the unit. Privately, Morley worried about the increasing emotional overlay apparent in the relationship between Neill and the three men. Hep 57 M69 1957
as well calculate the speed of your car from the apparent motion of the stars. Possible, but it's easier to lookp 69 T12 1958
3.15, the correct time. Conrad had nearly mentioned this apparent coincidence to Stacey when he had suddenly seen the minutep 162 CH 1960
and insularity. THE LAST WORLD OF MR GODDARD For no apparent reason, the thunder particularly irritated Mr Goddard. All day, asp 196 LW 1960
changing. As yet it was undefined, but slight variations were apparent, subtle shifts in the relationships between the people in thep 203 LW 1960
a glimpse of yourself sitting on the sofa. It's the apparent irrelevancy that is so frightening.‘ Larsen gestured with his glassp 143 ZT 1960
pointed to the figures near by, nodding to it in apparent agreement. ‘Bayliss!‘ The shot drowned his cry. Bayliss had firedp 149 ZT 1960
leaving his face pink and soft. Freeman had credited this apparent rejuvenation to the appearance of the baby. He was fortyp 257 MF 1961
providing the civilized amenities of life with a minimum of apparent effort or pomp, and in his five days at Brandonp 141 WFN 1961
the presence of the storm wind raging above was immediately apparent. Despite the giant airlocks and overlaying ramps the narrow corridorsp 145 WFN 1961
progressing in orderly lines, but on closer inspection, it was apparent that, like the obscured detail of a Goya landscape, thep 298 GT 1962
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.‘ ‘Charles!‘ Hanson lowered his head at this apparent blasphemy, glanced up at the watch-towers over the street asp 383 WT 1962
or the ensuing struggle of wits between them. Even Malek's apparent lack of sharp intelligence was belied by the astuteness ofp 508 EG 1963
By now, over twelve hours later, his miscalculation had become apparent. As the thin smirk on Dr Normand's face revealed, andp 522 MO 1963
her tall erect carriage and slender hips. Suddenly, without any apparent motion of her limbs, she moved away along the parapetp 478 NWS 1963
gigantic charade of Charles's devising. Its real object soon became apparent. The summer-house was deserted when I drove out to Lagoonp 549 SG 1963
zero. Kandinski's real motives for introducing this were all too apparent -- the expected success of Project Apollo and subsequent landingsp 491 VH 1963
mood of dejection began to haunt him. Although without any apparent source, this deepened slowly, and he found himself reluctant top 563 TP 1964
realize that his continued presence in the deserted town, his apparent acceptance of the silence and emptiness in some way exposedp 34 D 1965
the slightly darker light as he approached the cliff the apparent preservation of the birds‘ plumage made the meadow resemble ap 702 SBD 1966
the shutter of a defective stroboscopic device. Then, for no apparent reason, he crossed the Street again, the skirt of hisp 22 CW 1966
non-inherited mutations are responsible, and that because there is an apparent increase in tissue weight, crop yields can also be increasedp 65 CW 1966
protests at the time, Sanders stressed his reasons for this apparent attempt to drown a dead man. Thorensen nodded dourly. ‘Maybep 104 CW 1966
morning, the strange contrasts between light and shadow despite the apparent absence of direct sunlight in Port Matarre. At the cornerp 174 CW 1966
content. Nader's true role is clearly very different from his apparent one, to be deciphered in terms of the postures wep 27 UD 1968
seem crazy.‘ I watched her warily, but something about her apparent frankness destroyed caution. Presumably the midnight lover of the sand-yachtp 802 SGW 1970
the interior of the car with a critical eye, this apparent resurrection of smooth vinyl and polished glass. She followed myp 72 C 1973
right-hand windshield pillar. The young woman's injuries were not yet apparent. Her expressionless face looked up at the fireman as hep 97 C 1973
tension and hostility, the complex of overlapping internal sieges, was apparent everywhere. Barricades of lobby furniture and plastic sacks filled withp 101 HR 1975
of the marked fall in the world's population, the huge apparent drop in the birth-rate and, even more disquieting, the immensep 832 LFA 1975
small, shaggy-haired bullock, like a miniature bison, stood in an apparent daze on an isolated promontory. Cutting back the engine, Gouldp 838 LFA 1975
me ever nearer the Coral Playa. Little more than an apparent hundred yards from me, the hotel has become a hivep 857 60Z 1976
postural equations that must have some significance other than their apparent one. As the man lounges back Helen slips off myp 861 60Z 1976
science's quest for the unifying principle that lay behind the apparent uncertainty and caprice of nature, he described the remarkable researchp 842 LDG 1976
He is forever moving about on errands, many of barely apparent significance, as if preparing for some important event in thep 850 NTM 1976
in the background of their relationship. It maybe that the apparent physical closeness of the two men masks the fact thatp 852 NTM 1976
shore, on the cranes and rusting freighters. For all their apparent menace, the cluster of skyscrapers offered more security to himp 881 UC 1976
assumed that I had drowned and were stunned by my apparent return from the dead. Along the river people were standingp 21 UDC 1979
me to join him in a prayer of thanks. My apparent return from the dead had clearly shaken the orders andp 24 UDC 1979
decision not to betray me to the police -- my apparent return from the dead had temporarily silenced the film actorp 46 UDC 1979
