so dulled, so overlaid by mechanisms designed to serve secondary appetites, that they were totally unable to protect themselves. As Symingtonp 120 WFN 1961
a greater and more truthful design, where the most bizarre appetites and the most wayward impulses would find their true meaningp 106 UDC 1979
fish were the one order we could cycle through our appetites, returning them in due course to the passing stream. Ap 154 DC 1987
income to constructing arsenals of lethal weapons, and satisfy the appetites of their populations with a display of brutal entertainments inp 1185 ROP 1992
none of these revelations lessens one's respect. However close his appetites were to the common ground, whatever the defects of hisp 151 UGM 1993
single-minded than he imagined, and coexisted with other needs and appetites. Saint-Esprit was tainted by more than the death of thep 87 RP 1994
some ways. Homo sapiens is a reformed hunter-killer of depraved appetites, which once helped him to survive. He was partly rehabilitatedp 263 SC 2000
had prepared for him -- sweet tea and a surprisingly appetizing gruel of cold fried potatoes, pieces of fatty meat andp 85 CI 1974
of the pool, refusing to calm themselves, and eager to applaud the next pre-breakfast swimmer in search of an appetite. Asp 224 CN 1996
Destivelle beamed at the lumbering parade, urging the spectators to applaud. But his eyes began to scan the sky. Half ap 357 SC 2000
evening conjuring up a blissful dream of being once again applauded by a full house at the Metropolitan, a dream thatp 107 SS 1960
vibrant and accelerated, charged with gaiety and sparkle, and he applauded generously when Merrill threw off a final dashing riff. ‘Flightp 115 SS 1960
was again returning. Watching Strangman from the distance as he applauded the next cabaret turn, Kerans wondered whether in some wayp 158 DW 1962
Falkman received an embossed silver cigar case and was loudly applauded. For the next five years Falkman threw himself wholeheartedly intop 563 TP 1964
next hour I strolled around the precinct like a conjuror, applauded by the watching crowd. I drew dozens of birds intop 155 UDC 1979
again Wayne had recognised her -- Judy Garland. The audience applauded wildly, the Texan in the plaid coat doffed his Stetsonp 125 HA 1981
the last drops of whiskey into his face the audience applauded so vigorously that their hands came off. Judy Garland's winsomep 128 HA 1981
break the oddly uncomfortable atmosphere, McNair and Anne Summers had applauded generously, throwing silver dollars at Wayne's feet as he stoodp 159 HA 1981
angle or expository close-up, as the Soho patrons might have applauded a telling crutch shot or elegant anal penetration. Later, whenp 241 KW 1991
decision by even a few experienced tellers forced a postponement, applauded by the residents at Chelsea Marina, who regarded parliamentary democracyp 153 MP 2003
concessions, a primed canvas waiting for its first brush stroke. Applauding, I see the screen fill with sudden red. 3.15p 863 60Z 1976
a moment her hands seemed almost to touch, as if applauding my efforts. Bending below the mistletoe above her head, Ip 868 S 1976
curiously. Over his shoulder I heard a wave of studio applause, broken by the creamy, unctuous voice of the giveaway comperep 15 E 1956
routine, throwing around a girl in leopard skin panties. The applause was deafening. I thought they were moderately good. Two ofp 21 E 1956
overlaid by the mysterious clapping of her phantoms, the sourceless applause that rustled down on to the stage from the darknessp 106 SS 1960
when the headaches began, Madame Gioconda's pitiful moanings. The riotous applause, which would have lifted the roof off the Met, letp 107 SS 1960
headaches had become more menacing, as she insisted that the applause was growing stormier, the boos and catcalls more vicious. Whateverp 107 SS 1960
one whim of hers -- the neurotic headaches and fantasy applause. God forbid what the next whim might be.‘ She isp 116 SS 1960
the canister of the sonovac. There was a round of applause, and a steady green light shone downwards through the flowersp 134 SS 1960
switched to another channel. There was a blare of studio applause and a loud unctuous voice called out: ‘And now overp 351 PE 1962
stepped onto the dais there was a brief round of applause. He was wearing a lounge suit of a curiously archaicp 491 VH 1963
symbols of redemption, ciphers in some futuristic myth?‘ As the applause echoed around the half-empty amphitheatre Karen Novotny saw his handsp 82 YMC 1966
began to appear, as smooth and lifeless as carved foam, applause rang out from the guests seated on the terrace. Fivep 752 CSC 1967
ever seen him. As he finished a second round of applause broke out, soon followed by laughter and ironic cheers. Thep 752 CSC 1967
that emerged was wholly lifelike. There was a burst of applause, a few bars of Tannhauser, and the searchlights lit upp 752 CSC 1967
around the rear gangway, now and then joining in the applause, interested to watch these students and middle-aged cinephiles. Endlessly, thep 72 THF 1969
Despite themselves, he and Charlotte joined in the laughter and applause as if they were spectators at an impromptu amateur circusp 29 HR 1975
young woman who was now leaving the stage to scattered applause, showing off the semen on her thigh. He remembered Heller'sp 985 Z2 1978
the Strip, came the sounds of music, a ripple of applause and a man's voice. A band was playing, an elegantp 123 HA 1981
more than this, I did it ...‘ The audience burst into applause, their cheers overwhelming the last words of the song. Evenp 124 HA 1981
to return again and again to the stage. As the applause continued the waiters moved swiftly, serving drinks to the tablesp 125 HA 1981
Wayne stared at the scene below him, excited by the applause and music. The spotlight swung across the stage. The orchestrap 125 HA 1981
