while Gorrell hunched over the chessboard, hidden behind the sofa. ‘Anybody feel like coffee?‘ Morley called out, deciding they needed somep 64 M69 1957
because you might shoot someone. But how can you hurt anybody with a clock?‘ ‘Isn't it obvious? You can time himp 153 CH 1960
the lower medullary centres. Whatever they're selling I wouldn't advise anybody to buy. (6) THE AGENCY. Registered. M33 in Andromeda. Thep 348 PE 1962
thing I intend to do is re-flood the lagoon. If anybody tries I'll personally blow his head off. Reclaiming land, particularlyp 155 DW 1962
Skylab mission, the astronaut Russell Schweickart replied: ‘I don't think anybody ever tried consciously to do any analysis of dream contentp 229 UGM 1979
Underground system, but how long they can keep command is anybody's guess.‘ Marshall nodded. He moved across to the bank ofp 121 WFN 1961
killed. As far as Tokyo or Bombay are concerned it's anybody's guess. At least fifty per cent, I should think. There'sp 142 WFN 1961
used to be fun there, and then it wasn't fun anymore. Philip Bax, 15, son of a Reading doctor: It wasn'tp 53 RW 1988
round. You're not aware of it, and I can't find anyone else who is either.‘ Helen stared at me in amazementp 16 E 1956
police surgeon commented. ‘Strangely enough there's no regulation to prevent anyone else doing the same thing. I used to go forp 36 CC 1957
our one big difficulty was going to be proving to anyone who had not been there that the statue had actuallyp 47 VS 1957
over £3000 from Earth. They were working privately. Why should anyone waste time and money doubting the obvious?‘ I wanted top 77 WG 1959
the next day. Exactly when, of course, neither Newman nor anyone else knew. Probably it would be during the afternoon, whenp 150 CH 1960
and up the other wall, would have been recognizable to anyone who stood with his back to the window, but nop 150 CH 1960
glance it was indistinguishable from any other bachelor residence, although anyone entering the short drive would have noticed one unusual featurep 196 LW 1960
to abuse it. He had never revealed the talent to anyone, knowing that if he did his days as a sound-sweeperp 120 SS 1960
eight hours, I suppose. WHITBY: The proverbial eight hours. Ask anyone and they say automatically ‘eight hours‘. As a matter ofp 180 VT 1960
and realized he knew him only too well, better than anyone else on Earth. The man was himself. Bayliss clipped thep 142 ZT 1960
but it's the worst thing you can do. Why whenever anyone grapples with a ghost does it always vanish instantly? Becausep 145 ZT 1960
quietly. ‘Don't you want to share the New Eden with anyone else? Or just you alone, and a consultant biologist?‘ Hollidayp 242 DE 1961
each other to notice Dr Jamieson watching them, although to anyone else his intense nervous excitement would have been obvious. Thep 283 GA 1961
Even if he reached the hospital, how could he convince anyone there of what had happened without having to call Elizabethp 260 MF 1961
soon taken off, and the Village was now rented to anyone who could be persuaded to live there. Faulkner gazed outp 246 OM 1961
forks to Vermilion Sands and Red Beach I asked if anyone had seen a cerise Cadillac go by. Two attendants saidp 231 S5 1961
villa isn't there any more. That's why we couldn't get anyone to come and help us. There are pieces of concretep 16 WFN 1961
next to her. ‘Pat, I'm going upstairs in case there's anyone else here. May even be a telephone line still workingp 48 WFN 1961
of fractured concrete that weighed half a ton. ‘If there's anyone alive in there they'll find them,‘ Marshall said to Deborahp 64 WFN 1961
back. ‘Whoops,‘ she said. She pulled Lanyon down to her. ‘Anyone else around?‘ she asked. Lanyon shook his head, grinned affectionatelyp 94 WFN 1961
his jacket, switched it on. ‘Doesn't look as if there's anyone around, Steve. Do you think the Terrapin will still bep 111 WFN 1961
scrambled vhf beam, definitely not a government installation.‘ ‘Could be anyone, though,‘ Maitland said. ‘Weather station, police unit, some VIP outfitp 152 WFN 1961
of introspection -- sometimes Peters and Granger don't speak to anyone for two or three weeks -- the way life inp 329 13C 1962
were a closed group, and would never have contact with anyone else. On the unconscious level, on the level of theirp 333 13C 1962
now -- there was a mandatory 20 year sentence on anyone making an unauthorized entry into the space simulator. After restingp 337 13C 1962
here, the Pontiac convertible in the back garage belongs to anyone who can dig it out‘). Travis and Louise Woodward alwaysp 356 CS 1962
area. On completion no further egress will be allowed, and anyone escaping will be immediately returned to the reservation. Give yourselfp 365 CS 1962
