1987
I looked down and realized that her fist was clenched around a silver peg, some toggle from the limousine's dashboard. Shep 266 DC 1987
and sat beside the motor. Sanger settled himself, camera slung around his neck, massaging my thighs with his hands. ‘Come onp 276 DC 1987
dispelled by a strong and unbroken sun, whose beams probed around us like the gaze of a friendly sentry. We hadp 279 DC 1987
to burst their banks. ‘Sanger ... it's still flowing.‘ I waded around the raft, feeling the faint southward tug of the currentp 280 DC 1987
no wider than my hand. Head down, I traced it around the base of a large shoe-shaped rock. The thin groovep 282 DC 1987
the hills, calling out her name as the lake-bed dried around me. A few islands of water surrounded the draining poolp 282 DC 1987
his murderer dropped over his shoulders, its double nooses tightening around his neck as he struggled to free his arms andp 8 RW 1988
of murderous rage. Farfetched, perhaps, but seeing the large crowd around the entrance to Pangbourne Village I felt that the theoryp 23 RW 1988
perched among the branches of the poplars, some with sheets around them, while others shouted abuse at the police below. Asp 24 RW 1988
the firms of solicitors representing the next of kin. Walking around the estate, a bored Sergeant Payne twenty paces behind mep 25 RW 1988
for my cottage at Pagham. They're useful things to have around." "Not useful enough." Payne pushed the door open for mep 25 RW 1988
and watched the smoke from Payne's cigarette swirl and dance around us, as the water vapour must have swirled and dancedp 28 RW 1988
ordered lives being lived here ... almost too ordered." I strolled around Jeremy's bedroom, noting the desktop computer, the surfboard and swimmingp 30 RW 1988
Hold on a second ..." I switched on the cupboard light. Around the skirting board and the interior panels of the doorp 32 RW 1988
is plain to me, Sergeant. The killers knew their way around." "Oh, intimately." Payne sat back expansively in Dr. Maxted's leatherp 35 RW 1988
into the socket. To do this she has to step around the edge of the basin and reach forward with herp 42 RW 1988
jolted the sides of the bath, lighting up the mirrors around us. Scalded water spat across Payne and myself, spraying finep 42 RW 1988
minutes of the murders, perhaps in a rented bus parked around the corner." "And now?" "Who knows? I daresay they're sittingp 45 RW 1988
ready for another rich and successful day to wrap itself around them." I ignored this and watched the screen. The surveillancep 49 RW 1988
tried to pick it up and it just snapped shut around me. Mark had to cut me loose -- he wasp 53 RW 1988
their own emotions or respond to those of the people around them, suffocated under a mantle of praise and encouragement, theyp 64 RW 1988
and this gives the children barely forty minutes to move around the estate. 6:23 a.m. Jasper leaves his bedroomp 69 RW 1988
their bedrooms before bathing, while others don tracksuits and jog around their swimming pools. 8:05 a.m. Mrs. West, thep 72 RW 1988
a sound of string snapping, and suddenly Turner is gripped around the throat and chest by a powerful vice. He hasp 74 RW 1988
Maxteds‘ garage, and by what seem to be muffled gunshots around the estate. They have tried to call both the gatehousep 77 RW 1988
listeners‘ eyes, and lifted both their hearts and stock markets around the world. As his successor's term in office drew top 1117 WW3 1988
at war,‘ I said to Susan, and put my arms around her shoulders. But she was pointing to the erratic heartp 1121 WW3 1988
nuclear exchange had served its warning to the quarrelling factions around the planet. The secessionist movements in the Soviet Union hadp 1122 WW3 1988
a flurry of confusion while aides grappled with each other around the podium. The cameras swerved to catch the young manp 1122 WW3 1988
the reductive process he had once observed in the glitterati around him. He records in July 1983: ‘There was a partyp 60 UGM 1989
and Minitels than they are by Escoffier and Saint-Laurent. Walking around the Edward Hopper paintings in the quiet gallery near thep 66 UGM 1989
scourge of Aids and the pandemic of associated diseases clustered around its endlessly mutating virus. By the Mid-1990s this ferocious plaguep 1125 LCC 1989
work and duty, erecting a Siegfried Line of sand bunkers around the beaches of Rosas, while the massed nipples of Juanp 1143 LTP 1989
door I intended to secede not only from the society around me. I was rejecting my friends and colleagues, my accountantp 1131 TES 1989
of the essential elements of existence -- the visual continuum around me, and the play of air and light. The housep 1133 TES 1989
small companion, Mrs Johnson's white Persian. While I was blundering around the Marienbad Palace that now occupies the first floor thep 1136 TES 1989
a gust of air closed the door. She follows me around amiably, waiting to be fed, but for once I amp 1136 TES 1989
power and water supplies are disconnected. The house enlarges itself around me. The invasion of light which revealed its true dimensionsp 1137 TES 1989
at the dismantled dog-traps beside the window and then peers around the room, at last seeing me as I watch herp 1138 TES 1989
beside her, in a palace of ice that will crystallise around us, finding at last the still centre of the worldp 1138 TES 1989
on the return to the Christian sector of the city. Around them stretched the endless vistas of shattered apartment houses andp 1147 WF 1989
no more patrols, no parades or weapons drills. We'll lie around in the McDonald's eating hamburgers; there'll be discos every nightp 1150 WF 1989
hamburgers; there'll be discos every night. People will be walking around the streets, going into stores, sitting in cafes ...‘ ‘That soundsp 1150 WF 1989
used to be, like it is now in other places around the world.‘ ‘Where?‘ ‘Well ...‘ This was a difficult one. Likep 1151 WF 1989
the Holiday Inn, slicing through the football poster, and shattered around Gomez's feet. As he ran to the jeep, shouting atp 1154 WF 1989
display, pinning on clusters of incident flags. Everyone had gathered around the monitor screens. An officer waved urgently to Dr Edwardsp 1159 WF 1989
throwaway dialogue perfectly set off the terrifying vacuum that expanded around the characters. By some unexplained alchemy, a film can effortlesslyp 4 UGM 1990
vivid Caribbean air, pennants painted with a fresh green sap. Around them the sandy floor was thick with flowering vines andp 1162 DCG 1990
the car, which once perhaps had driven an American general around the training camps of Puerto Rico, he tore away thep 1163 DCG 1990
Rico, he tore away the vines that had wreathed themselves around the driver's door pillar. As he sat behind the steeringp 1163 DCG 1990
the roof and windshield pillars. Vivid green tendrils looped themselves around his left hand, tying his wrist to the rim ofp 1165 DCG 1990
of the palms, feeling the urgent pulse of awakening life. Around her shoulders was slung a canvas bag holding a clipboardp 1165 DCG 1990
of the beach-house, Johnson gazed contentedly at the luminous world around him, a fever-realm of light and life that seemed top 1167 DCG 1990
others by a fraction of a second, blurred the air around her, an exotic plumage that sprang from her arms andp 1171 DCG 1990
Thames some 15 miles to the west of London. All around are the high embankments of huge water reservoirs. Their contentsp 82 YMCa 1990
collection of blood or fluid under the flaps. The sutures around the nipples were removed in 7 days. Miss West wasp 116 MWR 1990
an adequate supporting brassiere. It had a good deep section around the thorax, and the cups were of adequate size andp 116 MWR 1990
for a brief moment the secret formulas of the world around us, but a disaster in space re-writes the rules ofp 45 DMa 1990
front of the ear, and the incision followed this crease around the lower margin of the lobule to a point slightlyp 111 PMF 1990
not allowed to organize. In the early stages the skin around the area that had been undermined was insensitive, and itp 112 PMF 1990
New York publishers, who drove Hondas and BMWs) and drove around that mysterious city. The signs seemed to have escaped fromp 35 AWa 1990
more moving than the dead Chinese soldiers in the battlegrounds around Shanghai which I visited with my parents, though they werep 11 AEa 1990
her own self-constructed persona. One can mechanically spin sexual fantasies around all three, but the imagination soon flags. Unlike Taylor, theyp 16 AEa 1990
defect). They prefer not to understand what is going on around them, so they can impose their own subjective image uponp 59 SCNa 1990
form a large part of our library of affections. Carried around in our heads, they touch our memories like albums ofp 61 SCNa 1990
my 1969 exhibition of crashed cars. Scouring the wreckers' yards around London, I was unable to find a crashed Lincoln Continentalp 24 UDa 1990
along with the new social habits that have sprung up around them. They have also accepted the unique vocabulary and grammarp 77 THFa 1990
panic, and had no time to construct a reflective frame around their camera lenses. Looking through the huge collection of paintingsp 74 UGM 1991
Book of Comics edited by Denis Gifford Invisible literatures proliferate around us today -- faxes and electronic mail, press releases andp 76 UGM 1991
1938 he joined the V & A, whose walls closed around him for thirty-five years. The Second World War passes inp 80 UGM 1991
or raising an empty bowl to a passer-by. They wander around the debris of war, and sit astride a tank turretp 82 UGM 1991
seem to show no understanding at all of the world around them. They gaze in an undemonstrative way at passing paradesp 83 UGM 1991
eccentric and almost bumpkin manner, trundling his easel and paints around Cookham in a dilapidated pram. In fact, he was bornp 101 UGM 1991
one of his older brothers caught pneumonia, the womenfolk sitting around the bed despatched the young Stanley with a message thatp 102 UGM 1991
in terms of the mythic illusions he managed to weave around them. Since Miller was his only real subject matter, itp 112 UGM 1991
widow in her mid-thirties. He spent his spare time roaming around Brooklyn, his head full of Walt Whitman, probably the greatestp 112 UGM 1991
so much so that Young decided to retrace Conrad's journeys around the East Indies and try to discover the sources ofp 114 UGM 1991
so it goes‘, spinning a cocoon of the sweetest sugar around our failings and foibles. Yet all this sentimentality is surprisinglyp 116 UGM 1991
when the bourgeois novel has triumphed, and career novelists jet around the world on Arts Council tours and pontificate like game-showp 131 UGM 1991
I gave James the slip and for an hour walked around the nearby streets through which I had cycled as ap 174 UGM 1991
weird sense that I was exploring a ghost. I walked around the dining room, now lined with shelves of electronics manualsp 175 UGM 1991
and probably far more educational. That first day I moved around Shanghai in a daze. Memories jostled me like the Chinesep 175 UGM 1991
on, either inside their own heads or in the world around them. For almost all of them, as for most neuroticsp 238 UGM 1991
they changed into tennis clothes, ambling in a relaxed way around their bedroom, it always amazed me that they were sop 9 KW 1991
up on the carpet like the Japanese and Chinese armies around Shanghai. At times it seemed to me that I wasp 9 KW 1991
cycled down to the Bund, huge Chinese armies were massing around the International Settlement. On Friday, August 13, as soon asp 10 KW 1991
I guessed that she knew about my afternoon cycle rides around Shanghai. She was well aware that I might be kidnappedp 16 KW 1991
way into the greyhound arena, unconcerned by the Kuomintang armies around the city waiting to attack the Japanese garrison. Gamblers jostledp 19 KW 1991
behind them, flashes of gunfire reflected in its lower surface. Around it circled three twin-engined bombing planes, banking as they flewp 21 KW 1991
our marathon game of hide-and-seek. The Idzumo was laying smoke around itself. Scrolls of oily vapour uncoiled along its bows. Throughp 23 KW 1991
World Amusement Park. The buildings in the Szechuan Road rocked around us, shaking a cascade of broken glass and roofing tilesp 24 KW 1991
its tyres. I realised that I was deaf, but everything around me was deaf too, as if the world could nop 24 KW 1991
had unravelled across the street, a white bandage that wound around the lumps of masonry and the mislaid hands. I waitedp 25 KW 1991
inked on my arm. Months of fierce fighting took place around the International Settlement before the Japanese were able to drivep 26 KW 1991
apartment in the French Concession. The battle for Shanghai continued around the perimeter of the International Settlement, shaking the doors ofp 27 KW 1991
the International Settlement was unaffected by the months of fighting around the city, as if the bitter warfare had been littlep 28 KW 1991
open coffins protruded like drawers in a ransacked wardrobe. Scattered around us were remnants of torn webbing, empty ammunition boxes, bootsp 29 KW 1991
military activity had increased, and antiaircraft batteries were dug in around the airfield to the north of the camp. Lunghua pagodap 37 KW 1991
offer the children except her prayers. I felt Peggy's arm around my shoulders, and listened to her heart beating through thep 37 KW 1991
father's leather shoes that I so coveted. As he moved around the camp my eyes rarely left his feet. Mrs Hunterp 38 KW 1991
two-handed bridge on my mother's bed, my carefree cycle rides around the International Settlement, and the Great World Amusement Park withp 39 KW 1991
flooded paddy fields and the maze of creeks and canals around Lunghua. I watched the exhaust of the Japanese fighters, warmingp 42 KW 1991
to cope with the stony couple whose room I shared. Around my bunk I constructed a small hutch, where I triedp 48 KW 1991
Sergeant Nagata was subdued, waving me away when I hovered around the guard-house, trying to think of something to encourage himp 51 KW 1991
I slowed my step, unsure whether to make a detour around the Japanese. Below the embankment was an anti-tank ditch partlyp 55 KW 1991
be dead. The corporal worked swiftly, coiling lengths of wire around the Chinese and knotting them with efficient snatches of hisp 61 KW 1991
out of the afternoon sun. A hooded rat was swimming around the carcase of the water buffalo in the anti-tank ditchp 61 KW 1991
him, and vanished half an hour later. I wandered stiffly around the silent house, with its strange smells and musty airp 63 KW 1991
my stomach painfully stretched by this huge banquet, I roved around the house. I lay on my mother's mattress, smelling thep 63 KW 1991
of the American and Kuomintang authorities, guarded key government buildings around the city. My father told me that the Free Frenchp 65 KW 1991
the car-park she squatted expertly across David's lap, embroidered gown around her waist, shouting over her shoulder at the Chinese chauffeurp 67 KW 1991
A roulette table lay on its side, gaming chips scattered around it, and the gilded statue of a naked woman withp 68 KW 1991
of the Nanking road pedicabs. Her silk suit was torn around the armpit, exposing a large bruise under her shoulder bladep 69 KW 1991
had in the past three years. I put my arm around her shoulder, suddenly liking this tough young woman with herp 71 KW 1991
chapel. Happy to see her again, I watched her stalk around my sitting-room, shaking her head over the Magritte and Dalip 81 KW 1991
realm of fens and water-courses that vaguely resembled the landscape around Shanghai. Behind the hedges lay forgotten wartime airfields, from whichp 84 KW 1991
showing off her breast for me. ‘I used to hang around here after school -- it's easily the most interesting departmentp 87 KW 1991
breast on my chest, and drew lines with her fingernail around her nipple. ‘Tell me, is it strange to dissect ap 91 KW 1991
had used in the lecture I attended. He had moved around the podium like an actor delivering Hamlet's soliloquy, ignoring thep 97 KW 1991
infected shoulder bite. Neither would be helped by being thrown around thousands of feet of overlit air. As always, I wentp 102 KW 1991
-- I imagine you spent a lot of time hanging around them?‘ ‘A little. Better than singing madrigals every hour ofp 104 KW 1991
force. You'd look great in a USAF uniform, Jim, driving around Cambridge in a Chrysler. It's really what you've always wantedp 104 KW 1991