of the Shakespearian actors. What disturbed me was not my apparent attempt to smother Miriam St Cloud, but that I nop 93 UDC 1979
elbows, its powerful wings within my back. Amazed by these apparent sleights of hand, the children squealed with delight and embarrassmentp 155 UDC 1979
All had gone well, but twelve years later, for no apparent reason, the old millionaire shot himself in his bedroom. Thep 1001 HFF 1980
signs of the decline and fall of America had become apparent as early as the middle years of the twentieth centuryp 44 HA 1981
light. However, Elaine seemed well enough. During this period of apparent recovery she wrote several letters to Sheppard, describing the darkp 1067 MNF 1982
their windows. Throughout the day Jim was confused by the apparent collapse of order within the camp. He was unwilling top 235 ES 1984
from the main channel of the river. For all the apparent amity of their new order, their greatest pleasure clearly camep 207 DC 1987
and mosquitos, the success of my devious scheme was more apparent every hour. Groups of women sat by the water's edgep 238 DC 1987
the estate's TV security system. The same reductive strain was apparent in The Pangbourne Pang, desktop-printed by Roger Sterling and distributedp 54 RW 1988
up its sleeve. Needless to say, nothing of this was apparent in 1993. The demolition of so many fiscal and bureaucraticp 1139 LTP 1989
seen more than enough of the war. As for the apparent anti-Americanism, the hidden logic at work within the mass mediap 93 LNEa 1990
underlying unease about the rate of social change, but little apparent change is actually taking place. Most superficial change belongs inp 77 THFa 1990
millions of cars on this planet are stationary, and their apparent motion constitutes mankind's greatest collective dream. Skyscraper The eight-hour cityp 278 UGM 1992
the runway but in order to provoke everyone with her apparent callousness. Dr Barbara loathed the status quo, and thrived onp 130 RP 1994
invented by someone who had never visited the Maghreb; the apparent absence of any social structure; the timelessness of a worldp 35 CN 1996
the surface of this charming beach resort than first seemed apparent. Elizabeth Shand was still staring at the psychiatrist, clearly disputingp 64 CN 1996
motives. What you should look for is someone with no apparent motive for killing the Hollingers.‘ A Change of Heart FRANKp 182 CN 1996
elderly cyclist who had taken to two wheels under the apparent impression that they were part of some folkloric heritage. ‘Toop 256 CN 1996
a meaningless crime. No one's claimed responsibility, and there's no apparent motive. I'm sorry, David. We both owe it to Laurap 112 MP 2003
an exercise in ethnic cleansing was taking place, with the apparent connivance of the local police. I remembered Sergeant Falconer flashingp 78 KC 2006
coat and pillbox hat peered at Christie, irritated by his apparent euphoria. ‘Can you hear me?‘ she bellowed as he rolledp 90 KC 2006
of the deep malaise that threatened his pacific community. His apparent membership of the St George's clubs had convinced his neighboursp 197 KC 2006
about the latest news from downtown Shanghai. She listened with apparent interest as I told her in detail about a newp 22 ML 2008
hearts, three no trumps, double ...‘ -- utterly baffled by the apparent lack of any logic in the sequences. Eventually, at thep 42 ML 2008
unconsciously that he had already died in battle, and the apparent life left to him was on a very short leasep 95 ML 2008
what I termed ‘inner space‘, in effect the psychological space apparent in surrealist painting, the short stories of Kafka, noir filmsp 215 ML 2008
relieved. "Good," he said finally, reclining back into the seat, apparently having finished his investigation. "But remember that everything was prettyp 9 VN 1951
his life's work Mandel, like Beethoven, was stone deaf, but apparently by merely looking at a blossom he could listen top 3 PB 1956
the three men in turn. Gorrell was calm and unperturbed, apparently satisfying nothing more sinister than an idle whim. Lang satp 55 M69 1957
up like the teeth of an enormous comb. Welded on apparently at random all over the statue were twenty or thirtyp 40 VS 1957
the edge of one of the junkyards in Red Beach. Apparently taking me at my word, the contractor had shipped thep 47 VS 1957
empty office, watching the typists hover helplessly around his desk, apparently unconvinced that their master would never return, my heart beganp 98 NZ 1959
of several hydrogen bombs, but as this event was itself apparently impossible (hollow, indeed, are the boastings of our militarist leadersp 103 NZ 1959
was my scheme: I would write and have published an apparently fictional story in conventional narrative in which I would describep 104 NZ 1959
intervals stripped away, leaving a shadow of fading rust. Distributed apparently at random all over the city, above stores, banks andp 152 CH 1960
storeys high, hundreds of them lined shoulder to shoulder in apparently endless ranks, like giant dominoes. ‘We're entering the central dormitoriesp 157 CH 1960
past twelve, the subsidiary hands had halted at varying positions, apparently dictated by their colour. ‘What were the extra hands forp 158 CH 1960
of bitter reproach, and stalked out. Leaving the bank, and apparently oblivious of his duties at the store, he walked brisklyp 200 LW 1960
between the sound stream and the auditory lobes, generating an apparently sourceless sensation of harmony, rhythm, cadence and melody uncontaminated byp 111 SS 1960
audience were on their feet, shouting towards the stage and apparently remonstrating with the studio officials. All but a few membersp 135 SS 1960
