watched them from her balcony. Despite the frequency of her appearances, Charles Van Stratten made no attempt to explain her presencep 549 SG 1963
to be sure he was the right man. Previously his appearances have been solely as Ahasuerus, but few painters today arep 584 LL 1964
devoted whatever time was left over from their endless television appearances to the practice of an utterly bogus psychotherapy, a fashionablep 1005 HFF 1980
of the later period, the Sinatra of the endless farewell appearances and testimonial concerts, when America had clung to its lastp 124 HA 1981
last fugue which would free them from the world of appearances. He waited for the hands to multiply on his watch-dialp 1033 NFS 1981
past him. Now and then, as if to keep up appearances, the Sikh NCO in a khaki turban reached down andp 22 ES 1984
his own dialogue. After this he made a few guest appearances in second-rate films and reserved his best performances for thep 9 UGM 1991
a boudoir-scale Versailles, touring in Diamond Lil, and making guest appearances in over-the-top extravaganzas like Myra Breckinridge, when her memory hadp 10 UGM 1991
the seats in the VIP enclosure below the stage. ‘Despite appearances, the old class structures survive intact. The best seats arep 184 KW 1991
a host of entertainment celebrities. An unending programme of media appearances awaited the astronauts -- there would be triumphal parades throughp 1177 MFM 1992
hope no-one gets shot.‘ The endless bedside interviews and television appearances had done their work, Neil reflected. He was now ap 48 RP 1994
as I knew all too well, that was the threat. Appearances proved nothing and everything. The policemen waved me through, barelyp 4 MP 2003
Mercedes and the need at all costs to keep up appearances, my father's life must have seemed effortlessly glamorous, exotic horizonsp 54 KC 2006
that this was the right way to bring up children. Appearances counted for nothing, and everyone was encouraged to follow theirp 23 ML 2008
a non-stop round of interviews, book signings, radio and television appearances. At its best, radio is a thoughtful medium in Americap 259 ML 2008
of the bullet smashed bodies and the splintered car, and appeared to accept Mrs. Allison's broken teeth, swollen upper lip andp 9 VN 1951
evenings, two newspaper men were interviewing a scientific pundit who appeared on popular educational programmes. ‘What effect these dense eruptions ofp 17 E 1956
floor room into a cheap stand-up diner. The Fire Police appeared to be doing their best to wreck everything, and piesp 31 CC 1957
two facing him, and apart from the three doors there appeared to be no fault or aperture of even the mostp 61 M69 1957
Maxted closely across the table. His interest in the conversation appeared to have exhausted itself and the two men sat silentlyp 69 T12 1958
around me that someone had died. Two of the directors appeared, their faces shocked and drawn. ‘Who is it?‘ I askedp 98 NZ 1959
back on to the roadway. It was undamaged but what appeared to be oil was leaking sluggishly into the gutter. Thenp 100 NZ 1959
by appointing my own candidates to vacancies as they successively appeared. As chairman I should automatically find a seat on thep 101 NZ 1959
dissipated itself, vanishing as quickly and unexpectedly as it had appeared? Or were the authorities deliberately suppressing all mention of thep 103 NZ 1959
Cyrark's, Minys-‘s,-Go's, separated by twenty-or thirty-year intervals that appeared to be generations. Before AD 1200 all entries were illegiblep 86 WG 1959
he conducted a long, careful poll. Under fifty no one appeared to know anything at all about the historical background, andp 152 CH 1960
it was overprinted in green so that the central interior appeared a flat, uncharted grey, a massive terra incognita. They passedp 156 CH 1960
blank facades. It's the tragedy of this city that there appeared to be only one way to solve them.‘ ‘Did theyp 159 CH 1960
from behind one of the banks of escalators. Finally he appeared to drive off for good, and Conrad turned his attentionp 164 CH 1960
nodded, looked at the scoreboard again. He noticed that Marshall appeared to have lost his way through the years -- thep 166 CH 1960
lamp was recessed into its centre, but a second, surprisingly, appeared to have been fitted to the cell. This was onp 167 CH 1960
blanket at its foot, staring up at the clock. It appeared to be in perfect order, electrically driven, moving in rigidp 168 CH 1960
hinges. Below him, brightly reflected in the light, was what appeared to be an elaborate doll's house. In fact, however, itp 198 LW 1960
own right, the illusion of reality so absolute that it appeared to be the town itself, its very dimensions those ofp 199 LW 1960
could have taken him to the bank. The manager, however, appeared to be doing what he could to get rid ofp 200 LW 1960
the saleswomen, and the coroner had cryptically remarked that it appeared that information was being deliberately withheld. A murmur of agreementp 204 LW 1960
arms rippling in the light. Behind them a score more appeared, pressing out in a solid stream, pushing past each otherp 206 LW 1960
door from one of the bedrooms opened and Ray Alto appeared, a tall, thoughtful man of about forty, with thinning blondep 115 SS 1960
of countless private babels. The first of the sonic dumps appeared two or three hundred yards away on their right. Thisp 122 SS 1960
saying.‘ Mangon selected a baffle and listened carefully. The sounds appeared to come from an apartment over a launderette. A batteryp 124 SS 1960
arm but he gestured her away. Most of the baffle appeared to be taken up by dubious financial dealings, but nothingp 126 SS 1960
regular programmes she'd like. Well, as the last show she appeared on ten years ago was cancelled to make way forp 129 SS 1960
announcer in an off-stage booth introduced the programme. A compere appeared on stage, standing behind the cue-hood, and addressed the audiencep 134 SS 1960
through his ears, followed by a slightly higher note that appeared to strike a hidden ridge half-way along its path, waveredp 134 SS 1960
the entire floor of the pool and at first glance appeared to represent a huge solar disc, with four radiating diamond-shapedp 172 VT 1960
Powers paused for a moment. ‘He had noticed that there appeared to be more biological damage after the tests -- thatp 178 VT 1960
on absently without listening. Over in the corner were what appeared to be three ticker-tape machines, lengths of tape hanging fromp 188 VT 1960
she went away, but a little later a second voice appeared and shouted up at Kaidren. He left his chair andp 194 VT 1960
altered planes. The man hovered indecisively, flexing his fingers, and appeared to be on the verge of stepping down into thep 146 ZT 1960
up, hands waving defensively. His eyes were hidden, but he appeared to be looking at the front door of Larsen's chaletp 147 ZT 1960
rungs. Clasping his foot, he sat down just as Bayliss appeared between the chalets, the revolver in his hand. He lookedp 148 ZT 1960
of museums, concert halls and other public buildings in what appeared to be everyday settings, often virtually empty, two or threep 268 B 1961
movement, then as the first landaus of the diplomatic corps appeared he began to search the remainder of the crowd, scrutinizingp 286 GA 1961
Hanson, Freeman thought. At eleven forty-five he had still not appeared. Freeman flipped through the magazine without looking at it, glancingp 258 MF 1961
out-of-season sky like a summer comet, she seems to have appeared in a different role to each of us at thep 208 S5 1961
from Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats and Eliot. My neighbour's VT set appeared to have a drastic memory fault, and instead of producingp 210 S5 1961
music I had heard from the chauffeur's flute, the glow appeared to be sourceless, but I assumed it was cast byp 211 S5 1961
putting away a slender volume bound in yellow calf which appeared to be a private edition of poems. Scattered across thep 213 S5 1961
that she would feel ultimately more satisfied if her work appeared in another of the wide range of poetry reviews. Thatp 216 S5 1961
