60 MINUTE ZOOM 2.15 P.M. Lloret de Mar, Apartamentos California I am looking into a silent world. Through thep 856 60Z 1976
street, sat behind my newspaper and looked up at the Apartamentos Mirador, an exclusive complex built along the high corniche. Balconiesp 152 CN 1996
our time in those days on the balcony of my apartment off Beach Drive, drinking beer -- we always kept ap 1 PB 1956
and down the street, and across the face of the apartment house opposite. ‘Careful,‘ he warned me. ‘Don't gape at herp 1 PB 1956
rogue stock out to the garbage disposal scoop behind the apartment block. Reclaiming some of the tanks, I'd come across thep 3 PB 1956
I've just come to Vermilion Sands,‘ she said, ‘and my apartment seems awfully quiet. Perhaps if I had a flower, onep 4 PB 1956
all around her, and soon got her up to my apartment, where they had a hilarious morning playing the fool andp 6 PB 1956
wider range than you think.‘ We played i-Go at Jane's apartment. Jane won ten dollars from each of us. ‘I amp 8 PB 1956
from the garage courtyard round at the back of the apartment house. The lights had been turned out, but a brilliantp 10 PB 1956
saw Jane again. The three of us waited in my apartment. When the music died away we went down and foundp 11 PB 1956
installed the statue in the living room of his downtown apartment. ‘I take it that it won't go on growing forp 43 VS 1957
Old Mr Crichton, the plumber who lived in the basement apartment; reminisced without any prompting, but nothing he said threw anyp 152 CH 1960
or three miles away, the tall rectilinear outlines of enormous apartment blocks reared up thirty or forty storeys high, hundreds ofp 157 CH 1960
a few minutes they passed between the first of the apartment batteries, the thousands of identical living units with their slantingp 157 CH 1960
and pressed on westwards. After a few more miles the apartment blocks gave way to the first office buildings in thep 158 CH 1960
linking every office, almost every desk, with a videophone, every apartment with television, radio, power, water, feeding and entertaining this enormousp 159 CH 1960
the dim haunted echoes reflected through the long aisles of apartment blocks on the far horizon, involuntarily counting the slow finalp 166 CH 1960
F Street, go through the pretence of sweeping Madame Gioconda's apartment on the stage of studio 2, charging no fee, makep 107 SS 1960
west on Mainway and across the park towards the white-faced apartment batteries which reared up above the trees and lakes alongp 113 SS 1960
he swung off into the forecourt of a huge forty-storey apartment block, a glittering white cliff ribbed by jutting balconies. Mostp 114 SS 1960
grinned to himself as he rode up to the penthouse apartment; if Madame Gioconda had known his destination she would havep 114 SS 1960
was one of Mangon's regular calls. Usually Mangon swept his apartment once a week, calling at three in the afternoon. Todayp 114 SS 1960
then gave it back to Mangon, puzzled. ‘Where? In this apartment?‘ Mangon shook his head. ‘Do you mean at V.Cp 117 SS 1960
and listened carefully. The sounds appeared to come from an apartment over a launderette. A battery of washing machines chuntered top 125 SS 1960
the hallway a door slammed, someone stormed through into the apartment in a tempest, kicking a chair against a wall. Itp 128 SS 1960
lived one to a room, sometimes, unbelievably, one to an apartment or house. The microfilms in the architecture catalogues at thep 268 B 1961
torn down and replaced by housing batteries, or converted into apartment blocks. The great banqueting room in the former City Hallp 268 B 1961
hurried across the deserted pavement into the foyer of the apartment block. The apartment had been Susan's before their marriage sevenp 9 WFN 1961
deserted pavement into the foyer of the apartment block. The apartment had been Susan's before their marriage seven years earlier, andp 9 WFN 1961
the discrepancy on the indicator panel over the arch. His apartment was on the ninth, but on his way to thep 10 WFN 1961
A narrow concrete balcony ringed the rear section of his apartment, and he walked past the darkened windows to the loungep 11 WFN 1961
in the basement garage and had come up to the apartment to use the phone. As always she looked bright andp 12 WFN 1961
out at the dim outlines of the office blocks and apartment buildings in the darkness. All of them were shaking perceptiblyp 79 WFN 1961
passed Lowndes Square Maitland craned to look up at his apartment house, counting the floors to his own apartment. The buildingp 79 WFN 1961
at his apartment house, counting the floors to his own apartment. The building was still intact, but all its lights werep 79 WFN 1961
Maitland. He turned around, recognized the hall porter from the apartment block. ‘Dr. Maitland! Spare a minute, will you, Doctor?‘ Hep 82 WFN 1961
the road. The other ran in the direction of the apartment house, and Maitland climbed through a breach in the wallp 84 WFN 1961
walls, Maitland dived through into the service doorway of the apartment house. All the apartments had been abandoned, and air whirledp 84 WFN 1961
Maitland raced up the next three floors to his own apartment, pushed back the door. The hall was in darkness; airp 84 WFN 1961
speed. I am not joking. With the exception of this apartment the pyramid is a solid block of reinforced concrete weighingp 167 WFN 1961
the town. Bridgman found a vantage point in a small apartment block, and they lay down looking out below a windowp 363 CS 1962
a second warden, craning up at the windows of the apartment block with his binoculars. Bridgman and Louise crawled back belowp 363 CS 1962
silhouetted against the sky on the elevator head of an apartment block, then heard Louise Woodward call out again. She wasp 370 CS 1962
A mile away the police patrols circled over the big apartment batteries which marked the perimeter of the Bazaar, keeping theirp 346 PE 1962
to the central bulb, a three-storey segment containing the chauffeur's apartment and a vast two-decker kitchen. The house seemed to bep 309 TDS 1962
and crossed a narrow metal gangway that led into the apartment block. The walls of the corridor were slick with moisturep 24 DW 1962
to stay on here, would you? You could share this apartment.‘ Kerans grinned. ‘Trying to tempt me, Bea? What a questionp 28 DW 1962
hand playing with the fleecy pile of the carpet. The apartment had been one of her grandfather's pieds a terre, andp 28 DW 1962
will.‘ Macready peered shrewdly at the distant roof of the apartment house. ‘I'm glad to hear you say so, Doctor,‘ hep 30 DW 1962
to Kerans of intermittent insomnia -- often, from Beatrice Dahl's apartment, Kerans would watch him long after midnight standing in thep 34 DW 1962
paddled slowly around the perimeter of the lagoon to Beatrice's apartment block. Intermittently the roar of the helicopter dinned across thep 48 DW 1962
the semi-circular crescent of what appeared to be a large apartment block standing in the angle between the channel and thep 57 DW 1962
into the sunlight to look up at the crescent of apartment blocks. A chain of autonomous units, they were linked byp 58 DW 1962
the corridor and pushed back the door into the first apartment. As he unlatched the door the frame collapsed weakly intop 61 DW 1962
the jungle below. The promontory on which the crescent of apartment houses stood had at one time been a small hillp 61 DW 1962
out over the rail, swore as Hardman disappeared into the apartment. ‘Good man, Kerans, you nearly held him!‘ Together they ranp 63 DW 1962
water of the lagoon at the distant spire of the apartment block, trying to decide whether to borrow one of thep 70 DW 1962
at noon as planned, sending the cutter over to the apartment house where he assumed the two biologists were hiding. Findingp 78 DW 1962
I recommend you to close down the rest of the apartment and move into here. You're on the north side ofp 79 DW 1962
burst over the distal lagoon, containing the station and Beatrice's apartment house, and Kerans shielded his eyes as the bright fire-ballsp 83 DW 1962
low pediment, glancing up at the nearby bulk of Beatrice's apartment house. The hydroplane was circling noisily by an inlet onp 84 DW 1962
the intervening two hundred yards of shoreline and reach Beatrice's apartment house. She met him as he stepped out of thep 87 DW 1962
silk shirt she wore over her black swimsuit. Although the apartment was beginning to look ramshackle and untidy, Beatrice continued top 87 DW 1962
bowl of fire, the scattered light almost masking the tall apartment house on the opposite bank. The jungle was motionless inp 89 DW 1962
as a means of securing an easy entree to her apartment. When he discovered that the members of the trio rarelyp 96 DW 1962
every evening Strangman drove over in his hydroplane to Beatrice's apartment house (what success he had Kerans could only guess, butp 113 DW 1962
to the south shore of the sometime lagoon, where Beatrice's apartment house rose up into the darkness, the penthouse lost amongp 124 DW 1962
alligators -- and during the day either slept in Beatrice's apartment on the sofa or sat numbly in a quiet alcovep 127 DW 1962
away, on the opposite side of the lagoon, was Beatrice's apartment, its windows in darkness, the light on the pylon extinguishedp 145 DW 1962
through which protruded the top floors of a few ruined apartment houses, like beach chalets seen at a distance. In onep 170 DW 1962
house, and the topography of another home, apparently a single-storey apartment, had superimposed itself upon his mind. In the strange upstairsp 537 SA 1963
he envied Hathaway his footloose existence. Despite the grimy cold-water apartment in the shadow and roar of the flyover, despite hisp 414 SM 1963
the sign Hathaway had seen unloaded the previous night. His apartment was in one of the gimcrack buildings in the settlementp 415 SM 1963
Marion went to live with her parents, and the Falkmans‘ apartment, to which they had moved some years earlier after thep 565 TP 1964
contrast, was a matter of lying prone. Later, in the apartment they had taken overlooking the zoo, Travis washed the woundsp 11 AE 1966
Medicine's conference hall, Travis and Catherine Austin returned to the apartment overlooking the zoo. In the lift Travis avoided her handsp 13 AE 1966
Questions, always questions. Karen Novotny watched him move around the apartment, dismantling the mirrors in the hall and bathroom. He stackedp 32 AW 1966
to bring one of the Swedish girls back to the apartment. Hair down to her knees, breasts like thimbles, the immensep 664 BM 1966
on one elbow, staring through his Zeiss binoculars at the apartment block three hundred yards along the beach. Guardia Civil Quimbyp 664 BM 1966
Cordobes-backed cards. The platinum-haired call-girl who lived in the next apartment was setting off for Alicante in her pink Fiat. Quimbyp 664 BM 1966
of the guardia civil Sikorsky beat the air over the apartment block. Quimby bent down and retrieved two of the cardsp 668 BM 1966
dunes the spires of old water towers and the half-completed apartment blocks near the Roman ruins at Leptis Magna emerged fromp 669 DF 1966
had done nothing but pace out the dimensions of the apartment, constructing some labyrinth from within. She sat up, aware ofp 39 YCM 1966
of the absence of any sounds or movement in the apartment. He had brought with him an immense quiet. Through thisp 39 YCM 1966
quiet. Through this glaciated silence the white walls of the apartment fixed arbitrary planes. She began to dress, aware of hisp 39 YCM 1966
at her body. Fragmentation. For Tallis, this period in the apartment was a time of increasing fragmentation. A pointless vacation hadp 39 YCM 1966
already his memories of the beach had faded. The adjacent apartment block screened the high wall of the dunes. The youngp 39 YCM 1966
young woman slept for most of the day and the apartment was silent, the white volumes of the rooms extending themselvesp 39 YCM 1966
been wandering among the sand hills, trying to escape the apartment houses which rose in the distance above the dissolving crestsp 39 YCM 1966
coefficient of the pseudo-sphere. False Space and Time of the Apartment. These planes found their rectilinear equivalent in the apartment. Thep 40 YCM 1966
the Apartment. These planes found their rectilinear equivalent in the apartment. The right angles between the walls and ceiling were footholdsp 40 YCM 1966