of Whitby, and the strange grooves the biologist had cut, apparently at random, all over the floor of the empty swimmingp 169 VT 1960
and hesitated, then slowly backed away into the centre again, apparently unwilling or unable to cross the narrow groove. Powers lookedp 172 VT 1960
silent pair" is one of modern genetics‘ oldest problems, the apparently baffling mystery of the two inactive genes which occur inp 177 VT 1960
he tried to ease it back again, but Rossiter had apparently nailed the lower edge to the floor. There was ap 278 B 1961
the gun-grease off his hands with his handkerchief, his thoughts apparently far away. When he rose he moved stiffly and lookedp 282 GA 1961
but when he pointed at them Elizabeth clapped her hands, apparently joining in his little triumphs, and then wiped the trayp 263 MF 1961
As they neared home Elizabeth hesitated slightly, jolting the pram, apparently uncertain whether to retrace her steps. Someone shouted at themp 264 MF 1961
the blankets. Downstairs he could hear her moving about rapidly, apparently preparing for some emergency. Propelled by an uncharacteristic urgency, shep 265 MF 1961
interesting social document.‘ Slumped down into the wing chair, hands apparently behind his neck, he could press his fingers into hisp 250 OM 1961
two or three purple rays circled endlessly. She walked on, apparently unaware of them, a single light behind her shining throughp 211 S5 1961
to compose myself. The chauffeur was studying his driving wheel, apparently indifferent to my reaction. Leaving the door open, I steppedp 212 S5 1961
editor? How interesting.‘ She said it with a peculiar inflection, apparently considering some possible course of action. For a moment shep 213 S5 1961
and then, lo and behold, we reveal that these poems apparently born out of the burning breast of Tristram Caldwell arep 226 S5 1961
his outstretched body, then swirled away, soaring into the sky, apparently released from the vortex. Tristram lay face downwards, his blondp 230 S5 1961
virus genetics -- the basic mechanisms of life itself -- apparently merited little more than an undergraduate grant.) Sometimes, indeed, hep 10 WFN 1961
wrested the window shut. The wind leaned on it heavily, apparently coming from due east with almost gale force, bending thep 15 WFN 1961
the soil chemists at the Ministry to analyze a sample. Apparently this is loess, the fine crystalline topsoil found on thep 22 WFN 1961
moved around his desk. ‘The coast road is still open, apparently, but watch out for collapsing buildings through the towns.‘ Hep 30 WFN 1961
stockpiling food and medical supplies. News reports were conflicting, but apparently most of Europe and America were still little more thanp 40 WFN 1961
equivalent of three; many of the windows and balconies were apparently intact, but closer inspection revealed that the floors were separatedp 59 WFN 1961
Service, half-hourly news summaries interspersed with light music and an apparently endless stream of War Office orders and recommendations. So farp 74 WFN 1961
to go on increasing for several days more at least. Apparently localized areas of turbulence have to appear first, while thep 75 WFN 1961
out of the subsidence. The weight of the carrier had apparently caved in a shallow sewer traversing the road. Tilting atp 80 WFN 1961
remain intact when its upper floors gave way. Above him, apparently far away to the left, a dim rumbling had startedp 88 WFN 1961
half a mile away. It was still intact, rotating slowly, apparently just dislodged from some protected site. Suddenly it struck thep 92 WFN 1961
and packed the window slit carefully. Patricia was still asleep, apparently exhausted. They had arrived at the pillbox two days agop 93 WFN 1961
a signal in from a USAF field in New Jersey. Apparently New York is a total write-off. Manhattan's under hundred-foot wavesp 119 WFN 1961
you in a moment.‘ As she stepped through the doorway, apparently satisfied by his assurance, Marshall turned back to Kroll. ‘Youp 129 WFN 1961
the emergency exit and went up to the transport bay. Apparently there's one of those big American --‘ He broke offp 130 WFN 1961
from Brandon Hall about a friend of yours, Andrew Symington. Apparently the emergency intelligence unit in the Admiralty bunkers were attackedp 151 WFN 1961
something loomed for a moment, a lighter patch of sky, apparently an interval in the dust cloud. Maitland ignored it, searchingp 156 WFN 1961
barrel lighting up the sides of the Titan. A figure, apparently Halliday, came lurching down the ladder, stumbled a few feetp 159 WFN 1961
of plate glass, three feet deep and twice as wide, apparently set into the face of the pyramid. Sloping away belowp 163 WFN 1961
ears, louder than they had ever heard it. Unbroken and apparently at the heart of the maelstrom itself, it reverberated offp 177 WFN 1961
the foundations are caving in!‘ Hardoon stared at him sightlessly, apparently unaware of Maitland's identity. His eyes focussed uncertainly on thep 177 WFN 1961
For a few seconds the pyramid poised precariously, tipping slowly, apparently held by the adhesive forces of the ground below thep 183 WFN 1961
and suit. He gaped at the huge balls of fire, apparently frozen in the middle of a giant explosion, hanging inp 325 13C 1962
dialled the pre-arranged menu, the supplies would be promptly delivered, apparently from the space-hold. To some people, Francis knew, the projectp 329 13C 1962
aluminium pressure suit and learned something more of his story. Apparently Travis had at one time himself been an astronaut --p 359 CS 1962
