you won't be away from the boys at all. Well, anything's better than nothing.‘ Would she ever abandon the children? Wilderp 117 HR 1975
whether I can," Hargreaves said guardedly. "Don't worry, you will. Anyway, we've got Mrs. Allison in the car and she's comingp 9 VN 1951
He shook his head. ‘Nothing. Why?‘ ‘Mine's chasing its tail. Anyway, thanks.‘ ‘OK,‘ he said. He watched me go down thep 15 E 1956
I'd never be able to tune the others without it. Anyway,‘ I added, trying to smile, ‘that Arachnid would be deadp 5 PB 1956
said, after she'd left. ‘Who cares? It's a stupid game anyway.‘ ‘I care,‘ I said. ‘She cheats.‘ The next three orp 7 PB 1956
meaning.‘ He tossed the scissors on to the table. ‘And anyway, do you know how much free space would cost?‘ Franzp 29 CC 1957
last him three weeks, six if he needed it, time anyway to find the City's end. He passed the next threep 33 CC 1957
understand the theory myself. It's far too abstract and sophisticated. Anyway I suspect they've confused this Wall with the bricked-up blackp 37 CC 1957
argument. What they do with the time is their responsibility anyway. They'll make the most of it, just as we've alwaysp 51 M69 1957
next?‘ Morley shook his head. ‘The two steps aren't analogous. Anyway, in point of fact you haven't left the primeval seap 58 M69 1957
stared at the floor. ‘I think they would have gone anyway.‘ ‘How can you say that?‘ Neill clamped his lips togetherp 65 M69 1957
size of a tennis court. It's time we did something, anyway. See if you can trace Lorraine Drexel. I'm going top 45 VS 1957
did they first start on this building? The steel framework, anyway.‘ ‘Four months, I think. Why?‘ ‘Four.‘ I nodded slowly. ‘Tellp 48 VS 1957
the player. ‘I want to save this one until later anyway.‘ They went out into the warm evening air. Sheringham turnedp 68 T12 1958
for nothing. What are you supposed to be watching for, anyway?‘ Tallis smiled evasively, started to say something and then thoughtp 77 WG 1959
they certainly weren't geologists. Why did Tallis say they were? Anyway, why didn't he ever mention that they had ordered allp 81 WG 1959
to learn our language they'd know the gesture was pointless. Anyway, elaborate burial customs are a sure sign of decadence, andp 88 WG 1959
his back to the window, but no one ever did. Anyway, the guards were too stupid to understand, and the sundialp 150 CH 1960
or green currency and a forged set of library tickets. Anyway, the penalties were too high to make the risk worthwhilep 160 CH 1960
for a thousand years. Try comparing them with my father. Anyway, think of the beauty of the system, engineered as preciselyp 161 CH 1960
The entire mechanism was dynamited. Only the chimer is intact. Anyway, the wiring of the electrically driven clocks perished years agop 166 CH 1960
Nothing less! Hector will have to pay for ignoring me. Anyway, think of the publicity value of such a figure. Onlyp 110 SS 1960
this, was examining the pattern of shadows on the ceiling. ‘Anyway, wouldn't it be better to stay where you are, amongp 170 VT 1960
to terms with him, much as I hate the prospect. Anyway, Miss Mars is a pleasure to look at. One mealp 185 VT 1960
of here long ago. Perhaps I should have done that anyway, but I think we can find a safe way outp 143 ZT 1960
of a room. Purely visual memories are never completely accurate anyway.‘ ‘How do you explain why the man I saw inp 144 ZT 1960
the front door. It was too conspicuous to carry and anyway might fire accidentally and injure him. Outside the front doorp 145 ZT 1960
shop as they took up too much space. The bed, anyway, was more comfortable. He had never become completely used top 277 B 1961
but I'd rather cling to life here than vanish completely. Anyway, I have a hunch that one day they'll be comingp 238 DE 1961
press won't agree when my paper in Nature comes out. Anyway, I'm not particularly interested in the time aspect. If Ip 284 GA 1961
her work, he thought, she earns more than I did anyway. With an effort Faulkner smiled at her: Get out! hisp 244 OM 1961
shuttered, awnings retracted, like a sealed crown. Who was she anyway, I asked myself, and what did she really want? Fivep 216 S5 1961
