missed this amiable old actor who retired to California in 1989 after the inauguration of his luckless successor. The multiplication ofp 1117 WW3 1988
LOVE IN A COLDER CLIMATE Anyone reading this confession in 1989, the year when I was born, would have been amazedp 1124 LCC 1989
world. These numberless deaths, like those in Tiananmen Square in 1989, cast a shadow over this apparently likeable man, whose talentp 55 UGM 1993
K=60 170 1 4233 201 1000 K=10 180 1 1298 199 900 K=10 190 0 3662 199 800 K=50 200 0p 49 LOM 1969
K=10 180 1 1298 199 900 K=10 190 0 3662 199 800 K=50 200 0 1879 44 300 K=10 210 0p 49 LOM 1969
compared to by Koestler, 334 Levi-Strauss, C., 422 Life (magazine), 199, 243, 331, 357, 432 Limited Editions Club, 345 Louis XIVp 943 I 1977
Rubinstein, Helena, 221, 234, 242 S Schweitzer, Albert, receives HRH, 199; performs organ solo for HRH, 201; discusses quest for thep 944 I 1977
in 1978 to $5 in 1985, and to $25 in 1990. After the introduction of rationing in 1993, the price ofp 46 HA 1981
new oil reserves provided a brief respite, but by the 1990s, as the industrial activity of the United States, Japan, Westernp 44 HA 1981
symbol, Wayne, went out of fashion in the 1980s and 1990s, somehow lost its appeal ...‘ He broke off, annoyed that hep 171 HA 1981
new glasses developed during the solar energy crisis of the 1990s. This one was designed to heat up the interior ofp 176 HA 1981
ozone layer that had continued apace during the 1980s and 1990s. Perhaps the symptoms of world-shyness and withdrawal were no morep 1064 MNF 1982
any fear of what their union might produce. By the 1990s, too often, courtship and marriage would be followed by ap 1125 LCC 1989
the 1890s, and which we can expect to enliven the 1990s, may well take the form of an aggressive and over-the-topp 36 AWa 1990
California, marked an immense triumph for the agency. During the 1990s, after the failure of the Shuttle project, NASA's entire futurep 1175 MFM 1992
short, the perfect dish for the jaded palates of the 1990s. But a thicket of puzzles remains. First, why do thep 30 UGM 1993
access, street festivals, tourists welcome. The Residencia Costasol is pure 1990s. Security rules. Everything is designed around an obsession with crimep 212 CN 1996
complex. I visualized a Last Year at Marienbad for the 1990s, a study of the waking of a community by ap 282 CN 1996
William Burroughs and other prominent avant-garde writers, and since the 1990s by the very lively and adventurous Re/Search firm inp 237 ML 2008
a way that must have dismayed the old guard. In 1991, during a visit to Shanghai, I had dinner in thep 55 UGM 1993
are rapidly deciphering. In this challenging book, drawn from his 1991 Reith Lectures, Steve Jones, of University College, London, takes thep 154 UGM 1993
the Shanghai police. The house is still standing and in 1991, when I last visited Shanghai, was the library of thep 3 ML 2008
small airfield became the site of Shanghai International Airport. In 1991, when I stepped down the gangway of the Airbus thatp 31 ML 2008
the former camp is still plagued by mosquitoes, and in 1991 the British Airways Travel Clinic warned me to leave thep 62 ML 2008
she was the one person entitled to sit down. In 1991 I was invited to serve on the jury at MystFestp 261 ML 2008
Roeg the prize in the first place. Return to Shanghai 1991 My novel The Kindness of Women, a sequel to Empirep 265 ML 2008
a sequel to Empire of the Sun, was published in 1991, and the BBC TV series Bookmark decided to make ap 265 ML 2008
the grave and his descendants are not even born. In 1992, nearly fifty years after entering Lunghua camp, I returned forp 293 UGM 1995
to $25 in 1990. After the introduction of rationing in 1993, the price of bootleg gasoline on the black market rosep 46 HA 1981
children were abducted by their parents‘ murderers. Postscript, December 8, 1993 Five years have passed since the Pangbourne Massacre, and thep 78 RW 1988
enjoy his third term in the White House. In January 1993 more than a million people turned out to cheer hisp 1117 WW3 1988
