place in public, in a highly dramatized atmosphere with an appreciative audience sensitive to every nuance of exaggerated behaviour. Clearly thep 269 UGM 1977
flipped through them, noticing that the pages were carefully marked, appreciative comments written in the margins. Mail-order coupons were missing fromp 31 RW 1988
damaged cars. They stepped back, making room for a more appreciative audience that had now arrived. Spectators returning from the airp 220 KW 1991
crossed the road, flanked by a pedestrian bridge where an appreciative crowd would lean on the rail and watch unsuspecting motoristsp 185 ML 2008
I always thought this place was over-rated.‘ However, he smiled appreciatively when they stepped into the clear ivory-cool air of thep 13 DW 1962
the engineers stood back from the test car Vaughan nodded appreciatively, and commented sotto voce, ‘The technology of accident simulation atp 123 C 1973
Although forbidding himself to eat now, he licked his fingers appreciatively. He urged Maitland forward, sliding a mess tin across top 91 CI 1974
would push a long-empty inhaler into his nostrils and snort appreciatively, Pepsodent flashed a dented cigarette case at the night skyp 66 HA 1981
the send-off Oswald immediately left the race, and was subsequently apprehended by track officials. Johnson had certainly not expected to winp 721 AE 1966
Canterbury. Three days ago the vergers at Westminster Abbey briefly apprehended a youth praying before a bizarre tableau consisting of Colp 1097 OOA 1984
Gray's Anatomy. 4 Are there reasons to believe that our apprehension of the future is intimately associated with the origins ofp 162 UGM 1969
half an hour the reluctant pupil had become an eager apprentice. Already the wavering letters of his first alphabet had becomep 108 CI 1974
skin infection, his youthful face resembled that of a starved apprentice in a backstreet tannery. ‘Estimated flow-rate is some 10,000p 158 DC 1987
been his remarkable auditory powers, and at fourteen he was apprenticed to the Metropolitan Sonic Disposal Service. Regarded as little betterp 109 SS 1960
on equal terms one of the too-bright luminaries of his apprenticeship. Without a thought for our disturbed stock, he opened thep 799 SGW 1970
light. Vermilion Sands had never seen anything like her. ‘The approach has got to be equivocal,‘ Harry continued, gazing into hisp 2 PB 1956
I won't. How did you do it?‘ ‘That mystical left-handed approach, of course,‘ I told him. ‘All ancient seas and darkp 9 PB 1956
the interrogation, as if bored by the sergeant's method of approach. ‘There's something I want to find out,‘ he said. ‘Leavep 24 CC 1957
were sitting where he had left them. Lang watched him approach, head propped comfortably on a cushion. Avery was slouched downp 64 M69 1957
I was getting myself wound up over nothing. A meaningless approach arrow on the charts, the faintest suggestion of a crypticp 79 WG 1959
up the sides of buildings, covering every conceivable angle of approach. Most of them were too high off the ground top 157 CH 1960
Kaldren pointed to it. ‘What you might call the supraliminal approach.‘ He gestured Powers in conspiratorially, finishing his drink in ap 187 VT 1960
holding the .38, and nothing could have induced Larsen to approach it. He decided to enter the chalet and watch thep 146 ZT 1960
to the side window which faced the procession's direction of approach. His view was uninterrupted for several hundred yards, each onep 282 GA 1961
felt irritable and short of breath. I was about to approach the house again, annoyed at having been refused entry andp 210 S5 1961
is to prevent them from becoming frightened, select one and approach it so slowly that it sits staring at you untilp 228 S5 1961
on their right, and they found themselves entering a long approach system of parallel concrete walls, partly intended as windbreakers forp 157 WFN 1961
cascading across its surface. ‘Looks as if this isn't an approach road after all,‘ Halliday commented. ‘No entrance bays or locksp 157 WFN 1961
the elevator. Beyond, obscured by the storm, was the wide approach road. The wind stream swept directly toward them, the thousandsp 163 WFN 1961
branching off from the stairway, huge cement-filled sandbags blocking their approach. He and Maitland examined the cracks appearing in the ceilingp 183 WFN 1961
though I appreciate the Department's foresight and your own sympathetic approach. The scheme you've outlined sounds plausible, but it just won'tp 333 13C 1962
