which they revealed sudden unrelated glimpses, they introduced a curiously appealing element of uncertainty into the placid afternoon, an impression reinforcedp 547 SG 1963
imminent promiscuities were part of this same system of ironies, appealing to Royal's liking for the ‘game‘ situation where one couldp 73 HR 1975
package themselves, their emotions and sexuality in attractive and instantly appealing forms. An imaginary Segal, as far as I know. Hisp 51 GANa 1990
smoking under the ‘no smoking‘ sign. Yet already he was appealing far beyond the empty seats, to a greater audience hep 97 KW 1991
what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?, in my judgement the greatest ever work of pop artp 187 ML 2008
the Prince Charming who courted her so dangerously but so appealingly were in fact her own father. Had some kind ofp 1008 HFF 1980
with the tennis machine. Yet his boyish face had an appealingly stoic air. As he grinned at Paula he looked downp 154 CN 1996
here.‘ He gestured at the suite around them. ‘Perhaps it appeals to my fin de siecle temperament. Up at Camp Byrdp 15 DW 1962
realized that there were no other means. However, even these appeals to past sentiments were wearing thin. Hendry's prompt refusal meantp 122 D 1965
different from its manifest content. Far from repelling us, it appeals to us by virtue of its complex of polyperverse actsp 77 THF 1969
unorganized. Wilder had visited them several times, but found that appeals to self-advantage no longer roused them. In fact, only thep 127 HR 1975
world of politics, its whole raison d‘etre -- its appeals to self-assertion, intrigue and nepotism -- had been destroyed. Ap 845 LDG 1976
three years earlier when he was chairman of the medical appeals board, had now returned to plague him with these absurdp 1013 NFS 1981
lawyer? Senor Danvila? He's thinking of his fees. All those appeals ...‘ Crawford opened the door and beckoned me into the driver'sp 74 CN 1996
else matters. He doesn't care about himself, and that really appeals to you. In men, anyway. You rather like selfish womenp 220 MP 2003
with myriad points of light, as untold numbers of constellations appear and fade. Now, too, they have finally shed their organicp 91 WG 1959
period of two million years Tallis cited for life to appear on Murak it may be that the next cosmic cyclep 94 WG 1959
the same time. With luck his defence attorney might also appear at the right moment, though the case was such anp 150 CH 1960
sat back and waited for whoever had wound it to appear. Around him the thirty or forty other clocks he couldp 164 CH 1960
a scoop for him, a sensation! "The great Gioconda will appear on television!" Not just some moronic bubblegum girl, but thep 110 SS 1960
fears that the Dean would complain if he failed to appear as usual that morning. Halfway along the north side ofp 114 SS 1960
Wait a minute, Ray. You mean she's actually going to appear -- she's going to sing -- in the middle ofp 129 SS 1960
for. God knows what might happen. Fortunately the nightmarish visions appear to have receded for the time being ...‘ Pushing the diaryp 173 VT 1960
occur in a small percentage of all living organisms, and appear to have no intelligible role in their structure or developmentp 177 VT 1960
count down to 400,000. Woke 8-10. To sleep 7-15. (Appear to have lost my watch without realizing it, had top 184 VT 1960
with a marked slope, which made his somewhat professorial manner appear more youthful. This was helped by the rakish cut ofp 279 GA 1961
around his neck and chest to make his slim figure appear more bulky, he sat on the sofa in the loungep 258 MF 1961
waiting in the ditch for any of the others to appear, when he noticed something rolling toward the boundary line aboutp 46 WFN 1961
more at least. Apparently localized areas of turbulence have to appear first, while the over-all wind strength continues to increase, andp 75 WFN 1961
out. ‘It's only later that the valuable results begin to appear. It's the errors you make that are interesting. The wholep 336 13C 1962
been reading. ‘I wondered when that Gorgon was going to appear.‘ ‘Eve isn't too bad when you get to know herp 340 PE 1962
