the marks of colliding heels, the diagram of a violent apache dance. The raw divots reminded me of the Russian's frightenedp 61 SC 2000
side of my face three inches below the other, but apart from that I couldn't see anything that added up top 16 E 1956
muscles collapsed, and the whole act toppled and then sprung apart. ‘They slipped there the last time,‘ Helen said. ‘No, nop 22 E 1956
at the Casino every night from eleven to three, but apart from that I suppose we were always together. Sometimes inp 9 PB 1956
covered every square foot of the two facing him, and apart from the three doors there appeared to be no faultp 61 M69 1957
muscles on a rowing machine. But annoyingly no recreational facilities, apart from the three armchairs and the gramophone, had been providedp 61 M69 1957
asked. ‘What better place? Besides, it couldn't be anywhere else. Apart from in there.‘ He gestured at the light bowl suspendedp 62 M69 1957
intermittent high-pitched whine, a sitar-like caterwauling that seemed to pull apart the sutures of my skull. Responding to the boos andp 41 VS 1957
feel at the sky, and the three stem-pieces were wider apart. All the angles seemed different. ‘I thought you'd notice itp 42 VS 1957
making sure they were exactly the width of the file apart. The metal was soft and worked easily; on the surfacep 43 VS 1957
file. They were all at least double the original distance apart. ‘Mr Hamilton,‘ Carol said. ‘Look at this.‘ She pointed top 43 VS 1957
Raymond wandered round, his mouth open. ‘It'll tear the building apart. Just think of the noise.‘ Carol was staring up atp 49 VS 1957
like a lot of girders and steel sheets being ripped apart -- how did you put it? -- a car smashp 69 T12 1958
the radiocasts.‘ ‘I haven't got a radio here,‘ Tallis said. ‘Apart from the one up there, and that's tuned to thep 73 WG 1959
cans out with you when you go on leave.‘ ‘So apart from shovelling the sand off the doorstep there's virtually nothingp 73 WG 1959
single-order job hand-made by a specialist, worth at least £500 apart from the case. ‘Beautifully tooled,‘ I remarked to Tallis. Ip 76 WG 1959
narrow dust-filled valleys, sometimes no more than a hundred yards apart, here and there giving way to the flat mile-long deckp 79 WG 1959
cooped up with a maniac eager to tear the stars apart. The butt of the flare pistol swinging on my kneep 89 WG 1959
here, invisible and sustained by preternatural forces, is without doubt. Apart from the impossibility of surviving a Murak noon, I certainlyp 94 WG 1959
they left only yesterday. Why don't we go back?‘ ‘Well, apart from the fact that there aren't enough of us nowp 159 CH 1960
matted itself through the wooden slats, here and there pulling apart the rotting wood. Closer inspection at these points would havep 196 LW 1960
in his life with whom he had been intimately involved. Apart from the pleasure of being able to help her, ap 109 SS 1960
to a critical point where they'll literally start shaking buildings apart. The entire city will come down like Jericho.‘ ‘Babel,‘ Altop 115 SS 1960
I. No one has volunteered yet to undergo whole-body irradiation. Apart from the fact that it would be classified as suicidep 179 VT 1960
reasons, and consequently Kaldren has periodic storms that tear him apart. The whole thing was a tragic blunder.‘ Coma frowned pensivelyp 182 VT 1960
streets, traffic had long since ceased to move about them. Apart from a few hours before dawn when only the sidewalksp 268 B 1961
heavily, was on his knees by the mahogany wardrobe, wrenching apart the frame of the central mirror with a jemmy. Piecesp 278 B 1961
was. Katy was his own age, twenty-two, the only person, apart from Granger, who seemed to understand his determination to stayp 236 DE 1961
do, is there?‘ he said impersonally. Granger examined the fish. Apart from the large wound in its side and the flattenedp 243 DE 1961
he reached the centre he sat down, pushing the weeds apart, and lay back in the shallow water. Slowly he feltp 253 OM 1961
registered poets at Vermilion Sands. Except that none of them, apart from Tristram, was capable of producing a single line. Itp 233 S5 1961
Lanyon shrugged. The Terrapin was a small J-class sub, and apart from himself Matheson was the only officer aboard. What frightenedp 28 WFN 1961
to have caused thousands of casualties in islands as far apart as Okinawa and the Solomons. Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehrup 33 WFN 1961
down the shaft, then picked up and sped on again. Apart from the Bethlehem there was only one other vehicle inp 70 WFN 1961
