a course I despised, driven to it by desperation: the anonymous letter -- not to the directors, for the source wouldp 97 NZ 1959
by the formal statement, in the minatory language of the anonymous letter (which is, certainly, a specialized branch of literature, withp 97 NZ 1959
features, his small shoulders and thin hands. There was something anonymous about him. He was minimal urban man, as near ap 407 M99 1962
no secret between them. A powerful, doughy-faced man with an anonymous expression, Malek at first intensely irritated Constantin, who had beenp 504 EG 1963
personality was becoming overlaid by the associations of all the anonymous but nonetheless potent figures of authority whom Constantin could rememberp 505 EG 1963
the members of the central committee themselves. Here, where the anonymous faces had crystallized into those of closely observed colleagues andp 505 EG 1963
He refused to accept that this mindless cripple with his anonymous features could have been responsible for the confusion and anxietyp 525 MO 1963
to London, requesting some obscure piece of information about an anonymous buyer of a Titian or Rembrandt in the late 18thp 578 LL 1964
the sand. Traven approached the dune, reluctant to leave this anonymous swell of sand. He shuffled around its edges, and satp 602 TB 1964
and personal vacuum. The neutral furniture and decorations were as anonymous and free of associations as those of a motel --p 29 D 1965
of his forehead and the sallow jaw were features as anonymous as any police suspect's. The musculature of his mouth wasp 68 THF 1969
I asked Catherine, remained an enigma to me, like an anonymous opponent killed in a pointless duel -- all these womenp 32 C 1973
the automobile accident would be my own small death, as anonymous as a vitrified scar in a fossil tree. A hundredp 57 C 1973
now Vaughan was dramatizing himself for the benefit of these anonymous passers-by, holding his position in the spotlight as if waitingp 88 C 1973
40-year-old producer of television commercials but the interaction between an anonymous individual and his car, the transits of his body acrossp 101 C 1973
me to Catherine. During our first sex acts, in the anonymous bedrooms of the airport hotels, I would deliberately inspect everyp 112 C 1973
expression of defeat at the fading passport photograph of an anonymous middle-aged woman clipped to the ventilation duct of the instrumentp 137 C 1973
that he would have to leave the sailplane among these anonymous streets patrolled by this violent machine. Angry with himself, hep 885 UC 1976
ago given up wearing even his loin-slip. So distant and anonymous were the repair-women usually sent by the company that hep 991 MA 1978
he needed. Pangborn held the knife, watching the whitening screens, anonymous rectangles of blank skin that formed a fragmented sky. Somewherep 999 MA 1978
alternative anatomy. This likeable but strange young woman, with her anonymous apartment and random conversation filled with sudden references to quasarsp 984 Z2 1978
her first dance. Elaine smiled brightly at him from her anonymous cot, a white hand trying to draw him on top 1065 MNF 1982
the freezer cabinet. The cooker, refrigerator and dishwasher have become anonymous objects in some remote department store display. How much longerp 1137 TES 1989
can be radically transformed by the simple substitution of the anonymous ‘patient‘ with the name of a public figure, as ifp 111 PMFa 1990
Dali, Magritte and Warhol have matched the influence of the anonymous artists who inked their splash-panels in the King Features Syndicatep 76 UGM 1991
Bloomsbury and the Left Bank and run back to those anonymous offices in Manhattan and Los Angeles where an exclamation markp 78 UGM 1991
cities, and stood in those vast shopping malls in the anonymous suburbs of Chicago or Seattle, has sensed the planetary lonelinessp 117 UGM 1991
the quilted headboard, stained with the hair-oil of a thousand anonymous salesmen. The room had steadied itself, and I could seep 112 KW 1991
the hospital. Among the last of his mail was an anonymous get-well card attached to the latest issue of Paris-Match, whichp 39 RP 1994
villas. The sleep of Estrella de Mar was quickened by anonymous crimes. I thought of the favelas in Rio, the violentp 81 CN 1996
had been a set-up, designed to lure her to this anonymous apartment, the mise-en-scene for a real rape for which thep 126 CN 1996
the sun lounge, pieces of department-store furniture in expensive but anonymous designs. I realized that Jane was as much the hiredp 30 SC 2000
was everywhere, unfurling from flagstaffs in front gardens, giving the anonymous town a festive air. Whatever else, the people here werep 8 KC 2006
like a tethered soul. Maxted gestured at the expensive but anonymous furniture, the black leather sofas and chromium lamps lighting remotep 97 KC 2006
of what were now vintage whiskeys and brandies. A giant Anopheles mosquito, the size of a dragon-fly, spat through the airp 10 DW 1962
-- will damn nearly boil. What with the Type X Anopheles, skin cancers and the iguanas shrieking all night down belowp 26 DW 1962
the sick-bay on B-Deck. Kerans studiously examined a pair of Anopheles mosquitoes which had slipped through the wire hatch behind himp 31 DW 1962
would know to their cost that dusk when thousands of anopheles mosquitoes rose at feeding time from the stagnant ponds aroundp 196 ES 1984
Vence, described a recurrent dermatitis, complicated by chronic anaemia and anorexia. Sitting in my comfortable office, beyond a waiting room filledp 1001 HFF 1980
Hospice in Gaston Brossard's will. As I well knew, dermatitis, anorexia and anaemia were all too often convenient descriptions for ap 1002 HFF 1980
her with a professional eye, recalling the diagnosis of dermatitis, anorexia and anaemia. Christina Brossard was thin but not under-nourished, andp 1003 HFF 1980
of madmen. The compere led her across the stage to another sports car. ‘She'll have a stable of them soon,‘ Ip 14 E 1956
closely. Are you sure we won't all need to add another hand to our clocks and watches?‘ The pundit smiled. ‘Ip 17 E 1956
into the shop, wearing a flame yellow cocktail skirt and another of her hats. I introduced her to Harry and Tonyp 6 PB 1956
But I wish you could come out more often.‘ After another two weeks I had to give up. I decided top 7 PB 1956
ever leave.‘ ‘Don't tease me, Jane. You're a child of another world than this.‘ ‘My father came from Peru,‘ she remindedp 10 PB 1956
of the ventilator shaft. ‘When are you going to build another model?‘ Gregson asked. ‘I'm not.‘ Gregson looked up. ‘Why? You'vep 29 CC 1957
both senses.‘ Gregson shook his head sadly and snipped out another paper panel. ‘Franz, you're mad.‘ Franz stood up. ‘Take thisp 29 CC 1957
the sector in ninety minutes, at 400 m.p.h. Another fifty minutes in a Through-Sector Special brought him to thep 33 CC 1957
lights held. ‘Has this train changed direction?‘ ‘No, it's eastbound,‘ another of the passengers told him. ‘Are you on the wrongp 36 CC 1957
told them. ‘As far as you're concerned it was just another compulsion. At eleven thirty or twelve go down to thep 50 M69 1957
encouragingly. ‘You'll be able to take on Neill soon. Like another?‘ ‘No. Actually the game bores me. I can see that'sp 54 M69 1957
it won't go on growing for ever?‘ Carol handed Raymond another scotch. ‘What do you think we ought to do?‘ Raymondp 44 VS 1957
narrative of some vast book of the dead existing in another dimension, and that as I made them my handwriting overlappedp 103 NZ 1959
power from the sun to drive the generator dynamos. On another slope, its huge mouth permanently locked into the rock facep 73 WG 1959
days I began to watch Tallis more closely, waiting for another clue to the enigma growing around him. I did learnp 77 WG 1959
got here. This was the last one.‘ He pulled out another volume and handed it to me. ‘Good condition, eh?‘ Itp 81 WG 1959
eye caught: CYR*RK VII A*PHA LEP**IS *D 1317 Below was another, damaged but legible. AMEN*TEK LC*V *LPHA LE*ORIS AD 13** Therep 85 WG 1959
The water clock had demonstrated that a calibrated timepiece added another dimension to life, organized its energies, gave the countless activitiesp 154 CH 1960
as a half-empty dustbin. One suburban centre gave way to another, to long intervening stretches of congested ribbon developments. Mile byp 157 CH 1960
that he intended to leave and continue the work in another sector of the city, Marshall agreed immediately, gave Conrad asp 166 CH 1960
score of others somewhere among the pavements and arcades, adding another stitch to the tapestry of incident and motive ravelling theirp 203 LW 1960
but what exactly he meant no one seemed to know. Another symptom of this uneasiness was the rash of notices thatp 204 LW 1960
hooted with pleasure at the prospect. Mangon nodded, then scribbled another message. Be practical. Madame Gioconda ground out her cigarette. ‘Youp 110 SS 1960
of violence Mangon's mother had committed. Also, one artist to another, he respected Mangon's phenomenal auditory sensitivity. ‘She'll exhaust you, Mangonp 115 SS 1960
Annoyed by this, Mangon gritted his teeth and tore off another sheet. Entertainment, perhaps. Art, No! Alto accepted the rebuke silentlyp 116 SS 1960
favourite confectionery -- so LeGrande had sweetened the pill with another cheque. Mangon began to scoop the glass together with hisp 119 SS 1960
sudden blissful silence. A little further on, when they passed another stockade set closer to the road, she turned to Mangonp 123 SS 1960
pleaded in thin nervous tones, a man grumbled to himself, another swore angrily, a baby bellowed. Behind it all was thep 124 SS 1960
recover the note, but Mangon restrained her and quickly scribbled another message. Adam and Eve. Sorry. ‘What, the film? Oh, howp 125 SS 1960
girl in Kaldren's car -- Coma he had called her, another of his insane jokes -- and her reference to Noguchip 173 VT 1960
about a ‘world population explosion‘? In fact, it's an implosion. Another factor is -- Here the tape had been cut andp 180 VT 1960
which we labour is a lowered basal metabolic rate -- another factor no one will explain. POWERS: I suppose you couldp 181 VT 1960
within three or four hours. Physically speaking, Kaldren has had another twenty years added to his life. But the psyche seemsp 182 VT 1960
be cleaned away.‘ ‘I'll try. Sometimes I feel I'm just another of his insane terminal documents.‘ ‘What are those?‘ ‘Haven't youp 182 VT 1960
without realizing it, had to drive into town to buy another.) June 14: Nine and a half hours. Time races, flashingp 184 VT 1960
had burst into a jellified pool of globular mucilage. In another an enormous spider had trapped itself in its own webp 194 VT 1960
closed, Bayliss watched him. ‘I'm pretty sure there won't be another attack,‘ Larsen continued. ‘In fact, the best thing is probablyp 138 ZT 1960
out of the way and leaned forwards across the desk. ‘Another thing. I don't feel you're being entirely frank.‘ Their eyesp 139 ZT 1960
stimulant Bayliss had given him in the hope of precipitating another crisis. Larsen stood by the window, staring out angrily atp 146 ZT 1960
Larsen caught a glimpse of its face, insane and terrified, another replica of his own. ‘Larsen! Larsen!‘ Bayliss stood by thep 148 ZT 1960
By the garage, and over there along the wall. There's another hiding along that ridge.‘ Bayliss seized him by the armp 148 ZT 1960
him. ‘That's a wonderful partition you've made. You couldn't do another one for Auntie -- just a little one? She's veryp 276 B 1961
empty hotel at Idle End, Holiday usually rested quietly for another hour, and listened to the coral towers, gleaming in thep 235 DE 1961
own pasts, to a large extent our own self-identities. That's another reason why you should leave. Without the sea, life isp 239 DE 1961
pens protruded from his breast pocket, a concert programme from another, and he had the pleasantly informal appearance of a youngp 283 GA 1961
stone six pounds in weight. Undressing that night, he made another curious discovery. Elizabeth was taking in the seams of hisp 258 MF 1961
below the balcony, then bent down and carefully picked up another, disentangling it from one of the buttresses. Printed along itp 209 S5 1961
a perfectly cut diamond of a single carat, then saw another in the next footprint. Hurrying forwards, I picked up half-a-dozenp 212 S5 1961
her awareness of me varying abruptly from one level to another, like light-changes in a bad motion picture. However, although herp 213 S5 1961
Tony nodded. ‘So that's where she lives.‘ He picked up another of the streamers that had coiled itself through the railingp 215 S5 1961
would feel ultimately more satisfied if her work appeared in another of the wide range of poetry reviews. That night Ip 216 S5 1961
the drive and coast down the Stars towards me. Not another delivery! The woman was tireless. I waited by the frontp 216 S5 1961
in your next issue. AURORA DAY That night I had another insane dream. The next selection of poems arrived when Ip 217 S5 1961
wanted to. Opening the pages, I turned to the editorial, another in my series of examinations of the present malaise affectingp 218 S5 1961
the principal figures in all the scenes I certainly recognized another, her faun-faced chauffeur, here with ass's legs and wild woodwindp 222 S5 1961
none other than the attendant Pan. I had almost detected another likeness among the figures in the friezes when Aurora noticedp 222 S5 1961
a week, otherwise our contract expires and I'll never get another. And reimbursing a year's advance subscriptions would bankrupt me. We'vep 223 S5 1961
when an idea occurred to me. ‘Tony, I've just had another of my brilliancies. The perfect method of curing this witchp 226 S5 1961
flow. What have you produced today?‘ ‘Well, I'm working on another sonnet, some nice things in it -- to Aurora herselfp 227 S5 1961
had happened. I, ostensibly a poet, had failed to take another poet's dreams seriously. Aurora had explicitly forecast Tristram's death. Studiop 231 S5 1961
brought out into daylight. Sleep would wait. I reached for another sheet of paper and then noticed a letter on thep 234 S5 1961
confusion at the airport warned Maitland that it might be another two or three days before he actually took his seatp 7 WFN 1961
would probably have been nothing more than an excuse for another party or another sports coupe, whichever seemed the most interestingp 8 WFN 1961
been nothing more than an excuse for another party or another sports coupe, whichever seemed the most interesting. Still, Maitland hadp 8 WFN 1961
the same trouble?‘ Symington nodded. ‘Same trouble, same wind. That's another curious thing about it. As far as we can makep 20 WFN 1961
been brought south to Nice and the Terrapin would have another shot at rescuing him. Lanyon wondered whether it was worthp 28 WFN 1961
radioed across to the units on this side to take another route further inland. We could be stranded here for daysp 45 WFN 1961
if not indefinitely, at least for a considerable period, perhaps another month. Could we now have a report of the presentp 56 WFN 1961
his big craggy smile. ‘I think we can probably stand another 20 or 30 mph without any real damage.‘ Major-General Harrisp 56 WFN 1961
them as oxyacetylene cylinders, trenching equipment, flares and pit props. Another open case, marked ‘Denims. Hardoon Tower.‘ contained a neatly stowedp 70 WFN 1961
of doing so. Whatever happens, it's bound to go up another fifty at least.‘ Avery whistled. ‘Over 230! God Almighty.‘ Hep 75 WFN 1961
back a door into the garbage disposal unit and climbed another staircase into a fortified passageway, where pit props were placedp 84 WFN 1961
ceiling toward a low flight of steps that led into another storeroom. Here and there light filtered in through narrow grillesp 98 WFN 1961
squeeze. We've got about sixty extra passengers.‘ ‘Sorry to bring another, Paul. Still, she can have Van Damm's vacancy. If it'sp 112 WFN 1961
the Underground station at Knightsbridge. Had he been transferred to another hospital centre, perhaps had his identity confused? The voices driftedp 138 WFN 1961
his identity confused? The voices drifted beside him, murmuring over another patient. Maitland felt cold, his head pounded. He wanted top 138 WFN 1961
hands were under the sheet. He flexed his fingers, picked another object off the bed. A torch. Instinctively, he switched itp 138 WFN 1961
