sat on the balustrade and watched Emerelda Garland's first tentative approaches, I wondered how far all of us were becoming ensnaredp 553 SG 1963
by the glowing forest on both the eastern and western approaches to the town. Splitting up into twos and threes, wep 612 IM 1964
of the bank as Philip Jordan scanned the river and approaches, uncertain which direction to take. Ransom leaned from the prowp 78 D 1965
departure. The gradient began to descend as they entered the approaches to the river crossing. The numbers of abandoned cars increasedp 86 D 1965
Ransom realized what had caused the traffic jam at its approaches. The central span, a section some one hundred feet longp 87 D 1965
Ralph Nader on the advertisement billboards that lined the airport approaches. Later, when he saw the young man in the laminatedp 44 DM 1967
and leisure complex. Immediately beyond its margins, in the western approaches to Stanwell, was an area of breakers‘ yards and vehiclep 92 C 1973
us. We had reached the first heavy traffic in the approaches to the western suburbs of London. Vaughan drummed impatiently onp 135 C 1973
in the darkness, watching the play of headlamps in the approaches to the tunnel. The road was clear except for ap 18 CI 1974
of the late Twentieth Century -- highway interchanges and bridge approaches, sixty-storey hotels and office-blocks. Between them, almost out of sightp 883 UC 1976
only ones hoping to make the crossing. Parked on the approaches to the bridge, its light machine-gun unguarded, was a camouflagedp 932 DT 1977
in the fading light. In front of me were the approaches to an empty village, the single-storey dwellings concealed by thep 936 DT 1977
the land. Two days later we at last reached the approaches to my parents‘ camp. During our journey the child satp 938 DT 1977
Walton Bridge. It was now late afternoon, and the bridge approaches were filled with traffic returning from London. Although Walton layp 46 UDC 1979
hill country towards the rising mountain peaks that marked the approaches to the Rockies, Wayne sat back comfortably beside Anne Summersp 105 HA 1981
appearance of an infinite one. The degree to which it approaches an infinite size is merely a measure of the willp 1088 RUS 1982
motorized junks that sat in the shallows. Here, in the approaches to the Nantao district, the devastation caused by the Americanp 252 ES 1984
me away fixing me with a sudden grimace. ‘ ... a highwayman approaches, sir, an evil dacoit who will abduct your ...‘ ‘Quiet, Mrp 173 DC 1987
carry her away from me in its expanding dimensions. She approaches and recedes from me at the same time, and Ip 1138 TES 1989
on the grass verge. Two cars had collided in the approaches to Chertsey Bridge, and windscreen glass speckled the road. Wep 219 KW 1991
forgotten in the roar of heavy traffic that filled the approaches to the city. Cambridge had expanded into a complex ofp 283 KW 1991
the students came from all possible backgrounds, with very different approaches to everything. In my group was a surprisingly free-thinking nunp 152 ML 2008
writers, many of whom had their own trademark styles and approaches. I felt too that for all its vitality, magazine sciencep 167 ML 2008
They paused and glanced up and down the road before approaching the bullet splattered car. Hargreaves was fumbling with the machinep 9 VN 1951
of sleep. Perhaps I should tell him of my own approaching zero, but he'd probably regard this as the final unbearablep 173 VT 1960
the crowds leaving the stadium on one side and those approaching it on the other. An entire square mile of thep 269 B 1961
service had ended, Dr Jamieson heard the sounds of feet approaching on his left. Leaning back under the awning, he sawp 283 GA 1961
as the spectators near Oxford Circus saw the royal coach approaching. Anxiously, Dr Jamieson looked at his watch. It was threep 286 GA 1961
slats, then noticed that the McPhersons‘ 15-year-old son Harvey was approaching along the other garden. ‘Why aren't you at school?‘ hep 248 OM 1961
on his face. As he backed away he saw someone approaching him along the ditch. ‘Commander Lanyon!‘ It was Patricia Olsenp 47 WFN 1961
captain up on the dais raised his voice above the approaching rumble. ‘I'll keep this short so we can get outp 76 WFN 1961
of smouldering metal. For a moment the spotlight of the approaching beach-car illuminated her, and she ran away among the dunesp 371 CS 1962
Bridgman! Go back with the wardens!‘ Bridgman retreated from the approaching beach-car. Only thirty yards away, its spotlight filled the basinp 371 CS 1962
time garden. When he first looked over the wall the approaching rabble filled the distant half of the plain, stretching acrossp 300 GT 1962
the smaller buds at the same time when necessary. The approaching horde had now reached the second and third crests, ap 301 GT 1962