sleeve. Needless to say, nothing of this was apparent in 1993. The demolition of so many fiscal and bureaucratic barriers top 1139 LTP 1989
seriously doubted it. At this time, in the summer of 1994, Ronald Reagan was a man of eighty-three, showing all thep 1117 WW3 1988
document, but World War 3 took place on 27 January 1995, between 6:47 and 6:51 p.m. Eastern Standardp 1116 WW3 1988
recovery from his cold. In the second week of February 1995 I watched him on television as he presided over anp 1122 WW3 1988
at last united in a political and cultural federation. In 1995, the headiest year since 1968, the necessary legislation was swiftlyp 1139 LTP 1989
a benevolent sun and a greenhouse sky, the summer of 1995 ran from April to October. A hundred million Europeans baskedp 1139 LTP 1989
the Atlantic. Indeed, it was only in the autumn of 1995 that the economists at Brussels resigned themselves to the paradoxp 1139 LTP 1989
a few resorts along the Mediterranean coast had, by November 1995, involved tens of thousands of holidaymakers. Those who returned homep 1140 LTP 1989
home did so with mixed feelings. By the spring of 1996 more than a million expatriates had settled in permanent exilep 1140 LTP 1989
hot-house of muscle-building and millennial dreams. In the summer of 1996 the first challenge occurred to this regime of leisure. Byp 1141 LTP 1989
the beach communities soon evolved into more authoritarian form. The 1996 holiday season brought a welcome respite and millions of newp 1142 LTP 1989
eagerly invited to join the new beach communities. By August 1996, when almost the whole of Europe had set off forp 1142 LTP 1989
the ranks of the exiles. So at last, in October 1996, the Strasbourg Assembly announced that the beaches of the Mediterraneanp 1142 LTP 1989
published in many countries, and was widely reissued after the 1996 David Cronenberg film. It was a moderate success in Britainp 242 ML 2008
of Crash was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1996. It was the most controversial film of the festival, andp 243 ML 2008
drift from town and city back to the countryside. In 1997 the last barrel of crude oil was pumped from anp 45 HA 1981
pleasure rather than that of work. By the spring of 1997, as Brussels fumbled and Strasbourg debated, the 30 million peoplep 1143 LTP 1989
and reclaim their historic heartlands. So, in the summer of 1997 they set off along the deserted autoroutes and motorways inp 1144 LTP 1989
opened out in a phantom wake behind Merril and Pokrovski (1998 and 1999), like a double star transforming itself into ap 369 CS 1962
in a phantom wake behind Merril and Pokrovski (1998 and 1999), like a double star transforming itself into a nova inp 369 CS 1962
to over $250 in California. The end came quickly. In 1999 General Motors declared itself bankrupt and went into liquidation. Ap 46 HA 1981
hospital. I've no doubt that Antibes-les-Pins, to be completed by 1999, will be a comfortable, pleasant and efficient place in whichp 65 UGM 1989
an unnamed city in the northern hemisphere on December 23, 1999, offers its own intriguing insight into the origins of thep 1173 GVD 1992
calendar, represented by the notation ‘24.00 hours, December 31, 1999‘. Evidently this marked the end of two epochs of greatp 1184 ROP 1992
died of cancer in 1967. Edna Ballard, b. 1905, d. 1999 My mother was born in West Bromwich, near Birmingham, inp 48 ML 2008
in 1905, and died aged 93 in Claygate, Surrey, in 1999. Her parents, Archibald and Sarah Johnstone, were lifelong teachers ofp 48 ML 2008
from the carpets in the dark corridors adding to its 19th century dignity. The suite had originally been designed for ap 10 DW 1962
emerged into a small square, where a group of sedate 19th century municipal buildings looked down on an ornate fountain. Wildp 65 DW 1962
to my objections,‘ Ward went on. ‘If you told a 19th century chemist that lead could be transmuted into gold hep 494 VH 1963
at the Ritz. He's been attending the sales here of 19th and 20th century masters. With luck you'll see him thisp 584 LL 1964
