own great mansion at Mont Royal, filled with its imitation antiques, had been prepared for her homecoming. After her disappearance andp 110 CW 1966
Chelsea. The short road had been home to a convicted antiques dealer, two lesbian marriages and an alcoholic Concorde pilot, andp 8 MP 2003
finds. ‘Who was that?‘ he asked Fellowes, the keeper of antiquities, as the car drove off. ‘I've seen him on thep 477 NWS 1963
houses, haunted by criminals running hash from North Africa, stealing antiquities or on the lam from Scotland Yard. Could it everp 59 SCNa 1990
values in Hong Kong and California, and the flood of antiquities which impoverished Chinese families were releasing on to the marketp 64 KW 1991
hotels, haunted by criminals running hash from north Africa, stealing antiquities or on the run from Scotland Yard. After the sombrep 145 KW 1991
over him, wiping the welts across his face with an antiseptic sponge he pulled from his first-aid kit. Finally he proppedp 66 WFN 1961
the crystal trees dismembered and carried away to a hundred antiseptic laboratories. At the front of the landing craft the firstp 610 IM 1964
of chalets at the rear of the hospital. After the antiseptic odours and the atmosphere of illness and compromise with lifep 133 CW 1966
medicine cabinet in the bathroom, marking the positions of the antiseptic cream and Band-aids. After a deliberately early supper he leftp 995 MA 1978
alive. Inside the suitcase were adhesive tape, sterile lint and antiseptic cream, one bottle of Vichy water and a second ofp 977 OAU 1978
in the Thames Valley. As well, though, there is an antiseptic quality about Pangbourne Village, as if these company directors, financiersp 9 RW 1988
scent rose through the swarming flies, a medley of mouth-wash, antiseptic fluid and a cloying Japanese perfume that evaporated from anp 232 RP 1994
sat on the steps of the mansion block, she produced antiseptic spray and surgical lint from her jacket. She cleaned myp 39 MP 2003
sedate Manhattan, I found a fresh roll of bandage and antiseptic cream. Watching from the window as another resident's car tookp 232 MP 2003
pulled from the socket, but otherwise the room was almost antiseptically bare, as if sterilized after the completion of the filmp 153 CN 1996
them. Christie kept us busy for years. Public mischief cases, antisocial behaviour orders, attempts by various busybodies to have him sectionedp 31 KC 2006
He's attached to the Home Office, in some kind of antiterrorist unit.‘ ‘He's looking into the Heathrow bomb? Any news?‘ ‘Hardp 31 MP 2003
other course, or be left to the police and the antiterrorist units. I eased myself through the crowd of relatives andp 45 MP 2003
towel under her arms. ‘You should be working for the Antiterrorist Squad.‘ ‘It's all on the net. Dr Gould has hisp 69 MP 2003
sum up the America of the 1930s and 1940s, the antithesis of the folksy and sentimental Saturday Evening Post covers ofp 66 UGM 1989
daughters, plumed with the red and yellow feathers of macaws. Antlered like the deer, and scaled with the silver skins ofp 83 UDC 1979
light for Halloway. Within moments two more appeared, steering their antlers through the overhead wires that trailed across the road. Asp 882 UC 1976
for me now to meet the creatures of the fire Antlers sprang from my head, seizing the air through the suturesp 114 UDC 1979
her, my animal body with its reeking pelt and giant antlers. I would mount her on the lawn below her mother'sp 115 UDC 1979
I reached the grave I lay down and hid my antlers among the dead flowers. I Am the Fire When Ip 116 UDC 1979
and the street-lamps of Shepperton shone through the trees. My antlers had gone, my semen-spattered hooves and powerful loins. Incarnated againp 117 UDC 1979
the Cessna as it overran its own slipstream. The sharp antlers stripped the fabric from the starboard wing and tore offp 1063 MNF 1982
obscene play consisting of a nine-year-old girl in a Marie Antoinette dress watching a couple in intercourse. His involvement in thesep 70 THF 1969
