remotely interested in reclaiming the throne. But heirs there were aplenty. A Manchu emperor might have one empress, two secondary consortsp 249 UGM 1993
her to leave. For once, however, he had lost his aplomb. Leaning forward from the waist, eyes focused myopically, he wasp 798 SGW 1970
Salvador Dali's exploding madonnas, an enigma serenely riding out the apocalypse. To Tony Sapphire and the rest of her followers alongp 208 S5 1961
nudged his elbow. ‘Come on,‘ I murmured. ‘This is the apocalypse. Let's go.‘ Nevers turned on me icily, noticing, apparently forp 396 TSS 1962
Mason's complete calm in the face of this terrifying unconscious apocalypse. Tired by his walk, Mason sat down on a lowp 474 NWS 1963
such as Charles Kandinski will be the fathers of its apocalypse.‘ ‘You make him sound like a titanic figure,‘ Ward remarkedp 498 VH 1963
their voices following me down the mountainside. THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION Apocalypse. A disquieting feature of this annual exhibition -- to whichp 9 AE 1966
hand. ‘Not now, major. Look at what arrives -- my apocalypse ...‘ A white Rolls-Royce, driven by a chauffeur in braided creamp 747 CSC 1967
along the motorway from the airport. Symbols in a machine apocalypse, they seeded the cores of unknown memories in the furniturep 19 UD 1968
even a small helicopter hovering overhead would seem like the apocalypse ... ‘Then there's the Gangsters,‘ Heinz was explaining. ‘They used top 67 HA 1981
the popular arts of our age, classical myth and scientific apocalypse collide and fuse. Like most of my fellow s-f writersp 17 UGM 1987
appear. Many of these films, from The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now to Coining Home and Born on the Fourth ofp 12 UGM 1991
angle. Nonetheless, two great lines survive the unending gunfire: from Apocalypse Now, Colonel Kilgore's ‘I love the smell of napalm inp 12 UGM 1991
Borneo and the Celebes. Thanks in part to Francis Coppola's Apocalypse Now, Conrad is chiefly identified with his short novel, Heartp 114 UGM 1991
inmate in the cosmic madhouse. New Worlds Hitman for the Apocalypse Literary Outlaw: The Life and Times of William S. Burroughsp 131 UGM 1991
Times of William S. Burroughs Ted Morgan Hitman for the apocalypse in his trench coat and snap-brim fedora, William Burroughs stepsp 131 UGM 1991
the B-29s had brought to Nagasaki the second day of apocalypse, were a powerful incitement to the psychotic imagination, sanctioning everythingp 102 KW 1991
human race could only be fulfilled in an obliterating sexual apocalypse, replayed in an infinity of slow-motion photography. Fragments of derangedp 176 KW 1991
its pages, as in our lives, archaic myth and scientific apocalypse collide and fuse. However naively, it has tried to respondp 194 UGM 1993
of the atomic test explosions, portents of a now forgotten apocalypse, had played an important part in drawing him to thep 33 RP 1994
guilt over his father's cancer and the fantasies of nuclear apocalypse that presided over Saint-Esprit. She had known, long before Neilp 237 RP 1994
that he would soon overreach himself and drive his demented apocalypse into the buffers. He pressed me to join one ofp 279 SC 2000
At the time, I thought she was joking. The Upholstered Apocalypse ‘They're all a little mad,‘ I told Sally, pointing top 67 MP 2003
I might write a paper about the phenomenon. "The Upholstered Apocalypse." The middle classes have moved from charity work and civicp 67 MP 2003
one is poetic, emergent, something straight out of the primal apocalyptic sea. She's probably divine.‘ The woman was strolling around thep 2 PB 1956
last in unison, they hymned out the finale of Bruckner's Apocalyptic Symphony. I went into Carol's bedroom, fortunately on the otherp 46 VS 1957
by their occupants to sustain alone the terrors of some apocalyptic air raid. Most of the smaller office buildings had beenp 62 WFN 1961
ambling pedestrians. Overhead, like the assault craft from which some apocalyptic air-raid would be launched, the watch-towers hung down from thep 392 WT 1962
their beckoning zeros, a soundless thunder like the drumming of apocalyptic hoof-irons. His mood of foreboding had given way to onep 512 EG 1963
