the room carefully. ‘It's fantastic. I'm trying to see whether anyone's used it recently.‘ ‘Of course they haven't,‘ Ward pointed outp 274 B 1961
as some have suggested, the second coming of Christ, is anyone's guess. What little evidence we have has been assembled belowp 81 YMC 1966
Raine Channing ...‘ he repeated. ‘Before your time, Mr Samson, before anyone's time ...‘ I let him walk past me, hands outstretched inp 798 SGW 1970
own. ‘But I may not always be immune.‘ ‘Robert, if anyone's immune, you are. Think of yourself, what you've always wantedp 1022 NFS 1981
our legs. Take a stroll up there and see if anyone's playing that white piano.‘ Jim listened to the low butp 106 ES 1984
and it's difficult now to imagine his name leaping to anyone's lips, but at the time he sent a seismic tremorp 23 UDa 1990
to believe that she worked as a contented member of anyone's team. A security helicopter patrolled the lake, its soft enginep 90 SC 2000
office jobs they wanted.‘ ‘Some of the jobs weren't in anyone's office. More like the couch in the next-door sitting roomp 227 SC 2000
After all, they're entitled to it." "They're not entitled to anything of the sort," Hargreaves cut in disgustedly. "Look at thep 9 VN 1951
if I change the programme?‘ I asked Helen. ‘See if anything else is on.‘ ‘Don't. This is the most interesting partp 13 E 1956
minutes. Aren't you watching?‘ ‘No,‘ I said, adding casually, ‘Is anything wrong with your set?‘ He shook his head. ‘Nothing. Whyp 15 E 1956
below the other, but apart from that I couldn't see anything that added up to a psychosis. My eyes seemed steadyp 16 E 1956
ran through all the other channels just to see if anything had changed. The panel stared at their pot, the fatp 17 E 1956
jump-back was smoother than I expected. I wasn't conscious of anything, not even the slightest tremor. A phrase was stuck inp 17 E 1956
a walking galaxy of light. Vermilion Sands had never seen anything like her. ‘The approach has got to be equivocal,‘ Harryp 2 PB 1956
look so alarmed,‘ she said with amusement. ‘I've never heard anything like that before.‘ I wasn't alarmed. It was that thirtyp 5 PB 1956
don't know what you're doing to me,‘ I said, ‘but anything is worth trying.‘ Back at the shop I raised ap 8 PB 1956
about. During the Recess no one cared very much about anything, and for that reason I never questioned myself too closelyp 9 PB 1956
Tony and Harry drove up. ‘Where's Jane?‘ Harry asked. ‘Has anything happened to her? We were down at the Casino.‘ Theyp 10 PB 1956
the hell's going on?‘ Tony peered at me suspiciously. ‘Steve, anything wrong?‘ Harry dropped the bouquet he was carrying and startedp 10 PB 1956
your thirty dollars?‘ ‘But Franz --‘ ‘If I don't find anything within a couple of weeks I'll change tracks and comep 32 CC 1957
away. ‘I wanted to find out the market average.‘ ‘Varies. Anything from fifty cents a --‘ ‘Fifty!‘ Franz shot back, jumpingp 35 CC 1957
rides myself when I was younger, though I never tried anything like your journey.‘ He went back to the desk. ‘We'llp 36 CC 1957
right-hand corner words as the control list. Morley leaned over. ‘Anything come up?‘ he asked. ‘A few interesting responses.‘ Lang foundp 58 M69 1957
out of nowhere -- but as always refused to admit anything without absolute proof. He led the way into his officep 65 M69 1957
ego?‘ ‘Not escape,‘ Neill corrected. ‘The psychotic never escapes from anything. He's much more sensible. He merely readjusts reality to suitp 66 M69 1957
heel and walked across the square. No one else wanted anything to do with the statue, so I was finally presentedp 41 VS 1957
hours and his ears felt bruised and numb. ‘Could be anything. An ice-cube melting?‘ Sheringham shook his head, his little beardp 68 T12 1958
Must be fun on Saturday night,‘ I commented. ‘Isn't there anything else?‘ ‘Just the thermal storms, and a mean noon temperaturep 74 WG 1959
fingers. ‘Prime archezoic loam. Pure bedrock. Spit on it and anything might happen. Perhaps you'll understand me if I say I'vep 75 WG 1959
a useful device which could be set to trigger at anything from a fly's foot-fall to a walking crane's. The tripp 76 WG 1959
radio Ceres?‘ ‘Not yet. It still doesn't add up to anything.‘ ‘There might be a reward. Probably a big one. Godp 81 WG 1959
remember?‘ Mayer squinted up at the megaliths. ‘This could be anything from an ethnological bill of lading to the guest listp 88 WG 1959
the next item on the roster and warn him if anything went on for too long -- in some of thep 150 CH 1960
and derelict. ‘Just signs,‘ his mother explained. ‘They don't mean anything, like stars or rings.‘ Pointless embellishment, he had thought. Oncep 151 CH 1960
put it, if you weren't planning to start or finish anything then? Making his questions sound as naive as possible, hep 152 CH 1960
long, careful poll. Under fifty no one appeared to know anything at all about the historical background, and even the olderp 152 CH 1960
idle and stupid, sitting around vacantly with no idea when anything was going to happen. Soon he was wearing the watchp 155 CH 1960
were too high off the ground to be reached by anything less than a fireman's ladder and still retained their handsp 158 CH 1960
dull chink. For a few moments neither of them said anything. Then Conrad had an inspiration, bared his wrist. ‘I havep 164 CH 1960
can get on with your job. Remember, I haven't promised anything.‘ He flicked on the dictaphone, then began: ‘Memo 11: Rayp 118 SS 1960
their way among these, searching for LeGrande's master suite, where anything of a really confidential nature took place. There were aboutp 126 SS 1960
enormously complex to pronounce. ‘You gave me back my voice. Anything you want --‘ He broke off, stuttering happily, laughing throughp 127 SS 1960
Merrill sitting in the third row of the stalls. ‘Hear anything?‘ he called afterwards. Merrill shook his head. ‘Nothing, no vibrationp 131 SS 1960
all down. Couple these with a mass of parallel symptoms, anything you care to pick from altered migratory routes to longerp 180 VT 1960
ago when they reached the moon, and can't think about anything else. You remember the strange messages they recorded before theyp 183 VT 1960
like, had a sudden chilling attack of pure fear, unlike anything I've ever felt before. Took me half an hour top 184 VT 1960
nominal five,‘ he told Ward. ‘New regulation, just came out. Anything over four five is a double now.‘ He eyed Wardp 273 B 1961
some shelving around the wall? I've got nowhere to put anything.‘ The shelving tidied the room considerably, freeing large areas ofp 277 B 1961
pity the Royal Society don't let you spend it on anything, like the Nobel Prizes. Wait till you get one ofp 284 GA 1961
and robots around the house that it could have been anything. A dark shape moved across the frosted glass panel whichp 247 OM 1961
Aurora!‘ I cried. ‘For heaven's sake, I give in! Take anything you want, anything, but leave me alone!‘ For a momentp 220 S5 1961
For heaven's sake, I give in! Take anything you want, anything, but leave me alone!‘ For a moment she ignored mep 220 S5 1961
calling about?‘ ‘Yes,‘ I told him. ‘Believe me, I'll print anything. It has to get past Aurora, though. Have you gotp 225 S5 1961
Summer and Winter", and so on. When only Caidwell produces anything she'll be only too glad to give him her imprimaturp 226 S5 1961
the previous day. However, I was only too glad for anything that would reinforce the illusion. Aurora was more and morep 226 S5 1961
there she made a minor criticism but refused to have anything altered or rewritten. ‘But we always rewrite, Aurora,‘ I toldp 226 S5 1961
we're involved in this fraud of Tristrain's she might do anything. Let me talk to him.‘ I took the phone. ‘What'sp 227 S5 1961
however, Aurora wasn't in the least surprised; in fact, if anything she was pleased that Tristram's rate of progress was slowingp 227 S5 1961
do about the broken panes?‘ Susan shrugged. ‘We didn't do anything. That was the trouble. Two blew out, and then suddenlyp 15 WFN 1961
and firm, with steady eyes and a strong jaw. If anything he was probably over-resolute, too inflexible, a victim of hisp 17 WFN 1961
