were loaded with a mass of jewelled trash -- diamante anklets, gilt clasps, tiaras and chains of zircon, rhinestone necklaces andp 147 DW 1962
hands a dream palace in pebbles and cement that rivals Ankor). Both these men, naives of genius, for the most partp 97 UGM 1969
formerly Marcelline Renault), abandons industrialist husband, 177; accompanies HRH to Ankor, 189; marries HRH, 191; amuses Ho Chi-minh, 195; divorces HRHp 942 I 1977
I felt the long fingers of her hand on my ann. A mood of acute agitation had come over her. ‘Relaxp 551 SG 1963
world, now being kicked away by the people ascending the ann. I tried to read the palm-lines that grooved the skinp 643 DG 1964
Fremont Street, waving them back to their vehicles. He bundled Ann Summers and the limping McNair into the shelter of thep 221 HA 1981
anything of his own. Steiner placed an encouraging arm around Ann Summers as she waited nervously beside the tank. ‘Thirty minutesp 230 HA 1981
Pound prize which I offered, was won by the novelist Ann Quin -- her drug was the oral contraceptive. She herselfp 89 PAJa 1990
The Bear of Little Brain The Brilliant Career of Winnie-the-Pooh Ann Thwaite The spell cast by the bear of little brainp 119 UGM 1992
of little brain is as powerful and mysterious as ever. Ann Thwaite's lavishly illustrated tribute to A.A. Milne and thep 119 UGM 1992
world embraced Milne's creation with a fondness that never wavered. Ann Thwaite traces Pooh's origins to a black bear cub whichp 119 UGM 1992
colonial charges. But whatever the interpretation, the magic endures, which Ann Thwaite's fascinating history amply proves. As she reflects, echoing Minep 120 UGM 1992
amphetamines to baby aspirin. It was won by the novelist Ann Quin, for a story written under the influence of thep 210 ML 2008
briefly like a dying volcano, is on a par with Anna Livia Plurabelle's requiem for her river-husband in Finnegans Wake. Andp 129 UGM 1964
had been brought up in the American ghetto in Berlin (Anna Sommer was her Germanised name, which on a strange impulsep 30 HA 1981
their moisture-proof wrappings, the costumes worn by Margaret Lockwood and Anna Neagle, the scripts of The Sound Barrier and The Winslowp 119 MP 2003
always beware. Built by the sort of people who liked Anna Neagle and Rex Harrison ...‘ I was delighted to be withp 151 MP 2003
was working as a secretary for Charles Wintour (father of Anna, the ‘tyrant‘ of Vogue; he later became editor of thep 174 ML 2008
is undisturbed. Only the place settings of the Reades‘ daughters, Annabel and Gail, have been scattered to the floor as thesep 11 RW 1988
ear, nose and throat specialist, Wimpole Street. Shot. 2 daughters: Annabel, 16, and Gail, 15. 2. The Avenue. Charles Ogilvy, 47p 14 RW 1988
were looking across The Avenue at the upstairs window of Annabel Reade's bedroom. She must have passed on the message top 50 RW 1988
before the massacre. However, two of the girls, Gail and Annabel Reade, kept elaborate secret journals which were discovered in thep 53 RW 1988
the pornographic details that appeal most strongly to Gail and Annabel -- these are sketched in perfunctorily -- but rather thep 54 RW 1988
fire a last shot at myself, I recognized them as Annabel Reade and Mark Sanger of Pangbourne Village. It was somep 60 RW 1988
invested in the notion of the thirteen orphaned children. However, Annabel Reade and Mark Sanger have been repeatedly identified, not onlyp 61 RW 1988
could reach out to the light. I often think of Annabel Reade and Mark Sanger at the Great Ormond Street Hospitalp 64 RW 1988
three children on his roster (Marion and Robin Miller, and Annabel Reade) are awake and ready for action, then slip outp 66 RW 1988
75). Where are the security men? 6:09 a.m. Annabel Reade listens to the alarm under her pillow. In thep 67 RW 1988
last time, then feeds the soft-nosed cartridges into the magazine. Annabel and Gail Reade have completed the last exchange of messagesp 71 RW 1988
completed the last exchange of messages on their computer screens. Annabel has loaded her small Remington and left the pistol withinp 71 RW 1988
him with a strangely fixed smile. 8:21 a.m. Annabel Reade sees Marion and her brother waving from the Millersp 73 RW 1988
breakfast under their Louis XV chandelier. Their daughters, Gail and Annabel, enter the dining room. They are wearing their tracksuits andp 75 RW 1988
them as if bringing a surprise present for their parents. Annabel stands behind her mother, Gail behind her father, asking themp 75 RW 1988
terrain of the prison camps. The new arrivals appeared, two Annamese women and a group of older Britishers and Belgians, thep 122 ES 1984
the detention centre he would die with them. Already the Annamese women had collected the mess-tins from the soldier. They werep 123 ES 1984
moment a cloud of smoke billowed through the gates. The Annamese women had lit the stove with the rain-soaked firewood, andp 125 ES 1984
in submarines for over fifteen years, ever since he left Annapolis, and the traditional self-sufficiency of the service was now partp 27 WFN 1961
power. Completed two years after da Vinci's Virgin and St Anne, also in the Louvre, it was not only one ofp 575 LL 1964
of these huge buildings. As he often pointed out to Anne, office blocks containing as many as thirty thousand workers functionedp 70 HR 1975
two thousand residents towards their new Jerusalem meant nothing to Anne. As the air-conditioning and electricity supply began to fail, andp 70 HR 1975
on the floor and dressing-table like a luggage store display. Anne was packing, or unpacking, one of the cases in frontp 70 HR 1975
