pentadactyl forelimbs. He watched the three-lidded eyes blinking at him anxiously from the bottom of the box. ‘Expecting some really hotp 172 VT 1960
the spectators near Oxford Circus saw the royal coach approaching. Anxiously, Dr Jamieson looked at his watch. It was three forty-fivep 286 GA 1961
standing near the alcove by the bookcase, her face tense, anxiously fingering one of the empty glasses. ‘It was like thisp 15 WFN 1961
below the boundary of the base. Patricia was watching him anxiously and he gave her an encouraging smile. Together they movedp 107 WFN 1961
When do we pack this lot in, sir?‘ he asked anxiously. ‘Seems to me we're cutting it a bit fine.‘ ‘Don'tp 119 WFN 1961
on Marshall's shoulders. ‘Are you ready now, Simon?‘ she asked anxiously. ‘I can't wait to get out of here.‘ Marshall heldp 125 WFN 1961
by the tunnel entrance as they stepped out, glancing up anxiously at the tilting ceiling. ‘There's every chance that the wholep 181 WFN 1961
Trantino came up to her. ‘What's the matter?‘ he asked anxiously. For his part he felt his inability to soothe Margotp 341 PE 1962
brain-washed by the Wardens. ‘What happened to you?‘ Margot asked anxiously, ‘we thought you'd been going round the agencies.‘ ‘Exactly,‘ Tonyp 346 PE 1962
the script.‘ He excused himself and slipped out. Margot fretted anxiously, while Clifford pulled weakly at the skull-plate. ‘Clifford, I'm notp 353 PE 1962
bollards. As the station slowly pivoted away he looked up anxiously at the dark bulk of the base. Gradually the threep 75 DW 1962
pleasure at seeing Kerans gave way to alarm. She glanced anxiously around the room. ‘Darling, leave me here and get awayp 148 DW 1962
He cupped his hands over his eyes and peered up anxiously at the watch-towers. ‘I've never seen them like this asp 373 WT 1962
Miriam held my head in her lap, her fingers pressed anxiously to my temples, I was about to warn her ofp 22 UDC 1979
their narrow hips into mine. When their parents watched me anxiously I released the children from my body, disassembling myself likep 160 UDC 1979
Anne reached forward to hold his arm. Her face flickered anxiously in the first reflections from the skyline signs of thep 121 HA 1981
purely economic foundations. Without the colonies England ceases to have any legal existence. She's just a minor geographic location. You don'tp 9 VN 1951
window. She was quiet and composed. Neither of them made any attempt to move the bodies in the front seat. Theyp 9 VN 1951
great fight. We're all proud of you. But don't worry any more about it." They drove on in silence. "Do youp 9 VN 1951
ought to be quite simple. Don't think the case presents any difficulties." The Inspector seemed confident, and Hargreaves wondered how hep 9 VN 1951
and a hundred witnesses to prove them. We don't pay any attention to them. You go home and rest, Mrs. Allisonp 9 VN 1951
read the book.‘ ‘Heaven forbid.‘ I watched the set closely. Any minute now an announcer spitting on a sandwich would splutterp 12 E 1956
to keep the studio exchanges blocked all night. And for any go-ahead comedian on a rival station the lapse was ap 13 E 1956
it's impossible to tell. However, there's certainly no cause for any alarm. These billows have mass, and I think we canp 17 E 1956
said. ‘Is the jackpot question in tonight's programme known to any members of the studio audience?‘ ‘No, of course not.‘ ‘Ip 18 E 1956
bottom shelf of the bookcase. ‘Do you want this on any longer?‘ she asked me. ‘It's not very good.‘ I turnedp 19 E 1956
time, at last, the set was off. ‘Have you got any money on you?‘ Helen asked. I felt in my pocketp 20 E 1956
insects for eyes, but that didn't bother either myself or any of my friends, one or two of whom, like Tonyp 1 PB 1956
which was popular then. None of the others ever did any work; Harry was an architect and Tony Miles sometimes soldp 1 PB 1956
of my league,‘ I said. ‘But you two shouldn't have any trouble. Go over and tell her how much she needsp 2 PB 1956
empire, not saying too much, and one eye watching for any chance of a double-deal. Five minutes later the singing startedp 2 PB 1956
doing the nightclubs this side out of Pernambuco. So if any of you around here keep a choro-florist's, and have ap 11 PB 1956
had faded. ‘The concept was a little abstract. There weren't any words for it.‘ The sergeant shook his head. ‘I'm gladp 23 CC 1957
hardly think the traffic authorities will look upon it with any favour.‘ ‘I know it wouldn't be practical here,‘ Franz admittedp 25 CC 1957
of the clerks told him. ‘I don't know whether that's any good to you. Sixty blocks by twenty by fifteen levelsp 27 CC 1957
extend beyond the 598th Local Union. No one there had any idea what lay farther out. Why not?‘ ‘Why should theyp 30 CC 1957
long as he remained within the system he could choose any route he liked. Tickets were checked only at the stationp 32 CC 1957
passed the next three days nursing cups of coffee in any of the thirty cafeterias in the station, reading discarded newspapersp 33 CC 1957
the sketch and dropping it in the disposal chute. ‘Hasn't any real application.‘ ‘Curious, but it rings a bell somewhere.‘ Franzp 34 CC 1957
drop the charge,‘ he said. ‘You're not a vagrant in any indictable sense, and the transport authorities can do nothing againstp 36 CC 1957
at six. By seven you'll be in a manic swing.‘ ‘Any chance of a sudden blackout, Doctor?‘ Avery asked. ‘Absolutely nonep 50 M69 1957
it, just as we've always made the most, eventually, of any opportunity given us. It's too early to think about itp 51 M69 1957
sake, an illusion of continuous day -- rather than to any excessive exertion of his own. The oldest of the threep 52 M69 1957
neon sign winked and beckoned. Neither Gorrell nor Lang noticed any reaction, and their interest began to flag within a fewp 55 M69 1957
of the corner of his eye he carefully waited for any motor tremor -- a fluttering eyelid, accelerated breathing -- thatp 55 M69 1957
their assimilation of the eight extra hours, carefully watching for any symptoms of withdrawal. Neill carried everyone along, from one programmep 57 M69 1957
told them about Neill, but surprisingly none of them made any comment. Midnight came slowly. Avery read, his long body hunchedp 57 M69 1957
he had been trying to discover Neill's spy-hole, but without any success. The walls were blank and featureless; he had twicep 61 M69 1957
the spy-hole to Avery and Lang when he realized that any one of them could conceal a microphone. He decided top 61 M69 1957
He reached the end wall and wandered round, listening for any sound from the adjacent rooms. He was beginning to resentp 61 M69 1957
shrugged. ‘Continual consciousness is more than the brain can stand. Any signal repeated often enough eventually loses its meaning. Try sayingp 65 M69 1957
you do, is a psychotic's withdrawal drama going to make any sense?‘ ‘Of course it will. However insane it seems top 66 M69 1957
a piece of sculpture, you mean?‘ ‘More than that. Take any section of it and you'll find the original motifs beingp 43 VS 1957
ask me. You can probably expect to hear some Beethoven any moment now -- the Pastoral Symphony, I would guess.‘ ‘Notp 43 VS 1957
with yourself. As Raymond says, we can chop it up any time we want to and melt the whole thing downp 44 VS 1957
been left for a week in a railroad shunting yard. Any idea what happened?‘ ‘Not really.‘ I avoided his glance asp 45 VS 1957
clause in which we guaranteed to protect the statue from any damage that might be done to it by vandals, livestockp 47 VS 1957
slowly. ‘Tell me, how long would you say it took any random piece of scrap iron to be reprocessed through ap 48 VS 1957
unattractive man, with his pedantry and in-bred academic humour, had any redeeming qualities whatever. None, certainly, at a casual glance, thoughp 69 T12 1958
to speak to Sheringham, but he could no longer remember any words. His heart switchbacked, and he grimaced at the painp 70 T12 1958
from his usual position on the 7th floor stairway for any employees returning late from lunch, Rankin suddenly lost his balancep 98 NZ 1959
precisely detailed instructions, to rule out once and for all any possibility of coincidence. Conveniently, Jacobson offered himself as my subjectp 100 NZ 1959
been bequeathed the power it was my obligation to restrain any fears and make use of it. I reminded myself thatp 101 NZ 1959
were made with the utmost care and secrecy, to prevent any suspicion linking me with the mounting catalogue of deaths andp 104 NZ 1959
I haven't really thought about it,‘ I admitted. ‘Is there any urgency?‘ ‘Urgency?‘ Tallis smiled at me thinly, his eyes amiablep 72 WG 1959
introjects assume as a defence. Not that Talus was in any way pathological -- no one could spend fifteen years, evenp 72 WG 1959
Shade? You must have a sense of humour. There isn't any shade on Murak. Don't ever forget it. Half an hourp 74 WG 1959
taking the wraps off a new grader. No one made any attempt at small talk. We nodded briefly, loaded my luggagep 74 WG 1959
were a few personal things, but I've heard nothing from any friends or relatives.‘ ‘Tragic,‘ I commented. I closed the tapep 76 WG 1959
said something vague about a holiday, nothing he anticipated with any eagerness, and sounded as if he had given no thoughtp 77 WG 1959
took one of each and gave Pickford a £10 note. ‘Any time you want some more,‘ he called after me. ‘Maybep 81 WG 1959
I forced the Chrysler on, swinging the bumpers to uproot any suspicious crag or boulder that might hide a mine shaftp 82 WG 1959
of entries on the megaliths, and the virtual absence of any further space -- unless the reverse sides were used, whichp 87 WG 1959
has completely translated itself into pure wave form, independent of any generating source. As the universe pulses slowly, its own energyp 92 WG 1959
windows unscratched. I dropped to my knees, vainly searched for any flakes of magnesium ash. On my knee the flare pistolp 93 WG 1959
slim. However, unless he could tell the exact time at any given moment, he knew he would go mad. His obsessionp 151 CH 1960
Time Police were still supposed to be around, watching for any outbreak. ‘Nothing,‘ she told him sharply. ‘It's all finished.‘ Top 151 CH 1960
the plumber who lived in the basement apartment; reminisced without any prompting, but nothing he said threw any light on thep 152 CH 1960
apartment; reminisced without any prompting, but nothing he said threw any light on the problem. ‘Sure, there were thousands of clocksp 152 CH 1960
But once the watch was in his possession he abandoned any thought of tracing the owner and returning it. That othersp 154 CH 1960
a timer. Then he gave himself away. Stacey, shrewder than any of the others, discovered that he was wearing a watchp 155 CH 1960
stores. Chin in one hand, Conrad stared out silently. Lacking any means of transport he had never ventured into the uninhabitedp 157 CH 1960
windows, into the narrow alleys and side-streets, but nowhere felt any sensation of fear or anticipation. These streets were merely derelictp 157 CH 1960
total chaos. You and I can turn on the tap any hour of the day or night, because we have ourp 159 CH 1960
subsidiary hands marked out the number of minutes remaining in any activity period for people in the clock's colour category.‘ Staceyp 160 CH 1960
voice. ‘Eventually, of course, revolt came. It's interesting that in any industrial society there is usually one social revolution each centuryp 162 CH 1960
repair. ‘All these years in the rain hasn't done them any good,‘ he explained, ‘and there's nothing I can do withp 165 CH 1960
cafeteria and carefully scanned the sky, searching the horizons for any sign of storm-cloud or turbulence. As usual, however, the skyp 196 LW 1960
though still sound, at first glance it was indistinguishable from any other bachelor residence, although anyone entering the short drive wouldp 196 LW 1960
you know. Forgive me mentioning it, but would fifty be any use to you?‘ Durrant's eyes narrowed slightly. ‘Yes, it wouldp 202 LW 1960
lives together. Mr Goddard traced each thread, trying to detect any shift in direction, and untoward interlocking of behaviour. The patternp 203 LW 1960
He examined the balcony behind the lift shaft, watching for any further attempts to escape. The ladder had been removed butp 203 LW 1960
ultrasonic music, the human voice -- indeed, audible music of any type -- had gone completely out of fashion. Ultrasonic musicp 111 SS 1960
doyen of the ultrasonic composers and the man more than any other responsible for Madame Gioconda's decline, was one of Mangon'sp 114 SS 1960
years ago people completely failed to realize that sound left any residues.‘ ‘Are we any better?‘ Merrill asked. ‘This month's Transonicsp 115 SS 1960
failed to realize that sound left any residues.‘ ‘Are we any better?‘ Merrill asked. ‘This month's Transonics claims that eventually unsweptp 115 SS 1960
of the big shows -- that'll explain the absence of any programme announcement and we'll be able to keep her inp 118 SS 1960
in his late adolescence and so far he had resisted any temptation to abuse it. He had never revealed the talentp 120 SS 1960
a continuous fence ringed the stockade, but no one had any reason for wanting to penetrate it. A place of strangep 122 SS 1960
ceaseless mind-sapping roar that hangs like a vast umbrella over any metropolitan complex. All around, odd sounds shaken loose from thep 122 SS 1960
but that means nothing and there'll be no connection at any point. In fact she won't turn up until the nightp 130 SS 1960
and he wanted to be with her and give her any encouragement she needed. As he turned into the alley hep 132 SS 1960
water leaking in from the chlorinator, an enigma now past any solution. Initially, however, Powers was too preoccupied with completing hisp 169 VT 1960
did the clinic go today?‘ Powers asked. ‘Have you had any more ... headaches?‘ Kaldren's mouth snapped shut, he looked suddenly irritablep 171 VT 1960
the way back to the lake. Kaidren was capable of any madness. ‘Well, I've got to go and collect something,‘ hep 171 VT 1960
know why Kaldren told you that -- he's welcome here any time he likes.‘ ‘What have you got in there?‘ Comap 175 VT 1960
the genes were building up energy in the way that any vibrating membrane accumulates energy when it resonates -- you rememberp 178 VT 1960
first identify the critical resonance frequency of the lattices in any particular silent gene he could then radiate the entire livingp 178 VT 1960
would be classified as suicide, if the experiments here are any guide the experience would be savage and violent.‘ He sippedp 179 VT 1960
century for such a fractional drop in fertility to have any effect in areas where extensive birth control provides an artificialp 180 VT 1960
I pity myself. My total failure, my absolute lack of any moral or biological right to existence, is implicit in everyp 181 VT 1960
night and didn't get enough sleep. Actually he doesn't get any sleep at all.‘ The girl nodded. ‘You ...‘ She made ap 182 VT 1960
to the window and peered through the plastic blind for any signs of movement in the next chalet. Beyond, the desertp 137 ZT 1960
to construct models of dissociation states and withdrawal syndromes -- any psychic complex on demand. The design teams working on thep 140 ZT 1960
on the sofa reading Kretschmer I didn't actually see myself, any more than I can see myself now. So where didp 143 ZT 1960
your awareness of being there is just as powerful as any visual corroboration. It's the stream of tactile, positional and psychicp 143 ZT 1960
accessible, ready to mete out a little old-fashioned punishment to any double dealer trying to get into the game. Two daysp 145 ZT 1960
a fresh psychic image of himself powerful enough to suppress any wandering versions. Looking at himself in the mirror, he decidedp 145 ZT 1960
two cigarettes without realizing it. Finally, unable to contain himself any longer, he slammed the front door back and stormed outp 146 ZT 1960
anticipated that more than one image could be seen during any single attack. But in fact Larsen had spawned two inp 147 ZT 1960
floors, as highly mechanized and closed to the public as any industrial area. Economic and ideological rivalries had long since fadedp 271 B 1961
the girls‘ beds and the table. ‘One more won't make any difference.‘ The girls broke into whoops. Judith went over top 276 B 1961
an afterthought into the central well of the house and any noise was masked by the luggage stacked in the surroundingp 277 B 1961
present and future no longer exist here. Don't you feel any responsibility to your own biological destiny?‘ ‘Spare me that.‘ Holidayp 238 DE 1961
need a new pump on the lounge refrigerator. 30-watt Frigidaire. Any left?‘ Granger groaned, took the card with a snort ofp 238 DE 1961
have been some mistake, sir, we have no record of any reservation. You aren't with one of the parties upstairs?‘ Controllingp 281 GA 1961
I'm not so sure you're right. You say it hasn't any applications in everyday life, but scientists always think that. It'sp 284 GA 1961
day -- and almost a foot in height, but without any accompanying loss of health. He had, in fact, reverted top 259 MF 1961
like to choose one of the designs?‘ Freeman waved airily. ‘Any of them will do. Pick one that's strong and heavyp 259 MF 1961
units. Breathing slowly, Faulkner steadily closed his mind, then without any effort erased his awareness of the identity of the housep 246 OM 1961
speaking your own language that none of the sounds has any meaning. Everyone's tried this at some time.‘ Hendricks had noddedp 247 OM 1961
not as polar as Descartes‘ "Cogito ergo sum" suggests. By any degree to which you devalue the external world so youp 247 OM 1961
will blot out the sounds of the programme. ‘Don't pay any attention to what they're saying,‘ he told his wife. ‘Itp 250 OM 1961
the speed of light. But as a matter of fact any estimate of the speed of light involves the component ofp 251 OM 1961
before setting the alarm mechanism. He was listening carefully for any sounds from the Penzils‘ when he heard a familiar softp 251 OM 1961
pure ideation, the undisturbed sensation of psychic being untransmuted by any physical medium. Only thus could he escape the nausea ofp 253 OM 1961
through the night. The dream had been the first of any kind I had had for several years -- one ofp 216 S5 1961
an emerging talent, but I think you might well use any influence you have on your mistress and, you know, generallyp 216 S5 1961
find some copy. As the new managing editor have you any suggestions?‘ Aurora chuckled. ‘I suppose you're thinking that I mightp 223 S5 1961
called in. ‘Otherwise I'm afraid we're never going to get any copy.‘ ‘I can't understand you,‘ Aurora replied: ‘Surely there's onep 223 S5 1961
no good,‘ I said at last. ‘No one writes verse any more. Let's face it. After all, do you or Ip 225 S5 1961
It has to get past Aurora, though. Have you got any old copy lying around?‘ Tristram chuckled again. ‘You know, Paulp 225 S5 1961
one of the reefs, Aurora on Tristram's arm. ‘Ever done any ray-fishing?‘ Tristram asked me as we entered one of thep 228 S5 1961
Aurora thinks I'm dead.‘ I cursed him roundly. ‘If it's any help, I wish you were. Do you know what thisp 233 S5 1961
least, he always complimented himself, he had lasted longer than any other of her beaux. Most of them were tossed asidep 12 WFN 1961
front, the beach road out to the villa isn't there any more. That's why we couldn't get anyone to come andp 16 WFN 1961
at a standstill ... No news has yet been received of any survivors of the 65,000-ton tanker Onassis Flyer, which capsizedp 21 WFN 1961
alluvial plains of Tibet and Northern China. We haven't heard any news from there recently, and I'm not surprised. If thep 22 WFN 1961
housing developments back in the States. ‘Can you pick up any news on this rig?‘ Lanyon asked Goldman, pointing to thep 33 WFN 1961
two years earlier had swooped in from the Caribbean without any warning, and just about the whole Atlantic seaboard had beenp 33 WFN 1961
perhaps you'd better sit on this. Don't want to show any disrespect to the general, do we?‘ Lanyon pulled himself top 38 WFN 1961
still visible. He was lying waiting in the ditch for any of the others to appear, when he noticed something rollingp 46 WFN 1961
was dead. The station had obviously been abandoned days earlier. ‘Any luck?‘ Pat asked when he went down to the basementp 48 WFN 1961
off Andrew Symington's desk, glanced quickly through them and asked, ‘Any hopeful news?‘ Symington shook his head slowly. Behind him thep 51 WFN 1961
now that far stronger influences are at work. Exactly what, any of you are free to speculate. ‘Recently our monitors havep 55 WFN 1961
experience winds of over 120 miles an hour, greater than any previously recorded, and certainly well beyond anything the architects ofp 56 WFN 1961
we can probably stand another 20 or 30 mph without any real damage.‘ Major-General Harris, a small man in a spic-and-spanp 56 WFN 1961
Only the continuously flickering tracerlike striations across the air gave any indication of the air stream's enormous speed. They reached Canadap 61 WFN 1961
He agreed with Avery but felt too tired to offer any comment. There was a familiar tattoo on the door, andp 75 WFN 1961
back to Knightsbridge, and luckily the tunnel was unbreached at any other point. A few people lay about in makeshift sleepingp 81 WFN 1961
Donald. Of Daddy, and you and myself. Now I'm not any longer. You go and dig a hole in the groundp 86 WFN 1961
stuff, even though it doesn't look it. Anyway, if it's any consolation it's not much worse than the chow aboard thep 95 WFN 1961
gal from NBC.‘ Lanyon smiled at her. ‘Relax. There aren't any admirals‘ wives in the neighbourhood, let alone any admirals. You'llp 95 WFN 1961
There aren't any admirals‘ wives in the neighbourhood, let alone any admirals. You'll be on board even if I have top 95 WFN 1961
can we get there -- the submarine base? You know any covered roads?‘ The interpreter translated this for Luigi, and thep 103 WFN 1961
negotiable currency. About the only thing that would be of any immediate use was the printing press. After this holocaust thep 106 WFN 1961
heavy concrete walls of the base were still holding without any difficulty, but somewhere a ventilator had collapsed and air pouredp 111 WFN 1961
Paul. Still, she can have Van Damm's vacancy. If it's any consolation, she's with NBC; she's probably taking all this downp 112 WFN 1961
the table. ‘Portsmouth, England, eh? Do you think they've got any more corpses for us to collect?‘ Matheson shook his headp 112 WFN 1961
units trapped in basements and deep shelters to have had any time to look after her appearance, attractive as she hadp 118 WFN 1961
Symington, then said: ‘What's the latest from the Met people? Any hope of a breakthrough on the weather front?‘ Symington shruggedp 118 WFN 1961
ago. Pulled out to Dulwich. I don't think they've known any more for the last week than you or I. Justp 118 WFN 1961
is. Homo sapiens is pretty tenacious, but if London is any guide most people went down into their basements with onep 120 WFN 1961
insignia -- it's too dangerous to move around now without any markings and the only other big tractors are American, sop 127 WFN 1961
Pretty good, thank you, sir. I'm very grateful to you. Any news about the wind?‘ The voices had returned. Even thep 139 WFN 1961
it, pressing his ear to the focal area to hear any answering call. He hanged it tirelessly with a brick, top 140 WFN 1961
merit, as the Buddhists would say. Could he really claim any moral superiority over Avery, for example? Despite his near deathp 144 WFN 1961
there? The captain confirmed his doubts. ‘How far is there any effective contact between the bases around London?‘ Maitland asked asp 144 WFN 1961
yourself at home aboard the ship. Can't say I feel any too confident about this place.‘ As they collected their coffeep 146 WFN 1961
seen in a basically confident man like Halliday, to put any trust in the durability of others. ‘Our last trip wep 147 WFN 1961
wall of black air -- except that it's not air any more but a horizontal avalanche of dust and rock, likep 147 WFN 1961
over the R/T. The roar of the engines precluded any but the most rudimentary conversation between those at the backp 149 WFN 1961
dust cloud. Maitland ignored it, searching the ground carefully for any hidden side turning. A few seconds later he realized thatp 156 WFN 1961
similar challenges in the future. I claim no credit for any courage I show, and any due to me I gladlyp 166 WFN 1961
I claim no credit for any courage I show, and any due to me I gladly pass on to homo sapiensp 166 WFN 1961
lights strung along the tunnel. He wondered whether there was any point in trying to argue with Hardoon. But, as Hardoonp 167 WFN 1961
You looked worried.‘ The guard eyed him balefully, watching for any suspicious move, then muttered obscurely. They walked on. The floorp 168 WFN 1961
Hardoon; nothing, however, came of this. Nor could he gain any news of Andrew Symington. One thing they were spared --p 172 WFN 1961
cabins. Lastly, there was Dr Francis. He didn't belong to any of the three clans. Sometimes Abel asked himself where Drp 323 13C 1962
was the only person in the Station who ever made any jokes -- were out of character with everyone else. Muchp 323 13C 1962
from the wall, its massive metal body able to withstand any accident the Station might suffer. Abel hated the thought ofp 323 13C 1962
are going to be made on your patience and understanding. Any disunity here would bring disaster. The conditioning programmes are notp 325 13C 1962
of the passengers seemed reasonably happy, but their faces lacked any lustre. All spent at least 2-3 hours each day bathingp 326 13C 1962
the work, out in this Godforsaken dump. If you need any more spacecadets, Doctor, remember me.‘ Francis managed a smile andp 327 13C 1962
at 12 o'clock rather than 12.30 didn't give him any real power over Matthew's life. The master programmes printed byp 331 13C 1962
were here in case of illness, not to give Abel any true freedom of choice. One day, Abel promised himself, hep 331 13C 1962
must be about 800 tons, and that's not allowing for any supplies after planet-fall. There should be at least 1,500p 331 13C 1962
isolation. You'll never train them to invert their whole universe, any more than you can train a fish to fly. Ifp 333 13C 1962
start to die off no one will care about them any longer.‘ There was a full half minute's silence, and thenp 334 13C 1962
will soon become a small close community, little different from any other out-group on the road to extinction.‘ Chalmers cut inp 334 13C 1962
to interfere with the withdrawal programmes. And I won't arrange any teen-age marriages. But I think the people inside may needp 335 13C 1962
his annoyance that the door was locked (ostensibly to prevent any interruption by a fire patrol), then saw through the smallp 335 13C 1962
them at every opportunity, remember. Last-minute changes are liable at any time. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until 10.30p 337 13C 1962
space fiction for its vast perspectives and cold beauty, as any s-f film or comic-strip demonstrates, but a literary form requiresp 196 UGM 1962
the most minor variations on these themes, rather than on any fresh imaginative leaps. Historically, this type of virtuosity is ap 197 UGM 1962
plots. Most of these are far too explicit to express any subtle interplay of character and theme. Devices such as timep 197 UGM 1962
standards it sets for itself are higher than those of any other specialist literary genre, and from now on, I thinkp 198 UGM 1962
why he had first come to the beach and removing any inclination to leave. Three years earlier he had attempted top 357 CS 1962
between the hotel and the sea, and from a distance any light reflected on to the balcony was indistinguishable from thep 357 CS 1962
these questions so often that they had ceased to have any meaning, like a fossilized catechism or the blunted self-recrimination ofp 360 CS 1962
of the engine, ready to throw its powerful beam into any of the open rooms. Bridgman hid back behind the shuttersp 361 CS 1962
of dust, phosphorescing like shoals of animalcula. He waited for any sign of Travis. ‘Louise, we'll have to go back top 363 CS 1962
down the beach. Bridgman searched the still, crystal air for any signs of the wardens, but the sand-car had gone, itsp 365 CS 1962
swept towards him, its shifting contours, approximating more closely than any other landscape he had found to complete psychic zero, envelopingp 365 CS 1962
now and then crossing his eyes as he searched for any further buds. Finally he selected a large flower on thep 299 GT 1962
of a Bach fugue cascaded lightly across the terrace, masking any other noises. Between the house and the horizon the plainp 300 GT 1962
would completely cover every foot of ground. Axel searched for any large vehicles or machines, but all was amorphous and uncoordinatedp 300 GT 1962
abruptly felt a warning signal sound again. She seemed like any demi-beatnik, with a long melancholy face and grey skin, butp 289 IO 1962
life is gone, nothing seems to mean anything to her any more.‘ Brutally, he said: ‘Tell her to look at thep 290 IO 1962
wanted to, provided he paid the full civil consequences for any infringements of the law. That was the catch, the hiddenp 291 IO 1962
for the empty highways of North Africa. He didn't want any more trouble. ‘I'd like to help,‘ he told the girlp 291 IO 1962
his bureaucratic puritanism masking two real obsessions: dirt and death. Any sane society would have locked Bortman up for ever, orp 293 IO 1962
I could have given her the sort of general advice any sensible layman would have offered.‘ ‘Dangerous. Of course you werep 293 IO 1962
out, his eyes were a placid grey. He looked like any well-groomed UW bureaucrat. Gregory picked up a newspaper. ‘I seep 296 IO 1962
go on trying my brain will fuse. Didn't you get any clues at all?‘ Vansittart murmured noncommittally. In fact the eventsp 406 M99 1962
of the university teaching staff, he should not have prescribed any treatment for Forbis and instead should have handed him overp 407 M99 1962
thing out, erase the command?‘ ‘I've tried to, but without any success. I've been getting nowhere. It's still as strong asp 407 M99 1962
and people milled about aimlessly on the pavements. Nothing of any interest seemed to be happening. Beside him, Vansittart frowned andp 409 M99 1962
wearily. ‘It's just that I sometimes wonder if you have any sense of responsibility at all.‘ As Margot's eyes darkened hep 340 PE 1962
Templars of Aphrodite not merely to guard their wives from any marauding suitors but also to keep them amused and contentedp 341 PE 1962
of the Guild's axioms was ‘The husband is always right.‘ Any discord between him and his wife was the responsibility ofp 342 PE 1962
