crossword, braising gently and toying with 17 down (‘told by antique clocks? 5, 5.‘) while Helen was hemming an old petticoatp 12 E 1956
17 down. A part of my mind was thinking about antique clocks. I pulled myself out of it and glanced acrossp 16 E 1956
crossword. I looked through the clues. 17 down: Told by antique clocks? 5, 5. I must have solved it subconsciously. Ip 17 E 1956
of huge bleached bones. Nearing noon, the sun filled this antique forum with a harsh burning light, and Hardman stopped andp 65 DW 1962
couches facing each other down the side walls, a large antique globe on its bronze pedestal below the forward row ofp 147 DW 1962
the enormous archives that lay waiting for them in this antique limbo. Despite the time-wardens, the pillaging of the tombs andp 462 TT 1963
gilt-painted canopies of two merry-go-rounds from above the dunes, the antique horses on their spiral pinions lending a carnival air top 96 D 1965
then walked away to the merry-go-round, swinging himself through the antique horses. The Bitter Sea Soon after midnight Ransom lay onp 97 D 1965
to detect the imperceptible progress of the terminator, while the antique clocks around him ticked mechanically through the minutes and hoursp 675 DF 1966
and climbed to the roof. By the sea, where the antique theatre had been dug from the dunes, he could seep 680 DF 1966
amphitheatre. As he watched, Gabrielle Szabo came walking through the antique streets, the fleeting light between the columns illuminating her whitep 680 DF 1966
dark magnolias. Lifted by the wind, her opal hair, like antique silver, made a chasuble of the air. Unsure whether thisp 723 CHC 1967
lips and chin as if feeling the contours of some antique statue. ‘I'll do a portrait of you reading Maldoror.‘ Thep 725 CHC 1967
she gestured with jewelled hands to the rhythm of this antique theme. Her downward eyes and reflective step, like those ofp 795 SGW 1970
empty road curving ahead of him. His shabby clothes and antique machine were illuminated by the sunlight. Maitland crouched in thep 44 CI 1974
in the task of digging out, and then renovating, this antique bomber. Working alone, he estimated that it would take threep 814 DFW 1974
dumb-bell team, each carrying his polished wooden clubs. Leading this antique but spritely troupe, which consisted of a stockbroker, two paediatriciansp 66 HR 1975
first flames lifted from the fire, the varnish of the antique chairs crackling swiftly. From behind their sunglasses the women werep 168 HR 1975
chopping firewood in the 25th-floor lobby. As he pulled an antique dressing-table from the disused barricade, Royal had fallen through thep 170 HR 1975
eliminate him, and move to his neighbour, a thirty-year-old Brighton antique dealer, whose speedboat, during our first week, sat reversing inp 859 60Z 1976
could be anywhere in the hotel, with Rademaekers or the antique dealer, even with the comic-strip publisher if Mme Fradier hasp 860 60Z 1976
only three years ago was still an enclave of second-rate antique shops, scruffy boutiques and nineteenth-century terrace housing over-ripe for redevelopmentp 864 S 1976
This at last made sense of her Edwardian gown and antique wig, the twenties‘ cosmetics and facial expression. None the lessp 866 S 1976
were filled with relics of his father's restless mind -- antique gear-boxes and carburettors, mementoes of the vanished petroleum age, andp 874 UC 1976
cabin of the car, with its softly sprung seats and antique contours, its raw metal functionalism, was a fitting womb top 881 UC 1976
deck were all exhibition pieces, sitting squarely on inflated tyres, antique coachwork lovingly restored. ‘Pierce Arrow ... Bugatti ... Hispano-Suiza ... Chevrolet Impala ...‘ Aloudp 887 UC 1976
pressed a wall switch. When the electric light -- an antique tungsten-filament glow -- came on in the cabin Halloway examinedp 889 UC 1976
costume, his slight figure and scarred head encased in this antique aviator's gear. For the time being, Halloway decided to humourp 902 UC 1976
understood all that he had achieved, so far beyond the antique engine parts and aircraft designs. Unhappily, Buckmaster -- who certainlyp 914 UC 1976
And then, in the drawer where he had kept his antique flying-helmet: I can --! Fulmar, albatross, flamingo, frigate-bird, condor ... IGNITIONp 921 UC 1976
above them, Olds appeared on the roof, dressed in his antique flying-suit, leather jacket and gaiters. He moved around the aircraftp 922 UC 1976
figure was crouched in the cockpit, face hidden by the antique helmet. The engine deepened its roar, and the aircraft withp 923 UC 1976
studios, technicians on a lawn by their cameras. A dozen antique biplanes were drawn up by the canvas mock-up of ap 15 UDC 1979
trailer that carried a wood and canvas replica of an antique aircraft. As this caravan of aerial fantasies entered the gatesp 37 UDC 1979
way from behind the steering wheel, then pulled off an antique flying helmet. He stepped from the vehicle and busied himselfp 42 UDC 1979
I suppose we rehearse that too ...‘ He played with the antique goggles and helmet, suddenly embarrassed by this rival show ofp 43 UDC 1979