going to do?‘ Tony asked. ‘He'll just deny it.‘ ‘Obviously. Anyway, I can use the material. Who cares if the wholep 226 S5 1961
pleasure of such a letter would have to be deferred. Anyway, Maitland reflected, it was only a small part of thep 8 WFN 1961
fellowship. Believe me, Susan, I've thought it over pretty carefully. Anyway, forgive my saying so, but the decision doesn't affect youp 14 WFN 1961
come from?‘ Symington smiled sombrely. ‘Not from the south coast, anyway. Quite a long way off. Out of curiosity I askedp 22 WFN 1961
three years as NATO Supreme Commander, Van Damm was due anyway for retirement, and probably the Pentagon was living up top 28 WFN 1961
They've got their own rescue units working.‘ ‘Not right here, anyway. Come one, you heard me, back in!‘ As he slippedp 35 WFN 1961
the depot were too busy to listen to him, and anyway had no authority outside the unit. Besides, Hardoon, with hisp 78 WFN 1961
more of this stuff, even though it doesn't look it. Anyway, if it's any consolation it's not much worse than thep 95 WFN 1961
No, they don't think so. His body hasn't been found, anyway. Marshall managed to get an alert through before he diedp 151 WFN 1961
uncoupling the rear section?‘ Maitland asked. ‘It's no damn use anyway.‘ ‘Maybe not. But what are we supposed to do, evenp 152 WFN 1961
instruments are automatically compensated.‘ When Abel smiled sceptically he shrugged. ‘Anyway, Father knows all about it. There's no doubt we're rightp 330 13C 1962
The whole experiment is pointless now.‘ ‘Well, it's probably pointless anyway. Some mathematicians used to maintain that a random sequence wasp 336 13C 1962
Maybe I'm not so fit as I used to be. Anyway, I've got other duties to attend to.‘ ‘But they don'tp 336 13C 1962
psionics and teleporting (which have nothing to do with science anyway and are so breath-taking in their implications that they requirep 196 UGM 1962
For the last three years I've been out of touch. Anyway, it's against the MF laws. Do you know what wouldp 290 IO 1962
chewed her lip fretfully. ‘I don't think she can. Thanks, anyway, doctor.‘ For three hours they sat back silently in thep 291 IO 1962
Christian! You'll never get away with it! They'll catch you anyway!‘ but the car wrenched forward out of his hand. Gregoryp 296 IO 1962
Forbis frowned with the effort of recollection. ‘I'm sorry, Doctor. Anyway, I've always heard that post-hypnotic suggestions couldn't compel you top 408 M99 1962
we won't even be able to get a helicopter in. Anyway, by then no-one will care. I told her that andp 15 DW 1962
catch him now. There doesn't seem to be much point, anyway.‘ Safety two hundred yards away, Hardman was still moving stronglyp 67 DW 1962
When he's finished stripping the stores and museums they'll leave. Anyway, the rain-storms will be here in a week or twop 121 DW 1962
get back to Byrd I'll definitely put in a recommendation, anyway. However, at present there's nothing for me to stay forp 156 DW 1962
can't move the station now, but it's a fair loss. Anyway, you and the Dahl girl need a rest. And ap 156 DW 1962
finger to her lips. ‘Carefully, you'll get me into trouble. Anyway, Mme Charcot is not my servant.‘ ‘No? What is shep 400 TSS 1962
the Chief Constable can take action. Why all the fuss, anyway? I'm merely trying to provide a little harmless festivity.‘ Hansonp 383 WT 1962
advice. Drop the whole idea. You don't stand a chance anyway of ever holding this mad jape, so why deliberately courtp 384 WT 1962
going ahead with it?‘ ‘Of course. It looks like it anyway. He's got a big marquee over the car park, dozensp 390 WT 1962
cancelling it now. The fair's as good as started already. Anyway, what would be the point?‘ ‘Our arrangement was that itp 390 WT 1962
by Renthall's schoolmasterly manner, Boardman scoffed. ‘Well, what's the difference? Anyway, my real idea is to roof it over and turnp 390 WT 1962
the arms of the chair. ‘I don't think it is. Anyway, I want to find out.‘ Mason lay back on thep 475 NWS 1963
dream, after all. I think the sea has gone now. Anyway, I saw nothing last night.‘ ‘Thank heavens, Richard. Are youp 476 NWS 1963
canoe which was now ejecting itself slowly from the river. ‘Anyway, what good is a canoe to you, you're not goingp 442 QR 1963