whole of Tibet without even a shrug, it can move anything.‘ The telephone in the hall rang. Excusing himself, Symington steppedp 22 WFN 1961
border. Check with Hendrix here and let me know if anything comes in from Tunis.‘ Zipping his jacket, he nodded top 30 WFN 1961
tabular memos. ‘Well, Sir Charles, I can't say that I've anything very hopeful to report. The wind speed is now 175p 54 WFN 1961
hour, greater than any previously recorded, and certainly well beyond anything the architects of this city designed for. Bearing that inp 56 WFN 1961
weather -- everyone talks about it, but no one does anything.‘ He rolled over and switched on the portable radio standingp 74 WFN 1961
minimum of rest. ‘Hello, Steve.‘ She smiled up at him. ‘Anything happening?‘ ‘Still blowing hard,‘ he told her. ‘Looks as ifp 94 WFN 1961
as if we ought to start pulling out. Might take anything up to a couple of days to reach the Up 124 WFN 1961
she pressed. ‘You're not going to leave them, or try anything --‘ Marshall hesitated, looking Deborah in the face, his eyesp 125 WFN 1961
her head. They were soft and wispy, more delicate than anything Kroll had ever seen. Like a huge bull entranced byp 135 WFN 1961
tinsel and plastic lighting, were service sections as bleak as anything in the Seigfried Line, but as the uniformed officers andp 141 WFN 1961
into his glass, and Avery asked: ‘By the way, heard anything of Andrew Symington?‘ ‘As far as I know he's stillp 143 WFN 1961
How can you be sure?‘ Halliday snapped. ‘It could be anything!‘ Maitland shrugged. ‘Maybe, but it's our only chance.‘ He turnedp 154 WFN 1961
complete ease with which we've manipulated them, made them believe anything we've wanted.‘ Chalmers leaned forward across the desk. ‘Confidentially, Rogerp 329 13C 1962
Abel will resume the conditioning. There's no need to do anything. Without the regular daily contact he'll soon feel lost. Thep 332 13C 1962
been passed.‘ When Francis still looked sceptical he added: ‘If anything, you're more likely to jeopardize them.‘ ‘I'll take a chancep 335 13C 1962
a self-sufficient fictional form based on it almost impossible. If anything, however, the success of the manned satellites will only tendp 196 UGM 1962
whole feeling for life is gone, nothing seems to mean anything to her any more.‘ Brutally, he said: ‘Tell her top 290 IO 1962
always heard that post-hypnotic suggestions couldn't compel you to do anything that clashed with your basic personality.‘ ‘What is the basicp 408 M99 1962
the top deck. Don't worry, I'll be with you if anything goes wrong. It may seem pretty thin consolation, but franklyp 408 M99 1962
balcony, eager to rest the valise on the ledge. ‘Feel anything?‘ ‘Nothing.‘ Forbis laughed, a brittle chuckle. ‘It must have beenp 409 M99 1962
his chair. ‘To tell the truth I don't think you've anything suitable for my friends. Thanks all the same.‘ The colonelp 345 PE 1962
a booklet when I got it, but it doesn't say anything about it eating a whole beach every day.‘ He spadedp 346 PE 1962
own war to order. Raiding parties, revolutions, religious crusades. In anything from a small commando squad to a 3,000-ship armadap 347 PE 1962
handed the synopsis to Margot. ‘Tell me if you find anything. It looks to me as if we've been wasting Tony'sp 349 PE 1962
the house, extolling his company's thirty-five-year, easy-purchase plan (they wanted anything except cash -- there was no money in that) andp 309 TDS 1962
the decade, whose course and verdict were as much as anything else to mark the end of a whole generation, andp 311 TDS 1962
jetty. ‘What's your problem, Colonel?‘ ‘It's not my problem. If anything, in fact, it's yours.‘ They trudged up the staircase, Riggsp 13 DW 1962
searching out former libraries and museums. Not that they contained anything other than his memories. Perhaps it was this absence ofp 20 DW 1962
tough self-sufficiency in Hardman was as strong as ever, if anything stronger, like a steel blade springing against a fencing postp 37 DW 1962
tension and impotence contained in the system suddenly released. If anything, however, the task of remaining behind would now be evenp 54 DW 1962
orientation of the clock hands identifying him, more completely than anything he had previously experienced, with all the confused and minatoryp 59 DW 1962
level rises, and I'll be holding out at the Ritz. Anything else?‘ Beatrice wandered away around the sofa towards the barp 79 DW 1962
o'clock, by then he was usually too tired to do anything but return to bed. All day he sat by thep 82 DW 1962
in the lagoon, it seemed bewildered and ready to attack anything. Suddenly there was a roar of gunfire, the flames stabbingp 126 DW 1962
mask in the depths of the necropolis. ‘Strangman's capable of anything, Beatrice. He's insane, they were playing a sort of madp 148 DW 1962
child. ‘Believe me, no time for prayers, no time for anything. I told you to drop the gun. Then walk forwardp 151 DW 1962
a touch of menace: ‘Come on, Kerans, we don't want anything to happen to Beatrice, do we? Think what a beautifulp 151 DW 1962
the watch-towers yesterday the Council probably feel we shouldn't do anything that might antagonize them. You never know, they may evenp 377 WT 1962
them away from him, though few people regarded him as anything but a shabby pedagogue. At the hotel he kept top 377 WT 1962
Renthall snapped his fingers off-handedly. ‘They're probably not thinking about anything. Sometimes I wonder whether there's anyone there at all. Thep 379 WT 1962
has already taken place. I don't know whether you've noticed anything strange about your patients?‘ ‘Nothing more than usual,‘ Clifton remarkedp 391 WT 1962
amusement hung fleetingly around his mouth. ‘Have you ever killed anything, Mr Constantin?‘ he asked quietly. ‘Yourself, personally, I mean.‘ ‘Touchep 510 EG 1963
to Malek, but this no longer troubled him and, if anything, only served to reinforce the bonds between them. Constantin hadp 516 EG 1963
course, Mr Constantin, it is possible to convince oneself of anything, given a sufficient incentive.‘ ‘But Malek, I assure you,‘ Constantinp 519 EG 1963
not proof of a man's identity. A typewriter will invent anything you choose. The only conclusive proof is his physical existencep 527 MO 1963
more than a moribund tree-level swamp, unweeded and overgrown, if anything more dead than alive, an example of bad husbandry onp 435 QR 1963
tooled metal face away. ‘Ah, well, whenever we escape from anything we always carry a memento of it with us. Rykerp 440 QR 1963
a little parley with the chiefs, see whether they remember anything of this capsule.‘ Ryker stared out at the Indians nowp 445 QR 1963
on Park Avenue or Piccadilly. If the Indians had seen anything I'd know.‘ ‘Perhaps.‘ Pereira shrugged. ‘Still, I'm under instructions top 445 QR 1963
group held their skirts between their knees. ‘I can't see anything.‘ Pelham rubbed his chin, distracted by a bearded man onp 431 RE 1963
following the shore, rather than an arc. ‘They're not watching anything at all.‘ The off-shore haze was now only five hundredp 432 RE 1963
It was nearly 3:30. ‘They can't be waiting for anything,‘ he said, trying to control his nervousness. Below the tablep 432 RE 1963
locum and the woman patient were absolute fictions, unrelated to anything in his life. Professionally he was a research chemist, employedp 531 SA 1963
the role of Lorenzo de Medici. Not that there was anything amateurish about the equipment and technical resources of Orpheus Productionsp 543 SG 1963
If Michelangelo were working for MGM today would he produce anything better?‘ Ward laughed. ‘You may well be right. Perhaps thep 486 VH 1963
powers of invention, but no one can accept them as anything but fantasy.‘ ‘The same criticism has been levelled at yourp 496 VH 1963
the banqueting hall when Ward stepped out of the booth. ‘Anything the trouble, Andrew? It's not your father, I hope --p 500 VH 1963
Charles,‘ Ward called down. ‘Let me know if you see anything else.‘ He went into the car and took his seatp 503 VH 1963
of the still intact integrity of flesh and spirit, if anything reinforced by the failure of one of the partners. Itp 629 DS 1964