later the boil had subsided as mysteriously as it had appeared. I was beginning to wonder why when a pick-up fromp 218 S5 1961
me as if she had forgotten who I was. She appeared to have become tired and withdrawn, as if recapitulating thep 222 S5 1961
decide how far Andrew had been right. Physiognomically he certainly appeared to be the exact opposite of the emotionally-motivated cycloid personalityp 17 WFN 1961
part of him. A sparse, lean six-footer, to strangers he appeared withdrawn and moody, but he had long ago found thatp 27 WFN 1961
overtired weekenders on the Paris mill.‘ Just then a figure appeared around the end of the carrier and pressed his facep 35 WFN 1961
Lanyon through into the nave. Inside the church, a bomb appeared to have exploded in the middle of a crowded congregationp 36 WFN 1961
remains of a rough fence ringed the compound, and there appeared to be a motor pool between two of the buildingsp 45 WFN 1961
windows had been bricked in. From the street Marshall's house appeared to be imitation Georgian, slender lintels over high narrow windowsp 68 WFN 1961
of War Office orders and recommendations. So far the government appeared to be tacitly assuming that the wind would soon spendp 74 WFN 1961
the sea were a blur, but the port of Genoa appeared to be sealed by a ring of wrecks. Almost certainlyp 92 WFN 1961
fitted with a simple railing. It curved downward slightly, and appeared to be the emergency exit out into the ravine behindp 93 WFN 1961
at oblique angles into the hills, and the whole system appeared to move southwest, in the direction of Genoa and thep 94 WFN 1961
centre of the storeroom, was a solid wall of what appeared to be machine tools -- lathes, circular saws, jig-cutting equipmentp 99 WFN 1961
lengthy consultation, during which the interpreter shrugged repeatedly and Luigi appeared to be trying to make up his mind. Lanyon spokep 103 WFN 1961
Luigi, who was fingering his gun belt uneasily. Finally he appeared to come to a decision. He rapped something out andp 104 WFN 1961
stretched toward the sea a mile away. To Lanyon it appeared to be undergoing a massive artillery bombardment. On all sidesp 107 WFN 1961
case was of medium size, with heavy metal ribs that appeared to have been mounted at a date later than itsp 126 WFN 1961
refrigerating unit had been switched on in the compartment. They appeared to be moving along a tunnel carved through an icebergp 149 WFN 1961
concrete buttress. As they moved along it, a second rampart appeared out of the gravel-like soil on their right, and theyp 157 WFN 1961
overhanging shoulder and then around a right-angle corner into what appeared to be a dead end. Halliday tilted back the periscopep 157 WFN 1961
in a large oak-panelled office, the heavy walls of which appeared to be completely solid, flatly absorbing the sounds of theirp 161 WFN 1961
a single light. They pulled themselves to attention as Kroll appeared and saluted him quickly, then unlocked a small door inp 170 WFN 1961
crouched on the rail. Outside in the corridor the water appeared to be three or four inches deep, and was splashingp 174 WFN 1961
jerked heavily, throwing them against the wall. Deep fissures had appeared in the cement. They ran along it, Maitland and Lanyonp 181 WFN 1961
TV screen blanked and then revealed a new picture. They appeared to be looking down at an enormous top-like structure, thep 325 13C 1962
the opportunity for surrender had failed to offer itself. Travis appeared to be aware of his ambivalent motives; Bridgman noticed thatp 367 CS 1962
Merril's capsule, Woodward's shone with far greater clarity, and almost appeared to have taken the former's place, although he was notp 370 CS 1962
concourse abruptly flung back in a reversal of time, and appeared to be stationary. The flower in Axel's hand had shrunkp 299 GT 1962
before Axel turned away, the forward edge of the throng appeared on top of the second crest, and swarmed down acrossp 300 GT 1962
before the suicide attempt. At least, that was what it appeared to be. Vansittart examined the little man's placid grey featuresp 406 M99 1962
The colonel sat impassively in his chair. Three enormous guards appeared at Tony's elbow, idly swinging energy truncheons. ‘Clifford Gorrell, Stellarp 345 PE 1962
of the Bazaar, keeping their distance. A tall slim woman appeared from behind the foliage and sauntered across the terrace top 346 PE 1962
rate at which mutations occurred. The first freak botanical forms appeared, recalling the giant tree-ferns of the Carboniferous period, and therep 22 DW 1962
he pointed to a contraption on the bedside table which appeared to be two alarm clocks clipped back to back, crudep 36 DW 1962
looked down at the base. Every member of the unit appeared to have been mobilised, and the cutter and the twop 50 DW 1962
runs he had been watching the semi-circular crescent of what appeared to be a large apartment block standing in the anglep 57 DW 1962
shielding his eyes from the reflected sunlight, its smooth surface appeared to be scored by two faint parallel lines, about sixp 57 DW 1962
than most time-pieces) but merely so slow that its motion appeared to be imperceptible? The slower a clock, the nearer itp 62 DW 1962
across the dark underhang of the table. Opposite him Bodkin appeared to be doing the same, his hands folded over hisp 73 DW 1962
faced the lounge windows, and the hatless figure of Riggs appeared in the doorway, two of the soldiers holding on top 77 DW 1962
on to the patio, waving up to Bodkin who had appeared from the elevator-house and was straightening the drums. Below themp 78 DW 1962
he had chosen. The bare-chested negro in the peaked cap appeared, sweat rilling across his powerful muscles. He was about sixp 91 DW 1962
corner. Suddenly, with a shock of alarm, he saw what appeared to be a man in an immense ballooning spacesuit facingp 106 DW 1962
intact Atlantis. First a dozen, then a score of buildings appeared to view, their cornices and fire escapes clearly visible throughp 118 DW 1962
slithered a few desperate fish. Immediately half a dozen others appeared around it, already roughly delineating a narrow street. The upperp 118 DW 1962
roadway. Flares held above their heads, a group of men appeared around a corner. In front of them was the white-facedp 126 DW 1962
depot ship, an unwilling house-guest of Strangman. Overhead a figure appeared at the rail, then withdrew. Distantly a voice shouted somethingp 145 DW 1962
looked over his shoulder as a group of Strangman's men appeared on the far side of the square. They shouted top 150 DW 1962
forward and reverse the situation. Instead, however, two helmeted soldiers appeared on the bridge with a portable searchlight, swivelled its beamp 152 DW 1962
exposing the full bore of the inlet creek, and what appeared to be a gigantic cube of water fifty feet highp 160 DW 1962
stepped down onto the silt bank Riggs and Sergeant Daley appeared around the corner and fired into the foliage, but Keransp 161 DW 1962
above the roof. The ass-enclosed cabin in the lowest tier appeared to be full of observers, opening and shutting the windowsp 373 WT 1962
turned away, one of the windows in the observation deck appeared to open, the opaque glass pane throwing a spear ofp 386 WT 1962
whole attention on the game was able to extract what appeared to be a drawn position. Although the game was adjournedp 512 EG 1963
board with a desultory eye. He noticed that Malek's move appeared to be the first bad one he had made inp 519 EG 1963
The knock on the door repeated itself. A staff sister appeared breathlessly. ‘Excuse me, sir. I'm sorry to interrupt you, butp 529 MO 1963
the channel would widen into a flat expanse of what appeared to be stationary water, the slow oily swells which disturbedp 435 QR 1963
of white spray across the glassy swells, a few Indians appeared in the shadows below the creepers trailing over the jettyp 441 QR 1963
an altar-piece stolen from a cathedral. At first glance it appeared to be leaning to one side, but then Connolly sawp 443 QR 1963
over the forest had lifted, and Connolly could see what appeared to be a low hill -- a shallow rise nop 449 QR 1963