hotel. We must find Travis before he returns.‘ Louise hesitated, apparently recognizing Bridgman only by an effort, and her eyes turnedp 362 CS 1962
a few miles off the ground. Bridgman watched it approach, apparently on a collision course with the hotel. The expanding coronap 370 CS 1962
and right of the central body, Axel could see the apparently limitless extent of the army. What had seemed at firstp 300 GT 1962
suicides. Nevertheless, he was driven by an insane compulsion, this apparently motiveless impulse to the 100th floor. Despite all Vansittart's probingsp 407 M99 1962
channels are controlled by rival cartels. The element of chance apparently plays the time role, and it's all even more confusedp 349 PE 1962
them.‘ ‘Which people?‘ Clifford asked. ‘What do they want?‘ ‘You apparently,‘ Thomwall told him. ‘Most of them thought I was youp 350 PE 1962
garden. You'd better take Margot.‘ Her yellow beach robe had apparently died of shock, and was beginning to blacken like ap 351 PE 1962
and simplicity of the garden (mostly flexible polyurethane perennials). Finally, apparently convinced that I was sold, he switched the house onp 310 TDS 1962
by the console, poking a screwdriver at the memory drum, apparently in an effort to erase the entire store. Taking itp 313 TDS 1962
told me that I had kicked him out unceremoniously -- apparently he hardly recognized me; I was striding around the darkp 317 TDS 1962
the dark mirror of the water, the two interlocking worlds apparently suspended at some junction in time, the illusion momentarily brokenp 10 DW 1962
looked around in surprise. ‘Came through last night from Byrd. Apparently the water level is still rising, all the work we'vep 13 DW 1962
himself, the genealogical tree of mankind was systematically pruning itself, apparently moving backwards in time, and a point might ultimately bep 23 DW 1962
hour later, when he emerged onto the patio, Beatrice had apparently recovered completely from her torpor and was intently painting herp 50 DW 1962
these open channels out of the city.‘ Riggs nodded doubtfully, apparently unconvinced but prepared to accept the Sergeant's advice in defaultp 56 DW 1962
spectral and vibrant, at others slack and murky, the shore apparently formed of shale, like the dull metallic skin of ap 83 DW 1962
across the steaming air. ‘But tell me, Doctor,‘ Strangman pressed, apparently dissatisfied with Kerans‘ answers, ‘when do you finally propose top 89 DW 1962
When does the gala begin?‘ ‘Gala?‘ Strangman glanced about irritably, apparently forgetting that he had introduced the term himself. ‘There arep 101 DW 1962
of a short flight of steps behind the ticket box, apparently leading over the auditorium, either a cine-projectionist's booth or thep 105 DW 1962
Admiral. With the final brandies before them, Strangman sat down apparently for the last time, winking broadly at Kerans. Two ofp 117 DW 1962
like an enormous boulder on the edge of a cliff. Apparently eighty to ninety feet higher, the tall buildings around thep 121 DW 1962
parties had continued, the tempo mounting hour by hour, Strangman apparently determined to exhaust his crew. Kerans drifted helplessly in ap 135 DW 1962
and the crew waiting around the dais in the torchlight, apparently as surprised as himself. When Strangman began to whoop andp 137 DW 1962
the red end of a cheroot glowed in the darkness, apparently detached from any corporeal form. Poised on the balls ofp 146 DW 1962
on the canvas, but he gave no hint of recognition, apparently assuming that Kerans was part of the composition. Then hep 146 DW 1962
somewhere towards the fading sun. The disc had pulsed again, apparently drawing forth this strangled response, half in protest, half inp 167 DW 1962
few felt any gratitude towards Miss Goalen. Nevers was hesitating, apparently suffering from a sudden intention tremor, so I nudged hisp 396 TSS 1962
the apocalypse. Let's go.‘ Nevers turned on me icily, noticing, apparently for the first time, my rust-stained slacks and three-day stubblep 396 TSS 1962
at the rear of the gallery next to Nevers's desk, apparently unaware that I was hiding inside it. Suddenly realizing thatp 397 TSS 1962
statue, Lunora listened to it motionlessly, eyes wide with astonishment, apparently assuming that it was reflecting, like a mirror, its subjectivep 398 TSS 1962
held a sheet of pink duplicated paper in his hand, apparently a minute of the last Council meeting. ‘Mr Renthall, thep 384 WT 1962
as a literary form is its ability to bring together apparently unconnected and dissimilar ideas. To a large extent all fantasyp 200 UGM 1963
Useful though the confirmation was -- Constantin had noticed Malek apparently trying to conceal his left-handedness during their meals and whenp 508 EG 1963
temper, and then began to set up the white pieces, apparently prepared to ignore the fact that Constantin had cleared thep 511 EG 1963
they resume play. Malek made no move towards the board, apparently indifferent to whether the game was finished or not. Mostp 512 EG 1963
light of the new circumstances I am describing.‘ Malek shrugged, apparently more interested in the end-game before them. ‘I recommend youp 517 EG 1963
the cliffs.‘ ‘Professor Goodhart, one of the party of paleontologists. Apparently they've uncovered an interesting bone-bed.‘ Fellowes gestured at the collectionp 477 NWS 1963
looked out at the endless stretch of placid suburban homes. ‘Apparently there was an ancient sea here once. A million yearsp 479 NWS 1963
faint but noticeable edginess. Ryker glanced irritably through the window, apparently annoyed to see the gradual gathering of the Indians beforep 444 QR 1963
