at the opposite wall. ‘Neill! Neill!‘ he shouted. He pounded angrily on the wall with his fists. ‘Neill! Neill!‘ Above himp 63 M69 1957
the groove, collecting a few fragments. He turned on me angrily. ‘Do you know what this is? Tantalum oxide! Pure ninety-ninep 89 WG 1959
Durrant lost his temper. Tie askew, he began to shout angrily. The manager accepted this silently, shaking his head slowly withp 200 LW 1960
Garden, the Met -- what are they now?‘ she demanded angrily. ‘Bowling alleys! Can you believe, Mangon, that in those immortalp 110 SS 1960
thin nervous tones, a man grumbled to himself, another swore angrily, a baby bellowed. Behind it all was the steady backgroundp 124 SS 1960
of the baffles, then broke down and began to sob angrily. ‘Oh God, God, God, how ridiculous! Help me, I'm goingp 126 SS 1960
down the staircase into the lounge, jaw tense, fingers flexing angrily. ‘Paul, don't interrupt me until I've finished,‘ he snapped, racingp 128 SS 1960
precipitating another crisis. Larsen stood by the window, staring out angrily at Bayliss's chalet. The psychologist's utter lack of scruple outragedp 146 ZT 1960
window. Larsen stumbled, found his balance and waved Bayliss back angrily. Bayliss merely shook his head and leaned farther out, dryingp 147 ZT 1960
curlers and dressing gowns were arguing with each other, tugging angrily at the wall of trunks and cases. Occasionally the managerp 272 B 1961
figure of his wife standing in front of him, shouting angrily and gesturing with her handbag. For a few minutes Faulknerp 253 OM 1961
inch from its sheath above the cranial crest. Jaw clamped angrily, I went straight into my study, slapped the three poemsp 217 S5 1961
be able to anticipate him.‘ Halliday clenched his fists, scowling angrily, then nodded and swung back to the periscope. Five minutesp 155 WFN 1961
here?‘ Maitland asked him. The big man stared at him angrily, then looked over his shoulder and gestured toward a squadp 158 WFN 1961
a piston from side to side. A dozen arteries pounded angrily inside his skull, rivers of thudding pain. He opened hisp 160 WFN 1961
tape, then reversed the spool and erased the message, staring angrily at the instrument. Unable to settle down to the taskp 365 CS 1962
lips the brown staining of narcotic poisoning. ‘Christian!‘ Kalundborg snapped angrily. He shrugged hopelessly at Gregory, then turned to the youngp 294 IO 1962
was locked to the hand-rail below. He tugged at it angrily, but the fingers were clamped together like steel bands, thep 406 M99 1962
their dream-pool at the fabulous Riviera-Neptune. Are you there, Cliff?‘ Angrily, Clifford turned to a third. Static and morse chattered, andp 351 PE 1962
and I stamped into the shattered lounge and slumped down angrily on the sofa. Above me the ceiling flexed and quiveredp 313 TDS 1962
all bones! Dem bones dem bones dem ...!‘ Strangman watched them angrily, the muscles of his face locking and unlocking like manaclesp 94 DW 1962
isn't sure! God, what irony!‘ ‘Strangman!‘ Beatrice snapped at him angrily, overcoming her fears. ‘Stop saying that! It might have beenp 110 DW 1962
slumped down on to the couch, and drove one fist angrily into the other. ‘I suppose this means they'll be landingp 445 QR 1963
police began to break the windshields, the hapless drivers protesting angrily, those farther back rushing for their vehicles. The noise fellp 424 SM 1963
them all!‘ Bridges jerked himself to his feet, staring down angrily at Shepley. Traxel peered suspiciously at the other tombs, theirp 466 TT 1963
Run! Nothing else can help you!‘ His illuminated face flickered angrily. ‘Don't waste the stones, they won't last you for everp 623 IM 1964
pomaded, mincing out in his preposterous grey silk suit. Frowning angrily, he waved his arms, shouting insults at Quilter and pointingp 167 D 1965
Crispin began to run, and she leaned out and shouted angrily: ‘Go away! Go back to the ship and those deadp 708 SBD 1966
wallowing in his trough of half-damp crystals, slashing at them angrily and sending up a shower of rainbowing light. ‘You! Comep 103 CW 1966
knocked the weapon from his hand. He turned to her angrily, then shouted at the headless spectre that stepped through himp 718 TMY 1966
of the model gowns from its rack and shook it angrily. ‘Quiet!‘ he shouted, like an impresario calling an unruly chorusp 796 SGW 1970