by multiplying her into the space and time of the apartment he would obtain a valid unit of existence. Suite Mentalep 40 YCM 1966
tall figure interlocking with the dimensions and angles of the apartment. Later, the sexual act between them was a dual communionp 40 YCM 1966
of Marilyn Monroe. Almost hidden by the dunes, the distant apartment blocks showed no signs of activity. Tallis waited in thep 40 YCM 1966
would fit both this face and body and Karen Novotny's apartment? Dune Arabesque. Later, walking across the dunes, he saw thep 41 YCM 1966
wraith up and down the crests. She lived in the apartment facing Karen Novotny's, and would come out each day top 41 YCM 1966
diminished the identity of the young woman asleep in her apartment. He walked among the displaced contours of her pectoral girdlep 41 YCM 1966
The porous sand, reminiscent of the eroded walls of the apartment, and of the dead film star with her breasts ofp 42 YCM 1966
of ash, diffused along its crests into the wind. The Apartment: Real Space and Time. The white rectilinear walls, Tallis realizedp 42 YCM 1966
virgin of the sand-dunes whose assumption he had witnessed. The apartment was a box clock, a cubicular extrapolation of the facialp 42 YCM 1966
rigid grief of the actress. He had come to this apartment in order to solve her suicide. Murder. Tallis stood behindp 42 YCM 1966
room. Epiphany of this death. Undisturbed, the walls of the apartment contained the serene face of the film star, the assuagedp 42 YCM 1966
time of the dunes. Departure. When Coma called at the apartment Tallis rose from his chair by Karen Novotny's body. ‘Arep 42 YCM 1966
volunteer?‘ ‘He's asleep.‘ She hesitated, but only briefly. ‘In my apartment.‘ ... ‘So.‘ Before she left Dr Nathan said, ‘Take a bloodp 82 YMC 1966
if deliberately concealing himself from the white walls of the apartment and its unsettled dimensions. He stood by the window withp 43 DM 1967
broken gantries. With deliberate caution, he waited in the empty apartment near the airport overpass, disengaging himself from the images ofp 44 DM 1967
of time and space -- the dislocated perspectives of the apartment, his isolation from his own and his wife's body (hep 44 DM 1967
nor for that matter mutually exclusive. Their period in the apartment together had been one of almost narcotic domesticity. In thep 45 DM 1967
the cores of unknown memories in the furniture of the apartment, the gestures of unspoken affections. He lowered his eyes fromp 19 UD 1968
conference on space medicine, then taken him back to her apartment. All week he had been watching the telescopes with thep 20 UD 1968
and thorax. Journeys to an Interior. Waiting in Karen Novotny's apartment, Talbot made certain transits: (1) Spinal: ‘The Eye of Silencep 24 UD 1968
during intercourse, in the angles between the walls of the apartment. Stochastic Analysis. Karen Novotny paused over the wet stockings inp 24 UD 1968
her armpits she stared into the sculpture garden between the apartment blocks. The sallow-faced young man in the fascist overcoat whop 24 UD 1968
been building his bizarre antenna on the roof of the apartment block, staring into the sky as if trying to forcep 24 UD 1968
piece of anti-clericalism ...‘ The Sixty-Minute Zoom. As they moved from apartment to apartment along the motorway, Karen Novotny was conscious ofp 25 UD 1968
anti-clericalism ...‘ The Sixty-Minute Zoom. As they moved from apartment to apartment along the motorway, Karen Novotny was conscious of the continuingp 25 UD 1968
of the events around her. Talbot followed her about the apartment, drawing chalk outlines on the floor around her chair, aroundp 25 UD 1968
among the cafes to find the furniture removed from the apartment. Koester and his student gang were photographing the chalk outlinesp 25 UD 1968
screamed in this soft collision. (2) The overpass below the apartment: the angles between the concrete buttresses contained for Talbot anp 26 UD 1968
beside the car park. Overhead the glass curtain-walls of the apartment block presided over this first interval of neural calm. THEp 29 UD 1968
our earliest psychic capitulations. Borrowing a bathroom in a nearby apartment block, he filmed his two volunteers -- Roger, a youngp BAT 1968
isthmus of clinker only a few hundred yards from their apartment. She closed the novel lying on her knees, took outp 59 SCN 1969
almost deserted -- beaches of white pumice, a few bars, apartment blocks in ice-cream colours. She looked up at the shuttersp 59 SCN 1969
he eased his arm from beneath her head. Through the apartment window the opalescent screen of the open-air cinema rose abovep 60 SCN 1969
His eyes turned to the multi-storey car park beside the apartment blocks above the beach. Its inclined floors contained an operatingp 60 SCN 1969
into a bizarre pout. Non-Communicating Dialogue. As he entered the apartment she was sitting on the balcony, painting her nails. Dryingp 61 SCN 1969
money to any student who would come back to the apartment and watch them in intercourse. Travers had embarked on thep 71 THF 1969
rectum embodied in the white rectilinear walls of the twentieth-century apartment; Jacqueline Kennedy: the notional death, defined by the exquisite eroticismp 74 THF 1969
Speeds. During this period, after his return to Karen Novotny's apartment, Travers was busy with the following projects: a cogent defencep 75 THF 1969
an ugly violence. Why had Travers invited her to this apartment above the zoo? The traces of a young woman's bodyp 76 THF 1969
few days, and the young chauffeur was asleep in his apartment over the garages. I opened the gates at the endp 803 SGW 1970
SEXUAL ACT IN 1980 During their evenings together in the apartment The female breast -- reduction mammoplasty. The reduction in sizep 16 C80 1970
week, as they lay on the bed in this rented apartment, their acts of intercourse had become more and more abstractedp 42 JAC 1970
exquisite eroticism. The Drive-in Death From the balcony of his apartment he watched the woman through the eyepiece of Vorster's cluep 46 JAC 1970
electrical appliances, say, or the design of a bridge or apartment block, the competence of a surgeon or midwife. Yet thep 263 UGM 1971
the devotion of an Earl Marshal. The walls of his apartment near the film studios at Shepperton were covered with thep 7 C 1973
they were the instalments of a death warrant. At his apartment I watched him matching the details of her body withp 8 C 1973
of a long-separated lover. Searching through the photographs in his apartment, he half turned towards me, so that his heavy groinp 8 C 1973
as he stole my car from the garage of my apartment house, Vaughan hurtled up the concrete ramp, an ugly machinep 8 C 1973
photographs of crash injuries that covered the walls of his apartment. I looked down for the last time at his hugep 9 C 1973
vehicles crashing into the concrete target blocks. Later, in his apartment, Vaughan screened slow-motion films of test collisions that he hadp 10 C 1973
on to the ambulance trolley. On our way to Vaughan's apartment he recognized an airport whore waiting in the forecourt ofp 11 C 1973
these gradients fell like streamers from the office towers and apartment houses of the city, and from the warm mucosa ofp 18 C 1973
drone of her light aircraft crossed the sky over our apartment house each weekend, a tocsin that sounded the note ofp 30 C 1973
in the same reclining chair on the veranda of our apartment, looking down through the anodized balcony rails at the unfamiliarp 48 C 1973
of the airport, across its vast runways to the new apartment systems along Western Avenue. Our own apartment house at Draytonp 48 C 1973
to the new apartment systems along Western Avenue. Our own apartment house at Drayton Park stood a mile to the northp 48 C 1973
supermarket, the domestic wrangles of our well-to-do neighbours in our apartment house, all the hopes and fancies of this placid suburbanp 49 C 1973
me quickly into the elevator. The visual perspectives of our apartment had been transformed. Pushing her away, I stepped out onp 49 C 1973
would leave late for her office and hang about the apartment, exposing parts of her body to me, well aware thatp 51 C 1973
filling station pumps. When she had gone I left the apartment and wandered down to the basement. A dozen cars, mostlyp 51 C 1973
of the lawyers and film executives who lived in the apartment house, stood in the garage. The bay reserved for myp 51 C 1973
of freelances renting rooms on a daily basis in the apartment complexes along the motorway. We reached the multi-storey car-park behindp 61 C 1973
southern fringes of the airport, an unlit area of three-storey apartment buildings for airline personnel, half-constructed hotels and filling stations. Wep 92 C 1973
and south of London. As I edged forward, my own apartment house came into sight. Above the rails of the sitting-roomp 105 C 1973
already I knew that I would be back in the apartment the moment she left, taking up my convalescent position onp 105 C 1973
time I realized that sitting there, halfway up that empty apartment face, I had been visible to tens of thousands ofp 105 C 1973
sight of Catherine as the glass curtain-walling of the high-rise apartment blocks moved between us. Around me the morning traffic layp 106 C 1973
junction towards Drayton Park. Like an up-ended glass coffin, the apartment block lifted into the sky over my head as Ip 106 C 1973
as I drove back into the basement garage. In the apartment I wandered about restlessly, searching for the dictation pad onp 107 C 1973
banished these vehicles for ever. As I drove towards our apartment house in Drayton Park the street-lamps illuminated Vaughan's sleeping facep 165 C 1973
the elements of her real beauty. When we reached the apartment house Vaughan was still asleep. Catherine and I stood inp 165 C 1973
day Vaughan came completely awake. I drove him to his apartment, a large single-roomed studio on the top floor of ap 167 C 1973
and reprints of his own papers. Vaughan had furnished the apartment without any interest -- the selection of chromium and vinylp 167 C 1973
at random from a suburban department-store window. Above all, the apartment was dominated by Vaughan's evident narcissism -- the walls ofp 167 C 1973
urgencies went beyond vanity. Yet, as he moved around the apartment, taking a shower and changing his clothes, Vaughan was self-consciouslyp 168 C 1973
I thought of Vaughan's body in the bathroom at his apartment, the powerful hose of his penis jutting from his hardp 168 C 1973
motorway we sat in a deserted parking lot behind my apartment house in Drayton Park, watching the leaves of the planep 183 C 1973
six days I had waited restlessly in my office and apartment, watching the motorways through the windows, running down the elevatorp 193 C 1973
slip road into the sky. From the balcony of my apartment I gazed across the landscape below, trying to find thisp 208 C 1973
sitting with her by a sealed window in my own apartment. Often I asked her what period of the year itp 209 C 1973
prolonged mating ritual. Unable to stay any longer in the apartment while this courtship was taking place, I drove my carp 214 C 1973
Half an hour later, in the basement garage of my apartment house, I felt with my hand the imprint of Vaughan'sp 216 C 1973
Vaughan, but I insisted that I had not left the apartment. She told me that the police had removed Vaughan's photographsp 216 C 1973
at Shepperton. When I turned into the forecourt of my apartment house I saw Catherine pacing in a light-headed way aroundp 220 C 1973
the accident site, across the recreation grounds from the high-rise apartment blocks in Northolt, from the all-night supermarkets on Western Avenuep 222 C 1973
the removal of Vaughan's car from the street outside our apartment house. I was sure that he realized that Vaughan hadp 223 C 1973
Helen Fairfax, in this sensible woman doctor's warm and comfortable apartment, he had felt almost suffocated. Standing up, Maitland edged sidewaysp 14 CI 1974
corona of the city, the dark facades of the high-rise apartment blocks hung in the night air like rectangular planets. Forp 19 CI 1974
far side of the island. The sun fell behind the apartment blocks at White City. Giving up for the time beingp 36 CI 1974
mile to the west, the lights were shining in the apartment blocks, where hundreds of families were finishing their evening mealsp 0037 CI 1974