to have invoked?‘ Tony frowned. ‘I don't think they want any. Are they absolutely necessary?‘ The colonel regarded Tony carefully. ‘Nop 345 PE 1962
a casus belli, not only to avoid adverse publicity and any feelings of guilt or remorse, but to lend colour andp 345 PE 1962
round of the Solar Megathion Group 3 (that is, for any being whose function can be described, however loosely, as livingp 347 PE 1962
horizon. There's always quite a line-up for this one and any form of vehicle is allowed -- rockets, beams, racial migrationsp 348 PE 1962
swung round on Tony. ‘Did you give our names to any of the agencies?‘ Tony hesitated, then nodded. ‘I couldn't helpp 350 PE 1962
her mouth. ‘It's so difficult, Clifford, I don't really like any of these. I still think the best agency was thep 350 PE 1962
a smooth creamy voice. ‘Please allow me to apologize for any discomfort you have suffered. However, the first day of ap 352 PE 1962
Remember your promise.‘ She smiled at Dr Burlington. ‘Don't pay any attention to him, Doctor. Please go on.‘ ‘Thank you, Mrsp 353 PE 1962
be a surer indication of a house's true condition than any amount of sales talk about horsepower and moduli of elasticityp 306 TDS 1962
clients off their feet before their restless shuffling could do any damage. Someone living there must have put in a lotp 307 TDS 1962
strong motive for coming out to Vermilion Sands was that any number of potential clients were mouldering away there in thep 308 TDS 1962
a brilliant spider arraigned by its victims, never once showing any emotion or response. As they dismembered her web, skein byp 311 TDS 1962
memory cells in the house were perfectly bonded, never revealing any flaws of character, always reposed and self-controlled. If I leaptp 312 TDS 1962
You don't know how lucky you --‘ I didn't get any further before she interrupted. Within five seconds we were inp 313 TDS 1962
the place up.‘ I glanced around the dining room for any echo of Gloria Tremayne, but she had gone. Fay wentp 315 TDS 1962
away from me. ‘Howard, I can't stay in this house any more. You've been so preoccupied recently, you're completely changed.‘ Shep 316 TDS 1962
deformed rooms and twisted corridors have as much personality as any psychotropic house. The PT unit is still working and onep 320 TDS 1962
talent for beachcombing. I may move in here with you. Any vacancies?‘ Kerans shook his head, pressing a tab in thep 13 DW 1962
of reproof into his voice. ‘Never,‘ Kerans said. ‘Is there any point? We know all the news for the next threep 13 DW 1962
solar flares subside it will be ten years before there's any serious attempt to re-occupy these cities. By then most ofp 16 DW 1962
lagoon worlds and the drowned cities, he had never felt any interest in their contents, and never bothered to identify whichp 20 DW 1962
a comparative rarity, and only one marriage in ten yielded any offspring. As Kerans sometimes reminded himself, the genealogical tree ofp 23 DW 1962
gone.‘ ‘We?‘ she repeated dryly. ‘I didn't know there was any chance of your staying behind?‘ Kerans glanced involuntarily at Riggsp 26 DW 1962
he added pensively: ‘That is, assuming that you still want any.‘ At this last remark the girl's mouth fretted slightly. Keransp 26 DW 1962
a wonderful catalyst for emotions of fear and panic, and any more abstract motives for staying behind would soon be abandonedp 31 DW 1962
idly touched the heavy stocks, doubting whether he could handle any of the weapons even if he stole one. In ap 32 DW 1962
buildings into the exit creek after Riggs had left, blocking any attempt to return -- he leaned his elbows on thep 33 DW 1962
of time, Doctor. These records are insane, you can put any interpretation you like on them.‘ He settled his heavy limbsp 36 DW 1962
mistaken you look rather un-jolted. Why should Hardman's reactions be any different?‘ Kerans smiled. ‘Touche, Alan. I don't want to interferep 40 DW 1962
dreams and allowing himself to be carried back without retaining any conscious control. For his own sake I want to keepp 44 DW 1962
explanation for the metamorphosis taking place in his mind than any other. The tacit assumption made by the UN directorate --p 44 DW 1962
he would remain behind, Kerans found himself reluctant to take any systematic precautions. Apart from his fuel and food supplies, forp 46 DW 1962
head. ‘I've cured the generator, with luck you won't have any more trouble. It's rather amusing, the timing device on thep 50 DW 1962
in the luminous, dragon-green, serpent-haunted sea. Suddenly he realised without any shadow of doubt where Hardman was to be found. Hep 55 DW 1962
get back to Byrd, must have decided he couldn't wait any longer, not even two days. He'll have headed north, bep 55 DW 1962
but prepared to accept the Sergeant's advice in default of any other. ‘Well, you may be right. I suppose it's worthp 56 DW 1962
again, Kerans replied in a flat voice: ‘Colonel, there isn't any other direction.‘ Riggs hesitated, then glanced at Macready, who hadp 56 DW 1962
the hydrodynamic contours of the channel gave the silt banks any degree of permanence, the surrounding jungle spilled from the rooftopsp 57 DW 1962
for some reason he had been reluctant to give Beatrice any real sympathy, cutting his questions about the nightmares as shortp 70 DW 1962
treatment or sedative. Nor had he tried to follow up any of Bodkins‘ or Riggs‘ oblique remarks about the dreams andp 70 DW 1962
of the dream had ceased to be valid, so had any division between the real and the super-real in the externalp 72 DW 1962
embarkation stand-by at ten hundred. I don't want to waste any more fuel than I have to, so dump everything youp 73 DW 1962
were only too eager to pay a generous price for any salvage. ‘Look!‘ Beatrice gripped Kerans‘ elbow. She pointed down atp 88 DW 1962
was not only watching Bodkin shrewdly, but also waiting for any reaction from himself and Beatrice. But Bodkin gestured vaguely. ‘Nop 90 DW 1962
his face and hands was uncannily white, devoid altogether of any pigmentation. Kerans‘ heavy sunburn, like that of Beatrice and Drp 91 DW 1962
were all too obviously with the crocodile, but not for any reasons of sportsmanship or from a sadistic desire to seep 98 DW 1962
hull of the scow. Cut off by the water from any other sounds, the noise of the air pump and thep 104 DW 1962
Triassic Period, seemed to Kerans a task more important than any other facing him. He stepped down from the dais andp 107 DW 1962
carried him gently like an immense placenta, infinitely softer than any bed he had ever known. Far above him, as hisp 108 DW 1962
complex of neuronic needs that were impossible to satisfy by any other means. This blunting lethargy deepened, unbroken by the violencep 127 DW 1962
by the insistent pounding of the black sun. He abandoned any attempt to return to the hotel -- the creek wasp 127 DW 1962
didn't anticipate that. I don't know whether I should take any more chances with mad biologists.‘ He was about to gesturep 132 DW 1962
He nodded slowly at Beatrice, as if warning her that any future intercessions would be ignored, then barked sharply at Bigp 132 DW 1962
the Ritz, scanning the shoreline and the exit creek for any of Strangman's sentries. The concentration needed to build the raftp 143 DW 1962
pausing as he passed the two intervening decks in case any sailor with a hangover was moon-gazing at the rail. Hidingp 146 DW 1962
of a cheroot glowed in the darkness, apparently detached from any corporeal form. Poised on the balls of his feet, andp 146 DW 1962
steps onto the empty gaming deck, watching the doorways for any sign of movement, for a levelled gun barrel among thep 147 DW 1962
days,‘ he snapped curtly. ‘Don't worry, I'm not suffering from any crazy obsessions about these lagoons, flooded or otherwise. We're leavingp 156 DW 1962
water had brought again to the lagoon. Neither Strangman nor any members of his crew were visible, and the few fragmentsp 161 DW 1962
foliage, the rain beating across it. But the evidence of any man-made structures was increasingly scanty, the towns and cities ofp 165 DW 1962
and life to a score of sculptors, but few felt any gratitude towards Miss Goalen. Nevers was hesitating, apparently suffering fromp 396 TSS 1962
world echoed night and day with minatory booms and thuds. ‘Any luck?‘ I turned to see Lunora Goalen. Unheard, she hadp 399 TSS 1962
all they do is stare?‘ ‘Then you mustn't come here any more!‘ Mrs Osmond protested. ‘Why? I hardly believe they canp 374 WT 1962
the windows appear to open no one's ever actually seen any of them. For all we know this place may wellp 379 WT 1962
I'm not. Seriously, Julia, do you think it would make any difference?‘ Mrs Osmond shook her head sadly. ‘You try, Charlesp 380 WT 1962
a big share of the profits. In fact, if it's any inducement, you can have all the profits.‘ Boardman put outp 382 WT 1962
make an iota of difference,‘ Hanson said tartly. ‘Apart from any other reason‘ -- here he glanced skyward -- ‘the factp 383 WT 1962
be forgetting, but the terms of my contract specifically exclude any such authority. I am not on the established grade, asp 383 WT 1962
while you were coming up the stairs, did you notice any activity out there?‘ He gestured briefly towards the tower, notp 387 WT 1962
would take an affront of truly heroic scale to provoke any reaction from the watch-towers, and that a certain freedom byp 387 WT 1962
failure of this upsurge of activity to be followed by any reaction from the watch-towers. Half-hidden behind his blinds, Renthall scrutinizedp 389 WT 1962
washed his hands Renthall explained. ‘Tell me, Doctor, is there any mechanism known to you by which the simultaneous hypnosis ofp 391 WT 1962
by an undeniable logic black simultaneously becomes white. Without in any way suggesting that the act of writing is a formp 200 UGM 1963
the attempt as irrevocably as a bulkhead -- nor making any suggestions as to how Constantin should spend his time. Likep 504 EG 1963
maintain their unconscious optimism and, more subtly, sublimate or divert any attempts at escape. When Constantin suggested that they play chessp 505 EG 1963
he scrutinized the board Constantin wondered how he could provoke any response whatever from Malek; the man had shown no reactionp 506 EG 1963
court had gone out of its way to avoid preferring any serious charges against him whatever. This ironic inversion of thep 507 EG 1963
this assurance that all was well, and the absence of any charges of guilt or responsibility, which had made so orderlyp 507 EG 1963
as there were a way out he would cheerfully shoulder any burden of guilt, tolerant of his own weaknesses, ready top 508 EG 1963
long for the suspense to break him down and reveal any secret allies, sufficiently brief to fit his particular crime. Twop 508 EG 1963
serious task of planning his escape. But Malek had avoided any possible errors, steadily consolidating his position, and had even managedp 509 EG 1963
the pragmatist, judging always by immediate capability rather than by any concealed intentions. As if confirming this diagnosis, Malek simply returnedp 509 EG 1963
introduced into his relationship with Malek. While trying to check any tendency to magnify an insignificant triviality into a major symbolp 511 EG 1963
and doors. The unexpected thrived in such an ambience. At any moment, as he shaved, the mirror might retract to revealp 511 EG 1963
Perhaps it was Malek's presence which prevented him from gaining any real rest, and when he rose several hours later andp 512 EG 1963
unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes upon any task, left his meals unfinished and fidgeted helplessly by thep 512 EG 1963
his efforts, however, Constantin was unable to galvanize himself into any defensive action. He could see clearly that Malek and himselfp 513 EG 1963
entered a new phase in their relationship, and that at any moment their outwardly formal and polite behaviour would degenerate intop 513 EG 1963
meals and abandoned chess games, their very identity blotting out any sense of time or progression, the watching figure of Malekp 513 EG 1963
gambit and forced Malek to sacrifice both his centre and any possibility of castling. Roused from his state of numb anxietyp 513 EG 1963
orderly prepared his meals as before. Neither of them made any comment upon Constantin's outburst of hysteria, or indeed betrayed anyp 515 EG 1963
any comment upon Constantin's outburst of hysteria, or indeed betrayed any signs that it had taken place, but Constantin realized thatp 515 EG 1963
innocence in the face of the penalty which might at any moment be imposed upon him. Curiously, this latter pose wasp 517 EG 1963
could find no means of warming them. ‘Malek, is there any chance of obtaining another heater?‘ he asked. ‘It's none toop 517 EG 1963
the few he had heard from Constantin's lips which contained any overtones whatever. ‘It is cold,‘ he agreed at last. ‘Ip 517 EG 1963
hinting that Malek might find himself held responsible if by any mischance he was not granted a reprieve. ‘The position Ip 519 EG 1963
asylum, but he had managed to do so without leaving any clues as to his route. Thus Dr Mellinger and hisp 521 MO 1963
for ever squarely below the Director's thumb. ‘If there were any evidence of the means by which Hinton made his escapep 522 MO 1963
regard them as nonentities and fail to invest them with any personal characteristics, is it surprising that they should seem top 524 MO 1963
little oversize, but in its inverted position the face lacked any cohesive identity. Suddenly, as he started to read the filep 525 MO 1963
required at Green Hill. I will be most surprised if any one of them can put her hand on her heartp 528 MO 1963
least retain absolute clarity of mind, accepting the validity of any proposition only if all our senses corroborate it. Consider thep 528 MO 1963
of errors, that when it crumbled and the lack of any substance behind the shadow was discovered, the remaining vacuum wasp 528 MO 1963
road, head raised to the air. Not wishing to appear any more eccentric than he was already considered -- the solitaryp 474 NWS 1963
approached the distant outcropping he glanced over the hedges for any signs of water-logged gardens or stranded cars. The houses hadp 474 NWS 1963
that after its nightly withdrawal the water failed to leave any mark on the hundreds of houses it submerged, and hep 474 NWS 1963
all day looking over her shoulder through the window for any signs of the sea. What worried her as much asp 474 NWS 1963
see her tall erect carriage and slender hips. Suddenly, without any apparent motion of her limbs, she moved away along thep 478 NWS 1963
jungle and its mystique, which would not be breached by any number of fresh-faced investigators in their crisp drill uniforms. Captainp 436 QR 1963
and from the Moon, was owed the absolute discharge of any assistance that could be given him. He would have likedp 436 QR 1963
have begun to forage down this far. We won't see any of them, but it's as well to be on thep 437 QR 1963
air that in a curious way was as menacing as any overt signs of hostility, as if the crudity and violencep 441 QR 1963
smut? I warned you last time, I will not have any more of those.‘ ‘No, Ryker. Can't you recognize the uniformp 442 QR 1963
from me there's no trace of an aircraft around here. Any rescue mission would be wasting their time.‘ Pereira watched Rykerp 444 QR 1963
a playful slap on the shoulder. ‘Captain, if you want any more rat-skins just give me a shout!‘ Backing away, Pereira'sp 445 QR 1963
under instructions to assist Lieutenant Connolly and it won't do any harm to ask.‘ Connolly sat up. ‘Having come this farp 445 QR 1963
other. ‘I suppose this means they'll be landing here at any time with thousands of bulldozers and flame-throwers. Dammit, Lieutenant, ifp 445 QR 1963
and find you.‘ Eventually giving up his attempt to monitor any of the signal beacons built into the lost capsule --p 448 QR 1963
and Pereira indulged in a lachrymose back-chat. Then, oblivious of any danger, Ryker would amble out into the dusty campong, pushp 448 QR 1963
type of treatment. They seemed to be restrained, not by any belief in his strength of personality or primitive kingship, butp 448 QR 1963
by a grudging acceptance that for the time being at any rate, Ryker possessed the whip hand over them all. Obviouslyp 448 QR 1963
Ryker glaring down at them. Only the witch-doctor's son made any attempt to approach Connolly, sidling tentatively through the shadows, ap 449 QR 1963
They won't stalk and hunt human game in preference for any other. But --‘ here the Captain stared fixedly at Connollyp 451 QR 1963
these insane projections, and the likelihood of the Amazonas playing any part in the success or failure of the space flightp 453 QR 1963
a beacon traversing the profoundest deeps of their own minds. Any powers which Ryker cared to invest in the satellite wouldp 455 QR 1963
sapiens en masse presented a more unsavoury spectacle than almost any other species of animal. A corral of horses or steersp 429 RE 1963
on a beach there's little hope of ever building up any other pastimes. Sunbathing is anti-social because it's an entirely passivep 430 RE 1963
to Mildred, and the now unbreachable insulation this provided against any new or real experience in his life. For ten yearsp 431 RE 1963
accepting his situation so passively, but he was now beyond any real self-judgment, for no criteria were valid by which top 431 RE 1963
forward expectantly. As the radios were turned down, so that any sounds from the distant tableau might be heard, a wavep 431 RE 1963
promenade occupied the empty places, a manoeuvre carried out without any reaction from the troupe by the tide-line. To Pelham theyp 431 RE 1963
intervals. Pelham scanned the far ends of the bay for any signs of a motor boat. He glanced at his watchp 432 RE 1963
his eyes, checking his pupil reflexes with expert fingers for any symptoms of concussion. Swallowing with a dry tongue, he staredp 536 SA 1963
yet familiar voice he heard himself saying: ‘the soul, like any soft-skinned creature, clings to whatever shell it can find. Onlyp 538 SA 1963
over now, she is the other woman ... neither she nor any others will ever know ... Professor, will you tell her onep 538 SA 1963
lakes, embalmed in the opaque heat. Only the highway showed any signs of activity, the motion sculpture of concrete ribbon unfoldingp 541 SG 1963
a millionaire -- money means nothing to him. If it's any consolation, Raphael and Michelangelo were paid a smaller rate forp 544 SG 1963
legend. The whole question of the illusions which exist in any relationship to make it workable, and of the barriers wep 546 SG 1963
how I'll pay you. You see, they don't give me any money.‘ She smiled at me like an anxious child, thenp 551 SG 1963
painted desert of Lagoon West could not be reproduced by any existing colour process, and the film was now being shotp 554 SG 1963
sea of cars for his own. ‘Hathaway, I can't waste any more time talking to you. Believe me, you need skilledp 413 SM 1963
laws have never been repealed. Anyway, the technique was unsatisfactory, any success it had was marginal. Your idea of a hugep 413 SM 1963
Franklin told him, starting the engine. ‘If you ever had any money you'd realize that it's the most economical way ofp 414 SM 1963
supermarket credit manager, Hathaway still retained his freedom intact. Spared any responsibilities, he could resist the smallest encroachment upon him byp 414 SM 1963
contrast, income taxes were a bare two per cent) that any delay on the expressways called for an immediate government inquiryp 415 SM 1963
live on ordinary foods all the time. They don't contain any proteins or vitamins. You're always saying we ought to bep 417 SM 1963
its reflection in one of the glass door-panes, so that any subliminal message would be reversed. Almost certainly he had receivedp 418 SM 1963
he examined the expressway methodically, scanning the roadside cafes for any smaller versions of the new signs. A host of neonp 419 SM 1963
gelatine dummy of a chicken fully flavoured and free of any toxic or nutritional properties -- mollified his irritation at findingp 421 SM 1963
As a concession to the neighbourhood, and perhaps to allay any suspicions while it was being erected by an appeal top 425 SM 1963
last night. The time-wardens will be out in force marking any new tombs uncovered.‘ He chuckled softly to himself. ‘Traxel andp 460 TT 1963
beaten goblets and gold bowls, token offerings intended to distract any pillager who stumbled upon the tomb. Shepley came leaping overp 462 TT 1963
how you feel, lad, but remember, the woman doesn't exist, any more than a painting. You'll have to come back forp 465 TT 1963
eyes gleamed. ‘Tenth, is it? I didn't realize there were any 10th Dynasty tombs still intact. You surprise me, Shepley. Obviouslyp 466 TT 1963
Traxel, those tapes were a fair find. I don't see any tags on them. Every time I bring something in I'mp 467 TT 1963
next sandstorm should bury them for good.‘ ‘Have you entered any of the other tombs?‘ Shepley shook his head vigorously. ‘Believep 467 TT 1963
pulled the big man backwards. ‘Bridges, this one's mine! Try any of the others; you can have them all!‘ Bridges jerkedp 466 TT 1963
previously, Cape Town and the Milan Astrographie, had both attracted any number of cranks and charlatans eager to reveal their ownp 481 VH 1963
half a dozen and turned to Kandinski. ‘Can you recommend any of these?‘ Kandinski looked up. ‘Do you read science fictionp 486 VH 1963
have seen 11th-century illuminations of the pentateuch more sensational than any of these covers.‘ He pointed to the cinema theatre onp 486 VH 1963
place than near Mount Vernon Observatory?‘ ‘I can think of any number. The UN Assembly, for one.‘ Kandinski smiled lightly. ‘Columbusp 488 VH 1963
bring them here tomorrow. You're welcome to test them in any way you wish.‘ That evening Ward had dinner with thep 488 VH 1963
never gives you a chance to tackle him directly on any point of detail. And when you do manage to askp 488 VH 1963
idea, I have always maintained; only the professional astronomer has any business in space. After the Rainbow tests there isn't anp 489 VH 1963
close-up of a clutch plate. There's a significant lack of any real corroborative details which you'd expect somewhere in so widep 489 VH 1963
began to type laboriously with one finger. ‘Have you seen any more Venusians since the book was published?‘ Ward asked. ‘Nonep 490 VH 1963
saint of some fervent evangelical community. For the benefit of any new members, he prefaced his lecture with a brief accountp 491 VH 1963
titter. ‘I can understand the Venusian not wishing to introduce any difficulties,‘ Ward said, ‘but this seems a curious way ofp 492 VH 1963
time to cover the whole area. I thought there weren't any gaps left in the Periodic Table.‘ ‘The space-craft rotated atp 493 VH 1963
the other landings that have been reported recently?‘ Ward asked. ‘Any number of people have seen Venusians and Martians.‘ ‘Have theyp 496 VH 1963
separate languages, and a verbal relativity exists as important as any of time and space. To use the stylistic conventions ofp 126 UGM 1964
marginal spoofing. Indeed, I seriously doubt whether science fiction is any longer the most important source of new ideas in thep 130 UGM 1964
huge muscles and wrist-bones of the hand seemed to deny any sensitivity to their owner, but the delicate flexion of thep 643 DG 1964
the beach, but after walking up to the recumbent figure any such thoughts left their minds, and they went off togetherp 643 DG 1964
had hoped when delaying my visit, no one else paid any attention to me, and the people on the shore remainedp 645 DG 1964
then at shoulder and thigh, the carcass resembled that of any headless sea-animal -- whale or whale-shark. With this loss ofp 647 DG 1964
Involuntarily he would search the sand around the tent for any signs of their damp skins. ‘The strange thing is theyp 628 DS 1964
than it had been -- of seeing Louise shudder at any mention of the snakes. ‘What is so unusual,‘ he explainedp 630 DS 1964
life. That this was simply an unfortunate accident devoid of any special symbolism he accepted without qualification. But the enigmatic presencep 634 DS 1964
on his bland face. ‘What about the messenger? Is there any news?‘ ‘Have you heard anything; Charles? Perhaps someone will flyp 636 DS 1964
there are no snakes! Ask Mechippe, ask Richard Lowry or any of the boys! The entire river is as dry asp 639 DS 1964
and the ships‘ graveyards of Cape Horn, rather than of any memories of his own. Yet the cliffs drew nearer, risingp 652 GTN 1964
is mankind's innate optimism, our conviction that we can survive any deluge or cataclysm, that we unconsciously dismiss the momentous eventsp 605 IM 1964
double constellations‘ can be picked from the night sky on any evening of the week, four months ago when the partyp 606 IM 1964
is virtually impossible to photograph anything transformed by it. As any reader of scientific journals knows, glassware is extremely difficult top 606 IM 1964
herring) was analysing every facet of the inexplicable phenomenon. Before any political capital could be made from this campaign, the Departmentp 606 IM 1964
out through the windows, searching above the roadside pines for any glimpse of the Echo satellite. According to the AP reportsp 607 IM 1964
strictly within the marked perimeters, not to attempt to obtain any of the ‘contaminated material‘, and above all never to lingerp 608 IM 1964
the ‘contaminated material‘, and above all never to linger at any one spot but always to remain in rapid motion. Needlessp 608 IM 1964
thrower on it a couple of days ago. Didn't help any.‘ The policeman's objections over-ruled -- he slammed the door ofp 612 IM 1964
before him. He darted from tree to tree, pausing for any sign of movement, then crossed the frozen surface of thep 618 IM 1964
ringing with the two explosions. I searched the forest for any signs of my companion, and then the police captain, standingp 619 IM 1964
suffered from thefts of major works of art, but to any outsider our mood of elation and high spirits would havep 576 LL 1964
immediately take up our positions on the bank, watching for any unusual ripple or malodorous bubble. Without doubt the theft ofp 576 LL 1964
heard of the missing Leonardo -- the complete absence of any clues mystified the police and the art world alike. Consequentlyp 584 LL 1964
idle amusement that made me watch the Tuileries Gardens for any sight of a tall man in a black slouch hatp 584 LL 1964
to be back today. He left his address in case any difficulty came up.‘ Georg took a silver-embossed card from hisp 585 LL 1964
attendants had confirmed that Count Danilewicz was not present in any of the other sale-rooms. A moment later a telephone callp 586 LL 1964
irredeemable remorse, of almost hallucinatory despair, untouched by self-pity or any conceivable extenuation, that one imagines on the faces of thep 587 LL 1964
would soon be surrounded. I glanced over my shoulder for any signs of the cliff path. ‘It's getting stormy again,‘ Ip 571 PCD 1964
the footfalls of an ancient saurian. Too weak to walk any further, Traven sat down between the tracks. Hoping that theyp 589 TB 1964
the wilderness of weapons aisles, towers and blockhouses ruled out any attempt to return it to its natural state. (There werep 590 TB 1964
apart from a few scientific workers, no one yet felt any wish to visit the former testing ground, and the navalp 590 TB 1964
desolation and emptiness of the island, and the absence of any local fauna, were emphasized by the huge sculptural forms ofp 591 TB 1964
ancient, in its projection into, and from, time future) as any of Assyria and Babylon. The series of weapons tests hadp 591 TB 1964
within the lagoon. However, he avoided the sea, hesitating before any rise or dune that might take him within its sightp 592 TB 1964
Traven made little attempt to leave the bunker, and postponed any further exploration of the island. The symbolic journey through itsp 593 TB 1964
old ration packs he found in the wrecked Superfortresses. Without any implement, it took him all day to open the cansp 593 TB 1964
and the Spectres The lakes had been designed to reveal any radiobiological changes in a selected range of fauna, but thep 593 TB 1964
perspective only those in a single aisle were visible at any point within the maze. As he walked from the perimeterp 595 TB 1964
but is unaware of this or, for that matter, of any other events in the world around him ... He maintains thatp 597 TB 1964
daughter?‘ Traven hesitated. ‘No. She's adopted me.‘ Unable to make any sense of his replies, but accepting his assurances that hep 598 TB 1964
There are rarer fish swimming in your head than in any submarine pen.‘ On the day before they left, the youngp 599 TB 1964
to a bleached grey vestment, but in the absence of any small animal predators on the island the skin and musculaturep 602 TB 1964
persistent mood of dejection began to haunt him. Although without any apparent source, this deepened slowly, and he found himself reluctantp 563 TP 1964
to see him, but Falkman's sense of grief was beyond any help. He drew the blinds over the windows and changedp 563 TP 1964
all those pious old men. I'm not satisfied with it any longer.‘ Marion smiled affectionately at his naivete and enthusiasm. Falkmanp 565 TP 1964
here?‘ ‘He was here,‘ Vandervell corrected. ‘He won't be here any longer. I was with Springman in Acapulco when he lookedp 659 VD 1964
keep an eye on you.‘ ‘Relax. I won't come to any mischief here.‘ ‘Is that a joke? With this volcano overp 661 VD 1964
fish. With the death of the river, so would vanish any contact between those stranded on the drained floor. For thep 11 D 1965
fill it from the edge of the gangway. ‘Haven't you any water left?‘ ‘A little to drink. It's so hot, Ip 15 D 1965
need you here.‘ She handed him the bucket. ‘Have you any water to spare?‘ Ransom slipped his hands into his trousersp 17 D 1965
view of the southern horizon. From this quadrant alone were any clouds expected to appear, generated from moisture evaporated off thep 23 D 1965
America, and along the sea-boards of Western Europe, but without any long-term effects. Likewise, the removal of the entire surface waterp 31 D 1965
away. After a discreet interval, stemming more from custom than any sense of propriety, Judith Ransom stepped out. She leaned throughp 32 D 1965
skiff in and out of the thermal pools, gave it any movement. Once or twice Ransom called to him, but thep 35 D 1965
of the few people to appreciate his Faberge style without any kind of moral reservation -- everyone else was faintly shockedp 40 D 1965
her skin was of an almost albino whiteness, unmarked by any freckle or blemish. Miranda gave him an evil smirk, pushingp 45 D 1965
weary shake of the head, Miranda dismissed him. ‘There isn't any coast now. There's only here, you'd better face that.‘ Whenp 46 D 1965