about the messenger? Is there any news?‘ ‘Have you heard anything; Charles? Perhaps someone will fly over in a couple ofp 637 DS 1964
point. His wife's involvement with Lowry left him unperturbed; if anything, he felt grateful to Lowry for freeing him from Louisep 637 DS 1964
Hubble Effect is that it is virtually impossible to photograph anything transformed by it. As any reader of scientific journals knowsp 606 IM 1964
the Hubble Effect, with their myriads of interior prisms, as anything more than a vague blur like half-melted snow. Perhaps inp 606 IM 1964
the art markets of the world -- the prices of anything even remotely genuine would soar -- as well as top 576 LL 1964
in Georg's manner, the reflective private humour. ‘Do you notice anything else?‘ I compared the photographs again. ‘They're all crucifixions. Authenticp 579 LL 1964
in significance. Now.‘ He handed the Leonardo reproduction to me. ‘Anything unusual there?‘ When I shook my head at the familiarp 579 LL 1964
height, her shoulders almost overtopping my head. ‘I ... can't hear anything,‘ I said uncertainly. ‘Listen to it!‘ she admonished me. ‘Thatp 572 PCD 1964
me the right -- the obligation, even -- to do anything I want.‘ ‘That seems strange logic,‘ Osborne commented. ‘Aren't wep 599 TB 1964
For once in a long time I'm not worrying about anything at all.‘ He rubbed the pane with his sleeve. ‘Where'sp 662 VD 1964
said. ‘I came back to see if I could do anything for us. It's rather late in the day.‘ Judith watchedp 33 D 1965
there trying to look enigmatic. I won't compromise you or anything. Have you seen Quilter?‘ ‘He's hunting your house-boy with ap 45 D 1965
began to speak, but this cryptic alphabet seemed to overrule anything he might say. He crossed the bridge and turned leftp 76 D 1965
a simple knot. ‘You're late,‘ she said. ‘Did you catch anything?‘ Ransom sat down and began to peel off the rubberp 111 D 1965
level for the settlement that he could no longer visualize anything above that meagre line, he summed up for Ransom allp 120 D 1965
ten years among the dunes she had barely aged. If anything her beaked face was softer, giving her the expression ofp 127 D 1965
a grain silo shone against the hills. ‘Can you see anything?‘ Ransom called up. ‘Hot springs should send up clouds ofp 138 D 1965
you been doing all this time?‘ ‘We haven't been doing anything,‘ Ransom said quietly. ‘It's been all we could manage justp 163 D 1965
publicity and the cinema, not to mention science fiction. If anything, surrealism has been hoist with the petard of its ownp 84 UGM 1966
use of the unfamiliar, their revelation of unexpected associations. If anything, surrealist painting has one dominant characteristic: a glassy isolation, asp 88 UGM 1966
That twitching old goat, did the English ever think about anything else? She removed the hood from the typewriter, then peeredp 667 BM 1966
witness, apart from the idiot Quimby, deterred Crispin from doing anything that might antagonize her. Also, the woman's odd behaviour madep 699 SBD 1966
working in the fields as a labourer, unable to find anything better after his wasted years of military service. He rememberedp 700 SBD 1966
not to be postponed for more than a moment by anything less than an outbreak of the plague. Politically, this isolatedp 12 CW 1966
I could get a story out quickly.‘ ‘Did he see anything?‘ ‘Well, four days ago I spoke to him on thep 31 CW 1966
said. ‘Obviously something is going on, but it could be anything under the sun.‘ ‘Then what about the police and thep 31 CW 1966
his journey to Mont Royal had lost its point. If anything, it would have made more sense to take Louise backp 40 CW 1966
anyone attack him?‘ ‘I've no idea -- you didn't find anything out about Ventress?‘ ‘No, I was following you most ofp 49 CW 1966
from this process, or Ventress would have warned me. If anything, he was encouraging me to go to Mont Royal.‘ Louisep 50 CW 1966
as they call it, is closer to a cancer than anything else -- and about as curable -- an actual proliferationp 66 CW 1966
initial impact of the forest, a surprise more visual than anything else, I quickly came to understand it, knowing that itsp 83 CW 1966
base told me the diamond companies don't intend to let anything get in their way.‘ Ventress shook his head, exasperated byp 91 CW 1966
his shoulder holster. ‘I'll follow you. See if you notice anything from the door.‘ As he retraced his steps. Sanders walkedp 92 CW 1966
Although Sanders felt that his past affair with Suzanne if anything bound Max and himself together far more than it separatedp 123 CW 1966
across the world, don't they? I'm sorry we can't do anything for them.‘ ‘But Max ...!‘ Sanders swung round. He pointed top 131 CW 1966
There, in that place of rainbows, nothing is distinguished from anything else.‘ ‘And Suzanne -- your dark lady -- what doesp 136 CW 1966
stay with her and Max for the time being. If anything, Suzanne's leprosy had increased his need to remain with herp 137 CW 1966
his relationship with his aunt and uncle had been, if anything, even closer than that he would have had with hisp 685 TIM 1966
tails of his white coat with a flourish. ‘Not that anything will. Well?‘ Conrad listened to Dr Nathan's feet tapping thep 686 TIM 1966
supply. In the case of the elderly it's straightforward, if anything there's an excess of replacement materials over the demand. Apartp 689 TIM 1966
with the minimum of pain, and the leg was, if anything, stronger and more resilient than his own had ever beenp 695 TIM 1966
his hat in one hand as if prevented from saying anything to me by an unstated set of circumstances, some divisionp 738 R 1967
was no hostility in their attitude -- the dwarf, if anything, was on the point of thanking me, his mouth movingp 738 R 1967
illegal NLF pound sterling. The government-backed British dollar is despised. Anything can be bought, but nothing has any value. More andp 956 TW 1967
on. Quite evidently the people of this country don't want anything to do with the people up north, or with thep 957 TW 1967
people of this country? British Commander No, we're not forcing anything on them. The United States feels that this is ap 957 TW 1967
This is not the kind of civil war that resolves anything. Commentator What about the fighting itself? Don't you find itp 965 TW 1967
Minou Drouet."‘ ‘James, relax ... Like all scientists, you can't bear anything that challenges your own prejudices. Let's wait until we seep 769 CA 1968
They've seen him around quite a bit. He never says anything in public, but the important men always talk to himp 777 CA 1968
large suggested that members of the group were acting in anything but a benign role: the nuclear confrontation averted during thep 779 CA 1968
estrangement. Its elements are introspection, pessimism and sophistication. Yet if anything befits the twentieth century it is optimism, the iconography ofp 93 UGM 1969
images of the surrealists, say more about the subject than anything the natural sciences can offer, for the clear reason thatp 161 UGM 1969
as some archangelic legion on the day of Armageddon. If anything, it was fortunate that the Americans were spread so thinlyp 782 KG 1969
nudged the young soldier clutching his knapsack. ‘Can't you do anything for him? Where's your morphine?‘ The soldier looked up atp 784 KG 1969
them, across which their emotions signalled like meaningless semaphores. If anything, her voice formed a module with the perspectives of wallp 61 SCN 1969
of Los Angeles contained far more imagination and meaning than anything he could find in the literary periodicals of the dayp 206 UGM 1971
than on the deity's posterior -- if Mother Nature has anything in science fiction, it is VD. Most critics of sciencep 207 UGM 1971
any of us, for example, ever regard breakfast cereals as anything but a good-humoured method of blocking the infant's trumpeting mouthp 260 UGM 1971
pay the toll charges. Clearly, the possibilities are endless. Almost anything one cares to say about the future will probably comep 266 UGM 1971
until I went away to college. But I have had anything but a protected life. I have travelled all over thep 26 SEO 1972
