There were half a dozen in all, neatly labelled and annotated. They each contained the same red-brown dust that Maitland hadp 21 WFN 1961
Codex, particularly those referring to anti-carcinogenetic drugs, have been so annotated that every word has been footnoted with imaginary aviation referencesp 851 NTM 1976
aircraft‘ and tirelessly editing the footnotes with which he has annotated so many of the medical textbooks in the library. Ultimatelyp 855 NTM 1976
detailed photographic record to be made, the maps to be annotated for the benefit of the next expedition. But they remainedp 75 HA 1981
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge; The Annotated Alice, ed. Martin Gardner; The World Through Blunted Sight, Patrickp 182 UGM 1992
the optician's charts, circular maps of the retina that resembled annotated targets. He seemed calm but light-headed, his mind moving amongp 272 MP 2003
down and sat at the upright with her sheet music annotated like a candy bar, then solemnly played the Moonlight Sonatap 160 ML 2008
Springfield. One manifestation of this obsession is his custom of annotating the books in the hospital library with copious footnotes. Severalp 850 NTM 1976
stored in trunks through which he would rummage, re-reading and annotating. As an example of Cookham's magical hold over the smallp 102 UGM 1991
body. The free areas around these photographs were covered with annotations in Vaughan's scrawled handwriting. Many ended with a question markp 136 C 1973
BP Codex, little harm is done. Most of his complex annotations have been shown to be complete fictions, an endlessly unravellingp 855 NTM 1976
ABC, NBC and CNN newscasts on 27 January which actually announce that World War 3 has begun. That I alone happenedp 1116 WW3 1988
lift, interest rates fell and Mr Gorbachev was able to announce that the Ukrainian separatists had moderated their demands. Taking advantagep 1118 WW3 1988
relieved that Dr Barbara was looking to the future. ‘Just announce that you want some extra volunteers -- a lot ofp 165 RP 1994
the Swiss Red Cross. I waited for my father to announce that the war had ended, but he knew as littlep 283 UGM 1995
came cannon-balling in. "Hargreaves, we've got one of them," he announced happily. "What?" Hargreaves was incredulous. "Where did you find himp 9 VN 1951
had known him he looked aggressive and confident. ‘Headline,‘ he announced. ‘The Gioconda is to sing again! Incredible and terrifying thoughp 129 SS 1960
the deep droning of an organ on the TV sets announced that the Coronation service had ended, Dr Jamieson heard thep 283 GA 1961
bookings could only be made from a date to be announced later. Maitland had changed all but a few pound notesp 17 WFN 1961
succession of creaking ascents of the staircase the next morning announced the first party of residents to use the sun deckp 388 WT 1962
were always held in camera and whose verdicts were never announced. As far as his former colleagues were concerned, he hadp 507 EG 1963
forward over the board, irritably waving away the orderly who announced from the door of the lounge that he would servep 514 EG 1963
stared out to sea again. Below him, a radio commentator announced the position and speed of the successfully launched satellite, andp 430 RE 1963
made from this campaign, the Department of Agriculture in Washington announced that all facilities for inspection would be gladly provided, andp 606 IM 1964
eyes searching between the trees. ‘We must move on,‘ he announced, leaving the window. ‘When did you last see Captain Shelleyp 617 IM 1964
make his magnificent entry promptly as the Van Gogh was announced. As it transpired, both the seat and the painting remainedp 586 LL 1964
Banbury ...‘ One by one nodding in acknowledgement as they were announced, the callers trooped into the hall and paused over thep 560 TP 1964
Ventress swung on his heel. ‘We'd better leave now,‘ he announced. ‘There's no point in staying. Where are you going?‘ ‘Montp 92 CW 1966
behaviour he had suppressed for so long. ‘All right,‘ Vaughan announced, dusting the fibreglass from his hands. ‘We'll leave now --p 129 C 1973
a child too busy to visit the lavatory. ‘Locked,‘ he announced in a gruff voice. ‘Too strong for Proctor.‘ ‘I'm surprisedp 0063 CI 1974
him more comfortable. ‘No more fever for Mr Maitland,‘ he announced, but a moment later he bounded down into the shelterp 86 CI 1974
