at my fingertips like a talent for embroidery. Indeed, its appearance was so unheralded, so gradual, that at first I failedp 96 NZ 1959
and roofs sagging. Even the inhabited houses had a makeshift appearance, crude water towers on home-made scaffolding lashed to their chimneysp 156 CH 1960
to tell her that she'll be making a surprise guest appearance on one of the big shows -- that'll explain thep 118 SS 1960
Madame Gioconda and the conditional promise to arrange her guest appearance. In view of LeGrande's hostility he stressed the need forp 121 SS 1960
carefully edited fragments from Alto's promise to arrange her guest appearance, but she seemed eager to move deeper into the stockadep 125 SS 1960
spinal level charts hung around the office. Despite his unkempt appearance -- he had been wearing the same unironed shirt andp 170 VT 1960
concert programme from another, and he had the pleasantly informal appearance of a young university lecturer. His handsome introspective face wasp 283 GA 1961
and soft. Freeman had credited this apparent rejuvenation to the appearance of the baby. He was forty when he married Elizabethp 257 MF 1961
the buildings and houses they saw, despite their superficially decrepit appearance, were well able to withstand the hurricane-force winds. They werep 33 WFN 1961
shelters to have had any time to look after her appearance, attractive as she had once been (Marshall had deliberately keptp 118 WFN 1961
Moon will fix this image conclusively. Instead of greeting the appearance of the space-suited hero with a deep groan, most generalp 195 UGM 1962
-- the Castor and Pollux of the orbiting zodiac, whose appearance always heralded a full conjunction the following night. Louise Woodwardp 362 CS 1962
with his ebony tan and introspective eyes gave him the appearance of a refined beachcomber. A bucket-full of dingy water hadp 84 DW 1962
look ramshackle and untidy, Beatrice continued to tend her own appearance devotedly. On the few occasions when Kerans called she wouldp 87 DW 1962
of charm and good cheer, complimenting Beatrice elaborately on her appearance. She wore a full-length blue brocade ball dress, the turquoisep 115 DW 1962
down into the square. Kerans had put in a token appearance at the party, keeping well away from Strangman, who madep 157 DW 1962
movement among them, and the sky had a rigid, uniform appearance that indicated an indefinite lull. For some reason, however, Renthallp 378 WT 1962
aware of the imminent clash. The strain of maintaining an appearance of unconcern had begun to tire Renthall, and he avoidedp 384 WT 1962
ink-stand. ‘Tell me, Dr Booth, how would you describe Hinton's appearance?‘ Booth hesitated. ‘Well, he was of ... medium height, if Ip 523 MO 1963
tables and a reliable clock, he could virtually pinpoint the appearance of the satellite at the first second of its visiblep 455 QR 1963
were to play tirelessly on so many occasions, made its appearance. As I completed the last of the screens and watchedp 549 SG 1963
the pockets of his white suit as if his sudden appearance among the dunes the previous night and his present arrivalp 555 SG 1963
hundred yards from the camp, but for some reason the appearance of the snakes always coincided with Gifford's recovery from hisp 628 DS 1964
is primarily a symbol of the unconscious, and that its appearance always heralds a crisis in the psyche.‘ ‘I suppose Ip 631 DS 1964
events in his past life. The snakes now made their appearance half an hour earlier. Once he caught a glimpse ofp 634 DS 1964
jaundiced gaze in his small liquid eyes gave him the appearance of a moody D. H. Lawrence. I made one orp 608 IM 1964
matter in a continuum of depleted time leads to its appearance in a parallel spatial matrix. As more and more timep 617 IM 1964
glow of light in her halfclosed eyes gave her the appearance of someone preternaturally aged, reminding me of my own wifep 620 IM 1964
had been withdrawn three years before Traven's arrival. Its ruined appearance, and the associations of the island with the period ofp 590 TB 1964
presided over by Mrs. Quilter's witch-like presence. Despite her grotesque appearance and insane run, Ransom admired this old woman of thep 9 D 1965