Indians had disappeared into the bush. Like lemmings they were apparently prone to these sudden irresistible urges. Occasionally the nomadic callp 449 QR 1963
the dust, the hissing of overturned fires and cooking pots. Apparently leading the pack, Ryker, emitting a series of re-echoed ‘Harooh'sp 450 QR 1963
encouragingly to the youth, who was tapping the watch eagerly, apparently in an effort to conjure up a second satellite. Connollyp 455 QR 1963
across the sky in epileptic orbits. One of these, however, apparently emerging from the western horizon, was moving steadily across thep 433 RE 1963
way around the house, and the topography of another home, apparently a single-storey apartment, had superimposed itself upon his mind. Inp 537 SA 1963
said it was some Harley Street psychiatrist. An Indian doctor. Apparently he strangled his wife in the bath. The strange thingp 539 SA 1963
backing on the generosity of the many millionaire dilettantes who apparently feel a compulsive need to cast themselves in the rolep 543 SG 1963
I remember, warning mankind to abandon all its space programmes. Apparently someone up there does not like us.‘ ‘Has he stillp 483 VH 1963
The reviews were too unfavourable. People who read science fiction apparently dislike flying saucers, and everyone else dismissed him as ap 484 VH 1963
that Cameron says about me,‘ Kandinski said suddenly. He hesitated, apparently uncertain whether to confide further in Ward, and then tookp 487 VH 1963
a low ridge at the end of the valley. This apparently sourceless corona fitfully illuminated the darkening air, as if comingp 499 VH 1963
tell us. ‘This time there are millions of reliable witnesses. Apparently it should have been plainly visible in the Western Hemispherep 607 IM 1964
debark. A hand touched my arm, and the white-suited man, apparently aware of my mood, pointed with a smile at thep 610 IM 1964
so away, soaring up and down over the date palms, apparently spraying them with some chemical. ‘Reaches right over there, towardsp 612 IM 1964
then moved away across the forest roof, its churning blades apparently gaining little purchase on the air. There was a confusedp 613 IM 1964
madman, completely crazy.‘ He started to walk up the steps, apparently prepared to let me make my own way into thep 619 IM 1964
the house or seeing anyone except a blind negro servant. Apparently he saw his bride in a sort of Pre-Raphaelite dreamp 621 IM 1964
back and looked up at the roof-tops, their gold tiles apparently inlaid with thousands of coloured gems, like the temple quarterp 623 IM 1964
military court and charged with looting. The gold cross had apparently been stripped of its jewels, and in vain did Ip 626 IM 1964
is this theory? I can't wait to hear.‘ He hesitated, apparently uncertain whether to expose his idea, and then began top 579 LL 1964
crumbling cornices. Below me, the seashell lay in its pool, apparently magnified by the lens of water. It was fully twelvep 569 PCD 1964
an hour, especially if I had to assist my companion. Apparently indifferent to the sea, she watched the waves writhing atp 571 PCD 1964
island, a functional, megalithic architecture as grey and minatory (and apparently as ancient, in its projection into, and from, time futurep 591 TB 1964
to another, his leg as heavy as a club and apparently inflamed to the knee, he realized that he must soonp 597 TB 1964
teeth in an expression of immense patience and understanding. Then apparently exhausted he lapsed into a deep sleep. After securing thep 560 TP 1964
job.‘ His sister snorted sceptically, her assessment of Falkman's character apparently at variance with this statement. ‘You've got one of thep 561 TP 1964
forward flow was as irrelevant and without meaning as the apparently linear motion of time itself. The real movements were thosep 11 D 1965
what are you up to here?‘ Quilter shook his head, apparently mystified by Ransom's behaviour. He pointed to the water onp 50 D 1965
of the bleached deck around him, but carried no equipment, apparently unaware of the sunlight on his head and shoulders. ‘Where'sp 88 D 1965
Now, however, with only two canteens left and the city apparently deserted, Ransom noticed that she received barely her own rationp 148 D 1965
stout leather belt. This hitched up a pair of trousers apparently sewn from random lengths of Turkish carpeting. Their uneven progressp 153 D 1965
he said. ‘I think she's beautiful.‘ Lomax gazed after him, apparently stunned by this remark. Ransom set off across the sandp 165 D 1965
reappeared. In its hands it carried a small white gull, apparently dead, its wings neatly furled. Lomax gazed down at thep 169 D 1965
emphasis on the irrational and perverse, on the significance of apparently random associations, its concept of the unconscious, was a completep 85 UGM 1966
as opposed to rectilinear ones, of the conjunction of two apparently unrelated postures. The techniques of surrealism have a particular relevancep 88 UGM 1966
observing birds (6 X Goerz rather than 6 X Zeiss, apparently), the precise process of fermentation by which the timbers ofp 253 UGM 1966
husband. The Warren Commission has reopened its hearing, you know. Apparently it's not satisfied. Quite unprecedented.‘ Permutate them? The theoretical numberp 32 AW 1966
over to Gabrielle Szabo, who was standing by the step, apparently gazing out to sea. ‘That's Dr Mallory! He lived withp 681 DF 1966
the wheelhouse, where the captain gazed absently at the jetty, apparently unperturbed by the delay. Sanders turned to Father Balthus, whop 12 CW 1966
sight. Venus now has two lamps. Not only two either. Apparently at the Mount Hubble Observatory in the States they havep 66 CW 1966