buses moved along the motorways. The aerial balconies of the apartment blocks were deserted in the sunlight. Where the devil wasp 43 CI 1974
him -- she would have liked the ziggurat hotels and apartment houses, and the vast, empty parking lots laid down byp 48 CI 1974
Catherine, and their formal meals. Although Catherine had furnished the apartment herself, virtually without consulting Maitland, he had felt the samep 72 CI 1974
on the red disc of the sun sinking behind the apartment blocks. The glass curtain-walling was jewelled by the light. Thep 118 CI 1974
the unusual events that had taken place within this huge apartment building during the previous three months. Now that everything hadp 7 HR 1975
enough opportunities for violence and confrontation. Certainly his own studio apartment on the 25th floor was the last place Laing wouldp 7 HR 1975
slotted almost at random into the cliff face of the apartment building, he had bought after his divorce specifically for itsp 7 HR 1975
more than two floors below them. Trying to identify the apartment, Laing stepped across the spreading pool of cold froth. Sittingp 8 HR 1975
was as self-contained as the building itself. In effect, the apartment block was a small vertical city, its two thousand inhabitantsp 9 HR 1975
across the parking-lots and concrete plazas below him. Although the apartment was no higher than the 25th floor, he felt forp 9 HR 1975
resembled the disturbed encephalograph of an unresolved mental crisis. The apartment had been expensive, its studio living-room and single bedroom, kitchenp 9 HR 1975
Frobisher, who lived with her publisher husband in a larger apartment three floors below, Laing had remarked, ‘The architect must havep 9 HR 1975
physiology at the new medical school, the purchase of an apartment nearby made sense. It helped him as well to postponep 11 HR 1975
the high-rise? Rationalizing his doubts over the cost of the apartment, Laing signed a ninety-nine-year lease and moved into his one-thousandthp 11 HR 1975
low-level bickering surprised Laing, but after his arrival at the apartment building he soon recognized the extraordinary number of thinly veiledp 12 HR 1975
a small but lively advertising agency. The proximity of her apartment, like her easy style, appealed to Laing, exciting in himp 13 HR 1975
they referred to the other built-in design flaws of the apartment block. In the early hours of the morning the twop 13 HR 1975
had liked that. At noon, when he arrived at Charlotte's apartment, a second guest was already present, a television producer namedp 13 HR 1975
He let a needed dimension of the unfamiliar into the apartment block. His relationship with Charlotte Melville was hard to gaugep 14 HR 1975
house. We've achieved critical mass.‘ ‘Richard means that the last apartment has been occupied,‘ Charlotte explained. ‘Incidentally, the contractors promised usp 15 HR 1975
the contractors promised us a free party when the thousandth apartment was sold.‘ ‘I'll be interested to see if they holdp 15 HR 1975
like some kind of fallen angel.‘ ‘He has a penthouse apartment,‘ Laing commented. He had no wish to become involved inp 15 HR 1975
As he guessed, even this apparently casual meeting in Charlotte's apartment had been set up to test his attitude to thep 17 HR 1975
syllabus for the next term. When Laing returned to his apartment, the party on the 31st floor had ended. He stoodp 17 HR 1975
and partly by the obvious need to make this huge apartment block a success. Laing remembered a minor but unpleasant incidentp 18 HR 1975
the television studios had casually added another floor. The five apartment buildings on the eastern perimeter of the mile-square project togetherp 19 HR 1975
that the sun first appeared between the legs of the apartment blocks, raising itself over the horizon as if nervous ofp 19 HR 1975
or marks of restraint. Conceivably it had strayed from its apartment into a passing elevator and emerged on to the shoppingp 23 HR 1975
had zoned the parking-lots so that the higher a resident's apartment (and consequently the longer the journey by elevator), the nearerp 24 HR 1975
for the first time, he wished he had purchased an apartment above the 30th floor. The high-speed elevators were bliss. ‘Thep 25 HR 1975
Puzzled by his own behaviour, Laing wandered around the small apartment. Charlotte Melville was also at home. She was dressed forp 28 HR 1975
glowed through his neighbours‘ doorways when he returned to his apartment. For the first time, people were leaving their front doorsp 30 HR 1975
would be more exact,‘ Talbot commented. ‘The population of this apartment block is nowhere near so homogeneous as it looks atp 31 HR 1975
physiologist who had taken a quiet studio in this expensive apartment building six months earlier. Everything had started to get outp 34 HR 1975
his colleagues in the refectory, he thought continually about the apartment building, a Pandora's box whose thousand lids were one byp 35 HR 1975
wife. A new social type was being created by the apartment building, a cool, unemotional personality impervious to the psychological pressuresp 35 HR 1975
was content to do nothing but sit in his over-priced apartment, watch television with the sound turned down, and wait forp 35 HR 1975
place in his absence. Sure enough, when he reached the apartment building at six o'clock he learned that a number ofp 37 HR 1975
the early evening light, Laing let himself out of the apartment and went in search of his new friends. Outside, inp 38 HR 1975
were standing about. In no hurry to return to his apartment, Laing moved from one group to another, listening to thep 38 HR 1975
fifty-year-old owner of the hairdressing salon was endlessly redecorating her apartment on the 33rd floor, and did stuff old rugs andp 39 HR 1975
floors people are leaving small parcels of garbage outside their apartment doors. Now, you'll come in for a drink? My wifep 39 HR 1975
or turn down the volume of his voice. ‘Isn't your apartment next to the elevator lobby?‘ Laing asked her. ‘You'll needp 40 HR 1975
car, their intact lenses reflecting the brilliant lights of the apartment building. Up! During the week after the jeweller's death, eventsp 41 HR 1975
Wilder set off on the long walk back to the apartment building. His own apartment was directly above the proscenium ofp 43 HR 1975
the long walk back to the apartment building. His own apartment was directly above the proscenium of the main entrance. Hep 43 HR 1975
hall his first impression was that Helen had left the apartment and taken the two boys away with her. The blindsp 44 HR 1975
the continuity girl. When they made love in her 3rd-floor apartment he had the uneasy feeling that she was automatically memorizingp 46 HR 1975
Wilder. ‘Richard -- have you ever thought of selling the apartment? We could actually leave. I'm serious.‘ ‘Helen ...‘ Nonplussed for ap 46 HR 1975
Anyway, we'd never get back what we paid for the apartment.‘ He waited until Helen lowered her head and turned awayp 46 HR 1975
six months earlier, they had already moved from their first apartment on the ground floor. At the time they had seriouslyp 47 HR 1975
roof, running down the immense internal wells riven through the apartment block, like icy streams percolating through a subterranean cavern. Hisp 48 HR 1975
going wrong with the services. He helped Helen straighten the apartment, and tried to jerk some sense of vitality into hisp 50 HR 1975
ceased to work, and in the warm summer weather the apartment was heavy with stagnant air. Wilder noticed that he hadp 50 HR 1975
of the development project, buffeting the lower floors of the apartment building as they swirled through the concrete legs. Wilder openedp 50 HR 1975
opened the windows, hoping for some fresh air, but the apartment soon filled with dust and powdered cement. The ashy filmp 50 HR 1975
to reach their floors. From the open door of his apartment Wilder watched his neighbours jostle each other aggressively like bad-temperedp 50 HR 1975
minor, had unsettled Wilder. Ignoring Helen, he prowled around the apartment, swinging the camera to and fro. He felt excited inp 51 HR 1975
whole building in frame to a close-up of a single apartment, one cell in this nightmare termitary. The first half ofp 52 HR 1975
of his own experience, Wilder was convinced that the high-rise apartment was an insufficiently flexible shell to provide the kind ofp 52 HR 1975
What angered Wilder most of all about life in the apartment building was the way in which an apparently homogeneous collectionp 52 HR 1975
restaurant deck on the 35th. This central two-thirds of the apartment building formed its middle class, made up of self-centred butp 53 HR 1975
the well-disciplined professional people in the central section of the apartment building. There was a latent easy-goingness about them, an inclinationp 54 HR 1975
only five minutes in each hour, and by dusk the apartment was stuffy and humid. The noise of over-loud conversations andp 54 HR 1975
discussed it with anyone who did not live inside the apartment building. Even Helen, talking to her mother that afternoon onp 56 HR 1975
neighbours arguing in the elevator lobby, transistors blaring through open apartment doors. Helen began to laugh, relaxing for the first timep 57 HR 1975
responsible. Leaving his wife, who was wandering light-heartedly around the apartment and smiling at the spurting dust, Wilder went out intop 57 HR 1975
the high-rise. For Wilder, this brief period away from the apartment building was almost dreamlike in its unreality. He left hisp 59 HR 1975
lounge and bedrooms, as if he had returned to the apartment and its three sleepers after an immense period of timep 59 HR 1975
had blocked the air-conditioning vents during the night, and the apartment was without sound or movement. Wilder looked down at hisp 59 HR 1975
more clearly about his ascent, Wilder began to clean the apartment. He stepped out on to the balcony and swept upp 60 HR 1975
for the evening to come. Helen moved silently around the apartment, barely aware of her husband. After the fit of compulsivep 60 HR 1975
He had found it difficult to be himself in her apartment. All the time he was conscious of the distance top 61 HR 1975
broken bottles and empty cans. A single journey to her apartment would carry him, like a ladder in a board gamep 61 HR 1975
writer, a woman of intimidating physique and personality. Sharing an apartment with her were three air-hostesses from the 1st floor. Wilderp 65 HR 1975
hell itself. He walked down the corridor towards Jane Sheridan's apartment. She might be surprised to see him, but Wilder wasp 66 HR 1975
--‘ Before Wilder could speak the door of the next apartment opened sharply. Staring at Wilder with undisguised hostility were ap 66 HR 1975
a well-rehearsed tattoo. From the open door of Jane Sheridan's apartment a torch flared at him. Around Wilder the dumb-bell troupep 67 HR 1975
feet above him, was watching from the balcony of their apartment. Despite his dishevelled clothes and bruised face she showed nop 67 HR 1975
deserted restaurant on the 35th floor they returned to their apartment, where Royal spent what he knew would be his lastp 68 HR 1975
was now about to abandon. The decision to leave their apartment, already postponed for too long, had been difficult to takep 69 HR 1975
few weeks, even in the comparative safety of this penthouse apartment, she had found more and more trying. The childlike strainsp 70 HR 1975
a daily ordeal, and only the prospect of leaving the apartment building for good had kept her going. She stood upp 71 HR 1975
staff of servants in the full-blown nineteenth-century manner. In the apartment building, by contrast, the servants who waited on her werep 71 HR 1975
superior place in the world. The present troubles in the apartment block had exposed these mercilessly. When he had first metp 72 HR 1975
high-rise as its first tenants, they had both intended the apartment to be no more than a pied a terre, convenientlyp 72 HR 1975
the first tenant, and owner of the best and highest apartment, he felt himself to be lord of the manor --p 72 HR 1975
new arrivals puzzled and irritated her. She had enjoyed the apartment when they were alone in the high-rise, taking it forp 73 HR 1975
avalanche that was carrying them downwards. Superficially, life in the apartment building was normal enough -- most of the residents leftp 75 HR 1975
