Elizabeth he commented: ‘Fine baby there. I always like the angry-looking ones. Your neighbour's?‘ Elizabeth shook her head. ‘The son ofp 264 MF 1961
Lucky man. I have to cope with too much Belgian angst. Alain and Simone are quite prudish, in their own wayp 302 SC 2000
so it would never need to grow up. We have angst, depression and middle-aged regret. They have Hollywood.‘ ‘Good for themp 53 MP 2003
among the dunes. Bridgman caught a glimpse of the inconsolable anguish in her face. Travis was still on his knees. Hep 371 CS 1962
to find her I felt the same echo of feminine anguish. It had been prompted by Fay's tears, but like Vandenp 315 TDS 1962
total and absolute, filling him with an exquisite and tender anguish. He longed for this descent through archaeopsychic time to reachp 83 DW 1962
slightest movement by Malek would make his nerves thrill with anguish; if the supervisor left his customary seat in the loungep 512 EG 1963
suspended above the silent swamp, create an impression of profound anguish. The inhospitability of this mineral world, with its inorganic growthsp 31 AW 1966
angles between the concrete buttresses contained for Talbot an immense anguish. (3) A crushed fender: in its broken geometry Talbot sawp 26 UD 1968
of the tragic figures of our age, evoking the special anguish that arises from feeling sorry for oneself while making largep 3 UGM 1990
children and desire, to the fear of death and the anguish of space-time. Dick had side-stepped all these, accepting that thep 252 KW 1991
the sky was full of sand-rays, wheeling and screeching like anguished bats. On the last occasion, as I stood by herp 208 S5 1961
Someone living there must have put in a lot of anguished pacing and knuckle-cracking. ‘Of course, you're getting nothing but custom-builtp 307 TDS 1962
house from the road, flexing and changing colour like an anguished squid. Thanking him, I made up some excuse and declinedp 317 TDS 1962
the United States trapped behind its glass grid like the anguished spirit of some long-dead computer. Below the flickering coastlines andp 204 HA 1981
on.‘ Neil stared at Professor Saito's grave, remembering his last anguished babble inside the mosquito net as his wife tried top 203 RP 1994
space and time where celebrity redefined reality as itself. His anguished slide across the table, the desperate way in which hep 206 KC 2006
own weight and lay on its side in a huge angular spiral, twenty feet long and about fifteen feet high, likep 44 VS 1957
a testy voice. Conrad noticed his pockets were bulging with angular objects that weighed down the sides of his jacket. ‘Ip 164 CH 1960
of inclines and terraces to the roof-top, where his lean angular figure stood out like a gallows against the sky, hisp 187 VT 1960
off the benches and furniture below. Etched in sound, their angular forms resonated with sharp persistent overtones. The plastic-ribbed chairs werep 191 VT 1960
he heard a door clatter outside, and saw the tall, angular figure of the psychologist crossing the concrete apron between thep 138 ZT 1960
then he began to restrain and smooth her, moulding her angular form into a softer and rounder one. As he workedp 253 OM 1961
first words of consolation. He picked up something large and angular, heavy in his hand. A brick! He nestled it betweenp 138 WFN 1961
rail, the slack water ten storeys below reflecting his thin angular shoulders and gaunt profile, Kerans watched one of the countlessp 8 DW 1962
had developed a sneaking liking for Kerans. The biologist's quiet, angular mind was a perfect target for Strangman's dry humour. Atp 95 DW 1962
Again something moved above him, followed by a third sharp angular motion, and then a succession of rapid shuttles. The stonyp 394 WT 1962
of the family had dug their own nest, their sprawling angular bodies, in their damp abbreviated swimming suits, entwined in andp 428 RE 1963
some sunken hell. In the distance, beside the lake, the angular terraces of the summer-house hung in the grey opaque airp 554 SG 1963
profile, at her fading blonde hair swept back off her angular shoulders, Gifford realized that his dislike of her was inp 632 DS 1964
long splinters of what appeared to be crystallizing water, the angular facets emitting a blue prismatic light washed by the wakep 610 IM 1964
--‘ She straightened up, brushing her blonde hair off her angular face. ‘That beard -- I thought you were down atp 33 D 1965