see what I would do next. He played with the antique flying helmet, dangling this film prop in front of mep 44 UDC 1979
in the Cessna. I crossed the film studios, where the antique aircraft sat on the dark grass, and then the raisedp 56 UDC 1979
whirling air. Soon after dawn the river had disgorged this antique Pegasus on to the same beach where I had swump 67 UDC 1979
lintel. Beyond the perimeter fence of the film studios the antique aircraft were drawn up on the grass by the canvasp 69 UDC 1979
with her soul. We reached the film studios, where the antique biplanes sat on the grass runways. There we turned andp 151 UDC 1979
joined in, film technicians and actors from the studios wearing antique gaiters and goggles, a butcher in a white apron whop 157 UDC 1979
me, a young actor from the film studios in his antique flying gear. He embraced me happily, entering my body likep 160 UDC 1979
studios, a motley of uniforms from the air spectacular -- antique open-cockpit flying suits, fleece-lined jackets, broad-shouldered airline uniforms. As theyp 186 UDC 1979
Crew and passengers crowded the rail, waiting impatiently while the antique engines of the Apollo, clearly exhausted by the seven-week voyagep 8 HA 1981
of his mother's possessions after her death -- a mad antique shop of costume jewellery, newspaper clippings and drug vials --p 14 HA 1981
been fitted with gas cylinders and charcoal burners, others were antique steam-driven contraptions with grotesque pipes and compression chambers. When Steinerp 43 HA 1981
him in 42nd Street, sitting in the back of an antique limousine which the desert wind had exposed between the dunesp 56 HA 1981
desert nomads, their sun-blackened hands never far away from the antique rifles in their saddle holsters. Unaware of Wayne, they movedp 61 HA 1981
Wells Fargo building, standing on the dusty footplate of the antique locomotive in the replica railroad station. He had thrown awayp 100 HA 1981
been ready to defend Marina del Rey to the last antique dealer and real estate operator. ‘With your encouragement, Wayne, ifp 154 HA 1981
nagging headaches, but also because of the unique freedom this antique machine gave him to keep an eye on everything. Nonep 164 HA 1981
highway out of town. The neutron blast would scorch the antique suits and plastic skin from their metal backs, but theyp 224 HA 1981
through the craps and blackjack tables. Washington still led them, antique duelling pistol in hand. Behind him came Truman and Eisenhowerp 226 HA 1981
he shook himself in a dignified way and raised his antique pistol, calmly signalling to his fellow-Presidents. Together, they raised theirp 227 HA 1981
leak from Las Vegas like the last music from an antique record player. After the dreams and fantasies which had woundp 230 HA 1981
Monroe belonged to a past America, to that city of antique gamblers about to be vaporised fifty miles away. It wasp 236 HA 1981
hangar at the air base were a Porsche and an antique Jaguar. His colleagues at the clinic disapproved, but he pursuedp 1011 NFS 1981
AGE ONE All day this strange pilot had flown his antique aeroplane over the abandoned space centre, a frantic machine lostp 1037 MSA 1982
Each morning the same pilot appeared, flying a succession of antique craft -- relics, Mallory assumed, from some forgotten museum atp 1037 MSA 1982
trap the mysterious pilot who appeared each morning in his antique aeroplanes. He had noticed that as every day passed thesep 1041 MSA 1982
the strange stunt pilot who had been seen flying his antique aircraft at Cape Kennedy, some native of the air whop 1049 MSA 1982
island. But was the ornithopter a decoy, like all the antique aircraft that Hinton flew above the space centre, machines thatp 1050 MSA 1982
domes and minarets of a replica Taj Mahal. Lines of antique aircraft were drawn up on the runway below the crawlerp 1051 MSA 1982
among the television sets it passed above their heads. An antique autogyro, it lumbered through the air like an aerial harvesterp 1058 MSA 1982
from the concrete runways. Hinton had set fire to his antique planes. Thick with oily smoke, the flames lifted from thep 1058 MSA 1982
the Dean of Shanghai Cathedral had equipped himself with an antique projector. After morning service on Sunday, 7 December, the evep 11 ES 1984
It was moored four hundred yards from the quayside, its antique funnels freshly painted, canvas awnings flared over its gun turretsp 77 ES 1984
would be too many for the Japanese to ignore. An antique Chevrolet truck was parked under the propeller of the largestp 93 ES 1984
road, a second truck sped through the deserted paddies. The antique Opel captured at the Olympic stadium carried the remaining fivep 319 ES 1984
during the spring of 1982. However, how he launched this antique machine -- the nearest high ground is the Heathrow controlp 1092 OOA 1984
November an eccentric young man in the leather gaiters and antique costume of a World War I aviator enrolled for ap 1096 OOA 1984
formed the tide-line of the beach. Prodding me with her antique Lee-Enfield rifle, this child auxiliary had driven me all thep 11 DC 1987