first see him?‘ ‘Yesterday afternoon. We had almost completed the 19th century sales when a small Van Gogh -- an inferiorp 584 LL 1964
of Mexico had always been, almost unchanged since the early 19th century. Most of the modest stone houses were still withoutp 822 AD 1975
cowering with her sons in an empty apartment on the 19th floor after Wilder had abandoned her, she was totally exhaustedp 133 HR 1975
he remarked: ‘Our Jim's spending all his time at the 19th hole.‘ ‘I promised, Mr Maxted. I'm always ready ...‘ Jim hadp 171 ES 1984
Basie, hearing the latest war news. Mrs Vincent, what's the 19th hole?‘ ‘You shouldn't work for Basie. The things those Americansp 173 ES 1984
loss of interest -- the brute-force ballistic technology is basically 19th century, as people realise, while advanced late 20th century technologiesp 43 DMa 1990
hazard (not for the first time, when one thinks of 19th century syphilis -- the Goncourt brothers' journal resembles the lastp 61 SCNa 1990
to waste a lunch-hour with talk of programmes on some 19th century herbalist or forgotten friend of the Pre-Raphaelites. The dreamp 282 KW 1991
the desert sand, it resembled a steam locomotive of the 19th century, which many passers-by assumed it to be. Tramps andp 1182 MFM 1992
like the other main cities, had been built in the 19th century, and everything seemed to be crumbling and shabby, unpaintedp 122 ML 2008
as an exact replica of a glider designed by the 19th-century aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal. Later research showed that the gliderp 1092 OOA 1984
good part of my own writing. He believed in the 19th-century virtues of well-drawn characters, credible dialogue and a strong storyp 196 ML 2008
of the M25, and has walked the 120-mile circuit, threading 19th-century fever hospitals and the graveyards of mysterious parish churches ontop 274 ML 2008
pulled out his notebook ready to make his first entry. 1st Day: West 270 degrees. Union 4,350. ‘Coming out forp 33 CC 1957
do the ordinary GIs think of the prospects for peace? 1st US soldier (reclining in bar) It's a very ticklish situationp 954 TW 1967
lengthened against the Israelites. On the day of transmission, January 1st, 2006, the audience ratings showed that 98% of the Westernp 809 GTS 1972
the young sister of an airline pilot's wife on the 1st floor had declined to baby-sit. ‘It's a nuisance, she's usuallyp 28 HR 1975
Sharing an apartment with her were three air-hostesses from the 1st floor. Wilder walked gingerly down the corridor between their apartmentsp 65 HR 1975
Dr Ransome had accumulated from his dying patients. But by 1st August even these supplies had come to an end. Jimp 234 ES 1984
a mountain. In the entrance lobby a group of down-at-heel 1st-floor residents watched Wilder stride past the elevators to the stairwayp 116 HR 1975
Sons, My Sons‘, one of those Thursday night melodramas Channel 2 put out through the winter months, and had been runningp 12 E 1956
just playing.‘ I turned back to the play on Channel 2. The same scene was on, nearing the end of itsp 13 E 1956
9.03, so that I could get back to Channel 2 at 9.15. When the explanation came I just hadp 14 E 1956
are happening here. We were watching Diller's play on Channel 2 when --‘ ‘I'm watching it now. Hurry it up.‘ ‘Youp 15 E 1956
Channel 1 there was a breakdown sign, a cabaret on 2, a flood-lit stadium on 5, and a variety show onp 21 E 1956
save me from dismissal. My last lines were: ... Shortly after 2 o'clock the next afternoon, spying from his usual position onp 98 NZ 1959
from me and plunge into my heart. Jacobson died at 2.43 P.M. the next day after slashing his wristsp 101 NZ 1959
planetary environment -- notably a denser atmosphere, slightly higher (1.2 E) gravity, vicious temperature swings from-30 degrees to +160 degreesp 73 WG 1959
Conrad looked at his wristwatch, noted that it was just 2.45 p.m. ‘They were driven by a master clockp 158 CH 1960