weeks, as the southern horizon became increasingly darkened by the approaching rain-clouds, Kerans saw Strangman frequently. Usually he would be drivingp 95 DW 1962
Strangman.‘ Kerans pulled himself together, and advanced slowly towards the approaching figure. ‘I've just seen myself in a mirror. I'm upp 106 DW 1962
of his childhood. The streets had almost been drained. The approaching scow ran aground on the sidewalk, pushed off again andp 122 DW 1962
Abruptly, before his eyes closed involuntarily, he saw two figures approaching, one familiarly white-suited, the other tall and bow-shouldered, walking swiftlyp 140 DW 1962
both hands and fired twice around the corner at the approaching hatless figure of Riggs. Both shots went wild, but Riggsp 161 DW 1962
the next few days Renthall pursued his inquiries, in all approaching some half-dozen people. In general he met with the samep 381 WT 1962
SEA Again at night Mason heard the sounds of the approaching sea, the muffled thunder of breakers rolling up the near-byp 472 NWS 1963
Mason lay back on the bed. ‘I wonder whether you're approaching this the right way --‘ Miriam sat forward. ‘Richard, you'rep 475 NWS 1963
glided up and down the scale. The pier creaked under approaching footsteps. Connolly looked up at the perspiring figure of Captainp 456 QR 1963
As he sat on the bench he saw the lights approaching him through the trees, like glowing aureoles in the darknessp 538 SA 1963
The signs!‘ Head down, Franklin swerved around an elderly couple approaching the out-patients department. His car was over a hundred yardsp 412 SM 1963
the hospital, and the sign obviously had no connection with approaching aircraft. ‘Isn't there a prohibition on -- what did theyp 420 SM 1963
of uncertainty and discord, cosmic space vehicles have been seen approaching Earth, and that in a few extreme cases actual meetingsp 497 VH 1963
visit the shore, aware that I had probably witnessed the approaching end of a magnificent illusion. When I next crossed thep 646 DG 1964
forest again. Uncertain whether to follow him, I watched the approaching wall of darkness slowly cross the lawn, the glittering foliagep 615 IM 1964
it!‘ I last saw him standing arms outstretched to the approaching walls, in the posture of the illuminated birds, his eyesp 625 IM 1964
husband thought continually of their son, the tragedy of his approaching death, a symbol of their own imminent separation, bringing themp 568 TP 1964
seemed to exclude him from Hamilton even more than the approaching fishermen with their quest for a lost river. All thisp 64 D 1965
down at the coastal shelf below. They glanced at the approaching car, their faces thin and drawn in the sunlight, morep 89 D 1965
among the dunes by the river and along the roads approaching it. Everywhere the shells of metal towers and chimneys rosep 145 D 1965
the empty shell of the house seemed already within the approaching night. Shortly before one of his attempts to sleep Hallidayp 675 DF 1966
After many delays, the small passenger steamer was at last approaching the line of jetties, but although it was ten o'clockp 11 CW 1966
Ventress appeared to be uninterested in them, or in the approaching jetty with its waiting throng of customs and police. Insteadp 16 CW 1966
keep the priest under observation for a few minutes before approaching him. Now and then, when Father Balthus glanced about, Sandersp 32 CW 1966
stall holders, and Dr. Sanders saw a native police sergeant approaching cautiously in the distance. Immediately the crowd began to scatterp 35 CW 1966
road. However, when he asked Radek why they were not approaching Mont Royal by the highway the captain told him thatp 66 CW 1966
the forest. Uncertain whether to follow him, Sanders watched the approaching wall of darkness slowly cross the lawn, the glittering foliagep 77 CW 1966
and went out onto the veranda. They could hear Thorensen approaching with two or three men, their boots crushing the brittlep 112 CW 1966
the customs. ‘Take it!‘ Ventress levelled his shotgun at the approaching cruiser, shouting at Sanders across the breech. ‘Watch the bankp 155 CW 1966
it!‘ Sanders last saw him standing arms outstretched to the approaching walls, in the posture of the illuminated birds, his eyesp 163 CW 1966
not of his uncle, nor of himself, but of the approaching car. With its sharp fins and trim it had swervedp 685 TIM 1966
out, indicated that cosmic space vehicles may have been seen approaching the earth two thousand years earlier. As for the Newp 82 YMC 1966
feathers fell around us. We waited half an hour before approaching the house. Hundreds of smashed glasses and broken chairs litteredp 756 CSC 1967
her down into the grass as she ran towards the approaching satellite. Three hundred yards away, the silhouette of a half-trackp 765 DA 1968
could hold him he broke away and ran towards the approaching column striding up the dirt road. He stopped a fewp 793 PTD 1969