broadcast our whereabouts to all and sundry. However, that is another matter.‘ Maitland sat forward, aware of the guards poised onp 161 WFN 1961
a thousand trajectories. At the same time Hardoon had pressed another tab on the desk, and a loudspeaker on the wallp 163 WFN 1961
whole show if he wants to.‘ Patricia Olsen, resting on another of the beds, nodded in agreement. ‘He'll discover some otherp 170 WFN 1961
shouted at them: ‘Come on, we can't stay here! If another of these walls goes the whole place will flood outp 175 WFN 1961
them from the open air stream, but above this was another toppling piece of masonry, a huge section of the originalp 184 WFN 1961
self-contained office gave Abel an idea. ‘Perhaps they came from another Station? An even bigger one?‘ Dr Francis nodded encouragingly. ‘Brilliantp 324 13C 1962
and that the people in it decided to go to another planet. So they build a smaller Station, about the sizep 324 13C 1962
our home planet, Earth, where our grandfathers were born, to another planet millions of miles away, in a distant orbiting systemp 324 13C 1962
view of the ship. He was just about to select another frame when he noticed a dark shadow swing across thep 326 13C 1962
shadow moved away and faded among the stars. He pressed another tab, and the screen divided into a large chessboard, fivep 326 13C 1962
of unwelcome datum that doesn't do the project much good. Another is the complete ease with which we've manipulated them, madep 329 13C 1962
In fifteen years a lot could happen, there might be another spaceward swing of public opinion. ‘The Department recommends that thep 333 13C 1962
other out-group on the road to extinction.‘ Chalmers cut in: ‘Another point, General. It would be far easier -- and cheaperp 334 13C 1962
their arrival, and it would have been safe to install another lamp in the room -- there were no roadways betweenp 357 CS 1962
of the fence had been completed, and as he watched another of the giant prefabricated sections was cantilevered into the airp 368 CS 1962
manoeuvred around him, their nets and lassos at the ready. Another group moved slowly towards Bridgman. Bridgman picked up a handfulp 372 CS 1962
estimated (though sooner than he secretly hoped), Count Axel plucked another flower from the time garden. When he first looked overp 300 GT 1962
panic which jammed his mind, and each time he made another attempt to reach the doorway. Eleven steps. He had countedp 405 M99 1962
last he was going to reach the door! He took another step, raised his foot to the fourth, only seven fromp 406 M99 1962
can't spare the time. Bauer's retirement hadn't been expected for another year, there's a tremendous amount of reorganization to be donep 408 M99 1962
the roof, it's me.‘ ‘What do you mean?‘ ‘I implanted another hypnotic suggestion, holding you on the 99th floor. When Ip 408 M99 1962
What are we going to do then?‘ Margot asked coldly. ‘Another honeyMoon?‘ ‘I'll reserve a couple of singles tomorrow. Don't worryp 340 PE 1962
dead and menacing. ‘I warn you, I'm not going on another honeyMoon!‘ Absently, Clifford said: ‘Of course, dear,‘ his fingers racingp 340 PE 1962
it eating a whole beach every day.‘ He spaded in another couple of shovels from a low dune of sand heapedp 346 PE 1962
Purser's office on G Deck now -- ‘ Clifford switched to another channel. There was a blare of studio applause and ap 351 PE 1962
could glimpse her personality. I suppose that I was just another naive young man who had fallen in love with ap 311 TDS 1962
how long was it before I discovered that there was another personality present in that house, and began to feel thep 313 TDS 1962
from the fact that I hadn't enough cash to buy another place, the house had certain undeniable memories for me thatp 320 TDS 1962
storm vanished and the great columnar trunks subsided among one another in the water like sluggish alligators. Rationalising, Kerans told himselfp 8 DW 1962
holding units. She may be able to hang on for another six months, but next March, when the rain belts reachp 15 DW 1962
will be insane. By the way, that reminds me of another reason why we've got to get out.‘ He glanced acrossp 16 DW 1962
and sense the implacable hatred one zoological class feels towards another that usurps it. At the end of the creek theyp 19 DW 1962
Riggs moved slowly northward across Europe, leaving one city after another, the miasmic vegetation swamping the narrow canals and crowding fromp 19 DW 1962
from rooftop to rooftop. Now they were to abandon yet another city. Despite the massive construction of the main commercial buildingsp 20 DW 1962
smiling to himself at this conceit. ‘What's amusing you, Robert? Another of your obscure jokes? Don't try to explain it top 23 DW 1962
dandified skeletons in tuxedos against a spectral bonelike landscape. On another wall one of Max Ernst's self-devouring phantasmagoric jungles screamed silentlyp 29 DW 1962
few steps towards unravelling it I didn't want to introduce another slip knot.‘ ‘But why not tell him?‘ Kerans pressed, hopingp 40 DW 1962
voice began to trail off, and Daley cut in with another suggestion, distracting Riggs‘ attention. For the next five minutes thep 55 DW 1962
the tiled inlays, stepping warily from one concrete tie-beam to another. Most of the plaster had slipped from the walls andp 60 DW 1962
own points of no return. Although they might see one another occasionally, around the lagoons or at the testing station, theirp 80 DW 1962
the refrigerated section of the ship, and the Admiral and another sailor followed them closely, continually hosing them with ice-cold airp 92 DW 1962
been a deep trauma from which we've never recovered ...‘ On another occasion he sent two of his men over in ap 95 DW 1962
helplessly in its shallows. He drifted from one pool to another, in the limbos of eternity, a thousand images of himselfp 108 DW 1962
the archaeopsychic zero? Rather than try to live with yet another enigma, and more and more frightened of the real rolep 111 DW 1962
gazed watchfully at the wry, perverted leer. ‘Actually I have another motive -- I want you to have dinner with mep 113 DW 1962
canvas with its hundreds of wedding guests, Kerans suddenly saw another familiar profile -- the face of Strangman among the hardp 116 DW 1962
flickered among the rooftops, darting from one dripping eave to another. ‘But it's all so hideous. I can't believe that anyonep 121 DW 1962
here he searched for the name ‘-- Beatrice, and find another lagoon.‘ Kerans nodded, hunching himself inside the narrow cone ofp 128 DW 1962
signalled the end of the festivity and the start of another night's work. With a shout, Strangman and the Admiral pulledp 136 DW 1962
by the Admiral, Strangman moved swiftly from one Party to another, inciting them to further acts of extravagance. Big Caesar donnedp 138 DW 1962
at the rail, then withdrew. Distantly a voice shouted something, another replied from the bridge. A hatchway from the galley openedp 145 DW 1962
huge earrings of cultured pearl, overflowing from one chest to another and spilling onto the salvers placed on the floor likep 147 DW 1962
arm to arm across the full width of the street, another group approached, a white-suited man at its centre. He strolledp 150 DW 1962
debris of a vanished continuum, one dune giving way to another as he dragged the heavy fifty-gallon drums from crest top 165 DW 1962
Hardman began to eat voraciously, as if preparing himself for another advance through the jungle, by the end of the thirdp 169 DW 1962
like a bull's to a butterfly. They moved on to another sculpture, and Mme Charcot gestured to the white-gloved chauffeur standingp 396 TSS 1962
patted him on the back. ‘Georg, you were brilliant! She's another Catherine the Great, you handled her like a diplomat. Whenp 399 TSS 1962
scene where Tristan mourns his parted lover, and carefully transcribed another tape. That night I drove down to Lagoon West, parkedp 401 TSS 1962
times I visited Lunora's house after midnight, taking with me another spool of tape, another love-song from my library. On thep 402 TSS 1962
house after midnight, taking with me another spool of tape, another love-song from my library. On the last visit I watchedp 402 TSS 1962
the lays it had sung. Six months later Nevers commissioned another statue from me. I went out one dusk to thep 404 TSS 1962
indefinite.‘ ‘Is that the committee's decision?‘ Renthall asked. ‘Or just another of the town clerk's brilliant extemporizings?‘ ‘The school committee isp 376 WT 1962
entire tower had been cast in situ. He moved to another chair so that his back was to the window. ‘Thep 381 WT 1962
by Malek. Constantin had also, of course, become dominated by another obsession, the need to know: when? In the weeks afterp 505 EG 1963
a second question, almost as fascinating as the first. ‘Malek, another point.‘ Constantin sat back, searching in his pockets for imaginaryp 509 EG 1963
own king's square, Constantin called out: ‘Malek, I'm ready for another game, if you are.‘ Malek pushed himself out of thep 511 EG 1963
of warming them. ‘Malek, is there any chance of obtaining another heater?‘ he asked. ‘It's none too warm in here. Ip 517 EG 1963
up to now -- was perhaps a confused memory of another patient.‘ He hesitated doubtfully, and then noticed that Dr Mellinger'sp 527 MO 1963
your mind, Booth; be honest with yourself. Was it perhaps another patient to whom you spoke? What doctor ever really looksp 527 MO 1963
it seemed like a capsule of time, the condensation of another universe. He could almost believe that the midnight sea whichp 473 NWS 1963
headlights, slumped against a gate-post in an open drive. On another night he forgot to close the front door when hep 477 NWS 1963
persuade them to talk.‘ Connolly considered this, as Pereira unwrapped another parcel. ‘All right, but I may want to do ap 440 QR 1963
like guilty intruders. Ryker eyed Connolly's uniform suspiciously. ‘Who's this? Another so-called anthropologist, sniffing about for smut? I warned you lastp 442 QR 1963
doctor, whom he had seen that morning. Beside him was another slimmer figure, the limpid-eyed youth who had followed Connolly aboutp 454 QR 1963
youth snatched it away. ‘Wait a minute, boy. Let's have another look at that.‘ After a pause the pantomime was repeatedp 456 QR 1963
the sides, and a fly buzzed half-heartedly from one to another. The sea was flat and calm, an opaque grey discp 427 RE 1963
from one station to the next. ‘They're about to launch another satellite,‘ he told Mildred. ‘Echo XXII.‘ ‘Why do they botherp 428 RE 1963
to Sherrington's theories less than to anyone else's.‘ Almost imperceptibly, another wave of restless activity was sweeping along the beach. Perhapsp 429 RE 1963
beach on the other side of the terrace. ‘Look! There's another group. What on earth --?‘ Again, as everyone watched, thisp 432 RE 1963
with agony. Reluctant to get out of bed and precipitate another attack -- perhaps it was due to some virulent butp 531 SA 1963
oarsman watching him with his ambiguous smile. Then he saw another picture, of himself as a small boy, writing in ap 536 SA 1963
mouthpiece. He had dialled the number from memory, but from another memory than his own. But not only had the receptionistp 536 SA 1963
crowding into his mind. Above him the staircase led to another world. Half an hour later, he pulled himself to hisp 537 SA 1963
forgotten his way around the house, and the topography of another home, apparently a single-storey apartment, had superimposed itself upon hisp 537 SA 1963
dust a jewel glittered brightly. Two days later I saw another of the jewelled insects. Suppressing my doubts about Charles Vanp 548 SG 1963
squares of the terrace, into which her presence had let another random dimension. ‘They're going to film one of the scenesp 550 SG 1963
located the label. ‘A TV set? Judith, do we need another one? We've already got three. Lounge, dining-room and the hand-setp 421 SM 1963
of a mile away, in the centre of the estate, another of the signs was being erected. It was due eastp 425 SM 1963
and timelessness, and Shepley's impatience seemed to come out of another dimension. He hated stripping the tombs. Each one robbed representedp 463 TT 1963
force in the Sea of Newton, and two members of another gang had been caught red-handed. Bridges was in foul temperp 466 TT 1963
the sky. ‘Incidentally, you can meet the opposition.‘ ‘Is there another observatory at Vernon?‘ Ward asked as they set off alongp 480 VH 1963
worked his way quickly through the rows of paperbacks. At another table a young man with an intent, serious face wasp 482 VH 1963
About three months after he met the Venusian, Charles saw another UFO chasing its tail over the town. He got thep 484 VH 1963
over to his table he wished he had gone to another of the cafes. Kandinski had been reticent enough the previousp 486 VH 1963
and he found himself wandering about from one crest to another, peering into shallow depressions only as old as the lastp 493 VH 1963
in the desert, near the farm-strip. He says he's seen another space vehicle.‘ ‘Oh, is that all.‘ Cameron shook his headp 500 VH 1963
of addiction imposes contact,‘ but in their relationships with one another they at least take no moral stand, and their illusionsp 128 UGM 1964
of water lay in the palm, like the residue of another world, now being kicked away by the people ascending thep 643 DG 1964
of the jaw. Two or three straddled the nose, and another crawled into one of the nostrils, from which he emittedp 643 DG 1964
the pockets of their long overcoats, saying nothing to one another. Evidently its bulk was too great even for their matchlessp 645 DG 1964
of the arms and legs, still carried the figure into another dimension, and the giant seemed a more authentic image ofp 645 DG 1964
a bee in your bonnet, Louise. We'll stay here for another week or so.‘ ‘But your leg,‘ his wife insisted. ‘Ap 635 DS 1964
like willing children. ‘Why all the hurry? Can't you stay another week?‘ ‘We can't, Charles.‘ She looked her husband straight inp 639 DS 1964
down beside Gifford. ‘Charles, listen. I'll stay with you for another week as you ask, so that you can come top 639 DS 1964
one hand as he retaped Maitland's eyelids to his cheeks. ‘Another week and you'll be out of this for good. Atp 655 GTN 1964
York Times is a short report of the sighting of another ‘double galaxy‘ by observers at the Hubble Institute on Mountp 606 IM 1964
and without comment, although the implication is inescapable that yet another focal area has been set up somewhere on the earth'sp 606 IM 1964
the celestial origin of the phenomenon, the news of yet another manifestation came through on the radio bulletins. ‘There's an Associatedp 607 IM 1964
light formed by the interlocking canopies overhead. ‘Get back! There's another wave coming!‘ He ran after the soldiers a hundred yardsp 614 IM 1964
their opposing time-values eliminate each other, subtracting from the universe another quantum from its total store of time. It is randomp 616 IM 1964
behind me, then pulled me backwards through the window. As another shot was fired down the street we stumbled past thep 623 IM 1964
sight returned, it slid away noiselessly among the pews. On another day I woke to the early morning light and foundp 625 IM 1964
to accustom the general public to the loss of yet another over-publicized masterpiece, but in fact the news of its disappearancep 574 LL 1964
business resumed its former tempo, inevitably the painting became just another on the list of lost masterpieces. Only Georg de Staelp 578 LL 1964
key point in your theory.‘ ‘No, but in conjunction with another factor it gains in significance. Now.‘ He handed the Leonardop 579 LL 1964
shook my head at the familiar image he picked up another photograph of the missing painting. ‘What about that one?‘ Thep 579 LL 1964
theory was fantastic.‘ Before I could protest he passed me another photograph. ‘The Veronese Crucifixion. See anyone you recognize? On thep 581 LL 1964
Leonardo. I gestured helplessly. ‘It's an amazing coincidence.‘ Georg nodded. ‘Another is that this painting, like the Leonardo, was stolen shortlyp 582 LL 1964
profile -- sooner or later we'll see him, searching for another Crucifixion or Pieta. Cast your mind back, do you recognizep 583 LL 1964
