opposition that a winning contestant can virtually choose his own apotheosis. The challenge round of the Solar Megathion Group 3 (thatp 347 PE 1962
the lagoons like the delinquent spirit of the drowned city, apotheosis of all its aimless violence and cruelty, Strangman was half-buccaneerp 114 DW 1962
nightclub at Lagoon West. Seeing in this beautiful fifteen-year-old the apotheosis of the teenage cult, Kaiser had made her his starp 802 SGW 1970
Together these will achieve what I take to be the apotheosis of all the fantasies of late twentieth-century man -- thep 225 UGM 1977
people dancing.‘ ‘I hardly think so, but does the idea appal you so much?‘ Mulvaney shook his head, already bored withp 381 WT 1962
be six inches deep, blown all the way from the Appalachians!‘ Wayne laughed aloud at the golden shore, caught up byp 9 HA 1981
The ravages of a century's hostile climate had split the Appalachians and sprung this ransom from their hidden lodes. Already McNairp 24 HA 1981
to the second floors of the office buildings. Half the Appalachians had been destroyed by the sun to yield this delugep 35 HA 1981
a breath-taking view of the American desert stretching to the Appalachians. As usual, Ricci seemed tired and fractious, slapping the dustp 52 HA 1981
any sign of a modest river system fed by the Appalachians, the first hint of a more temperate and fertile climatep 70 HA 1981
likelihood that the Great American Desert stretched far beyond the Appalachians to the Rockies and the California coast, the spirits ofp 71 HA 1981
June 9. Lexington, Virginia. Four long days, up into the Appalachians -- camels are fine and it's our turn to feelp 89 HA 1981
then broke out of this into a final climactic assault. Appalled, Mangon watched as two or three members of the orchestrap 135 SS 1960
he saw the wounds that disfigured their necks and chests. Appalled, he cried out. As they vanished, he ran off intop 600 TB 1964
the icefalls illuminated his ravaged body. ‘Radek -- good God!‘ Appalled, Sanders stumbled back, almost tripping over a half-exposed root inp 117 CW 1966
tall figure pressed against the wall of the veranda, his appalled face, in the shape of his own hands, staring atp 717 TMY 1966
don't want the car,‘ she said. ‘In fact, I was appalled to find that I have to pay a small feep 71 C 1973
of flesh lying by the edge of the paddling pool. Appalled, Royal stared at the blood-spattered tiles, at his bright handsp 164 HR 1975
vacuum-cleaner. ‘Are you expecting someone to stay?‘ ‘No!‘ The thought appalled Pangborn. Even the presence of the young woman exhausted himp 994 MA 1978
the familiar postures he had analysed in a thousand blow-ups. Appalled by the calm expression in Vera's eyes, as if shep 998 MA 1978
far less bizarre to me than it did to my appalled headmaster. Expulsion hardly affected me. Since early adolescence I hadp 12 UDC 1979
window of the mansion. She stared at me in an appalled way, as if she, and not I, had escaped fromp 20 UDC 1979
whose reputation had brought them here, where they found themselves appalled by my lack of hygiene. Even when I had curedp 102 UDC 1979
if asking who had left him in the drowned aircraft. Appalled, I fled towards the safety of the secret meadow. Whenp 116 UDC 1979
disconnected. Had Miriam and her mother decided to leave, so appalled by the spell I had cast over Shepperton and byp 119 UDC 1979
reported use of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs. Nonetheless, it appalled me that someone as deeply ill and as vulnerable asp 1005 HFF 1980
an explosive device, he offered the shrine to Dr Vaisey's appalled gaze. ‘Take it, Rachel. It's the blueprint of our jointp 1018 NFS 1981
her dream. And let her wake ...‘ ‘Sheppard!‘ Martinsen stepped back, appalled by Sheppard's electric hand raised towards him. ‘She's trying top 1081 MNF 1982
she spoke to me in a completely lucid way, obviously appalled by my derelict appearance. For her it's one of thosep 1054 MSA 1982
ramp, loosening the bolts around the metal grille. Henson was appalled by Young's escape, but I was impressed by the clevernessp 1095 OOA 1984
walking misery of fever and disease. ‘Noon? Where is Noon?‘ Appalled by what I had done to these people, I wavedp 259 DC 1987
include sexual jealousy, professional rivalry or individual psychopathy. Could the appalled children, in a state of shock that has still notp 21 RW 1988
the truth. The possibility that anything might happen to them appalled Ryan. In the street below the balcony a night-commando patrolp 1149 WF 1989
spent just enough time away from the bathhouses to be appalled by the conditions of child factory-workers (forgetting that but forp 220 UGM 1991
by Murray Burnett, who had visited prewar Vienna and been appalled by Nazi behaviour. On his way back to America, hep 7 UGM 1993
blood and fat on the fouled sea. The spectacle so appalled Dr Barbara that Neil held her around the waist, fearingp 12 RP 1994
surface, dashing the bloodied water against the legs of the appalled onlookers. Then a silver-haired man forced himself past me, dropsp 299 CN 1996
male face peered through the glass door. He was clearly appalled by the hostile women jeering at him, a fearsome sightp 75 MP 2003
radio and learned about the casualties. He must have been appalled.‘ ‘He was.‘ Gould pushed himself away from the car andp 251 MP 2003
Then he glanced into my face, recognizing me with an appalled stare. ‘No ... no ... never ...‘ He broke away from me beforep 75 KC 2006
teacher in a junior school in West Bromwich, and was appalled by the dreadful poverty of many of the children. Shep 51 ML 2008
with a dream-like eye. ‘Musically, it's rather curious -- an appalling conglomeration of almost every bad note ever composed. Somewhere thep 45 VS 1957
