at the filling-station. They gazed at their reflections in the appliance-store windows, exposing their handsome bodies to these washing machines andp 36 UDC 1979
flaming among the television sets and washing machines in the appliance-store windows. Badgered by the birds, we moved through the centrep 70 UDC 1979
like everything else on the menu, was cold. All cooking appliances were thermostated to a maximum 95 degrees F., and onlyp 30 CC 1957
your TV set and when to switch off. All electric appliances were fused, and if you strayed outside the programmed periodsp 160 CH 1960
with smaller cartons containing irons, hair driers and other domestic appliances. Flashing the torch, Lanyon walked slowly down the aisle. Onp 99 WFN 1961
contracted to make huge volume purchases of food, clothing and appliances against substantial overall price cuts, and forced to drive aroundp 417 SM 1963
negligent in any other field -- the wiring of electrical appliances, say, or the design of a bridge or apartment blockp 263 UGM 1971
fifty residents on the floor was considerable. None of the appliances in their apartments would function, and the limits of co-operationp 24 HR 1975
persistently overload the master-fuses with their elaborate stereo-systems and unnecessary appliances. Electronic‘ baby-minders because the mothers are too lazy to getp 24 HR 1975
and added them to the barricade of furniture and kitchen appliances. Records and cassettes lay about underfoot, but he kicked themp 105 HR 1975
been encouraged. Pornographic hotel decor, lobbies crammed with aids and appliances, ceaseless sex-films shown on closed-circuit television, all these reflected anp 834 LFA 1975
of the metropolis. Everywhere there were stores tilled with domestic appliances, furniture, clothing and kitchenware, a glut of merchandise that Hallowayp 879 UC 1976
a municipal dump. Old tyres, industrial waste and abandoned domestic appliances lay about in a rusty moraine. Rising from its centrep 883 UC 1976
was crossing a plain of these memorials, pyramids of domestic appliances and car tyres, machine tools and office furniture that hadp 885 UC 1976
things we took for granted -- tyres, engines, TVs, kitchen appliances, automobiles ...‘ His voice wavered for the first time and thenp 897 UC 1976
to the next, flicking lights on and off, working the appliances in the kitchens. Mixers chattered, toasters and refrigerators hummed, warningp 902 UC 1976
these memorials of cars and radiator grilles, tyres and kitchen appliances created an atmosphere of defeat and fatality, presiding like funeralp 913 UC 1976
city life was the constant breakdown of these poorly designed appliances, and the difficulty of getting hold of a repairman. Inp 915 UC 1976
equipped with a special cabinet containing a variety of sexual appliances, but for years Pangborn had been repelled by the thoughtp 992 MA 1978
of aquatic mammals. Around these placid housewives with their tamed appliances everything was suspended in a profound calm. Perhaps the glimmerp 41 UDC 1979
in the plate-glass windows among the pyramids of cans and appliances, the tableaux of dishwashers and television sets, sinister instruments thatp 115 UDC 1979
to settle itself. Mothers and their infants sat on the appliances in the shopping mall, children perched on the branches ofp 144 UDC 1979
of his hearse outside the post office, surrounded by looted appliances and a colourful autumn leaf-fall of bank-notes. He waved top 147 UDC 1979
scatter the corpses of myself and these townspeople across the appliances and furniture suites. The ground rose through the rushing airp 161 UDC 1979
suburbia, the presiding deity of these television sets and kitchen appliances, would be dressed in nothing but the costume of hisp 164 UDC 1979
of the aviary. I admired Stark, with his dream of appliances, but I was thinking of Miriam St Cloud and waitingp 171 UDC 1979
m. The children wait. Weapons are loaded, and where necessary appliances have been booby-trapped, lethal electric cables plugged into their socketsp 72 RW 1988
were the true depravity. They wanted to be used like appliances rented out for the hour, offering any part of themselvesp 156 SC 2000
Lined up along the kerb was a selection of kitchen appliances -- a spin-dryer, two refrigerators, a trio of washing machinesp 89 KC 2006
creatures of the dome, the thousands of cameras and kitchen appliances and cutlery canteens, began to emerge and glow like ap 223 KC 2006