his bleached crew-cut hair and deep amber tan made him appear at least ten years younger. A chronic lack of appetitep 11 DW 1962
lagoon, which contained the planetarium, but when Bodkin failed to appear at the dead of night in flippers and aqualung Strangmanp 96 DW 1962
we see may be just optical illusions. Although the windows appear to open no one's ever actually seen any of themp 379 WT 1962
where fantastic images, such as singing flowers or sonic sculpture, appear as infrequently as they do in reality. This false identificationp 200 UGM 1963
the road, head raised to the air. Not wishing to appear any more eccentric than he was already considered -- thep 474 NWS 1963
heard -- and you've confirmed just now -- the Indians appear to be a pretty diseased and miserable lot, hardly thep 438 QR 1963
of tilting walls, the Orphic hero of Aphrodite 80 would appear searching for his lost Eurydice among the shifting time stationsp 549 SG 1963
camps, merely impose their own fantasies on everyone else. What appear to be the science fictional elements in The Soft Machinep 128 UGM 1964
the bruises and dirt that covered his body made him appear merely human in scale, his vast dimensions only increasing hisp 646 DG 1964
understand them. I was always baffled by the way they'd appear at the same time. Besides, there's nothing else to dop 630 DS 1964
Verrocchio's pupils -- would be jettisoned by the thief and appear on one of the shadier markets. If the hunt forp 578 LL 1964
more disappointing, therefore, than the failure of our quarry to appear that afternoon. The transfer of the Van Gogh from thep 585 LL 1964
and more wearisome, I began to wonder whether he would appear at all. His seat in the front row remained reservedp 586 LL 1964
In the afternoon light their shifting rectilinear shadows made them appear to writhe and pivot. In front of the bunker, wherep 593 TB 1964
formed the horizon of his world. At times they would appear to advance towards him, looming over him like cliffs, thep 601 TB 1964
been there for five years or less. Nor did he appear to be wearing a uniform, so had not been somep 602 TB 1964
living wild. His strange changes of costume -- he would appear in a man's overcoat or pair of old shoes threep 20 D 1965
horizon. From this quadrant alone were any clouds expected to appear, generated from moisture evaporated off the surface of the seap 23 D 1965
the man. He waited, almost expecting to see a dog appear and run around the man's heels. The absolute isolation ofp 88 D 1965
Quilter sat down and rested, waiting for Philip Jordan to appear. The flies and mosquitoes buzzed around them, the stench fromp 96 D 1965
time future where the unresolved residues of the past would appear smoothed and rounded, muffled by the detritus of time, likep 142 D 1965
the experimenters at Chaillot. At this moment three strange figures appear. Agents from an even more distant future, they are policingp 29 UGM 1966
The city lies in a plain, ornamented with mountains. These appear as a fringe of crystals to the heavenly north. Onep 142 UGM 1966
to run downhill. As he waited for Catherine York to appear he freed his right arm from the metal clamp hep 709 SBD 1966
the street. He seemed to be waiting for something to appear. Sanders put away his pen. ‘Tell me, why is itp 23 CW 1966
appalling blunder.‘ Sanders spoke rapidly, hoping that Suzanne would not appear and interrupt him. Half an hour from then, as thep 122 CW 1966
these once-crystallized objects from the forest. Suzanne Clair did not appear at breakfast. When Sanders arrived at the Clairs‘ bungalow andp 128 CW 1966
in a Dallas lying-in hospital. Other fragments were beginning to appear in a variety of unlikely places: textbooks on chemical kineticsp 84 YMC 1966
threw him across the air. As the cheekbones began to appear, as smooth and lifeless as carved foam, applause rang outp 752 CSC 1967
the terrace. By eight, when the first guests began to appear, Nolan and Petit Manuel had still not arrived. On thep 753 CSC 1967
and staring eyes above the bony cheeks. Later she would appear to be almost middle-aged, the grey hair and skin revealingp 736 R 1967
