B----. Look at the viruses with their crystalline structure, neither animate nor inanimate, and their immunity to time.‘ He swept ap 617 IM 1964
of this great moderator, which cast its bridges between all animate and inanimate objects alike, would prove of crucial importance. Eachp 12 D 1965
Look at the viruses, Doctor, with their crystalline structure, neither animate nor inanimate, and their immunity to time!‘ He swept ap 89 CW 1966
the high-rise as if it were some kind of huge animate presence, brooding over them and keeping a magisterial eye onp 40 HR 1975
swerved through my fingers, on the threshold of life, the animate and the inanimate forming an unbroken spectrum, girding me withinp 53 UDC 1979
that divided children and parents, species and biological kingdoms, the animate and inanimate. I wanted to destroy the restraints that separatedp 166 UDC 1979
canopy of the universe, celebrating the last marriage of the animate and inanimate, of the living and the dead. THE WINDp 220 UDC 1979
His narrow shoulders stirred against the crushed grass, trying to animate his useless arms. Jim gazed at the young pilot, doingp 339 ES 1984
promised, where the living happily consorted with the dead, the animate with the inanimate. I waited for Miriam to appear amongp 203 KW 1991
senior museum curators and directors. Such feelings of revenge obviously animated Georg as he moved with dapper, light-footed ease around hisp 576 LL 1964
sitting on the gilt chairs below the platform presented an animated scene, chattering away in a dozen languages and flying ap 577 LL 1964
that he regarded the eventual wearers as little more than animated chequebooks whose sole function was to feed and exercise thep 796 SGW 1970
she would then leap into life, talk to me in animated tones about the latest Hitchcock retrospective, launch an aggressive discussionp 40 C 1973
the thin sounds of Maitland's voice. Leaping along like an animated scarecrow, he watched the cars move away. Already the flamesp 40 CI 1974
wrong.‘ Discussing the rival merits of various Pacific islands always animated Melville, feeding this potent remythologizing of himself. ‘Guam is fortyp 813 DFW 1974
all.‘ These agreeably expressed remarks cautioned Laing. Listening to the animated conversations around him, he was struck by the full extentp 32 HR 1975
or criticism. She spoke in a flat voice unlike the animated tone she used with Anne and the other women. Inp 135 HR 1975
homes, feeding on to my screen a host of video-games, animated cartoons, wild-life films and family serials which together opened thep 947 ICU 1977
left the car-park and stumbled towards the meadow. The children animated the deep grass with their secret games. Recognizing me, theyp 82 UDC 1979
figures lit by the glowing foliage as if in some animated stained-glass window. Orioles and parakeets flexed their wings between thep 110 UDC 1979
point-to-point consciousness, Rachel reminded me of a figure in an animated tableau of Time Man in an anthropological museum of thep 1027 NFS 1981
flushed and irrigated by her previous selves, a lively schoolgirl animated by the images of her past and future. She satp 1083 MNF 1982
ever lived during his third term of office? Will some animated spectre of himself, reconstituted from the medical print-outs that stillp 1123 WW3 1988
had once been my mother's dressing room. We conducted an animated dialogue, neither speaking a word of the other's language, butp 175 UGM 1991
the car with us. He and Dick kept up an animated commentary as we drove down Copacabana Avenue, pointing to thep 251 KW 1991
to the attentions of the restaurant, she was soon as animated as a teenager, showing off her smooth cheeks and trimmedp 342 KW 1991
now seems, this touching faith in the power of his animated films was more than justified during Disney's long reign asp 216 UGM 1994
and in due course became a successful commercial artist, making animated films of Little Red Riding-Hood and Puss in Boots. Ap 217 UGM 1994
borrowed Monique's lipstick and rouge, and her face was more animated than Neil ever remembered. She was flattered by the attentivep 93 RP 1994
from being dismayed by the Hollinger tragedy, they seemed more animated than ever, talking noisily across their copies of the Newp 137 CN 1996
But we mustn't alarm them.‘ ‘I'm sorry.‘ I watched the animated widows in their bombazine dresses, capping each other's memories. ‘Theyp 144 SC 2000
to the young women, who began to chatter to him animatedly. ‘Well, he seems popular with them,‘ Ward commented. ‘He's certainlyp 483 VH 1963
pulled the trolley over to her chair. She sat up, animating herself like a toy. Seeing their reflections in the bedroomp 829 LFA 1975
casual way Olds turned on these devices. They moved northwards, animating these minuscule portions of the city, leaving behind them thesep 893 UC 1976
the blood on her forehead. The beam touched her eyes, animating them for the last time, like a passing headlight shonep 372 SC 2000