Cadaques,‘ I repeated. ‘Dali is nearby there, at Port Lligat. Another coincidence.‘ ‘Perhaps more than a coincidence. Guess what the Catalanp 585 LL 1964
of the saurians competing with the sea. Suddenly I heard another sound above this babel, a thin cry that seemed top 572 PCD 1964
For several hours Traven wandered about, inspecting one bunker after another for a convenient place to sleep. He crossed the remainsp 592 TB 1964
to a dump where a dozen B-29s lay across one another like dead reptile birds. The Corpses Once he entered ap 592 TB 1964
tracts, each composed of two hundred blocks, inclined to one another and to the direction of the blast. They had weatheredp 595 TB 1964
to escape. Dragging himself from one rectangle of shadow to another, his leg as heavy as a club and apparently inflamedp 597 TB 1964
cemetery and join in the service celebrating the arrival of another of their friends, but these became less frequent. Other partiesp 564 TP 1964
the only road to the village.‘ ‘Ask him. Offer him another dollar.‘ ‘Pointless -- he'd say he had seen him justp 659 VD 1964
air around him. ‘What's he waiting for?‘ the woman asked. ‘Another dollar?‘ ‘A lot more than a dollar,‘ Vandervell said. ‘He'sp 662 VD 1964
wet dunes of the lake bed seemed to emerge from another dimension. On the last morning he woke to find thep 8 D 1965
water-fowl drifted past. ‘The drought may well go on for another two or three months. There's got to be an orderp 21 D 1965
by Captain Tulloch, would make its way up-river. Then, with another hoot, it would move off into the haze over thep 36 D 1965
then continued, his voice more pointed: ‘While you're here there's another little matter I wanted to raise with you. I've beenp 41 D 1965
you. I've been so busy recently with one thing and another, I haven't had a chance until now.‘ Steadying himself withp 41 D 1965
of trees and box hedges divided the houses from one another, and in the gardens the smouldering incinerators added their smokep 47 D 1965
tearing through the bony shafts. Quilter's appearance had abruptly let another dimension into the already uncertain future of the zoo. Handsp 52 D 1965
used by the first Christians to identify themselves to one another. The fishermen's sullen expressions as they listened to the Reverendp 56 D 1965
on the bo'sun. Out of breath, Ransom ran forward for another fifty yards, then stopped behind a car as the twop 62 D 1965
keys as he walked back to the drive. ‘There goes another one.‘ He pointed into the haze towards the city. Billowsp 69 D 1965
on the steps. He had exchanged his white suit for another of even more brilliant luminosity. As he raised his littlep 72 D 1965
Mrs. Quilter spent the night scurrying from one car to another, sitting in the darkness and manipulating the controls. Once shep 85 D 1965
in going on any farther. I'll get out and have another look around.‘ Leaving Philip Jordan to guard the car, Ransomp 92 D 1965
man was shot dead and fell back into the grass. Another was hit in the leg, and lay shouting on thep 99 D 1965
bony shaft of his paddle with his foot, then clubbed another across the face, knocking him into the shallows. Warding offp 107 D 1965
down from the shore and piled on top of one another. Its bulging shell, puffed out here and there by ap 111 D 1965
in a black shawl chopped firewood with an axe, while another straightened the kelp drying on a frame in the sunlightp 120 D 1965
like unicorns on their spiral shafts. Next to it was another of the booths, a line of washing strung from itsp 127 D 1965
fence, darting from the cover of one ruined house to another. The humps of car roofs and the blackened stumps ofp 147 D 1965
the journey from the coast they had relied on one another, but with their arrival at Hamilton, at the very pointp 150 D 1965
behind the curtains, and three small children ran out from another cubicle. Surprised by the fire lifting from the edge ofp 159 D 1965
which the sun shone in a dozen images of itself. Another wall was constructed from the grilles of radio sets, thep 163 D 1965
drought won't end they're turning on me!‘ Lomax pulled up another chair. ‘Charles, the position I'm in is impossible. Quilter isp 164 D 1965
back the flaps of the inner courtyard. ‘Have I missed another of Richard's firework displays?‘ ‘Probably the last,‘ Ransom said. ‘Itp 171 D 1965
alone a review, about these extraordinary creatures -- nymphs of another planet, in your orisons be all my dreams remembered. Inp 86 UGM 1966
Johnson, deliberately set out to stop him completing the race. Another theory maintains that the police guarding the track were inp 721 AE 1966
away on the embankment of the deserted motorway, following in another car when he drove to the radio-observatory, pausing behind himp 32 AW 1966
of the town seemed displaced by the fractured glass into another set of dimensions, as if space itself were compensating forp 671 DF 1966
for three months. During this time the dusk line advanced another half mile toward Columbine Sept Heures, and at last Malloryp 674 DF 1966
when Crispin looked at him sceptically. ‘That's it. He was another strange one, that York. Kept this big dove on ap 705 SBD 1966
either side of Dr. Sanders shuffled and muttered to one another, glancing up at the wheelhouse, where the captain gazed absentlyp 12 CW 1966
realize, Doctor, is that outside your colony there is merely another larger one.‘ Later, as he looked down at Ventress loungingp 16 CW 1966
refuse but Ventress had half-turned his shoulder, veering off on another tack. ‘Look for the sun, Doctor, it's there. You can'tp 16 CW 1966
will find out your friends‘ address. You come back in another day. All right?‘ ‘Will I be able to go top 28 CW 1966
Mont Royal all week?‘ ‘Not exactly. I came here with another man from the bureau, an American called Anderson. When wep 31 CW 1966
giant trees hung silently in lines, one dark cliff behind another. In the distance he could see the ruined plantation housep 56 CW 1966
the army medical corps, he was plainly glad to find another physician in the neighbourhood. ‘Sit down, Doctor, it's a pleasurep 63 CW 1966
came. The affected zone moves about from one place to another, it's too dangerous for them to stay.‘ They were roundingp 68 CW 1966
light formed by the forest canopies overhead. ‘Get back! There's another wave coming!‘ Glancing around wildly, as if searching for someonep 76 CW 1966
of Paris-Soir is the short report of the sighting of another ‘double galaxy‘ by observers of the Hubble Institute on Mountp 84 CW 1966
and without comment, although the implication is inescapable that yet another focal area has been set up somewhere on the surfacep 84 CW 1966
their opposing time-values eliminate each other, subtracting from the universe another quantum from its total store of time. It is randomp 85 CW 1966
a passer-by. Interrupting Ventress, Sanders pointed down at it, but another voice anticipated him. ‘Ventress!‘ The shout, an angry challenge, camep 90 CW 1966
from the man's face, his features seemed to overlay one another in a dozen different planes, but Dr. Sanders could stillp 98 CW 1966
at Sanders with the look of a man who recognized another member, however remote, of the same educated caste. Sanders rememberedp 104 CW 1966
the swinging spar. ‘Take me --‘ he began. There was another lurching stride. He held out a bloody arm like ap 118 CW 1966
bloody Golgotha by its intended victim. One lurching stride after another, his pace quickening as the prismatic light of the forestp 118 CW 1966
Edward. There's a room ready for you. Help yourself to another drink.‘ When he had gone, Sanders said to Suzanne, asp 125 CW 1966
head crouched down as if to shrink from Sanders's gaze. Another with mutilated hands hid them between his knees. There seemedp 131 CW 1966
How long are you staying?‘ Louise asked. ‘In Mont Royal?‘ ‘Another few days. I can't leave straightaway. From my point ofp 136 CW 1966
they have to uproot the whole thing and back off another quarter of a mile.‘ ‘How fast is the area spreadingp 138 CW 1966
flinched behind Sanders, then pulled himself through the window. As another shot was fired down the street they ran past thep 149 CW 1966
the stilts, shotgun in hand. ‘Get down! Before they take another shot at you!‘ As Sanders slid backwards through the smallp 152 CW 1966
they're leaving him. He'll be alone soon, Sanders.‘ There was another flash from the cannon on board the cruiser. The craftp 153 CW 1966
than a feeling of warmth as the crystals annealed themselves. Another explosion boomed across the river. Ventress threw the bayonet awayp 154 CW 1966
organ manual sealing themselves together as they merged into one another, and Sanders knew that he was searching for some meansp 163 CW 1966
elderly couples seated together with their bodies fusing into one another as they merged with the trees and the jewelled undergrowthp 164 CW 1966
were moving through the forest, dancing and shouting to one another. Sanders caught up with them and stopped at the edgep 164 CW 1966
were merely the price of their own tolerance of one another. ‘Have the police any news about Anderson?‘ Sanders asked. Duringp 171 CW 1966
walk by, but the two men never spoke to one another. Sanders walked toward him, feeling the wallet in his jacketp 174 CW 1966
you very well.‘ When Conrad murmured something, shy of inviting another retort, Dr Knight sped on: ‘Isn't he? Still, I'm morep 685 TIM 1966
smile that hovered around his lips seemed to belong to another face. ‘Yeesss ...‘ Dr Knight drawled. ‘Of course, no one willp 686 TIM 1966
certain altruistic pleasure that one is keeping alive part of another human being.‘ ‘Dr Knight -- the driver of the carp 690 TIM 1966
Thornwald shudder. He secured the pistol in his holster -- another evening by this insane lake and he would be pointingp 718 TMY 1966
own portrait. It was then that I realized that yet another intruder had appeared in this house of illusions. The portraitp 728 CHC 1967
drawing rooms, one by the President of the Royal Academy, another by Annigoni, to the bizarre psychological studies in the barp 751 CSC 1967
arm. ‘Talbert -- they're you and I ...‘ Irritated by yet another of the research student's ominous pranks, Talbert walked over top 52 GAN 1967
geometries of these walls and ceilings, are equivalent to one another. What Talbert is searching for is the primary act ofp 56 GAN 1967
the animals within the cages, and had been stolen from another fair or found on some refuse heap) I noticed ap 738 R 1967
his hole!‘ There was a roar of laughter at this. Another of the sailors rattled one of the girls‘ handbags, andp 741 R 1967
wrenched himself away. The dwarf had vanished from sight, and another group of the sailors were trying to turn one ofp 742 R 1967
to visit their relatives in the country or move to another town. It's this one they use if they want top 957 TW 1967
the dusk, heading back to Cookham. Major Cleaver To help another human being out, it's worth the expense and loss ofp 967 TW 1967
very different parts from the ones we assign them. On another level, the immediate personal environment, the volumes of space enclosedp 47 DM 1967
the faded police prefecture, it seemed an unlikely birthplace for another Darwin, Freud or Curie. However, the Duvals‘ house was anp 770 CA 1968
cards, then shook her head. ‘Nothing. I suppose he's taking another degree at a university somewhere.‘ ‘He's already got two degreesp 772 CA 1968
the crisp gravel and large, well-trimmed garden reminded me of another house -- Georges Duval's near Paris. From the roof ofp 775 CA 1968
the Moscow-Washington hot line is really for.‘ Charles handed me another still. ‘Here's an old friend of yours -- our ownp 777 CA 1968
me with studied casualness. ‘I thought you might be interested. Another young genius has been discovered.‘ ‘Great,‘ I said. ‘We'll dop 779 CA 1968
two days? How old is this boy?‘ ‘Thirteen.‘ ‘Let's say another ten years. Good, I had a feeling he would comep 780 CA 1968
support system. He had lived on in his suit for another five hours. Although calm at first, his last radio transmissionsp 762 DA 1968
shaping her hair, trying out first one style and then another. I watched her feel the hollows of her cheeks, searchingp 764 DA 1968
to conceive since her miscarriage. These different roles followed one another like scenes in some private psychodrama. However, without knowing itp 764 DA 1968
and went out into the pale light. We stayed for another four days, as the Army patrols searched the surrounding dunesp 766 DA 1968
his first abortive seizure of power he was followed by another unhappy misfit, Lee Harvey Oswald, in whose Historic Diary wep 223 UGM 1969
elbow. ‘You wanted to see the prisoners.‘ ‘Right. We'll have another go at them.‘ Pearson followed the boy around the memorialp 783 KG 1969
unpleasant young director -- some sort of homo-erotic jealousy, or another game?) She remembered the wearying hours outside the art schoolp 71 THF 1969
detachment, as if measuring her abdomen and buttocks for yet another new perversion. All week, as they lay on the bedp 42 JAC 1970
he really starred in this film, or was this just another of his strange manifestations? His personality seemed to touch everythingp 45 JAC 1970
someone to reassure me as I sat there, dressed in another man's blood while the urine of his young widow formedp 23 C 1973
days. No doubt the thought that her husband had killed another man lent an unexpected dimension to their sex acts, presumablyp 32 C 1973
love she asked me to visualize her in intercourse with another woman -- usually her secretary Karen, an unsmiling girl withp 33 C 1973
of widowhood, the desperate calculation that she would never find another lover. I was aware of her strong body underneath herp 44 C 1973
the only way in which one can now legally take another person's life? Within the car-crash death was directed by thep 45 C 1973
in over central London, wheels lowered above the noise-driven rooftops. ‘Another cargo of eager victims -- one almost expects to seep 50 C 1973
the car in which I now sat, I had killed another man. The anonymity of this road junction reminded me ofp 56 C 1973
form a basic sexual unit, able in one way or another to satisfy all comers. I stopped by the traffic islandp 61 C 1973
the accident?‘ ‘I've no idea. Are you planning to have another crash for him?‘ Catherine sauntered around the car. She settledp 66 C 1973
I drove from the coroner's inquest the flyovers overlaid one another like copulating giants, immense legs straddling each other's backs. Ap 76 C 1973
him on the sofa a sharp-faced young woman was preparing another joint; as she rolled a small piece of resin inp 94 C 1973
in all of them the motor-car in one style or another figured as the centrepiece -- pleasant images of young couplesp 104 C 1973
afternoon.‘ ‘She'll drive that car? Don't tell me.‘ ‘She'll drive another car -- this one is used for the post-crash sequencesp 108 C 1973
after her first sexual act with me, she had taken another lover, the junior pathologist at Ashford Hospital. From him shep 120 C 1973
hesitated he said, ‘Believe me, Ballard, one car-crash looks like another.‘ Was he aware that I was duplicating in my mindp 129 C 1973
the flight instructor she lunched with, drawing one detail after another about some small amorous encounter, a brief act of intercoursep 214 C 1973
other at parties whenever she or I was openly taking another lover. Did she understand Vaughan's real motives? At the timep 216 C 1973
she was merely a stand-in during an elaborate rehearsal for another and far more important death. Day by day Vaughan followedp 217 C 1973
say that hardly a single sane man appears throughout it. Another of the great pleasures it gave me was the realizationp 202 UGM 1974
back at him, jarring his left knee. He pushed out another. His voice rose to a harsh shout above the trafficp 17 CI 1974
though this was, it stood in his mind as yet another success he had won since being marooned. Sooner or laterp 41 CI 1974
take several hours to devise a means of escape, perhaps another day. His basic needs, a few of which he couldp 42 CI 1974
done very much.‘ ‘I've almost forgotten how to eat. There's another number I want you to ring. Dr Helen Fairfax --p 0059 CI 1974
be watching him, waiting for Maitland to make a move. Another physical confrontation with the tramp would set him back severalp 75 CI 1974