Connolly, sidling tentatively through the shadows, a piece of what appeared to be blue obsidian in his hand, some talisman ofp 449 QR 1963
and wipe the dials. After ten minutes no one had appeared. Feeling slightly demoralized, and frightened that the Indians might returnp 450 QR 1963
by the sweat from Ryker's fingers. At first glance it appeared to be a set of logarithm tables. Each of thep 454 QR 1963
Mildred seemed immune, most of the people on the beach appeared to share this mood with Pelham. As the day progressedp 427 RE 1963
arrived that evening. Instead, a sharp attack of what first appeared to be influenza struck him just before one o'clock. Ap 530 SA 1963
through the cerise sand, and soon we were overrunning what appeared to be the edge of an immense chessboard of blackp 542 SG 1963
immense chessboard of black and white marble squares. More statues appeared, some buried to their heads, others toppled from their plinthsp 542 SG 1963
dismantled and exposed to the hot sunlight. Behind the Scorpio appeared the watchful face of the dark-suited man. A smile playedp 551 SG 1963
rejoined evenly. ‘Miss Emerelda,‘ he called. For a moment they appeared to have reached deadlock. Emerelda, the jewelled insects at herp 551 SG 1963
back and the plump, well-talcumed figure of Charles Van Stratten appeared, his urbane voice raised in greeting. ‘What's this -- ap 551 SG 1963
walked back to my car, and a quiet, white-suited figure appeared among the dunes and waited for me in the coolp 555 SG 1963
off by construction workers excavating foundations. More of the signs appeared over the rooftops, isolated on the palisaded islands near thep 422 SM 1963
succession of vivid colours rippled across the surface of what appeared to be a cone of light projected from the rearp 463 TT 1963
vanishing as the cone contracted. Narrow bands of dead air appeared across it, one, at the level of the man's neckp 464 TT 1963
an engine throbbed out behind him, and Traxel's camouflaged half-track appeared over the edge of the ridge. Its front four wheelsp 466 TT 1963
by hand up the slope. Immediately several of the pavilions appeared to view, the white dust cascading off their cupolas. Half-buriedp 466 TT 1963
Cameron when after three or four minutes no one had appeared to serve them. ‘Or at least get our pH's checkedp 482 VH 1963
the trees an elaborate technicolored hoarding showed Cain, wearing what appeared to be a suit of Roman armour, wrestling with anp 486 VH 1963
but this seems a curious way of doing it.‘ Kandinski appeared at a loss. Then he introduced Ward to the audiencep 492 VH 1963
nearly tearing it from its hinges. Eventually a young woman appeared. She came down the stairs reluctantly, uncertain what to makep 500 VH 1963
and almost all the giant's body was exposed, but he appeared to be a little larger than a basking shark. Hep 641 DG 1964
I raised my hand to touch the pendulous lobe someone appeared over the edge of the forehead and shouted down atp 642 DG 1964
look at this enormous storm-catch. Later a party of police appeared and made a half-hearted attempt to cordon off the beachp 643 DG 1964
young man of discreet and modest temper. Now, however, he appeared to be at least in early middle age. The puffyp 644 DG 1964
more smartly attired individuals, circus proprietors and the like, also appeared on the scene, and strolled slowly around the giant, handsp 645 DG 1964
cry of fear. A second figure, this time a man's, appeared and with a backward glance at Gifford darted away likep 638 DS 1964
tired to look out across the delta. The snakes never appeared until the early afternoon, and the disappointment of failing top 638 DS 1964
searching for the lost estuary. At last the luminous beaches appeared again. ‘I think I'd better sleep alone tonight,‘ he toldp 655 GTN 1964
yards from the bank were the long splinters of what appeared to be crystallizing water, the angular facets emitting a bluep 610 IM 1964
congregation might be hiding in our midst. The police captain appeared equally fatigued, and began a sharp dialogue with the officerp 611 IM 1964
original like a displaced image in a defective mirror. Everything appeared to have been dipped in a vat of molten glassp 612 IM 1964
centre of the forest. Transformed by the crystal frost, it appeared to be an intact fragment of Versailles or Fontainebleau, itsp 615 IM 1964
my feet slipping on the floor. Several plate glass windows appeared to have been fractured and then fused together above thep 617 IM 1964
the cross, but he vanished as suddenly as he had appeared, whirling himself away among the crystal vaults. As his luminousp 626 IM 1964
rights something should have materialized, some faint clue should have appeared on the fine filters of the galleries and auction roomsp 578 LL 1964
a row facing him along the desk. These contained what appeared to be photographic reproductions of a number of paintings, areasp 579 LL 1964
the storm had ended only ten minutes earlier, and there appeared to be no other shelter -- and that a hiddenp 570 PCD 1964
watched me. By some freak of the fading light she appeared to have grown in height, her shoulders almost overtopping myp 572 PCD 1964
and son standing on the opposite bank. Their solitary figures appeared to have been watching him for hours. Although they neverp 594 TB 1964
the massif, line upon line of the small metal doors appeared and receded. Approximately twenty of the blocks, those immediately belowp 595 TB 1964
the remainder were of varying thicknesses. From the outside they appeared to be of uniform solidity. As he entered the firstp 595 TB 1964
the next days he returned often to the camp. It appeared to be the site of a biological expedition. In thep 596 TB 1964
he learned of Traven's previous career as a military pilot, appeared to suspect that he might be a latter-day martyr leftp 598 TB 1964
around him remained intact, but somewhere in his mind had appeared a small interval of neutral space. Goodbye, Hiroshima. Goodbye, Alamagordop 601 TB 1964
of his water-world and then vanished among the reeds. He appeared again after a lapse of one or two nights, andp 20 D 1965
gradual exhaustion of an enormous clock that at times, relativistically, appeared to be running backwards. There was a tentative tap onp 29 D 1965
the driver watched with weary eyes as the ornamental floor appeared. The hallway, however, was pleasantly cool. A set of wetp 39 D 1965
utter lack of pity reminded him of the spectre that appeared at all times of extreme exhaustion the yellow-locked, leprous-skinned lamiap 49 D 1965
In the centre of the road half a dozen men appeared around him, arms outstretched as they feinted with their netsp 57 D 1965
bank, reflected off the concrete parapet. One of the dogs appeared. Tail high, it sprang down on to the bank, inp 63 D 1965
as he crossed the hump of the motor-bridge, the road appeared to have been under a heavy artillery bombardment. Loose kerbstonesp 74 D 1965
a crude barricade. As they stopped, four or five men appeared from the doorways of the trailers. They waved at Ransomp 91 D 1965
Phillip and Mr. Jordan?‘ Catherine asked when they had not appeared. ‘Shouldn't we go back and look for them?‘ Lamely, Ransomp 96 D 1965
dune and rejoined the others in the hollow. Mrs. Quilter appeared from the direction of the fun fair, the straw-hatted manp 97 D 1965
shouted hoarsely. ‘Keep off, we came here first!‘ More people appeared, running head down along the dry bed of the creekp 100 D 1965
lost somewhere in the creek, when a platoon of soldiers appeared out of the darkness. Lying down, they began to firep 100 D 1965
they ran straight towards him. Then the last of them appeared, Philip Jordan with the old negro in his arms. Hep 100 D 1965
shouted into the sunlight. ‘It's Ransom!‘ Philip Jordan's narrow face appeared at the edge of the road. ‘Go away, Ransom,‘ hep 130 D 1965
Did you hear the sounds?‘ he asked Catherine when she appeared. ‘What was it -- a lion or a panther?‘ Catherinep 141 D 1965
the dunes near the site of Lomax's mansion was what appeared to be a small pond of blue water, its surfacep 151 D 1965