but there's enough -- I've seen those jewelled vaults.‘ With animation, she said: ‘A few mornings ago when I went outp 124 CW 1966
death of her husband. She began to chatter with contrived animation. ‘Yesterday I hired a taxi-driver to drive me around forp 78 C 1973
horizon. The vermilion glow gave her face a flush of animation, as if she were a convalescent already showing a markedp 41 HA 1981
exploded in a puffball of crimson light. A flush of animation touched his face and faded as the rocket spent itselfp 298 SC 2000
greater than any other in Hollywood. Paying starvation wages to animators, Disney oversaw production of the first feature-length cartoon films, Snowp 217 UGM 1994
themselves robots, like the rest of the audience, and the animatronic Garland, Sinatra and Martin. Had they strayed into a Lasp 128 HA 1981
Bravely, Thomson allowed himself to be initiated into a sinister animist cult, which might have turned him into one of thep 241 UGM 1992
some sort of psychosomatic excess? Although he felt no conscious animosity towards the expected baby, was he in the grip ofp 259 MF 1961
head slowly. Behind him the banks of teletypes -- labelled Ankara, Bangkok, Copenhagen and so on through the alphabet -- chatteredp 51 WFN 1961
a ladder lying on the ground and twisted his right ankle between two of the rungs. Clasping his foot, he satp 148 ZT 1960
eyes open for some amenable two-star general with a sprained ankle to whom I can make myself indispensable as back-scratcher andp 143 WFN 1961
the cupronickel bullets struck his right leg just above the ankle. Pulling himself over the rail, he saw Macready shoulder thep 159 DW 1962
of the forest floor, the iguanas snarl and lunge. His ankle had begun to swell painfully; the continual extension of thep 165 DW 1962
these he rested for a day, trying to mend his ankle, which had become black and swollen. Looking out from thep 170 DW 1962
dose of malaria just to put a splint on my ankle. Anyway, that boy Mechippe sent is probably still hanging aroundp 632 DS 1964
his foot had spread only a few inches above the ankle, and Louise Gifford realized that her husband's deterioration was ap 634 DS 1964
was walking back to the house when he twisted his ankle sharply in the crazy paving. Before he could cry forp 562 TP 1964
However, here we have a wholly uncharacteristic emphasis on palm, ankle, and abdominal injuries. Even allowing for the excessive crushing movementsp 26 UD 1968
without thinking, he married her right knee and left breast, ankle and perineum, armpit and buttock. Carefully, to avoid waking herp 60 SCN 1969
on the roof he nursed the bruise on his left ankle. Vaughan had burst from the elevator doors like an uglyp 79 THF 1969
vinyl and then pressing the glans against her heel and ankle bone, as if testing the possible continuity of these twop 100 C 1973
door. Wilder reached out with one hand and held her ankle. He smiled up at her blearily. Climbing to his feetp 129 HR 1975
white claw moved across the floor, about to seize his ankle. ‘Horen Sie ...‘ The voice was flat, as if coming offp 976 OAU 1978
upsetting his drink, and kicked Judy Garland smartly in the ankle. He then fell backwards on to the floor, where hep 127 HA 1981
Jim could put on his shoes Dr Ransome held his ankle. Most of the sores on Jim's legs were infected, andp 208 ES 1984
poor diet would never properly heal, but above the right ankle was an ulcer the size of a penny, engorged withp 208 ES 1984
the ready, Miss Matsuoka ran past me, almost twisting her ankle in the dusty ruts left by the Dakota. The soldiersp 36 DC 1987
girl standing above the beach, the twelve-year-old with the infected ankle whose life I had saved. Her right foot still draggedp 53 DC 1987
but she is held to the bucking seat by her ankle and wrist cuffs. Perhaps in the wall-length mirror she catchesp 73 RW 1988
her hips, blood running from a deep graze on the ankle. Lykiard was beside me, warning the children away with thep 157 KW 1991
tried to calm her trembling shoulders while Sally cleaned the ankle wound with a tampon soaked in mineral water. She turnedp 158 KW 1991
may be having lunch ... Now, where's Neil?‘ Neil touched her ankle. ‘Still here, Dr Barbara, I think ...‘ Dr Barbara squatted besidep 17 RP 1994
each other from their street corner, shifting from one tired ankle to the other like stoical commuters. I left the carp 380 SC 2000
in the first-aid unit. But she was concerned for my ankle infection, which had resisted all the antibiotics available in thep 222 KC 2006
from my flask to blunt the fever in my swollen ankle. The silence was even more soothing, before the night patrolsp 223 KC 2006
honey and the fading get-well messages. Trying to ease my ankle, I took off my shoe and stood up. I wantedp 241 KC 2006
a final check of the laboratory, water was already spilling ankle-deep through the scuppers, sluicing among the sinks and benches. Hep 76 DW 1962
Orlowski removed his hat. He and Wayne stood in the ankle-deep sand, gazing at the large desk set in the bowp 73 HA 1981