the door of the hutch, but the animal refused to appear. The group resumed their circuit of the cages, squinting inp 740 R 1967
COMING TO LIFE AFTER THE RAIN-STORM Young men and women appear. They go about their work. A stall is set upp 96 TW 1967
about Robert Hamilton, she almost seemed worried that she would appear old to him. At other times, she referred to Robertp 764 DA 1968
pages of this book? In the newsreels Hitler tends to appear in two roles -- one, the demagogic orator, ranting awayp 222 UGM 1969
with Vaughan. In his dreams each night Karen Novotny would appear, showing her wounds to him. ‘What are you thinking aboutp 78 THF 1969
storm she had sheltered below the overpass, had seen him appear in the centre of the concourse like a drowned archangelp 40 JAC 1970
a Chinese puzzle. The same hemispherical module had begun to appear in a new advertising series on the billboards along thep 42 JAC 1970
beach of sharp crystal. A new race of beachcombers might appear, squatting on these heaps of fractured windshields, sifting them forp 56 C 1973
by their marked resemblance to Vera Seagrave, as she might appear in twenty years‘ time. They varied from what I guessedp 97 C 1973
the bruises that were to mask her face began to appear, like the outlines of a second personality, a preview ofp 97 C 1973
moved through small contortions as he waited for her to appear, fretting around the rear seat, almost as if his bodyp 172 C 1973
next to the airfreight building I waited for Vaughan to appear. As I expected, Vaughan was waiting for Catherine at thep 214 C 1973
the upper deck of the bus his Jaguar might well appear to be undamaged, and they would assume that he wasp 11 CI 1974
his principal hope of escape. He waited for her to appear. Hungry, but unable to eat, he sat on the embankmentp 112 CI 1974
coaches. After an hour, when the police had failed to appear, Maitland decided that she had kept her bargain. He pickedp 125 CI 1974
himself, he was still waiting for his real patients to appear -- perhaps he would find them here in the high-risep 11 HR 1975
high-rise, taking it for granted that no one else would appear. She rode the elevators as if they were the grandlyp 73 HR 1975
floors. They would now wait for a top-level tenant to appear, enter the private lobby with him and ride straight top 91 HR 1975
to the high-rise. From his balcony Laing watched their cars appear on the approach roads and turn into their spaces inp 105 HR 1975
execution pit, came a woman's scream. Waiting for Steele to appear and help them, Laing was about to go in searchp 108 HR 1975
about his television documentary on the high-rise, inviting them to appear on screen. But neither was particularly impressed by the offerp 115 HR 1975
waiting in some kind of insulated chamber for Wilder to appear. He tried to speak to her, but found himself gruntingp 159 HR 1975
even more that she had been hoping for him to appear. Inside her black shawl she was moving her hands aboutp 835 LFA 1975
time there on his own waiting for his wife to appear with her lover, devising the identity of the lexicographer asp 852 NTM 1976
with slicked-back hair and a pale skin that would always appear dirty, he had a lazy, youthful aura, as if ap 896 UC 1976
styles of the Twentieth Century. On one day she would appear in a cream cloche hat and Gatsby gown, on anotherp 898 UC 1976
rare event of even the smallest malfunction the designer would appear on one's doorstep as fast as his bicycle could carryp 915 UC 1976
moment Halloway felt that the day itself had failed to appear. Determined now on a confrontation with Stillman, he went backp 920 UC 1976
the emotions). Meanwhile, far more sophisticated devices have begun to appear on the scene, above all, video systems and micro-computers adaptedp 225 UGM 1977
existence nothing is publicly known, although his life and work appear to have exerted a profound influence on the events ofp 940 I 1977
wares, but even the most expensive of these would never appear live, instead substituting a pre-recorded film-strip of themselves at thep 948 ICU 1977