where it no longer mattered, or had any reference to anything but a few square inches of vaginal mucosa, fingernails andp 35 C 1973
other at the hospital.‘ I found it impossible to say anything to her, aware of the almost obsessive way in whichp 71 C 1973
the programme with these questionnaires. Tell me if I've left anything out.‘ As the heavy car moved through the London-bound trafficp 131 C 1973
reflection that modern science fiction has come to an end. Anything that happened five minutes ago is already the centre ofp 203 UGM 1974
the motorway, screaming his wife's name at the cars. If anything, he should have thanked her for marooning him here. Mostp 22 CI 1974
for Proctor.‘ ‘I'm surprised -- I thought you could break anything. We'll look again tomorrow, in the daylight.‘ ‘Yes -- Proctorp 0063 CI 1974
Proctor --‘ ‘Exactly. He's terrified of the police, he'll do anything to avoid bringing them here. It's not that he's everp 71 CI 1974
avoid bringing them here. It's not that he's ever done anything, but this place is all he's got. When they builtp 71 CI 1974
who tow my car away won't give a damn about anything here. The last three days have proved that to mep 72 CI 1974
making these assumptions all the time! No one owes you anything, so stop all this want, want, want You crashed yourp 73 CI 1974
a mask of confused hostility. ‘No one's ever given you anything before, have they, Proctor?‘ Maitland said. ‘Go on, take itp 79 CI 1974
him, Maitland was convinced that Proctor had never been given anything in his life, and that his power over the trampp 105 CI 1974
He was convinced that his body was no longer absorbing anything he ate or drank -- the wine formed a coldp 118 CI 1974
have come down near here. Have any of you seen anything?‘ They were staring at my car, clearly a far morep 822 AD 1975
at my car, clearly a far more glamorous machine than anything that might fall from the sky. They shook their headsp 822 AD 1975
I tried to control my excitement for fear of giving anything away. The old man nodded, his interest fading. ‘Yes. Atp 822 AD 1975
parties in the high-rise had Laing seen anyone dressed in anything other than casual wear, yet here the men wore dinner-jacketsp 26 HR 1975
quickening pulse in the air, all right, but has it anything to do with good humour or fellow-feeling? Rather the oppositep 32 HR 1975
their privacy by government agencies and data-processing organizations, and if anything welcomed these invisible intrusions, using them for their own purposesp 36 HR 1975
They wanted to sleep, so I let them. There isn't anything else for them to do. It's too noisy at nightp 45 HR 1975
in which he had once been keenly interested -- if anything, Laing's approval had inspired Wilder to develop the idea intop 56 HR 1975
But Royal was drawn to his new neighbours, exemplars beyond anything he had previously imagined of the puritan work ethic. Inp 73 HR 1975
you're taking?‘ ‘For the time being. I'll come back for anything else.‘ ‘Come back? Why should you want to? Perhaps you'dp 74 HR 1975
sensibilities, and no possibility of escape. Royal would have given anything for one vulgar mantelpiece ornament, one less than snow-white lavatoryp 81 HR 1975
serious. ‘I've only just moved here. Why should I concede anything to these people?‘ He pointed expressively at the floor withp 84 HR 1975
concern for Anne was as strong as ever -- if anything he felt more possessive towards her -- but he decidedp 84 HR 1975
alien planet. A sense of strangeness, far more palpable than anything within the building, extended around the apartment block on allp 102 HR 1975
residents springing to their balconies and hurling down at him anything to hand, inundating Laing beneath a pyramid of wine bottlesp 103 HR 1975
and parental affection -- obviously a more dangerous mix than anything our Victorian forebears had to cope with. Our neighbours hadp 109 HR 1975
a defended staircase or capture a rival elevator. Apart from anything else, the higher up the building he climbed, the worsep 114 HR 1975
way. In fact, he barely noticed any changes and, if anything, preferred the apartment to be dirty. ‘What's this?‘ She pokedp 124 HR 1975
intoxication of living at this height was as palpable as anything produced by the wine bottle in his hand. Already hep 130 HR 1975
put down his fork. Casually, he asked, ‘Have you heard anything of him? Perhaps someone has seen him?‘ Mrs Wilder shookp 135 HR 1975
However, it barely mattered now what time it was -- anything rather than night, when it was too terrifying to dop 145 HR 1975
clutter of once-fashionable chromium tubing and undressed leather, useless for anything but sitting on. All cooking was now done over firesp 149 HR 1975
residual, to a future generation was no longer present. If anything, the ‘normal‘ had become the real obscenity. In the foyerp 834 LFA 1975
of the settee, walls and ceiling. In this context almost anything is possible, their movements are a series of postural equationsp 861 60Z 1976
in the most sophisticated government and scientific circles was there anything of a flurry. Without doubt, the impact of the rumourp 841 LDG 1976
Nations was held. In a fanfare of publicity that exceeded anything known even by that organization, there was an unprecedented attendancep 842 LDG 1976
usual enthusiasm. For one thing, few stores and shops had anything for sale. In addition, there was little money to sparep 847 LDG 1976
overwhelming energy of this machine, the power and excitement beyond anything else in their sophisticated Arcadia. And yet, as his fatherp 879 UC 1976
the wind and the tides, had progressed far ahead of anything the age of oil and coal had achieved, with itsp 879 UC 1976
you're a genius with cars. But can you start up anything else?‘ Olds nodded soberly at Halloway, not taken in byp 891 UC 1976
as if resigned to the talents multiplying from his fingertips. Anything. I can make anything work. ‘I believe you, Olds. We'llp 891 UC 1976
the talents multiplying from his fingertips. Anything. I can make anything work. ‘I believe you, Olds. We'll find my sailplane andp 891 UC 1976
But, again, Halloway made no attempt to reprimand them. If anything, he had clone what he could to frustrate any effortsp 911 UC 1976
they haven't time to spend their pay. If they've got anything left by the end of the week, that is. ‘Ibisp 911 UC 1976
airliners, freight trains, walking draglines and missile launchers, larger than anything of which Buckmaster and the Twentieth Century had ever dreamedp 924 UC 1976
-- space ships, ray guns, blue corridors, the future as anything with a fin on it -- from comic strips, TVp 15 UGM 1977
frightened to open a cupboard. If you can't think of anything else to do draw up an inventory of yourself --p 75 IY2 1977
television screens, and her growing interest in Pangborn were unlike anything he had previously had to deal with. The uniformed womenp 989 MA 1978
but the motorway remained as far away as ever. If anything, this distance between us seemed to enlarge. At the samep 38 UDC 1979
with the studios. Besides, people around here are obsessed with anything like that -- safari parks, dolphinaria, stunt flying, it's allp 47 UDC 1979
against their bleeding Christ, expose myself, urinate in the font, anything to shake them out of their timidity and teach themp 72 UDC 1979
Birds are gathering here in Shepperton, chimeras more marvellous than anything dreamed of in your film studios!‘ I pointed to thep 72 UDC 1979
I know that's all nonsense, but I can't think of anything else that might help you.‘ ‘Father Wingate handed his churchp 92 UDC 1979
departure? Watched by the world's television cameras, people would pay anything to touch the waterlogged wings, gaze into the blanched cockpitp 137 UDC 1979
was naked? ‘Jamie, give it to me. I can make anything fly -- don't you believe me?‘ Had he brought mep 146 UDC 1979
that my powers were limitless, that I was capable of anything I wished to imagine. The children tugged and argued withp 154 UDC 1979
the sky, warning it that I might be capable of anything. Only David seemed uncertain of me. In the doorway ofp 155 UDC 1979