trails drifting across the sky like gigantic fragments of an apocalyptic message. Looking around, he realized that Kandinski must have walkedp 495 VH 1963
of the concluding chapter of The Ticket, as the whole apocalyptic landscape of Burroughs's world closes in upon itself now andp 129 UGM 1964
Bones, transforming the whole image of the crucifixion into an apocalyptic vision of the resurrection and judgment of mankind. From thisp 575 LL 1964
they transformed the open plain beyond the city into an apocalyptic landscape. From the roof of his house, Ransom watched thep 35 D 1965
the landscape seemed to Crispin like the morning after some apocalyptic battle of the heavens, the corpses like those of fallenp 702 SBD 1966
period, as Trabert prepared for his departure, the elements of apocalyptic landscapes waited on the horizons of his mind, wrecked helicoptersp 44 DM 1967
them from the horizon, turning the small valley into an apocalyptic landscape, the two men formed an uneasy alliance. Forbis lookedp 790 PTD 1969
New York, Tokyo and London resembled medieval towns on an apocalyptic saint's day. Heads raised to the skies, millions knelt inp 843 LDG 1976
buildings send up huge flames. We leave behind us an apocalyptic sky filled with immense swaying columns of black smoke. Breakingp 96 HA 1981
Manila. Pencil drawings supplied by a neutral news agency showed apocalyptic scenes of smoke rising from the slumped American battleships. Nowp 53 ES 1984
published his ‘Cosmological Testament‘, a Blakean farrago of nature mysticism, apocalyptic fantasy and pseudo-mathematical proofs of the nonexistence of space-time ... Allp 1093 OOA 1984
and Me and the Continuum," he is at his most apocalyptic, appearing as the second coming of Christ. Deserts possess ap 81 YMCa 1990
diary with great literary flair, while Manson has a unique apocalyptic style. "Paycheck whore wears a dollar bill gown to thep 31 AWa 1990
head, the debris perhaps of gigantic letters spelling out an apocalyptic message. ‘What do they say, Jamie?‘ Peggy called to mep 49 KW 1991
lying down together in a placid high street. Fantasies of apocalyptic death fuelled the imaginations of these comfortable suburbanites. I wasp 176 KW 1991
Soho porn theatres, or the fans of certain kinds of apocalyptic science fiction. Whenever the criminal subjects winced with pain orp 240 KW 1991
horde. Throughout the novel, West brilliantly counterpoints scenes from Hackett's apocalyptic canvas with events that he observes in the Hollywood demi-mondep 122 UGM 1993
the gatehouse were the streets of the deserted estate, an apocalyptic vision deprived of its soundtrack. Protest banners sagged from thep 3 MP 2003
the Charing Cross Road. Central London was dressed for an apocalyptic day. Arson in a film library clearly touched deep layersp 141 MP 2003
some deep dream of rural peace. Childhood arsonists carried their apocalyptic fantasies into adult life. Fire and flight seemed to fillp 178 MP 2003
for trying to raise her spirits. ‘Isn't that a little ...?‘ ‘Apocalyptic?‘ William Sangster stepped into the kitchen, his large bulk blockingp 163 KC 2006
on his plump and babyish cheeks, like a faulty disguise. ‘Apocalyptic ...‘ I repeated. ‘A few stones? Just a little.‘ ‘I hopep 164 KC 2006
fantasy was probably true. ‘Do you think Julia is being apocalyptic? Richard?‘ ‘As it happens, I don't. It's ugly, very uglyp 164 KC 2006
Proust as the closest thing to a Valium. Even more apocalyptically, John Boorman guesses that not only the lens may becomep 24 UGM 1993
subtle memories and are far too sensitive -- there's the apocryphal story of the millionaire of plebian origins who was literallyp 308 TDS 1962
as if searching for something among them -- there were apocryphal stories, which many townsfolk believed, that the beaks of thep 699 SBD 1966
Memories such as these outlived their wearers. There was the apocryphal story of the murderer absconding in a stolen overcoat whop 802 SGW 1970
so later something woke me. A bright moon was at apogee, moving behind strands of pale green cloud that cast ap 211 S5 1961
knew only too well, sonic sculpture was now nearing the apogee of its abstract phase; twelve-tone blips and zooms were allp 397 TSS 1962
calls ‘sages of dual civilization‘ -- Sade, Lautreamont, Jarry and Apollinaire, synthesist poets well aware of the role of the sciencesp 85 UGM 1966