from the eastern edge of the estate, a small pavilion appeared in a hollow among the dunes, its glass and metalp 162 D 1965
on -- fitted together with remarkable ingenuity to form what appeared at a distance to be a bejewelled temple. In thep 162 D 1965
had released the dogs Philip had vanished. Catherine Austen never appeared, but at night they heard the lions coming nearer, cryingp 168 D 1965
gleam of silver in the air and a long blade appeared from the shaft of Lomax's cane. He darted forward onp 170 D 1965
tore the shirt from his shoulders. Then two more figures appeared, running out of the dunes across the dogs‘ path, andp 173 D 1965
the ruins thirty yards from the reservoir. Behind him Miranda appeared with Mrs. Quilter and the children. They sat down onp 174 D 1965
up the last of the displays, a hundred-foot-long panel that appeared to represent a section of a sand-dune. Looking at itp 15 AE 1966
opposite corner. Later the inclined, pensive face of Dr Nathan appeared, rising from the floor until it filled three walls andp 33 AW 1966
the Mercedes into the drive. A moment later Gabrielle Szabo appeared, a black wraith in the dusk, and the car setp 680 DF 1966
to a pit near the farm. The following day he appeared again in a wooden skiff and punted the woman, standingp 699 SBD 1966
converted to duty when the first flocks of giant birds appeared two years earlier -- faced the house across the riverp 699 SBD 1966
The next autumn a second generation of even larger birds appeared, sparrows as fierce as eagles, gannets and gulls with thep 701 SBD 1966
the woman worked behind the house. At one point she appeared with a laundry basket filled with feathers and spread themp 701 SBD 1966
feathers he replaced his bandoliers with calculated effect. The woman appeared not to notice, but a moment later, when she glancedp 704 SBD 1966
sorry, what did you say?‘ The woman looked around. She appeared to have lost interest in Crispin and was vaguely waitingp 704 SBD 1966
about the ship, reminding him of when it had first appeared, almost from within his own face, in the mirror-glass ofp 708 SBD 1966
oak, his hands bracing themselves on the wings. Catherine York appeared, carrying something across the yard. She paused by the rebuiltp 709 SBD 1966
tones. The steerage passengers milled around the speedboat, but Ventress appeared to be uninterested in them, or in the approaching jettyp 16 CW 1966
stuffed envelope and letter into his pocket. For once Ventress appeared not to notice this. His hand rested on the handlep 20 CW 1966
his hands. Glittering below her in the sunlight was what appeared to be an immense crystalline orchid carved from some quartz-likep 33 CW 1966
the radio mast. On the deck below him was what appeared to be a yacht-club starting cannon, its squat polished barrelp 45 CW 1966
Behind the beard, his small face seemed completely closed. He appeared to have no idea what had happened, and held onp 46 CW 1966
That of a muscular fair-skinned European of about thirty, it appeared to have suffered no external physical injuries. From the extentp 50 CW 1966
yards from the bank were the long splinters of what appeared to be crystallizing water, the angular facets emitting a bluep 69 CW 1966
of Mont Royal were deserted, and the entire native population appeared to have long since vanished into the forest. The housesp 72 CW 1966
room had been transformed by the frost. Several plate-glass windows appeared to have been fractured and then fused together above thep 86 CW 1966
face come alive as he discussed this element that he appeared, on the surface at least, to despise. ‘It's a theoryp 89 CW 1966
then stood up when the cracking of a distant tree appeared to mark the retreat of their hidden assailant. Ventress walkedp 90 CW 1966
hair and shoulders covered with a fine fur of frost, appeared into view before him. Although exasperated by Ventress's callousness andp 100 CW 1966
From the edge of the clearing fifty yards behind him appeared a tall blond-haired man in a black leather jerkin, thep 101 CW 1966
the ruined hotel and even the two men with him appeared to be shadowy images of themselves, replicas of illuminated originalsp 120 CW 1966
understand it. ‘What do you mean?‘ Sanders hesitated. Although she appeared to be smiling, Suzanne was in fact trying to controlp 126 CW 1966
for this nether world where she slept by day and appeared only at night. Max ate his breakfast with relish, workingp 129 CW 1966
at the distant forest with dead eyes. All of them appeared to be crippled or diseased, with deformed faces and skeleton-likep 130 CW 1966
trees and waited there like nervous wraiths. After dusk Suzanne appeared again. Whether she had really been asleep or, like Sandersp 137 CW 1966
was well out of range. Around it immense faults had appeared in the surface of the river, the vivid carmine lightp 155 CW 1966
procession, but they seemed to vanish as quickly as they appeared, as if eager to familiarize themselves with every tree andp 165 CW 1966
still help you.‘ At three o'clock that afternoon Conrad's uncle appeared. Seated in a wheelchair, and pushed by his wife andp 687 TIM 1966
the green metal tables. He stood up when the helicopter appeared in the sky. A Silent Tableau. Soundlessly the Sikorsky circledp 40 YCM 1966
facial mask.‘ The audience fell silent. An extraordinary woman had appeared on the screen. The planes of her face seemed top 83 YMC 1966
feet in the cold Martini, when a large white ray appeared in the air overhead. Detaching itself from the others, whop 723 CHC 1967
waiting for the painting to be exposed, when Hope's half-brother appeared, a second canvas between his outstretched hands. ‘My dear sisterp 726 CHC 1967
into the crude forms of late Picasso, in which Hope appeared as a Junoesque madonna with massive shoulders and concrete facep 727 CHC 1967
striking of all, the white lace cushions I lay against appeared as the plumage of an enormous sea-bird, hung around myp 727 CHC 1967
was then that I realized that yet another intruder had appeared in this house of illusions. The portrait showed Hope inp 728 CHC 1967
to their places in a convection of tonalities. A travesty appeared before me, a man in a white yachtsman's jacket withp 729 CHC 1967
mirror. Was this mocking travesty how Hope and I really appeared? I decided that the pigments were faulty -- Hope rarelyp 731 CHC 1967
cloud. As he sprayed its sides a familiar human head appeared through the tumbling mist. The high wavy mane, strong jawp 746 CSC 1967
at our feet. The first outline of a woman's head appeared, satanic eyes lit by the open vents in the cloudp 755 CSC 1967
Details of the face and body of the film actress appeared on the screen, mimetized elements of the planetarium they hadp 53 GAN 1967
He steadied himself on the wooden rail as the helicopter appeared above the pines and sped towards them. So the Daedalusp 57 GAN 1967
but she seemed far older than when she had first appeared with her menagerie at the outskirts of the town. Inp 737 R 1967
street lamp, and her face, softened by the darkness, now appeared small and barely formed, like that of an unkempt childp 738 R 1967
that wound between the terraced cottages. Then the street lamp appeared, and the circle of wagons beyond it. To my surprisep 740 R 1967
they had gone and then approached the cages. The dwarf appeared to remember me -- at least, he made no effortp 740 R 1967
the camera crew. An enormous photograph of Jacqueline Kennedy had appeared in the empty rectangle of the screen. A bearded youngp 44 DM 1967
like some forgotten algebra of the sky. When the helicopters appeared he left the car and set off on foot. Sirensp 44 DM 1967
Dr Nathan studied the elegant and mysterious advertisements which had appeared that afternoon in the copies of Vogue and Paris-Match. Inp 46 DM 1967
cables under the table. Already, fifteen minutes before Georges Duval appeared, I felt there was something bogus about the atmosphere. Thep 770 CA 1968
degrees in the north-west, betwen Lyra and Hercules, Robert Hamilton appeared for the last time. As Judith stood up and shoutedp 765 DA 1968