hands clasped around the breech and trigger guard of the antique rifle between her knees, watching me with unbroken disapproval. Hopingp 21 DC 1987
him, a surrender to brute feelings. The bad teeth, the antique aircraft, the fifty sacks of rice, suggested that the chiefp 35 DC 1987
fallen. The Diana was now stranded on the floor, its antique hull no longer supported by its own buoyancy. Already thep 212 DC 1987
the Salammbo. There were unstated bonds between myself and this antique vessel. The metal debris in which it was embedded setp 234 DC 1987
its bows burned down to the water-line, and exposing the antique engine in the glowing debris of the bridge. Through thep 256 DC 1987
to embrace Noon only through the flickering image of an antique seduction. To sustain me now I needed Sanger to tellp 276 DC 1987
waste carrier, he had a command of his own, this antique freighter, even if the Prospero's course was the vertical onep 1162 DCG 1990
Miriam held my cold hands. Her breasts trembled as the antique biplane flew over the car park, propeller wash drumming atp 95 KW 1991
training. I saw myself at the controls, not of this antique World War II trainer, but of a nuclear, delta-winged Vulcanp 100 KW 1991
Whenever Miriam and I watched the scene of the stranded antique car we could see ourselves, Henry and Alice out ofp 124 KW 1991
minutes Sally was wearing a Bomber Command jacket, and an antique helmet and goggles, a fetishist's dream of a white-haired womanp 216 KW 1991
At its centre, like the casbah in Tangier, was the antique heart of the university, a stop-over for well-disciplined parties ofp 283 KW 1991
a wonderful Oriental farrago of Chinese warlords, dragon ladies and antique pagodas that had the added excitement for me of beingp 179 UGM 1992
Dr Barbara the polluted water tanks of the Bichon, the antique ketch that had brought them from Papeete, their meagre rationsp 10 RP 1994
hotels was a lavishly restored theme village with mock-Andalucian streets, antique shops and cafe tables set out under the orange treesp 31 CN 1996
pleasantly bijouized, the fishermen's cottages converted to wine bars and antique shops. Taking the road that led to the Club Nauticop 36 CN 1996
his scattered shirts in the wardrobe, and carefully folded the antique lace shawl in which we had both been wrapped asp 55 CN 1996
next. While I walked down to the harbour, past the antique shops and art galleries, I scanned the rooftops of thep 137 CN 1996
lacquered beams and horse brasses, a ceramic hob and an antique stone sink with oak draining board. Beyond the inner windowsp 148 CN 1996
that surrounded the tower. I placed my hand on the antique marble, its surface pitted with the graffiti of centuries, itsp 9 DYF 1996
Eden-Olympia to each other and trying not to notice the antique hunting rifle on the dining-room mantelpiece. The next day wep 4 SC 2000
by this confident young woman at the controls of her antique car. While they checked our documents and rang the clinicp 12 SC 2000
you here.‘ ‘Why should he?‘ ‘Your Jaguar. Some people steal antique cars for a living.‘ ‘It's not an antique. In ap 58 SC 2000
people steal antique cars for a living.‘ ‘It's not an antique. In a headwind it will outrun your Range Rover. Besidesp 58 SC 2000
with the kind of arts connoisseurship picked up in the antique shops that lined the lobbies of luxury hotels. I gazedp 103 SC 2000
tray through the double doors. ‘I bought it from an antique shop in Oxford. It's just possible the young Alice Liddellp 242 SC 2000
everything about Eden-Olympia and done nothing?‘ I gestured at the antique mirror. ‘It's another Alice world -- corporate profits are higherp 250 SC 2000
sight of the church that memorialized their deaths. Among the antique clutter of dusty silk flags and models of nineteenth-century steamp 329 SC 2000
windscreen I caught a glimpse of blonde hair under an antique helmet and goggles. Satisfied, the pilot banked steeply and climbedp 358 SC 2000
the Eden II ceremony. She had worn a pair of antique goggles, bought or borrowed from Nostalgic Aviation, a tribute top 390 SC 2000
in the overhead gallery, lighting up the mirrors in the antique lifts. An elderly couple in front of me stumbled intop 40 MP 2003
empty. In the open crates around me I felt the antique cameras and dismantled lights in their moisture-proof wrappings, the costumesp 119 MP 2003
gate she had disappeared among the tourists strolling past the antique shops and small boutiques. I caught my breath, leaning againstp 236 MP 2003
a resigned gesture, Geoffrey Fairfax let the cover of the antique wooden box-file fall like a coffin lid. ‘But in ap 29 KC 2006
floated like the palest smoke, the bestirred ghosts of these antique piles. The bomb had exploded in a narrow side streetp 125 KC 2006
coat, sitting high among the brass and leather of an antique Renault or Hispano-Suiza, faded quickly. Turning my eyes from thep 193 KC 2006
cars in the stream. The scene in Genevieve, where the antique car is stranded in the village pond, was filmed herep 185 ML 2008