listening to the barely audible murmur of the soundtrack. The announcer's voice became a commentary on the elusive sexuality of thisp 43 DM 1967
watched from the perimeter of the converted football ground. The announcer's voice boomed away over our heads. At the conclusion ofp 84 C 1973
in a glazed way while the newsreader, in his florid announcer's style, outlined his proposals for the security of their apartmentsp 40 HR 1975
two men squared up to each other. Amused by the announcer's aggressive manner, Wilder lifted the camera as if to filmp 51 HR 1975
pushed Cruise to the balcony, each raising one of the announcer's hands like seconds rallying a boxer who had stepped uneasilyp 123 KC 2006
they repeating it?‘ I was visualizing a studio full of announcers and engineers slumped unconscious over their mikes and valves, whilep 14 E 1956
background murmur of countless TV programmes, the easy patter of announcers, the endless monotones of race-track commentators, the shrieking audiences ofp 124 SS 1960
detect false clues in the faces of the Spot Bargain announcers had sharpened Judith's perceptions. He felt a pang of sympathyp 421 SM 1963
the medium from the airless, studio-bound realm of stilted news announcers and staid game shows, transforming the screen into a globalp 243 UGM 1992
southeast England was invited. On the Metro-Centre cable channel the announcers worked up their audiences, playing up the mano-a-mano rivalries ofp 87 KC 2006
arsonists had tried to burn down the dome. Relays of announcers spoke of serious damage costing tens of millions of poundsp 202 KC 2006
A miasma of frying fat floated into the night, radio announcers gabbled, gongs sounded the start or end of a workp 266 ML 2008
I was astounded to see a single line of 24-point, announcing in italic caps: A CALL TO GREATNESS! I broke offp 218 S5 1961
into the annealed sand and crawl below an occluded sign announcing ‘The Satellite Bar‘ or ‘The Orbit Room‘ into the innerp 358 CS 1962
way home from the office by a small curio shop announcing its closing-down sale, I peered through the sulphur-stained windows atp 865 S 1976
ways. Soon afterwards Jim had impressed his school friends by announcing that he was an atheist. By contrast, Vera Frankel wasp 17 ES 1984
but already property developers‘ signs stood by their marker posts, announcing a new resort complex of hotels, marinas and apartment housesp 141 KW 1991
since the day they were laid. Under an illuminated sign announcing ‘The Residencia Costasol: Investment, Freedom, Security‘ was a road-map ofp 211 CN 1996
cigarette packets and lottery tickets, and read a faded notice announcing an over-fifties dance at the Costasol social centre. Without waitingp 215 CN 1996
drove past a brownfield site dominated by a massive sign announcing the Heathrow South extension with its unlimited freight capacity; thoughp 6 KC 2006
no Studebakers and Buicks, no film posters in twenty-foot-high letters announcing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Robin Hood or Gonep 269 ML 2008
a consultant biologist?‘ Holliday peered through the windshield. ‘Those platforms annoy me, the way they're hurled down as if Earth werep 242 DE 1961
of his own journey of return. On an impulse, to annoy Webster, she stepped through the side exit and walked pastp 14 AE 1966
to elbow. Even Dr Paul Ricci for once failed to annoy Wayne. The dapper, self-immersed nuclear physicist was the one memberp 15 HA 1981
to grasp the whole extent of Manson's empire seem to annoy him. I don't think he realises what is at stakep 142 HA 1981
about to come again? With an exaggerated squint, intended to annoy Dr Ransome, he searched the sky. He wanted to seep 133 ES 1984
who should never be worried by anything. Trying not to annoy her, I spent the rest of the afternoon in myp 14 KW 1991
girl reached out towards it pleadingly, and then frowned in annoyance, her fresh pretty face angry and scowling. "Susan, stop itp 9 VN 1951
them looked up or answered. Morley felt a flicker of annoyance, particularly at Lang, who was staring past him at thep 64 M69 1957
there was something in Talus's voice, a distinct inflection of annoyance, that made me pick it up and shoulder past intop 75 WG 1959
plunged through into the kitchen and bedroom, discovered to his annoyance that Bayliss was having a shower. He hung around inp 146 ZT 1960
with huge flapping lapels -- and frowned to himself in annoyance. Glancing at his watch, he picked up the suitcase andp 279 GA 1961
least a momentary feeling of pique, a few seconds of annoyance, on Susan's part. He had hoped that even the mostp 8 WFN 1961