egg on their ties. We can reassure ourselves that Jarry, Apollinaire and Picasso laughed at Rousseau, and admit that we toop 97 UGM 1969
engraver and inscribed on the tomb an epitaph written by Apollinaire: ‘Dear Rousseau, can you hear us? ... let our luggage passp 98 UGM 1969
pays, 172, 247, 367, 453 Anaxagoras, 35, 67, 69-78, 481 Apollinaire, 98 Arden, Elizabeth, 189, 194, 376-84 Autobiography of Alice Bp 940 I 1977
poetry, biography and philosophy, their choice ranges from Aristotle and Apollinaire to Rabelais, Richard Wagner and Nathanael West. Some of thep 236 UGM 1986
with her powerful motorcycle, acting in a pornographic play by Apollinaire that the proctors had banned, smuggling boyfriends overnight into herp 105 KW 1991
an operating table of a sewing machine and an umbrella‘. Apollinaire's erotic-scientific poetry is full of aircraft and the symbols ofp 85 UGM 1966
Damn it, all it's trying to do is ban Project Apollo. An excellent idea, I have always maintained; only the professionalp 489 VH 1963
were all too apparent -- the expected success of Project Apollo and subsequent landings on Mars and Venus would, if nothingp 491 VH 1963
of the instrumented lunar flights. The anticipated budget for the Apollo programme (in a moment of grim humour he had calculatedp 498 VH 1963
on the false deaths of the three astronauts in the Apollo capsule, and on the eroded landscapes which the volunteers inp 43 DM 1967
radio stations. The deaths of the three astronauts in the Apollo capsule were a failure of the code that contained thep 44 DM 1967
picked him up in the basement cinema after the secret Apollo film, impelled by his exhausted eyes and the torn flyingp 45 DM 1967
nightmare, grimaced at him like the exposed corpses in the Apollo capsule, the victims of a thousand auto crashes. (3) ‘Thep 45 DM 1967
a huge environmental tableau, a mobile psychodrama which recapitulates the Apollo disaster in terms of both Dealey Plaza and the experimentalp 48 DM 1967
junctions, like the first act of homosexual intercourse inside an Apollo capsule. The volumes of Helen's thighs pressing against my hipsp 80 C 1973
to reveal the psychological effects of space travel upon the Apollo and Skylab astronauts, but the latter can't all have beenp 230 UGM 1979
shadowy and mysterious a figure as Captain Scott, steering the Apollo moon-craft down to its safe landing with all the swaggerp 273 UGM 1979
Mercury flights that tested the runways of space before the Apollo moon-programme. All but one of the group, Scott Carpenter, werep 274 UGM 1979
are paved with gold!‘ Later, when they beached the SS Apollo against the derelict Cunard pier at the lower tip ofp 7 HA 1981
the long night watch at eight that morning -- the Apollo had anchored half a mile from the Brooklyn shore, presumablyp 7 HA 1981
the rail, waiting impatiently while the antique engines of the Apollo, clearly exhausted by the seven-week voyage across, the Atlantic, labouredp 8 HA 1981
rarest treasures in preparation for just his visit. Behind the Apollo was the massive span of the Verrazano Narrows suspension bridgep 8 HA 1981
and he would move the world, if not the SS Apollo. Edison and Henry Ford would have been proud of himp 9 HA 1981
and opportunity. Nor was McNair alone in this -- the Apollo carried an invisible cargo of dreams and private motives. Asp 10 HA 1981
was certain that Steiner, like everyone else on board the Apollo, harboured secret ambitions of his own. After his discovery inp 10 HA 1981
Base after a test flight, and the recovery of an Apollo capsule from the Pacific. There was a special bicentennial supplementp 11 HA 1981
am ... A sharp spray rose from the cutwater of the Apollo and stung Wayne's cheeks. Steiner was ringing down to thep 13 HA 1981
For the first time since he had stowed aboard the Apollo, Wayne felt a sudden sense of companionship, almost of commitmentp 14 HA 1981
shrouds as if frightened that the increased speed of the Apollo might lift him off his little feet and carry himp 15 HA 1981
changed her name from Sommer half an hour before the Apollo sailed from Plymouth. But now the serene, far-away look hadp 16 HA 1981
and Jersey shorelines. Conspicuously, the only composed person aboard the Apollo was Captain Steiner. As everyone crowded the rail, cheering onp 16 HA 1981