and take them into me one by one. But, if anything, I wanted only to help them. The first of thep 176 UDC 1979
nineteenth century. Still, McNair knew his stuff, and could make anything work. Give him a lever and he would move thep 9 HA 1981
Everyone on the gangway watched him, waiting to see if anything happened. He reached the deck of the rusting Cunard pierp 33 HA 1981
her and Ricci. ‘Wayne!‘ Orlowski caught his arm. ‘Don't touch anything! You're a stowaway, remember. You've no official status in thisp 34 HA 1981
the eventless blue sky and silent streets, ready to attack anything that moved. Steiner approached at a leisurely pace, gently urgingp 38 HA 1981
first hint of a more temperate and fertile climate. If anything, however, the aridity of the landscape had deepened. Now andp 70 HA 1981
dream of glamorous Hollywood villas. Even Orlowski seemed to have anything but the expedition on his mind. He closely examined ap 76 HA 1981
Ricci voted him down. We all agreed that there isn't anything we'd want to say, anyway. I took their side, andp 92 HA 1981
already overtaken by a second arid West far wilder than anything those vacationing suburbanites of the late twentieth century could everp 99 HA 1981
young man slumped against his tombstone. No longer surprised by anything he saw, Wayne casually recognised the bearded man shouting top 103 HA 1981
and straining valves -- for Wayne this was excitement beyond anything even the Mercury astronauts could have known. After a week'sp 105 HA 1981
of a private dream waiting for him to act out anything he wished. He had gained control there, of Steiner, Annep 119 HA 1981
this straw-haired teenager from The Wizard of Oz. Apart from anything else, the wistful young Judy Garland would never have sungp 126 HA 1981
other side of the Rockies, with trip-zooms that focus on anything that moves. It's bad about your two friends, though.‘ ‘Twop 133 HA 1981
Desert Inn Hotel,‘ Paco commented as they rode upwards. ‘Mean anything to you? A man's name, perhaps?‘ ‘Of course -- Howardp 134 HA 1981
swerved in and out of the hills and valleys, massacring anything that moved -- deer grazing peacefully on the Paramount backp 150 HA 1981
it easy now, a little occupational therapy with his puppets. Anything more than that excites him.‘ The storm continued, the torrentp 153 HA 1981
a glittering wall like some kind of jewelled nuclear body-armour. Anything to keep the old man's spirits up, though McNair wasp 163 HA 1981
alarmed, like a startled patient. ‘I haven't taken part in anything for years. I never go out, Wayne, my general healthp 174 HA 1981
about man-powered flight. It's pointless to use one's legs for anything but steering when the sun is only too keen top 176 HA 1981
himself trapped within a lunatic fantasy far more extreme than anything of his own. Steiner placed an encouraging arm around Annp 230 HA 1981
who soared inside her own head, far more exotic than anything a neurourgeon could devise, feathered and jewelled chimeras from thep 1062 MNF 1982
feed their roots, these motionless trees were as insane as anything in the visions of Max Ernst. There were the samep 1042 MSA 1982
room!‘ To Jim this was inconceivable, far more bizarre than anything in the Superman and Batman comics. ‘How big is thep 17 ES 1984
Shanghai. As always, the spectacle outside the theatre far exceeded anything shown on its screen, and Jim had been eager top 37 ES 1984
way he had noticed in the past weeks, not for anything he had done but because of his inability to changep 55 ES 1984
themselves of the vanity of thinking that the world was anything else. Jim watched the coolies and peasant women staring atp 57 ES 1984
neither the Vichy police nor the Japanese soldiers would do anything to help him. They were watching a single-engined bomber thatp 59 ES 1984
Petrel, and it was obvious now that they could sink anything. Half the American Pacific Fleet was sitting on the bottomp 72 ES 1984
never done before, and found it difficult to concentrate on anything. Despite all this, Jim managed to repair his cycle. Hep 76 ES 1984
amahs of his early childhood. He had never looked after anything before, except for an angora rabbit that had died tragicallyp 115 ES 1984
his father in this respect. At home, if he did anything wrong, the consequences seemed to overlay everything for days. Withp 120 ES 1984
the pockets of their school trousers and cardigans, searching for anything of use. Jim watched him without resentment. He and Basiep 127 ES 1984
post by the driving cabin, and scanned the fields for anything that might remotely resemble Woosung. The doctor's words unsettled himp 129 ES 1984
good idea.‘ ‘To the Hongkew merchants. But I wasn't worth anything. He looked after me as well.‘ ‘He's done a goodp 139 ES 1984
disapproved, but agreed that it was probably sensible to do anything to survive. After three years in the camp the notionp 169 ES 1984
As Dr Ransome said, there was no point in wasting anything that could keep them alive for even a few daysp 204 ES 1984
cabin steward was too cautious, never the first to try anything new or gamble away his modest security. Jim guessed thatp 236 ES 1984
to dream, because he had never been able to take anything for granted, whereas Dr Ransome had taken everything for grantedp 322 ES 1984
architecture, fashion and consumer design. Even now, the future is anything with a fin on it. Far from being a mediump 17 UGM 1987
you'd already stolen everything in Port-la-Nouvelle?‘ ‘Doctor, I don't want anything from you, not even your water. I've brought you somethingp 28 DC 1987
were under way. ‘They can polish a guard-room floor, but anything else confuses their minds ... I need trained men now.‘ ‘Whyp 92 DC 1987
to create, together left me unable to rally myself against anything but a direct physical assault. The unspoken threat in Kagwa'sp 155 DC 1987
artfully neutered violence, and that an authentic firsthand experience of anything had long ceased to be of meaning in the lastp 176 DC 1987
His fever had abated, but I felt unable to do anything for him, because I had ceased to think and actp 199 DC 1987
death. ‘We were unlucky today.‘ ‘I didn't know there was anything to shoot at around here.‘ ‘There isn't very much. Butp 210 DC 1987
we? To be honest, Doctor, I'd rather you didn't assume anything. That's why I've asked you here." He stared at mep 5 RW 1988
through a set of tobacco-stained teeth. "With all this gear, anything else would have been a crime." "Perhaps, but it's notp 27 RW 1988
face. "Sergeant, get back to Reading -- you won't find anything here." He turned to me. "Doctor Greville, we have thep 36 RW 1988
been one of real hate and cruelty. We haven't found anything remotely like that." "And we never will. The Pangbourne childrenp 46 RW 1988
don't think about it any more.‘ ‘I don't think about anything else. Look, Mr Bradley -- David, or whatever you're calledp 1128 LCC 1989
together belong to the private domain. Not that there is anything salacious to reveal. As it happens, our relationship was neverp 1128 LCC 1989
excitement has led me to neglect my rationing system. Scarcely anything is left in the pantry -- a box of sugarp 1134 TES 1989
barricade of restaurant tables in the mezzanine to think of anything else. By the end, when Arkady and Mikhail crept forwardp 1145 WF 1989
We'll take him to interrogation.‘ ‘Right, captain. And if there's anything left we'll trade him for some new videos.‘ Hands boundp 1148 WF 1989
dream women.‘ This was literally the truth. The possibility that anything might happen to them appalled Ryan. In the street belowp 1149 WF 1989
serious? We're fighting for what we believe.‘ ‘But nobody believes anything! Think about it, Louisa. The Royalists don't want the kingp 1150 WF 1989
who always seem aware of their audience, are untypical of anything in today's cinema. Alfred Hitchcock (whom, puzzlingly, Hamilton scarcely mentionsp 4 UGM 1990
All his life he had failed to impose himself on anything -- running errands as a six-year-old for the Nassau airportp 1164 DCG 1990