stay on here?‘ ‘I doubt it, Ryker,‘ Connolly said calmly. ‘Anyway, there's little chance that Colonel Spender is still alive. Whatp 446 QR 1963
certain?‘ ‘Absolutely. It's the last thing the man would have. Anyway, there's no electrical supply here, and he has no batteriesp 447 QR 1963
slightly different. Besides, my impression is that Spender was dying anyway, Ryker says the parachute was badly burnt. He probably acceptedp 457 QR 1963
but remarkably like it. ‘There seems to be no danger, anyway. Some unusual sea-fish may have been cast ashore.‘ On thep 431 RE 1963
expected is the satellite, and no one will see that anyway. There must be something in the water.‘ At the mentionp 432 RE 1963
thirty years ago, and the laws have never been repealed. Anyway, the technique was unsatisfactory, any success it had was marginalp 413 SM 1963
to trade ours in at the end of the year anyway, we signed the contract, and this way we save atp 417 SM 1963
said: ‘Judith, please, you probably took the wrong number down anyway.‘ As she shrugged and went over to the bar hep 417 SM 1963
not as if these things were free, or even cheap. Anyway, television is a total waste of time. There's only onep 421 SM 1963
is here to stay. We've no real freedom of choice, anyway. We can't spend more than we can afford, the financep 425 SM 1963
the morning no one was very pleased.‘ ‘Who is Kandinski, anyway?‘ Ward asked. ‘Where does he come from?‘ ‘He doesn't makep 484 VH 1963
Don't you agree, Godfrey?‘ Cameron nodded. ‘Not in Andrew's sense, anyway.‘ ‘But what other explanation is there?‘ Ward asked. ‘We knowp 489 VH 1963
of malaria just to put a splint on my ankle. Anyway, that boy Mechippe sent is probably still hanging around herep 632 DS 1964
the time this thing is finished.‘ ‘Charles, please ...‘ ‘Who cares, anyway?‘ Gifford lay back weakly for a moment, and then, asp 633 DS 1964
freely. I'll give you a set of filters to wear. Anyway, these dressings let through more light than you imagine.‘ Atp 656 GTN 1964
in the church.‘ ‘I doubt it, Doctor. Wouldn't help them, anyway.‘ The captain waved briefly. ‘See you in Miami.‘ Acknowledging thep 611 IM 1964
I told them some vague story and they'll be unobtrusive. Anyway, naturally there was the devil's own row when this littlep 585 LL 1964
sure you are. But why didn't you use our radio-telephone? Anyway, we'll call the Navy and have you picked up.‘ ‘Nop 598 TB 1964
Vandervell turned to the window. ‘What are you worrying about, anyway?‘ ‘Nothing,‘ Vandervell said. ‘For once in a long time I'mp 661 VD 1964
can.‘ Ransom smiled at this. ‘I already have pulled out. Anyway, keep a place for me on the sand.‘ He watchedp 30 D 1965
the lantern so that she would not see the welt ‘Anyway, they won't be going out again tonight. They brought inp 112 D 1965
can't you understand? There's nothing but salt all the way. Anyway, I haven't a net.‘ ‘Charles what's the matter with yourp 112 D 1965
Ransom buried the remains of their meal in the sand. ‘Anyway, the car would have broken down within ten miles.‘ ‘Notp 137 D 1965
is.‘ Miranda hooted. ‘Don't worry, doctor, you're much too stringy. Anyway, those days are past, aren't they, Quilty? Now we've gotp 180 D 1965
food for us all here.‘ Halliday gestured with his wristwatch. ‘Anyway, the time is right. Or both times, I suppose.‘ ‘Andp 672 DF 1966
No -- they've gone. There were only two of them anyway, a doctor and a young woman painter, Leonora Sully --p 676 DF 1966
old ruined town -- you know, full of classical monuments. Anyway, I did last night ...‘ He smiled at this. ‘I stillp 677 DF 1966
to dislodge a stray memory. ‘Or was it this morning? Anyway, it's coming. Are you ready, Crisp?‘ Crispin walked past, onep 704 SBD 1966
quiet eye on the rim of jungle in the window. ‘Anyway, it's not poisonous, but we have to take precautions. Somep 28 CW 1966
a new diamond field, he would have said so definitely. Anyway, the next day the telephone line was broken, and they'rep 31 CW 1966
rejoined Louise. ‘No good. They're the wrong kind of boats anyway.‘ ‘Is that the ferry over there?‘ Louise pointed a hundredp 50 CW 1966
the seat as if loading in a sack of meal. ‘Anyway, he said he'd be down here at six o'clock. Op 73 CW 1966
