stray hair from her brow-line with the ruthlessness she always applies to her own body. Even thirty feet away, hovering inp 859 60Z 1976
HRH, 371; wins Miss Alabama contest, 382; go-go dancer, 511; applies for writ of habeas corpus, 728 Harriman, Averell, 432 Harry'sp 943 I 1977
what about our congress of science films?‘ ‘The same thing applies. In many ways, more so.‘ Dick smiled knowingly, always happyp 235 KW 1991
approval. ‘Don't worry,‘ she had said lightly. ‘Our agreement will apply to one issue only.‘ Amazingly she showed no wish top 220 S5 1961
shows. If the Council disapprove, the only sanction they can apply is to give me the sack.‘ ‘They will, Charles, don'tp 383 WT 1962
first sight, how much more these strictures would seem to apply to the notion of a Japanese cinema -- especially thep 25 UGM 1991
that isn't true. Richard says that the only ones who apply are either aggressive extroverts or neurotic introverts.‘ ‘And where arep 90 KW 1991
neurotic introverts.‘ ‘And where are the sane ones?‘ ‘They never apply. They're either getting drunk or necking on the river.‘ ‘Callp 90 KW 1991
Saito had been forced to leave the plant laboratory and apply his botanical skills to the kitchen gardens, where he contractedp 186 RP 1994
to one or two afternoons a week. The same rules apply to society at large. I'm not advocating an insane free-for-allp 264 SC 2000
Frances ... he's not taking me anywhere. Stop working for them. Apply for a transfer. By the way, I assume you pickedp 283 SC 2000
if he had come to the airport in order to apply for a job as a concourse doctor. We smiled atp 244 MP 2003
is,‘ he remarked. ‘I agree, it is,‘ Kaidren said quietly. ‘Applying the inverse square law that signal source is broadcasting atp 189 VT 1960
the surface of his mind, and nothing would stop him applying it. Over their meal trays in the commissary he grilledp 330 13C 1962
the patio or before a mirror in her bedroom, automatically applying endless layers of patina like a blind painter forever retouchingp 87 DW 1962
from water reservoirs, and nature had merely extended the principle, applying a fractional tilt, at first imperceptible, to the balance ofp 32 D 1965
us as much as any memory of a paternal ogre. Applying Freud's principle, we can see that reason safely rationalizes realityp 94 UGM 1969
Here he anticipated Warhol and a hundred other contemporary imitators. Applying himself to a thousand and one stunts, he soon achievedp 94 UGM 1969
taking the ‘facts‘ of psychoanalysis at their face value and applying them like a Sunday painter to the materials of twentieth-centuryp 97 UGM 1969
devised by man during his inward colonising of his planet, applying the dreams of a degenerate outer space to his innerp 1094 OOA 1984
can't be a barrage.‘ ‘Why not?‘ ‘It would be like applying a tourniquet -- to my own arm. It would becomep 207 DC 1987
firmly over small gauze rolls. The operation was completed by applying a firm dressing which was maintained for the succeeding threep 134 JFA 1989
between our recordings seemed to lengthen, as if I were applying some unconscious brake to time in an attempt to holdp 310 KW 1991
injure me, avoiding the large vessels and my larynx, and applying only enough pressure to suffocate me. Beyond this there wasp 96 CN 1996
is good at is warming the slippers of late capitalism. Applying for the post of son and heir, though very hazyp 9 KC 2006
affairs of the firm which would force the board to appoint new executive directors from the ranks of the department managersp 101 NZ 1959
issue a currency, passports, deeds of property and nationality, then appoint and receive ambassadors. The Miami expedition won't be the lastp 162 HA 1981
take his place again as the sanctuary's hunter, she would appoint him her deputy while she served her long prison sentencep 228 RP 1994
alerted, and at least three ministers without portfolio had been appointed, their political futures staked to the recovery of the paintingp 574 LL 1964
that a Professor Henrico Daniella was reported to have been appointed director of the Museum of Pan-Christian Art at Santiago. Hisp 588 LL 1964
conservatory garden. Harold Caldwell, one of his closest friends, was appointed Professor of History at the university, and Sam Banbury becamep 563 TP 1964
demoted. Even Montefiore is leaving. His grandfather has just been appointed chairman.‘ He rolled over and put his head in herp 565 TP 1964
to drive in style to Mount Royal in the magnificently appointed hearse had returned Ransom to her favour. ‘It was ap 136 D 1965
of tireless servants. Besides all this, once Laing had been appointed senior lecturer in physiology at the new medical school, thep 10 HR 1975
the way in which they fitted so willingly into their appointed slots in the apartment building, for their over-developed sense ofp 81 HR 1975
At the United Nations headquarters in New York the Secretary-General appointed a committee of prominent scientists, churchmen and business leaders withp 841 LDG 1976
huge Rolls and saved the scene, announced that he had appointed Pepsodent to be his personal driver. Immense gratitude and reliefp 143 HA 1981
these desolate Nevada jungles, and that he himself had been appointed Vice-President. Perhaps he could use his authority with Steiner top 215 HA 1981
remote-controlled nuclear missile station in the Mare Imbrium. Retired 1975, appointed vice-president, Pepsi-Cola Corporation. 1976, script consultant to 20th Century-Fox forp 1095 OOA 1984
worldwide tour lasting a full six months. NASA had already appointed firms of literary agents and public relations experts to lookp 1177 MFM 1992