to let it clear. The air was in fever, the angular sections of the concrete embankment below the bridge reflecting thep 75 D 1965
clumps of desert thorns, water pumps and farm machinery formed angular sculptures, the dust spuming from their vanes in the lightp 135 D 1965
Arts School. Against the cerise pall of the dusk, the angular building rose into the air like a white bird. Inp 671 DF 1966
a potent inner life. The fading light lingered among the angular planes of her temples as she searched the town forp 676 DF 1966
long splinters of what appeared to be crystallizing water, the angular facets emitting a blue and prismatic light washed by thep 69 CW 1966
at its mooring. She herself, calm in her pale and angular beauty, came on to the terrace to greet me. Thep 734 CHC 1967
had entered an inflamed landscape. Half a mile away the angular cornices of the summer house jutted into the vivid airp 749 CSC 1967
be almost middle-aged, the grey hair and skin revealing the angular skull beneath them. At first, as I watched from thep 736 R 1967
their occupants had at last emerged from the hutches. The angular grey bodies were indistinct in the darkness, but as familiarp 743 R 1967
the kiosk he followed them towards the car park. The angular floors rose through the fading light, the concrete flanks litp 64 SCN 1969
the fractured windshield. Now and then he would see Vaughan's angular forehead, with its depressed temples, as the young man lookedp 71 THF 1969
she wore a witchlike black dress that seethed around her angular shoulders with the movements of a shrike. ‘An entire wardrobep 801 SGW 1970
was helped from her car. Her awkward legs and the angular movements of her head appeared to mimic the distorted streamliningp 22 C 1973
radiator grille, the precise deformation of the hood trim, the angular displacement of the windshield pillars. The triangle of Catherine's pubisp 66 C 1973
the cabin around me. This small space was crowded with angular control surfaces and rounded sections of human bodies interacting inp 80 C 1973
concrete buttresses along the base of the Western Avenue overpass angular shoulders spaced at fifty-yard intervals, brought together the sections ofp 171 C 1973
left breast under the strap of her spinal harness, the angular bowl of her pelvis, the hard pressure of her handp 175 C 1973
the excitements of a new violence. Her body, with its angular contours, its unexpected junctions of mucous membrane and hairline, detrusorp 176 C 1973
above her high forehead. She was about twenty, with an angular, sharp-witted face and strong jaw. She was good-looking in anp 0059 CI 1974
below the overpass, until the ropes became entangled in the angular frame of a route indicator. There was a whiplike snapp 123 CI 1974
consisted of wood and papier mache. Looking down at the angular planes of her shoulder blades, at the modest curvatures ofp 867 S 1976
reasons of my own. I looked at his face and angular shoulders, wrists that were little more than sticks, well awarep 933 DT 1977
suspicious hands a few feet from the camera, the intruder's angular shoulder silhouetted against the kitchen door, even a portion ofp 997 MA 1978
watched Angela's sharper chin and more prominent jaw muscles, the angular shoulders inside the chiffon blouse, that she was not allp 974 OAU 1978
was a clatter of metallic noise across the desert. An angular shadow flashed over their faces, and a small aircraft soaredp 1012 NFS 1981
He felt almost light-headed as he gestured proudly at the angular geometry of white tile and shadow. ‘It's an engine, Annep 1077 MNF 1982
plumpness from his face, which was now as hard and angular as the camera-towers. So far he showed little interest inp 82 RP 1994
Neil rested in a sun-lounger on the pier, admiring the angular lines of the hydrofoil, he overheard the Italian talking earnestlyp 107 RP 1994
played in the commercials. His face was thinner and more angular, and he had the ashy pallor of a hostage releasedp 178 KC 2006
Garden City, as lacking in aggression as these deer. The Angus and Hereford cows in their enclosure, the shire horses andp 883 UC 1976
archetypes themselves would become restive and start fighting each other, anima against persona, ego against id ... Then he remembered that Beatricep 70 DW 1962
series I played first of all? Amplified 100,000 times animal cell division sounds like a lot of girders and steelp 69 T12 1958
illustration of how microsonics can reveal the distinction between the animal and plant kingdoms.‘ ‘Seems a damned roundabout way of doingp 69 T12 1958