rape. Treblinka. Cement dust rose from the wheels of the approaching car. Travers held Karen's arm. He pointed to the rampp 79 THF 1969
walk past me, hands outstretched in the attitude of Parsifal approaching the Holy Grail. Certainly I remembered her, sometime international modelp 798 SGW 1970
every kind. To survive, he must become far more analytic, approaching his subject matter like a scientist or engineer. If hep 206 UGM 1971
and turned up the high-speed exit ramp. Three vehicles were approaching, mass-produced saloon cars whose exact model-year, colour schemes and externalp 19 C 1973
Through the rear-view mirror I saw a water-board maintenance truck approaching. It moved past in a roar of dust and dieselp 80 C 1973
the contents of an astronaut's capsule. I watched the cars approaching us, unable to grasp more than a fraction of thep 198 C 1973
urged me again to crash the car into the vehicles approaching us, I was tempted to obey him, making no effortp 198 C 1973
poured through the windshield of the car from the vehicles approaching us. An armada of angelic creatures, each surrounded by anp 199 C 1973
by. The road was clear before the next set of approaching headlamps. Gripping the briefcase, he ran forward across the roadp 18 CI 1974
grateful to this deep bower for hiding him from the approaching figure. He looked at his watch, noticing the date dialp 44 CI 1974
making certain that neither Proctor nor the young woman was approaching, he tied a corner of the blanket to the crutchp 77 CI 1974
of the garden had now been padlocked, and any children approaching the roof were ordered away. Meanwhile, the wives of severalp 37 HR 1975
had succeeded. A hundred yards from the station he was approaching a minor street intersection when the traffic lights turned fromp 906 UC 1976
should not retreat from whatever vision he had seen me approaching. ‘Blake, take your world,‘ he whispered harshly. ‘Look at itp 111 UDC 1979
forced to stop. Passengers climbed from their cars, wary of approaching the cactus and prickly pear. I knew that I hadp 145 UDC 1979
coat at me as if trying to ward off an approaching devil with whom she would be forced to mate. Alonep 182 UDC 1979
of tropical blossom bathed my skin. I could feel footsteps approaching, hard points on the concrete forecourt. As I crossed thep 205 UDC 1979
last song to the indifferent sea. Wayne stared at the approaching city, again unable to reconcile the scene in front ofp 8 HA 1981
Captain Steiner. As everyone crowded the rail, cheering on the approaching land, Steiner stood beside the helmsman, binoculars fixed on ap 16 HA 1981
and British governments, work ceased on the Cross-Channel Bridge. The approaching arms of the two immense systems of linked suspension bridgesp 45 HA 1981
steps of the Memorial, he was surprised to see Steiner approaching on foot along the centre of the Mall, a whitep 78 HA 1981
away. As he climbed from the cockpit there was the approaching sound of steam-whistles. A convoy of three antiquated but stillp 104 HA 1981
shaking with fear, as they picked up a series of approaching tremors. Dr Fleming was talking to himself. ‘Perhaps you canp 184 HA 1981
lead. Wayne slewed the Continental across the road, pulling the approaching cars to an angry halt in a blare of hornsp 191 HA 1981
of a furnace. At dusk, the short-wave transmissions from the approaching expeditions at last rose above Manson's jamming. There was ap 196 HA 1981
third-rate travelling circus. But these first visible signs of the approaching plague he had feared for so long seemed to drivep 199 HA 1981
Watching the screens above Manson's head, he saw the gunships approaching. They roared in low along the Strip, landing skids barelyp 221 HA 1981
fugue had still not occurred. Had Marion seen his headlamps approaching across the desert, and then decided on impulse to disappearp 1021 NFS 1981
and gliders, eager to talk to Sheppard but nervous of approaching the older man. From the safety of his darkened bedroomp 1061 MNF 1982
doctor --‘ She broke off at the sound of an approaching aero-engine. An aircraft was hovering over the nearby streets, itsp 1058 MSA 1982
spit lay on their breasts. A Japanese staff car was approaching, followed by a convoy of military trucks, each packed withp 237 ES 1984
to be traded for the goodwill of the Kuomintang generals approaching Shanghai. Concealed by the railway sleepers, Jim crouched on thep 326 ES 1984
throwing towers of smoke into the sky. On the road approaching the hamlet dozens of villagers lay among their bundles andp 328 ES 1984
the forest canopy a helicopter of the provincial gendarmerie was approaching the airstrip. Once owned by a French oil consortium, itsp 74 DC 1987
withdrawn.‘ I started to protest, but the clatter of an approaching aircraft sounded through the window, shaking the galvanized roof ofp 98 DC 1987
