else could they be preparing for? And why did the Arab-Israeli war end in only two days? How old is thisp 780 CA 1968
of Perfect Light Movement, 453; attempted intercession by HRH in Arab-Israeli war, 444; HRH designs tomb, 478 Jesus Christ, HRH comparedp 943 I 1977
their fifties, clipped from the financial pages of a local Arab-language newspaper. In a corner, behind one of the double doorsp 299 SC 2000
both this face and body and Karen Novotny's apartment? Dune Arabesque. Later, walking across the dunes, he saw the figure ofp 41 YCM 1966
alligators crawling around in broken bottles and tin cans, neon arabesques of motels, marooned pimps scream obscenities at passing cars fromp 126 UGM 1964
ballet class of younger wives were practising their fouettes and arabesques. They would end the session bouncing in their leotards top 252 CN 1996
line of waiting cars I remembered our childhood in Saudi Arabia twenty years earlier, and the arbitrary traffic checks carried outp 11 CN 1996
surface like the floor of some perfumed pool in the Arabian Nights. ‘Just after we ran to search for the helicopterp 617 IM 1964
surface like the floor of some perfumed pool in the Arabian Nights. All the furniture was covered by the same glacep 86 CW 1966
yuccas three hundred yards away was a line of six Arabian camels. Four of them carried riders on their rolling humpsp 61 HA 1981
annuals. Later, when I was seven or eight, came The Arabian Nights, Hans Andersen and the Grimm brothers, anthologies of Victorianp 180 UGM 1992
Most of the children's books I read, such as the Arabian Nights, the Grimms‘ fairy tales and The Water-Babies, were deeplyp 19 ML 2008
transforming this derelict casino into a magical cavern from the Arabian Nights tales. But it held a deeper meaning for mep 58 ML 2008
while he argued with the police in his sarcastic professorial Arabic, unsettling our nervous mother. Smuggling was one activity we hadp 12 CN 1996
his skull for a glimmer of light. ‘He was taking Arabic and Spanish classes so he could talk to the childrenp 27 SC 2000
second voice bellowed abuse in a pidgin of Russian and Arabic. I stepped to the inner balustrade and peered into thep 71 SC 2000
The bare desk was flanked by empty medicine cabinets and Arabic posters warning against the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. Janep 152 SC 2000
talked to each other in a creole of French and Arabic, their scent drifted over my table, a dream of hourisp 155 SC 2000
Above the door was a small ceramic plaque bearing an Arabic inscription, and I realized that this modest suburban house wasp 11 KC 2006
preparation for her marriage to an ambitious young historian and Arabist. Prophetically, the collection came to a sudden end a yearp 56 CN 1996
held the surface together and provided a secure foothold for arable crops against the erosive forces of rain and wind, thep 150 WFN 1961
these uneasy riders on their strange mounts? Were they Asiatic Arabs who had moved through the Himalayas and the Gobi Desertp 62 HA 1981
of the sunset, Steiner's face seemed as weathered as the Arabs‘, all the secret routes of a continent in its deepp 62 HA 1981
and its cargo of dolls, he advanced upon the stoical Arabs with all the menace and dignity of Rodrigo Diaz out-staringp 13 CN 1996
Lebanese restaurant, a popular rendezvous and pick-up point for rich Arabs sailing down the coast from Marbella. While Crawford waited inp 163 CN 1996
I remade Jane's lipstick before showing her off to the Arabs lolling with their women on the white-leather after-decks of theirp 40 SC 2000
Afterwards we'll go to the Casino and watch the rich Arabs pick out their girls.‘ ‘I like rich Arabs. They're extremelyp 69 SC 2000
the rich Arabs pick out their girls.‘ ‘I like rich Arabs. They're extremely placid. All right -- but I have top 69 SC 2000
studying the microlight seaplanes moored to the wooden piers, restless Arabs on the terrace of the Carlton, bored with sex andp 107 SC 2000
weekend. They set up a late-night brawl with the local Arabs in the fruit market.‘ He watched me make my wayp 130 SC 2000
at Eden-Olympia. And the racial crimes?‘ ‘Raiding parties, usually against Arabs and blacks -- ratissages, Halder calls them. Action groups drivep 247 SC 2000
being stopped and robbed. Genuine accidents happen, though hating the Arabs doesn't help. Still, you've put together quite a dossier. Havep 247 SC 2000
together and organize an armed robbery or beat up some Arabs.‘ ‘Just for kicks?‘ ‘No. That's the curious thing. None ofp 247 SC 2000