not just for the girls ...‘ David steadied his cutlery, glancing around the tables as if he wanted to straighten all thep 105 KW 1991
Cambridge. During the next weeks we met again and talked around the possibilities of a flying career. I was bored byp 105 KW 1991
For the next five minutes we hauled the ageing trainers around the sky in a mock dog-fight, and only scattered whenp 108 KW 1991
find that there was nowhere to go. They sat silently around the mess tables in their green, American-style uniforms, gold barsp 109 KW 1991
Hotel, my hands gripping the candlewick bedspread. The room rotated around me like a slowly precessing gyroscope. Beyond the room ap 112 KW 1991
soles of her feet towards me, wore a black slip around her waist. It rode over her buttocks, which David partedp 113 KW 1991
a little. You Nato boys ... you're going to be flying around with your atom bombs, making the world a safer placep 117 KW 1991
restless enough to want to leave them. As we stumbled around the broken toys in the garden, David came to thep 129 KW 1991
When I visit Mother and Dad in Cambridge I look around the house and can't believe I was ever a childp 131 KW 1991
baby to find a nice bedroom.‘ Midwife Bell moved expertly around the room, stirring up the dust and old talc asp 132 KW 1991
marinas and apartment houses. As we strolled along, my arm around Miriam's waist, Henry rushed back to us through the longp 141 KW 1991
back to her career in journalism. Watching her move impatiently around her kitchen, bored with the endless meals, I could seep 144 KW 1991
the attentive gaze of the melancholy Spaniards as she strode around the supermarkets of Rosas in her black bikini. An economyp 145 KW 1991
I feel so square,‘ Miriam told me as she gazed around our apartment, pastis in hand. "Do some more cleaning" --p 150 KW 1991
back. An hour later we found her in the melee around the bullfighter's black Mercedes, her make-up bruised, being pushed aboutp 153 KW 1991
fury touring a field of gibbets. Miriam put her arm around me. ‘She's strange, but I like her. Do you wishp 154 KW 1991
the grass towards me. She still wore the straw horns around her white hair. ‘Time for a rest.‘ She slumped downp 155 KW 1991
that she liked to wear at parties and later vamp around the bedroom. I lifted the stocking to my lips, smellingp 165 KW 1991
study and sat with him on the sofa, an arm around him while he quietly watched his favourite comedy programmes. Onep 170 KW 1991
keep dreaming about her in a weird way -- walking around the bedroom in Rosas, or in the bullring at Barcelonap 173 KW 1991
panama hat and dinner jacket. Bursting with glee, they paraded around the bed, bowing and curtseying through a mock marriage ceremonyp 174 KW 1991
closed her eyes, while Lucy and Henry folded the bedspread around her, solemnly laying her to rest. Watching them without ap 174 KW 1991
watched her with unstinted admiration as she rolled her skirt around her thighs, exposing her long white legs. She squatted, scowlingp 179 KW 1991
been the setting for Miriam's fatal accident. Watching Sally whooping around the children, I realised how strong a memory she hadp 181 KW 1991
on reality. The media landscape had sealed a technicolor umbrella around the planet, and then redefined reality as itself. Drowsy onp 185 KW 1991
blunted. Wine bottle in hand, she spent the afternoon striding around in her long gown, her neck and breasts turning pinkp 186 KW 1991
launched itself at the breakwater. The violent black jelly slid around her, clasping her waist, and the undertow dragged at herp 187 KW 1991
straps of her dress had broken, and the bodice was around her waist, exposing the icy skin of her torso coveredp 187 KW 1991
he told me confidently. Television had kept him young. Roaming around the world with his BBC crew, he was one ofp 191 KW 1991
came, not from within the family, but from the world around it. Not surprisingly, Dick had never married. Without the ever-presentp 191 KW 1991
insane's idea of the normal.‘ ‘And not the other way around?‘ ‘Probably not -- a disease that flatters our vanity hasp 193 KW 1991
by the invisible stranger of one's younger self. I strolled around the Persian carpets stained with wine and cigarette ash, pastp 194 KW 1991
skirt raised to her waist. Her bare legs were crossed around the hips of a young Spanish photographer whom we hadp 195 KW 1991
briefly at the Arts Laboratory. His unzipped trousers had slipped around his thighs, and his strong hands had pulled down thep 195 KW 1991
ice-cream, comics and bubble-gum wrappers. Cleo Churchill put her head around the door and grimaced cheerfully. ‘There's a riot brewing. I'llp 198 KW 1991
always that he held his audience's attention, he had prowled around his display charts of brain sections and ECG readings likep 200 KW 1991
exists, an artefact that allows it to make its way around the internal and external environments. In fact, we're beginning top 200 KW 1991
to his camera. Colours were floating free from the surfaces around me. The summer air had become a translucent prism andp 202 KW 1991
playmates waiting for them at home. I followed the pathway around the house. The silver envelope of my car floated inp 204 KW 1991
all colour from the foliage of the elms. The grass around me was a carpet of milled glass, the trees hungp 204 KW 1991
the white grass, while the doors of the sun closed around me. Three hours later I lay in my bedroom, ap 205 KW 1991
come out of it soon.‘ The last person I wanted around was Miriam's sometime physician, still under the thumb of Midwifep 206 KW 1991
shouting by the gate, I left my seat and walked around the side path. Cleo was lifting a picnic basket throughp 210 KW 1991
set out the children's toys on the grass, striding uneasily around the garden on her strong legs like the reluctant memberp 211 KW 1991
on, Henry! I'll ask David to give you a spin around Shepperton.‘ ‘Well ... David's scary. Will Neil Armstrong be there?‘ ‘Hep 213 KW 1991
we need.‘ When Henry went off to change, Sally soared around the model planes, blowing smoke from her Moroccan Gold throughp 214 KW 1991
and in the car-park of a riverside pub. They gathered around the Jaguar, inspecting the damaged bodywork and the pattern ofp 220 KW 1991
world to rush up to her like the waves seething around her waist at Brighton beach. We drove on, crossed thep 223 KW 1991
trying to warn you.‘ ‘How long has he followed you around?‘ ‘Only sometimes. Then I follow him.‘ She pressed her handp 224 KW 1991
and began to break the few intact windows. David leapt around the gallery, supervising the mayhem in high good humour. Hisp 227 KW 1991
I listened to the wheels spinning in the night air. Around me cars were slowing, horns competing with each other. Alreadyp 231 KW 1991
I lay on the grass verge as a crowd gathered around my car. I could still see the rushing asphalt inp 232 KW 1991
watching the battered saloon cars of a demolition derby lumber around the muddy track. In the centre of the arena, helmetp 232 KW 1991
and stretched his arms, gazing contentedly at the rusty impacts around him. Watching these desultory collisions, I remembered my own crashp 233 KW 1991
Kubrick's science fiction epic. A crowd of film fans pressed around us when we climbed into a taxi, and Dick momentarilyp 238 KW 1991
about his own research, he became almost testy. Later, wandering around the wide corridors where the out-of-competition films were screened, Ip 239 KW 1991
value-judgement, the lens of the scientific camera anatomised the world around it like a patient and pensive voyeur. The medical andp 240 KW 1991
than my daughters, with an equal command of the space around them. Carmen's dark hair sprang from a sharply sloping profilep 243 KW 1991
Ipanema.‘ ‘Fine by you, Dick?‘ He already had his arm around Fortunata while I searched for my wallet. He was rompingp 245 KW 1991
of spare components filled the small kitchen and were piled around the lavatory in the bathroom. ‘Wait a minute ...‘ I turnedp 246 KW 1991
beside the bed were a dozen paper tissues, each crushed around a smear of phlegm. Impassively surveying this scene was ap 246 KW 1991
door I could hear Dick laughing as he chased Fortunata around the work-room, and the women in the corridor shouting top 248 KW 1991
amazes me that they let the men and women wander around together.‘ ‘No one's got pregnant yet.‘ David stared at thep 260 KW 1991
on the sofa beside him, the hem of her nightdress around her plump calves. As he set out the chessboard Ip 261 KW 1991
go back to the States. I can see her strolling around Haight-Ashbury ...‘ His hand was trembling over the board, as hep 261 KW 1991
the sofa as Sally spent the night weeping and striding around the empty bedrooms, ransacking the cupboards for old toys whichp 264 KW 1991
How, I don't know.‘ I leaned against the refrigerator, looking around the little kitchen with its elegant spice jars and expensivep 270 KW 1991
craft after the journey from Tsingtao. I placed my hands around her, feeling for the thin bones of the girl Ip 271 KW 1991
firmly lifted me from my sick-bed. I slipped my hands around her waist, touching the familiar broad crest of her pelvisp 271 KW 1991
her abdomen, and the spiral scar whose pearly silver curved around the small of her back and ended below her appendixp 272 KW 1991
decade's end there were all too many. Sixties casualties still around, a walking wounded like the veterans of an unpopular warp 281 KW 1991
out of the schedules pressed on me as I mooned around the empty bedrooms, looking at the old holiday snapshots lyingp 282 KW 1991
with Edward.‘ ‘I won't get bored.‘ She closed my hand around my life-line. ‘Do you remember when Miriam was pregnant?‘ ‘Ip 290 KW 1991
pulled up a wooden chair for me. As he stared around the room I realised how much he had changed. Hep 304 KW 1991
what happened when a human being died -- relatives sat around the death-bed, doing their best to comfort the dying, andp 308 KW 1991
-- throw me into a complete panic? Do I walk around all day with a feeling of terror, like a victimp 308 KW 1991
almost impatient tone, describing his pleasure in the everyday world around him, in the garden and fish pond, his sense ofp 311 KW 1991
these encircling tubes, their coils like the telephone wire looped around the chest of the young Chinese on the railway platformp 313 KW 1991
as they moved up and down, ribbons flying, arms clasped around the unicorns‘ necks, wide eyes cutting the air. Henry wouldp 314 KW 1991
I found it difficult to get to grips with anything around me, the realm of desire and even the world ofp 319 KW 1991
an orgy in a house of glass. Naked couples stood around us, immersed in themselves, half-hidden behind the doors. We werep 321 KW 1991
her vulva. Engorged with blood, her labia rose like coxcombs around her clitoris. My fingers parted the mottled crests and moistenedp 322 KW 1991
at the helm, I stood beside her with my arm around her waist. ‘Cleo, we've never done this before. Why?‘ ‘Whyp 323 KW 1991
grey hair was copulating with a twenty-year-old woman. Trousers loosened around his waist, he lay between her raised legs, moving inp 325 KW 1991
he worked, the crowd of some thirty people was silent around him. ‘She's breathing ... oh, my God.‘ Cleo's fingernails had tornp 329 KW 1991
in the least expected place, among the imposing houses built around the golf course at Sunningdale, little more than a fifteen-minutep 331 KW 1991
and my own bedroom. Later that day, as I walked around the site, I stared through the windows of the mansionsp 333 KW 1991
the site, I stared through the windows of the mansions around the golf course, wondering what other segments of my childhoodp 333 KW 1991
can't believe it ...‘ ‘So you'd better start now.‘ She glanced around the suite, taking in every detail of the books onp 340 KW 1991
party, her fingers never leaving my skin as they moved around my body. Delaying herself deliberately, she stood against me, playingp 344 KW 1991
that remained of some earlier race. I slipped my arm around Cleo's waist, happy to be with her and glad thatp 345 KW 1991
stepped through the children and dogs playing in the water around the tractor. The mock-papyrus superstructure, assembled from moulded plastic andp 346 KW 1991
long after we came back front the Moon. Everyone sat around the white tables, the frost shining on their tuxedos, andp 33 NAR 1991
reports, apparently so reliable, can lead to enormous injustice, and around Tzu Hsi the most scurrilous gossip solidified into instant historyp 52 UGM 1992
and never seems to have thought of the Styx. Roaming around Greece some years ago, I tracked the Styx down top 245 UGM 1992
and sitting him firmly on her stool while she stalks around the cage. None of the guests sounds in the leastp 272 UGM 1992
every notion of the dignity of gesture. Ponderous men move around him like lead-booted divers trying to anchor the central nervousp 276 UGM 1992
am both myself and the shape that the universe makes around me. Time and motion studies represent our attempt to occupyp 277 UGM 1992
rear wheel of her car dancing its lethal little jig around the end of her scarf. Furniture and industrial design --p 278 UGM 1992
across the million or more spectators sitting on their cars around the perimeter of the airfield. The heads of state, diplomatsp 1178 MFM 1992
restored when a company of military police took up positions around the spacecraft, forcing the crowds behind the VIP stands. Ledp 1178 MFM 1992
safe from the TV cameras and the thousands still camped around the perimeter fence. Here, over the next weeks and monthsp 1179 MFM 1992
California not yet covered with tract housing. The armed guards around the Zeus IV had long gone, and two field officersp 1182 MFM 1992
from the Parks Bureau, and small parties of tourists trooped around the spacecraft, watching bemused as the rare tread-patterns crossed thep 1182 MFM 1992
young graduate student at Reno University erected a steel frame around the Zeus and attached a set of high-intensity magnetic probesp 1182 MFM 1992
that their dreams are as insubstantial as the painted glue around them. Having nothing else in their lives, they are desperatep 122 UGM 1993
may resemble Burroughs rather than the literary worthies sent jetting around the world by the British Council. Fiction today is dominatedp 134 UGM 1993
his financial adviser Dr Otto Nathan, erected a protective screen around Einstein's reputation that stood almost to this day. As controllersp 149 UGM 1993
career in its own right. Rich and beautiful women flocked around him, snubbing his wife and deeply wounding her. None ofp 151 UGM 1993
jacket and trousers of a Father Christmas costume. Lastly, look around the office or your next cocktail party. One in twentyp 154 UGM 1993
University College, London, takes the reader on an exhilarating trip around the double spiral of DNA, a rush of gravity-defying conceptsp 154 UGM 1993
defeated by war and still deluded by Churchillian rhetoric, hobbling around a wasteland of poverty, ration books and grotesque social divisionp 185 UGM 1993
most of us never managed to enjoy the first time around. If anything, there appear to be fewer millenarian cults atp 192 UGM 1993
world of motorways, shopping malls and airport concourses which lie around us like the first instalment of a future that hasp 192 UGM 1993
to materialize. Did the future arrive too soon, some time around the mid-century, the greatest era of modern science fiction? Itp 192 UGM 1993
were streamlined, and much of the furniture and kitchen equipment around me seemed to be forever moving past at 100 mp 192 UGM 1993
may have sprung from the lip-smacking noises our forebears emitted around the primeval cave fire. Honey was one of the earliestp 246 UGM 1993
The Empty Throne Tony Scotland As the communist order collapses around the world, monarchs-in-waiting have been stepping through the lobbies ofp 248 UGM 1993
strangest figures ever to ascend a throne. The imperial court around him was a menagerie of human vices, populated by sinisterp 249 UGM 1993
enclave of pre-war houses and bungalows, a few pubs clustered around a Norman church and a manor house marking the spotp 183 UGM 1994
The spectacle so appalled Dr Barbara that Neil held her around the waist, fearing that the deranged physician would leap intop 12 RP 1994
knees in the seething water, stood up with her shirt around her waist and seized Neil's hands when he pulled herp 16 RP 1994
I'll fool the sea for you.‘ As the foam surged around his feet Kimo worked on the outboard motor, clearing thep 17 RP 1994
