on 5, and a variety show on 9. No sign anywhere of either Diller's play or the panel game. Helen broughtp 21 E 1956
Your dial was dead. There wasn't a trace of monoxide anywhere here. How do you know they were Pyros?‘ ‘Don't worryp 31 CC 1957
playing at?‘ he asked. ‘Have either of you seen him anywhere?‘ Avery lowered his magazine. ‘Didn't he go off into thep 59 M69 1957
no fault or aperture of even the most minute size anywhere on their surface. After a while his left eye beganp 61 M69 1957
gramophone?‘ Gorrell asked. ‘What better place? Besides, it couldn't be anywhere else. Apart from in there.‘ He gestured at the lightp 62 M69 1957
when Raymond called and said that there was no trace anywhere of Lorraine Drexel. At two o'clock that night I wokep 46 VS 1957
noticed that there were no sounds of riveting going on anywhere, and that the movement under my feet was not sop 48 VS 1957
could say that about Kaldren. I don't think he sleeps anywhere near enough. I hear him pacing around all night.‘ Shep 179 VT 1960
You know, John, your trouble is that you never go anywhere, you're too disengaged, you just don't realize how bad everythingp 270 B 1961
his spoon. ‘No, I suppose you're right. People will live anywhere. God, I don't know who I feel more sorry forp 272 B 1961
it so they're not re-letting. It's damned difficult to find anywhere.‘ Ward nodded, relaxing back around the circular red-wood table. Hep 275 B 1961
he said quietly. ‘We're not fixing them up here or anywhere else.‘ He opened the door, to find it lodged almostp 129 WFN 1961
had entered the zone of maximum signal strength. ‘Could be anywhere within a couple of square miles of here,‘ he reportedp 155 WFN 1961
and writers to interview us and afterwards book a sanatorium anywhere we like for the convalescence. Eve Corbusier and I decidedp 339 PE 1962
Stellavista on our inspection tour I wondered if we'd find anywhere suitable. Rapidly we went through a mock Assyrian ziggurat (thep 308 TDS 1962
lowered to the carpeting, as if, despairing of finding Hinton anywhere else, they now sought his hiding place in its deepp 521 MO 1963
days.‘ ‘Naturally. Don't worry, Lieutenant. If your astronaut came down anywhere within 500 miles of here they'll know about it.‘ Hep 440 QR 1963
what good is a canoe to you, you're not going anywhere.‘ Grudgingly, Ryker shook Pereira's hand. ‘That's what you like top 442 QR 1963
twenty yards towards the sea. ‘Mildred, can you see Sherrington anywhere?‘ Confirming from her wristwatch that it was exactly 3:30p 433 RE 1963
He had never been to India in his life, or anywhere near the Far East. He had been born in Londonp 531 SA 1963
we don't commit suicide because the chances of life existing anywhere are virtually nil.‘ Already he had come to believe thatp 466 TT 1963
in space. After the Rainbow tests there isn't an astronomer anywhere in the world who wouldn't follow Charles Kandinski to thep 489 VH 1963
beckoned to the glistening forest fifty yards away. ‘Run, run! Anywhere through the forest, it's all you can do!‘ He pushedp 623 IM 1964
the way, your houseboat hardly looks as if it's going anywhere.‘ ‘I intend to put a stronger motor on it.‘ Thep 52 D 1965
though there was little likelihood of the picket ship going anywhere. Irritably he shouted at Quimby to get off the shipp 704 SBD 1966
Ventress beckoned to the forest fifty yards away. ‘Run, run! Anywhere, through the forest! It's all you can do!‘ He pushedp 149 CW 1966
the only one with any money. Look, do you perform anywhere else?‘ ‘Perform?‘ I glanced from this pretty and agreeable youngp 748 CSC 1967
little while, when it's clear. What about these?‘ ‘Bury them. Anywhere, it doesn't matter.‘ She seemed calm at last, giving mep 767 DA 1968
hired a taxi-driver to drive me around for an hour. "Anywhere," I said. We sat in a massive traffic jam nearp 78 C 1973