science fiction needs to alter completely its present content and approach. Magazine s-f was born in the 1930s and like thep 196 UGM 1962
years earlier he had attempted to measure the rate of approach, by driving a series of stakes into the sand atp 357 CS 1962
than a few miles off the ground. Bridgman watched it approach, apparently on a collision course with the hotel. The expandingp 370 CS 1962
Aligning itself on the glideway, an airliner began its final approach over the city, its six huge jets blaring. As thep 406 M99 1962
remarkably well integrated, and that he had a realistic, pragmatic approach towards life which was completely unlike the over-compensated self-pity ofp 407 M99 1962
the waking state. But we have to adopt an empirical approach, try whatever remedy we can. Don't you agree, Kerans?‘ Keransp 37 DW 1962
rarely saw each other he evidently decided on an alternative approach, bribing Kerans and Bodkin with the promise of his well-stockedp 96 DW 1962
Caesar, and the sailors resting on the pump-wheels, watched Kerans approach with noncommittal interest. ‘See if you can get down intop 102 DW 1962
this faint beacon was receding more rapidly then he could approach it. When it was no longer visible he pressed onp 108 DW 1962
angle to the other, betraying no sign of thought. His approach, Constantin reflected as he watched his opponent, would be thatp 509 EG 1963
the whole business of playacting lacked appeal for Constantin. His approach was more serpentine. Besides, if he provoked Malek, uncertainties werep 511 EG 1963
at them. Only the witch-doctor's son made any attempt to approach Connolly, sidling tentatively through the shadows, a piece of whatp 449 QR 1963
blur. He remembered his passionate interest in developing a scientific approach to the obscurer branches of yoga and the Hindu parapsychologiesp 536 SA 1963
him he seemed unsure of himself. He made a tentative approach to Emerelda, who was staring at him fixedly. She drewp 551 SG 1963
guard surrounding her. Without moving her head, she watched me approach and take her hands. Her blue hair swirled in thep 554 SG 1963
the traffic islands outside town. They'll soon have all the approach roads covered. When they do we might as well stopp 412 SM 1963
dangerous vehicles. A quarter of a mile ahead, at the approach to the first of the clover-leaves, the traffic stream wasp 415 SM 1963
concrete caissons, it reared high into the air above the approach roads, visible for miles. Franklin craned up at the grillesp 415 SM 1963
Franklin assumed that the sign was part of the ground approach system of the city airport ten miles to the eastp 416 SM 1963
sure that the signs were not part of the airport approach system. Neither of them was in line with the principalp 416 SM 1963
hide them but now and then, as he slowed to approach one of the flyovers, Franklin caught a glimpse of thep 419 SM 1963
mobiles revolved delicately in the warm air, deciding whether to approach Kandinski. Then he stood up and went over to thep 486 VH 1963
the dunes on to the shingle. Everyone seemed reluctant to approach the giant, but half an hour later two fishermen inp 641 DG 1964
the Indians, the whining of a desert dog waiting to approach the refuse dump -- and he sank downwards into thep 629 DS 1964
of the site, I assure you, gentlemen. The only safe approach is by river.‘ ‘Safe approach?‘ I repeated to Reston. ‘Ip 608 IM 1964
you, gentlemen. The only safe approach is by river.‘ ‘Safe approach?‘ I repeated to Reston. ‘I say, what is this, Sidneyp 608 IM 1964
turned and joined my colleagues. ‘But why is the Russian approach so different?‘ George Schneider was asking. ‘Is the Hubble Effectp 609 IM 1964
were rounding a bend as the river widened in its approach towards Maynard, and the water around the two landing craftp 609 IM 1964
a wide sweep of one arm, as if indicating the approach of a storm. Although of strong physique, there was somethingp 611 IM 1964
the road, where a section of heavier fencing marked the approach to a distant mansion. Behind me a siren whined, andp 614 IM 1964
might have appeased him. As we drove down the final approach to the familiar tiered white villa by the water's edgep 587 LL 1964
without hostility, as if she were waiting for me to approach her. At our feet the sea hissed, the waves runningp 570 PCD 1964
Perhaps.‘ She watched a fishing boat enter the river and approach them, its motor beating slowly. Two men stood in thep 16 D 1965
feet came from the distant streets. Ransom listened to them approach. He waited as the lookout climbed down into the holdp 61 D 1965