got a long memory,‘ Gregory said quietly. ‘I didn't think anyone remembered.‘ ‘Of course I remember.‘ She spoke in a whisperp 290 IO 1962
drooling on the doorsteps, sleeping on sidewalks, and woe betide anyone who tried to help him. Gregory had made that mistakep 291 IO 1962
his valise, watching Forbis thoughtfully. ‘You're lucky you didn't kill anyone,‘ he said. ‘The elevator cabin was thirty storeys down, yourp 406 M99 1962
you and get away with it that I can't understand anyone bothering to go to all this trouble. Obviously there's somep 408 M99 1962
a casual voice: ‘Tell me, have you ever heard of anyone called Fowler?‘ He said nothing when Forbis shook his headp 408 M99 1962
moment of emotion blended into a replica more intimate than anyone, apart from her dead husband, could ever know. The Gloriap 312 TDS 1962
was no self-conscious boisterousness, but a laconic indifference to whether anyone took part or not. Recently, however, the more sombre elementsp 34 DW 1962
terrain, its own unique flora and fauna, as recognisable to anyone else as they would be to a traveller in ap 43 DW 1962
one's friends: ‘I grieve for your irrevocable death‘, as to anyone suffering from an incurable disease, and was the universal omissionp 71 DW 1962
Kerans. ‘Figuratively, of course. I've never discussed the dreams with anyone. Except for Hardman, and there, poor chap, the dreams werep 71 DW 1962
another. ‘But it's all so hideous. I can't believe that anyone ever lived here. It's like some imaginary city of hellp 121 DW 1962
thing.‘ ‘It's an idea,‘ Renthall agreed. ‘If you can find anyone interested. I'm sorry the recital yesterday was such a flopp 376 WT 1962
probably not thinking about anything. Sometimes I wonder whether there's anyone there at all. The movements we see may be justp 379 WT 1962
Renthall let this pass. ‘Fair enough, if they can find anyone else to take on the job. Frankly I doubt itp 383 WT 1962
than twenty miles, but sufficient to identify its whereabouts to anyone in the immediate neighbourhood. However, the entire northern half ofp 438 QR 1963
of garlic and cheap pomade. ‘You're a sensible man, Lieutenant. Anyone who stays up on deck is crazy. However,‘ -- hep 439 QR 1963
chap. He must be feeling pretty unhappy by now. Though anyone who gets as far as the Moon and is foolp 446 QR 1963
can't possibly listen. And to Sherrington's theories less than to anyone else's.‘ Almost imperceptibly, another wave of restless activity was sweepingp 429 RE 1963
could barely see the numerals. ‘Hello, hello!‘ he shouted. ‘Is anyone there?‘ ‘Yes, Dr Singh,‘ a woman replied. ‘Is that youp 536 SA 1963
to interrupt you,‘ I said. ‘I didn't realize there was anyone here. I'm flattered that you like the screens.‘ The autocraticp 550 SG 1963
lad. You won't need to be frightened of Traxel or anyone else.‘ Shepley jerked the car to a halt. As hep 461 TT 1963
lake below, searching the shadows among the tombs in case anyone was watching them, waiting to seize the treasure. The Oldp 464 TT 1963
to myself I don't see now how I can convince anyone.‘ Ward gestured with his glasses. ‘Perhaps. But I'm surprised youp 488 VH 1963
Kandinski chuckled to himself and picked up the satchel. ‘Has anyone else been out here?‘ Ward asked as they trudged upp 494 VH 1963
Hamlet taking advantage of his madness to insult and cross-examine anyone at will, Gifford often used the exhausted half-lucid interval afterp 631 DS 1964
at all.‘ Levelling his voice, he said: ‘Did you see anyone in the town?‘ ‘Dr Phillips. He said you should bep 653 GTN 1964
ceremony, and prevented her from leaving the house or seeing anyone except a blind negro servant. Apparently he saw his bridep 621 IM 1964
protest he passed me another photograph. ‘The Veronese Crucifixion. See anyone you recognize? On the bottom left.‘ I raised the photographp 581 LL 1964
present one?‘ ‘Not yet. Naturally galleries are reluctant to give anyone the opportunity to show that their works are not entirelyp 582 LL 1964
painting. Everyone agrees it could not have been stolen by anyone bounded by the laws of the physical universe.‘ For ap 583 LL 1964
house, beggars and goats wandered through his studio at will, anyone could have got in and posed. But the others werep 585 LL 1964
the one who should be worrying,‘ the little man retorted. ‘Anyone that crazy is going to be in trouble soon.‘ Hep 29 D 1965
others. ‘There's a signal, at least,‘ he said. ‘If there's anyone here they'll know we've arrived.‘ Philip Jordan's hands fretted onp 142 D 1965
wanders among the strange crowds, unable to make contact with anyone until he meets the young woman he had seen asp 29 UGM 1966
marshes would destroy the birds, but until then he resented anyone else looting this drowned treasure which he had won sop 699 SBD 1966