thieving managers. He had always reacted to events, never initiated anything on his own. Now, for the first time, he couldp 1164 DCG 1990
exhausted their own futures, and are thus free of time. Anything erected there, a city, a pyramid, a motel, stands outsidep 82 YMCa 1990
commercial products -- had already spread throughout the world. If anything, the process was even more advanced in Britain. The equivalentp 93 LNEa 1990
most digestible form. Desperate for the new, but disappointed with anything but the familiar, we recolonise past and future. The samep 51 GANa 1990
of time. Looking at these landscapes, it's impossible to imagine anything ever happening within them. The neural counterparts of these imagesp 21 UDa 1990
were merely watched by the child. Before I could do anything they had moved. This was Christie-land. The Russian astronaut Colp 70 THFa 1990
saw no reason to pretend that the Reagan piece was anything but a frontal assault on the former actor. At thep 105 WIWa 1990
had long been used by Nancy to screen her from anything she preferred to forget. Huge sections of her past hadp 33 UGM 1991
habit of coming true. ‘I'll tell you if I see anything.‘ Olga stood behind me, calming me with a hand onp 13 KW 1991
one of those people who should never be worried by anything. Trying not to annoy her, I spent the rest ofp 14 KW 1991
silently in the freezing hut over my Latin homework -- anything rather than the restless errand-running and food-scavenging that occupied everyp 33 KW 1991
because they're kind to us, they think they can do anything. She's more frightened of him than I am.‘ ‘He doesn'tp 34 KW 1991
of the Japanese had taught me never to comment on anything they were doing, nor to take sides in any disputep 56 KW 1991
back to my childhood, but if I was certain of anything it was that I was no longer a child, andp 70 KW 1991
formaldehyde, they were the colour of yellow ivory. More than anything else, the richness of their skins marked out the deadp 78 KW 1991
Nobody's heard of them here.‘ ‘Peggy, they haven't heard of anything in Cambridge. The dons are only interested in their damnedp 81 KW 1991
or live on a desert island with three strange men. Anything to get out of here.‘ ‘I have a motor-bike. Whyp 88 KW 1991
your time analysing yourself.‘ ‘Why? I didn't know there was anything to analyse.‘ ‘You could have fooled me, dear sport. Yourp 103 KW 1991
She pushed me away. ‘It's okay to fuck me but anything else is off limits.‘ ‘Don't worry.‘ It had not occurredp 115 KW 1991
have been there.‘ ‘It won't. If you don't go back anything you write will be far more true. When I visitp 130 KW 1991
sex existed on a higher and more intense plane than anything men could offer, like the romantic rivalries of sisters. Togetherp 142 KW 1991
good for my imagination.‘ ‘I can't see that there'd be anything left for your imagination to do. In fact, it's hardp 149 KW 1991
switched on the washing machine. ‘By the way, you haven't anything that needs washing?‘ ‘No except this handkerchief.‘ ‘It looks ap 177 KW 1991
I'll make a picnic for us, if I can find anything in that mouldy fridge ...‘ Sally had taken charge. As alwaysp 179 KW 1991
be there.‘ ‘The great man. But what do I read?‘ ‘Anything. One of your sado-masochistic romps should go down a treatp 180 KW 1991
eyes were opening to a new world far richer than anything Shepperton could offer. ‘Sally, the whole thing was absurd.‘ ‘Sop 185 KW 1991
you need -- pain, fun, love, hate. You can make anything mean anything. Only the pixies matter.‘ She seemed restless withp 186 KW 1991
-- pain, fun, love, hate. You can make anything mean anything. Only the pixies matter.‘ She seemed restless with me, smokingp 186 KW 1991
garden. ‘All this is just as much a stage-set as anything in Shepperton Studios.‘ ‘And what happens when you move thep 208 KW 1991
The warm scent of her body was more vivid than anything even LSD could contrive. ‘Dick can find someone else. We'llp 212 KW 1991
understanding my entire character and motives. He had never read anything of mine, saying that there was no need to --p 217 KW 1991
need to be a film critic to make sense of anything.‘ ‘Not a psychologist?‘ His remark surprised me. ‘Surely, you ...?‘ ‘Nop 241 KW 1991
served as the catalyst for his erratic driving. But, if anything, the exhibition had been inspired by David. I remembered himp 262 KW 1991
confident that this loving house was not a facade. If anything, the daughter had strengthened the family, and Sally's dream wouldp 288 KW 1991
Cleo has the keys to your house, she can pick anything you want from the shelves.‘ ‘No -- I'm too busyp 305 KW 1991
in a horror film? Surprisingly, the answer is no. If anything, I feel cool and detached, as if all this isp 308 KW 1991
but I found it difficult to get to grips with anything around me, the realm of desire and even the worldp 319 KW 1991
boat to China.‘ ‘I don't think it's an original of anything ...‘ Crew-men knelt in the shallow waves, examining the underside ofp 346 KW 1991
that makes one despair of politics as the answer to anything. China's greatest political leader and ideologue, Mao Zedong, brought anp 36 UGM 1992
and famous probably are. Were Cleopatra and Catherine the Great anything like the figures that historians have described? Even in thep 52 UGM 1992
then on there seemed to be no point in writing anything that didn't follow doggedly on the heels of Joyce's masterpiecep 181 UGM 1992
into Vietnam, an escalation that now seems as misguided as anything in that overlit decade, and in due course destroyed hisp 242 UGM 1992
swam naked with Rupert Brooke, and one can scarcely imagine anything more chaste or, in its eerie way, so intriguing. Somethingp 244 UGM 1992
that moment no Congressman dared to deny the NASA chiefs anything they demanded. For the next six weeks public interest inp 1177 MFM 1992
notion, given the extreme poverty of the peasant population, than anything dreamed of in the Communist manifesto. Inevitably he became ap 55 UGM 1993
us to realize that the imagination transcends morality and that anything can serve as the raw material for a compelling workp 125 UGM 1993
was ‘relative‘, in the moral sphere above all, and so anything went, which suited the temper of the times and wasp 149 UGM 1993
us never managed to enjoy the first time around. If anything, there appear to be fewer millenarian cults at present thanp 192 UGM 1993
to an advanced age. I never for a moment believed anything else. Daily Telegraph Which Way to Inner Space? One unfortunatep 194 UGM 1993
sustained by the love of a single adult can survive anything. Daily Telegraph Waste of Beauty Diary of the Discovery Expeditionp 252 UGM 1994
What is it, Kimo?‘ Dr Barbara called. ‘Can you see anything?‘ ‘Albatross, doctor ... just albatross.‘ ‘Albatross ...?‘ Dr Barbara seized Neil's armp 20 RP 1994
can help rebuild my body. Let's see if they serve anything that isn't packed with hormones.‘ They sat at a tablep 33 RP 1994
an hour led a delirious rampage around the camp, destroying anything that might be of use to the returning military. Onlyp 81 RP 1994
be serious about. I've never known the French give up anything without a fight. Verdun, Indo-China, Algiers -- history penned inp 84 RP 1994
We could row around the yachts -- people give us anything we ask for.‘ ‘I know ...‘ Kimo turned away from Neilp 97 RP 1994
a book it should be Dr Barbara.‘ ‘She'll never write anything. She only wants to dig her forest -- Mother Teresap 107 RP 1994
on the beach aren't interested in saving the albatross or anything else. If we wait much longer Saint-Esprit will be ap 119 RP 1994
its eyes searched the trees as if unable to find anything to laugh at. Taking pity on them, Kimo brought ap 140 RP 1994
away from Saint-Esprit all the albatross will die. No-one's said anything about Gubby, not even Trudi and Inger.‘ Dr Barbara pickedp 165 RP 1994
why they had come to Saint-Esprit. An adolescent, apart from anything else, needed to be fed, even if most of hisp 172 RP 1994
rest of our lives helping them to understand themselves. If anything, we've been too kind to them, letting them play theirp 189 RP 1994