the gate. Mr Goddard looked at his watch. It was 2.45, early afternoon. The houses around him were silent, thep 207 LW 1960
of sweeping Madame Gioconda's apartment on the stage of studio 2, charging no fee, make tea and listen to her reminiscencesp 107 SS 1960
tell Madame Gioconda orally of his triumph that morning. Studio 2 was in darkness, the rows of seats and litter ofp 118 SS 1960
ran into the foyer and up the stairway towards Studio 2. The removers had torn down the blinds and a greyp 132 SS 1960
what the last week or so -- the final, 3, 2, 1, out- -- would be like, had a sudden chillingp 184 VT 1960
sometimes Ward would lie awake on his narrow bunk until 2 or 3 a.m., mechanically counting the last residents returningp 267 B 1961
intact, but Vatican roofless, dome of St. Peter's destroyed. Casualties: 2,000. Suburbs largely derelict. Refugees from rural areas flooding intop 52 WFN 1961
at standstill. Casualties: 500. VENICE: 176 mph. City abandoned. Casualties: 2,000. Heavy seas have demolished Grand Canal palazzos. St. Mark'sp 52 WFN 1961
stocks of food and water. Casualties have been low -- 2,000 -- and many of these were elderly people whop 56 WFN 1961
loose lids. Packed into the crates were six 3 1/2 inch trench mortars, their wide green barrels thick with protectivep 70 WFN 1961
Amazon a dry mile-wide ribbon of sand, the Mississippi a 2,000-mile-long inland beach? Three miles away the coastline and thep 92 WFN 1961
all going bang!‘ Lanyon glanced at his watch. It was 2:35. Soon it would be dark; movement would be impossiblep 103 WFN 1961
up the mouth tube. ‘Starboard torpedo station! Alert! Charge No. 2 tube with main HE heads.‘ Waiting for the ready signalp 114 WFN 1961
came up ahead, the long curve of the harbour. ‘It's 2 A.M.,‘ Gregory said. ‘There's a motel here. I'll pickp 292 IO 1962
Klingsor. 15-year crusade against Ursa Major. Combined task force of 2,500 ships. Mission: recovery of runic memory dials stolen fromp 347 PE 1962
ARCO will arrange lend-lease but this is dabbling in realpolitik). (2) ARENA FEATURES INC. Unregistered. Organizers of the Pan-Galactic Tournament heldp 347 PE 1962
sometimes possible to tickle them into a little life. K 2 on Regulus IX is holding the big bets, but evenp 349 PE 1962
they were only half there. Cost: simultaneously 3,270 and 2,000,000 credits. They refuse to quibble. (9) SEVEN SIRENSp 349 PE 1962
coat into the pool and slammed into the lounge. By 2 a.m., as I mixed myself a nightcap at thep 317 TDS 1962
the pontoon. Three-quarters of the hull was occupied by the 2,000 hp. diesels which powered the twin screws, and byp 32 DW 1962
he and Judith had traded in their Car (previous model 2 months old) 2 TV sets (4 months) Power mower (7p 423 SM 1963
had traded in their Car (previous model 2 months old) 2 TV sets (4 months) Power mower (7 months) Electric cookerp 423 SM 1963
cooker (5 months) Hair dryer (4 months) Refrigerator (3 months) 2 radios (7 months) Record player (5 months) Cocktail bar (8p 423 SM 1963
crossed the square towards his car. Away in the distance 2,000 feet above, rising beyond a screen of fir treesp 490 VH 1963
effort during the previous months: (1) Spectro-heliogram of the sun; (2) Front elevation of balcony units, Hilton Hotel, London; (3) Transversep 9 AE 1966
that contained the terraced faces of Freud, Eatherly, and Garbo; (2) thoracic: the rusting shells of U-boats beached in the covep 11 AE 1966
demonstration table. These were: (1) a spectroheliogram of the sun; (2) tarmac and take-off checks for the B-29 Super-fortress Enola Gayp 34 AW 1966
Force jacket, unshaven face half hidden by the dented hat-peak; (2) a transverse section through the spinal level T-12; (3) ap 83 YMC 1966
sex fantasy out of this botched second coming: 1 1/2. Narcissistic. Many things preoccupied him during this time in thep 84 YMC 1966
the portholes, a regatta of corpses sailed past Woosung Pier. (2) The contours of his mother's body, landscape of so manyp 53 GAN 1967
It contains the following items: (1) Pad of pubic hair, (2) a latex face mask, (3) six detachable mouths, (4) ap 54 GAN 1967