to film her when she was caught off-guard. ‘They're all around us. They're not in the sky any more ...‘ A colonyp 20 RP 1994
Kimo's chest. ‘Neil, climb the ladder and wrap the banner around your shoulders.‘ ‘Dr Barbara ... shouldn't we wait? The soldiers arep 22 RP 1994
Colonel Stamford, who talked to Neil of the great seas around Hawaii. Once he arrived, the Waikiki beach world swallowed himp 28 RP 1994
hours later, when he left, she was still there, hovering around the ornamental fountain that faced the entrance. Seeing Neil emergep 29 RP 1994
the banner onto the ground. She knelt beside it, skirt around her white thighs, a hand to her bruised chin. Drawnp 29 RP 1994
banner, which blew against the woman, wrapping the red-lettered strip around her like a bandage. ‘Good luck, Mrs Rafferty.‘ ‘Dr Raffertyp 31 RP 1994
with the instruments in her ancient leather valise, Neil gazed around her dingy room, at the leaflets piled on the dressing-tablep 37 RP 1994
motives.‘ ‘The dead patients ...‘ Neil searched for a tactful way around the question. ‘Did you really kill them?‘ ‘Of course notp 43 RP 1994
our very special new friend.‘ She put an arm proudly around Neil as a vigorous, dark-haired woman in white overalls steppedp 47 RP 1994
on the platform of the satellite dish, but she hovered around him as if eager to fasten his seat-belt and slipp 47 RP 1994
He invited the troupe onto the bridge, where they danced around a bemused Captain Wu and then conducted a gentle mock-religiousp 50 RP 1994
his wife sat stoically at the wheel he would pace around the rubber craft, wiping the wine-stains with his handkerchief, andp 51 RP 1994
suspicious of the treacheries of the Deuxieme Bureau. They sat around a kerosene lamp by the gangway, handing out leaflets top 54 RP 1994
wandered down the quay, while a look-out monitored the waters around the Dugong in a small dinghy. The cabin that Neilp 54 RP 1994
stumbled on the greasy steps, almost losing the albatross bandeau around her forehead. ‘Dr Barbara, why don't we ...?‘ ‘Neil, what isp 60 RP 1994
behind the helmsman. The two inflatables still worked like terriers around the supply ship, their outboards moaning. The Champlain had driftedp 61 RP 1994
think? Yukio, he thinks. The boy ... thinks.‘ Otherwise, Neil mooned around the ship or played chess with Carline, delighted to findp 62 RP 1994
role as second-in-command to Dr Barbara. Carline was forever striding around the ship, helping Captain Wu with the navigation, supervising thep 63 RP 1994
a pleasant but secretive couple, always cheerfully on the move around the ship and rather more interested in the expedition membersp 64 RP 1994
subsided, and Saint-Esprit had drawn a curtain of tattered smoke around itself. Neil listened to the laboured churning of the trawler'sp 65 RP 1994
Remember, you and I were here first.‘ Still holding Neil around the waist, she stared in a happy daze at thep 66 RP 1994
going to miss me? Who will I have to boss around?‘ ‘You'll find someone, Dr Barbara.‘ Despite himself, Neil felt responsiblep 73 RP 1994
Saito, Monique ... David has something to tell us.‘ They stood around the grave while Carline gazed at the frangipani, waiting asp 74 RP 1994
was breathless after climbing the radio mast with the tow-rope around his waist, and stumbled over a rotting palmetto. He pressedp 77 RP 1994
his hands speckling the lilies and morning glory that flowered around the perimeter of the camp. Led by Dr Barbara, ap 77 RP 1994
the last of his cans to Neil, who passed them around the expedition members. Silently they consumed the pates, truffles andp 80 RP 1994
other on, and for an hour led a delirious rampage around the camp, destroying anything that might be of use top 81 RP 1994
from the sea and now soared in a wide circle around the peak. The first of the wandering albatross had returnedp 81 RP 1994
bulldozer, a jaunty smile on his thin mouth, dust rising around him like incense around a buddha. ‘It's safe to wakep 82 RP 1994
on his thin mouth, dust rising around him like incense around a buddha. ‘It's safe to wake up now.‘ ‘I'm dreamingp 82 RP 1994
rust from the armature bars. There were a dozen towers around the perimeter of the lagoon, built in the 1960s top 86 RP 1994
the cold sea clasping his thighs. The black sand raced around his heels, urging him down the slope. The duffle bagp 88 RP 1994
albatross. Or were nuclear weapons and their support equipment moved around in these armoured arks? Either way, a military landing wasp 90 RP 1994
A small, perspiring man in a rumpled safari suit, binoculars around his neck, released the safety harness and slid his cautiousp 90 RP 1994
dead birds and fish, already visualizing the native huts clustered around the bar-restaurant, aerobics gym and holistic massage room. ‘The navyp 92 RP 1994
of movable press conferences, which sprang spontaneously from the air around the expedition members like dust-devils. Bouquet and the crew ofp 92 RP 1994
to welcome the world!‘ More than fifty people had gathered around the cameras as Dr Barbara extemporized her new credo. Thep 94 RP 1994
of her own fame. Accompanied by Professor Saito, she strode around the island, inspecting the fern-covered hillsides and drawing up herp 95 RP 1994
he forgets this isn't a game show.‘ ‘We could row around the yachts -- people give us anything we ask forp 97 RP 1994
to their jobs in Papeete, after a night of dancing around a beach fire and a last walk with Dr Barbarap 99 RP 1994
if they leave now. We mustn't encourage them to hang around.‘ Smiling sympathetically over their plight, Carline took the cans ofp 100 RP 1994
on the beach, playing with the child and swimming naked around the reef as they hunted for coral, which they laterp 101 RP 1994
Dr Barbara. His English is better when Mrs Saito isn't around. He'll make people understand.‘ ‘Good. But I don't think they'llp 107 RP 1994
of bonsai trees. This glass structure became their tribal wigwam, around which they gathered in the evenings to smoke their potp 109 RP 1994
feral tribe of high-school runaways and college drop-outs -- drifted around the camp, irritating Dr Barbara and Professor Saito with theirp 110 RP 1994
into the surf and retrieved a can, wrapping its label around his wrist. Another pulled a recreation bicycle from the deeperp 113 RP 1994
dressing-gown, she embraced Dr Barbara and kissed her cheeks. Arms around each other, the two women stood in the seething surfp 113 RP 1994
to a more secure position beside the kitchen, digging storm-drains around the camp and, above all, searching the hillsides for thep 120 RP 1994
and a time to act!‘ Pistol in hand, Carline paced around the still smoking embers of the cabin, a heap ofp 126 RP 1994
retarded child. Sometimes they drifted up to the camp, hanging around the kitchen in the hope of finding powdered milk forp 126 RP 1994
surprise,‘ Werner, the Parsifal's skipper, told Neil as they settled around the fire. ‘That's what God intended when he made thep 127 RP 1994
towards the shacks; silver pistol in one hand, spray breaking around his long legs. He snatched the canvas awning that formedp 134 RP 1994
and work-targets that Carline and Professor Saito devised. The flower-beds around the clinic and mess-tent planted by Mrs Saito, the decorativep 136 RP 1994
to their simple tasks of hoeing, planting and carrying water. Around this dour tribe the endangered plants and animals thrived andp 139 RP 1994
They sat in the dust, Gubby lolling in a sling around Trudi's neck. The swollen moon of the child's head swayedp 140 RP 1994
a battle for you.‘ Inger rubbed away the pressure bruise around his mouth. ‘Trudi, he's been kissing someone again. I thinkp 144 RP 1994
fat hissing on the charcoal, the women draped a towel around Neil and dried him vigorously. ‘Neil, you're the new Johnnyp 145 RP 1994
on the steps, comforted by Mrs Anderson, while Kimo paced around the door, calming himself like a compassionate policeman at ap 156 RP 1994
Professor Saito stepped from the plant laboratory, buttoning his shirt around his narrow shoulders. Had Dr Barbara died? Neil felt thep 156 RP 1994
the steps of the clinic, scolding him as he dawdled around Inger and Trudi before setting off to fish. He assumedp 159 RP 1994
He strode into the water, ignoring the surf that surged around his thighs, and seized the dinghy's tiller. His shirt stillp 161 RP 1994
was a courtesy that would be forgotten once they sat around the table in the mess-tent. Eager to get to thep 182 RP 1994
sun and food. Monique stood in the bows, swimsuit rolled around her waist, exposing the large breasts that seemed to bep 182 RP 1994
She stood confidently in the stern, gathering the parachute silk around her like a cloudy pink crinoline. One hand rested onp 183 RP 1994
to their thighs in the surging waves. The foam seethed around them, as if the sea was releasing its spawn inp 184 RP 1994
from their tents. The noise had sent the peccaries stamping around their wire pen and set off a sympathetic screeching ofp 185 RP 1994
steps of the clinic. He listened to Dr Barbara stalk around the sick-room, reproving Professor Saito for tearing the mosquito netp 186 RP 1994
Starved of the women's company, he had begun to hang around the clinic, emptying Professor Saito's bed-pan and changing his bloodstainedp 188 RP 1994
care of her plants, her tongue clucking as she moved around them. With a wristy jerk she opened a transom windowp 191 RP 1994
the craft beside the pier as the last flames curled around the mast-head. For days clouds of steam rose from thep 195 RP 1994
to save Professor Saito and Kimo from their wasting fevers. Around her were the original foursome: Mrs Saito, Monique, Inger andp 199 RP 1994
he had glimpsed in the submerged bomber. The camera-towers stood around the lagoon, still waiting to record a nuclear event thatp 201 RP 1994
to leave the island with them? The American was wandering around the open ground by the prayer-shack, hunting for sweet potatoesp 202 RP 1994
Carline glowered at the camp, where the women were gathering around the mess-tent, ready to hold one of their endless meetingsp 203 RP 1994
in a classroom. Here Monique was addressing them, an arm around Nihal's shoulders as if demonstrating a life-saving drill that involvedp 207 RP 1994
at the visiting couples he noticed the pockets of pus around her lower teeth. He realized that her breasts had shrunkp 208 RP 1994
parents to sail the Petrus Christus on the long voyage around the world. As they struggled with the heavy rope thep 210 RP 1994
they painted the protest banners and strengthened the telephone wire around the animal enclosures, the last redoubt to which they wouldp 212 RP 1994
sick-bed Neil watched her through the glass insulation door, pacing around the trestle shelves with their trays of obscure fungi, oncep 213 RP 1994
for Neil in her own way. As Mrs Saito shuffled around her overheated bower, Neil thought of his child growing inp 214 RP 1994
the floor. He stood up, trying to steady the clinic around himself, but a spasm of nausea made him retch intop 214 RP 1994
pillow by Professor Saito. ‘I feel better when I'm walking around. Anyway, I wanted to help Mrs Saito.‘ ‘You frightened herp 215 RP 1994
vast recreational problem. ‘There are an awful lot of men around.‘ ‘We can always find somewhere for them.‘ Dr Barbara wasp 217 RP 1994
he had the strength to stand, Neil fastened the kimono around himself and shuffled to the nearest of the animal enclosuresp 218 RP 1994
to Neil, hungry for its feed. The hog-like beast danced around him, snout jabbing his ankles, trotters scattering its calcified droppingsp 218 RP 1994
would never need his clothes again, Neil drew the kimono around his chest. He assumed that she intended to destroy thep 219 RP 1994
Neil gripped the spade and began to loosen the soil around the boot. Its pair emerged, followed by a man's linenp 219 RP 1994
soil that covered his cheeks, and his hands were clasped around the Swedes‘ video-camera. Neil could imagine him standing by thep 220 RP 1994
a nearby tree, as hungry as Neil. Inger moved cumbersomely around the kitchen, hefting her abdomen as if already pushing ap 221 RP 1994
New Zealand nurses, emerged from her tent with a towel around her shoulders and stared frowzily at the protest banners acrossp 221 RP 1994
noticed Dr Barbara standing behind the mosquito door, an arm around Nihal's shoulders. Chin raised, she surveyed the scene without expressionp 223 RP 1994
shirt and a pair of wave-washed jeans which he fastened around his waist with a length of electric cable. Already hep 225 RP 1994
and Monique lay together on the small bed, hands clasped around their waists. Flies festered on their bruised lips, drinking thep 232 RP 1994
Inger and Trudi lay beside each other, Inger's strong arm around Trudi's slender shoulders. The dark had entered their faces andp 232 RP 1994
craw-fluid of albatross, but she seemed unaware of the destruction around her, the exhausted bonfires and the dead women in thep 233 RP 1994
on the floor of their tent, clothes and bedding strewn around them as they fought to save themselves. Patsy was barelyp 234 RP 1994
across the runway, the glowing embers of the bonfires flitting around her feet, too distracted by the demons of her tiltingp 235 RP 1994
forces were on the island of Okinawa. Meanwhile the countryside around Lunghua was a zone of danger, roamed by undisciplined Japanesep 284 UGM 1995
of visiting the Kendal-Wards I began to take long rides around the city, pedalling through the confused traffic and avoiding thep 288 UGM 1995
cruelly the Japanese treated the Chinese peasants in the countryside around Shanghai, the casual rapes and executions. In part they stayedp 288 UGM 1995
seizure of the International Settlement. My father and mother raced around the house in a panic, followed by the chattering andp 289 UGM 1995
Meanwhile the Japanese were constructing a network of internment camps around Shanghai for the British, Dutch and Belgian civilians. In thep 290 UGM 1995
many of the women in fur coats, sitting like refugees around the swimming pool. Soon we were driven away to thep 290 UGM 1995
my father's friends. Within a few weeks, as I roamed around the camp, chess set under my arm, I was soonp 290 UGM 1995
impoverished Chinese families I had seen during my cycle rides around the Shanghai slums. But my parents must have found theirp 291 UGM 1995
see me anywhere other than their poky room. I roved around the camp, sitting in on bridge and poker games, curiousp 291 UGM 1995
the Japanese, I soon met some of the guards. Hanging around their bungalows, I realized that they were also imprisoned inp 291 UGM 1995
the world, lasted for twenty-four hours, but in the countryside around Lunghua it seemed to go on for days. The war-clocksp 292 UGM 1995
eyes. Irritated by the delay, I was tempted to drive around the van. Behind me a handsome Spanish woman sat atp 12 CN 1996
gilded finials like a castellated fairy battlement. Their shadows curved around a white onion-bulb roof, an invasion of a new Arabp 16 CN 1996
heart, I should think.‘ She pointed to the retina-stunning panorama around us. ‘It's all here for you, Charles. Filling-stations disguised asp 16 CN 1996
her. Where exactly? I always wondered.‘ ‘Nowhere. We just walked around the tennis court. Rather like my life now.‘ ‘Probably gavep 26 CN 1996
of the spray like wraiths leaping a skipping-rope. I strolled around the pool, whose untidy Water swilled below the diving boardp 39 CN 1996
briefly. A raised hand saluted me, and above the towel around the player's neck I saw a wry but cheerful grinp 41 CN 1996
find it for yourself. If you have time, do look around. I'm surprised you've never visited us before.‘ ‘I should havep 44 CN 1996
slung over a nearby chair, pleased with the happy scene around him but in some way above all this unthinking revelryp 45 CN 1996
climbed the steps from the pool, gazing at the devastation around him as if seeing it for the first time. Ip 47 CN 1996
across the terrace, and a cloud of white ash swirled around us like milled bone, restlessly hunting the air. Hennessy pushedp 48 CN 1996
started the fire.‘ I waited for him as he walked around the pool and spoke to Miguel. A few banknotes changedp 54 CN 1996
the Porsche, her bare feet protruding through the door, skirt around her waist. Her blonde hair gleamed with the attacker's salivap 58 CN 1996
statues and family vaults like holiday villas. I had walked around the graves for fifteen minutes, preparing myself for the bleakp 61 CN 1996