at Quilter's bizarre burnout. Despite his deformed skull and Caliban-like appearance, there was nothing stupid about Quilter. The dreamy, ironic smilep 10 D 1965
sunlight. This and his bare, sunburnt chest gave him the appearance of a seafaring Nordic anthropologist, standing with one hand onp 12 D 1965
elsewhere, these new deserts were abandoned for good. The continued appearance of more and more such areas on the map, andp 30 D 1965
a sense the question had been prompted by his beachcomber-like appearance and beard, but the frequency with which he had beenp 34 D 1965
of pleasant, well-tended homes, but the area now had the appearance of a derelict shanty-town. The husks of trees and boxp 47 D 1965
joint of meat, jaws tearing through the bony shafts. Quilter's appearance had abruptly let another dimension into the already uncertain futurep 52 D 1965
at the least, but from his brief glance at Ransom's appearance he seemed to accept that these few gallons of waterp 118 D 1965
grey beard tufting from his left cheek gave him the appearance of a demented Lear, grasping back at the power hep 124 D 1965
that they would not be returning to the coast. The appearance of the lion convinced Ransom that there was water withinp 136 D 1965
equipment into the cart. The disturbed night, and the earlier appearance of he sun each morning, delayed their departure. Philip Jordanp 141 D 1965
wheel. In the sunlight his beaked face gave him the appearance of a nervous desert nomad, scion of a dwindling aristocraticp 141 D 1965
remains of small towns gave the alluvial beach an uneven appearance, the wrecks of cars were parked among the dunes byp 145 D 1965
intervals this placid domestic scene would be interrupted by the appearance of Richard Lomax. His performances, as Ransom regarded them, usuallyp 167 D 1965
is powdery. The spectators on the observation platform have the appearance of mannequins. The hero is a small boy, visiting thep 28 UGM 1966
one of the most droll characters in fiction. Grotesque in appearance, but with a mind of great learning and cultivation, hep 143 UGM 1966
his chest, Crispin took command of his bridge. The woman's appearance on the scene he welcomed, glad someone else was therep 698 SBD 1966
she moved about in a grey ankle-length robe. Her bedraggled appearance was that of someone unaware that she had lived alonep 699 SBD 1966
each day, but now that the bodies were decomposing their appearance, except at a distance, was devoid of any sentiment. Thep 699 SBD 1966
at him with a hard eye, unimpressed by the brigand-like appearance he presented with his cartridge bandoliers, rifle and scarred facep 703 SBD 1966
with his small eyes gave him a taut and watchful appearance. This man, Ventress -- his name was about all Sandersp 15 CW 1966
the owners of the curio stalls from putting in an appearance. Despite the compacted glitter of the forest during the nightp 48 CW 1966
the super-saturation of matter in our continuum leads to its appearance in a parallel spatial matrix. As more and more timep 85 CW 1966
glow of light in her half-closed eyes gave her the appearance of someone preternaturally aged, reminding Dr. Sanders of his patientsp 107 CW 1966
lip. The skin of her face had a characteristic dusky appearance, which she had managed to hide by her long hairp 126 CW 1966
he found that he was less frightened of its monstrous appearance. Although the crystalline tissues were as cold as ice, andp 154 CW 1966
mouth of the river the vegetation still retained its sombre appearance, although the motes of light that flickered within the foliagep 170 CW 1966
helicopter. Without any noise it took off into the sky. Appearance of Coma. She was waiting for him at the cafep 41 YCM 1966
at his sides were pale smudges -- gave him the appearance of a man emerging from a drowned sea, strewn withp 728 CHC 1967
dented by the cap brim, gave him a surprisingly youthful appearance, unlike the hard-faced desert rover I had visualized. As hep 732 CHC 1967
forehead and slipped mouth gave her the numbed and luminous appearance of a corpse. My eyes moved to the signature. ‘Nolanp 751 CSC 1967