this replication of herself gave her some kind of security. Anne had always taken for granted a naturally deferential world, andp 70 HR 1975
the tenants below, their windscreens knocked out by falling bottles. Anne returned to her packing. ‘The important thing is that we'rep 71 HR 1975
wanted to. Why anyone stays on here I can't imagine.‘ ‘Anne, we're leaving ...‘ ‘At last -- and why has no onep 71 HR 1975
reverse was true -- far from being sure of herself, Anne needed constantly to reestablish her position on the top rungp 72 HR 1975
each one bringing his invisible tribute to Royal's well-being. For Anne, by contrast, the continued flow of new arrivals puzzled andp 73 HR 1975
two thousand residents had appeared and taken their place below, Anne was impatient to move. But Royal was drawn to hisp 73 HR 1975
of the puritan work ethic. In turn, he knew from Anne that his neighbours found him a puzzling and aloof figurep 73 HR 1975
the bedroom and checked the bolts on the front door. Anne waited while he stood in the deserted corridor. There wasp 74 HR 1975
last to leave ...‘ ‘Is that a joke?‘ ‘Of course not.‘ Anne placed a hand on his chest, as if searching forp 74 HR 1975
commiseration with a strong dose of salt. Without realizing it, Anne often played on his sense of failure, frightened by Royal'sp 74 HR 1975
the commissions her father had steered his way, a fact Anne had never let him forget, not to humble Royal sop 74 HR 1975
external world, no visitors came to the high-rise. He and Anne had invited none of their friends to the apartment forp 77 HR 1975
packing on the eve of departure or unpacking on arrival. ‘Anne -- are you coming or going?‘ Royal asked. ‘We hardlyp 77 HR 1975
asked. ‘We hardly stand a chance of making it tonight.‘ Anne gestured helplessly at the half-filled cases. ‘It's the air-conditioning --p 77 HR 1975
been commandeered by other floors.‘ ‘What? Did you hear that?‘ Anne stared angrily at Royal, as if his faulty design ofp 77 HR 1975
penthouse -- he decided to exercise it on the roof. Anne had begun to empty the half-filled suitcases. She seemed barelyp 78 HR 1975
down on them. The five years of his marriage to Anne had given him a new set of prejudices. Reluctantly, hep 80 HR 1975
half-carried and half-dragged the dog back to Royal's apartment. Fortunately, Anne and Jane Sheridan had left for the 10th-floor supermarket, pickingp 83 HR 1975
If I were you, I'd keep a closer eye on Anne -- unless you want her to be ...‘ ‘Sound advice. You'vep 84 HR 1975
passed, and soon the danger period would begin. Thinking of Anne trying to make her way back from the 10th floorp 84 HR 1975
hand over the dial of his wrist-watch. His concern for Anne was as strong as ever -- if anything he feltp 84 HR 1975
the neatly wrapped cables. Even if she were trapped somewhere, Anne would be unable to call him. While he waited forp 85 HR 1975
lobbies had been ripped out, as if the tenants, like Anne and himself, had agreed to shut off any contact withp 87 HR 1975
were closed, their grilles chained. There was no sign of Anne. Royal led the Alsatian through the swing doors into thep 88 HR 1975
own dispute. As he turned to continue his search for Anne, the staircase doors leading into the lobby were flung backp 88 HR 1975
He stepped past Wilder and entered the classroom. He lifted Anne to her feet. ‘I'll get you Out of here --p 89 HR 1975
don't worry about Wilder.‘ ‘I'm not ...‘ For all her ordeal, Anne was remarkably unruffled. She gazed at Wilder with evident admirationp 89 HR 1975
deserted classroom. ‘They're all making their own films down there,‘ Anne told him, clearly fascinated by her heady experience of thep 90 HR 1975
stride. In an obscure way, it was his affection for Anne that had led him to display her to his neighboursp 90 HR 1975
a state of corporate euphoria. Invigorated by this tonic atmosphere, Anne and Jane Sheridan had made a rapid recovery. Anne nop 92 HR 1975
atmosphere, Anne and Jane Sheridan had made a rapid recovery. Anne no longer referred to their leaving the high-rise, and seemedp 92 HR 1975
it, the threat of violence in the air had matured Anne. Standing by the fireplace in the columnist's drawing-room, Royal watchedp 92 HR 1975
own apartment is very much exposed.‘ ‘I'd like to -- Anne did mention it. I've already brought some things over.‘ Royalp 93 HR 1975
for his wife's benefit a slow-motion playback. He knew that Anne could see them, but she sat quietly at the kitchenp 94 HR 1975
a flat voice unlike the animated tone she used with Anne and the other women. In fact, Mrs Wilder spent morep 135 HR 1975
easily protected from a surprise attack. Sometimes Royal would visit Anne, but there was something daunting about the closely knit groupp 135 HR 1975
in the door, waiting for him to go away. Even Anne had withdrawn from him, partly out of fear of Royalp 135 HR 1975
all the months of trying to maintain her superior status, Anne had decided to join her fellow residents. ‘Good -- it'sp 135 HR 1975
carrying the cassette player, he noted calmly, was his wife Anne. Sloppily dressed, her hair in a mess, she lolled againstp 141 HR 1975
guests arrived. The jeweller's widow in the long fur coat, Anne with her cassette player, Jane Sheridan waving a cocktail shakerp 141 HR 1975
No --?‘ ‘We've decided to offer you some free lessons,‘ Anne Royal told them. ‘One free lesson,‘ Pangbourne corrected. Everyone sniggeredp 142 HR 1975
sniggered at this. ‘But that's all you'll need. Isn't it, Anne?‘ ‘It's a remarkably effective course.‘ ‘Solo first time, in factp 142 HR 1975
face. He waited patiently for the clamour to subside. As Anne broke away from the crowd and ran forward he raisedp 142 HR 1975