there was room for a few more vehicles, but the approach lanes were closed. One or two cars crawled about thep 90 D 1965
fence into the mouth of the river allowed Ransom to approach the wire without having to advance directly towards the seap 95 D 1965
culverts Like the advance front of an invading army, its approach almost unnoticed. A cold wind blew overhead and dissolved inp 104 D 1965
the fire burn itself out among the coaches on the approach lines to the bridge. Philip Jordan paced about, then turnedp 143 D 1965
animal somewhere to the north-west, howling to itself at their approach. Always it was several miles away from them, its criesp 145 D 1965
stretch of the lakeside road. Jonas, however, seemed reluctant to approach the lake. Whitman placed the leash in his mouth, andp 161 D 1965
counterparts and an American limbo dancer -- may care to approach it in the form of the card game with whichp 663 BM 1966
the doorway, her wind-blown hair hiding her face, watching him approach with stern eyes. He was ten yards from her whenp 708 SBD 1966
toward him. Sanders was tempted to cross the road and approach the forest, but there was something minatory and oppressive aboutp 27 CW 1966
were rounding a bend, as the river widened in its approach to Mont Royal, and the water ahead was touched byp 68 CW 1966
the bend in the inlet, where it widened in its approach toward the river, the crop-headed figure of the mulatto rosep 101 CW 1966
roots by the force of the gun-blast. He watched Sanders approach with vague eyes, one hand touching the blood that ranp 115 CW 1966
shards of marble between the columns. Turning, Suzanne saw him approach. For a moment she flinched toward the road, then recognizedp 140 CW 1966
on them.‘ He waved at Judith, who was watching them approach with pursed lips. ‘Captain Thornwald, my dear. Rescue at lastp 715 TMY 1966
planetarium the young woman in the white dress watched him approach with maternal eyes. Enneper's Surface. Tallis was immediately struck byp 39 YCM 1966
man with a faint beard hiding his mouth, watched us approach with the detached and neutral gaze of an undertaker. Wep 763 DA 1968
a crippled archangel. A multiple collision had occurred in the approach to the underpass. After the police had left they walkedp 21 UD 1968
aware of the young woman pacing out the triangle of approach roads. Her face contained the geometry of the plaza. Hep 26 UD 1968
texture in a few seconds, becoming more decollete at the approach of an eager admirer, more formal at a chance meetingp 797 SGW 1970
one knee, Nikon working in his hands. He began to approach, face hidden behind the camera, feet moving in oblique passagep 49 JAC 1970
bureaux. Searching for Vaughan, I spent the morning haunting the approach roads to the airport. From the parking aprons of thep 107 C 1973
my car and walked across to Vaughan. He watched me approach as if he had never seen me before, scarred mouthp 113 C 1973
factors. Garbo and Dietrich, there's a place for the gerontological approach. The special involvement of at least two of the Kennedysp 183 C 1973
rain-clouded sky. The pilot was throttling back on his final approach to London Airport, and the noise of the four hugep 40 CI 1974
of some immense aerial palace. Below the span were the approach roads to the Westway interchange, a labyrinth of ascent rampsp 106 CI 1974
Afraid that she might leave without him, Melville decided to approach her directly. He drove his car through the deserted streetsp 815 DFW 1974
saw her husband talking to one of them Helen would approach, tugging the boys after her, as if no longer concernedp 45 HR 1975
From his balcony Laing watched their cars appear on the approach roads and turn into their spaces in the parking-lot. Briefcasesp 105 HR 1975
cold air five floors below, Richard Wilder watched the sunlight approach him. He sat on the steps, leaning against a dining-roomp 155 HR 1975
to make her entrance. With her entrenched rationality, her over-calculated approach to life in general and the needs of her sexualityp 858 60Z 1976
dropped from the cast-list. As the camera moves nearer I approach the main stage of this vertical drama -- a tierp 859 60Z 1976
of solution by the usual intranasal techniques. The so-called "flying-boat" approach was employed, as described by Rethi (quoted May 1951). Thep 19 QER 1976
military stood by the two trucks, waiting for us to approach. At their head was a young Eurasian interpreter in ap 928 DT 1977
into the truck, arms raised across their mouths. Unable to approach us, they waited for a few minutes and then returnedp 937 DT 1977