eyes on the frayed lawn of a small sanatorium. In another she was visiting a fairground, arm-in-arm with a heavy-set manp 76 CI 1974
a large Victorian house. Her father, Maitland decided, or perhaps another middle-aged lover. What had happened to the child? Maitland gatheredp 76 CI 1974
moisture and inclination of the stems, rejecting one and selecting another of the well-used corridors. ‘Proctor, I said the short cutp 103 CI 1974
and vanished under the wheels. ‘Fly away, Peter ...‘ He lifted another pebble. ‘Fly away, Paul ...‘ Proctor scuttled forward, trying to catchp 113 CI 1974
massing around him, fragments that he was certain belonged to another man's life, details from the case-history of an imaginary patientp 817 DFW 1974
doubt that the aircraft had crashed somewhere. The flight-crew of another airliner had seen the huge jet explode in mid-air, probablyp 821 AD 1975
wall. Already the coast road was far below, part of another world. From this height someone would certainly have noticed thep 822 AD 1975
and drove on, joining the road leading to the village. Another younger man stood by the verge fifty yards ahead, alsop 827 AD 1975
Melville or anyone else, and he would slip straight into another marriage. He had come to the high-rise to get awayp 13 HR 1975
off-duty construction workers from the television studios had casually added another floor. The five apartment buildings on the eastern perimeter ofp 19 HR 1975
noticed that two children had sheltered during the blackout in another of the classrooms. They were standing now in the entrancep 20 HR 1975
guests casually dispersed, like a group of extras switched to another scene. Without thinking, they strolled back to their drinks andp 26 HR 1975
this Wednesday evening everyone was involved in one revel or another. Telephones rang continuously, and Charlotte and Laing were invited top 29 HR 1975
the tender skin, prodding the musculature as if searching for another self, the physiologist who had taken a quiet studio inp 34 HR 1975
return to his apartment, Laing moved from one group to another, listening to the talk going on. These informal meetings werep 38 HR 1975
I may shoot some footage -- for the high-rise project.‘ ‘Another prison documentary.‘ Helen smiled at Wilder without any show ofp 45 HR 1975
might take off again from exactly the same point with another boy-friend. The limitless professional expertise of the high-rise had itsp 46 HR 1975
that of civilians in a war-torn city dealing with yet another air-raid. For the first time it occurred to Wilder thatp 60 HR 1975
dozen members of the airline pilots‘ raiding party returning from another of their abortive missions. Angry and shaken, they shouted atp 62 HR 1975
in the water, its wavering headline like a message from another world. In the 10th-floor lobby a crowd of residents pressedp 63 HR 1975
more possessive towards her -- but he decided to let another half-hour elapse before he went in search of her. Perverselyp 84 HR 1975
sexual fever of hazard and revenge tightening his nerves. In another twenty minutes he would leave the apartment and make hisp 85 HR 1975
from one floor to the next, from one elevator to another, he realized the full extent of its deterioration. The residentsp 87 HR 1975
concern for the realities of everyday life, were transmissions from another planet. Squatting among the plastic garbage-sacks, his furniture piled upp 106 HR 1975
on the bed, the pieces flickering like the fragments of another world trying unsuccessfully to reconstitute itself. ‘Come in, Laing ...‘ Thep 110 HR 1975
the end of the mid-day armistice and the beginnings of another night. Without thinking, Wilder quickened his pace. He reached thep 121 HR 1975
still holding Wilder's arm. ‘Will you punish them?‘ This was another of their games. ‘Rescue‘ she visualized primarily in terms ofp 125 HR 1975
to offer himself as an aggressive street-fighter to one or another of the warring groups. However, the open tribal conflicts ofp 126 HR 1975
in the centre of the group, outlining his plans for another foraging expedition to the floors above. Although they had eatenp 127 HR 1975
of violence that communicated themselves like bursts of radiation from another universe. The high-rise quivered with these tremors, sinister trickles ofp 146 HR 1975
arrival. Between the bedrooms a private staircase led upwards to another chamber, and a small suite of rooms overlooking the roofp 165 HR 1975
Wilder in a loose circle. They seemed to belong to another century and another landscape, except for their sunglasses, whose darkp 167 HR 1975
loose circle. They seemed to belong to another century and another landscape, except for their sunglasses, whose dark shades stood outp 167 HR 1975
the room. ‘We've been discussing whether you should move to another apartment.‘ ‘What?‘ Unsure whether the pantomime had become serious, Laingp 171 HR 1975
circuit of empty Mediterranean resorts as they waited for yet another seriously deformed foetus to make its appearance. But he hadp 829 LFA 1975
his need to be alone, the thought that there was another young woman within half a mile of him almost derailedp 831 LFA 1975
a wave of the hand, as if dismissing them as another minor detail of this aberrant day, he said, ‘He broughtp 836 LFA 1975
by this fragmenting pier. ‘Now, what about this baby?‘ ‘It's another one -- the same defects. I'll get the practicante top 837 LFA 1975
obsession of his.‘ During a brief storm two nights earlier another section of the runway had collapsed. But Forrester knew thatp 840 LFA 1975
at random around eastern Suffolk, visiting one abandoned airfield after another. In his February 1975 Diaries (a few weeks before hisp 851 NTM 1976
stronger and more mature. Inevitably I began an affair with another woman, the separated wife of a close friend, but Ip 870 S 1976
was almost opaque, as if they were contained by yet another building. Twenty feet away a second ceiling tilted across thep 889 UC 1976
was unsure how to respond to the physical presence of another human being. He touched Halloway's shoulder, obviously convincing himself thatp 889 UC 1976
Olds, it's unbelievable!‘ Halloway congratulated him. ‘Let's see you try another -- this Pontiac Firebird.‘ For the next thirty minutes thep 891 UC 1976
the museum, Halloway shouting and pointing to one car after another, Olds leaping like an excited faun, an automotive Arid, fromp 891 UC 1976
off together from the airport. Olds selected, apparently at random, another breakdown vehicle from his stable of trucks and pick-ups onp 891 UC 1976
appear in a cream cloche hat and Gatsby gown, on another in a lurex blouse, bobby sox and teenager's flared tartanp 898 UC 1976
this kind of callous and stylized aggression. When they passed another clothing store with a group of mannequins in the windowp 900 UC 1976
explosions of breaking steel and glass as he dragged down another department-store portico and ran his tracks over the mannequins. Inp 906 UC 1976
to take their places in his city. It had been another successful day. On the television monitor in the police commissioner'sp 910 UC 1976
messages he was unable to read, Halloway pressed on. ‘There's another thing. So much of life here depends on time --p 916 UC 1976
salute. Halloway tried to laugh off these absurd games as another mental aberration of this convicted murderer, but Stillrnan's men hadp 918 UC 1976
there was a further slide towards anarchy, the failure of another generator, an increase in traffic delays and parking offences, andp 918 UC 1976
of each of Her Majesty's nostrils and met centrally at another incision made by transfixing the septum just below the lowerp 19 QER 1976
out their morning's washing, as if fully content to begin another day's life in the camp. Yet everything was over! Althoughp 925 DT 1977
My parents and young sister had spent the war in another of these some twenty miles to the west of thep 926 DT 1977
funnels and bridge-houses emerging from the swollen tide. We passed another abandoned village, and then the green shell of a reconnaissancep 931 DT 1977
aboard this truck were immune. I tried to pick up another of the corpses, but again my hands froze, and againp 935 DT 1977
invoked ordinances still existed to prevent this -- to meet another human being was an indictable offence (especially, for reasons Ip 947 ICU 1977
I reflected, I had never once seen, let alone touched, another human being. Whom better to begin with than my ownp 950 ICU 1977
before?‘ We decided instantly that the archaic interdiction against meeting another human being deserved simply to be ignored. Unhappily, for reasonsp 950 ICU 1977
at a distance could one find that true closeness to another human being which, with grace, might transform itself into lovep 951 ICU 1977
Manbotching The Body in Question Jonathan Miller Are books becoming another form of television? By rights, this lavishly illustrated survey ofp 167 UGM 1978
reviewed by a television critic. Like Desmond Morris's recent Manwatching, another interesting example of the transformation of the book into itsp 167 UGM 1978
the BBC have leased the franchise on these topics to another thirteen-parter, and at this very moment Alex Comfort is interviewingp 168 UGM 1978
that there's been a postponement and we trudge back to another day by the pool, drinks and water-skiing on the housep 969 HWT 1978
the French on the other side of the island, and another for the Germans. And the Canaries are only one ofp 971 HWT 1978
of the presence of someone nearby. The faint voice of another human being hung on the air, the spoor of anp 991 MA 1978
of a leather harness, and detect the faint smell of another body. For once ignoring his television screens, Pangborn began ap 993 MA 1978
he could hear the self-satisfied breathing of the intruder, celebrating another small deceit. Later that night, as he lay half-asleep inp 998 MA 1978
for an hour.‘ She seemed to be forwarding instructions from another sky. ‘Then we'll leave for Jodrell Bank.‘ The Sign ofp 984 Z2 1978
from me and within those stolen hallucinations had fashioned yet another world of dreams and empires, astronomies and great men." THEp 94 IY5 1978
for Guns and Ammo? -- in the election of yet another Kennedy. With luck any would-be assassins in the future willp 41 UGM 1979
hurt you! Jamie ...!‘ Then I saw that they had meant another tenant to share the grave with the dead flowers. Thep 50 UDC 1979
a few days ... Anyway, let me introduce one aviator to another. This will have to be confirmed, of course, but I'mp 78 UDC 1979
had made this sympathetic but confused priest into my father, another member of the family I had constituted around myself fromp 79 UDC 1979
invisible hornets rose on my arms and chest, as if another creature was trying to share my skin. I needed top 84 UDC 1979
on the beach, hoping that my exploding wake would dislodge another rare fossil for him. Stark stood protectively at the endp 85 UDC 1979
that this warm grass, these dragon-flies and poppies belonged to another dream, and that my fever-vision of swimming as a rightp 88 UDC 1979
my fever-vision of swimming as a right whale had been another window into my real life. I rose to my feetp 88 UDC 1979
my vision. In his hands he held a dead sparrow, another purse to be hidden in the grave. When they hadp 89 UDC 1979
my throat and hurl me to the ground. I took another female and mounted her by the war memorial, my semenp 114 UDC 1979
the females, mounting one and then breaking away to take another. Our reflections bucked in the plate-glass windows among the pyramidsp 115 UDC 1979
gathered. They had added more pieces of the Cessna -- another section of the starboard wing-tip, fragments of fabric torn fromp 117 UDC 1979
the falling aircraft. Perhaps the Cessna had been stolen by another pilot, that spectral figure I had seen lost among thep 120 UDC 1979
my vision that afternoon had not been a dream but another doorway into that realm to which my unseen guardians werep 122 UDC 1979
or doorway, I could change myself from one creature to another. I knew that I had been transformed into a householdp 122 UDC 1979
in their original places, like so many actors setting up another take in their impersonation of reality. Even Stark, stripped top 133 UDC 1979
died, and that through the narrow aperture of my survival another world was spilling through into this one. Wings shivered dustilyp 137 UDC 1979
fly -- don't you believe me?‘ Had he brought me another dead bird? But as he opened his hands I sawp 146 UDC 1979
I'll teach you to fly.‘ As they argued with one another, unable to agree who should have the first flight, ap 171 UDC 1979
timidly, these account executives and bank clerks, hiding behind one another. Having destroyed their clothes the previous day, they were nowp 186 UDC 1979
glass and pointed his rifle at me, ready to speed another bullet through my heart. ‘You're alive all right, Blake. Ip 186 UDC 1979
raptly, trying to read their mysterious codes, cryptic messages from another universe transmitted by the ticker-tape of my heart. David staredp 192 UDC 1979
Stark's pontoon, bloody aviators revenging themselves on these creatures of another element. Stark waded waist-deep in the water and beat top 195 UDC 1979
the sky in the hope that it might send him another aviator. An old man on the sun-terrace raised his handp 201 UDC 1979
a record of all this.‘ ‘Do you want to catch another?‘ I asked him. ‘I'll wait for you.‘ He shook hisp 211 UDC 1979
back to Naples on a cattle boat. Now I'm making another stab at it. Still, the place has possibilities, all sortsp 29 HA 1981
about the seismograph just for now -- there won't be another earthquake in the next hour. Get the radio tuned top 59 HA 1981
a murdered President abandoned by his staff. ‘Gregor! There's been another earthquake -- a major tremor from the centre of Bostonp 83 HA 1981
out at the airport. Crossing the Wabash two days ago another of the baggage camels fell into an ash-filled gulley andp 91 HA 1981
giant legs moved forward, stepping from one hill crest to another. Wayne feebly raised a hand, frightened that the giant wouldp 101 HA 1981
leaned sideways, making room in the sky. Wayne gasped as another vast cowboy appeared beside him, a lanky man with wistfulp 102 HA 1981
Wayne had seen so many times, My Darling Clementine. Yet another figure joined them, again in sheriff's garb, Gary Cooper withp 102 HA 1981
only when McNair, beside him in the bunker seat, shovelled another spade of coal through the glowing doorway of the fireboxp 106 HA 1981
expedition had come alive again. Their rescue by McNair marked another turning point, another proving of the dream. The nomads hadp 106 HA 1981
alive again. Their rescue by McNair marked another turning point, another proving of the dream. The nomads had carried Wayne fromp 106 HA 1981
a glimmer of emerald light. They paused to edge through another cascade that sluiced across the road. Anne pointed towards thep 116 HA 1981
touch of Davy Crockett. November 18. Sands Hotel, Las Vegas Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. This evening Mansonp 144 HA 1981
Paco slammed the hatch on my fingers, then shouted: ‘There's another expedition ship! It landed yesterday in Miami!‘ Then they werep 156 HA 1981
lay in his hammock, a happy and mischievous Gepetto welcoming another Pinocchio to his magical toyshop. A Graduate of Spandau Sop 178 HA 1981
shredding, crystal panes breaking up like a house of windows. Another plane bounced excitedly off its guy-ropes and fell on itsp 184 HA 1981
third morning, as the air-raid sirens wailed the arrival of another reconnaissance flight, she left the now conscious McNair and tookp 196 HA 1981
its deserted Hughes suite. A century and a half later another sick, sad young man had emerged from the mental hospitalp 201 HA 1981
glowing debris fell back into the jungle clearing Wayne saw another winged messenger bearing its small dream of the sun. Columbusp 211 HA 1981
Don't worry, though, I've started my own space programme now, another one.‘ He pointed to Trippett, who was being soothed byp 1014 NFS 1981
to the ward, and bundle Trippett into the car for another drive. Then he remembered Slade's aircraft speeding towards him acrossp 1015 NFS 1981
epidemic, one in a hundred of the population involved, probably another five unaware that they've been affected, certainly out here inp 1017 NFS 1981