the hull. He leaned forward to examine it, frowning in annoyance as the shadow moved away and faded among the starsp 326 13C 1962
afternoon, entangling himself in the electrode leads, found to his annoyance that the door was locked (ostensibly to prevent any interruptionp 335 13C 1962
conjunction is tomorrow.‘ Bridgman shook his head, a rictus of annoyance twisting his mouth. He hated the bi-monthly conjunctions, when allp 356 CS 1962
He was a brisk, polished young man, barely controlling his annoyance at being called back to work on the first dayp 343 PE 1962
steps behind Wilson, Kerans hesitated, saw Riggs look up in annoyance at the helicopter. Assuming that their mission was now overp 64 DW 1962
and bad temper, Kerans turned to leave the hold. In annoyance Strangman rushed after him, pressed the palm of his handp 94 DW 1962
room like a ravenous golden monster. With a pang of annoyance he noticed that he had forgotten to switch off thep 112 DW 1962
identified one of the city's principal museums. But, to his annoyance, the building had been stripped, and his only salvage wasp 129 DW 1962
is no time for a metaphysical discussion.‘ A note of annoyance crept into his voice, as if he were dealing withp 151 DW 1962
days, however, the mood of elation gradually faded. To Renthall's annoyance no further date was fixed for the cancelled committee meetingp 387 WT 1962
Dr Mellinger and his subordinates had progressed from surprise and annoyance to acute exasperation, and eventually to a mood of almostp 521 MO 1963
The signs, Doctor! Have you seen the signs?‘ Frowning with annoyance, Dr Franklin quickened his pace and hurried down the hospitalp 412 SM 1963
a few tactful enquiries of my assistants, and to my annoyance two of them also vaguely remembered such a person. Afterp 583 LL 1964
listened for the familiar bubbling sounds, and then saw with annoyance that the flame under the boiler was set too lowp 110 D 1965
turned up the flame and adjusted it, careful, despite his annoyance, not to overheat the unit. Using this dangerous and unpredictablep 110 D 1965
plumes. At first Crispin had felt an obscure sense of annoyance at the way this strange woman descended on to thep 697 SBD 1966
river, the few passengers would have been driven mad with annoyance. Apart from a French military landing craft, there seemed top 11 CW 1966
clerk at the reception desk was equally evasive. To Sanders's annoyance, the clerk insisted on showing him the weekly tariff, despitep 22 CW 1966
had been photographing her with his cine camera. To her annoyance he had even inserted zooms from the film in hisp 52 GAN 1967
were looked down on by more sophisticated viewers. To the annoyance of the television companies, the most fascinating subject in thep 809 GTS 1972
schoolgirlish glow. Wayne was her greatest admirer. Once, to her annoyance, he had entered the radiology lab without knocking and foundp 15 HA 1981
explore the hotel, testing the doors and windows. To Wayne's annoyance, the others made no attempt to unsaddle the horses. Theyp 58 HA 1981
expertly ran his eye over the pantry shelves. To his annoyance this Belgian dentist and his glamorous companion had developed ap 81 ES 1984
too bored, to concentrate on their sights. Much to the annoyance of Tulloch and Lieutenant Price, they dropped their cargoes intop 305 ES 1984
her hips had begun to swell. In a gesture of annoyance she butted my hand with the back of her headp 138 DC 1987
had taken place, and I could well imagine the Captain's annoyance on finding just how much fuel the machine consumed. Besidesp 154 DC 1987
I would be able to help him. Noon, to my annoyance, the former child-guerilla and freedom fighter, adored the transparent flatteryp 159 DC 1987
across the front lawns of the estates, much to the annoyance of the residents. I even saw one man, with ap 23 RW 1988
outgrown my bicycle, I rollerskated to school, which to my annoyance had reopened, as if the Reverend Matthews was unaware thatp 290 UGM 1995
authorised to fly twin-engined aircraft) before her husband. To her annoyance, he was never able to pay the rent, and Ip 177 ML 2008
soon find himself saddled with an accumulating series of petty annoyances, and with no accommodating technical sergeant to remove them. Forp 46 DW 1962
with insects for eyes, but never the less I was annoyed. Harry and Tony, of course, didn't mind. ‘She's charming,‘ Harryp 7 PB 1956
and Harry keeping you happy?‘ I asked her. I was annoyed that I couldn't go down to the beach with themp 7 PB 1956
back to my office in a thin silence. Carol was annoyed because she had been forced to sit beside me onp 39 VS 1957