had followed a deranged itinerary -- airport cargo bays, the approach roads to missile silos, secret apartments packed with computer terminalsp 985 Z2 1978
a greasy chain around her neck. She still hesitated to approach me, as if she expected me to ignite spontaneously andp 25 UDC 1979
gentle creatures had followed me across the park. Watching them approach me, I knew that they were the third family ofp 114 UDC 1979
I could attend to the vultures I heard Stark's hearse approach, its hoarse engine breathing like a beast. Stark swung thep 138 UDC 1979
by my powers of flight. I waited for him to approach me, counting the contours of his slim hips and thighsp 172 UDC 1979
robin which he released through the grass. Too frightened to approach me, the children crouched in the lice-filled grass. Jamie hootedp 194 UDC 1979
oil leaking from the engine. Stark waited for me to approach the Cessna and look into its cockpit. Ignoring the aircraftp 212 UDC 1979
it's occurred to me more than once that a different approach may be called for.‘ ‘Presumably, you're referring to chemotherapy,‘ Ip 1002 HFF 1980
of my visit. ‘I was thinking of a less physical approach, Dr Charcot, one concerned to lay the ghosts of thep 1002 HFF 1980
feel their way in the darkness, wondering how best to approach this distraught young woman. Then I saw that the massivep 1007 HFF 1980
sidewinder basking in a publisher's doorway paused to observe Wayne approach and then uncoiled itself in the shadows, waiting patiently amongp 36 HA 1981
Wayne propelled himself forwards, an aerial creature nervous at the approach of this wounded pilot. ‘But have you flown her yetp 177 HA 1981
a stop. Slade stepped from the cockpit, uninterested in Franklin's approach. He was still naked, except for his goggles, and hisp 1035 NFS 1981
with Sheppard than with himself and his profession. ‘A radical approach? I assume you're thinking of something like resurrection?‘ Seeing thep 1065 MNF 1982
pilot -- he remembered her warning him of the Fokker's approach -- had slipped away to its lair somewhere south alongp 1043 MSA 1982
and the forecourt of the cathedral were too dangerous to approach. In the Bubbling Well Road he chased the Plymouth carp 78 ES 1984
Several times they stopped for Basie to get out and approach a Chinese stall-holder, talking in his fluent dockside Cantonese. Butp 103 ES 1984
human fertilizer from the open sewage congs that signalled the approach of the countryside. Even the driver's hostility failed to worryp 126 ES 1984
his brightest smile. He realized that Dr Ransome could not approach the Japanese so soon after their meal without being knockedp 134 ES 1984
port at the mouth of the Yangtze controlled the river approach to Shanghai. Everyone in the camp talked about Woosung. ‘Thep 196 ES 1984
the sunlight, as if the tenants had fled at his approach. The mention of the Nagasaki raid, and its confusion withp 300 ES 1984
Mr Scranton.‘ Baffled by this bizarre exchange, I watched them approach the man in the tropical suit. A nondescript fellow inp 1107 MWM 1985
which the light has been stolen. As I knew, the approach of the desert had become an almost personal challenge. Usingp 18 DC 1987
all emotion, I assumed that she had seen Harare's men approach the breeding station and in a reflex of panic hadp 23 DC 1987
the bandage around her infected foot. When she saw me approach she looked up with the same hostile eyes that hadp 36 DC 1987
her sides, and then scuttled away when she saw me approach. I climbed the bank and stared at the sheet ofp 53 DC 1987
had once formed a line of landing lights in the approach to the military airstrip. The metal humps of a hangarp 131 DC 1987
head against the metal grille, I saw a rubber dinghy approach the starboard gangway. Two of Mrs Warrender's women stood shoulderp 195 DC 1987
the unloaded rifle to my chest, and watched the dinghy approach. Across the pus-like surface of the lagoon the trailing handp 202 DC 1987
earliest participants would often sit tongue-tied for hours, unable to approach each other, let alone hold hands. From then on theyp 1126 LCC 1989
is, captain,‘ Ryan agreed devoutly. ‘How do I even dare approach her?‘ ‘What?‘ Gomez followed Ryan's awestruck gaze. ‘Not Lieutenant Valentinap 1153 WF 1989
sharing the island with Johnson, or perhaps pondering a different approach to her project, one that involved the participation of thep 1166 DCG 1990
sense if one accepts that his grotesque physique and hesitant approach to speech and thought exactly mimic the steroidal musculature andp 78 UGM 1991