space. Perhaps the right to travel through space belonged to another order of beings, but his crime was being punished justp 1019 NFS 1981
night, images of the propeller that launched themselves one after another from the wake of the vanished aircraft. Still stunned byp 1022 NFS 1981
11 A dangerous fugue today, and what may have been another attempt on my life by Slade. I nearly killed myselfp 1024 NFS 1981
earthquakes, as if one geological era were giving birth to another. Elongated clefts and gulleys stretched across the prints, their contoursp 1028 NFS 1981
Franklin waved to her she was joined by her twin, another grave-faced young woman who walked with the same cautious stepp 1031 NFS 1981
apartment, Franklin happily embraced the fugues. Each day he shed another two or three minutes. Within only a few weeks, timep 1033 NFS 1981
the real Fitzgerald, though perhaps his warts-and-all portrait is yet another romantic fiction, and one that happens to be closer top 109 UGM 1982
satisfying his own obsessions. Fitzgerald's service in the army was another partial failure. He was considered an unreliable officer and wasp 109 UGM 1982
his wife in this deranged figure, Sheppard turned away for another circuit, and lost his bearings among the maze of inletsp 1063 MNF 1982
back particular facial grimaces or shots of staircases. It was another symptom of the ‘space sickness‘, appearing in its terminal stagesp 1064 MNF 1982
of the bright sunlight. Soon after, the space trauma recruited another passenger. Sheppard had last seen her at Martinsen's clinic, butp 1066 MNF 1982
in his face forming the algebra of an unrealizable future. ‘Another time ... seventeen seconds ...‘ He tottered off into the dusk, tappingp 1070 MNF 1982
working vacation ... a scientific project.‘ She eyed him shrewdly. ‘Just another summer visitor -- though you all have PhDs, the remittancep 1070 MNF 1982
a local garage. As he guessed, Martinsen soon put in another appearance. A small, bird-shaped kite began a series of regularp 1071 MNF 1982
screen. His fingers trembled, a hundred outlines superimposed upon one another. His feet drummed against the floor, sending the same rapidp 1074 MNF 1982
light and shadow, canted decks encoding the secret entrances to another dimension. He had entered a city of yantras, cosmic dialsp 1074 MNF 1982
cartons of pasta. He would light a small fire on another balcony and cook up a starchy meal, carefully boiling thep 1041 MSA 1982
take two hours to fly fifty feet. Perhaps Anne has another week before time stops for her. As for myself, threep 1054 MSA 1982
latter being emperors of eccentricity -- one fitted a throne, another made his steering wheel from elephant's tusks, a third crownedp 234 UGM 1984
furniture. He would finish doping his balsa-wood aircraft, and complete another chapter of the manual entitled How to Play Contract Bridgep 16 ES 1984
solve the problem, and he would have the subject of another book. Fortunately, Vera's pride made her rise to the baitp 17 ES 1984
International Settlement, its seizure from the Americans and Europeans by another Asian power. Yet when Jim reached the junction of thep 56 ES 1984
Jim left the dentist's house the next morning. He found another temporary home in a nearby mansion owned by an Americanp 82 ES 1984
squatted on the diving-boards, feeding sticks to a small fire. Another soldier was down on the floor of the pool, pokingp 83 ES 1984
Japanese rule upon Shanghai, it was about to sail for another theatre of war. As if celebrating, a regatta of corpsesp 87 ES 1984
Japanese sergeant in charge of the detention centre was holding another of his roll-calls. Jim had noticed that he seemed unablep 111 ES 1984
of the missionary women lay on the floor, tended by another prisoner, a sandy-haired Britisher with a bruised cheek who heldp 127 ES 1984
British prisoners to shut out the reality of the camp, another excuse to sit back when they should have been helpingp 167 ES 1984
war end, Mr Maxted?‘ ‘Jim ... is it going to end? Another year, 1946. You tell me, you listen to Basie's radiop 178 ES 1984
feet away from him, might as well have been on another planet -- Jim pondered the jobs ahead of him thatp 184 ES 1984
of the Chinese to transform one set of refuse into another, they stripped the metal skins from the wings and retrievedp 187 ES 1984
the noise of its guns drowned in the blare of another Mustang that swept across the paddy fields to the westp 191 ES 1984
Already the flak tower appeared in a new light. For another hour Jim stood in line with the missionary widows, watchedp 201 ES 1984
hands to the table, trying to calm him. He submerged another cotton square in the wax tray. ‘Perhaps we'll leave thep 210 ES 1984
large, kindly stoker who was the comic-book king; Hinton, yet another cabin steward and philosopher: Dainty, the telegraphist and premier cocksmanp 215 ES 1984
meant the term as a compliment. Jim tried to remember another word of interest. Basie never used the words, but seemedp 218 ES 1984
legs. At the centre of the parade ground Kimura and another soldier seized the rickshaw and propelled it forward, pitching thep 227 ES 1984
Digest inside his shirt, Jim returned to G Block by another route. Later that evening, when he had finished Basie's potatop 228 ES 1984
to nourish the roots of the rice crops raised for another generation of Chinese turncoats. Jim opened his wooden case andp 246 ES 1984
Yangtze, cast a damp sheen over Jim's arms and legs, another reminder of that fine dust he had first seen asp 259 ES 1984
of light moved from one section of the stands to another, transforming the furniture into a series of spotlit tableaux illustratingp 267 ES 1984
Jim listened for the aircraft, hoping that it might launch another cascade of hail, but the sky was empty from horizonp 271 ES 1984
the European war. Together they described an heroic adventure on another planet, filled with scenes of sacrifice and stoicism, of countlessp 287 ES 1984
flying suit, lit by the evening air, reminded Jim of another pilot of the dusk who had saved him three yearsp 304 ES 1984
back to Shanghai. If I'm lucky I might see my another and father today.‘ ‘Shanghai? That's one dangerous city, Jim. Youp 321 ES 1984
the light that lay over the land, the shadow of another sun. Here, at the mouths of the great rivers ofp 332 ES 1984
in the front row of the circle and watched yet another screening of Bataan and The Fighting Lady. Yang was puzzledp 347 ES 1984
Shanghai film studios. Jim suspected that while he sat through another double feature at the Cathay Theatre the car was beingp 347 ES 1984
light that hung in the night air, a window into another universe. As the army technicians on their tower of scaffoldingp 350 ES 1984
However, the heads of the Chinese were already turning to another spectacle. A crowd had gathered below the steps of thep 350 ES 1984
illusion. Like Henson, the Home Office inspectors were certain that another assassination attempt might be made on Her Majesty. However, asp 1095 OOA 1984
outstretched. As I guessed, this diorama formed part of yet another Ames Room. The astronaut's figure created its illusion only whenp 1099 OOA 1984
thorax and sections of the legs drifted away from one another, suspended on threads of wire from the rafters above thep 1100 OOA 1984
radio mute beside his bed. But when he woke to another luminous morning his confidence returned. After an initial doubt, hep 3 SAJ 1984
the authorities, who were glad to see me exiled to another continent, reduced to begging from the American tourists. I sufferedp 1105 MWM 1985
a transit between one door slammed on my heels and another slammed in my face. My last friend at the newspaperp 1106 MWM 1985
the various "this's" having some sensible thematic connection with one another.‘ Old-fashioned story-telling, in other words, with its ageless appeal andp 236 UGM 1986
Brigitte Bardot, here turns his affectionate and ironic eye on another of his wives, Jane Fonda, who achieves immortality as shep 20 UGM 1987
hypersensitive presence instantly convinces us that he has come from another planet. His growing estrangement is seen not as a reactionp 21 UGM 1987
and enough diesel oil to fuel the irrigation project for another year. But rescue was not at hand. A light aircraftp 18 DC 1987
skin infections, one was almost blind from untreated cataracts, and another showed the clear symptoms of brain damage after childhood meningitisp 21 DC 1987
in the staff car stood behind the windshield and fired another flare over the lake. Shielding her eyes, Mrs Warrender watchedp 26 DC 1987
when he claimed that plants, too, could communicate with one another and appeared in a televised experiment in which the gardenersp 31 DC 1987
terraces above, my parents set off through the valley for another picnic site. It had taken hours for the moisture onp 49 DC 1987
Kagwa to build a pontoon bridge. The attempt had proved another fiasco -- the river had doubled in width during thep 80 DC 1987
to comfort this still numbed woman. ‘Nora, you can build another station. And you'll breed leopards there -- but first youp 85 DC 1987
Hide with Mrs Warrender!‘ ‘Doc Mal ...!‘ Necessity had taught her another word. The coracle collided with the ferry for the lastp 104 DC 1987
a metal fist clenched around its own anger, belonged to another sky. We had entered a maiden world, a realm thatp 115 DC 1987
of solidarity and the rails of the hazards of exploitation. Another reminder of the world we had left behind came onp 118 DC 1987
short burst. A bullet rang against the steel hull and another kicked the last of the bloodstained glass from the sternp 131 DC 1987
the cartridge and drove the bolt forward, as if loading another round. Already the pilot had climbed into his cockpit. Thep 134 DC 1987
bullet holes. I raised the rifle, as if to fire another shot into the float, but already Kagwa was running top 134 DC 1987
away from the sand-banks. We had seen off Kagwa for another day, time for us to make a few more milesp 136 DC 1987
Noon, and a wasted afternoon which might well have put another ten miles between the ferry and Captain Kagwa's helicopter. Belowp 145 DC 1987
the bonfires reflected in the underbellies of the cumulus clouds, another army of ghosts that haunted the night air. The Salammbop 150 DC 1987
journey from Port-la-Nouvelle, and I calculated that we would need another month to find the source of the Mallory, perhaps eightyp 153 DC 1987
the most important African waterway since the Suez Canal -- another Nile sprung upon the people of this doomed province byp 158 DC 1987
purpose. Below the wheelhouse, Noon hopped from one foot to another, as she discovered the stop-frame and the fast forward, playingp 160 DC 1987
Massif. Through the overheated light I saw the movement of another craft. A local fisherman punted his outrigger two hundred yardsp 169 DC 1987
area of crumbling embankments and small islands. ‘Noon ...? Is this another game?‘ I swung the wheel to starboard and eased forwardp 170 DC 1987
still breathing wildebeest. But Sanger claimed that these were merely another stylized fiction, a more sensational but just as artfully neuteredp 176 DC 1987
uttering a stream of subvocal epithets. I hoped to find another pistol or, conceivably, a few cartridges that would fit thep 190 DC 1987
behind the fuel drums. Shielding my eyes, I saw that another vessel had crept alongside us and had coasted to ap 193 DC 1987
windows of the clinic at Port-la-Nouvelle, she now belonged to another, remote order of womanhood. We stepped on to the openp 197 DC 1987
fell to the deck, and the door opened on to another cubicle. Under the same gaudy fresco lay another grimy mattressp 201 DC 1987
on to another cubicle. Under the same gaudy fresco lay another grimy mattress. I was about to lie on it, butp 201 DC 1987
fever by a single shot that marked the end of another marsh bird. However, they never brought their prey back top 207 DC 1987
wait something usually comes along.‘ ‘I can see you found another rifle.‘ ‘There was a dead soldier on the embankment. Onlyp 210 DC 1987
soldiers to bury. Perhaps you could help us, doctor. There's another dead man who needs to be buried ...‘ ‘Well ...‘ I followedp 210 DC 1987
lay against the bright steel like the first instalment of another grave. Mrs Warrender had picked up her rifle, and wasp 210 DC 1987
of the bolt within the breech. Had she been given another bullet by Mrs Warrender? She raised the heavy rifle andp 213 DC 1987
to siphon from the tank -- enough, I calculated, for another twenty miles. Yet the falling level of the river, andp 217 DC 1987
and the soldiers arguing at their table, I saw that another figure had appeared among the ghostly lanterns. One of Mrsp 248 DC 1987
me standing by the bar. She raised her chin, recognizing another customer, but then paused to stare at me. Through thep 248 DC 1987
derelict Mercedes. At the same time I was aware of another motive. She lay back, thighs sprawled and open, using herp 264 DC 1987
land here at this remote airstrip, carrying the emissaries of another secessionist movement. I am waiting, but not for a planep 287 DC 1987
and liable to come up with one embarrassing discovery after another. Later, looking back as I revise these diaries for publicationp 6 RW 1988
other into their homes, and seem to have known one another only as casual acquaintances. All the domestic staff agree thatp 21 RW 1988
the Pangbourne Massacre. The Television Film The TV film, yet another Newsnight recapitulation of the tragedy, introduced a short sequence recordedp 90 RW 1988
it ever since my first visit here." "That leads to another question, Doctor. The question -- who actually carried out thep 43 RW 1988
from them again, Sergeant. One act of tyrannicide leads to another, especially with this emotional charge behind it. The Pangbourne childrenp 46 RW 1988
now about 8:19, and the Millers are ready for another rich and successful day to wrap itself around them." Ip 49 RW 1988
authorities, and the twelve missing children had effectively vanished into another continuum. Two of them, however, were nearer to hand thanp 57 RW 1988
program's filming may well have spurred the children into action. Another factor may have been the reports, well advertised in thep 65 RW 1988
the roof. Mark Sanger is waiting outside the door, with another of the box kites he is always building, but Turnerp 74 RW 1988
aside, turning up the volume as an anchorman began yet another bulletin. ‘ ... here's an update on our report of two minutesp 1120 WW3 1988
quiet gallery near the Old Port, we had entered yet another uniquely special world, that silent country of marooned American citiesp 66 UGM 1989
return to our ordinary lives. Yet the very next evening another young man in a Prince Valiant suit would ring thep 1125 LCC 1989
homes and trudge the streets on the way to yet another hour of loveless sex. How I longed for June 2012p 1126 LCC 1989
virtually infinite. Was Europe about to lead the world in another breakthrough for the third millennium? A relaxed and unpuritan sexualp 1140 LTP 1989
of western civilisation had originated, had given birth to yet another significant trend, the first totalitarian system based on leisure. Fromp 1143 LTP 1989
an old divan at the rear of an empty warehouse. Another door leads to a wide and silent corridor, clearly unenteredp 1136 TES 1989
immense room there is nothing but a dressing table, in another the gleaming cabinet of a grandfather clock presides over thep 1136 TES 1989
in fact the junction between our small illusory world and another larger and more real one. Miraculously, I have survived, thoughp 1136 TES 1989
the while for his sister Louisa, who was fighting in another unit of the Christian militia. Then the firing ceased, andp 1145 WF 1989
and out-of-work bodyguards, who fought and died for one or another of the rival factions. Deep in their bunkers below thep 1147 WF 1989
of arms and ammunition, for fear of favouring one or another side in the conflict. So a futile war dragged onp 1147 WF 1989
on his head. ‘But not for war. I'll work for another ceasefire, doctor.‘ It was then that he found himself facingp 1155 WF 1989
again. ‘And Beirut, doctor? Here you're keeping an eye on another virus?‘ ‘That's right, Ryan. The virus of war. Or, ifp 1157 WF 1989
possibility of a mad strain emerging, against the chance that another Hitler or Pol Pot might appear.‘ ‘And you can dop 1158 WF 1989