cartoon of the Virgin seated on the lap of St Anne. I stared at these serpentine figures, with their unfathomable posep 135 UDC 1979
Summers, calling out landmarks to her. ‘There's the Ford Building, Anne, and the Arab Quarter. If you look closely you canp 15 HA 1981
protecting himself behind her from the golden shore. For once, Anne Summers made no effort to push him away. Despite thep 15 HA 1981
down on to the deck and pushed between Ricci and Anne Summers. The sailors were shouting to each other and pointingp 19 HA 1981
land? ‘Wayne, lying down there, can you see?‘ Wayne felt Anne Summers seize his arm. ‘There's a sleeping mermaid!‘ Wayne peeredp 20 HA 1981
open coffin in the asylum mortuary. ‘Wayne, who is she?‘ Anne Summers stared at the impassive face. A colony of lobstersp 20 HA 1981
domain, peering up at the dripping bulk of the Apollo, Anne held her handsome nose. ‘Wayne, she must be some kindp 20 HA 1981
the Sea, even the great white shark affectionately christened "Jaws".‘ Anne Summers stared doubtfully at the statue. She moved her handp 20 HA 1981
carried with him across the Atlantic. ‘Wayne, for heaven's sake ...‘ Anne Summers tried to calm him. ‘You're going to have top 21 HA 1981
hull. ‘You're right, Wayne. My God, though, we're going down!‘ Anne Summers looked round wildly, a hand to her blonde bunp 21 HA 1981
deck to the scuppers, sluicing around Wayne's ankles. Ricci and Anne Summers backed off, but Wayne stared down at the immensep 21 HA 1981
their coronation armour, he himself in gilded doublet and hose, Anne Summers in gleaming breastplates and skirt of gold leaf, Paulp 23 HA 1981
excited him. He thought of the two physicists, Ricci and Anne Summers, heads lost among their Geiger counters. But if onlyp 26 HA 1981
which on a strange impulse she had re-Anglicised back to Anne Summers after her first night in Plymouth), and New Yorkp 30 HA 1981
chiding their American-descended cousins for their forbears‘ vulgar tastes, but Anne loved the elusive flavour of the Manhattan, with its darkp 31 HA 1981
gifts of hamburgers and comic books. Are we quite safe?‘ Anne Summers did her best to reassure the commissar. ‘Dear Orlowskip 34 HA 1981
footprints which McNair had left across the dune. ‘It's remarkable, Anne. Even from here it looks like gold. An analysis mightp 34 HA 1981
towards the city. The Captain's complex motives unsettled him. As Anne Summers paused to shake the sand from her shoes, hep 34 HA 1981
acquired Stetson. Ricci was complaining in a bad-tempered way at Anne Summers, who struggled gamely through the sand, one hand onp 39 HA 1981
rode by himself in the lead, followed by Orlowski and Anne Summers, with Wayne taking up the rear on a littlep 40 HA 1981
Nothing but desert, probably all the way to the Pacific.‘ Anne Summers shielded her eyes from the sun's disc, now bisectedp 41 HA 1981
understood all too well. The next morning, as Orlowski and Anne Summers supervised the transfer ashore of the expedition's stores, Waynep 41 HA 1981
of the rigging lights, Wayne listened to Orlowski, Steiner and Anne Summers discuss their revised plans for the expedition. After twop 44 HA 1981
carry out the latest in the series of five-mile measurements. Anne Summers, meanwhile, was unstrapping the radio receiver tuned to thep 52 HA 1981
the American wilderness was not glamorous enough for him. However Anne Summers, Wayne was glad to note, looked trim and self-possessedp 52 HA 1981
baggage. Wayne whipped the mules, trying to catch up with Anne Summers, but she was riding on ahead, annoyed with thep 55 HA 1981
only the sailors who were looting the dead city. Even Anne Summers brought back her own little booty, a full-length blackp 55 HA 1981
up to.‘ ‘Wayne is as tired as you are, Paul.‘ Anne Summers held Wayne's arm. ‘Steiner needs to be alone. Youp 60 HA 1981
open for more of these rare cosmetics. ‘It's all right, Anne, I want to look at the mules.‘ Embarrassed by thisp 61 HA 1981
that's generous of you ...‘ They were joined by Ricci and Anne Summers, and for an hour they wandered together through thep 73 HA 1981
water the horses and unpack the equipment. Concerned for him, Anne Summers dusted the sand from Wayne's blond hair. ‘You'll bep 73 HA 1981
back, Wayne ...?‘ ‘Of course,‘ Wayne assured her. ‘We've reached, Washington, Anne -- it's the real start of the expedition.‘ Two hoursp 74 HA 1981
with mess tent, galley and communications office, but Ricci and Anne Summers took little interest in the scientific work. They spokep 74 HA 1981
like the old Kremlin.‘ ‘And the Jerry Brown Islamic Center,‘ Anne Summers added. ‘An exact fibre-glass replica of the Taj Mahalp 74 HA 1981
in a military outfitters to which Wayne had steered him. Anne Summers held a set of radiation logs in one handp 75 HA 1981
strolled off to inspect the Executive Office Building. Ricci and Anne Summers rode out to see the mausoleum of the threep 77 HA 1981
executive's desk. ‘Wayne! For God's sake, Gregor, let him go!‘ Anne Summers broke into the room, confused after running through thep 83 HA 1981
McNair's voice coming in over the short wave. Calmer now, Anne Summers crouched beside the receiver, tirelessly repeating the expedition's callp 84 HA 1981
rendezvous hour, they heard McNair's jaunty voice. ‘He's coming through!‘ Anne silenced them with a wave. ‘But it's a tape-recording, wep 84 HA 1981
more handsome than the SS Lenin ...‘ As the message ended, Anne Summers frowned at the receiver, like someone remembering a badp 85 HA 1981
air as if he could smell the explosion. He embraced Anne reassuringly, then examined the numerical print-out from the Manhattan transmitterp 85 HA 1981