debris in the centre of the disc. A black, horny-shelled animal about a foot long was nosing about in the slushp 172 VT 1960
pool and walked carefully across the slithery floor towards the animal. As he approached it sidled away from him, but hep 172 VT 1960
using the lid to lever it into the box. The animal was heavy, at least the weight of a brick. Powersp 172 VT 1960
them were storerooms, filled with spare tanks, apparatus, cartons of animal food and test rigs. They crossed the third section, almostp 175 VT 1960
himself quite a solid little air-raid shelter.‘ He carried the animal across to a sink, turned on the tap and letp 177 VT 1960
while Bayliss watched him as if he were an experimental animal, eagerly waiting for the next crisis. With luck this mightp 145 ZT 1960
dappled the high walls, along which a line of giant animal figures danced and gambolled. Looking around, he realized that hep 261 MF 1961
resourcefulness and flexibility, less foresight, than a wild bird or animal would. Their basic survival instincts had been so dulled, sop 120 WFN 1961
estate were abandoned to the virus. Fortunately never virulent to animal hosts, its influence was confined to within a small radiusp 367 CS 1962
realized that the house was watching me like a wounded animal. Two days later came the attack on Fay. I hadp 315 TDS 1962
water-line, the sweet compacted smells of dead vegetation and rotting animal carcases. Huge flies spun by, bouncing off the wire cagep 13 DW 1962
Kerans of the slackening metabolism and biological withdrawal of all animal forms about to undergo a major metamorphosis. Sometimes he wonderedp 13 DW 1962
there was a drastic upsurge of all lower plant and animal forms. The arrival of these distant forbears was overlayed byp 22 DW 1962
I have examined something like five thousand species in the animal kingdom, seen literally tens of thousands of new plant varietiesp 41 DW 1962
on the area immediately around it. An immense profusion of animal life filled the creeks and canals: water-snakes coiled themselves amongp 52 DW 1962
watched Kerans noticed a low but mounting roar, a harsh animal sound not unlike that emitted by the iguanas. It drewp 84 DW 1962
they're among the oldest creatures on the planet.‘ After the animal had been dispatched he still stood elatedly by the railp 99 DW 1962
planetarium, sealed off by the barricades from the plant and animal life of the lagoons, seemed completely untouched, as clean andp 104 DW 1962
into the wet air, like the groan of a stricken animal. Kerans looked around him quickly, wondering if an iguana hadp 166 DW 1962
breaker. His wet suit clinging to him like a drowned animal, Mason stared out across the sea. In the moonlight thep 476 NWS 1963
the card-table was loaded with a large bale of miniature animal skins, those of a vole or some other forest rodentp 444 QR 1963
in and out of each other like some curious annular animal. Well within earshot, despite the continuous background of noise fromp 428 RE 1963
a more unsavoury spectacle than almost any other species of animal. A corral of horses or steers conveyed an impression ofp 429 RE 1963
children didn't see him arrested. He was struggling like an animal.‘ Elliott paid off the taxi-driver and then closed the doorp 539 SA 1963
a backward glance at Gifford darted away like a startled animal among the tents, racing head down towards the terrace cityp 638 DS 1964
with an agonized roar like the bellow of a stricken animal, the aircraft slid backwards through the air and plunged towardsp 613 IM 1964
bleached grey vestment, but in the absence of any small animal predators on the island the skin and musculature of thep 602 TB 1964
road, unaware of the scene below, was a thin, long-bodied animal with a ragged mane. Its grey skin was streaked whitep 130 D 1965
down and put his shoulder to the door frame. With animal energy he drove the car forward on its wheels. Therep 133 D 1965
less Ransom and Jordan kept a sharp watch for the animal, their hands never far from the spears fastened to thep 136 D 1965
the desert merged into the foothills of the night, an animal howled wearily. Its lost cries echoed among the steel pillarsp 140 D 1965
dunes along the bank, they would hear the same unseen animal somewhere to the north-west, howling to itself at their approachp 145 D 1965
with a harsh roar like the bellow of a stricken animal, it slid backwards through the air and plunged tail-first towardp 74 CW 1966