trouble at Mont Royal -- in fact, there is hardly anyone there at all. Most of the workers have left.‘ ‘Whyp 27 CW 1966
both been drawn. However, nothing achieved there, between themselves or anyone else, would necessarily have any lasting value. At the endp 41 CW 1966
the nexus of uncertainty at Port Matarre. ‘But why should anyone attack him?‘ ‘I've no idea -- you didn't find anythingp 49 CW 1966
and fencing in the barracks at Port Matarre yesterday. For anyone trapped within the cordon it could be like being frozenp 59 CW 1966
marriage, and prevented her from leaving the house or seeing anyone except a blind Negro servant. Apparently he saw his youngp 110 CW 1966
-- you never know. You haven't been down?‘ ‘No. Hardly anyone is entering the zone now.‘ Louise shrugged. ‘I suppose it'sp 171 CW 1966
empty grounds of the hospital. ‘It's true, there is hardly anyone here.‘ ‘A compliment to us, Conrad, don't you think?‘ Drp 686 TIM 1966
earn these distinctions for yourself. You can't borrow them from anyone else, least of all from the dead.‘ Conrad looked roundp 695 TIM 1966
finally be free of him for ever. They won't send anyone after Thornwald.‘ ‘Perhaps not.‘ Judith tapped the metal table. ‘Butp 712 TMY 1966
strange pale-haired woman and her dwarf? Did they imagine that anyone would actually come to this dismal patch of ground byp 737 R 1967
but it took us all of two days to find anyone who even remembered them at all. The present tenants ofp 775 CA 1968
Finnish Ambassador, and a crowd of twenty party functionaries. ‘Recognize anyone? Apart from Kosygin and company?‘ ‘The usual bunch of hatchet-facedp 776 CA 1968
perverse. The Congo, Vietnam, Biafra -- these are games that anyone can play. Their violence, and all violence for that matterp 77 THF 1969
politics: East of Suez, balance of payments, trade union reform. Anyone who can take a housewife's trusting relationship with her Mixmasterp 259 UGM 1971
references to Ralph Nader‘. In vain did I protest that anyone in public life attempting to involve us in his fantasiesp 261 UGM 1971
me that the medical profession was an open door to anyone nursing a grudge against the human race. He looked mep 43 C 1973
predatory animal behind the silver bars of her mouth. ‘Did anyone see him at the accident?‘ ‘I've no idea. Are youp 66 C 1973
its pages like a troupe of over-excited travelling players, conning anyone they can with their unlimited blarney. The highest compliment Ip 202 UGM 1974
himself. Perhaps even his marriage to Catherine, a failure by anyone else's standards, had succeeded precisely because it recreated for himp 22 CI 1974
Helen Fairfax, it might be at least a week before anyone was sufficiently suspicious to call the police. Yet even thep 32 CI 1974
that's true.‘ Maitland watched Proctor stroke his arm. ‘Isn't there anyone who could look after you -- any family or friendsp 92 CI 1974
God -- I'm not fucking you for his sake or anyone else's.‘ She handed him his wallet. ‘Five pounds -- Ip 100 CI 1974
tomorrow afternoon. It's beautiful music, actually. Listen, I don't need anyone to like me. I'm past it. Don't be a childp 119 CI 1974
Maitland put his arm around her shoulders. ‘I don't want anyone to know I'm on the island.‘ She leaned wearily againstp 120 CI 1974
small resort had been built, flourished briefly and declined without anyone realizing that this relic of World War II lay inp 814 DFW 1974
his divorce -- one happy affair, with Charlotte Melville or anyone else, and he would slip straight into another marriage. Hep 13 HR 1975
none of the parties in the high-rise had Laing seen anyone dressed in anything other than casual wear, yet here thep 26 HR 1975
at first sight. We'll soon be refusing to speak to anyone outside our own enclave.‘ He added, ‘My car had itsp 31 HR 1975
documentary, Wilder knew that he had never discussed it with anyone who did not live inside the apartment building. Even Helenp 56 HR 1975
by the huge audience reaching up to the sky. Had anyone notified the police? He had taken it for granted, butp 56 HR 1975
have left a month ago when I wanted to. Why anyone stays on here I can't imagine.‘ ‘Anne, we're leaving ...‘ ‘Atp 71 HR 1975
three occupants looking up at the hundreds of crowded balconies. Anyone seeing this ship of lights would take for granted thatp 92 HR 1975
darkness, including the 22nd, where his sister Alice lived. Hardly anyone had slept. Amazingly, few people showed any signs of fatiguep 95 HR 1975
and the long shaft rose above their heads, exposed to anyone with a missile casually to hand. The three passengers whop 123 HR 1975
a discordant element. He resented speaking to Charlotte or to anyone else, as if words introduced the wrong set of meaningsp 130 HR 1975
