along the quays. Scores had been abandoned on the bridge approach-roads when their owners set out on foot. The salt airp 878 UC 1976
was unornamented and geometrically perfect. I heaved myself up and approached the nearest megalith. The shadows around me were enormous parallelogramsp 84 WG 1959
Here a moment.‘ He rummaged behind the rostrum as Conrad approached. ‘What happened then?‘ he asked. ‘Forget to wind up yourp 155 CH 1960
regarded the world around her balefully, narrowing even as Mangon approached. Her teeth too were bad, stained by tobacco and cheapp 108 SS 1960
and took his arm affectionately. Mangon slowed down as they approached a side road. Two hundred yards away on their leftp 123 SS 1960
carefully across the slithery floor towards the animal. As he approached it sidled away from him, but he trapped it easilyp 172 VT 1960
cornices above us, wheeling up into the sky as we approached, whistling and screeching. In the dim light the white tipsp 228 S5 1961
then slumped down against the tire just as two Centurions approached the Bethlehem, their steel shutters extended. They swung around thep 66 WFN 1961
wearing a leather helmet, goggles over her forehead. As he approached she slipped her hand under the American's arm, and hep 148 WFN 1961
over to the entrance, the main sphere slowing as I approached, uncertainly steering a course towards me, the smaller ones followingp 306 TDS 1962
the walls angle and edge away, doorways widen when I approached, curious echoes stirred through the memories embedded in the housep 310 TDS 1962
the sounds of the helicopter, a school of iguana had approached, and the reptiles were now sidling around the edges ofp 68 DW 1962
of hacksaws and spanners loosely tied to the floor. Kerans approached the doorway of the planetarium, steering the lines behind himp 104 DW 1962
Roused by the deep blare of the hydroplane as it approached the landing stage, Kerans stirred fretfully, his head lolling fromp 112 DW 1962
smiles of the Council of Ten -- but when he approached the painting the similarity vanished. The marriage ceremony was beingp 116 DW 1962
diving party, and Kerans felt his step quicken as they approached the planetarium. He waited impatiently as the others idled inp 124 DW 1962
sagged limply across the sidewalk outside the entrance as they approached, picking their way carefully over the banks of mud thatp 125 DW 1962
out of that trance.‘ He looked up as Big Caesar approached, doffing the dried alligator's head which he wore like ap 130 DW 1962
arm across the full width of the street, another group approached, a white-suited man at its centre. He strolled along, onep 150 DW 1962
her hair disarrayed. She sat up irritably as Mme Charcot approached. ‘Is he here? Alice, whose car was that? Hasn't hep 402 TSS 1962
the sand reefs where the sonic sculptures grow. As I approached, they were creaking in the wind whenever the thermal gradientsp 404 TSS 1962
silence. Just before he stood up a square thick-set figure approached down the street. Renthall recognized the man and was aboutp 378 WT 1962
the positions he remembered. The road shelved slightly as it approached the shopping centre, and by a curious coincidence marked thep 474 NWS 1963
into the avenue which ran along the ridge. As he approached the distant outcropping he glanced over the hedges for anyp 474 NWS 1963
dried palm. The entire area seemed deserted, but as they approached, the cutwater throwing a fine plume of white spray acrossp 441 QR 1963
bearer of this brilliant corona. The spider, a Black Widow, approached on its stilted legs, a blaze of staccato signals pouringp 548 SG 1963
brilliant ruby crown, tottered unsteadily on her white palm. Footsteps approached, the firm rap of leather on marble. ‘They may bep 551 SG 1963
waited, the same thin smile on his lips. More footsteps approached. The remaining screens were pushed back and the plump, well-talcumedp 551 SG 1963
the game, the insects scattered at her feet. When I approached she clasped my hand and ran away down a corridorp 553 SG 1963
sound of raised voices as members of the film company approached, and whistles shrilled above the exhaust of cars. The bulkyp 557 SG 1963
which he had turned back to the supermarket as he approached it, then described his encounter. Hathaway nodded. ‘I've seen thep 419 SM 1963
force back the crowd. Franklin held his ground as they approached, started to say: ‘Officer, I know the man --‘ butp 424 SM 1963
began to vibrate loudly. In the distance the gyro-car slowly approached, the Old Man punting it along, hatless and dishevelled. Hep 466 TT 1963
and apologize to him. Five miles into the desert Ward approached a nexus of rockcuttings and causeways which were part ofp 492 VH 1963
you and antagonizes everyone else. Why should the Prime have approached only one person out of several hundred million and selectedp 495 VH 1963
shingle as everyone surged forward across the sand. As we approached the recumbent figure, which was lying in a pool ofp 642 DG 1964
