behind, and at 11.30, when I knew she'd be appearing on stage at the Casino, I went out for ap 10 PB 1956
me quite accidentally, during the commonplaces of the everyday round, appearing unobtrusively at my fingertips like a talent for embroidery. Indeedp 96 NZ 1959
a narrow interval between the clouds. Then I saw her, appearing for a moment among the dunes, strolling across the midnightp 211 S5 1961
loudly, her mouth forming a vivid red bud. Annoyed for appearing so foolish, Maitland knocked away the hand still on hisp 12 WFN 1961
was a professional civil servant, quiet but firmly spoken, never appearing to volunteer an opinion of his own but adept atp 54 WFN 1961
endless salvos of machine-gun fire. The noise was enervating, occasionally appearing to slacken off slightly, then resuming with even greater forcep 149 WFN 1961
sandbags blocking their approach. He and Maitland examined the cracks appearing in the ceiling. Forced by their own weight, no longerp 183 WFN 1961
it came perceptibly nearer, the vanguard of an immense rabble appearing from below the horizon. At last, as the daylight beganp 298 GT 1962
large number of albino snakes and lizards since Strangman's arrival, appearing from the jungle as if attracted by his presence. Therep 98 DW 1962
light around them, the humped backs of cars and buses appearing through the surface. Giant anemones and star-fish flopped limply inp 120 DW 1962
may have tried to redress the balance of guilt by appearing in other roles, the Samaritan for example. He was leftp 584 LL 1964
motives. These latent elements in Lomax and Miranda were already appearing. Curiously, Lomax was less frightening than Miranda. Her white hairp 49 D 1965
-- there was always the chance of a few stragglers appearing from the nesting grounds along the abandoned coast -- hep 700 SBD 1966
the damp cul-de-sac adjacent to our drive, at other times appearing like a spectre in the high-speed lane of the overpassp 217 C 1973
Wilder,‘ one of the women told him firmly, ‘not for appearing on.‘ Soon after dawn, the members of a women's raiding-partyp 115 HR 1975
with her on the wind. All over Shepperton birds were appearing on the rooftops, raised by my cries from the sleepingp 57 UDC 1979
reassuring patter and the eyes of a cashier was forever appearing on television talk shows, putting forward the paradoxical notion thatp 1005 HFF 1980
of staircases. It was another symptom of the ‘space sickness‘, appearing in its terminal stages, that gave both its popular namep 1064 MNF 1982
Chinese. A battalion of Japanese marines advanced along the Bund, appearing like a stage army through the ornamental trees of thep 45 ES 1984
in Life magazine.‘ ‘Say, could you, Basie?‘ The thought of appearing in Life exhilarated Jim. He wiped the blood from hisp 324 ES 1984
almost as if I at last accepted that I was appearing in a drama directed and overseen by him. However, thisp 273 DC 1987
Me and the Continuum," he is at his most apocalyptic, appearing as the second coming of Christ. Deserts possess a particularp 81 YMCa 1990
and nightclub touts. Dr Barbara was a minor media phenomenon, appearing with her bird-atrocity footage on chat shows and wild lifep 27 RP 1994
balcony and I beside the pool. Clothed, we became actors appearing in under-rehearsed roles. For some reason my tweed sports jacketp 52 SC 2000
I felt that she was letting the side down by appearing so dishevelled. ‘We're safe, Mrs Templeton. The police -- didp 158 MP 2003
litter. I guessed that the recorded clip would not be appearing on air. ‘I've seen him before,‘ I told Carradine. ‘Yearsp 46 KC 2006
more mysterious, than a peacock and a loaf of bread appearing on the scene to celebrate the forthcoming birth of thep 155 ML 2008
he had gone. ‘I found this in the kitchen. It appears to be from Canadian Pacific. Seven pieces of unaccompanied baggagep 14 WFN 1961
a young man of about thirty. Satters, his onetime fag, appears as a babyish adolescent in rugby cap and Fair Islep 142 UGM 1966
loses herself in the maze of mirrors. Shortly afterwards Kline appears, and sits at a chair and table in the sandp 33 AW 1966
no one between the ages of four and forty. TANK APPEARS, FOLLOWED BY BRITISH AND AMERICAN SOLDIERS Commentator A special taskp 960 TW 1967
again? THE AMERICANS AND BRITISH ARE WATCHING QUIETLY A farmer appears and walks along a pathway on the far side ofp 965 TW 1967
society's periodic need to re-conceptualize its political leaders. Reagan thus appears as a series of posture concepts, basic equations which re-formulatep 758 WIW 1968
book is to say that hardly a single sane man appears throughout it. Another of the great pleasures it gave mep 202 UGM 1974