fallen, and the water supply, like that to their own apartment, was dependent on the vagaries of the roof tanks andp 75 HR 1975
lying in a state of mental collapse in his ground-floor apartment -- his dwindling staff of two (the wives of ap 76 HR 1975
residents had become exaggeratedly crude in their response to the apartment building, deliberately abusing the elevators and air-conditioning systems, over-straining thep 76 HR 1975
supermarket, bank and hairdressing salon, were all residents of the apartment building; the few outsiders had left or been sacked. Thep 76 HR 1975
and Anne had invited none of their friends to the apartment for months. Royal watched his wife move about vaguely inp 77 HR 1975
restaurant will be shut.‘ They had never eaten in the apartment -- Anne's gesture of contempt for her neighbours‘ endless preparationp 77 HR 1975
to any of their friends in the world beyond the apartment building. Thinking about this, Royal noticed that the plug ofp 78 HR 1975
neatly wrapped around the receiver. As he walked around the apartment before going to search for the dog, he saw thatp 78 HR 1975
up a ventilation shaft from the warm comfort of an apartment far below, embracing the daylight for a few last secondsp 80 HR 1975
they fitted so willingly into their appointed slots in the apartment building, for their over-developed sense of responsibility, and lack ofp 81 HR 1975
of Royal's, a gynaecologist named Pangbourne who lived in the apartment next to the lobby. A swimming partner of Anne's, hep 83 HR 1975
to soothe the dog. ‘We'll get him back to your apartment, Royal. Then I suggest we discuss the elevator position.‘ Pangbournep 83 HR 1975
and Royal half-carried and half-dragged the dog back to Royal's apartment. Fortunately, Anne and Jane Sheridan had left for the 10th-floorp 83 HR 1975
of over-noisy record-players, shouts and hammering. The light in the apartment had begun to fade, the shrouded furniture suspended around himp 84 HR 1975
back from the 10th floor, Royal turned to leave the apartment. By the door he stopped, holding one hand over thep 84 HR 1975
danger, the chance of confrontation. He walked calmly around the apartment, noting the telephones on the floor and the neatly wrappedp 85 HR 1975
his nerves. In another twenty minutes he would leave the apartment and make his killing drop down the shafts of thep 85 HR 1975
emerged from one of the cars. Four floors down, an apartment had been ransacked by a party of tenants from thep 86 HR 1975
unconscious system of communication alerted any would-be raiders that an apartment a dozen floors above or below was ripe for ransackp 86 HR 1975
full extent of its deterioration. The residents‘ rebellion against the apartment building was now in full swing. Garbage lay heaped aroundp 87 HR 1975
time, Royal finally descended into the lower half of the apartment building. He was unmolested by the other residents, who watchedp 87 HR 1975
would soon suffocate here in the lower section of the apartment building. During even this brief visit he had felt crushedp 88 HR 1975
the building. That night, when they had returned to their apartment on the 40th floor, Royal set about asserting his leadershipp 89 HR 1975
assaults on the Alsatian, and on Royal's wife, made his apartment a natural focus of his neighbours‘ decision to regain thep 90 HR 1975
with the lower floors, the parties spread upwards through the apartment block, investing it in an armour of light and festivityp 91 HR 1975
about moving in with us?‘ he asked her. ‘Your own apartment is very much exposed.‘ ‘I'd like to -- Anne didp 93 HR 1975
on for ever, he found himself drunk in an empty apartment on the 39th floor. He was lying back on ap 93 HR 1975
spent the early part of the night straightening Charlotte Melville's apartment, which had been ransacked by intruders while she and herp 95 HR 1975
his living-room. By the time Crosland arrived, swerving into the apartment in his fleece-lined jacket and boots like a returning bomberp 96 HR 1975
him and accusing him of trying to break into her apartment. Everyone cheered this news, as if rape was a valuablep 96 HR 1975
the faint light. Laing watched him slide noiselessly into his apartment. No doubt Steele would pick his way with equal skillp 98 HR 1975
power point in Laing's kitchen, but when they entered the apartment she left it absently on the hall table. She walkedp 98 HR 1975
chaotic. You'll be safer here.‘ ‘All right -- but your apartment is so dirty.‘ ‘I'll clean it for you.‘ Checking himselfp 99 HR 1975
statistician on the 29th floor, and had almost vacated her apartment. Laing had watched her leave without resentment. Charlotte needed someonep 99 HR 1975
a steady erosion of standards that affected not only the apartment, but his own personal habits and hygiene. To some extentp 100 HR 1975
Spurring himself on with Alice's criticisms, Laing wandered around the apartment, doing what he could to straighten the furniture. But halfp 100 HR 1975
dirt. Far more important was the physical security of the apartment, particularly while he was away. Laing strode down the longp 100 HR 1975
the hall, and for the next hour moved around the apartment, transforming its open interior into a home-made blockhouse. All piecesp 101 HR 1975
strong but not unpleasant smell, the characteristic odour of the apartment -- himself. Laing stripped off his grimy sports-shirt and washedp 101 HR 1975
on the front door, Laing let himself out of the apartment. Fortunately, leaving the high-rise was easier than moving around withinp 101 HR 1975
more palpable than anything within the building, extended around the apartment block on all sides, reaching across the concrete plazas andp 102 HR 1975
against his shoulder, Laing remembered the stale air in his apartment, tepid with the smell of his own body. By comparisonp 103 HR 1975
walked along the parking lane that ran parallel to the apartment building. He was not ready yet to venture into thep 103 HR 1975
towards the shore, climbed the bank and ran towards the apartment building between the dusty cars. Within ten minutes he hadp 104 HR 1975
dusty cars. Within ten minutes he had returned to his apartment. After bolting the door, he climbed over his barricade andp 104 HR 1975
about Alice, and how he could bring her to his apartment. In some way these powerful odours were beacons that wouldp 104 HR 1975
be unlikely to see her again. Laing paced around the apartment, testing the primitive defensive preparations. Those residents like himself onp 105 HR 1975
for the new one to come. On the surface, the apartment building remained quiet, but much to Laing's relief the firstp 106 HR 1975
drenched in urine as he climbed the stairs to his apartment. There was even a rumour that a 40th-floor apartment hadp 106 HR 1975
his apartment. There was even a rumour that a 40th-floor apartment had been vandalized. Such an act of provocation guaranteed themp 106 HR 1975
violence? These incidents continued as the evening settled over the apartment building. From his balcony Laing could see torch-beams flicking top 106 HR 1975
would probably be repelled by the derelict state of the apartment, but it would do her good to find something top 107 HR 1975
was what most unsettled him about the world outside the apartment block, though its nearest approximation was to be found inp 107 HR 1975
climbed around his barricade and unlocked the door of his apartment. In the elevator lobby a group of his neighbours werep 107 HR 1975
fire-door, debating whether to risk making a run for Alice's apartment, Laing saw Richard Wilder standing among the scattered steel chairsp 108 HR 1975
lower floors. Laing and his neighbours assembled in Adrian Talbot's apartment. Here they sat on the living-room floor among the brokenp 108 HR 1975
Arm in a sling, the psychiatrist moved around his vandalized apartment, trying to hang the shattered picture-frames over the slogans aerosolledp 108 HR 1975
these anti-homosexual obscenities than by the wholesale destruction of his apartment, but in spite of himself Laing found them stimulating. Thep 108 HR 1975
own security, the natural medium of their life in the apartment building. He felt proud of having learned how to movep 109 HR 1975
darkness, and even the right way of crossing his own apartment, always keeping as close to the floor as possible. Hep 109 HR 1975
to the wall facing the bed. When he reached Alice's apartment Laing hesitated, uncertain how to explain his presence. But asp 111 HR 1975
up with a confident eye at the face of the apartment building. Around him the long ranks of parked cars werep 113 HR 1975
and relaxed. The first sight of the line of five apartment buildings soothed him as usual, providing a context of realityp 113 HR 1975
would join the line of expensive wrecks nearest to the apartment block. For several hours the previous night Wilder had reachedp 114 HR 1975
from this advance position to his present base camp, an apartment on the 17th floor owned by a stage manager atp 114 HR 1975
term, meant more than the casual seizure of an abandoned apartment. Dozens of these were scattered throughout the high-rise. Wilder hadp 114 HR 1975
found himself helping to barricade the damaged door of an apartment on the 20th floor owned by two women stock-market analystsp 114 HR 1975
them into making the suggestion that he move into their apartment. As usual, he gestured grandly with his one-camera and toldp 115 HR 1975
out and returned to his previously secure base, the Hillmans‘ apartment on the 17th floor. Thirty feet away, as Wilder drovep 115 HR 1975
hours with Helen and his sons in the 2nd floor apartment, trying to rally his increasingly withdrawn wife. Sooner or laterp 116 HR 1975
into place. To Wilder's surprise, when he returned to the apartment he found Helen in a state of high excitement. Hep 116 HR 1975
He watched Helen making a nervous effort to tidy the apartment. The living-room had been ransacked during a raid. While Helenp 117 HR 1975
raid. While Helen and the boys sheltered in a neighbour's apartment, most of the furniture had been broken, the kitchen kickedp 117 HR 1975
from Helen, and overcome that need to return to the apartment each afternoon and whatever threadbare links it maintained with hisp 117 HR 1975
armistice the children's-story writer and her minions moved through the apartment building, offering help to abandoned or isolated wives, sisters ofp 118 HR 1975
dependence on the fictions of this elaborate toy. Locking the apartment door behind him, Wilder set off in search of foodp 119 HR 1975
still allowed the tenants in the lower section of the apartment building. Most of the stairways were blocked by permanent barricadesp 119 HR 1975
make a visual record of what had happened within the apartment building, but the resolve had begun to fade. The declinep 120 HR 1975
the resolve had begun to fade. The decline of the apartment building reminded him of a slow-motion newsreel of a townp 120 HR 1975
and the boys alive until he could break into an apartment and raid a food cache. ‘There's nothing here but petp 121 HR 1975
impulse to turn and run down the staircase to his apartment. The eyes of the passengers were fixed on him, waryp 122 HR 1975
lined the dimly lit corridors. When Wilder reached the Hillmans‘ apartment he found that the door was securely bolted. There werep 123 HR 1975
to force the lock. Conceivably the Hillmans had abandoned the apartment and taken shelter with friends. Then he heard a faintp 123 HR 1975
in her own wheedling tone, he was admitted to the apartment. A huge barricade of furniture, Units of kitchen equipment, booksp 123 HR 1975
a defended staircase. Wilder had carried him back to his apartment and spent the night looking after him. With her husbandp 124 HR 1975
his ominous disturbances of vision. Almost everything movable in the apartment, however small, she had added to the barricade, at timesp 124 HR 1975
half an hour to dig his way out of the apartment. ‘What is it?‘ Wilder asked her irritably. ‘What are youp 124 HR 1975
me to, didn't you?‘ ‘Of course ...‘ Wilder gazed around the apartment in a lordly way. In fact, he barely noticed anyp 124 HR 1975
he barely noticed any changes and, if anything, preferred the apartment to be dirty. ‘What's this?‘ She poked excitedly at thep 124 HR 1975
all colour. With his visual disturbances, Wilder reflected, the empty apartment would seem to be filled with embracing replicas of himselfp 125 HR 1975
