was on drugs, Mr Prentice -- the drugs that society approves. Sanger and the Hollingers made her into quiet little Princessp 141 CN 1996
He nodded to each of them in turn, as if approving their presence on his quarter-deck. In turn they glanced upp 60 D 1965
car swayed across the camber Trippett nodded to himself, thoroughly approving of the whole arid landscape. He took his daughter's handp 1015 NFS 1981
the river. In the grass nearby, a head nodded twice, approving this strategy. Jim lay rigidly, the last of the chocolatep 335 ES 1984
me show you what we're testing.‘ Watched by the schoolgirl's approving but arch eyes, he took me rapidly through the experimentp 86 KW 1991
inches from his shoulder blades, arms outstretched to catch the approving roars of the arena, which the older Spaniards were alreadyp 153 KW 1991
young angel of Saint-Esprit.‘ Didier stopped to inspect Neil, evidently approving of his mosquito bites and skinned knuckles. ‘It's thanks top 109 RP 1994
the inflatable's mooring line and helped the women ashore, eyes approving their strong teeth, broad hips and rude health, the manageressp 206 RP 1994
uneasily sank his teeth into the meat and returned their approving smiles, aware that his real part in this intense dramap 227 RP 1994
High Air Applause eddied across the rows of guests, an approving murmur barely audible above the flapping of the canvas marqueep 355 SC 2000
the shirt gripped my chest like the embrace of an approving parent. Neon Palaces I sat in my car outside Brooklandsp 80 KC 2006
with absolutes.‘ ‘Quite right, Malek. I agree entirely.‘ Constantin nodded approvingly at the supervisor and privately noted his quizzical expression, thep 518 EG 1963
behind him. ‘A grand turnout, James,‘ his sister told him approvingly. ‘Twenty cars altogether, not including the private ones.‘ Falkman thankedp 564 TP 1964
charm, like a chromium-plated replica of the Berengaria. The author approvingly quotes Dr Edward Teller's sly remark about the Friends ofp 164 UGM 1974
only when he had reassembled the weapon. Ogden watched him approvingly, relieved to see the young soldier's total dedication to hisp 978 OAU 1978
clearly stood a foot taller than himself. Then he nodded approvingly. ‘Right ... Professor Summers, forget about the seismograph just for nowp 59 HA 1981
eyes taking in everything like a busy broom. She smiled approvingly at Peggy, who was holding a crude metal bucket solderedp 38 KW 1991
while I still had the chance. The private watched me approvingly, brushing a fly from my shoulder. His ragged uniform wasp 58 KW 1991
with sad eyes, like a disappointed child-molester.‘ ‘Good.‘ Peggy nodded approvingly. ‘At last you're meeting the real King's. Did he putp 81 KW 1991
When I carried it back to the patio Miriam nodded approvingly. I sat beside her and blew through the sandy keysp 142 KW 1991
the telephone when a BBC producer called, and watched Sally approvingly. He seemed glad that I had become the lover ofp 194 KW 1991
other to the shallow end. Mrs Shand beamed at them approvingly. ‘Handsome boys,‘ I commented. ‘Friends of yours?‘ ‘Gastarbeiters. They're stayingp 133 CN 1996
a bribe, but that sounds so ungenerous.‘ ‘Good.‘ Paula nodded approvingly as she re-tied her scarf and adjusted her cleavage inp 188 CN 1996
it knows its name.‘ ‘I'll think about that.‘ She nodded approvingly at the sun-loungers and tables. ‘It must be the cleanestp 226 CN 1996
the window and the hold-all between his legs. He nodded approvingly as I fastened my seatbelt. ‘Sensible, Charles. I do admirep 235 CN 1996
intensive care unit, part medical dispensary. As Crawford watched me approvingly I realized that his character-reading was all too accurate --p 265 CN 1996
using a confused mix of Spanish and English. She nodded approvingly as I took the soda-water siphon and a bottle ofp 47 SC 2000
A man strolling around with one shoe on.‘ Halder nodded approvingly at my deductive powers. ‘He may have taken off thep 57 SC 2000
was playing a game out of sheer bravado.‘ Halder nodded approvingly, pleased by my progress through the obstacle course. ‘Go onp 187 SC 2000
