maverick, one of those wayward young women who affected an antic air as a way of rising above the occasion. ‘Wellp 1127 LCC 1989
a gentle mock-religious rite beside the satellite dish. Watching this antic ship and its antic crew, Neil was sure that theyp 50 RP 1994
beside the satellite dish. Watching this antic ship and its antic crew, Neil was sure that they would never leave portp 50 RP 1994
he relied on Newman to programme the day for him, anticipate the next item on the roster and warn him ifp 150 CH 1960
round critically, a ploy Larsen resented but never managed to anticipate. ‘Of course I realize it. I'm fully wired for timep 138 ZT 1960
doors open, and before I enter a room I deliberately anticipate it, try to extrapolate its depth and dimensions so thatp 138 ZT 1960
of Melander and Corydon, but I was too preoccupied to anticipate the tragedy the next week would bring. During the daysp 227 S5 1961
when the wind blows out, we may be able to anticipate him.‘ Halliday clenched his fists, scowling angrily, then nodded andp 154 WFN 1961
in flippers and aqualung Strangman lost patience and decided to anticipate him. ‘We'll pick you up at seven tomorrow morning,‘ hep 96 DW 1962
moodily. ‘You knew Bodkin pretty well, I'm surprised you didn't anticipate that. I don't know whether I should take any morep 132 DW 1962
most elegant parameters of their deaths. Dali's paintings not only anticipate the psychic crisis that produced this glaucous paradise, but documentp 91 UGM 1969
the ocean. I hear piped music and smell chewing-gum. I anticipate a continuous vague low-key ‘airplane fear‘. A warning glimpse ofp 229 UGM 1979
perverse impulses had been no more than confused attempts to anticipate what was taking place in Shepperton, my capture of thesep 175 UDC 1979
I find surprising after so many years is how they anticipate the future themes of my fiction. Item 1 shows myp 53 GANa 1990
a specialist in preventive medicine but had somehow failed to anticipate the outbreak of sudden death on his own premises. Janep 39 SC 2000
past four centuries. I admired Turner because he seemed to anticipate the Impressionists, but the Pre-Raphaelite painters, and Burne-Jones in particularp 154 ML 2008
have strayed across it when I saw that someone had anticipated me. The tape between the spools had been ripped outp 76 WG 1959
-- he said something vague about a holiday, nothing he anticipated with any eagerness, and sounded as if he had givenp 77 WG 1959
the sources of the conspiracy. Unfortunately, sooner than Mr Goddard anticipated, events moved forward rapidly to a spectacular crisis. The dayp 204 LW 1960
sleeve. So Bayliss had been right, although he had never anticipated that more than one image could be seen during anyp 147 ZT 1960
had deliberately pretended not to notice his metamorphosis. She had anticipated each stage of the transformation, the comprehensive wardrobe had beenp 265 MF 1961
the doorway at the far end. Inside, as Maitland had anticipated, the corridors had drained but the bulkheads were still sealedp 182 WFN 1961
had been more of a drain on him than he anticipated. Chained to the routines of the ship, limited in hisp 336 13C 1962
psychological experiences of their crews -- on the whole accurately anticipated, though unintentionally, by s-f writers -- as the model ofp 196 UGM 1962
pointless game, the new flora following exactly the emergent lines anticipated twenty years earlier, and he was sure that no-one atp 8 DW 1962
to ask him when their surprise would materialise, but Strangman anticipated him. ‘Well, haven't you noticed?‘ He glanced around the tablep 117 DW 1962
miles inland that morning, as if a storm had been anticipated. As the glare stung his eyes, points of retinal lightp 433 RE 1963
popular with them,‘ Ward commented. ‘He's certainly not what I anticipated. I hope I didn't offend him over the plates. Hep 483 VH 1963
latest and most ambitious of the instrumented lunar flights. The anticipated budget for the Apollo programme (in a moment of grimp 498 VH 1963
Interrupting Ventress, Sanders pointed down at it, but another voice anticipated him. ‘Ventress!‘ The shout, an angry challenge, came from thep 90 CW 1966