drove through the deserted town, the first arrivals had already appeared on the scene. Four scout-cars carrying a platoon of soldiersp 788 PTD 1969
street. As they drove from the town the first billboard appeared -- Cinemascope of breast and thigh, deceit and need terracedp 64 SCN 1969
swerving at speed through multi-storey car parks (their canted floors appeared to be a model of her own anatomy), leading onp 71 THF 1969
lay a calm and unvarying light. A large exhibition hall appeared above the forest, part of a complex of buildings onp 72 THF 1969
these excursions. Advertisements of the film of her death had appeared in the movie magazines and on the walls of thep 75 THF 1969
spectacles in the De Mule manner, in which rival companies appeared on the same battlefield, pouring in extras, weapons and animalsp 809 GTS 1972
world's adult viewers were by their sets. The first pictures appeared on the screens. Under a fitful sky the fleeing Israelitesp 809 GTS 1972
had been broken. Finally, two hours later, a brief picture appeared, of racing waters swilling over the shattered remains of televisionp 810 GTS 1972
Her awkward legs and the angular movements of her head appeared to mimic the distorted streamlining of the two cars. Thep 22 C 1973
yards ahead a truck climbed the overpass. A black saloon appeared on the shoulder of the slip road, but I acceleratedp 55 C 1973
the chromium heads of the control switches. A police car appeared on the service road behind us, its white hull rollingp 82 C 1973
builder's shingle rose in Vaughan's headlamps. A line of street-lamps appeared in the distance, marking the perimeter of this transit andp 92 C 1973
past them. At a first glance no recognizable human figures appeared in these photographs, but on the wall above the metalp 96 C 1973
with a history of unhappy affairs. Later, even more bruises appeared on her arms and shoulders, the marks of the steeringp 98 C 1973
dried bloodstains on the driving and passenger seats. Vaughan himself appeared in one of these photographs, staring down at the carp 98 C 1973
of this bandaged figure. In their eyes I must have appeared like some kind of nightmarish totem, a domestic idiot sufferingp 106 C 1973
sections of custom-built sports cars and de luxe saloons winch appeared in a dealer commercial we were making. These emblematic portraitsp 111 C 1973
unreality of my own muscles and bones, increased when Vaughan appeared. In front of me, the engineers were shackling the motorcyclep 122 C 1973
I took the remark to be a joke, but Vaughan appeared to mean it seriously. Already he was calmer, as ifp 129 C 1973
the conclusion of the questionnaire the last of Vaughan's victims appeared. Elizabeth Taylor stepped from her chauffeured limousine outside a Londonp 136 C 1973
seeped through the worn fabric of his jeans. Red flecks appeared on the lower curvature of the dashboard locker, on thep 192 C 1973
his reflection multiplied in the glass wall-panels, Vaughan had never appeared more derelict and uncertain. His pock-marked face and haggard shamblep 193 C 1973
mind. As Catherine tried helplessly to calm me she had appeared in my eyes as a hostile and predatory bird. Ip 195 C 1973
the fuel tankers thundered past. As Catherine's small sports car appeared he surged forward. Swerving after him, I waited for Vaughanp 216 C 1973
first shouts. Now and then an interval of fifty feet appeared between the speeding vehicles, but even during these first minutesp 14 CI 1974
him, thinning out slightly. For the first time a gap appeared in the stream of vehicles, and he could see throughp 17 CI 1974
a leaking weal that wet his hand. The hip joint appeared to have been driven into the basin of his pelvisp 19 CI 1974
on through the grass. The silver fuselage of his car appeared among the shabby wrecks. Half-veiled by the grass, their rustingp 21 CI 1974
of the motorway and the feeder road, a single figure appeared. An elderly man approached the island, pushing a light motorcyclep 43 CI 1974
the old circus hand and this sharp-witted young woman? She appeared to be a classic drop-out, exiting from a well-to-do familyp 69 CI 1974
in the background like a deranged ghost. A second man appeared in the series, a dapper figure of about fifty inp 76 CI 1974
in hand, controlling his eagerness. A line of saloon cars appeared, hemmed in behind an airline coach and a fuel tankerp 77 CI 1974
fro. As he expected, Proctor and the young woman soon appeared on the scene. The tramp moved through the grass inp 77 CI 1974
five hundred pounds -- I'm serious.‘ ‘Five hundred pounds ...‘ She appeared to consider his offer, mentally counting each one of ap 82 CI 1974
receding from him on all sides. By contrast the island appeared far larger, covered by a dense and luxuriant growth. Maitlandp 86 CI 1974
Proctor came across the island to him. His large face appeared through the undergrowth like a worried but amiable beast's. Maitlandp 114 CI 1974
by the setting sun as he and his machine had appeared in a gap between two streams of traffic. Maitland triedp 118 CI 1974
as if trying to din something into his head. She appeared to be testing various types of auxiliary fuel tank. Nowp 814 DFW 1974
fall across the facades of the adjacent blocks. Their size appeared to vary according to the play of light over theirp 19 HR 1975
the day. Lifted on its concrete legs, the forty-storey block appeared to be even higher, as if a group of off-dutyp 19 HR 1975
rising sun. It was only fitting that the sun first appeared between the legs of the apartment blocks, raising itself overp 19 HR 1975
powerfully to Laing's arm, only releasing ‘him when her husband appeared. As the crowd of residents dispersed, their fingers punching thep 20 HR 1975
on the upper levels. Although at first sight these people appeared to provoke all the tension and hostility, those really responsiblep 35 HR 1975
time that the last of the two thousand residents had appeared and taken their place below, Anne was impatient to movep 73 HR 1975
their grievances, the people living on the upper floors had appeared on television already, often more than once, as professional expertsp 115 HR 1975
on.‘ Soon after dawn, the members of a women's raiding-party appeared. Their husbands and companions had either moved in with friendsp 115 HR 1975
the strong odour of his urine in the bathroom. He appeared to be half asleep, and she stepped slowly towards thep 129 HR 1975
writing-desk that served as a concealed door. Through this gap appeared an almost bald woman of about seventy. Her tough facep 156 HR 1975
boot on her neck. Behind the barricade a second figure appeared. A young woman of about thirty, probably the daughter, peeredp 157 HR 1975
Two more women, dressed in the same formal way, had appeared by the gate. Others were stepping forward among the sculpturesp 167 HR 1975
are unmistakably parts of a man's shoes and trousers have appeared soundlessly beside the bed, pausing by the sagging beach-toy. Helenp 862 60Z 1976
of a 100-megaton hydrogen bomb. Christmas decorations had at last appeared in the streets, the familiar figures of Santa Claus andp 847 LDG 1976
they were having lunch in the hotel restaurant that Loughlin appeared at the airport, already in an extreme state of alcoholicp 854 NTM 1976
bodice of the gown. The upper curvatures of her breasts appeared, indented by the shoulder straps. Then I saw, an inchp 868 S 1976
In the open fields a local manufacturer had dumped what appeared to be a lifetime's output of washing machines. Line uponp 879 UC 1976
warning, this timid intruder vanished as suddenly as he had appeared. Turning back, Halloway circled the streets around the office blockp 880 UC 1976
searching the dim light for Halloway. Within moments two more appeared, steering their antlers through the overhead wires that trailed acrossp 882 UC 1976
gangster suits. Miranda and old Buckmaster, both in black capes, appeared in an ancient open tourer filled with strange wreaths shep 918 UC 1976
floor of the car park. Ten storeys above them, Olds appeared on the roof, dressed in his antique flying-suit, leather jacketp 922 UC 1976