Steele's behaviour had become frightening. The deliberately mindless assaults on anyone found alone or unprotected, the infantile smearing of blood onp 149 HR 1975
For some reason the consolations of religion meant nothing to anyone. On the other hand, despite the initial panic, there hadp 833 LFA 1975
looked as if they might lunge at the throats of anyone passing by. Halloway had pushed past her, overturned her flowerp 914 UC 1976
occurred to me that if we lengthened the hour, without anyone knowing, of course, we would get more work out ofp 917 UC 1976
made possible by television. At that time neither I nor anyone else had ever dreamed that we might actually meet inp 947 ICU 1977
chapter on the circulation. One of the vague fears of anyone who has ever been wheeled into an operating theatre isp 168 UGM 1978
I meant to ask -- when you arrived, was there anyone waiting outside?‘ ‘Only if he was invisible.‘ Puzzled by Pangborn'sp 991 MA 1978
naked, he felt his skin prickle uncomfortably. ‘Did you see anyone outside? Waiting in a car, or watching the door?‘ ‘Youp 993 MA 1978
And hear me? How many fingers? Good. Now, was there anyone else in the plane? A passenger?‘ ‘I ...‘ For no clearp 21 UDC 1979
the moment I left. This middle-aged widow had never seen anyone return from the dead. With a hand to her throatp 26 UDC 1979
linked with their sterile lives in this suffocating town -- anyone who came within its clutches was unconsciously assumed to havep 35 UDC 1979
Wingate helped me on to the beach. Did you see anyone try to revive me? Mouth to mouth respiration ...?‘ ‘No --p 43 UDC 1979
on the beach you were standing here. Did you see anyone revive me?‘ She stroked my shoulder blades as if feelingp 63 UDC 1979
for the stumps of my wings. ‘No, I don't think anyone dared to. Blake, I was too frightened to think. Youp 63 UDC 1979
fish, to my transformation of this riverside town. ‘Miriam, was anyone else in the water with me?‘ ‘A few people --p 91 UDC 1979
jungle suburb. Already these changes would have been visible to anyone in the surrounding fields, to the drivers on the motorwayp 128 UDC 1979
now that I would never be killed by Stark or anyone else in this small town. Perhaps my own immunity wouldp 184 UDC 1979
pieces of my mind and body and passing them to anyone who clutched at my hands. Last of all, to ap 204 UDC 1979
liked to affect a distracted, world-weary manner, particularly when showing anyone round his detested engine-room, with its coal-fired boilers, bizarre pistonsp 9 HA 1981
be to keep a tight rein on the impulsive scientists. Anyone, Orlowski decided, other than Gregor Orlowski. But annoyingly some facelessp 27 HA 1981
in the contours of a dune. Hard to tell what anyone is thinking, we all sit on our camels shrouded inp 95 HA 1981
at her reflection in the rear windshield. ‘And why hasn't anyone known about them before?‘ ‘Because we're the first to crossp 122 HA 1981
you. Hughes would have wanted me to take you on. Anyone who can cross America in three months must have bloodp 137 HA 1981
lights in Las Vegas are deliberately left blazing, not because anyone is interested in the casinos, but to run the reactorp 142 HA 1981
a drive-in movie theatre off the Boulder Highway, but hardly anyone had bothered to turn up to the first performance, ap 160 HA 1981
robot gunships would shoot up the slow-moving jeeps and half-tracks. Anyone trying to leave on foot could never escape in timep 223 HA 1981
by metal peas; and an emergency organ-donor card bequeathing to anyone in need his own brain. Together the items formed anp 1016 NFS 1981
been a keen observer, more interested in Franklin than in anyone else. How did he elude the fugues? When Franklin hadp 1016 NFS 1981
Never say that ... You aren't going to kill Amah or anyone else.‘ His father unclenched his hands, and Jim realized howp 19 ES 1984
film. It was hard to imagine those miniature bullets killing anyone, let alone the tough communist labour organizers. By contrast, thep 22 ES 1984
the Japanese. Like his school friends, he had always despised anyone who surrendered -- he accepted without question the stern moralityp 78 ES 1984
experience of the previous weeks told him not to trust anyone, except perhaps the Japanese. ‘They're in Shanghai -- but they'rep 98 ES 1984
might have as much to fear from them as from anyone else in the city. He thought of Basie's secret bagp 100 ES 1984
and this truck.‘ It had never occurred to Jim that anyone might want the war to continue, and he puzzled overp 103 ES 1984
-- Americans, Jim had noticed, were not easily impressed by anyone. Frank even sounded his horn at a Japanese soldier whop 103 ES 1984
here. I admire a boy who appreciates a good home. Anyone can pick his own parents, but to have the sensep 106 ES 1984