its mirrored roof, he had almost expected to see Marie Antoinette herself, in a Golden Nugget get-up, playing the milkmaid top 1061 MNF 1982
Hill hotel would dress her little daughter in a Marie Antoinette costume, along with gilded hat and silk umbrella. She wasp 70 THFa 1990
trying to excite their husbands, like latter-day versions of Marie Antoinette and her ladies in waiting, though posing as prostitutes ratherp 80 CN 1996
thought of Jane's lurid costume. ‘The whore's garb -- like Antoinette and her milkmaids.‘ ‘Mr Sinclair? You aren't making sense.‘ ‘Youp 377 SC 2000
daughter, who would be dressed in a grey silk Marie Antoinette dress and hat, carrying a little baroque umbrella. Blank-faced andp 175 ML 2008
I was overtaken by a studio van carrying two Marie Antoinettes, a pirate chief and a trio of Roman senators. Theirp 331 KW 1991
criminal photographed by the police. Under it was the caption: Anton Remmers. Dr Jamieson sat forward intently. The diplomatic corps passedp 286 GA 1961
dead by police A sentence had been ringed: ‘ ... one was Anton Remmers, a professional killer believed to have been hired byp 288 GA 1961
the curtain on the era of modern psychology was Franz Anton Mesmer, a Viennese physician born in 1734, whom I havep 152 UGM 1994
Dali, by Dali. From The Pleasure of Reading, edited by Antonia Fraser Shepperton Past and Present Shepperton, a Thames-side town fifteenp 182 UGM 1992
National Film Theatre, and invited to a late-night screening of Antonioni's Passenger. Major Tulloch was watching me from his car, whilep 33 MP 2003
at the eviscerated jungle. I imagined a four-engined Hercules or Antonov landing here loaded with the latest American or Russian drillingp 18 DC 1987
place and scores of black-suited workers moved rapidly like frantic ants, pouring in thousands of gallons of concrete. As each layerp 50 WFN 1961
butt of the gun. ‘There's a positive plague of white ants in the garden, like something out of a science fictionp 485 VH 1963
real source is psychological. Remember the story "Leiningen vs the Ants"? A classic example of the forces of the Id rebellingp 485 VH 1963
after him: ‘Doctor, have you ever seen an army of ants try to cross a stream?‘ From the steps Ransom lookedp 46 D 1965
One or two cars crawled about the churned-up roadways, like ants blindly moving with no notion of their overall direction, butp 90 D 1965
blinded by their own dust. Like an advancing horde of ants, they spilled across the abandoned farmland, completely ignoring an intactp 788 PTD 1969
small waiting room whose apparently infinite dimensions we circle like ants on a sphere. Paradoxically, our instruments confirm that we arep 1087 RUS 1982
of debris. Immediately there was a flurry of movement. Like ants escaping from a broken flower-pot, hundreds of Chinese ran fromp 327 ES 1984
animal world. The migration of birds, the social behaviour of ants and bees, the salmon's immense journey to its spawning groundsp 31 DC 1987
was speaking to some of our more dubious contacts -- Antweiler in Messina and Kolenskya in Beirut -- and they arep 576 LL 1964
But he avoided details, referring with marked distaste to Bremen, Antwerp and Liverpool -- he must have spent months hanging aroundp 153 HA 1981
vents of mouth and vulva, the soft hypogeum of the anus. (4) Astral: segments of his posture mimetized in the processionsp 24 UD 1968
In an extreme 12 per cent of cases, the simulated anus of post-colostomy surgery generated spontaneous orgasm in 98 per centp 758 WIW 1968
by his series of imaginary diseases of the bladder and anus. His greatest work without doubt is his exhaustive "imaginary diseasesp 76 THF 1969
sex-act with Karen, of her clitoris being tongued, nipples erected, anus caressed. These descriptions seemed to be a language in searchp 35 C 1973
by these hooded dials, my left ring-finger moved towards her anus. Horns sounded from the concourse below. A flashbulb flared overp 62 C 1973
grasping at my own, the shape and moisture of her anus as I stroked it with my ring finger, were eachp 80 C 1973