the Negro picked himself up and raced like a wounded animal through the entrance. A second shot followed him from thep 94 CW 1966
lumbered forward to the small figure lying like a trussed animal in front of him. Ventress kicked at the net, tryingp 102 CW 1966
in the ice. ‘Radek ...?‘ The man hesitated, like a wounded animal uncertain whether to surrender or attack. Across his shoulders hep 117 CW 1966
its burrow. This disturbance of the straw -- whether the animal had darted out from fear or in an attempt top 738 R 1967
offensive. I searched the hutch for a glimpse of the animal, but it had scuffled the straw into the door. Thep 738 R 1967
threw them at the door of the hutch, but the animal refused to appear. The group resumed their circuit of thep 740 R 1967
the third cage. After a fruitless effort to draw the animal towards them they began to rock the wagon from sidep 741 R 1967
gave no inkling that there was any danger from the animal within. Sure enough, as a second sailor was let intop 741 R 1967
the white car had been following her husband like some animal in rut. The Target Vehicle. Dr Nathan pointed through thep 48 DM 1967
Vaughan had burst from the elevator doors like an ugly animal sprung from a trap. The noise of the helicopter's enginep 79 THF 1969
a padded hammer, and the shower of glass as the animal was carried over the roof, convinced me that we werep 12 C 1973
Karen with an effort. She watched me like a predatory animal behind the silver bars of her mouth. ‘Did anyone seep 66 C 1973
nervousness around the cabin of the car, like an uncomfortable animal. This hyper-irritation reminded me of my own long recovery fromp 192 C 1973
right leg hung in front of him like a dead animal lashed to his belt. The long grass swayed in thep 21 CI 1974
rain. His wet clothes clung to him like a dead animal. He climbed into the car and crouched over the frontp 34 CI 1974
the sandwich, Maitland devoured it. Intoxicated by the taste of animal fat and the moist texture of buttered bread, he madep 41 CI 1974
the ground, kicking away the loose stones like a large animal searching for the kindest terrain. When he finally leaped againp 68 CI 1974
staircase he had disappeared from sight, vanishing like a startled animal into the deep grass. There was a faint movement inp 68 CI 1974
staircase he saw that Proctor was crouching like a nervous animal, unsure whether to assert his dominion over the island. Ap 79 CI 1974
Proctor moved about his den like a hard-working and insecure animal. Everything in the shelter was locked away in a seriesp 85 CI 1974
warmhearted man, with the natural dignity of a large, simple animal. Proctor kicked away the loose stones lying in the grassp 86 CI 1974
through the still air, like that of a well-groomed domestic animal. With his left hand Maitland held the collar of Proctor'sp 102 CI 1974
notes. As Proctor stared at the money like a mesmerized animal Maitland placed the thirty banknotes in a series of rowsp 113 CI 1974
Their clothes were made partly from leather and partly from animal furs, and they carried shot-guns over their shoulders -- weaponsp 823 AD 1975
damaged their nervous systems and kept them at this simple animal level. ‘The aircraft -- have you seen the airliner?‘ Ip 824 AD 1975
one of them a woman -- as they beat the animal to the floor. When the dog's yelping subsided, the elevatorp 82 HR 1975
watched Royal with interest, patting one armpit in an almost animal way, as if glad to see Royal here on thep 89 HR 1975
one hand he still held his cine-camera. Like a large animal pausing for breath, he followed the huge projections of himselfp 108 HR 1975
faint scratching came from the bedroom, as if a small animal was trying to escape from a paper sack. Laing pushedp 152 HR 1975
retreat to the floors below. He looked down at the animal crouching beside him -- a black poodle, he guessed itp 155 HR 1975
dog. However, for all his affection and loyalty towards the animal, the dog would soon be leaving him -- they wouldp 156 HR 1975
eaten for more than a day, and the smell of animal fat hung in the air around the fire by thep 159 HR 1975
world other than his own. Sucking at the traces of animal fat that clung to his fingers, Wilder entered the kitchenp 164 HR 1975
alone the exhausting task of skinning and disembowelling this huge animal. They had even complained about its nervous whimperings as Laingp 169 HR 1975