the numerical print-out from the Manhattan transmitter. ‘These radiation readings, Anne -- they're high, I take it?‘ Orlowski fanned his facep 85 HA 1981
to wait for tomorrow's bulletin.‘ ‘Gregor ...‘ With a tired flourish, Anne tore off the print-out and stuffed the paper strip intop 85 HA 1981
and walked across the evening sand, followed by Ricci and Anne Summers. Dozens of nomads squatted among the cactus trees, drawnp 86 HA 1981
radio tent, cryptic beacons of a new cargo cult. Shielding Anne from the cool air, Steiner draped his burnouse over herp 86 HA 1981
wives instead, an electric blonde like an angry doll. But Anne put her foot down, and Ricci rode the first fivep 88 HA 1981
is like a neurotic gangster, all aggression and small vanities. Anne is very calm, sits in her dusty armchair in thep 89 HA 1981
tired -- Orlowski was asleep on his camel for miles, Anne Summers had a nagging row with Steiner, who once againp 90 HA 1981
like a small-time bookie who's arrived a century too late. Anne is relaxing in the beauty parlour, gazing at herself inp 91 HA 1981
radio transmitter, in case we find suitable batteries somewhere, but Anne and Ricci voted him down. We all agreed that therep 92 HA 1981
it. More and more the others are listening to me. Anne really accepts now that I'm not a child, and thatp 92 HA 1981
surprisingly good humour, appropriate to the home of Mark Twain. Anne is wearing her make-up during the day now. At timesp 93 HA 1981
effects of the brine and the ozone. Meanwhile Ricci and Anne agreed that we had reached Lake Tahoe, they were readyp 94 HA 1981
in white robes, sun-blistered faces smeared with rouge and lipstick. Anne stays very close to me now, painted like a harpyp 95 HA 1981
is a dead weight, his fever goes and comes again. Anne lies exhausted on her bed, drawn up alongside mine, unwashedp 95 HA 1981
I've been dragging Gregor by myself, and trying to keep Anne and Ricci on the move. They sit down whenever I'mp 97 HA 1981
Take care ...‘ Sitting in the dim light against the bar, Anne Summers raised a warning hand. Through the heat sores andp 97 HA 1981
light-headed, both from hunger and from the effort of steering Anne Summers along the dusty highway. As the swing doors rockedp 98 HA 1981
chest. For hours he had been trying to return to Anne Summers, but he had lost his bearings in the themep 100 HA 1981
the approaches to the Rockies, Wayne sat back comfortably beside Anne Summers in the rear seat of the lead car. Longp 105 HA 1981
ahead, Heinz! Full ahead!‘ he called out grandly. Beside him Anne Summers clung to a machine-gun bracket, her skin almost greenp 106 HA 1981
Boot Hill cemetery to their cars, collected a barely conscious Anne Summers from the Long Branch Saloon, and driven them bothp 107 HA 1981
them both to the nearby Holiday Inn. As Wayne and Anne recovered, resting under a shaded awning beside the drained swimming-poolp 107 HA 1981
these events had baffled McNair, as they did Wayne and Anne Summers, resting now in the Holiday Inn at Dodge Cityp 108 HA 1981
century ahead, like some kind of insane doomsday weapon? Impossible, Anne. Wayne, think about it.‘ Anne gestured weakly with her hand-mirrorp 108 HA 1981
of insane doomsday weapon? Impossible, Anne. Wayne, think about it.‘ Anne gestured weakly with her hand-mirror as she scanned the lastp 108 HA 1981
last days of panic in the White House.‘ ‘True enough, Anne. But why the weird pattern of earthquakes striking the Unitedp 108 HA 1981
Steiner saw them.‘ ‘Of course, Wayne. But Steiner, well ...‘ Both Anne and McNair remained sceptical, regarding the vision of the filmp 109 HA 1981
was cautious now about confiding in Wayne, and even in Anne Summers -- the deaths of Orlowski and Ricci, Steiner's defectionp 110 HA 1981
for more than protection against the sun, whatever Wayne and Anne maintained, together warned him to keep a little apart fromp 110 HA 1981
of the Holiday Inn, McNair glanced sharply at Wayne and Anne. For all their slight unease with each other, something hadp 110 HA 1981
Wild West theme park -- Wayne had told McNair and Anne Summers that he had been forced to shoot the physicistp 111 HA 1981
authority he might need to use in the days ahead. Anne Summers knew this. Clearly she was well aware that Waynep 112 HA 1981
defend her. As they recovered together beside the empty swimming-pool Anne had suddenly taken his hand. ‘You kept me alive, Waynep 112 HA 1981
ski-gloves, heavy tweed coats for the men and coonskins for Anne Summers, Xerox and the baby. At Wolf Creek Pass, nearlyp 114 HA 1981
condensed in a wet mist that soaked the ancient road. ‘Anne, what are they? McNair, can you see them? They lookp 114 HA 1981
white crystals into his hands, pressed them to his cheeks. ‘Anne -- it's snow!‘ Everyone leapt from the cars, tossed awayp 114 HA 1981
down the nursery slopes. Snowball fights rampaged around the cars, Anne Summers's excited face was bright with exploding frost as shep 115 HA 1981
to edge through another cascade that sluiced across the road. Anne pointed towards the jungle valley below them. A small lakep 116 HA 1981
in a dappled yellow coat. ‘It's a giraffe!‘ Wayne and Anne Summers stood up in the rear seat as the Chryslerp 117 HA 1981
stopped to change a tyre on the Galaxy. Heinz and Anne Summers were helping Pepsodent crank up the massive jack, leavingp 119 HA 1981
anything he wished. He had gained control there, of Steiner, Anne Summers and the others. Here, in this raucous madhouse, onep 119 HA 1981
its reversed propeller churning the hot air. As Wayne and Anne caught the wingtips, McNair was already clambering from the cockpitp 119 HA 1981