to arrange this -- there's no question of setting out anywhere else. You're obsessed with this absurd island.‘ ‘You'll understand whenp 816 DFW 1974
that provided their only corporate life, it was here if anywhere that the first significant event had taken place -- onp 7 HR 1975
the disposal-chute obsessions. Laing had been too drunk to get anywhere with this good-looking widow of thirty-five, apart from learning thatp 12 HR 1975
on power, capital and self-interest, had reasserted themselves here as anywhere else. In effect, the high-rise had already divided itself intop 53 HR 1975
you want to go?‘ she asked him. ‘We can travel anywhere. I'll ride with you.‘ Wilder recognized her as a masseusep 64 HR 1975
seized for a few hours. Not that they had gone anywhere -- having commandeered the elevator what mattered was to holdp 96 HR 1975
gate-crashed their way into my film. Meanwhile Helen could be anywhere in the hotel, with Rademaekers or the antique dealer, evenp 860 60Z 1976
a taxi (there are none here, no one ever goes anywhere) to take him into Las Palmas. Balked, he insisted onp 970 HWT 1978
that reminded me of all my own failures to get anywhere. Already, at the age of twenty-five, I knew that thep 11 UDC 1979
in less than fifty years ... now you can take it anywhere, and it is not worth taking.‘ Yet Amis still returnsp 189 UGM 1981
time seems to have no precise location but could be anywhere within these endless vistas of tables and armchairs. We canp 1086 RUS 1982
probably come back this afternoon when they find there isn't anywhere to go.‘ Unwilling to risk his place at the headp 230 ES 1984
the stale air. However, there was not the least explanation anywhere of what had taken place. In the streets of thep 5 SAJ 1984
Port-la-Nouvelle? There's nothing here for you.‘ ‘There's nothing for me anywhere else.‘ Sanger shrugged, with one of the displays of frankp 61 DC 1987
world is at peace, Ryan. There hasn't been a war anywhere for thirty years -- there are no armies or airp 1157 WF 1989
amazing biological experiment. No one would allow it to happen anywhere in the world -- if they knew, the US Navyp 1166 DCG 1990
remarks that the extreme horizontality of the landscape, flatter than anywhere else on earth, demanded the high-speed record attempts as ap 86 YMCa 1990
father relented. ‘You can see David Hunter. But don't go anywhere else.‘ Why was he frightened of Shanghai? Despite his quickp 16 KW 1991
be rich. Take it from me, you can find money anywhere. Just look hard enough and give a big pull.‘ Shep 69 KW 1991
Shepperton. It's like living on a small planet miles from anywhere. I'm moving you back to Earth.‘ I loved to watchp 180 KW 1991
represent the greatest concentration of misery, cruelty and dashed hopes anywhere on our planet. From the air this one-time Caribbean paradisep 240 UGM 1992
to say, where wives fit into the wiring circuit, if anywhere, has not been discovered. An even stranger revelation was madep 151 UGM 1993
away. ‘We won't fuss over it. The lad isn't going anywhere.‘ Mrs Anderson held Neil's hand when they walked from thep 160 RP 1994
ruling him with an iron hand, would never let Neil anywhere near herself. ‘Dr Barbara? Mrs Saito won't agree, not evenp 189 RP 1994
son an immense trial, and were glad to see me anywhere other than their poky room. I roved around the campp 291 UGM 1995
looking for it all my life. Estrella de Mar isn't anywhere.‘ But now nowhere had at last caught up with himp 17 CN 1996
travelling, all those departure lounges. Do you ever actually arrive anywhere?‘ ‘It's hard to tell -- sometimes I think I've madep 25 CN 1996
came here. But things have changed. This place isn't like anywhere else, you know. There's a very special atmosphere. Estrella dep 43 CN 1996