inspecting her nostrils and navel, and lastly her vulva and anus. I would have to run my forefinger to its rootp 112 C 1973
gently against the door pillars and quarter windows, moved her anus in a slow spiral against the vinyl seat covers, placedp 113 C 1973
penis from her vagina and placed the head against her anus, but she pressed it back into her vulva with ap 116 C 1973
Is he circumcised?‘ Catherine asked. ‘Can you imagine what his anus is like? Describe it to me.‘ My description of Vaughanp 117 C 1973
Would you like to put your penis right into his anus, thrust it up his anus? Tell me, describe it top 118 C 1973
your penis right into his anus, thrust it up his anus? Tell me, describe it to me. Tell me what you'dp 118 C 1973
hour Vaughan drew his fingers from the girl's vulva and anus, rotated his hips and inserted his penis in her vaginap 143 C 1973
her vagina, his hands splaying her buttocks to reveal her anus as the yellow light filled the car. We reached thep 143 C 1973
in his mouth, then the right, his finger in her anus, stroking her rectum to the rhythm of the passing carsp 144 C 1973
in her left hand and sliding her fingers towards his anus as if performing an act divorced from all feeling. Shep 161 C 1973
to stroke her pubis, his middle finger searching for her anus. He leaned towards her on one hip, placing Catherine andp 163 C 1973
explored a different sex act, inserting his penis in vagina, anus and mouth almost in response to the road along whichp 171 C 1973
junction points of the sexual act -- breast and penis, anus and vulva, nipple and clitoris -- failed to provide anyp 178 C 1973
parted his buttocks, feeling for the hot vent of his anus. For several minutes, as the cabin walls glowed and shiftedp 202 C 1973
laid my penis at the mouth of his rectum. His anus opened around the head of my penis, settling itself aroundp 202 C 1973
parting his buttocks, I watched my semen leak from his anus across the fluted ribbing of the vinyl upholstery. Sitting togetherp 202 C 1973
hard buttocks, as well-formed as the tight annulus of his anus which I could still feel on my penis during myp 210 C 1973
high against my hips, remembering the tacky texture of his anus. By some paradox, this sex act between us had beenp 212 C 1973
the bites on my penis, and the pain in my anus where an untrimmed finger-nail had almost stripped away the mucousp 113 KW 1991
to my mouth as she forced her finger into my anus. In turn, David liked me to watch him on thep 114 KW 1991
hand between her buttocks, pressing my fingers against her swollen anus. The bloated lining of her rectum ballooned outwards, and Ip 134 KW 1991
ballooned outwards, and I pushed the spongy cushion into her anus, then held it there as the last contractions came. ‘Onep 134 KW 1991
him as he gazed at a cobra-eyed teenager stroking her anus with a forefinger, I guessed that it was this stylisationp 176 KW 1991
toys. She took my fingers and moved them to her anus, rhythmically pumping her rectum like a soft accordion. ‘Don't botherp 189 KW 1991
Spitting on her fingers, she pushed the saliva into her anus with one hand, testing my penis with the other. Ip 189 KW 1991
I hesitated to enter her, nervous of tearing her scarred anus, but she pressed my penis into her, adding more spitp 189 KW 1991
across the seat and raised her thighs to expose her anus, caressing her vulva with her forefinger. I embraced her tenderlyp 225 KW 1991
against her buttocks and steered my fingers down to her anus, pushing the tip of my ring-finger into the soft padp 249 KW 1991
eyes stayed on her breasts and my fingers on her anus. With her strong arms she turned me on to myp 249 KW 1991
the stiffened nub. I soothed the hot pad of her anus, pushing back the soft upholstery of a small pile. Lyingp 322 KW 1991
caressed her vulva and felt the scent glands around her anus. I kissed her knees, and then drew her to thep 190 CN 1996
my fingers into her vagina. ‘That's nice ... don't forget my anus. Do you want to bugger me?‘ She turned on top 193 CN 1996