remorseless caprice, with its world of infinite possibilities unrestrained by any moral considerations, which had its expression in the figure ofp 49 D 1965
were stained with dirt and perspiration, but she moved without any sign of fatigue, hoisting a pail of meat under thep 50 D 1965
them down one at a time, so there wouldn't be any panic.‘ ‘Are you going to?‘ ‘What? Of course not. Ip 51 D 1965
muscle, Ransom glanced between the wheels of the tanker for any signs of the Alsatians. ‘Is this your afternoon off? Ip 50 D 1965
the hold, a net over one shoulder. Within a minute any chance of escape would have gone. Ten feet away wasp 61 D 1965
the refuse fires in the gardens. Only Lomax's house showed any lights from its windows. After taking off his suit, Ransomp 64 D 1965
this silent feline killer. ‘I'm busy, Quilter. I can't waste any more time.‘ He made an effort to turn. The cheetahp 72 D 1965
pride: ‘It's an old wreck, you understand. Put together from any scraps I could find.‘ He led the way down intop 80 D 1965
these days that I doubt whether the hidden ones are any better. All the same, I'll try to get you top 82 D 1965
detonation leads looped back to the south shore. Listening for any sounds of traffic ahead, Ransom tripped, nearly dropping Mr. Jordanp 87 D 1965
was pointlessly following a vestigial instinct that no longer had any real meaning for him. The four people with him werep 87 D 1965
the sea. Ransom stopped at the junction and searched for any signs of police or an army control post. On theirp 91 D 1965
He opened the door. ‘There's no point in going on any farther. I'll get out and have another look around.‘ Leavingp 92 D 1965
asked. ‘We're going to need some water soon. Aren't there any police around?‘ The man finished sipping his tea. ‘Let mep 93 D 1965
the sea, far across the dunes and creeks, was there any activity. The Lagoon Shortly after dawn, as the tide extendedp 104 D 1965
softened, the wet sliding salt made it impossible to keep any channel open for more than twenty yards, unless a hugep 109 D 1965
killing or maiming their owners. He examined the condenser for any leaks, and then raised the lid of the water receptaclep 110 D 1965
of its most destructive element, had rotted as much as any whale would have done in ten years. Often Ransom enteredp 111 D 1965
into a rigid matriarchy dominated by his two daughters. If any escape lay for Ransom, only the third daughter could providep 124 D 1965
who needed a doctor would soon die. ‘I haven't got any patients,‘ he said quietly. ‘They refuse to let me treatp 128 D 1965
five years ago. You understand I couldn't drive, there wasn't any point then, but it gave me an idea. I startedp 132 D 1965
for the past year. At no time had there been any formal plan or route, but merely a shared sense ofp 136 D 1965
to the bridge and looked out over the plain for any signs of movement. Two miles away the aluminium towers ofp 138 D 1965
of water were now exhausted, and the failure to find any trace of a spring or underground channel had put anp 146 D 1965
herself. Only the cries of the animals at night drew any response from her. On the night before they reached thep 146 D 1965
looked up at the wharfs and riverside streets, waiting for any signs of movement, but the roads were deserted, canyon floorsp 146 D 1965
his feet and hurried forward across the bridge. Giving up any attempt to find the others, he straddled the rail atp 151 D 1965
clothes. In a gruff voice, Quilter said: ‘Don't fish into any cars here, there are people buried in them.‘ With ap 154 D 1965
he had reached the point where he could accept almost any act of violence that might occur. These sudden displacements ofp 157 D 1965
here, Miranda.‘ ‘Yes ... I suppose you are. Have you brought any water with you?‘ ‘Water?‘ Ransom repeated. ‘I'm afraid we usedp 157 D 1965
tolerant affection at its giant girth. ‘If you haven't brought any water, well things won't be quite the same, let's bep 180 D 1965
he was struggling with some insoluble conundrum. ‘Have they got any water?‘ Miranda asked. ‘Not a drop,‘ Whitman rejoined with ap 160 D 1965
edge of the lake, peering out at the dunes for any sight of the invisible caller who had warned Jonas. Quilterp 161 D 1965
on his face puffing out his powdered cheeks, ‘Don't expect any water, though. Sooner or later it's going to run outp 165 D 1965
the bank, his eyes on Lomax. ‘Now, Quilter, don't get any ideas.‘ Lomax flashed a warning smile at Quilter, then backedp 173 D 1965
To his surprise he noticed that he no longer cast any shadow on to the sand, as if he had atp 176 D 1965
but against art and literature as well, out to perpetrate any enormity that would attract attention to its mission -- thep 84 UGM 1966
real‘ and the ‘false‘ -- the terms no longer have any meaning. The faces of public figures are projected at usp 88 UGM 1966
Lewis Hell is out of fashion -- institutional hells at any rate. The populated infernos of the twentieth century are morep 140 UGM 1966
eyes? ‘Mrs Travis, I'm not sure the question is valid any longer. These matters involve a relativity of a very differentp 12 AE 1966
if largely random, configuration of atoms in the universe at any given moment, one never again to be repeated, seems top 34 AW 1966
them. Only Coma, with her rune-filled eyes, watched him with any sympathy. It was as if they sensed that something wasp 36 AW 1966
OF THE MONTH, or meaningless, e.g. qwertyuiop ... etc. Obviously any number of solutions is possible, and a final answer top 663 BM 1966
compulsive eating of eclairs. This magnificent Serbo-Croat cow, had she any idea what was going to happen to her? Fata Morganap 664 BM 1966
figure who walked slowly up and down the terrace. Abandoning any pretence at sleep, Halliday climbed to the roof of thep 675 DF 1966
planes of her temples as she searched the town for any signs of the Mercedes. She was sitting in one ofp 676 DF 1966
one of the arches, then scanned the dark avenues for any sign of the Mercedes. Uneager to venture into the centrep 680 DF 1966
decomposing their appearance, except at a distance, was devoid of any sentiment. The shallow inlet in which the picket ship wasp 699 SBD 1966
landing craft, there seemed to be no other vessels of any size berthed along the jetties. As he watched the shorep 11 CW 1966
in Africa, ten of them at the Fort Isabelle hospital, any chance he may once have had of altering the outwardp 17 CW 1966
kept going only by his inability to resolve it in any way. His failure to commit himself fully to her madep 19 CW 1966
the pistol. A thorough baggage search was the last thing any of them had expected. Deciding to leave Ventress alone sop 20 CW 1966
through the arcades, but the forest was without contrast of any kind. The leaves exposed to the sunlight were as darkp 23 CW 1966
intelligent face. She watched Sanders as he walked past her. ‘Any news?‘ Sanders stopped. ‘What about?‘ ‘The emergency.‘ ‘Is that whatp 29 CW 1966
That's the point. As Balthus knew, they're not ordinary by any means. There's something about the light they give out --p 36 CW 1966
white shadows of the equinox. At these moments of balance any act was possible. As they reached his door Louise drewp 38 CW 1966
achieved there, between themselves or anyone else, would necessarily have any lasting value. At the end of the street, opposite thep 41 CW 1966
In a sense ...‘ ‘Astronomy isn't one of your hobbies, by any chance?‘ Ventress asked. He leaned over the table with hisp 42 CW 1966
soon as possible. As they walked along he watched for any signs of the mulatto and his two assistants. However, fromp 48 CW 1966
why shouldn't he tell you directly? How could it have any bearing on his own situation?‘ Sanders paused, glancing down atp 49 CW 1966
you, but with a dead man, it's not just guesswork any more.‘ ‘Louise!‘ Dr. Sanders held her arm. Already he sensedp 51 CW 1966
the water, and Aragon leaned forward, watching the surface for any floating logs. There were few other craft about. One orp 53 CW 1966
the entire area had been deserted. Perhaps because of this, any conversation between them had lapsed. Aragon sat by himself, staringp 55 CW 1966
to her. ‘Perhaps you did. Louise, it's difficult enough, without any practical jokes.‘ ‘It wasn't meant as a joke.‘ She tookp 57 CW 1966
you saw him, was he lying on a raft, by any chance?‘ Aragon inhaled slowly on the cigarette, watching Sanders withp 58 CW 1966
the way. If so, he should be able to prevent any more tragic accidents.‘ Just before they started off Aragon turnedp 58 CW 1966
the desk. In a quiet voice, out of deference to any feelings Sanders might have, he said: ‘Who knows, Doctor? Itp 64 CW 1966
name.‘ He straightened up. ‘Now, tell me, have you seen any of the crystallized objects?‘ ‘Some flowers and leaves.‘ Sanders decidedp 64 CW 1966
is mankind's innate optimism, our conviction that we can survive any deluge or cataclysm, that most of us unconsciously dismiss thep 84 CW 1966
shrugged. ‘I haven't reached the end of it yet, by any means -- I've still got to find my friends. Howeverp 88 CW 1966
through the window, his face for the first time showing any sign of fatigue. In a distracted voice, more to himselfp 92 CW 1966
colours on his cheeks more skilful than the palette of any Rubens or Titian. Turning his attention to the reflection facingp 93 CW 1966
pressed his hands against the crystal breast-plate, trying to detect any signs of warmth within. ‘He's still alive inside this, helpp 98 CW 1966
a cruciform sun. Ventress drew himself together. After waiting for any sign of movement from the summer house, he darted fromp 101 CW 1966
him, he's all right.‘ ‘But you said I didn't need any doctors.‘ ‘You don't, Serena, I know that. Dr. Sanders herep 108 CW 1966
this forest, eh?‘ ‘You're right -- though I doubt if any of you really know what you're after.‘ Sanders noticed thep 111 CW 1966
when Sanders tried to remonstrate. ‘I am not giving you any ju-ju magic, I am an educated African. But many strangep 112 CW 1966
shoulder at the dark grottoes around the glade, listening for any footsteps, but the sheaths of the trees sang and crackledp 114 CW 1966
to be at the dispensary. I mustn't keep your supper any longer.‘ With a brisk movement, Suzanne stood up, her slimp 127 CW 1966
alone with Suzanne, to make his own brief judgment, if any, on why she and Max had come to Mont Royalp 129 CW 1966
guessed that they were not drawn to the hospital by any hopes of help and attention, but regarded it merely asp 131 CW 1966
her chin. ‘Day and night -- do they mean much any longer?‘ They ate lunch together in the chalet. Afterwards, Sandersp 135 CW 1966
in everything more clearly. It's not a matter of identifying any moral notions with light and dark -- I don't takep 136 CW 1966
no patients.‘ He added: ‘I'm surprised you need to spend any time at all in the dispensary.‘ ‘Quite a number ofp 137 CW 1966
her. He glanced up at the ceiling, half-afraid that at any moment the hotel might crumble and collapse into a dust-filledp 141 CW 1966
to press his head to the platform and listen for any sounds above. ‘I thought you'd got out?‘ ‘The wife ofp 154 CW 1966
he had torn away the strip of crystals, was there any marked sensation, but even here it was less one ofp 154 CW 1966
above them. Ventress, however, seemed composed, watching the banks for any surprise attack. The ground shook beneath the summer house asp 156 CW 1966
lighter or river launch, but nothing else seemed to retain any trace of its previous identity. Sanders followed the bank, avoidingp 163 CW 1966
him that the entire earth had been transformed and that any progress through this crystal world had become pointless. At thisp 164 CW 1966
to the south of Mont Royal, and if I need any reminder there is the barely healed wound on my armp 168 CW 1966
of their own tolerance of one another. ‘Have the police any news about Anderson?‘ Sanders asked. During their first month inp 171 CW 1966
eyes below the domed head. The element of guile, if any, in this last remark was hard to assess. For somep 173 CW 1966
had escaped almost unscathed from the accident left Conrad without any sense of relief Since the age of five, when thep 685 TIM 1966
of a healthy kidney for a diseased one doesn't in any way diminish your own integrity, particularly if your life isp 688 TIM 1966
whole, and the human consciousness is great enough to provide any sense of unity. ‘Now, no one ever seriously disputed thisp 688 TIM 1966
dying, still fought against the graft as it would against any alien organism.‘ Conrad shook his head. ‘I thought they'd solvedp 688 TIM 1966
yes -- it was a question of biochemistry rather than any fault in the surgical techniques used. Eventually the way becamep 689 TIM 1966
to a public hospital that in the event of death any parts of one's body may be used in restorative surgeryp 689 TIM 1966
to Uncle Theodore. Still, I know I haven't really got any choice.‘ ‘Sensible man.‘ Dr Knight held out his hand. Asp 690 TIM 1966
There must be someone else. It's not that I feel any grudge against him, but ... There's some other reason, isn't therep 690 TIM 1966
silently to Conrad. ‘None of the old people are coming any more, they're lying at home when they fall ill andp 691 TIM 1966
doubt whether Dr Knight's plan would succeed. Far from arousing any hostility, Conrad's presence elicited nothing but sympathy and goodwill fromp 692 TIM 1966
was a frontier that separated the two more absolutely than any physical barrier. As Dr Matthews had stated, its presence seemedp 695 TIM 1966
nostalgia of the human mind and its eagerness to transform any man-made objects, such as the spaceships in which they travelledp 713 TMY 1966
you mean?‘ Thornwald walked across the veranda. ‘Glanville have you any idea why I'm here, why I've hunted you all thisp 718 TMY 1966
with the emigration laws.‘ ‘Emigration laws?‘ Thornwald shook his head. ‘Any charges there would be minor.‘ After a pause, he saidp 718 TMY 1966
from within. She sat up, aware of the absence of any sounds or movement in the apartment. He had brought withp 39 YCM 1966
sound, he turned and went back to the helicopter. Without any noise it took off into the sky. Appearance of Comap 41 YCM 1966
subsequently disappeared while being X-rayed at the base hospital for any bio-implants or transmitters, leaving behind a set of plates ofp 84 YMC 1966
not the mother but the child was virgin, innocent of any Jocasta's clutching blood, sustained by the unseen powers of thep 84 YMC 1966
destination the horizon. By noon I was beyond sight of any landmarks, but I had found the white rays and spedp 722 CHC 1967
on her paintings. She made no effort to show me any of her work, but in the evenings, as the fourp 725 CHC 1967
Gogh. These unfortunate effects were all too easily reinforced by any nervous or anticipatory movements of the sitter. The likelihood thatp 726 CHC 1967
The portrait showed Hope in a conventional pose, seated like any heiress on a brocaded chair. The eye was drawn top 728 CHC 1967
to greet me. The paintings had gone, and with them any memory of that violent night. Hope's eyes looked at mep 734 CHC 1967
my God. I think the chauffeur's the only one with any money. Look, do you perform anywhere else?‘ ‘Perform?‘ I glancedp 748 CSC 1967
Nolan and little Manuel these tremendous updraughts, more powerful than any we had known at Coral D, I drove towards thep 750 CSC 1967
Immense tiers of storm-nimbus were massing behind the mesa, and any performance at all seemed unlikely. Van Eyck was with Leonorap 753 CSC 1967
terraced images of breast and buttock had ceased to carry any meaning. His face and suit dappled by the projector, Talbertp 51 GAN 1967
accidents devised as a cinematic version of Nader's Unsafe at Any Speed. By chance it was found that slow-motion sequences ofp 90 PAJ 1967
isolate this dingy patch of ground, no longer enlivened in any way by the movement of the river. The procession headedp 736 R 1967
and dejected as to deny them the chance of making any profit whatever. Who were this strange pale-haired woman and herp 737 R 1967
for some reason they seemed to feel unable to make any contact with me. The woman was standing with her backp 738 R 1967
from an unknown country, a vacant realm where nothing had any meaning. It was this absence of intelligible motive that Ip 739 R 1967
watching the sailors but gave no inkling that there was any danger from the animal within. Sure enough, as a secondp 741 R 1967
to disused cemeteries. After a while they no longer charged any admission, but drifted aimlessly from town to town ... Before Ip 742 R 1967
my shoulder. The discovery of the empty cage had removed any feelings of restraint, and the sailors were chasing the dwarfp 742 R 1967
could. Nursing my head and shoulders, I looked around for any sign of the party, but the bank was deserted. Standingp 742 R 1967
dollar is despised. Anything can be bought, but nothing has any value. More and more young people slip away to joinp 956 TW 1967
are the strip club and the US dollar, does Britain any longer possess the political and social institutions to make possiblep 958 TW 1967
I don't see Parliament now as a functioning entity in any way. It's a rump of older Members of Parliament andp 958 TW 1967
government supporters? To what extent can the government itself provide any prospects for unity? INTERVIEW WITH BRITISH PRIME MINISTER A formerp 99 TW 1967
of a giant razor that could cut them down at any moment. They farm the fields, work in the garages andp 960 TW 1967
to the target area by helicopter. They will deal with any local opposition. The main function of Alpha Company, this so-calledp 962 TW 1967
revolver. Commentator The only Britisher to whom the Americans pay any attention is Major Cleaver, the District Administrator who will bep 963 TW 1967
your own people? Major Cleaver They're not our own people any longer. This is the whole point of the war. They'rep 965 TW 1967
a programme about advanced communications systems -- if they have any justification at all, it's that they bring rare talents likep 769 CA 1968
over-large wrists. What struck me immediately was the lack of any emotion or expression on his face, as if he hadp 770 CA 1968
away, Charles Whitehead said slyly: ‘I notice you didn't ask any questions yourself.‘ ‘The whole thing was a complete set-up. Wep 771 CA 1968
flaring of intelligence backed by prodigious memory, not matched by any real creative spark ... that's it, I suppose -- none ofp 774 CA 1968
been carrying out our own search,‘ he said. ‘If it's any consolation, we couldn't trace any of them at first.‘ ‘Thenp 776 CA 1968
search,‘ he said. ‘If it's any consolation, we couldn't trace any of them at first.‘ ‘Then you have found them? Wherep 776 CA 1968
countries but idolized by teenagers from Bangkok to Mexico City. Any collaboration between Georges and Bandini at the Vatican seemed improbablep 779 CA 1968
dying breed -- few people are interested in Cape Kennedy any longer. What's the matter?‘ Her thin fingers were fretting atp 760 DA 1968
relic hunters read these orbits off the sky better than any computer. They must have been watching the pathways for yearsp 761 DA 1968
found its source. I held her shoulders. ‘Judith, is there any point in this? Why don't we go back to Tampap 764 DA 1968
of those who have died with an intensity impossible in any other form: James Dean and Miss Mansfield, Camus and thep 23 UD 1968
marriage counsellor, etc. The failure of these roles to express any meaning reveals the non-functional character of Reagan. Reagan's success thereforep 758 WIW 1968
the merits of the contrived situation as the basis for any film or novel, rather than the self-indulgent fantasy. Watching itp BAT 1968
skin, the angles between these walls are more exciting than any woman. Yet perhaps her body is a modulus. As hep BAT 1968
embarrassments -- is not one that can be fitted into any handy category. Most people, even intelligent ones, are not notablyp 92 UGM 1969
of Dali's work has a significance that extends far beyond any feelings of distaste for his personal style, and in manyp 92 UGM 1969
bourgeois society. In no way does the Modern Movement have any bearing on the facts of the twentieth century, the firstp 93 UGM 1969
not only Oedipal and other symbols that frighten us, but any dislocation of our commonplace notions about reality. The latent significancep 94 UGM 1969
hard geometries, are topics that disturb us as much as any memory of a paternal ogre. Applying Freud's principle, we canp 94 UGM 1969
critics‘ attention; the great battle being fought then, older than any Uccello painted, was between a philistine public and the cubistp 94 UGM 1969
float adrift on the verbal level, if they ever had any existence at all on any other. Enough glosses on Heraclitusp 161 UGM 1969
level, if they ever had any existence at all on any other. Enough glosses on Heraclitus, Parmenides, Newton, Shakespeare's Sonnets, Kantp 161 UGM 1969
is present at his wife's delivery, an extraordinary experience, by any standards, of the new-born child's remarkable age; lying between hisp 162 UGM 1969
revulsion against the Jews was physical, like his reaction against any peoples, such as the Slays and Negroes, whose physique, posturep 222 UGM 1969
almost solely on this inflated biological rhetoric. By dispensing with any need to rationalize his prejudices, he was able to tapp 223 UGM 1969
way as the latest Ford Zephyr maintenance manual. How far any of them reflect the real world of sex is forp 255 UGM 1969
the amatory techniques and sexual positions described are known to any adolescent. At times one wonders whether these books are intendedp 256 UGM 1969
much more reminiscent of erotic fiction than they are of any handbook. However, in one sense it seems to me thatp 256 UGM 1969
It is wise, the author states, that clean-up begin before any feelings of revulsion may set in. After this first extendedp 257 UGM 1969
of the other that they can have little time for any real passion, let alone the aggression and cruelty that drivep 257 UGM 1969
perversions (some so bizarre that they have ceased to have any connection with sex), with the effects of drugs and potp 258 UGM 1969
crash victims. The great majority of cases were aided by any opportunity of unconscious identification with such fatalities as J. Fp 99 CRA 1969
they had lost their genitalia) this was not regarded as any form of deprivation. It is clear that the car crashp 99 CRA 1969
those who have died with an erotic intensity impossible in any other form. CRASH Vaughan died yesterday in his last car-crashp 99 CRA 1969
as Pearson's unit was preparing to cross the river. With any luck, Pearson hoped, the crossing would now be called offp 781 KG 1969
his ID tag. There was little to be gained from any formal interrogation. American weapons technology had advanced to the pointp 784 KG 1969
time produce something greater. Fortunately, the Americans were protected from any hope of success by their own good intentions, their refusalp 785 KG 1969
on the gaps in the trees, none of them paying any attention to the prisoners. The American stood up, his eyesp 786 KG 1969
sections of this huge field army had reached the river. Any hopes Mannock had kept alive that they might turn andp 788 PTD 1969
along the shore, but there was still no sign of any crossing. Tank-crews wandered about like bored gangs on a boardwalkp 789 PTD 1969
no one was looking across the river at all, though any good marksman could have hit them both without difficulty. Ap 790 PTD 1969
his black leather jacket made against the white station-wagon. At any moment the bright paintwork could be shattered by a bulletp 791 PTD 1969
round the railway station and the bus depot, checking if any refugees had arrived after crossing the river. Nothing moved. Abandonedp 791 PTD 1969
gongs had faded, and for a moment it seemed like any drowsy afternoon ten years earlier. Mannock leaned into the backp 791 PTD 1969
he gasped in a weary voice, one ear cocked for any sounds from-the river. ‘That shot -- do you want top 792 PTD 1969
of young women surrounded Mannock, staring up at him without any curiosity as they chanted their slogans. Most of them werep 794 PTD 1969
at all. Sexual perversions are morally neutral, cut off from any suggestion of psychopathology -- in fact, most of the onesp 63 SCN 1969
forehead and the sallow jaw were features as anonymous as any police suspect's. The musculature of his mouth was clamped togetherp 68 THF 1969
school, as he waited in the car, offering money to any student who would come back to the apartment and watchp 71 THF 1969
Japanese gendarmerie. The four servants and ourselves were still without any food. Soon after, the house opposite was taken over byp 72 THF 1969
was away on business, my mother too ill to give any thought to the question. The skies were full of Americanp 73 THF 1969
watched from the radiator panel, arms folded across her breasts. ‘Any great human tragedy -- Vietnam, let us say -- canp 77 THF 1969
the geometries of situations. This will allow the exploration, without any taint of guilt, of every aspect of sexual psychopathology. Traversp 77 THF 1969
one, with the exception of a few eccentrics or beachcombers, any longer wore inert clothing. The only widely worn inert garmentp 797 SGW 1970
own pores, and the constant renewal of the fibres, repairing any faults or ladders and eliminating the need for washing. Howeverp 797 SGW 1970
the deserted stage. I wandered through the tables, searching for any sign of Raine. For a few minutes I waited byp 804 SGW 1970
is one of pure hypertrophy, and finally the presence of any pathology in the breast itself. Pedicle operations are best avoidedp 16 C80 1970
proved extremely satisfactory in relieving the chronic anxiety caused to any women by flat or asymmetric breasts. With the patient lyingp 16 C80 1970
mould, leaving a small opening posteriorly for the escape of any discharge. Every effort must be made after the operation top 17 C80 1970
mediated an exquisite and undying eroticism. Penile hypospadias -- before any attempt is made to perform a reconstruction on this groupp 17 C80 1970
The straightening procedure must always be performed well ahead of any attempt to reconstruct the canal, and may or may notp 17 C80 1970
term: figurative, dimensional, metaphorical. A far more powerful vehicle than any astronaut's space ship." Dr Manston pointed to the solitary figurep 44 JAC 1970
Clearly he was marooned in a world as hostile as any of Max Ernst's mineral forests. Orbital Systems Dr Manston gesturedp 48 JAC 1970
which is thriving, and certainly the only fiction which has any influence on the world around it. The social novel isp 205 UGM 1971
totally atheistic; those critics in the past who have found any mystical strains at work have been blinded by the camouflagep 206 UGM 1971
in the USA are no longer flexible enough to admit any true outsider (the next five US presidents will probably comep 259 UGM 1971
of a hundred or so professional politicians), one would expect any real maverick with a headful of obsessions to home inp 259 UGM 1971
booth. These huge and passive electorates are wide open to any opportunist using the psychological weaponry of fear and anxiety, elementsp 259 UGM 1971
had a chance to look at Nader's book Unsafe at Any Speed and the charged and emotive language he uses. Thisp 260 UGM 1971
warned. Many of Nader's targets seem ludicrously puny -- did any of us, for example, ever regard breakfast cereals as anythingp 260 UGM 1971
and children which we would regard as criminally negligent in any other field -- the wiring of electrical appliances, say, orp 263 UGM 1971
the car, in the sense in which we know it, any future at all? Will legislation more and more take awayp 264 UGM 1971
car clearly satisfies certain basic physical and psychological impulses, and any legislator trying to ban or significantly reduce the number ofp 264 UGM 1971
but wars in general, not to mention newsworthy activity of any kind, had died out as the world's population devoted itselfp 806 GTS 1972
that the educational benefits of these travelogues through time outweighed any possible lapses in taste. The television companies, for their partp 806 GTS 1972
casually as if he might discard it for ever at any moment, I would never leave him. Ten days ago, asp 8 C 1973
miracle, or nightmare, sprung from her loins. Only once did any emotion cross it, when she seemed to see me clearlyp 21 C 1973
a corpse laid out in an open coffin. Unaware of any pain at that time, I sat with my right handp 21 C 1973
by police officers investigating the road-death. Clearly the accident and any possible manslaughter charges against me had made her something ofp 31 C 1973
at me solicitously. ‘Poor man. Have you antagonized them in any way?‘ I let this pass, but Catherine added, ‘The otherp 31 C 1973
hours of her first sex act simply by glancing over any new physical or mental furniture -- a sudden interest inp 31 C 1973
even, perhaps, the beginnings of a new sexuality divorced from any possible physical expression. I assumed that she had at leastp 35 C 1973
reached the point where it no longer mattered, or had any reference to anything but a few square inches of vaginalp 35 C 1973
on to the overlit soil of an unfamiliar planet. At any moment the skies might slide ... On an impulse I askedp 36 C 1973
me, left hand holding an unfamiliar brand of cigarette. Without any prompting, she began to talk about my crash, and thep 45 C 1973
right?‘ She knew full well that I was capable of any deceit where she was involved. ‘Of course. Is the trafficp 50 C 1973
her.‘ ‘You're not envious?‘ ‘Maybe I am a little.‘ Sidestepping any local alliance that might be formed between the two womenp 54 C 1973
their bodies had occupied, their assignations, escapes, boredoms that preempted any response of my own. Aware of these overlays, I hadp 59 C 1973
the back of his polaroid camera he eyed me without any particular interest, as if well-used to seeing prostitutes and theirp 63 C 1973
I stared at her firm calves and thighs. Had she any notion of the man, or woman, with whom her nextp 73 C 1973
backs. A verdict of accidental death had been returned, without any show of interest or ceremony; no charges of manslaughter orp 76 C 1973
around the compartment of the car, as if speculating on any other uses to which she could put our sexual actp 81 C 1973
immigration offices, it seemed incredible to me that I had any kind of sexual involvement with this sensitive woman doctor inp 82 C 1973
patient's symptoms. For some reason, Vera Seagrave absolved Vaughan of any responsibility, although -- as I realized later and she mustp 93 C 1973
minor flirtations in the backs of cheap cars enjoyed without any sense of the real possibilities of her body. I couldp 99 C 1973
for this intrusion into my life. But Vaughan's detachment from any emotion or concern had already had its effect. Perhaps somep 102 C 1973