same thing? Eden-Olympia as an air-conditioned Sinai ...?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Penrose pointed approvingly at me, the alert student in the front row ofp 256 SC 2000
be barked, eyes blacked ...‘ ‘But no bones broken.‘ Penrose nodded approvingly. ‘I wish you'd been with me, Paul. You obviously havep 259 SC 2000
bus depot in Golfe-Juan. Under the sodium glare Frances smiled approvingly at me. ‘You look so smart, Paul. Even your wifep 289 SC 2000
and produced a tumbler from her desk drawer. She nodded approvingly as I inhaled the heady vapour. ‘Poor man -- youp 48 MP 2003
Speed humps?‘ ‘Maintenance charges. They're going sky high.‘ She nodded approvingly. ‘Kay's locked the manager in his office. The poor manp 75 MP 2003
the effort. Also ...‘ ‘It's not intellectually respectable?‘ ‘Exactly.‘ She nodded approvingly. ‘We need some principles. Anyway, one of the lifts hasp 79 MP 2003
Like the poor in a Glasgow tenement?‘ ‘Exactly.‘ Kay nodded approvingly at me, and reached out to pat my wrist. ‘Livep 86 MP 2003
Tom ...‘ He guided me towards a nearby travelator, and nodded approvingly when I mounted the walkway without stumbling. He waved geniallyp 39 KC 2006
to the dome. Parking outside my father's flat, she smiled approvingly when I crossed the gravel, stick supporting me as Ip 277 KC 2006
in the air traffic controllers‘ washroom in Terminal 3. 22) Approx. 5 ft 7 in, aged thirty-three, slim build, albino skinp 1101 ATQ 1985
Service tills in Oxford Street, Knightsbridge and Earls Court. 32) Approx. £275,000 in three weeks. 33) Porno videos. He tookp 1102 ATQ 1985
but remarkably even, a consequence of the generous zoning densities (approx. two acres per house) and the absence of those cheapp 9 RW 1988
swimming pools, projection theatres and optional stables, each sold for approx. £590,000) of a number of similar estates in Berkshirep 13 RW 1988
his equipment and set off towards the north-west, in the approximate direction of the campong. The ground rose before him. Suddenlyp 450 QR 1963
South, Long, 60 West. He remembered that this was the approximate position of Campos Buros. Tabulated by year, month and dayp 454 QR 1963
column of vapour, then began to carve it into the approximate contours of a woman's head. He seemed more nervous thanp 752 CSC 1967
the summit of his art and imagination, in fact closely approximate to conditions of natural pathology. Marriage of Freud and Euclidp 76 THF 1969
from dead fibres of fixed colour and texture that can approximate only crudely to the vagrant human figure, but from livingp 797 SGW 1970
perspex or vulcanite measuring 5 by 2 1/2 inches, approximate in shape to that of an erect penis and, ifp 17 C80 1970
was the series of stains of organic origin, in the approximate pattern of the girl's left and right hands, on thep 37 RW 1988
to be imperceptible? The slower a clock, the nearer it approximated to the infinitely gradual and majestic progression of cosmic timep 62 DW 1962
went over to the safe. Massive and ancient, it was approximately three feet wide and deep. Once it had been paintedp 197 LW 1960
and that at 45,000 feet the air speed is approximately 45 mph at the equator and 30 mph over thisp 54 WFN 1961
upon line of the small metal doors appeared and receded. Approximately twenty of the blocks, those immediately below ground zero, werep 595 TB 1964
and power the installations. These safaris into the past cost approximately a milllion dollars a minute. After a few brief journeysp 806 GTS 1972
to Sanger. ‘Median depth is now three feet, Professor, rising approximately at one inch per hour.‘ He spoke in a lightp 55 DC 1987
Pangbourne lies five miles to the northwest of Reading and approximately thirty miles to the west of London. Despite its titlep 12 RW 1988
June 25 survived the murderous half hour which began at approximately 8:23 a.m. The Missing Children I looked atp 16 RW 1988
to Braidwood's records, the daily calorie count in 1944 was approximately 1500, and fell sharply to 1300 during 1945. I canp 76 ML 2008
