dividing into the great suburban arteries with their multi-acre parking aprons around the marketing centres. Together the roadways and car parksp 414 SM 1963
unswerving geometry, and before the finite areas of the car-park aprons. As I drove home with Catherine from the hospital Ip 49 C 1973
the possibilities I had revealed to her. From the concrete aprons of the parking lots and the roofs of the multi-storeyp 77 C 1973
haunting the approach roads to the airport. From the parking aprons of the filling stations along Western Avenue I watched thep 107 C 1973
They look like signals ...‘ Wayne pointed to the ragged white aprons that were draped against the steep ridges cutting the roofp 114 HA 1981
kingdom of light waited to be born from those concrete aprons among the fens. Miriam's sister, Dorothy, and her husband werep 164 KW 1991
to the jetty, deciding that the comparison was less than apt. Although Quilter spent as much time watching the river asp 7 D 1965
projector. The simulated newsreels of auto-crashes and Vietnam atrocities (an apt commentary on her own destructive sexuality) illustrated the scenario ofp 19 UD 1968
a psychiatrist, and in many ways it seems only too apt that my guide to this ‘intelligent‘ city in the hillsp 3 SC 2000
Orient, love of, 188; patriotism, renunciation of, 276; public speaking, aptitude for, 345; self-analysis, 234-67; underdog, compassion for, 176; will-power, 87p 942 I 1977
consisted of little more than one nearly finished symphony -- aptly titled Opus Zero -- shortly to receive its first performancep 116 SS 1960
committed themselves to remaining behind. They were now entering the aqua incognita, with only a few rule-of-thumb principles to guide themp 77 DW 1962
sales, swimming pool discounts and the opening of a new aqua-park. A lawnmower sounded from a nearby garden as the rovingp 37 SC 2000
smile. ‘Come, my dear, I'll make you queen of the aquacade, with an escort of fifty divine crocodiles.‘ Beatrice looked awayp 101 DW 1962
are no bathing beauties here, Doctor, this isn't the local aquadrome. Wait a minute, though, I mustn't be ungallant and forgetp 101 DW 1962
to appear at the dead of night in flippers and aqualung Strangman lost patience and decided to anticipate him. ‘We'll pickp 96 DW 1962
A second scow was filled with diving equipment -- both aqualung and suit -- pumps and a telephone. A diving cagep 97 DW 1962
Admiral, two of the crew made a preliminary dive in aqualungs. They climbed down the metal ladder into the water andp 99 DW 1962
by the halo of its own reflection in the glassy aquamarine. It sailed towards the north-west, cleared the reef and setp 201 RP 1994
gardens, tractor depots and villa projects. I passed a half-completed Aquapark, its excavated lakes like lunar craters, and a disused nightclubp 15 CN 1996
ideology -- there isn't one. But all these ads for aquaparks and swimming pools ... they're the real enemy. They subvert everythingp 361 SC 2000
and stood for a moment by the first shop, an aquarium called ‘The Nouvelle Vague‘, watching the Angel fish and Royalp 484 VH 1963
environment than a handful of pebbles and water-weed in an aquarium, and its extinction would leave Philip Jordan with a repertoryp 21 D 1965
and thought to himself: they'll wake the dead. The Drowned Aquarium They approached the gates of the zoo. Whitman stopped thep 50 D 1965
cutting at Ransom. He stepped into the entrance to the aquarium. Faint sunlight filtered through the matting laid on the frostedp 50 D 1965
of the drowned eddying past each other. He crossed the aquarium and stepped into the service unit. A narrow yard ledp 50 D 1965
opposite him, his back to the watery light from the aquarium tanks. At times part of his head seemed to bep 84 YMC 1966
them the light flared through the walls of the empty aquarium tanks. Helen Clement felt his hard fingers on her elbowp 42 JAC 1970
had become more and more preoccupied, moving between this abandoned aquarium and the hospital casualty department. Why was he buying upp 42 JAC 1970
Christian epoch, and that we are entering the sign of Aquarius, a period of confusion and psychic chaos. He remarks thatp 497 VH 1963
month? Don't tell me you've forgotten?‘ ‘Early June,‘ Ransom said. ‘Aquarius?‘ ‘Cancer,‘ Catherine corrected. ‘The sign of the crab, doctor, thep 128 D 1965
this pastoral glimpse of the sisterhood under the sign of Aquarius. I, in turn, was watching Nora Warrender. She held thep 64 DC 1987
