my own initiative. I shall consult the Council at the appropriate moment later, when I can offer them a practicable propositionp 382 WT 1962
stunt, Burroughs's cut-in method is thus seen as the most appropriate technique for this marriage of opposites, as well as underliningp 127 UGM 1964
probably wonder what I was doing, but it seemed an appropriate moment to test the validity of the sacrament.‘ He gesturedp 625 IM 1964
from the selection panel, realizing that these were the most appropriate captions. Thus embroidered, the charts took on many layers ofp 596 TB 1964
serge fabric. The darker material in some way seemed more appropriate to his present meeting with Suzanne than his cotton tropicalp 129 CW 1966
someone of your age it's not easy to find the appropriate donor ...‘ ‘But, Doctor --‘ For once Dr Knight's reasoning bewilderedp 690 TIM 1966
the universe -- but Crusoe's ship would have been more appropriate, don't you agree?‘ ‘Why?‘ Judith glanced at the sand inundatingp 712 TMY 1966
avoided for aesthetic as well as practical reasons‘. Given the appropriate situation, all is well, and the extended description of thep 256 UGM 1969
for a last glimpse of what remained of Vaughan seemed appropriate. I visualized them touring the car-parks and expressways marked inp 223 C 1973
saga, with parents, husbands, wives and children demoted to an appropriate supporting role. Free now to experiment with the dramatic possibilitiesp 226 UGM 1977
giving me a wary smile. Everyone in surprisingly good humour, appropriate to the home of Mark Twain. Anne is wearing herp 93 HA 1981
the pool. As the landing-craft advanced towards them, it seemed appropriate that the final struggle between Kagwa and Harare should takep 252 DC 1987
prisons they resemble, are so often burdened with the least appropriate names. As I drove through the gates of Summerfield Hospitalp 258 KW 1991
Japanese cotton mills and the German engineering works, were swiftly appropriated and put to use. The great trading houses opened theirp 64 KW 1991
as a taxi-dancer in the world's largest nightclub in Osaka, appropriately named ‘The Universe‘. Unidentified Radio-source, Cassiopeia. Karen Novotny waited asp 34 AW 1966
of his insecurity, the fear that his last hiding place, appropriately in the centre of this alienating city, would be takenp 92 CI 1974
I wait now with so much longing to be freed. Appropriately enough -- though the irony then escaped me completely --p 864 S 1976
at the aircraft speeding through his fists, then King Kong, appropriately in his death-throes, and even Manson himself in blue suitp 197 HA 1981
be calling you." The chief magistrate was a Brighton butcher appropriately named Mr Ripper. As expected, he humiliated the literary witnessesp 105 WIWa 1990
strip had surprisingly classy beginnings. The Comic Magazine, first published, appropriately, on 1 April 1796, contained a Hogarth print in everyp 76 UGM 1991
the Japanese commandant, Mr Hyashi, had his headquarters -- now, appropriately, his office was the headmaster's study. Forty-five years had turnedp 176 UGM 1991
persuader, the British gunboat: in this case an armed paddle-steamer, appropriately named the Nemesis. A few volleys of cannonballs brought thep 218 UGM 1991
recognized the same inner expression, the same attitude of tacit approval. They were all glad he was going. Not one ofp 205 LW 1960
selection of material. Nothing would be printed without her first approval. ‘Don't worry,‘ she had said lightly. ‘Our agreement will applyp 220 S5 1961
men carried hip-flasks, and once they secured the sergeant's grudging approval they would bring them out and settle down placidly untilp 13 DW 1962
rail, looking down at the beautiful supple body with ungrudging approval. Noticing him, Beatrice pulled off her sunglasses, then tightened thep 25 DW 1962
the creek. As the splash died away a cheer of approval went up from those below. Catching his breath, Strangman buttonedp 131 DW 1962
his clouding mind with a keen need to earn Maitland's approval. He raised the bottle in a toast, and leaned blearilyp 94 CI 1974
ranks in line, this constantly dangling carrot of friendship and approval. The thought of these exclusive residents, as high above himp 53 HR 1975
he had once been keenly interested -- if anything, Laing's approval had inspired Wilder to develop the idea into a provisionalp 56 HR 1975
she was waiting for Royal to give some indication of approval, though she never seemed concerned by either praise or criticismp 135 HR 1975
observation deck, ready to celebrate a recent triumph. Without Royal's approval or foreknowledge, a raid had taken place on the floorsp 140 HR 1975
and propeller to be mounted above the cockpit. Nodding his approval, Halloway noticed that the museum of cars was already showingp 902 UC 1976