found. Timelessly the sand swept towards him, its shifting contours, approximating more closely than any other landscape he had found top 365 CS 1962
about the world outside the apartment block, though its nearest approximation was to be found in the dissecting-room at the anatomyp 107 HR 1975
of the Louvre in Paris, discovered on the morning of April 19, 1965, caused a scandal of unprecedented proportions. A decadep 574 LL 1964
crash barrier Soon after three o'clock on the afternoon of April 22nd 1973, a 35-year-old architect named Robert Maitland was drivingp 7 CI 1974
the car emerged from the vault of the tunnel the April sunlight had rainbowed across the windshield, momentarily blinding him ... Hisp 8 CI 1974
the wire. High above him, almost contiguous with the clear April sky, was the concrete span of the overpass, its broadp 29 CI 1974
lumbered through the tunnel of the overpass, its diesel braying. April 24th ... Saturday! The weekend had begun. He had crashed onp 44 CI 1974
and a greenhouse sky, the summer of 1995 ran from April to October. A hundred million Europeans basked on the sandp 1139 LTP 1989
a pillar of Fleet Street and the Garrick. Then, in April 1939, a few months before the outbreak of war, Searlep 105 UGM 1990
classy beginnings. The Comic Magazine, first published, appropriately, on 1 April 1796, contained a Hogarth print in every monthly issue, whichp 76 UGM 1991
of the Martian voyage. So, at 3.35 pm on April 29, 2008, the Zeus IV appeared in the California skyp 1177 MFM 1992
asked me to take a week's leave. This was in April, a month earlier. He said he was going to ap 136 SC 2000
to hunt deer. We were amazed.‘ ‘When was this?‘ ‘In April, about a month before he died. He often went top 146 SC 2000
the trashing of an unofficial gypsy caravan park. In an April 12 entry he reported: Local derby at an out-of-town footballp 194 KC 2006
conspicuous. At any level, politics is a herd game ... On April 30: There's a limit to the infiltration I can carryp 196 KC 2006
parallel roadways merged below the buildings, forming a continuous concrete apron. Here and there were the remains of cigarette kiosks, rustingp 158 CH 1960
They drove up to it, turned into a circular concrete apron below the cabin and backed up against one of thep 123 SS 1960
the tall, angular figure of the psychologist crossing the concrete apron between the chalets, head bowed pensively in the sharp sunlightp 138 ZT 1960
of one of the Bartok quartets whined fretfully across the apron. Larsen went back to the desk and sat down, elbowsp 139 ZT 1960
garage door and driven his car out on to the apron. Going back for the thermos which he had left onp 140 ZT 1960
ground as he strolled to the rim of the concrete apron a hundred yards away. The mountains behind loomed up enormouslyp 141 ZT 1960
had calmed him down, then dragged him back across the apron to the lounge window and made him accept that hisp 142 ZT 1960
slammed the front door back and stormed out across the apron, determined to have everything out with Bayliss and demand anp 146 ZT 1960
at the two figures, standing on either side of the apron like half-animated dummies in a waxworks tableau. The figure withp 147 ZT 1960
yards out in the desert beyond the edge of the apron. Gasping for breath, he dropped to one knee behind ap 147 ZT 1960
doubles. The outcropping ran diagonally to the edge of the apron. Crouching forwards, he scurried along it, pausing at intervals top 148 ZT 1960
his window and disappeared. Larsen reached the edge of the apron, which was built on a shallow table about a footp 148 ZT 1960
dark outline of the migration officer's helicopter parked on the apron fifty yards away. ‘I know,‘ Holiday said in a boredp 237 DE 1961
extinct now?‘ Holiday stared out at the helicopter on the apron, at the lights of the settlement reflected against the saltp 238 DE 1961
the bed, producing a brochure from the pocket of her apron. ‘I want to order the baby's cot,‘ she told himp 259 MF 1961