the house or seeing anyone except a blind Negro servant. Apparently he saw his young bride in a sort of pre-Raphaelitep 110 CW 1966
during the distractions of the artillery display. After a moment, apparently satisfied, he relaxed. ‘He has other plans for his bigp 153 CW 1966
military court and charged with looting. The gold cross had apparently been stripped of its jewels -- the generous benefaction ofp 168 CW 1966
Nathan. The older physician was gazing out of the window, apparently at the fountains, but for once his face was blankp 686 TIM 1966
Karen Novotny moved across it, carrying out a sequence of apparently random acts. Already she was confusing the perspectives of thep 42 YCM 1966
-- they can't trace the author ... someone at this Institute, apparently. I've assured them it's not a hoax. By the wayp 82 YMC 1966
on board. The subject carried no identification tags and was apparently suffering from severe retrograde amnesia. He subsequently disappeared while beingp 83 YMC 1966
Her eyes presided over her pensive face like troubled birds. Apparently taking my reference to the Mariner with complete seriousness, shep 724 CHC 1967
own exposition. Every evening he examined the barely legible questionnaires, apparently searching for a pointer to his own behaviour, the keyp 51 GAN 1967
pass to the guard. ‘Stage H,‘ he said to Koester. ‘Apparently it was rented by someone at the Institute three monthsp 53 GAN 1967
there were unseen powers standing guard over Georges Duval. He apparently never played with the boys from the town. As wep 771 CA 1968
on a series of explicitly religious paintings (most of them apparently on secular topics), such as those using the central figurep 96 UGM 1969
-- one, the demagogic orator, ranting away in a state apparently close to neurotic hysteria, and two, a benevolent and slightlyp 222 UGM 1969
of motorized columns. Most of them were moving in an apparently random way, half the time blinded by their own dustp 788 PTD 1969
her cigarette a wet mess between her fingers. "What these apparently obscene photographs represent are significant moments in a tragic psychodramap 48 JAC 1970
-- were pressing their hands at her through the windows, apparently touching parts of her body. She beckoned them away, andp 21 C 1973
sheen, like the worn vinyl of the car interior. These apparently meaningless notches on his skin, like the gouges of ap 90 C 1973
She had insisted that we accompany Seagrave to his home, apparently distrusting Vaughan's motives. We turned into the forecourt of Seagrave'sp 93 C 1973
revived and was now playfully tripping up his infant son. ‘Apparently there's some stunt-driving at the studios tomorrow. Can you stopp 94 C 1973
me, broken eyetooth gnawing away at the ulcer. My hands, apparently detached from the rest of my body and brain, hesitatedp 147 C 1973
young woman and the splayed feet of the older man, apparently broken at the ankles, immediately transformed the entire scene. Thep 154 C 1973
pushing his heavy car bluntly into the passing traffic stream. Apparently uninterested in Catherine or myself, Vaughan lay against his doorp 215 C 1973
both here and in the States, are those who are apparently the most ‘commercial‘ and non-literary. It is they who arep 203 UGM 1974
and intrigues bound them together. As he guessed, even this apparently casual meeting in Charlotte's apartment had been set up top 17 HR 1975
now screening a private programme of blue movies, including one apparently made on the premises with locally recruited performers. At thep 31 HR 1975
in the apartment building was the way in which an apparently homogeneous collection of high-income professional people had split into threep 53 HR 1975
confused but unmistakable emergence of this new social order -- apparently based on small tribal enclaves -- fascinated Royal. To beginp 70 HR 1975
a former tax-consultant, Wilder seemed to recall -- lay asleep, apparently unaware of the spasm of violence that had taken placep 158 HR 1975
corners of the streets leading to Gould's hotel. These marks, apparently made at random, were elements of a cryptic private languagep 830 LFA 1975
from the realization that even smaller particles existed within the apparently indivisible atom, so these two giant telescopes had revealed thatp 842 LDG 1976
the high altar of the Cathedral was desecrated by vandals apparently protesting against the very existence of the deity. The attitudep 846 LDG 1976
had torn apart Dr Douglas's clothes and suitcases -- she apparently decided to put an end to the sufferings of thisp 854 NTM 1976
This afterthought, attached to the previous 16 words with their apparently straightforward description of the events leading up to his trialp 855 NTM 1976
dreaming of Valentino. Her small hands rested on her lap, apparently clasped together but in fact separated by a narrow intervalp 865 S 1976
and Halloway set off together from the airport. Olds selected, apparently at random, another breakdown vehicle from his stable of trucksp 891 UC 1976
hovered like steam above the radiator grilles and exhaust pipes. Apparently unaware that this cascade of blossoms was already transforming hisp 898 UC 1976
leather face-mask and computerized surgical truss; the principal boy, the apparently masculine robot Artoo-Detoo who in fact conceals a coded holographicp 16 UGM 1977
degrading games, the most enjoyable and meaningful of which was apparently one called ‘Mamas and Dadas‘: they all lay on theirp 268 UGM 1977
tomorrow. Diana. 18 July. Hotel Imperial Surprise! That computer again. Apparently there's been some muddle at the Gatwick end, our aircraftp 968 HWT 1978
flying in from Gatwick and Heathrow, but none of them, apparently, is ours. Each morning we've waited in the lobby withp 969 HWT 1978