tip-toe beside the helm in the wheelhouse, gazing at the approaching mouth of the river. She tapped the glass and pointedp 104 DC 1987
speeding towards the ferry. I heard the shriek of an approaching engine, and saw Captain Kagwa's helicopter loom out of thep 123 DC 1987
its nose and came in towards the ferry. Through the approaching clatter of its engine I heard the machine-gun fire ap 131 DC 1987
at Port-la-Nouvelle. Clicking to herself, she caught sight of an approaching sand-bank. She pushed my hands aside and spun the helmp 138 DC 1987
bars reflected in the dark surface. A river craft was approaching, its hull hidden in the shadows over the water. Tryingp 147 DC 1987
steal the river literally from under the keel of the approaching landing-craft -- and partly as a means of extending thep 232 DC 1987
jade-green smoke drifted through the valleys, the threat of an approaching storm. Captain Kagwa's reconnaissance patrol had pushed forward to thep 240 DC 1987
I feel them forming in my mind. A policeman is approaching the house. A uniformed constable, he has stepped from ap 1133 TES 1989
over their heads, as if watching for a flight of approaching enemy aircraft. Nevertheless, they are clearly children, in the sensep 82 UGM 1991
in an undemonstrative way at passing parades, stare up at approaching bombers or trudge with their small suitcases along the refugeep 83 UGM 1991
the railway line, hoping that an American patrol might be approaching. From the moment I left Lunghua all the clocks hadp 60 KW 1991
in a pool of water under the wheels of the approaching Daimler. Describing the incident, I realised that I had impressedp 116 KW 1991
vaguely frightened of the Japanese soldiers and knew they were approaching, but no one had ever seen one. Of course, ourp 309 KW 1991
brake to time in an attempt to hold back the approaching end. A different man was emerging through Dick's wasted featuresp 310 KW 1991
a tall man in hiking boots strode along the footpath, approaching us at a brisk pace. He carried a bulky haversackp 328 KW 1991
with an expertise that surprised Neil, began to film the approaching soldiers. He recorded Dr Barbara shouting into her megaphone, andp 23 RP 1994
the island.‘ ‘Perhaps not, Dr Barbara ...‘ Neil pointed to the approaching craft. Already a signal lamp flashed from the bridge ofp 75 RP 1994
head in the water, came the hard clatter of an approaching helicopter. The crews of the anchored yachts emerged from theirp 88 RP 1994
tattooed scalp, he gazed in awe at the coral-dusted figures approaching him along the runway, like an over-worked UN aid officialp 98 RP 1994
you.‘ ‘Doctor ...?‘ Startled, Neil tried to evade her advancing smile, approaching him like a tsunami. ‘I don't think they would --p 148 RP 1994
horizon, as if expecting to see the top-masts of an approaching vessel. ‘I wanted them to look ahead, to what thep 164 RP 1994
stretching her neck as she searched the sky for any approaching aircraft. One hand held her trusty spade, while the otherp 211 RP 1994
last seen on the landing deck of the Sagittaire was approaching Saint-Esprit from the north-west. It flew over the distant sand-barsp 229 RP 1994
of her tilting world to hear the sounds of an approaching aircraft. A mile away, a French twin-rotor naval helicopter sweptp 235 RP 1994
moment of indecision, when she seemed unwilling to recognize the approaching warship, all her energy had returned. The insect bites glaredp 235 RP 1994
He stepped out of my way and signalled to an approaching patrol car. ‘Pat? Yes. But I'm not speaking as ap 32 SC 2000
When I came to Eden-Olympia four years ago it was approaching a crisis. On the surface, all looked well. These hugep 253 SC 2000
I stroked her damp forehead. Together we listened to an approaching publicity plane that climbed the valley from the coast, bringingp 272 SC 2000
waves. Halder's face was expressionless. In the headlights of the approaching police car he resembled an accident bystander already bored byp 314 SC 2000
wing mirror, and held out his arm to halt an approaching taxi. He tried to climb from the car, but Sallyp 113 MP 2003
death. In a rush of words, a blurted warning of approaching danger, he shouted: ‘Go back to your wife. Get awayp 185 MP 2003
him, surprised for once by his passivity. A car was approaching along the perimeter road, a grey Citroen estate, moving slowlyp 247 MP 2003
and this even stranger firm of solicitors. I hailed an approaching taxi, and as it stopped I shook Fairfax's hand. Beforep 34 KC 2006
the table into my elbows. She stared wildly at the approaching wave as if it were a tsunami about to climbp 70 KC 2006
and the other children warned me that the guards were approaching. About a third of the original site was excluded fromp 67 ML 2008
and I was fortunate not to be struck by the approaching traffic. Eventually I wound down the window and clambered outp 241 ML 2008