the boom. Jim watched it go, then walked through the ankle-deep water that covered the metal deck. The river had begunp 91 ES 1984
at her waist as she moved about in a grey ankle-length robe. Her bedraggled appearance was that of someone unaware thatp 699 SBD 1966
ten feet away to his left. She was wearing an ankle-length dress and a long gingham apron, her hair drawn backp 167 HR 1975
small hands and screaming obscenities. Hundreds of Eurasian bar-girls in ankle-length fur coats sat in the lines of rickshaws outside thep 37 ES 1984
rattling their Craven A tins, the Chinese dragon ladies in ankle-length mink coats who terrified me with their stares, the hawkersp 29 ML 2008
see a wide pool of water almost reaching to his ankles. ‘Lanyon! Waring!‘ he shouted. He leaped up as the othersp 173 WFN 1961
long-handled nets and lassos pinioning them around the necks and ankles. Bridgman remembered one beachcomber he had seen flushed from hisp 361 CS 1962
down the abdomen to meet others who had straddled the ankles and were patrolling the twin columns of the thighs. Wep 643 DG 1964
a smile. ‘Poor Charles.‘ Pulling his boots down to his ankles, Ransom crossed the hearth and sat down beside her, feelingp 112 D 1965
the dwarf darted between her feet, switching at the horses‘ ankles with his leather hat. The docile brutes heaved at theirp 737 R 1967
contrast of smooth epithelium and corrugated concrete; (9) her weak ankles in the soft ash; (10) the pressure of her rightp 63 SCN 1969
bikini of nervous weave that shed itself around its owner's ankles as she stood on the high diving board above thep 798 SGW 1970
the fading evening light, rainbows began to circle her weak ankles. She turned and stared down at me, a peculiar grimacep 22 C 1973
splayed feet of the older man, apparently broken at the ankles, immediately transformed the entire scene. The woman's skirt had riddenp 154 C 1973
searching for her, he slipped sideways off the seat, his ankles kicking at the clutter of leather valises and broken glassp 154 C 1973
loosened his ragged trousers and let them fall to his ankles. Stumbling a little, as if he was forgetting how top 167 HR 1975
the line of moist faces, illuminating the exposed hands and ankles. ‘Well, we can get across now.‘ Looking down at hisp 933 DT 1977
and small sharks that leapt from the water around his ankles, Stark inspected the metal jib and rusty hawsers. So hep 118 UDC 1979
raced across the deck to the scuppers, sluicing around Wayne's ankles. Ricci and Anne Summers backed off, but Wayne stared downp 21 HA 1981
Lincoln Memorial. Like that traveller of old standing between the ankles of Ozymandias, all he could see were the same dunesp 71 HA 1981
As Manson lowered his microphone Wayne tugged at the brass ankles of the tennis player. Watching the screens above Manson's headp 221 HA 1981
the steps, left hand cuffed to the tennis player's bronze ankles. Gunfire surrounded the hotel, and machine-gun bullets had already fracturedp 226 HA 1981
cabin of the Cessna, flicking a cold foam at Sheppard's ankles. Headlamps approached along the beach, and a government jeep racedp 1063 MNF 1982
Chinese coolies, bare-chested with black cotton trousers tied at the ankles above their straw sandals. The third was the Eurasian inp 273 ES 1984
water run at my heels. The small waves lassoed my ankles, trying to draw me into the deeper stream. The riverp 87 DC 1987
backed away from him, almost inviting him to seize her ankles, the machete swinging between her knees. ‘Ignore him, Noon. Hep 187 DC 1987
and pulled him from the helm. His hands clutched my ankles, but I kicked them away and began the task ofp 192 DC 1987
rage, hands reaching through the bamboo grille to seize my ankles. An hour later I at last beached the raft onp 272 DC 1987
rim of the plateau. The tepid water slid past my ankles as I followed her across the lake. Silhouetted against thep 281 DC 1987
naked except for the silk stockings rolled down to her ankles. The other, kneeling with the grubby soles of her feetp 113 KW 1991
through the craze years. The waves struck sharply at our ankles. A strong wind was gusting across the beach, and thep 347 KW 1991
on her heels and pulled his swimming briefs to his ankles, plucked a strand of kelp from his scrotum and satp 145 RP 1994
into the overhead tank. Trudi dropped Nihal's swimsuit to his ankles, exposing his small buttocks which she cheerfully soaped. Dr Barbarap 201 RP 1994
feed. The hog-like beast danced around him, snout jabbing his ankles, trotters scattering its calcified droppings. In its search for foodp 218 RP 1994
with their illiterate, edgy minds, their pocked skins and weak ankles. Tempted by these two young women, who might conceivably knowp 80 CN 1996
blood caked on his chin and shirt. I gripped his ankles and pulled him across the carpet, his huge legs againstp 122 MP 2003
front of me, a glass snare ready to bite the ankles of any incautious stroller. I picked my way through thep 129 KC 2006
I looked down to find the water swilling around my ankles. The lake had come alive, its surface rolling towards thep 235 KC 2006