disrupted by outbreaks of violence, Wilder remained within the Hillmans‘ apartment on the 17th floor. The marked decline in the numberp 126 HR 1975
among the sweetmeats. At two o'clock Wilder left the Hillmans‘ apartment and set about stirring up his neighbours. The men crouchedp 127 HR 1975
guilty. Shortly before dawn Wilder found himself in an empty apartment on the 26th floor. Once occupied by a woman andp 128 HR 1975
Once occupied by a woman and her small son, the apartment had recently been abandoned, and no attempt had been madep 128 HR 1975
side-stepped his raiding party, leaving them to break up Talbot's apartment for the tenth time. During these last minutes of darknessp 128 HR 1975
minutes of darkness he would settle himself into an empty apartment, and sleep through the long hours of daylight in timep 128 HR 1975
the owner had made a half-hearted attempt to tidy the apartment, packing away the child's toys in a bedroom wardrobe. Thep 128 HR 1975
in for a surprise. At dawn the owner of the apartment reappeared, and blundered into the kitchen where Wilder was restingp 128 HR 1975
wind. He knew that he had often been in this apartment, and this explained the vague familiarity of the child's toysp 129 HR 1975
been sheltering during the night with her son in the apartment of the statistician three floors above with whom she hadp 129 HR 1975
collect the last of her food reserves before abandoning the apartment for good. Swiftly composing herself, she looked down critically atp 129 HR 1975
acceptance of the damage he had casually inflicted on her apartment, like the strong odour of his urine in the bathroomp 129 HR 1975
of his unexpected expertise. He steered her slowly around the apartment as she backed from one room to the next, listeningp 129 HR 1975
he wanted to explain to Charlotte his ascent of the apartment building, and shyly pointed to the roof. But she failedp 130 HR 1975
around the building. Deciding to test the defences of the apartment before he went to sleep, Wilder stepped into the corridorp 131 HR 1975
his dinner-jacket, he stood at the windows of the penthouse apartment on the 40th floor and looked down across the concretep 132 HR 1975
garbage chutes. Not one of the twenty elevators in the apartment building now functioned, and the shafts were piled deep withp 132 HR 1975
she was found cowering with her sons in an empty apartment on the 19th floor after Wilder had abandoned her, shep 133 HR 1975
Outcast wives who lived with their children in the next apartment, earning their keep by working as house servants. Within daysp 133 HR 1975
anticipating the inevitable break-up of the last clan within the apartment building, had now retired to their quarters at opposite endsp 134 HR 1975
where they had begun, each tenant isolated within his own apartment. Something warned him to dispense with this meal but hep 134 HR 1975
lacked any equipment, all his meals were prepared in the apartment next door. Mrs Wilder reappeared with her tray, stepping overp 134 HR 1975
Royal did himself. Six women lived together in the adjacent apartment, ostensibly so that they could be more easily protected fromp 135 HR 1975
could still remember the period of endless parties, when the apartment building had been lit up like a drunken liner. Royalp 136 HR 1975
was, he had found a route to and from his apartment. Somewhere on the roof, a dog whimpered. Far below, fromp 136 HR 1975
a dog whimpered. Far below, from the mouth of an apartment twenty storeys down the cliff face, there was a briefp 136 HR 1975
for these disturbances. Apart from the women in the next apartment, several of the younger male residents -- a gallery ownerp 137 HR 1975
them drunk, all faintly visible through the semi-opaque plastic. His apartment was empty, the high-ceilinged rooms deserted. Cautiously, Royal stepped intop 137 HR 1975
and no lights gleamed through the doorway of the adjacent apartment where the women lived. Surprised by the absence of lightp 137 HR 1975
seized his cane firmly in both hands and left the apartment. Standing outside the door, he listened to the distant soundsp 138 HR 1975
zoo. The Evening’s Entertainment The evening deepened, and the apartment building withdrew into the darkness. As usual at this hourp 139 HR 1975
casements of a secret pavilion. He would close down his apartment, block the staircase and retreat to the penthouse, perhaps takingp 143 HR 1975
time marbled by a faint interior luminosity, hung over the apartment. As he stood among the garbage-sacks in the kitchen, tryingp 145 HR 1975
was too terrifying to do more than shelter in the apartment, crouching behind his dilapidated barricade. Laing turned the cold waterp 145 HR 1975
the mattress in Laing's bedroom or wandering half-naked around the apartment, her body shuddering like an over-sensitive seismograph at imperceptible tremorsp 147 HR 1975
which he had found under the floorboards in an empty apartment. Ironically, the standard of cuisine in the apartment building hadp 148 HR 1975
an empty apartment. Ironically, the standard of cuisine in the apartment building had begun to rise during these days of itsp 148 HR 1975
Alice's husband. The introduced a discordant note. ‘I found your apartment but it's empty now.‘ Alice turned her head away, indicatingp 148 HR 1975
burn briskly. Laing had looted the chairs from Adrian Talbot's apartment after the psychiatrist's disappearance. He was grateful for this reproductionp 149 HR 1975
able to think about were the next raid, the next apartment to be ransacked, the next tenant to be beaten upp 150 HR 1975
the dead. The previous day Laing had blundered into an apartment and found him painting a bizarre cosmetic mask on thep 150 HR 1975
high-rise. Carrying the kettle, Laing let himself out of the apartment. The same dim light, pearled by a faint interior glowp 150 HR 1975
using a tropical mosquito-net he had lifted from an anthropologist's apartment three floors above. A plague of dogs had descended thep 151 HR 1975
of the building. Three doors along, he entered an abandoned apartment. The rooms were empty, the furniture and fittings long sincep 151 HR 1975
Without thinking, Laing stepped over him. He wandered around the apartment, picking up an empty whisky decanter on the floor. Ap 151 HR 1975
it, an almost intoxicating nostalgia. Laing moved to the next apartment, also abandoned and gutted. In a bedroom he noticed thatp 151 HR 1975
drilled through the wooden floorboards and concrete deck to the apartment below. After sealing the door, Laing lay down on thep 151 HR 1975
room below. Standing on the glass table, he surveyed the apartment. Hard experience told him that he was not alone --p 152 HR 1975
Laing listened to the sounds of the cat's teeth. The apartment was silent, and the noise of his own excited breathingp 153 HR 1975
Eleanor Powell and her portable television set back to his apartment. He arranged her on a mattress in the living-room, andp 154 HR 1975
Pavilion As if nervous of disturbing the interior of the apartment building, the morning sun explored the half-shuttered skylight of thep 155 HR 1975
afternoon with a lipstick he had found in an abandoned apartment. What had begun as a drink-fuddled game had soon takenp 155 HR 1975
of her body surprised him -- the higher up the apartment building he moved the cleaner were the women. Wilder lookedp 159 HR 1975
young woman's body and the huge pillars that carried the apartment building upwards to the roof. Through the windows around thep 160 HR 1975
it disappear down the stairs. The 37th floor was deserted, apartment doors open on the bright air. Too exhausted to thinkp 161 HR 1975
bright air. Too exhausted to think, he found an empty apartment, barricaded himself into the living-room and sank into a deepp 161 HR 1975
its reminder that he was not yet alone in the apartment building, Royal retreated behind the rear wall of the sculpture-gardenp 163 HR 1975
empty room, flicking at a newspaper on the floor. The apartment was without shadows. Wilder listened to the wind moving downp 164 HR 1975
that he was the first and last occupant of this apartment building. He climbed to his feet and walked across thep 164 HR 1975
abandoned in this huge building, Wilder stepped out of the apartment. The corridor was silent, the cold air stirring the tagsp 164 HR 1975
the corridor, kicked back the door and burst into the apartment. The apartment was the largest he had seen in thep 165 HR 1975
kicked back the door and burst into the apartment. The apartment was the largest he had seen in the building, farp 165 HR 1975
an advanced cookery book he had found in a nearby apartment. Laing had debated for some time how best to cookp 169 HR 1975
room. ‘We've been discussing whether you should move to another apartment.‘ ‘What?‘ Unsure whether the pantomime had become serious, Laing laughedp 171 HR 1975
band of women led by Mrs Wilder had entered the apartment. Seeing Laing being abused, and assuming him to be Eleanor'sp 172 HR 1975
an elevator working. Perhaps he would take over a second apartment, dismantle the barricades and begin to refurnish it. Laing thoughtp 173 HR 1975
weekend's absence. Forrester surveyed the lines of deserted hotels and apartment houses, the long-shuttered rotisseries and supermarkets. There was something reassuringp 830 LFA 1975
Nikon Zoomatic and an obliging Barcelona camera specialist. Renting this apartment was the only difficult moment -- delivering a second keyp 856 60Z 1976
weapon, which it is in a way. But this second-rate apartment building provides the only suitable vantage point. The fifteen-storey facadep 856 60Z 1976
bottle-top or cigarette packet flung from one of the unseen apartment blocks on the left. Lying here on a raised couchp 857 60Z 1976
Leaving his wife -- who was bedridden in their Hendon apartment, cared for by Dr Douglas, her old friend and formerp 851 NTM 1976
writing out these lines he had returned to his Hendon apartment to find that his wife had set off for Gatwickp 852 NTM 1976
the King's Road now occupied by a cluster of high-rise apartment blocks but which only three years ago was still anp 864 S 1976
them, the last inhabitants to leave their factories, offices and apartment houses had marked out a no-man's-land to separate themselves fromp 877 UC 1976
parents had been among the last to leave, abandoning their apartment -- the only one still occupied -- in one ofp 877 UC 1976
on the topmost floor, he was certain -- was the apartment in which his mother and father had lived. As forp 881 UC 1976
the deer had gone, returning to their forest between the apartment blocks, Halloway stepped down from the bus. Knowing that hep 883 UC 1976
was no longer thinking of his quest for his parents‘ apartment. Already the elements of a far grander scheme were formingp 891 UC 1976
Halloway's head with fantasies of violence. Stillman occupied a penthouse apartment on the twentieth floor of a block facing the parkp 901 UC 1976
and career. Free during the afternoons, Halloway returned to Stillman's apartment house. Invariably he found the slim patient figure of Oldsp 901 UC 1976
with his rifle, killing the birds. Meanwhile Olds fitted the apartment house with its own electricity supply. A gasoline driven generatorp 902 UC 1976
step immediately brought the building alive. Halloway moved from one apartment to the next, flicking lights on and off, working thep 902 UC 1976
he had expected. But the music was different. Almost every apartment seemed to be a broadcasting station of its own. Burstingp 903 UC 1976
basement of the car park, Olds worked away at the apartment block, repairing the elevator and air-conditioning units. With almost magicalp 903 UC 1976
the evenings to do more than fall asleep in his apartment two floors below Stillman's. Despite all their efforts, however, thep 906 UC 1976
father. Often, as he relaxed in the evenings at his apartment overlooking the park, Halloway seriously wondered if his father wouldp 914 UC 1976
for good. That night, as he lay asleep in his apartment, Halloway dreamed that he was standing at an open windowp 919 UC 1976
its failure in a terminal morraine of empty hotels and apartment houses like the half-formulated codes of a discarded computer languagep 6 IY1 1976
helicopter again, always shielded from him by the walls of apartment buildings, he declined politely the offer of a suite atp 8 IY1 1976