caught the wingtips, McNair was already clambering from the cockpit. ‘Anne, I saw Las Vegas!‘ McNair stumbled forward on weak legsp 119 HA 1981
It's all lit up! The neon signs are full on! Anne, there must be people there, thousands of them!‘ The Electrographicp 120 HA 1981
shirt and hands, emboss his forehead with its crystal glimmer. Anne reached forward to hold his arm. Her face flickered anxiouslyp 121 HA 1981
as her. ‘Wayne, it's wonderful -- but who are they ...?‘ ‘Anne, I don't know yet. Perhaps the Gamblers. Whoever they arep 121 HA 1981
urged. ‘Pour on the steam. Let's show them we're here. Anne, can you see the hotels? Caesar's Palace and the Desertp 122 HA 1981
Wayne, who's staying in them? The whole place looks empty.‘ Anne touched her hair, peering at her reflection in the rearp 122 HA 1981
by the excitements of generations of high rollers ... ‘Wayne --‘ Anne shook her blonde hair fretfully as they moved slowly towardsp 123 HA 1981
Wayne was counting the silent hotel balconies. Had something moved? ‘Anne, no one slept here. This was a town without anyp 123 HA 1981
in the steam-cars, and then entered the hotel. He led Anne and McNair through the silent roulette wheels and blackjack tablesp 124 HA 1981
As they stepped through the rear doors of the auditorium Anne held Wayne's arm. She stared at him with sudden concernp 124 HA 1981
to the tables. The orchestra struck up once more. ‘Wayne ...‘ Anne Summers was looking uncertainly for the exit. ‘Where are wep 125 HA 1981
we ...?‘ ‘Wait!‘ Wayne pointed to the swinging spotlight. ‘Watch this, Anne.‘ Sinatra had turned and gestured to the wings with ap 125 HA 1981
the hands, and together they began the last chorus. Holding Anne tightly around the shoulders, Wayne gazed down at the spangledp 125 HA 1981
a mad hatter trying to hide inside his own beard. Anne pulled herself away from him. ‘Wayne, what's happening? Have wep 126 HA 1981
Have we gone back in time?‘ ‘I don't think so, Anne. It's clever, though ...‘ Wayne smiled at the thought. Going backp 126 HA 1981
had come from Kansas, though a very different one. Releasing Anne, he looked around, suddenly sensing that the whole thing mightp 126 HA 1981
as pleased with himself as the elderly Sinatra ... ‘You know, Anne, I've always wanted to meet Sinatra.‘ ‘Wayne, you can't --p 126 HA 1981
caps hiding their faces. Six of them surrounded McNair and Anne Summers. They were small and slim-shouldered, little more than childrenp 128 HA 1981
his beard. ‘The President? Wait a minute.‘ ‘Yes, what President?‘ Anne Summers repeated. She shook herself free of two uniformed teenagersp 130 HA 1981
kicked instantly into life. Wayne caught a last glimpse of Anne Summers and McNair being bundled through the open doors ofp 131 HA 1981
airport somewhere near Las Vegas; a lakeside restaurant terrace where Anne Summers and McNair sat alone like stranded tourists; a high-ceilingedp 136 HA 1981
Sands Hotel, Las Vegas An amazing week. Just back with Anne and McNair after touring the nuclear generating plant at Lakep 140 HA 1981
brand-new 1956 Cadillac (tail fins, wraparound windshield, pastel body tints). Anne is at the Hilton, McNair at the Stardust. Seen sop 140 HA 1981
they were interested in McNair's heavy engineering know-how and in Anne Summers's nuclear expertise. The brightest of the boys and girlsp 141 HA 1981
to keep it running, though they're obviously stretched. McNair and Anne are going back there tomorrow to help out. Apparently thep 142 HA 1981
eastward drive across America. Risky, of course -- according to Anne, a by-product of the fast breeder reactor at Lake Meadp 142 HA 1981
blue suit and smiling in an uncomfortable way. He welcomed Anne and McNair and wished them luck, then disappeared into hisp 142 HA 1981
his limo. Since then I haven't seen him. McNair and Anne were a little puzzled by him, but they like thep 142 HA 1981
to the north of Vegas. I talked about this to Anne and McNair, they're worried too, but no one seems top 143 HA 1981
black fans, a button nose. Mickey Mouse, needless to say. Anne and McNair were amazed, but I'd seen something like itp 144 HA 1981
-- either to back away from Manson, taking McNair and Anne with me, or to throw in my lot with himp 157 HA 1981
and trying to break the oddly uncomfortable atmosphere, McNair and Anne Summers had applauded generously, throwing silver dollars at Wayne's feetp 159 HA 1981
uneasy outing had conspicuously failed to join in. They accepted Anne and McNair, and not only because they were lending theirp 159 HA 1981
inject some excitement into his fellow directors, McNair, Paco and Anne Summers, he stood up and gestured expansively at the Vegasp 161 HA 1981
chair fifteen feet away from them, nodding in approval. Only Anne had objected, frowning with some surprise at this impassioned speechp 161 HA 1981
surprisingly, had agreed. But McNair, with a larger vision than Anne Summers, had been rhapsodising for weeks about the engineering workshopsp 161 HA 1981
and not been sighted since. None the less, McNair and Anne had agreed with Wayne, accepting that their reclaimed US citizenshipp 162 HA 1981
and hotels of Las Vegas. After picking up McNair and Anne, they would move in a convoy of limousines from thep 163 HA 1981
reach Berlin and Moscow in about twenty minutes. I know Anne is worried. Could you talk to the old man, Waynep 164 HA 1981
course of the Desert Inn Country Club. He could see Anne Summers speeding along the lakeside road in her perky redp 165 HA 1981
bright white plumes through the black water. With a smile, Anne gave a last toot on her horn and sped awayp 165 HA 1981