of potato ... Basie, when you were in Shanghai Central did anyone talk about my mother and father?‘ ‘I think I didp 117 ES 1984
keep them alive. Many of the prisoners had died, and anyone who sacrificed himself for the others soon died too. Thep 119 ES 1984
to sell the old woman's hair-brushes to Mrs Blackburn. Whenever anyone died Basie would be on hand with news and comfortp 119 ES 1984
railway station and the crashed aircraft near the canal. Whenever anyone moved, the Japanese shouted from the platform and pointed theirp 133 ES 1984
here, Dr Ransome. I think I was nearly killed. Is anyone else dead?‘ ‘Let's hope not.‘ Dr Ransome leaned against thep 195 ES 1984
used in the first year -- the hospital rarely cured anyone. The Japanese, correctly assuming that all those who entered thep 199 ES 1984
that had seized the whole of London to believe that anyone would attack him. As Constable Willings waited in the rainp 1099 OOA 1984
radio stores. Above all, Harare detested the drilling project, and anyone like myself involved in the dangerous attempt to tap thep 16 DC 1987
know this amiable but unpredictable police chief more closely than anyone else at Port-la-Nouvelle. A huge and often clumsy man, wellp 28 DC 1987
made -- all we are doing is performing it for anyone who cares to watch.‘ ‘All right. We'll go when I'mp 268 DC 1987
his equally mythical west with a parade of pretty boys. Anyone who has spent even five minutes in Los Angeles canp 62 UGM 1988
about eight o'clock that Saturday morning, without the help of anyone else. They probably left Pangbourne Village within a few minutesp 45 RW 1988
continuum. Two of them, however, were nearer to hand than anyone had imagined. Early on the afternoon of November 4 Ip 57 RW 1988
than 245 seconds. World War 3 was over almost before anyone realised that it had begun. The other extraordinary feature ofp 1116 WW3 1988
turnstiles of its beckoning paradise. LOVE IN A COLDER CLIMATE Anyone reading this confession in 1989, the year when I wasp 1124 LCC 1989
myself, I accept that I will admit to the house anyone with a legitimate right to be there -- the TVp 1131 TES 1989
the special ease that comes from no longer depending on anyone else, however well-intentioned. Above all, I am no longer dependentp 1133 TES 1989
too nervous of taking sides. They ringed the city, preventing anyone from entering or leaving, and in a sense controlled everythingp 1149 WF 1989
of it before.‘ Dr Edwards was watching Ryan keenly. ‘Did anyone help you? One of the wounded ex-officers, perhaps?‘ ‘There wasn'tp 1152 WF 1989
help you? One of the wounded ex-officers, perhaps?‘ ‘There wasn't anyone, doctor. It just came to me, out of all thep 1152 WF 1989
unique graphic universe, intensely English -- though he might dislike anyone saying so -- but enormously deepened by his years asp 104 UGM 1990
stored away for future reference in the viewer's memory. Before anyone is hurt we are back to General Schwarzkopf, the Pp 73 UGM 1991
been fixed for twenty years before the producer's telephone call. Anyone who has done the classic book-promotional tour of American citiesp 117 UGM 1991
the model for a novel, an ‘Interzone‘ or limbo where anyone could act out his most extreme fantasies. Even before thep 133 UGM 1991
Sontag's remark that ‘Depression is melancholy without the charm‘, and anyone who has visited a mental hospital will have noticed howp 237 UGM 1991
liked to roam the city in their spare time, reporting anyone untidily dressed. I set off after the empty tram, steeringp 22 KW 1991
-- a symbolic gesture, as David Hunter's father remarked, since anyone planning to escape from Lunghua hardly intended to walk throughp 31 KW 1991
to come to terms. ‘If your father's going to shoot anyone,‘ Peggy remarked, ‘he should start with Dr Sinclair.‘ This vile-temperedp 34 KW 1991
walk to the Chinese lines four hundred miles away. To anyone who would believe me, I pretended that I had joinedp 48 KW 1991
truth which I had never been able to discuss with anyone since sailing from Shanghai on the Arrawa. Its refrigerated meat-holdsp 94 KW 1991
of making sure he gets his share. Have you tried anyone else's milk?‘ ‘No ...‘ I thought of the pregnant whore atp 131 KW 1991
world where she now worked as a news programme researcher. Anyone within range was treated to her eccentric comments on thep 181 KW 1991
concept artists all, with the intimidating stares of gangsters‘ molls. Anyone over thirty was a race enemy, and having three childrenp 183 KW 1991
dear -- we already know what's there. It's obvious to anyone who's read a few pages.‘ ‘Shadows on the wall. Dickp 208 KW 1991
even one of the two thousand patients taking the air. Anyone, I found, could drive through the gate-house without being stoppedp 258 KW 1991
