and Professor Summers had been urging Orlowski to re-route the Apollo's passage so that they could put Wayne ashore at thep 11 HA 1981
There's a sleeping mermaid!‘ Wayne peered into the water. The Apollo's propeller had stopped, and the mass of churning bubbles dissolvedp 20 HA 1981
its radiating spikes had left a ten-yard-long gash in the Apollo's hull. ‘You're right, Wayne. My God, though, we're going downp 21 HA 1981
her first impressions of Manhattan were still confused by the Apollo's mad dash across the wreck-strewn bay and their collision withp 30 HA 1981
to stay behind in Manhattan with the rest of the Apollo's crew, repairing the ship by day and carousing in thep 53 HA 1981
you up to date, work has gone well on the Apollo's keel, this morning we riveted down the last of thep 84 HA 1981
fool!‘ Above the wild beard the perspiring face of the Apollo's chief engineer grimaced at him. ‘Why the hell are youp 104 HA 1981
his own escape, along with all but two of the Apollo's crew, from the cloud of radioactive fall-out that had driftedp 107 HA 1981
Harlem nightclubs had ignored McNair's last warning blasts on the Apollo's siren, and had presumably been trapped by the fall-out cloudp 107 HA 1981
offices of state, he had stared with awe at the Apollo-space-craft, at the Wright Flier and the Spirit of St Louisp 77 HA 1981
unsteadily in the racing surf, waving to me with an apologetic grin. She was knocked from her feet in the surgingp 187 KW 1991
The excuse was a palpably lame one, and Max smiled apologetically. They entered an inner courtyard and walked across to ap 122 CW 1966
tried to straighten the bow tie under his ear, smiling apologetically at Maitland. He waited without expression when Maitland stood overp 95 CI 1974
wave from the upstairs windows at Mrs Johnson and gesture apologetically at the overgrown lawn. She understands -- I have beenp 1134 TES 1989
a cigarette and lay back in the sofa, waiting. The apologies, to say the least, would have to be magniloquent. Twop 13 E 1956
to interrupt you, but --‘ Dr Mellinger waved away her apologies. ‘Never mind. What is it?‘ ‘A visitor, Dr Mellinger.‘ Shep 529 MO 1963
up after all.‘ Ward pushed his chair back, made his apologies and slipped away. Professor Cameron was waiting in the alcovep 500 VH 1963
image of Ahasuerus's character exposed and deliberately painted in these apologies.‘ ‘But Georg, you're making a large assumption there. Can youp 582 LL 1964
dare -- YASUDA: Not at all, Traven. I make no apologies for you. Each of us is little more than thep 603 TB 1964
in his shirtsleeves. To my surprise, he brushed aside my apologies, then beckoned me to the huge spread of photographs pinnedp 776 CA 1968
David's scary. Will Neil Armstrong be there?‘ ‘He sent his apologies -- he had to go back to the Moon.‘ Sallyp 213 KW 1991
onto the grass, but by the time we had exchanged apologies the young man had returned to his car. He lockedp 315 KW 1991
rear exit, leaving a rattled publicity woman to make his apologies. Even as she shouted through her megaphone a dozen handsp 278 SC 2000
prepared for the moment to give in to him. ‘Don't apologise, Lieutenant; believe me, that was our most valuable session sop 36 DW 1962
she smiled at me confidently, raising her damp eyebrows to apologise. But she collapsed when I pulled the dinghy on top 158 KW 1991
She smiled at me in the kitchen mirror, trying to apologise for my bruised mouth. I gently raised her upper lipp 272 KW 1991
of the hand. He closed the door, leaving me to apologise to the film crew. He had spoken matter-of-factly of ourp 312 KW 1991
her expression today seemed tired and wistful. ‘I'm sorry,‘ Kerans apologised. ‘Perhaps I was really analysing myself. Riggs‘ ultimatum came asp 27 DW 1962