at any moment he expected a wounded Wehrmacht soldier to appear on the roof among the wheeling gulls, a pink blanketp 977 OAU 1978
hundreds of numbered stakes. I waited for the bus to appear. I ignored the women's sly glances, but I was temptedp 39 UDC 1979
dress for me. I was afraid that she too might appear naked in these evening streets. Although I had taken herp 171 UDC 1979
eyes of the birds. I waited for the townspeople to appear. Were they frightened of me, and had they realized atp 176 UDC 1979
confided, ‘I feel like Columbus. By rights the natives should appear now, bearing traditional gifts of hamburgers and comic books. Arep 34 HA 1981
first signs of an insoluble global energy crisis began to appear. Unable to pay the vastly increased price for imported oilp 44 HA 1981
front of them, as if this was how Washington should appear to its visitors, a lost desert city. Orlowski cantered forwardp 72 HA 1981
firmly as he could, he waited patiently for Steiner to appear. And sure enough, within a few minutes, the Captain approachedp 101 HA 1981
at the Desert Inn, though needless to say he didn't appear. As we relaxed on the terrace there was a suddenp 144 HA 1981
inflamed, shadowless realm through which the occasional armoured car would appear like a spectral dragon on the floor of a furnacep 196 HA 1981
the double blinds. Every day Martinsen waited for Sheppard to appear, but was always careful to keep a drained swimming poolp 1061 MNF 1982
forest. In the days that followed, other bird-emblems began to appear in the streets of Cocoa Beach, crude Picasso doves chalkedp 1071 MNF 1982
subdued, scanning the sky as if waiting for Shepley to appear. He was careful not to turn his back on Malloryp 1052 MSA 1982
station carries no identification markings and is too small to appear on our charts. Although of elderly construction it is soundlyp 1085 RUS 1982
the party. Many of the guests had decided not to appear in costume, as if too nervous of their real rolesp 26 ES 1984
by Chinese bodyguards. One morning the Japanese soldiers failed to appear. Jim waited patiently in the garden of the house behindp 85 ES 1984
like racing cars across the paddy fields, the B-29s would appear without warning in the sky above his head, as ifp 233 ES 1984
He stared at the stands, almost expecting his mother to appear in a silk dress and run a gloved hand overp 263 ES 1984
second Spam tin and waited for the Japanese pilot to appear again, so that he could repay him for the mangop 287 ES 1984
straighten his ragged shirt, in case a photographer were to appear suddenly on the scene. At a signal from Captain Soongp 324 ES 1984
and carbines, to deal with any unexpected menace that might appear. But his only visitors were the birds, and he scatteredp 5 SAJ 1984
arrange for you to be filmed -- your interview would appear in every Japanese living-room ...‘ Doctor Mal As always each afternoonp 229 DC 1987
shoulder of the causeway, where she waited for us to appear, watching the main channel with her back to us. Ip 271 DC 1987
am really thinking of Noon, and waiting for her to appear again. Below the shoulder of the dam I can seep 284 DC 1987
rear drive of the Garfield house. Two more domestic staff appear, Miss Neame and Mrs. Mercier, both intrigued by the expectedp 72 RW 1988
in their way, the children vanished from the estate. They appear to have left within ten minutes of the last murderp 78 RW 1988
and the science park of Sophia-Antipolis, Hopper's marooned hotel rooms appear positively inviting, as his French admirers may have realized. Inp 69 UGM 1989
have a sense that there are more rooms than there appear to be at first sight. There is a richness ofp 1134 TES 1989
against the chance that another Hitler or Pol Pot might appear.‘ ‘And you can do all that here?‘ Ryan scoffed. ‘Inp 1158 WF 1989
the ‘innocent‘ Norman Bates. The real villain, Mother, does not appear until the last moments, when she adroitly turns into herp 5 UGM 1990
earnings. His confident and strongly drawn cartoons soon began to appear in the Cambridge Daily News, and in 1938 he wonp 105 UGM 1990
bars all over the Caribbean. Now, when she failed to appear on the fourth morning, he regretted all the more thatp 1161 DCG 1990