you back by river if the engine hadn't seized up. Anyway, they'll get you to Mont Royal in no time.‘ Withp 113 CW 1966
to change --?‘ ‘That's all right. This one is warmer, anyway.‘ Sanders felt the blue serge fabric. The darker material inp 129 CW 1966
just drifted off into the bush. It was badly run, anyway, all he did for them was say a few prayersp 132 CW 1966
commit suicide it's their affair. The army is too busy anyway evacuating themselves.‘ He turned to Sanders. ‘It's almost comical, Edwardp 138 CW 1966
leg?‘ ‘That's true, Conrad. I should have to tell you, anyway, the patient must agree to the donor -- people arep 690 TIM 1966
northern pole. ‘No, we're not marooned -- not for long, anyway, with that up there. It won't be long at allp 712 TMY 1966
one will ever come here. The whole planet is dead. Anyway, there's a good deal of fuel in the tanks; ifp 715 TMY 1966
office, let alone chase up a producer I barely know. Anyway, the chance of her actually completing one of your questionnairesp 147 C 1973
We found some papers, in a briefcase near the car. Anyway, you talk to yourself all the time.‘ She paused, eyeingp 61 CI 1974
bony forehead. ‘How are you? Not too strong, I imagine. Anyway, you slept well.‘ Maitland gestured weakly with one hand. Somethingp 69 CI 1974
-- we're not very fond of them here. Proctor isn't, anyway -- he has rather unhappy memories of the police. They'vep 70 CI 1974
me,‘ Maitland said. ‘You were egging him on.‘ ‘I wasn't. Anyway, Proctor's half blind. That was our blanket you set firep 80 CI 1974
get that.‘ Her eyes glinted in her cold, euphoric face. ‘Anyway, it's easier than coming to terms with something. I wasp 83 CI 1974
want to get away from here. Not for the moment, anyway.‘ Without looking back at Proctor, lying passively in the poolp 96 CI 1974
now -- I doubt if they'll give me landing clearance. Anyway, the atmosphere is wrong.‘ Discussing the rival merits of variousp 813 DFW 1974
arrange set hours for the children but the adults come anyway.‘ She took Laing's arm and squinted nervously across the crowdedp 18 HR 1975
his authority over himself. ‘That's equivalent to being driven out. Anyway, we'd never get back what we paid for the apartmentp 46 HR 1975
do you mean?‘ ‘Closed! What are you doing up here, anyway?‘ The two men squared up to each other. Amused byp 51 HR 1975
one had seen him, but Royal would not have cared anyway. For all his keen interest in his neighbours‘ behaviour, hep 80 HR 1975
aircraft there -- a Piper Twin Comanche. GRUMMAN: I see. Anyway, you then flew across London and on down to Gatwickp 853 NTM 1976
then, twenty-five years earlier, there had been few people left anyway. By some unconscious perception of their own extinction, the hugep 877 UC 1976
pity, you could have done great things with those hands. Anyway, you can work for Stillman, there's more than he canp 897 UC 1976
coast. All that had gone before him he had shared anyway with everyone else, had been leeched out of him inp 77 IY2 1977
smallest memories and emotions, our most tender sexual acts. Here, anyway, is an s-f zodiac, which I assume the next realp 982 Z2 1978
was alone.‘ ‘You don't sound very sure. Who are you, anyway? You look as if you might forget at any momentp 21 UDC 1979
of keeping it to myself. But for a few days ... Anyway, let me introduce one aviator to another. This will havep 78 UDC 1979
know that.‘ He spoke quietly, in an almost patient tone. ‘Anyway, you're not dead -- I saw those eyes on thep 186 UDC 1979
tide won't ebb, McNair -- not for a million years, anyway. Let's get back to the ship. Help him, Wayne.‘ Ap 39 HA 1981
to America? There's nothing here.‘ ‘But that's why I came. Anyway, you don't believe that, Wayne. There's everything here.‘ ‘Only forp 60 HA 1981
no one would want to get in touch with Moscow anyway. Thinking about it, I feel that for a few minutesp 90 HA 1981
all agreed that there isn't anything we'd want to say, anyway. I took their side, and that seemed to clinch itp 92 HA 1981
to some new truth that I'm leading the others towards. Anyway, the radio stays here, among the dusty aircraft, even thoughp 92 HA 1981