Second Coming. It's almost as if the retoucher were an apologist for him, superimposing this expression of tragic pity over Leonardo'sp 581 LL 1964
top of the first page. ‘Here we are, sir. I apologize, but the booking had been brought forward from the previousp 281 GA 1961
sorry that your little outing has ended here. I must apologize for the stupidity of my traffic police. They should neverp 161 WFN 1961
them in a smooth creamy voice. ‘Please allow me to apologize for any discomfort you have suffered. However, the first dayp 352 PE 1962
and drove into Vernon Gardens, hoping to see Kandinski and apologize to him. Five miles into the desert Ward approached ap 492 VH 1963
turned to Kandinski. ‘I enjoyed your lecture last night. I apologize for trying to make you look a fool.‘ Kandinski wasp 495 VH 1963
an expression of puckish charm. ‘My dear Charles, I do apologize for sending Quilter to you, but the servants have leftp 40 D 1965
then raised a hand to pacify the doctor. ‘Sanders, I apologize, of course. But there was no other way. Try top 25 CW 1966
it must have been fun.‘ ‘Well ...‘ Lamely, Halloway tried to apologize. He helped her down the ladder, relieved when she wasp 898 UC 1976
smarter Thames Valley housing estates, I actually heard the hostess apologize for ‘the books‘, a row of a dozen book-club titlesp 167 UGM 1978
to cancel the consultation. ‘The Mother Superior asks me to apologize to Prof. Derain but the child is simply too distraughtp 1001 HFF 1980
pounding feet, expecting the bare-chested Chinese to come back and apologize. Then he picked himself up, brushed the dust from hisp 45 ES 1984
darkness, and moved defensively towards the wheelhouse. I wanted to apologize to her, and reassure her how much I admired herp 147 DC 1987
very sorry, and Mr. Sanger asked him very nicely to apologize. Mrs. Stacey: Graham was always playing with his computer, addingp 53 RW 1988
force him to show his hand. ‘Mr Prentice, I must apologize ...‘ Senor Danvila hurried towards me, mournful face agitated by yetp 77 CN 1996
see me. ‘It looks as if you'll live -- I apologize for the uppercut. I'd forgotten how strong a frightened womanp 85 CN 1996
me in the corridor, almost running me down. Pausing to apologize, she was amazed to find that I existed. Over thep 24 MP 2003
her. Sally noticed his concerned smile, and I heard her apologize for not inviting him in for a drink. They wavedp 113 MP 2003
now that she was awake. ‘Sorry to startle you,‘ I apologized. ‘But you were getting too close to the reef.‘ Shep 211 S5 1961
ears -- ‘ ... six international blacklists, sue me for misrepresentation ...‘ He apologized effusively to Mme Charcot, and assured her that the monotonousp 399 TSS 1962
of wooden railing. ‘Sorry about the noise, Mr Renthall,‘ Mulvaney apologized. ‘We should be finished by tomorrow.‘ ‘What's going on?‘ Renthallp 388 WT 1962
Dr Clifton in his room below. ‘Excuse me, Doctor,‘ he apologized, ‘but would you mind seeing me on a professional matterp 391 WT 1962
have the Hinton file?‘ ‘Er, I regret not, sir,‘ Normand apologized, his eyes moving from Booth to the Director. ‘I gatherp 527 MO 1963
square foot.‘ ‘That's rather mean,‘ I commented. ‘The property manager apologized, but Van Stratten is a millionaire -- money means nothingp 544 SG 1963
Dr. Ransom, please rest for a moment,‘ the old negro apologized. ‘I am sorry to be this burden to you.‘ ‘Notp 87 D 1965
blue flames. ‘Miss Chanel, the clouds are like madmen,‘ I apologized. ‘There's a storm on its way.‘ She looked up atp 754 CSC 1967
heel, jarring my elbow with his boom microphone. As he apologized a uniformed commissionaire jostled past me. An altercation had brokenp 109 C 1973
the last refuge of the bully. ‘Of course, Wilder,‘ I apologized. ‘I'm behind the times. Jane showed me round Freud's housep 258 SC 2000