for Dr Barbara, and that his successor had already been appointed. Looking down at the camp, he could see Nihal, thep 200 RP 1994
throat. A laying-on of hands had taken place, as he appointed me to fill Frank's vacant role. By not injuring mep 248 CN 1996
I was surprised that this corpulent beach Beria had been appointed Eden-Olympia's acting head of security. Tactical indiscretion was his fortep 292 SC 2000
power increased, culminating in the smiling balloon-head of a recent appointee, an immense inflated blimp of self-satisfaction. A nervous line ofp 156 MP 2003
the secretarial staff, who were tacitly under my control, by appointing others at random to the position. He would give mep 97 NZ 1959
propel myself rapidly to the chairmanship of the board, by appointing my own candidates to vacancies as they successively appeared. Asp 101 NZ 1959
own consultancy had been extended into Sunday morning with his appointment as visiting factory doctor to one of the automobile plantsp 420 SM 1963
postponed to the next day any patient calling without an appointment. But I was immediately struck, first by her age --p 948 ICU 1977
my mind. Curious to see her again, I arranged an appointment for the following week. Without realizing it, I had alreadyp 949 ICU 1977
of this unusual young woman. On the evening of my appointment, I half-suspected that she was some kind of novice prostitutep 949 ICU 1977
17-year-old patient, one Mile Brossard, had not arrived for her appointment. At that moment one of the nursing sisters at thep 1001 HFF 1980
the clinical notes. I noticed that this was the third appointment to be cancelled during the previous year. An orphan, Christinap 1001 HFF 1980
later, when I telephoned the Hospice to arrange a new appointment for Christina Brossard, the Mother Superior's secretary politely informed mep 1005 HFF 1980
uncertainty of someone who suspects that he is keeping an appointment on the wrong day. He would slip into his placep 1109 MWM 1985
whole purpose of this strange adventure. I remembered my first appointment after graduating, when I had hesitated in the same wayp 142 DC 1987
Death, so eagerly invited, for once failed to keep its appointment. Three hours later, under Noon's disapproving eye, I had cutp 144 DC 1987
dogs and radio-equipped handlers. Entry to the estate was by appointment only, and the avenues and drives were swept by remote-controlledp 13 RW 1988
the killers found them all in." "Perhaps they made an appointment." "By staging some pretext? It's hard to visualize what, exactlyp 33 RW 1988
volunteer, Doctor?" "Volunteer? Maybe. But for what? The diaries and appointment books show nothing -- there were the usual Saturday activitiesp 34 RW 1988
busy day ahead of them. Dr. Edwina has a hair appointment in Reading, and Dr. Harold must collect the Super-8 camerap 74 RW 1988
a tender root canal reminds me that I had an appointment yesterday); my wife's solicitor, insisting that the first of thep 1131 TES 1989
throat was trying to mimic Dick's ravaged larynx. Our second appointment was cancelled when I developed a heavy head cold. Butp 307 KW 1991
acting head of security, and was still waiting for his appointment to be confirmed. During the interregnum, as he fretted atp 89 SC 2000
to kill someone at Eden-Olympia it's best to make an appointment. Now, you spoke of danger?‘ ‘Right ...‘ I opened the crushedp 101 SC 2000
by the car's owner when he left for a nearby appointment. The schoolchildren returned in a noisy posse, shouting at ap 118 SC 2000
myself to the guard at the reception desk. Once my appointment was confirmed, I followed his directions towards the Residence dep 133 SC 2000
of estate agents‘ brochures. Before walking away to her dental appointment Frances had leaned against the car, confident that the worldp 211 SC 2000
a patient who had called at his surgery without an appointment. He stared through the window at the empty streets andp 12 MP 2003
confusion around her, a busy professional late for her next appointment. ‘David ...?‘ Sally reached for her sticks. ‘What is it?‘ ‘I'mp 18 MP 2003
flight from Zurich so that he could keep an Institute appointment and meet her at the airport. ‘The Publications Committee ... Arnoldp 20 MP 2003
As always, a perverse calculus refreshed and redefined the world. Appointment with a Revolution Like every obedient professional, I arrived punctuallyp 74 MP 2003
Revolution Like every obedient professional, I arrived punctually for my appointment with a revolution. At noon three Saturdays later, bruises fadedp 74 MP 2003
his chance, stealing the dead man's documents and letter of appointment to Chelsea Marina. At any other parish, the motorcycle, Chinesep 239 MP 2003
I drew the sitting-room curtains, ready to leave for my appointment with Sergeant Falconer at Brooklands police station, who would bringp 19 KC 2006
calling to offer his sympathies. When I left for my appointment with Sergeant Falconer, I found the ‘truncheon‘ on the floorp 20 KC 2006
spoken on the phone. If I'm right, we have an appointment in ten minutes‘ time. I must say you look asp 28 KC 2006
whisky decanter and replaced the stopper, a signal that our appointment was over. When I stood up, he turned aggressively top 32 KC 2006
That's pretty brave.‘ She stood up and I assumed our appointment was at an end, but she hovered by the doorp 63 KC 2006
and unlaundered sports gear. The head teacher's secretary confirmed my appointment. Assuming that I was a would-be parent, certain to bep 81 KC 2006
We've ... taught them something. Mr --?‘ ‘Pearson. I have an appointment. Richard Pearson.‘ He stared at my raised hand, as ifp 82 KC 2006