so that a ball thrown into the air would never appear to land ...‘ A tide of dead fish floated past thep 1172 DCG 1990
that it fitted tightly on the skin margins did not appear to damage the vitality of the skin edges in anyp 115 MWR 1990
the guests on closed-circuit TV. She had originally agreed to appear naked, but on seeing the cars informed me that shep 24 UDa 1990
on seeing the cars informed me that she would only appear topless -- an interesting logic was at work there. Asp 24 UDa 1990
films. A first appearance of Vaughan, who was later to appear as the "hoodlum scientist" in Crash. Jacopetti's Mondo Cane seriesp 68 THFa 1990
trial. A defence campaign was mounted, and I agreed to appear as a witness. Preparing me, the defence lawyer asked mep 105 WIWa 1990
late 1970s that the first large-scale Hollywood films began to appear. Many of these films, from The Deer Hunter and Apocalypsep 12 UGM 1991
surrealism for myself, the name of Edward James began to appear in catalogues and reference books. Who was this mysterious collectorp 70 UGM 1991
works of art he travels endlessly to admire. Human relationships appear to have been erased from his life long before hep 80 UGM 1991
greatest painting, the ‘Resurrection in Cookham Churchyard‘. Spencer and Hilda appear several times in this huge canvas, along with their manyp 103 UGM 1991
is the most original and important body of fiction to appear since the Second World War. As the contemporary novel transformsp 132 UGM 1991
Avenue. At any moment a squadron of Japanese bombers might appear above the department stores of downtown Shanghai and begin top 9 KW 1991
minor television actress. Twice a week the children watched her appear in one of their favourite series, and sometimes would turnp 124 KW 1991
the animate with the inanimate. I waited for Miriam to appear among the trees. She would walk in this garden againp 203 KW 1991
opening party on closed-circuit television. She had originally agreed to appear naked with her microphone, but on seeing the cars decidedp 227 KW 1991
the even more elaborate sex films in which she would appear. Lying between her thighs, I was little more than anp 250 KW 1991
failed an important test. I had always been reluctant to appear on television, a shyness that amused him and which hep 252 KW 1991
chessboard I noticed that the black king had failed to appear, a modest penalty I had incurred. ‘Besides, the medical staffp 261 KW 1991
a gateway through which her lost children might one day appear. ‘Doreen! Stop messing with those daffs!‘ The nurse banged thep 275 KW 1991
later, got off to a confused start. David failed to appear as agreed in the lobby of the Heathrow Penta Hotelp 281 KW 1991
firmly to the door. I waited for my parents to appear and ask me to leave, failing to recognise me inp 335 KW 1991
None of the guests sounds in the least uncomfortable; all appear totally in control of themselves and the interview, revealing justp 272 UGM 1992
in a blue bikini, a costume that had yet to appear in the United States. Another kind of fusion reaction occurredp 160 UGM 1993
manner of millenarian fears to invade our lives. Surprisingly, we appear to have turned our backs on the future, and tendp 192 UGM 1993
managed to enjoy the first time around. If anything, there appear to be fewer millenarian cults at present than there werep 192 UGM 1993
slid beneath the waves. The hippies were the first to appear, emerging from their shanties to watch the storehouse that hadp 113 RP 1994
an attack of enteritis, the ‘island fever‘ that seemed to appear at will. Mrs Anderson openly accused Dr Barbara of poisoningp 195 RP 1994
assumed, failed to arrive. He waited for Dr Barbara to appear on the steps of the clinic, but she slept latep 222 RP 1994
and the Shanghai dockyards, but now they had failed to appear. Our food supplies had broken down weeks ago, and wep 283 UGM 1995
Nautico was quiet and cool, its afternoon trade yet to appear. Sprinklers rotated over the crisp lawns, and beside the desertedp 37 CN 1996
knows?‘ Gardner glanced over my shoulder, eager for Hennessy to appear. ‘Maybe nobody did.‘ ‘That's hard to believe. It was ap 39 CN 1996