he glanced at Wayne in an almost conspiratorial way. The Apollo was now racing like a twelve-metre sloop through the choppyp 16 HA 1981
of rainbowing spray that lifted off the starboard bow. The Apollo changed course to avoid the tilting flight-deck of the USSp 17 HA 1981
of them, a demented sea-captain in an opera. As the Apollo leapt through the spray, porpoising over the black, spit-flecked wavesp 18 HA 1981
shipped to Europe. ‘Captain Steiner -- three fathoms!‘ As the Apollo ran down the last of the water there was ap 18 HA 1981
main-mast shrouds, trying to find safety in the sky. The Apollo had lost momentum, its speed cut by half. The sailsp 19 HA 1981
his bruised knees, Steiner had matter-of-factly taken the wheel. The Apollo swung clockwise in the water, its sails limp in thep 19 HA 1981
of an immense reclining woman. Almost as long as the Apollo she rested on a bed of concrete blocks, the ruinsp 20 HA 1981
their domain, peering up at the dripping bulk of the Apollo, Anne held her handsome nose. ‘Wayne, she must be somep 20 HA 1981
Statue of Liberty!‘ They stared into the water beside the Apollo. The lamp held aloft for generations of immigrants from thep 21 HA 1981
water. A heavy black smoke billowed from the funnel. The Apollo made way, dipping cumbersomely through the waves. The cold pump-waterp 21 HA 1981
had made its first discovery! From that moment, as the Apollo limped, bow decks awash, towards New York harbour, Wayne resolvedp 22 HA 1981
paradises of the west. Secret Cargoes Landfall! At last the Apollo had negotiated the boom of wrecked ships in the entrancep 23 HA 1981
of the pumps, and the confidence that even if the Apollo foundered they could swim ashore, the crew and expedition membersp 23 HA 1981
the crew and expedition members had fallen silent. When the Apollo buried its wounded bows in the wet silt everyone gatheredp 23 HA 1981
tide, and prayed that the silence and calm aboard the Apollo would not give way to a sudden, greedy stampede. Therep 23 HA 1981
a golden cape at the helm of a new gold-plated Apollo ready for its return voyage in triumph to Plymouth andp 24 HA 1981
Neil Armstrong on the Moon. When the vacancy on the Apollo was posted McNair had been serving as second engineer aboardp 25 HA 1981
be part of the inland expedition. Now, having propelled the Apollo across the Atlantic, he was ready to step ashore andp 25 HA 1981
empty city, reminding himself that the principal mission of the Apollo expedition was to investigate the small but significant increase inp 26 HA 1981
sure that Steiner had deliberately ruptured the bows of the Apollo across the submerged statue. The scattered American communities in Westernp 28 HA 1981
down. At Steiner's prompting they unanimously accepted Wayne's suggestion, the Apollo. A sentimental gesture, an invitation to think big instead ofp 28 HA 1981
in the laboratory despite Ricci's protests and seasickness. Clearly the Apollo would be in no position for some time to evacuatep 31 HA 1981
decisions to be made. But he had beached the leaking Apollo as planned on the silt bank beside the Cunard pierp 32 HA 1981
members, while Steiner watched from the bridge of the abandoned Apollo. Orlowski took the lead, solar topee protecting his bald headp 34 HA 1981
covered their faces and shoulders. Deciding to return to the Apollo, Wayne set off down the Avenue, picking his way amongp 37 HA 1981
the way? We were going to be rich, load the Apollo with a cargo of El Dorados, trade the damned stuffp 38 HA 1981
A cracked golden smile parted McNair's lips. ‘We'll fit the Apollo with wheels and sail her to the Rockies.‘ He gavep 38 HA 1981
home on his horse than on the bridge of the Apollo. The heat and the desert light, the unsettled mare churningp 39 HA 1981
overexcited by its own shadow? As they returned to the Apollo, Wayne watched the Captain with renewed respect. Groups of sailorsp 39 HA 1981
compression chambers. When Steiner and the sailors returned to the Apollo, Wayne dismounted outside a sand-filled automobile showroom on Park Avenuep 43 HA 1981
sat late into the night on the deck of the Apollo, crew and passengers together. Under the pleasant glow of thep 44 HA 1981
