whim of his. He assumed that Steele had trapped the apartment's owner, or a vagrant resident who had taken shelter herep 110 HR 1975
somewhere near the marina. Aligned together, they virtually pinpointed the apartment's location on the heights above Estrella de Mar. I satp 136 CN 1996
vagrants‘, of whom there were many in the high-rise, bored apartment-bound housewives and stay-at-home adult daughters who spent a large partp 32 HR 1975
for payment. Taking their cue from this, many of the apartment-house tenants defaulted on their rents. Instead of shopping at thep 918 UC 1976
made the crossing to the city. The downtown office-blocks and apartment-houses were still nearly ten miles away, but facing him acrossp 878 UC 1976
block, into the heart of the metropolis. The office-buildings and apartment-houses grew larger, but the centre of the city remained asp 881 UC 1976
glittering white cliff ribbed by jutting balconies. Most of the apartments were Superlux duplexes occupied by showbusiness people. No one wasp 114 SS 1960
moved rapidly down the Stars, slipped into the studios and apartments and singlemindedly wrecked every VT set. I had a goodp 223 S5 1961
giving access to the kitchen door of one of the apartments. Swinging out, Maitland pulled himself through the railings and madep 10 WFN 1961
dark face of the block, watching the lights in the apartments above him, wrestling with the ancient spring bolt. Nine floorsp 11 WFN 1961
guessed he had helped himself in one of the deserted apartments. ‘Doctor, I wanted to tell you. Mrs. Maitland's still upp 82 WFN 1961
into the service doorway of the apartment house. All the apartments had been abandoned, and air whirled around the stairway, changingp 84 WFN 1961
centre of each corridor while Riggs and Macready inspected the apartments, keeping a look-out as they climbed the floors. The buildingp 60 DW 1962
the million dollars‘ worth of generous purchases spread around her apartments in Paris, London and New York, represented freedom and lifep 396 TSS 1962
a week of hunting the overpasses, the exploration of countless apartments. With stove and sleeping-bag, they camped like explorers on thep 52 GAN 1967
and the first lights were going out in the high-rise apartments. Too tired to move, and trying to decide where hep 41 CI 1974
clearly more sinister dimension. With its forty floors and thousand apartments, its supermarket and swimming-pools, bank and junior school -- allp 7 HR 1975
of airline pilots, film-industry technicians and trios of air-hostesses sharing apartments. By the usual financial and educational yardsticks they were probablyp 10 HR 1975
elegant but somehow standardized way in which they furnished their apartments, in the selection of sophisticated foods in the supermarket delicatessenp 10 HR 1975
on the lower levels -- airline pilots and hostesses sharing apartments -- had already put him at the centre of variousp 14 HR 1975
were supposed specifically to have designed out of these over-priced apartments. The underlying tensions among the residents were remarkably strong, dampedp 18 HR 1975
the darkness between those who wanted to descend to their apartments on the lower levels and the residents from the upperp 20 HR 1975
Between the upper and lower floors the central mass of apartments -- roughly from the 10th floor to the 30th --p 23 HR 1975
the floor was considerable. None of the appliances in their apartments would function, and the limits of co-operation with their neighboursp 24 HR 1975
the abuse of the building's facilities, rivalries over the better-sited apartments (those away from elevator lobbies and the service shafts, withp 28 HR 1975
ajar and moving casually in and out of each other's apartments. However, these intimacies did not extend beyond each resident's immediatep 30 HR 1975
noticed immediately that all the guests were drawn from the apartments nearby. Their faces and voices were reassuringly familiar. In ap 31 HR 1975
noise. Residents were barging in and out of each other's apartments, shouting down the staircases like children refusing to go top 32 HR 1975
cells in a network of arteries, the lights in their apartments the neurones of a brain. Laing looked out across thep 40 HR 1975