high on one of the toes, surveying me as I approached. As I had hoped when delaying my visit, no onep 645 DG 1964
perspiration!‘ That afternoon, when he was left alone again, Maitland approached the dark labyrinth more cautiously. At low tide the gullsp 654 GTN 1964
we set off once more and at the next intersection approached the forest which stood back on either side of thep 612 IM 1964
stone casements of a tomb. Waving me back, my companion approached the fringes of the garden, his shot-gun raised before himp 618 IM 1964
towards him with his pistol. ‘Come here!‘ When I tentatively approached he came down the steps, scrutinizing me suspiciously. ‘What arep 619 IM 1964
the surface broke into a succession of giant cataracts, I approached the outskirts of Maynard, passing the mobile laboratory used byp 621 IM 1964
the magic of science is the nearest man has yet approached to the realization of dreams that even during the safep 591 TB 1964
wire and fifty-gallon drums lay half-buried in the sand. Traven approached the dune, reluctant to leave this anonymous swell of sandp 602 TB 1964
pointed to the cemetery gates, where the first mourning party approached. ‘They're here. Let's get our backs into it.‘ The youngerp 559 TP 1964
Vandervell walked back along the road two of the villagers approached. ‘Guide,‘ he said to them. ‘Ten dollars. One hour.‘ Hep 659 VD 1964
above him like the shores of a dream. As he approached the entrance to the river, steering the houseboat among thep 8 D 1965
funnel, white awnings flared over the rows of empty seats, approached the central passage between the main pylons of the bridgep 14 D 1965
down between the rails. They passed below the bridge and approached the Quilters‘ barge. Mrs. Quilter, still fanning herself, sat upp 14 D 1965
on to the crying land. The Face A police car approached along the avenue and stopped fifty yards away. After ap 32 D 1965
to himself: they'll wake the dead. The Drowned Aquarium They approached the gates of the zoo. Whitman stopped the tanker atp 50 D 1965
large flywheel stationary in its pit. Masking his footsteps, he approached the open double doors, through which he could see thep 50 D 1965
acrobats. A large net lay over the pavement. As he approached, it rose into the air, cast at him off thep 57 D 1965
The whine and crack of the gunfire continued. The shots approached Hamilton, coming at ten-second intervals, as if a single weaponp 66 D 1965
on to the wall behind him. Two of Johnstone's men approached as the flames burned through the roofs, and then backedp 68 D 1965
thumb on the starter button. She looked up as Ransom approached, her hand reaching to the pistol on the seat. ‘Drp 75 D 1965
come for his Ma!‘ ‘Philip ...!‘ The running figure of Quilter approached the bank through the streets across the river, an unwieldyp 84 D 1965
retreated to this last vantage point. It levelled out and approached the nearest of the shanty camps. Immediately all sense ofp 91 D 1965
the heat, warming a metal teapot. Ransom climbed down and approached the man. He had the intelligent, sensitive eyes of ap 92 D 1965
then stood up and raced after the pool as it approached the conveyor. A fish flopped at his feet, twisting onp 109 D 1965
off towards the hidden sea. Ransom changed course as he approached it, and set off over the open table of shallowp 117 D 1965
hills. A wire drift fence enclosed the settlement. As Ransom approached the western gate he could see the open surfaces ofp 117 D 1965
and crescents. Dusting the sand off the shells as Ransom approached was Catherine Austen. She looked up, greeting him with ap 127 D 1965
tiles. Walking down the slope from the shallow end, they approached the inner wall of blankets. Quilter pushed these aside andp 156 D 1965
the pool. Ransom set off across the sand. As he approached the pavilion he compared it with the crude hovels hep 162 D 1965
Keeping to himself, he would snarl and grumble whenever Ransom approached. Quilter, however, spent much of his time wandering around thep 167 D 1965
of the dunes on the lake. He waited as Whitman approached, head bowed as he panted between his teeth, the bayonetp 174 D 1965
role. Primly she buttoned her white coat as Dr Nathan approached, holding his gold-tipped cigarette to one nostril. ‘Ah, Dr Austinp 9 AE 1966
air seemed to invert behind him. At times, when Xero approached the forlorn group sitting on the embankment, his shadows formedp 32 AW 1966
hut he noticed that Kline, Coma and Xero no longer approached him. Their fading figures, a quarter of a mile fromp 37 AW 1966
pattern, decorated with shells and pieces of fractured tile. They approached the next pool. A sand dune had inundated one ofp 673 DF 1966
monumental sculpture, and in the slightly darker light as he approached the cliff the apparent preservation of the birds‘ plumage madep 702 SBD 1966
steering in a large skiff. When Louise and Dr. Sanders approached they saw that the boatmen were bringing in the floatingp 50 CW 1966