a maximum 24.9 cm (Jacqueline Kennedy) to a minimum 2.2 cm (Madame Chiang). Infrared studies reveal conspicuous heat emissionp 89 PAJ 1967
maximum 24.9 cm (Jacqueline Kennedy) to a minimum 2.2 cm (Madame Chiang). Infrared studies reveal conspicuous heat emission fromp 89 PAJ 1967
varied from Dealey Plaza 49 percent to Isle du Levant 2 percent. The weapon of preference was the Mannlicher-Carcano. A motorcadep 89 PAJ 1967
car of preference was found to be (1) Buick Riviera, (2) Chrysler Imperial, (3) Chevrolet Impala. However, a small minority (2p 90 PAJ 1967
2) Chrysler Imperial, (3) Chevrolet Impala. However, a small minority (2 subjects) expressed a significant preference for the Lincoln Continental, ifp 90 PAJ 1967
of the subjects hung from the walls of the theatre. (2) A film of automobile accidents devised as a cinematic versionp 90 PAJ 1967
Delta. The first of a series advertising (1) Claire Churchill; (2) The angle between two walls; (3) A neural interval; (4p AA1 1967
a gesture of pique: the transliterated pudenda of Ralph Nader. (2) A series of paintings of imaginary sexual organs. As hep 45 DM 1967
1) The left orbit and zygomatic arch of Marina Oswald. (2) The angle between two walls. (3) A ‘neural interval‘ --p 46 DM 1967
of rock, the palaces of his own flesh and bone. (2) Media: montage landscapes of war -- webbing heaped in pitsp 24 UD 1968
posture of Rodin's ‘Thinker‘, on the edge of the bidet, (2) watching from the balcony as she waited for Koester top 25 UD 1968
driving seat of the Pontiac, median surface of thighs exposed, (2) squatting on the bathroom floor, knees laterally displaced, fingers searchingp 26 UD 1968
exposed pubis -- traffic fatalities screamed in this soft collision. (2) The overpass below the apartment: the angles between the concretep 26 UD 1968
zygomatic arch of President Kennedy magnified from Zapruder frame 230, (2) X-ray plates of the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald, (3p 27 UD 1968
Vaginal intercourse with ‘Reagan‘ proved uniformly disappointing, producing orgasm in 2 per cent of subjects. Axillary, buccal, navel, aural and orbitalp 757 WIW 1968
her breasts into the volumes of this white, cubicular hell. 2.30 a.m. Night games. Eros at play. 7.30p BAT 1968
of tables and furniture, the geometry of rooms and stairways. 2 The metamorphic phase. A polyperverse period, a free-for-all of imagep 96 UGM 1969
mind in order to grasp the totality of the situation. 2 At London's Charing Cross Hospital, and a number of otherp 162 UGM 1969
a discreet re-enactment of the crash mode. In an extreme 2 percent of cases spontaneous orgasms were experienced during a simulatedp 97 CRA 1969
attacks. The choice of death-postures included (1) normal driving position, (2) sleep, rear seat, (3) acts of intercourse, by both driverp 98 CRA 1969
to express a strong sense of anatomical loss (an extreme 2 percent of cases maintained against all evidence that they hadp 99 CRA 1969
ungainly transit across the passenger seat through the nearside door; (2) the conjunction of aluminized gutter trim with the volumes ofp 63 SCN 1969
on his desk: (1) Front elevation of multi-storey car park; (2) mean intra-patellar distances (estimated during funeral services) of Coretta Kingp 71 THF 1969
of an exhibition of tropical diseases at the Wellcome Museum; (2) chemical and topographical analyses of a young woman's excrement; (3p 75 THF 1969
series of conceptual games: (1) a stage show, entitled ‘Crash‘; (2) a volume curve in a new transfinite geometry; (3) anp 77 THF 1969
827 3100 K=80 150 3 5131 593 2300 K=70 160 2 3242 383 1600 K=60 170 1 4233 201 1000 K=10p 49 LOM 1969
The new nipple should fall on this line 7 1/2 inches from the suprasternal notch. The nipples should be checkedp 16 C80 1970
a hollow mould of perspex or vulcanite measuring 5 by 2 1/2 inches, approximate in shape to that of anp 17 C80 1970
mould of perspex or vulcanite measuring 5 by 2 1/2 inches, approximate in shape to that of an erect penisp 17 C80 1970