certain that I had covered some twenty miles -- the apartment houses of the French concession were no longer visible alongp 936 DT 1977
in the physiology laboratory, squatting across the bidet in her apartment. Why had they suddenly picked him out, an unknown long-termp 982 Z2 1978
bed, projecting the films on to the wall of the apartment. The Sign of the Computer He sat at the metalp 982 Z2 1978
anatomy. This likeable but strange young woman, with her anonymous apartment and random conversation filled with sudden references to quasars, thep 984 Z2 1978
around his temples. During the hours of violence in the apartment he had gripped his pistol as if masturbating himself top 986 Z2 1978
of her own sexual fulfilment? Since his return to her apartment he had often reflected that sex offered to any would-bep 987 Z2 1978
surface landscaped to resemble a pleasant garden suburb, with low-rise apartment blocks, parks, schools and creches. Through windows the size ofp 230 UGM 1979
she has little to do except lie out on her apartment balcony and let her tan deepen in the warm lightp 230 UGM 1979
time. Though somewhat scuffed and dented, the metal and plastic apartment is totally dust-free and even the lightest cleaning would pollutep 230 UGM 1979
fire in reverse, with the result that everything in the apartment floats out of the windows. Judith, in fact, once spentp 231 UGM 1979
hours suspended three hundred feet in the air above her apartment when she chased her escaping handbag rather too energetically towardsp 231 UGM 1979
to visiting the observation deck in the basement of her apartment block. For hours she stares into space, watching the otherp 231 UGM 1979
visions, I immediately proposed to her and moved into the apartment she rented near Heathrow. At this time I was obsessedp 13 UDC 1979
in his fifties with his teenage daughter emerged from an apartment house, watching me warily as if unsure whether I wasp 69 UDC 1979
the unconscious young woman I had nearly murdered in her apartment near London Airport. These crimes and lusts were the firstp 166 UDC 1979
cook. They climbed to the top floors of lavishly furnished apartment houses that had become freezing tenements in the North Americanp 42 HA 1981
see the upper floors of the taller office blocks and apartment houses rising above the foliage. Now and then, below thep 146 HA 1981
above the forest. Everything else, all those dingbats and ticky-tack apartment houses I was so looking forward to seeing, have vanishedp 149 HA 1981
miles to the east of the Convention Center an isolated apartment house was being attacked by the gunships. Led by Manson'sp 180 HA 1981
hunter. One after the other the rockets streaked towards the apartment house and impacted against the glass curtain-walling. A flock ofp 180 HA 1981
Along Paradise Road he counted a dozen bombed motels and apartment blocks in their hearths of blackened forest. Manson's remote-controlled gunshipsp 187 HA 1981
motel he noted that Marion's car was missing. The third-floor apartment was empty. The television set was drawn up by thep 1020 NFS 1981
hotels, and learned from the retired geologist in the next apartment that Marion had driven away only minutes before his arrivalp 1021 NFS 1981
the cigarette burns in the carpet. They had reached the apartment fifteen minutes earlier, but he was still trying to calmp 1022 NFS 1981
its failure in that terminal moraine of deserted hotels and apartment houses, a cryptic architecture like the forgotten codes of ap 1023 NFS 1981
has been here. I suspect that he's been entering the apartment while I fugue. I had an uncanny memory of someonep 1026 NFS 1981
He's trying to rally me, force me out of the apartment, but the fugues leave me with no more than twop 1026 NFS 1981
car park outside and even a section of a small apartment house half a mile away. I'm now at the focusp 1026 NFS 1981
their contours so like those that had lingered in the apartment after Marion's showers. But a second geometry overlayed the firstp 1028 NFS 1981
awning. Through the railings he could see the towers and apartment terraces of Soleri II, its concrete architecture a reassuring shoulderp 1031 NFS 1981
blaze during their fugues, clouds of dust blew into the apartment, a gritty reminder of a different world. She listened top 1032 NFS 1981
he left his bed and began to move around the apartment, Franklin happily embraced the fugues. Each day he shed anotherp 1033 NFS 1981
Ursula's breasts in his hands, by the geometry of the apartment. The angle between two walls became an Homeric myth. Hep 1034 NFS 1981
consul in Miami. A week later Sheppard closed the Toronto apartment and set off for Cape Kennedy: During the past yearp 1068 MNF 1982
his own obsessions. On impulse he would run around the apartment and release the blinds, turning the rooms into a seriesp 1068 MNF 1982
refugees in Hongkew, a gloomy district of tenements and faded apartment blocks behind the port area of Shanghai. To Jim's amazementp 17 ES 1984
in the amah's face, Jim set off for the Maxteds‘ apartment house in the French Concession. His whole head felt swollenp 68 ES 1984
front wheel of his cycle and pedalled to the Maxteds‘ apartment house in the Avenue Joffre. The formal garden in thep 69 ES 1984
Maxted to have returned from Singapore. The door to the apartment was open. Jim stepped into the hall, recognizing Mr Maxted'sp 69 ES 1984
swept in and out of every room in the Maxteds‘ apartment. Drawers full of clothes had been thrown on to thep 69 ES 1984
turning in the cold air that moved through the empty apartment. He and Patrick had spent hours inventing imaginary air battlesp 70 ES 1984
Failing them, any other Britons would do. Facing the Maxteds‘ apartment building on the opposite side of the Avenue Joffre wasp 70 ES 1984
surrender, Jim returned with his broken bicycle to the Maxteds‘ apartment in the French Concession. From then on he lived alonep 74 ES 1984
the days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Maxteds‘ apartment house was owned by rich Chinese who had fled top 74 ES 1984
to the seventh floor and let himself into the Maxteds‘ apartment through an unlatched mosquito window on the servants‘ balcony. Thep 74 ES 1984
the stationary lift, immaculately dressed and bejewelled in this abandoned apartment house. Jim was glad to be left alone. After beingp 75 ES 1984
Bund and began the long journey back to the Maxteds‘ apartment. By the time he crossed the Avenue Joffre checkpoint hep 78 ES 1984
women and the dozing rickshaw coolies. After climbing into the apartment he sat at the dining-room table and ate a fewp 78 ES 1984
them packing. A week after his arrival at the Maxteds‘ apartment the electricity and water supplies were switched off. Jim bumpedp 79 ES 1984
both turned on Jim, screaming at him to leave the apartment house, though they had known all week that he wasp 79 ES 1984
six o'clock the light withdrew from the facades of the apartment houses in the French Concession. The two sailors wound upp 104 ES 1984
Lunghua Airfield, clearly silhouetted against the yellow facades of the apartment houses in the French Concession, but he ignored the planep 164 ES 1984
displayed on a cinema screen. To the north were the apartment houses of the French Concession, their facades reflected in thep 186 ES 1984
planes had swept across the airfield. Clearly visible against the apartment houses of the French Concession, they flew towards Shanghai, readyp 192 ES 1984
war film from the circle of the Cathay Theatre. The apartment houses of the French Concession were hidden by hundreds ofp 232 ES 1984
road, his eyes fixed on the yellow facades of the apartment houses in the French Concession that rose like a miragep 244 ES 1984
the paddy fields. Lunghua Airfield fell behind them, and the apartment houses of the French Concession rose like advertisement hoardings inp 252 ES 1984
more than three miles away, was the silent city. The apartment houses of the French Concession and the office blocks ofp 273 ES 1984
open window. He pounded on the dented hood, as the apartment blocks of the French Concession appeared between the bomb-torn treesp 311 ES 1984
my wife and my mother. They now share my small apartment at Ipanema, while I am forced to live in ap 1105 MWM 1985
her home and join my wife and myself in our apartment at Ipanema. At first my wife resented this, but soonp 1106 MWM 1985
an assignment. The two women had taken to opening the apartment door together. They would stare at me accusingly, almost barringp 1106 MWM 1985
empty notebook and the tram journey back to the crowded apartment in Ipanema. I dreaded the prospect of seeing my wifep 1112 MWM 1985
me as I made a leisurely tour of the cramped apartment. My changed demeanour clearly impressed them. They pestered me withp 1112 MWM 1985
and a flask of tea I had prepared in the apartment under my wife's suspicious gaze. Often the American had littlep 1113 MWM 1985
newspaper. Soon after, the two women evicted me from my apartment. I was happy to leave them, taking with me onlyp 1114 MWM 1985
In the Voyeur's Gaze This August, 300 yards from our apartment in Juan-les-Pins, the pleasant park of eucalyptus and fir treesp 65 UGM 1989
networks will transmit data banks and information services to each apartment, along with the most advanced fire, safety and security measuresp 65 UGM 1989
the medical school, I was ringing the doorbell of an apartment owned by an attractive young woman whose name I hadp 1124 LCC 1989
financial journalism.‘ I stood awkwardly in the centre of her apartment, my legs turning to lead. These lines of dialogue, likep 1124 LCC 1989
a Prince Valiant suit would ring the doorbell of the apartment, and this thoughtful journalist would greet him in her grotesquep 1125 LCC 1989
the weary streets to an arranged meeting in an unknown apartment, where some pleasant young woman -- student, waitress or librarianp 1125 LCC 1989
-- I had dressed in my Castilian Waiter costume. The apartment was in a nondescript building kept on its feet byp 1127 LCC 1989
worry. They're very civilised. At least you'll get a better apartment.‘ ‘Oh, thanks. Once, you must have been rather sweet. Butp 1128 LCC 1989
forged signatures, hoodwinked a distracted supervisor confused by the derelict apartment building, begged or bribed my friends to swap shifts, andp 1128 LCC 1989
tension was to explode when the supervisor arrived at Lucille's apartment. The sight of this dark-eyed young Jesuit in his Gypsyp 1129 LCC 1989
to a paroxysm of violence, hurling the fellow from the apartment. From the moment the ambulance and police were called, ourp 1129 LCC 1989
expatriates had settled in permanent exile among the hotels and apartment complexes of the Mediterranean. By summer this number vastly increasedp 1140 LTP 1989
this brought them into direct conflict with local hoteliers and apartment owners, who found themselves housing a huge population of non-payingp 1141 LTP 1989
of open intimidation quickly subdued the managers of hotels and apartment houses. Local police chiefs, for their part, were reluctant top 1141 LTP 1989
their cause. Acting together, they commandeered any empty villas or apartment houses, whose owners were either too terrified to protest orp 1141 LTP 1989
roads with abandoned cars, fortifying the entrances to hotels and apartment houses. By day their scuba teams hunted the coastal watersp 1142 LTP 1989
the city. Around them stretched the endless vistas of shattered apartment houses and bombed-out office buildings. Many of the stores hadp 1147 WF 1989
found the baby boy and his sister in an abandoned apartment building, and then tracked down their adolescent aunt. However tragicp 1147 WF 1989
That evening Ryan rested on the balcony of Aunt Vera's apartment overlooking the harbour in East Beirut. He watched the ridingp 1148 WF 1989
home he had ever known. A young couple in an apartment across the street had recently adopted an orphan boy, andp 1149 WF 1989
lying discarded in the gutter. When Ryan reached his aunt's apartment he found Dr Edwards and two UN guards waiting forp 1154 WF 1989
is Europe's Florida, an endless parade of hotels, marinas and apartment houses, haunted by criminals running hash from North Africa, stealingp 59 SCNa 1990
Europe's California? Perhaps, but the peculiar geometry of those identical apartment houses seems to defuse the millenarian spirit. Living there, onep 59 SCNa 1990
