barely conscious dog dragging itself around the bloodied floor. The animal's head and shoulders were heavy with blood. Matted hair streakedp 82 HR 1975
her unmarked face, as open and amiable as a domestic animal's. She seemed to have been totally untouched by events withinp 159 HR 1975
kick and I felt my pulse quicken as this dying animal's blood was transfused into my arteries. I looked down atp 198 UDC 1979
mind, its tongues flicking across the beach like some treacherous animal's. Ignoring it, he ran along the road. The kite-flier hadp 1072 MNF 1982
assorted moral certainties of physical fitness fanatics, New Agers and animal-rights activists. All the same, I miss the large dreams, thep 192 UGM 1993
among the flickering white-caps of dust, phosphorescing like shoals of animalcula. He waited for any sign of Travis. ‘Louise, we'll havep 363 CS 1962
diffused opalescent blur, the discharged light of myriads of phosphorescing animalcula, congregating in dense shoals like a succession of submerged haloesp 69 DW 1962
faintly illuminated by the fading phosphorescent glow of the dying animalcula, which cast a web-like silver veil over the drained buildingsp 140 DW 1962
his knees, Mason felt the cold brilliant water, seething with animalcula, spurt across his chest and shoulders, slacken and then withdrawp 476 NWS 1963
rape but a private coronation. I watched a shoal of animalcula swarming in a halo around the Cessna, marine creatures fromp 94 UDC 1979
eels, pike and golden carp, groupers and small sharks. Phosphorescing animalcula swarmed in dense shoals. I stepped on to the sandp 118 UDC 1979
into the shallow water, a carmine surf filled with glowing animalcula, and pulled the inflatable onto the sand. He helped herp 1168 DCG 1990
clutches. He and Marshall never discussed their self-appointed tasks. Like animals obeying an instinct they worked tirelessly, barely aware of theirp 166 CH 1960
miles, impelled towards the Clinic by some strange instinct, like animals migrating to a preview of their racial graveyards. He walkedp 172 VT 1960
600 grammes of lead. Quite a number of plants and animals were building up heavy metals as radiological shields. In thep 174 VT 1960
after Whitby's suicide, and many of the experimental plants and animals had died before Powers had managed to receive permission top 174 VT 1960
so on. Whether the future implicit in these plants and animals is ever intended to take place, or whether we're merelyp 179 VT 1960
steel tent. In their tanks behind him the plants and animals stirred quietly, responding to the sudden flood of cold fluorescentp 191 VT 1960
of phosphorescing thread, twitching spasmodically. All the experimental plants and animals had died. The chimp lay on its back among thep 194 VT 1960
carefully catalogued the backward journeys of so many plants and animals, we've ignored the most important creature on this planet.‘ Keransp 41 DW 1962
Earth belonged to an aboriginal sub-species, perhaps employed as work animals. After all, if he observed that despite this planet's immensep 496 VH 1963
planet's immense resources the bulk of its population lived like animals, an alien visitor could only decide that they were consideredp 496 VH 1963
above a veiled landscape across which dim forms moved like animals over an African veldt at dusk. At other times forgottenp 651 GTN 1964
Austen?‘ Ransom asked. ‘Do you mean that some of the animals are still alive? I thought they'd all been destroyed.‘ ‘Whatp 46 D 1965
the ash-covered streets, and heard the restive cries of the animals as they skirted its wall, he saw an image ofp 49 D 1965
of Miranda Lomax? He listened to the baying of the animals, raucous cries like tearing fabric, and thought to himself: they'llp 49 D 1965
An attempt had been made to feed and water the animals. Clumps of monkey meat lay on the floors, and therep 50 D 1965
you out of charity he obviously intends to use the animals for his own purposes. As for Whitman -- perhaps zoosp 51 D 1965
may hate the prospect. I don't intend to desert these animals, and as long as there's food and water I certainlyp 52 D 1965
world outside, you still have bars between you and the animals.‘ Quietly, Catherine said: ‘One day you're going to be surprisedp 52 D 1965
promenade. He stopped behind the flamingo pool. Around him the animals patrolled their cages in the bright sun. The water tankerp 50 D 1965
from Catherine Austen and the zoo. As long as the animals were alive Whitman would guard her, but the one-eyed manp 55 D 1965
I must get to the zoo. After last night the animals will be out of their minds.‘ ‘If they're still therep 76 D 1965
nonsense. We've managed so far.‘ ‘But, Judith ... we live like animals. The salt is shifting now, every day it carries thep 115 D 1965
Catherine Austen kept to herself. Only the cries of the animals at night drew any response from her. On the nightp 146 D 1965
That terrible one-armed man Whitman is everywhere with his mad animals. I warn you, don't wander about on your own toop 165 D 1965
palaeontology, and they spend days among the fossil plants and animals. They visit Orly Airport, where he decides that he willp 29 UGM 1966
curious pantomime, overlaid by the summer evening stench of the animals, seemed performed solely to pacify his two companions. In thep 11 AE 1966