in his bedroom. Flattered by Halloway's concern, he watched with approval from his balcony as Olds manhandled a generator into thep 904 UC 1976
the reclamation zone. Still keen to earn the old industrialist's approval, Halloway took him on a tour of the neighbourhood, proudlyp 914 UC 1976
the future nose in the attempt to obtain Her Majesty's approval for a particular one. The principle here was rather likep 18 QER 1976
play with and express their fantasies‘ -- presumably with Lucas's approval, and Star Wars may well be more prophetic than Ip 16 UGM 1977
under pressure -- are sensitive above all else to the approval of their professional peers, and no more give way top 273 UGM 1979
Catholic mysticism. This last strain had presumably gained her the approval of the Mother Superior. Whenever I saw Dr Valentina myp 1005 HFF 1980
his high-backed chair fifteen feet away from them, nodding in approval. Only Anne had objected, frowning with some surprise at thisp 161 HA 1981
wolfed the hot fish Basie watched with the same wry approval that the Japanese soldier had shown. Basie tucked into thep 96 ES 1984
light again. Half an hour later, with the Japanese soldier's approval, Jim was rewarded with his first fair ration. Basie wasp 116 ES 1984
shoulders. My gifts of food had not yet won her approval, but at least she had not bolted into the forestp 88 DC 1987
over-warm embrace of the world. Even the smallest nod of approval, like those my father gave me when I passed myp 143 DC 1987
free soul‘, a term that contained not a hint of approval. Spiritual well-being seemed to be inversely proportional to the amountp 33 KW 1991
herself on this starchy widow as if she needed the approval of an older woman. I preferred the strong-willed girl whop 34 KW 1991
to the charms of a beach culture where affection and approval came, not from within the family, but from the worldp 191 KW 1991
surgeon, very influential.‘ She nodded darkly, scrutinising with only marginal approval a photograph of Cleo and myself. ‘But you were nearlyp 341 KW 1991
reported that the French authorities on Tahiti had withdrawn their approval for the re-occupation of Saint-Esprit by the original inhabitants. Armyp 32 RP 1994
He gripped my shoulder like an older brother, nodding his approval at the cash register. ‘Holding the fort isn't easy. Letp 234 CN 1996
open reminder of Eden-Olympia's dedication to company profits and the approval of its shareholders. The satellite dishes on the roofs resembledp 8 SC 2000
no guilt, almost as if I had acted with his approval. ‘Now, what's the verdict on Eden-Olympia? You've settled in?‘ ‘Thatp 92 SC 2000
wandered around my face, searching for a sign of my approval, as if he were a moderate tennis player who hadp 239 SC 2000
his nose, I realized that he was hoping for my approval. He needed me to understand him, and the brave gamblep 266 SC 2000
headquarters would tower above the plaque. As if signalling their approval, the massed engines of bulldozers and graders roared into lifep 357 SC 2000
he turned upon waitresses and filling-station personnel who met his approval. He pointed to the rev counter, trembling in the redp 361 SC 2000
Delages were her pimps, he strolled towards Jane, nodding with approval at her waif-like body. I left the Peugeot and strodep 383 SC 2000
fell silent. People around me were clapping and whistling their approval. A huge cheer went up, followed by a medley ofp 122 KC 2006
the Royal Academy (still in its Munnings phase). With Moorcock's approval, I contacted Paolozzi, whose studio was in Chelsea, and hep 217 ML 2008
Neill watched him quizzically. ‘You don't sound as if you approve.‘ Morley laughed and stood up. ‘Of course I do.‘ Hep 50 M69 1957
Careful, Charles. I don't know whether the Council would altogether approve.‘ ‘I'm sure they wouldn't.‘ After Hanson had left he remainedp 377 WT 1962
destruction of Nineveh and the Gentiles he seemed generally to approve, Johnstone went on to compare the booth the Lord hadp 37 D 1965
good Father's motives are, but I'm certain his bishop wouldn't approve of them.‘ ‘You think he may have ... changed sides?‘ Louisep 36 CW 1966
same afternoon isn't the kind of thing your priest would approve of.‘ ‘Blake, you didn't tempt providence.‘ Choosing her words, shep 28 UDC 1979
third term you can be President. But Moscow might not approve, all that permafrost, you know, the great Siberian wheat basinp 82 HA 1981
but their faces had become hazy. Dr Ransome might not approve of the way in which he was tricking himself. ‘I'mp 210 ES 1984
of it. ‘Not the kind that Duchamp or Tzara would approve of ...‘ ‘You were wonderful. Wasn't he, pixies?‘ ‘Yes!‘ Their eyesp 185 KW 1991