glass. The man with the Mauser stopped, feet placed wide apart, then raised the gun again. Dropping to one knee, Lanyonp 100 WFN 1961
Symington struggled at their feet between them. Suddenly they sprang apart. Symington darted quickly through the doorway before the two bigp 130 WFN 1961
for air, Maitland tried to control himself, spread his legs apart and pressed his shoulders against the stiff backrest of thep 160 WFN 1961
brought to them twice a day by two guards, but apart from an occasional routine check they were left virtually alonep 171 WFN 1961
longer supported by the surrounding earth, the bunkers were breaking apart. As Waring had said, soon the staircase and the segmentsp 184 WFN 1961
off. There were ample reservoirs and cisterns filled with water, apart from a thousand intact cocktail bars six feet below thep 358 CS 1962
orbital pathways, which would soon scatter them thousands of miles apart, and the satellites moved as if they were always togetherp 368 CS 1962
with heat. ‘Travis!‘ He tried to pull the man's hands apart, the pungent stench of burning flesh gusting into his facep 371 CS 1962
a law office in downtown Red Beach twenty miles away. Apart from the dust, smog and inflationary prices of real estatep 308 TDS 1962
of emotion blended into a replica more intimate than anyone, apart from her dead husband, could ever know. The Gloria Tremaynep 312 TDS 1962
gulped in the cool night air, and tried to force apart the locking plastex. The safety cut-out switch was above thep 318 TDS 1962
began to fizz and bubble. It flared alight and split apart, the two burning lips unzipping in a brilliant discharge ofp 319 TDS 1962
Stamers's surprise, I decided to stay on at 99 Stellavista. Apart from the fact that I hadn't enough cash to buyp 320 TDS 1962
gone. The kitchen and service units were still functional, and apart from their contorted shapes most of the rooms were habitablep 320 TDS 1962
orders to proceed south at a steady twenty knots. But apart from the routine acknowledgement signal nothing had been heard. Perhapsp 9 DW 1962
and consequently little silt had entered them. Free of vegetation, apart from a few drifting clumps of Sargasso weed, the streetsp 19 DW 1962
fabulous laboratory, the submerged cities little more than elaborate pedestals. Apart from a few older men such as Bodkin there wasp 21 DW 1962
phlegmatic man of about 30, he had quietly kept himself apart from the other members of the unit. Something of anp 34 DW 1962
behind, Kerans found himself reluctant to take any systematic precautions. Apart from his fuel and food supplies, for which he hadp 46 DW 1962
told Daley, ‘we seem to be half-way back to Byrd. Apart from wearing out the engine we haven't achieved much.‘ Daleyp 55 DW 1962
be scored by two faint parallel lines, about six feet apart, that led across to the jutting roof of an almostp 57 DW 1962
the drying surface between the lines, spaced some four feet apart, unmistakably the footsteps of a tall powerful man hauling ap 58 DW 1962
not simply for reasons of convenience that they would live apart. Much as he needed Beatrice Dahl, her personality intruded uponp 79 DW 1962
fell like vanquished standards. The whole jungle was being torn apart. Droves of bats erupted into the air and scattered franticallyp 85 DW 1962
the steel hawsers and bracing lines of the depot ship. Apart from the kindred settings, emphasised by the two lagoons andp 116 DW 1962
in by a mass of dissonant realities millions of years apart. The great sun beating in his mind almost drowned outp 127 DW 1962
night's work. With a shout, Strangman and the Admiral pulled apart the dancing group. The cart was hauled away, metal rimsp 136 DW 1962
lay over the square in incandescent layers a few inches apart, like the planes of parallel universes crystallised Out of thep 137 DW 1962
tangle of long torn strips, even the cord underlay ripped apart so that the floor seals could be hacked and breachedp 143 DW 1962
intelligent androids. ‘What about the looting?‘ he asked. Riggs shrugged. ‘Apart from a few trinkets filched from an old Woolworths he'sp 155 DW 1962
the building and the shoulder of the adjacent office block. Apart from the exit creek on the far side of thep 158 DW 1962
there seemed to be no likely focus for their opposition. Apart from the fear that the Council was in touch withp 378 WT 1962
It doesn't make an iota of difference,‘ Hanson said tartly. ‘Apart from any other reason‘ -- here he glanced skyward --p 383 WT 1962