beside the pool. As Dr Hamilton will remember, the Hollingers appear on the top-floor veranda and propose the toast to yourp 103 CN 1996
Mar, the outer-lying villas of the Residencia Costasol began to appear through the Aleppo pines that ran down to the desertedp 210 CN 1996
the Residencia, was illicit sex. Hand-printed cards had begun to appear in telephone kiosks around the complex, inviting volunteers with massagep 258 CN 1996
satellite television. If you left Estrella de Mar crime would appear spontaneously. This coast is a hotbed of petty criminals andp 261 CN 1996
filmed the rape scene, and she had decided never to appear naked before me again. She waited while I emptied thep 278 CN 1996
more drive a damaged Mercedes to a business meeting than appear before her colleagues in laddered stockings. ‘Madame Delage? Can Ip 52 SC 2000
we don't involve them again. Other traces of Greenwood will appear. The greater a crime, the longer its effects poison thep 87 SC 2000
judges were at the party.‘ ‘And several police commissaires. I appear in a lot of the video footage -- I don'tp 307 SC 2000
Juan and Cagnes-sur-Mer, as if hoping for a tsunami to appear and wash the entire coastline into the sea. I rememberedp 345 SC 2000
have driven the Delages mad but to have made them appear sane. Halder caught up with me and held my armp 382 SC 2000
the uneasy air of a fugitive expecting the police to appear at any moment and break down his door. I wonderedp 101 MP 2003
be bussed to West End Central, charged and bailed to appear before the magistrates. First offenders like Mrs Templeton would bep 157 MP 2003
around the Tate for hours, waiting for Stephen Dexter to appear. A tugboat's siren vented itself across the river, emptying itsp 186 MP 2003
pipe rack and humidor. I almost expected my father to appear on cue, walk to the rosewood drinks cabinet and pourp 17 KC 2006
from Richmond police station. He'll be held here overnight and appear before the magistrates tomorrow.‘ ‘Full marks to the police. Whop 22 KC 2006
first seemed forbidding. Then a strange but smiling mother would appear and put the most nervous child at ease with ap 37 KC 2006
child at ease with a promise that small treats would appear throughout the visit. All malls subtly infantilized us, but thep 37 KC 2006
air.‘ ‘And the fuhrer figure?‘ ‘He hasn't arrived yet. He'll appear, though, walking out of some shopping mall or retail parkp 106 KC 2006
she was stiff and awkward, as if expecting him to appear and challenge her. But she seemed at home when shep 133 KC 2006
George's insignia. Bizarrely, the aerosolled Star of David began to appear on the garage doors of the most snootily gentile barristersp 190 KC 2006
nothing else. Sooner or later a messiah is going to appear ... I closed the folder and sat back, my eyes scarcelyp 197 KC 2006
you ...‘ Shrines and Altars The first shrines had begun to appear, wayside altars for passing shoppers, places of pause and reflectionp 244 KC 2006
galleries, Duncan Christie would be waiting for another target to appear. He had killed David Cruise -- was I, the ventriloquistp 265 KC 2006
the corridor outside our rooms, but the guards failed to appear. We wandered away, listening to the empty sky. One orp 101 ML 2008
by Picasso and Braque, Utrillo and Leger, Mondrian and Kandinsky appear smaller than they did fifty years ago. Their colour hasp 154 ML 2008
assemble itself, but the picture when it finally emerged would appear in an unexpected place. Vital Discoveries 1953 Working as ap 157 ML 2008
her about my Shanghai background, which I was afraid might appear a little like a criminal record. In some half-conscious sensep 175 ML 2008
the consumer society, already well established in America, began to appear in Britain. Change was in the air, affecting the nation'sp 192 ML 2008
guests about their reactions. Contacted by telephone, she agreed to appear naked, but when she walked into the gallery and sawp 239 ML 2008
Shanghai, and that extras among my neighbours would one day appear in a film based on the novel. Another eerie momentp 258 ML 2008