the visiting party, they turned down the next side-street. They approached the forest, which stood back on either side of thep 74 CW 1966
the back of his hand.‘ When Sanders stood up and approached the window Ventress beckoned him away impatiently. ‘Keep away fromp 87 CW 1966
the ornamented casements of a tomb. Waving Sanders back, Ventress approached the fringes of the garden, his shotgun raised before himp 100 CW 1966
long face wore an expression of sullen moodiness. When Sanders approached he scrutinized him warily. ‘What are you doing with Ventressp 103 CW 1966
to the firmer surface near the summer house. As Thorensen approached he began to gesticulate and shout, waving his panga atp 103 CW 1966
surface broke up into a succession of giant cataracts, he approached the outskirts of Mont Royal. The frosted outline of thep 115 CW 1966
the blue hills above Mont Royal. This time, as he approached the man standing beside a Land-Rover in the empty forecourtp 119 CW 1966
Sanders with a sense of failure and disappointment. A car approached along the road. The driver signalled with the searchlight onp 120 CW 1966
so far watched him without expression, but now, as he approached them, they at last showed some reaction. An old manp 131 CW 1966
slow reverse passage down the channel. The next time it approached more slowly, its bows first loosening the surface, then drivingp 156 CW 1966
A compliment to us, Conrad, don't you think?‘ Dr Nathan approached the bed again. The smile that hovered around his lipsp 686 TIM 1966
the few. Still, let's wait until you meet him.‘ They approached the chalet, a modest two-roomed dwelling with a small untendedp 693 TIM 1966
A quarter of a mile away a line of vehicles approached at speed, the drivers of the cars at the rearp 696 TIM 1966
trying to anchor my crutches in the sand, two figures approached across the desert floor. One was a small hunchback withp 744 CSC 1967
dissolve in the haze. They were following a sand-yacht that approached the quay, its tyres throwing up the cerise dust. Behindp 750 CSC 1967
small itinerant circus arrive at the town. The procession, which approached the bridge by a side road, consisted of no morep 735 R 1967
his nose. I waited until they had gone and then approached the cages. The dwarf appeared to remember me -- atp 740 R 1967
stamped on after it, bellowing and cheering. As the motorcycle approached, Mannock waited for the machine-gun to open fire at themp 793 PTD 1969
nose he resembled some dark beach-angel. He waited as I approached, then, stepped forward and walked past me, almost brushing myp 800 SGW 1970
set in her forehead like jewels. As a police car approached, its emergency beacon pulsing along the overhead motorway, Vaughan ranp 11 C 1973
kerb-stones and marker lines were to myself. A white convertible approached, the driver flashing his headlamps as I stepped from myp 56 C 1973
me from this reverie upon twelve cigarette ends. The woman approached the car next to mine, a crushed convertible involved inp 69 C 1973
a smile, and sidestepped towards the production offices. As I approached, he beckoned me forwards, incorporating me into an instant entouragep 110 C 1973
At night, as we lay together in our bedroom, we approached Vaughan through the pantheon of our familiar partners like Vaughanp 115 C 1973
her ...‘ ‘Does Seagrave appreciate this?‘ ‘In his own way.‘ We approached a major trunk roundabout. For almost the first time sincep 130 C 1973
anchored in the overpass at hundred-yard intervals. As each one approached his hips kicked into the girl, driving his penis intop 143 C 1973
on to the muddy ground at his feet. A car approached through the tunnel of the overpass, its headlamps turning throughp 38 CI 1974
the feeder road, a single figure appeared. An elderly man approached the island, pushing a light motorcycle along the eastbound carriagewayp 43 CI 1974
had tunnelled in his endless passages around the island. They approached the wire-mesh fence below the over-pass. As they emerged fromp 90 CI 1974
the air. The car, unmistakably his wife's, slowed as it approached the rear of an airline bus. Unsure whether he wasp 93 CI 1974
Put it on before he comes.‘ The duel As Maitland approached the air-raid shelter Proctor and the young woman were cavortingp 94 CI 1974
Tennant was usually suspicious and standoffish with any visitors who approached the Messerschmitt, but the advertising man was clearly intrigued byp 812 DFW 1974
welding together the sections of a fuel tank. As Melville approached she switched off the blowtorch and removed her mask, herp 815 DFW 1974
to turn the vehicle around. Forced to go on, I approached a second village, a clutch of hovels built a centuryp 823 AD 1975
reached the remote valley lying between two mountain peaks, and approached the last of the villages on this long trail. Herep 824 AD 1975
Perhaps I could buy my way through them. As I approached, the man stepped forward into the road. The weapon inp 827 AD 1975