only item of decoration or recreational equipment in the villa. Apart from the books and the chess set the small six-roomedp 504 EG 1963
nor even the next fortnight. Haste was always unseemly, quite apart from violating the whole purpose of the exercise. Two monthsp 508 EG 1963
the indefinite duration of the search, the overwhelming moral reasons, apart from the political and technical ones. He would have likedp 436 QR 1963
Black as a berry now. Almost indistinguishable from the Indians, apart from being 7 feet tall.‘ He pulled over a collectionp 439 QR 1963
been born in London, and lived there all his life apart from a two-year postgraduate visit to the United States. Asp 531 SA 1963
You don't keep driving the same one until it falls apart. It's the same with everything else -- television sets, washingp 414 SM 1963
with a mesh of small rubber studs, spaced progressively farther apart in each of the lanes so that the tyre hump 415 SM 1963
signs are going up everywhere, what would be their object? Apart from wasting the enormous amount of capital invested in allp 420 SM 1963
been resettled in other parts of the United States. But apart from the estimated losses in real estate values and hotelp 605 IM 1964
in the Western Hemisphere and the English-speaking world) actually involved. Apart from a handful of forestry workers and biologists from thep 606 IM 1964
four centuries, but was the only painting by the master, apart from the dissolving and barely visible Last Supper, in whichp 575 LL 1964
Ryksmuseum, Amsterdam -- and all were familiar, well-authenticated masterworks, centrepieces, apart from the Poussin, of major national collections. ‘It's reassuring top 579 LL 1964
large assumption there. Can you prove that in each case, apart from the Leonardo, there is an original version below thep 582 LL 1964
angel about to take flight. Then the two cars surged apart, and we were separated from the limousine by a tornadop 587 LL 1964
existed, in a sense true of few other places.) But apart from a few scientific workers, no one yet felt anyp 590 TB 1964
so that they were little more than an arm's length apart, a labyrinth of corridors running between them. They then wouldp 601 TB 1964
window among the bundles and suitcases. Johnstone pulled the men apart, the shot-gun raised in the air. His burly figure wasp 26 D 1965
had failed to materialize. One by one, areas as far apart as Saskatchewan and the Loire valley, Kazakhstan and the Madrasp 30 D 1965
hanging back as he beckoned his men between the cars. Apart from Saul, none of the fishermen was armed, and theyp 66 D 1965
violence, as if the whole landscape were about to fall apart again. Rallying himself with an effort, Ransom went into thep 68 D 1965
the frustration of the past years were tearing his face apart. With a wrench he ripped the windscreen wiper from itsp 133 D 1965
As a matter of interest, what have you been eating? Apart from a few weary travellers, that is.‘ Miranda hooted. ‘Don'tp 180 D 1965
series of potent images of the inner landscapes of time. Apart from a brief three-second sequence -- a young woman's hesitantp 28 UGM 1966
merely a passing regret for his errors of judgement. However, apart from his deficiencies of character, Pullman is a wholly passivep 144 UGM 1966
candlewick bedspread, gazing at the sea and the white sand. Apart from the dotty English milord who had rented the villap 664 BM 1966
commendation. The knowledge that the woman was his only witness, apart from the idiot Quimby, deterred Crispin from doing anything thatp 699 SBD 1966
feet, strong bodies and beaks that could slash a dog apart, Soaring low over the fields as Crispin drove his tractorp 701 SBD 1966
tossed down from the decks. Crispin could barely push them apart with the gaff, and slowly forced the launch to thep 702 SBD 1966
the few passengers would have been driven mad with annoyance. Apart from a French military landing craft, there seemed to bep 11 CW 1966
have been resettled in other parts of the country. But apart from the estimated losses in real-estate values and hotel revenuesp 84 CW 1966
the dusty room, looking for some personal trace of Suzanne. Apart from the footprints on the floor there was nothing ofp 141 CW 1966
I thought you'd --‘ Sanders took her hand. ‘My dear, apart from everything I owe Max there are my patients atp 142 CW 1966
to accept blood transfusions, even though it meant certain death. Apart from their religious objections, many of them felt that thep 688 TIM 1966