motorway cloverleaf, concrete embankments exposed in transverse section, labelled ‘Crater‘; (2) Reproduction of Salvador Dali's Madonna of Port Lligat; (3) 500p 44 JAC 1970
treadle on the right hand quadrant of the steering wheel; (2) the black leather hand rail below the door sill; (3p 47 JAC 1970
valuable perspective that meets both my personal and professional needs. 2. I was born and educated in St. Louis, Missouri. Ip 27 SEO 1972
meant one thing -- Abel knew! THE 60 MINUTE ZOOM 2.15 P.M. Lloret de Mar, Apartamentos California I amp 856 60Z 1976
and suspicion, I feel the first hint of an erection. 2.19 P.M. Already I am closer to the Coralp 856 60Z 1976
estimated. My zoom may close in on a shot bolt! 2.24 P.M. I have calmed myself, straightened the damagedp 857 60Z 1976
balcony of the film has been mounted by my wife. 2.28 P.M. A shame that there is no sound-trackp 858 60Z 1976
have cared for devotedly ever since, much to her exasperation ... 2.32 P.M. Helen has loosened my beach-robe, exposing thep 859 60Z 1976
moment I am paralysed. Under my beach-robe she is naked. 2.36 P.M. Where is she? The camera is closingp 860 60Z 1976
into the sitting room and locks the door behind him. 2.42 P.M. Reverie of pain, lust and, above allp 860 60Z 1976
pointing to the burn marks left by her shoulder straps. 2.46 P.M. For the first time the camera lensp 861 60Z 1976
a way, I feel a kind of affection for Helen. 2.52 P.M. They lie together on the bed, takingp 861 60Z 1976
of the sea-lion presides over this interlude of nuptial bliss. 2.56 P.M. Helen is alone now. Her face isp 862 60Z 1976
the sun. NOTES TOWARDS A MENTAL BREAKDOWN A(1) discharged(2) Broadmoor(3) patient(4) compiles(5) ‘Notes(6) Towards(7p 849 NTM 1976
early intimation of the author's desire to proclaim his guilt. 2 There is no evidence that the patient was discharged. Recentp 849 NTM 1976
death) Loughlin describes his attempt to hire the main No. 2 runway at London Airport: ‘"Don't you understand, man, I onlyp 851 NTM 1976
line to Lloyd George, 45 Goldwyn, Samuel, 397 Grenadier Guards, 2 15-18 Gstaad, 359 H Hadrian IV, Pope, 28, 57, 84p 942 I 1977
Alexander, British Consul, Marseilles, 1, 3, 7; interest in topiary, 2; unexpected marriage, 3; depression after birth of HRH, 6; surprisep 942 I 1977
Tsingtao, 43 Hamilton, Alice Rosalind (later Lady Underwood), private education, 2; natural gaiety, 3; first marriage annulled, 4; enters London societyp 942 I 1977
of the intoxications of abandoned parking lots ... THE INVISIBLE YEARS 2 ‘Here time makes no concessions‘ ... During the last weeks ofp 73 IY2 1977
altercation in a hotel bathroom, the nervous confection of guilts. (2) Musculature. Bruised shoulders, pectoral fat hinting at an early needp 78 IY2 1977
older model O'Neill space colonies, is a semitransparent cylinder 6.2 miles long and 1.25 miles in diameter, its innerp 230 UGM 1979
F., for days we've been moving across a vast ash-tip. 2.38 P.M. Orlowski died half an hour ago --p 97 HA 1981
with me and become President ...‘ Wayne's Diary: Part Two November 2. Sands Hotel, Las Vegas An amazing week. Just back withp 140 HA 1981
past. Estimated diameter of the station: 500 metres. Survey Report 2 Our repairs are taking longer than we first estimated. Certainp 1085 RUS 1982
prisoners were convinced that the war was already over. On 2 August, after the rumour that the Russians had entered thep 234 ES 1984
loaded the starting gun? ANSWERS TO A QUESTIONNAIRE 1) Yes. 2) Male (?) 3) c/o Terminal 3, London Airport, Heathrow. 4p 1101 ATQ 1985
top table were: (1) The Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, (2) The President of the Royal Society, (3) The Archbishop ofp 1103 ATQ 1985
fortunately, is delayed, at least until the sequel. Mad Max 2 (1981) This second, and by the far the best, ofp 22 UGM 1987
images. On one level the ultimate road movie, Mad Max 2 is a compellingly reductive vision of post-industrial collapse. Here thep 22 UGM 1987
brutal realities of speed and violence. Above all, Mad Max 2 is an example of how sheer virtuosity can triumph inp 22 UGM 1987