but deliberate steps, his eyes searching the diagram of stones around him. His handsome face was smooth and feminine, and hep 63 CN 1996
but he was clearly conscious of the hostile mourners stirring around him. His faint smile seemed almost wistful, and he nowp 63 CN 1996
psychiatrist and dusted his lapels. Ashen-faced, his silver hair breaking around his ears, Sanger limped away, guarded by Crawford as hep 69 CN 1996
the middle of the road, ignoring a car that swerved around him. He stared at the air with his arms raisedp 71 CN 1996
of those psychiatrists with a knack of forming little menages around themselves.‘ ‘Menages of vulnerable young women?‘ ‘Exactly. He enjoys playingp 73 CN 1996
fact that unanimity had only wrapped another layer of mystery around the Hollinger murders. Far from springing the lock of Frank'sp 76 CN 1996
in front of me, her hair in a dishevelled mane around her torn blouse, was the young physician who had arrivedp 84 CN 1996
fend me off, then stood up and smoothed her skirt around her thighs. She winced over her bruised knees, and inp 84 CN 1996
must have had his work cut out with you bumping around him.‘ ‘Paula, I didn't realize who you were. All thep 84 CN 1996
travel writer?‘ Her handbag lay on the floor, contents scattered around the bedside table. She knelt and replaced her car keysp 85 CN 1996
to give them back to Frank but never quite got around to it. Too final, I suppose. So you're moving intop 86 CN 1996
to the far end where three chairs were drawn up around a low table. A white sailboard leaned against the wallp 88 CN 1996
They're still there. So a lot of drugs are moving around Estrella de Mar?‘ ‘What do you think? Be honest, whatp 89 CN 1996
Frank were very close.‘ ‘They were close.‘ Her hands tightened around the rail. ‘Too close, really. They should never have metp 91 CN 1996
I sank to my knees as a leather strap tightened around my throat. A hard breath, damp with the smell ofp 92 CN 1996
to Paula Hamilton as she fretted with the orthopaedic collar around my neck, asking her to witness his formal warning. Hep 93 CN 1996
clenched, Paula worked the gear lever, chasing the policeman's car around the bends and only slowing out of respect for myp 101 CN 1996
police tapes, and pointed to the gravel path that led around the south-west corner of the mansion to the kitchen andp 103 CN 1996
new role as stately home tour guide, Cabrera led us around the house. The Hollingers‘ blue vintage Bentley stood outside thep 103 CN 1996
held my arm, eyes avoiding the debris of charred timbers around us, and tried to smile at the chauffeur. ‘Do youp 103 CN 1996
heated during the winter, and finally pumped to the rooms around the house. The arsonist switches off the system -- forp 105 CN 1996
I felt Paula stumble against me, and put an arm around her trembling shoulders. She had begun to cry to herselfp 106 CN 1996
banisters, feet sinking in the sodden carpet. The oak panelling around the fireplace had turned to charcoal, but here and therep 107 CN 1996
of the room were the remains of a four-poster bed. Around it stood the carbonized ghosts of a desk, dressing-table andp 107 CN 1996
a result of a colleague's incompetence. I put my arm around her, glad when she leaned against me. ‘Did you knowp 109 CN 1996
Mar. ‘She was great fun. Once she rode a camel around the Plaza Iglesias, swearing at the taxi-drivers like a haughtyp 111 CN 1996
day after the fire he asked me to take him around the house. He was already under arrest, charged with possessingp 113 CN 1996
against the sill, and tried to loosen the orthopaedic collar around my neck. Looking down at the TV set, I noticedp 114 CN 1996
the intense heat confused the circuitry. Dismayed by the destruction around them, and the grim task of removing bodies, the policep 114 CN 1996
the victims. Trying to reassure her, I put my arm around her shoulders. She turned to face me, smiling in ap 115 CN 1996
rooms ... I'd like everyone in Estrella de Mar to walk around them. I keep thinking of all those people who drankp 115 CN 1996
the Hollinger house and watched me as I paced restlessly around the balcony. I had assumed, misguidedly, that her interest inp 117 CN 1996
Mar, or anywhere else. I'd hate people to start rooting around in my laundry basket.‘ ‘Paula, I wasn't making a moralp 118 CN 1996
was lying in the jacuzzi with him.‘ ‘Unbelievable.‘ Paula roamed around the sitting room, feet tapping to the sounds of thep 118 CN 1996
and benzo-diazepine filled our beds. Bobby Crawford pops his head around the door and everyone sits up and rushes out top 121 CN 1996
of hiding things.‘ Warming to her, I placed my hand around her waist. She hesitated, and then leaned against me. Despitep 121 CN 1996
a bizarre attempt at an artistic finale, the camera moved around the bed, briefly pausing beside the mirrored door. The photographerp 127 CN 1996
surgical scar ran from the small of her back and around her waist to her right hip. The film came top 127 CN 1996
What about business rivals? Hollinger owned a lot of land around Estrella de Mar. He must have been a brake onp 130 CN 1996
there any?‘ ‘You haven't seen them? I'm surprised. They're sitting around the pool like Hollywood agents.‘ Mrs Shand sighed deeply, andp 131 CN 1996
de Mar. Not even ...‘ ‘Crime? There's a lot of it around, and I don't mean the Hollinger murders. Muggings, burglary, rapesp 133 CN 1996
tip and sparked briefly against his beard. His eyes roved around the boatyard, avoiding my face. ‘Guilty? Frank has a specialp 139 CN 1996
shaded into some unhappy emotion that I could only glimpse around the bony corners of his face. ‘Andersson, I need top 140 CN 1996
stylishly braced apart, the thief rolled the wheel and banked around the cruiser's bows. Free at last, the craft porpoised throughp 143 CN 1996
the copper sun of the exploding fuel tank. We drove around the Plaza Iglesias, packed with residents drinking their morning espressosp 147 CN 1996
into our glasses. ‘But why, dear chap?‘ ‘David ...‘ I paced around the sitting room, trying to adjust my mind to thisp 149 CN 1996
kitchen and sat at the glass-topped table as I prowled around the dainty space with its burnished copper pans and earthenwarep 150 CN 1996
of the split-level lounge. Ignored by the workmen, I strolled around the apartment, already recognizing the art deco motifs, the stripp 152 CN 1996
her wedding dress and sinister bridesmaids. I framed my fingers around my eyes, trying to place myself where the camerawoman hadp 153 CN 1996
be exactly aligned. While the woman's laughter continued, I peered around the stairwell. Twenty feet from me, Paula Hamilton leaned againstp 153 CN 1996
survey the gutted car. He waited as I moved restlessly around the vehicle, puzzled by my lighthearted manner. This tough-minded graduatep 155 CN 1996
the volunteer police patrols as they chased a car thief around the steep streets. Every morning at least one boutique-owner foundp 159 CN 1996
businesses as if playing an elaborate and dangerous game. Walking around Frank's apartment, I thought of him working in the prisonp 159 CN 1996
sat in the pale light under its dust-sheet, police tapes around its fenders. A spare set of keys was in thep 160 CN 1996
Undeterred by his bandaged hand and arm, he moved restlessly around the courts, vaulting the net to retrieve a stray ballp 160 CN 1996
the old town. For the next hour I trailed him around Estrella de Mar, along an itinerary that seemed to tracep 163 CN 1996
returned to the Citroen I had lost him. I drove around the plaza, and then searched the harbour and the oldp 164 CN 1996
than the tracking down of miscreants. Twice during Crawford's jaunt around Estrella de Mar the police patrol's Range Rovers had providedp 167 CN 1996
eager to call a taxi. The excitements of chasing Crawford around Estrella de Mar, the discovery of the keys, and myp 175 CN 1996
planetarium lecturer pointing to the birth of a star. ‘Look around you -- the people of Estrella de Mar have alreadyp 181 CN 1996
perhaps. But later, as you question events and the world around you ... the arts and criminality have always flourished side byp 181 CN 1996
been scarcely more aware of herself, staring into the mirrors around the house as if trying to remember her own reflectionp 185 CN 1996
among the mohair sweaters, and I remembered placing the shawl around my mother's shoulders as she sat at her dressing-table, andp 186 CN 1996
making their way back to the changing rooms. Crawford moved around the silent serving machine, returning the scattered balls to thep 187 CN 1996
Paula ...‘ ‘What is it? You're flitting about like a moth around a flame.‘ She came up to me, inspecting my pupilsp 188 CN 1996
Paula's hips and navel as I did, running my tongue around its knotted crater with its scent of oysters, as ifp 190 CN 1996
as I caressed her vulva and felt the scent glands around her anus. I kissed her knees, and then drew herp 190 CN 1996
knee, watching the shadows of the plastic blind wrap themselves around her thigh. ‘It looks like a bar code. How muchp 192 CN 1996
there somewhere. You seem pretty content to me, Charles. Roaming around the world without a care ...‘ ‘That's the problem -- Ip 193 CN 1996
and turned her on to her back, wrapping the shawl around her chest so that her nipples forced themselves through thep 195 CN 1996
games.‘ ‘Perhaps you're right about Crawford.‘ I put my arm around her waist, remembering with affection how we had embraced, andp 198 CN 1996
pregnant?‘ ‘Of course.‘ ‘Were you the child's father?‘ Crawford paced around the room, carefully leaving a handprint on the dusty mirrorp 204 CN 1996
then his hand gripped mine as he steered the Porsche around a swerving motor-scooter, and I felt the over-developed thumb andp 206 CN 1996
the harbour I noticed his almost childlike pleasure in everything around him. My modest driving skills, a water-skier in the bayp 206 CN 1996
a walking Palermo lab.‘ ‘Charles ...‘ Crawford put a brotherly arm around my shoulders, but I half-expected him to hip-throw me overp 208 CN 1996
Residencia Costasol is pure 1990s. Security rules. Everything is designed around an obsession with crime.‘ ‘I take it there isn't anyp 212 CN 1996
He fixed his aviator glasses over his eyes and glanced around the car park, counting the surveillance cameras as if calculatingp 214 CN 1996
eyes, as if the dim shadows on the hessian walls around them had long become a satisfactory substitute for thought. ‘They'rep 215 CN 1996
too strong to bear.‘ ‘They're refugees from time, Charles. Look around you -- there are no clocks anywhere and almost nop 216 CN 1996
take over everything.‘ We returned to the Porsche and cruised around the plaza. I watched the villas and apartment houses, hopingp 216 CN 1996
the empty building. We stepped from the Porsche and strolled around the drained swimming pool, looking down at the canted floorp 217 CN 1996
the sun. A collection of hair-clips and wine glasses lay around the drainage vent, as if waiting for a stream top 217 CN 1996
Absolutely. It's very, very strange. Even so, most visitors driving around wouldn't notice anything odd. Apart from this pool and thosep 217 CN 1996
palms against his forehead. He stared at the silent villas around the plaza, their shaded balconies waiting for nothing to happenp 218 CN 1996
No.‘ I waited as he gazed at the silent villas around the plaza and the cameras on the lamp standards thatp 220 CN 1996
the last of the police tapes that had wrapped themselves around the craft. ‘It's the Halcyon. Frank's sloop ... what's it doingp 221 CN 1996
her feet. Happy to see her, I draped another towel around her shoulders. ‘Paula -- you're our first new member. Ip 226 CN 1996
I am. I swim every day, knock a few balls around with the groundsmen. I've even tried the gym machines.‘ ‘Andp 226 CN 1996
some reason I felt a stir of interest. The air around me had become crisper. ‘What do we do, David? Startp 229 CN 1996
People get nervous, you know, and start shifting their cash around ...‘ So crime was coming to the Residencia Costasol. After itsp 229 CN 1996
David?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Hennessy stood by the concierge's counter, his arm around the computer, welcoming a new confederate in crime. ‘I'm surep 231 CN 1996
mail a few leaflets. Or hire a plane to fly around the Residencia every day with a banner. Free tennis lessonsp 232 CN 1996
the supermarket, but the sports club remained silent. I walked around the empty building, and listened to my feet ring onp 233 CN 1996
off their physiques to each other. A desultory traffic moved around the plaza, and by noon the Residencia Costasol was alreadyp 233 CN 1996
I stood behind the concierge's counter, watching the waiters pace around the open-air bar and the groundsmen sweep the deserted tennisp 233 CN 1996
go -- the Club Nautico?‘ ‘No, we'll stay here. Drive around, any route you like. I want to see how thingsp 235 CN 1996
the faint hiss of sprinklers from the walls and hedges around me. Perhaps the owners of the villa were away onp 236 CN 1996
go.‘ Crawford seemed to step from the screen of vegetation around the cycad. Under one arm he carried a video-cassette recorderp 236 CN 1996
Under one arm he carried a video-cassette recorder, cables tied around it to form a black parcel. He placed it onp 236 CN 1996
imagined them dozing through the siesta hours as Crawford moved around the rooms below, sabotaging the satellite systems, stealing a jadep 238 CN 1996
video-cassettes. A segmented plastic snake of cocaine sachets wrapped itself around a wallet filled with drug capsules and pills in foilp 240 CN 1996
feeling that you're surrounded by a world without shame. Everything around you, the paintings and silverware you've taken for granted, fitp 244 CN 1996
someone shits in your pool, ransacks your bedroom and plays around with your wife's underwear. Now rage and anger are notp 244 CN 1996
or my mother. What he did like was knocking me around.‘ ‘Nasty -- did no one report him?‘ ‘They didn't knowp 246 CN 1996
wrong.‘ Crawford reached across my shoulder and steered the Citroen around an erratic elderly cyclist who had taken to two wheelsp 256 CN 1996
set up a small agency direct-selling exotic underwear and perfumery around the complex; Ronald Machin, a one-time police inspector who hadp 257 CN 1996
sex. Hand-printed cards had begun to appear in telephone kiosks around the complex, inviting volunteers with massage skills and escort agencyp 258 CN 1996
off.‘ ‘You look tired. Sleep here -- I'll walk myself around the block.‘ ‘We'll move on. One last call.‘ He layp 259 CN 1996
be a few professional film actors living here. I'll ask around at the club.‘ ‘Forget the professionals. They're less flexible thanp 262 CN 1996
unshaded windows, blunted by the dust. The empty rooms lay around us, their white walls enclosing nothing, ready for dramas ofp 265 CN 1996
past, the terminal moraine of memories that lay for ever around my feet. ‘Charles, you've come home ...‘ Crawford beckoned to mep 265 CN 1996
come home ...‘ Crawford beckoned to me, urging me to stroll around the large living room. ‘Enjoy the sensation -- strangeness isp 265 CN 1996
concrete terrace like a side-chapel of the sun. I walked around the empty bedrooms and their mirror-walled bathrooms, trying to imaginep 265 CN 1996
part of some teasing experiment. Then I heard him moving around a small back bedroom that overlooked the kitchen courtyard. ‘Charlesp 266 CN 1996
estate, a trio of handsome bungalows grouped like motel cabins around a shared swimming pool. For once the flat terrain ofp 267 CN 1996
empty medicinal glass, as if unable to focus on anything around her until she had received her next dose. Her darkp 268 CN 1996
French girl stepped from the water he draped the towel around her, gently drying her shoulders as he gazed at herp 270 CN 1996
lifting her from the chair, and wrapped a comforting arm around her as they walked into the bungalow behind them. Metalp 270 CN 1996
calmed me with a ready smile, but his eyes moved around Sanger's compound. He was working out the sight-lines between thep 270 CN 1996
Cabrera had been tipped off that I chauffeured Bobby Crawford around the complex. ‘One or two cars have been stolen --p 274 CN 1996
air, as if scything the deep grass that grew invisibly around my desk. ‘Perhaps he will give me a lesson. Ip 275 CN 1996
in herself. I wanted to embrace her, place my arm around her hips and lift her on to the bed, layingp 278 CN 1996
visit. After leaving my suitcases in the bedroom I strolled around the upper floor, and strayed briefly into the maid's roomp 284 CN 1996
