he returned to work. He thought of the chain of appointments missed, cancelled client meetings, a committee on which he satp 33 CI 1974
left for the television studios. Once there, he cancelled his appointments and told his secretary that he would be away forp 59 HR 1975
All victims told the same story -- there were forgotten appointments, inexplicable car crashes, untended infants rescued by police and neighboursp 1019 NFS 1981
was it typed in?‘ ‘May 26. It's a list of appointments waiting to be scheduled.‘ ‘But David was a paediatrician. Dop 70 SC 2000
two days beforehand David was reminding himself to arrange their appointments. A strange thing to do if he planned to killp 70 SC 2000
hour. Before you go, I'd like a printout of that appointments list.‘ ‘David's? Why?‘ Jane picked up her white coat. ‘I'mp 81 SC 2000
tabac was a small ray of hope. I tucked the appointments list into my breast pocket and searched for the carp 82 SC 2000
that there had been other intended victims. I took the appointments list from my wallet and spread it across the tablep 98 SC 2000
Greenwood, only forty-eight hours after he began to schedule their appointments. Two of the victims were fellow physicians at the clinicp 99 SC 2000
I realized that I was looking at a schedule of appointments, but of a special kind. What I had taken fromp 99 SC 2000
forced the guard's hand from my chest and drew the appointments list from my pocket. ‘Read this you may be inp 101 SC 2000
will say why.‘ I took a spare copy of the appointments list from my breast pocket and placed it in frontp 115 SC 2000
Every time you stalled they laid down more scent. The appointments diary in David's computer. It didn't take you long top 337 SC 2000
of sympathy, an attempt to review the sentence and perhaps apportion the blame elsewhere, and the unconscious if not conscious sensep 506 EG 1963
and insane it had been inside the Tycho, and how apposite had been his description of it as a cave, withp 490 VH 1963
searching for is the primary act of intercourse, the first apposition of the dimensions of time and space. In the multipliedp 56 GAN 1967
starting point). Settling in. Half an hour of sharp eyed appraisal by Louise, evasive gestures by Roger. A rapidly evolving algebrap BAT 1968
Karen and Travers, his eyes were set in a canny appraisal of her hoped-for wound areas. More and more Travers foundp 71 THF 1969
from the immigration offices, his eyes set in a cold appraisal of hoped-for wound areas. Vaughan propped the cine-camera against thep 90 C 1973
run forward to her, but her matter-of-fact gaze, her unimpressed appraisal of his heavy loins, made him stop. By now hep 167 HR 1975
beach and holding up the tattered jacket, and continued her appraisal of the ketch, like an excisewoman at the bar ofp 196 RP 1994
to him to criticise the United States, and Paco's moody appraisals unsettled him. ‘Are you all from the same tribe --p 132 HA 1981
his face and turned to Jim, whose ragged figure he appraised without comment. ‘The Japanese have captured so much ground they'vep 129 ES 1984
imagine him wanting to kill anyone.‘ ‘A terrible affair.‘ She appraised me with the same cool eyes that had gazed atp 54 SC 2000
a big pull.‘ She wiped the lipstick from her teeth, appraising me anew. Already I felt aroused by Olga, as confusedp 69 KW 1991
beloved birds.‘ To Neil, whose broad shoulders she was always appraising, she said: ‘So you came to save the albatross?‘ ‘Yesp 127 RP 1994
a crowded theatre?‘ Paula stood next to the mirror, coolly appraising herself. ‘He doesn't just shout "fire", he burns down thep 279 CN 1996
managed them.‘ He paused to stare at me in his appraising way, neither sympathetic nor hostile. ‘It's my job, Mr Sinclairp 24 SC 2000
the entire beach swayed and surged. The noise had fallen appreciably, letting through the sound of the wurlitzer at the funfairp 429 RE 1963
Mae West's two breasts was found. The left breast was appreciably larger than the right. The most important step before operatingp 114 MWR 1990
naively ambitious, remember that I had as yet failed to appreciate the real dimensions and purpose of the power, and stillp 102 NZ 1959
both wrapped up inaudibly inside, the same five-minute package and appreciate their full musical value. The heyday of Madame Gioconda wasp 112 SS 1960
and he was not so naive as to fail to appreciate its potentialities. It had developed in his late adolescence andp 120 SS 1960
-- but at the same time I'm not going. You appreciate the distinction?‘ ‘Perfectly, Dr Schopenhauer.‘ Granger began to grin againp 237 DE 1961
We've done our best to make high-altitude observations, but you'll appreciate that launching a balloon in this wind, let alone keepingp 54 WFN 1961
I'm afraid that won't do, General,‘ he said, ‘though I appreciate the Department's foresight and your own sympathetic approach. The schemep 333 13C 1962
the subject of amused comment. Franklin began to say: ‘I appreciate that --‘ but Hathaway brushed this aside. ‘Forget it, Doctorp 412 SM 1963
confounded egos.‘ He smiled slyly at the head-boy. ‘Louise would appreciate that, don't you think?‘ The head-boy was watching a refusep 629 DS 1964
of this. Ransom was one of the few people to appreciate his Faberge style without any kind of moral reservation --p 40 D 1965
gesture, then gave Sanders an easy smile. ‘I'm glad you appreciate it, Doctor.‘ He pointed to Louise Peret. ‘I can seep 52 CW 1966
man who dies in that crash with her ...‘ ‘Does Seagrave appreciate this?‘ ‘In his own way.‘ We approached a major trunkp 130 C 1973
and Eleanor Powell, lying together in his sister's bed, would appreciate all he had done. He methodically basted the dark skinp 169 HR 1975