the animals in the cages was prepared to make an appearance, but the girl's hangdog look restrained me. The top ofp 740 R 1967
face of L.B. Johnson is clearly genital in significant appearance -- the nasal prepuce, scrotal jaw, etc. Faces were seenp 759 WIW 1968
in her late twenties, Raine Channing still preserved her child-like appearance, this strange montage of adolescent faces. Her gaze reflected thep 798 SGW 1970
going to lie most comfortably and with the most desirable appearance, a circle of skin is excised. The nipple is thenp 16 C80 1970
this point the discovery of time travel made its fortunate appearance. As soon as the first spate of patent suits hadp 806 GTS 1972
two missing upper canine gave him a neglected and hostile appearance. The bony knuckles of his wrists projected like manacles fromp 64 C 1973
white raincoat walking along the line of wrecked cars. The appearance in this drab yard of an attractive woman, moving fromp 69 C 1973
elegant body, separately ventilated every pore. At times the porcelain appearance of her face, an over-elaborate make-up like some demonstration modelp 112 C 1973
bright afternoon light the several hundred visitors took on the appearance of mannequins, no more real than the plastic figures whichp 122 C 1973
of Proctor. The tramp had not yet put in an appearance, but Maitland scanned the grass and nettle banks, certain thatp 75 CI 1974
the story and put off by the young man's rough appearance and almost unintelligible local dialect. Paying him off, they turnedp 821 AD 1975
the men and women were well dressed and groomed, their appearance giving no hint of the events of the previous weeksp 95 HR 1975
with pleasure at the garbage-strewn wrecks on either side. The appearance of the space was a good omen. He took hisp 116 HR 1975
dirt on the backs of his hands. Despite his tramp-like appearance he dismissed the notion of using the water to washp 147 HR 1975
up one step. For all the savage-like ferocity of his appearance, Wilder's behaviour was a model of restraint. Having come thisp 156 HR 1975
to reprimand him. From Royal's nervous posture, and his destitute appearance, Wilder guessed that he had been hiding somewhere, but notp 166 HR 1975
waited for yet another seriously deformed foetus to make its appearance. But he had looked forward to this last pregnancy, seeingp 829 LFA 1975
my own bedroom, impatient for Helen to make her first appearance as the star of this film, I almost fail top 857 60Z 1976
separation of the two will only be achieved by the appearance of the as yet incomplete document Notes Towards a Mentalp 855 NTM 1976
already I had been struck by the young woman's unusual appearance. What I first noticed, transforming the dingy interior of thep 865 S 1976
Even my guests commented on the remarkable bloom of her appearance. Deeply contented, I looked forward to the coming spring andp 869 S 1976
artifice and allure. Later, Halloway discovered that she changed her appearance every day, moving through the deserted boutiques and fashion-houses ofp 898 UC 1976
accounted both for her arctic skin-tones and for her youthless appearance -- on television, thanks to make-up, everyone of whatever agep 948 ICU 1977
of actually meeting Margaret in person. Intrigued by her unclassifiable appearance, I shelved my other patients and began our interview. Shep 948 ICU 1977
from her expression that Margaret was as surprised by my appearance as I was by her own. In addition, there wasp 951 ICU 1977
a clumsily carried vacuum-cleaner, and Vera Tilley made her first appearance. For all his intimacy with the electronic image of thep 990 MA 1978
where only they were at home. For all their Bedouin appearance, their weapons and alien eyes, Wayne felt a surge ofp 62 HA 1981
he thought of Trippett's curious utterance. In some way Slade's appearance in the sky had set it off. The old astronaut'sp 1015 NFS 1981
for ten minutes. She was clearly baffled by my calm appearance, despite my beard and coffee-stained trousers, and kept staring atp 1026 NFS 1981
too late.‘ Slade shook his head, impatient with Franklin's derelict appearance. ‘A whole life too late. We're taking off now.‘ ‘Leavep 1035 NFS 1981