cameraman, steadying his arm as the convoy of vehicles turned around the plaza. Rose petals covered his blond hair and blackp 287 CN 1996
had sprung into being. Half a dozen new restaurants thrived around the plaza, all but one financed by Betty Shand andp 289 CN 1996
a special ‘aerobics‘ coach. As she gazed at the scene around her, like a silken cobra sated after digesting a succulentp 290 CN 1996
a disease of deprivation.‘ ‘Maybe.‘ Paula stood up and strolled around the office, shaking her head at the festive tourists. ‘Hep 293 CN 1996
the music. Several beats behind, she lurched into the dancers around her and then fell against Crawford's chest, mouth ajar belowp 294 CN 1996
canal to the open sea. I often watched him pacing around his pool and compulsively washing the discarded nightdress. When thep 296 CN 1996
that.‘ Paula turned her back to the scene and paced around my desk. ‘I'm going -- you'll be at court tomorrowp 296 CN 1996
made my way down to the petal-strewn terrace. The members around the pool had left their sun-loungers and were gathering upp 299 CN 1996
the blood streamed from her nose. Her thighs were clasped around Mirikov's waist as she tried to have sex with himp 299 CN 1996
blood she had sucked into her mouth, Sanger seized her around the waist. He lost his footing in the deeper waterp 300 CN 1996
begun. The tourists were leaving the plaza, and the cafes around the shopping mall were almost empty, the few patrons gazingp 306 CN 1996
the supermarket compound, where half a dozen small children romped around them. Leading them in their game of hide and seekp 309 CN 1996
tirelessly pouring out his energy and enthusiasm. As he leapt around the abandoned tableaux, arms wreathed in the tattered bunting, pretendingp 309 CN 1996
his arms and jumped from the float, the children hunting around him. ‘I've been looking for you -- how is Lauriep 309 CN 1996
me.‘ He held my shoulder and surveyed the litter-strewn scene around him, with its faded bunting and drifting balloons. ‘I havep 310 CN 1996
He buttoned the leather collar across his throat and walked around the rear of the car. He took his place behindp 314 CN 1996
get you here.‘ ‘Why? What is all this?‘ I stared around me, trying to see through the windows of the parkedp 314 CN 1996
from a laboratory supplier in Malaga, Betty Shand moved it around in one of her vans, the Keswick sisters stored itp 320 CN 1996
was good news for the cash tills. No one lay around watching television, they went out and calmed their nerves byp 323 CN 1996
that had revived the Club Nautico and the moribund town around it. Crime would always be rife, but Crawford had putp 324 CN 1996
to the Hollinger house and the engulfing flames. Paula paced around the car, her confidence in me ebbing as the bloodp 325 CN 1996
could drive from Fuengirola. Replacing the receiver, I had looked around Frank's apartment for the last time. The silent rooms seemedp 327 CN 1996
sucking away the leaves and insects. I followed the pathway around the house, past the garage and kitchen entrance. Through thep 327 CN 1996
visible on the lower floors are still making their way around its canted decks, groping past the narrow columns as theyp 6 DYF 1996
fainting fit. Gesticulating to Elaine, I refused to follow her around the narrow gallery. Scarcely able to breathe, I waited asp 8 DYF 1996
friends high above them. Ignoring the ticket office, I strolled around the stone well that surrounded the tower. I placed myp 9 DYF 1996
I pressed her hand against the wheel, steering the Jaguar around an elderly woman cyclist, panniers filled with baguettes. ‘Jane, you'llp 6 SC 2000
off the sun. When Jane unlatched her door he swerved around the car, displaying remarkable agility for a big man. Hisp 13 SC 2000
The old Moss gearbox? Wonderful, all the same.‘ He strolled around the car and beckoned to the clouds, as if orderingp 13 SC 2000
up, and then I'll borrow your wife and show her around the clinic. Arriving at Eden-Olympia is enough culture shock forp 14 SC 2000
they've bypassed the idea of progress. Dig a hundred-foot moat around the Montparnasse tower and they'd be up on the topp 19 SC 2000
art-deco mansion. I hobbled after them as Penrose guided her around the kitchen, pointing out the ceramic hobs and the controlp 25 SC 2000
raised he must have known all the doors would shut around him.‘ ‘Which they did?‘ ‘Tighter than a nun's knees. Whenp 29 SC 2000
every day in Bel Air and Holland Park.‘ I wandered around the air-conditioned suite, with its dressing room and double bathroomp 34 SC 2000
the artificial lakes, with their eerily calm surfaces, or roamed around the vast car parks. The lines of silent vehicles mightp 37 SC 2000
After a light lunch I would set off on foot around the business park. A few days earlier, while circling onep 38 SC 2000
of petite friture, sea urchins and crayfish. We wandered tipsily around the Vieux Port, and I remade Jane's lipstick before showingp 39 SC 2000
and Simone Delage stepped onto the balcony, a dressing gown around her shoulders. She had slept late, and her cheeks seemedp 40 SC 2000
At night she and her accountant husband would wander naked around their bedroom, visible through the slatted blinds like figures onp 40 SC 2000
of the teenage doctors, as I called them, who wandered around the surgical ward at Guy's. She was twenty-seven years oldp 41 SC 2000
if cooling her forehead, and suggested that I show her around Elstree Flying Club. The next weekend she drove me fromp 43 SC 2000
overalls and put on an old leather flying helmet, lounging around the Harvard like the women pilots in aviation's heroic daysp 43 SC 2000
to the house. Senora Morales, the Spanish housekeeper, moved busily around the kitchen, checking the cartons of groceries delivered from thep 46 SC 2000
our arrival, as I lay by the pool or strolled around the silent tennis court, the young English doctor had beenp 51 SC 2000
and several merchant banks. Simone Delage waited until I walked around the car, as if opening the Jaguar's door was ap 54 SC 2000
who are you? Get out of here ...‘ ‘No ...‘ He moved around me, pointing to the scars on my injured legs, confidentp 56 SC 2000
security vehicles idled in the avenue, and the drivers strode around in a purposeful way, chests out and peaked caps downp 57 SC 2000
He shouldn't be too difficult to find. A man strolling around with one shoe on.‘ Halder nodded approvingly at my deductivep 57 SC 2000
Anyone. He might even be a resident. You've been wandering around a lot. It makes people curious.‘ ‘Wandering? Where?‘ ‘All overp 59 SC 2000
the wrought-iron gate and signalled the all-clear. ‘Right ...‘ Halder glanced around the garden and prepared to leave. ‘Mr Sinclair, we'll bep 60 SC 2000
cicadas in the Yasudas‘ garden, and watched the dragonflies flitting around the tennis court. According to Wilder Penrose, the three hostagesp 62 SC 2000
pair of her tights. She prodded the bullets, moving them around the ashtray. ‘Are you all right? You should have calledp 65 SC 2000
name was Alexei.‘ ‘That's something.‘ Jane stood up and walked around the desk. Her small hands held my face, then smoothedp 66 SC 2000
the garage had been rebuilt.‘ ‘It wasn't. I'll show you around.‘ ‘No thanks. I'll stay with Professor Kalman at the colorectalp 68 SC 2000
concrete floor in his flowered robes, beads and bangles scattered around him. Despite the dim light, I could see the streamingp 71 SC 2000
Halder ...‘ I lowered my voice, which I could hear echoing around the dark galleries. ‘That was a hell of a beatingp 73 SC 2000
bedroom. Still wearing his leather jacket, the stocky businessman strode around the room, gesticulating as his wife watched him from thep 76 SC 2000
yourself. These senior people don't like their medical records floating around.‘ ‘It's a list, Jane. I could have copied it outp 81 SC 2000
Now, the hostages ...‘ ‘Mr Sinclair, please ...‘ Zander put an arm around my shoulders, reminding me of the strength that an overweightp 87 SC 2000
voice. I imagined her stepping from her shower, towel twirled around her head, keying in the emotions she would feel thatp 89 SC 2000
you another drink.‘ Penrose signalled to the waitress, and gazed around him with unfeigned delight. ‘It's lovely here. Luckily, I havep 91 SC 2000
odd phenomenon. Millions of people crossing the world to wander around unfamiliar cities. Tourism must be the last surviving relic ofp 93 SC 2000
but that won't help them. Go into Cannes and look around -- the checkout girls at the Monoprix, the chauffeur walkingp 93 SC 2000
to senior people at Eden-Olympia. They've gone beyond leisure. Playing around with balls of various shapes and sizes ...‘ Penrose tripped overp 94 SC 2000
corporate pyramid is a virtual hierarchy that endlessly reassembles itself around them. They enjoy enormous mobility. While you're mooning around herep 96 SC 2000
itself around them. They enjoy enormous mobility. While you're mooning around here, Paul, they're patenting another gene, or designing the nextp 96 SC 2000
boot. Then a far stronger pair of arms seized me around the waist, pinning my elbows to my chest. I couldp 100 SC 2000
our new silicon valley? You've had the leisure to look around.‘ ‘I'm impressed, though leisure is in short supply. The newp 103 SC 2000
bite. The crowds drifted in slow motion, gathering in clumps around the tabacs and the bureaux de change like platelets blockingp 108 SC 2000
a woman, they each wore a cuirass of pink plastic around the torso, and their jaws were supported by moulded collarsp 109 SC 2000
keeping its cyclops eye on me, I tried to step around her, tripped over an uncovered cable and pulled my kneep 110 SC 2000
But you understand how that feels.‘ ‘Am I lonely?‘ ‘Limping around all day?‘ She brushed her cigarette ash from my sleevep 114 SC 2000
was framed. A young English doctor ...‘ ‘No.‘ Her eyes roamed around the bar, in search of another drink, but she spokep 114 SC 2000
the lighthouse at La Garoupe. Powerboats cut through the waters around the les de Lerins. The cool air moved over thep 118 SC 2000
of the drinamyl tablets. Ten minutes later I was soaring around the house like a bird, my mind a window filledp 125 SC 2000
easy, Mr Sinclair.‘ I shook his hand and eased myself around the door. ‘Do you ever get out to Eden-Olympia?‘ ‘Notp 130 SC 2000
rain had once danced in my soup. Cooling my hands around a vin blanc, I studied the transcript. The transmission timesp 130 SC 2000
distracted, it explained his ... carelessness.‘ ‘Over what?‘ Madame Duval glanced around the sitting room, carrying out a quick inventory of thep 136 SC 2000
in rustic lettering. Beyond the guardhouse an asphalt road curved around the hillside towards another gated community. The villas and apartmentp 140 SC 2000
fanatic that must have appealed to the girls who lay around gossiping and smoking their cigarettes. Greenwood and Dominique Serrou hadp 150 SC 2000
a mother helping a child to swallow a difficult morsel. Around them stood a confident group of Eden-Olympia executives, familiar top 152 SC 2000
followed by cold showers and snatched breakfasts. She moved naked around our bedroom, in full view of Simone Delage and herp 155 SC 2000
I had parked the Jaguar. A darker Cannes gathered itself around me once I crossed the Rue d'Antibes. Off-duty chauffeurs, Arabp 157 SC 2000
way to the head of the taxi queue. Pimps ambled around the tunnel entrance to the underpass, a cloaca that drainedp 157 SC 2000
who dutifully climbed into the passenger seat. From the darkness around me mobile phones bleeped against the static of two-way radiosp 159 SC 2000
of wonder that only returned when I saw Jane slumming around my hospital bed. I opened my wallet and took outp 159 SC 2000
the Rialto Bar emerged from the scrum, tight skirts nicked around their waists. As they fell to the ground, huge limbsp 162 SC 2000
had taken shelter behind the steering wheel. Ignoring the violence around her, she fumbled with the radio and picked fragments ofp 162 SC 2000
operator, then spat onto the bloody cobbles at his feet. Around him were three others I knew by sight: Dr Neumunsterp 163 SC 2000
blouse. She seemed unaware of the violence that had erupted around her, as if nothing in her life could ever bep 164 SC 2000
for seven thousand francs. Who carries that kind of cash around? What does the girl have to do to earn itp 165 SC 2000
had followed me across the garden. Senora Morales was moving around the lounge, discreetly clearing the ash from the settee cushionsp 168 SC 2000
love that. He's dying to be struck off.‘ Jane strode around in her crispest underwear, gazing at the suits and skirtsp 169 SC 2000
rather sweet. He helps me park my car, and hangs around the clinic with those calm eyes. He's waiting for somethingp 170 SC 2000
the driver's seat. The grimace of pleasure seemed to migrate around his face, colonizing new areas of amiability. With his silkp 171 SC 2000
arranged itself into a reflective cast. He put an arm around my shoulders. ‘You're concerned, Paul, like any husband. But Jane'sp 172 SC 2000
barely audible voice that seemed to come from the air around us. ‘We're talking about thoughts, not deeds. We don't givep 173 SC 2000
moment he catches them in bed together. Now he's wandering around with a smoking gun, his mind in a daze ofp 176 SC 2000
burns from the explosive charge had seared the white skin around the wound. She wore a cupless black brassiere that exposedp 180 SC 2000
in.‘ ‘I don't think so.‘ I pointed to the floor around the bed. Bloody footprints marked the tiles, so clear thatp 181 SC 2000
But he had to move fast. Security would start closing around him at any moment. From now on he was afterp 185 SC 2000
operation.‘ ‘Mr Sinclair ... a lot of white powders are moving around. Some have Max Factor printed on them. Industrial chemicals, detergentsp 187 SC 2000
Range Rover. ‘We ought to move on. Ghosts are walking around Eden-Olympia ...‘ The TV centre's car park was full, and Halderp 188 SC 2000
volunteered his services to Pascal Zander, offering to take me around the murder route, but now regretted the decision. The blood-steepedp 191 SC 2000
parking here only a few months earlier. He had moved around Eden-Olympia like a messenger from the dark gods, leaving littlep 192 SC 2000
him all afternoon. We emerged onto the roof and swerved around an electrician's van that sat alone in the sun. Shieldingp 196 SC 2000
was staring at the parapet to our right. I walked around the car and leaned against his windowsill. ‘So this isp 196 SC 2000
doctor moved on, rifle in hand, the silence of death around him. When he killed his victims he had probably heardp 199 SC 2000
strange man. This garage isn't a Meccano set.‘ She strolled around me, and then turned towards the parapet. Trying to manoeuvrep 208 SC 2000
I had opened one trap-door too many in the floor around her. ‘Why here?‘ ‘Frances, I'm sorry ...‘ I hesitated before pressingp 209 SC 2000
they weren't hostages?‘ I followed her eyes as they drifted around the parked cars. Despite the recent tears, her face wasp 210 SC 2000
from the roof of the Saab and slipped her arm around my shoulders. ‘Your wife's a doctor -- she ought top 210 SC 2000
had run to seed, and globes of unpicked fruit rotted around the lemon and grapefruit trees. I pointed to the swimmingp 214 SC 2000
left the terrace. Her feet scattered the embers, which danced around her heels as she crossed the floor. She began ap 215 SC 2000
five seconds. The lights dimmed, and everyone began to move around, waiting as the models changed into a new set ofp 218 SC 2000
the clearance sale.‘ ‘Everything? That's sad.‘ I slipped my arm around her waist and held her against the night. ‘Memories, dreamsp 224 SC 2000
turned to face me, tactics decided. She cupped a hand around my penis, fingers feeling for its root, and weighed myp 229 SC 2000
pair of fishnet tights, holes as large as my hand around patches of pale skin. A slash of two-tone lipstick, scarletp 232 SC 2000
into How are you?‘ ‘Young again ...‘ Darkness Curves Darkness curved around the apartment towers of Marina Baie des Anges, one nightp 233 SC 2000
Not tomorrow. They're holding some kind of reunion dinner. Look around the place -- you won't have to talk to themp 235 SC 2000
was lit by the moon, and upholstered chairs were drawn around a concert platform where dust covers concealed a grand pianop 236 SC 2000
still in progress. The four remaining guests sat in shirtsleeves around a table loaded with the debris of a lavish midnightp 236 SC 2000