me to speak. I knew that he would act on any evasion. Thinking of Seagrave's grim concussion-fantasy -- the film starsp 103 C 1973
punch-drunk stunt-driver, warned me that he would probably go to any lengths to take advantage of the immediate situation around himp 106 C 1973
which Catherine recorded her telephone calls. I wanted to intercept any messages from her lovers, not out of sexual jealousy, butp 107 C 1973
forgery of an Ingres. This passivity, her total acceptance of any situation, was what had attracted me to Catherine. During ourp 112 C 1973
particularly his own emblem-filled highway cruiser, Vaughan ceased to hold any interest. ‘Would you like to sodomize him? Would you likep 117 C 1973
body; both were conceptualized acts abstracted from all feeling, carrying any ideas or emotions with which we cared to freight themp 129 C 1973
the motorway, holding the battered bumpers a few feet behind any smaller vehicle until it moved out of his way. Ip 130 C 1973
or his volunteer subjects would have mounted her body in any number of bizarre postures, like a demented stunt driver, andp 137 C 1973
The deviant technology of the car-crash provided the sanction for any perverse act. For the first time, a benevolent psychopathology beckonedp 138 C 1973
the bar. I'll take you for a drive.‘ Were there any limits to Vaughan's irony? When I returned from the barp 139 C 1973
I was no longer able to throw Vaughan off. Without any effort now, he was able to follow me all dayp 146 C 1973
shopping precinct and housing estate. The police had given up any attempt to disperse this enormous crowd. One group of engineersp 155 C 1973
to the wire mesh fence. None of the spectators showed any signs of alarm. They looked down at the scene withp 155 C 1973
held the door open for me, his steady eyes without any show of hostility, as if calmed and relaxed by thep 158 C 1973
of his own papers. Vaughan had furnished the apartment without any interest -- the selection of chromium and vinyl chairs lookedp 167 C 1973
anus and vulva, nipple and clitoris -- failed to provide any excitement for us. Through the fading afternoon light the airlinersp 178 C 1973
I felt the dominant partner in our relationship. Without needing any instruction from Vaughan, I listened to the police and ambulancep 190 C 1973
of the chair, I watched the metallized plain below for any sip of Vaughan. The traffic moved sluggishly along the crowdedp 208 C 1973
bodies during this exquisitely prolonged mating ritual. Unable to stay any longer in the apartment while this courtship was taking placep 214 C 1973
couple. I sped along behind them, flashing my headlamps at any cars in my way. We reached the ramp of thep 215 C 1973
and the energy-user too few‘; and nowhere does he express any anxiety about the possible hazards of ever-increasing economic and populationp 164 UGM 1974
But most of all because, for the foreseeable future at any rate, space travel makes sense only in terms of thosep 166 UGM 1974
in terms of those extravagant and overblown ideas, devoid of any human dimension, that fill Adrian Berry's book. Trying to thinkp 166 UGM 1974
cover to cover without a pause, a rare event for any reader these days, and a reflection of the tremendous built-inp 202 UGM 1974
his jacket and pressed his rib-cage, exploring the bones for any sign of fracture. In the driving mirror he examined hisp 8 CI 1974
hand. He was now more tired and shaken than at any time since the crash. Even in the warm, exhaust-filled airp 16 CI 1974
crutch. He realized that he was unequipped to carry out any but the simplest physical activities. The grimy and crippled figurep 28 CI 1974
get a secure grip on the head, let alone put any pressure to bear. He looked up at the high wallp 30 CI 1974
to attend would now be re-assembling after lunch -- did any of the delegates have any idea what had happened top 32 CI 1974
re-assembling after lunch -- did any of the delegates have any idea what had happened to him? Even if he werep 32 CI 1974
ten feet from the top, too exhausted to move forwards any further, when he saw that the palisade of wooden trestlesp 36 CI 1974
The workmen had come down the slope, presumably looking for any injured driver or pedestrian at the time when he wasp 36 CI 1974
blocks, where hundreds of families were finishing their evening meals. Any one of them would clearly see a fire or flarep 0037 CI 1974
aloud, he deliberately provoked himself to keep awake, playing on any feelings of guilt, hostility or affection he could rouse. Carryingp 38 CI 1974
from the Jaguar. When Maitland gestured pleadingly, unable to shout any more, the young man waved back, tossed away the sandwichp 40 CI 1974
cream from his blackened fingers and searched the slope for any pieces of chicken that might have fallen out. Picking upp 41 CI 1974
perimeter of the island, carefully scanning the embankments in case any falls of food had taken place during the night. Parcelsp 44 CI 1974
empty parking lots laid down by the planners years before any tourist would arrive to park their cars, like a cityp 48 CI 1974
and chocolate, Maitland massaged his mouth with one hand. At any moment the ambulance attendants would arrive, he would be carriedp 0059 CI 1974
the island ...‘ ‘Stop talking about the island! You can leave any time you want, I'm not keeping you here. It mayp 61 CI 1974
If it hadn't been for me you wouldn't be around any more to complain!‘ Maitland brought a hand to his facep 61 CI 1974
room. She looked back cannily at Maitland. ‘Have you got any money?‘ Maitland nodded wearily. Communicating the simplest information seemed top 62 CI 1974
firm of architects. You'll be paid all you want, without any questions. Now, have you sent for help?‘ Jane ignored thisp 62 CI 1974
have you sent for help?‘ Jane ignored this. ‘Have you any money here -- say five pounds?‘ ‘In my wallet --p 62 CI 1974
see you've been wandering around in here,‘ she remarked without any criticism. She straightened the Guevara poster, re-pinning the torn cornerp 69 CI 1974
artist with some fly-by-night circus. That was before they had any safety legislation. He fell off the high wire and damagedp 71 CI 1974
was as matter-of-fact as a bored cashier's. ‘Have you got any money?‘ ‘Yes, I have -- in the bank. There's myp 73 CI 1974
never learned to read and write. He hates words of any kind.‘ ‘And the wooden trestles?‘ Maitland felt no resentment towardsp 74 CI 1974
must get the girl to help him. She alone had any authority over Proctor. Maitland swung himself back to the ruinedp 75 CI 1974
to pack up and leave you here before you cause any more trouble.‘ ‘He tried to kill me,‘ Maitland said. ‘Youp 80 CI 1974
smart of you, giving him money. It won't do you any good -- Proctor never leaves this place and as farp 80 CI 1974
thing he's been given is other people's shit. Don't get any ideas about him being your friend for life. If Ip 80 CI 1974
him, gesturing with her pot-smoker's brown paper bag. ‘Have you any idea how long that would rent a house for ap 82 CI 1974
tell the police you're here. If you keep me here any longer they'll take you away -- put you into anp 87 CI 1974
Somehow he must devise a means of dominating them. At any moment they might simply lose interest in him altogether, leavingp 88 CI 1974
moved his head as if he could barely focus on any distant object and, like a bird, relied on being ablep 90 CI 1974
arm. ‘Isn't there anyone who could look after you -- any family or friends?‘ Proctor stared blankly into the air, asp 92 CI 1974
stood her ground, sharp eyes searching Maitland's bearded face for any signs of fever, Maitland reached out and tried to cuffp 96 CI 1974
asked her. ‘Could he help you?‘ ‘He's not my father any more. I don't think about him.‘ She gazed at thep 99 CI 1974
Come on -- I can get ten on the motorway any night of the week!‘ ‘Jane, your face -- it's ...‘ ‘Neverp 100 CI 1974
freedom it implied, a recognition of their need to avoid any hint of commitment to each other. His relationships with Catherinep 100 CI 1974
several times each day. From here he could see if any intruders had arrived on the island. In addition, he hadp 102 CI 1974
Maitland deferentially, but his dim tramp's eyes were alert for any false move. Maitland settled the crutch under his right armp 104 CI 1974
his face so that it would show no trace of any expression. His one hope was that someone had come top 104 CI 1974
words on the wall, and was refusing to take part any further in what he considered to be a childish exhibitionp 110 CI 1974
everywhere. Maitland scanned the perimeter of the island, hoping for any sign of the young woman. Her secret route to andp 112 CI 1974
light of the setting sun. ‘I'm not concerned with him any more.‘ He took the bottle from her and raised itp 118 CI 1974
wants relationships? You bore me right now. You never had any love and affection as a child. Don't commit any actsp 119 CI 1974
had any love and affection as a child. Don't commit any acts of violence tonight. There are lots of nice childrenp 119 CI 1974
she turned urgently to Maitland. ‘Look, you mustn't stay here any longer. You're a bag of bones. Your mind -- youp 120 CI 1974
at Maitland's shoulder, trying to wake him. ‘Do you need any help? If you don't mind ... funerals give me the shuddersp 124 CI 1974
the wire-mesh fence. ‘I don't think you should stay here any longer. I'll help you on to the embankment, we'll takep 125 CI 1974
Melville noticed that Tennant was usually suspicious and standoffish with any visitors who approached the Messerschmitt, but the advertising man wasp 812 DFW 1974
in rented motor-boats, reported that there were no signs of any oil or wreckage. Sadly, however, there was little doubt thatp 821 AD 1975
crossroads, and with their usual flair managed to slow down any progress. After an hour of this, my car's engine beganp 821 AD 1975
told them. ‘It may have come down near here. Have any of you seen anything?‘ They were staring at my carp 822 AD 1975
not merely of worldly goods, but of religion, hope, and any knowledge of the rest of mankind. As I stepped fromp 824 AD 1975
there were still no signs of the giant airliner, of any debris or the hundreds of bodies. Looking around me, Ip 825 AD 1975
were probably closer to each other than the members of any conceivable social mix, with the same tastes and attitudes, fadsp 10 HR 1975
sense. It helped him as well to postpone once again any decision to give up teaching and take up general practicep 11 HR 1975
he and his fellow tenants were far more tolerant of any noise or nuisance from the floors above than they werep 14 HR 1975
Laing commented. He had no wish to become involved in, any tug of war over his brief friendship with Royal. Hep 15 HR 1975
was Helen Wilder. Her husband's pugnacity had long since drained any self-confidence from her. Nervously trying to control the children, shep 18 HR 1975
their hobbies, conversation, sexual acts. It was difficult to imagine any kind of domestic reality, as if the Steeles were ap 19 HR 1975
do, but at the same time was aware that at any moment a meaningless act of violence might occur. ‘Dr Laingp 26 HR 1975
he had helped to design, but was determined to outstare any criticism, even at the price of theatrical gestures such asp 27 HR 1975
of the high-rise. The malicious humour, the eagerness to believe any piece of gossip and any tall story about the shiftlessnessp 32 HR 1975
humour, the eagerness to believe any piece of gossip and any tall story about the shiftlessness of the lower-floor tenants, orp 32 HR 1975
kind of anti-social behaviour, and left them free to explore any deviant or wayward impulses. It was precisely in these areasp 36 HR 1975
an automatically piloted airliner, they were free to behave in any way they wished, explore the darkest corners they could findp 36 HR 1975
The gates of the garden had now been padlocked, and any children approaching the roof were ordered away. Meanwhile, the wivesp 37 HR 1975
accepting. As he expected, in the larger climate of confrontation any unease between them was soon forgotten. Her hair immaculately coiffuredp 39 HR 1975
punched the call buttons, but none of the cars showed any inclination to respond to him. All of them were permanentlyp 44 HR 1975
high-rise project.‘ ‘Another prison documentary.‘ Helen smiled at Wilder without any show of humour. ‘I can tell you where to startp 45 HR 1975
hostility. At the 23rd floor the elevator refused to move any further. The passengers scrummaged their way out, drumming their briefcasesp 51 HR 1975
residents, as high above him in their top-floor redoubts as any feudal lord above a serf, filled Wilder with a growingp 53 HR 1975
of impatience and resentment. However, it was difficult to organize any kind of counter-attack. It would be easy enough to playp 53 HR 1975
of his neighbours on the lower floors, but they lacked any cohesion or self-interest; they would be no match for thep 53 HR 1975
always found Laing good company, with his keen eye for any passing young woman, but today he was being standoffish. Likep 55 HR 1975
His sharp eyes were deliberately vague, and remained closed to any probing. ‘I know nothing about the accident, Wilder. It mayp 55 HR 1975
a window forty floors above the ground without there being any kind of investigation ...‘ Laing stepped on to the diving boardp 55 HR 1975
a need to shut away, most of all from oneself, any realization of what was actually happening in the high-rise, sop 56 HR 1975
dissociate himself from his neighbours had nothing to do with any feelings of concern for his wife and children. The elevatorp 58 HR 1975
at the bank impassively counted out their bank-notes. Giving up any attempt to cross the concourse, Wilder turned into the desertedp 62 HR 1975
powerful physique he knew that he could put to flight any three residents of the high-rise, these under-exercised and over-weight accountp 63 HR 1975
its act. The first clubs whirled in the torch-light. Without any warning, he felt a flurry of blows on his shouldersp 67 HR 1975
would leave. But Royal noticed that he continued to postpone any decision to move out. He was intrigued by life inp 72 HR 1975
as the afternoon proceeded this became increasingly difficult. By dusk any movement was impossible. The bank and supermarket closed at threep 75 HR 1975
with the same stroke he had used against Wilder. At any moment a battalion of police would arrive and cart themp 76 HR 1975
her, but nor had she mentioned the smallest criticism to any of their friends in the world beyond the apartment buildingp 78 HR 1975
they would not be leaving either the following morning or any other. The Predatory Birds From the open windows of thep 78 HR 1975
had been responsible for her husband's death, and that at any moment she would seize him and wrestle him over thep 82 HR 1975
he had been a moderating influence, restraining his neighbours from any unnecessary retaliatory action. Now he wanted trouble at any pucep 84 HR 1975
from any unnecessary retaliatory action. Now he wanted trouble at any puce. Somewhere below a falling bottle burst on a balconyp 84 HR 1975
day, were especially vulnerable. Some unconscious system of communication alerted any would-be raiders that an apartment a dozen floors above orp 86 HR 1975
tenants, like Anne and himself, had agreed to shut off any contact with the world outside. The further down Royal reachedp 87 HR 1975
war. Others carried cameras and flash equipment, ready to record any acts of hostility, any incursions into their territory. By changingp 87 HR 1975
and flash equipment, ready to record any acts of hostility, any incursions into their territory. By changing elevators and making journeysp 87 HR 1975
more aroused by the injuries to the dog than by any indignity suffered by his wife. He had almost made Anne'sp 90 HR 1975
dog might well prove useful, be more easily bartered than any woman, in the future that lay ahead. He decided notp 90 HR 1975
to wear the dog's blood against his chest. He refused any offers to clean it from the wives of his fellowp 90 HR 1975
35th. ‘To survive, we need allies as a buffer against any attacks from the lower levels, and also to give usp 90 HR 1975
and self-possessed professional men and women were moving away from any notion of rational behaviour. He thought of his own confrontationp 92 HR 1975
watched them without speaking, as if she approved, not from any fashionable response to marital infidelity, but from what Royal realizedp 94 HR 1975
parties, brawls, the looting of empty apartments and assaults on any isolated resident. Several more floors were now in darkness, includingp 95 HR 1975
Alice lived. Hardly anyone had slept. Amazingly, few people showed any signs of fatigue, as if the economy of their livesp 95 HR 1975
a sure sign of social deprivation.‘ Drinking steadily and without any self-control, Laing felt the alcohol bolt through his head. Hep 96 HR 1975
head. He knew that he was deliberately provoking himself, repressing any reservations about the good sense of people such as Croslandp 96 HR 1975
it also reflected a falling interest in civilized conventions of any kind. None of his neighbours cared what food they atep 100 HR 1975
the building in small groups, sharply on the look-out for any strangers. Each of them wore his floor-level on his facep 102 HR 1975
the building's services, were now just as united in assuring any outsiders that all was well -- partly out of ap 103 HR 1975
battling across a refuse tip who joined forces to expel any intruder. Laing reached the centre of the parking-lot, only twop 103 HR 1975
the contours of some deep reductive psychosis. The absence of any kind of rigid rectilinear structure summed up for Laing allp 104 HR 1975
of the world beyond the high-rise. Unable to stay there any longer, he turned and strode swiftly towards the shore, climbedp 104 HR 1975
last but well aware of how exposed he was to any passing whim of his. He assumed that Steele had trappedp 110 HR 1975
commandeered elevator towards the fastnesses of the top floors. Without any doubt, he was deliberately exposing himself to Wilder, tempting himp 115 HR 1975
their insistence on educating their children, the last reflex of any exploited group before it sank into submission, marked the endp 118 HR 1975
of order. The remainder functioned intermittently, at the whim of any superior clan. In the lobby Wilder peered cautiously up thep 119 HR 1975
one around. He waited by the lobby doors, listening for any suspicious sound. The tall figure of a middle-aged sociologist, garbage-pailp 120 HR 1975
huge concourse. As he knew full well, having broken into any number of apartments, few people had any reserve supplies whateverp 121 HR 1975
having broken into any number of apartments, few people had any reserve supplies whatever. It was as if they were nop 121 HR 1975
whatever. It was as if they were no longer giving any thought to what they might need the next day. Fiftyp 121 HR 1975
the bag of dog-food, which Wilder; in the absence of any furniture, had been unable to put down. For some reasonp 124 HR 1975
apartment in a lordly way. In fact, he barely noticed any changes and, if anything, preferred the apartment to be dirtyp 124 HR 1975
By the logic of the high-rise those most innocent of any offence became the most guilty. Shortly before dawn Wilder foundp 127 HR 1975
about in the darkness, kicking open the cupboards and knocking any books or ornaments to the floor. Before leaving, the ownerp 128 HR 1975
take it he won't be joining me this evening?‘ ‘Or any evening. He's decided to decline in future.‘ Mrs Wilder glancedp 134 HR 1975
as Mrs Wilder served him. Since his own kitchen lacked any equipment, all his meals were prepared in the apartment nextp 134 HR 1975
also because the sexual assault itself had ceased to have any meaning. When Royal slipped two of his fingers into herp 135 HR 1975
raised the candlestick above his head, trying to pick out any sleeping human figures in the surrounding rooms. Open suitcases layp 137 HR 1975
had sharpened Laing's ears, a sensitivity that extended to almost any kind of sound within the building. By contrast his sightp 145 HR 1975
deviant impulses were free at last to exercise themselves in any way they wished. At this point physical violence would ceasep 150 HR 1975
of his life, the likelihood that he would die at any time from hunger or assault. He was satisfied by hisp 154 HR 1975
keeping his wits about him, guarding his two women from any marauder who might want to use them for similar purposesp 154 HR 1975
cold grease spattered Wilder and the dog, but neither made any response. Wilder carefully wiped the cine-camera lying on the stepp 156 HR 1975
Wilder leaned against the table, laughing soundlessly to himself. At any moment she would be in for a shock, his heavyp 157 HR 1975
at Wilder reassuringly. She had accepted him as she would any marauding hunter. First she would try to kill him, butp 160 HR 1975
gulls. When the dog began to whimper, reluctant to go any further, he turned it loose, and watched it disappear downp 161 HR 1975
he had seen in the building, far more spacious than any others on the upper floors. Like the lobby and corridorp 165 HR 1975
all this possible. It was strange that Royal had felt any guilt before his death. Laing waved reassuringly to the twop 173 HR 1975
on the Costa Brava. By now, in the absence of any maintenance, the concrete pier jutting into the sea had beenp 828 LFA 1975
could have avoided all this by clearing a section of any one of a hundred abandoned roads. ‘It's almost too quietp 829 LFA 1975
it between his hands, openly admiring her pale legs without any guile or calculation. ‘Don't worry, this time it's going top 829 LFA 1975
but I'm absolutely certain of it too. I've never had any doubts, all these months.‘ Forrester listened to the drone ofp 829 LFA 1975
the amniotic scanning would, they hoped, confirm the absence of any abnormalities in the foetus, and by an error of judgementp 830 LFA 1975
continued breakdown of the European road-systems would soon rule out any future journeys to Spain. For the past five years hep 833 LFA 1975
other hand, despite the initial panic, there had never been any real despair. For thirty years they had been matter-of-factly slaughteringp 833 LFA 1975
had refreshed themselves at the bar and left without doing any damage. This was true of everywhere Forrester had visited. Theyp 833 LFA 1975
laid down more marker lines wherever they were needed, driving any errant cattle back on to the illuminated pathways. When theyp 838 LFA 1975
deformed?‘ Gould nodded encouragingly. ‘It's not deformed at all -- any more than Carmen. It's like the so-called population decline thatp 839 LFA 1975
intense enjoyment of our own company, and the absence of any sense of despair, I suppose they're all nature's way ofp 839 LFA 1975
cheaper hotels at the rear of the town, or in any one of a thousand vacant bathrooms. But when Forrester hadp 840 LFA 1975
faiths. This is not to say that they were in any way hostile or indifferent, but their attitude indicated a certainp 841 LDG 1976
not to mention a number of commercial TV aerials and any other structures that vaguely resembled radio antennae, waiting patiently forp 844 LDG 1976
dimensions of the supreme being were large enough to embrace any interpretation one cared to invent. Although the deity's overall moralp 844 LDG 1976
identity were impossible to define. The term ‘deity‘ was, in any useful sense, meaningless. The scientists at Jodrell Bank and Arecibop 847 LDG 1976
December, the Christmas season was getting under way, but without any of its usual enthusiasm. For one thing, few stores andp 847 LDG 1976
considered himself either guilty of his wife's death or at any time insane. From the remaining documents -- tape-recordings made inp 850 NTM 1976
pilot. For the first time Loughlin was prepared to consider any aspect of his past, and immediately came up with ap 850 NTM 1976
at work, it seems likely that the author will employ any method other than that of straightforward narration. A clue mayp 850 NTM 1976
Elstree Flying Club. 11 The extent to which Loughlin retains any real ‘recall‘ of the events leading to his wife's deathp 853 NTM 1976
manufacturers‘ names for his medical colleagues indicates. Nor was there any real confirmation that he was a physician, particularly when wep 855 NTM 1976
bizarre -- and Serena combined them both, though not in any crude or perverse sense. During the extended dinner parties thatp 864 S 1976
to my bedroom. Of course Serena never took part in any of our conversations, and no doubt this was a vitalp 864 S 1976
the same lavish care, eyebrows plucked and hairline raised, without any sense, of pastiche or mock nostalgia, perhaps by an eccentricp 865 S 1976
her posture, like her expression, never changed. Nowhere was there any indication of her date or place of manufacture, but fromp 866 S 1976
suspected myself, and which I had never before felt for any human being, coiled around my heart. The young man whop 869 S 1976
from the wings like a line of ballast bags. At any moment a sudden gust would sweep them all Into thep 873 UC 1976
aircraft featured extensive control-surfaces, strengthened fuselage-members far in excess of any wing-loading they might need, almost as if they were designedp 875 UC 1976
but Halloway's blond hair and guileless blue eyes turned aside any suspicion. Eager for action at all costs, yet shy andp 875 UC 1976
feel the wind carrying him further across the Sound. At any moment it would be too late to turn back. Hep 876 UC 1976
power unit of a small lawnmower. Not that there was any taboo against gasolene engines, nor for that matter against oil-orp 879 UC 1976
Halloway circled the streets around the office block, searching for any sign of the rival sailplane. Then, as he passed thep 880 UC 1976
in which his mother and father had lived. As for any worries that his grandparents might have for his safety, Hallowayp 881 UC 1976
supermarket. Vaguely prudish about eating meat, he decided against opening any of the cans of pork and beef, the limitless varietiesp 883 UC 1976
the city. Without pausing to look back, ears listening for any sound of the machine, he sprinted along in his colouredp 885 UC 1976
the gliding championships embarrassed him. ‘ ... too eager for action at any cost,‘ he reproved himself as he strode along. ‘In futurep 885 UC 1976
machine tools and office furniture that had been erected on any available patch of waste ground. Ignoring them, and their ambiguousp 886 UC 1976
button. To his surprise, the doors promptly responded, opening without any hesitation on well-oiled castors. The interior of the elevator wasp 886 UC 1976
his new-found determination, and confident that he could take on any opponent now, Halloway headed out of the airport. As hep 888 UC 1976
meal of his life, and made his decision to postpone any return to Garden City for as long as possible. Afterp 890 UC 1976
of the city Halloway drove around the side-streets, hunting out any other of these floral tracts planted here in the brokenp 894 UC 1976
them super-cities, the first conurbation conglomerates, the mega-metropolis larger than any individual nation-state. I designed the first collapsible city, interchangeable partsp 896 UC 1976
third of whom died in a mysterious scandal, lawsuits against any number of governments, plans for the first trans-Atlantic bridge --p 897 UC 1976
uneasily aware that this cathedral of rust might collapse at any time. At the far end of the nave the semi-circlep 897 UC 1976
new recruit -- Mr Halloway, an aviator from Garden City. Any more like him and I may have to think againp 898 UC 1976
watched you driving around,‘ she told him matter-of-factly and without any rancour. ‘Killing all those flowers -- in a way itp 898 UC 1976
If anything, he had clone what he could to frustrate any efforts to bring in stricter clear-air regulations. Pollution was partp 911 UC 1976
is a real high-rent area you've set up for them. Any time now you'll have a housing crisis on your handsp 911 UC 1976
lit up the night sky like a beacon. By now any new immigrants -- some of them, worryingly, little more thanp 913 UC 1976
production line, in the clothing stores and supermarkets, or in any one of a dozen reclamation gangs. The last group, whop 913 UC 1976
camera mounted outside the station. Muttering with mock-annoyance, ‘Nothing works any more,‘ Halloway switched to the camera in the square. Thep 913 UC 1976
skills and imaginations far richer than nature's, more splendid than any Arcadian meadow. Unlike nature, here there was no death. Lulledp 915 UC 1976
up with you. As you know, you don't actually pay any rent for this garage -- in fact, this whole operationp 916 UC 1976
supermarkets, helping themselves to whatever they wanted and brushing aside any requests for payment. Taking their cue from this, many ofp 918 UC 1976
need everywhere to admire Star Wars, and a resentment of any response other than loving affection. Star Wars, written and directedp 14 UGM 1977
the most efficient means of weaning your pre-teen child from any fear of, or sensitivity towards, the deaths of others. Allp 16 UGM 1977
introduce Bruce Forsyth. What is missing in all this is any hard imaginative core. Star Wars is the first totally unseriousp 16 UGM 1977
robust health and comfortably well-off. None of them was in any way mentally ill or disturbed, and could only describe themselvesp 269 UGM 1977
what were the benefits, and did the participants do themselves any harm? A recent Stanford University survey quoted by the authorp 269 UGM 1977
were far too tough and self-centred to be hurt in any way. He himself -- clearly a likeable and sensible manp 269 UGM 1977
equally non-committal about the hazards and benefits. The solutions, if any, that he and his partners have found seem as undefinedp 270 UGM 1977
aircraft crossed the sky unopposed, no longer taking part in any offensive action, but we soon noticed that none had landedp 926 DT 1977
but at first sight none of the other bodies revealed any signs of violence. Twenty feet ahead of me one ofp 929 DT 1977
a truck?‘ ‘Yes ...‘ The presence of the armed Japanese made any other answer pointless. In fact I had not driven anyp 929 DT 1977
any other answer pointless. In fact I had not driven any vehicle since the outbreak of war, and before that onlyp 929 DT 1977
how well-fleshed most of them were, far better fed than any of us had been in our camp. Presumably they hadp 931 DT 1977
At the same time the absence, with few exceptions, of any wounds or violence suggested one or two unsettling alternatives --p 931 DT 1977
back of my truck. Then, unable to contain his anger any more, he seized the bottle of said from the cabinp 935 DT 1977
me the child slept fitfully on the seat. Free of any fear of embarrassing her, I stopped the truck and tookp 938 DT 1977