As Lykiard pointed out to us through the hoots and applause, however close the bull charged the boy never moved hisp 153 KW 1991
phoenix ...‘ Neil murmured. The rally, for all the balloons and applause, had attracted fewer people than Dr Barbara's previous jamborees. Indignationp 27 RP 1994
the stand and be our chief witness.‘ The High Air Applause eddied across the rows of guests, an approving murmur barelyp 355 SC 2000
hundred cities on a hundred hills ...‘ A second round of applause rose from the guests as Olivier Destivelle patted the wetp 357 SC 2000
laughing at her sallies, and she played up to the applause like a skilled actress. When the chief magistrate dismissed herp 45 MP 2003
air and tossed around the crowd. I joined in the applause and turned to leave, accepting that Kay would be toop 75 MP 2003
the small elderly woman, with a face like a wizened apple, came before his eyes. She was lying in the hospitalp 535 SA 1963
dusty Eden, he was now trying to grasp back his apple, and preserve intact, if only for a few weeks, thep 165 D 1965
says, the seven astronauts were seven slices of the same apple pie. As for the wives, looking at the group photographp 274 UGM 1979
have some myself.‘ She was cutting slices of the melon-sized apple. ‘I want the baby to try some.‘ Johnson hesitated, butp 1170 DCG 1990
rusty shell. The untidy garden glowed with chemical light. The apple tree and its tree-house formed a chalet-sized cathedral, its branchesp 202 KW 1991
bobbing as the make-up girl pointed out his enlarged Adam's apple. He caught my eye in the mirror, as if awarep 300 KW 1991
his head as he described the dreadful poverty. Eating an apple as he left school, he was often followed by working-classp 47 ML 2008
gnarled piece of steel, like the peel of a silver apple, that gleamed on the pathway. I remember that it wasp 98 ML 2008
You've only seen the early stages, those stink bombs and apple-pie beds. How does he keep everything going once he's leftp 280 CN 1996
through the forest, feeding on giant berries like clusters of apples, cutting a heavier branch as a crutch. Periodically, to hisp 166 DW 1962
curiosity running his hands over her buttocks, as small as apples, to see how the injured man would react. But Humanp 125 HR 1975
day from twelve hours to fourteen. In some of the appliance plants around the city Sunday working is being introduced asp 420 SM 1963
technicians who had successfully tried to install a complex domestic appliance. ‘I'll get your suitcase.‘ She said nothing, but her greyp 33 D 1965
a rubber mannequin fitted with explicit vents, an obscene masturbatory appliance. As he stood up he saw the diaphragm in herp 19 UD 1968
room, talking away matter-of-factly as if demonstrating a new domestic appliance to a customer. The pharmacologist sits on the white plasticp 860 60Z 1976
the ground-floor office of a commercial business, and a complete appliance range in a home equipment store. As if in rehearsalp 893 UC 1976
of sail. Halloway climbed on to the roof of an appliance store and watched the expedition party come ashore. There werep 909 UC 1976
their presence within my body. In the window of the appliance store I see my skin glow like an archangel's, litp 9 UDC 1979
bodies would ripple in the windows of the supermarket and appliance stores. Searching for the communion wine, I rooted among thep 83 UDC 1979
players and television sets stood in the sun outside the appliance stores, children and birds playing among the cabinets. The managerp 106 UDC 1979
day. I planted groves of oleanders outside the bank and appliance stores, and threaded flowering vines along the overhead telephone wiresp 127 UDC 1979
at the flowers and vines that covered the supermarket and appliance stores, at the birds on the portico of the filling-stationp 146 UDC 1979
in the filling-station forecourt, pyramids of transistor radios outside the appliance stores, deodorant aerosols in the entrance to the chemists. Ip 169 UDC 1979
cut your eyes out!‘ A chorus struck up among the appliance islands and bedroom suites. ‘Cut off his hands! And hisp 188 UDC 1979
endless terrain of furniture suites and kitchen units, archipelagos of appliance islands that stretched to the horizon, as if the contentsp 190 UDC 1979
others followed me silently, through the derelict shrines among the appliance islands, past the used-car lot to the open ground byp 205 UDC 1979
the stones in the field. We gave thanks to the appliance islands and bedroom suites, to the fuel pumps in thep 208 UDC 1979
streets. As he carried a battery charger from an untended appliance store, Sheppard almost bumped into a former mission controller whop 1070 MNF 1982
and stores, was a curious laundromat. Sandwiched between a boarded-up appliance store and a derelict cafeteria, it resembled a miniature templep 1073 MNF 1982
walk to the airfield. Beyond the garage was a looted appliance store. Captain Kagwa's sergeant emerged from its office with twop 45 DC 1987
been restored and polished like the most proudly owned kitchen appliance. Could I commandeer the ship? Peering into the small bridgehousep 198 DC 1987
conclusions." "Like lock the nearest doors, don't switch on that appliance, decide not to walk in front of the car whenp 44 RW 1988
as if Crawford were a salesman demonstrating a new household appliance. When he returned to the car the women filmed himp 242 CN 1996
or assembly rooms. We like prosperity filtered through car and appliance sales. We like roads that lead past airports, we likep 101 KC 2006
The lares and penates of the ceramic hob and the appliance island. The Metro-Centre is a cathedral, a place of worshipp 253 KC 2006
over the motorway towns a shower of patio doors and appliance islands, sun loungers and en-suite bathrooms. I remembered my lastp 279 KC 2006