their clan -- a local cluster of some thirty contiguous apartments on the 25th, 26th and 27th floors. Together they werep 40 HR 1975
announcer's style, outlined his proposals for the security of their apartments. Now and then she reached forward with one hand, asp 40 HR 1975
exit. At either end of the floor were two penthouse apartments, the north corner occupied by Anthony Royal, the other byp 42 HR 1975
the suffocating bedroom, conscious of each of the 999 other apartments pressing on him through the walls and ceiling, forcing thep 48 HR 1975
here everyone had joined a local group of thirty adjacent apartments, informal clans spanning two or three floors based on thep 65 HR 1975
across a commune composed exclusively of women, a cluster of apartments dominated by an elderly children's-story writer, a woman of intimidatingp 65 HR 1975
1st floor. Wilder walked gingerly down the corridor between their apartments, glad of the company of the young masseuse. What unsettledp 65 HR 1975
of attempts by people below to break into the top-floor apartments -- Royal left the bedroom and checked the bolts onp 74 HR 1975
junior school had moved from its vandalized classrooms to two apartments on the 7th floor. Few children were ever seen abovep 75 HR 1975
Royal detested this orthodoxy of the intelligent. Visiting his neighbours‘ apartments, he would find himself physically repelled by the contours ofp 81 HR 1975
taste and intelligence that, Midas-like, had transformed everything in these apartments into an ideal marriage of function and design. In ap 81 HR 1975
well-educated proletariat of the future, boxed up in these expensive apartments with their elegant furniture and intelligent sensibilities, and no possibilityp 81 HR 1975
of tenants from the 15th floor. These sporadic raids on apartments were taking place with increasing frequency. Empty apartments, even ifp 86 HR 1975
raids on apartments were taking place with increasing frequency. Empty apartments, even if left for no more than a single dayp 86 HR 1975
them the use of the top-floor elevators. To reach their apartments they would no longer have to enter the main lobbyp 91 HR 1975
harassment, and then walk the few steps down to their apartments. The offer was accepted, Royal and Pangbourne deliberately asking forp 91 HR 1975
returned to the 40th floor, the members dispersing to their apartments to prepare for the evening's festivities. During the previous hourp 91 HR 1975
duel would be resolved among the deserted corridors and abandoned apartments of the building inside their heads, watched only by thep 92 HR 1975
and listening to the first sounds of activity in the apartments around him. Already a few residents were leaving the buildingp 95 HR 1975
total chaos -- drunken parties, brawls, the looting of empty apartments and assaults on any isolated resident. Several more floors werep 95 HR 1975
a care whether the wind would carry it into the apartments below. He carried his breakfast tray into the kitchen. Thep 97 HR 1975
clearly. Almost all the new tenants had moved into their apartments, duplicating to the last curtain fabric and dish-washer those inp 103 HR 1975
reports that many residents had returned home to find their apartments ransacked, furniture and kitchen equipment damaged, electrical fittings torn outp 106 HR 1975
the dark as they fought their way back to their apartments on the floors above the 25th. The raiders had beenp 108 HR 1975
lost his bearings. They had entered an enclave of abandoned apartments on the 22nd floor. They wandered around the deserted roomsp 110 HR 1975
corridor, as the lights flickered from the doorways of ransacked apartments, from overturned lamps lying on the floor and television screensp 111 HR 1975
The walls were covered with slogans and obscenities, lists of apartments to be vandalized like an insane directory. By the stairwellp 119 HR 1975
were now in darkness at night, and over a hundred apartments had been abandoned by their owners. The clan system, whichp 120 HR 1975
into apathy or paranoia. Everywhere people were retreating into their apartments, even into one room, and barricading themselves away. At thep 120 HR 1975
unguilty pleasure in urinating wherever he cared, defecating in abandoned apartments regardless of the health hazards to himself and his familyp 120 HR 1975