anything there's an excess of replacement materials over the demand. Apart from a few generalized degenerative conditions, most elderly people arep 689 TIM 1966
the demand exceeds supply a hundred-fold. Tell me, Conrad, quite apart from the driver of the car, how do you feelp 689 TIM 1966
where people who'd had new organs and limbs literally fell apart when the seams failed. I suppose he's right. Life shouldp 691 TIM 1966
was Judith, watching as Thornwald walked slowly towards his capsule. Apart from the two clear handprints across his face, his entirep 716 TMY 1966
the barracks or serve as waiters in the sergeants‘ mess. Apart from the prostitutes, the only young English people he willp 963 TW 1967
Sergeant Paley opens fire straight at the young Pakistani. Torn apart, he falls among the cabbages. Massive firing breaks out. Thep 96 TW 1967
your mind. Put them out in the field. EXPLOSIONS RIP APART VILLAGE BUILDINGS Close-up of bodies of rebel soldiers dragged alongp 967 TW 1967
and Oggi profiles might have been taken of Georges Duval. Apart from the American setting, every ingredient was the same: thep 772 CA 1968
and then patting his forehead with a floral handkerchief. ‘Frankly, apart from Georges Duval, the names mean absolutely nothing.‘ ‘Isn't thatp 773 CA 1968
Have we tried? My God, we've done nothing else. Charles, apart from checking a hundred directories and registers, we've contacted thep 773 CA 1968
Ambassador, and a crowd of twenty party functionaries. ‘Recognize anyone? Apart from Kosygin and company?‘ ‘The usual bunch of hatchet-faced waitersp 776 CA 1968
Two of them at least seemed opposed to established authority. Apart from Caldare in the Cosa Nostra, Georges Duval put hisp 778 CA 1968
play very different roles from the ones we assign them. Apart from its manifest function, redefining the elements of space andp 23 UD 1968
Pill, the social and sexual philosophy of the ejector seat. Apart from its marked retrospective bias, its obsession with the subjectivep 93 UGM 1969
beauty of the German landscape and its noble, simple-hearted peoples. Apart from its autobiographical sections, the discovery by a small Austrianp 222 UGM 1969
them going? Not hatred of the Americans, few of whom, apart from the dead, they had ever seen. Secure within theirp 782 KG 1969
to ensure that they are not more than 8 inches apart. The entire skin of the chest wall is then cleanedp 16 C80 1970
crash is the most dramatic event in most people's lives apart from their own deaths, and for many the two willp 263 UGM 1971
no more likely than the decline of the private house. Apart from this, driving a car clearly satisfies certain basic physicalp 264 UGM 1971
on the steering wheel also saved the young engineer's wife. Apart from a bruised upper jawbone and several loosened teeth, shep 20 C 1973
the rim of the steering wheel. He lounged back, legs apart, one hand adjusting his heavy groin. The whiteness of hisp 90 C 1973
landscape and preoccupations of the photographer than of his subject. Apart from those photographs of myself in hospital, taken with ap 101 C 1973
had ridden up around her waist, and her thighs lay apart as if she were deliberately exposing her pubis. Her leftp 154 C 1973
You're all right, aren't you?‘ I stood with my feet apart, hands on my breast bone, inhaling the floodlit air. Ip 157 C 1973
the forecourt was deserted. Catherine lay back with her legs apart, her mouth raised to Vaughan, who touched it with hisp 161 C 1973
of his musculature and personality were suspended a few millimetres apart, floating beside me in this pressure-free zone like the contentsp 198 C 1973
orgasm I lifted myself slowly from Vaughan, holding his buttocks apart with my hands so as not to injure his rectump 202 C 1973
bars, for some reason wondering if they were wide enough apart for him to slip his hands between them. He turnedp 31 CI 1974
his trial, psychotic eyes staring out beneath a bald skull. Apart from the packing case beside the bed the only piecep 58 CI 1974
on the edge of the bed, his blackened hands tearing apart the packet of rusks. ‘Not the police -- we're notp 70 CI 1974
gesture and attitude. Maitland stared into the trunk. Little remained apart from the car's tool-kit, a gift he was reluctant top 106 CI 1974
department of the medical school took him five minutes, and apart from this single excursion Laing's life in the high-rise wasp 9 HR 1975
drunk to get anywhere with this good-looking widow of thirty-five, apart from learning that she was a copywriter with a smallp 12 HR 1975