Cleo lowered her gaze and frowned at the litter. ‘Doesn't anyone ever clean the place? You'd think Kennedy was completely forgottenp 325 KW 1991
neared us, he caught sight of the little girl. Before anyone could speak he slipped the haversack onto the ground, askedp 328 KW 1991
with ‘Tonstant Weader fwowed up‘, but I have never known anyone who remembered Pooh with less than total affection, something rarep 120 UGM 1992
strongly recommend Patrick Trevor-Roper's The World Through Blunted Sight to anyone interested in the influence of the eye's physiology on thep 182 UGM 1992
they never listened to radio or television. For all that anyone knew, they passed the days in sleep, meditation and prayerp 1181 MFM 1992
from the airless monoculture that threatens to entomb us. For anyone with the courage to follow Burroughs his letters are thep 134 UGM 1993
occurred to the Chinese officials who spoke to Scotland that anyone might be remotely interested in reclaiming the throne. But heirsp 249 UGM 1993
all that talk about Eniwetok and Mururoa. I've never met anyone who dreamed of nuclear islands.‘ ‘Save the atom bomb ...‘ ‘Savep 14 RP 1994
the twentieth-century imagination. But he could never admit this to anyone, and even felt vaguely guilty, as if his fascination withp 33 RP 1994
travel case with enough clothing and personal tackle to convince anyone that he meant to live aboard the ship. He arrivedp 54 RP 1994
nose with a creamy finger-tip. ‘You know that better than anyone else, Neil.‘ They were fond of Neil, and happy top 64 RP 1994
even if they're desperate?‘ ‘Of course not. Obviously we help anyone in real need. Look at me, Neil, I've taken nothingp 100 RP 1994
That's not for me.‘ Kimo sucked his blistered hands. ‘If anyone writes a book it should be Dr Barbara.‘ ‘She'll neverp 107 RP 1994
over nothing between Mrs Saito and Monique's father, but before anyone could disagree Dr Barbara began to chalk the work-tasks andp 119 RP 1994
environmental project -- we're engineering the ecology of paradise!‘ Did anyone believe her? Neil waited for the first defectors to foldp 120 RP 1994
Anderson stepped between them. ‘Go back to your work! If anyone speaks to the pilot, I will ...‘ The Dakota circled thep 123 RP 1994
made him feel useful for the first time. Games, for anyone rich from birth, were always the most serious business inp 135 RP 1994
hips in the doorway of the clinic, as if challenging anyone to enter her parlour. ‘That woman killed the child. Evenp 161 RP 1994
waiting for his wings to unfurl themselves. ‘Have you told anyone I'm here?‘ ‘No ... I'll never tell them.‘ ‘Good. It's bestp 163 RP 1994
Why, for Pete's sake? Save your energy. Did you see anyone?‘ ‘No-one, David.‘ ‘No fires or caches? A lean-to shack, maybep 203 RP 1994
peace of this retirement coast. It was hard to imagine anyone finding the energy, let alone the necessary malice, to bringp 33 CN 1996
the jeunesse doree of the Club Nautico. Here that means anyone under sixty.‘ ‘Absolutely, dear chap. Come to Estrella de Marp 42 CN 1996
that sealed the embossed oak doors. ‘Inspector Cabrera doesn't want anyone sifting through the evidence, though God only knows what's leftp 48 CN 1996
one man started this fire,‘ I told him. ‘Frank or anyone else. The place is completely gutted.‘ ‘I agree.‘ Hennessy glancedp 49 CN 1996
in the minutes before the fire started? Tell me, did anyone see Frank light the fire?‘ ‘Of course not. It's unthinkablep 54 CN 1996
to Mr Hennessy. They were lying in his desk drawer. Anyone could have stepped in and had a copy made.‘ ‘Ofp 98 CN 1996
The hall and the downstairs rooms are too dangerous for anyone to enter. I suggest therefore that we follow the pathp 103 CN 1996
child's father?‘ ‘It certainly wasn't Hollinger. It might have been anyone. This is Estrella de Mar. People here are having sexp 118 CN 1996
went to the Hollinger house there seemed no reason why anyone should set fire to it. Suddenly there are too manyp 119 CN 1996
be far more serious.‘ ‘I've thought about that. Why should anyone want to frighten me? It's conceivable that the attacker hadp 119 CN 1996
grudge against them?‘ ‘No one. I can't honestly think of anyone who'd want to harm them.‘ ‘They weren't popular, though. Peoplep 130 CN 1996
It's almost too powerful to be beautiful,‘ I commented. ‘Does anyone need to go this fast?‘ He dried his hands beforep 138 CN 1996
almost every apartment and villa, every bar and nightclub, as anyone could see from the defensive nervous system of security alarmsp 159 CN 1996
with Egyptian costumes for a forthcoming production of Aida. Before anyone could find the driver, Crawford shouted his thanks and drovep 165 CN 1996
up in the morning and can't remember if you fucked anyone the previous day.‘ She raised one knee, watching the shadowsp 192 CN 1996