company have just cabled Richard telling him not to worry. Apparently hordes of people have been caught the same way. Anp 969 HWT 1978
you've heard that there's going to be a government inquiry. Apparently, instead of flying people back from the Canaries the airlinesp 969 HWT 1978
hired a pedalo yesterday and set off up the coast. Apparently the entire island is being divided into a series ofp 970 HWT 1978
class from the north and midlands. Some of them have apparently been here for a year, living quite happily, though theirp 970 HWT 1978
set up his resistance group. A few days ago he apparently stole an unseaworthy motor-boat and set off for the Africanp 971 HWT 1978
the beach. He was aware of the complex timetable of apparently arbitrary journeys that Foster and his wife embarked upon eachp 974 OAU 1978
on the cold floor, and continued to strip the breech, apparently uninterested in the primus stove. When Ogden handed over thep 978 OAU 1978
wearing the cloth was embarrassed to find that he had apparently performed a miracle. Seeing his strong physique at close quartersp 24 UDC 1979
fallen had a distinctly sinister atmosphere, as if all these apparently unhurried suburbanites were in fact actors recruited from the filmp 26 UDC 1979
the church. Father Wingate's a keen palaeontologist. The Thames here apparently produces the most unusual specimens. Prehistoric creatures, fossil fish --p 62 UDC 1979
magnificent lace gown over the hips of a plastic mannequin, apparently confident that this was the one garment every woman wouldp 109 UDC 1979
along the motorway towards London, the drivers and their passengers apparently unaware of the existence of this small town, as ifp 191 UDC 1979
giving way to me. I watched Christina Brossard continue her apparently unending work. She was clearly unbalanced, but somehow self-dramatising atp 1004 HFF 1980
revulsion and self-disgust at having committed incest would explain his apparently motiveless suicide and his daughter's guilt -- as I knewp 1008 HFF 1980
at the dockside in Plymouth, England, in charge of this apparently professional but in fact very strange team. At times, asp 27 HA 1981
discovered that they were by no means alone in this apparently deserted land. The Indians An hour before dusk the expeditionp 57 HA 1981
and Anne are going back there tomorrow to help out. Apparently the lights in Las Vegas are deliberately left blazing, notp 142 HA 1981
and down as if I was one of Manson's vectors. Apparently some new strain of a particularly virulent virus has beenp 143 HA 1981
Fremont Street. A colonel in combat fatigues and flak jacket, apparently the commander of the Phoenix expedition, stepped down from thep 214 HA 1981
a filling station and a car-wash glittered in the sunlight, apparently designed for some group of visiting space enthusiasts from Bangkokp 1074 MNF 1982
might be at home. Terrified by the sight of this apparently winged woman waking from her deathbed, he hoped that somehowp 1081 MNF 1982
periods when everything began to slow down, and he would apparently spend all day shaving or signing a cheque. Time, likep 1040 MSA 1982
Olympic athlete. He raised his hand to touch a butterfly apparently asleep on the wing, embarking his outstretched fingers on anp 1044 MSA 1982
through the air like an aerial harvester, its free-spinning rotor apparently powered by the sunlight. Sitting in the open cockpit, thep 1058 MSA 1982
may well be trapped within a small waiting room whose apparently infinite dimensions we circle like ants on a sphere. Paradoxicallyp 1087 RUS 1982
patch of nettle-covered ground inside the gates, which he had apparently deemed to be a no man's land between the campp 142 ES 1984
those repressive institutions, so like Lunghua, for which Jim was apparently destined), he had been working up-country with Protestant missionaries. Drp 208 ES 1984
during the war. At a single word from Tulloch, the apparently secure world he had begun to rebuild for himself outp 312 ES 1984
the camera slit in the projection room had seen Young apparently on his knees before the cross, when in fact hep 1095 OOA 1984
48) Towards the constellation Orion. 49) I heard his voice, apparently transmitted from the star Betelgeuse 2000 years ago. 50) Interferencep 1102 ATQ 1985
a popular figure in the hotel lobbies along Copacabana Beach. Apparently he had flown on one of the Apollo missions fromp 1107 MWM 1985
visible on the mattress. His widow remained at the station, apparently determined to continue his work, but on impulse one dayp 22 DC 1987
from the window and gave a series of encouraging waves, apparently returning the cheers of a huge welcoming party. He repeatedp 29 DC 1987
they had murdered their victims, the fact that they had apparently inflicted no harm on a large group of probably hystericalp 17 RW 1988
panels of the door were a series of curious notches, apparently left by a gnawing mammal with powerful incisors. "Have youp 32 RW 1988
pursed lips. Her head rested to one side, torpid eyes apparently staring at the vase of irises on the nearby tablep 90 RW 1988
Now, Sergeant, you saw the television film of Marion Miller, apparently unlocking a door as she made her escape. She wasp 41 RW 1988
for observation. They had arrived three days before the kidnapping, apparently referred to Great Ormond Street by the casualty department ofp 61 RW 1988
12 HRS JANE FONDA'S AUGMENTATION MAMMOPLASTY Her flat breasts had apparently become a source of great psychological anxiety to Jane Fondap 133 JFA 1989
this was 1971), and (b) that it would give an apparently anti-American slant to the whole book. Jordan maintained that thep 93 LNEa 1990
