but their faces lacked any lustre. All spent at least 2-3 hours each day bathing in the UV light flooding throughp 326 13C 1962
of the Pan-Galactic Tournament held tri-millennially at the Sun Bowl 2-Heliopolis, NGC 3599. Every conceivable game in the Cosmos is playedp 347 PE 1962
glanced down at the charge sheet. Name ... Franz M. Age ... 20. Occupation ... Student. Address ... 3599719 West 783rd St. Level 549-7705-45 KNIp 24 CC 1957
which condensed the 45 minutes of a Beethoven symphony to 20 seconds of playing time, the three hours of a Wagnerp 112 SS 1960
chimneys, these labelled ‘Devonian Sandstone: 290,000,000 years‘, ‘Asphalt: 20 years‘, ‘Polyvinylchloride: 6 months‘. ‘Can you see those moist whitep 178 VT 1960
hours was trapped in a gigantic pedestrian jam containing over 20,000 people, fed by the crowds leaving the stadium onp 269 B 1961
that world population had reached a plateau, levelling off at 20,000 million. No one believed this for a moment, andp 271 B 1961
the three-day crossing of the Mediterranean, at a steady, comfortable 20 fathoms, the surface felt like a switchback. His instructions werep 26 WFN 1961
the sloping flanks of the structure. First 10 feet, then 20 and 30 feet high, it rose steadily into the darkp 50 WFN 1961
big craggy smile. ‘I think we can probably stand another 20 or 30 mph without any real damage.‘ Major-General Harris, ap 56 WFN 1961
of the roadway, locking in a sudden spasm. Immediately the 20 grab buckets swung back and inverted, tipping their contents intop 64 WFN 1961
the flashlight against the wall, where the blank eyes of 20 or 30 TV receivers stared back at them, like ap 98 WFN 1961
like an enormous shark. Lanyon watched it until it was 20 yards from the blocked entrance, then crouched down, shouting top 114 WFN 1961
authorities have been concentrating people there, there were something like 20,000 packed between the platforms.‘ Marshall nodded while Symington continuedp 120 WFN 1961
steeply raked sides and profile, over 80 feet long and 20 feet wide, the tracks six feet broad. The grey-painted sidesp 146 WFN 1961
the last time down the tunnel, Maitland saw the section 20 yards away abruptly rise up into the air like thep 182 WFN 1961
snapped, and the giant slab, a block weighing 15 or 20 tons, was slowly tilting down over them. Seeing it, Patriciap 184 WFN 1961
have to be about 6 x 10 to the power 20 tons.‘ Dr Francis watched Abel reflectively, aware that the youngp 331 13C 1962
the dome was impossible now -- there was a mandatory 20 year sentence on anyone making an unauthorized entry into thep 337 13C 1962
on the bottom step, Forbis glanced at his wristwatch. 4.20 p.m. If he wasn't careful someone would climb thep 405 M99 1962
have open seasons. Firstly the Procyon system; this includes about 20 different races, some of them still with only atomic technologiesp 344 PE 1962
etc. Samples: (a) Operation Torquemada. 23-day expedition to Bellatrix IV. 20 ship assault corps under Admiral Storm Wengen. Mission: liberation ofp 347 PE 1962
cleverness, Connolly looked at his watch. It was about 1.20, two minutes until the next traverse. He glanced at thep 455 QR 1963
of the ground with a small trowel. A circle about 20 yards in diameter had been marked off with pegs andp 493 VH 1963
0 3600 16000 K=0 10 109 5016 3636 16000 K=0 20 99 4224 3672 16000 K=0 30 89 2904 370R 16000p 49 LOM 1969
lavish use of meaningless pseudo-medicalese (e.g. ‘serotonin(19) and(20) protein-reaction(21) suppressor(22) m.v.d.(23)‘ etc.). 17p 855 NTM 1976
Total: 3 hours. The totals were gaining on him. June 20 -- 3 hours 14 mins; June 21 -- 3 hoursp 1018 NFS 1981
ground controller, Skylab III. 1974, rumoured commander of secret Apollo 20 mission to the Moon which landed remote-controlled nuclear missile stationp 1095 OOA 1984
My greatest ambition is to turn into a TV programme. 20) I first saw the deceased on 17 February 1986, inp 1101 ATQ 1985
furniture could be clearly seen, even a clock registering 8:20 on a mantelpiece. "Nothing untoward there," I commented. "No assassinsp 49 RW 1988
a slight down-turn in the President's health. First reported on 20 January, this trivial cold caught by Reagan from a visitingp 1120 WW3 1988
help the unborn child, but now I was more than 20 Canadian dollars. In the next room David and Yvette werep 117 KW 1991
families‘ lives? They knew of the Rape of Nanking, when 20,000 Chinese civilians were butchered by deranged Japanese soldiers. Theyp 288 UGM 1995
Manila. A month of ferocious fighting left 6000 Americans dead, 20,000 Japanese and over 100,000 Filipinos, many of themp 293 UGM 1995
brings them here and ties them up. It's about 7.20, and he has five minutes to reach the Bachelet housep 178 SC 2000
be applied to a huge population. Eden II will employ 20,000 people. I don't want to start a race warp 365 SC 2000
time-stamped issue date on the edge of the ticket: 11.20 a.m., May 17. This was the date of thep 238 MP 2003
at the upper extremity of the breast attachment with strong 20-day catgut. A suture wrongly inserted here could have pulled thep 115 MWR 1990
the highway which served the asparagus farms lying in the 20-mile strip between Vernon Gardens and the desert. It was ap 498 VH 1963
the air-stream moving rapidly across the cold earth, then abruptly, 200 yards away, the horizon rose into the sky as thep 24 WFN 1961
the air with menacing thunder. When the opposing lines were 200 yards from each other their flanks turned at right anglesp 24 WFN 1961