to storm a defended staircase or capture a rival elevator. Apart from anything else, the higher up the building he climbedp 114 HR 1975
and inform him of the probable reasons for these disturbances. Apart from the women in the next apartment, several of thep 137 HR 1975
If she was dying there was little he could do, apart from giving her a terminal gram of morphine and hidingp 150 HR 1975
had soon taken on a serious ritual character. The markings, apart from frightening the few other people he might come acrossp 155 HR 1975
aware that he was the only man in the resort, apart from Gould, away on his endless solo flying, and thep 835 LFA 1975
In an unexpected gesture of concern, Gould touched Forrester's shoulder. Apart from this, his face remained without expression. ‘She'll sleep tillp 836 LFA 1975
the world in the rumour's wake. In areas as far apart as the automotive plants of Detroit and the steel foundriesp 841 LDG 1976
to the room -- in his rage Loughlin had torn apart Dr Douglas's clothes and suitcases -- she apparently decided top 854 NTM 1976
She made no reply. Her hands remained clasped their millimetres apart, and her eyes stared in their trance-like way at thep 865 S 1976
edge of the cliff which would either pull the craft apart or, with luck, catapult it Into the air. Halloway signalledp 873 UC 1976
batteries, refuse recycle units and windmills. His real passion, though, apart from his curious interest in old internal-combustion engines, was forp 874 UC 1976
Halloway's, were raised in a defensive gesture. A hundred feet apart, they soared together along the curtain-walling, the pilot's white facep 880 UC 1976
globes embedded in this matrix of rotting organic matter. Pulled apart by the elders, many of the sets revealed their internalp 884 UC 1976
between the concrete decks as if trying to shake itself apart. The heavy vehicle was vibrating fiercely, and the unlatched doorp 887 UC 1976
too was part of this sardonic man's devious entertainment. However, apart from the stealing, Stillman's continued ravaging of department store windowsp 912 UC 1976
storeys of the garage were aflame. Powerful explosions were ripping apart the limousines, sports-cars and open tourers that Olds had collectedp 923 UC 1976
Vietnam isn't undeserved -- the slaughter in Star Wars, quite apart from the destruction of an entire populated planet, is unrelievedp 15 UGM 1977
have been virtually nil. How many of us could name, apart from Armstrong himself, a single one of the men whop 224 UGM 1977
these years. I listened to my companions‘ increasingly random discussion. Apart from the consultant engineer and the garage owner, there werep 927 DT 1977
the last train had stopped here some two months beforehand. Apart from the aircraft overhead, the landscape remained as deserted asp 928 DT 1977
furniture in the stands, we walked slowly past the corpses. Apart from two middle-aged Chinese, a man and a woman lyingp 929 DT 1977
Karen with a gaze that is both possessive and menacing. Apart from a brief lunge at my testicles, she has ignoredp 952 ICU 1977
nominally Pangborn was a television critic, virtually the only job, apart from that of the maintenance engineers, in a society wherep 992 MA 1978
shouted at the river as it rose towards me. Falling apart in the air, its tail impaled by the branches, thep 15 UDC 1979
touch of dissecting-room humour I could do without. In fact, apart from my bruised mouth and ribs, I felt remarkably wellp 27 UDC 1979
A large fulmar was gutting a pike, its talons tearing apart the bloodied flesh. With its beaked bill and strong bodyp 66 UDC 1979
an anxious spasm. We mated in the dappled light, broke apart and cantered together, the sweat and semen on our flanksp 114 UDC 1979
submerging its wings. Although I was now alone in Shepperton, apart from the dead young woman in the church and thep 215 UDC 1979
postscript to New Maps of Hell is an unsettling experience. Apart from his sour tone, Amis is so ill-informed about thep 190 UGM 1981
the centre of his bridge beside the helmsman, legs well apart, calmly contemplating the golden shore like an experienced traveller outstaringp 10 HA 1981
first time, trying to put an end to these reminiscences. ‘Apart from the tribes -- have you seen any other expeditionsp 68 HA 1981
could finish there was a shot from the darkness, cracking apart the desert night. Voices shouted, and glass spilled from thep 68 HA 1981
Colts. Steiner has surrendered completely to the desert. He keeps apart, hardly ever talks now, sometimes goes off without warning forp 95 HA 1981