being driven from the pool. They stepped aside when Laing approached. The accountant stood by the water's edge, awkwardly reaching thep 20 HR 1975
their boxes in an enormous Outdoor opera house. No one approached the crushed car, or the body embedded in its roofp 41 HR 1975
of the blinds were still drawn. Quickening his step, Wilder approached the inner lines of parked cars. Abruptly, the illusion ofp 43 HR 1975
the indicator numerals flashing from right to left. While it approached, Wilder thought of Helen and the two boys -- hep 58 HR 1975
of mocking question marks over his stern expression. As he approached Wilder the chromium walking-stick flicked in his hand like ap 66 HR 1975
birds to this isolated realm on the roof? As Royal approached, a group of the gulls dived into the air, soaringp 79 HR 1975
police patrol boat cruised along the north bank. As Royal approached he recognized the widow of the dead jeweller. Was shep 82 HR 1975
side of the buffers ...‘ He broke off as Laing's sister approached, carrying her electric coffee-pot. With a bow, Steele moved awayp 98 HR 1975
He beckoned Laing forward into the stuttering light. Laing cautiously approached the door, glad to see Steele at last but wellp 110 HR 1975
on which a soup can was balanced. A police car approached the perimeter entrance. A few residents were leaving for workp 131 HR 1975
up the central stairway a hundred feet behind him. Lights approached through the darkness, a procession of electric torches held atp 140 HR 1975
Forrester as if not wanting to recognize him. As he approached she picked up the harness beside her on the bedp 836 LFA 1975
exerted a particular fascination. All these he seems to have approached as the constituents of ‘A‘ mental breakdown which he mightp 852 NTM 1976
ion, where ranks of trains stood in waist-high grass, he approached the outskirts of an urban centre, one of a dozenp 879 UC 1976
miles behind him, Halloway came across the airport. As he approached the perimeter fence he could see the control tower, andp 886 UC 1976
wheel as they hurtled through the whirling petals. As they approached the centre of the city Halloway drove around the side-streetsp 894 UC 1976
the magic of science is the nearest man has yet approached to the realisation of dreams that even during the safep 208 UGM 1977
around to see if their coolie was present. As I approached, the child climbed from the rickshaw and stood passively besidep 938 DT 1977
I would seed the dead. Every fifty yards, as I approached the distant water-tower of my parents‘ camp, I stopped thep 939 DT 1977
woman companion along the broken ground behind the wall. They approached a wooden boathouse at the end of a slipway abovep 975 OAU 1978
but the priest touched my shoulder. He had at last approached me, and was staring into my face as if readingp 24 UDC 1979
more wary of Miriam St Cloud? Even then, as we approached the clinic, it seemed strange that I was so readyp 27 UDC 1979
car and the old tyres the streets of the town approached me, as if glad to see me again. Calming myselfp 39 UDC 1979
already bored with its message. I crossed the road and approached the untended ticket kiosk of the amusement pier. The freshlyp 42 UDC 1979
with the wind. Along the perimeter road the police car approached, headlamps inflaming the afternoon sunlight. When it stopped by thep 44 UDC 1979
in front of me. Two teenage girls and their mother approached the courts, rackets in hand. They eyed me warily, puzzledp 48 UDC 1979
black water below the surface. I pressed on upstream, and approached the St Clouds‘ Tudor mansion. The river drummed against thep 52 UDC 1979
to the same beach where I had swum ashore. I approached the horse and pulled it on to the bank. Thep 67 UDC 1979
of two cars lay in the shallow pools. As I approached them, the air swayed around me. Ignoring this, I pressedp 68 UDC 1979
my rescue the previous day was still present. As we approached the church he forced me to walk behind him. Ip 74 UDC 1979
arbour towards the river. I entered this shady bower and approached the grave, this ambiguous memorial to the flowers. I couldp 82 UDC 1979
taking place in Shepperton. When I left the park and approached the Tudor mansion Miriam was waiting for me on thep 90 UDC 1979
her astonishment at my pride and magnificence. Then, as I approached the dead elms, a figure stepped from the dark brackenp 116 UDC 1979
swooped at the bright stamps in his satchel. As I approached he blundered into me. ‘You're up early -- did allp 129 UDC 1979
half-hearted attempt to set off for London. But as I approached they gave up all thought of work. Ties loosened, jacketsp 141 UDC 1979
followed the trajectory my aircraft had taken when it first approached Shepperton. Far away, the rest of the world, the smallp 151 UDC 1979
marvelling at the flowers and birds. As Mrs St Cloud approached he greeted her with a charming salute, hung a leip 170 UDC 1979
fires, hands raw from the shafts of their axes. They approached timidly, these account executives and bank clerks, hiding behind onep 185 UDC 1979