computer display terminal. Advanced techniques of diagnosis and surgery eliminated any need for direct contact with an organic illness. The probingp 947 ICU 1977
X-ray scanners, its computerized diagnostic aids, revealed far more than any unaided human eye. Perhaps I was especially adept at handlingp 947 ICU 1977
-- I would customarily have postponed to the next day any patient calling without an appointment. But I was immediately struckp 948 ICU 1977
physician ever saw his patients undressed, and the location of any intimate ailments was always indicated by the patient by meansp 948 ICU 1977
dealing with this eccentrically frank young woman was to ignore any lapse from convention. After the infra-red examination confirmed that thep 949 ICU 1977
our interests, spending more time on the screen together than any couple we knew. In due course, through AID, Karen wasp 950 ICU 1977
these elaborate private errands. However pointless they might seem to any unsympathetic outsiders, the visiting consultants and linoleum-weary relatives, he wasp 73 IY2 1977
has always been completely free. Writers, of course, can make any number of angels dance on the head of a pinp 137 UGM 1978
television screen, the TV-style graphics, the sudden zooms on to any affecting image -- the constant favourite of these books isp 167 UGM 1978
The Body in Question, however, Jonathan Miller has carefully side-stepped any temptation to be speculative. He seems to have set outp 168 UGM 1978
omission from this illustrated account of our vital functions is any reference to sex and reproduction. But perhaps the BBC havep 168 UGM 1978
surcharge, but the desk-clerk said they would happily advance us any cash we need. Hey-ho ... A slight let-down, all the samep 969 HWT 1978
hardly recall a single face. In fact, the absence of any kind of personal identity allowed the young women to carryp 989 MA 1978
made him wish that it were possible to dispense with any need to maintain the solarium. He had been celibate forp 991 MA 1978
itself into Pangborn's private world and he had never felt any need to defend himself against it. Looking down at himselfp 991 MA 1978
assault. Controlling his temper, he waited until she left. But any irritation he felt was soon forgotten when a second attemptp 997 MA 1978
the others -- Juno, Gold, what were they called?‘ Without any intended rudeness, Ogden ignored the younger man. His face wasp 972 OAU 1978
be sympathetically itemizing a catalogue of his defects, without in any way being insolent. Staring back at him, Ogden reflected inp 973 OAU 1978
a non-combatant,‘ Foster agreed. ‘And I don't mean that in any critical spirit, David. I spent five years in the armyp 973 OAU 1978
unsure what had brought them here. Curious, not because of any confrontation that might occur, any crime of passion, but becausep 973 OAU 1978
here. Curious, not because of any confrontation that might occur, any crime of passion, but because three people so ill-assorted hadp 973 OAU 1978
the chiffon blouse, that she was not all that young any more. Soon she would be older than he had beenp 974 OAU 1978
between the German armies and the allied armada, had pre-empted any further confrontation, assuaging his own unease about Foster and hisp 974 OAU 1978
as if frightened that it might collapse on him at any time. But as Ogden stepped over the machine-gun a whitep 976 OAU 1978
days since his discovery the suspense had become exhausting; at any moment he expected a wounded Wehrmacht soldier to appear onp 977 OAU 1978
Ogden paused by the staircase, listening for the sounds of any intruders. On the first afternoon, when he had snatched thep 978 OAU 1978
and members of a German military mission might arrive at any moment. By the next morning, after Ogden had taken thep 978 OAU 1978
by his own. So far his life had been without any possibilities at all -- volleyball with the paraplegics, his shinsp 983 Z2 1978
overthrow of capitalism, nucleic acids and horoscopy -- had she any idea what would soon happen to her? Clearly she hadp 984 Z2 1978
the high energies involved, whether in galaxies or biological systems, any attempt at a contrary direction would have catastrophic results, ofp 985 Z2 1978
her apartment he had often reflected that sex offered to any would-be tyrant the easiest and most effective means of politicalp 987 Z2 1978
of this exhausting sex act had reached the nearest stars any curious observers there would assume that she was giving birthp 987 Z2 1978
-- in the election of yet another Kennedy. With luck any would-be assassins in the future will give themselves away hagglingp 41 UGM 1979
the bars, hurling cups of urine into the faces of any intruders. Gilmore's refusal to appeal against his death penalty soonp 42 UGM 1979
replied: ‘I don't think anybody ever tried consciously to do any analysis of dream content. Most of the guys aren't thep 229 UGM 1979
the question which Tom Wolfe states was asked more than any others by the thousands of reporters besieging the astronauts‘ wivesp 273 UGM 1979
new role, prissily disapproving of the others‘ fighter-pilot binges. Before any real discord could set in, Life magazine happily appeared onp 274 UGM 1979
they give the impression that they might attack me at any moment, excited by the helicopters and the barely healed woundp 8 UDC 1979
my chest I knew that I was not moved by any affection for her but by the need literally to crushp 14 UDC 1979
I felt my head strike the cabin door, but without any sense of pain, as if my body belonged to ap 15 UDC 1979
you, anyway? You look as if you might forget at any moment.‘ ‘Blake -- I'm a stunt pilot. The aircraft caughtp 21 UDC 1979
see that, Miriam.‘ The priest made no attempt to come any nearer, as if wary of me, rebuffed by my returnp 22 UDC 1979
the oil from my face with a scented handkerchief. At any moment the local police would arrive, drawn by the crowdp 23 UDC 1979
resolved that the sooner I left Shepperton the better, before any other blunder could occur. However, before I could leave Ip 28 UDC 1979
her grubby feet and air of untidiness stemmed not from any lack of hygiene but from her complete absorption in allp 29 UDC 1979
find me, and none of the tennis players was showing any interest in the downed aircraft. I drummed my fists onp 35 UDC 1979
pace across the uneven soil, I was no longer drawing any closer to the pedestrian bridge. The sandy ground moved pastp 38 UDC 1979
time he stood well back from me, as if at any moment I might do something bizarre. Had he watched myp 42 UDC 1979
intimidate me -- I could have knocked him down without any effort -- as to win some kind of physical respectp 43 UDC 1979
saw me swim ashore?‘ ‘Of course.‘ As if to forestall any criticism of his lack of action, he explained hurriedly: ‘Ip 43 UDC 1979
neither Stark nor Father Wingate, neither Miriam St Cloud nor any of the others who had seen my crash would betrayp 45 UDC 1979
at them from the gutter. ‘What about you -- did any of you dream of flying?‘ I smiled at them, excusingp 70 UDC 1979
and tipped them into a tea-crate behind the font. At any moment I expected a studio pantechnicon to drive up withp 75 UDC 1979
Miriam blocked my way with her strong body. ‘Is there any point in your staying here?‘ For all her aggressive stancep 90 UDC 1979
her hands ran across my chest and back, searching for any fresh injuries. ‘I've been swimming in the river,‘ I toldp 90 UDC 1979
they're extraordinary ... Dear, they're beautiful.‘ ‘Miriam -- I'll give you any flowers you want!‘ Rhapsodizing over the thousand scents of herp 98 UDC 1979
perspiration into the most jealous perfumes ... ‘Have you never had any children, Miriam?‘ ‘Of course I haven't! Though Stark and Ip 100 UDC 1979
on their daily journey to London. ‘Blake, you haven't got any ...‘ A small girl with chocolate-smeared cheeks offered me a handfulp 107 UDC 1979
change my form, like a pagan god, into that of any creature I chose? Had they seen me as lord ofp 117 UDC 1979
taxi and stared at this transformation as if caught without any rehearsal for a new scene in an Amazon spectacular theirp 130 UDC 1979
Releasing them into the air behind me, I gave up any attempt to escape and brought the huge train down top 161 UDC 1979
me the power to fly and to turn myself into any creature I wished, the power to conjure flowers and birdsp 164 UDC 1979
happened between them the previous night, and feared that at any moment I would leave the car-park, and go down amongp 176 UDC 1979
to the sombre trees, ready to make short work of any bird unwary enough to look at him. He dashed backp 187 UDC 1979
paid a price for them, I decided to leave. At any moment the first sightseers would flock into Shepperton, followed byp 202 UDC 1979
We've all been worried about Christina for some time. Without any disrespect to our own physicians, it's occurred to me morep 1002 HFF 1980
Mile Brossard?‘ Neither the nuns nor the Mother Superior made any response, but the girl looked up from the soapy tilesp 1003 HFF 1980
immediately. With luck I'll be there before she can cause any harm to herself.‘ Pursued by the Mother Superior's blessings, Ip 1007 HFF 1980
role and bring this psychoanalytic drama to its conclusion without any fear of professional disapproval. My action would not take placep 1008 HFF 1980
Simply, that in order to make the incest fantasy credible, any man she marries, however young and princely, however charming, mustp 1009 HFF 1980
and an influence on popular culture greater than that of any other musical performer this century. Goldman makes much of thep 39 UGM 1981
its interminable rationing and subsistence living, its total lack of any flair and opportunity. Nor was McNair alone in this --p 10 HA 1981
Fisherman's Wharf in Frisco; Detroit -- the Edsel Ford Expressway. Any more, Captain?‘ ‘Not for now, Wayne. But that's very goodp 12 HA 1981
canyons. The rolling sand lay ten feet deep, undisturbed by any footstep for almost a century, smoothed by the onshore windsp 23 HA 1981
and gophers. For obvious reasons it was then decreed that any future expeditions would be headed by a political leader, whosep 27 HA 1981
American ancestry, but unlike himself none of them had made any real effort to assimilate themselves into their readopted nations. Fromp 27 HA 1981
on Ricci (far too slapdash, and clearly prepared to steal any credit), and protect her immaculate white skin from this barbarousp 31 HA 1981
out into the deserted continent, a land as great as any ocean, on which he himself would soon navigate, this descendantp 32 HA 1981
had once been Seventh Avenue, he soon discovered that if any streets in America were paved with gold it was notp 35 HA 1981
wave. ‘Hello, Wayne, what do you think of America? Find any gold, by the way? We were going to be richp 38 HA 1981
for the distillation apparatus that would supplement their rations from any damp salt pans or freshwater springs they might come acrossp 54 HA 1981
seemed unaffected by their landfall in America; the one without any vision, the other sustained by a fantasy so potent thatp 56 HA 1981
were effectively alone on this continent, free to behave in any way they wished. Their only loyalty was to their ownp 57 HA 1981
New York, we'll talk to McNair and see if there's any news from Stockholm. Rescue, perhaps. Ricci, you follow Wayne, hep 59 HA 1981
not regard this young visitor as a true American in any sense at all. Wayne stared back at them, annoyed thatp 65 HA 1981
these reminiscences. ‘Apart from the tribes -- have you seen any other expeditions?‘ ‘Expeditions?‘ Puzzled by the word, and by Wayne'sp 68 HA 1981
air to search for damp potash lakes and salt pans, any sign of a modest river system fed by the Appalachiansp 70 HA 1981
the Indians take your mare?‘ Wayne asked. ‘I've never seen any of them ride a horse.‘ Steiner helped himself to ap 78 HA 1981
clearly forgotten their confrontation. ‘This strange cloud -- is there any more information, Professor? We'll have to wait for tomorrow's bulletinp 85 HA 1981
the paper strip into the commissar's hat. ‘There won't be any more information, and there won't be a bulletin tomorrow, orp 85 HA 1981
more information, and there won't be a bulletin tomorrow, or any other evening. The cloud which McNair and his men werep 85 HA 1981
rat among the desert buttercups, but not a sign of any Indians. I thought a few might have followed us, butp 88 HA 1981
radio transmitters. This means we're totally out of touch with any rescue expedition that might reach New York or Miami. Orlowskip 90 HA 1981
moment I was certain he didn't recognise the Captain or any of us -- and then suddenly holstered the gun andp 90 HA 1981
facades of the hotels and saloons, scanning the rooflines for any waiting gunman with a shotgun aimed at his heart. ‘Paulp 98 HA 1981
a laboratory maze. For his part, Wayne no longer felt any anger towards the Captain, even though he knew that hep 100 HA 1981
from Dodge City, as they took the steep gradients without any effort, McNair pointed to the healthy pressure dials. ‘Heinz, theyp 106 HA 1981
atop the Pan Am Building in case there had been any release of radiation. Well, the Geiger counters were screaming bluep 107 HA 1981
the drained basin of the Rio Grande. Wayne searched for any signs of freshwater springs and seeps, but the river wasp 113 HA 1981
a gas station window and catch sight of them. At any moment the first excited crowds would gather and cheer themp 122 HA 1981
Anne, no one slept here. This was a town without any clocks.‘ He drummed his fist on the windshield. ‘Listen!‘ Fromp 123 HA 1981
climbed into the back as Ursula took the wheel. Without any need to steam up, the engine kicked instantly into lifep 131 HA 1981
and found that he could imitate Nixon more convincingly than any other. He had caught the long stares and suddenly loweredp 135 HA 1981
slammed the door on the world. The most far-sighted decision any American ever took ...‘ Manson's eyes misted over in what wasp 137 HA 1981
there are here. Half of Manson's force is away at any time, either oil-prospecting (all the gasoline comes from secret tanksp 141 HA 1981
his subtle way of telling me to ignore Paco and any trivial problems here. November 23. Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angelesp 145 HA 1981
shops. I saw straight away that Manson wasn't interested in any of the wide-bodied passenger jets -- TriStars -- still half-assembledp 150 HA 1981
mentioned the Spandau district. ‘But Europe doesn't exist for me any more, Wayne -- except that I see it waking nowp 153 HA 1981
perversion of the ‘natural‘ America, as brutal and self-serving as any of the Hollywood and Marvel Comic fantasies of which Pacop 155 HA 1981
I was convinced that they would reach Las Vegas at any minute, before I had time to organise everything. In Manson'sp 156 HA 1981
of illuminated signs below. He had chased the giraffe without any malice -- left to itself the beast would soon havep 159 HA 1981
board meeting. ‘As well as defend ourselves. But only from any bandit riff-raff coming up through central America, not from thep 164 HA 1981
my boy, you're in one piece, amazingly. But don't fly any closer to those gunships or even I won't be ablep 169 HA 1981
you're our new Vice-President. But I'm afraid I haven't built any Vice-Presidents yet ...‘ Wayne lay back, realising that his entire bodyp 169 HA 1981
tension in the air that had nothing to do with any search for Wayne. Several times each night he would bep 179 HA 1981
For the next hour Wayne roamed Las Vegas, searching for any sign of Manson's command headquarters -- the ‘War Room‘ top 189 HA 1981
out of the sky near Flagstaff and attacked them without any warning. They went off the road, but Pepsodent managed top 192 HA 1981
trying to estimate Manson's military resources and troop-deployment. Had they any idea that Las Vegas was defended by a rag-tag armyp 196 HA 1981
all have to play, so don't try to leave town, any of you ...‘ Laughing to himself at this ironic imitation ofp 223 HA 1981
for an empty continent was as much a delusion as any of Manson's crippled dreams. Yet now, after the long drivep 230 HA 1981
you still bothering the old man? He won't buy off any unease.‘ ‘He enjoys the drives -- speed seems to dop 1014 NFS 1981
if dismantling an offensive weapon. ‘I don't have the fugues any longer. I found a way of ... dealing with them.‘ ‘Allp 1014 NFS 1981
place. Moving about the laboratories and corridors, Slade took over any disused cupboards and desk drawers, where he constructed a seriesp 1015 NFS 1981
crime was being punished just as surely as would be any attempt to ignore the laws of gravity. Certainly the unhappyp 1020 NFS 1981
of our births, which are about to take place. At any moment we may be born for the first time. Totalp 1026 NFS 1981
away again, hunting the empty hotels of the Strip for any sign of Slade. No doubt she thinks that he alonep 1026 NFS 1981
waste basket. ‘I don't think that's really part of you any longer. You're a man without time. I've moved into yourp 1028 NFS 1981
his eyelids, lymph-filled sacs that had almost closed his orbits. Any more fugues and he would die here, blood, life andp 1030 NFS 1981
the solar fireplace in the piazza. ‘You don't need it any more. There's no time to tell.‘ ‘Ursula, I know. It'sp 1031 NFS 1981
materialized among the palms and tropical oaks, more unreal than any film set. As Sheppard soared past, only fifty feet abovep 1061 MNF 1982
the forest canopy, searching the whole of Cape Kennedy for any sign of Martinsen and his kites. Tempted to turn backp 1062 MNF 1982
-- a survival kit?‘ ‘Of a special kind.‘ Unaware of any irony in the man's voice, Sheppard explained: ‘They're the fusingp 1068 MNF 1982
over the dusty windshield of her jeep. ‘Do you need any help breaking the law?‘ She came over and peered intop 1070 MNF 1982
plastic blinds. Bracing himself against the eager morning sunlight, and any unpleasant phobic rush, Sheppard eased the blinds apart. Two hundredp 1072 MNF 1982
eyes stared calmly at Sheppard, recognizing this young husband without any surprise. Her blanched lips moved across her teeth, testing thep 1082 MNF 1982
driving inland thousands of frantic gulls and swallows, denying them any share of the sky. Standing naked on the balcony, Malloryp 1037 MSA 1982
Clearly the police don't bother to come to Cape Kennedy any more.‘ ‘I don't blame them. It's an evil place. Edwardp 1038 MSA 1982
only would the unexpected sight of this squad car confuse any military spotter planes, but the hotted-up Dodge could outrun mostp 1041 MSA 1982
out. Dear doctor, no one comes on holiday to Florida any more. If you don't leave soon this is one vacationp 1046 MSA 1982
girl gave him. He had liked being naked, not from any exhibitionist urge, but because it suited the vanished realm hep 1046 MSA 1982
back.‘ ‘I can see. Take your wife and leave -- any moment now all the clocks are going to stop.‘ ‘That'sp 1046 MSA 1982
to terms with everything -- whatever that means. Not much any more.‘ ‘Doctor ... The real Cape Kennedy is inside your headp 1046 MSA 1982
doctor, for Hinton, too. When Dad comes it won't matter any more.‘ Mallory tried to help her launch the glider, butp 1048 MSA 1982
the world. He searched the breathless forest and runways for any sign of movement. He needed one of Hinton's machines top 1052 MSA 1982
Mallory raised his hands, but he was unable to draw any nearer to Hinton. Like the cheetah, he was forever ap 1053 MSA 1982
Missing days. I'm barely aware of the flux of time any longer. Anne lies on the bed, wakes for a fewp 1055 MSA 1982
straddled the seat and looked back at the hotel At any moment, as if seizing the last few minutes left top 1056 MSA 1982
against Mallory's sallow face as he searched the aircraft for any sign of Hinton. Fanned by the flames that roared fromp 1059 MSA 1982
and restaurant terraces. As before there is no sign of any crew or supervisory staff. Yet somehow a vast passenger complementp 1086 RUS 1982
spent listening to his mother's bridge parties, trying to extract any kind of logic from the calls of ‘One diamond‘, ‘Passp 16 ES 1984
sides of the checkpoint. The Shanghai police had given up any attempt to control the crowds. The British officer stood onp 22 ES 1984
a single bomb had killed a thousand people, more than any other bomb in the history of warfare. The chief attractionp 25 ES 1984
resigned from the cubs.‘ ‘Well ...‘ Jim doubted if there was any point in explaining to Mr Maxted why he had leftp 26 ES 1984
of Shanghai, this electric and lurid city more exciting than any other in the world. As they reached the Bubbling Wellp 36 ES 1984
fixed, they ran the length of the ship, searching for any American members of the crew. Followed by the second picket-boatp 42 ES 1984
staged at the Shanghai film studios. What was real, without any doubt, was the mud-flat to which his father had helpedp 51 ES 1984
they had been forced to wait before they fully grasped any sense of their victory. Within a few hours of thep 51 ES 1984
courtyard, but the kitchen door was locked. He listened for any sound from within the house. Beside the kitchen steps wasp 62 ES 1984
the dance steps himself, which seemed far more violent than any tango he had ever seen, and managed to fall andp 65 ES 1984
was time to find his mother and father. Failing them, any other Britons would do. Facing the Maxteds‘ apartment building onp 70 ES 1984
entrance to the Palace Hotel. None of them would speak any English, or have any idea that this European boy withp 78 ES 1984
Hotel. None of them would speak any English, or have any idea that this European boy with his twisted bicycle wasp 78 ES 1984
the foreign mansions, and were concerned only to keep out any Chinese beggars and thieves who might be tempted into thisp 84 ES 1984
strip in his pocket, but otherwise none of them showed any interest in Jim. Did they know that he was ap 85 ES 1984
rice from Jim's chin. ‘Tell me, Jim, have you met any other Chinese big noises? Chiang Kai-Shek, maybe ...?‘ ‘No ... but hisp 97 ES 1984
touched Jim's chin. ‘It's a good thing you don't have any gold teeth, or --‘ He snapped his wrist. Jim satp 100 ES 1984
malaria and dysentery, and few of the Eurasian children spoke any English. So Jim spent his time in the open-air cinemap 110 ES 1984
Jim was having him on. ‘Tell me, did you see any planes today?‘ ‘A Nakajima Shoki and a Zero-Sen.‘ ‘And Americanp 118 ES 1984
see that neither the sergeant nor the Japanese driver had any idea of the whereabouts of Woosung, an agricultural district atp 124 ES 1984
grumbling over his map, and Basie commented: ‘Add that up any way you like and we're still lost.‘ Already his attentionp 128 ES 1984
Jim thought about this. ‘Not really. They just haven't captured any maps.‘ ‘Good -- never confuse the map with the territoryp 129 ES 1984
meet your folks, Jim.‘ To Dr Ransome he added, without any enthusiasm: ‘I've been keeping an eye on the boy.‘ ‘Youp 138 ES 1984
wondering if he had caught beri beri or malaria or any other of the diseases that he had heard Dr Ransomep 148 ES 1984
were moving forward, and luckily the Japanese were not in any way discouraged by the worsening condition of their prisoners. Onp 149 ES 1984
his teeth and leaning out of the window to watch any passing aircraft. The entire Japanese air force seemed to bep 150 ES 1984
dream of trying to escape, and everyone rightly ratted on any fool about to step through the wire, for fear ofp 169 ES 1984
the four in the room, and deciding not to save any for the turtle under his bunk, he broke the skinp 184 ES 1984
the wire, but also bring himself up to date on any fresh activity at Lunghua Airfield. The stairway to the circlep 186 ES 1984
this was, Jim was keen to help Dr Ransome in any way. ‘Amatus sum, amatus es, amatus est ...‘ As he recitedp 190 ES 1984
brushing away the powdered cement, and examined his scalp for any signs of blood. ‘Jim, we agreed that you wouldn't gop 195 ES 1984
many of the prisoners talked about leaving the camp without any real idea of what would happen to them. ‘As longp 211 ES 1984
We've become an embarrassment to them. They can't feed us any longer, Jim ...‘ So this was what Dr Ransome had beenp 211 ES 1984
come back from the dead. ‘Is there going to be any more food, Dr Ransome?‘ ‘We hope some will come throughp 211 ES 1984
Nagata about the thousand-yard range ... the Japanese wouldn't shoot down any more planes, but they might give us some food ...?‘ Drp 212 ES 1984
preparing himself for a life of elaborate formality. ‘Is there any more news, Basie? When are the Americans going to landp 218 ES 1984
far as the old drill hall.‘ ‘Good ...‘ ‘I didn't see any pheasants, Basie. I don't think there are any pheasants. It'sp 219 ES 1984
didn't see any pheasants, Basie. I don't think there are any pheasants. It's too close to the airfield.‘ ‘There are pheasantsp 219 ES 1984
you were looking inside Dr Ransome's medical cabinet?‘ ‘There weren't any tomatoes, Basie. The air raid spoiled them.‘ ‘Those Filipino pilotsp 220 ES 1984
listless prisoners of Lunghua. Jim searched the smoke clouds for any signs of American aircraft. None of the dozen serviceable Zerosp 222 ES 1984
ran on his errands down the pathways, Jim shouted at any passers-by, waved to the prisoners resting outside the barrack hutsp 231 ES 1984
after night. Sergeant Nagata and his guards had given up any attempt to patrol the camp's perimeter for fear of beingp 232 ES 1984
him; after the uncertainties of the past week he welcomed any end. For a few last moments, like the rickshaw cooliep 238 ES 1984
Mr Maxted.‘ ‘No, Jim. I don't think I'll be needing any luggage. You must find it strange out here.‘ ‘I don'tp 243 ES 1984
luggage. You must find it strange out here.‘ ‘I don't any more.‘ Jim peered cautiously at the open fields, their endlessp 243 ES 1984
reveal a broken dental plate. ‘Mrs Philips, we mustn't worry any more ...‘ Headlamps flared through the dust. The gendarmerie staff carp 249 ES 1984
case, Jim increased his stride. After so many years without any belongings, he did not intend to discard them now. Hep 251 ES 1984
tacky river water had made them both light-headed, and at any moment they would fall across the rails. Led by thep 257 ES 1984
the centre of the football field. Too exhausted to move any further, she stared at Jim with the same desperate gazep 265 ES 1984
of bags of rice. Ask around, kid, if they have any bracelets, wedding rings, charms. We can work together on itp 274 ES 1984
shadow. He rallied himself and smiled keenly. ‘That's for sure. Any time now the whole US Navy is going to tiep 274 ES 1984
American bomber. A four-engined Superfortress, it flew more slowly than any American plane that Jim had seen throughout the war. Wasp 282 ES 1984
embankment. He gazed at the lustrous material, more luxurious than any fabric he had ever seen, at the immaculate stitching andp 283 ES 1984
had ever taken place. ‘It better be over, lad -- any time now the next one's going to begin.‘ ‘I sawp 294 ES 1984
river two miles away, searching the warehouses of Pootung for any groups of Allied prisoners. The peasants outside the gates ofp 297 ES 1984
ruin your eyes. Listen to Mr Tulloch. Did you see any Scotch whisky?‘ Jim stepped back, keeping the silver canisters betweenp 298 ES 1984
pointing to the sky. Jim searched the ruined hangars for any sight of the young kamikaze pilot, sorry that he hadp 312 ES 1984
for the girls in the Nanking Road.‘ ‘I didn't see any fur coats, Mr Tulloch, or any Scotch. Lots of chairsp 313 ES 1984
Road.‘ ‘I didn't see any fur coats, Mr Tulloch, or any Scotch. Lots of chairs and dining tables.‘ Lieutenant Price pushedp 313 ES 1984
rusting vehicles. They made a token show of flushing out any wounded members of the raiding party, turned and retreated top 315 ES 1984
fields and canals. Jim wondered if this bandit group had any idea where it was going, a poisonous shuttle that flickedp 319 ES 1984
like a beagle to sniff out the land and draw any surprise fire. Still half stunned, the blood from his nosep 320 ES 1984
Chinese. But Captain Soong did not want Jim to run any errands for him. The war had changed the Chinese peoplep 320 ES 1984
the blood smear his cheeks in the wind. With luck, any communist sentry stationed on the embankment would think that Jimp 326 ES 1984
with sandbags set out across the river, ready to collect any stray canisters. A dozen parachutes fell from the B-29s, andp 330 ES 1984
all costs, Basie and his bandit group stayed close to any battle that was taking place. On the eastern fringes ofp 331 ES 1984
The Nats want to take over Shanghai and keep out any foreign business interests.‘ ‘Is that us, Basie?‘ ‘That's you, Jimp 332 ES 1984
and had left him on the mud-flat to draw away any Chinese soldiers who might have followed them to the riverp 335 ES 1984
harness packed with explosive. As always, he refused to answer any questions put to him, and we sat in a silencep 1092 OOA 1984
last three months an energetic search has failed to find any trace of Matthew Young. The Special Branch guard on thep 1096 OOA 1984
day, crossed by peaceful clouds that gave no hint of any natural disaster. B took his car and drove to thep 3 SAJ 1984
open. A train stood in the station, empty and without any of the passengers who regularly travelled to London. Leaving Sheppertonp 3 SAJ 1984
a small armoury of pistols and carbines, to deal with any unexpected menace that might appear. But his only visitors werep 5 SAJ 1984
my years of training, and my mind bars from me any memory of the actual space-flights. But I am certain thatp 1105 MWM 1985
American authorities confirmed that his photograph was not that of any past or present astronaut. In fact he was a failedp 1108 MWM 1985
for most of his time, something I craved more than any celebrity. Comparing our situations, there was plainly a strong elementp 1108 MWM 1985
just like being here.‘ ‘So ...‘ I put away my notebook. Any further subterfuge was unnecessary. I had treated our meeting asp 1110 MWM 1985
our own times?" It's a pity you didn't bring back any mementoes of your moon-walks.‘ Scranton's shoulders straightened. I could seep 1110 MWM 1985
in the evening I would walk the crowded streets without any fear. Sometimes my former colleagues called to me from thep 1113 MWM 1985
by Borges and Roald Dahl, are complete short stories. Do any instant theories spring to mind? No, thankfully, though one cannotp 236 UGM 1986
not to think about what adults do after dark. At any rate, it is inconceivable that the masters of classic sciencep 19 UGM 1987
I have suspected that she is keeping watch on me. Any food or cigarettes that I leave behind are always removedp 8 DC 1987
of the desert was Harare's greatest ally, and water in any form his sworn enemy. The changing climate and the imminentp 16 DC 1987
for reasons I should already have suspected, discouraged me in any way. With few patients to care for, I turned myselfp 16 DC 1987