Interstate 70 An unhappy day. Things are starting to fall apart, we're spending almost all our time hunting for water. Everythingp 95 HA 1981
Letting myself get overtired. We're camping in the bus depot. Apart from Steiner, who's gone off looking for the ghost ofp 96 HA 1981
and Anne maintained, together warned him to keep a little apart from them. Tracking them down had been less due top 110 HA 1981
singing as this straw-haired teenager from The Wizard of Oz. Apart from anything else, the wistful young Judy Garland would neverp 126 HA 1981
unhealthy face. Wayne examined each of the screens in turn. Apart from the jumbled auditorium at the Sahara, these revealed ap 136 HA 1981
Air Terminal, which handles the communications set-up. I noticed that apart from Manson there is no one here over the agep 141 HA 1981
floor, a shadowy realm of suburban stores and houses split apart by the huge palms and oaks. Everywhere fast jungle riversp 146 HA 1981
film and television worlds once displayed themselves. Nothing has changed, apart from the array of communications gear in the lobby andp 148 HA 1981
of the city, the freeway system was lying there intact. Apart from the office blocks and hotels, the bridges and highwayp 149 HA 1981
Wayne. Nixon stood at the foot of the bed, somewhat apart from the others, a weak but not unfriendly smile onp 167 HA 1981
and was unaware that his jungle principality was being torn apart by his lieutenants. But as he reached the junction withp 191 HA 1981
among the burnt-out jeeps and half-tracks. Las Vegas was deserted, apart from themselves and Manson's missile. The soldiers and mercenaries hadp 229 HA 1981
in a sable muff propped against the open hatch. Feet apart, Steiner stood in the empty street, ruefully surveying the charredp 229 HA 1981
violent energy contained in his skull would one day push apart the sutures, burst out in some ugly act of revengep 1015 NFS 1981
Now the noise and violence of the engine were tearing apart the new world he had constructed so carefully. Within onlyp 1034 NFS 1981
an intact cabin overlooking the drained pool, the only guest apart from the elderly retriever that dozed on the office stepsp 1069 MNF 1982
sunlight, and any unpleasant phobic rush, Sheppard eased the blinds apart. Two hundred feet away, suspended above the chairs on thep 1072 MNF 1982
was unable to open it again, but no one called apart from an elderly Iraqi woman who lived in the penthousep 75 ES 1984
been sent to the detention centre in order to recover. Apart from several elderly English couples there were an old Dutchmanp 109 ES 1984
whom they killed at Siccawei Station. Already Jim felt himself apart from the others, who had behaved as passively as thep 136 ES 1984
the Pearl Harbor attack, but already the bridge was coming apart under the heavy traffic. As the truck moved towards thep 147 ES 1984
canal. The plane cartwheeled across the paddy fields and fell apart in the air. It exploded in a curtain wall ofp 193 ES 1984
to look after them in the huts or dormitory blocks. Apart from the fact that it contained no medicines -- thep 199 ES 1984
lines of graves in the adjacent cemetery kept them away. Apart from its nutritional benefits, botany was an intriguing subject. Inp 203 ES 1984
days earlier as it took off from Lunghua Airfield, torn apart by the machine-guns of the Lightning fighters that rose withoutp 231 ES 1984
insight into their true situation, and his sense of being apart from himself, remained. Concerned for Mr Maxted, who was dribblingp 238 ES 1984
cones with the rifle butt. The men tore the cartons apart, loading their emaciated arms with cans of meat and coffeep 297 ES 1984
on Shanghai, and the town's few hundred inhabitants were undefended. Apart from their possessions, there might be stores of communist armsp 326 ES 1984
he had brought him to life; by prising his teeth apart he had made a small space in his death andp 339 ES 1984
of the church. As I approached, however, its elements moved apart. A gloved hand hung alone, severed from the arm thatp 1099 OOA 1984
dismembered astronaut flew above me like a chromium corpse blown apart by a booby-trap hidden in its life-support system. Lying onp 1100 OOA 1984
gone into a flashback, though the constant watching of television, apart from dimming the frontal lobes, must have some effect onp 236 UGM 1986
restaurants and private clinics of central London. They remain completely apart from their local communities, except for a small and carefullyp 13 RW 1988
have resembled the mud splashes of an arduous obstacle race. Apart from the armed abduction of Marion Miller from the Greatp 78 RW 1988