ascendancy of amphibian and reptile forms best adapted to an aquatic life in the lagoons and swamps, inverted the ecological balancesp 23 DW 1962
crocodiles and alligators, amphibian creatures at home in both the aquatic and terrestrial worlds, who symbolize for the hero of thep 199 UGM 1963
suburbanites were exotic marine creatures with the dream-filled minds of aquatic mammals. Around these placid housewives with their tamed appliances everythingp 41 UDC 1979
wife, sailing grandly through the crowded water, part of my aquatic congregation. Now they sat among my flowers, concerned only withp 99 UDC 1979
through an ample basin of washed granitic marl, well-stocked with aquatic life. The warm waters offer a friendly refuge to snakesp 151 DC 1987
that the people of Shepperton were a new form of aquatic mammal, creatures of a new Water Babies. ‘You're Tom, thep 123 KW 1991
ways had never needed to grow up. Rare species of aquatic mammals such as the manatee were his speciality, and hisp 42 RP 1994
outboards at its stem like the genitalia of a giant aquatic machine. His engine-tuning over for the day, Gunnar Andersson stoodp 138 CN 1996
tritons and stylized fish, inexplicably hauled up the mountainsides like aquatic sundials or the altars of a bizarre religion devised byp 7 SC 2000
late sixties, quietly laying the cement bricks of the miniature aqueduct that would carry water from the stream to the reservoirp 79 RP 1994
on endless errands, and he crossed the runway to the aqueduct of cement and plastic tubing which the elderly Australian couplep 83 RP 1994
elderly Australian couple were building. Despite their work on the aqueduct, Major Anderson and his wife drank only the bottled mineralp 83 RP 1994
Major Anderson and his wife continued to work at their aqueduct. The yacht-crews waited under their awnings, and even Bouquet andp 90 RP 1994
members of the sanctuary, thanks to their work on the aqueduct. They were provided with a tent, mattresses and camp bedsp 99 RP 1994
for you and Kimo to clear the ferns above the aqueduct. There's far too much to do ...‘ Nevertheless, Dr Barbara's plansp 105 RP 1994
the lagoon. Water ruled from the zinc cascade of the aqueduct, inaudible against the breaking waves. Dr Barbara strode through thep 111 RP 1994
filters, and his further analysis of the liquid in the aqueduct confirmed that the camp's water supply was contaminated by faecalp 154 RP 1994
She set out along the forest path below the disused aqueduct, barely visible only ten feet in front of him, strongp 167 RP 1994
to provoke him, and then poisoned the water in the aqueduct with her own excrement ... They stepped through the screen ofp 167 RP 1994
to the runway and waited among the trees beside the aqueduct. Usually the women sat by the camera-tower, where they litp 227 RP 1994
hundred feet below Lake Kotto had created a huge underground aquifer flowing from Lake Chad. This subterranean channel would not onlyp 17 DC 1987
return to Lagos to await repatriation to England. The great aquifer beneath Lake Kotto, perhaps an invisible tributary of a thirdp 19 DC 1987
reached the water-bearing strata below the lake, tapping the giant aquifer that would carry a third Nile into the Sahara? Ip 46 DC 1987
flow. Sooner or later the hydraulic levels within the subterranean aquifer would even themselves, and this mysterious creek would dry outp 70 DC 1987
Only then would I seal the mouth of the underground aquifer that I had opened, and close the door upon thep 112 DC 1987
at an elevation of 35 degrees in the south-west, between Aquila and Ophiuchus, the conjunction began. Bridgman continued to search thep 368 CS 1962
identify Macready, only with an effort managed to place his aquiline features, like a face dimly remembered across the span ofp 152 DW 1962
you think the ancients, from Plato to Shakespeare, Aristotle to Aquinas, were able to cram so much work into their livesp 181 VT 1960
wondering how long it would take the corpses -- whether Arab or European he had no means of telling -- top 681 DF 1966
by an olive-skinned man in the midnight-blue uniform of an Arab airline pilot. A thin stream of urine trickled involuntarily betweenp 22 C 1973
landmarks to her. ‘There's the Ford Building, Anne, and the Arab Quarter. If you look closely you can see the Lincolnp 15 HA 1981
us in his white robe, half pirate chief, half old Arab navigator -- Steiner certainly knows his atlas of the heavensp 89 HA 1981
by this river, black Africa will move north against the Arab world.‘ He sat back, arms outstretched to touch the riverp 93 DC 1987