away, his scarred face held close to the punctured windshield, angrily brushing the beads of frosted glass from his cheeks. Alreadyp 12 C 1973
took Maitland's arm and helped him through the grass, muttering angrily to herself. Proctor followed them, carrying the tattered blanket andp 79 CI 1974
the ground. By the time he picked himself up, shouting angrily at the grass, the car had accelerated away. Maitland turnedp 93 CI 1974
lid, striking it from her hands. Startled, she crouched away angrily. ‘What the hell are you --‘ ‘Right!‘ Matter-of-factly, Maitland liftedp 95 CI 1974
water held a long-handled pool skimmer like a bizarre weapon. Angrily, Laing ran forward. But the children were not being drivenp 20 HR 1975
on the 37th floor, a woman barrister began to shout angrily, outraged by the damage to her open-topped sports-car, whose blackp 29 HR 1975
by other floors.‘ ‘What? Did you hear that?‘ Anne stared angrily at Royal, as if his faulty design of the elevatorp 77 HR 1975
way to resign myself to the realities of adult life. Angrily I stepped forward and slapped her face. How I regretp 871 S 1976
carburettor heat cold. Sparrow, wren, robin, hummingbird ... Halloway stared down angrily at these fragmentary messages, bulletins to himself that expressed Oldsp 921 UC 1976
wrestled himself on to the grass. She reached down and angrily shook my shoulder. ‘Who are you!‘ ‘Mrs St Cloud! You'llp 20 UDC 1979
all thought you'd died.‘ ‘Had I?‘ ‘Yes!‘ Almost shouting, she angrily struck my hand. ‘You died ...! And then came alive againp 34 UDC 1979
spoke quietly into the grave, waiting for it to reply. Angrily I stared at the aircraft on its cross, and atp 51 UDC 1979
I could help, in time to hear the mother remark angrily: ‘He's been climbing the banyan tree outside the supermarket. Allp 101 UDC 1979
the steering wheel. ‘Blake -- leave them alone!‘ She frowned angrily at the brilliant air, trying to shut out the lightp 103 UDC 1979
was deflected by my passengers and curved back upon myself. Angrily I swerved away from the solid air. I pretended top 161 UDC 1979
raised to scan the flat water of the channel. Wayne angrily drummed his right hand on the rail. He could havep 13 HA 1981
shotgun aimed at his heart. ‘Paul! That's my water, Paul‘ Angrily, Wayne rapped the butt of his rifle against the doorp 98 HA 1981
gunships had also spotted the isolated hotel, and homed in angrily, their radars seeing themselves in the dish antennae. The gatlingsp 231 HA 1981
Helped ...? Marion told me that --‘ ‘Franklin!‘ Slade stood up angrily, knocking the chromium pistol on to the floor. His handsp 1028 NFS 1981
As he took off in the Fokker he called out angrily to Mallory, disappointed with him. Mallory knelt by the edgep 1053 MSA 1982
ensued between Price and the former Lunghua prisoners, who pointed angrily at E Block, deserted now except for the fourteen-year-old boyp 308 ES 1984
jeans and a crimson rally driver's tunic. She was shouting angrily at David Hunter, now out of the race and restingp 232 KW 1991
as a dog barked in pain and its handler shouted angrily. When the dog calmed itself, whimpering plaintively, Fortunata stepped intop 254 KW 1991
inflated dummy. When she shook her long hair and glared angrily at Pereira I recognised Carmen's arrow-like profile. The dog struggledp 255 KW 1991
lilies over them. Lilies of the sanctuary ...‘ ‘Doctor ...‘ Neil turned angrily to the silent tents beyond the creche. He counted thep 233 RP 1994
truth. ‘He might even have been thinking about you.‘ ‘Richard!‘ Angrily, I punched his shoulder. ‘I need to know!‘ ‘Calm downp 250 MP 2003
of tea from a thermos. Seeing me, Dr Kumar stared angrily into my eyes, frowned and left without a word. Ip 162 KC 2006
pleadingly, and then frowned in annoyance, her fresh pretty face angry and scowling. "Susan, stop it," Mrs. Allison warned her, andp 9 VN 1951
at the end of the lake were beginning to look angry and boiled. Eager to get Mayer down into the basinp 87 WG 1959
the second floor, making the faded air feel leaden and angry. Exhausting but at least impersonal, these sounds Madame Gioconda couldp 106 SS 1960
turned on my heel and hurried back to my villa. Angry with myself for having been made such a fool ofp 210 S5 1961