he knew full well, having broken into any number of apartments, few people had any reserve supplies whatever. It was asp 121 HR 1975
of small enclaves, a cluster of three or four isolated apartments. These were far more difficult to penetrate and exploit. Sittingp 126 HR 1975
groups of killers, solitary hunters who built man-traps in empty apartments or preyed on the unwary in deserted elevator lobbies. Royalp 133 HR 1975
electronic parody of a child's crying. They moved through the apartments at the far end of the floor, metallic and remotep 138 HR 1975
the building, and throw open the windows of the barricaded apartments to admit the birds. The dogs pulled at his legsp 139 HR 1975
tell instantly if a marauder was moving through the abandoned apartments nearby. During the brief period each afternoon when he andp 146 HR 1975
period each afternoon when he and Steele emerged from their apartments -- a token remembrance of that time when people hadp 146 HR 1975
remained where they were, hiding behind the barricades in their apartments, conserving what was left of their sanity and preparing themselvesp 146 HR 1975
smell, putrid and sweet, that tended to hover around empty apartments, and which Laing chose not to investigate too closely. Forp 147 HR 1975
the infantile smearing of blood on the walls of empty apartments -- all these Laing watched uneasily. Since his wife's disappearancep 149 HR 1975
the tachist explosions in the paintings that filled the top-floor apartments. Broken furniture and unravelled recording tape lay among the garbage-sacksp 150 HR 1975
and he turned into the corridor that served the ten apartments in the northern wing of the building. Three doors alongp 151 HR 1975
in the living-room, and spent his days hunting the abandoned apartments for food, water and batteries. The reappearance of television inp 154 HR 1975
the afternoons would sit around drunkenly in my friends‘ empty apartments, holding long imaginary conversations with Serena in which I wasp 870 S 1976
a fire with pieces of furniture taken from the other apartments. Around them the walls of the city rose into thep 901 UC 1976
dust from records and cassettes, switching on each of the apartments in turn. Rock-and-roll, big band, jazz and pop boomed throughp 903 UC 1976
heavily in debt, but rather than evict them from their apartments and close the discotheques, bars and amusement arcades where theyp 913 UC 1976
bars and supermarkets, the new arrivals moving into their refurbished apartments, and even the first two-hour-a-day transmissions from the local televisionp 914 UC 1976
airport cargo bays, the approach roads to missile silos, secret apartments packed with computer terminals and guarded by a gang ofp 985 Z2 1978
become the elements in a complex calculus. Later, in their apartments, these aggressive women would sidle around him like caricatures fromp 985 Z2 1978
of wakening sleepers. Pairs of whooper swans rose from the apartments above the supermarket, secretary birds lifted from the bungalows byp 58 UDC 1979
carousing in the empty bars by night, looting the abandoned apartments for the treasure of exotic clothes and record players thatp 53 HA 1981
then on he lived alone in the abandoned houses and apartments in the western suburbs of the International Settlement. Most ofp 74 ES 1984
the weeks before the outbreak of war. Most of the apartments had been empty for months. Although the family of Chinesep 74 ES 1984
an office above the projection booth had been let as apartments, which we reached after climbing a dank emergency stairway. Exhaustedp 1111 MWM 1985
of an electron. The 10,000 inhabitants in their high-tech apartments and offices will serve as an ‘ideas laboratory‘ for thep 65 UGM 1989
undisguised loneliness seem almost like intimacy. Penned in their high-security apartments, constant medical tele-surveillance linking them to the nearest hospital, ap 69 UGM 1989
the nearby airport. Instead, they remained in their hotels and apartments, lay beside their swimming pools and dedicated themselves to thep 1140 LTP 1989
easily have moved to any one of the dozen empty apartments in the building, but he liked the intimacy of familyp 1149 WF 1989
