residents, had now largely broken down, individual groups drifting into apathy or paranoia. Everywhere people were retreating into their apartments, evenp 120 HR 1975
to the cart, clinging to the throne like an immense ape, picked up the alligator's head and clamped it down overp 139 DW 1962
the tomb. Bridges whooped with surprise, gaping like a startled ape at the sumptuous golden mirage of the enchantress. ‘How didp 469 TT 1963
dead sun in your brain slowly fading -- Migrants of ape in gasoline crack of history, explosive bio-advance out of spacep 129 UGM 1964
Kahn's The Emerging Japanese Superstate and Desmond Morris's The Naked Ape, it shows up the weaknesses of this new hybrid formp 165 UGM 1974
of breasts and buttocks, for example -- and The Naked Ape and Manwatching even hint at a new kind of novelp 168 UGM 1978
closed inside my head. The Scent of Death ‘FIVE MURDERS APE more than enough, Mr Prentice. We have no wish forp 93 CN 1996
family Jeeps and Land Rovers, teasing the well-bred boys who aped the latest black teen fads. ‘It's all rather nice.‘ Sallyp 293 MP 2003
of conversation, particularly when sustained by a few rounds of aperitif, and it would be at least eleven-thirty before he leftp 7 DW 1962
even more than the ‘vitamin‘ shot she injected as an aperitif while Neil hunted the forest path for kindling. When thep 169 RP 1994
the three doors there appeared to be no fault or aperture of even the most minute size anywhere on their surfacep 61 M69 1957
canister. Leaning forward, with his hands he pushed a small aperture among the flowers. Directly in front of him he couldp 133 SS 1960
them. Mangon propped the nozzle of the sonovac into the aperture, bent down, plugged in the lead and switched on. Justp 133 SS 1960
to crawl along the bottom of the ditch toward the aperture in the tunnel. The wind drove overhead like an expressp 81 WFN 1961
shutting out the light that had burst through the first aperture. Maitland stumbled back, shielding his head from the falling rubblep 88 WFN 1961
to the emergency door, where it disappeared through a small aperture. Satisfied, he returned to the set, unwound a power leadp 126 WFN 1961
glass spat against the walls of the corridor. Through the aperture Marshall saw Symington kicked headlong by the force of thep 130 WFN 1961
angle irons, they forced the sharp ends into the narrow aperture between the door and the concrete wall, slowly levered thep 174 WFN 1961
a step in one of the walls. Through the open aperture he looked out into the huge ravine below, like thep 182 WFN 1961
the villa. Kneeling down, he pushed his hand through the aperture and tried to lift the pinion, jerking it up andp 515 EG 1963
view of the bows. The two sailors climbed through the aperture and took up their positions fore and aft, boat-hooks atp 440 QR 1963
tissue, and a gust of fetid gas blew through an aperture between the ribs. Retreating from the fouled air, which hungp 646 DG 1964
and within a few minutes he had opened a circular aperture three or four yards wide. He dragged the branch overp 99 CW 1966
a tree, he helped Sanders carry the body to the aperture above the water. Each holding one end of the boughp 99 CW 1966
painful as the drawing of an exposed organ through the aperture of a surgical wound. I have watched copulating couples movingp 17 C 1973
certain that I had died, and that through the narrow aperture of my survival another world was spilling through into thisp 137 UDC 1979
knot from the soft pine, forced the barrel into the aperture and wrenched the plank from its joists. Like a talcumedp 254 DC 1987
pulled the bricks from the soft mortar, steadily enlarging the aperture. The distant lights of the airfield threw silhouettes of thep 43 KW 1991
and a dusty light filtered through the leaves beyond the aperture, but Neil could see the white rag that lay inp 131 RP 1994
joined Halder and pointed to the puncture points. A third aperture was filled with a plug of Ciment Fondu. I lookedp 197 SC 2000
pink-grey dough, deformed by various ridges and grooves, split by apertures that opened and closed like the vents of some curiousp 253 OM 1961
broke through the side of the cliff and through the apertures Lanyon could see across to the sheer brownstone face twentyp 93 WFN 1961