significant indicator of sexual arousal, confirmed all Dr Nathan had anticipated of Trabert's involvement with the events of Dealey Plaza. Behindp 44 DM 1967
was the conscious complicity of the class in his long anticipated breakdown. Dr Nathan paused in the doorway of the lecturep 19 UD 1968
propound his own extremely private and conceptual ideas. Here he anticipated Warhol and a hundred other contemporary imitators. Applying himself top 94 UGM 1969
Control will hold his call, analysing it in terms of anticipated traffic flow en route, vehicle densities at the destination, meteredp 266 UGM 1971
wards of twenty-four beds -- the maximum number of survivors anticipated -- were permanently reserved for the possible victims of anp 26 C 1973
turned the pages. The remainder of the album, as I anticipated, described the course of my own accident and recovery. Fromp 100 C 1973
coils attached to their heads, chests and legs. Already the anticipated injuries they would suffer had been marked on their bodiesp 122 C 1973
motorway embankments and the vehicle lanes along Western Avenue, had anticipated this acid vision, as if my wounds had flowered intop 198 C 1973
in the 10th-floor gymnasium. Realizing that his arrival had been anticipated by all these people, Wilder turned to leave, but thep 66 HR 1975
and kitchenware, a glut of merchandise that Halloway had never anticipated. In Garden City there were few stores -- everything onep 879 UC 1976
Piper in the London parks. Had I, in some way, anticipated that I would one day possess these powers? I wantedp 155 UDC 1979
had become clear that the huge volume of road traffic anticipated would never materialise. All over the world industrial production beganp 45 HA 1981
parking lots of the nation. No one, however, could have anticipated the rapid collapse of this once powerful industrial nation. Thep 47 HA 1981
My own invention, but some deranged pathologist might already have anticipated me. Physicians are capable of far more eccentricity than theirp 76 THFa 1990
that science fiction got there first, just as it has anticipated so much of our lives, effectively taking all the funp 193 UGM 1993
unconvincing in their hold on time, since we have already anticipated their decay into the Pyramids of the future, a knackp 193 UGM 1993
the tour was over, an ordeal he had clearly never anticipated. ‘If we go to my office ...‘ ‘I'm fine. You've earnedp 44 KC 2006
the nightmare paintings, such as ‘The Horrors of War‘, which anticipates not only Hiroshima and the death camps, but the metamorphicp 96 UGM 1969
short indictment of Rankin's iniquities, analysing his motives, and even anticipating the slights and abuses of the next day. These Ip 97 NZ 1959
baffling his friends with demonstrations of this private sixth sense, anticipating the frequency of their heartbeats, the hourly newscasts on thep 155 CH 1960
the fork back to Vermilion Sands, cursing myself for not anticipating what had happened. I, ostensibly a poet, had failed top 231 S5 1961
park in the ranks closest to the building. Laing, perhaps anticipating the dangers of proximity, had never made use of thisp 31 HR 1975
dinners had come to an end. Both he and Pangbourne, anticipating the inevitable break-up of the last clan within the apartmentp 134 HR 1975
mysterious source had at last begun to falter, as if anticipating my death at these women's hands. ‘Doc Mal ...‘ Noon stoodp 213 DC 1987
Nazi death camps, and no one gave them credit for anticipating the pathological strains in the European mind that had propelledp 153 ML 2008
and side-streets, but nowhere felt any sensation of fear or anticipation. These streets were merely derelict, as unhaunted as a half-emptyp 157 CH 1960
him. Her use of ‘still‘ had revealed her own unconscious anticipation of the end. In fact a mere dozen flowers remainedp 301 GT 1962
her smooth face seized by a rictus of horror and anticipation. ‘She's there ... for heaven's sake, Paul, take me --‘ ‘It'sp 555 SG 1963
and then stranded on the bank ten years ahead in anticipation of his present needs. ‘Over here, doctor!‘ Philip called. Ransomp 150 D 1965