fall in fertility, either in man or in the few animal species also affected. In fact, birth-rates had soared, but almostp 833 LFA 1975
had yet to extend to the lower members of the animal kingdom, where for the time being the struggle for lifep 843 LDG 1976
of grazing land, and the growing of cereal crops for animal feedstuffs, was a wastefully inefficient means of obtaining protein. Whenp 883 UC 1976
vegetarian cuisine of his childhood, the flavour of venison and animal fat acted on him like adrenalin. Surrounded by the bonesp 890 UC 1976
scars. On the seat beside him, like some hyper-excited small animal, his right hand flicked out a desperate message on thep 891 UC 1976
occurred to him that the intruder might be some small animal which had slipped into the solarium during a visit byp 993 MA 1978
thin light. I could hear him breathing hoarsely, like an animal in its burrow working up to some private crisis. Togetherp 75 UDC 1979
elms. I wanted to show myself off to her, my animal body with its reeking pelt and giant antlers. I wouldp 115 UDC 1979
arms and blazing beard. It gazed around like a deranged animal, kicking at the dust. ‘McNair!‘ Wayne leapt through the windowp 38 HA 1981
pensive but detached way, as if Wayne were a weary animal in a laboratory maze. For his part, Wayne no longerp 100 HA 1981
a skyscraper. We all stared at this creature, a spritely animal from an old nursery wallpaper, with a round smiling facep 144 HA 1981
unsuspecting beast, then edged the aircraft's shadow forward until the animal was at the centre of a huge target sight. Thep 158 HA 1981
he was forced to destroy those cities. The plant and animal life in the New Worlds have lost their resistance top 182 HA 1981
ration -- he stirred them into the cracked wheat, an animal feed grown in northern China, and swallowed the six spoonfulsp 183 ES 1984
few bags of fermenting potatoes, and the godown sweepings of animal feed filled with weevils and rat droppings. Fights broke outp 234 ES 1984
strange but potent flavour filled his mouth, the taste of animal fat. After years of boiled rice and sweet potatoes, hisp 286 ES 1984
alive, as if carved from the body of a breathing animal. Its lungs and liver quivered in the can, still drivenp 338 ES 1984
young widow of a Rhodesian veterinary who had run the animal breeding station near the airstrip. A few months before myp 22 DC 1987
The cage doors were open to the air, and rotting animal feed lay in open pails, pilfered by ferocious rats. Mrsp 22 DC 1987
sought to demonstrate the existence of psychic phenomena in the animal world. The migration of birds, the social behaviour of antsp 31 DC 1987
precious Mercedes. In every way I was now a hunted animal, but I felt more confident than at any time sincep 112 DC 1987
the deck and backed away from me like a nervous animal. ‘It's all right -- I won't hit you. Noon, you'rep 113 DC 1987
was giving way to my own panic like a trapped animal, but I could scarcely control myself. The long journey upp 155 DC 1987
dance floor, shielded by the awning, stood a group of animal cages that I had last seen in the breeding stationp 197 DC 1987
in her small hands, hidden from the women by the animal cages. I remembered her first prodding me on the beachp 213 DC 1987
resigned eyes of a farmer's daughter taking to market an animal she had grown to like, and for which she hadp 222 DC 1987
blind Merlin, had set up on a tripod between the animal cages. Unable to resist the promise of stardom, the soldiersp 244 DC 1987
a small, stool, his back in a niche between the animal cages. The distant gunfire of the afternoon had unsettled thep 246 DC 1987
and I heard Mrs Warrender and her women dragging the animal cages to the starboard rail. ‘Nora ...!‘ Kneeling on the upperp 253 DC 1987
her, tapping out the opening lines of her favourite book, Animal Farm. She must remember to erase the signal before theyp 67 RW 1988
back of the jeep. ‘Ryan, keep an eye on this animal -- he bites. We'll take him to interrogation.‘ ‘Right, captainp 1148 WF 1989
shallow water, ladle in hand, looking at the plant and animal life of the lagoon. She filled several specimen jars withp 1167 DCG 1990
illiterate and aggressive, and supremely confident of his sweating and animal body, Brando's Kowalski became the idol of a rebellious generationp 8 UGM 1991
the fabric of his shirt, his chest restrained like an animal by the canvas webbing. He was one of the fewp 58 KW 1991
cold noodles and pickled pork, startled by the taste of animal fat, and drank the dregs of rice wine in thep 63 KW 1991