to me to be an example of the airport concourse approach to exhibitions, closer in spirit to the Motor Show thanp 80 UGM 1991
escapers had stopped and were waiting for the Japanese to approach them. The fourth figure stood by the wire, and beganp 44 KW 1991
sex with Olga, but I had no idea how to approach her, and I knew that she would enjoy laughing atp 70 KW 1991
was trying to visualise how one would even dare to approach this terrifying figure, let alone have sex with her. Butp 153 KW 1991
as I needed other women, I found it impossible to approach them. My friends were careful to invite me to theirp 169 KW 1991
lead so expertly. She had realised that only a frivolous approach, as divorced from real feeling as the Soho clubs andp 177 KW 1991
men and women asleep in their chairs. None dared to approach the table, waiting as the nurse, with much officious rattlingp 274 KW 1991
The idea is to show what actually happens as we approach the end, and break through all the taboos and preconceptionsp 306 KW 1991
been sticking to the script. They allowed the Dugong to approach the island, and waited patiently as the inflatables performed theirp 59 RP 1994
combative companions aboard the Croix du Sud watched the tender's approach without comment. The time of protests and slogans had passedp 90 RP 1994
Vancouver. Neil was surprised that they made no attempt to approach the camp and greet the expedition members. They kept top 101 RP 1994
seaplane taxied to its take-off point. He watched Dr Barbara approach him with quiet pleasure, openly admiring her courage, and gladp 177 RP 1994
eroded steps he had helped to carve on the final approach to the radio mast. Calming his lungs, he listened top 198 RP 1994
Barbara to pat her shoulder. Neil waited for them to approach him, but like everyone else they were wary of himp 236 RP 1994
that he had reset the mechanism when he saw me approach, intrigued to know how I would react to the viciousp 41 CN 1996
seeing it for the first time. I expected him to approach us, but he remained thirty feet away, staring at mep 47 CN 1996
a wide-brimmed black straw hat. No one seemed willing to approach her, and I sensed that a formal invitation was neededp 62 CN 1996
kill you?‘ ‘None. It's inconceivable. Believe me, find a different approach. I hear you have new evidence.‘ ‘Three spent bullets. Ip 104 SC 2000
by the rebuff and irritated with herself for having to approach me so clumsily. ‘Please, Mr Sinclair. I need to talkp 110 SC 2000
he knew,‘ Bourget pointed out. ‘Perhaps it was easier to approach them, rather than complete strangers. He was very disturbed, Mrp 146 SC 2000
guilt trying to flee the scene but managing only to approach itself. Distracted by the sight of so many empty housesp 8 MP 2003
a woman colleague were keeping watch on the Home Secretary's approach. Methodical to a fault, they had wiped the windows top 11 MP 2003
one resembling Gould or Stephen Dexter had walked up the approach road to the car park in the past hour. Enteringp 207 MP 2003
stopped in the centre of the road, and blocked the approach of a dusty Volvo labouring under the luggage tied top 281 MP 2003
where my father had met his death. I watched her approach the terrace, half an hour late, throwing her gum intop 65 KC 2006
me.‘ ‘Right. I'd like to lay something out. A different approach.‘ ‘That's good -- the Metro-Centre could use some help.‘ ‘Andp 145 KC 2006
nearby. We've done everything.‘ ‘Everything? You've tried the classic friendly approach, giving the customers what they want. Or what you thinkp 147 KC 2006
you think they want. You need to try the unfriendly approach.‘ ‘Tell them what they ought to want?‘ Cruise waved thisp 147 KC 2006
straps. Sergeant Falconer drew me away when I tried to approach him. The paramedics slid Kumar into the ambulance and ranp 184 KC 2006
advice, I turned into a side street, but the next approach road was sealed off by police tapes. Detour signs sentp 199 KC 2006
food. Periodically a delegation led by No. 1 Boy would approach my mother and father as they sipped their whisky sodasp 13 ML 2008
vitality, magazine science fiction was limited by its ‘what if?‘ approach, and that the genre was ripe for change, if notp 167 ML 2008
outright takeover. I was more interested in a ‘what now?‘ approach. After weekend trips across the border I could see thatp 167 ML 2008
more meaningful world? Writing The Atrocity Exhibition, I adopted an approach as fragmented as the world it described. Most readers foundp 236 ML 2008