is aware of the exact volumes of these generally white apartments and hotel rooms. After the more sombre light of northernp 59 SCNa 1990
light of northern Europe, the peculiar geometry of these overlit apartments seemed to lead us into a more abstract world wherep 145 KW 1991
and entered the lobby of a huge block of low-rent apartments. Beside the annunciator buttons hundreds of mail slots ranged likep 245 KW 1991
dozens of doors. The perspiring tenants lounged outside their cramped apartments. Children played under the dim light, and a damp corridorp 245 KW 1991
the houses in Amherst Avenue were semi-derelict, turned into tenement apartments crammed with Chinese families and makeshift offices. No. 31 Amherstp 332 KW 1991
their Waikiki hotel, and Dr Barbara and Monique to their apartments in Honolulu. The quay was patrolled by a group ofp 53 RP 1994
larger-than-life replica of the White House and the Aladdin's cave apartments of Puerto Banus. Unreality thrived on every side, a magnetp 17 CN 1996
the day after tomorrow in the Arizona desert. The cubist apartments and terraced houses resembled Arcosanti's, their architecture dedicated to thep 34 CN 1996
the city. They reminded the sleeping rich in their luxury apartments of an even more elemental world than money. Yet Ip 81 CN 1996
search for the satellite dish. Pornographic filmmakers often rented expensive apartments for the day, rather than construct stage sets that couldp 137 CN 1996
An elevator took us to the penthouse level. Two large apartments occupied the floor, one with its door held open byp 152 CN 1996
that ran down to the deserted beach. The houses and apartments were set at various levels, forming a cascade of patiosp 210 CN 1996
live on-site,‘ Penrose told us. ‘Middle and junior management in apartments and townhouses, senior people in the residential estate where you'rep 17 SC 2000
but one which probably owed nothing to Eden-Olympia. Beyond the apartments was a shopping mall, a roofed-in plaza of boutiques, patisseriesp 18 SC 2000
project using the modem links to all the villas and apartments. Professor Kalman is keen that I get involved.‘ ‘Fine, asp 67 SC 2000
in the Rue Lauvert. Across the RN7 were the Antibes-Les-Pins apartments, a huge residential complex that covered thirty acres between thep 133 SC 2000
towards the Residence de la Plage, the group of seven-storey apartments nearest to the sea. Decorative gardens in the formal Frenchp 133 SC 2000
curious retirement home for two chauffeurs‘ widows.‘ ‘Eden-Olympia supplied the apartments. And the pensions.‘ ‘I hope they're generous. Port-la-Galere looks ratherp 147 SC 2000
The ground-floor picture windows were filled with dioramas of lakeside apartments, and illuminated displays advertised vacancies for office juniors, cleaners andp 194 SC 2000
I thought of the chauffeurs‘ widows sitting in their honeycomb apartments. ‘Flying, yes ... the first take-off after having sex. What's thep 215 SC 2000
white in the darkness, reflecting the light from the opposite apartments. Her wet hair seemed darker, and for a moment shep 227 SC 2000
story. Someone at Antibes-les-Pins might have seen the accident. The apartments are close to the beach.‘ ‘No one there ever looksp 332 SC 2000
withdrew. I stepped into the street and walked towards the apartments, passing a burnt-out Saab sitting in its long-term bay. Werep 10 MP 2003
on each landing, surrounded by the open doors of abandoned apartments, an actor searching for the right stage set. I wasp 10 MP 2003
steered him into the coffin-like elevator at the Cadogan Circle apartments, found his keys in his sodden pockets and left himp 214 MP 2003
and bailiffs withdrew from Grosvenor Place. Outside the Cadogan Circle apartments a neighbour told me that Gould and Vera had drivenp 214 MP 2003
property market shelved all plans for a complex of luxury apartments. Like nurses, bus drivers and traffic wardens, the middle-class professionalsp 289 MP 2003
to be rather spartan as an adult, living in large apartments that I kept almost unfurnished. I worked all day devisingp 54 KC 2006
moved past a gym and sports centre, blocks of staff apartments and an inter-denominational chapel that resembled an avant-garde pissoir. Wep 97 KC 2006