loquacious delight in this musical monster out in the garden annoyed me. I closed the veranda windows, wishing that he himselfp 43 VS 1957
of the port as the ship cleared its take-off check, annoyed with myself for waiting until the last impossible moment top 78 WG 1959
sad as it is. I'm afraid that the times change.‘ Annoyed by this, Mangon gritted his teeth and tore off anotherp 116 SS 1960
after a few seconds mastered it with an effort, obviously annoyed that Powers should have witnessed this brief embarrassment. ‘How didp 171 VT 1960
began to read the magazine. It was a schoolchild's comic. Annoyed, Freeman stared at the cover, then looked at the stackp 259 MF 1961
at 6.00, tired out after a busy intake day, annoyed to find Faulkner ambling about in a semistupor, the verandap 249 OM 1961
of breath. I was about to approach the house again, annoyed at having been refused entry and left to suffer thep 210 S5 1961
been wrecked in the previous night's pogrom. I was equally annoyed. One of my VT sets had been steadily producing ap 224 S5 1961
she said loudly, her mouth forming a vivid red bud. Annoyed for appearing so foolish, Maitland knocked away the hand stillp 12 WFN 1961
Really give them something to worry about.‘ The man's tone annoyed Francis. ‘They've got plenty to worry about as it isp 327 13C 1962
reverie, sailed the jet-ball expertly through the air towards her. Annoyed, Margot caught it with one hand and pointed it awayp 341 PE 1962
Fay. I had just returned home from the office, childishly annoyed with Fay for parking her car on my side ofp 315 TDS 1962
kill my new law office. However, Fay was adamant. What annoyed me most was that she sounded better than she hadp 317 TDS 1962
sullen pout of her firm lower lip. Presumably Riggs had annoyed her, forcing her to accept the logic of his argumentp 25 DW 1962
expected him to capitulate to the Council without a murmur. Annoyed, Renthall turned his back on Boardman, then watched him overp 378 WT 1962
but noticeable edginess. Ryker glanced irritably through the window, apparently annoyed to see the gradual gathering of the Indians before theirp 444 QR 1963
a down-at-heel Merlin manipulating his set of runes. He felt annoyed with himself for becoming involved with Kandinski and allowing thep 490 VH 1963
among the tents, racing head down towards the terrace city. Annoyed by these interruptions, Gifford searched blindly for the revolver, strugglingp 638 DS 1964
sorry. Perhaps if you left here --‘ ‘No!‘ he insisted, annoyed by my obtuseness. ‘Can't you understand? Once I was ap 625 IM 1964
Doctor. My bag.‘ He added: ‘The customs people are here.‘ Annoyed to be caught reading the letter again by Ventress, Sandersp 20 CW 1966
smile, then started to walk past Sanders to the door. Annoyed, Sanders caught his arm and pulled the man almost offp 24 CW 1966
armchair with his back to the window. Ventress's ruse had annoyed him, not merely because of the assumption that the customsp 25 CW 1966
sorry. Perhaps if you left here --‘ ‘No!‘ Balthus insisted, annoyed by Sanders's obtuseness. ‘Can't you understand? Once I was ap 162 CW 1966
reply, Glanville turned to face her. Sometimes her phlegmatic attitude annoyed him -- she seemed almost to enjoy deflating his moodp 712 TMY 1966
satellites and data-processing devices in the so-called information explosion. What annoyed me was this insertion of irrelevant and sensational material intop 769 CA 1968
the tourists with a bored glance. At first I was annoyed that a wealthy customer should arrive at the very momentp 798 SGW 1970
You're like ...‘ ‘St Francis calming the birds?‘ I suggested, still annoyed at having been summoned to Lagoon West. I gestured towardsp 802 SGW 1970
Westway interchange and find an emergency telephone. He straightened himself, annoyed that he had wasted time. Clearing his head, he waitedp 17 CI 1974
the cars of over-eager sightseers were soon bumper to bumper. Annoyed by their ghoulish interest in the tragedy, I found myselfp 820 AD 1975
but have helped to design the site of the accident. Annoyed by the delay, Laing fretted at the wheel. For somep 37 HR 1975
strongest man in the building, and Helen's lack of spirit annoyed him. He realized that he had no real means ofp 47 HR 1975
Stillman would gaze resentfully across the roasting deer, as if annoyed that the dark dream of the city which had sustainedp 906 UC 1976
arm of the police constable, Halloway was in no way annoyed. In a sense, these displays of aggression pleased him, confirmingp 911 UC 1976