outside wrenched the door out of his hands. He looked angry and exhausted, and pulled Lanyon out of the truck, yellingp 35 WFN 1961
of grit that flicked and stung at their faces like angry insects. ‘We'd better get inside the barracks. Are you strongp 47 WFN 1961
over the volume control. ‘Clifford!‘ Her shout sank to an angry squeak. She stepped over to him, her dress blazing likep 340 PE 1962
the colour of roof slates, here and there mottled by angry veins that bunched the walls in on each other. Thep 314 TDS 1962
his reading, carefully noting the time from the bedside clocks. Angry with himself, Kerans went over to the window, his backp 38 DW 1962
several days he ventured out into the street. Head down, angry for being caught out by the doctor, he drove himselfp 392 WT 1962
engine stalled, and the police captain jumped out. With an angry shout he waved me back down the road, now ap 614 IM 1964
previous years, twisting his face into a caricature of an angry grimace. The man was less frightening than pathetic, a scarredp 160 D 1965
puffed up, the lapels flaring like the gills of an angry fish. ‘You're stealing my water! Get out!‘ ‘Richard, for God'sp 169 D 1965
it, but another voice anticipated him. ‘Ventress!‘ The shout, an angry challenge, came from the crystal shrubbery along the left-hand marginsp 90 CW 1966
hand from a moving car, showing the blurred outlines of angry police and ambulance attendants, remonstrating with the cameraman as hep 96 C 1973
A car plunged within inches of his right hip, an angry passenger whirling in a window. Maitland pulled himself back, andp 15 CI 1974
junction of three motorway routes was literally a deserted island. Angry with himself, Maitland lifted the crutch to strike this meaninglessp 25 CI 1974
looked with disgust at his injured leg and ragged clothes, angry with himself for having given way to a moment ofp 28 CI 1974
ladder --?‘ The grass lashed at his feet, as if angry that Maitland still wished to leave its green embrace. Laughingp 50 CI 1974
all the time.‘ She paused, eyeing him critically. ‘You're tremendously angry with yourself about something, aren't you?‘ Maitland ignored this. ‘You'vep 61 CI 1974
the doorway. This deranged young woman needed someone to be angry with -- the old tramp was too dim, but hep 73 CI 1974
ignore him! He's insane, he'll call the police.‘ Confused and angry, she picked up a large brick and offered it top 79 CI 1974
pilots‘ raiding party returning from another of their abortive missions. Angry and shaken, they shouted at the people jeering down atp 62 HR 1975
neighbours had happy childhoods to a man and still feel angry. Perhaps they resent never having had a chance to becomep 109 HR 1975
station at speed, as if trying to emerge from an angry dream, shouting and sounding the horn at other drivers inp 113 HR 1975
up to the supermarket and get you something to eat.‘ Angry with her, he snapped, ‘Why didn't you tell me youp 119 HR 1975
sailplane among these anonymous streets patrolled by this violent machine. Angry with himself, he pulled off his fleece-lined jacket and hurledp 885 UC 1976
of a white Galaxie, he began to pound the controls, angry with the car when it failed to start on itsp 891 UC 1976
or disturbed, and could only describe themselves as being vaguely ‘angry‘ or ‘blocked‘. Many were veterans of previous encounter groups, andp 269 UGM 1977
novels gave me. This was the heyday of the so-called Angry Young Men -- John Osborne, Kingsley Amis, John Braine, andp 138 UGM 1978
first few days it was rather amusing, though Richard was angry and depressed. The company is a major Leyland supplier, andp 969 HWT 1978
like a dead bird into the calm sea. ‘A dud ...!‘ Angry with himself, Ogden stood up in the embrasure, his headp 980 OAU 1978
firm and spartan features leaking across the air into an angry grimace. Exhausted, I leaned against Dr Miriam and laid myp 22 UDC 1979
pools sat in the gardens, water sparkling flintily as if angry at being confined within these domesticated tanks, confused by thesep 41 UDC 1979
so long. I know I attacked you -- I was angry with you for being alive, when I'd already accepted thatp 63 UDC 1979
staying here?‘ For all her aggressive stance, she was as angry and concerned for me as a young wife would bep 90 UDC 1979
said accusingly: ‘You cured him.‘ Like Dr Miriam, she seemed angry, with the same resentful expression I had seen on thep 101 UDC 1979