conclusion‘. So was born, perhaps, the future marine biologist. This apart, Hirohito's only real pleasure in his entire life was hisp 50 UGM 1989
on our notions of fame and success. What sets Warhol apart is his effortlessly assumed naivety, a wide-eyed innocence that recallsp 59 UGM 1989
was some good-humoured scuffling until Mikhail and Nazar pulled them apart. ‘No more wrestling now, we have our own peacekeeping forcep 1151 WF 1989
up at this anxious and exhausted man, Ryan realised that apart from the UN observers he was probably the only onep 1154 WF 1989
I'll come with you, doctor.‘ ‘Ryan ... everything's starting to fall apart; we may have lit one fuse too many. Some ofp 1159 WF 1989
ambiguous role of the car crash needs no elaboration -- apart from our own deaths, the car crash is probably thep 97 CRAa 1990
the bath-time footprints of his wife, the dancer Tilly Losch. Apart from these details, there was little more to go onp 70 UGM 1991
breeding bulls rather than skewering them, and Waugh contentedly blasting apart every wildebeest in the Serengeti. Genet, living out his lastp 131 UGM 1991
be, however hard the missionary women tried to keep us apart. We often quarrelled, but in the dark times Peggy hadp 53 KW 1991
the Bund. But from all this activity I felt set apart, as if I had landed in an unfamiliar future. Sop 65 KW 1991
herself from the camp, and that we would soon grow apart. Casually, I described the death of the young Chinese. Whenp 66 KW 1991
knew no-one at the medical school whom I could partner, apart from Peggy Gardner, now in her final year at Cambridgep 79 KW 1991
her nipple. The only women I had made love to, apart from David Hunter's Chinese girl-friends in Shanghai, were the middle-agedp 92 KW 1991
you would do nothing -- she'd quietly take your brain apart like a neurosurgeon. Poor love, I'll protect you ...‘ She pulledp 144 KW 1991
become strangers to each other, as we grew older and apart. The light shifted, a retinal veer. For a moment Ip 209 KW 1991
The carousel disappeared into the din and haze, instantly forgotten. Apart from Dick and the families of beggars, no one hadp 236 KW 1991
perspectives on this remarkable but ambiguous man had kept us apart, along with a certain wariness that Cleo felt towards mep 319 KW 1991
lifted her shoulders, so that her head fell back, forced apart her jaws with his thumb and with a deft hookingp 329 KW 1991
were no cheerful posters or visual aids in those days, apart from a few threatening maps in which the world wasp 179 UGM 1992
Prizewinner whom many consider the century's greatest physicist after Einstein. Apart from his wartime years at Los Alamos, Feynman spent hisp 159 UGM 1993
the century. The countryside as we used to know it, apart from the National Trust's colour-coordinated nature trails, is now littlep 183 UGM 1994
justified during Disney's long reign as king of the cartoons. Apart from Coca-Cola, another modern myth, Walt Disney must be thep 216 UGM 1994
ash. Dr Barbara threw aside her weather-jacket and stood legs apart in the bows, shoulders squared and blonde hair flying likep 14 RP 1994
and grass, but every one of them had been kicked apart. The heel-marks of heavy boots had stamped themselves into thep 20 RP 1994
the would-be saviours of the albatross had little in common apart from their vague yearnings for the mythical bird. ‘Are youp 83 RP 1994
and his wife had been distressed by Didier's death, standing apart from the other mourners at the funeral, but they wouldp 138 RP 1994
as a child. Dr Barbara had relished the meal, tearing apart the soft breast as if this was her treat ofp 169 RP 1994
them of why they had come to Saint-Esprit. An adolescent, apart from anything else, needed to be fed, even if mostp 172 RP 1994
meat, their chins streaming with hot fat as they tore apart the barbecued flesh. For a few days they would nop 181 RP 1994
wall as the flames roared through the great roof. ‘So, apart from the housekeeper and her husband there was no onep 52 CN 1996
below the rear wall. Here, as if deliberately holding herself apart from the others, stood a tall, strong-shouldered woman in herp 62 CN 1996
soles that sucked at the stone floor, the only sound apart from my strangled gasps. I was certain that he hadp 96 CN 1996
his coin collection and she worried about her face-lifts coming apart.‘ ‘Someone told me they were trying to sell their stakep 130 CN 1996