possible, those of geometry: the shapes and volumes of the apartment house, the beach, the planetarium. The paintings of mental patientsp 39 YCMa 1990
reinvented herself as a camp icon, presiding over a Hollywood apartment decorated like a boudoir-scale Versailles, touring in Diamond Lil, andp 10 UGM 1991
black suits and shades. I imagined Lansky in a duplex apartment under the sky, manipulating the Mafia's vast cash reserves onp 45 UGM 1991
his death he was living in a poorly furnished one-bedroom apartment, and left so little money to his heirs that hisp 45 UGM 1991
has now retired to Florence, where he poses in his apartment wearing a dark, pin-striped suit and tie, the curator ofp 81 UGM 1991
Urbino, which hangs only a few hundred yards from his apartment, let alone the legion of annunciations, nativities and agonies inp 81 UGM 1991
his life. In the late 1970s Burroughs rented a windowless apartment, soon nicknamed the Bunker, in a converted YMCA in thep 131 UGM 1991
had cycled as a child, staring up at the faded apartment houses and office buildings that I recognized after nearly halfp 174 UGM 1991
broken glass, trying to recognise the windows of her own apartment. Far away, police sirens had begun to wail, and anp 24 KW 1991
house, and my mother and father had moved to an apartment in the French Concession. The battle for Shanghai continued aroundp 27 KW 1991
perimeter of the International Settlement, shaking the doors of our apartment and often jamming the elevator. Once Olga and I werep 27 KW 1991
of the hunger reveries into which I often slipped. The apartment houses of the French Concession were visible along the horizonp 39 KW 1991
the driver from the lobby of Imperial Mansions, a run-down apartment building across the street in which several brothels operated. Davidp 67 KW 1991
Shanghai, when he invited the wary Chinese bar-girls to the apartment he rented from a Russian dentist in Imperial Mansions. Asp 105 KW 1991
water, now and then glancing at the balcony of our apartment. After breakfast I had announced my decision to challenge thep 138 KW 1991
return. I could see them on the beach below the apartment, sitting in a row on the rubber inflatable, arguing overp 139 KW 1991
row of unfamiliar hotels faced me across the water. Our apartment house had moved along the bay, and Miriam and thep 139 KW 1991
posts, announcing a new resort complex of hotels, marinas and apartment houses. As we strolled along, my arm around Miriam's waistp 141 KW 1991
work already forgotten. ‘I hate to mention it, but the apartment is going to cost us a fortune in dilapidations.‘ ‘I'llp 142 KW 1991
Florida. I liked its marina culture, its endless highways and apartment houses. This was the future that President Kennedy and thep 145 KW 1991
up-end the beach into half a mile of hotels and apartment houses.‘ He pointed to the pine posts like so manyp 148 KW 1991
so square,‘ Miriam told me as she gazed around our apartment, pastis in hand. "Do some more cleaning" -- that wasp 150 KW 1991
grip on the world. Leaving Lucy and Alice in our apartment with the Jouberts, the rest of us set off inp 151 KW 1991
her American spunk,‘ Miriam decided when we returned to the apartment. ‘She knows what she wants, and goes out and getsp 154 KW 1991
helped herself to an olive from my hand. ‘Where's your apartment? I can't see it today.‘ ‘Next to the hotel withp 156 KW 1991
the children's supper, then carried the tray to the Nordlunds‘ apartment. When I returned, the practicante was on the telephone. Hep 159 KW 1991
could I manoeuvre her away from Lykiard? Her large, ramshackle apartment in an expensive Bayswater block was a museum of unmetp 182 KW 1991
achieving Hollywood careers. ‘We have a party tonight, in my apartment at Ipanema,‘ Pereira told us. ‘A festival car will collectp 242 KW 1991
stay?‘ I asked. ‘Here in Copacabana?‘ ‘We go to our apartment.‘ Carmen pointed to a nearby side-street. ‘You have American dollarsp 244 KW 1991
women worked at trestle tables. At the door of her apartment Carmen turned, hand on key, and peered at me. Duringp 245 KW 1991
with surprising force. She pointed to the bedroom of the apartment. ‘We go in -- it's just for us.‘ A womanp 246 KW 1991
looked out on to the rear balconies of a vast apartment block, more low-rent housing in this city where the poorp 246 KW 1991
child. An old man in a vest wandered into the apartment, tried to remember something, and faded into the corridor. ‘Jimp 247 KW 1991
I saw them leaning against the dingy wall outside the apartment, lighting their cigarettes as they waited for us to finishp 247 KW 1991
Pereira's party. The terrace and reception rooms of the duplex apartment seemed to rotate like a satellite nightclub in orbit overp 253 KW 1991
Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern, scheme to break into the apartment of the brutalized nightclub singer (Isabella Rossellini) and risk involvingp 30 UGM 1993
streets of Los Angeles, absolutely nothing else is real. His apartment building in the Hollywood Hills is surrounded by luxury homesp 121 UGM 1993
pool hall. Neil drove him to Dr Barbara's single room apartment at the rear of the children's refuge. As she treatedp 37 RP 1994
heaped at the foot of the narrow bed. The modest apartment, looking out onto fire escapes packed with broken furniture andp 37 RP 1994
paddy fields, and I remember staring for hours at the apartment buildings of the French Concession along the horizon. The Swissp 283 UGM 1995
and graceful boulevards, of skyscrapers and Provencal villas, art deco apartment blocks and half-timbered Tudor mansions. Driven to the Cathedral Schoolp 286 UGM 1995
a friend's home in the Avenue Foch I found his apartment abandoned to the wind, unwanted possessions scattered across the bedsp 288 UGM 1995
pools. Three miles to its east I passed an elegant apartment building standing on a scrubby bend of the coastal roadp 16 CN 1996
swimming pool, whose reflection dressed the walls of a nearby apartment house with bands of gold light. Almost invisible at firstp 34 CN 1996
him.‘ ‘That's fighting talk. Now, I'd like to see his apartment. There are personal things I want to collect for himp 38 CN 1996
was coming out to play. From the balcony of Frank's apartment, three floors above the swimming pool, I watched the membersp 42 CN 1996
Hennessy waited as I made a last tour of the apartment. In Frank's bedroom the mattress stood against the wall, itsp 44 CN 1996
Father's camera. Curiously, the background of white villas, palms and apartment houses reminded me of Estrella de Mar. Beside the rowp 45 CN 1996
at the club. It may have been planted in his apartment, who knows?‘ Hennessy patted my shoulders, as if reassuring ap 54 CN 1996
Club Nautico, and left me with the keys to Frank's apartment. When we parted at the door of his office hep 55 CN 1996
over the gutted mansion. I spent the afternoon tidying Frank's apartment. I replaced the books on the shelves, remade the bedp 55 CN 1996
intriguing mix of casino and bordello. When I left the apartment to return to Los Monteros an amorous couple were testingp 57 CN 1996
I had freed Frank from prison I would buy an apartment of my own and make it my winter base. Inp 66 CN 1996
complex.‘ Crawford pointed to a large settlement of villas and apartment houses a mile to the west of the peninsula. ‘Nop 73 CN 1996
a travel writer. The white facades of the villas and apartment houses were like blocks of time that had crystallized besidep 75 CN 1996
Marbella that morning. I had packed the case in his apartment at the Club Nautico after a careful search through hisp 75 CN 1996
elusive Frank seemed to have turned his back on the apartment and its dusty past. At the last moment I threwp 75 CN 1996
shoulders in the evening. I needed to live in Frank's apartment, sleep in his bed and shower in his bathroom, insinuatep 79 CN 1996
I had already watched them from the balcony of Frank's apartment, lying on the chairs beside the pool as they gossipedp 80 CN 1996
stationary on the third floor. The corridor led to Frank's apartment, two locked administration offices and the club's library. No onep 81 CN 1996
the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. Outside Frank's apartment the deep pile of the carpet, raked by a maid'sp 81 CN 1996
Orkney malt, trying to tune my ears to the silent apartment. The maid had tidied the bedroom, turning down the bedp 82 CN 1996
it. Too final, I suppose. So you're moving into the apartment?‘ ‘For a week or so.‘ We left the bedroom andp 86 CN 1996
disco beat. I wondered what had brought her to the apartment -- the postcard seemed a trivial pretext for a midnightp 87 CN 1996
she was almost silent. By leaving me alone in the apartment she had made herself partly responsible for my injuries. Yetp 95 CN 1996
taxis and go home.‘ When Cabrera first arrived at the apartment and found me sitting on the balcony, reassuring Paula thatp 95 CN 1996
Mr Prentice -- there is only one way into the apartment -- the front door. Yet you insist that you lockedp 97 CN 1996
to check out of my hotel and move into the apartment. I need a closer eye on everything.‘ ‘Then how didp 97 CN 1996
thought of the loose decanter stopper. Paula had entered the apartment, unaware that the assailant was hiding in its shadows andp 97 CN 1996
had said nothing to Cabrera about her visit to the apartment the previous evening. ‘Mr Prentice?‘ Cabrera was watching me withp 98 CN 1996
keys weren't locked away, Inspector. Once you finished searching the apartment after Frank's arrest you handed them to Mr Hennessy. Theyp 98 CN 1996
I too was curious how my attacker had entered the apartment and why he had chosen the very evening that Ip 99 CN 1996
in the dark. I assumed that he was searching the apartment as Paula let herself through the door with her sparep 99 CN 1996
herself for having concealed from Cabrera her presence at the apartment, presumably for fear that he might assume some personal involvementp 102 CN 1996
a seventeenth-century New England settlement. From the balcony of Frank's apartment I looked down at the swimming pool, where Bobby Crawfordp 116 CN 1996
up to reveal an empty bedroom in an art deco apartment, with white-on-white decor, ice-pale furnishings and recessed lights in portholep 124 CN 1996
been a set-up, designed to lure her to this anonymous apartment, the mise-en-scene for a real rape for which the bridesmaidsp 126 CN 1996
neck. ‘David Hennessy told me about the attack in Frank's apartment. How vile. It looks like a choker of rubies. Wasp 133 CN 1996
had last seen her on the television screen in Frank's apartment, smiling bravely at another camera lens. ‘Something of a characterp 134 CN 1996
the bedroom and the mirror-door reflected the balcony of the apartment and the sloping streets below. Again I froze the framep 136 CN 1996
Nautico to the ruin of the Hollinger house. A dozen apartment blocks looked down from the high corniche, a cliff-face ofp 137 CN 1996
Its weather-vane pointed to a penthouse balcony of a cream-faced apartment building on the Estrella de Mar skyline. The silver diamondp 151 CN 1996
by a wooden trestle. I followed the workmen into the apartment, and made a pretence of checking the electrical wiring. Widep 152 CN 1996
split-level lounge. Ignored by the workmen, I strolled around the apartment, already recognizing the art deco motifs, the strip lighting andp 152 CN 1996
the strip lighting and porthole niches. I assumed that the apartment had been leased by the makers of the porno-film, whop 152 CN 1996
window. Beyond the glass-walled stairwell was the balcony of the apartment that shared the penthouse floor. Leaning over the rail, Ip 153 CN 1996
hair, Paula Hamilton was paying a professional visit to Crawford's apartment. His right forearm and the back of his hand werep 154 CN 1996
at midnight, Inspector. I spent the evening in my brother's apartment. Still, as you say, the engine decided to ignite itselfp 155 CN 1996
a cable TV network. It fed itself into almost every apartment and villa, every bar and nightclub, as anyone could seep 159 CN 1996
if playing an elaborate and dangerous game. Walking around Frank's apartment, I thought of him working in the prison garden, homesickp 159 CN 1996
over the sea, its copper rays touching the villas and apartment houses, a premonition of the last carnival blaze that wouldp 160 CN 1996