into his face, her freshly painted lips almost moist with anticipation. Unmistakably, the young man was murmuring a discreet and privatep 870 S 1976
the first encounter to ourselves. I remember the days of anticipation as we made preparations for Margaret's journey -- an elaboratep 950 ICU 1977
beamed confidently at the audience, his glamorous copresenter smiling in anticipation. ‘ ... as of 5:05 Eastern Standard Time we can reportp 1120 WW3 1988
god, the primal deity of whom all others were crude anticipations, clumsy metaphors of myself ... ‘Blake --?‘ Only half-recognizing my namep 177 UDC 1979
effects were all too easily reinforced by any nervous or anticipatory movements of the sitter. The likelihood that my own portraitp 726 CHC 1967
the State Hospital at Vancouver) had come to a dismal anticlimax, all the more irritating as he had given in top 8 WFN 1961
trellis-work around the patio. Shaking his head sadly at Sheringham's antics, he decided to help himself to more whisky. As hep 70 T12 1958
the rim, was shouting down like an umpire at the antics of two other boys, one his brother, the other Tomp 242 DE 1961
of a single painter, such as Salvador Dali, the exhibitionistic antics which the press have always regarded as ‘news‘ have consistentlyp 84 UGM 1966
to the international press, which has always encouraged his exhibitionist antics, and second, to the puritanical intelligentsia of Northern Europe andp 92 UGM 1969
board, had now returned to plague him with these absurd antics -- spraying flocks of swallows with gold paint, erecting ap 1013 NFS 1981
well-researched biography, this is almost wholly due to his exhibitionist antics and hunger for material rewards (summed up in Andre Breton'sp 99 UGM 1986
eye, a handout from a pharmaceutical company about a new antidepressant. Seeing my eyes light up, Chris offered to send mep 214 ML 2008
refuge. I never saw him under any stress.‘ ‘Too many antidepressants?‘ ‘Not prescribed by me. The autopsy showed nothing. No LSDp 27 SC 2000
yet, but it's there all right, and there's only one antidote. Once we stop it there'll be a big future herep 138 HA 1981
way now -- it's very virulent, and there's no known antidote.‘ ‘You know about it?‘ ‘Of course. It's the most threateningp 182 HA 1981
of the butterfly team. Searching for a cigarette, the best antidote to all this health and exercise, I pulled my jacketp 124 CN 1996
her sex but her indifference to it. Cannes offered an antidote to this spartan regime. My parents had been unfaithful, butp 155 SC 2000
the most expensive cars on the Cote d'Azur. Cans of antifreeze stood on the shelves, along with bottles of windscreen fluidp 63 SC 2000
equally interested in the effects of legal drugs -- tranquilizers, antihistamines, even baby aspirin. The competition, and the 40 Pound prizep 89 PAJa 1990
The sub-sonic was a maths instruction sequence -- the four-figure antilog system.‘ ‘A good thing he did miss them,‘ Kersh saidp 332 13C 1962
from Florida as you can go. It's almost the exact antipodes. Edward, my sister lives in Perth. I knew there wasp 1038 MSA 1982
opportunity, all seemed entirely new. The whole city was incredibly antiquated and confused, and he found it hard to believe thatp 280 GA 1961
outside. Later, the noise began again. The engine of an antiquated truck was being hand-started in the compound. As it coughedp 144 CW 1966
that's a judgment on myself I have to acknowledge.‘ The antiquated engine of the truck had come to life, its dinp 146 CW 1966
drivers themselves -- it seems obvious to me that these antiquated and uncomfortable machines are admired chiefly because they are machinesp 264 UGM 1971
was the approaching sound of steam-whistles. A convoy of three antiquated but still magnificent steam-cars turned into the parking lot. Funnelsp 104 HA 1981
himself, free to concentrate on the task of guiding this antiquated truck towards the internment camp that held his mother andp 149 ES 1984
towards each other. Assuming that this was another piece of antiquated BBC equipment, I waited for the unravelling tape to loopp 202 KW 1991