deep shelters wherever they existed. Only a small fraction, perhaps 200,000, were actually employed in rescue work. Maitland speculated shrewdlyp 78 WFN 1961
through the open gates, surging down to the far wall 200 yards away. Riding high on it, deckwork trim, periscopes alignedp 112 WFN 1961
finished off what little the wind had left. Estimated casualties: 200,000.‘ ‘Sounds low,‘ Marshall commented dourly. ‘Probably is. Homo sapiensp 120 WFN 1961
to the communicating tunnel which ran to the bunker system 200 yards away. Maitland walked along the damp concrete uneasily, awarep 167 WFN 1961
bunker was on the lowest level of the system, some 200 feet below ground. The corridor led past a small washroomp 171 WFN 1961
about a mile thick, laid down during the Triassic Period 200 million years ago when there was a large inland seap 479 NWS 1963
the nomadic call would be strong enough to carry them 200 miles away; at other times they would set off inp 449 QR 1963
the desert. He cycled on to where the road ended 200 yards ahead, dismounted and left the bicycle in a culvertp 499 VH 1963
crest. The ridge he had climbed was U-shaped and about 200 feet across, its open end away from him. Resting onp 499 VH 1963
set of blood pressures, systolic 120, diastolic 70 rising to 200/150 at onset of orgasm ...‘ Deferring to Koester, Dr Nathanp 54 GAN 1967
million men under arms, the Americans could spare fewer than 200,000 soldiers for the British Isles, a remote backwater inp 782 KG 1969
1298 199 900 K=10 190 0 3662 199 800 K=50 200 0 1879 44 300 K=10 210 0 1252 41 200p 49 LOM 1969
200 0 1879 44 300 K=10 210 0 1252 41 200 K=10 220 0 666 38 100 K=10 230 0 125p 49 LOM 1969
irreversible. At its present rate of decline Europe's population of 200,000 people, and the United States‘ population of 150,000p 832 LFA 1975
am closer to the Coral Playa, the equivalent of perhaps 200 yards away. For the first time I can pick outp 856 60Z 1976
the Yamaha with her feet, and skirted the glowing trees 200 yards from the line of incandescent machines. The explosions flashedp 1058 MSA 1982
tables and chairs. But on reaching the high partition doors 200 metres away we discovered that the restaurant deck is onlyp 1085 RUS 1982
drawings that make up Images of War, produced by some 200 artists from twelve countries, one has a sense that ap 74 UGM 1991
stuff of science fiction since Mary Shelley penned Frankenstein nearly 200 years ago. It may be that we have already dreamedp 192 UGM 1993
struggle for Okinawa, an island close to Japan, when nearly 200,000 Japanese were killed, most of them civilians. Some historiansp 293 UGM 1995
way that eluded Eden-Olympia. I finished my drink, left a 200-franc note on the saucer and stood up to explore thep 156 SC 2000
are setting up a chain of fortified villages along its 200-mile length. CAPTAIN ROBINSON CHECKING HIS MEN'S EQUIPMENT Commentator Alpha Company'sp 962 TW 1967
men, though their abandoned military equipment is strewn along the 200-mile course of the river, and the rusting hulk of thep 286 DC 1987
the twin columns of the World Trade Center, and the 200-storey OPEC Tower which dominated Wall Street, its neon sign pointingp 9 HA 1981
with Mars and stranding itself forever in deep space, a 200-ton stock of food had been placed aboard, enough to lastp 1180 MFM 1992
population of this city-in-miniature would have been little more than 2000 in its heyday. Even now, a hundred people like himselfp 905 UC 1976
producer and star. In the dream house of the year 2000, Mrs Tomorrow will find herself living happily inside her ownp 225 UGM 1977
on a thousand beaches, fillings in a million mouths. ZODIAC 2000 Author's note An updating, however modest, of the signs ofp 982 Z2 1978
States. In his Millennial Address to Congress in the year 2000, President Brown recited a poignant Zen tantra and then madep 46 HA 1981
to a halt in the first months of the year 2000, as the silent streets were disturbed only by a fewp 47 HA 1981
I heard his voice, apparently transmitted from the star Betelgeuse 2000 years ago. 50) Interference to TV reception all over Londonp 1102 ATQ 1985
passport; birth, degree and share certificates; uncashed traveller's cheques and 2000 French Francs left from our last unhappy holiday in Nicep 1132 TES 1989
the camp at Lunghua where the Japanese had interned some 2000 British civilians during the war. For nearly three years myp 176 UGM 1991
a maracas band, celebrating new year's eve in the year 2000. Elderly bankers who seemed to be impersonating distinguished film extrasp 253 KW 1991
my reading followed a new set of fracture lines. The 2000 internees carried with them into the camp a substantial libraryp 181 UGM 1992
could be paved with dollar bills, but by the year 2000 that road seemed permanently closed. Struggling to keep the agencyp 1175 MFM 1992
have a future? As we move closer to the year 2000, which looms in front of us like a forbidding planetp 192 UGM 1993
through that brain of yours. We've almost reached the year 2000 -- let's make sure the planet's waiting for us whenp 17 RP 1994
world. The twentieth century criminally misspent itself. When the year 2000 arrives we'll hand to the next millennium a small partp 42 RP 1994
open dormitories into a maze of tiny cubicles. Once the 2000 internees had settled in, life in Lunghua was dominated byp 290 UGM 1995
pass one university degree after another. Lunghua Camp held some 2000 internees, of whom 300 were children. Most of them werep 72 ML 2008