in the corner, but there was no sign of the animals. I assumed them to be too undernourished to do morep 736 R 1967
of ground by the warehouses to look at their secretive animals? Perhaps they were simply delivering a group of aged creaturesp 737 R 1967
group of aged creatures to an abattoir specialising in circus animals, and pausing here for the night before moving on. Yetp 737 R 1967
him, but seemed as uninterested as the dwarf in the animals inside the cages. When he put away the bucket shep 737 R 1967
and ‘spectacular‘ (obviously the signs bore no relation to the animals within the cages, and had been stolen from another fairp 738 R 1967
when they made no comment. One or two of the animals sat at the backs of their hutches, their pale formsp 738 R 1967
was already in full swing. At the thought of the animals I recalled the peculiar smell that hung about the cagesp 739 R 1967
were wandering around the cages and trying to identify the animals. Now and then they would go up to the barsp 740 R 1967
the peculiar atmosphere, or perhaps their failure to bring the animals from their hutches, seemed to transmit itself to the partyp 740 R 1967
two of the cages. There was no sign of the animals, but the smell that had driven off the previous partyp 740 R 1967
could hardly expect a huge attendance if none of the animals in the cages was prepared to make an appearance, butp 740 R 1967
clean them every day.‘ I was about to ask what animals the cages held -- the smell reminded me of thep 741 R 1967
this strange and pathetic menagerie -- that there were no animals at all, at least in most of the cages, andp 742 R 1967
was a less farfetched explanation. Perhaps once there had been animals, but these had died out, and the girl and herp 742 R 1967
appeared on the same battlefield, pouring in extras, weapons and animals, were looked down on by more sophisticated viewers. To thep 809 GTS 1972
air-raid shelters rose around them like the backs of ancient animals buried asleep in the soil. Proctor lay face upwards, hisp 124 CI 1974
She was treated appallingly, you know -- they were like animals ...‘ Slightly shaken, Laing accompanied him to the stairway He lookedp 27 HR 1975
dachshunds were all that remained of the hundred or so animals who had once lived in the upper floors of thep 139 HR 1975
it was aware that it was one of the last animals in the high-rise and for that reason alone merited ap 169 HR 1975
group of circus workers dismantling their tents and killing their animals at the season's end. From the bank of the canalp 833 LFA 1975
farmyard geese together memorialized all the vanished species of domestic animals. At Garden City everyone was vegetarian, not out of moralp 883 UC 1976
and shoulders, the terrified movement of thousands of birds and animals as they fled through the forest, together filled Halloway's headp 901 UC 1976
mounted so carefully for him, and shreds of these dismembered animals lie everywhere on the floor. Fortunately I can breathe ap 952 ICU 1977
archer. But there remains the problem of all those farmyard animals so important to the Chaldeans. Perhaps our true counterparts ofp 982 Z2 1978
their guardian but as a brutal shepherd, copulating with his animals as he herded them into their slaughter-pens. Yet out ofp 115 UDC 1979
fragments of stained glass, pieces of apostles, saints and sacred animals which reflected the leaping flames of dozens of bonfires. Throughp 184 UDC 1979
by the vultures in the branches above my head, other animals began to gather around me, the last survivors of thep 196 UDC 1979
poppies. My wound had stopped bleeding. One by one the animals were dying in the grass around the tomb. Each wasp 198 UDC 1979
the east of the Turnpike. As Wayne had discovered, the animals needed to be watched all the time, and the expeditionp 53 HA 1981
to Miami. But now, as the column of riders and animals moved south along the New Jersey Turnpike, the time forp 56 HA 1981
its first night in the American wilderness. As the weary animals and their riders plodded along the turnpike, Steiner signalled thep 58 HA 1981
feet. They scuttled about in the dim light like fearful animals about to be trapped. Five minutes later, when Wayne andp 68 HA 1981
expedition to a halt. The column of riders and baggage animals, led by Wayne and the water-wagon, paused below the stillp 71 HA 1981
It taxied forward, weaving in and out of the dead animals and burnt-out cars, then drew to a halt by thep 214 HA 1981
of Gustave Moreau, a realm of opalized palaces and heraldic animals. ‘ ... I wish you could be here, Roger, this forest isp 1067 MNF 1982
Those strange temples in the forest, the marvellous birds and animals -- you've seen them too. We've all got to embracep 1078 MNF 1982
of a Chinese newspaper he folded a series of paper animals, chuckling when the boys gave a weak laugh. Like ap 127 ES 1984
the country club there, Basie.‘ Basie played with his paper animals. ‘We're going to the country club,‘ he told the boysp 128 ES 1984
moodiness and independence, qualities he admired. ‘Are you interested in animals, Jim?‘ ‘Yes ... not much. What I'm really interested in isp 139 ES 1984