a house of totems. We accepted the discipline that these appliances and bathroom fittings imposed. We wanted to be like thesep 235 KC 2006
the manager of the supply agency. She was the only applicant, and quickly convinced me that a long break in thep 11 SC 2000
those make-or-break thirty seconds when the interviewee entered his room? Applicant: Richard Pearson, forty-two years old, unemployed account executive. Likeable, butp 8 KC 2006
as strictly as those of the most exclusive clubs, and applicants were admitted only if they agreed to accept the church'sp 847 LDG 1976
said he looked normal. The place was filled with ushers, applicants coming out of interview booths, clerks checking social-security references. Hep 194 SC 2000
her? I'm afraid so. But have a look at the applicants‘ snaps on her desk. She must have been checking throughp 227 SC 2000
lector, commented as they entered the science library. ‘An elementary application of the Venturi Principle. But what's the point of itp 25 CC 1957
the transport system were measured point to point by the application of a = square root of (b2 + c2 +p 32 CC 1957
and dropping it in the disposal chute. ‘Hasn't any real application.‘ ‘Curious, but it rings a bell somewhere.‘ Franz sat upp 34 CC 1957
early to think about it yet, but visualize the universal application of our technique. For the first time Man will bep 51 M69 1957
giving him courage. The migration officer had glanced at his application list and nodded grudgingly. ‘Yes, but she's just looking afterp 236 DE 1961
that his case left substantial room for doubt. A premature application would meet with an automatic negative from Malek, whatever hisp 516 EG 1963
could be imitated within half an hour, aided by the application of suitable coloured resins. Convincing radiation burns required careful preparationp 11 AE 1966
who come here are cases such as yours. The greatest application of restorative surgery has been for geriatric purposes, that isp 689 TIM 1966
lecture-theatre manner and complete conviction in his subject matter, the application of computerized techniques to the control of all international trafficp 63 C 1973
next. This former air force pilot and would-be astronaut, whose application Franklin had rejected three years earlier when he was chairmanp 1013 NFS 1981
masturbating. Sadly, I ran out of cash, and my half-serious application for a grant (I asked for funds to pay forp 46 DMa 1990
It is. Membership's up to three hundred, with another fifty application forms in. There's already a waiting list for the courtsp 253 CN 1996
decide my fitness for the post of his son, an application that had been turned down nearly forty years earlier. Unconsciouslyp 16 KC 2006
entirely initiated by the student, and demanded hours of patient application. The dissecting room was the gravitational centre of all medicalp 140 ML 2008
a single evocative slogan. I outlined my proposal in an application to the Arts Council, but they rather solemnly refused top 232 ML 2008
award me a grant, on the surprising grounds that my application was frivolous. This disappointed me, as I was completely seriousp 233 ML 2008
not so sure you're right. You say it hasn't any applications in everyday life, but scientists always think that. It's reallyp 284 GA 1961
grasp that this aimless minor traffic around their bodies, the applications of sun-oil, the dabbing of scent into this or thatp 858 60Z 1976
the accounts of new psychoactive drugs, nuclear weapons research, the applications of the latest-generation computers. For several years I commuted top 190 ML 2008
his own rational temperament, viewing himself with the logic he applied in his own laboratory. How far this had made himp 17 WFN 1961
be the effective captain, free to pursue his experiments in applied psychology. He might even have failed to grasp that Francisp 338 13C 1962
Emeritus,‘ he added to himself as an afterthought, ‘ -- of Applied Drama at the University of Alpha Leporis, and the directorp 352 PE 1962
dressed immaculately, the make-up on her mouth and eyes exquisitely applied, but her withdrawn, isolated gaze gave her the waxen, glacep 87 DW 1962
I'm only making some initial inquiries. As yet I haven't applied for permission, but Dr Clifton thinks the idea is excellentp 380 WT 1962
and made his home -- if the term could be applied to that damp crumbling hovel -- in a camera bunkerp 592 TB 1964
