the forehead and shouted down at me. Startled by this apparition, I stepped back, and then saw that a group ofp 643 DG 1964
own, swam into his image. As he stared at this apparition, a pair of immense white wings seemed to unfurl themselvesp 707 SBD 1966
The driver glanced across at Sanders, still unsure of this apparition that had materialized from the crystalline forest. ‘You Dr. Sandersp 121 CW 1966
in the shape of his own hands, staring at the apparition in front of him. As Glanville reached the steps Thornwaldp 717 TMY 1966
-- a dungeon-grate. Then, suddenly, he had seen a terrifying apparition walking across this sea of blood towards him, the nightmarep 719 TMY 1966
Unsure whether this strange craft and its crew were an apparition, I raised the empty Martini flask to the woman. Shep 723 CHC 1967
ninth hole. It was here that he saw an extraordinary apparition, the first mirage of the Great American Desert. Emerging fromp 61 HA 1981
and moon-like face, he stared at Jim, unsurprised by the apparition of this small European boy in his blue velvet trousersp 33 ES 1984
the chocolate trapped in his throat, startled by this intimate apparition. Someone was lying in the reeds a few feet fromp 336 ES 1984
Mallory. Noon had not yet dressed, and watched this strange apparition from the door of the wheelhouse, one hand over herp 147 DC 1987
trying to reopen the sores on its scalp. Watching this apparition, I felt curiously detached from my own body with itsp 247 DC 1987
course ... Mr Prentice.‘ He hesitated, as if faced with an apparition, and then eagerly shook my hand. ‘Sonny Gardner -- Ip 38 CN 1996
glass and gave a vigorous thumbs up. Startled by the apparition smiling a few inches from him, the husband stepped forwardp 8 KC 2006
role now occupied by the space story is that its appeal is too narrow. Unlike the western, science fiction can't relyp 196 UGM 1962
Gorrell?‘ ‘Margot!‘ Trantino gasped, utterly shocked. He decided that an appeal to sentiment, a method of reconciliation despised by the morep 342 PE 1962
But despite these considerations, the whole business of playacting lacked appeal for Constantin. His approach was more serpentine. Besides, if hep 511 EG 1963
point is obvious. I hope it may be possible to appeal against the court's decision and ask for a re-trial.‘ Constantinp 516 EG 1963
allay any suspicions while it was being erected by an appeal to petty snobbery, the lower sections had been encased inp 425 SM 1963
possible to write accounts of interplanetary voyages in which the appeal is to realism rather than to fantasy. Once it getsp 129 UGM 1964
is this gift of time which accounts for the eternal appeal of precious gems, as well as of all baroque paintingp 622 IM 1964
he shook his head. ‘I haven't. Or is that an appeal to sentiment?‘ Catherine waited, and then turned away. Fastening herp 17 D 1965
people now living out their own failures, that's the secret appeal of this drought. I was going to give the fellowp 27 D 1965
unease, although superficially she was attractive enough. Perhaps this physical appeal, the gilding of the diseased lily, was what warned himp 44 D 1965
at Ransom. Then he tittered to himself, amused by this appeal to old sentiments. ‘Doctor, not now ...‘ He picked up thep 72 D 1965
as a landscape without time, and perhaps part of its appeal for Sanders was that here at last he might bep 17 CW 1966
was this gift of time which accounted for the eternal appeal of precious gems, as well as of all baroque paintingp 148 CW 1966
Congo reveals that the Vietnam war far exceeds the latter's appeal and curative benefits. As part of their therapy programme ap 95 LNE 1968
Numerous studies have been conducted to assess the latent sexual appeal of public figures who have achieved subsequent notoriety as auto-crashp 97 CRA 1969
the past, present and future of the car. Whatever the appeal of veteran cars -- and clearly being at the centrep 264 UGM 1971
deal of public interest is a large part of that appeal for the drivers themselves -- it seems obvious to mep 264 UGM 1971
flywheels and steaming valves -- these cars have the same appeal as railway locomotives and steamrollers, a far cry from thep 264 UGM 1971