into Aden three days later. William Lingard vanished mysteriously when Arab traders cracked the navigational riddle of the Berau and tookp 115 UGM 1991
around a white onion-bulb roof, an invasion of a new Arab architecture that owed nothing to the Maghreb across the Straitp 16 CN 1996
tease him about his exile to this curious world of Arab princes, retired gangsters and Eurotrash. ‘Frank, of all the placesp 17 CN 1996
She wrestled helplessly with a thickset man with a hairy Arab back who seized her shoulders and threw her on top 126 CN 1996
steps that led down to the marina. A party of Arab visitors were returning to their craft in the short-term harbourp 142 CN 1996
my smartly-cut safari suit, run up for me by an Arab tailor in Puerto Banus. ‘I wanted to ask if youp 273 CN 1996
worldly power of Eden-Olympia and the deprived lives of the Arab immigrants in Cannes La Bocca had driven Greenwood into ap 11 SC 2000
histories would make your hair curl. A lot of those Arab girls were fearfully abused.‘ ‘Thanks, I'd rather not see themp 67 SC 2000
to cover up.‘ Tiring of me, Meldrum stared at the Arab yachts in the harbour. ‘For once, you can believe thep 129 SC 2000
things?‘ She laughed at my naivety. ‘Those girls used him. Arab street children are completely ruthless. He had money and theyp 137 SC 2000
through the shabby streets of La Bocca, with their melancholy Arab men haunting the doorways. I was glad to be withinp 153 SC 2000
and the crowds on the Croisette, the Volvo dealers and Arab playboys and orthopaedic surgeons, would form themselves into a disciplinedp 156 SC 2000
around me once I crossed the Rue d'Antibes. Off-duty chauffeurs, Arab pushers and out-of-work waiters filled the narrow bars. They playedp 157 SC 2000
with his conference name-tag on his breast pocket, watched the Arab factory workers bargain-hunting among the bored whores. I followed thep 158 SC 2000
at Port-la-Galere. He was unarmed, and ducked when a confused Arab searching for his glasses ten feet from us was clubbedp 162 SC 2000
scene filmed in an underground car park, where an elderly Arab in a grey suit lay on the concrete floor besidep 238 SC 2000
little odd.‘ ‘Odd? Their idea of fun is beating some Arab pimp half to death.‘ ‘But there's nothing vicious in itp 250 SC 2000
saw a woman tourist in Cannes being mugged by an Arab youth, and went to her rescue. While she called thep 259 SC 2000
At weekends they'd start brawls in Maghrebian bars, trash any Arab cars that looked unroadworthy, rough up a Russian pimp orp 260 SC 2000
point. They grasp the value of ...‘ ‘Beating up an out-of-work Arab? Some labourer with a wife and four children living inp 262 SC 2000
transfer. By the way, I assume you picked out the Arab yacht they set alight?‘ ‘So vulgar. A floating brothel. Ip 283 SC 2000
joined in, Paul. You'd have fun beating up some rich Arab.‘ ‘I doubt it.‘ I wanted to calm her, and tookp 283 SC 2000
at the house?‘ ‘With their uncles, now and then ...‘ ‘Migrant Arab labourers? It's hard to believe.‘ We were climbing the heightsp 290 SC 2000
To the French he's a negre, while I am an Arab ...‘ He stared bleakly at the party, and then rallied himselfp 294 SC 2000
was one other mark against him.‘ ‘He was just another Arab? Still, Yasuda is Japanese. There are Hong Kong and Singaporep 343 SC 2000
stuff going on -- nasty child porn, rapes of young Arab wives ...‘ ‘The police will step in.‘ ‘They're looking the otherp 344 SC 2000
widows, the girls at the refuge, brutalized whores and assaulted Arab workmen. Yet, despite myself, I still admired Penrose, and thep 360 SC 2000
confidence. She nodded, lit a cigarette and stared at the Arab yachts. Meanwhile, the first graffiti and damaged surveillance cameras atp 362 SC 2000
pastis too many after a football match and give some Arab a good kicking -- it fires you up. Your wifep 377 SC 2000
Halder to park his Range Rover behind me. Groups of Arab and eastern European men smoked their cigarettes, while the youngp 380 SC 2000
at a brisk pace. Ten steps behind her a young Arab followed with quick strides, like a messenger with an urgentp 380 SC 2000
Senora Morales and Philippe Bourget, the wives and brothers of Arab labourers who met their deaths in the dark streets ofp 390 SC 2000
City high-flyers, or surgeons with their own clinics and rich Arab patients flying in from the Gulf. Very few are self-employedp 78 MP 2003
talk of an Islamic group protesting against the vilification of Arab peoples in Hollywood films. Once again, thanks to luck andp 143 MP 2003