of evolution, are the acts of altruism found throughout the animal kingdom. The sterile worker ant has renounced all hope ofp 156 UGM 1992
experiments convinced him that currents of force, which he dubbed ‘animal gravity‘, moved beneficially between doctor and patient. The most importantp 152 UGM 1994
poem, she often reminded Neil, was the foundation-text of all animal rights and environmental movements, though she was careful never top 13 RP 1994
admirers, but failed to enlist the support of the established animal rights groups. Nonetheless, she was as undeterred as ever, andp 27 RP 1994
swimmers like himself. But the obsessive do-goodery of so many animal rights groups had a pious and intolerant strain. It wasp 31 RP 1994
leaflets in a faded satchel, the bag lady of the animal rights movement. Neil was concerned for her, in exactly thep 32 RP 1994
former sergeant in the Honolulu police, a long-standing anti-nuclear and animal rights protester who had been forced to resign from thep 36 RP 1994
practise her medical career and join one of the established animal rights groups, instead of serving as a glorified children's minderp 37 RP 1994
to rest in Honolulu. Now Dr Barbara had discovered the animal rights movement, and devoted herself to life rather than deathp 40 RP 1994
Monique Didier was the daughter of one of France's first animal rights activists, the writer and biologist Rene Didier. She andp 47 RP 1994
work, Neil reflected. He was now a talisman of the animal rights movement, to be carried shoulder-high like the stuffed headp 48 RP 1994
world's watching networks. Already they were filming the reporters and animal rights activists who roamed the Dugong, interrupting the work ofp 50 RP 1994
trembling arms. Wary though they were of the albatross expedition, animal rights groups in the United States and Western Europe greetedp 70 RP 1994
be provoked. Professor Saito catalogued the dozens of plant and animal species which the oil slick threatened with extinction, while hisp 80 RP 1994
lay in a zoological niche beyond the reach of the animal rightists. The cheerful cries of the Croix du Sud's crewp 85 RP 1994
just for the albatross. I want every threatened plant and animal to know that it can find asylum here. Go backp 94 RP 1994
marker pen, and soon lines of stakes set out the animal enclosures and plant terraces of her new Eden. There wouldp 95 RP 1994
of the world, an electronic ambassador for Saint-Esprit. Green and animal rights groups in Europe, America and Japan had already respondedp 96 RP 1994
time to helping Professor Saito set out the plant and animal terraces on the hillside. Taking a stout spade with herp 102 RP 1994
There were half a dozen tents linked by duckboards, the animal pens and plant laboratory, a kitchen and mess-tent, and ap 108 RP 1994
wishes. Sharp-eyed and resolute, despite his advanced years, the old animal rights campaigner clasped Monique's shoulders and raised his cane inp 109 RP 1994
-- just my ashes, I wouldn't want to pollute your animal haven.‘ ‘Papa -- nothing dies that comes to Saint-Esprit ...‘ Beforep 109 RP 1994
veins on her arms, often carried the child to the animal enclosure, begging Neil for a pail of goat's milk andp 126 RP 1994
She watched the goats foraging in the undergrowth beside the animal enclosure, their heads through the wire fence. ‘Still, we havep 129 RP 1994
and stared at this crude finger-painting, in which threads of animal tissue and a few feathers were smeared onto the cementp 130 RP 1994
sect. A fence of telephone wire enclosed the tents and animal enclosures. No longer were the goats and hens free top 136 RP 1994
Neil an informed commentary on the odours emanating from the animal cages. Tragically, on the very evening that he made hisp 137 RP 1994
enough food for themselves. She reluctantly accepted a consignment of animal feed that a Japanese whaler delivered to the island, butp 148 RP 1994
companionship of a kind among the endangered inmates of the animal enclosures, though he had allowed several of the rare birdsp 159 RP 1994
the long-limbed adolescent who filled the cave like a gawky animal. To Neil she seemed alternately drained and flushed, as ifp 164 RP 1994
padlocked door of the clinic, and waved Neil towards the animal enclosures. ‘Wait here for me. Now, Neil, cock ...? It's alwaysp 167 RP 1994
invented, a make-believe world we put together from all that animal rights sentimentality.‘ ‘It wasn't just sentiment, doctor. You wanted top 170 RP 1994