the shortage of food, and had been too tired to appreciate Laing's skill and courage in capturing the dog, let alonep 169 HR 1975
music-hall faith-healer, makes complete sense to a viewer trained to appreciate the presentation techniques of Civilisation and World in Action, andp 167 UGM 1978
out. I did my best for him, but he didn't appreciate it. The last few days have been a nightmare, draggingp 97 HA 1981
I'm trying to keep up your education. Your dad would appreciate that.‘ ‘I think he'll give you a reward, Basie.‘ Jimp 118 ES 1984
by the spittle on his lips. Perhaps Sergeant Nagata would appreciate a first-hand account of the air raid? But the sergeantp 200 ES 1984
plants. None was larger than a marble, but Basie would appreciate them. He slipped them into his shirt pocket and watchedp 205 ES 1984
much effort go to waste. A bad advertisement.‘ ‘Good. I appreciate your support, Captain. As soon as I drain this streamp 68 DC 1987
bed wetter, if I remember -- perhaps the parents didn't appreciate all the effort?" "Oh, they appreciated it ... never stopped, inp 30 RW 1988
suspiciously at every blade of grass, Sergeant Nagata would not appreciate serving as my practice target. I leaned against Peggy, gladp 32 KW 1991
had gained the maturity in their twenties and thirties to appreciate and understand these writers, far more meaningfully than I couldp 179 UGM 1992
at her music school, would see him and at least appreciate the finer points of the afternoon's display, and that hisp 58 RP 1994
him, but perhaps the time had come when she would appreciate his friendship. As a trained botanist she understood the vastp 214 RP 1994
perhaps you'd speak to the man who attacked me. I appreciate your coming here.‘ ‘Good.‘ Cabrera turned to Paula Hamilton asp 93 CN 1996
commission. One of the Chinese sergeants got over-enthusiastic.‘ ‘He didn't appreciate that he was taking part in a ... psychological experiment?‘ ‘Ip 247 CN 1996
too many late nights with boring lovers who failed to appreciate her. Despite the name tag -- ‘Dr Jane Gomersall‘ --p 42 SC 2000
possible clue to Greenwood's state of mind. The widows might appreciate the sedative drug, ready to try anything that would freep 140 SC 2000
a concealed vent, a music that only the dead could appreciate, the sound of coffins straining like the timbers of storm-tossedp 15 KC 2006
was assured that although everything I had done was deeply appreciated, the firm was nonetheless no longer able to support itselfp 102 NZ 1959
pleasant boy with a relaxed sense of humour that Lanyon appreciated. But Matheson was no hero. ‘What's the programme now?‘ Mathesonp 28 WFN 1961
first soccer game on television. My co-workers at the office appreciated my attempts to understand them and sincerely befriended me. Englandp 27 SEO 1972
D.W. Griffith. With his architectural obsessions he would have appreciated the special merits of this film. I am now lookingp 858 60Z 1976
little slower?‘ Halloway paused, waiting to see if Olds fully appreciated the simplicity of this ingenious scheme. He added, ‘Naturally, itp 917 UC 1976
them, well aware that only he, among the British prisoners, appreciated the joke. Basie ventured a wary smile, but Dr Ransomep 135 ES 1984
Chungking.‘ Basie nodded sagely, watching Jim to make sure he appreciated his superior savvy. ‘Chungking ...‘ Jim was agog. This was thep 217 ES 1984
was one of the few people in Lunghua Camp who appreciated the humour of it all. Trying to match her, hep 240 ES 1984
perhaps the parents didn't appreciate all the effort?" "Oh, they appreciated it ... never stopped, in fact." Payne pressed the computer keyboardp 30 RW 1988
of keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. I appreciated his tactful use of the term ‘arsonist‘, though I suspectedp 104 CN 1996
so much to help her, but these kindnesses are never appreciated. You took her back to Sanger's bungalow?‘ ‘He's looking afterp 307 CN 1996
sense, Jim, being born here. I admire a boy who appreciates a good home. Anyone can pick his own parents, butp 106 ES 1984
night and I won't ask. I hope she's sweet and appreciates you. But I'm sure of one thing -- remain herep 269 SC 2000
you with us, Mr Pearson.‘ He shook my hand warmly, appreciating that I had crossed a desert to reach this air-conditionedp 39 KC 2006
deaths, particularly Jacobson's suicide, having reached the newspapers. The directors‘ appreciation of those senior members of the staff who remained withp 101 NZ 1959
devoted menial whose chief satisfaction was a total lack of appreciation and the endless recitation of his faults. In many waysp 148 HR 1975
about something, but changed his mind. Halloway, they lack your appreciation of the value of hard work. ‘Olds, can't you understandp 916 UC 1976
pull-through the German glanced at him with a flicker of appreciation. He ate only when he had reassembled the weapon. Ogdenp 978 OAU 1978
dress. There were exaggerated sighs of delight, ironic titters of appreciation as these housewives and secretaries, waitresses and middle-aged executives pulledp 109 UDC 1979
fulfilled. One person at least was needed to show some appreciation of these material objects. Agreeing with me, an amiable crowdp 142 UDC 1979
in Mayfair and Regent Street. 58) He had a keen appreciation of money, but was not impressed when I told himp 1103 ATQ 1985
of a stranded US. They seemed to show the same appreciation for these pictures of a vanished American past that anp 66 UGM 1989
winced with pain or vomited into their sick-basins, ripples of appreciation would move across the audience at some particularly striking camerap 240 KW 1991
rushes. They sat with their backs to me, nodding their appreciation of the finer points of the action. One of thep 237 SC 2000