in its way, emotional minimalism at its purest. Warhol would approve.‘ In fact, my intentions were the exact opposite. For mep 226 KW 1991
at Runnymede. We can visit the Kennedy Memorial.‘ ‘Do I approve of that? I'll think about it ...‘ These talismanic zones disturbedp 324 KW 1991
shocked by her new daughter-in-law, but Colonel Stamford might well approve. Twenty minutes later, when they emerged from the forest, everyonep 176 RP 1994
of reassuring her. He had never persuaded Mrs Saito to approve of him, but perhaps the time had come when shep 214 RP 1994
her pimp. Our vigilantes must have seen him and didn't approve. He looked a little Maghrebian -- they'll teach him ap 310 SC 2000
tomorrow.‘ ‘They'll never be called in. Besides, most people secretly approve. You've listened to Penrose. He dresses up in fancy talkp 377 SC 2000
Kumars out of your block.‘ ‘That's absolute rubbish. I don't approve of these attacks.‘ ‘Maybe not. But you're doing a lotp 185 KC 2006
that followed she watched them without speaking, as if she approved, not from any fashionable response to marital infidelity, but fromp 94 HR 1975
had followed them. From the age of sixteen, in the approved Polynesian style, young people of both sexes lived together openlyp 899 UC 1976
hurtled around it, cornering on two wheels in the way approved by the stunt-drivers in the fifty-year-old crime films which Stillmanp 910 UC 1976
effectively cooked meals for them both -- the intruder fortunately approved of Pangborn's tastes in wine, and often reinforced the nightp 996 MA 1978
pistol from his sleeve, then circled the cabin in the approved hoodlum manner. Steiner had watched with amusement, hands raised inp 56 HA 1981
below -- those are qualities your Jamestown forbears would have approved of, Wayne. Perhaps one day they'll be able to helpp 69 HA 1981
for Jim to come too close to him, he clearly approved of Jim's efforts. At the end of his second weekp 117 ES 1984
he reached the American dormitory. He liked the Americans and approved of them in every way. Whenever he entered this enclavep 214 ES 1984
rifle club. But I don't suppose his parents would have approved." "You can bet your pension they wouldn't." Sergeant Payne wasp 32 RW 1988
a husband with one foot on the floor in the approved Hays manner. Now, though, cinema is becoming a private mediump 5 UGM 1990
visitors to the gallery. One of the few who wholeheartedly approved was Peter Lykiard. When, at Sally's urging, I suggested thep 226 KW 1991
Satisfied, she glanced at me slyly to see if I approved. ‘I feel at home,‘ I commented. ‘It's like The Ladyp 321 KW 1991
can only be resolved by killing his ‘father‘ in the approved Oedipal fashion. The second puzzle is the role of thep 30 UGM 1993
took a more tolerant view of euthanasia and, tacitly, even approved of the process. Few of her new-found admirers had lostp 45 RP 1994
Paula lay back against the pillow, scarcely caring whether I approved of her or not. ‘I'm a doctor here. Half thep 197 CN 1996
wants to discuss.‘ Paula pondered the stratagem, unsure whether she approved. ‘Isn't that a little devious? Frank won't mind you meetingp 200 CN 1996
while I held forth over our chess games.‘ ‘And he approved?‘ ‘I hope so. Poor man, he had problems of hisp 252 SC 2000
They can see the benefits, and on the whole David approved. The drug rehab centre in Mandelieu was plagued by smalltimep 261 SC 2000
She was still trying to turn me against Eden-Olympia, but approved of my taking part in the ratissages, sometimes telling mep 281 SC 2000
committee meetings in my year as a governor of an approved school in Hendon, my responsibilities for my ageing mother whomp 111 MP 2003
bunker than museum, of which Albert Speer would have thoroughly approved. Like all our friends, Sally and I saw every exhibitionp 180 MP 2003
Tabasco spiced up the dullest dish. My father would have approved. Avoiding the Metro-Centre and its gridlocked streets, I entered downtownp 160 KC 2006
an ambitious fight promoter with a promising featherweight. Tony Maxted approved of the head teacher's involvement. ‘He'll keep an eye onp 226 KC 2006
half an exercise book, furnishing it with diagrams in the approved style, and I remember clearly that there was even ap 42 ML 2008
in our everyday lives but which rarely appeared in the approved fine art of the day. Hamilton's Just what is itp 188 ML 2008
but always imposing his own vision. Daniel Defoe would have approved of him, and Dr Johnson. Moorcock was extremely well readp 193 ML 2008
He liked the easy formulas of American life. He thoroughly approved of my wish to see England Americanise itself, and hungp 213 ML 2008
formed the setting for part of The Atrocity Exhibition. Moorcock approved of my general aims, but wanted to go further. Hep 216 ML 2008