beyond the boundaries of this small town. There was an angry shout from the driver. Baffled, he shook his head atp 107 UDC 1979
of his armpits. He watched me with an expression both angry and tender, a father about to strike his son's mouthp 111 UDC 1979
beach that morning. ‘Jamie!‘ I tried to cuff his head, angry with this crippled child for playing this macabre game withp 146 UDC 1979
of my hands. My body was a chittering madhouse of angry birds. I stopped outside the supermarket when David stepped backp 155 UDC 1979
reassuringly as I began to tremble. He could see how angry I was with these old people, and was leaving itp 203 UDC 1979
her soapy brush. She began to wring out the floorcloth, angry hands like bundles of excited sticks. ‘There are three morep 1004 HFF 1980
two men grappled clumsily, tripping over each other's feet, too angry to hear the voice shouting in the corridor outside. Waynep 82 HA 1981
one of his wives instead, an electric blonde like an angry doll. But Anne put her foot down, and Ricci rodep 88 HA 1981
hitting the hot metal hood of the Chrysler, spitting like angry insects against the furnace door. McNair pulled out the glowingp 116 HA 1981
goatee was hopping and twitching like the pointer of an angry seismograph. ‘You're wrong, doctor, Mr Manson said --‘ ‘Wayne!‘ Drp 183 HA 1981
Continental across the road, pulling the approaching cars to an angry halt in a blare of horns and headlamps. An exhaustedp 191 HA 1981
Avenue she sat back limply, shaking her head as if angry with herself. ‘Manson's mad -- he tried to kill McNairp 192 HA 1981
limply at the banks of swerving screens. There was an angry blare as the helicopters veered away, their auto-pilots catching themp 226 HA 1981
turned hopefully to the Presidents, and then let out an angry cry and fired his pistol straight at the solemn figurep 227 HA 1981
desert, they would soon perish in the heat of that angry and lonely sun. Like all things, the sun needed itsp 1035 NFS 1981
the glare of the jeep's headlamps he felt Anne Godwin's angry hands on his shoulders, and fell headlong into the waterp 1063 MNF 1982
which he had never seen before. His father could be angry with him, while taking a keen interest in the smallestp 19 ES 1984
-- finders keepers.‘ ‘Like kites?‘ ‘That's it.‘ ‘He wasn't very angry.‘ ‘It looks as if they're waiting for something to happenp 34 ES 1984
Jim had been lost to him forever. He was not angry with Jim, and seemed glad that he had been forcedp 35 ES 1984
with the disapproving gaze of the Japanese corporal. She was angry with him in that new way he had noticed inp 55 ES 1984
his only protection in Shanghai. Nursing his bruised arm, and angry with himself for having lost his school cap, Jim atp 60 ES 1984
gravel between the polished boots of the Japanese sergeant, whose angry thighs rapped against his holster. The soldiers had trapped Frankp 107 ES 1984
the engine stalled, and there was an instant clamour of angry voices, the soldiers and driver arguing over the destination ofp 124 ES 1984
blazer as a Japanese corporal climbed over the tail-gate. An angry man with wet boots, he shouted commands to the soldiersp 151 ES 1984
superior to the morose and complicated British. Why was Basie angry with him? Jim stepped down the narrow corridor between thep 216 ES 1984
glad to see, had already obliged him, and Jim felt angry at those prisoners still able to walk who were nowp 266 ES 1984
not share in these relief supplies. He listened to the angry voices of the Britons returning from their foray across thep 297 ES 1984
covers with his fingers. He held them up before the angry gaze of the bare-chested Chinese with the pistol. ‘Life magazinep 317 ES 1984
a relic of the original water table of Lake Kotto. Angry voices crossed the airstrip, an altercation that moved like ap 50 DC 1987
feet on the ground. Those were the feet of an angry man.‘ ‘I know. But I explained our problems to himp 267 DC 1987
wondered why Olga watched him so closely when he was angry. Her toneless eyes showed a rare and almost hungry alertnessp 15 KW 1991
and ran to the safety of the wire. Ignoring Peggy's angry eyes, I went back to G Block and lay behindp 50 KW 1991
We liked to overfly their farms, so low that the angry farmers were unable to photograph our identification numerals, engines sop 108 KW 1991