I had seen the robbery take place? His eyes wandered around my face, searching for a sign of my approval, asp 239 SC 2000
did the furs come from?‘ ‘I'm not sure.‘ Delage gazed around the shelves of books, hoping for an answer in theirp 239 SC 2000
woken him when I telephoned at seven o'clock. He hovered around my chair, so close that I could smell the sleepp 241 SC 2000
can't get rid of ...‘ When he had gone I strolled around the room, empty except for the two chairs and ap 242 SC 2000
it suffused by a residual glow long after nightfall. Looking around this minimalist space, with its implicit evasions, I thought ofp 242 SC 2000
me.‘ ‘It's been under your nose for months.‘ Penrose walked around my chair and placed his hands on my shoulders, likep 248 SC 2000
future. Already there are hundreds of business and science parks around the world. Most of us -- or at least, mostp 254 SC 2000
corporate city is superbly talented, adult and virtually childless. Look around you at Eden-Olympia. No leisure activities, no community life orp 254 SC 2000
the height of their powers, and all the business trips around the world.‘ ‘They weren't having much sex?‘ ‘Worse. They weren'tp 257 SC 2000
fur stole out of his way and began to stroll around the room, almost dismissing me with a flourish. Scenting thep 265 SC 2000
be casually dispensed, as a way of defusing the myths around them. ‘Paul ... I'm going to sleep for a little.‘ Janep 272 SC 2000
forecasting stormy weather. Taking pity on me as I limped around the house in the small hours, Jane made up ap 277 SC 2000
film star in her minuscule black frock, the fur stole around her shoulders, walking into the Palais des Festivals with Alainp 278 SC 2000
Dijon?‘ ‘Why not? They must be tired of you poking around. You haven't discovered anything about David they didn't already knowp 283 SC 2000
were in evening dress, Jane with Wilder Penrose's mink stole around her shoulders. She was staring at the sea, as ifp 286 SC 2000
dress in a hurry. He was sweating freely, and gazed around the terrace like a vaudeville performer who had emerged throughp 291 SC 2000
chiefs‘ wives had begun to sashay to the music, dancing around their tolerant husbands, but Zander dismissed them with a wavep 293 SC 2000
progress as he wandered through the guests, slipping an arm around every woman who smiled at him. Destivelle spoke into ap 294 SC 2000
young German actress emerged, her mobile nostrils moving like hoses around her upper lip, hoovering up the last specks of powderp 294 SC 2000
olive-skinned men lay on the concrete floor, pools of blood around their heads. ‘Brutal stuff ...‘ Penrose grimaced with distaste and switchedp 296 SC 2000
the rigours of the bed. Pools of malt whisky lay around the legs of a carriage clock, and stained a Palaisp 300 SC 2000
to lunge at him. Playfully, she let him chase her around the pool, watched by Halder, who sat on the divingp 305 SC 2000
doses of a rare and dangerous medicine. Yet a brawl around the swimming pool of the Villa Grimaldi, in full viewp 306 SC 2000
the BMW onto the pedestrian walkway. The two Mercedes slewed around each other and stopped, for a moment vanishing into thep 312 SC 2000
window. The dying flames flowed across the water that swilled around the car. Two men in dinner jackets stepped from thep 312 SC 2000
they killed him ...‘ I held her as the waves broke around our knees, and steered her through the undertow onto thep 313 SC 2000
could see her face, almost stiff with shock. She swerved around the two Mercedes limousines and set off at speed towardsp 314 SC 2000
he resembled an accident bystander already bored by the tableau around him, the overturned Audi, a body and the waves. Toop 314 SC 2000
I stepped through the cigarette smoke and slipped my arm around Jane, who moved through a deep dream of her ownp 318 SC 2000
up as Zander's killer? Months might pass, as I limped around the business park, my mind clouded by Jane's painkillers, ap 322 SC 2000
conspicuous.‘ We passed a shallow tank filled with lobsters, sidling around each other like airliners looking for a runway. I tookp 325 SC 2000
Greenwood. ‘When we met, you were looking into the events around David's death. Can I ask if you found anything?‘ ‘Nothingp 326 SC 2000
we left the cafe the bikers were rearranging their legs around the open-air tables. Madame Duval stepped over an outstretched bootp 327 SC 2000
why?‘ ‘They looked at me ...‘ ‘They're very suspicious. Word gets around. You've been seen at some of the ratissages. They thinkp 331 SC 2000
You were their laboratory rat.‘ ‘All I did was lie around the pool and smoke a little pot with Jane.‘ ‘Justp 335 SC 2000
to your child bride. Those murders sent a corporate shudder around the world. Everyone was aware something sinister had happened, andp 335 SC 2000
thinking of Zander and that terrible road ... the water burning around the car.‘ Her voice fell away, and she turned almostp 341 SC 2000
were a great fan of threesomes.‘ ‘So all that roaming around Super-Cannes in the dark? The back streets near the Vallaurisp 343 SC 2000
She was the recruitment officer. She toured the foster homes around Cannes and Nice, looking for likely talent. Girls with abusivep 348 SC 2000
have to finish David's work. The madmen are still walking around Eden-Olympia. Paul, I need your help.‘ ‘You have it. Butp 349 SC 2000
other people would be violent for him, and he looked around for a system that could make it happen. Psychiatry wasp 352 SC 2000
thumbnail, he ignored the glares of the sleekly dressed women around us, wives of the Riviera elite in their ribboned hatsp 356 SC 2000
a move he would leave the table and pace alone around the tennis court, then walk to his car without ap 361 SC 2000
from the CD player propped against the pillows. Jane swayed around the bedroom, a lurid figure in a spangled crimson minidressp 368 SC 2000
party.‘ ‘And you're going as ...?‘ ‘Can't you guess?‘ She vamped around me, sitting on my lap and moving away before Ip 369 SC 2000
pulled back the sheet and stared at her broken body. Around her waist was the zebra-striped dress. A man's crumpled dinnerp 372 SC 2000
and pressed them to the marbled flesh. ‘Halder ...?‘ ‘Move it around, feel the flesh there's a security man nosing about.‘ Halderp 375 SC 2000
I said. ‘What is it?‘ ‘Careful, Mr Sinclair ...‘ Halder stepped around me and nodded to a cobbled side alley. A blackp 381 SC 2000
my feet. As its embers flared and died, the air around me seemed to lighten. My anger had passed, and Ip 382 SC 2000
The Delages stood in the doorway beside the Mercedes, arms around each other, watching Jane like concerned foster parents at anp 382 SC 2000
me in the Peugeot with Jane. I need to move around Eden-Olympia. Whatever happens, I'll say nothing about you. One dayp 385 SC 2000
her bed at Marina Baie des Anges, the zebra dress around her waist and Greenwood's dinner jacket across her legs. Andp 388 SC 2000
film of her death was being hawked by Dmitri Golyadkin around the villas of Super-Cannes ... A Mobylette passed me, engine clackingp 388 SC 2000
insurance claims. Tapping out these unnecessary details, Kay's arm warmly around my shoulders, I sometimes felt that I was unrolling ap 10 MP 2003
actress in a thirties Hollywood film. Mirrors held their breath around Sally. ‘So ...‘ She switched off the phone. ‘We wait andp 14 MP 2003
help to the victims. Dust seethed below the ceiling, swirling around the torn sections of strip lighting that hung from thep 18 MP 2003
dust from her sleeve and stared sombrely at the confusion around her, a busy professional late for her next appointment. ‘Davidp 18 MP 2003
opening and closing, a subvocal speech addressed to no one around him. Despite all our years at the Adler, the tiresomep 27 MP 2003
seized the door pillar in both hands and stood up. Around her were endless rows of parked cars, a silent congregationp 27 MP 2003
hair falling across her shoulders. Carrying Laura's handbag, I stepped around the monsignor's Jaguar, sorry that our aggressive driving had delayedp 27 MP 2003
of Laura's life, and my last rival. Confrontation at Olympia Around me everyone was calm, a sure sign that the momentp 34 MP 2003
woman with the ‘CAT IN HELL'S CHANCE‘ banner gripped me around the waist. Bent double in the scrum of police andp 35 MP 2003
and all a suburbanite's unlimited capacity for moral outrage. Walking around the exhibition two hours earlier, I was impressed by herp 36 MP 2003
the admiring crowds. ‘They're not exactly unhappy. They'd be prowling around, trying to get out of the cages.‘ ‘They're drugged.‘ Angela'sp 36 MP 2003
more than I expected. Using her sticks again, she moved around the house with the same wristy determination she had shownp 38 MP 2003
and her ponytailed companion moved through the entrance foyer, arms around each other's waists, like lovers immersed in their own worldp 40 MP 2003
air burst, and the re-echo of slammed doors, the visitors around me flinched and ducked behind each other. A second thunderflashp 40 MP 2003
her. She swung on a high heel, ash-grey hair swirling around her shoulders, showing off her hips to the attentive courtp 45 MP 2003
air into my lungs. Then a woman's arm gripped me around the waist. Resting against her hip, I could smell ap 46 MP 2003
needed a day trip to reality. There's too much jargon around -- "voyeurism and the male gaze", "castration anxieties". Marxist theory-speakp 53 MP 2003
doubt his God. Still, it makes him useful to have around, especially on a demo.‘ ‘Twenty-seven pounds worth of damage? Whatp 54 MP 2003
Every time the muzak stops people stand up and dance around the world, and more chairs are added to the circlep 54 MP 2003
knees on the dusty carpet. The Sleepwalkers Women moved gently around me, easing off my shoes and loosening my belt. Thep 59 MP 2003
agreeable odour than engine oil or Cathay Pacific toothpaste hung around the stained sleeves of his suit, a hint of thep 59 MP 2003
moved down the hall to the front steps. Chairs scraped around the kitchen table, and there were the sounds of thep 60 MP 2003
hurt you.‘ ‘One species is sacred -- cats.‘ I glanced around the room, which seemed smaller and more domestic. Even thep 60 MP 2003
bring colour into the gaunt bones. ‘Look at the world around you, David. What do you see? An endless theme parkp 62 MP 2003
priest and his hyper-observant girlfriend, outriders challenging the placid streets around them. In fact, they were completely detached from reality, withp 65 MP 2003
in the jacuzzi. ‘A strange fringe group. Huge obsessions floating around a cozy living room. It's useful to see just howp 67 MP 2003
inhaling the heady scents of Sally's body. ‘I'd been pushed around by the police, and they knew I was an amateurp 68 MP 2003
right, then. I'll go back to Chelsea Marina and ask around. This clergyman, and the people close to Kay Churchill. I'llp 72 MP 2003
threat in her voice. She still wore the bath towel around her body, and was waiting for me to leave thep 72 MP 2003
A crowd of more than a hundred residents were packed around the estate office. Most were women in weekend wear, freedp 74 MP 2003
with someone other than themselves. A few cautious husbands hung around the fringes, warily joining in the din. Two policemen pushedp 74 MP 2003
good-naturedly as they were snatched from the air and tossed around the crowd. I joined in the applause and turned top 75 MP 2003
career choice, I think you'll agree.‘ A satisfied smile played around her lips. The film of sweat had vanished, and Ip 82 MP 2003
spirit, and the strong mind that had closed itself tightly around a single obsession. Neither I nor the students in herp 85 MP 2003
too busy at the health centre to flick a duster around. Sorry, that's not much use.‘ ‘It is ...‘ Certain that shep 87 MP 2003
consider having them cleaned every three days?‘ ‘Three? Pretty risky around here.‘ ‘Or once a week?‘ ‘No.‘ The woman glanced atp 88 MP 2003
the centre of the room, a low canvas tent erected around it. A primus stove stood on the carpet, along withp 101 MP 2003
talk.‘ Dexter shook his head, a finger counting the tins around the primus stove. ‘The video attack this evening -- itp 105 MP 2003
thinks you've lost your faith.‘ Dexter placed a strong arm around my shoulders. More comfortable in the dark, he raised hisp 106 MP 2003
to wake me. ‘Think what the alternative was -- racketing around with your mother, sleeping in strange beds in north Oxfordp 110 MP 2003
hall. I sat in the armchair, staring at the house around me, a gift from Sally's mother that reminded me ofp 110 MP 2003
I tripped over the sprawl of legs. She steered me around the desk and sat me in the manager's chair. ‘Davidp 116 MP 2003
end and the complex to empty. In the open crates around me I felt the antique cameras and dismantled lights inp 119 MP 2003
been opened onto the night, and a cooler air moved around me, the street scents of diesel fuel, rain and cookingp 121 MP 2003
streamed below the ceiling, found the open exit and flowed around me in looping swirls. I tried not to gag onp 121 MP 2003
his clothes. Only twenty feet ahead of him, I ran around the parked security van, searching for the staircase to thep 122 MP 2003
the smoking waiter and the Thames, and searched the streets around County Hall. I almost expected to see Kay and Joanp 124 MP 2003
their dormitory beds must have sensed that the entire world around them suffered a perpetual headache. I sat up and steadiedp 126 MP 2003
voice, Gould waved a white hand at the derelict buildings around us. ‘David, who cares about the NFT? Look what they'vep 131 MP 2003
roof, smiling as if he could see the children skipping around the chimneys. ‘I hope we gave them a good lifep 132 MP 2003
motives for picketing the BBC. Looking at the attentive faces around me, ears to their radios, I realized that we werep 149 MP 2003
BBC arts producers recently made redundant. They knew their way around Broadcasting House, and would lead the assault on the Worldp 150 MP 2003
Oh, my God ...‘ Mrs Templeton rocked back on her heels. Around us, people were laughing in disbelief. ‘Mrs Templeton? Has somethingp 154 MP 2003
were killed ...‘ I listened to the reporter's urgent voice, but around me all sound seemed to withdraw from the street. Touristsp 159 MP 2003
only reason.‘ ‘I was over-excited. The BBC demo, being kicked around by the police. Then the Tate bomb. What if I'dp 163 MP 2003
love, big enough to ignore this silly man who's hanging around your wife's skirts.‘ ‘Domestic ...?‘ I stared at my reflection tremblingp 163 MP 2003
of the charismatic Dr Gould as he tub-thumped his way around Chelsea Marina, urging the residents to fight for their rightsp 165 MP 2003
drop you? The West End?‘ ‘Please ... Too many police wandering around in circles. We need a day in the country.‘ ‘Richardp 168 MP 2003
glove puppets out of old socks and Christmas tape, swooping around the ward with his arms raised, handing out toys fromp 172 MP 2003
meaningless act is an empty space larger than the universe around it.‘ ‘So we avoid motives?‘ ‘Absolutely. Kill a politician andp 176 MP 2003
I'd like to end my days.‘ Hungerford? The name flitted around my mind like a trapped moth as we drove backp 178 MP 2003
Angela. Witnesses stated that a young Chinese woman was running around the bookshop. Evidently distraught, she seized a large art bookp 181 MP 2003
opening the door. Sweat sprang from the clergyman's forehead, beading around his enlarged eyes. He had lost his dog collar, tornp 184 MP 2003
and I guessed that she had been walking the streets around the Tate for hours, waiting for Stephen Dexter to appearp 186 MP 2003
It's not my favourite topic.‘ I stood up and walked around the settee, trying to work out the altered positions ofp 192 MP 2003
A few minutes?‘ I thought of Joan Chang, running frantically around the bookshop. ‘Why didn't they clear the building?‘ ‘The callerp 195 MP 2003
The location vans of Japanese and American television channels cruised around Chelsea Marina, waiting for blood. But the police held backp 198 MP 2003
miner's family during a pithead lockout. Their neighbours linked arms around the gate, and a second banner flew from the balconyp 199 MP 2003
exiled to the duller suburbs, the grim and bricky enclaves around Heathrow and Gatwick. The ceaseless roar of aircraft would drivep 204 MP 2003
stepped from the Range Rover, and approached a family picnicking around the tailgate of their Shogun. The parents confirmed that nop 207 MP 2003