of him sitting beside Paula on the balcony of his apartment on the morning after the speedboat chase in the harbourp 160 CN 1996
I replayed the cassette of the porno-film shot in his apartment, still convinced that he was too committed to his fellow-residentsp 160 CN 1996
the back of a taxi, which sped towards the luxury apartment houses of the high corniche. Satisfied to see them offp 164 CN 1996
trees and then to the rear gate and the garage apartment beside the fire-swept house. I left the platform and walkedp 168 CN 1996
Paula Hamilton told me about the attack in your brother's apartment. From what she said, the intruder decided not to killp 173 CN 1996
begin to look like your brother ...‘ I returned to Frank's apartment, trying to guess at the significance of his decision. Byp 184 CN 1996
Paula ...? Is that you?‘ ‘It better be.‘ She closed the apartment door behind her and stepped on to the balcony. Lightlyp 186 CN 1996
Islands -- it was just like Estrella de Mar. Endless apartment blocks, satellite TV, no-questions sex. You wake up in thep 192 CN 1996
in the mirrored bedroom door, almost certainly in Bobby Crawford's apartment. Gently stroking Paula's back, I remembered the same high rib-cagep 194 CN 1996
quickly. By the way, do you know where Bobby Crawford's apartment is?‘ ‘Why do you ask ...? It's on the high cornichep 194 CN 1996
him there the other day. I got into the empty apartment next to his.‘ ‘On the top floor? It's quite ap 194 CN 1996
are you up to?‘ ‘You filmed Anne Hollinger in Crawford's apartment. I've seen the video. In fact, it's over there, Ip 195 CN 1996
meal Out of it! Yes, I was at Bobby Crawford's apartment.‘ ‘I recognized the scar.‘ I released her arms and satp 196 CN 1996
some dim tourist in Fuengirola and bring her to his apartment.‘ ‘He wouldn't have gone that far. Crawford was turning youp 197 CN 1996
me, though, and that is how he got into the apartment. Did he arrive with you?‘ ‘No! Charles, I wouldn't havep 198 CN 1996
beach after the speedboat chase? I saw you at his apartment the next day, bandaging his arm.‘ ‘Charles ...‘ Paula hid herp 199 CN 1996
to the swimming pools, blue kidneys of undisturbed water. Three-storey apartment houses were briefly visible beyond their drives, where groups ofp 213 CN 1996
and cruised around the plaza. I watched the villas and apartment houses, hoping for the sound of a raised human voicep 216 CN 1996
he had put together on the windswept balcony of his apartment. ‘Town-scapes are changing. The open-plan city belongs to the pastp 219 CN 1996
them to help you here. They can move into the apartment upstairs. From now on they work for you.‘ I shookp 231 CN 1996
A shared access road ran towards a group of three-storey apartment houses. Awnings flared over the balconies, tethered wings that wouldp 235 CN 1996
rhetoric? Half an hour later, as he burgled a small apartment block near the central plaza, I unzipped the hold-all andp 240 CN 1996
off along the perimeter road, where the cheaper villas and apartment houses looked out over the Malaga highway. Home-made ‘For Salep 241 CN 1996
that evening, as I stood on the balcony of Frank's apartment at the Club Nautico, I thought of Bobby Crawford andp 248 CN 1996
of the porno-film he had helped to make at his apartment, and guessed that he had something similar in mind, partp 262 CN 1996
been waiting in the bedroom after letting herself into the apartment with Frank's keys. She stepped on to the balcony andp 277 CN 1996
keeps me locked into all those memories.‘ ‘You're leaving the apartment so you can forget about Frank?‘ Paula laughed flatly top 278 CN 1996
over again. Even Bobby Crawford has gone. He's sub-let his apartment for the rest of the summer. Hennessy claims that Cabrerap 278 CN 1996
cut-price drugs that he force-feeds into almost every house and apartment.‘ ‘Dr Sanger ... to Crawford's generation cocaine and amphetamines are nop 303 CN 1996
to talk to you.‘ ‘Then where is he? In his apartment? What about Cabrera?‘ ‘They aren't here. Frank's in Zarzuella prisonp 314 CN 1996
Crawford and Mahoud, or at least work out where the apartment was.‘ ‘That bit was easy. But I might never havep 321 CN 1996
from Fuengirola. Replacing the receiver, I had looked around Frank's apartment for the last time. The silent rooms seemed airless, andp 327 CN 1996
Good. I helped to write it. Every office, house and apartment cabled up to the world's major stockbrokers, the nearest Tiffany'sp 16 SC 2000
Nations headquarters, another attempt to blueprint a kingdom of saints. Apartment houses lined the waterfront, synchronized brises-soleils shielding the balconies. Janep 17 SC 2000
stage production. To the east, beyond Cap d'Antibes, the ziggurat apartment buildings of Marina Baie des Anges loomed larger than thep 24 SC 2000
she stay within Eden-Olympia. We'd have to find you an apartment near the shopping mall. They're pleasant enough, but ... Jane, I'mp 30 SC 2000
rolled down the Boulevard de la Republique, past the elegant apartment houses that lay below the heights of Super-Cannes. I satp 106 SC 2000
had long been drained. As she welcomed me into her apartment she reminded me of the deputy principal of a privatep 134 SC 2000
unused to the presence of a strange man in her apartment. ‘Madame Duval, it's good of you to see me. Ip 134 SC 2000
she held tight to her memories of David Greenwood. Her apartment at Antibes-les-Pins was a decompression chamber, where the explosive forcesp 139 SC 2000
around the hillside towards another gated community. The villas and apartment houses had been designed by a latter-day Gaudi, the wallsp 140 SC 2000
plainer cloth. We met as arranged in Madame Cordier's second-floor apartment, shielded from the sea by the coiled extrusions of yellowp 141 SC 2000
Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘Even so.‘ I looked back at Madame Cordier's apartment, where the widows watched from the balcony. ‘The husbands livedp 146 SC 2000
his white coat and name-tag walked past us towards the apartment houses beside the lake. He was barely an arm's lengthp 184 SC 2000
his office?‘ ‘In the private suite next door. A six-room apartment fitted with gym, massage table, Jacuzzi. Greenwood told the secretaryp 192 SC 2000
He walked out on you?‘ ‘No. We moved into an apartment at Marina Baie des Anges. But he worked till ninep 219 SC 2000
you got divorced?‘ ‘In a friendly way. I kept the apartment, and he moved to Paris ...‘ She stared at her shoesp 220 SC 2000
I'm flying again ...‘ I stood on the terrace of her apartment, and let the wind play on the silk dressing gownp 224 SC 2000
with the night air I felt myself soar between the apartment towers of Marina Baie des Anges. The curving facades withp 224 SC 2000
that had been another Riviera, as remote from this futuristic apartment complex as the casino at Monte Carlo was from thep 224 SC 2000
car thief. But when we left Antibes and reached the apartment complex at Villeneuve-Loubet she recovered herself and returned to thep 225 SC 2000
I gazed into the block of night air between the apartment buildings. Logic and reality curved at Marina Baie des Angesp 228 SC 2000
I moved from the urine-damp patch. Beyond the terrace the apartment buildings of Marina Baie des Anges made their curved passagep 231 SC 2000
to the faint North African music that came from an apartment above us. ‘Don't tell me you're asleep.‘ ‘I've never beenp 231 SC 2000
are you?‘ ‘Young again ...‘ Darkness Curves Darkness curved around the apartment towers of Marina Baie des Anges, one night enclosing anotherp 233 SC 2000
pavements, and tourists scanned the estate agents‘ displays of new apartment complexes, ready to invest their savings in a prefabricated dreamp 276 SC 2000
surveys, and later I found his flying jacket at her apartment. But Jane's anaesthetic took care of that pain too ... Ip 282 SC 2000
as she dragged me up the steps of a short-let apartment building. The flats had been rented out to small independentp 285 SC 2000
film.‘ ‘In that case ...‘ We entered the lobby of the apartment building. Beyond the glass doors was the reception bureau, whichp 285 SC 2000
his wrists. He noticed me on the steps of the apartment building, and glanced at the display of film titles hangingp 286 SC 2000
When we reached Antibes, passing the harbour and the modest apartment building where Greene had spent his last years, I thoughtp 289 SC 2000
darkened front. At the eastern edge of Golfe-Juan a new apartment complex stood on the site of the ceramics factory Ip 310 SC 2000
bumper. On our left, across the railway line, was the apartment complex of Antibes-les-Pins. A single light shone above a balconyp 311 SC 2000
insomniac neighbour of Isabel Duval sat alone in her high-security apartment. I searched the balconies, distracted by a rush of noisep 311 SC 2000
Duval, and waited until she reached the entrance to her apartment wing. Walking to the car-park lift I saw that Meldrump 328 SC 2000
Menard, the chauffeurs‘ widows I had last seen in the apartment at Port-la-Galere. When they spoke to Frances they turned theirp 330 SC 2000
the crowded Antibes harbour beyond the Napoleonic battlements to the apartment city of Marina Baie des Anges. An airliner made itsp 330 SC 2000
gripped the telescope in her hands. She stared at the apartment houses at Antibes-les-Pins, as if wishing that she could hidep 348 SC 2000
young man. Most of the time we met at my apartment. I didn't want to know.‘ ‘But that wasn't enough top 348 SC 2000
news ...‘ Using the spare key, I let myself into her apartment at Manna Baie des Anges. The standard lamp in thep 371 SC 2000
away my arm. ‘Leave it, Mr Sinclair. They're watching the apartment -- once the lights go on they'll be up herep 372 SC 2000
the pillow. When the La Garoupe beam turned between the apartment buildings her bruised face seemed to switch itself on andp 373 SC 2000
could break the glass. ‘That's why you were in Frances's apartment. You were waiting there, ready to kill me. Why didn'tp 378 SC 2000
An open casement swung on the top floor of the apartment building beside Cadogan Circle. Bizarrely, a hand reached out andp 10 MP 2003
I pumped the elevator buttons in the hall of the apartment building. Frustratingly, all electric power to Chelsea Marina had beenp 10 MP 2003
swung in the sunlight. A third-floor tenant of the same apartment house, Vera Blackburn, was a former government scientist and ap 11 MP 2003
higher kind of boredom. We reached Cadogan Circle, where an apartment block stood beside the roundabout. Vera strode ahead of mep 77 MP 2003
watched the television news. Vera Blackburn would be in her apartment, playing moodily with her fuses and timers, ready to tacklep 142 MP 2003
privileges. Crossing Cadogan Circle on my way to Vera Blackburn's apartment, I noticed that almost every avenue was now blocked byp 216 MP 2003
The helicopter was landing in the service area behind the apartment building, and I could see its tail rotor through thep 284 MP 2003
waved a little shyly from the door of our Chelsea apartment, and walked out on me for good. Affection could revealp 4 KC 2006
made his last home in a residential complex of three-storey apartment buildings in a landscaped park, reached by a narrow lanep 16 KC 2006
head. I closed the door behind me and left the apartment house, listening to my feet on the gravel, a horizontalp 57 KC 2006
I no longer needed to avoid the mirrors in the apartment. At the same time, these undercover missions raised a numberp 197 KC 2006
way home from school I often paused outside an empty apartment block. Seeing everything displaced and rearranged in a haphazard wayp 59 ML 2008
the Avenue Joffre and found the door of his family apartment open and unlocked. The family had left at short noticep 60 ML 2008
walk to Shanghai. I had spent years staring at the apartment houses of the French Concession, and I was eager top 105 ML 2008
and the children, and a few English residents from our apartment building. Then the priest rolled up his sleeves, took ap 201 ML 2008
to come down from the mountains, we left the now-empty apartment building and set off on the long drive back top 201 ML 2008
still have, vivid memories of cycling around Shanghai, exploring empty apartment buildings, and trying unsuccessfully to fraternise with Japanese soldiers. Butp 249 ML 2008
stopped, and climbed to the roof deck of a workers‘ apartment block, where I scanned the countryside for any sight ofp 271 ML 2008