erratic slogans in the bark of the palm trees. We approached the bamboo palisade, beyond which lay the open road top 189 UDC 1979
in their bedrooms, but at dusk a party of women approached the memorial and began to abuse me. They were thep 191 UDC 1979
my body flaring against the trunks of the elms. I approached the St Clouds‘ deserted mansion. Hundreds of fish leapt fromp 212 UDC 1979
and silent streets, ready to attack anything that moved. Steiner approached at a leisurely pace, gently urging his black mare upp 39 HA 1981
to seize his neck. Later that day, however, as they approached the empty city of Trenton, Wayne discovered that they werep 57 HA 1981
a powerful odour of bourbon across the room. As Wayne approached the desk he could see the neck of a bottlep 80 HA 1981
to the others -- and you support me.‘ As they approached the nomads Orlowski shook his hat threateningly. Turning his backp 86 HA 1981
appear. And sure enough, within a few minutes, the Captain approached the cemetery, crossing the half-empty car park by the entrancep 101 HA 1981
a discarded semaphore. Wayne jumped down from the Chrysler and approached the nearest patch. He fell to his knees and scoopedp 114 HA 1981
seat like up-country tourists. They whistled and waved when I approached, obviously expecting me to chauffeur them around Los Angeles, thenp 156 HA 1981
seemed to be at odds with the other. As Wayne approached the Desert Inn Hotel he came across the first ofp 188 HA 1981
through the doors and fled down the neon-lit street. Wayne approached the defence post, pointing up to the penthouse suite ofp 189 HA 1981
and hotel lobbies, Wayne plodded along the Strip. Whenever he approached a strongpoint he was brusquely waved away. Clearly no onep 190 HA 1981
of Manson's El Dorado. While recovering in Phoenix, Steiner was approached by emissaries of the Miami survey fleet, and offered weaponsp 230 HA 1981
were testing the vivid light for the first time. They approached in convoy, sailing down the Strip, a fleet of glassp 232 HA 1981
coat -- we're going to join the sun!‘ The convoy approached, a crystal cloud descending over the Golden Nugget. Everyone helpedp 233 HA 1981
turning. The concrete towers and domes of the solar city approached on their left, Paulo Soleri's charming fantasy of a self-sufficientp 1011 NFS 1981
the Cessna, flicking a cold foam at Sheppard's ankles. Headlamps approached along the beach, and a government jeep raced down top 1063 MNF 1982
As Sheppard waited, hidden behind the trap, a running figure approached, a bearded man in a ragged bird costume, half-Crusoe, half-Indianp 1080 MNF 1982
to catch her if she tries to escape.‘ ‘Doctor ...‘ Sheppard approached the exhausted physician. ‘Let her fly, if she wants top 1081 MNF 1982
of the crew. Followed by the second picket-boat, the motor-launch approached HMS Petrel. There was a terse exchange with the youngp 42 ES 1984
grooves of the steel rails. A tram crowded with passengers approached, its bell forcing the execution party aside. It clanked alongp 57 ES 1984
with his twisted bicycle was an enemy national. If he approached them in full view of the press-ganged Chinese audience thep 78 ES 1984
occupied by Japanese military and civilians. Several times, as he approached a deserted house, Jim was chased away by Chinese bodyguardsp 85 ES 1984
the trees, and turned into the unguarded drive. As they approached the silent house Jim could see that Basie was disappointedp 106 ES 1984
but the old missionary was sunk inside his head. Jim approached the two Eurasian women sitting a few benches behind himp 110 ES 1984
Who sent them? In this condition?‘ Avoiding Dr Ransome, they approached the truck and stared at the prisoners through the cloudp 154 ES 1984
Jim let the warm air rush into his face. They approached the military airfield, the largest grass aerodrome that he hadp 157 ES 1984
notion of a transfer. They crossed the parade ground and approached the camp kitchens behind the guardhouse. Some twenty food cartsp 179 ES 1984
to the cemetery beside the kitchen garden. As Sergeant Nagata approached the hospital, accompanied by two soldiers, Jim glanced into thep 198 ES 1984
the centre of the field waved Jim away whenever he approached. Drinking the rain-water that dripped from the furniture in thep 272 ES 1984
watching Jim as he stepped into the road. If he approached them, they would kill him for his shoes. Jim knewp 277 ES 1984
murmur of the B-29s engines faded over the Yangtze. Jim approached the scarlet canopy, large enough to cover a house, whichp 283 ES 1984
Jim waited in the wild rice as the four Europeans approached the parachute canopy. He listened to their nervous quarrelling. Allp 285 ES 1984
could feel Lunghua gathering itself around him again. As he approached the hospital he began to hope that Dr Ransome wouldp 302 ES 1984
then knelt in the stadium entrance. Rifles raised, his men approached the rusting vehicles. They made a token show of flushingp 315 ES 1984