the sirens keened through the traffic, as if the streets around us were in mourning. A Celebrity Murder The sirens soundedp 208 MP 2003
he heard the backfire of a motorcycle exhaust at or around four thirty. Minutes later, he noticed two distressed women standingp 210 MP 2003
II army issue, was entangled in a fishing net wrapped around a deflated rubber dinghy. Matching the metallic traces on thep 211 MP 2003
Who is he?‘ ‘I missed his name. His flat is around the corner from Woodlawn Road. He's a gun enthusiast. Thep 212 MP 2003
tripped in his cheap shoes, and I put my arm around his shoulders, feeling the damp fabric of his suit andp 213 MP 2003
and the cowardly complicity of the local utility companies, everyone around me was alert and determined. Kay and her fellow block-leadersp 225 MP 2003
Petrol was dripping from the Fiat's fuel tank, drops dancing around his feet. He called on the crowd to think ofp 226 MP 2003
of an exploding bonfire. Exhausted by all the emotion surging around me, I edged through the crowd and reached the pavementp 227 MP 2003
seemed to be bored by the civil uprising that unfolded around him, and watched the helicopter hovering a hundred yards awayp 227 MP 2003
exposed engine. Already a second car was burning. Flames played around its wheels and then leapt high into the air. Fannedp 228 MP 2003
flame swirled into the downdraught of the helicopter and raced around the eaves of the nearby houses. Visored police leapt thep 229 MP 2003
men to fall back. The bulldozer abandoned its victory lap around Cadogan Circle and returned to the gatehouse. Dozens of policep 230 MP 2003
the British Airways maintenance hangar. Acres of car parks stretched around me, areas for airline crews, security personnel, business travellers, anp 240 MP 2003
shadow fell across the instrument panel. A man was strolling around the Jaguar, his face hidden by the dust and dirtp 243 MP 2003
by how this restless and unsettled man could stabilize everything around him. Even as he sniffed at the kerosene-stained air Ip 244 MP 2003
you. It used to be the proles who were pushed around, and now they're trying the same bully-boy tactics on thep 245 MP 2003
Why?‘ ‘It's hard to imagine.‘ Gould studied me, eyes moving around the abrasions on my face. He was less sure ofp 246 MP 2003
trapped by categories, by walls that stop us from seeing around corners.‘ Gould pointed to the wrecked pick-up truck. ‘We acceptp 248 MP 2003
off and gripped the phone like a grenade. The air around me was clearer. The lines of parked cars, the chain-linkp 251 MP 2003
pushed himself away from the car and made a half-circle around me. ‘He was deeply shocked. In fact, he never gotp 251 MP 2003
would die.‘ ‘But not Joan Chang. He saw her running around in a panic and guessed she'd found the bomb. Atp 260 MP 2003
units had packed away their cameras. Jeers filled the air around me, and I assumed that the police were being abusedp 265 MP 2003
steaming houses, I said: ‘There are some very odd people around, Henry.‘ ‘Especially here. Chelsea Marina was incubating them by thep 267 MP 2003
like the batteries of talking toys that mimicked the voices around them. I assumed that Sally had given the housekeeper ap 270 MP 2003
hanging in the sunlight seemed to come alive, and flowed around me like an affectionate wraith. Upstairs in our bedroom ap 270 MP 2003
drinking my warm whisky and watching the dust reconfigure itself around me. I knew that I should go to the policep 271 MP 2003
hands as if he were giving himself to the sun. Around him on the walls of the living room were thep 272 MP 2003
diagrams on the living-room walls. ‘Richard ...‘ I tried to skirt around an apology. ‘I meant the hospital. The children's wing.‘ ‘Bedfontp 274 MP 2003
to clean that up. There are so many new infections around today, not all of them courtesy of Air India. I'llp 274 MP 2003
the bedroom, and closed the door behind him. I paced around the living room, which had been briefly searched by thep 274 MP 2003
some towels and peroxide in the bathroom. All these police around, they might get the wrong idea.‘ I stepped into thep 274 MP 2003
her forehead against her skull and exposing the sharp bones around her eyes. For the first time I saw the abusedp 275 MP 2003
Hungerford, the void from which Michael Ryan emerged had closed around him, enfolding him for ever. ‘Sally ...‘ Two police motorcyclists werep 279 MP 2003
kept his gliding kit there.‘ Sally stood up and walked around the bed, eyes on my footprints in the carpet. ‘Dop 279 MP 2003
Dane barked from an open tailgate. As the echoes reverberated around Cadogan Circle I almost missed the sound of a riflep 282 MP 2003
automatic pistol. ‘Dexter!‘ I stepped away from Gould and walked around the car. ‘You found the gun? I think they shotp 286 MP 2003
shouts of security men. He raised his visor and moved around the car, the pistol in his hand. I knew thatp 286 MP 2003
girls still wearing jodhpurs after their afternoon riding classes flirted around the family Jeeps and Land Rovers, teasing the well-bred boysp 293 MP 2003
the town between Weybridge and Woking that had grown up around the motor-racing circuit of the 1930s. My father had spentp 4 KC 2006
The spaces were as much inside me. Instead of dragging around Harvey Nichols with my mother, or sitting through an eternityp 5 KC 2006
-- Chertsey, Weybridge, Walton -- but no towns were visible around me, and there were few signs of permanent human settlementp 6 KC 2006
to notice me. They seemed prosperous and content, confidently strolling around a town that was entirely composed of shops and smallp 7 KC 2006
triumph -- I studied the map as the manager hovered around my table. But I was in no hurry to orderp 8 KC 2006
filled my mind as I entered Brooklands an hour later. Around me was a prosperous Thames Valley town, a pleasant terrainp 13 KC 2006
population of south-east England towards the Metro-Centre. Dominating the landscape around it, the immense aluminium dome housed the largest shopping mallp 15 KC 2006
presence was almost reassuring. For the next hour I moved around the flat, opening desk drawers and kitchen cupboards, like ap 17 KC 2006
the reception area moved into the yard, forming a cordon around the van as its rear doors opened. Swept into thep 27 KC 2006
his main audience, and he clearly relished every moment. Looking around his oak-panelled office, I wondered how his cavalier ways fittedp 29 KC 2006
history, contract bridge. They've all closed. People prefer to stroll around the mall. No one attends church. Why bother? They findp 32 KC 2006
rest of England. Does it matter?‘ ‘It matters!‘ Fairfax stepped around his desk, opened a glass cabinet behind the curtains andp 33 KC 2006
loathing of the people of the plain who had settled around him. ‘It matters ...‘ ‘Mr Fairfax ...‘ I felt sorry for himp 33 KC 2006
the shadows in the deserted square might hear him. ‘Look around you, Mr Pearson. We're facing a new kind of manp 33 KC 2006
the open door I saw half a dozen people sitting around the conference table, chairs pushed back as if they werep 34 KC 2006
must have been his idea. The lunchtime surge.‘ I gazed around the concourse, and imagined a gunman opening fire at randomp 42 KC 2006
the thought. ‘Christie is very devious. He was always hanging around.‘ ‘All the same, no one actually saw him fire thep 45 KC 2006
gas cylinders.‘ ‘Sergeant Falconer? For someone so uptight she gets around ...‘ ‘Two women leaving the staff toilet saw Christie run top 45 KC 2006
sofas, and a circle of cameras and lighting arrays grouped around a commentator's desk and the guest banquettes. ‘Consumer affairs programmep 45 KC 2006
giant screens at the football stadium. The face followed us around the dome, its sunbed charm glowing from the television screenp 46 KC 2006
photographs on his desk. ‘Tom? What's the problem?‘ I walked around the desk. ‘Family news?‘ ‘Your family.‘ Carradine pointed the receiverp 47 KC 2006
wanted herself out, free from whatever web was spinning itself around her. ‘Mr Pearson? You fell asleep for a moment.‘ ‘Rightp 49 KC 2006
I had unsettled the ramshackle construction that she had built around herself in Brooklands, a card castle of compromises and half-truthsp 51 KC 2006
the ushers. For all the urgency, Christie seemed relaxed, smiling around him with the good-humoured arrogance of a millionaire footballer acquittedp 51 KC 2006
into the darkened flat, lowering my suitcase to the floor. Around me were the few rooms, the now silent spaces ofp 53 KC 2006
carpets. A presence I scarcely knew was already arraying itself around me. Should I sleep in my father's bed? I hesitatedp 53 KC 2006
huge number of teams, and must have exhausted himself trailing around from ice rink to football stadium to athletics ground. Butp 55 KC 2006
to him, conscious of the rolled-up newspaper and the bandage around his right wrist. ‘Tell me, Mr --?‘ ‘Kumar. Nihal Kumarp 57 KC 2006
They ought to play a little Cole Porter and pass around the canapes.‘ She smiled boldly, waving away her little duplicityp 62 KC 2006
was staring through the window at two ten-year-old boys roaming around the consultants‘ car park. When one of them prised thep 63 KC 2006
than face up to whatever she was concealing. The terrace around us had filled with evening drinkers. Groups of middle-aged menp 68 KC 2006
meter. A thin-faced youth in a St George's shirt danced around him, feinting and kicking as if he was taking ap 74 KC 2006
between the two men in St George's shirts, hair loose around her shoulders, was Dr Julia Goodwin. I walked back top 76 KC 2006
I stumbled into a conspiracy that was now shaping itself around me? And had my father been one of its instigatorsp 77 KC 2006
his pen stand. He leaned towards me, huge overcoat bulking around him. ‘Forget being modern. Accept it, Richard, the whole modernistp 85 KC 2006
the crowd seemed thinner. Radios began to buzz and fret around me, the group hive coming to life in the presencep 88 KC 2006
refrigerator onto the pavement. Already a small crowd had gathered around him, mothers holding back their pointing children. A black womanp 88 KC 2006
hands. ‘Time to mount you, girlie ...‘ He seized the refrigerator around its waist, rocked it from side to side and walkedp 89 KC 2006
doors. A chauffeur in Metro-Centre livery stepped out, and strode around the car to the rear passenger door. A waiting televisionp 92 KC 2006
and the softness of his hands, which were everywhere, fluttering around him like well-trained birds, squeezing, patting, waving and saluting. Withp 93 KC 2006
The driver sprang from his seat, fastening a leather jacket around his midriff, apparently eager to join the brawl. He searchedp 94 KC 2006
that Maxted was trying to confuse me, constructing a maze around my head from a jumbled atlas of back streets andp 96 KC 2006
banned it. We formed a martial arts society to get around the ban. We called it self-defence.‘ ‘Kick and grunt? Slappingp 98 KC 2006
they're heritage London, held together by a dinner-party culture. Here, around the M25, is where it's really happening. This is today'sp 101 KC 2006
And maybe they want to go a little mad. Look around you, Richard. What do you see?‘ ‘Air-cargo warehouses. Shopping mallsp 101 KC 2006
to reach the decanter. ‘In that case, why worry? Look around you here at Brooklands. You've found the earthly paradise.‘ ‘It'sp 102 KC 2006
hope you were an only child. You've seen the people around here. Their lives are empty. Install a new kitchen, buyp 103 KC 2006
What's happening here involves entire communities. All these satellite towns around Heathrow and along the motorways. There's one thing left thatp 103 KC 2006
gripping the air as if trying to steady the world around him. ‘Dr Maxted ...?‘ ‘Nothing. Except madness.‘ Maxted rallied himself andp 105 KC 2006
all possibility of a smile. ‘Here and in the towns around Heathrow. You can feel it in the air.‘ ‘And thep 106 KC 2006
a leather restraining harness. They approached me without speaking, feinting around the furniture like dog handlers cornering an alcoholic pit bullp 110 KC 2006
dressed for the athletics field, or at least a run around the neighbourhood, though scarcely a hair or eyelash was outp 111 KC 2006
belt, beckoning the woman driver to climb the grass embankment around the security barrier. ‘It's the Metro-Centre. There's been a bombp 112 KC 2006
notice the police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines drawn up around the entrance to the underground car park. A small sectionp 113 KC 2006
approached the entrance ramp I looked back at the plaza around the Metro-Centre, now occupied by a huge crowd, drawn top 114 KC 2006
himself in any other way, like a tennis player leaping around a court as he tried to ward off defeat byp 114 KC 2006
the basement garage seemed to have changed. I had driven around for a few minutes, searching for a place, then lostp 115 KC 2006
and a clasp knife severed the fuel line. Petrol pooled around the rear tyre, a stench that made me gag. Ap 119 KC 2006
of light, and miniature flames glowed on the ground, racing around each other. The spectators moved back, hundreds of faces litp 120 KC 2006
ice-hockey claques wearing their helmets and elbow guards. I edged around the fringes of the crowd, and climbed the steps ofp 122 KC 2006
Then the boos ended, and the square fell silent. People around me were clapping and whistling their approval. A huge cheerp 122 KC 2006
Cruise could never endorse or supply. Hoots and cheers rose around the square as Tony Maxted spoke into the microphone. Butp 123 KC 2006
but in their own way. An ironic Mexican wave moved around the square in a blizzard of whistles trained by yearsp 123 KC 2006
street. Everyone ducked as the flash lit the trembling windows around the square. The aftershock thrashed the trees, sucking at thep 124 KC 2006
a louder and deeper sound, the baying of a crowd around an enemy goalmouth. Riot stalked the streets of Brooklands forp 125 KC 2006
bomber's car. She says they'll trace the owner. Who drives around with a bloody bomb in the back seat?‘ She turnedp 130 KC 2006
referee. A few supporters walked home, St George's shirts tied around their waists, bare-chested husbands arm in arm with their wivesp 131 KC 2006
frowns and grimaces. Like a child, her guilty feelings played around her mouth and bared teeth, fretting her tired eyes andp 132 KC 2006
her eyebrow. She circled the living room, warming her hands around the tumbler of brandy, smiling at the pipe stands andp 133 KC 2006
was. With one or two odd ideas.‘ ‘Interesting ...?‘ She moved around the living room, and peered into the corridor that ledp 135 KC 2006
the corridor that led to the bedrooms. ‘Can I snoop around? These days, you don't see where your patients live.‘ Ip 135 KC 2006
off for the racetrack half a mile to the south. Around me the residential streets were still silent, the suburbs ofp 137 KC 2006
tougher, more ambitious. Your voice was higher, you ordered me around. God, I needed that job. What business are you inp 140 KC 2006
concrete beach. Then I noticed that the driver had walked around the Lincoln to the offside. Both passenger doors were nowp 140 KC 2006
are millions of people out there, in all those towns around Heathrow. They're bored, they want to be tested. They've gotp 146 KC 2006
arm of his chair, and listened to the echo move around the pool. ‘They want to be punished.‘ ‘Punished, and lovedp 147 KC 2006
by the surgeon's sharp-eyed wife. She had spotted me pacing around an empty bedroom as she poked and pried, and misreadp 152 KC 2006
cheered on the massed sports teams that strutted and wheeled around the Metro-Centre car parks, they straightened their shoulders as thep 155 KC 2006
seemed tired but at ease, as if events taking place around him confirmed everything he had expected. There was a growthp 164 KC 2006
see at night.‘ ‘Fair point,‘ Sangster conceded. ‘Go on.‘ ‘Move around during the day. Disciplined crowds, everyone on best behaviour. Ip 165 KC 2006
the goose-stepping Brownshirts, the ranting fuhrer? I don't see them around.‘ ‘They don't need to be.‘ Sangster watched me with ap 167 KC 2006
along the M25, sooner or later the noose will tighten around London and choke it to death.‘ ‘What about the policep 169 KC 2006
already chosen. His chat-show act, based on scripts I tailored around him, might be a performance, but it validated the hungerp 177 KC 2006
salary.‘ ‘Well, not a good idea.‘ ‘I won't order you around. Anyway, you've earned it. Sales and viewing figures are upp 178 KC 2006