mounted the air again. He loved his mild flirtations with Anne, an elaborate courtship between this winged man and the racingp 165 HA 1981
and your friends in particular. McNair and this Professor --?‘ ‘Anne Summers. She's a nuclear scientist. You must meet them, Drp 174 HA 1981
halt in a blare of horns and headlamps. An exhausted Anne Summers stood up in her driver's seat, bruised hands grippingp 191 HA 1981
for a shred of bandage to stem her bleeding. But Anne waved him off, ignoring the caked blood. ‘It's all rightp 191 HA 1981
a dark blood seeped over the deck of the car. Anne Summers flinched at the sounds of anti-aircraft fire that hadp 191 HA 1981
More likely the mercenaries. Manson said --‘ ‘Wayne, he's mad!‘ Anne drummed her bruised fist on the steering wheel. ‘He's goingp 192 HA 1981
he was going to shoot us on the spot ...‘ ‘But, Anne --‘ Wayne searched for some way of reassuring her. Theyp 192 HA 1981
its ugly patrol, looking for something to kill. Wayne steadied Anne Summers as she gripped the steering wheel, shocked face againstp 193 HA 1981
for Los Angeles.‘ ‘Wayne, the missiles -- you do understand?‘ Anne sat up, disengaging herself from Wayne. She looked at himp 193 HA 1981
night of fever McNair began a heartening recovery. Nursed by Anne Summers, he lay in a darkened bedroom, blinds drawn againstp 194 HA 1981
by Manson's gunships. Alone now, Pepsodent stoically guarded McNair, helping Anne to wash the engineer and change his dressings. Wayne, meanwhilep 194 HA 1981
day at the Sahara a fragmentary bulletin told Wayne and Anne that Manson had fired one of the two Titans, aimingp 195 HA 1981
he was mad. Yet we indulged him, Wayne -- why?‘ Anne shivered in the grey light of McNair's bedroom, watching asp 195 HA 1981
the question. For reasons of his own he had told Anne nothing of his meeting with Dr Fleming in the Conventionp 195 HA 1981
of the attack on Des Moines was a worrying development. ‘Anne, that isn't Manson. Everything about him is calculated. Over-calculated, evenp 195 HA 1981
be a piece in his private jigsaw ...‘ With a shudder, Anne gazed through the blinds at the lurid city below themp 195 HA 1981
of the Strip, Wayne watched these events with numbed eyes. Anne Summers tried to rally him. On the third morning, asp 196 HA 1981
but tasteless commercial. ‘That image is the saddest of all, Anne,‘ Wayne confided. ‘Though it has a certain tragic dignity. Inp 197 HA 1981
Wayne, come on. Don't give up now.‘ Standing behind him, Anne held his shoulders in the first show of tenderness hep 197 HA 1981
Pasadena ...?‘ It was Wayne's turn to shudder. ‘Don't you see, Anne, we didn't come to Las Vegas by chance, and norp 197 HA 1981
he had armed for Manson. Wayne had said nothing to Anne of his meeting with the old scientist, and claimed onlyp 197 HA 1981
a last frenzy of activity. Within minutes, as Wayne and Anne returned to McNair's bedroom, the klaxons wailed their warnings, andp 199 HA 1981
centre of Las Vegas, over a ground-zero where Steiner and Anne Summers were now embracing below the wing of the parkedp 217 HA 1981
the happy scenes in downtown Las Vegas, where Steiner and Anne Summers strolled arm in arm through the throngs of soldiersp 218 HA 1981
As GM scanned the sky, rifle trained on the roof-tops, Anne Summers and Pepsodent helped the limping McNair from the lobbyp 229 HA 1981
empire. Unwilling to take the risk of trying to save Anne and Wayne, he had watched the arrival of McNair andp 230 HA 1981
nervously beside the tank. ‘Thirty minutes left, time to move, Anne. Everyone else has gone. They should be fifteen miles fromp 230 HA 1981
from here. With luck, we'll find a deep shelter somewhere ...‘ Anne embraced Wayne with relief, rubbing his bruised wrist. ‘Wayne, wep 230 HA 1981
Wayne shook his head, still too weary to speak. As Anne held his hands he looked round at the streets overp 230 HA 1981
we've twenty-five minutes ...‘ Steiner stood on the tank's turret, helping Anne Summers through the hatch. Heinz sat at the controls, gogglesp 231 HA 1981
dragonfly rose steeply into the air. ‘They're coming for us! Anne, Wayne -- leave the tank!‘ Steiner was shouting to Heinzp 233 HA 1981
wizened robin released from his cage to the kindly air. Anne climbed behind Dr Fleming, hands around the old scientist's waistp 233 HA 1981
lead, was Dr Fleming. He sat happily at his controls, Anne Summers with one hand on his coat. In the craftp 235 HA 1981
waves. In the glare of the jeep's headlamps he felt Anne Godwin's angry hands on his shoulders, and fell headlong intop 1063 MNF 1982
law?‘ She came over and peered into Sheppard's carton. ‘I'm Anne Godwin, hello. Avocado puree, rice pudding, anchovies, you're all setp 1070 MNF 1982
steps of the clinic overlooking the St Lawrence. ‘Dr Martinsen‘ Anne Godwin shouted as she released Sheppard's arm. ‘I've been wantingp 1070 MNF 1982
the locked gear shift, Martinsen seemed only interested in avoiding Anne Godwin and her questions. Then he saw Sheppard's alert eyesp 1071 MNF 1982
time aged by some strange fever. ‘Doctor ... I've reported --‘ Anne Godwin reached Martinsen's car. He made a half-hearted attempt top 1071 MNF 1982
ask, Martinsen engaged his gear lever and sped off, clipping Anne Godwin's outstretched hand with his wing-mirror. But at least hep 1071 MNF 1982
their brief meeting allowed Sheppard to slip away unobserved from Anne Godwin. Followed by the doddery retriever, Sheppard carried his storesp 1071 MNF 1982
and limped back to Cocoa Beach and the incoming tide. Anne Godwin virtually dragged him from the swamped plane, but hep 1072 MNF 1982
saw himself caged in the condor-traps, dreaming of the sun ... Anne Godwin was shaking her head to herself. She had turnedp 1075 MNF 1982