on Monday mornings, but clear, confident heads.‘ ‘Tough on the Arabs, though.‘ ‘True. But on the whole the immigrant community benefitsp 260 SC 2000
seizing a motor yacht owned by a family of Omani Arabs. They sailed the gaudy vessel to the Iles de Lerinsp 279 SC 2000
cars, running feet, doors being hurled from their hinges, startled Arabs in alcoves and shocked women staring across dishevelled beds. Thep 296 SC 2000
of it?‘ ‘Murders?‘ ‘The video you were playing. The three Arabs in the garage looked awfully dead.‘ ‘No, Paul.‘ Penrose loweredp 298 SC 2000
take part in the actions? The attacks on blacks and Arabs in La Bocca?‘ ‘No.‘ Frances grimaced into her cupped handsp 336 SC 2000
like a madhouse, but as soon as I'd fed the Arachnid and straightened out one or two pH gradients the restp 3 PB 1956
block. Reclaiming some of the tanks, I'd come across the Arachnid, thriving on a diet of algae and perished rubber tubingp 3 PB 1956
a young botanist of twenty-five Mandel had discovered the prime Arachnid in the Guiana forest. The orchid took its name fromp 3 PB 1956
which the orchid's calyx emitted at pollination time. The first Arachnid orchids beamed out only a few random frequencies, but byp 3 PB 1956
though, after he went deaf he never looked at an Arachnid. That morning I could almost understand why. The orchid wasp 3 PB 1956
praying, she moved towards the display counter on which the Arachnid stood. ‘How beautiful it is,‘ she said, gazing at thep 4 PB 1956
the orchid and looked down into its malevolent head. The Arachnid quivered and the spines on its stem arched and flexedp 4 PB 1956
plants in chorus about itself. I had never heard the Arachnid sing before. I was listening to it open-eared when Ip 5 PB 1956
skin aflame, the insects in her eyes writhing insanely. The Arachnid stretched out towards her, calyx erect, leaves like blood-red sabresp 5 PB 1956
round her quickly and switched off the argon feed. The Arachnid sank to a whimper, and around us there was ap 5 PB 1956
these plants aren't equipped for grand opera.‘ She watched the Arachnid as the gas drained out of its calyx. One byp 5 PB 1956
others without it. Anyway,‘ I added, trying to smile, ‘that Arachnid would be dead in ten minutes if you took itp 5 PB 1956
They were, and I had a shrewd idea why. The Arachnid was completely out of control, and by the time I'dp 6 PB 1956
The Ring of the Niebelungs played by Stan Kenton. That Arachnid went insane. I'm sure it wanted to kill her.‘ Harryp 6 PB 1956
shop. As I knew she would, she stopped by the Arachnid and levelled her eyes at it. I wanted to seep 6 PB 1956
armageddon. Jane came in every morning to look at the Arachnid, and her presence was more than the flower could bearp 7 PB 1956
thresholds. They needed exercise and they had to have the Arachnid to lead them. But instead of running through its harmonicp 7 PB 1956
think they like you,‘ I told her. ‘At least the Arachnid doesn't. Your voice may move men to strange and wonderfulp 7 PB 1956
four hours to fill the order. ‘You're better than the Arachnid,‘ I congratulated her. ‘How would you like a job? I'llp 8 PB 1956
Let's go and have a drink.‘ ‘Let me try the Arachnid,‘ she suggested. ‘That would be more of a challenge.‘ Herp 8 PB 1956
music I had heard before, but only in overture. The Arachnid had grown to three times its size. It towered ninep 10 PB 1956
we went down and found the shop in darkness. The Arachnid had shrunk to its normal size. The next day itp 11 PB 1956
I followed her across the floor and switched on the Arachnid's audio so that she could hear it. Immediately the plantp 4 PB 1956
in perfect harmony. There were only about a dozen true Arachnids in captivity most of the others were either mutes orp 3 PB 1956
watch. ‘What would you charge for such a trip, Captain ...?‘ ‘Aragon.‘ The tall man took a partly smoked cheroot from behindp 53 CW 1966
a few minutes they argued over the price, then agreed. Aragon started his motor, and shouted: ‘I'll see you at thep 53 CW 1966
set off up-river in the speedboat. Dr. Sanders sat beside Aragon in the front seat, while Louise Peret, her dark hairp 53 CW 1966
motor lifted the craft high out of the water, and Aragon leaned forward, watching the surface for any floating logs. Therep 53 CW 1966
the tidal limits of the river, some ten miles inland, Aragon slowed down so that they could watch the water morep 54 CW 1966
villages. ‘This is quite a boat, Captain,‘ Dr. Sanders complimented Aragon, as the latter changed fuel tanks to preserve the balancep 54 CW 1966
changed fuel tanks to preserve the balance of the craft. Aragon nodded, steering the boat past the remains of a floatingp 54 CW 1966