the huge system of pipes that ran throughout the building, announced their arrivals and departures with faint changes of note. Listeningp 145 HR 1975
in the area of the Gobi Desert, and Peking Radio announced the successful testing of a 100-megaton hydrogen bomb. Christmas decorationsp 847 LDG 1976
neat and immaculate streets, Stillman brusquely shut him up and announced that he would join the reclamation project. Clearly he hadp 906 UC 1976
the early sessions of screaming and pillow-punching, suddenly stood up, announced calmly that he had more sensible things to do withp 270 UGM 1977
drove up in his huge Rolls and saved the scene, announced that he had appointed Pepsodent to be his personal driverp 143 HA 1981
to Basie when the war was over. ‘Jobs, Jim,‘ Basie announced. ‘You set out the traps? How far did you gop 219 ES 1984
Yeah, it's over, finished, we're all friends. The Emperor just announced the surrender.‘ ‘Where are the Americans?‘ ‘They're coming, kid, theyp 275 ES 1984
life almost indefinitely. 62) Perhaps 1 million years. 63) He announced that Princess Diana was immortal. 64) Astonishment/disbelief. 65) Hep 1103 ATQ 1985
of an open-air cathedral. ‘You've found a story,‘ my wife announced within a second of opening the door. ‘They've commissioned anp 1112 MWM 1985
exiles. So at last, in October 1996, the Strasbourg Assembly announced that the beaches of the Mediterranean were closed, that allp 1142 LTP 1989
Internal Revenue Service panicked her into returning them. Tactlessly, she announced the purchase of a $200,000 china set on thep 34 UGM 1991
by the secretary of his successor, Dr Roy Strong. She announced that his office would be redecorated by a firm namedp 79 UGM 1991
golf clubs. ‘Jamie, you're to stay home today,‘ my father announced, staring through my eyes as he did when he hadp 14 KW 1991
at the balcony of our apartment. After breakfast I had announced my decision to challenge the bay, and the children hadp 138 KW 1991
zen philosophers and Marxist popularisers. With much fanfare, the tycoon announced that the institute would continue the pioneering work of Mastersp 264 KW 1991
its work was suspended. Across the Atlantic, the magazine tycoon announced that the sexual revolution was over, and that he hadp 267 KW 1991
trying to cross this white wilderness. One of the generals announced that a unit of ski-troops would soon arrive to rescuep 33 NAR 1991
to them. Two days before the Zeus IV landed, NASA announced that three major Hollywood studios would collaborate on the mostp 1177 MFM 1992
sounds. He was an erratic pupil, and his Greek master announced that he would amount to nothing, but he excelled inp 150 UGM 1993
when they pushed him from their beds once Dr Barbara announced that they had conceived. Only Trudi had taken pity onp 184 RP 1994
in the Rain, and one of the dozen theatre clubs announced a forthcoming season of plays by Harold Pinter. Despite thep 116 CN 1996
Chapel, more space-age cinema than house of God. The notice-board announced forthcoming performances of Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral, meetings ofp 137 CN 1996
the second I had seen that day. ‘Right, Paul,‘ she announced. ‘I'm relaxed.‘ ‘Good. Now, who is the friend we sharep 112 SC 2000
Halder turned to stare at me, as if I had announced that the earth was flat. ‘America isn't my home. Myp 201 SC 2000
to be cleared away. ‘Today Twickenham, tomorrow the world,‘ Kay announced, after telling me to order another round. ‘Vera?‘ ‘You werep 95 MP 2003
itching to secure the dozen houses whose seizure they had announced. Confident of success, the police had alerted three television crewsp 225 MP 2003
played a medley of Strauss marches, and the information screens announced the opening of a new creche. Customers still sat inp 214 KC 2006
and unblinking as he surveyed the exhausted hostages. Nonetheless, he announced that he would celebrate the good news by freeing ap 232 KC 2006
and listened to Sangster whispering in his ear. He then announced that the work groups would take part in a competitionp 233 KC 2006
still remember the scornful tones in which the Reverend Matthews announced the winner of a Bible competition. ‘First, and the biggestp 53 ML 2008
contempt. We stared at each speaker as if he had announced that he was Napoleon Bonaparte and was about to bep 262 ML 2008