so like the images he had seen of himself before Anne Godwin's arrival. ‘Space exploration is a branch of applied geometryp 1076 MNF 1982
right? Poor man, can't you breathe?‘ Sheppard became aware of Anne Godwin's hand on his shoulder. He had clenched his fingersp 1076 MNF 1982
other evening, he's trying to turn into a bird.‘ Before Anne Godwin could protest Sheppard took her arm and beckoned herp 1077 MNF 1982
angular geometry of white tile and shadow. ‘It's an engine, Anne, of a unique type. It's no coincidence that the Spacep 1077 MNF 1982
pools of Cocoa Beach like coins into a Roman fountain. ‘Anne, there's a door out of this pool. I'm trying top 1078 MNF 1982
wall of the deep end, talking rapidly to himself as Anne Godwin ran up the sloping floor for the medical valisep 1078 MNF 1982
to find a key to everything going on around them. ‘Anne, throw away your watch. Fling back the blinds. Think ofp 1078 MNF 1982
want your children to live here, and Elaine ...‘ ‘Roger --‘ Anne moved his hands from her left breast. For minutes, asp 1078 MNF 1982
is a metaphor that's going to work.‘ During that week, Anne Godwin did her best to help Sheppard construct his ‘machinep 1078 MNF 1982
paving the dusty sidewalks with a carpet of diamonds. For Anne, this sinister halo that lay over Cocoa Beach seemed top 1079 MNF 1982
aware that his hands still stung from his struggle with Anne Godwin. If only he had been given more time top 1079 MNF 1982
same key he had tried to find when he caressed Anne Godwin. He felt the fluttering aviary in his hands, ap 1084 MNF 1982
they could return to Cocoa Beach, to that motel where Anne Godwin lay in the darkened bedroom. From there they wouldp 1084 MNF 1982
on the slow, nervous drive back to Florida, he and Anne had each lost more than thirty pounds, as if theirp 1037 MSA 1982
sweating in the humid air, Mallory returned to the bedroom. Anne had woken, but lay motionless in the centre of thep 1038 MSA 1982
Every morning he feared that time would run out for Anne while she slept, leaving her forever in the middle ofp 1038 MSA 1982
Do I look like him now?‘ ‘God, I'm going blind.‘ Anne wiped her nose on the pillow. She raised her wristsp 1038 MSA 1982
were filled with abandoned clocks and watches, and each day Anne selected a new set of timepieces. She touched Mallory reassuringlyp 1038 MSA 1982
woman. He needed her to look her best for Hinton. ‘Anne, we've only been here a week -- let's give itp 1038 MSA 1982
should go to Australia, like all the other NASA people.‘ Anne rooted in her handbag on the floor, heaving aside anp 1038 MSA 1982
far enough. We need to set out into space again ...‘ Anne shuddered. ‘Edward, don't say that -- a crime was committedp 1039 MSA 1982
the frequencies. ‘In point of fact, I started it all.‘ Anne had turned from him and lay on her side, ap 1039 MSA 1982
vitamin shot, and a clean pair of sheets. Sex with Anne, which he had hoped would keep them bickering and awakep 1039 MSA 1982
if they stayed much longer at Cape Kennedy he and Anne would soon return to the world of the old brainp 1039 MSA 1982
immense empty hotels and glutinous time, of strange meetings with Anne in deserted corridors, of sex-acts that seemed to last forp 1040 MSA 1982
some of those eyes there had been horror ... As for Anne and himself, time had run out of their marriage fifteenp 1040 MSA 1982
Muybridge's stop-frame photographs; and a psychoanalytic study of Simon Magus. ‘Anne ...?‘ The light in the bedroom had become brighter, there wasp 1040 MSA 1982
his heart. The plane had caught him just in time. ‘Anne, I think that was Hinton ...‘ She lay on her sidep 1040 MSA 1982
car they had commandeered in a deserted suburb of Jacksonville. Anne had regretted leaving behind her classy Toyota, but the exchangep 1041 MSA 1982
a berserk warder. ‘I couldn't believe it was you! And Anne? Is she all right?‘ ‘She's here, at the hotel inp 1051 MSA 1982
and fly towards the sun. You and I, doctor, and Anne ...‘ Hinton's voice was deepening, a cavernous boom. The white flankp 1053 MSA 1982
TAPE 24: 17 August. Again, no sign of Hinton today. Anne is asleep. An hour ago, when I returned from thep 1054 MSA 1982
seemed to take two hours to fly fifty feet. Perhaps Anne has another week before time stops for her. As forp 1054 MSA 1982
spend it! TAPE 25: 19 August. A hectic two days. Anne had a relapse at noon yesterday, vaso-vagal shock brought onp 1054 MSA 1982
out of the way and he's free to be with Anne. I'm still thinking about his motives. He seems to havep 1055 MSA 1982
I'm barely aware of the flux of time any longer. Anne lies on the bed, wakes for a few minutes andp 1055 MSA 1982
to be standing on the floor of an immense furnace. Anne is increasingly restless, murmuring to herself in some novel languagep 1056 MSA 1982
the trees. At last the birds have learned to fly. Anne is awake ... (Anne): Who's learned to fly? (EM): It's allp 1056 MSA 1982
last the birds have learned to fly. Anne is awake ... (Anne): Who's learned to fly? (EM): It's all right -- thep 1056 MSA 1982
learned to fly? (EM): It's all right -- the birds. (Anne): Did you teach them? What am I talking about? Howp 1056 MSA 1982
away? (EM): Since dawn. Tell me what you were dreaming. (Anne): Is this a dream? Help me up. God, it's darkp 1056 MSA 1982
as if seizing the last few minutes left to her, Anne would leave the bedroom and try to make her wayp 1056 MSA 1982
motels, the same stores and used-car lots that he and Anne had seen in their journey across the continent. He couldp 1057 MSA 1982
heavy Yamaha. ‘Hinton -- it's all that's left now. For Anne, too. Somehow I have to ... kill him.‘ ‘He knows thatp 1058 MSA 1982