your time.‘ Cruise followed me to the door, an arm around my shoulders. ‘Someone told me you were off to Londonp 181 KC 2006
happened to the superintendent? I haven't seen you driving him around.‘ ‘He's on indefinite sick leave.‘ Sergeant Falconer tried to stepp 186 KC 2006
out to take the round, but I closed my hands around her fingers, pressing the warm bullet into her soft palmp 186 KC 2006
house was to look for black eyes and broken windows. Around the Metro-Centre the sports-club marshals, dubbed honour guards by Tomp 189 KC 2006
now an integral part of the Brooklands festival. I paced around the lounge, staring at my father's framed photographs and logbooksp 192 KC 2006
suffocated. Schemes and conspiracies were leaping out of trap doors around me, then evaporating into mist. I needed to clear myp 199 KC 2006
be the star of his own towering inferno. The engineers around him looked vaguely embarrassed, but Cruise was completely sincere, thep 204 KC 2006
a burly man who left his engine running. He stared around him, bald head almost glowing in the dark, then recognizedp 207 KC 2006
too often, maybe a Kosovan who's seen his wife slapped around.‘ Maxted accelerated down the narrow drive, then braked sharply asp 208 KC 2006
and paranoia. Now, what's happening here?‘ The traffic was moving around a Range Rover parked outside a Tudor-style mansion. A gangp 210 KC 2006
Who want to?‘ ‘The police! They're closing the dome!‘ All around me the cry was taken up, a fearful mantra thatp 212 KC 2006
I peeled off my bloody sock and tied my handkerchief around my foot. I watched the marshals rallying their teams, admiringp 214 KC 2006
to the police and journalists waiting behind the security cordon around the dome. Finally he gave in, silencing Julia when shep 222 KC 2006
any sense of time. The treasure house of consumer goods around us seemed to define who we were. I hobbled alongp 223 KC 2006
the night patrols began to swear and stamp their way around the dome, torches searching the empty stores and cafes forp 223 KC 2006
shambling figure with its babyish face followed the young manager around like an ambitious fight promoter with a promising featherweight. Tonyp 226 KC 2006
that separated the seventh floor from the sky. Rumours swerved around the Metro-Centre, phantoms that flew by day. I dozed forp 231 KC 2006
me forward. I looked down to find the water swilling around my ankles. The lake had come alive, its surface rollingp 235 KC 2006
working at the fuse box that controlled the lighting arrays around the roof and terrace. Bars of strip neon glowed andp 235 KC 2006
don't get it.‘ ‘Dear man ...‘ Julia placed her worn hands around mine, for once glad of the physical warmth. ‘Emergencies don'tp 239 KC 2006
something for you to do.‘ ‘Julia ...‘ I put my arm around her shoulders, trying to steady her. ‘How is Cruise?‘ ‘Notp 239 KC 2006
George's shirts had entered the first-aid post and were strolling around the ward. Ignoring Tony Maxted, they began to read thep 240 KC 2006
Not a diamond stud pinched, not a Rolex trousered. Look around you. These aren't consumer goods -- they're household gods. We'rep 241 KC 2006
light that lit the entrances to the stores and cafes around the atrium. They were immigrants to a new country; alreadyp 243 KC 2006
fluctuate with public interest in the siege. The television crews around the dome had been drifting away for weeks, and ap 245 KC 2006
of the entrance hall, and the shadows veered and swerved around me like a demented dance troupe. ‘Richard ...‘ Only a fewp 248 KC 2006
Smiling like an indulgent parent, he put a protective arm around my waist. ‘Too many strange dreams. Far too many ...‘ ‘Theyp 250 KC 2006
carrying the five bodies. Armed marshals stood in a circle around the golf cart, ears tuned to the distant sounds ofp 250 KC 2006
asleep when a shot sounded from the central atrium, echoing around the upper circle of galleries. There was an erratic burstp 253 KC 2006
Tell Him ‘We're closing the shop, Richard.‘ Tony Maxted paced around the cluttered treatment room, waving away the stench from thep 255 KC 2006
him. He waited for a gunshot to echo its way around the atrium and said: ‘Four days ago. We did everythingp 255 KC 2006
I thought of the ventilator pumping away, and Julia tiptoeing around the oxygen tent. ‘How did they know he was deadp 256 KC 2006
easy. The context ...‘ ‘Fuck the context! Tell him!‘ Julia stepped around the table towards Maxted and picked a knife from thep 257 KC 2006
the bears. Loyal supporters too weak to work, they wandered around the dome, rattling the grilles of the empty supermarkets inp 267 KC 2006
jerrycan sat on the landing above the stairwell, petrol slopped around it. A police helicopter drifted over the dome, throwing itsp 269 KC 2006
cocked, and I held the pistol grip, easing my forefinger around the trigger. I peered into the darkened shop. A womanp 269 KC 2006
a man who burst from the darkness, and seized him around the waist. He threw her aside and emerged into thep 269 KC 2006
that covered the atrium seethed and swirled, billows chasing themselves around the bears. The siege was ending. Exit Strategies At lastp 271 KC 2006
to believe their eyes. Flames rose from the seventh-floor galleries around the atrium, lazy blades of light that seemed to wakep 274 KC 2006
blades of light that seemed to wake together and race around the high keep of the retail citadel. Soon the topp 274 KC 2006
barely able to keep awake, watching the TV news, hobbling around the flat and cooking boiled eggs that I found waitingp 277 KC 2006
was glad to be with Julia, and slipped my arm around her waist. ‘Richard ...?‘ ‘Sorry, I was dreaming. What happened top 277 KC 2006
last bonfire of the consumer gods. I watched the spectators around me, standing silently at the railing. There were no Stp 280 KC 2006
colonise the nearby rooms off the veranda, building narrow ledges around the walls which carried the miniature railway lines ever deeperp 22 ML 2008
something only Chinese women did. If she was driving us around Shanghai in the family Packard, and stopped to buy Americanp 23 ML 2008
canted floor. I could hear the bombing and gunfire all around Shanghai, and see the vast pall of smoke that layp 26 ML 2008
and lunging with their fixed bayonets into the crowds pressing around them. Later, when I was eight or nine and beganp 28 ML 2008
was eight or nine and began my long cycle rides around Shanghai, I was careful to avoid provoking the Japanese soldiersp 28 ML 2008
bayonets of the Japanese soldiers who guarded the perimeter checkpoints around the Settlement. As soon as the fighting ended, the Cathedralp 28 ML 2008
over me. I began to take longer and longer rides around the city, using the excuse that I was visiting thep 29 ML 2008
pedestrians. Everywhere I turned, a cruel and lurid world surged around me. Shanghai lived above all on the street, the beggarsp 29 ML 2008
quarter-tone music wailed from Chinese theatres and bars, fireworks crackled around a wedding party, a radio blared out the speeches ofp 29 ML 2008
networks of eroded trenches, crumbling earth blockhouses and abandoned villages. Around our feet when we stepped from the cars was thep 30 ML 2008
what seemed like a mattress of silk -- the soil around him had been endlessly washed and rinsed by the rainsp 33 ML 2008
which for most people lies inside their heads, lay all around me, and I think now that my main effort asp 35 ML 2008
school where I would pretend to steer my docile nag around a figure-of-eight course, all the beast could remember; the premierep 35 ML 2008
response to the greater tension I sensed among the adults around me. The outbreak of war in Europe and, later, thep 40 ML 2008
claimed not to have known of my dangerous cycle trips around Shanghai, but many of her friends recognised me and wavedp 44 ML 2008
Avenue, and my father burst into my bedroom. He stared around wildly, as if he had never seen my room beforep 54 ML 2008
my stride, but my father was clearly rattled. He raced around the house, shouting at the servants and at my motherp 54 ML 2008
him in his office he took me for a walk around the Cathedral cloisters nearby. Eventually a middle-aged White Russian joinedp 55 ML 2008
Their long garden ended at the barbed-wire fence first erected around the Settlement in 1937 and now in disrepair. Helped byp 58 ML 2008
officers in the Kempeitai came to our house and strolled around in their highly polished boots, my father watched them withoutp 61 ML 2008
with a few Belgians and Dutch, sitting with their suitcases around the swimming pool, many of the women in their furp 63 ML 2008
long months far from the nearest bar. Together we waited around the swimming pool, sitting at the tables where the Americanp 63 ML 2008
Keen to greet schoolfriends I had recognised in the crowd around the bus, I left my parents to their new domainp 65 ML 2008
the internees seemed. All this would change, but the people around me were enjoying a ramshackle and rather pleasant holiday. Ip 65 ML 2008
at school, were in beachwear. There were few Japanese guards around, and most of the camp administration was left to thep 66 ML 2008
each other. Later, still in a daze, I was shown around the camp by schoolfriends. There seemed to be humour, orp 66 ML 2008
from the fierce fighting that had taken place in and around the buildings of the training college. Over the next yearp 68 ML 2008
my mother and father were happy to let me roam around the camp for as long as I wanted. In manyp 68 ML 2008
billeted that he constructed a cubicle like a beggar's hovel around his narrow bed. This was his private world that hep 69 ML 2008
along with him, but regarded my endless curiosity and roaming around the camp as a waste of time and energy, andp 70 ML 2008
of almost any age, could talk to anyone else. Striding around E Block or the assembly hall with my chessboard, Ip 70 ML 2008
or so was my usual score, forming a double perimeter around my plate and visibly reducing my portion of boiled ricep 75 ML 2008
toothbrush moustache, spectacles and slightly popping eyes, he would cycle around Lunghua on a tandem bicycle with his small son, alsop 77 ML 2008
commandant, in which he describes (in English) his horse rides around Shanghai and sends his warm regards. After the war myp 78 ML 2008
been a small child, a stability that the adult internees around me had done little or nothing to create. I feltp 81 ML 2008
was cut, and a second inner barbed-wire fence was built around the central cluster of buildings that housed the unmarried interneesp 92 ML 2008
school classrooms had lost their glass during the 1937 battles around Lunghua. Somehow my father persuaded parents to contribute whatever oldp 93 ML 2008
bring any coal to fuel the chatty. In my roamings around the camp I found a broken Chinese bayonet, a handlep 94 ML 2008
were hoping to find sanctuary in Lunghua. Starving families sat around the gates, the women wailing and holding up their skeletalp 96 ML 2008
though, the camp's reason for existence had passed. I wandered around the ruined buildings with Cyril Goldbert, listening to him describep 104 ML 2008
The camp fell behind me more quickly than I expected. Around me was a silent terrain of abandoned paddy fields andp 105 ML 2008
lost interest in me. Whistling to himself, the plastic belt around his neck, he stepped over the trussed body of thep 107 ML 2008
Chinese to her tribe of amahs, as the dogs bounded around her. The gates were ajar, and I walked up thep 108 ML 2008
piece of furniture and kitchen equipment in place. I walked around the airless rooms, watching the sunlight play on the swirlsp 109 ML 2008
pre-war Scotch whisky. I remember live chickens strutting and squawking around the hall until they were seized by the cook andp 112 ML 2008
armed shore parties of American sailors and marines were moving around Shanghai. The German family who lived in the house acrossp 113 ML 2008
of Shanghai, and would take me with them on trips around the city, visiting the stockades where Japanese soldiers and Chinesep 113 ML 2008
by a Chinese business friend, and I began to pedal around Shanghai again. I often went out to Lunghua airfield, andp 113 ML 2008
of American servicemen filled the bars and nightclubs and careered around the streets in their jeeps and trucks. Pedicabs had appearedp 115 ML 2008
I had read and heard about. Small, putty-faced people moved around, shabbily dressed and with a haunted air. Looking down fromp 121 ML 2008
buses were black with grime. Looking at the English people around me, it was impossible to believe that they had wonp 123 ML 2008
regional accents that took a trained ear to decode. Travelling around the Birmingham area, I was amazed at how bleakly theyp 125 ML 2008
the Battle of Britain. Everything about English middle-class life revolved around codes of behaviour that unconsciously cultivated second-rateness and low expectationsp 125 ML 2008
to me, and to the boys sitting at the desks around me, in the wartime years. Continuous upheavals had unsettled familyp 129 ML 2008
was modelled on a master named Balgarnie, a familiar figure around the school during my years there. When Hollywood made itsp 130 ML 2008
his face turning bright pink and then purple. Yet all around him was the desperate poverty of the Black Country, withp 131 ML 2008
and the growing threat of nuclear war. All this pressed around me, but I was stuck in a deeply provincial outpostp 133 ML 2008
thrown to desperate children. I once climbed through the fence around a British airfield and crept into one of the parkingp 138 ML 2008
Security was lax, and none of the service crews was around. There was a four-engined bomber with a tricycle landing gearp 138 ML 2008
posing as one, and often drove in a friend's car around the US airbases. No one seemed aware that the nostalgicp 148 ML 2008
the fleets of American bombers waiting in the quiet fields around the city. At the end of my second year Ip 149 ML 2008
visit the National Gallery, as part of her intellectual roaming around London. I wish I had seen her. Gallery tours arep 155 ML 2008
shared my experiences, and the European war was still everywhere around us in a hundred bomb sites. I had always detestedp 161 ML 2008
lessons in officers‘ mess etiquette (we would be Britain's ambassadors around the world as well as becoming nuclear bomber pilots), andp 162 ML 2008
the frozen haze. The British trainees were happy to loaf around, but the French and Turkish trainees demanded to be sentp 164 ML 2008
press releases, conference reports, annual bulletins from leading research laboratories around the world and publications put out by UN scientific bodiesp 190 ML 2008
no part in their job description. Chris, by contrast, raced around his laboratory in American sneakers, jeans and a denim shirtp 212 ML 2008
equipped with electronic sensors that could lumberingly make their way around his studio. He once rang me from Tokyo, and Ip 221 ML 2008
aware of the countless miracles of life that take place around them every day. I think of myself as extremely luckyp 225 ML 2008
beaches and under poolside umbrellas, in hotels and restaurants, walking around cathedrals from Chartres to Rome and Seville. Claire is ap 232 ML 2008
and offered me the gallery for a month. I drove around various wrecked-car sites in north London, and paid for threep 239 ML 2008
on which the guests could watch themselves as they strolled around the crashed cars. I agreed, and suggested that we hirep 239 ML 2008
teenager. I had, and still have, vivid memories of cycling around Shanghai, exploring empty apartment buildings, and trying unsuccessfully to fraternisep 249 ML 2008
nightclubs and dinner parties. Although I spent my time roaming around Lunghua Camp, I had little idea of large areas ofp 249 ML 2008
Dassin wisely called a halt to the discussion. He passed around pieces of paper and asked us each to write downp 263 ML 2008
life and work. Most of it was filmed in and around Shepperton, but I spent a week in Shanghai with thep 265 ML 2008
on an air-conditioned bus and car and smooth our path around any obstacles. Without their navigation skills we might never havep 265 ML 2008
at street level the old Shanghai that I had cycled around as a boy. The Park Hotel, overlooking the former racecoursep 267 ML 2008
had been built, and the old ones refurbished. I wandered around the site for an hour, ignoring my camera but takingp 273 ML 2008
the ley lines of the imagination in his heroic walks around London, making the connections between Templar churches and the archaicp 274 ML 2008