seemed the hundredth time that day. Throughout their visit Foster appeared to be sympathetically itemizing a catalogue of his defects, withoutp 973 OAU 1978
hair had been bleached to an almost arctic pallor. He appeared to be no more than nineteen or twenty years oldp 975 OAU 1978
leaking from the hastily mixed concrete. Curiously, the machine-gun still appeared to be in working order, a spiked bayonet fitted underp 976 OAU 1978
lazily in the cool air as he waited until Angela appeared thirty seconds later. Together they walked across the dunes top 976 OAU 1978
Before any real discord could set in, Life magazine happily appeared on the scene with a $500,000 offer for thep 274 UGM 1979
-- a gardener, the chauffeur, and an elderly couple who appeared to be housekeepers -- I knew they had all assumedp 21 UDC 1979
my arm behind Dr Miriam's seat. If a patrol car appeared I was ready to wrest the controls from her andp 27 UDC 1979
the supermarket and the filling-station, an enormous banyan tree had appeared. Its broad trunk had split the tarmac, throwing up piecesp 106 UDC 1979
into the blanched cockpit from which the young god had appeared ... I felt the bruises on my chest, almost convinced nowp 137 UDC 1979
aside with a flourish. Among the scattered coins a peacock appeared and majestically spread his tail. In the shopping mall thep 142 UDC 1979
away below us and the long bend of the river appeared. The swordfish and porpoises, the dolphins and flying fish leaptp 158 UDC 1979
bamboo stockades that surrounded Shepperton. Then, as Mrs St Cloud appeared naked from the shadows of the banyan tree, I knewp 169 UDC 1979
paradise I had brought to this town. A spaniel bitch appeared among the poppies, then crouched whimpering by the Cessna's propellerp 196 UDC 1979
the Hospice or of Christina. Dr Valentina Gabor, however, had appeared with remorseless frequency on Radio Monte Carlo and the localp 1006 HFF 1980
As Wayne hid behind the window pillar a golden figure appeared on the crest of the nearest dune, a creature withp 38 HA 1981
man on horseback, braided cap over his sunglasses, who had appeared from behind the giant cactus at the street junction besidep 38 HA 1981
good copies.‘) Then the premonitory visions in the sky had appeared over Boston harbour, and they set off in panic forp 66 HA 1981
room in the sky. Wayne gasped as another vast cowboy appeared beside him, a lanky man with wistful eyes and gentlep 102 HA 1981
vined themselves around the birch trees. The first well-nourished palms appeared, sharp-bladed parasols raised to the incessant drip of moist airp 116 HA 1981
baton, and a crescendo greeted a third figure who had appeared shyly in the wings, a pretty, fresh-faced girl in ap 125 HA 1981
to San Francisco to inspect the earthquake damage. Manson suddenly appeared, wearing a strange blue suit and smiling in an uncomfortablep 142 HA 1981
whole series of these laser-projected holographic images. After Mickey there appeared a huge statue of a bare-legged woman in a pinkp 144 HA 1981
here. November 23. Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles Manson finally appeared yesterday! He materialised out of the humid Las Vegas skyp 145 HA 1981
small, bright-eyed old man in a white laboratory coat had appeared at the foot of the bed. He stepped nimbly amongp 169 HA 1981
right. I think we would have died if Charles hadn't appeared on his camel ...‘ ‘He was living here already?‘ ‘Living?‘ Drp 173 HA 1981
Center. There was a continuous flicker of light from what appeared to be the reflected image of a huge chandelier. Curiousp 175 HA 1981
was tapping out a last instruction. When a tight-mouthed Truman appeared, eyes already turning to the exit doors, Wayne took hisp 185 HA 1981
was on his way to warn them, but Manson's helicopters appeared out of the sky near Flagstaff and attacked them withoutp 192 HA 1981
tooth in this diamond-filled jaw. When a small spotter plane appeared and made a roof-top sortie across the city Manson's gunshipsp 199 HA 1981
ten, twenty, then a hundred men. A column of jeeps appeared, rolling over the dead birds and bats, a medium tankp 207 HA 1981
Manson's screens, the members of a senile militia which had appeared here to do improbable battle with the waiting gunships. Waynep 224 HA 1981
controls. Above the Titan monitor screen a time signal had appeared, ‘59 min 59 sec‘, the seconds fluttering away with thep 224 HA 1981
ground with their stamping feet. Behind them a tank had appeared at the junction of the Strip and Flamingo Road. Soldiersp 225 HA 1981
of hypodermic syringes, fractured sunglasses and blood-stained tampons. Other shrines appeared in corridor alcoves and unoccupied beds, relics of a yetp 1016 NFS 1981
blanched face, counting the small scars and blemishes that had appeared around her mouth. Like all women, Marion never really fearedp 1023 NFS 1981
forehead. Looking at him, Franklin realized why Slade had always appeared naked. ‘Come in, doctor. God knows it's taken you longp 1028 NFS 1981
of this mirage. As he moved forward a second palm appeared, then a third and fourth. There was a glimmer ofp 1030 NFS 1981
to the blue pool before his eyes. More trees had appeared, groves of palms lowered their fronds to the glassy surfacep 1030 NFS 1981
a flood of photons crowded around him. A third kite appeared, joined almost at once by half a dozen more. Butp 1031 NFS 1981
almost bumped into a former mission controller who had frequently appeared on television during the campaign to prevent the disbandment ofp 1070 MNF 1982
brow behind the pilot's goggles. Each morning the same pilot appeared, flying a succession of antique craft -- relics, Mallory assumedp 1037 MSA 1982
on the car's power to trap the mysterious pilot who appeared each morning in his antique aeroplanes. He had noticed thatp 1041 MSA 1982
second engine had drowned the Yamaha's. The venerable flying machine appeared above the trees, the familiar gaunt-faced pilot sitting in thep 1050 MSA 1982
A flurry of charged air struck his face. Fracture lines appeared in the wind around him. The transparent wings of ap 1053 MSA 1982
assembly deck, urging me to fly; if Gale Shepley hadn't appeared in her glider I would have dived over the railp 1055 MSA 1982
most durable of all adult toys. Carl Benz's three-wheeler first appeared on the streets of Mannheim in 1885, and was patentedp 232 UGM 1984
to the oak panels. The door opened, and two amahs appeared, dragging Mrs Raymond's dressing-table down the steps. ‘Is Clifford herep 68 ES 1984
strange mirror. He would stare at the ragged figure who appeared before him in all the mirrors of the Columbia Roadp 83 ES 1984
occurred to Jim that Yang, the family chauffeur, might have appeared on this very screen. He had already carried out ap 108 ES 1984
more succulent terrain of the prison camps. The new arrivals appeared, two Annamese women and a group of older Britishers andp 122 ES 1984
up a grey ceramic tile. None of the Japanese guards appeared to care whether they worked on the runway, but Basiep 159 ES 1984
strengthened against them. The first of these impoverished people had appeared three months earlier. At night some of the more desperatep 180 ES 1984
was the pagoda at Lunghua Airfield. Already the flak tower appeared in a new light. For another hour Jim stood inp 201 ES 1984
the few blades of wild rice. A second Japanese soldier appeared. He was unarmed, but still wore his webbing and ammunitionp 285 ES 1984
pointing to the fields beyond the Shanghai road. Two B-29s appeared from the west, their engines droning over the deserted landp 293 ES 1984
behind. Seen from Mrs Vincent's vantage-point, the past three years appeared subtly different; even a few steps across a small roomp 301 ES 1984
pall that hung over the camp for hours. But Tulloch appeared not to notice. Once Lieutenant Price was out of thep 306 ES 1984
bars and Saturday Evening Posts. At noon, when Lieutenant Price appeared, dressed like a corpse in the scarlet canopy of thep 307 ES 1984
dented hood, as the apartment blocks of the French Concession appeared between the bomb-torn trees. For all the dangers of Lieutenantp 311 ES 1984