service. He remembered the first of the new sprays being applied to the wheat and fruit crops, and the tacky phosphorescentp 700 SBD 1966
nil. The act of love became a vector in an applied geometry. She could barely touch his shoulders without galvanizing himp 52 GAN 1967
her elbow‘. Here the quantification of time and space is applied to the mysterious geometry of our own morphology and musculaturep 96 UGM 1969
the inner world of the psyche now has to be applied to the outer world of reality. A dominant element inp 99 CRA 1969
the chest wall, using a many-tailed bandage, firm pressure being applied to the lower half of the breast. It will bep 16 C80 1970
more sinister than the cosmetic wounds at that moment being applied to her. I assumed that Seagrave, wearing a wig overp 110 C 1973
time since we had left the Road Research Laboratory Vaughan applied the brakes. The heavy car swayed and went into ap 130 C 1973
against whose chain-driven wheels Maitland's already broken body would be applied in a grim judgement by ordeal. Galvanizing himself, Maitland beganp 44 CI 1974
that of the city they had abandoned, but a technology applied to the waterwheel, the tidal pump and the bicycle. Hep 878 UC 1976
untidy blonde hair pushed up into her cap, eccentric make-up applied to her already large mouth and eyes. On her lapelp 990 MA 1978
before Anne Godwin's arrival. ‘Space exploration is a branch of applied geometry, with many affinities to pornography.‘ ‘That sounds sinister.‘ Shep 1076 MNF 1982
than a thousand yards away.‘ The prospect excited Jim -- applied to the Japanese bases all over the Pacific area thisp 210 ES 1984
employers in Amsterdam, Paris and Dusseldorf they made polite excuses, applied sun oil to their shoulders and returned to their sail-boatsp 1140 LTP 1989
of the skin edges in any way. The clamp was applied from above downwards: at its hinge it was just aboutp 115 MWR 1990
the chest wall using a many-tailed bandage. Firm pressure was applied to the lower half of the breast with Miss Westp 116 MWR 1990
change belongs in the context of the word ‘new,‘ as applied to refrigerator or lawn-mower design. Real change is largely invisiblep 77 THFa 1990
really going on,‘ William Burroughs commented, a valid insight when applied to the paranoid inferno of Naked Lunch. But as thisp 238 UGM 1991
all that much has changed. The cruel and fiendish devices applied to the insane in the nineteenth century -- the headp 238 UGM 1991
cockpit, Edward eased the parcel on to the seat and applied water and suction hose. Calling to him, David pushed throughp 295 KW 1991
the Zapruder film. Genocide -- The economics of mass production applied to self-disgust. Phenomenology The central nervous system's brave gamble thatp 277 UGM 1992
we haven't had a single recruit. Not one resident has applied to join the club.‘ ‘They'll come. Believe me.‘ She wavedp 231 CN 1996
the previous day. Pleasantly surprised by the facilities, both had applied for membership. ‘Licence checks, my God ...‘ Crawford saluted them solemnlyp 255 CN 1996
supply agency that recruited Greenwood to Eden-Olympia. When she first applied for the paediatric vacancy, I had been against her goingp 10 SC 2000
like figures in a clay burial army. The make-up specialists applied their last touches to the fir-clad models and then shrankp 218 SC 2000
at Marina Baie des Anges, warped by a relativity that applied to more than time and space. ‘Jane is twenty-eight.‘ ‘Withp 228 SC 2000
Any perverse elements in their lives would have to be applied externally, like a vitamin shot or an antibiotic.‘ ‘Or ap 259 SC 2000
well for a small group of elite professionals can't be applied to a huge population. Eden II will employ 20,000p 365 SC 2000
agent in a more exclusive neighbourhood, where different social rules applied. After speaking to Professor Arnold I had called Henry fromp 192 MP 2003
Charing Cross Hospital in Fulham Palace Road joined him and applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but was forced to confirm that she wasp 210 MP 2003
if she realized that self-vigilance would never be enough. ‘I've applied for a transfer.‘ ‘Too much violence?‘ ‘The threat of itp 24 KC 2006
Mad? Good. Madness is the key to everything. Small doses, applied when no one is really looking. You say turnover isp 146 KC 2006
College entrance examination and met the admissions tutor. I had applied to read psychology, but at the time psychology was notp 136 ML 2008