but there were no sounds of children playing or of anyone disturbing the almost immaculate calm. ‘So many pools,‘ I commentedp 212 CN 1996
out, but I sensed that he no longer cared if anyone believed him. Despite myself, I felt drawn to him, thisp 246 CN 1996
my patients. She may have lost herself. Did you see anyone as you drove here?‘ ‘A young woman? No.‘ ‘You didn'tp 283 CN 1996
uses violence quite openly, against Paula Hamilton and Laurie and anyone else who stands in his way. The Residencia Costasol isp 303 CN 1996
for you here. And, Charles ...‘ ‘What is it?‘ ‘Don't tell anyone you're coming. And bring those spare car keys. The onesp 312 CN 1996
fire will be at Sanger's bungalow. They'll kill him and anyone else there.‘ I turned away from her, unsettled by herp 315 CN 1996
ever.‘ ‘But why the Hollingers?‘ ‘Because they were so visible. Anyone would have done, but they had the big house onp 317 CN 1996
Even so, he never went to the police. Nor did anyone else, though most of them can't have expected that thep 323 CN 1996
on his diving board. ‘A healthy crowd ... I can't imagine anyone here actually bothering to fall ill.‘ ‘Don't be too surep 7 SC 2000
Not a drifting leaf in sight. It's hard to believe anyone would be allowed to go mad here. Poor David ...‘ Davidp 9 SC 2000
intelligent.‘ ‘You're right. Halder is far too superior to hate anyone. Don't let that mislead you.‘ A spacious garden lay besidep 23 SC 2000
by their north African and pied-noir families. They'd never met anyone like David. He helped out at a methadone project inp 26 SC 2000
flinched and trembled with a life of their own. ‘Was anyone else involved?‘ I pointed towards Cannes. ‘Co-conspirators on the outsidep 27 SC 2000
other people. It's hard to imagine him wanting to kill anyone.‘ ‘A terrible affair.‘ She appraised me with the same coolp 54 SC 2000
refined features, ruffled by the effort of dealing with me. ‘Anyone. He might even be a resident. You've been wandering aroundp 58 SC 2000
One watched me through his binoculars, no doubt puzzled that anyone in Eden-Olympia should have the leisure to stroll through thep 88 SC 2000
sports jacket and thong sandals, a garb never worn by anyone in Eden-Olympia at either work or play, but the off-dutyp 90 SC 2000
now that Frances Baring was not working for Zander or anyone else at Eden-Olympia. For reasons of her own she hadp 114 SC 2000
the conspirators. For an hour or so they could kill anyone they liked and blame it on Greenwood. Halder, the jigsawp 176 SC 2000
tried to put it right. He wasn't interested in what anyone thought about him ...‘ ‘Frank wait. Who shot him?‘ I triedp 204 SC 2000
this was the first copy in Greenwood's Alice library that anyone had read. I lay beside Frances, admiring her sprawled figurep 229 SC 2000
of Violence ‘Paul ...? This is very hush-hush. Slip in before anyone sees you.‘ A smiling conspirator, Wilder Penrose opened his frontp 241 SC 2000
you've put together quite a dossier. Have you talked to anyone else?‘ ‘No one. Not even Jane.‘ ‘And Halder? I hearp 247 SC 2000
been switched off. He can no longer harm himself or anyone else. But nature sensibly endowed him with a taste forp 263 SC 2000
hitch a lift to Cannes without a backward glance. If anyone needed me now, it was Penrose and his faltering dreamp 304 SC 2000
ammunition with Philippe Bourget. I told him not to hurt anyone, but he wanted revenge.‘ ‘For what they'd done to Bourget'sp 334 SC 2000
platform and walked back to the BMW. ‘Let's leave before anyone notices your licence number -- these accident widows must havep 352 SC 2000
Eden-Olympia doesn't need is its own Green movement. Why doesn't anyone want to save the planet's concrete?‘ ‘I guess it canp 360 SC 2000
a baggage carousel. David, we might have been there. Was anyone killed?‘ ‘"Three dead, twenty-six injured ..."‘ I read the caption onp 17 MP 2003
wish to share her monopoly of doubt and discomfort with anyone, even her husband. In her mind, my bruises were self-inflictedp 68 MP 2003
think things over. A lot of time. Don't talk to anyone about the video store. I'm not pushing you out, butp 106 MP 2003
arm before she could leave. ‘Aren't we taking a risk? Anyone can see me.‘ ‘You're a security guard. Act like onep 118 MP 2003
A good place for a madhouse -- you can't hear anyone scream.‘ Gould made a mock bow. ‘The last of thep 131 MP 2003
Cheap holidays, over-priced housing, educations that no longer buy security. Anyone earning less than £300,000 a year scarcely counts. You'rep 139 MP 2003
and thunderflashes, claimed that they had never tried to kill anyone. For the first time, Kay found herself regarded as ap 162 MP 2003
