full of salvaged space material: sections of capsules, heat shields, antennas and parachute canisters. Near the dented hull of a weatherp 763 DA 1968
dear.‘ He looked down at the translucent skin over the anterior triangle of her neck, barely hiding its scenarios of nervep 56 GAN 1967
a mucosal flap. The septum was then trimmed along its anterior aspect to complete the reduction of the bridge line. Therep 19 QER 1976
strong suture in the correct position between the cheek flap anterior to the first point, and a second strong suture top 111 PMF 1990
Sutton; (4) radio-spectra from the quasar CTA 102; (5) an antero-posterior radiograph of a skull, estimated capacity 1500 cc; (6) spectro-heliogramp 83 YMC 1966
more reliable than the funerary urns and goblets in the anteroom. Shepley began to move forward, the definition of the personap 464 TT 1963
President Manson ...‘ While Ursula perused the Batman comic in the anteroom, Paco ushered Wayne forward. He pointed to the white linep 135 HA 1981
were tied to her wrists and unwound to a curtained anteroom, where the royal physician would make his diagnosis from thep 52 UGM 1992
When I came here, Paul, I thought Eden-Olympia was the anteroom to paradise. A beautiful garden city, everything town-planners have beenp 254 SC 2000
refurbished beauty salon at the shopping mall; Susan Henry and Anthea Rose, two widows in their thirties who had already setp 257 CN 1996
and the thousands of continually blaring horns that were the anthem of Shanghai. The bruise on his cheek had begun top 75 ES 1984
and so little achieved. You cannot even play your national anthem. However, I can arrange your flight with Air Centrafrique. Thep 43 DC 1987
bulldozers. The metal scoops amplified the mushy drone, a muffled anthem played by an involuntary steel band. Banners fluttered across thep 358 SC 2000
signal, like an audience who had stood for the national anthem, the residents sat down in the street. Unimpressed, the policep 201 MP 2003
junior ranks, defer to tradition, stand up for the national anthem, offer leadership, be modest and so on, all calculated top 125 ML 2008
auditorium and the Queen standing to listen to her own anthem. I felt that she was the one person entitled top 260 ML 2008
afternoon TV kind of fuhrer. No Sieg Heils, but football anthems instead. The same hatreds, the same hunger for violence, butp 258 KC 2006
from a rockpool in the Great Barrier Reef or an anthill in the Kalahari. Fortunately, his success was short-lived. He soonp 31 DC 1987
a social hierarchy as rigid and as formalized as an anthill's, with an incidence of crime, social unrest, and petty misdemeanoursp 70 HR 1975
of which I could identify as recently printed collections and anthologies. I noticed a few coloured streamers trailing through the curtainsp 213 S5 1961
Wave, along with almost all the more intelligent magazines and anthologies, has long since been inundated by a tsunami of planetp 190 UGM 1981
and we all earn our livings at the domestic terminal, anthologies of twentieth-century inter-office memos may be as treasured as thep 76 UGM 1991
came The Arabian Nights, Hans Andersen and the Grimm brothers, anthologies of Victorian ghost stories and tales of terror, illustrated withp 180 UGM 1992
her, he knew intimately the repertory of her body, its anthology of junctions. His eyes turned to the multi-storey car parkp 60 SCN 1969
the presence of his colleagues, their smallest gestures, formed an anthology of irritations. Only the patients left him at ease. Hep 67 THF 1969
perversions are valuable precisely because they provide a readily accessible anthology of exploratory techniques. Where all this leads one can onlyp 77 THF 1969
realized that these twisted instrument binnacles provided a readily accessible anthology of depraved acts, the keys to an alternative sexuality. Ip 100 C 1973
kaleidoscope of illuminated pieces of the bodies of women. This anthology of wrists and elbow, thigh and pubis formed ever-changing marriagesp 171 C 1973
and hairline, detrusor muscle and erectile tissue, was a ripening anthology of perverse possibilities. As I sat with her by thep 176 C 1973
and crushing their engine compartments. The fibreglass sports car, an anthology of every bulbous and fin-shaped motif of the 1950s, hadp 184 C 1973
film actor who arrived only yesterday, bringing with him an anthology of dubious sexual techniques which he had already displayed forp 859 60Z 1976
mind. The marvels of twentieth-century science and technology provide an anthology of destructive techniques unrivalled by even the most bizarre religionsp 208 UGM 1977
produced. As he writes in his introduction to this new anthology: ‘Science fiction has come from Chaucer to Finnegans Wake inp 189 UGM 1981
have lost their minds. Roy Porter, in this shrewdly edited anthology, quotes Susan Sontag's remark that ‘Depression is melancholy without thep 237 UGM 1991
to the paranoid inferno of Naked Lunch. But as this anthology convincingly illustrates, the insane have very little inkling of whatp 238 UGM 1991
ability to learn from future experience. To its credit, the anthology redresses the balance in favour of a far more realisticp 238 UGM 1991
has always been a limitless source of humour, and the anthology illustrates the weird and unconscious comedy of the seriously insanep 238 UGM 1991
wars and assassinations, the stylisation of televised violence into an anthology of design statements, were matched by a pornography of sciencep 190 KW 1991
a ramjet. To my puritan eye the car was an anthology of marketing tricks, and I refused even to identify itsp 82 SC 2000
like Hitler and the other Nazi leaders fall outside the anthology's scope, as does the intriguing history of psychiatry during thep 238 UGM 1991