behaviour in the months leading to his wife's death. Loughlin appears to have decided on a radically new course of actionp 851 NTM 1976
worn hands. ‘Believe me, I fear for Christina's soul. She appears to have been completely deranged -- when she drove offp 1006 HFF 1980
goes off without warning for two or three days, then appears at the camp fire in the evening with a jerricanp 95 HA 1981
The station, in fact, is an expanding structure whose size appears to increase exponentially. The longer the journey undertaken by ap 1087 RUS 1982
neutron bomb. 1986, guest of Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, appears in Queen's Christmas TV broadcast, successfully treats Prince William, becomesp 1096 OOA 1984
wife Gala, his lifelong model and muse, whom almost everyone appears to have detested, this mysterious Russian with ‘the look thatp 100 UGM 1986
identify the culprits, I can only plead that what now appears self-evident scarcely seemed so at the time. My failure top 7 RW 1988
each other. This retreat within the perimeter of Pangbourne Village appears to have been unplanned, but the secret hobbies of thep 53 RW 1988
is already waiting by his terminal as the awake signal appears on the screen. Next door, his fourteen-year-old sister, Amanda, hasp 68 RW 1988
unmade bed as she stares into the street below. She appears again and again, in ‘Night Windows‘ of 1928 and ‘Hotelp 67 UGM 1989
and cemeteries, but if by some freak chance the disease appears again there are supplies of vaccine to protect people andp 1157 WF 1989
took frankness a stage further. Scarcely any sense of Wilde appears in this massive account -- he comes across as flawedp 71 UGM 1991
to represent him in his Berau office, and he too appears, as Kaspar Almayer, in Almayer's Folly and An Outcast ofp 115 UGM 1991
both a new century and a new millennium. It now appears certain that our own arrival coincided almost exactly with, thoughp 1184 ROP 1992
the film's most famous line but one that never actually appears in it. Now that is the true measure of ap 7 UGM 1993
where genius likes to walk. Now and then, a crevasse appears.‘ ‘So it could happen again?‘ ‘We hope not. Eden-Olympia wouldp 85 SC 2000
to Mrs. Quilter, as if this in some way would appease the daunting spectre of her son. Now, however, with onlyp 148 D 1965
between her knees, watching me with unbroken disapproval. Hoping to appease her in some way, I reached out and pushed awayp 21 DC 1987
is less a hymn to death than an attempt to appease death, to buy off the executioner who waits for usp 242 ML 2008
simultaneous one-man shows at Northeby's and Galleries Normande might have appeased him. As we drove down the final approach to thep 587 LL 1964
his mind that lay forever within the runway would be appeased. But if they were defeated, all his fears would havep 188 ES 1984
Meanwhile, a resplendent present was waiting to be seized. I appeased Noon by passing much of my own ration to herp 154 DC 1987
black wings, like a Norseman's helmet. Between them a wavering appendage pointed down at Ransom. ‘Quilter --!‘ he began, recognizing thep 153 D 1965
adult, an achievement in its own right. Children were an appendage to the parents, somewhere between the servants and an obedientp 44 ML 2008
his arms and legs had become enormous, like the bloated appendages of a drowned giant. He could just see Sheringham bobbingp 71 T12 1958
the essence of the giant's original magnificence than the bloated appendages that had been subsequently amputated. As I looked across thep 648 DG 1964
pinned it firmly to the door of the galley. Bodkin appended his signature to the message, and the two men wentp 77 DW 1962
assigned to each action. Trying to impress Kay, I had appended notes on the damage done, injuries to team members andp 9 MP 2003
straps of the glider, and the silver arrow of her appendix scar pointing to her childlike pubis. The cheetah was drawingp 1045 MSA 1982
that we've inherited from the distant past, along with the appendix and the little toe. Yet we're totally trapped by thisp 200 KW 1991
around the small of her back and ended below her appendix. This marked her kidney operation ten years earlier, the Anderson-Hindsp 272 KW 1991
public clamour demanded the reinstatement of Classic Coke. In an appendix Pendergrast lists the ingredients of the ultra-secret ‘7X‘ formula, whichp 215 UGM 1993
In 1963 Mary was in good health, but needed her appendix removed. She recovered slowly from the operation at Ashford Hospitalp 200 ML 2008
told me that this tour of Soho clubs was our appetiser before we booked into an exclusive Westminster brothel he hadp 175 KW 1991