the glamorous birds that most appealed to the consciences of animal rights enthusiasts tended to be the stringiest in the cookingp 174 RP 1994
pointing like interested tourists to the plant laboratory and the animal enclosures, the mess-tent and clinic. Aware that Dr Barbara wasp 175 RP 1994
few days they would no longer need to raid the animal enclosures. Far too many of the threatened creatures had endedp 181 RP 1994
spoke almost resentfully of her father, and how the great animal rights activist had been a stern and obsessive parent, insistingp 183 RP 1994
matured into a self-reliant young man displaying the kind of animal husbandry skills that would lead to a useful agri-business careerp 186 RP 1994
forever warning off unwelcome yachtsmen, barely tolerating the Greenpeace and animal rights delegations who came to pay their respects to Drp 192 RP 1994
improve, and in the drainage systems of the plant and animal enclosures. Despite their dash and expertise, Dr Barbara was coolp 199 RP 1994
through the open hatch into the cabin. A blizzard of animal debris drifted like dream-snow through the water, particles of tissuep 205 RP 1994
line of tents in the camp and then to the animal pens and the aviary. The lens rested on Mrs Saitop 206 RP 1994
the protest banners and strengthened the telephone wire around the animal enclosures, the last redoubt to which they would all retreatp 212 RP 1994
gain more accurate news and alert the world-wide network of animal rights activists. Their impulsive departure baffled their wives, who werep 213 RP 1994
kimono around himself and shuffled to the nearest of the animal enclosures. Almost all the creatures had gone, but two lemursp 218 RP 1994
dish in one hand, searching the plant laboratory and the animal enclosures for any sign of Neil. Neil threw the spadep 220 RP 1994
by the grudging welcome and the rumours of a grim-faced animal rights sect in their Calvinist haven. A passing multi-hull crewedp 227 RP 1994
monkeys, but one sight of the abandoned cages in the animal enclosures and the fearsome knives hanging from the kitchen wallsp 227 RP 1994
Sections of duckboarding and chairs from the mess-tent, cartons of animal feed and plywood placards lay in the mounds of soddenp 230 RP 1994
she ran towards the forest, past the clinic and the animal enclosures and her private garden, where the French landing partyp 238 RP 1994
tyres. Our rations fell. The rice and cracked wheat, an animal feedstuff I found especially tasty, were little more than warehousep 291 UGM 1995
a lab technician who had grown attached to an experimental animal. Sometimes I sensed that she might walk off into thep 44 SC 2000
fragments to my nose, and caught the acrid tang of animal remains. Already I assumed that I could smell David Greenwood'sp 207 SC 2000
a fur-coat commercial?‘ ‘It could be racist, or some mad animal rights thing. Fanatical Greens always veer off-course, and end upp 226 SC 2000
prefer to be alone.‘ ‘Isn't that odd, for a social animal?‘ ‘Only in some ways. Homo sapiens is a reformed hunter-killerp 263 SC 2000
I first thought were gunnery-range targets in the form of animal cutouts. I held several of them to the light, andp 299 SC 2000
park, my mind clouded by Jane's painkillers, a drugged lab animal being saved for a last injection, the final sacrifice whenp 322 SC 2000
28. I watched him die in the gutter like an animal, crying in pain. After that I wanted to expose Wilderp 338 SC 2000
Henley Regatta. At times, as I joined a demonstration against animal experiments or Third-World debt, I sensed that a primitive religionp 38 MP 2003
everyone brought before the court -- petty thieves, drink drivers, animal rights protesters -- was taken for granted. Only contrition carriedp 43 MP 2003
sane and self-disciplined, but there was a wilder fringe of animal rights fanatics who planted bombs under scientists‘ cars and werep 65 MP 2003
curtains, my heart leaping against my chest like a trapped animal throwing itself at the bars of its cage. I wasp 111 MP 2003
The sound of breaking glass cut the night like an animal cry. ‘Julia! Seat belt! Where the hell are the policep 73 KC 2006
cry of anger and pain, the visceral bellow of an animal goaded at the point of death. The sound rose overp 205 KC 2006
on our little card table, and the extraordinary taste of animal fat, sugar, jam and chocolate. The vast lazy planes thatp 104 ML 2008