expected the stone lids to be flung back and the angry occupants to leap out and seize us. The grave-diggers bentp 164 KW 1991
the gallery they became the focus for nervous laughter and angry comment. Visitors who wandered into the gallery and found thep 227 KW 1991
States and Western Europe greeted the tragic television pictures with angry demonstrations that filled the streets of Washington, Paris and Londonp 70 RP 1994
on the bridge of the grounded trawler, she restrained the angry Kimo from mounting a single-handed assault on the corvette. Carlinep 71 RP 1994
Stamford to tell her the time of day. He was angry with Dr Barbara, not for taking one of the youngp 87 RP 1994
island too.‘ Dr Barbara struck the wire gate with an angry fist. ‘It's not your island! Saint-Esprit belongs to the albatrossp 141 RP 1994
The absurd confrontation over the powdered milk had left her angry with Neil, but now she realized that his urgent hormonesp 149 RP 1994
sit up, but Inger swore and pushed him down. Carline's angry voice sounded through the trees. There was a threatening rattlep 151 RP 1994
that he had nailed together from an empty toy crate. Angry with themselves for not protecting the child, the old couplep 159 RP 1994
at?‘ I shouted. ‘For God's sake ...‘ I walked towards them, angry that they had failed to save the bruised woman, andp 58 CN 1996
out on the terrace, the sounds of overturned furniture and angry voices, followed by a woman's hysterical cries somewhere between laughterp 299 CN 1996
him. She'd burned herself out, Charles, she needed to feel angry and depressed again -- Sanger's the man for that. Ip 309 CN 1996
the ether, and I have five deaths on my hands.‘ Angry with herself she brushed the hair out of her eyesp 318 CN 1996
you.‘ Jane pushed her glass away, distracted by the insect's angry buzzing. ‘You were wounded. How did he look when hep 28 SC 2000
that.‘ Penrose watched the insect veer away, smiling at its angry swerves and dives. ‘Eden-Olympia is a business park. This isn'tp 28 SC 2000
real than the sweet tang of pine trees. I felt angry but curiously elated, as if I had stepped unharmed fromp 74 SC 2000
drive of the Martinez. The onlookers surged against the railings, angry cries sounding a clear threat above the excitement. Hands pattedp 275 SC 2000
cuffed behind me. I had been viciously kicked by the angry breeders, shouting down my pleas that I was defending ap 41 MP 2003
watched by a mildly curious Sally. Against a background of angry middle-class voices, Kay answered in a shriek, and said shep 74 MP 2003
with them, faces lit by the sight of their mothers angry with someone other than themselves. A few cautious husbands hungp 74 MP 2003
I tried to think of an adequate response, but an angry confrontation had broken out between the security guards and ap 154 MP 2003
face in the crowd?‘ ‘Yes!‘ Julia leaned across the table, angry with me for being so obtuse. ‘I've often treated himp 69 KC 2006
trapped creature of strange and wayward moods -- grimacing, frowning, angry morose, hallucinating and obsessed. He would stare almost ecstatically atp 154 KC 2006
themselves on the runway, ready to take flight. Lonely, Lost, Angry As usual, Tom Carradine was waiting at the kerb whenp 172 KC 2006
Did you see the show?‘ ‘You were great. Lonely; lost, angry. More than a hint of the mentally deranged. I almostp 177 KC 2006
dog. ‘Tom? You're doing well; Don't be afraid to look angry There's been a change of plan. I want you top 251 KC 2006
picked a knife from the sink. She was no longer angry with herself but with the foolish men who had broughtp 257 KC 2006
morgue.‘ Julia reached across the table and gripped my wrist, angry with me even for being a victim. ‘I counted themp 258 KC 2006
that startled me was ‘the voice of God -- he's angry with you, James.‘ I remember being unsettled by this forp 19 ML 2008
weeks behind with your rent, Mrs ...‘ Peta would flounce away, angry that I had witnessed this little humiliation. Only a fewp 177 ML 2008
than the conventional realist novel of the day, whether the angry young men with their grudges and grouses, or novelists suchp 189 ML 2008
alone -- our desperate need for lunch. We were tired, angry and starving. At last we seized gratefully on a compromisep 263 ML 2008