skin of her face seemed grey and toneless. She often apologized for the bloody stools in the lavatory that she forgotp 319 SC 2000
night. Often she reached home before I did. She always apologized, smiling hopelessly over a social gaffe, as if she hadp 144 MP 2003
see. In a moment everyone in the studio will start apologizing.‘ Helen peered at the screen. ‘I don't think we've seenp 12 E 1956
My name is Sanders, of the Fort Isabelle leproserie.‘ After apologizing for their mistake, the customs men glanced at each otherp 21 CW 1966
the cabin door opened sharply, jarring his elbow. With an apology Ventress stepped in, nodding to Sanders. ‘I beg your pardonp 20 CW 1966
go to Mont Royal.‘ The remark seemed by way of apology for earlier suspicions, but Sanders found himself laughing defensively. Withp 59 CW 1966
woman, and felt that I should launch into a formal apology for her husband's death and the appalling act of violencep 71 C 1973
of a tobacco kiosk before veering into Halloway's path. Without apology, he drummed his fist on the roof above Halloway's headp 916 UC 1976
threw it in the sea.‘ Neil raised his palms in apology. ‘I lit the fire again for Inger and Trudi. I'mp 139 RP 1994
so sharply that my head struck the window pillar. Without apology, he drove three hundred yards into the park, and stoppedp 194 SC 2000
his elbow catching my chest, then gripped my arms in apology and plunged away through the crowd. A rush of painp 45 MP 2003
the living-room walls. ‘Richard ...‘ I tried to skirt around an apology. ‘I meant the hospital. The children's wing.‘ ‘Bedfont? You thinkp 274 MP 2003
the strong chin and the broad mouth forever downturned in apology. ‘Sergeant Falconer ...?‘ I moved towards her as she beckoned top 248 KC 2006
to do now is pump them full of honey and apomorphine and coax them out. Suppose they refuse?‘ ‘They won't,‘ Neillp 66 M69 1957
and Mangon swung round in alarm to see her gibbering apoplectically, pointing helplessly to her throat. He stared at her bewilderedp 123 SS 1960
my obtuseness. ‘Can't you understand? Once I was a true apostate -- I knew God existed but could not believe inp 625 IM 1964
return to the Everglades. As the example of that brave apostate priest who gave the cross to me illustrates, there isp 627 IM 1964
of us of our own physical and temporal identity. However apostate we may be in this world, there perforce we becomep 627 IM 1964
Sanders's obtuseness. ‘Can't you understand? Once I was a true apostate -- I knew God existed but could not believe inp 162 CW 1966
them in their courses. As the example of that brave apostate priest who gave the cross to me illustrates, there isp 169 CW 1966
of us of our own physical and temporal identities. However apostate we may be in this world, there perforce we becomep 169 CW 1966
it encouragingly. ‘You don't realize it, David, but you're the apostle of a new kind of alienation. You should move intop 136 MP 2003
we may be in this world, there perforce we become apostles of the prismatic sun. So, when my convalescence is completep 627 IM 1964
we may be in this world, there perforce we become apostles of the prismatic sun. So when my recovery is completep 169 CW 1966
prayer-books and hymnals, of the gilt-framed portraits of saints and apostles which he heaped into the wooden crate, convinced me thatp 76 UDC 1979
All around us were fragments of stained glass, pieces of apostles, saints and sacred animals which reflected the leaping flames ofp 184 UDC 1979
in 1957 and proved wholly wrong), or they attempt to apostrophize science fiction in terms of individual personalities, hopelessly rivalling thep 207 UGM 1971
here!‘ Ransom hurried off down the drive, aware of Lomax apostrophizing to himself on the steps. Quilter and the cheetah werep 73 D 1965