streamed from its wings. A flight of three American bombers approached from the south-west. The gunfire ceased, and a torpedo boatp 330 ES 1984
about a great deal, and flinched from me as I approached, but I felt that he almost invited physical attack asp 1090 OOA 1984
when seen from the doors of the church. As I approached, however, its elements moved apart. A gloved hand hung alonep 1099 OOA 1984
systematically explored the neighbouring towns, circling them all as he approached central London. He was no longer surprised to find thep 3 SAJ 1984
However, he looked up sharply enough as the elderly couple approached him. When they repeated their question about the astronaut hep 1107 MWM 1985
him to the cafe. A trio of Californian spinsters who approached his table were clearly unsure that this decaying figure wasp 1113 MWM 1985
his daughter, who held the family camera to her chin, approached the table. ‘Excuse me,‘ the man asked with an over-readyp 1115 MWM 1985
of ice, as the invisible river froze itself when I approached. In the darkness the ivory dust played against the beachp 7 DC 1987
by Harare and the Japanese photographer, two of the guerillas approached the last of the drilling towers. They drained the dieselp 20 DC 1987
the ball gown over her arm. The convoy of soldiers approached the police barracks, guns trained on the broken windows. Santosp 26 DC 1987
reasons of her own, was protecting me. The police launch approached the terrace, a constable reaching to the tiled steps withp 90 DC 1987
wearing their full caparison of boughs and foliage. As we approached the airstrip I watched a giant beech lose its holdp 92 DC 1987
one eye alert for the nearest television lens. As we approached the airstrip, however, I noticed that all trace of Sanger'sp 93 DC 1987
stripes was the former WHO physician at Port-la-Nouvelle. The helicopter approached the ferry, barely twenty feet above the wheelhouse. The navigationp 124 DC 1987
Salammbo was grounded. But then it changed course, banked and approached cautiously across the water. Kagwa had put away his carbinep 132 DC 1987
face must have seemed calm and expressionless, but as she approached the wheelhouse her mouth and cheeks were crimped like thosep 166 DC 1987
Mr Pal, who sat slumped together under their awning. We approached a palisade of tall reeds that grew from the submergedp 170 DC 1987
then left without looking back. We crossed the town and approached a group of floating barrack huts. Joined by wooden catwalksp 225 DC 1987
sitting on the corporal's knee slipped through his hands and approached me. ‘Come for beer? Good time ...?‘ ‘Is Noon here?‘ ‘Noonp 247 DC 1987
French pilot to descend, and the machine revolved twice and approached the barrage beside the Salammbo. Captain Kagwa dismounted beneath thep 265 DC 1987
a second Mallory. I waded past her steel skiff, and approached the narrow stream that vented itself from the bank. Onlyp 281 DC 1987
Surprisingly, none have been disturbed, suggesting that the murderers had approached their victims without surprise. The housekeeper, Mrs. West, lies shotp 10 RW 1988
the perimeter fences that enclosed the city, and soon after approached the gates of a military camp built beside a desertedp 1155 WF 1989
scientific stores in the inflatable. However, he had not yet approached or even spoken to her, embarrassed by his rough mannersp 1161 DCG 1990
midnight, after flying through the darkness from Hong Kong, we approached the western rim of a vast metropolis of lights, andp 173 UGM 1991
female mystery that the mothers of my friends never remotely approached. ‘Yes, James?‘ Olga hung the fur cape on its rackp 12 KW 1991
friendliness depended on my running errands for them. Mrs Dwight approached the children's hut, her fussy eyes taking in everything likep 38 KW 1991
I had walked a further mile into the haze, I approached a small wayside railway station. It stood beside the trackp 55 KW 1991
As Miriam kept watch, I climbed through the wire and approached one of the unguarded bombers. I swung myself through thep 89 KW 1991
floated in the drive like a tethered blimp. My neighbour approached with her elderly retriever, whose frayed coat and white muzzlep 204 KW 1991
Marcial Pereira, a leading film critic on a Rio newspaper, approached our table, accompanied by two of Copacabana's ambling beauties. Hep 242 KW 1991
intensified, blanching out the faces of the spectators. The dog approached, paws slipping on the floor, the handler steering it byp 255 KW 1991
and nodded encouragingly at me. I waved to David, who approached through the grass, watching the froth on the glasses. Edwardp 294 KW 1991
above a cabin that resembled a thatched hut. As we approached across the sand we could see that the hull wasp 346 KW 1991
laboratory coats and others in German Army field grey. I approached a group of generals who were standing behind Hitler asp 33 NAR 1991
