He glanced back at Louise. She leaned forward to catch Aragon's replies, holding her hair against her cheek. ‘Not for fivep 54 CW 1966
deck -- you may have seen it on the river?‘ Aragon's face gave nothing away. He shrugged vaguely. ‘It could belongp 57 CW 1966
directions. It's many times the previous size.‘ The driver in Aragon's car cut his engine. As the headlamps faded Sanders satp 120 CW 1966
deaths, the pencil marks on the sheets of paper were arbitrary curved lines of graphite, representing ideas which existed only inp 100 NZ 1959
Sure enough, they measured the progress of time through twelve arbitrary intervals, but this seemed barely adequate grounds for outlawing themp 152 CH 1960
selection of the capital penalty for one count was purely arbitrary.‘ Malek nodded, moving a piece. ‘So you have explained, Mrp 516 EG 1963
a planet based on ‘The Word‘. Far from being an arbitrary stunt, Burroughs's cut-in method is thus seen as the mostp 127 UGM 1964
of water and canned food. At this time -- an arbitrary interval he imposed on the neutral landscape -- he wouldp 673 DF 1966
this glaciated silence the white walls of the apartment fixed arbitrary planes. She began to dress, aware of his eyes staringp 39 YCM 1966
the hospital casualty department. Why was he buying up these arbitrary leases on derelict sites all over the city? It wasp 42 JAC 1970
round surface of her left buttock. Their curvatures seemed as arbitrary and as meaningful as the wounds on my chest andp 29 C 1973
Vaughan's scar-tissue, fused together in the same way along these arbitrary seams, contours of sudden violence, I retched emptily over ap 207 C 1973
beach. He was aware of the complex timetable of apparently arbitrary journeys that Foster and his wife embarked upon each dayp 974 OAU 1978
way to Shanghai, and by all the confusions of the arbitrary peace imposed on the settled and secure landscape of thep 296 ES 1984
our childhood in Saudi Arabia twenty years earlier, and the arbitrary traffic checks carried out by the religious police in thep 11 CN 1996
with the tribe. In some ways he's become an umpire, arbitrating in their various feuds. How he does it I haven'tp 437 QR 1963
on their hangers like the drowsing inmates of some exquisite arboreal zoo. Sometimes she thought of commissioning her little Mercurian tailorp 341 PE 1962
on their hangers like the drowsy inmates of an exquisite arboreal zoo. Today something had disturbed them. The racks of modelp 796 SGW 1970
gravity reawakens the long-forgotten but deep-laid anxieties felt by our arboreal ancestors, the ever-present fear of falling off the branch intop 230 UGM 1979
above me, answered by the chittering hoot of a small arboreal mammal. I climbed through the branches that pinned the Salammbop 110 DC 1987
accepting its constraints and never seeking to dominate the towering arbors of the forest, in a sense of externalization of theirp 458 QR 1963
fat man introduced Tony. ‘Lucille, take him up to the arbour and give him a run through.‘ Tony tried to protestp 346 PE 1962
Quickly, Tony turned and backed up the stairway to the arbour. ‘Lucille,‘ he reminded her firmly, ‘this is strictly cultural, rememberp 346 PE 1962
seemed to Falkman like some sleeping enchantress in a magical arbour. He gripped the silver foot rail of the coffin andp 564 TP 1964
the erect nipples. Seizing me with her body in this arbour of glass, metal and vinyl, Helen moved her hand insidep 80 C 1973
pathways, each of which would carry him to some paradisial arbour. Knowing that unless he reached the shelter of the Jaguarp 53 CI 1974
interior of the fuselage seemed to Melville like a magical arbour, the grotto-like cavern within some archaic machine. Sitting beside Helenp 817 DFW 1974
memorial, tending the vines and blossoms in this dark, humid arbour. His involvement with this strange trio surprised Halloway, but hep 899 UC 1976
breaker's yard and spent all night refurbishing. Surrounded by an arbour of flowers, the dead child in her lavish hand-carved casketp 917 UC 1976
single file towards a flower-bed freshly dug in a secret arbour among the trees. The good-humoured mongol was in the leadp 49 UDC 1979
paper. Touched by this little rite, I stepped into the arbour. Alarmed, the children turned to face me. Rachel threw thep 50 UDC 1979