entering vehicles. Maitland searched the face of the pyramid for apertures, but its surface was smooth and unbroken. Gradually, as thep 157 WFN 1961
shallow basins extending across the atoll. Above him, the five apertures looked out upon this scene like the tutelary symbols ofp 593 TB 1964
the wounds on her neck and shoulder, in these sexual apertures formed by fragmenting windshield louvres and dashboard dials, in ap 179 C 1973
stylized postures. Each would place his lips on those bleeding apertures, lay his own nasal septum against the lesions of herp 189 C 1973
of an obsessive armourer, surrounded their hips and thighs, discreet apertures provided for whatever natural functions were still left to thesep 109 SC 2000
and crosspieces, reached up from the plinth to a triangular apex. Clamped on to this was a jagged structure that atp 40 VS 1957
into the driveway he saw the girl standing on the apex of the yellow-ribbed dome, her slim figure silhouetted against thep 174 VT 1960
left of one corner, stood up 15 feet above the apex of the roof. The wind was tearing at the rawp 35 WFN 1961
shift again. By now the pyramid was almost complete. Its apex overtopped the steel windshields, and a subsidiary line of shieldsp 90 WFN 1961
pyramid. One by one, peering up briefly at the grey apex shining above them into the black reeling air, they madep 116 WFN 1961
sides 100 feet across at the base, tapering to the apex 80 feet above. The tractor was now about a quarterp 156 WFN 1961
distance he could see its straight profiles, the perfectly pointed apex, cleaving the dark air stream like the prow of ap 156 WFN 1961
the walls around them soar upward into the air, the apex of the pyramid disappear. Seconds later the rectangular outlines ofp 157 WFN 1961
the wind rose up tumultuously. From Hardoon's suite in the apex they took a small elevator down through the matrix ofp 167 WFN 1961
up, Maitland tried to identify the observation window in the apex, but it was hidden behind the dark clouds of detonatingp 182 WFN 1961
its massive bulk rose over the clouds of debris, its apex pointed obliquely downward, resting on its left-hand face. Then thep 183 WFN 1961
of a planetarium, was suspended from the roof over the apex of the dome, a TV camera directly below it, ap 327 13C 1962
a childhood fairy tale. The circular fan light at the apex of the dome was covered by a retractable metal screenp 97 DW 1962
and plants. The warning light winked at intervals from the apex of a metal scaffold. The remains of a substantial campp 596 TB 1964
sky, then pointed to the blue star in the solar apex. ‘Perhaps in time. We're moving there. Read the sand, itp 86 YMC 1966
toneless face, marked by a scar that smeared the right apex of her mouth across her cheek. Her powerful hands movedp 46 JAC 1970
of the inner surface of her thighs and the left apex of her mouth, I uneasily prepared for Vaughan on thep 8 C 1973
running from the corner of her right eye to the apex of her mouth. With the nasolabial fold this new linep 43 C 1973
blonde pubic hair that curled like a flame from the apex of her vulva. Her loins seemed to have been furnishedp 46 C 1973
of the airport; I held the car carefully on the apex of the high-cambered surface, celebrating with Vaughan the exposed breastp 171 C 1973
the stitched vinyl inlay that traversed the triangle from its apex. It lay between us like a saintly relic, the fragmentp 188 C 1973
in the waste ground between three converging motorway routes. The apex of the island pointed towards the west and the decliningp 10 CI 1974
circuit below the overpass and joined the motorway at the apex of the island. Although no more than a hundred yardsp 10 CI 1974
the motorway. Where the two roads met, at the western apex, the earth slopes gave way to vertical concrete walls. Maitlandp 25 CI 1974
city. Three hundred yards to the west of the island's apex, beyond the junction of the motorway and the feeder roadp 43 CI 1974
from the wire-mesh fence below the overpass to the western apex. The concrete junction of the two motorway routes shone inp 102 CI 1974
wine to Jane Sheppard as he stared hard at the apex of the island. For a brief moment he had seenp 118 CI 1974
expressionless. Now and then a tic flickered in the right apex of her mouth, as if reflecting a tremor deep withinp 60 HR 1975