knelt at Sanger's feet he would have been unaware of any irony. All the more annoying was the fact that thep 32 DC 1987
is sorghum and manioc. The second is that there aren't any people -- they fled months ago, as Captain Kagwa shouldp 33 DC 1987
fifty sacks of rice, suggested that the chief recipient of any aid was Sanger himself. It was his television career hep 35 DC 1987
it rested. To my disappointment, it failed to put up any great fight, but lay passively against the tractor's scoop, ap 39 DC 1987
in the ten years that followed I had gone to any lengths to avoid actually practising medicine in either Europe orp 42 DC 1987
possible film locations. At times it seemed that nothing had any real significance for Sanger until Mr Pal and Miss Matsuokap 56 DC 1987
a form that reflects their real needs.‘ ‘And that justifies any invention?‘ ‘No. It must chime with their secret hopes, theirp 62 DC 1987
but in fact it's merely an accidental surface flow. At any moment it will dry up, leaving a huge swamp thatp 68 DC 1987
the proconsul of a new Saharan province with secessionist ambitions. Any moment now a Pan-African commission will arrive and the bickeringp 85 DC 1987
my mind believed that the river would never harm me, any more than my own bloodstream would try to drown mep 87 DC 1987
expense, I will also make a geological survey, to define any matters of territoriality and ownership.‘ ‘I thought the ownership wasp 94 DC 1987
of the engine and the unchanging green walls would erase any sense of the real passage of time, of minutes, hoursp 106 DC 1987
to overstrain the engine, or to alert Harare's patrols with any excessive noise. The ferry's cruising speed of five knots couldp 108 DC 1987
at the forest slopes of the river valley, listening for any sounds of Harare and his guerillas. But the trees werep 110 DC 1987
for an emergency, but already I was reluctant to shoot any of the creatures in the forest. The river swept byp 111 DC 1987
a hunted animal, but I felt more confident than at any time since arriving at Port-la-Nouvelle. I had begun to shedp 112 DC 1987
in a basic English language course, the first tuition of any kind that she had received in her life. She movedp 117 DC 1987
in the leather upholstery as if this would ward off any further missiles. ‘Doc ...?‘ ‘Don't move ... Kagwa won't shoot his preciousp 125 DC 1987
to calm my arms and hands, searching the banks for any foliage that might give us cover. The saplings and shrubsp 130 DC 1987
wake of bubbles soon dissolved and the water smoothed out any memory of our passage. Around us the river flowed betweenp 137 DC 1987
the ferry's helm would in some way shelter us from any further act of treachery by the river. After our escapep 139 DC 1987
despite its lack of ammunition, the weapon would chase away any roaming deserters -- I reached the narrow beach, which wasp 141 DC 1987
an immense arterial system, the Mallory was able to seal any wounds in its own walls, and this small haemorrhage wasp 146 DC 1987
an ever-more hungry intestine. Nonetheless, I felt stronger than at any time since leaving Port-la-Nouvelle, and eager to cope with thep 153 DC 1987
he was after bigger game than the car ferry -- any action he took against me for firing a bullet throughp 156 DC 1987
to leave now.‘ When I reprimanded her she shrugged like any teenager. ‘Captain Kagwa's coming -- big guns, they'll catch Noonp 160 DC 1987
the fast forward, playing games with time and space like any child in a western suburb. Around her the river preservedp 160 DC 1987
these marshes and lagoons the sun was scarcely visible in any direction, and seemed to emanate from a glowing haze allp 170 DC 1987
home for estuarine crocodiles --‘ ‘Crocodiles? We are far from any estuary ... but crocodiles would be useful, Mr Pal. Keep anp 173 DC 1987
entering the main channel of the Mallory, I listened for any sound of Kagwa's expeditionary force. Across the reed islands andp 176 DC 1987
clash between Harare and Captain Kagwa. Noon would perish before any of us. ‘All right, Sanger.‘ I beckoned Noon towards mep 180 DC 1987
trap-door. I shielded my face from the sun, listening for any sounds of Kagwa's helicopter. The wavelets chattered against the hullp 182 DC 1987
lights and monitors, nostrils flicking at the passing air for any scent of Captain Kagwa. As he swung between the silentp 184 DC 1987
upstream, gaining height as the pilot took care to avoid any possible ground fire from Harare's guerillas. Lit by the afternoonp 188 DC 1987
dead or dying. Yet I felt more determined than at any time since leaving Port-la-Nouvelle. I thought of the lunatic eventsp 195 DC 1987
cubicles were the same metal grilles, placed there to prevent any paying customers from taking a short cut to their pleasuresp 200 DC 1987
seen one or two of them. They haven't given us any trouble.‘ ‘That surprises me. All the rifles and webbing --p 204 DC 1987
party at work in the long grass. ‘They ... weren't needed any more. I think you should rest here. Perhaps we canp 204 DC 1987
agitated way. I stood at the rail and listened for any sounds of Kagwa's helicopter, but the source of the noisep 205 DC 1987
the soft sand of the river-bed, giving me away to any sentry or sniper. As I hid behind the trunk ofp 215 DC 1987
hull of the Salammbo, and this precarious dam threatened at any moment to collapse and spill itself into the pool belowp 232 DC 1987
husbands that they could sleep with these drunken soldiers without any care. Whatever the women's motives for mooring in the poolp 236 DC 1987
Harare, suspicious of her long absence, had refused to supply any ammunition for the elderly rifle. With an effort I loweredp 237 DC 1987
her from the Salammbo, I found it difficult to read any clear motive into her eccentric behaviour. Harare and his menp 245 DC 1987
the foremast of the Salammbo, and searched the river-bed for any sight of the rival armies. All trace of these warringp 257 DC 1987
he expected a telephone call from his Japanese sponsors at any moment. Then I saw that he had burned the backp 261 DC 1987
centre of the gorge. After scanning the main channel for any trace of Noon, I steered the raft into the armp 271 DC 1987
by the cascade at Bonneville. Yet I have never seen any corpses of Kagwa, Harare or their men, though their abandonedp 286 DC 1987
California sunshine, David Hockney wears his celebrity more casually than any post-war artist. Neither Warhol, with his eerie, death's-head stare, norp 62 UGM 1988
in numerous documentaries about the massacre, and I hardly expected any sudden revelation. But as I relaxed in the viewing theatrep 7 RW 1988
Pangbourne Village estate was not built near the site of any former or existing village. Like the numerous executive housing estatesp 12 RW 1988
of these murdered men and women has failed to reveal any common factor that might prompt a wholesale attack. The responsiblep 15 RW 1988
foliage. None of the residents of the nearby estates reports any sightings of military units. The lawns and soft ground withinp 20 RW 1988
within the estate show no footmarks of athletic men or any signs of their equipment. (4) The Political Dimension: Foreign Powersp 20 RW 1988
confirm that none of the victims was politically involved in any way. Their only contacts were with U.S. and EECp 20 RW 1988
disaffected assassination squad of Libyan professionals. But the absence of any trace left by such a group, as well as thep 20 RW 1988
of syndicate revenues through the London money markets, or in any other activities connected with organized crime. (7) The Parents asp 21 RW 1988
traces of the children before suffering retroactive amnesia that erased any memory of the crime. Unaware of the murders they carriedp 22 RW 1988
to gaze at the houses from the surrounding lanes or any convenient high ground. Scores of people, many equipped with binocularsp 23 RW 1988
the pistol grip -- it's difficult to hold the thing any other way -- and there's a rush of air thatp 42 RW 1988
who actually carried out the Pangbourne Massacre?" "The children, without any doubt. It sounds so outlandish, I'm not even sure ifp 43 RW 1988
it myself. There's no proof and we may not find any. All the same, I'm certain that the Pangbourne parents, onep 43 RW 1988
they were never challenged, a problem which would have faced any adult kidnappers. Interestingly, they left their fingerprints all over thep 61 RW 1988
beyond the point where questions of guilt and responsibility have any meaning for them. Is Marion Miller still alive? The assumptionp 61 RW 1988
of omnipotence. I doubt this. There is no sign that any of the older children was a ringleader, or that anyp 62 RW 1988
any of the older children was a ringleader, or that any kind of coercion was ever employed. Despite the desktop newspapersp 62 RW 1988
at all, the deaths of their victims must be without any meaning. By a grim paradox, the instrument of the parentsp 63 RW 1988
never needed at Pangbourne, by either parents or children. Denied any self-expression, and with even the most wayward impulse defused byp 63 RW 1988
Hirohito was ‘a sincere man and a genuine liberal‘. At any event Hirohito, after publicly renouncing his godliness, then embarked onp 49 UGM 1989
if nowhere else), the situation has become so desperate that any escape seems justified. The price that I have paid forp 1124 LCC 1989
the 1980s were among the last generation to marry without any fear of what their union might produce. By the 1990sp 1125 LCC 1989
to extreme lengths, of which vasectomy was the most popular, any perpetrators being sentenced to a testicular transplant. To prevent thep 1126 LCC 1989
as the participants and would exact fierce on-the-spot fines for any slackening-off or lack of zeal. All this at last hadp 1126 LCC 1989
in the Spanish quarter of the city, and to avoid any catcalls -- those of us doing our patriotic duty werep 1127 LCC 1989
put up with all this?‘ ‘I don't think about it any more.‘ ‘I don't think about anything else. Look, Mr Bradleyp 1128 LCC 1989
consummated in the physical sense, but this did not in any way diminish my deep infatuation with this remarkable young womanp 1128 LCC 1989
with the aid of a venal laboratory technician. Marriage or any monogamous relationship was taboo during the period of one's patrioticp 1129 LCC 1989
attend her lectures, sitting in the back row and resenting any student who asked an over-elaborate question. At my insistence shep 1129 LCC 1989
of social and professional status, had all been abandoned. At any event, a movement confined to a few resorts along thep 1140 LTP 1989
and intelligent than their provincial rivals, were adept at challenging any eviction orders or charges of theft. The once passive regimep 1141 LTP 1989
and spiritual rightness of their cause. Acting together, they commandeered any empty villas or apartment houses, whose owners were either toop 1141 LTP 1989
devotion to physical perfection ruled their lives more strictly than any industrial taskmaster. Out of necessity, leisure had moved into ap 1141 LTP 1989
produced its characteristic leaders. The British resorts were dominated by any number of would-be Thatchers, fierce ladies in one-piece bathing suitsp 1143 LTP 1989
of these familiar rooms. In a sense, the lack of any response reflects the tranquil air of this London suburb. Ifp 1130 TES 1989
same time, it will be months before my action arouses any real suspicions, and I am confident that by then Ip 1131 TES 1989
different realm. I feel tremendously buoyant, almost lightheaded. Nothing matters any more. Think only of essentials: the physics of the gyroscopep 1131 TES 1989
spent as much time in the Beirut front line as any of the combatants. Dr Edwards could easily have returned top 1146 WF 1989
the physician's good nature, milking him for advance news of any shift in military alliances which the UN peacekeeping force hadp 1146 WF 1989
letters arranged at their feet in a grim tableau. ‘With any luck, we'll find their next of kin.‘ Ryan pushed pastp 1146 WF 1989
he's in the Brigade, doctor. They're on our side.‘ ‘Not any more.‘ Clumsily, Dr Edwards pressed Ryan's shoulder in a gesturep 1146 WF 1989
for his Dutch rabbit. Ryan could easily have moved to any one of the dozen empty apartments in the building, butp 1149 WF 1989
to a halt, but Dr Edwards repeatedly told Ryan that any attempt by the peacekeeping force to live up to itsp 1150 WF 1989
by the signals teams of the rival groups to prevent any foreign connivance in a military coup. Ryan had spent ap 1151 WF 1989
Despite numerous rebuffs Ryan pressed on, arguing his case with any soldiers he met. Always there was an unvoiced interest, butp 1151 WF 1989
own platoons, but be unarmed and take no part in any fighting, unless their lives were threatened. The prospect of ap 1153 WF 1989
and my aunt. They're upstairs.‘ ‘No, Ryan. They're not here any longer. I'm afraid they've gone.‘ ‘Where? My God, I toldp 1155 WF 1989
It was some sort of terrible fever. It doesn't exist any more.‘ ‘That's true -- almost. Fifty years ago the Worldp 1157 WF 1989
should be. No one would dream of going to war, any more than a sane mother would shoot her own childrenp 1158 WF 1989
director is once again taking almost all the credit for any success. What part is played by the film script, howp 3 UGM 1990
this script, but that he had been able to form any idea of the finished movie from these empty lines. Yetp 4 UGM 1990
school at fifteen, when the family were unable to afford any further education, he became a solicitor's clerk, financing his eveningp 105 UGM 1990
searching the sea beyond the inlet of the lagoon for any sign of Dr Chambers. Everywhere a deranged horticulture was runningp 1162 DCG 1990
to say, they had never berthed at Galveston, Miami or any other of the ports where they had tried to unloadp 1163 DCG 1990
you four or five months. I'll help you out with any food you need. But be careful.‘ Dr Christine pointed top 1166 DCG 1990
cabin mirror he inspected the hairs on his chin and any suspicious moles. The weeks at sea, inhaling the acrid fumesp 1167 DCG 1990
here for an hour.‘ She touched his cheeks, searching for any sign of fever and puzzled by Johnson's distracted manner. Behindp 1170 DCG 1990
What, Johnson?‘ ‘We can learn to fly. There's no time any more -- everything's too beautiful for time.‘ ‘Johnson, look atp 1171 DCG 1990
gleaming bodies like discarded costume jewellery. ‘You weren't contaminated in any way?‘ the lieutenant asked Christine. ‘I'm thinking of the babyp 1172 DCG 1990
Christine. ‘I'm thinking of the baby.‘ ‘No, I didn't eat any of the fruit,‘ Christine said firmly. ‘I've been here onlyp 1172 DCG 1990
dream and freedom within a highly stylised format that defuses any fears we may have of the inherent dangers of thesep 97 CRAa 1990
the actual scale of enlargement and, finally, the presence of any pathology in the breast tissue itself. An outstanding feature ofp 114 MWR 1990
a very unfortunate manner if the blood supply is in any way impaired. In the case of Miss West, therefore, itp 114 MWR 1990
pain and chronic mastitis were not contra-indications to operation. In any case, tissue removed was examined very carefully for any abnormalp 114 MWR 1990
In any case, tissue removed was examined very carefully for any abnormal pathology, and specimens from selected areas of each sidep 114 MWR 1990
appear to damage the vitality of the skin edges in any way. The clamp was applied from above downwards: at itsp 115 MWR 1990
great. No one in her admiring audience was ever in any doubt about the true purpose of that splendid body. Yetp 114 MWRa 1990
undermined was insensitive, and it was not difficult to milk any collection of fluid backward to the point of drainage. Scarringp 112 PMF 1990
lovers and confidantes. In our minds we can assign them any roles we choose, submit them to any passion or humiliationp 111 PMFa 1990
can assign them any roles we choose, submit them to any passion or humiliation. And as they age, we can remodelp 111 PMFa 1990
the edge of child pornography. Yet it's difficult to imagine any pedophile being excited by his strange dolls and dainty, Alice-likep 53 GANa 1990
in their make-up, exploiting the imaginative possibilities that sex provides. Any sex act can become a nerve-wracking psychodrama in which onep 54 GANa 1990
sexual impulse as its own, an inheritance wholly free of any biological entail. As always with such inheritances, there will bep 61 SCNa 1990
biological entail. As always with such inheritances, there will be any number of new friends eager to help in its spendingp 61 SCNa 1990
to think how the report's authors would have dealt with any sexual elements, particularly if they had involved Jacqueline Kennedy (perhapsp 27 UDa 1990
sustained more violent beatings over the years than those of any other Hollywood actor. By the mid-fifties Hollywood was desperate top 9 UGM 1991
particular his ‘English‘ accent -- every bit as extraterrestrial as any of Meryl Streep's -- and it is sobering to reflectp 9 UGM 1991
absence of combatants, let alone the dead and wounded, suppresses any reflexes of pity or outrage, and creates the barely consciousp 11 UGM 1991
entire output of Hollywood Vietnam films, faulting them for evading any serious consideration of what they see as America's misguided andp 12 UGM 1991
and racist involvement in Vietnam and for failing to offer any insight into the long-term consequences of the war. But Hollywoodp 12 UGM 1991
is so tantalizing about Rashomon is its refusal to validate any of the witnesses‘ stories as the true account. In ap 26 UGM 1991
and convey the unmistakable impression that the Japanese, more than any other people, enjoy being depressed. His samurai epics, above allp 26 UGM 1991
failure of the US Justice Department to convict him of any serious crime, a failure that only reinforced the belief inp 45 UGM 1991
biography of Oscar Wilde took frankness a stage further. Scarcely any sense of Wilde appears in this massive account -- hep 71 UGM 1991
German barbarism comes through these paintings more strongly than in any others in Images of War, and suggests that the notionp 74 UGM 1991
his mug of tea. Wholly absent from this selection is any sense of triumphalism. A reader knowing nothing of the Secondp 75 UGM 1991
of everyday life has been vastly greater than that of any Arts Council favourite collecting his cheque from the Prince ofp 76 UGM 1991
force in shaping the American imagination, a sobering thought for any British novelist hoping to sell his introverted crochet-work to anp 78 UGM 1991
of Italian food, women, landscape or even its architecture, of any quickening of the blood and awareness of the charged pleasuresp 80 UGM 1991
the look of crushed adults, with eyes far sharper than any one can see today in a suburban playground or shoppingp 82 UGM 1991
it may seem surprising that none of the children show any fear. But children, as long as they are with theirp 83 UGM 1991
Michael Wood's photographs brilliantly complement Melly's urbane commentary, and without any expressionist or surrealist camera-work illustrate just what inspired the surrealistsp 90 UGM 1991
our desperate need to demystify the writer and shoulder aside any claims he may make to the ownership of his ownp 112 UGM 1991
and far more than a collection of traveller's tales, though any travel book by Young exists in a class of itsp 114 UGM 1991
violent picture of Him you create, the better you'll do ... any God you create is going to be up against Miamip 118 UGM 1991
all bourgeois values. More than in the case of almost any other writer, Burroughs's life merges seamlessly into his work. Hemingwayp 131 UGM 1991
perspiring trees and microwave air seemed to be those of any sub-tropical city, and I was still not sure that Ip 174 UGM 1991
father, I would watch the sky over Amherst Avenue. At any moment a squadron of Japanese bombers might appear above thep 9 KW 1991
street crashes of Shanghai. ‘You promised ...‘ ‘The Hell-drivers aren't here any more. They've gone back to Manila.‘ ‘They're getting ready forp 15 KW 1991
mouth. Her hands were open, white palms exposed, displaying to any passer-by that she had washed them carefully before she diedp 25 KW 1991
of Japanese ceremony. Closing the gates was a sign to any Chinese collaborators in the surrounding countryside that a security alertp 31 KW 1991
seeing that she had gone too far. She knew that any threat to the camp unsettled me more than all thep 37 KW 1991
wall, using the white coal-dust as a substitute mortar. With any luck I would be able to revisit the food storep 43 KW 1991
in the camp and as frightened of Sergeant Nagata as any of the prisoners. Long pauses interrupted his interrogation, as hep 45 KW 1991
Nagata. I'm going to the river.‘ ‘Sergeant Nagata's not here any more. You can go back to Shanghai now.‘ She pluckedp 49 KW 1991
at the hut.‘ For all the excitement, no-one was in any hurry to evacuate the camp, as Peggy had noticed. Forp 49 KW 1991
on anything they were doing, nor to take sides in any dispute involving them. I told myself that the Chinese wasp 56 KW 1991
meant nothing. Only the first-class private coiling the wire showed any interest in me. I guessed that they had been up-countryp 56 KW 1991
realm in which they waited, their minds already far beyond any future in store for them. I decided to eat myp 58 KW 1991
along the Lunghua road I searched the paddy fields for any sign of the railway station, expecting to see its platformp 66 KW 1991
naked every day, and I knew her more intimately than any other woman in my life. But I never embraced herp 74 KW 1991
a button on to my shirt. Sensible housewifery could hold any demons at bay, any hunger. ‘Why do you read allp 81 KW 1991
my shirt. Sensible housewifery could hold any demons at bay, any hunger. ‘Why do you read all this stuff? You aren'tp 81 KW 1991
You've never had to rely on your imagination, thank God.‘ ‘Any moment now, he's going to start tunnelling ...‘ I had describedp 90 KW 1991
patriotic flags that sealed the past away forever, far from any searching eye. Even the ex-servicemen I met in London barsp 94 KW 1991
I had left Cambridge after two years, completely cured of any need to become a doctor. Despite the Cavendish laboratory, thep 102 KW 1991
used Oldsmobile, and we began to take long drives in any direction. The Canadians were a hospitable and tolerant desert peoplep 107 KW 1991
be called the next day. Our huge son, solemn as any alderman, was asleep in his mother's arms when I reachedp 126 KW 1991
might. He has a bomb, Daddy. He told me.‘ ‘Not any more. Besides, he's much too fond of you and Mummyp 128 KW 1991
of my true nature. Aware that Miriam felt uneasy at any talk of Shanghai, he rarely referred to our war yearsp 128 KW 1991
placed his hands on Miriam's smock. ‘It must be due any moment -- if it comes this afternoon, can I watchp 129 KW 1991
extras recruited to play the roles of ordinary suburbanites. At any moment the action would begin, and I would find thatp 136 KW 1991
area of grass-covered dunes, creeks and mosquito inlets. Giving up any hope of swimming across the bay, I rested on thep 140 KW 1991
Santa Margarita, and the mad ferryman aimed his bows at any passing swimmer. A week later, when we landed on thep 146 KW 1991
you want to buy some pot?‘ ‘Only if you have any to spare. She feels we're getting too bourgeois.‘ ‘It's goodp 156 KW 1991
thighs. She smiled quickly, erasing the offer of herself without any resentment, and strode down to the beach. I followed fiftyp 157 KW 1991
and cafes slid past through a dream more lurid than any of Dali's paintings, a vision of the world's end seenp 162 KW 1991
husband and father, and banished me before I could do any further damage? Certainly, many people thought that I should notp 169 KW 1991
had been separated for months. What they most resented was any hint that there was something freakish about our family. Toop 170 KW 1991
the poor victim would be ignored, stared through, excluded from any games. I envied the elaborate mourning rituals of the Chinesep 174 KW 1991
my sad condition. ‘Perhaps, Jim, you just don't like girls any more ...‘ I walked away from him under a cinema marqueep 176 KW 1991
the tranquil TV suburbs moved a light as serene as any Stanley Spencer had seen at Cookham. At the same timep 180 KW 1991
That's your measure of whisky. Smoke pot, but don't buy any here. You'll find capitalist exploitation at its most ruthless.‘ Hep 184 KW 1991
offer. ‘Sally, the whole thing was absurd.‘ ‘So? Nothing matters any more. Jackie Kennedy, Viet Nam, flying to the Moon --p 186 KW 1991
on my face to the untidy study and garden. Beyond any thoughts about the wisdom, of experimenting with LSD was ap 198 KW 1991
that river crossing together. ‘Cleo, tell me -- was there any film in the camera?‘ ‘I assume so -- why?‘ ‘Peoplep 207 KW 1991
I walked down to the river, searching the trees for any sign of Cleo's presence. As the sunlight pierced the foliagep 208 KW 1991
Hunter were involved. Luckily, neither of them was hurt in any way, but the strange circumstances of the accident, and thep 213 KW 1991
shouts about a party, too impatient to burden herself with any needs of mine. A little deflated, I was usually relievedp 215 KW 1991
glass that covered their laps, which neither of them made any attempt to brush away. Watching them, I was struck byp 219 KW 1991
draw herself together, I realised how much she had lost any centre to her life. Shepperton had been the axis ofp 223 KW 1991
stylised interior of the car embraced Sally as intensely as any lover. When my penis entered her vulva she took myp 225 KW 1991
Dick and the families of beggars, no one had paid any attention to the floats. Everything in Rio was dominated byp 236 KW 1991
so packed the streets of Copacabana that they squeezed out any hope of finding a customer. But the city absorbed allp 236 KW 1991
confident pickpockets and the cripples viciously defending their pitches against any rivals reminded me again of Shanghai, with its rich beggarsp 237 KW 1991
seeing them out of context.‘ ‘Nothing is seen in context any more. Switch on your TV set, Dick, and you findp 241 KW 1991
in Rio.‘ ‘You're an actress?‘ I asked. ‘Have you made any films?‘ ‘Yes. I act in films. With Fortunata.‘ She spokep 243 KW 1991
impersonating distinguished film extras, sleek Rio gangsters more handsome than any film star, and fashionable property tycoons looking like expensive call-boysp 253 KW 1991
Greater Shanghai Transit Company map. And inside your head.‘ ‘Not any more.‘ ‘No? Your crashed cars exhibition -- no one realisedp 262 KW 1991
London, avoiding the scrutiny of the US Justice Department and any possible threat to the professorial tenure of its academic board-membersp 265 KW 1991
my mixed feelings towards the place had survived intact. Fortunately, any uneasy memories were forgotten in the roar of heavy trafficp 283 KW 1991
think he's my father.‘ ‘I'm glad ...‘ She had spoken without any thought of the past, as if all memories of herp 286 KW 1991
resume their patient work. I stood up and searched for any sign of David, who had become bored with the slowp 292 KW 1991
a shroud. The canopy, its black panes intact, lifted without any effort, revealing a solid mass of ancient silt moulded top 295 KW 1991
nor the registrar to whom we spoke seemed to have any clear idea of his real condition. Concerned with its ownp 303 KW 1991
themselves in his spine and liver. Too weak to bear any further treatment at the Marsden, Dick was returned by ambulancep 304 KW 1991
his depressed immune system the best chance of fighting off any passing infection. Making sure that the nurses were elsewhere, hep 304 KW 1991
he no longer cared to be distracted by pleasures of any kind. Our fifth recording was cancelled, and I assumed thatp 311 KW 1991
and stepped slowly towards us did time begin again. Without any greeting, he led me to his computer room, where ap 311 KW 1991
that I scandalised Cleo Churchill by searching the chimneys for any signs of combustible flesh. The non-denominational service, with its recordedp 316 KW 1991
By demystifying his own death he had freed me from any fears of my own. For the first time since thep 316 KW 1991
of stroboscope ...‘ ‘Well, I believe you ... try not to stop any speeding cars -- I'd hate having to explain that top 318 KW 1991
on the wet grass. ‘Dear God -- do you know any first aid?‘ ‘No, but I think ...‘ The cold river-water streamedp 328 KW 1991
seemed just, like the faint blur which was all that any of us left across time and space. Besides, the filmp 345 KW 1991
took place during my late adolescence, long before I had any adult experience of the world, long before I had fallenp 179 UGM 1992
of published material to which most literate people have scarcely any access but which provides the most potent compost for thep 182 UGM 1992
old Duvalierist thugs eager to hire their killing skills to any brooding general with his eye on the Presidential Palace. Butp 240 UGM 1992
to the great stone god of the mountain. Nakedness, as any skinny-dipper knows, deliciously increases the sensuality of swimming. Like shavingp 244 UGM 1992
a confessional babble only too open to eavesdroppers. At almost any minute of the hour, politicians and film actors, novelists andp 271 UGM 1992
X-ray -- Does the body still exist at all, in any but the most mundane sense? Its role has been steadilyp 276 UGM 1992
IV, and its five crew-members were soon more famous than any Hollywood superstar. Wisely, NASA had selected an international crew, ledp 1176 MFM 1992
and personalities of the five astronauts became as familiar as any face across a breakfast table. The Zeus W was thep 1176 MFM 1992
beams shone at the darkened observation windows, failed to draw any response. No sound could be heard from the interior ofp 1179 MFM 1992
IV could be measured at all times, and instantly expose any attempt at escape. As it happened, the spaceship's weight remainedp 1179 MFM 1992
senses the Zeus IV constituted a sealed world, immune to any pressures from within or without. A controlled explosion strong enoughp 1180 MFM 1992
race. So a patient vigil began. Concealed cameras watched for any signs of internal movement and electronic gauges mapped the smallestp 1180 MFM 1992
park where they preferred to play. Here they could assume any identity, create and fulfil any desire, and explore the mostp 1186 ROP 1992
play. Here they could assume any identity, create and fulfil any desire, and explore the most deviant dreams. But at somep 1186 ROP 1992
verdict amply confirmed here. Yet most filmmakers are unemployed at any moment, and reduced to peddling their latest projects from onep 23 UGM 1993
mountebanks, every one a Cortez glimpsing an imaginary Pacific -- ‘Any offers?‘ Daily Telegraph The Samurai of the Epic The Warrior'sp 24 UGM 1993
in the twentieth century. Meanwhile his sinister presence endures, subverting any wistful notions of literature as a moral repository and testing-groundp 125 UGM 1993