screenplay.‘ This suggestion of re-making history to boost its audience appeal was seized upon. Equipped with a lavish supply of goldp 808 GTS 1972
textile company there.‘ ‘So the Pacific area has a special appeal for you.‘ ‘To some extent. But Wake is a longp 813 DFW 1974
concrete bunkers. However, Alice soon convinced him of the intangible appeal of life in a luxury high-rise. Seven years older thanp 10 HR 1975
his ambivalent feelings for this concrete landscape. Part of its appeal lay all too clearly in the fact that this wasp 25 HR 1975
psychiatrist's request was instantly granted by his fellow residents, an appeal to solidarity that no member of his clan could denyp 31 HR 1975
The smell of this rotting food was not without its appeal, but Laing opened a plastic sack and scooped everything intop 97 HR 1975
nature of Talbot's sexual offences held the essence of their appeal. By the logic of the high-rise those most innocent ofp 127 HR 1975
and no doubt this was a vital element of her appeal. My friends and I belonged to that generation of menp 864 S 1976
even, possibly, distracting. Star Wars in particular seems designed to appeal to that huge untapped audience of people who have neverp 15 UGM 1977
denies knowledge of whereabouts of HRH, 724; refuses habeas corpus appeal by Zelda Hamilton, 728; refers to unestablished identity of HRHp 945 I 1977
urine into the faces of any intruders. Gilmore's refusal to appeal against his death penalty soon made him a local celebrityp 42 UGM 1979
of fashion in the 1980s and 1990s, somehow lost its appeal ...‘ He broke off, annoyed that he was rambling to himselfp 171 HA 1981
thirty years earlier by some classically minded Disneyland executive, would appeal to the young neurosurgeon's sense of the absurd, a suitablyp 1061 MNF 1982
aside, I assume that a large part of the car's appeal lies in its combination of a comparatively primitive and staticp 232 UGM 1984
Block, Jim was attracted to Mrs Vincent, but her real appeal for Jim lay elsewhere. Her long hours staring at thep 176 ES 1984
throughout history. The choice of Mr Reagan reflects the persistent appeal of the theme of presidential assassination, which seems to playp 1093 OOA 1984
Controller in the Sky intends to bypass the Presidency and appeal directly to the US public as an astromessiah, a spacep 1099 OOA 1984
one another.‘ Old-fashioned story-telling, in other words, with its ageless appeal and direct access to the great myths and legends thatp 236 UGM 1986
of the Nile at Aswan, the humour of which might appeal to her. Last weekend, when I arrived at the trailerp 8 DC 1987
for the first time, as part of their now desperate appeal for witnesses of the child's escape. Marion lay in herp 90 RW 1988
age. Yet it is clearly not the pornographic details that appeal most strongly to Gail and Annabel -- these are sketchedp 54 RW 1988
that the public's need has passed for political figures who appeal directly to their imaginations rather than to their purses. Thep 119 WW3a 1990
it resembled, a psychological position paper on the candidate's subliminal appeal, commissioned from some maverick think-tank. (Incidentally, I have seen thisp 105 WIWa 1990
the working class, and this was the source of his appeal to the American servicemen whose elbows jostled mine in thep 111 UGM 1991
edited by Roy Porter Madness has always held an immense appeal for painters, poets and novelists, fascinated by this handy andp 237 UGM 1991
all this, if one can, how does one explain the appeal of what is, after all, a stuffed toy Dorothy Parkerp 120 UGM 1992
happy idyll we choose to remember, and part of the appeal of the Pooh stories is that they describe the worldp 120 UGM 1992
mimicked for social reasons. By the same token, the great appeal of alcoholism, and the reason why it will never bep 278 UGM 1992
now spent on the kind of computerized special effects that appeal to the Super Nintendo mind-set of the present-day twelve-year-old, forp 6 UGM 1993
the less, the theory of relativity has had immense popular appeal, especially in the uncertain years after the First World Warp 149 UGM 1993
a patent medicine whose distinct cocaine kick carried its chief appeal, especially to its creator. A now forgotten drink, Vin Marianip 213 UGM 1993