before I had the experience to understand them, was probably another mistake. But Ulysses overwhelmed me. It might be set inp 145 UGM 1990
two months they had cruised forlornly from one port to another, boarded by hostile maritime police and customs officers, public healthp 1163 DCG 1990
the visions that had given him a brief glimpse of another, more advanced world. High above the collapsed canopy of thep 1172 DCG 1990
to represent extreme states of nostalgia and possibility, doorways into another continuum. It was from the island of Tinian, in thep 33 AWa 1990
over the city, even looking down on Sunset Boulevard, where another writer, Joe Gillis, had also found himself entangled in thep 35 AWa 1990
the social mobility of soccer players in Brazil. Named after another work by Raymond Roussel, the locus solus might be Miamip 59 SCNa 1990
training them to develop duodenal ulcers or varicose veins. Talbot. Another face of the central character of The Atrocity Exhibition. Thep 19 UDa 1990
their help they would have no difficulty in exterminating one another to the last man. They know this, and hence comesp 72 THFa 1990
was certainly entitled to wear it. Marilyn Monroe's death was another psychic cataclysm. Here was the first and greatest of thep 39 YCMa 1990
oral sex. But destiny finally dialled in the shape of another fading B-actor with an unhappy childhood, the president of thep 34 UGM 1991
of office. Dissatisfied with the Sacramento governor's mansion, Nancy ordered another, a $1.4 million monstrosity that later stood empty forp 34 UGM 1991
from reality -- he moved from one LA hotel to another, obsessed with the cleanliness of the bedlinen, covering every surfacep 72 UGM 1991
though, Capa tended to photograph peace as if it were another kind of war, and managed to make Europe, and certainlyp 83 UGM 1991
that ‘a sort of angel‘ had kept her company. On another occasion, when one of his older brothers caught pneumonia, thep 102 UGM 1991
elbows jostled mine in the Paris bookshops of the forties. Another problem Miller poses for the reader is that of knowingp 111 UGM 1991
by the winter fireside and prepare to set off on another enchanted voyage. In Search of Conrad is the most pleasurablep 114 UGM 1991
if I were an uninvited visitor who had strayed from another of the houses in Amherst Avenue. I had told myp 11 KW 1991
crowd to tap me on the shoulder. These games added another layer of strangeness and surprise to a city already toop 17 KW 1991
at the hospital window seemed to call to me from another world. Within a few days, however, my memories of thep 27 KW 1991
my eyes on the Shanghai skyline: Within the barbed wire another day in Lunghua was unfolding. The war might have endedp 52 KW 1991
landscape, marooned in its haze, came from the Chinese. As another coil of telephone wire encircled his chest he tried notp 57 KW 1991
the Japanese mainland. Then, on a cliff above the mud-flats, another group of armed soldiers caught my eye. Hundreds of Kuomintangp 73 KW 1991
Coffee first, psychology second.‘ Looking up at me, he asked: ‘Another victim? We need all the volunteers we can get. Miriamp 85 KW 1991
think like one. Richard and I were talking about you.‘ ‘Another bogus test ...‘ ‘Listen, if you take away the war youp 91 KW 1991
me talk about Shanghai and the war, and even asked another medical student to smuggle her into the dissecting room, readyp 93 KW 1991
young woman had been his gift to me, part of another experiment. He was always glad to see me, asking aboutp 96 KW 1991
pass, Richard.‘ I guessed that I was being tricked into another experiment, and remembered the term ‘imposed psychopathy‘ that he hadp 96 KW 1991
the runway. As each engine choked and stuttered into life another layer of sound stiffened the air, the bull-throated roar ofp 99 KW 1991
fifteen feet of water? Too short of fuel to make another circuit of the lake, I followed the railroad spur towardsp 109 KW 1991
in the grass, thinking contentedly that there would soon be another child to dance in this enchanted meadow. I was gladp 126 KW 1991
the last contractions came. ‘One last push, it's coming now, another push for the head ...‘ Miriam's vulva had expanded and thep 134 KW 1991
needed as we lay within the dune grass. Sally took another olive from my palm, her lips briefly sucking my thumbp 156 KW 1991
her body far more closely than I knew my own. Another woman's body was an unfathomed mystery, let alone another woman'sp 157 KW 1991
own. Another woman's body was an unfathomed mystery, let alone another woman's emotions and needs. ‘Well, back to the monsters.‘ Sallyp 157 KW 1991
drank a tumbler of duty-free whisky, and hesitated before pouring another. Dorothy pressed my hand, refilling the glass. ‘Go on --p 166 KW 1991
SS film fluttered through his projector. Was the film yet another fake? It looked convincingly real, and Sally held tight top 194 KW 1991
the human brain to a party of intrigued visitors from another planet. ‘The central nervous system is nature's Sistine Chapel, butp 200 KW 1991
pushed Dick's hands away, and wondered if he was playing another of his devious games. He had always been strongly competitivep 202 KW 1991
they were spinning towards each other. Assuming that this was another piece of antiquated BBC equipment, I waited for the unravellingp 202 KW 1991
soldiers had been marooned on that island platform, waiting for another war to set us free. They had tormented the Chinesep 210 KW 1991
would release the mainspring of war. Three weeks later, on another warm summer afternoon, I sat in my chair by thep 210 KW 1991
buses ferried the delegates from one lavish embassy party to another, while gangs of prostitutes and their pimps so packed thep 236 KW 1991
turned from a close-up of an exposed nasal septum to another about the curing of sable skins the two seemed top 240 KW 1991
remember something, and faded into the corridor. ‘Jim, we need another room, we can't all ...‘ ‘Yes ...‘ Fortunata brightened up, drawing Dickp 247 KW 1991
the Luxor to take us to Pereira's party at Ipanema. Another guest, a Dutch film distributor, shared the car with usp 251 KW 1991
when it's your turn.‘ I let this pass, and watched another of the older women, wearing nothing but a faded nightdressp 260 KW 1991
Lunghua. The soft arms against my chest were those of another woman. Then I felt her shoulder blades, and the strongp 271 KW 1991
This is the last time -- you'll have to wait another thirty years.‘ ‘I'll wait ...‘ I rested within her as shep 273 KW 1991
river, I had the feeling that I had strayed into another film set. A few minutes earlier, driving up the ruttedp 285 KW 1991
at Idlewild airport in 1962, catching a plane to Europe. Another Sally Mumford had gone off to join the Sixties, hadp 286 KW 1991
wondered how long all this would last, whether it was another momentary fantasy, a dream that would founder when it struckp 286 KW 1991
surgery in acute pain, unable to swallow and convinced that another throat had been transplanted into his own. Lowering the loosep 301 KW 1991
accident at the funfair must have seemed to her like another of my attempts at internal escape. Old friends by nowp 318 KW 1991
of my childhood home -- one provided a drained swimming-pool, another the reception rooms and lawn where the fancy dress partyp 333 KW 1991
was being carried away from this quiet Buckinghamshire lane, across another world and another time to the Shanghai of half ap 336 KW 1991
away from this quiet Buckinghamshire lane, across another world and another time to the Shanghai of half a century earlier, towardsp 336 KW 1991
Boulevard, I saw the first anomaly, a jarring intrusion from another level of reality. A billboard the size of a tennisp 338 KW 1991
rooftops of Los Angeles, and even over Sunset Boulevard, where another writer, Joe Gillis, had become entangled in the Hollywood dreamp 338 KW 1991
followed by a Russian occupation force who presided over yet another regime of terror and repression. But the first Chinese communistsp 37 UGM 1992
Williams short story. However, he failed to swim the Tagus, another of Byron's triumphs (the river police picked him up halfwayp 245 UGM 1992
and help far too many old ladies across the road. Another important reason is that the interviewee may not know thep 271 UGM 1992
programme, to what extent do Dr Clare's professional skills add another dimension to the art and science of the interview? Veryp 271 UGM 1992
seen setting out six parallel chessboards, as if preparing for another tournament. At this point, an hour after their arrival, thep 1178 MFM 1992
made his second coming and was trapped inside the Zeus. Another cultist claimed that the devil had taken up residence inp 1182 MFM 1992
computers, the crucial hour when one millennium gave way to another, perhaps explains the reason for their alarm. Given these people'sp 1186 ROP 1992
costume that had yet to appear in the United States. Another kind of fusion reaction occurred, and Feynman invited this highlyp 160 UGM 1993
reflects the therapeutic failure of psychoanalysis, and hints at yet another radical shift in the progress of psychology that may occurp 153 UGM 1994
long reign as king of the cartoons. Apart from Coca-Cola, another modern myth, Walt Disney must be the most famous brandnamep 216 UGM 1994
head. ‘Don't be frightened by all this.‘ ‘We could wait another day -- or even a week. The French might leavep 60 RP 1994
stared wistfully at the chess pieces as he set out another game. ‘It may seem naive to you, but our causep 62 RP 1994
his expensive teeth, so unlike Dr Barbara's snaggled incisors. ‘And another handy martyr. Sometimes I think ...‘ ‘David?‘ She handed him thep 71 RP 1994
Professor Saito and Miko, and especially young Neil, dreaming about another kind of island. Mark Bracewell lived for twenty-seven years, andp 74 RP 1994
the reef. Neil climbed the sandy slope and walked towards another of the camera-towers hidden among the trees, its cracked cementp 86 RP 1994
cannabis resin from his lips. ‘Do you want to build another runway, doctor?‘ ‘Another runway? We have one too many asp 111 RP 1994
his lips. ‘Do you want to build another runway, doctor?‘ ‘Another runway? We have one too many as it is. Getp 111 RP 1994
and retrieved a can, wrapping its label around his wrist. Another pulled a recreation bicycle from the deeper water, wheeled itp 113 RP 1994
before I eat today's breakfast I'd like to think there's another coming tomorrow.‘ ‘Of course there is,‘ Dr Barbara replied brisklyp 118 RP 1994
For a moment a vent of hell had opened, and another Dr Barbara had glared out at him. He listened top 124 RP 1994
child's swollen forehead. ‘Now he's a little devil ...‘ Trudi picked another can. ‘He's a devil already. Gubby, you'll frighten Dr Rafferty'sp 127 RP 1994
and helped Inger and Trudi to rebuild their shacks, kindled another fire for them and played with the baby. The raidingp 135 RP 1994
endangered plants and animals thrived and bred like visitors from another planet. Neil's only respite from the spartan regime was thep 139 RP 1994
it was nice for Gubby to look at.‘ ‘I'll find another set for him. It's just David, he gets carried awayp 139 RP 1994
women. Already she seemed to be thinking far ahead, to another island and another sanctuary free of kindness. ‘All right, thenp 143 RP 1994
seemed to be thinking far ahead, to another island and another sanctuary free of kindness. ‘All right, then. Monique, tell themp 143 RP 1994
to neglect herself, no longer bothering to comb her hair, another sign that she hungered for change. Dr Barbara had becomep 148 RP 1994
at Gubby, Neil guessed that she was eager to let another radical dimension into the sanctuary, a disruptive element that wouldp 148 RP 1994
digging deeper latrines, and Dr Barbara was now looking for another means of provoking them. Their sexuality, dormant since their arrivalp 148 RP 1994
to me.‘ Neil searched for a delicate phrasing. ‘She wants another baby.‘ ‘That's nice. But she has you. You're her babyp 150 RP 1994
he ate a bowl of tepid tapioca, which set off another bout of vomiting and diarrhoea. By then Monique had failedp 153 RP 1994
and what did we do? We turned Saint-Esprit into just another cosy suburb, where we do all the work, and allp 170 RP 1994
bakes the bread. By God, if I see her bake another baguette I'll ... burst!‘ ‘She likes baking bread. Mrs Saito likesp 171 RP 1994
himself, Neil waited while the women embraced and romped, celebrating another birth to come. Despite his vital contribution, they took himp 184 RP 1994
wraith that sailed towards the closing doors of the deep. Another yacht had arrived and was dropping anchor half a milep 206 RP 1994
but like Dr Barbara she regarded the story as just another of his overheated ramblings. Yet for all his sickness, hep 211 RP 1994
Her hand touched his forehead. ‘You'll stay on Saint-Esprit forever.‘ Another air-raid alert was taking place. Supervised by Mrs Saito, thep 218 RP 1994
but were making do with these few small deaths and another yet to come. The albatross sailed over the banners proclaimingp 220 RP 1994
she had tightened. ‘Go and live with the fish! Find another island -- we rule Saint-Esprit!‘ Inger strode from the kitchenp 223 RP 1994
the kitchen walls was enough for them to decide on another sanctuary for the threatened creatures. They thankfully raised anchor andp 227 RP 1994
the next day, lying unconscious in the trucks that brought another squad of Japanese soldiers to guard the camp. After carousingp 284 UGM 1995
of my closest friends, the Kendal-Wards, who were interned in another of the camps near Shanghai. Hoping to see them, Ip 285 UGM 1995
at the Cathedral School who picked up a grenade during another outing lost his hand when it exploded. Later, to hisp 287 UGM 1995
the feral cats that plagued his customers. This scalding douche, another stroke of cruel injustice, promptly set me off again. Senorp 31 CN 1996
every ball. Cross-court volley, lob and backhand flip followed one another at breakneck pace. A misfire brought him skidding to thep 40 CN 1996
Estrella de Mar. Beside the row of tennis trophies was another framed photograph, taken by a professional cameraman in the diningp 45 CN 1996
de Mar in many ways -- we were turning into another dozy pueblo. Bobby threw himself into everything: fencing, drama, squashp 46 CN 1996
in the bathroom next to his study. She was in another of the bedrooms.‘ ‘This was when? About seven o'clock inp 49 CN 1996
take her arm. A Gathering of the Clan FUNERALS CELEBRATE ANOTHER frontier crossing, in many ways the most formal and protractedp 60 CN 1996
almost empty. Paula Hamilton slipped away with Hennessy, denying me another chance of speaking to her. Mrs Shand was helped byp 69 CN 1996
change. ‘Why the Catholic cemetery?‘ ‘She's seeing an old boyfriend. Another doctor at the Clinic.‘ ‘Really? A strange rendezvous. Rather macabrep 72 CN 1996
the truth, but in fact that unanimity had only wrapped another layer of mystery around the Hollinger murders. Far from springingp 76 CN 1996
lock of Frank's prison cell it had given the key another turn. Nevertheless, five people had been killed, by someone almostp 76 CN 1996
Senor Danvila hurried towards me, mournful face agitated by yet another setback. His hands fumbled at the air as if searchingp 77 CN 1996
that I would stay on in Spain for at least another month, cancel my future assignments and transfer enough funds fromp 79 CN 1996
England, go to Antarctica. If you stay, you may provoke another death -- this time your own.‘ I sat in Frank'sp 93 CN 1996
get inside. It's a grim sight.‘ ‘Very grim. I suggest another visit. This morning I had the autopsy reports. Tomorrow, whenp 99 CN 1996
as something more dangerous to them than Frank's concerned brother. Another murder would not have suited their purposes, but a near-strangulationp 99 CN 1996
I want you to come to the Clinic tomorrow for another X-ray. How do you feel?‘ ‘Physically? I dare say, ap 101 CN 1996
smiled faintly. ‘Mrs Hollinger was not here. She was in another bedroom.‘ ‘Then who was with Hollinger?‘ ‘The Swedish maid, Bibip 108 CN 1996
people who drank Hollinger's champagne and thought he was just another old blimp with an actressy wife. I was one ofp 116 CN 1996