man as if seeing him clearly for the first time. Annoyed by his almost disdainful attitude, Halloway was tempted to strikep 917 UC 1976
I didn't come back from the dead.‘ ‘Blake, I know ...‘ Annoyed with herself, she pressed my hand. I liked this youngp 27 UDC 1979
drummed my fists on the roofs of the parked cars, annoyed with Miriam St Cloud -- this likeable but confused womanp 35 UDC 1979
voyage across, the Atlantic, laboured against the slack coastal water. Annoyed with himself -- already he was trembling with excitement likep 8 HA 1981
up with Anne Summers, but she was riding on ahead, annoyed with the bickering men. Disputes and trivial irritations had filledp 55 HA 1981
in any sense at all. Wayne stared back at them, annoyed that they had crossed the path of his private dreamp 65 HA 1981
1980s and 1990s, somehow lost its appeal ...‘ He broke off, annoyed that he was rambling to himself. Wayne was no longerp 171 HA 1981
egg, the air force sergeant who looked after the Mercedes annoyed by his off-hand rudeness, together led on to longer stretchesp 1019 NFS 1981
visit the old aerodrome. But Jim felt vaguely guilty and annoyed with himself. He had lost his balsa plane and luredp 35 ES 1984
before the war and every one of them since. It annoyed him to think of all the food in his lifep 97 ES 1984
here for months. Jim sat between Basie and Dr Ransome, annoyed with himself for assuming that his mother and father wouldp 142 ES 1984
had never seen -- intrigued Jim but in some way annoyed him. With their constant talk about pre-war London, the olderp 167 ES 1984
Dr Ransome's comment had an unpleasant edge. Clearly he was annoyed with Jim, as if he blamed him for the raidingp 197 ES 1984
his tray of melted wax. Whenever he was tired, or annoyed with Jim, Dr Ransome would melt a few candles andp 207 ES 1984
Jim ... you're like your father.‘ Jim stayed with Mr Maxted, annoyed with him but unable to help. Mr Maxted stood inp 245 ES 1984
stunted willows. While Yang drove uneasily back to Amherst Avenue, annoyed in some way by the visit to Lunghua, Jim thoughtp 349 ES 1984
Shepperton was deserted. He entered the kitchen at 9 o'clock, annoyed to find that neither his post nor the daily newspapersp 3 SAJ 1984
to the rapid clicks of Miss Matsuoka's motor-drive. What had annoyed me, I realized as Sanger sailed upstream, was not thep 63 DC 1987
the adolescent curator of a futuristic museum. She had been annoyed by the arrival of Sanger and Mr Pal, and thep 151 DC 1987
speckled with red confetti, a true blood wedding. "Satisfied, Sergeant?" Annoyed with myself, I switched off the dryer and led thep 28 RW 1988
for parents who now and then disapproved of them, became annoyed and impatient, or even failed to understand them. They neededp 51 RW 1988
for the demolished sign, the custom in England, and was annoyed to see later that I had paid for a morep 26 UDa 1990
lent us the ship.‘ Neil was pleased to see her annoyed with him. A few minutes in Dr Barbara's presence wasp 49 RP 1994
moral convictions. Dropping in for a chat, which he knew annoyed them, Neil was soon informed of their belief that thep 62 RP 1994
hundred yards away, its bows cutting brusquely through the waves. Annoyed with herself, Monique was still retching over her life-jacket, itsp 66 RP 1994
I tried to tease her. I knew that she was annoyed with herself for having concealed from Cabrera her presence atp 102 CN 1996
like a schoolmaster faced with an over-eager but naive pupil. Annoyed with myself, I set off along the narrow street, pastp 151 CN 1996
strangest smile I've ever seen.‘ Paula searched for her clothes, annoyed with herself for having been ambushed by me. ‘Charles, listenp 196 CN 1996
I'll buy you a drink.‘ ‘I don't need a drink.‘ Annoyed by the clinging edginess, I spoke sharply. ‘You work atp 110 SC 2000
to thank him, but he had already withdrawn from me, annoyed with himself for having shown his fear. ‘I'm glad youp 166 SC 2000
thousands of pounds‘ worth of damage.‘ I raised my voice, annoyed by the passivity of this muscular clergyman. ‘The fire hosesp 102 MP 2003
I know. A dreadful tragedy. Absolutely insane.‘ ‘My first wife.‘ Annoyed with myself for the slip of the tongue, I saidp 105 MP 2003
an unsuccessful gangster let down by intellectual tastes. He had annoyed me by breaking into the car, but knew that Ip 168 MP 2003
for my father. I tried to wave the scene away, annoyed with my own flippancy, a professional habit of trivializing thep 17 KC 2006
lift doors and pressed my ears to the metal panels. Annoyed with myself for letting Maxted play his devious games, Ip 109 KC 2006