on the floor in a corner of the living-room, an apex of this untenanted cube. Feeling the pressure of his backp 164 HR 1975
again. Then I saw the brass plaque fastened to the apex of the teak tripod on which she sat. SERENA COCKAYNEp 866 S 1976
closely into Serena's face, seeing the faint fissures at the apex of her mouth, the minute veins in her cheek, ap 868 S 1976
on the stepped sides. The whole structure, from base to apex, was invaded by wild elders, moss and firethorn, the cloudsp 884 UC 1976
ironic humour. Row upon row, the grilles rose to the apex, cunningly welded together to form staircases and internal galleries. Forp 886 UC 1976
floors. There were no signs of Olds, but from the apex of the pyramid of radiator grilles Halloway could see thatp 922 UC 1976
the lateral cartilage. These incisions were carried forward over the apex of each of Her Majesty's nostrils and met centrally atp 19 QER 1976
had risen above Nevada, a nova pulsed in the southern apex of the state. ‘You've worked so hard, you can't destroyp 217 HA 1981
in Princess Margaret's temple running downward and backward to the apex of her ear. From here a crease ran toward herp 111 PMF 1990
of atomic tests, he imagined a bomb detonated at its apex, releasing a ball of plasma hotter than the sun. Forp 15 RP 1994
passenger window, I gazed at the dark triangle near the apex of the dome. It would soon be repaired, but forp 113 KC 2006
wall like the stand of a circular stadium. But the apex had collapsed, falling into the furnace of shops, hotels andp 276 KC 2006
allyl, and reputed, believe it or not, to be an aphrodisiac. Aioli, the sauce to end all garlic sauces, was inventedp 247 UGM 1993
work of government that they relied on the Templars of Aphrodite not merely to guard their wives from any marauding suitorsp 341 PE 1962
Miramar-Trauma Senso-channels. Dream-baths, vu-dromes, endocrine-galas. Darleen Costello is the current Aphrodite and Laurence Mandeli makes a versatile Lothario. Plug into thesep 347 PE 1962
and even the more conservative estimates of the budget for Aphrodite 80, the film we helped to make at Lagoon Westp 543 SG 1963
Stratten. To begin with, when we were first co-opted into Aphrodite 80, some of us were inclined to be amused byp 543 SG 1963
inertia. The prospect of actual work seemed almost a novelty. ‘Aphrodite 80,‘ Raymond Mayo explained when he returned to our tablep 544 SG 1963
wildly with the other. This was Orson Kanin, director of Aphrodite 80 and co-owner with Charles Van Stratten of Orpheus Productionsp 545 SG 1963
that no one had yet been found to play the Aphrodite of Aphrodite 80 but Charles Van Stratten interposed here top 546 SG 1963
one had yet been found to play the Aphrodite of Aphrodite 80 but Charles Van Stratten interposed here to assure Kaninp 546 SG 1963
disappointed, though not by the actress, may I add. The Aphrodite I have in mind will outshine Milos's.‘ ‘The film soundsp 546 SG 1963
explain her presence. His elaborate preparations for the filming of Aphrodite 80 almost complete, he became more and more preoccupied. Anp 549 SG 1963
in a labyrinth of tilting walls, the Orphic hero of Aphrodite 80 would appear searching for his lost Eurydice among thep 549 SG 1963
into speech. ‘They're for Charles Van Stratten's film,‘ I explained. ‘Aphrodite 80. The film about Orpheus he's making here.‘ I addedp 550 SG 1963
tell Kanin yet, but you've just met the star of Aphrodite 80.‘ ‘What?‘ Incredulously, I stopped. ‘Emerelda? Do you mean thatp 552 SG 1963
higher into the pale air. He had lost interest in Aphrodite 80. Fortunately Kanin had found that the painted desert ofp 554 SG 1963
had begun as a pleasant divertimento, a picturesque introduction to Aphrodite 80, had degenerated into a macabre charade, transforming the terracep 555 SG 1963
face as she broke its tinted surface like a death-born Aphrodite, by the compound fractures of their thighs impacted against theirp 8 C 1973
serenity from this resplendent sea, like those of a domestic Aphrodite seated calmly astride Poseidon. Although she was barely beyond herp 865 S 1976
housewife had vanished, and in her place was the naive Aphrodite I had first seen in the curio shop six monthsp 869 S 1976
and reconstitute the vast figure of some sleeping goddess, an Aphrodite born from a sea of dunes? Franklin had become obsessedp 1018 NFS 1981