In its raw power and vast scenic effects, Mad Max 2 is punk's Sistine Chapel. American Film Courting the Cobra Projectionsp 22 UGM 1987
under-age girl (under-age in Dusseldorf or Osaka, though not within 2,000 miles of the Mallory), and my absentminded tendency top 158 DC 1987
Reade, 41, ear, nose and throat specialist, Wimpole Street. Shot. 2 daughters: Annabel, 16, and Gail, 15. 2. The Avenue. Charlesp 14 RW 1988
Wimpole Street. Shot. 2 daughters: Annabel, 16, and Gail, 15. 2. The Avenue. Charles Ogilvy, 47, Lloyds underwriter; hon. secretary, Pangbournep 14 RW 1988
Sterling, 42, former ITN newsreader. Suffocated. 1 son: Roger, 15. 2. The Hill. Andrew Lymington, 38, chairman, Leisure Marine Ltd. Ex-racingp 15 RW 1988
not flee the estate at the first sign of danger. (2) Thrill Killers. An extension of theory 1, which answers somep 18 RW 1988
other programmes, accompanying sit-coms, basketball matches and old World War 2 movies. Uncannily, its quickening beat would sometimes match the audience'sp 1119 WW3 1988
normal. Now, here's a newsflash that's just reached us. At 2:35 local time President Reagan completed a satisfactory bowel motionp 1120 WW3 1988
The new nipple should fall on this line 7 1/2 inches from the suprasternal notch. This corresponded to a positionp 114 MWR 1990
year, from the most popular, lethal injection, to the rarest, 2 deaths by deliberately crashed light aircraft. Nader again. His assaultp 76 THFa 1990
train set and model cars. Someone, perhaps Coolie or Number 2 Boy, had used my Robinson Crusoe as an ash trayp 28 KW 1991
serials, the bars and dance halls were filled with Number 2 and Number 3 girls, and the British garrison staged itsp 29 KW 1991
for my mother's jewellery box -- whom Boy and Number 2 Boy would escort firmly to the door. I waited forp 335 KW 1991
MP. 1.30 The Nose-Pickers. Hygiene programme for the kiddies. 2.00 Caress Me. Soft-porn for the siesta hour. 2.30p 1173 GVD 1992
kiddies. 2.00 Caress Me. Soft-porn for the siesta hour. 2.30 Your Favourite Commericials. Popular demand re-runs of golden-oldie TVp 1173 GVD 1992
or Golden Retriever). 1.00 am Newsflash. Tonight's surprise air-crash. 2.00 The Religious Hour. Imagine being dead. Priests and neuroscientistsp 1174 GVD 1992
is punk's Sistine Chapel. American Film Courting the Cobra Projections 2 edited by John Boorman and Walter Donohue The confidence ofp 23 UGM 1993
will come on. Judged by the few grumbles in Projections 2, even a film director's lowest moments sound remarkably like ap 23 UGM 1993
before the murders. "Dr Pearlman, Professor Louit, Mr Richard Lancaster ... 2.30, 3, 4 o'clock." Who are these people?‘ ‘Patients Davidp 69 SC 2000
the transcript. The transmission times on July 25 were listed: 2.34 p.m., 3.04, 3.34, presumably following thep 131 SC 2000
Logs of police radio traffic suggest that Greenwood made the 2.8 kilometre journey on foot, taking just over three minutesp 131 SC 2000
Behind the trolley was the main arrivals gate of Terminal 2, guarded by police armed with sub-machine guns. A harried groupp 17 MP 2003
Laura had been caught by the bomb blast in Terminal 2. Among the first to be evacuated, she had collapsed inp 20 MP 2003
tuned in to the reports of rescue work at Terminal 2. The airport was closed indefinitely, as police searched for explosivesp 25 MP 2003
that reminded me of another explosion. The bomb in Terminal 2 had detonated as the baggage on a BA flight fromp 30 MP 2003
found a suspicious poster near the baggage reclaim in Terminal 2.‘ ‘Connected with the bomb?‘ ‘It's possible. Someone crammed a bagp 31 MP 2003
audio-cassette stuffed into the lavatory air vent near the Terminal 2 carousel. The muddled threats about Third-World tourism belonged to thep 37 MP 2003
opened into a side corridor that might lead towards Terminal 2 at Heathrow. The entryphone buzzed twice, and after a pausep 82 MP 2003
involvement, as if part of me was there, in Terminal 2. Reverend ...?‘ The clergyman had turned away from me, and wasp 105 MP 2003