she had bothered to ask me over. ‘Yes, I have. Appalling, isn't it? "Paul Ransom",‘ she noted. ‘Is that you? You'rep 213 S5 1961
Somebody, Dmitri Shochmann perhaps, overflowing with self-hate, had committed an appalling injury to himself, and the house was recapitulating its previousp 307 TDS 1962
which some untoward movement of his own might upset, unleashing appalling forces. Away in the distance, down-shore, the great trees leanedp 441 QR 1963
of spikes and clamps. Again a curious premonition of some appalling act of violence stirred through his mind, and he lookedp 430 RE 1963
her back to the past, to the period before her appalling shock. It's the only way left, a sort of totalp 552 SG 1963
as if her face already carried the injuries of an appalling motor-car accident that would happen somewhere in the future. Sometimesp 34 D 1965
but the hospital seemed deserted. ‘Max -- I made an appalling blunder.‘ Sanders spoke rapidly, hoping that Suzanne would not appearp 122 CW 1966
at the flame-like scars on his knuckles, residues of an appalling act of violence. This former day-patient, Vaughan, he had oftenp 68 THF 1969
we merely victims in a meaningless tragedy, or do these appalling accidents take place with some kind of unconscious collaboration onp 263 UGM 1971
into a formal apology for her husband's death and the appalling act of violence which had involved us. At the samep 71 C 1973
sign over the portico flared across these grainy photographs of appalling injuries: the breasts of teenage girls deformed by instrument binnaclesp 134 C 1973
revealed. My horror and disgust at the sight of these appalling injuries had given way to a lucid acceptance that thep 190 C 1973
the membranes of my brain had been exposed in some appalling crash. My last meeting with Vaughan -- the climax ofp 192 C 1973
down his neck to his shoulder, the residue of some appalling act of violence. After preparing himself, an elaborate ritual ofp 68 CI 1974
the Second World War and bore no responsibility for the appalling atrocities his armed forces committed. Hirohito's finest hour, by thisp 49 UGM 1989
but in turn Mao, his wife and henchmen brought equally appalling cruelties to the Chinese people. Jung Chang begins her memoirp 36 UGM 1992
pleaded guilty, but that doesn't mean he actually committed these appalling crimes. This whole thing is a farce, of a veryp 30 CN 1996
you want -- they'll all tell you the same story, appalling as it is. No one thinks Frank was responsible, butp 54 CN 1996
compliment, David?‘ ‘In your case, yes. Tragic about Joan Chang.‘ ‘Appalling. She was so sweet. I had to come here.‘ ‘Youp 186 MP 2003
alive when he could imagine himself as the perpetrator of appalling crimes? I sat alone by the dining-room table, drinking myp 271 MP 2003
gazed about the empty terrace for the waitress. ‘Service is appallingly bad here. Tell me, Charles, what's all this talk aboutp 383 WT 1962
just threw him out. Mental defectives and subnormals are treated appallingly -- unless they're prepared to go into institutions they havep 71 CI 1974
Laing. ‘My wife should have been here. She was treated appallingly, you know -- they were like animals ...‘ Slightly shaken, Laingp 27 HR 1975
seem less a separate personality than the personification of the apparat of the state. Perhaps the sardonic title of ‘supervisor‘ wasp 507 EG 1963
the orderly were merely the local agents of this distant apparat. In a sense his sentence and present tenuous existence atp 515 EG 1963
mammals depend for their survival on a highly acute sensory apparatus, combined with a varying ability to store and classify informationp 55 M69 1957
Lang went on reflectively. ‘The pleasure-pain principle, the whole survival-compulsion apparatus of sex, the Super-Ego's obsession with tomorrow -- most ofp 58 M69 1957
chambers. Two of them were storerooms, filled with spare tanks, apparatus, cartons of animal food and test rigs. They crossed thep 175 VT 1960
saw that it had been stamped in black dye: ‘Breathing apparatus. Hardoon Tower.‘ Most of the other cases were sealed, stampedp 70 WFN 1961
full of trench mortars. ‘Just looking at this -- breathing apparatus. Unusual design.‘ The guard scowled. ‘That's a useful piece ofp 71 WFN 1961
a lavish show trial (making endless play of electric shock apparatus, movies of insulin coma and the testimony of countless paranoidsp 291 IO 1962
circus which travels up and down the north-west. This monumental apparatus, stunning in its proportions and sometime potency, occupies a completep 648 DG 1964
so in the seventies) as in the twenties. The whole apparatus of the Nazi superstate, its nightmare uniforms and propaganda, seemsp 221 UGM 1969
fresh water in the steel casks, and for the distillation apparatus that would supplement their rations from any damp salt pansp 54 HA 1981
seem to be linked with those defects of the vestibular apparatus brought on by prolonged exposure to zero gravity during thep 1055 MSA 1982
imagined he was a dying astronaut. Defects of the vestibular apparatus of the ear are commonly found in hijackers (as inp 1098 OOA 1984
flights. It may be, therefore, that defects of the vestibular apparatus draw their sufferers towards high-speed aircraft, and the hijack isp 1098 OOA 1984
B returned home and switched on his transistor radio. The apparatus worked, but all the stations were silent, the continental transmittersp 3 SAJ 1984
meeting mine in the rear-view mirror. No doubt the security apparatus at Eden-Olympia was at fill alert, with a Range Roverp 102 SC 2000
on his chest and hips, the insignia of an executioner's apparel yet to be designed. He began his descent into thep 86 HR 1975