communists? On the day of his parents‘ arrival Yang had appeared with the limousine, promptly sold the car to Jim's fatherp 347 ES 1984
left-handed intention tremor, and signs of an hysterical photophobia. He appeared to be gasping with fear, and Governor Henson tried top 1090 OOA 1984
windows of stained glass in the cathedral of heaven, together appeared to calm him. He gazed at me in an uncannyp 1091 OOA 1984
Room was far more elaborate. The cross and brass candelabra appeared to stand on the altar table, but actually hung inp 1095 OOA 1984
trail. But perhaps the American was more devious than he appeared, with his shabby suit and hangdog gaze? As I satp 1108 MWM 1985
ready, I kept a careful watch for Scranton. He usually appeared in the early afternoon, as soon as the clerks andp 1108 MWM 1985
In fact, it was three days before Scranton at last appeared. Materialising from the afternoon heat, he entered the cafe andp 1113 MWM 1985
quay above our heads -- a second raiding party had appeared and now swept down on to the beach, two ofp 21 DC 1987
drowned by the noise of a twin-engined aircraft which had appeared above the forest canopy. It flew north-east across the lakep 25 DC 1987
claimed that plants, too, could communicate with one another and appeared in a televised experiment in which the gardeners of Britainp 31 DC 1987
To my surprise, however, a small pool of water had appeared at the base of the cavity. As if leaking fromp 40 DC 1987
the ore-buckets, shouting in Sudanese at the Mercedes. Noon's face appeared in the rear passenger window. She stared back at thep 127 DC 1987
reverse the engine, but at the last moment a breach appeared in the palisade. The ferry slid through the gap, itsp 171 DC 1987
me with a not unsympathetic gaze. Only Noon, who had appeared behind the galley door, stared at me with an expressionp 211 DC 1987
after the completion of the barrage Nora Warrender's floating brothel appeared in the pool. Silhouetted against the dark hills to thep 235 DC 1987
against the dark hills to the east, its white hull appeared to float on the sunset, a gliding sepulchre of polishedp 235 DC 1987
arguing at their table, I saw that another figure had appeared among the ghostly lanterns. One of Mrs Warrender's youngest girlsp 248 DC 1987
the bridge. Through the clouds of illuminated smoke the helicopter appeared, the grand finale of this firework spectacular. An ugly geniep 256 DC 1987
by Amanda Lymington and Jasper Ogilvy, which at first sight appeared to be a matter-of-fact documentary of daily life at Pangbournep 55 RW 1988
of the world's real troublespots, but a curious pattern had appeared along the bottom of the screen, some kind of Christmasp 1119 WW3 1988
the same war films, including those in which he had appeared. To complete the identification of President and TV screen --p 1119 WW3 1988
of specialists from the greatest research institutions in the land appeared in relays on every channel, interpreting the stream of medicalp 1120 WW3 1988
in the boulevards and cafes. Among these drawings a figure appeared who would dominate the paintings of Hopper's maturity -- ap 67 UGM 1989
the foreign tourists who alone sustained their economies. The prospect appeared that the Louvre and Buckingham Palace might be sold top 1142 LTP 1989
The van stopped at the largest of the tents, which appeared to house a hospital for wounded guerrillas. But within thep 1156 WF 1989
ship. As the Prospero lay doomed in the water, Pereira appeared with his already packed suitcase, and the captain ordered thep 1164 DCG 1990
a dune. Throughout The Atrocity Exhibition its central character has appeared in a succession of roles, ranging across a spectrum ofp 81 YMCa 1990
limits, as in the Delahaye, Lagonda and Jaguar, there have appeared some of the most beautiful objects ever made, a reminderp 97 CRAa 1990
magazines. One of these, "The Angle Between Two Walls," actually appeared as the second of the series, a still from Stevep 46 DMa 1990
negotiable language of all. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had appeared in stage versions of Faustus and The Taming of thep 57 GANa 1990
Technicolor schlockbusters such as the ludicrous Desiree (in which he appeared as a shy and spaced-out Napoleon, keenly looking forward top 9 UGM 1991
artists regarded as little more than charlatans? A tantalizing clue appeared in Magritte's ‘Not to Be Reproduced‘, a double portrait ofp 70 UGM 1991
the first recurring character in his own comic strip only appeared in 1895. The circulation wars between the American press baronsp 77 UGM 1991
Dada, the rumbustious godfather at the movement's birth, had first appeared during the Great War in, of all places, Zurich. Delvauxp 89 UGM 1991
before the war, one of my parents‘ steamer trunks had appeared a year after the P & O boat had dockedp 174 UGM 1991
of Midway and the Coral Sea. American reconnaissance planes had appeared over Shanghai, and the first bombing raids would soon followp 37 KW 1991
within sight of Lunghua. But the first American reconnaissance planes appeared in the sky, cruising a ‘few hundred feet above thep 51 KW 1991
and then turned his attention to me. A wistful smile appeared on his roughened lips, and he pointed to the sunp 57 KW 1991
scowled knowingly at the sun, urging me to drink. He appeared to be busy with his own thoughts, but every fewp 58 KW 1991
make-up. Through the rouge and lipstick a vivid woman's face appeared, more beautiful than all the prostitutes at the Park Hotelp 66 KW 1991
the British officers in the wheel-house. Clearly the Arrawa had appeared at an inconvenient moment. The Japanese armies in China werep 73 KW 1991
at Princeton, and it was even rumoured that he had appeared on television, inconceivably fast behaviour for a Cambridge academic. Hep 86 KW 1991
had expanded and the crown of a minute head had appeared between her legs. The black hairs were moist and neatlyp 134 KW 1991
lingered for more than a few seconds a festering sore appeared in the old plaster, as if my eyes were transmittingp 206 KW 1991
man in a flying jacket even protested when an ambulance appeared on the scene and the attendants lifting Sally from thep 220 KW 1991
real contact with the international film industry. Perhaps she had appeared in TV commercials advertising dog-food or a valet-parking service. Ip 244 KW 1991
to the magazine offices in New York, and selected stills appeared beside the gate-fold nudes with Dick's scientific commentary. When Ip 265 KW 1991
perceptible movement of patients had begun. Dressing-gowns fastened, spectral figures appeared from the lavatories and dormitories. Other patients stood up withoutp 274 KW 1991
the fiat tyre of her VW. A warped propeller blade appeared, bent into a graceful arc. Edward wiped the mud fromp 294 KW 1991
miniature balloons celebrating these residues of his accident. Dials had appeared in the cockpit, their last readings registered after all thesep 295 KW 1991
presenter-psychologist who had fronted so many popular science programmes. Dick appeared not to care. To show his indifference to his earlierp 305 KW 1991
days. The medium that had trivialised his scientific career had appeared to come to his rescue, but now its magic hadp 311 KW 1991
of an entire people. At last, in 1944, American B-29s appeared in the sky, followed by a Russian occupation force whop 37 UGM 1992
and Latin. Soft-toy versions of Pooh and his companions first appeared in the 1930s, and there were endless merchandizing spin-offs --p 119 UGM 1992
invisible class who constituted three-quarters of the population but never appeared in the Chums and Boys‘ Own Paper annuals. Later, whenp 180 UGM 1992
by the interest in their achievement, unaware that whenever they appeared on screen their images were accompanied by the cash totalsp 1177 MFM 1992
3.35 pm on April 29, 2008, the Zeus IV appeared in the California sky. Accompanied by six chase planes, thep 1177 MFM 1992
snubbing his wife and deeply wounding her. None of this appeared in the popular press in the 1930s, and by thep 151 UGM 1993