members were arriving for choir practice. At the sculpture studio another young Spaniard in a posing pouch flexed his pectorals forp 116 CN 1996
attack you?‘ ‘As it happens, quite a few people. There's another side to Estrella de Mar. The Harold Pinter seasons, thep 117 CN 1996
professional dancer, swiftly manipulating the victim's body as he found another posture, another forced entry point. Irritated by her frantic gaspsp 127 CN 1996
swiftly manipulating the victim's body as he found another posture, another forced entry point. Irritated by her frantic gasps, he seizedp 127 CN 1996
slack?‘ ‘Flat on its back. People didn't need anything except another bottle of pills. But they've picked up now. Charles, I'mp 131 CN 1996
on the television screen in Frank's apartment, smiling bravely at another camera lens. ‘Something of a character ...‘ I pointed to thep 134 CN 1996
door, a burly Maghrebian in his forties who was clearly another bodyguard and seemed to resent me even looking at thep 134 CN 1996
the same time she had given me a glimpse into another Estrella de Mar, a world of imported bed-boys and otherp 135 CN 1996
London. Go home, go on your travels. There might be another attack on you. No one in Estrella de Mar wantsp 142 CN 1996
Paula in the bar of the Restaurant du Cap, striking another name from my cast of suspects. As I listened top 142 CN 1996
me, or had I read her features into those of another driver? The car moved through the crowd, then left thep 144 CN 1996
the hill, but when he came here he changed into another personality, rather blithe and carefree.‘ Beyond the sitting room wasp 149 CN 1996
the windows of the Club Nautico. ‘You think it was another warning to you?‘ ‘Not exactly. More of an invitation. Firesp 156 CN 1996
along the narrow sidewalk I recognized under the platinum wig another of the mourners at Bibi Jansen's funeral, the English wifep 164 CN 1996
trees as the glider circled above me, ready to make another pass if I attempted to reach the gate to thep 169 CN 1996
wall, and a canary sunburst leaked towards the drainage vent. ‘Another abstract painting,‘ I remarked to Sanger when he returned withp 175 CN 1996
stay with me. I'd treated her for one addiction after another and always let her in. It was a chance top 177 CN 1996
now you're again assuming your child role, rescuing Frank from another of his scrapes?‘ ‘I knew that from the start. Thep 179 CN 1996
with them. Before Crawford arrived Estrella de Mar was just another resort on the Costa del Sol. People drifted about inp 179 CN 1996
nose in a show of irritation and backed away into another space. She took an orange from a hamper of fruitp 186 CN 1996
through the outer corridors of a maze, guiding me to another door whenever I seemed to falter. She waited as Ip 189 CN 1996
sex that had taken place between us was part of another film. I had imagined myself in Frank's role, and Paulap 194 CN 1996
He might have done. One thing leads so quickly to another -- he can't control his imagination. There'll be other firesp 199 CN 1996
eased the over-eager car down the drive. ‘Good, good ... you're another Schumacher, Charles. It's fun being a passenger. The world looksp 206 CN 1996
waiting for nothing to happen. I was tempted to make another flippant remark, but I could see that he felt anp 218 CN 1996
an appetite. As I towelled myself, however, I guessed that another day would pass and I would remain the swimming pool'sp 224 CN 1996
sparkling at her feet. Happy to see her, I draped another towel around her shoulders. ‘Paula -- you're our first newp 226 CN 1996
on holiday, and a lover was waiting for him in another maid's room. I imagined them playing clock-golf on the carpetp 236 CN 1996
was sure that Crawford's attempts to transform the complex into another Estrella de Mar would fail. The people of the Residenciap 239 CN 1996
sounds busy.‘ ‘It is. Membership's up to three hundred, with another fifty application forms in. There's already a waiting list forp 253 CN 1996
For some reason, Sanger really gets to me.‘ ‘He's just another flawed psychiatrist. Forget about him.‘ ‘All psychiatrists are flawed --p 271 CN 1996
use of the term. ‘Do you mean Frank?‘ ‘You have another brother in Spain? Not in Zarzuella jail.‘ ‘Of course notp 273 CN 1996
when this saintly figure moves on? What then? You'll find another beach redeemer?‘ ‘We won't need to. Crawford's unique. If andp 281 CN 1996
sun. A mobile phone lay on the table beside me, another useful gift from Betty Shand. I guessed that Crawford hadp 285 CN 1996
in its second day and showed every sign of outrunning another night. Towed by Lindsay's Range Rover, a float passed thep 286 CN 1996
the balcony and gripped the rail, waving their rackets at another float that passed below us. ‘Good God! Is that Fionap 287 CN 1996
the tennis ladies and took refuge in my office. Yet another tableau had reached the plaza, an amateurish effort by thep 288 CN 1996
shopping mall and deserted sports club had transformed itself into another Estrella de Mar, as if an infectious but benevolent virusp 288 CN 1996
masts. Members crowded the balcony outside my office, cheering on another carnival float, a presentation by the rapid response group ofp 290 CN 1996
classes to the benighted people of the pueblos. He'll recruit another edgy wanderer like you and, at the snap of ap 294 CN 1996
cauterized the septum. It seems that Crawford punched her -- another of his Zen statements, so he said.‘ ‘Dr Sanger ...‘ Ip 302 CN 1996
and idealistic kind would fade in the settling dust of another moribund sun-coast resort. I started the tennis machine, and listenedp 306 CN 1996
damaged child is touching. Of course, I knew her father, another of those doctors with wandering hands. I only pray thatp 307 CN 1996
was still watching the children, ready to join them in another game. ‘I'm concerned about Sanger. I'm fairly certain that he'sp 309 CN 1996
of the future, Charles. Imagine the Costa del Sol as another Veneto. Somewhere here a new Venice might be born.‘ ‘Whyp 311 CN 1996
would have sunk back into itself and turned into just another brain-dead town on the coast.‘ ‘But how does that explainp 317 CN 1996
collection of tennis rackets he would set off to arouse another stretch of the sun-coast. I switched off the Citroen's enginep 326 CN 1996
of masonry for so many centuries. I realise now that another element -- farce -- was present on that day. Byp 6 DYF 1996
that our visits to these historic sites had exposed yet another of my weaknesses. As we took the creaking lift top 8 DYF 1996
barrister, and my lonely, daydreaming mother, always getting over yet another doomed affair. At a hotel in Hauterives, south of Lyonsp 4 SC 2000
attitude to an entirely new workplace culture. Eden-Olympia isn't just another business park. We're an ideas laboratory for the new millenniump 16 SC 2000
of Lake Geneva with its old League of Nations headquarters, another attempt to blueprint a kingdom of saints. Apartment houses linedp 17 SC 2000
keys from Jane and opened the boot. ‘That could be another story.‘ We left Halder to carry the suitcases and setp 23 SC 2000
you going to be happy? Penrose, can't we move to another house? We'll rent a villa in Grasse or Vallauris.‘ ‘Youp 29 SC 2000
and muesli, their mortadella and noodles, and set off to another long day at the office. As I settled myself inp 36 SC 2000
in what would be her last house call, just as another, deranged doctor was making his first of the day. ‘Senorap 48 SC 2000
maids had gone, and Senora Morales had moved on to another family in the enclave. As I changed into my swimsuitp 55 SC 2000
theory.‘ I turned away and stared across the lake, expecting another seismic shudder. ‘He was still booking them in for theirp 70 SC 2000
humouring me as he tapped the elevator button. ‘One Russian, another Russian ... examples have to be made. We can't be everywherep 73 SC 2000
Somewhere a horn sounded in the residential enclave, followed by another in reply, as cars returned from the outposts of thep 76 SC 2000
yet. He asked if I'd like to stay on for another six months.‘ ‘Would you?‘ ‘Yes, if I'm honest. Think aboutp 80 SC 2000
testing me, with her talk of extending the contract? After another six months she would be as institutionalized as any long-termp 81 SC 2000
at the stained cloth, leaving a vermilion smear. He wore another of his linen suits, a black silk tie fluttering likep 91 SC 2000
away from the clinic I'm unbelievably clumsy. Let's get you another drink.‘ Penrose signalled to the waitress, and gazed around himp 91 SC 2000
It's an interesting car. Rather like your Harvard, I imagine.‘ ‘Another time.‘ Calmly, I said: ‘You've had a bump. Cutting cornersp 92 SC 2000
enormous mobility. While you're mooning around here, Paul, they're patenting another gene, or designing the next generation of drugs that willp 96 SC 2000
whether he had talked to Jane. Then I thought of another, more impressionable doctor. ‘Free? It's hard to know how loosep 97 SC 2000
Revolution, but they're now the new proletariat. It's time for another elite to set the agenda.‘ ‘How did David take allp 97 SC 2000
the palms, enjoying the warm autumn day, like citizens of another world who had come ashore for a few hours. Wilderp 106 SC 2000
place?‘ ‘I love it.‘ She signalled to the waiter, ordering another round of drinks. ‘I make three times the salary Ip 113 SC 2000
No.‘ Her eyes roamed around the bar, in search of another drink, but she spoke distinctly. ‘David killed them -- sevenp 114 SC 2000
there are endless committees ...‘ ‘That makes sense. They don't want another English doctor running amok.‘ ‘We'll take turns flying in andp 122 SC 2000
and helped to stow her briefcase, guilty that I had another day of leisure to look forward to. ‘Don't let themp 123 SC 2000
day a fuse blew and the lights went out.‘ ‘Or another set of lights came on. Brighter and harder lights thatp 129 SC 2000
covered thirty acres between the Place Delaunay and the sea, another of the security-obsessed compounds that were reshaping the geography andp 133 SC 2000
He had money and they thought he was a fool. Another time he borrowed a car without permission.‘ ‘Is that wrongp 137 SC 2000
how shocked I was. At the time many people feared another attack.‘ ‘So you wanted to retire?‘ ‘I accepted that ap 138 SC 2000
an exhausted doctor alerted by his mobile phone to yet another medical emergency. At La Napoule I crossed the motor bridgep 140 SC 2000
the guardhouse an asphalt road curved around the hillside towards another gated community. The villas and apartment houses had been designedp 140 SC 2000
Greenwood was in the car?‘ ‘No. He was passing in another vehicle. Along the coast road to Juan-les-Pins. Joyriders accelerate top 145 SC 2000
trilobites encased in prehistoric shale. I stepped into the Jaguar, another rolling museum of itself, left the airport and drove intop 149 SC 2000
the disused railway lines embedded in the road I remembered another dream that had died here, within earshot of the aircraftp 149 SC 2000
the girls. Dr Serrou gave them one hundred francs, then another hundred francs ...‘ She shuffled to the door. ‘You stay andp 151 SC 2000
in the few moments that distracted me as I ordered another Tom Collins from the waiter at the Rialto Bar. Thep 154 SC 2000
move on, but with rather less hope. Jane was chairing another late-evening committee at the clinic, mapping out a further stagep 154 SC 2000
the nexus of narrow streets beyond the Boulevard d'Alsace congregated another constituency of the night: Maltese whores and their pimps, transvestitesp 158 SC 2000
me with almost soundless steps. I noticed that he wore another pair of expensive shoes from the Rue d'Antibes. Seeing mep 161 SC 2000
they have ... expectations of violence. It's the perfect set-up for another David Greenwood. Even the guards don't trust each other.‘ ‘You'llp 190 SC 2000
above the Canton Hotel, like gifts from one pasha to another borne on a cushion of vaporizing silk. The sea wasp 213 SC 2000
poured a cognac into my espresso coffee, and then ordered another for me before I could ask for the bill. Herp 213 SC 2000
her from the balcony. ‘It's the bowling club ...‘ ‘Who?‘ ‘It's another ratissage. A special action.‘ ‘I can't see anything.‘ She pulledp 220 SC 2000
at the Chateau of La Garoupe, but that had been another Riviera, as remote from this futuristic apartment complex as thep 224 SC 2000
the cockpit. Do you want to see me fucked by another man? Maybe it's too soon for that. We'll wait tillp 230 SC 2000
apartment towers of Marina Baie des Anges, one night enclosing another as the realms of physics and the dreamtime merged intop 233 SC 2000
operated the remote control, and replaced the Cardin cassette with another. The two men sat back to watch a scene filmedp 238 SC 2000
why she had made the detour to the Villa Grimaldi, another stage of my education into the realities of Eden-Olympia. ‘Paulp 239 SC 2000
hands. I saw the robbery take place. Alain Delage and another guest were watching a video taken at the scene.‘ Penrosep 246 SC 2000
and done nothing?‘ I gestured at the antique mirror. ‘It's another Alice world -- corporate profits are higher than anywhere elsep 250 SC 2000
her open lower lip, still marked by the paste of another woman's lipstick. I met her on the landing, dragging ap 268 SC 2000
and switched off the French concert commentator. ‘Why? You have another six-month contract to run.‘ ‘I'll take a week's compassionate leavep 269 SC 2000
finish it. Believe me, the last thing they want is another English doctor going insane.‘ ‘Jane ...‘ I tried to take herp 269 SC 2000
the coast, bringing to the business park its tidings of another marina complex or discount furniture sale. A few hundred yardsp 272 SC 2000
at an impatient woman rattling the lock. She stepped into another cubicle, and I sat across the washstand, my back top 278 SC 2000
him at chess, I knew that he saw me as another of his experimental animals, to be stroked through the barsp 279 SC 2000
stroked through the bars as I was fattened for yet another maze. Trying to lead him on, I listened to himp 279 SC 2000
an Egyptian property tycoon was broken into and thoroughly trashed. Another bowling team, made up of senior managers at Elf-Maritime, carriedp 279 SC 2000
that Halder was watching him like a guard dog on another master's leash. For all his craftiness, I was surprised thatp 292 SC 2000
creative. A few sacrifices are worth it if we produce another Bill Gates or Akio Morita.‘ ‘The victims will be gladp 297 SC 2000
the Croisette the flicker of flashbulbs marked the end of another premiere, and headlights glowed through the palm fronds as ap 304 SC 2000
fast for me. ‘We'll go -- I'll talk to Zander another time ...‘ ‘Is Jane all right?‘ Frances steered me down thep 306 SC 2000
there was one other mark against him.‘ ‘He was just another Arab? Still, Yasuda is Japanese. There are Hong Kong andp 343 SC 2000
natural gas in Yakut, and decide that social Darwinism deserves another go. Listen to Alain Delage and Penrose talking together andp 344 SC 2000
one of the bedrooms for them. One thing led to another. Penrose told him not to feel guilty. Being true top 347 SC 2000
new Europe ...‘ ‘I hope not,‘ I commented. ‘Eden II? It's another business park. You make it sound like Winthrop's City onp 357 SC 2000
him.‘ ‘Does he? That's unpleasant. I'll tell him to pick another deprived group -- English tourists, say. If Halder didn't talkp 363 SC 2000
familiar. ‘Frances ...? I've booked Tetou.‘ Was she in bed with another man, perhaps the pilot of the Green protest plane? Anp 371 SC 2000
a burglary that went wrong. They can deal with you another time.‘ I picked up the dinner jacket and laid itp 373 SC 2000
you to kill Greenwood. Sooner or later they'll give you another target.‘ Halder turned the ignition key and listened to thep 378 SC 2000
of the shoppers walking past me showed the slightest concern. Another Chelsea party had run out of control, though the guestsp 3 MP 2003
to Grosvenor Place, Kay's raffish cul-de-sac and a reminder of another, older Chelsea. The short road had been home to ap 8 MP 2003
dialling tone sounded against my ear, a fading signal from another world. For a few minutes all the lines to realityp 20 MP 2003
flowers, each a burst of colour that reminded me of another explosion. The bomb in Terminal 2 had detonated as thep 30 MP 2003