Saving the albatross, Dr Barbara soon discovered, held far more appeal for the public. The great white bird stirred vague butp 13 RP 1994
out a running inventory of his working parts, a calculated appeal to a sixteen-year-old's libido that he could barely resist, whateverp 14 RP 1994
sympathetic doctors and relatives rallied support, but she lost her appeal. Interviewed outside the High Court, she stated that her furtherp 40 RP 1994
has planned? You've heard the rumours, Mrs Anderson ...‘ This brutal appeal at last persuaded the reluctant Andersons to remain for thep 161 RP 1994
this troubled man, realizing for the first time the emotional appeal to women of a vulnerable psychiatrist. ‘A lift? Yes, Ip 283 CN 1996
on the site of the first, financed by the world-wide appeal launched soon after the tragedy. The structure, this time mountedp 9 DYF 1996
croquet mallets, unable at the last moment to resist an appeal to restraint and good sense. Then a shout went upp 227 MP 2003
Kick and grunt? Slapping mattresses?‘ Maxted smiled nostalgically. ‘What's the appeal?‘ ‘In a word?‘ I looked away from his slightly prurientp 98 KC 2006
his thick neck against the black leather. ‘That's the real appeal, isn't it? The freedom deliberately to lose control.‘ ‘Doctor, canp 99 KC 2006
think he'd be convincing.‘ ‘He wouldn't need to be. His appeal functions on a different level. It's more your world thanp 100 KC 2006
edge, be openly critical of them. Make a sudden emotional appeal. Show your flaws, then demand loyalty Insist on faith andp 148 KC 2006
presenter. His modest range was a large part of his appeal, and allowed every male viewer to think of himself inp 156 KC 2006
involved. Wherever you find sport you find hooligans. Contact sports appeal to any riffraff looking for violence. Don't judge what's happeningp 165 KC 2006
up by anyone ready to make the effort. He might appeal to a certain kind of rootless person who believes inp 197 KC 2006
but the surrealists had lost most of their prestige and appeal after the war. Their wayward imaginations seemed tame by comparisonp 153 ML 2008
always supplying me with news stories that she knows will appeal to me. She is a great cook, and over thep 231 ML 2008
agency. The proximity of her apartment, like her easy style, appealed to Laing, exciting in him a confusing blend of lecheryp 13 HR 1975
a muscular physique of a kind that has never previously appealed to Helen. She sits naked on the bidet in thep 861 60Z 1976
and manage his own automobile plant. The idea had immediately appealed to Olds. In an underground garage near the police-station hep 912 UC 1976
of Time films were more sombre, in a way that appealed to Jim. Suffocating in his tight cassock, he watched ap 12 ES 1984
a vision of a magical rural China. These strange dislocations appealed to Jim. For the first time he felt able top 127 ES 1984
guessed that it was this stylisation of sex that most appealed to him, not the act itself. The atrocity exhibition wasp 176 KW 1991
his plans to swim the English Channel at night, together appealed to Colonel Stamford, who talked to Neil of the greatp 28 RP 1994
and Dr Barbara had found, the glamorous birds that most appealed to the consciences of animal rights enthusiasts tended to bep 174 RP 1994
a few seconds in front of a mirror, would have appealed to Frank, as it did to me. I guessed thatp 86 CN 1996
never occurred to me, a Wagnerian immolation that might have appealed to a film producer, he and his unfaithful wife dyingp 149 CN 1996
the image of a tubercular sexual fanatic that must have appealed to the girls who lay around gossiping and smoking theirp 150 SC 2000
his own.‘ ‘What exactly? You were with him, Frances. What appealed to him -- the rapes, the attacks on prostitutes?‘ ‘Hep 336 SC 2000
liberalism, liberty, reason?‘ ‘They failed! People don't want to be appealed to by reason any more.‘ Sangster bent down and rolledp 86 KC 2006
reveal the complete truth about modern man and his discontents, appealed to me powerfully, especially in the absence of my ownp 134 ML 2008
of diffidence, but I think this inner modesty was what appealed to the American astronauts and senior scientists he met duringp 213 ML 2008