domain of spotless propriety.‘ ‘Nor is Estrella de Mar, or anywhere else. I'd hate people to start rooting around in myp 118 CN 1996
To be honest, I've got absolutely nowhere.‘ ‘Perhaps there isn't anywhere to go?‘ Mrs Shand bared her over-large teeth in whatp 129 CN 1996
that she had been holding her breath. ‘You'll find drugs anywhere these days, especially along the coast. Something new and strangep 131 CN 1996
I'm looking for. The security arrangements are more advanced than anywhere else on the coast.‘ Sanger opened a window and listenedp 175 CN 1996
time, Charles. Look around you -- there are no clocks anywhere and almost no one wears a wristwatch.‘ ‘Refugees? Yes ... inp 216 CN 1996
well-maintained, there's excellent security and not a trace of graffiti anywhere -- most people's idea of paradise today. What happened?‘ ‘Nothingp 217 CN 1996
except when you need them. These gewgaw men get in anywhere. Somehow they've bypassed the idea of progress. Dig a hundred-footp 19 SC 2000
he could get in. The windows weren't forced?‘ ‘No sign anywhere. But people get careless, they leave doors unlocked, forget top 179 SC 2000
It's another Alice world -- corporate profits are higher than anywhere else in Europe and the people earning them are goingp 250 SC 2000
Presidents of multinational companies and their CEOs. These people weren't anywhere near burnout.‘ Penrose sounded almost disappointed as his eyes strayedp 257 SC 2000
staring at the chaos of half-filled suitcases. ‘England, London, Paris, anywhere. Away from here.‘ I reached out to the radio onp 269 SC 2000
And where he's taking you?‘ ‘Frances ... he's not taking me anywhere. Stop working for them. Apply for a transfer. By thep 283 SC 2000
reporter, Frances. He's covering his beat.‘ ‘Let's get away. Here, anywhere ...‘ I could feel her shaking as she dragged me upp 285 SC 2000
girlish young women, that's all. The paedo line didn't lead anywhere. I had a last go at the film festival, hopingp 340 SC 2000
it.‘ ‘I couldn't plant a bomb in the Commons or anywhere else. I'd be too nervous of hurting someone.‘ ‘You canp 171 MP 2003
pointlessness. That may be the only point we can find anywhere ...‘ I waited before starting the engine, while Gould stared atp 173 MP 2003
stewards at a football match, but there was no stadium anywhere nearby, and the only sport was taking place outside thisp 10 KC 2006
were only pretending to be asleep, and the ladders led anywhere. I unlocked the front door and stepped into the darkenedp 53 KC 2006
rationally and for the public good. Take it from me. Anywhere near the M25 is dangerous.‘ ‘Why don't you leave?‘ ‘Ip 67 KC 2006
air-freight offices and rent-a-van forecourts, we like impulse-buy holidays to anywhere that takes our fancy. We're the citizens of the shoppingp 102 KC 2006
staring through me on the stairways and declining to park anywhere near my Mercedes. The delegation to the Home Office ledp 188 KC 2006
for any glimpse of the Echo satellite. According to the AP reports its luminosity had increased by at least ten-fold, transformingp 607 IM 1964
resident's immediate floor. Elsewhere the polarization of the building proceeded apace. Finding that he had run out of liquor, Laing tookp 30 HR 1975
in the entrance lobby, oblivious of the deterioration going on apace over their heads. What interested Royal was the way inp 76 HR 1975
of the planet, and especially of the developing nations, continued apace. However, by the 1970s energy sources at last began top 44 HA 1981
with the depletion of the ozone layer that had continued apace during the 1980s and 1990s. Perhaps the symptoms of world-shynessp 1064 MNF 1982
hijack the world? 28 March 1988. Events are moving on apace. Colonel Thomas Jefferson Stamford has arrived in London, after completingp 1098 OOA 1984