the shelter of his unsheltering roof. From Guildford to Tenninal 2 Sally threw her walking sticks onto the floor and strodep 108 MP 2003
what it is, David. Follow the trail. Guildford to Terminal 2. Somewhere along the way you'll meet yourself ...‘ The Depot ofp 115 MP 2003
far beyond them, even perhaps to the carousel at Terminal 2 where Laura had met her death. I picked up thep 189 MP 2003
m., May 17. This was the date of the Terminal 2 bomb. The time was almost exactly two hours before thep 238 MP 2003
long-term bay 1487 might belong to one of the Terminal 2 victims, perhaps a senior cleric returning from Zurich on thep 239 MP 2003
had found it trapped behind a seat in a Terminal 2 boarding lounge. ‘There might be a reward,‘ I ventured. ‘It'sp 241 MP 2003
and driven here a couple of hours before the Terminal 2 bomb. I think he --‘ ‘That's right.‘ Gould spoke matter-of-factlyp 246 MP 2003
me, he feels much too guilty. What happened in Terminal 2 nearly restored his faith.‘ ‘What did happen? You know, Richardp 248 MP 2003
a skyscraper, building a bridge.‘ ‘True ...‘ I pointed towards Terminal 2. ‘But I can't see a bridge there.‘ ‘There are bridgesp 248 MP 2003
of a larger picture.‘ ‘Richard! My wife died in Terminal 2.‘ ‘I know. That was a tragedy. First, though ...‘ He turnedp 249 MP 2003
Dexter shoot her?‘ ‘No. He was nowhere near.‘ ‘And Terminal 2?‘ I took the parking ticket from my wallet and heldp 250 MP 2003
paperback and dialled. A voice spoke promptly. ‘Heathrow Security ... Terminal 2. Hello, caller?‘ ‘Hello? Sorry?‘ ‘Terminal 2 Security. Can I helpp 250 MP 2003
promptly. ‘Heathrow Security ... Terminal 2. Hello, caller?‘ ‘Hello? Sorry?‘ ‘Terminal 2 Security. Can I help you, caller?‘ I rang off andp 251 MP 2003
David?‘ Gould looked up from his nails. ‘Any answer?‘ ‘Terminal 2 Security.‘ I thought back to the Bishop of Chichester's mobilep 251 MP 2003
for the security people to clear everyone out of Terminal 2.‘ ‘But there was no warning call. The police were certainp 251 MP 2003
Had he placed the bomb on the carousel in Terminal 2, or was the entire account a fabrication? Desperate for violencep 257 MP 2003
at Gould, thinking of Laura among the debris of Terminal 2. ‘The street was empty, and you walked away. You caughtp 259 MP 2003
quickly assume that I was the perpetrator of the Terminal 2 explosion, the killer of my former wife. ‘David, I needp 261 MP 2003
The briefest pressure on a button would give me Terminal 2 Security, and the police would swiftly hunt down the Citroenp 263 MP 2003
What were you doing at Heathrow?‘ ‘Following up the Terminal 2 bomb. I might be on to something.‘ ‘Let's hope sop 267 MP 2003
reading from a press handout. ‘Two bursts of fire, at 2.17 p.m., before anyone realized what had happened. Witnessesp 41 KC 2006
3. Byfield Lane sports ground. Spartan League quarter-final. Brooklands Wanderers 2 Motorola FC 5. Thirty Brooklands supporters met at the Feathersp 193 KC 2006
may have political ambitions of their own. Then, on May 2, the last entry. I watched the cable presenter David Cruisep 196 KC 2006
thirties and the only fluent English speaker), his assistant No. 2 Boy, No. 1 Coolie, for the heavy housework, his assistantp 12 ML 2008
No. 1 Coolie, for the heavy housework, his assistant No. 2 Coolie, a cook, two amahs (hard-fisted women with tiny boundp 12 ML 2008
We addressed the servants as ‘No. 1 Boy‘ or ‘No. 2 Coolie‘ and never by their real names. My mother mightp 14 ML 2008
their real names. My mother might say, ‘Boy, tell No. 2 Coolie to sweep the drive ...‘ or ‘No. 2 Boy, switchp 14 ML 2008
tell No. 2 Coolie to sweep the drive ...‘ or ‘No. 2 Boy, switch on the hall lights ...‘ I did the samep 14 ML 2008
Boy, answering my father, would say ‘Master, I tell No. 2 Boy buy fillet steak from compradore‘ -- the lavishly stockedp 14 ML 2008
was visibly weaker, and I asked my mother if No. 2 Coolie would take the old man a little food. Tiredp 16 ML 2008
and arrived dragging my huge screen, which I urged No. 2 Boy to set up on the table. But clearly Ip 41 ML 2008