imagine the strain on a shy middle-aged man of being approached by the thousandth child as its mother pipes: ‘Now, dearp 119 UGM 1992
cracked finger-nail down the price list. Suppressing his embarrassment, Neil approached her. ‘Dr Barbara? Can I get you a sandwich? Youp 33 RP 1994
Live and Love -- an Irving Boyd Planetary Project‘. Neil approached the gangway, stepping past a dozen crates packed with tentsp 46 RP 1994
aft in the engine-room and would hear Neil if he approached, but a single open seacock would flood the Dugong andp 54 RP 1994
a panic of running feet on the gangway. A taxi approached at speed along the quay, its beams dipping and flaringp 56 RP 1994
radio mast. A huge white bird with black wing-tips had approached the island from the sea and now soared in ap 81 RP 1994
cooperate, and shouted abuse at the Italian director when he approached them, holding his light meter to their faces. Carline didp 106 RP 1994
were nervous of her, retreating into their dens when she approached. She soon devised a repertory of playful routines for eachp 120 RP 1994
the Croix du Sud had walked arm in arm, and approached the camera-tower hidden behind its screen of vines and palmettosp 130 RP 1994
had already distilled a modest pharmacopoeia of hallucinogens. As Neil approached the tower, hiding among the cycads, he saw that Wernerp 139 RP 1994
blue-fish sped from his plunging feet, and a large sea-turtle approached to inspect him before rolling away like a top-heavy galleonp 151 RP 1994
clinic. She has a special job for you ...‘ As Neil approached the camp the women's laughter still sounded from their tentsp 185 RP 1994
shivering on the wind-swept sand. When the van Noort sisters approached along the beach, ready to start their tiresome teasing, hep 198 RP 1994
all committed to the success of the sanctuary. Whenever Neil approached, bringing a large grouper to the kitchen table, or hopingp 200 RP 1994
off between the humming rails. Half an hour later I approached a small wayside station, where a platoon of Japanese soldiersp 285 UGM 1995
a zone as depthless as a property developer's brochure? I approached the outskirts of Marbella, past King Saud's larger-than-life replica ofp 16 CN 1996
hands clasped across his chest. He stepped forward as I approached, his boots a few inches from a shallow pit excavatedp 168 CN 1996
car and declined to show off its performance. As we approached the harbour I noticed his almost childlike pleasure in everythingp 206 CN 1996
Club Nautico. Sometimes one can have too many memories.‘ We approached the gates of an untenanted villa in a quiet residentialp 264 CN 1996
the skies of the Cote d'Azur as the police marksmen approached. But no one, holding a rifle to his own chestp 63 SC 2000
of the resigned eyes of the old Senegalese. A car approached the Yasudas‘ house, its engine labouring. It limped along inp 76 SC 2000
me. Still unsure why this attractive but prickly woman had approached me, I said: ‘We're neighbours -- I saw you thisp 110 SC 2000
and threw it back into the waste basket. I still approached the murders as if they were a momentary aberration, ap 126 SC 2000
hung like gargoyles from the cornices, following me as I approached the barbican and identified myself to the guard at thep 133 SC 2000
waist, but his upper arms feinted at me as he approached. ‘Paul, you're still in one piece? I'm told you werep 171 SC 2000
and almost heard the crunch of Greenwood's steps as he approached the house, rifle in his hands. I folded the Rivierap 179 SC 2000
the parked vehicles. She paused to search the shadows, and approached an open-topped BMW, a similar model to the car Ip 211 SC 2000
by a salvo of fireworks. A car with dipped headlights, approached us, drifting from the verge to the centre line asp 307 SC 2000
the road from Golfe-Juan, slowing to a stop when it approached the burning car. ‘Paul, it's the police ... talk to themp 313 SC 2000
nothing prurient about her exploitation of Jane. She and Alain approached the freeports of sex like sophisticated tourists in a strangep 322 SC 2000
revolution, which he knew was closer to my heart. I approached the crime-scene tapes that closed the King's Road entrance top 4 MP 2003
my attention. ‘Like our meeting here. That wasn't meaningless ...‘ Heathrow approached, a beached sky-city, half space station and half shanty townp 25 MP 2003
with the men in Laura's life. He left when I approached, and walked briskly to his car. ‘David ...‘ Henry held myp 30 MP 2003
windows. After a coda of obligatory throttle work, a Harley-Davidson approached the kerb and stopped beside Kay's Polo. The rider, inp 56 MP 2003
lost. And not too pious ...‘ ‘That should be easy.‘ We approached the first house, a comfortable Tudor-style mansion, and stepped overp 87 MP 2003
shower every day ...‘ A hundred yards along the avenue we approached another large house, a Georgian villa with a swimming poolp 89 MP 2003
halted. I followed her as she straightened her skirt and approached the man, who wore a singlet and had the burlyp 93 MP 2003