its nose. Still standing at the helm, legs stylishly braced apart, the thief rolled the wheel and banked around the cruiser'sp 143 CN 1996
the heavy outboards into the deep, a last explosion tore apart its fuel tank and bathed the marina and the watchingp 144 CN 1996
pushed back the gate and set off through the graves. Apart from a single visitor, the burial ground was empty. Ap 170 CN 1996
Sanger as we rolled up the drive towards his villa. ‘Apart from New York, that's the most impressive collection of graffitip 172 CN 1996
clawing the shawl from her breasts. I forced her thighs apart with my knees. Raising her hips from the bed, Ip 195 CN 1996
Even so, most visitors driving around wouldn't notice anything odd. Apart from this pool and those empty shops it's extremely well-maintainedp 217 CN 1996
that Crawford had done for us. To stop everything falling apart when he left. Without the Hollinger fire Estrella de Marp 317 CN 1996
he left Estrella de Mar everything he'd done would fall apart. We needed something to remember him by. Frank thought thep 319 CN 1996
Sanger? Did he know the truth about the fire?‘ ‘No. Apart from you he was almost the only person at thep 323 CN 1996
millennium. The glass and gun-metal office blocks were set well apart from each other, separated by artificial lakes and forested trafficp 7 SC 2000
of my spirited young wife. ‘Jane, you'll tear the place apart. Thank God it doesn't say anything about my mind.‘ ‘Itp 25 SC 2000
here. Your men have a job pretending to be busy. Apart from this man Alexei, there doesn't seem to be anyp 60 SC 2000
charity work have to mix with a lot of riffraff.‘ ‘Apart from their husbands? Paul, these bullets -- don't get toop 66 SC 2000
that if people moved their chairs a further eighteen inches apart they'd stop the infectious vectors in their tracks.‘ ‘I thoughtp 98 SC 2000
in their tracks.‘ ‘I thought people here were too far apart as it is.‘ ‘Only in some ways. If the dancep 98 SC 2000
Zander informed. You may come up with something important.‘ ‘Unlikely. Apart from this list there's nothing to go on. I needp 104 SC 2000
perhaps a large and unexpected donation to the refuge. Yet, apart from Frances Baring, no one was aware that David Greenwoodp 153 SC 2000
thinking of that bomb, suddenly going off and tearing everything apart. The meaningless violence -- it excited you.‘ ‘Unconsciously? Maybe. Oncep 161 MP 2003
Unimpressed, the police moved in, strong hands wrenching the protesters apart and dragging them away. A fierce ululation rose from Grosvenorp 201 MP 2003
motorcycle leathers were exposed across the wooden table, seams ripped apart by a carving knife taken from a drawer, eviscerated inp 237 MP 2003
are there, it's our duty to cross them.‘ ‘By blowing apart a young Chinese woman? Was Dexter involved in the Heathrowp 248 MP 2003
small warehouse of vitamin supplements. But the shelves were bare apart from a denture wash and a packet of senna podsp 18 KC 2006
pieces of an elaborate disguise were in danger of falling apart. Much of her appearance was an obvious fake -- thep 22 KC 2006
there was nothing on the shelf of the bedside table, apart from a bottle of eye drops and a sachet ofp 54 KC 2006
that lay over the city, but the drained pool remained apart. In the coming years I would see a great manyp 26 ML 2008
in their fur coats. Some of the men carried nothing apart from the clothes they were wearing, still confident that thep 63 ML 2008
marriage and children. At the same time I felt slightly apart from my parents by the time the war ended. Onep 82 ML 2008
him, but I have always regretted not waving to him. Apart from a visit he made to England in 1947, whenp 117 ML 2008
see him again until 1950. By then we had grown apart, and he played no role in the many decisions Ip 117 ML 2008
in the drizzle outside their local cinema, the only recreation apart from the BBC radio programmes, which were dominated by maniacalp 124 ML 2008
the world of the Hollywood screen. I avoided English films, apart from a select few -- A Matter of Life andp 132 ML 2008
to that point I had read very little science fiction, apart from the Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon comic strips ofp 165 ML 2008
costume dramas are the only place where the past survives. Apart from my friendship with Moorcock and his wife Hilary, Ip 194 ML 2008
I was a genuine admirer of his work, and that apart from his lively imagination and powerful mind I wanted nothingp 219 ML 2008
or two they would leave home and begin their careers apart from me, and the richest and most fulfilling period inp 247 ML 2008