a walking advertisement for the misspent life -- especially to any aspiring writer. Burroughs has always been regarded as a maverickp 134 UGM 1993
this day. As controllers of his literary estate, they suppressed any damaging letters and closed the door to all but thep 149 UGM 1993
freezing night at the launch pad. This ability to tackle any problem in the most direct and simple way, ignoring thep 160 UGM 1993
a lower standard of living and tackier services than in any comparable western capital. The weary camaraderie of the Blitz holdsp 185 UGM 1993
Canadian lobsters we generally eat in restaurants tend to lack any flavour. The best of all come from Scotland and Norwayp 247 UGM 1993
and majestic. Curiously, the one country from which few, if any, calls for restoration have come is China, once ruled byp 248 UGM 1993
that transformed a few sketches into a star greater than any other in Hollywood. Paying starvation wages to animators, Disney oversawp 217 UGM 1994
tools of trade. Needless to say, Dr Barbara travelled without any medical equipment. Instead of the hypodermic syringes and vitamin ampoulesp 11 RP 1994
vessels supplying the military base. But the open lagoon exposed any unwelcome visitors to the soldiers guarding the island, who wouldp 11 RP 1994
bows, Dr Barbara murmured the Hawaiian's name, reproving herself for any fears that his commitment might falter. Neil had never doubtedp 11 RP 1994
of boobies circled the inflatable, a hooligan vortex visible to any French patrol boat five miles away. They mobbed the rubberp 13 RP 1994
megaphone into their faces, and hopefully scanned the shore for any signs of a hostile reception party. Thriving on opposition, shep 13 RP 1994
no albatross. Only these boobies.‘ ‘Just film the birds -- any birds. Good God ...!‘ Neil sucked his numbed fingers and fumbledp 15 RP 1994
of war and death that lay beyond the reach of any moratorium. The stem of the inflatable rose as the lastp 16 RP 1994
the mosquito!‘ Needless to say, she had forgotten to pack any repellent. Himself the son of a doctor, a London radiologistp 18 RP 1994
totem of the nuclear age that seemed more ancient than any Easter Island statue. Rainwater leaked down the hillside, seeping betweenp 18 RP 1994
off-guard. ‘They're all around us. They're not in the sky any more ...‘ A colony of albatross had nested among the hillocksp 20 RP 1994
tower had been unloaded. But there was no sign of any nuclear or chemical warfare equipment. Saint-Esprit, Neil guessed with somep 22 RP 1994
and blatant threats against the French consul in Honolulu and any French tourists daring to defile the beaches of Waikiki. Buyingp 24 RP 1994
Waikiki.‘ ‘They've heard about life and I'll stick with that any day. It's your lady friend Dr Rafferty I'm not surep 26 RP 1994
himself from his memories of his father, Neil gave up any hopes of studying medicine. The vacuum in his life hep 28 RP 1994
but I have to go.‘ Neil was aware that at any moment his mother and the colonel might leave the hotelp 31 RP 1994
for the testicles. In a few years you won't be any use to your girl-friends.‘ ‘I don't need steroids ...‘ Neil releasedp 31 RP 1994
her, but she waved him away, watching the traffic for any sign of a news reporter with a camera. The policemenp 32 RP 1994
on long-distance swims. But after five miles you're not alone any more. The sea runs right into your mind and startsp 35 RP 1994
through the scented petals, where she could walk untainted by any moral opprobrium and where the albatross would forever fly abovep 43 RP 1994
nuclear tests were to re-start on Saint-Esprit, but warned that any unauthorized vessel entering the exclusion zone would be boarded andp 45 RP 1994
the progress of the expedition and transmit live pictures of any hostile French action to Boyd's TV station in Honolulu andp 50 RP 1994
a kerosene lamp by the gangway, handing out leaflets to any midnight visitors who wandered down the quay, while a look-outp 54 RP 1994
to Japan's wild-life by the post-war policy of industrialization at any cost. A dedicated taxonomist, Professor Saito was a slim, unsmilingp 54 RP 1994
Barbara, Neil and everyone aboard the Dugong knew that at any moment the good-humoured duel might come to a brutal endp 58 RP 1994
even a week. The French might leave.‘ ‘We can't wait any longer, Neil. We must set foot on the island. Ifp 60 RP 1994
the lectures on the true chess mentality. ‘Your play lacks any sense of strategy, Neil. You only win by waiting forp 62 RP 1994
speedboat, Captain Wu's golf-clubs within reach, ready to deal with any midnight French boarder. Sedated by Dr Barbara, an almost sleepwalkingp 71 RP 1994
a moral victory. They had now blocked the runway, preventing any fixed-wing aircraft from landing a surprise commando force. Unsettled byp 78 RP 1994
the Dugon lay impaled, he searched the empty sky for any high-level aircraft, and then turned to watch the hectic activityp 78 RP 1994
would put on a show of force intended to deter any future environmentalists from coming to Saint-Esprit. Most of the sympathizersp 78 RP 1994
the reef, and their crews stood on deck, searching for any signs of the corvette. Both the Champlain and the Sagittairep 81 RP 1994
so well established that a vast international outcry would greet any attempt to expel them. ‘Neil, stop dreaming ...‘ David Carline satp 82 RP 1994
hard work, they managed to enjoy themselves, inviting Monique and any spare women from the fleet of ocean craft to joinp 85 RP 1994
was high. The forty or so volunteers worked together without any supervision, clearing the forest beside the runway, digging latrines andp 85 RP 1994
made up the rim of the atoll, but none showed any sign that they were being prepared for a fresh roundp 86 RP 1994
these grandiose pronouncements, and the complete lack of progress on any practical level, the establishment of the sanctuary prompted considerable interestp 96 RP 1994
many people coming to Saint-Esprit. Nobody's thinking about the albatross any more. Let's get that Dakota down and then we canp 97 RP 1994
has a point, Neil. The sanctuary isn't a chandlery for any passing yacht. We must think of ourselves and all thep 100 RP 1994
the shadows inside the tent. ‘So we give nothing to any crew that calls here? Dr Barbara -- even if they'rep 100 RP 1994
cooling circuits would maintain the right temperature and humidity for any rare plants sent to Saint-Esprit from their endangered habitats. Thep 105 RP 1994
vaster sky over their heads. On the first morning, before any of them had recovered from the violent night, Dr Barbarap 114 RP 1994
us. I'll stay on even if I'm alone here. If any of you decide to leave you can take the lastp 119 RP 1994
his hands and licked at the burst blisters. ‘There isn't any more I can give.‘ ‘Don't be so sure ...‘ Carline watchedp 121 RP 1994
Should I? Maybe it's already failed -- I don't think any of us can match Dr Barbara's expectations. Not even youp 121 RP 1994
leaflets dropped from a rescue aircraft. As if aware that any messages of good cheer would never reach the ground, Kimop 124 RP 1994
waving to the aircraft as she reassured the crew and any journalists aboard that all was well. Would she allow thep 124 RP 1994
goat's milk she had brought for the child. ‘I haven't any medicines to spare,‘ she told Trudi. ‘Besides, the only medicinep 129 RP 1994
not eating enough your milk will dry up.‘ ‘There isn't any food, doctor -- the sea's empty now. Neil can givep 129 RP 1994
Monsieur Didier.‘ All reasonableness, Dr Barbara explained: ‘If you haven't any food you'll have to sail away.‘ ‘But we can't leavep 129 RP 1994
tension and conflict. Yet he still admired her more than any woman he had ever met, and liked to watch herp 130 RP 1994
visiting yacht-crews, but their derelict appearance and needle-sharing put off any would-be donors. At low tide, even the sea seemed discouragedp 133 RP 1994
air. The German women sat beside the fire, watching without any change of expression. Gubby noticed Carline's whooping figure, rolled hisp 134 RP 1994
matriarch. They had rejected the world beyond the reef, like any fundamentalist sect, and politely refused the offered gifts, merely askingp 138 RP 1994
It's not your island! Saint-Esprit belongs to the albatross and any other creature that needs sanctuary ...‘ ‘My baby needs sanctuary.‘ Trudip 141 RP 1994
happens when all the cans have gone? When there isn't any food left because we've been too busy being kind top 142 RP 1994
what Neil might bring to fill their stomachs than in any gift to Dr Barbara that he could place in theirp 144 RP 1994
to rebuild. ‘Rather like Saint-Esprit, in a way.‘ ‘Are there any office jobs here, Dr Barbara?‘ ‘No, and a good thingp 147 RP 1994
astute of the pair, but neither she nor Inger had any idea of the plan that Dr Barbara had devised forp 149 RP 1994
make peace in the afternoon.‘ Inger searched Neil's hair for any fleas. Lying between the two women, as the surf hissedp 150 RP 1994
utensils in the kitchen. Dr Barbara ordered Neil to destroy any eggs that the hens might lay, and for the nextp 153 RP 1994
you coming back, Dr Barbara? The sanctuary isn't the same any more. They really need you.‘ ‘Do they? I'm not surep 164 RP 1994
wind. He waved away the mosquitoes, and kept watch for any French patrol boat that might arrive. ‘Right, Neil ...‘ Dr Barbarap 166 RP 1994
the dying charcoal drew the light into itself. Giving up any hope of reviving the fire, she wiped the fat fromp 169 RP 1994
the beach beside his dinghy, still searching the hillsides for any sign of Neil and Dr Barbara and unaware that theyp 176 RP 1994
last time he would embrace her. ‘And no sign of any defects ...‘ ‘Defects?‘ Trudi seemed dazed. ‘Of course not. It's ap 184 RP 1994
the arch humour that frequently unsettled Neil. ‘Besides, you want any child of yours to live a long and healthy lifep 187 RP 1994
transom window, breaching the climate-control system in order to vent any lingering trace of Neil's scent. The briskness of the sexualp 191 RP 1994
I'll look after the albatross. Keep your eyes peeled for any fires.‘ ‘They've gone, David. Wolfgang and Werner left six monthsp 193 RP 1994
Germans. Neil realized that Carline was lonely, and jealous of any contact Neil might have with the two hippies. His scarecrowp 203 RP 1994
idly stretching her neck as she searched the sky for any approaching aircraft. One hand held her trusty spade, while thep 211 RP 1994
moment's silence, everyone surveyed the defiant messages, clearly visible to any low-flying aircraft. But the spectacle was too much for Mrsp 213 RP 1994
down his thighs, and he felt more ill than at any time since the start of the fever. He wanted top 218 RP 1994
hand, searching the plant laboratory and the animal enclosures for any sign of Neil. Neil threw the spade into Carline's gravep 220 RP 1994
had once bathed his skin, a sea more potent than any through which he had swum. He wrapped his wounded armp 224 RP 1994
been searching, not for yams and sweet potatoes, but for any sign of the Germans‘ burial place, suspecting by then thatp 226 RP 1994
Carline had lacked the will to challenge her or warn any visitors to the island, while Neil had been all toop 226 RP 1994
won't find them there.‘ ‘Dr Barbara -- Monique isn't pregnant any more. What happened to the baby? Is she in thep 233 RP 1994
had shown him a dream of death more real than any fantasies of nuclear war. He could still see her onp 238 RP 1994
punitive weapon for the Japanese. After an escape attempt or any infringement of the rules they would close the school andp 291 UGM 1995
peace, order and the regulation of Her Majesty's waves. Like any frontier town Gibraltar's main activity, I suspected, was smuggling. Asp 10 CN 1996
about it.‘ ‘Calm yourself, Mr Prentice. It can clear at any time, when the Guardia realize how bored they are.‘ ‘Allp 11 CN 1996
Mercedes, remaking her lipstick over a strong mouth designed for any activity other than eating. Intrigued by her lazy sexual confidencep 12 CN 1996
crossing was a unique transaction that defused the magic of any other. I waited for him to order me from thep 13 CN 1996
from a dodgy dealer of a stolen Range Rover -- any of these could have led to his arrest. I spedp 15 CN 1996
too amused by his own weaknesses, to commit himself to any serious misdemeanour. I remembered his compulsive stealing after we returnedp 17 CN 1996
The concierge straightened his magazines, trying to hide from me any edition that might reveal the full story of Frank's involvementp 18 CN 1996
who had never visited the Maghreb; the apparent absence of any social structure; the timelessness of a world beyond boredom, withp 35 CN 1996
A little tact might be in order if you ask any questions. The police gave him a hell of a timep 48 CN 1996
Ether ...? There's something curious about that. Hospitals don't use ether any more. Where was Frank supposed to have bought all thisp 49 CN 1996
suppose, though I don't think either of the Hollingers had any teeth. Perhaps there are clues in the jawbone.‘ ‘What werep 50 CN 1996
lethal flagons of ether and petrol, or could conceive of any reason why he might want to kill the Hollingers. Ip 65 CN 1996
that of the thirty people I questioned not one suggested any other suspect. Something told me that if his friends reallyp 65 CN 1996
casket as if determined to shield the dead girl from any sight of the world that had failed her. The mournersp 68 CN 1996
nodded without comment as they accepted Crawford's tip, resigned to any behaviour by the foreigners in their midst. Crawford patted theirp 70 CN 1996
it in for the Hollingers?‘ I asked him. ‘Was there any reason at all why he might have set fire top 71 CN 1996
of the reasons why Britain doesn't have a film industry any longer. They were rich, likeable amateurs -- no one wouldp 72 CN 1996
the dust from his hands, glad to acquit us of any conceivable complicity. ‘I know, Charles. Still, there's nothing more satisfyingp 72 CN 1996
gazed at the proud black bull lowering his horns at any would-be smoker. For years I had tried to start smokingp 79 CN 1996
years I had tried to start smoking again, but without any success. In my twenties a cigarette had always calmed thep 79 CN 1996
lighthouse. ‘I told you -- I won't play that game any more!‘ I released her and sat on the bed, rubbingp 83 CN 1996
and honeysuckle. ‘I'm trying to play the older brother, without any success. I need to be closer to things if I'mp 86 CN 1996
and how it started?‘ ‘How could he? He can't have any more idea than you and I‘ ‘I don't suppose hep 87 CN 1996
you said something about not wanting to play a game any more.‘ ‘Did I?‘ ‘What game did you mean?‘ ‘I don'tp 91 CN 1996
raised his stocky arms to the ceiling, ready to bear any weight rather than the problems I posed for him. Alreadyp 93 CN 1996
on her medical valise, unsure of my state of mind. Any resemblance between Frank and myself had been erased by thep 93 CN 1996
people in Estrella de Mar who guard their privacy at any cost.‘ ‘Charles, think about that. You have been asking anp 94 CN 1996
grey dawn. When my head cleared I tried to recall any detail of my attacker. He had moved with the swiftnessp 96 CN 1996
All the same, it isn't too difficult to think of any number of people with a strong motive for starting thep 118 CN 1996
So am I. Paula, I'm pointing out that there are any number of possible motives for the arson attack. When Ip 119 CN 1996
of the sunbathers at the Club Nautico: sleek, light-years beyond any concept of boredom, and happiest lying on their backs. Thep 124 CN 1996
if expecting it to retreat from her gaze. ‘Are there any?‘ ‘You haven't seen them? I'm surprised. They're sitting around thep 131 CN 1996
of a club that actually makes films. Did Hollinger shoot any footage here?‘ ‘Not for years. He hated home movies. Therep 134 CN 1996
drinks always make the car go better. Have you found any of Alice Hollinger's things?‘ ‘No. Why on earth should Ip 148 CN 1996
suspecting that I had been touched by the sun. ‘In any case, you know the circumstances of the deaths.‘ ‘Hollinger andp 157 CN 1996
had opened between us. I felt too restless to spend any time in a gloomy invigilation room at the Zarzuella jailp 159 CN 1996
some collaborator had torched my rented Renault. His motive, if any, seemed obscure, less an attempt to force me to leavep 160 CN 1996
committed to his fellow-residents in the resort to have taken any part in the brutal rape. But had he murdered thep 160 CN 1996
and walked towards the orchard, searching the stony soil for any trace of the arsonist's footprints. Above my head sounded thep 168 CN 1996
of you, Doctor. I'm not sure if I was in any danger. I seem to have a knack for tripping overp 172 CN 1996
said, the intruder decided not to kill you. Have you any idea why? You seem to have been completely at hisp 173 CN 1996
drinking too much, addicted to sleeping pills but never getting any real sleep. Some of them had travelled to the farp 177 CN 1996
community? A world lying on its back is vulnerable to any cunning predator. Politics are a pastime for a professional castep 180 CN 1996
Magic, yes.‘ Danvila held the steering wheel, restraining it from any rash behaviour. ‘You begin to look like your brother ...‘ Ip 184 CN 1996
significance of his decision. By refusing to see me, or any of his friends and colleagues at the Club Nautico, hep 184 CN 1996
subordinate. At the same time he was shielding me from any memories of the remorse we had shared after our mother'sp 184 CN 1996
to remember her own reflection. Curiously, at Estrella de Mar any residues of remorse had almost vanished, evaporating in the benevolentp 185 CN 1996
closed the catches of the suitcase. ‘No one ever reports any crime.‘ ‘And that's the most perfect crime of all --p 188 CN 1996
for lunch?‘ ‘Not yet. They're to soften the palm of any prison official who might be of help to Frank. I'dp 188 CN 1996
the ills of Dr Hamilton might escape.‘ ‘Ills ...? Are there any? I bet Frank didn't believe that.‘ I took her palmp 191 CN 1996
film.‘ ‘I bet she did. You didn't help to make any others?‘ ‘No fear. Crawford was talking about snuff movies. Hep 197 CN 1996
the bedroom you said something about not playing that game any more. You took for granted it was Crawford.‘ ‘Of coursep 198 CN 1996
and Torrenueva, but the Costasol complex was far larger than any others along the coast. Yet not a single resident wasp 210 CN 1996
around an obsession with crime.‘ ‘I take it there isn't any?‘ ‘None. Absolutely nothing. An illicit thought never disturbs the peacep 212 CN 1996
car-hire and so on. Since I'm not earning a cent any more ...‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ He sat back and gazed at me fondlyp 222 CN 1996
him when I have something to tell him. Is there any chance of him changing his plea?‘ ‘Of course not. Hep 227 CN 1996
courts. ‘A lot of hunk in place but no customers. Any new members?‘ ‘Not one. Maybe tennis isn't what the peoplep 234 CN 1996
-- the Club Nautico?‘ ‘No, we'll stay here. Drive around, any route you like. I want to see how things arep 235 CN 1996
off Cabrera. But Crawford's arrest would put an end to any hopes of discovering the arsonist who had murdered the Hollingersp 238 CN 1996
he had parked his Porsche, safely out of sight from any police who might call at the club. ‘We'll move thep 243 CN 1996
We realize time is finite and take nothing for granted any more?‘ ‘Exactly.‘ Crawford patted my arm, happy to welcome mep 244 CN 1996
political will? They've ruled the world in the past.‘ ‘Not any longer. Politics is over, Charles, it doesn't touch the publicp 245 CN 1996
Politics is over, Charles, it doesn't touch the public imagination any longer. Religions emerged too early in human evolution -- theyp 245 CN 1996
crack that roused everyone from their seats. ‘Handsome fellow -- any Greek sculptor would have given his eye-teeth to stick himp 254 CN 1996
an intense young woman who flashed the jeep's lights at any car that exceeded the twenty miles per hour speed limitp 255 CN 1996
interrogation technique.‘ ‘He's a bank manager -- he doesn't need any tips on interrogation. You have to understand, a community mustp 256 CN 1996
It works, Charles ...‘ ‘But it's a fierce recipe. Isn't there any other way? You could preach to them, become the Savonarolap 260 CN 1996
matches. Devoid of all furniture and ornaments, the house lacked any clear function. The fitted kitchen resembled a survival station, partp 265 CN 1996
in a couple of low-budget TV series made out here.‘ ‘Any good?‘ ‘The series were shit, but she looked good. Hasp 269 CN 1996
the desk, trying to steady the scene. ‘I haven't had any recent messages from Frank. Mr Hennessy and Dr Hamilton visitp 273 CN 1996
parties.‘ ‘And burglaries, house thefts ...?‘ ‘I don't think so. Have any been reported?‘ ‘Very few. One or two in the earlyp 274 CN 1996
bottle of ether planted in his car ...‘ ‘They don't need any evidence. Frank is still pleading guilty. I saw him yesterdayp 277 CN 1996
sarcasm had returned. ‘Charles, you're the last person to have any control over him.‘ ‘Not true. Besides, I don't want top 279 CN 1996
know he isn't out for himself -- he's not making any money. He's simply a tennis pro. At first I thoughtp 279 CN 1996
Meanwhile, the volunteer security patrols kept the sun-coast riff-raff from any access to the complex. A host of societies pursued everyp 289 CN 1996
donkey-engine ...‘ With his unfeigned modesty, Crawford was quick to pass any credit to the people of the Residencia. As I hadp 289 CN 1996
reasons of her own, perhaps keeping an eye open for any rival doctors on her turf. She watched from the balconyp 291 CN 1996
to say, and perhaps with her father, and now with any man whom Crawford picked out during their tour of thep 298 CN 1996
feet, ready for me to leave, his ears listening for any sounds from the bedroom. ‘Go back to London, before youp 305 CN 1996
staring at the parked cars. ‘It isn't up to Crawford any more -- Betty Shand and the rest of them havep 324 CN 1996
I was happy to go. At the same time, like any husband from a different generation, I was curious about myp 11 SC 2000
the back of her head. ‘Why, exactly?‘ ‘Because there isn't any culture. All this alienation ... I could easily get used top 15 SC 2000
the children at the refuge. I never saw him under any stress.‘ ‘Too many antidepressants?‘ ‘Not prescribed by me. The autopsyp 27 SC 2000
profound crisis going back to his childhood.‘ ‘Did David know any of the victims?‘ ‘He knew them all. Several were patronsp 28 SC 2000
provoke us. Visitors from liberal England, we're as naive as any maiden aunt, an unmissable target. Still, he's your colleague nowp 33 SC 2000
of rose Bandol from the refrigerator. Clearly she assumed that any Englishman of quality would be drunk by noon. ‘My carp 47 SC 2000
-- it looks like a girl of twelve. Is that any help? He mentioned the name "Natasha".‘ ‘Probably his daughter backp 58 SC 2000
Apart from this man Alexei, there doesn't seem to be any crime at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘No crime?‘ Halder savoured the notion, smirkingp 60 SC 2000
Russian must have gone.‘ ‘Why? He could be sitting by any one of a hundred pools here. He's looking for Davidp 60 SC 2000
the floor, and then examined the walls and ceiling for any traces of gunfire. I tried to imagine the hostages trussedp 63 SC 2000
ordinariness of the disused space had been more disturbing than any blood-stained execution pit. I stripped off my shirt and stoodp 64 SC 2000
to face Jane. ‘That's the point. Why would David have any contact with a small-time Russian crook?‘ Jane leaned against thep 66 SC 2000
gestured at the filing cabinets. ‘You've been through his stuff? Any hints of what went wrong?‘ ‘The files are empty, butp 67 SC 2000
paediatrician. Do all these people have children?‘ ‘I doubt if any of them do. David spent most of his time onp 70 SC 2000
drunk or on drugs, but his face was without expression, any hint of judgement erased from its refined features. ‘Halder --p 72 SC 2000
After another six months she would be as institutionalized as any long-term convict, locked inside a virtual cell she called herp 81 SC 2000
Zander: thuggish, bisexual and corrupt, qualities no doubt essential for any successful police chief. I could smell his aftershave on myp 88 SC 2000
ever being aware that they were its perpetrators or leaving any clues to their motives. Zander, according to Jane, was thep 89 SC 2000
the outskirts of Le Cannet, a target safely ahead of any possible attacker. Through the window divider I watched the chauffeurp 102 SC 2000
possible. Though he did shoot seven of them. Is there any reason why he might have wanted to kill you?‘ ‘Nonep 104 SC 2000
a better term might be fall guy. I haven't seen any evidence yet that he fired a single shot.‘ Delage flickedp 105 SC 2000
Friendship isn't that common at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘This friend isn't there any more.‘ Her fingers moved towards a salt sachet, stopped andp 112 SC 2000
And all the games I want to play.‘ ‘Are there any games? The sports clubs are empty.‘ ‘Not that sort ofp 113 SC 2000
the central marker lines on the most dangerous bends, tailgating any woman driver doing less than seventy, my headlamps flashing, slippingp 119 SC 2000
a screaming 7000 revs, swerving across double yellows and forcing any oncoming drivers to dig their wheels in the refuse-filled vergesp 119 SC 2000
not some eskimo squaw covered in whale oil, handed to any Inuit who drops by for the night.‘ ‘I love whalep 122 SC 2000
mirror. ‘Anyway, you're right. Who cares? Sex isn't about anatomy any more. It's where it always belonged -- inside the headp 122 SC 2000
swimming pool. On the new Riviera, only the trivial had any importance. Yet David Greenwood had sat at this dressing tablep 126 SC 2000
knew Greenwood, doctors who worked with him. No one has any idea why he went berserk. They're not covering up, butp 129 SC 2000
had been passed over for the headship too many times. Any resentment had been carefully defused, wrapped in sterile gauze andp 134 SC 2000
up, I said: ‘You've helped me greatly. Did you mention any of this to the investigating judge?‘ ‘No.‘ She pursed herp 138 SC 2000
centre. Isabel Duval was, after all, free to leave at any time. I imagined this rather proud and strained woman movingp 139 SC 2000
memories. ‘They don't seem too alarmed. Did the husbands have any idea what Greenwood was planning?‘ ‘How could they?‘ ‘It wouldp 144 SC 2000
struck me that this would be the chosen costume of any future army ordered to pacify a civilian population, reminding itp 148 SC 2000
the theatre of the night, shining their miniature torches at any kerb that threatened their high-heels. Two of them entered thep 154 SC 2000
younger of the two, a twenty-year-old with eyes wiser than any grandmother's, glanced at me for a microsecond too long, asp 156 SC 2000
Turkish pimps and their children boarded with reluctant sisters, and any show of feeling disgusted them. Warmth and emotion were thep 156 SC 2000
be used like appliances rented out for the hour, offering any part of themselves to the crudest fantasies of the menp 156 SC 2000
a film set of tropical palms and cruise liners. At any moment an orchestra would strike up and the crowds onp 156 SC 2000
rouged cheeks, silver lipcoat and mascara she might have been any girl after an hour at her mother's dressing table. Butp 157 SC 2000
A small one. You can dive through a keyhole.‘ ‘Not any longer.‘ She frowned at the unsettled water. ‘That was ap 167 SC 2000
hands in the bathroom, hunting with her eyebrow pincers for any shards of glass. Through the mirror I noticed her lyingp 168 SC 2000
put an arm around my shoulders. ‘You're concerned, Paul, like any husband. But Jane's too intelligent, she won't come to anyp 172 SC 2000
any husband. But Jane's too intelligent, she won't come to any harm. Besides, she's exploring herself. If you're worried, come top 172 SC 2000
an energizing force. People know that, and will stoop to any depravity that excites them.‘ ‘The Russian who attacked me herep 172 SC 2000
been up for three or four hours, assuming he had any sleep at all. He's been cleaning his weapon, checking hisp 177 SC 2000
raised to her face, as if trying to ward away any further bullets. Her mouth was open, exposing a gap inp 180 SC 2000
long at this first murder site. ‘I don't know why any of this happened. Greenwood didn't leave a suicide note.‘ ‘Hep 182 SC 2000
never told me.‘ I handed the photographs back to Halder. ‘Any others I can see?‘ ‘A few. We'll wait till wep 183 SC 2000
to move fast. Security would start closing around him at any moment. From now on he was after targets of opportunityp 185 SC 2000
don't hear machinery or ...‘ ‘ ... other patients in pain. Are there any photos?‘ ‘Just one.‘ Halder's hands were on the steering wheelp 186 SC 2000
film groups at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘So Greenwood knew he'd be there. Any photos?‘ ‘None. Someone held them back.‘ Halder shrugged tolerantly. ‘Ip 190 SC 2000
didn't know who Vadim's killer was or whether he had any more targets. Greenwood was a doctor at the clinic, withp 192 SC 2000
coat, carrying an electronic pass-key that could get him through any door.‘ ‘So no one tried to stop him when hep 192 SC 2000
a nightmare and no one told her she was awake. Any photos?‘ ‘Not available. Charbonneau was naked. I hear the photosp 192 SC 2000
it's part of the air they breathe. Have you heard any talk of "ratissages"?‘ ‘Cullings? It's an old French Army termp 210 SC 2000
going to have sex. So we did.‘ ‘Thirteen years old. Any others since then?‘ ‘Of course not.‘ ‘Why "of course"? Letp 234 SC 2000
black leather chair. ‘I'm happy to see you here at any time. And Jane. It's not a medical emergency?‘ ‘In ap 241 SC 2000
your problems. This medical emergency -- it's not venereal, by any chance?‘ ‘Not as far as I know.‘ ‘Good. People arep 243 SC 2000
Senior management at Eden-Olympia. Pascal Zander, Alain Delage, Agassi and any number of company chairmen and managing directors. Plus most ofp 245 SC 2000
Robbery. Who showed you the tapes? Halder?‘ ‘I haven't watched any tapes. The crimes I've seen I witnessed myself.‘ ‘Where? Inp 245 SC 2000
news.‘ Penrose chuckled over this. ‘I didn't know there were any recreations at Eden-Olympia. And the racial crimes?‘ ‘Raiding parties, usuallyp 247 SC 2000
curious thing. None of them look as if they're having any fun. There's only one explanation.‘ ‘And that is?‘ ‘They're temporarilyp 247 SC 2000
doubt about it.‘ ‘In fact, that isn't the case. By any objective yardsticks, compared with the health of executives in Manhattanp 252 SC 2000
Your children can do that for you ...?‘ ‘Assuming you have any children. Alas, today's corporate city is superbly talented, adult andp 254 SC 2000