might be dead. Yet from that afternoon, in the deserted arbour, sprang my determination to prove that had I ever beenp 50 UDC 1979
the white flag like a snare, and disappeared through the arbour towards the river. I entered this shady bower and approachedp 82 UDC 1979
I sat in the twilit grave. Around me the secret arbour of the crippled children glowed like an illuminated side-chapel inp 117 UDC 1979
at my feet. The three children sat in the shadowy arbour, deformed cherubs in a mortuary garden. An almost tangible miasmap 193 UDC 1979
birds. In the late afternoon a small stag entered the arbour and tottered on skeleton legs towards the grave. It staredp 196 UDC 1979
across the undisturbed skies of Cape Kennedy. In this peaceful arbour, surrounded by the drowsing inmates of the zoo, he listenedp 1059 MSA 1982
slender saplings of bamboo formed a cool waterside garden, an arbour filled with succulents and passion-flowers. I walked through this charmingp 121 DC 1987
as if she too had just been born into this arbour. Her smooth limbs and pensive eyes had also sprung fromp 121 DC 1987
of her neglected breasts, had transformed the blind into an arbour of adolescent lust. She thumped his head with her elbowp 133 RP 1994
to clear, when a fierce hissing emerged from the narrow arbour where he and Mrs Saito had lain together. She wasp 214 RP 1994
annunciator. I followed Hennessy into the sitting room, a chintzy arbour of fluffy rugs and elegant lampshades. Packing chests stood onp 148 CN 1996
zone of eternal snow and ice, of pine forests whose arbours, fed by the unsetting sun, rose even higher around thep 669 DF 1966
five miles inland Dr. Sanders could see the dark green arbours towering into the dull air like immense cypresses, sombre andp 12 CW 1966
mistletoe. Gradually I transformed the rooms into a series of arbours, from which she presided over our festivities like the madonnap 868 S 1976
find to celebrate their affection for me. Each of these arbours contains a fragment of my flying suit or a smallp 9 UDC 1979
of bungalows and small houses formed a series of green arbours, the entrances to a friendly labyrinth. Here and there ap 41 UDC 1979
the branches of the banyan tree, teenagers climbed into the arbours of orchids and gourds into which the abandoned cars hadp 140 UDC 1979
other partners; fathers dallied with their daughters in the leafy arbours outside their houses; mothers caressed their sons as they saunteredp 170 UDC 1979
the Marat/Sade posters and the blown-up photographs of Diane Arbus dwarves, shrieking at Peter Lykiard as he arrived with ap 194 KW 1991
only was the repetition interval getting shorter, but as the arc edged inwards on itself it was uncovering the real timep 19 E 1956
the willing clerk, of some macabre nemesis struck like an arc between the point of my pencil and the vellum ofp 103 NZ 1959
traversed it for most of the day. He divided its arc into ten equal segments, the effective daylight hours, marking thep 150 CH 1960
outer circle was now almost complete. A narrow segment, an arc about ten feet long, was missing, but otherwise the lowp 190 VT 1960
to echo softly, waves of muted sound fell from the arc lights and echoed off the benches and furniture below. Etchedp 191 VT 1960
slowly. He was about to speak when a brilliant white arc crossed the darkened window, then soared out of sight, itsp 238 DE 1961
ruin, trying to regain its balance. Moving in a sharp arc, it backed straight toward the opposite pavement, where the Bethlehemp 64 WFN 1961
dreams expanded until it filled his brain like a thousand arc lights. It seemed endlessly distant, yet somehow mysteriously potent andp 322 13C 1962
window, and watched the landing craft swing in a diminishing arc around the base. While it berthed by the jetty Riggsp 44 DW 1962
had been dismantled by the previous divers, and the semi-circular arc of doors which led into the foyer was open. Keransp 104 DW 1962
Kerans, the knife driving through the air in a short arc like the tip of a propeller. Beatrice screamed, her voicep 149 DW 1962
formed a straight line, following the shore, rather than an arc. ‘They're not watching anything at all.‘ The off-shore haze wasp 432 RE 1963