noticed his efforts. Elizabeth stepped out of the gate, an apron around her waist, and hurried towards them. Freeman tried top 262 MF 1961
and shooting expeditions. The helicab put him down on the apron outside the entrance. Massive steel columns reached up to ap 344 PE 1962
into the sink. After parking his car on the supermarket apron at seven o'clock the next morning, Franklin carefully emptied hisp 417 SM 1963
who normally parked their cars along the perimeter of the apron were avoiding the area under the enclosure, the cars describingp 418 SM 1963
burnt into the cement. Here and there, where the concrete apron had cracked, a line of palms hung in the motionlessp 594 TB 1964
yards away the striped blue Cessna stood on the concrete apron like a brilliant dragonfly. ‘I didn't realize you were comingp 598 TB 1964
departure point for other worlds. Giant jets rest on the apron beside the pier, metallic ciphers whose streamlining is a codep 28 UGM 1966
of a white American car setting off across the tarmac apron beyond the control house, where the shells of the oldp 35 AW 1966
hard shoulder. Once free, he set off towards the parking apron of a supermarket built on an elevated deck across thep 138 C 1973
blood-smeared chest, festering on his pallid stomach. They formed an apron of pubic hair that reached from his limp testicles top 204 C 1973
and mucilage. The instrument panel was covered with a black apron of human tissue, as if the blood had been sprayedp 224 C 1973
slings. His shirt clung to his chest like a wet apron. At the same time a cold euphoria was coming overp 16 CI 1974
She was wearing an ankle-length dress and a long gingham apron, her hair drawn back off her severe face and tiedp 167 HR 1975
Together, each removed something from the deep pocket of her apron. In their bloodied hands they carried knives with narrow bladesp 168 HR 1975
roused Laing from his reverie. Wiping his hands on his apron, he hurried into the bedroom. ‘It's all right -- dinnerp 171 HR 1975
wearing antique gaiters and goggles, a butcher in a white apron who was giving away the last of his meat top 157 UDC 1979
of deeds and catalogues. The girl, wearing an old-fashioned leather apron, worked hard on her hands and knees, meticulously sweeping upp 1003 HFF 1980
yards from the control tower, a young woman with an apron around her waist stood on the concrete runway, lost inp 1020 NFS 1981
elderly reconnaissance planes and converted bombers sat on the concrete apron, all that was left of the once invincible air wingp 187 ES 1984
mind long before I steered the Harvard from the parking apron. Snow lay across Moose Jaw airfield, draped like overnight laundryp 99 KW 1991
serviceable Harvard at the Nato training base was on the apron. The ground crews moved along the line of aircraft withp 99 KW 1991
left Captain Hamid of the Turkish Army moved from the apron. He scowled at the odour in his open face maskp 100 KW 1991
sat across me, wearing her little slip like a masonic apron, steering my penis inside her with one hand as shep 114 KW 1991
In Miriam's bed.‘ Trying to control myself, I untied her apron and slipped my hands beneath her shirt, feeling the smoothp 167 KW 1991
nurse indignantly turned off the tap, her skirt and starched apron damp with the flying drops. ‘Doreen, why did you dop 276 KW 1991
face and placed them firmly in her hands. A concrete apron sloped from the road to the aluminium shutters of ap 21 SC 2000
I gripped the sack and pulled it onto the cement apron. A second vent, large enough to take a child's indexp 61 SC 2000
upended the sack and let the powder flow across the apron. A second bullet lay between my knees, apparently of thep 62 SC 2000
brushed away the loose grains of powder and felt the apron beside the doors. The smooth cement had been faintly scoredp 62 SC 2000
picking his fillet steaks as the carver in a bloodied apron sliced at the leaking red muscle. A side of lambp 374 SC 2000
the South Gate entrance, watching the shoppers cross the wide apron that surrounded the mall, a vast annular plaza in itsp 37 KC 2006