this pointless protest, one group of cat lovers ranged against another. Locking arms with two middle-aged women from Wimbledon, I stoodp 34 MP 2003
the King's Road and, to my mind, the heart of another kind of darkness. Built on the site of a formerp 51 MP 2003
and Marriott hotels, so everyone thinks they're winning.‘ ‘But it's another con?‘ ‘Complete. Today's tourist goes nowhere.‘ She spoke confidently, withp 54 MP 2003
melancholy of post-war Europe. But the poster reminded me of another Carol Reed film, about a wounded gunman on the runp 57 MP 2003
a priest summoning a soul into the light. There was another figure in the room, a slim man in a blackp 59 MP 2003
Aren't we all?‘ ‘Alas, no. Protest is one thing, action another. That's why we need you on the project.‘ ‘I'm withp 62 MP 2003
old working class in their back-to-backs. Knowledge-based professions are just another extractive industry. When the seams run out we're left highp 79 MP 2003
go up a point and I owe the bank manager another year's hard work.‘ ‘I'm sorry.‘ Concerned for her, I watchedp 80 MP 2003
And important.‘ ‘Not interesting, and not important. Now, I have another job. Far more valuable.‘ ‘And that is?‘ ‘I'm Richard Gould'sp 80 MP 2003
had begun as I lay half-drugged on Kay Churchill's settee. Another door had opened into a side corridor that might leadp 82 MP 2003
outside the estate office had given her the appetite for another fight. I remembered how she had dominated the magistrates‘ courtp 85 MP 2003
pinned a polling company's badge to her jacket. She fixed another, with a photograph of the Reverend Dexter, to my lapelp 87 MP 2003
every day ...‘ A hundred yards along the avenue we approached another large house, a Georgian villa with a swimming pool inp 89 MP 2003
tomorrow the world,‘ Kay announced, after telling me to order another round. ‘Vera?‘ ‘You were great.‘ Vera sniffed her gin, smoothingp 95 MP 2003
see Kay and Joan Chang darting from one doorway to another as the police cars sped past, sirens wailing down thep 124 MP 2003
there was something evasive about him that reminded me of another shadowy figure who had concealed his face. There was thep 125 MP 2003
was a stone landing that led into the next dormitory, another high-ceilinged space filled with dust. A dark-haired man in ap 127 MP 2003
closing his eyes at the follies of bureaucracy. ‘There was another matter. The great taboo.‘ ‘Sexual?‘ ‘A good guess, David. Genitalp 132 MP 2003
me? It wasn't. But I sensed it was going on.‘ ‘Another doctor?‘ ‘One of the nurses. A very sweet young Jamaicanp 132 MP 2003
playing moodily with her fuses and timers, ready to tackle another bastion of middle-class servitude, Hatchards or Fortnums or the V&Ap 142 MP 2003
and her chaotic enthusiasms. At night I slept soundly on another child's mattress in her daughter's bedroom, surrounded by cheerful pastelp 151 MP 2003
exhausts pumping, ready to race from one meaningless assignment to another. The city was a vast and stationary carousel, forever boardedp 159 MP 2003
and then dismounted. I thought of the bomb cutting through another temple of enlightenment, silencing the endless murmur of cafeteria conversationsp 159 MP 2003
is a sideshow. The really dangerous people are waiting in another corner of the park. Take this Tate bomb, clearly thep 194 MP 2003
in the local Habitat. I'm trying to move closer. There's another bloody camera ...‘ I pressed the mobile to my ear, pickingp 202 MP 2003
Dexter, this haunted clergyman prowling the shopping mall, perhaps with another bomb, hoping to drive away his grief for Joan. ‘Richardp 202 MP 2003
a damp tissue. ‘Who could kill like that? Shoot down another human being ...?‘ ‘A maniac ... it's hard to imagine. At leastp 211 MP 2003
was sitting in a rented room, watching the service on another television set, trying to wring from his mind all memoryp 213 MP 2003
of Major Tulloch, barrel chest and burly arms concealed inside another short tweed jacket, ginger moustache bristling at the scent ofp 227 MP 2003
of bandage and antiseptic cream. Watching from the window as another resident's car took off, it occurred to me that Kayp 232 MP 2003
smudges of ink in the scrawled loops, reminded me of another set of numerals penned by the same hand, the parking-bayp 243 MP 2003
mass.‘ ‘Weird. I thought he'd lost his faith.‘ ‘He's found another -- sudden death. Vera was there, ransacking the place. Shep 246 MP 2003
set out to kill you, that would have been just another squalid crime. But if I killed you by accident, orp 255 MP 2003
for.‘ ‘Then I rose from the grave, and you needed another victim.‘ ‘Not victim.‘ Gould raised his hand to correct mep 255 MP 2003
the paperback cover. ‘And the Tate bomb? That was you?‘ ‘Another cock-up. No one was supposed to be hurt. Dexter wasp 260 MP 2003
out I saw Joan Chang had appeared on the scene. Another loyal disciple keeping an eye on me.‘ ‘She didn't trustp 260 MP 2003
in. Done up nicely, those houses could be a treat ...‘ Another family was leaving, wife grimly clutching the steering wheel, husbandp 265 MP 2003
She approached me, assuming that I was a visitor from another world, unfamiliar with the social niceties that preserved civilized lifep 269 MP 2003
with a rifle they'll shoot him dead. This may be another fantasy, some Hungerford obsession inside his head ...‘ Giving up onp 280 MP 2003
closed the door behind him and slipped away, vanishing into another time and space. The task he had set himself sop 287 MP 2003
write a book about it.‘ But I was thinking of another time, a brief period when Chelsea Marina was a placep 293 MP 2003
would ever take from them. Sipping my flavour-free lager -- another agency triumph -- I studied the map as the managerp 8 KC 2006
Thames Valley, and already I identified her with my father, another victim of a malaise even deeper than shopping. Three weeksp 13 KC 2006
him each morning of this gaunt but still amorous woman. Another memory of married years was an ancient bottle of Chanelp 18 KC 2006
stairs, the limping gait of someone with a fractured kneecap. Another door slammed, but when I went to the sitting-room windowp 20 KC 2006
in my head, the rumble and burble of exhaust. But another noise drummed across the night air, coming from a footballp 35 KC 2006
He probably knew that I was hostile to the mall, another middle-class snob who hated glitter, confidence and opportunity when theyp 40 KC 2006
the mother bear gave a skittish twitch, as if ducking another bullet. I said: ‘I need to see the whole picturep 44 KC 2006
life by my father's murder had now been invaded by another vacuum. I left the Jensen on a double yellow linep 48 KC 2006
dropped. Otherwise he would have passed my father's estate to another firm of solicitors.‘ ‘So how did he know?‘ Sergeant Falconerp 51 KC 2006
my first sports car. But there was a welcome of another kind. I recognized my father's scent on the air, anp 53 KC 2006
believe a word of that?‘ ‘No.‘ Won over, I ordered another round from the waitress. ‘But you hate the Metro-Centre.‘ ‘It'sp 66 KC 2006
Enforcing what?‘ We reached a crossroads, and turned left into another residential district. The football match had ended, and spectators werep 73 KC 2006
devoid of emotion. Pain, sympathy and regret had moved to another floor of his mind. Whether or not he recognized mep 92 KC 2006
tell him that I would never be able to afford another pair. He sipped noisily at the whisky, relying on hisp 98 KC 2006
own vanity. Politics is a racket, and democracy is just another utility like gas and electricity: Almost no one has anyp 102 KC 2006
here. Their lives are empty. Install a new kitchen, buy another car, take a trip to some beach hotel. All thesep 103 KC 2006
bomb,‘ Sergeant Falconer told me. ‘Three pounds of Semtex. There's another maniac on the loose.‘ ‘Anyone killed or injured?‘ ‘No onep 114 KC 2006
had come into play, picking first one leader and then another. Apparently passive, they regrouped and changed direction according to nop 120 KC 2006
the overturned Land Cruiser. A fire-engine crew were hosing down another gutted vehicle in the deserted plaza. The riot had endedp 131 KC 2006
trigger a general uprising.‘ ‘It did.‘ ‘No. Tonight was just another football riot. Maxted and Sangster are being used. I don'tp 131 KC 2006
There needs to be a message. Next time I'll remember.‘ ‘Another wild man from the desert. Dear Jesus ...‘ She took herp 134 KC 2006
after that.‘ ‘Terribly dull of them.‘ ‘That's what I thought. Another of the great advertising breakthroughs that got nowhere.‘ ‘Its timep 134 KC 2006
as if exposing herself to me, the removal of yet another of the veils that hung between us. ‘How well didp 134 KC 2006
covered with stitched medallions, in effect scout badges for adults, another of the schemes I had devised. Each bore the namep 152 KC 2006
instantly saw the point and carried the day for me. Another Metro-Centre poster, almost the size of a tennis court, filledp 154 KC 2006
stone through a window is a fairly accurate predictor that another stone will soon follow. Then two more. Hard stones makep 164 KC 2006
down their equipment, complimented the producer and his assistant on another superb effort, then let myself into Cruise's dressing room. Hep 177 KC 2006
down on consumerism.‘ ‘The old-style county set? I like that.‘ ‘Another point.‘ I circled the sofa, apparently deep in thought. ‘Youp 180 KC 2006
disciplined, proud and content. The burning Asian houses belonged to another country. A Bullet in the Hand I drove back top 181 KC 2006
for the Metro-Centre, became a popular target. Bored after trashing another halal butcher's and another Sikh grocer's, gangs of supporters tookp 189 KC 2006
a popular target. Bored after trashing another halal butcher's and another Sikh grocer's, gangs of supporters took to roaming the morep 189 KC 2006
a process delayed by Geoffrey Fairfax's death and passed to another of the senior partners, and most of his records werep 192 KC 2006
bleu cooking, archaeology and brass rubbings. The public library was another target, its shelves swept clear of the few books onp 204 KC 2006
the balcony, inhaling the over-ripe air with its guarantee of another tropical day, I wiped the sweat from my face ontop 244 KC 2006
unending quest for food and water as Carradine's quartermasters opened another supermarket for a few hours. Then everything would change abruptlyp 245 KC 2006
later, in an alleyway behind the Novotel, I came across another of the pyramids, a modest tableau built from dozens ofp 247 KC 2006
of David Cruise. ‘Sangster ...‘ I pointed to the shrine. ‘Here's another ...‘ ‘I've seen them.‘ Sangster stopped and bowed his head inp 253 KC 2006
stricken keening of a Middle Eastern bazaar. I assumed that another commando raid was taking place, but the sporting rifles werep 253 KC 2006
that.‘ ‘So we found. The riot went ahead, Sangster planted another bomb near the town hall, and we did our bestp 262 KC 2006
then managed a weak smile. ‘You saw fascism as just another sales opportunity. Psychopathology was a handy marketing tool. David Cruisep 263 KC 2006
on the abandoned galleries, Duncan Christie would be waiting for another target to appear. He had killed David Cruise -- wasp 265 KC 2006
in. It's all over, Mr Pearson. You'll have to find another playgroup.‘ ‘And Christie?‘ ‘I'll arrest him later.‘ As she spokep 271 KC 2006
as they moved towards the waiting light. Maxted flinched when another controlled explosion burst through a nearby emergency exit. The strapp 274 KC 2006
watched a little too intently. One day there would be another Metro-Centre and another desperate and deranged dream. Marchers would drillp 280 KC 2006
too intently. One day there would be another Metro-Centre and another desperate and deranged dream. Marchers would drill and wheel whilep 280 KC 2006
desperate and deranged dream. Marchers would drill and wheel while another cable announcer sang out the beat. In time, unless thep 280 KC 2006
stiff-upper-lip tradition, no match as it would turn out for another violent tradition, bushido, and the ferocious violence meted out byp 18 ML 2008
in India and Africa, and Shanghai to them was just another name on the map. I explored almost every corner ofp 30 ML 2008
the International Settlement and large gins at the Country Club. Another treasure hunt to which I very keenly looked forward tookp 31 ML 2008
rode the few hundred yards to the Cathedral School and another day of Latin unseens. Stranger days arrived in early 1943p 59 ML 2008
way that long-term convicted prisoners pass one university degree after another. Lunghua Camp held some 2000 internees, of whom 300 werep 72 ML 2008
but my parents must have shuddered at the thought of another day's meals. At no time during the years of internmentp 75 ML 2008
I adored. Later there was a cereal called cracked wheat, another cattle feed that I took a great liking to. Somehowp 75 ML 2008
I knew her father far more closely than she did. Another Lunghua acquaintance was Cyril Goldbert, the future Peter Wyngarde. Separatedp 85 ML 2008
future Peter Wyngarde. Separated from his parents, he lived with another family in G Block, and amused everyone with his feyp 85 ML 2008
The vast lazy planes that floated overhead were emissaries from another world. The camp came alive again, as the internees foundp 105 ML 2008
late 1940s and 1950s saw the working class as almost another species, and fenced themselves off behind a complex system ofp 125 ML 2008
preachers, often well-known scientists. The Methodist message was never blatant. Another advantage was that the school was in Cambridge. Most publicp 128 ML 2008
to get out of my 17-year-old head); Cocteau's Orphee, with another ‘divine‘, Maria Casares, incarnating Death: I was more than readyp 128 ML 2008
the large wooden cabinets -- one cabinet filled with heads, another with legs, and so on. Looking at the heaped facesp 143 ML 2008
or a pack of cards waiting to be reshuffled into another life. And all the while, in a wooden box underp 144 ML 2008
story and invited me to call on him. This was another green light, and I told my father that I wantedp 149 ML 2008
travelled all over the world. One or two were married. Another had spent his entire childhood in foster homes, was pleasantlyp 152 ML 2008
standing in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence in front of another Annunciation, by Leonardo, I found my view blocked by ap 155 ML 2008
that might decide to go on a day trip to another Auschwitz and another Hiroshima, that science fiction was exploring. Abovep 167 ML 2008
to go on a day trip to another Auschwitz and another Hiroshima, that science fiction was exploring. Above all, the s-fp 167 ML 2008
tenants), waiting until Peta was in full twin-engined flight with another guest, and then step up to her, saying in ap 177 ML 2008
in my judgement the greatest ever work of pop art. Another of the teams brought together the sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi, andp 187 ML 2008
a story written under the influence of the contraceptive pill. Another of my suggestions was staged at the ICA, when wep 210 ML 2008
Eduardo ...!‘ and ‘Francis ...!‘ Why Bacon spent any time there is another mystery. Eventually, by the late 1980s, I had to retreatp 220 ML 2008
for his screen-prints, chatting to an attractive graduate student, recounting another traveller's tale about his latest trip to Japan, a countryp 220 ML 2008
for your custom‘ going on through the night. Germany was another great magnet for him, and the country where his sculpturep 221 ML 2008
streets of Shepperton every day, and nature might have played another of its nasty tricks. I have described the novel asp 241 ML 2008
buried beneath a past to which I could never return. Another reason was that I was waiting for my children top 248 ML 2008
one day appear in a film based on the novel. Another eerie moment occurred when I was on the set atp 258 ML 2008
if she wanted to see a real movie. It was another extraordinary evening, and one of the strangest sights was thep 260 ML 2008
of Rififi, The Naked City and other classic noir thrillers. Another of the jurors was Suzanne Cloutier, a former wife ofp 261 ML 2008
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about Shanghai, but I know that the city is undergoing another of its unending changes. One image that stays in myp 275 ML 2008
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