complexes. Hilton International promises an afternoon snow-shower as a Christmas appetiser. 7.15 News Round-up. What our news-makers have planned forp 1173 GVD 1992
served at Manzi's or Bertorelli's was little more than an appetiser for the real sustenance in the form of numerous bottlesp 195 ML 2008
his handwriting, and became more and more frustrated as her appetite was whetted. Finally she flung away the notes in ap 126 SS 1960
from the library four blocks away had given him an appetite. Ward shrugged. ‘There's a place on the corner, but Ip 270 B 1961
biscuits. Although he was losing weight, Freeman had the eager appetite of a child. He took the biscuits and ate themp 259 MF 1961
which to focus his attention. Luckily Julia had a brisk appetite and he could stare at the top of her headp 250 OM 1961
appear at least ten years younger. A chronic lack of appetite, and the new malarias, had shrunk the dry leathery skinp 11 DW 1962
mouth like a muzzle, pointing with a sort of impulsive appetite towards the sea. ‘The satellite!‘ Freeing himself Pelham craned upwardsp 432 RE 1963
future). Each evening when he woke he would eat without appetite and then wander among the blocks. Sometimes he took ap 596 TB 1964
him critically. ‘Now James, you'll have to get a better appetite than that. Your poor body is completely wasted.‘ Falkman pushedp 561 TP 1964
into his work, growing more extrovert and aggressive as his appetite for the material pleasures of life increased. He became ap 563 TP 1964
their burnt-out tanks and landing craft, had whetted an enormous appetite. More and more camera crews were readied, and an armyp 807 GTS 1972
the Laboratory he recovered all his aggressiveness, as if his appetite was quickened by the passing cars. He rolled the heavyp 130 C 1973
said firmly, already tucking into the scraps with a strong appetite. ‘It's good food today, good for Maitland's leg.‘ He liftedp 91 CI 1974
have been.‘ ‘When a man like Dr Pangbourne loses his appetite for food it's reasonable to assume that he has somethingp 134 HR 1975
reminded that their hard work had given them a strong appetite. Together, each removed something from the deep pocket of herp 168 HR 1975
a concealed meat-store had burst open and begun to putrefy. Appetite keening, he had been about to drop Royal and headp 170 HR 1975
response in Halloway's mind. He couldn't help contrasting Buckmaster's limitless appetite for steel, power, concrete and raw materials with the self-denyingp 897 UC 1976
the tarpaulin of Hodson's truck did nothing to spoil my appetite. As I had lifted the bodies on to the twop 931 DT 1977
observed the characteristic signs -- the loss of weight and appetite, his cavalier neglect of both staff and clients at hisp 1066 MNF 1982
left him with raw lungs and throat, and an erratic appetite, but he had felt better since coming ashore. He watchedp 1167 DCG 1990
the Empress and the Imperial Court that satisfied the western appetite for tales of eastern corruption, and fixed the image ofp 53 UGM 1992
Walter Donohue The confidence of film directors, their zest and appetite for life, are nothing less than daunting, especially to thep 23 UGM 1993
with Chinese tradition, and that China's educated class, despite its appetite for social and cultural freedom, will doubt the wisdom ofp 55 UGM 1993
of the table outlast those of the bed, but health, appetite and social convention are constantly changing and the truth ofp 246 UGM 1993
of electrically destroying the brain centres that control the bird's appetite. The bulimic and hallucinating goose gorges itself to an ecstaticp 247 UGM 1993
either Monique or Inger would miscarry. Nothing could dim their appetite for air, sun and food. Monique stood in the bowsp 182 RP 1994
pregnant women and adolescent girls, two groups with the voracious appetite of a great white shark. Dr Barbara's surprising invitation top 199 RP 1994
or Benalmadena. But the thief had still to satisfy his appetite for play. A game of tease and chase began inp 144 CN 1996
to applaud the next pre-breakfast swimmer in search of an appetite. As I towelled myself, however, I guessed that another dayp 224 CN 1996
morning's confrontation outside the estate office had given her the appetite for another fight. I remembered how she had dominated thep 85 MP 2003
my face were more visible, the strings of a harder appetite, a more knowing hunger ... I threw the shirt into thep 56 KC 2006
fascist states of the future. If anything, consumerism creates an appetite that can only be satisfied by fascism. Some kind ofp 168 KC 2006
adults forced this down, but I always had a strong appetite, and to this day I find it difficult to leavep 75 ML 2008