the planet, start everything up again. Manson's working towards this, anyway, and in many ways he has every right to callp 140 HA 1981
this once carefree city of a million lights, our host ... Anyway, I now know the source of the terrifying visions thatp 145 HA 1981
killed testing a helicopter we'd reconditioned. They'd wanted to go, anyway, after a row with Manson. That left me, and Ip 174 HA 1981
contour maps they select. What lunatic armed them for him, anyway?‘ Wayne ignored the question. For reasons of his own hep 195 HA 1981
he shouted: ‘I'm not an American! Not a real one, anyway, and I never have been!‘ ‘Wayne ...?‘ Manson was genuinely puzzledp 218 HA 1981
laboratory? We've been watching you for days. Who are you, anyway?‘ Sheppard looked up from his wrists, remembering the golden fluidp 1076 MNF 1982
not going to be annexed into this experiment of yours. Anyway, the police are coming to search for that aircraft. Nowp 1077 MNF 1982
Mallory could speak she lowered her goggles over her eyes. ‘Anyway, it doesn't matter now. The important thing is that someonep 1047 MSA 1982
from birth, that they were all as good as dead anyway, and that it was self-deluding to believe otherwise. Jim listenedp 337 ES 1984
our meeting as a joke, but Scranton was sincere, and anyway utterly indifferent to my opinion of him. The tourists andp 1110 MWM 1985
Mr Pal will tell you, the geology is against you. Anyway, this stream will soon cease to exist, once I've managedp 56 DC 1987
rights.‘ ‘Perpetually?‘ ‘Of course. And fishing rights, navigation rights, everything. Anyway, I only want to own the river for a shortp 67 DC 1987
helped him?‘ ‘No -- he was quite dead.‘ ‘Too bad. Anyway, you'll find better use for his rifle.‘ ‘I think wep 210 DC 1987
endanger the whole experiment.‘ ‘No one will believe me, doctor. Anyway, I must find my sister and Aunt Vera.‘ ‘She isn'tp 1158 WF 1989
himself. It's all he wanted to do.‘ ‘And?‘ ‘I forget. Anyway, you aren't going to kill yourself. I need you forp 91 KW 1991
them. Spain would be a much bigger challenge. For you, anyway.‘ ‘Balls. We've got to get you out of England you'vep 143 KW 1991
found a small strangeness where you're comfortable, and that's dangerous. Anyway, Dali's here at Port Lligat. We might meet him.‘ ‘Andp 143 KW 1991
cut off the testicles. What do they do with them, anyway?‘ ‘They're some kind of delicacy. Why don't you try ap 154 KW 1991
Miriam had died. You had enough things on your mind. Anyway, the damned taxi-driver couldn't find it. Those tourist guides arep 262 KW 1991
stop watching you.‘ ‘It was the only film in Shanghai. Anyway, I was fascinated by flying.‘ ‘You told me you'd seenp 269 KW 1991
I'll take over.‘ ‘No. Too risky. It's good for me, anyway.‘ Taking my hand, she left her seat, stepped along thep 289 KW 1991
death.‘ ‘Rubbish. You're not going to die. Not this afternoon, anyway. Besides, you've got the children, even if they're not atp 291 KW 1991
had cycled all over Shanghai in search of a war. ‘Anyway, it's a big help for your career. You were alwaysp 341 KW 1991
know, I left the hotel and drove straight down here. Anyway, enough of me. Are you fit for work? Kimo's keenp 53 RP 1994
his frankness unsettled him. ‘But I don't like doing it. Anyway, they're running short. In a few days you're going top 97 RP 1994
us you'll have to see Dr Barbara. Who are you, anyway?‘ ‘Father Christmas, by the feel of it. I've got everythingp 104 RP 1994
lousy programme. Get Dr Barbara to check it for you. Anyway, you were great, son. They won't try stealing from usp 135 RP 1994
sorry about the raid, Werner.‘ ‘We're used to it now. Anyway, there was no battery for the TV set. But itp 139 RP 1994
for the new Hawaiian kingdom.‘ ‘Or David?‘ ‘Too old. And anyway he's already married.‘ Dr Barbara pressed the urine sample top 148 RP 1994
Barbara -- the skeleton I saw ... part of a skeleton, anyway. The lagoon may be poisoned.‘ ‘Nonsense. If there is ap 154 RP 1994
by Professor Saito. ‘I feel better when I'm walking around. Anyway, I wanted to help Mrs Saito.‘ ‘You frightened her badlyp 215 RP 1994
turn on the TV set. ‘Charles, we've seen the news. Anyway, the current isn't on.‘ ‘I know. What was Anne likep 111 CN 1996