or feelings of dependence. At Eden-Olympia there's no interplay of any kind, none of the emotional trade-offs that give us ourp 255 SC 2000
them of danger. Places like Eden-Olympia are fertile ground for any messiah with a grudge. The Adolf Hitlers and Pol Potsp 256 SC 2000
self-restraint and intelligence. These are people who won't admit to any weakness and won't allow themselves to fail. When they arrivep 256 SC 2000
set up a bogus lonely-hearts club, hinting that there were any number of bored secretaries eager for a fling. No takersp 257 SC 2000
a plane crash and they'd be the first to perish. Any perverse elements in their lives would have to be appliedp 259 SC 2000
executives. At weekends they'd start brawls in Maghrebian bars, trash any Arab cars that looked unroadworthy, rough up a Russian pimpp 260 SC 2000
a voluntary and elective psychopathy, as you can see in any boxing ring or ice-hockey rink. You've served in the armedp 264 SC 2000
been saving little Natasha to the last, warning me from any rush to judgement. After inspecting himself in the mirror, hep 265 SC 2000
you. But I'm sure of one thing -- remain here any longer and you'll end up like the rest of usp 269 SC 2000
watch. Sorry, Paul ... you're too sane. If we stay here any longer I'll go to bed with Alain. I don't wantp 271 SC 2000
and the modest doses were the only effective relief that any of the clinic's highly paid physicians had offered. The helicoptersp 277 SC 2000
As my chest warmed, I thought of Jane, dazzling as any film star in her minuscule black frock, the fur stolep 278 SC 2000
meanwhile, was stuck in a lavatory on the Croisette, like any junkie after a fix, and with scarcely a greater gripp 279 SC 2000
out of control. But he knew that neither I nor any other executives would go to the police. The camcorder footagep 280 SC 2000
into the cubicle, searching the floor between my feet for any sign of an addict's gear. Behind him stood Frances Baringp 280 SC 2000
who came down.‘ ‘The refuge at La Bocca -- did any of the girls stay at the house?‘ ‘With their unclesp 289 SC 2000
agents who occupied the middle terrace. I failed to identify any of the actors, aspiring newcomers who were still prepared top 291 SC 2000
one of our new therapy groups for women.‘ ‘Are there any?‘ ‘Paul, I'm joking ... or at least I hope I amp 298 SC 2000
many parties in Cannes tonight. We saw the Eden-Olympia film.‘ ‘Any good?‘ ‘Depressing. Everyone's so happy in Cannes and they makep 301 SC 2000
Cannes and they make these depressing films. Did you see any?‘ ‘One or two. Not the kind in competition.‘ ‘Depressing?‘ ‘Veryp 301 SC 2000
Too distracted to face me, he had distanced himself from any judgement on events. ‘We're leaving, Mr Sinclair.‘ He gestured towardsp 314 SC 2000
of an elite police college, and certainly no part of any conspiracy between Eden-Olympia and the Cannes police. But one offhandp 319 SC 2000
-- I mean it. How is Frances? There haven't been any messages for days.‘ ‘She's away. Zander's death shocked her badlyp 321 SC 2000
of sex like sophisticated tourists in a strange souk, exploring any alleyway that might offer an intriguing cuisine. To these educatedp 322 SC 2000
forgotten twentieth-century world. Only the cyber-cafe next door was serving any customers. The computer terminals facing the bar were out ofp 324 SC 2000
involve the clinic. One never knows what complications might follow.‘ ‘Any pharmacy would have arranged the analysis. There must be fiftyp 326 SC 2000
provided." Jane is perfect for them.‘ ‘She's pretty spirited.‘ ‘Not any more. For God's sake, Paul, she's a heroin addict. Theyp 345 SC 2000
questions about strange bruises and find a hospital bed for any whore who gets hurt when some sadistic game goes wrongp 345 SC 2000
goes wrong. They like a paediatrician who can deal with any underage girls and boys who catch VD. And it's alwaysp 345 SC 2000
like a ship in a fog bank. She'd have paid any price to bring him back. Penrose convinced her the healthp 349 SC 2000
off for Grasse he watched the rear-view mirror, suspicious of any following cars. The pinpricks of the past weeks -- thep 360 SC 2000
point. Reality is always a threat. I'm not worried by any rival ideology -- there isn't one. But all these adsp 361 SC 2000
phase is over. Life will be a lot quieter here. Any chance of you taking a long break?‘ ‘Paul ...‘ Jane glancedp 369 SC 2000
no secure place in the corridors of the night. At any moment the dark air could open like a trap andp 381 SC 2000
shoulders. ‘Something went wrong. It didn't feel like a game any more.‘ I held her close to me, closer than Ip 384 SC 2000
gravity and lift. Absent, too, was the need to explore any interior space, to pioneer the mail routes inside our headsp 387 SC 2000
refusing to air their real grievances or to say whether any grievances existed at all. The siege negotiators sent in byp 6 MP 2003
had injured Kahlo in Mexico City. Was the manufacturer by any chance an English firm? I could grasp the anger thatp 24 MP 2003
during the summer, mostly smoke and incendiary devices unclaimed by any terrorist group, part of the strange metropolitan weather. Bombs werep 25 MP 2003
the ambulance lights rotated ceaselessly, hungry radars eager to suck any news of pain and injury from the sky. Paramedics sippedp 26 MP 2003
kind of antiterrorist unit.‘ ‘He's looking into the Heathrow bomb? Any news?‘ ‘Hard to make out. Intelligence people always know lessp 31 MP 2003
our expertise.‘ ‘On violent death? I don't think I have any.‘ ‘They're worried about new terrorist groups. Thrill-seekers with a tastep 32 MP 2003
one stepped up to them, and how they construed almost any behaviour as threatening. Pushed forward by the scrum of demonstratorsp 35 MP 2003
television crews. The police were morose and unpredictable, paranoid about any challenge to their authority. The television reporters were little morep 39 MP 2003
was deeply embarrassing, but I was too exhausted to sense any real shame. Many of the patients treated at the Adlerp 44 MP 2003
Sally had agreed not to attend the hearing, saving me any further embarrassment. The search for Laura's killers would have top 45 MP 2003
noir?‘ ‘Black is a very sentimental colour. You can hide any rubbish behind it. Hollywood flicks are fun, if your ideap 53 MP 2003
shook his shoulder, irritated by him. ‘So what? Nobody does. Any idiot can get killed.‘ ‘I had the balls ...‘ Dexter calmedp 63 MP 2003
for a day or two. They decided not to prosecute. Any child that dangerous is going to be very useful top 96 MP 2003
air of a fugitive expecting the police to appear at any moment and break down his door. I wondered how hep 101 MP 2003
arrest me.‘ I smiled, a little too easily. ‘Is there any progress?‘ ‘Unofficially? No. It's almost a meaningless crime. No one'sp 112 MP 2003
expedition, I listened to the doorstep meetings, trying to catch any hint of involvement in the Heathrow bomb. I was surprisedp 120 MP 2003
flinch from the void and have to fill it with any ballast we can find -- tricks of space-time, wise oldp 136 MP 2003
decided whether it was time to leave. Had he played any part in the Heathrow bomb attack? He was so confinedp 140 MP 2003
Hotel, chatting to a limousine driver. None of them took any interest in the hundred or more protesters now blocking thep 148 MP 2003
studio engineers faced us across the chamber, barely convinced of any sacrifice they might have to make. They surrendered limply whenp 156 MP 2003
warm and at the ready, and made short work of any protesters lost in the mazelike corridors. We were roughly roundedp 156 MP 2003
noted, was directly proportional to police boredom, and not to any resistance offered by protesters. We were saved from any realp 156 MP 2003
to any resistance offered by protesters. We were saved from any real brutality by our own incompetence and the swift endp 156 MP 2003
face. ‘Tate Modern? That was horrific. I wasn't involved in any way at all.‘ ‘It was horrific, but you were involvedp 161 MP 2003
long as I convince myself. When I can't do that any longer I'll know it's time to go back to Stp 166 MP 2003
special meaning of its own. Calmly carried out, untouched by any emotions, a meaningless act is an empty space larger thanp 176 MP 2003
by a visual sleight of hand, a psychological trick that any fascist dictator would understand. Externally, its deco symmetry made itp 181 MP 2003
I was a mess. As it happens, I'm not playing any real part.‘ ‘You were at Broadcasting House.‘ ‘Someone told youp 193 MP 2003
have been abolished, David. No one can stand and watch any more. Buying an olive ciabatta is a political act. Wep 200 MP 2003
streets of west London. I searched the low rooftops for any sight of the smoke from Chelsea Marina. Farce and tragedyp 204 MP 2003
and Gatwick. The ceaseless roar of aircraft would drive out any future thoughts of revolution. Richard Gould had been right. Inexplicablep 204 MP 2003
of evil, and made her even more determined to right any injustice within her reach. I pressed Kay's careworn hand top 212 MP 2003
you, David. You resigned from the Institute.‘ ‘I wasn't spending any time there. It didn't seem fair to Professor Arnold.‘ ‘Daddyp 219 MP 2003
It was a close thing. I persuaded them not to. Any nation that puts up a statue to a writer's catp 221 MP 2003
class towards its own children. As I knew full well, any social group that would exile its offspring to the deformingp 226 MP 2003
I leaned against a damaged parking meter and searched for any signs of Kay Churchill. I soon noticed that a fellowp 227 MP 2003
be brought, and promised to urge the bailiffs to delay any further repossessions. Water and power were to be reconnected, andp 231 MP 2003
patrolled the entrance to the estate, answering the queries of any passing pedestrians like tour guides at a newly opened themep 233 MP 2003
closer to a student rag. The infantilizing consumer society filled any gaps in the status quo as quickly as Kay hadp 234 MP 2003
tried for the murder. I rang Vera's doorbell, listened for any sounds from the empty flat, and then rode the liftp 234 MP 2003
the gate, and the police waiting in their vans. At any time during the riot they had been free to enterp 236 MP 2003
well have ended within minutes rather than hours, long before any cars were overturned and the tempers of the rioters rosep 236 MP 2003
man's documents and letter of appointment to Chelsea Marina. At any other parish, the motorcycle, Chinese girlfriend and uncertain faith wouldp 239 MP 2003
near the exit gate. A helpful Asian manager explained that any vehicles unclaimed after two months were towed to the holdingp 241 MP 2003
save money, there are the public highways.‘ ‘I'll remember that. Any phone number where I can reach the owner?‘ ‘No phonep 241 MP 2003
pointed to nothing. ‘David?‘ Gould looked up from his nails. ‘Any answer?‘ ‘Terminal 2 Security.‘ I thought back to the Bishopp 251 MP 2003
that the meaningless act is the only one that has any meaning. It took me a while to grasp, but yourp 255 MP 2003
be getting to know her. Her death wouldn't be meaningless any more.‘ ‘So you shot her.‘ I stared at Gould, thinkingp 259 MP 2003
man wouldn't let me paint there -- too bad for any budding Monet or Pissarro. The bomb was inside one ofp 260 MP 2003
hesitated, as I expected. Richard Gould was more deranged than any patient who had passed through the Adler, but as alwaysp 263 MP 2003
and sullen teenager she had once been, ready to terrorize any bank guard or cashier who tried to stand in herp 275 MP 2003
naive husband to get the point. ‘Richard is dangerous.‘ ‘Not any more. That phase is over. All those fantasies ...‘ ‘It isn'tp 278 MP 2003
leant into the Saab and checked the bodies, feeling for any weapons, and then searched perfunctorily for a pulse. Police nowp 288 MP 2003
hiding in the shadow of a reservoir embankment, linked to any sense of community only by the used-car lots that surroundedp 6 KC 2006
a dual carriageway enshrined a deeper sense of community than any church or chapel, a greater awareness of a shared culturep 7 KC 2006
on.‘ ‘Not everyone likes the Metro-Centre. I can't give you any names, but they think it encourages people in the wrongp 24 KC 2006
of slacking troopers. ‘The day they broke the first sod any number of people feared what it might do. We werep 31 KC 2006
by TV commercials. They know that the only things with any value are those they can put in a carrier bagp 33 KC 2006
a stream of foam at the pedestrian decks and smother any burning debris that fell from the roof. Leaning through thep 44 KC 2006
He and his assistants had spent endless hours editing out any bloodstains or panic-filled faces. The surveillance-camera stills he passed top 46 KC 2006
Let's sit here. I'll do my best to give you any details.‘ ‘Can't we go in? Civic awareness, and all thatp 49 KC 2006
little minds. If you ask me, a standing temptation to any madman with a grudge. Sadly, your father got in thep 61 KC 2006
of glass from her shoe. ‘Don't tell me there aren't any exits.‘ ‘I'll give you a lift home. What happened top 71 KC 2006
we know what happens to children who are never given any toys. We're all children today. Like it or not, onlyp 86 KC 2006
failed! People don't want to be appealed to by reason any more.‘ Sangster bent down and rolled his sherry glass acrossp 86 KC 2006
him firmly as an urban scarecrow designed to frighten away any circling security cameras. But his eyes were calm, and hep 89 KC 2006
your own lift. It takes away the pain.‘ ‘Is there any pain?‘ ‘Believe me. Still, you're used to this kind ofp 98 KC 2006
the mindset of this maverick psychiatrist, almost as odd as any of his patients. The afternoon had begun to fade, andp 99 KC 2006
undefined emotions. We're talking about a virtual politics unconnected to any reality, one which redefines reality as itself. The public willinglyp 100 KC 2006
another utility like gas and electricity: Almost no one has any civic feeling. Consumerism is the one thing that gives usp 102 KC 2006
them a sense of direction. You've run advertising campaigns -- any ideas?‘ ‘None. Narcotics? A complete drug culture?‘ ‘Too destructive. Thinkp 103 KC 2006
But her relief at the news scarcely left the sergeant any less agitated. Threads of blonde hair were springing loose fromp 114 KC 2006
find a better view, too distraught to express himself in any other way, like a tennis player leaping around a courtp 114 KC 2006
the mayor took the microphone. Football rattles whirled, unheard in any stadium for years, their grating clatter like the chitter ofp 123 KC 2006
shirts, began to whistle in disgust. They needed action, without any idea what form this might take. They had waited forp 123 KC 2006
noise. They remained on the perimeter of Brooklands, keeping out any curious visitors. On the roof of the town hall Ip 126 KC 2006
me, a glass snare ready to bite the ankles of any incautious stroller. I picked my way through the ugly needlesp 129 KC 2006
with whom I had shared a bed but scarcely knew any better. Some kind of guilt and unease separated us, despitep 136 KC 2006
of treacherous floors had taught him to be wary of any surface. Seeing that I was too out of breath top 137 KC 2006
an assignment. Sometimes I feel I'm not up to it any more.‘ ‘You are up to it, and it's not justp 145 KC 2006
he watched. Then he sat up, shaking himself free of any self-doubt, and threw his empty vodka glass into the swimmingp 145 KC 2006
of civic pride and enthusiasm swept through this nondescript town. Any drop in output, any shortfall at the cash registers, wouldp 151 KC 2006
enthusiasm swept through this nondescript town. Any drop in output, any shortfall at the cash registers, would be more than madep 151 KC 2006
wanted to say, go bad. Sadly, she walked off without any response. But that was inner London, a congestion zone ofp 153 KC 2006
In a sense I knew him far better than at any time in the past, but had I redeemed myself inp 153 KC 2006
me warily, hair over her eyes as if to veil any telltale signs. But I was always glad to be withp 159 KC 2006
the marching supporters, and was ready to back them in any confrontation. They had seized the initiative and were defining ap 160 KC 2006
was exhausted beyond mere tiredness, moving into a zone where any wild-eyed fantasy was probably true. ‘Do you think Julia isp 164 KC 2006
you find sport you find hooligans. Contact sports appeal to any riffraff looking for violence. Don't judge what's happening by whatp 165 KC 2006
with the suitcase. Two Asian men approached, but neither offered any aid, so I stopped the woman and took the suitcasep 170 KC 2006
camera on a crane circled the scene, ever vigilant for any fanatic with an explosive waistcoat. Narrowing his eyes, Carradine beckonedp 172 KC 2006
through the crowd I opened my hand, shielding it from any curious gaze. Lying in my palm was a live roundp 175 KC 2006
the Metro-Centre. This was a political movement, but one without any supporting bureaucracy of placemen and jobsworths. The will to powerp 177 KC 2006
the picture window that overlooked the central atrium, generously saluting any concourse visitors who waved to him. ‘Richard! Did you seep 177 KC 2006
know when we get them to hospital. If you have any information, Mr Pearson, it's important that you give it top 184 KC 2006
two constables completing their interviews. I had unsettled her, and any concern she had once felt for me had gone. Butp 187 KC 2006
powerful men, fully expecting to be humiliated, and almost welcoming any rebuffs that came her way. She had played her partp 187 KC 2006
routine as a post-match pint. After the evening football games any Chinese and Indian takeaways near the stadium were attacked byp 189 KC 2006
took to roaming the more prosperous residential areas, jeering at any half-timbered house with a rose pergola and a tennis courtp 189 KC 2006
pay the price. At all costs, avoid being conspicuous. At any level, politics is a herd game ... On April 30: There'sp 196 KC 2006
confirmed that the dome had not been evacuated, and reassured any relatives watching that there were no casualties. A view ofp 202 KC 2006
breaking out between the supporters‘ groups -- unable to find any new enemies, they were turning on themselves. I was tryingp 205 KC 2006
was a box of twelve-bore shells, enough to see off any hooligans trying to ransack their old school. Nothing was truep 206 KC 2006
suburbs are the perfect social laboratory. You can cook up any pathogen and test how virulent it is. The trouble isp 210 KC 2006
the threat of a civil uprising, and the ringleaders of any open rebellion had conveniently isolated themselves from their supporters outsidep 214 KC 2006
ring. His eyes scanned the crowd, as if searching for any former pupils who were still playing truant. He smiled inp 216 KC 2006
I was agitated. ‘It's the fear of fire, you see. Any draught would turn a small blaze into a furnace.‘ ‘Rightp 217 KC 2006
would fall. Carradine stared cautiously at the list, searching for any coded message to the police and journalists waiting behind thep 222 KC 2006
us: a deepening passivity, and a loss of will and any sense of time. The treasure house of consumer goods aroundp 223 KC 2006
the dome, torches searching the empty stores and cafes for any intruders. The artificial twilight lasted until the morning. During thep 223 KC 2006
concessions in return. Immediately the crisis eased. The police postponed any attempt to invade the dome. Skilfully finessed by Carradine andp 227 KC 2006
their debriefing. All the freed hostages were carefully searched for any plundered jewellery, watches and cameras, but from the very startp 235 KC 2006
for once glad of the physical warmth. ‘Emergencies don't exist any more. For Carradine and his people everything is normal. Hep 239 KC 2006
more primitive and dangerous zone. Consumerism is built on regression. Any moment now the whole thing could flip. That's why I'mp 242 KC 2006
probing paw of the baby bear. ‘The siege will end any day now. Everyone's bored. It could end this afternoon.‘ ‘Itp 242 KC 2006
it against his free hand. ‘Richard, what were you doing? Any idea?‘ ‘Not much.‘ I looked up at his almost kindlyp 243 KC 2006
make sure that Julia was unharmed, and help her with any wounded brought in during the night assault. Limping on myp 247 KC 2006
are. They want to join us. They can't do us any harm. We control the Metro-Centre. No let's get on withp 250 KC 2006
Richard. The message is: there is no message. Nothing has any meaning, so at last we're free.‘ ‘Falconer's on to himp 256 KC 2006
phrases to say ...‘ I nodded coldly, refusing to spare Maxted any of his contrition. He had spoken truthfully, but the truthp 261 KC 2006
him.‘ ‘Why not? We're totally degenerate. We lack spine, and any faith in ourselves. We have a tabloid world-view, but nop 263 KC 2006
caused. He lived out a fantasy, as quietly deranged as any psychiatrist I had met, the only real inmate in thep 264 KC 2006
a routed army. At 5 a.m. I gave up any hope of sleep. Barely able to breathe, I sat behindp 266 KC 2006
spark somewhere was all it needed. Instead of flushing out any snipers they started a solar cult.‘ Lips pursed, Julia listenedp 278 KC 2006
discussions. Once people began to talk earnestly about the novel any hope of freedom had died. The once real possibility ofp 279 KC 2006
all my life. My mother was amiable but distant with any friends I brought home. Relations between parents and children werep 22 ML 2008
me, something I noticed that neither my own mother nor any of the other English mothers ever did. Her kindness andp 23 ML 2008
treats which I could never buy because I never carried any money, starving peasant families and thousands of con men andp 29 ML 2008
amazes me now that none of us ever came to any harm, and I assume that the thousands of plain-clothes Chinesep 30 ML 2008
police agents in effect kept watch over us, warning away any petty crook tempted to steal our cycles or pull thep 30 ML 2008
grimy controls. It was a magical experience, more exciting than any funfair ride, not because I could imagine the sounds ofp 31 ML 2008
Chinese lessons, he never uttered a syllable of Chinese to any of our servants. I never had a Chinese meal, eitherp 33 ML 2008
was possible. In the last resort, money would buy off any danger. The vast metropolis where I was born had beenp 39 ML 2008
I took it for granted that drinks were served at any hour, and the pantry cupboards resembled a medium-sized off-licence, withp 40 ML 2008
trumps, double ...‘ -- utterly baffled by the apparent lack of any logic in the sequences. Eventually, at the age of 10p 42 ML 2008
vitamin-enriched foods, clean air and water. Childhood, for families of any income, was a gamble with disease and early death. Allp 44 ML 2008
when the CPA head office in Manchester refused to remit any further funds, my father was put on trial. He toldp 48 ML 2008
of which the Johnstones were part. She never gave me any idea if she was happy or unhappy. The only thingp 51 ML 2008
stories in the classroom versions of the Old Testament. At any rate, I still remember the scornful tones in which thep 53 ML 2008
cyclists out of their way, and Chinese puppet troops harassed any Europeans who caught their eye. Despite these hazards, my fatherp 57 ML 2008
itself was a stage set that could be dismantled at any moment, and that no matter how magnificent anything appeared, itp 58 ML 2008
codes of discipline and its demands of absolute submission from any captured enemy. Given the importance of Shanghai and its hugep 62 ML 2008
victims. Married women with small children were excused duties of any kind, and my mother rarely left G Block and thep 69 ML 2008
characters. What I liked most was that everyone, of almost any age, could talk to anyone else. Striding around E Blockp 70 ML 2008
excellent lecture it was, so interesting, and I wonder if any of them or their high-minded wives had seen the pointp 71 ML 2008
our tuition was largely blackboard-driven, but I don't think that any of us fell behind our counterparts at school in wartimep 72 ML 2008
found freedom. My parents were always at hand to answer any query that crossed my mind -- a difficulty with myp 81 ML 2008
I had been lucky to have a happy childhood, and any shocks that shaped my character came not from my familyp 81 ML 2008
of their lives, began in Lunghua Camp. There was never any friction or antagonism, and they did their best to lookp 82 ML 2008
I scavenged what I could, stealing tomatoes and cucumbers from any unwatched vegetable plot. The camp was, in effect, a hugep 83 ML 2008
The camp was, in effect, a huge slum, and in any slum it is the teenage boys who run wild. Ip 83 ML 2008
my mother, but as a principled man refused to bring any coal to fuel the chatty. In my roamings around thep 94 ML 2008
weeks I sharpened this to a point, rubbing away at any hard stone I could find. One evening, in the darknessp 94 ML 2008
hours on the observation roof of F Block, hoping for any sign of the Red Cross truck that would bring thep 101 ML 2008
community spirit had left Lunghua, and nothing seemed to matter any more. The school had closed, and children played their skippingp 104 ML 2008
and Macbeth, aware that none of us in Lunghua had any role at all. Then, in the last days of Augustp 104 ML 2008
they were free to do anything they wanted, and inflict any pain. Peace, I realised, was more threatening because the rulesp 107 ML 2008
walked up the drive past the untended garden, listening for any sounds of the family. I reached for the doorbell, andp 108 ML 2008
servants signed on, though I'm not sure if they included any of those dismissed when we went to Lunghua. Our formerp 112 ML 2008
been fighting the Japanese, and would pose a danger to any young English women they came across. I and my friendsp 117 ML 2008
of simple unavailability, and the far more dangerous rationing of any kind of belief in a better life. The whole nationp 124 ML 2008
knew that the post-war film offered a serious challenge to any aspirant writer. The novel thrived on static societies, which thep 129 ML 2008
from me as the Chinese servants at 31 Amherst Avenue. Any kind of discussion was impossible. They were obsessed with thep 131 ML 2008
far too much, far too early, long before I had any experience of adult life: the worlds of work, marriage andp 132 ML 2008
of Freud. The surrealists were still decades away from achieving any kind of critical respectability, and even serious newspapers treated themp 133 ML 2008
felt more confident about the future than I had at any time since arriving in England. In the last two yearsp 136 ML 2008
L'Age d'Or. This had advantages and drawbacks. There was never any chance that I would be ‘smitten‘ by the visual impactp 139 ML 2008
the same way. But they, at least, are absolved from any sense of guilt or responsibility. Even as a child inp 142 ML 2008
of exhausting work would postpone for at least a decade any plans to become a writer. Varsity, the student weekly newspaperp 149 ML 2008
had the sense that my life could veer away in any direction, figuratively as well as literally. I also liked thep 152 ML 2008
motives of this extraordinary painter than we do of almost any other 20th-century artist. At least Crivelli's Annunciation in the 1950sp 157 ML 2008
central Canada, would give me time to think and with any luck be a new spur to my imagination. I wasp 162 ML 2008
off the Empress boat. Canadians were generous and hospitable, without any of the rough edges that can make America jar. Thep 163 ML 2008
Turks, all experienced army officers, declined to accept orders from any RCAF instructor junior to them. A senior French liaison officerp 164 ML 2008
least we all accepted each other and there was never any rivalry. Today that one-star hotel would be full of financialp 177 ML 2008
people with huge expectations and aware that a lack of any real talent was no handicap to success. Any novice writerp 178 ML 2008
lack of any real talent was no handicap to success. Any novice writer would flee in horror. I remember the oldp 178 ML 2008
that lurks behind American exuberance. A fierce orthodoxy ruled, and any attempt to enlarge the scope of traditional science fiction wasp 179 ML 2008
the first was published in 1956, a signal moment in any writer's career, especially that of a late starter like myselfp 180 ML 2008
can offer, and I regret that so few babies, if any, are born today in their own homes. Once the childrenp 183 ML 2008
became quite besotted, and was happy to be called at any hour of the day or night to sit on thep 183 ML 2008
us. Amis disliked literary pretension (as he saw it) of any kind and was a remarkably astute judge of fiction, whichp 196 ML 2008
acoustics and cries of ‘Eduardo ...!‘ and ‘Francis ...!‘ Why Bacon spent any time there is another mystery. Eventually, by the late 1980sp 220 ML 2008
cinema to see Betty Grable. Eduardo knew few novelists, if any, though the same could be said of myself. I feltp 222 ML 2008
that they were as entitled to opportunity and success as any man, and should never allow themselves to be patronised orp 226 ML 2008
once collected my daughters from a schoolfriend's party, the first any of them had attended where boys would be present. Mothersp 229 ML 2008
serves a political role by performing a castration ceremony, neutering any revolutionary impulse and reducing the ‘arts community‘ to a docilep 234 ML 2008
we know if we were sane or psychotic? Were there any rituals we could perform, deranged sacraments assembled from a kitp 236 ML 2008
were also a number of flues, intended to draw off any dangerous chemical fumes and useful, so I was told, forp 239 ML 2008
fumes and useful, so I was told, for venting away any cannabis smoke in the event of a police raid. Itp 239 ML 2008
delivered to the gallery. The cars went on show without any supporting graphic material, as if they were large pieces ofp 239 ML 2008
fair quantity of alcohol, and treated the first night like any gallery opening, having invited a cross section of writers andp 239 ML 2008
the empty whisky bottles in the pantry and wonders if any number of drinks will fill the void. We had enjoyedp 247 ML 2008
the central characters would be adults, and that children of any age would play no part in the novel. But Ip 249 ML 2008
his boy actors to be lisping and slightly effeminate. In any event Spielberg, who had a unique gift for drawing superbp 256 ML 2008
success downplayed in America. Usually it marks the end of any argument about the merits or otherwise of a film orp 259 ML 2008
the eventual winner did not feature in the list of any member of the jury. Utter deadlock loomed, and tempers rosep 263 ML 2008
an air-conditioned bus and car and smooth our path around any obstacles. Without their navigation skills we might never have discoveredp 265 ML 2008
a workers‘ apartment block, where I scanned the countryside for any sight of the water tower. Eventually, one of our translatorsp 271 ML 2008