the s-f writer's visions of the future. When Star Wars appeared in 1977, the technology of film was so advanced thatp 193 UGM 1993
easily defeated Marxism, but a far more sinister threat now appeared on the horizon -- Pepsi. This pepsin-based drink created inp 214 UGM 1993
on a set of aerial tombs. No albatross had yet appeared, but a steel tower stood on the summit, its cablesp 15 RP 1994
from the register. A public debate ensued, during which she appeared prominently on television, arguing her case with a passion andp 40 RP 1994
Parsifal brought their lurid spectrum to Saint-Esprit, a white seaplane appeared in the sky over the island. Neil, glad to restp 103 RP 1994
were barely rested the next morning when the supply Dakota appeared through the clouds. It touched down in the mist ofp 105 RP 1994
before dusk, Trudi and Inger shuffled down the airstrip and appeared at the gates of the camp. They sat in thep 140 RP 1994
She was snapping her fingers at the air when Neil appeared beside her, two cans of dried milk in his handsp 142 RP 1994
through a pre-arranged repertoire of sexual acts. Their faces never appeared on screen, but the dark-skinned man was of middle agep 126 CN 1996
to leave. At five-fifteen the shark-like snout of his Porsche appeared at the gates. It paused as he scanned the roadp 162 CN 1996
rolling towards the beaches of Estrella de Mar. Below me appeared a line of villas built among the eucalyptus trees thatp 170 CN 1996
he began to share his heroin habit with Laurie. She's appeared in a couple of low-budget TV series made out herep 269 CN 1996
was looking down at me when the first visible crack appeared in the tower's base. Never were tragedy and triumph sop 6 DYF 1996
lifted my hand I noticed that a small crack had appeared in the surface, running away from a discoloured node ofp 9 DYF 1996
that moved from villa to villa. A gardener, Monsieur Anvers, appeared on alternate days, watered the grass and shrubs, and cleanedp 46 SC 2000
when she vetoed a science fiction series in which she appeared as a Martian psychiatrist, I managed to sneak out intop 91 SC 2000
I turned to face the dark-skinned security guard. He had appeared suddenly from the shadows, stepping from the alley behind mep 162 SC 2000
new clip the guards challenged him.‘ A uniformed security man appeared at the glass doors, reluctant to test the heat ofp 197 SC 2000
near the pantechnicon. A second group of security men had appeared from within the museum, and lashed out with their clubsp 220 SC 2000
witnessed only a few hours earlier. This time the robbery appeared in close-up, taking place within yards of the cameraman's lensp 237 SC 2000
of them was trying to smile, and a strange crevice appeared in the area of her mouth, a vent of hellp 286 SC 2000
air it seemed to vanish for a few seconds, then appeared again as if emerging from a defective space-time. Frowning atp 288 SC 2000
me when I returned to the staircase. The next floor appeared to be disused, teak barriers shutting off the unlit corridorsp 295 SC 2000
air to think in ...‘ The first signs of revolt had appeared, but not in a way that Wilder Penrose expected. Asp 360 SC 2000
his jacket. Together we walked down the Rue Valentin. Nothing appeared to happen, but a busy invisible commerce was taking placep 380 SC 2000
warming the cold metal as the first hint of dawn appeared between Cap d'Antibes and the Iles de Lerins. I satp 387 SC 2000
a revolution.‘ ‘A revolution?‘ I tried to seem impressed. She appeared edgy and frustrated, staring at the frayed carpet like anp 53 MP 2003
some way connected to the friendly but unfamiliar men who appeared on her weekend visits, and to the home-made cigarettes shep 70 MP 2003
man in a white coat, his head lowered in thought, appeared briefly and waved to me, then hurried up a staircasep 127 MP 2003
I was intruding on a private moment. Later, when Gould appeared in the car park, I said: ‘I'm impressed. No computerp 173 MP 2003
bookshop. When I went out I saw Joan Chang had appeared on the scene. Another loyal disciple keeping an eye onp 260 MP 2003
crouching against the walls of the empty houses. A helicopter appeared in the sky over the Thames, spotlight playing across thep 282 MP 2003
sanctuaries of high-security science parks. A terrace of small houses appeared, hiding in the shadow of a reservoir embankment, linked top 6 KC 2006
the control room had come on, and a familiar face appeared, with the same deep tan and sympathetic smile that Ip 45 KC 2006
more forcefully. ‘There's a new kind of human being who's appeared on the scene. These are people who behave in strangep 67 KC 2006
police arrived ten minutes after the fire engines. Almost nothing appeared in the national press, where the incidents were lumped inp 79 KC 2006
and the shaven scalp of a nightclub bouncer. He often appeared on television, but the last time I had seen himp 94 KC 2006
His motives were ambiguous even for a suburban psychiatrist who appeared too often on television. There he played the same rolep 108 KC 2006
scene on his mobile phone. As I expected, few police appeared through the smoke and noise. They remained on the perimeterp 126 KC 2006
failed revolution ... The Need to Understand A line of ambulances appeared through the smoke and haze, waiting outside the Accident &p 129 KC 2006
all over the motorway towns the first copycat posters soon appeared, playing on a suppressed need for the bizarre and thep 155 KC 2006
bully and abuse the self-immersed wives and dull husbands who appeared on his consumer programmes, yet without causing offence. His impatiencep 156 KC 2006
to the lift and threatened to kill me if I appeared again. Julia Goodwin, sadly, avoided me and refused to takep 188 KC 2006
hours preparing himself for the camera, but had never actually appeared on the in-house channel, saving this moment for his lastp 221 KC 2006
memory of PR managers was the belief that when they appeared live on television a miracle would follow. The seas wouldp 221 KC 2006
despaired of me, and shook her head wearily whenever I appeared, asking about David Cruise's health. Ask about your own healthp 230 KC 2006
system ordered them to assemble in the central atrium. Carradine appeared thirty minutes later, descending the staircase from the mezzanine, andp 233 KC 2006
world, and he needed an autocue. Then a new friend appeared with the right kind of skills and a taste forp 263 KC 2006
up within fifty yards of the structure. A small crowd appeared each day, staring at the stricken mall as if unablep 276 KC 2006
at any moment, and that no matter how magnificent anything appeared, it could be swept aside into the debris of thep 58 ML 2008
life, though Shanghai was already surrealist enough. Then my father appeared through the shadows and led the way to the rearp 59 ML 2008
its way to Shanghai and the sea. Then Lunghua Camp appeared, my last real childhood home, where I would spend thep 64 ML 2008
and steadily intensified over the following months. High-flying reconnaissance planes appeared in the sky, strangely motionless as they hung between thep 97 ML 2008
airfield had been neutralised the first waves of B-29 bombers appeared in the sky, immense four-engined aircraft that bombed the airfieldp 98 ML 2008
around the streets in their jeeps and trucks. Pedicabs had appeared, large two-seater tricycles, pedalled by former rickshaw coolies, usually filledp 115 ML 2008
Sayers had worked and which housed the spiral staircase that appeared in one of her novels, I found a job asp 153 ML 2008
she remained a girl from the Potteries, and at times appeared to be a dizzy brunette, something of an act, asp 174 ML 2008
we moved through in our everyday lives but which rarely appeared in the approved fine art of the day. Hamilton's Justp 188 ML 2008
in literary porn. Crash created little stir when it first appeared in Britain, but twenty-five years later, after a period whenp 243 ML 2008
of the Sun, a very different kind of film company appeared on the scene. Warner Brothers bought the rights to thep 255 ML 2008
part at the fancy-dress party that opens the film. I appeared as John Bull in scarlet coat and top hat. Itp 256 ML 2008