You look like an imposter.‘ ‘Kay, that's the fate of anyone who's too sincere. As long as I convince myself. Whenp 166 MP 2003
random.‘ ‘Better?‘ ‘Figuratively, that is. I don't want to kill anyone.‘ Keen to reassure me, Gould rehearsed a disarming smile inp 176 MP 2003
meant to be a warning. We didn't intend to kill anyone.‘ ‘Who was the bomber? Vera Blackburn?‘ ‘Far too nervy.‘ ‘Kayp 252 MP 2003
time.‘ He frowned at my smart suit and tie. ‘Is anyone with you?‘ ‘I'm alone. I wanted to see the placep 272 MP 2003
Two bursts of fire, at 2.17 p.m., before anyone realized what had happened. Witnesses say everyone stopped and listenedp 41 KC 2006
barrel on the bears. ‘All that screaming and panic -- anyone running away would look like an assassin. Especially the localp 45 KC 2006
think I saw him ...‘ Street People ‘This place could drive anyone completely sane.‘ Julia Goodwin scraped a fragment of glass fromp 71 KC 2006
join the brawl. He searched the crowd, forcefully pushing aside anyone who approached him. He was well into his fifties, withp 94 KC 2006
car. ‘Richard Pearson? We ought to leave before you beat anyone up. I think the Christies can look after themselves ...‘ Towardsp 95 KC 2006
foot. Like many psychiatrists, he needed to play games with anyone who entered his professional space, performing the private rituals ofp 96 KC 2006
once worked with him. The man's a nonentity. Why would anyone want to murder David Cruise?‘ Maxted simpered into his whiskyp 100 KC 2006
for too long, and we've been given too many presents. Anyone who's had children knows that the greatest danger is boredomp 103 KC 2006
Three pounds of Semtex. There's another maniac on the loose.‘ ‘Anyone killed or injured?‘ ‘No one. Let's thank God for thatp 114 KC 2006
an invisible opponent with an invisible ball. The notion that anyone might dislike the Metro-Centre and wish to damage it hadp 114 KC 2006
followed me like commuters in a crowded railway terminal, trailing anyone who had found a gap through the press of travellersp 120 KC 2006
hate the damned dome, but I don't want to kill anyone.‘ ‘You've still got your job. There are people who werep 132 KC 2006
I needed to get out and run the streets before anyone else was up. As I pulled on my tracksuit Ip 136 KC 2006
counter, not the ballot box. Consumerism is the greatest device anyone has invented for controlling people. New fantasies, new dreams andp 145 KC 2006
must have seen me.‘ ‘Did you use a phone? Contact anyone?‘ ‘You mean send a signal? What happened here?‘ Almost casuallyp 184 KC 2006
that embraced Asians and east Europeans, blacks, Turks, non-consumers and anyone not interested in sport. New enemies were always needed, andp 189 KC 2006
Dangerous? He's a toy, waiting to be wound up by anyone ready to make the effort. He might appeal to ap 197 KC 2006
to strut and shout and kick the hell out of anyone with a strange face. They wanted to hero-worship a leaderp 258 KC 2006
wall and crushed it in her hands. ‘I didn't think anyone would get killed, or even wounded ...‘ ‘You did almost nothingp 260 KC 2006
targets for the unwary. Supermarkets were open all day, for anyone hungry enough to venture between the aisles and risk blunderingp 267 KC 2006
late. Just get out of here. Take Dr Goodwin and anyone else. You're in real danger.‘ ‘Why? Sergeant ...?‘ ‘They're coming inp 271 KC 2006
I decided to write a ‘book‘ explaining the game to anyone as baffled as I had been. I filled about halfp 42 ML 2008
I was going to join the Communist Party. I admired anyone who could unsettle people, and the Communist labour organisers hadp 53 ML 2008
was that everyone, of almost any age, could talk to anyone else. Striding around E Block or the assembly hall withp 70 ML 2008
would be affably hailed as ‘Shanghai Jim‘ (for constantly telling anyone who would listen about some strange Hardoon temple I hadp 70 ML 2008
once I came to England in 1946), and nor did anyone else, as far as I can remember. In many waysp 81 ML 2008
myself desperately trying to get to the Ballard room before anyone noticed who was actually inspecting them. Needless to say, Ip 83 ML 2008
in provincial railway stations that were impossible to convey to anyone not actually there. I never talked about my life inp 130 ML 2008
I was rootless, but I was probably as English as anyone could be, and being rootless was anyway a huge handicapp 138 ML 2008
intelligent, witty and glamorous figure who was pleasantly affable to anyone whose writing he liked. He reviewed science fiction in anp 195 ML 2008
mission in life is to get their grants renewed, as anyone attending a poetry magazine's parties will quickly learn from thep 234 ML 2008
novel's yoking together of sex, death and the motor car. Anyone who drives in France is steering into the pages ofp 242 ML 2008