glare stung his eyes, points of retinal light began to arc and swerve across the sky in epileptic orbits. One ofp 433 RE 1963
The edge of the desk was just visible, the proximal arc of the cone enclosing part of a silver inkstand andp 463 TT 1963
of light around the curtains had filled his brain like arc lights. He waited for the glare to subside, realizing thatp 655 GTN 1964
and ‘turning into coloured glass‘ were exactly truthful. The long arc of trees hanging over the water dripped and glittered withp 609 IM 1964
into a brilliant palimpsest. Our craft moved in a wide arc towards the quay, where a score of power cruisers werep 610 IM 1964
around it. As it flew over, disappearing in a wide arc on the glowing tide of air, Philip waved to Quilterp 85 D 1965
helmsman cut his engine, and the motor-boat drifted in an arc toward the bank. Dr. Sanders walked down to it, leavingp 52 CW 1966
jungle facing the white-framed buildings of the town. The long arc of trees hanging over the water seemed to drip andp 68 CW 1966
brilliant palimpsest of colours. The craft moved in a wide arc toward the quay, where a group of launches were beingp 69 CW 1966
Halfway down the staircase I could see into the library. Arc lights had been set up on the floor. They bathedp 731 CHC 1967
taking up their own obscene pose. Beyond the blaze of arc lights the woman in the yellow wig slipped from thep 731 CHC 1967
in her hand. Over-excited by the intense light from the arc lamps, the pigments had almost boiled off the surface ofp 733 CHC 1967
jacket. Before she could fire I kicked one of the arc lights across her feet. The room spun like a collapsingp 733 CHC 1967
emerging swathed in bandages that were rolled back before the arc lights to reveal a frozen teenage mask. In her grimp 798 SGW 1970
its brassiere cup, the small ulcer that marked the lower arc of her nipple, were framed within the cabin of thep 80 C 1973
clearly see a fire or flare. Maitland watched the glowing arc of a cigarette butt thrown down the embankment from ap 0037 CI 1974
location units from the film studios had set up its arc lights. ‘The birth-rate here is about to soar, Blake --p 99 UDC 1979
roared into life, propelled the tiny aircraft in a scurrying arc among the burning wrecks, setting off the Spad and Bleriotp 1059 MSA 1982
plane righted itself, towed its black plume in a wavering arc above the empty fields, and then plunged into the riverp 193 ES 1984
ahead, a spur of the line ran in a wide arc towards the ceramics works, concealing them from the town. Thep 325 ES 1984
avoided her eyes and let the ferry complete its sternward arc. When we lay beam-on to the current, I disengaged thep 182 DC 1987
VW. A warped propeller blade appeared, bent into a graceful arc. Edward wiped the mud from his arms and chest. Leaningp 294 KW 1991
bottle and a half of vodka.‘ ‘So what Joan of Arc was to the English soldiery you are to the pharmaceuticalp 89 CN 1996
of the winged woman screaming to her followers on the Arc de Triomphe. The sculpture had deeply impressed her during ap 43 SC 2000
Thousands of cassettes lay in the street, steaming in the arc lights, tapes uncoiling among the broken glass. We set offp 99 MP 2003
stage. The walls glowed with the electric white of an arc furnace, and a hundred shadows flinched behind the seats. Inp 121 MP 2003
-- lover, incendiarist, fomenter of pocket revolutions, suburban Joan of Arc, which she struggled to control like a team of unrulyp 212 MP 2003
was up and running, and Kay was our Joan of Arc. She'd switched off the voices in her head, all thosep 254 MP 2003
cowed labrador at the tailgate window. In the glare of arc lights I recognized a bank manager and his wife fromp 265 MP 2003
set off northwards, his smile dying in the blur of arc lights, authentic in his insincerity. The Metro-Centre Like all greatp 36 KC 2006
and their supporters from the motorway towns. Under the evening arc lights there would be a ‘Thames Valley Olympics‘, featuring footballp 87 KC 2006
was a night of important sports matches: the arrays of arc lights above the football and athletics stadiums blazed through ap 108 KC 2006
by the police and army commandos. Sparks from a welding arc showered through the gloom, dancing among the glass and metalp 248 KC 2006