of America. Thirstland Ten days after the arrival of the Apollo in New York harbour, a small expedition set off onp 51 HA 1981
brought back all the excitement he had felt when the Apollo sailed into New York harbour. Shielding his eyes from thep 51 HA 1981
and the scientific instruments -- half the laboratory from the Apollo packed into dozens of saddlebags. ‘Orlowski, can you call Steinerp 52 HA 1981
kelp and sit it out on the beach until the Apollo arrived. All the same, they needed Wayne. If he chosep 54 HA 1981
While Orlowski and Steiner argued over the future of the Apollo, the expedition had been in danger of breaking up. Everyonep 55 HA 1981
had undergone the most marked sea-change. As far as the Apollo was concerned, the Captain had abandoned ship in all sensesp 56 HA 1981
that he would be happy to stay behind with the Apollo and supervise the repairs while the Captain accompanied the expeditionp 56 HA 1981
the expedition down to Washington. In two months‘ time the Apollo would pick them up and sail on to Miami. Butp 56 HA 1981
briefly by radio to McNair as the repairs to the Apollo neared completion, but the seismograph and radiation counters sat inp 74 HA 1981
lied calmly. ‘I sat in Lindbergh's plane and in the Apollo 9 moonship.‘ He was glad to indulge their enthusiasms. Steinerp 75 HA 1981
by radio to McNair the previous afternoon. Seaworthy again, the Apollo would set sail in three days‘ time for Norfolk, Virginiap 79 HA 1981
Norfolk, Virginia, and rendezvous there with the expedition. ‘Captain, the Apollo will soon be here. There's enough fodder aboard for sixp 79 HA 1981
Wayne's reference to his former command had briefly touched. ‘The Apollo -- you're right, Wayne. But I wasn't really thinking ofp 79 HA 1981
very true, and good reason for us to rejoin the Apollo before we get carried away. I want Dr Ricci top 82 HA 1981
pointed at the cracked windows. ‘We've lost contact with the Apollo. I think McNair and the crew are all dead!‘ ‘Professorp 83 HA 1981
my best to the Captain, you can tell him the Apollo looks even more handsome than the SS Lenin ...‘ As thep 85 HA 1981
that golden coast McNair saw from the deck of the Apollo a few weeks before he died. But Ricci just satp 96 HA 1981
distinctly hear the sounds of a steam-whistle hooting. Was the Apollo about to sail up across the evening desert, converted perhapsp 103 HA 1981
New York. During their last week of work on the Apollo, McNair had discovered the three steam-cars in a Brooklyn warehousep 107 HA 1981
were screaming blue Fermis. We dropped all work on the Apollo, stoked up the steam-cars with coal from the ship's bunkersp 107 HA 1981
in Dodge City. He had left the crew of the Apollo behind in Washington. None of the sailors, all deep-water saltp 109 HA 1981
-- I never trusted him myself. His cabin aboard the Apollo was packed with weapons, he must have raided every gun-storep 111 HA 1981
middle and late twentieth century. Wayne recognised them all, the Apollo space vehicle, the Titan and Minuteman missiles in their silosp 137 HA 1981
son of a Dublin secretary to the leadership of the Apollo expedition. But should he remain here with this strange reclusep 139 HA 1981
stations on the east coast. They must have spotted the Apollo expedition as soon as we docked in New York harbourp 143 HA 1981
the first show of tenderness he could remember since the Apollo. ‘You crossed a continent and brought us here. Las Vegasp 197 HA 1981
under the peaked cap. Steiner! So the captain of the Apollo had survived the desert around Dodge City. Wayne remembered himp 214 HA 1981
challenge that had forced him to take command of the Apollo expedition. If only Steiner realised what he and Manson hadp 214 HA 1981
Grande, coming to terms with his failure to lead the Apollo expedition and facing up to the fact that he hadp 229 HA 1981
closed around them. Then, almost in the shadow of the Apollo 12 gantry, Sheppard had seen the nightclub. Startled by itsp 1062 MNF 1982
shown by the original astronauts in the decades after the Apollo programme, the retreat into mysticism and silence. Could it bep 1065 MNF 1982
who by now could be hiding atop one of the Apollo gantries, Sheppard decided to return to his motel. He feltp 1074 MNF 1982
the first true Space Age.‘ ‘Not the second? So the Apollo flights were ...?‘ ‘Misconceived.‘ Sheppard gestured at the Marey chronograms onp 1076 MNF 1982