premium to have all these sports facilities and leisure clubs. Anyway, the people here are not that old. This isn't ap 218 CN 1996
you don't invite him.‘ ‘He'd enjoy the party.‘ ‘He will, anyway. You'll see, Charles ...‘ Scarcely reassured, I left the sports clubp 308 CN 1996
efficient, hardworking ... what else?‘ ‘Slightly insolent?‘ ‘You'll do them good. Anyway, it's only a business park.‘ ‘I can see it --p 6 SC 2000
she spoke distinctly. ‘David killed them -- seven of them, anyway.‘ ‘And the hostages?‘ ‘I doubt it. Not much point.‘ ‘Thep 114 SC 2000
Honour satisfied, Jane smoothed her black skirt in the mirror. ‘Anyway, you're right. Who cares? Sex isn't about anatomy any morep 122 SC 2000
they ... intimate?‘ Sister Emilie paused on the creaking stairs. ‘No. Anyway, not here. They didn't ask for my permission. Dr Greenwoodp 150 SC 2000
battlefield tour had almost certainly been authorized by Pascal Zander. ‘Anyway, imagine Greenwood's state of mind. He's just killed three peoplep 186 SC 2000
concierge can call one.‘ ‘It's better if I take you. Anyway, I need to look in somewhere first.‘ She ran ap 233 SC 2000
many ways we're carrying out tasks the police would do anyway, and we free them for other duties. The sex sidep 261 SC 2000
She was too stoned to switch off the bath taps. Anyway, she doesn't care about us.‘ Leaning against the door, Ip 308 SC 2000
or e-mail. Jane might have mentioned it to Wilder Penrose. Anyway, that old Jag is an easy car to trail. Ip 332 SC 2000
at all. Penrose and Bachelet kept him in the dark. Anyway, he was developing a recreational side of his own.‘ ‘Whatp 336 SC 2000
night staff at the clinic to page her.‘ ‘Too risky. Anyway, we know where she'll be. The street party is inp 377 SC 2000
Jane, but too much for what he had in mind. Anyway, Penrose earmarked a different job for me.‘ ‘Be careful --p 377 SC 2000
to look too ...‘ ‘Middle class?‘ ‘We're supposed to know better. Anyway, we're deeply unfashionable now. People think we need a goodp 49 MP 2003
intellectually respectable?‘ ‘Exactly.‘ She nodded approvingly. ‘We need some principles. Anyway, one of the lifts has been out of order forp 79 MP 2003
lighting. ‘Independence Day, Diva, Armageddon ...? Not your kind of thing. Anyway, these are blanks.‘ ‘I borrowed them last week -- I'mp 97 MP 2003
people are amateurs, they haven't a clue what they're doing. Anyway, the Heathrow bomb isn't why you're going back to Chelseap 114 MP 2003
lead her on. ‘A change of mind? Hard to believe. Anyway, why would Stephen want to bomb the Tate?‘ ‘It's ap 187 MP 2003
freshers with their expensive luggage, helped out of Daddy's Jaguar. ‘Anyway, it's time I stood on my own feet.‘ ‘Nobody doesp 191 MP 2003
about himself, and that really appeals to you. In men, anyway. You rather like selfish women.‘ ‘Did you let him inp 220 MP 2003
this some sort of courtship ritual?‘ ‘I bloody hope not. Anyway, seat belts are sexual restraints.‘ I looked out at thep 72 KC 2006
jackboots, though,‘ I pointed out. ‘No ranting fuhrers.‘ ‘Not yet. Anyway, they belong to the politics of the street. Our "streetsp 105 KC 2006
Poor devils, there's nothing else in our lives.‘ ‘Not much, anyway. That's why I made a very good living -- everythingp 133 KC 2006
Sports supporters, cheering on their rival teams.‘ ‘Like Goering's "gliders"? Anyway, these teams aren't really rivals. They're all marching to thep 168 KC 2006
Well, not a good idea.‘ ‘I won't order you around. Anyway, you've earned it. Sales and viewing figures are up, andp 178 KC 2006
violence is part of the culture. Police too tolerant, and anyway see immigrants as a source of trouble, even if theyp 195 KC 2006
knew you were on to something. And he loathed you, anyway. It was a warning, a reminder of how easy itp 263 KC 2006
don't think you knew what you were doing.‘ ‘Maybe not. Anyway, it's too late. Just get out of here. Take Drp 271 KC 2006
as English as anyone could be, and being rootless was anyway a huge handicap. I was drawing a curtain over myp 138 ML 2008
me but lay on the perimeter of my life, and anyway depended on reliable babysitters and the parking regulations of thep 226 ML 2008
new dawn. Youth began to seem rather old hat and, anyway, what could we do with all that hope and freedomp 235 ML 2008