it is. What do you use it for? Diamond smuggling?‘ Aragon turned his head, casting a sharp eye at Sanders. Despitep 54 CW 1966
a sharp eye at Sanders. Despite the latter's reserved manner, Aragon seemed already to have made his own judgment of thep 54 CW 1966
Doctor, but too late now.‘ ‘Why do you say that?‘ Aragon looked up at the dark forest draining all light fromp 54 CW 1966
going on up there? Have they found a new mine?‘ Aragon gave a laugh at this, and then steered the boatp 55 CW 1966
You saw the dead man in the harbour this morning?‘ Aragon paused for half a minute before replying. At last hep 55 CW 1966
a friend of Mlle. Peret.‘ ‘Of Mlle ...?‘ With a grimace, Aragon sat forward over the helm. Shortly after one thirty, whenp 55 CW 1966
Perhaps because of this, any conversation between them had lapsed. Aragon sat by himself, staring out at the water that sweptp 55 CW 1966
choice.‘ ‘Of course ...‘ She drew him away from the window. ‘Aragon -- he can see us here.‘ The lace curtain layp 57 CW 1966
into the corner. Later, when they returned to the motor-boat, Aragon met them halfway down the pier. ‘We should leave, Doctorp 57 CW 1966
A battalion? That's a lot of men, Captain.‘ He offered Aragon a cigarette from his case as Louise walked on aheadp 57 CW 1966
know -- a European called Ventress.‘ He looked up at Aragon. ‘There was a large motor-cruiser with a cannon on thep 57 CW 1966
him, was he lying on a raft, by any chance?‘ Aragon inhaled slowly on the cigarette, watching Sanders with some respectp 58 CW 1966
was he covered with the crystals from head to foot?‘ Aragon gave him a grimace of a smile, revealing a goldp 58 CW 1966
might have very important consequences. You see what I mean?‘ Aragon smoked his cigarette, watching the crocodiles that lay in thep 58 CW 1966
prevent any more tragic accidents.‘ Just before they started off Aragon turned to Dr. Sanders and said: ‘I was wondering, Doctorp 58 CW 1966
narrowed to little more than a hundred yards in width. Aragon reduced the speed of their craft to a few knotsp 60 CW 1966
view again a quarter of a mile ahead of them, Aragon cut the throttle and began to turn the craft towardp 60 CW 1966
of soldiers waited by the jetty, leaning on their rifles. Aragon hesitated, turning the boat in a slow spiral. ‘What nowp 61 CW 1966
in toward the wharf between the two landing craft, and Aragon threw the lines up to the waiting soldiers. As theyp 61 CW 1966
whether in uniform or out. The sergeant greeted Louise and Aragon, consulting a slip of paper. ‘Mile. Peret? Monsieur Aragon? Wouldp 62 CW 1966
and Aragon, consulting a slip of paper. ‘Mile. Peret? Monsieur Aragon? Would you come this way? Captain Radek would like ap 62 CW 1966
into a small waiting room and beckoned to Louise and Aragon. ‘Mlle. -- please make yourself comfortable. I will have somep 63 CW 1966
if you wait here. I'll find out all I can.‘ Aragon waved to Sanders. ‘We'll see you later, Doctor. I'll keepp 63 CW 1966
mean ...‘ She embraced Sanders hurriedly and walked back to where Aragon sat in the speedboat, talking to two of the soldiersp 67 CW 1966
he dragged Radek from the helicopter. Then, too, he remembered Aragon tapping his eye-tooth and saying ‘Covered --? My tooth isp 117 CW 1966
native driver. ‘Dr. Sanders ...?‘ he asked. ‘Are you all right?‘ ‘Aragon!‘ Sanders opened his door and started to get out, butp 120 CW 1966
Sanders opened his door and started to get out, but Aragon motioned him back. ‘Captain -- I'd almost forgotten. Is Louisep 120 CW 1966
-- I'd almost forgotten. Is Louise with you? Mademoiselle Peret?‘ Aragon shook his head. ‘She's with the other visitors at thep 120 CW 1966
might come out this way, I've been watching the road.‘ Aragon moved aside, so that the light from his car's headlampsp 120 CW 1966
saluted her with a flourish and drove off. ‘Louise -- Aragon said you were coming this morning.‘ Louise reached him. Smilingp 132 CW 1966
Louise failed to notice the lepers sitting in the shadows. ‘Aragon told me you'd been caught in the forest,‘ she wentp 133 CW 1966
made their journey to Mont Royal. The tall figure of Aragon stood at the helm, letting the boat drift on thep 174 CW 1966
him, feeling the wallet in his jacket. As he reached Aragon the latter waved to him, then started his motor andp 175 CW 1966
Puzzled by this, Sanders walked on, and then saw that Aragon was taking the craft down-river to the point of thep 175 CW 1966
at last, repeating the phrase he had first used to Aragon. Half an hour later, as they moved off up-river, Sandersp 175 CW 1966