Neil! Your eyes are sharper than mine. Did you see anything?‘ He stared at the summit, which the albatross were circlingp 193 RP 1994
He gestured a little wearily. ‘I had to, there wasn't anything else I could say.‘ ‘That's absurd. You had nothing top 23 CN 1996
started in Riyadh when Mother fell ill. I was snatching anything I could lay my hands on. You joined in top 26 CN 1996
was drinking herself to death and no one was doing anything about it. Stealing was the only way I could makep 26 CN 1996
He's determined to convict himself. What about bail? Is there anything we can do?‘ ‘Impossible, Mr Prentice. There are five murdersp 77 CN 1996
much else to do except sleep.‘ ‘Did he tell you anything? About the fire, and how it started?‘ ‘How could hep 87 CN 1996
work. There are so many of them, and they mean anything you wish to make them. Without motives our investigations wouldp 98 CN 1996
were shocked by that dreadful fire, but it doesn't change anything.‘ ‘I'm not so sure. In fact, I think it changesp 117 CN 1996
was rather slack?‘ ‘Flat on its back. People didn't need anything except another bottle of pills. But they've picked up nowp 131 CN 1996
the crowds lying on the beaches below. ‘We don't take anything too seriously in Estrella de Mar. Not even ...‘ ‘Crime? There'sp 133 CN 1996
How vile. It looks like a choker of rubies. Was anything stolen?‘ ‘I don't think theft was the motive -- Ip 133 CN 1996
the Hollinger house, do you?‘ ‘I don't like looking at anything, Mr Prentice. I dream in Braille.‘ He hoisted his work-bagp 142 CN 1996
forensic team stumbling over my heels. ‘Inspector, is there really anything to explain? Clearly, someone set fire to the house, butp 157 CN 1996
too definite an act, it stops all further discussion of anything. I knew Frank well -- we played bridge together atp 178 CN 1996
of psychopath who had planned to kill the Hollingers. If anything, there was an artless strain in him, an almost earnestp 205 CN 1996
very strange. Even so, most visitors driving around wouldn't notice anything odd. Apart from this pool and those empty shops it'sp 217 CN 1996
early! I do value keenness. These days no one wants anything to be a success, as if failure were somehow chicp 230 CN 1996
to the owners. Strictly speaking, we don't need to take anything, just convey the sense that a thief has urinated onp 239 CN 1996
in the sense that Cabrera thinks of it. I mean anything that breaks the rules, sidesteps the social taboos.‘ ‘You can'tp 245 CN 1996
an empty medicinal glass, as if unable to focus on anything around her until she had received her next dose. Herp 268 CN 1996
to Crawford an hour ago. No one could have planned anything so quickly.‘ ‘They've known for weeks.‘ Paula tried to calmp 315 CN 1996
of a different kind?‘ ‘Such as? We can cope with anything. This is the only place in the world where youp 16 SC 2000
First, make the office feel like a home -- if anything, the real home.‘ ‘And their flats and houses?‘ Jane pointedp 17 SC 2000
you'll tear the place apart. Thank God it doesn't say anything about my mind.‘ ‘It will, dear, it will ...‘ Gazing atp 25 SC 2000
almost too briskly. ‘He certainly wasn't homosexual. Did she have anything to say?‘ ‘Nothing. Their affair had been over for monthsp 27 SC 2000
had everything for sale -- drugs, whores, diamonds, oil leases, anything except a taxi. There was something seedy about him inp 66 SC 2000
the basic idea is sound. We'll be able to see anything suspicious well in advance.‘ ‘So no one will ever getp 68 SC 2000
guards must have been in a total panic, shooting at anything that moved. Stop putting yourself in David's shoes.‘ ‘I'm tryingp 68 SC 2000
title deeds going back to bloody Magna Carta. You feel anything could happen.‘ ‘But nothing ever does. All you people dop 79 SC 2000
to find out why they were seeing David? Was there anything wrong with them?‘ ‘Just sports injuries. Nothing else. Skin lacerationsp 81 SC 2000
the longer its effects poison the air. Have you found anything else?‘ ‘Not at the villa. But there are one orp 87 SC 2000
familiar debris of a young wife too distracted to discard anything. The contents of a woman's dressing table were as closep 125 SC 2000
off on May 28 were allowed to leak away. If anything, Isabel Duval was still suffering from rapture of the deepp 139 SC 2000
The widows might appreciate the sedative drug, ready to try anything that would free them from the stench of the quaysidep 140 SC 2000
in court. ‘Please speak, Monsieur Sinclair.‘ ‘Did your husband say anything about Dr Greenwood on the day before? Had he foundp 144 SC 2000
and a sharp-kneed thirteen-year-old biting my shoulder, had been beyond anything my boyish mind could imagine, promises of wonder that onlyp 159 SC 2000
end of the world. It explains why no one saw anything unusual about Greenwood. There's no civic sense here.‘ ‘There isp 184 SC 2000
to cope with something like that.‘ ‘But no one heard anything? Isn't that a little strange?‘ ‘This is a hospital,‘ Halderp 186 SC 2000
faces they didn't like.‘ ‘Darker faces? Maghrebians?‘ ‘Blacks, yellows, browns. Anything except pinko-grey. Faces like mine. People of the "other" sidep 193 SC 2000
minute to cool off. I guess too much light on anything isn't a good idea.‘ He grimaced to himself, accepting thep 199 SC 2000
were Zander and his posse doing in the Rue Valentin? Anything involved with David Greenwood?‘ ‘Nothing. The Rue Valentin is onep 201 SC 2000
I'm surprised you didn't see what happened.‘ ‘No one saw anything. The sun shields were closed. Security moved everyone to thep 209 SC 2000
her rigged shoe. Already I suspected that I would do anything to lose to her. Unsure why she had taken mep 213 SC 2000
games become serious.‘ ‘And serious games are more serious than anything else. What did these games involve?‘ Before she could answerp 218 SC 2000
Who?‘ ‘It's another ratissage. A special action.‘ ‘I can't see anything.‘ She pulled at my arm. ‘There's a telescope in thep 220 SC 2000
who isn't involved.‘ ‘I'm glad to hear it. Is this anything to do with David Greenwood?‘ ‘It's possible. He knew whatp 244 SC 2000
outside. Tell me why you want to leave. Is it anything I've done?‘ ‘Have you done anything? I'm amazed.‘ Jane rolledp 269 SC 2000
to leave. Is it anything I've done?‘ ‘Have you done anything? I'm amazed.‘ Jane rolled her eyes in mock alarm. Shep 269 SC 2000
must be tired of you poking around. You haven't discovered anything about David they didn't already know. You're no more partp 283 SC 2000
telephone her every day. We talk about my health.‘ ‘Is anything wrong?‘ ‘Everything is wrong. But not with my health. Janep 292 SC 2000
of black Merc swerving after you ... most people would do anything to get out of the way. Who was in thep 320 SC 2000
and dispelled the last illusion that each of us was anything but alone. I turned from Simone and considered my kneep 322 SC 2000
events around David's death. Can I ask if you found anything?‘ ‘Nothing, to be honest. Everyone liked him.‘ ‘That's good. Hep 326 SC 2000
collapse without them, and think they can get away with anything.‘ ‘They probably can.‘ ‘No!‘ Frances pulled at my shirt. ‘Listenp 344 SC 2000
self he'd never seen before.‘ ‘If not drugs, then what? Anything to do with the refuge?‘ ‘Everything to do with itp 346 SC 2000
particular girl to be driven to you. Door-to-door service. Beats anything laid on for the Caliph of Baghdad.‘ ‘The Alice booksp 347 SC 2000
of brain damage that Wilder spotted. The man couldn't see anything coming from his left side ...‘ ‘So Wilder gave him ap 351 SC 2000
the organizer.‘ ‘"Eden II -- Extinction is For Ever." Mean anything?‘ ‘Green nonsense.‘ Penrose shrugged and stared back at the skyp 359 SC 2000
Who wants to be in control? Haven't I taught you anything?‘ He drummed a hand on the wheel. ‘Those publicity planesp 361 SC 2000
And then?‘ ‘We'll head for the airport, drive into Italy, anything to get her away from here. She and the Delagesp 377 SC 2000
Aladdin's Cave of possibilities far more potent and enduring than anything Wilder Penrose could offer. Looking at the forties flying helmetsp 390 SC 2000