of the hotel, a dressing gown around her shoulders, was Anne Mallory. At last she had managed to climb the stairsp 1058 MSA 1982
engines and prepared the craft for lift-off? He would take Anne with him, and cast them both loose into space asp 1058 MSA 1982
followed the girl's raised hand. A hundred feet above them, Anne and Hinton stood side by side on the metal landingp 1059 MSA 1982
the aircraft at the space centre, the fire through which Anne and Hinton still flew forever. He left the pool andp 1060 MSA 1982
melting down steel doors on its way towards a quivering Anne Francis. The special effects were unequalled until 2001: A Spacep 18 UGM 1987
Steiner shot Donald Van Dyke. And Donald Van Dyke shot Anne M. Schumacher. And Anne M. Schumacher shot Ralph K. Smithp 101 GOA 1990
Dyke. And Donald Van Dyke shot Anne M. Schumacher. And Anne M. Schumacher shot Ralph K. Smith. And Ralph K. Smithp 101 GOA 1990
And Arthur Cooper shot Arthur Higbee. And Arthur Higbee shot Anne M. Schlesinger. And Anne M. Schlesinger shot Jonathan B. Peelp 101 GOA 1990
Arthur Higbee. And Arthur Higbee shot Anne M. Schlesinger. And Anne M. Schlesinger shot Jonathan B. Peel. And Jonathan B. Peelp 101 GOA 1990
cocktail of them all. However, even Sylvia Plath, Hemingway and Anne Sexton never achieve the tragic pathos of Dorothy Wordsworth's uninvitedp 237 UGM 1991
Rutherford split the atom there.‘ ‘You make it sound like Anne Hathaway's cottage. I have met E.M. Forster -- hep 81 KW 1991
arrival they had been joined by two New Zealand nurses, Anne Hampton and Patsy Kennedy, who were working their passage onp 199 RP 1994
the baguettes once Inger settled down to her morning doze. Anne Hampton, the older of the New Zealand nurses, emerged fromp 221 RP 1994
bread. Neil whistled at the bird, holding its attention until Anne plodded away to the showers. As yet no-one had reportedp 222 RP 1994
was barely conscious, and too exhausted to recognize Neil, but Anne raised one hand to him. ‘Neil, find the children ... bep 234 RP 1994
arms to the lethal needle. ‘The children, Neil. And Nihal ...‘ Anne sucked the air through her teeth. ‘Don't let Dr Barbarap 234 RP 1994
tottered towards her from the beach. ‘Dr Barbara!‘ he shouted. ‘Anne and Patsy are strong enough! They can share the sanctuaryp 235 RP 1994
had interrupted. Fortunately for Neil, a still shaky but lucid Anne Hampton had assured them of his role in saving thep 236 RP 1994
domestic. The bodies of Hollinger, his wife and their niece Anne, together with the secretary, Roger Sansom, had been flown top 61 CN 1996
you treat them?‘ ‘No, but I was great friends with Anne, their niece, and helped her through a bad overdose. Samep 89 CN 1996
saw her in the intensive care unit, lying next to Anne, and promised to look after her if she pulled throughp 89 CN 1996
drink the last of the champagne. The Hollingers, their niece Anne, the Swedish maid and the secretary, Mr Sansom, have retiredp 106 CN 1996
flame and gas. ‘This was the room of the niece, Anne Hollinger,‘ Cabrera explained, staring bleakly at the gutted shell. Hep 110 CN 1996
news. Anyway, the current isn't on.‘ ‘I know. What was Anne like? I take it she was a heavy drug-user.‘ ‘Shep 111 CN 1996
TV set was visible from the bathroom, and I imagined Anne Hollinger staring at the screen as she sat on thep 114 CN 1996
hunted through its pockets. The cassette I had taken from Anne Hollinger's bedroom protruded from the inner pocket. I stood upp 124 CN 1996
If the tape had recorded a live satellite programme while Anne sat in the bathroom with a needle in her armp 124 CN 1996
the group portrait. ‘Is that the Hollingers‘ daughter?‘ ‘Their niece, Anne.‘ Mrs Shand smiled sadly to herself and touched the framep 134 CN 1996
of imported bed-boys and other genial pleasures, and had identified Anne Hollinger for me. Sitting by the television set, I rewoundp 135 CN 1996
had been intended to see, and not the rape of Anne Hollinger. The police forensic team would have discovered the cassettep 136 CN 1996
-- I was no more than a guide and counsellor.‘ ‘Anne Hollinger?‘ I grimaced at the memory of the gutted bedroomp 177 CN 1996
hands to silence me. ‘Mr Prentice, you rush to judgement. Anne Hollinger was a diabetic. What she injected into herself wasp 178 CN 1996
and I visited the house with Cabrera. She assumed that Anne had relapsed.‘ ‘Dr Hamilton no longer treated her. There wasp 178 CN 1996
too destructive. Besides, he was very fond of Bibi and Anne Hollinger.‘ ‘He disliked the older couple.‘ ‘Even so.‘ Sanger steeredp 182 CN 1996
bride's willing sex with the unknown stud. She had shared Anne Hollinger's panic as she was raped by the two menp 194 CN 1996
herself. ‘What the hell are you up to?‘ ‘You filmed Anne Hollinger in Crawford's apartment. I've seen the video. In factp 195 CN 1996
she had prescribed. ‘Everything was part of the game. Afterwards Anne didn't mind.‘ ‘I know -- I saw the smile. Thep 196 CN 1996
as we filmed the theatre clubs and the Traviata rehearsals. Anne Hollinger liked a challenge, so she and Sonny volunteered top 197 CN 1996
dealers work for Crawford? That didn't help Bibi Jansen and Anne Hollinger. They ended up in your Clinic.‘ ‘They were addictedp 199 CN 1996
fear of showing her real emotions. But the video-cassette of Anne Hollinger's rape separated us like the memory of a crimep 226 CN 1996
was you who fed me the porno-cassette I found in Anne Hollinger's bedroom.‘ ‘Yes -- I hoped you'd recognize Crawford andp 321 CN 1996
easy. But I might never have seen the cassette in Anne Hollinger's bedroom.‘ ‘I know. At first I was going top 321 CN 1996