their cheap scent and vulgar clothes, their look of bored animals in a menagerie, now scarcely intruded into my vision. Ip 1112 MWM 1985
had opened the cages and released the entire stock of animals. These rare mammals bred for European and North American zoosp 22 DC 1987
the trees crowded towards the bank like a herd of animals standing shoulder to shoulder at a water-hole. While Noon sleptp 110 DC 1987
the afternoon the women would allow me to feed the animals in their cages, but I was still too weary evenp 207 DC 1987
a Victorian spinster gazing down at the unlicensed behaviour of animals on the floor of a cage. I disliked the wayp 245 DC 1987
the planks. I realized that Nora Warrender was freeing her animals and driving them ashore. I tried to raise the hatchp 254 DC 1987
Mallory and repopulating the empty meadows with new species of animals. I felt committed to this small mammal, which would soonp 260 DC 1987
show of public-spiritedness that guarantees its genes go nowhere. Many animals sacrifice themselves to warn others not related to them ofp 156 UGM 1992
in the collective importance of the gene pool in social animals. Whereas Darwin, who knew nothing of genes, saw evolution operatingp 157 UGM 1992
than average number of glial cells, a sign in experimental animals of more extensive neural connections and a greater responsiveness top 151 UGM 1993
the French doctors to treat with their antibiotics (‘tested on animals and third-world volunteers!‘). She had put on weight, thanks top 27 RP 1994
reluctant basset hounds -- regimental mascots that Monique termed ‘experimental animals‘ -- from their quiet kennels. Unable to cope with thep 72 RP 1994
the White House. It isn't just the rare plants and animals we need to look after. We have to think ofp 108 RP 1994
and rosters on the blackboard. Neil would care for the animals in the farm enclosure, while Dr Barbara, Carline and Kimop 120 RP 1994
or machete. Dr Barbara bullied them along. Even the protected animals in their enclosures were nervous of her, retreating into theirp 120 RP 1994
runway, passing Australian and American yacht-crews with gifts of endangered animals, and a party of French environmentalists with a large consignmentp 138 RP 1994
carrying water. Around this dour tribe the endangered plants and animals thrived and bred like visitors from another planet. Neil's onlyp 139 RP 1994
tested everything on Saint-Esprit. The albatross, the endangered plants and animals and all those on the island were taking part inp 142 RP 1994
hasn't happened, Dr Barbara. Not yet. We look after the animals. And the albatross.‘ ‘They're in danger, Neil. That's why wep 142 RP 1994
lives, and there was an unending struggle to maintain the animals and find enough food for themselves. She reluctantly accepted ap 148 RP 1994
only talks about important matters. Life and death, her precious animals.‘ ‘The albatross,‘ Trudi reminded her. ‘Naturally. Never forget the albatrossp 150 RP 1994
how is the sanctuary? Is Kimo still looking after the animals for you? I hope he's feeding them every day. Andp 164 RP 1994
to calm the swaying fence and listened to the restive animals retreating into their lairs. He waited for a light top 167 RP 1994
grouper or blue-fish. But if we go on eating the animals there won't be a sanctuary left.‘ ‘No, Neil ... try top 170 RP 1994
Gubby.‘ ‘Of course they did. Who were the first domesticated animals? Women! We domesticated ourselves. But I know women are madep 171 RP 1994
shared in common. His devotion to the sanctuary and its animals reminded them of why they had come to Saint-Esprit. Anp 172 RP 1994
for himself. Now only Mrs Anderson bothered to tend the animals, the plant terraces were overgrown, and no-one hunted for yamsp 172 RP 1994
and milk, one or two curious journalists and more donated animals for the sanctuary. Distracted by their tasks, or by thep 174 RP 1994
creature to be given pride of place among the endangered animals. But her gaze had settled on the pretty daughters, alreadyp 196 RP 1994
number of mouths to feed had grown, more of the animals in the sanctuary were slaughtered for the cooking stove, thep 200 RP 1994
they would all retreat, defending to the end those few animals and birds which had managed to escape the cooking potp 212 RP 1994
to the French authorities at Papeete. Her sanctuary for threatened animals had turned into an extermination camp for the male racep 224 RP 1994
fever brought to the island by one of the donated animals, a virus that soon became endemic within the sanctuary, andp 226 RP 1994
the bed a narrow sill carried a collection of pottery animals that might have belonged to a teenaged girl. The hand-heldp 124 CN 1996
knew that he saw me as another of his experimental animals, to be stroked through the bars as I was fattenedp 279 SC 2000
strongly.‘ ‘For the cats?‘ ‘They're political prisoners. Start experimenting on animals and human beings will be next.‘ She smiled with surprisingp 39 MP 2003
excellent idea. Tell me, who is sponsoring this survey?‘ ‘And animals?‘ ‘I'm very fond of them, of course.‘ ‘They need ourp 92 MP 2003
sign a petition to revoke laws against sexual intercourse with animals?‘ ‘I beg your pardon?‘ Kay smiled brightly at the spanielp 92 MP 2003