He's waiting for you.‘ ‘Poor man, he's not waiting for anything.‘ ‘Laura? She can't be ...‘ ‘Stay here. I'll talk to himp 27 MP 2003
Stay here. I'll talk to him. If he can hear anything I say ...‘ Five minutes later, after trying to comfort Henryp 27 MP 2003
her body close to me. ‘Actually, you look better.‘ ‘Good. Anything to get away from that court.‘ I pointed to thep 51 MP 2003
lungs. ‘Learn the rules, and you can get away with anything.‘ ‘That's always a shock to the middle classes.‘ She ranp 52 MP 2003
morning. The magistrates were faced with something they hate above anything else -- a responsible citizen ready to sacrifice himself forp 62 MP 2003
office, thighs shown off as she teetered deliberately, heedless of anything but her fierce commitment. It was a pleasure to seep 75 MP 2003
yellow lines everywhere.‘ ‘Can they do that?‘ ‘They can do anything. These are public streets. So they've graciously provided us withp 79 MP 2003
Kay?‘ ‘Who?‘ ‘You and I. Do we need to talk anything through?‘ ‘Again? Slow-motion replays make me nervous. Cinema died whenp 160 MP 2003
Heathrow bomb was the biggest door of all. There wasn't anything to gee, but there was this huge white space. Itp 164 MP 2003
of a patient's trivial worry. ‘If your motives are sound, anything is possible. You're waiting for a greater challenge. You haven'tp 171 MP 2003
speed humps outside schools. It's what the middle classes do.‘ ‘Anything wrong with that?‘ ‘They're too predictable, too sensible. We needp 175 MP 2003
In fact, the ideal act of violence isn't directed at anything.‘ ‘Pure nihilism?‘ ‘The exact opposite. This is where we've allp 194 MP 2003
heard the explosion two nights ago. The Peter Pan statue. Anything to do with you?‘ ‘Nothing. Sally, I hate violence.‘ ‘You'rep 219 MP 2003
part of our campaign against everything Tate Modern stood for. Anything to make it wobble again.‘ ‘And Stephen's job was top 260 MP 2003
my wife.‘ ‘You'll understand. I won't ask you to do anything violent; it's not in your nature. Or not yet ...‘ Hep 261 MP 2003
been moving through an unlit world, refusing to believe in anything but his band of brain-damaged children, Peter Pan to hisp 271 MP 2003
up all the rules and I felt I could do anything. Then I met Richard and saw what happens when youp 276 MP 2003
woman -- narrow-eyed, passive, clutching their store cards. They believe anything that people like you care to tell them. They wantp 33 KC 2006
they would be bathed in a light more healing than anything on offer from the sun. As we entered these hugep 37 KC 2006
he knew about the circumstances of my father's death. If anything, he was rather too keen, talking about angles of firep 38 KC 2006
are giving us wonderful support.‘ ‘They've rallied round?‘ ‘Absolutely. If anything, I think it's brought us all together. I Know you'llp 40 KC 2006
my mother made for us was bleak. Very rarely did anything new enter our lives. We made do with an elderlyp 54 KC 2006
selling people a host of consumer goods, but rarely bought anything unless I needed to. Childhood had inoculated me against thep 54 KC 2006
toytown. My flat's on the market.‘ ‘I might buy it. Anything to get away from this terrible place.‘ ‘You don't likep 63 KC 2006
find who killed your father. But I'm not sure there's anything I can do.‘ ‘Well ... in a sense, you've already donep 83 KC 2006
have nothing to say? Let's face it, most people haven't anything to say, and they know it. What's the point ofp 85 KC 2006
blimp as it sailed across the dome, more dreamlike than anything that had filled our heads during the night. The weekendp 87 KC 2006
from his slightly prurient eyes. ‘Danger.‘ ‘Go on.‘ ‘Fear, pain, anything to break the rules. Most people never realize how violentp 99 KC 2006
creates huge unconscious needs that only fascism can satisfy If anything, fascism is the form that consumerism takes when it optsp 105 KC 2006
to lower the temperature. Calm people down, and head off anything really ugly. The police are backing them.‘ ‘Is that whatp 130 KC 2006
trough. They want to discredit the Metro-Centre, and they'll do anything to harm it.‘ ‘Tony Maxted? And Bill Sangster?‘ ‘They're toop 132 KC 2006
a fuse, but it didn't work.‘ ‘Maybe it wasn't advertising anything?‘ ‘You're right. There needs to be a message. Next timep 134 KC 2006
actor, I act being a sports commentator. Do I know anything about sports? Between you and me, almost nothing. I've neverp 144 KC 2006
beast.‘ ‘Fascist? It's like "new" or "improved". It can mean anything. Where are the jackboots, the goose-stepping Brownshirts, the ranting fuhrerp 167 KC 2006
the blueprint for the fascist states of the future. If anything, consumerism creates an appetite that can only be satisfied byp 168 KC 2006
foot down, outrunning the police Vauxhalls, earned many heartfelt handshakes. ‘Anything you need, Dad.‘ When I asked to meet their leadersp 195 KC 2006
and cable philosopher, the supporters‘ clubs would go berserk, attacking anything in their sights. I strode into the hall and unlockedp 206 KC 2006
are bored. Deeply, deeply bored. When people are that bored anything is possible. A new religion, a fourth reich. They'll worshipp 210 KC 2006
he died ...‘ ‘Would it matter?‘ ‘They believe in him. If anything happened ...‘ She laughed to herself, a desperate chuckle. ‘It's ap 240 KC 2006
in a way this gave him the freedom to do anything, however deranged. ‘Sangster ...‘ I struggled to lower my voice. ‘Isp 251 KC 2006
it off?‘ ‘Hard to say. He wasn't very good at anything. His wife has taken the child and disappeared. I hopep 277 KC 2006
trams clanked at speed through the crowds, their bells tolling. Anything was possible, and everything could be bought and sold. Inp 6 ML 2008
destitute Chinese roamed the streets of Shanghai, ready to do anything to find work. Every morning when I was driven top 14 ML 2008
Craven A tin at passers-by, but no one gave him anything. After a few days he was visibly weaker, and Ip 16 ML 2008
world, my father said, which greatly impressed me, as did anything that was fastest, tallest, highest and deepest); chasing the trucksp 35 ML 2008
in a centre of unlimited entrepreneurial capitalism, everyone believed that anything was possible. In the last resort, money would buy offp 39 ML 2008
dismantled at any moment, and that no matter how magnificent anything appeared, it could be swept aside into the debris ofp 58 ML 2008
rope. Pieces of cardboard, sections of wooden packing cases and anything else to hand helped to provide a minimum of privacyp 68 ML 2008
a serious problem from the start. Hungry children will eat anything, but my parents must have shuddered at the thought ofp 74 ML 2008
the sudden scene-shifting I witnessed in 1937 and 1941. If anything, the years in Lunghua offered the first stability I hadp 81 ML 2008
platoon was beyond the point where life and death meant anything at all. They were aware that their own lives wouldp 107 ML 2008
would shortly end, and that they were free to do anything they wanted, and inflict any pain. Peace, I realised, wasp 107 ML 2008
they passed the rest of the day drinking, rarely saying anything to each other and taking no interest in the teenagep 118 ML 2008
Cambridge -- the medical and science faculties -- and ignore anything connected with ‘heritage‘ Cambridge, which has mesmerised generations of parentsp 140 ML 2008
work in London. She was enormously optimistic, and confident that anything was possible if enough willpower was brought to bear. Shep 174 ML 2008
magical properties. If the future was to be built of anything, it would be from a set of building blocks providedp 189 ML 2008
by an exotic literary fuel as rich and dangerous as anything that drove the surrealists. If pop art and surrealism werep 189 ML 2008
before it's launched. As it happens, I had not read anything by Conrad at the time, though I soon made upp 192 ML 2008
the suburbs of Los Angeles contained more genuine imagination than anything hung on the walls of the Royal Academy (still inp 217 ML 2008
Laboratory in London contacted me and asked if there was anything I would like to do there. The large building, ap 238 ML 2008