remarked. Clearly he enjoyed running down the high-rise. ‘The elusive Anthony Royal was supposed to provide the booze. You've met himp 15 HR 1975
The high-rises seemed almost to challenge the sun itself -- Anthony Royal and the architects who had designed the complex couldp 19 HR 1975
a squash court for his weekly game that evening with Anthony Royal, he walked towards the entrance of the swimming-pool. Hep 22 HR 1975
to Laing when he set off to play squash with Anthony Royal. He took an elevator up to the 40th floorp 25 HR 1975
in this private domain ‘You're here to play squash with Anthony Royal? I'm afraid he's decided to decline.‘ He added, asp 27 HR 1975
dog in the high-rise. Making no attempt to hide himself, Anthony Royal was watching Laing with a thoughtful gaze. As alwaysp 27 HR 1975
bulk-cement carriers entering the construction site. It was here that Anthony Royal had been injured when his car had been crushedp 36 HR 1975
with swings, roundabouts and play-sculptures had been specifically intended by Anthony Royal for the amusement of the residents‘ children. The gatesp 37 HR 1975
floor were two penthouse apartments, the north corner occupied by Anthony Royal, the other by the jeweller and his wife. Thep 42 HR 1975
lines of force running through the building, almost as if Anthony Royal had deliberately designed his body to be held withinp 48 HR 1975
of a stockbroker, two paediatricians and three senior academics, was Anthony Royal. As usual he wore his white safari-jacket, a costumep 66 HR 1975
but the others struck him to the carpeted floor at Anthony Royal's feet. When he woke he was lying outstretched onp 67 HR 1975
the first two residents were preparing to leave. All day Anthony Royal and his wife had been packing. After lunch inp 68 HR 1975
violence to come. Into the Drop Zone At seven o'clock Anthony Royal set out with the white Alsatian to find hisp 86 HR 1975
a target. He half-expected to see the white-jacketed figure of Anthony Royal standing in one of his messianic poses on thep 115 HR 1975
of a world he had left behind. Somewhere above him, Anthony Royal was strutting about with his white Alsatian, unaware thatp 128 HR 1975
Final Triumph At dusk, after he had strengthened the guard, Anthony Royal ordered the candles lit on the dining-room table. Handsp 132 HR 1975
deep sleep on the floor. The Blood Garden By contrast, Anthony Royal, high on the open roof three floors above, hadp 162 HR 1975
the previous month, when he had briefly played samaritan to Anthony Royal. Laing had found the dying architect while chopping firewoodp 169 HR 1975
from this limited, entropic realm -- Graham Greene, Lawrence Durrell, Anthony Burgess -- are not only emigrants in the literal sensep 137 UGM 1978
fan, the dirt under one's fingernails. With Lawrence Durrell and Anthony Burgess, Greene keeps alive the largest and most admirable traditionsp 139 UGM 1978
and more intriguing mysteries. Along with Bernard Berenson, Kenneth Clark, Anthony Blunt and, arguably, Diana Vreeland of Vogue, Sir John hasp 79 UGM 1991
all these years. But for Sir John, Sir Kenneth, (Sir) Anthony and, even, Sir Roy, the Ponte Vecchio would be farp 81 UGM 1991
novel at a time, the heyday of C.P. Snow, Anthony Powell and Kingsley Amis, when it had begun to flagp 182 UGM 1992
savagely mourned. New Statesman Media Games In the Psychiatrist's Chair Anthony Clare Interviews crowd the airwaves, a confessional babble only toop 271 UGM 1992
tangle of neuroses behind the celebrity smile? Enter, seated, Dr Anthony Clare, in the psychiatrist's chair. As he admits, the programme'sp 271 UGM 1992
much about their private lives as they think will intrigue. Anthony Hopkins speaks ‘frankly‘ about his period of alcoholism and hisp 272 UGM 1992
more mainstream novelists have been attracted to science fiction -- Anthony Burgess, Doris Lessing, Kingsley Amis, Angela Carter, P.D. Jamesp 194 UGM 1993
left with the first stampede of guests to their cars. Anthony Bevis, owner of the Cabo D'Ora Gallery and a closep 65 CN 1996
American bestsellers, such as All This and Heaven Too, Babbitt, Anthony Adverse and Gone With the Wind. My parents subscribed top 20 ML 2008
men with their grudges and grouses, or novelists such as Anthony Powell and C.P. Snow. Above all, science fiction hadp 189 ML 2008
testicle. The plastic laminates around me, the colour of washed anthracite, were the same tones as her pubic hairs parted atp 81 C 1973
sunlight the concrete was drenched in spray, earning like wet anthracite as if generating its own weather around itself. An hourp 974 OAU 1978
bridge by the coal bunker hatchway, and wiped the black anthracite dust from his beard. He was looking up at thep 24 HA 1981
to bunker the cars -- each carried a ton of anthracite in its ample boot -- and McNair pedalled the man-poweredp 110 HA 1981
flair of my bent-wire tweezers. A modest treasure of half-burnt anthracite lay in these cinder heaps, but few of the interneesp 41 KW 1991
water supplies cured a squadron of cavalry hunters suffering from anthrax, and a complete artillery brigade threatened with typhus was putp 808 GTS 1972
figure in an animated tableau of Time Man in an anthropological museum of the future. All the same, it's difficult top 1027 NFS 1981
intruders. Ryker eyed Connolly's uniform suspiciously. ‘Who's this? Another so-called anthropologist, sniffing about for smut? I warned you last time, Ip 442 QR 1963
sunburnt chest gave him the appearance of a seafaring Nordic anthropologist, standing with one hand on his mast, the other onp 12 D 1965
to scrutinize them in a strangely obsessive way, like an anthropologist examining the foot paintings of a primitive tribe. Rousing himselfp 231 KC 2006