Yet Gould seemed satisfied, smiling over his shoulder as we approached the motorway. ‘A charming place, David. Don't you think?‘ ‘Wellp 177 MP 2003
I watched him dozing beside me, only stirring when we approached Heathrow. The airport had as great a hold on hisp 178 MP 2003
Office investigator, perhaps a pathologist searching for human remains. I approached the Beetle and gripped the door handle, ready to breakp 183 MP 2003
a set of ignition keys, clearly hoping that he had approached the wrong vehicle. ‘Markham ...? I'm looking for Joan. Her car'sp 184 MP 2003
the bishop's palace. I stepped from the Range Rover, and approached a family picnicking around the tailgate of their Shogun. Thep 207 MP 2003
overlooking the street. People stepped aside, cheering as a car approached, horn sounding an urgent call to arms. Kay Churchill's littlep 227 MP 2003
to make sense of the inexplicable? Yet the man who approached me was smiling with a kind of shy confidence, ap 257 MP 2003
very serious people.‘ Gould waved to Vera as the Citroen approached. ‘That's why they've had to invent so many games. Almostp 262 MP 2003
of etiquette that rendered a young warden momentarily speechless. She approached me, assuming that I was a visitor from another worldp 269 MP 2003
to overtake me. Almost deafened by the vibrating concrete, I approached the Saab, which was lit by the helicopter's spotlight shiningp 284 MP 2003
felt vaguely uneasy whenever I left the inner city and approached the suburban outlands. But in fact I had spent myp 4 KC 2006
mental degenerate. Holding the key, I readied myself as Christie approached, bruised head emerging from the blanket. Seeing him beyond theirp 28 KC 2006
in which my father had died. An elderly Asian couple approached the entrance, and were quickly surrounded by volunteers in Stp 37 KC 2006
steps. But at least Christie had noticed me. As he approached the van he shook himself free from the ushers aboutp 52 KC 2006
bingo hall and now a carpet warehouse. A police car approached, cruising the silent streets as if nothing had happened. Ip 75 KC 2006
car to the rear passenger door. A waiting television unit approached the car, guided through the watching crowd by three uniformedp 92 KC 2006
brawl. He searched the crowd, forcefully pushing aside anyone who approached him. He was well into his fifties, with an almostp 94 KC 2006
the private rituals of the modern-day shaman. At last we approached Northfield Hospital, the mental asylum where Duncan Christie had beenp 96 KC 2006
Two security men emerged, carrying a leather restraining harness. They approached me without speaking, feinting around the furniture like dog handlersp 110 KC 2006
the security barrier and signalled me to stop. As I approached the police car a blonde-haired woman in a blue tracksuitp 110 KC 2006
A second police car turned off the main road and approached the security barrier, but Sergeant Falconer was too distracted top 111 KC 2006
Falconer drummed her fists on the instrument panel. When we approached the entrance ramp I looked back at the plaza aroundp 114 KC 2006
the bright August sun. As I left the motorway and approached the outskirts of Ashford I could see the tasselled pennantsp 151 KC 2006
my father in the past. Waiting in the traffic that approached the Metro-Centre, I watched the columns of supporters marching top 159 KC 2006
trying to help her with the suitcase. Two Asian men approached, but neither offered any aid, so I stopped the womanp 170 KC 2006
youth leader, eager to sacrifice himself for his principles. We approached the South Gate entrance. Above the cantilevered marquee were ap 173 KC 2006
couple speaking to the police officer fell silent when I approached. Frowning at me, they stepped back, as if I werep 182 KC 2006
near the racing circuit. I crossed the perimeter road, and approached the section of embankment. As always, I could hear enginesp 200 KC 2006
small stand against the unreal. ‘Defend the Dome!’ A car approached, tyres raking the gravel outside the entrance to the flatsp 207 KC 2006
of the doors, and a squad of a dozen constables approached the barricade, but for the moment made no attempt top 215 KC 2006
hair. A distraught woman in a tear-stained St George's shirt approached me, muscular arms above her head, as if ringing ap 254 KC 2006
the sluggish water into a nightmare brew, but, as we approached the South Gate entrance hall an even stranger smell surroundedp 273 KC 2006
in from the south to attack Lunghua airfield. As they approached, barely twenty feet above the abandoned paddy fields, they hidp 97 ML 2008
concrete platform and a pair of telegraph poles. As I approached I could hear an odd singsong sound, and saw thatp 106 ML 2008
to the car park behind the station. A police car approached, siren ringing, followed by a police van. The crowd drewp 172 ML 2008
I noticed between many mothers and their daughters as puberty approached. As a father who collected his children from school, Ip 228 ML 2008