-- it's really about time, not space, like all the Apollo flights. We think of it as a kind of madnessp 1078 MNF 1982
age. Through a break in the canopy Sheppard saw the Apollo 12 gantry rising through the high oaks like the bladep 1079 MNF 1982
trip-balanced hutches, Sheppard noticed that they all pointed towards the Apollo gantries. So Martinsen was now frightened, not of Sheppard, butp 1080 MNF 1982
sandbars of Cape Kennedy and Merrit Island. Hung from the Apollo gantries, a canopy of diamond air stretched across the forestp 1083 MNF 1982
days of aviation could summon the sleeping titans of the Apollo programme from their graves beneath the cracked concrete. Giving upp 1037 MSA 1982
in the police?‘ Mallory took her hand, touching the heavy Apollo signet ring she wore on her wedding finger. From somewherep 1046 MSA 1982
people remember Hinton.‘ ‘I remember Hinton.‘ As she fingered the Apollo signet ring he asked: ‘You're not married to him?‘ ‘Top 1047 MSA 1982
the curtain came down on the space age. A former Apollo pilot, Shepley had been a dedicated but likable young manp 1048 MSA 1982
the disciplined service pilots who had furnished the Mercury and Apollo flight-crews. Hinton had the intense and obsessive temperament of ap 1048 MSA 1982
Prince Charles, Princess Diana ... The US Ambassador, Dr Billy Graham, Apollo astronaut Colonel Tom Stamford, Mr Henry Ford III, Mr Jamesp 1092 OOA 1984
prosecuted by British Telecom. Registered private patents on video-games ‘Target Apollo‘ and ‘Shuttle Attack‘, 1981. Numerous convictions for assault, possession ofp 1093 OOA 1984
cerebral cortex, the epidermis of a sleeping giant whom the Apollo and Skylab astronauts will awake with their splashdowns. All thep 1094 OOA 1984
deputy ground controller, Skylab III. 1974, rumoured commander of secret Apollo 20 mission to the Moon which landed remote-controlled nuclear missilep 1095 OOA 1984
from the altar of the Mare Imbrium. Already two former Apollo astronauts have joined this crusade, resigning their directorships of Avisp 1098 OOA 1984
the disease stored up for the human race by the Apollo astronauts. I believe in nothing. I believe in Max Ernstp 37 WIB 1984
Copacabana Beach. Apparently he had flown on one of the Apollo missions from Cape Kennedy in the 1970s, and his long-jawedp 1107 MWM 1985
had lost his pilot's licence and whose knowledge of the Apollo flights had been mugged up from newspapers and television programmesp 1108 MWM 1985
interesting to hear your opinions. You are Commander Scranton, the Apollo astronaut?‘ ‘That is correct.‘ ‘Good. I wondered how you viewedp 1109 MWM 1985
for their realism.‘ ‘Well ... you have to understand that the Apollo teams brought back a lot of film footage.‘ ‘I'm surep 1109 MWM 1985
and special supplements of the Rio newspapers devoted to the Apollo space-flights and the moon landings. The familiar images of Armstrongp 1111 MWM 1985
a crop-spraying company in Florida throughout the years of the Apollo programme. Nonetheless, Scranton had travelled in space. He had knownp 1114 MWM 1985
realist novel still dominant then had exhausted itself. During the Apollo flights I half-hoped that one of the spacecraft would returnp 84 YMCa 1990
years, from Gagarin's first flight in 1961 to the first Apollo splashdown not shown live on TV in 1975, a consequencep 43 DMa 1990
only chance. Let's face it, middle-aged America has hijacked the Apollo programme. Men older than your bank manager will land onp 184 KW 1991
interplanetary brain. Modernism -- The Gothic of the information age. Apollo mission -- The first demonstration, arranged for our benefit byp 280 UGM 1992
huge funds needed to achieve them. The triumph of the Apollo landing on the moon in 1969 had shown that thep 1175 MFM 1992
means almost nothing. There are no teapots shaped like an Apollo spacecraft. Chromium, the most futuristic of all materials, is disapprovedp 193 UGM 1993
and paranoid, like German medieval armour. One reason why the Apollo moon-landings failed to touch our imaginations is that science fictionp 193 UGM 1993
souvenirs of Estrella de Mar -- miniaturized busts of the Apollo Belvedere, art deco lampshades and videos of Stoppard and Rattiganp 162 CN 1996