big shows -- that'll explain the absence of any programme announcement and we'll be able to keep her in an isolatedp 118 SS 1960
doorways in front and behind him. Almost certainly the orderly's announcement of lunch was a signal, and Malek had found ap 514 EG 1963
pounds were wiped off the London Stock Exchange after the announcement that the Archbishop of Canterbury would visit the Holy Landp 841 LDG 1976
authority in all religious affairs. A rumour began that an announcement of worldwide importance would shortly be made, but that thisp 847 LDG 1976
recited a poignant Zen tantra and then made the momentous announcement that henceforth the operation of private gasoline-driven vehicles would bep 46 HA 1981
truck which brought the daily rations from Shanghai. No official announcement had been made that the ration was to be cutp 214 ES 1984
Catholic churches, the Third Millennium was greeted with the momentous announcement that thenceforth sex would be compulsory. All fertile, healthy andp 1126 LCC 1989
given the funds to embark on its greatest mission. The announcement in Peking on January 1, 2001, that a Chinese spacecraftp 1175 MFM 1992
in a hoarse voice that sounded like a garbled cabin announcement. Neil followed her to the beach, waving his cudgel inp 134 RP 1994
the shoppers, as if ready to make a consumer affairs announcement about the porridge supply. ‘Impressive,‘ I said. ‘Completely bear-like. Theyp 42 KC 2006
held at the Country Club, and I remember the proud announcement that the British residents in Shanghai had financed their firstp 37 ML 2008
queues, trying to make sense of the continuous crossfire of announcements and counter-announcements. Something about the build-up of confusion at thep 7 WFN 1961
that morning had not been especially propitious. Most of the announcements were devoted to the news of the imminent satellite launchingp 429 RE 1963
and were given badges to pin to their lapels. Consumer announcements broke through the background music, emphasizing that airport security ruledp 38 KC 2006
forbid.‘ I watched the set closely. Any minute now an announcer spitting on a sandwich would splutter red-faced to the screenp 12 E 1956
melody seemed to generate itself spontaneously around them. When an announcer suddenly stated that an ultrasonic version of Mozart's Jupiter Symphonyp 112 SS 1960
start of the programme. The audience quietened, waiting while an announcer in an off-stage booth introduced the programme. A compere appearedp 133 SS 1960
was crouched over the TV set in the lounge. An announcer was dictating a stream of numbers, and Judith scribbled themp 416 SM 1963
the intercom radio a few inches from his face. Radio Announcer We have a list of the latest curfew regulations. Inp 957 TW 1967
trying out heavy boots. A helicopter clatters overhead. AFN radio announcer ... in the southern outskirts of London last night a guerillap 962 TW 1967
they were driven to their positions in the field the announcer began to work up the audience's interest. The amplified fragmentsp 85 C 1973
the chief focus of interest in the stadium. From the announcer we learned that Seagrave would drive the target car, whichp 86 C 1973
expression of outrage on his face made Crosland resemble an announcer tricked for the first time into reading an item ofp 97 HR 1975
purposefully across the debris-strewn carpet, Laing realized that the television announcer had just returned, as he did every day, from readingp 151 HR 1975
disease, bureaucracy and death, as if he were some deranged announcer broadcasting not from Las Vegas but from a plague cityp 196 HA 1981
Ace‘, which he liked to hear read out by the announcer though it always made him cringe with embarrassment. As hep 16 ES 1984
whispered in awe. ‘It's Ronnie's pulse. Did you hear the announcer? "Transmitted live from the Heart of the Presidency".‘ This wasp 1119 WW3 1988
its anger after the attack on the Metro-Centre. The cable announcer ducked his head and tried to leave the balcony, butp 122 KC 2006
deranged dream. Marchers would drill and wheel while another cable announcer sang out the beat. In time, unless the sane wokep 280 KC 2006
map of Russia, smiling a little wanly as the radio announcer spoke through the static about captured German steam locomotives, Ip 61 ML 2008