and The Seven Samurai, slashed his wrists with a razor, apparently in despair over the collapse of his career and failurep 25 UGM 1991
dialogue, neither speaking a word of the other's language, but apparently understanding everything. Later I climbed to the top floor andp 175 UGM 1991
Santa Margarita, and I wondered if Miriam had seen me apparently disappear under the ferry's lethal bows. Twenty minutes later, whenp 140 KW 1991
did. But she feels her career is taking off -- apparently she's made some film with a dog. Pereira wanted top 256 KW 1991
his own self-delusions, of which the greatest had been his apparently sincere attempt to discover the truth about his cancer. Thisp 302 KW 1991
the beer mats and the American licence plates? Yet his apparently impromptu question had made a telling point, addressed more top 310 KW 1991
was startled to find an advance guard of dragon ladies apparently waiting for me in the Cathay Pacific lounge at Heathrowp 36 UGM 1992
may reflect our needs rather than their reality. Contemporary reports, apparently so reliable, can lead to enormous injustice, and around Tzup 52 UGM 1992
the craft, but could be seen through the observation windows, apparently tidying their cabins and changing into overalls. Dr Valentina wasp 1178 MFM 1992
changing into overalls. Dr Valentina was spotted in the galley, apparently sterilizing her surgical instruments. A rumour swept the review standsp 1178 MFM 1992
people of this unhappy world had invented an advanced and apparently interiorised version of their television screens, a virtual replica ofp 1186 ROP 1992
in Tiananmen Square in 1989, cast a shadow over this apparently likeable man, whose talent for friendship frequently saved his lifep 55 UGM 1993
climbed the gangway, his eyes clear and all his doubts apparently resolved. Neil soon learned that this was David Carline, thep 51 RP 1994
Dr Barbara, Neil watched her walk head-down towards the clinic, apparently oblivious of Saint-Esprit, the sanctuary and the albatross circling abovep 160 RP 1994
digging more beds for the flowers she hoped to plant, apparently confident that she would remain on Saint-Esprit. One of thep 218 RP 1994
of the coastal road, the mock-Roman columns and white porticos apparently imported from Las Vegas after a hotel clearance sale, reversingp 16 CN 1996
cheekbone to the bridge of her strong nose, and the apparently swollen gums of her upper jaw. Seeing me, she swiftlyp 39 CN 1996
that I was scrambling and sliding beneath him, his eyes apparently fixed on the waves rolling towards the beaches of Estrellap 170 CN 1996
don't know. I told them you hate the entire profession. Apparently, he was hurt in David's shoot-out, so be gentle withp 12 SC 2000
to the solitary man lying by the pool with his apparently withered leg. At night she and her accountant husband wouldp 40 SC 2000
across the apron. A second bullet lay between my knees, apparently of the same calibre and rifling marks, crushed by itsp 62 SC 2000
the overlit photographs and began a typed dialogue with herself, apparently setting out her day's schedule and answering her queries aloudp 89 SC 2000
I had taken a gamble, rattling my stick in an apparently empty kennel, in the hope that a drowsing beast mightp 105 SC 2000
of martins and set course for the phalanx of bulldozers, apparently intending to strafe them. Drivers watched over their shoulders, andp 357 SC 2000
the library ...‘ I watched the Russian talking to the policeman, apparently discussing his illegally parked car. But his eyes never leftp 379 SC 2000
cozy living room. It's useful to see just how odd apparently sane people can be.‘ ‘So they're harmless cranks?‘ ‘I'm notp 67 MP 2003
I could see of the kitchen -- was untouched and apparently uninhabited. I realized that the clergyman was camping in hisp 101 MP 2003
the glass doors two security men watched me run past, apparently followed by an injured colleague. Their eyes turned towards thep 122 MP 2003
Victorian chimneys. He held his mobile phone to one ear, apparently listening to an update on the night's action against thep 129 MP 2003
his eyes followed the swirling branches in a childlike way, apparently in the throes of a warning aura before an epilepticp 208 MP 2003
from his seat, fastening a leather jacket around his midriff, apparently eager to join the brawl. He searched the crowd, forcefullyp 94 KC 2006
Maxted beckoned me into the hallway of an airy penthouse, apparently built as an afterthought from sections of glass and aluminiump 97 KC 2006
come into play, picking first one leader and then another. Apparently passive, they regrouped and changed direction according to no obviousp 120 KC 2006
shit in the letter box. To my friends I was apparently giving up all this in return for an obsessive questp 153 KC 2006
set? I like that.‘ ‘Another point.‘ I circled the sofa, apparently deep in thought. ‘You need your audience, but now andp 180 KC 2006
set off on an inspection tour of their new domain, apparently uninterested in the fate of all those trapped inside thep 218 KC 2006
charge. She supplied the weapon, a standard Heckler & Koch, apparently mislaid by the armoury. Leighton covered up for her.‘ ‘Sangsterp 260 KC 2006
Le Corbeau and Manon (with the divine child-woman Cecile Aubry, apparently no older than I was and impossible to get outp 128 ML 2008
sensed that there was something original and fresh about this apparently modest genre, that it was optimistic and positive, and drewp 178 ML 2008
I suspect that the sight of a man bringing up apparently happy children (to which they never refer) alerts a reflexp 228 ML 2008