malaise -- the so-called ‘space sickness‘ -- had made their appearance. At first touching only a small minority of the populationp 1064 MNF 1982
local garage. As he guessed, Martinsen soon put in another appearance. A small, bird-shaped kite began a series of regular flightsp 1071 MNF 1982
in a completely lucid way, obviously appalled by my derelict appearance. For her it's one of those quiet afternoons three weeksp 1054 MSA 1982
assume that the station is a finite structure with the appearance of an infinite one. The degree to which it approachesp 1088 RUS 1982
surveyed Jim again, taking in his ragged clothes and scarecrow appearance, his deepset and yellowing eyes. Without comment, he gave Jimp 117 ES 1984
thought they had invented in the sixties, here makes its appearance in the science-fiction film. The relationship between sex and sciencep 19 UGM 1987
cross between a computer terminal and a nightclub; the final appearance of the alien, an insane mesh of ravenous teeth straightp 22 UGM 1987
sun had come closer to Port-la-Nouvelle, perhaps intrigued by the appearance of this dark water that had spent so many aeonsp 41 DC 1987
to give the game away. I maintain a reasonably kempt appearance, wave from the upstairs windows at Mrs Johnson and gesturep 1134 TES 1989
breast tissue and gave the breast a normal shape and appearance. The skin of the incision was then closed with interruptedp 134 JFA 1989
Polynesian islanders performed in 1940s wildlife documentary films. A first appearance of Vaughan, who was later to appear as the "hoodlump 68 THFa 1990
the smug years of Eisenhower prosperity was galvanized by the appearance of the young Brando as the unforgettable Stanley Kowalski inp 8 UGM 1991
a thoughtful nature had groomed the child for its first appearance in this world. ‘Push now, we're almost there ...‘ The wholep 134 KW 1991
lethargic and dispirited, despite the large doses of calcium. His appearance radically changed. A long pointed jaw jutted from his erodedp 302 KW 1991
could hear their lowered voices in the hall. Usually their appearance provided Dick with a slight lift, and the expression wouldp 311 KW 1991
temper of the times and was endorsed by Einstein's saintly appearance. With his halo of untidy hair and kindly, patient eyesp 149 UGM 1993
flourish to Captain Wu and Irving Boyd, as if his appearance guaranteed her own credentials. The computer entrepreneur greeted him withp 48 RP 1994
tried to beg from the visiting yacht-crews, but their derelict appearance and needle-sharing put off any would-be donors. At low tidep 133 RP 1994
carrying a suitcase filled with fresh clothes for Frank's court appearance in Marbella that morning. I had packed the case inp 75 CN 1996
limbs, none of the Costasol residents had put in an appearance. My hours, David Hennessy told me, ran from eleven ap 224 CN 1996
and down, trying to identify some unstated change in my appearance and manner. ‘Tell me, Mr Prentice, will you visit yourp 273 CN 1996
clearly weighing the seriousness of my message against my scruffy appearance. ‘Paul, you've put your spare time to good use. I'mp 102 SC 2000
She looked me up and down, unconvinced by my tweedy appearance. ‘Mr Markham? I'm Vera Blackburn, a friend of Kay's. Shep 76 MP 2003
the school's secretary seemed surprised by the undernourished and unkempt appearance of this odd young doctor with his white skin andp 174 MP 2003
talk later ...‘ He carried on with his inventory of my appearance, shaking his head at my expensive haircut. ‘You've changed, Davidp 272 MP 2003
disguise were in danger of falling apart. Much of her appearance was an obvious fake -- the immaculate beauty-salon make-up, thep 22 KC 2006
no longer remembered me. His arrest, the violent police, his appearance at the magistrates‘ court, had disappeared into some garbage chutep 91 KC 2006
from prising the lids off corned beef tins, the tramp-like appearance that would once have barred me from the Metro-Centre. Byp 241 KC 2006
the closest friend I have made in my life. In appearance he resembled Vaughan, the auto-destructive hero of my novel Crashp 212 ML 2008